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FT 50th Anniversary
1966 - 2016

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Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers
For Your Consideration

Phil Proctor has alerted us to the availability of two books from Bear Manor Media, which may be of interest to fans this holiday season:

Americathon: The Skits Behind The Screenplay

Return with Proctor and Bergman through their memories of the surreal silliness that resulted in the creation of their famous comedy albums, TV or Not TV, Give Us a Break, and What This Country Needs, and the films, J-Men Forever (1979) and Americathon (1979).

Available in either hard cover or soft cover editions, from Bear Manor Media.

POWER: Life On the Edge in L.A.

In the summer of 1990, working as a producer for NPR's Heat – with John Hockenberry, Ted Bonnitt contracted Proctor and Bergman to create a weekly five-minute comic serial lampooning the culture of Hollywood. This book contains the original audio scripts, which are as pertinent now as ever!

Available in soft cover from Bear Manor Media.

Firesign at Library of Congress

Firesign Theatre (Or What's Left Of It!)
Library of Congress Lecture - Available For Viewing!

On Thursday September 28, 2017, Phil Proctor and David Ossman presented "An Evening with the Firesign Theatre (Or What's Left Of It!)" at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. They presented their sketch titled "The History of the Art of Radio, Revised," and they discussed the history and impact of the Firesign Theatre with video clips, slides and reminiscences.

The event was captured on video, and we are pleased to announce that the Library of Congress has just made it available for viewing on their web site:

Extra added bonus: the day before the event, Proctor & Ossman participated in a radio interview with Larry O'Connor on WMAL radio. Here's the link:

Where's My Fortune Cookie?

Phil Proctor's Memoir, Where's My Fortune Cookie?
Available Now on!

Phil Proctor, co-founder of the legendary, surrealist comedy group The Firesign Theatre, has fashioned the most outrageous, eclectic autobiography intergalactically conceivable. It covers his Amish/Irish origins, leading inexplicably to work on Broadway, radio, TV, film, and with the Firesign Theatre, creating the most revolutionary comedy recordings ever made. Phil, with Peter Bergman, Phil Austin and David Ossman, predicted reality TV, hackers, computer viruses, virtual reality, the fall of the Soviet Union, 9/11 and more.

Details on this Firesign Theatre Press Release page.

EYKIW - Declassified FT 2-DVD Set

Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Declassified Firesign Theatre
2-DVD Set

Read all about it in the PRESS RELEASE

UPDATE: The DVDs arrived from the manufacturer just before Christmas. As of 12/27/16, all pre-orders have been shipped. New orders can be placed in the FIRESALE STORE

FT 50th Anniversary

Trepany House presents:
The Firesign Theatre's "Surprise!" 50th Birthday Party!

Join the legendary LA based comedy group The Firesign Theatre, as they celebrate their 50th Birthday. Born at local radio station KPFK on November 17, 1966, the Firesign Theatre, including original members Peter Bergman, Phil Austin, David Ossman and Philip Proctor, are widely regarded as one of the most influential groups in the history of recorded humor.

Founding members Ossman and Proctor will be joined by "surprise" celebrity guests, and will play and perform highlights of their amazing career, as well as exciting new material.

This program will be recorded for broadcast/podcast purposes. This show at the Steve Allen Theater at the Center for Inquiry will be history in the making. Don't miss it!

More information:



Marshmallows & Despair is David Ossman's shocking, awesome, poetic coverage of 21st Century War and Politics, tales of neo-noir nights in strange places, poems of aging, dying, and seeking refuge.

This definitive collection celebrates Ossman’s 79th birthday and features a captivating cast that includes Beat St. Jack, Banana Clip Republicans, Funny Skydivers, as well as an Elegy to Rock Snot.

You’ll be sold on Presidential Butts In Butter, exposed to Heisenberg at Holmes Harbor, visit the House of Garden Gnomes, and celebrate the Tulku’s Birthday.

Enjoy a healthy dose of Ossman's Firesign humor matched with his own outrage, anguish and hope.

Available via ... Autographed copies are available WHILE THEY LAST!!

Phil Austin 1941-2015

Phil Austin 1941-2015

[6/19/2015 - From Phil Proctor to all our Dear Friends and Firesign Fans:]

"Nick Danger has left the office.

Our dear friend and Firesign Theatre partner for over 50 years succumbed to various forms of cancer early this morning at his home on Fox Island, Washington, with his wife Oona and their six beloved dogs at his side. It is a tremendous and unexpected loss, and we will miss him greatly; but in keeping with his wishes, there will be no public memorial.

Rest in Peace, Regnad Kcin."

Obituaries: L.A. times, Variety, Broadway World, New York Times, among others.

We have set up a Memorial Guestbook page on this site.

Something Else!

Everything They Knew Was Wrong:
Firesign Theatre and the Mitchell Brothers

Mike Tiano on the unlikely intersection of
a Firesign Theatre film and a Long Beach porno theater:

"One of the great comedy teams that sprung from the 1960s counterculture is the Firesign Theatre. It was formed around Peter Bergman's show Radio Free Oz on Los Angeles station KPFK, where Phil Austin, David Ossman, and Phil Proctor came into Bergman's orbit and formed a team that created off the wall, improvisational comedy culled from popular culture, historical events, and literary works.

Having been influenced by the likes of the Goon Show, Spike Milligan and Bob and Ray, the Firesign Theatre eschewed punchline-based jokes and obvious sketch comedy. Instead what they went on to create could be best described as a cinema of the mind, as evidenced by their side-long (and later album-long) pieces released on LP by Columbia Records throughout the 1970s..."


Firesign Theatre Radio

11/12/13 - Firesign Radio is On The Web!

Dear Friends of the Firesign Theater, as you can see from the digital Philco at the top of the home page, Firesign Theater Radio is now on the Web, planet wide, 24 hours a day, providing a continuous stream of surreal consciousness to fill the rococo nooks and crannies of your holographic lap top home entertainment centers. Firesign Theater Radio is your online reality check for all the classic Firesign syndicated series like Dear Friends and Let's Eat, and recorded live shows and concerts, and the albums like Electrician and Dwarf, Bozos and How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All, all designed with your mind in mind.

So, for Phil Austin, Dave Ossman, Phil Proctor and of course Peter Bergman, along with Doc Technical, Cat Ishikawa, The Live Earl Jive, Phil Fountain, and me - , producer of Firesign Theater Radio - we invite you to lock your wigs and sync in ... Welcome to The Future, we're glad you made it!

To find out what's playing now (and what played then), as well as customize the Philco radio player on the home page, we have provided a "Now Playing/Customize" page for your convenience.

And while you're at it check out our sponsor, Real Goods Solar, without which all of this would not have been necessary. Not only do they provide an earth-friendly alternative energy source for homes and businesses, they are one of the very few companies which are not a plausibly deniable subsidiary of U.S. PLUS. Check out their sunny web site, and call them at 1-888-746-1414 to find out how you can partner up with the sun. And remember to say the magic words, Firesign Theater, when you call.

If you have any questions about ANYTHING FIRESIGN, or just want to tell us what a swell job we're doing, contact us via email at

Firesign Books

2014 - Four Firesign Books

There are now four - count 'em four - books of Firesign Theatre plays, scripts and related material available for purchase:

  • Marching to Shibboleth: The Collected Plays of the Firesign Theatre - combines two out-of-print Firesign Books (Big Book Of Plays and Big Mystery Joke Book) in a single volume, with extras: the full script of Everything You Know Is Wrong, and a new introduction written by Greil Marcus.
  • Exorcism In Your Daily Life: The Psycedelic Firesign Theatre at the Magic Mushroom, 1967 - the original scripts behind the legendary comic mayhem they unleashed live on Sunday nights throughout Fall 1967 from the Magic Mushroom.
  • Profiles in Barbeque Sauce - The Firesign Theatre On Stage, 1967-1972 - the essential compilation of scripts to old familiar faves, well-traveled bootlegs, and pieces so rare even David forgot about them.
  • Anythynge You Want To: Shakespeare's Lost Comedie - More than just a rousing send-up of Shakespeare! The full-length theatrical entertainment, written and re-written continually throughout The Firesign Theatre's long performing career. Filled with photographs from performances and graphics by Bruce Litz.

All of these titles, and much more, are available in The Firesale Store.

Eat Or Be Eaten Re-Release

12/16/13 - Eat or Be Eaten Re-Released

One of the last remaining out-of-print Firesign titles, Eat or Be Eaten, has returned to CD! Loaded with extras, this re-release is now available exclusively from's new CD reissue includes the complete original album, 28 minutes of unreleased bonus tracks, a bonus Quicktime movie of EOBE with subcode graphics (part of the original 1985 CD+G release), never-released EOBE game art, and extensive new liner notes by Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen.

Available Now Through

Press Release

Peter Bergman 1939-2012

Peter Bergman 1939-2012

We are very sad to report that Peter Bergman, a founding member of the Firesign Theatre and the driving force behind Radio Free Oz in all its incarnations, passed away in the early morning hours of Friday, March 9, 2012 due to complications from leukemia.

Obituaries: L.A. times, N.Y. Times, NPR (Fresh Air), Washington Post, Plain Dealer (Cleveland), among others.

We have set up a Memorial Guestbook page on this site.

The 2012 "Big Brouhaha" celebrating Peter's life and work, held at the Kirkland Memorial Center in Seattle, WA., was captured for posterity and a DVD of the event is in the works. Check back here for details.

Duke of Madness Motors

Duke Duke Duke Duke of Madness Madness Madness!

For the first time ever, every Firesign Theatre radio broadcast of note from 1970 to 1972 is now available for purchase!

Duke Of Madness Motors is a book+DVD combo containing every episode of the three Firesign radio series from the era: Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends and Let's Eat!

Available directly from through the Firesale store.


It's A Beautiful Frame, Friends ...

Back by popular demand: the Ralph Spoilsport license plate frame, available exclusively through the Firesale store.

You can get it in a package deal with the Bozos bumper sticker (in honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus.

While you're in our store, take a look around. We've added a number of new and exclusive items ... and there are bigger deals to come!

Firesign on Facebook+Twitter

Follow Firesign on Facebook and Twitter

Throughout Firesign's recording career, they've shown a remarkable ability to make prescient observations on social and technological trends, giving listeners a present of the future. So it should come as no surprise that Firesign would take advantage of current social networking platforms to keep its fans informed and tuned in to what's happening with the group.

They have a group page on Facebook where Firesign group members and their minions keep the conversation going in the digital age. Also, keep tabs on Firesign news and announcements via their @FiresignNews Twitter feed. These information outlets are in addition to the news alerts and press releases that are maintained right here on this site.

Firesign Theatre - Creative Rights

Firesign Theatre - Creative Rights

Here at Firesign Central World Headquarters, we occasionally receive requests from performance groups and organizations regarding access to Firesign plays and sketches, and how to obtain the rights to perform said Firesign works in public. We anticipate an influx of these requests now that there are three new books of Firesign plays and sketches available, in addition to Anythynge You Want To.

We therefore direct your attention to this page, which contains our policy and contact information.