Rev. Barnstormer welcomes everyone to the First Reformed Church of Science Fiction
FCSF Church
Go Ho Chi Minh at Thai Food Mary's, serving Billville since the fall in 1972.
Thai Food Mary's
produces pork for the Mayor's office and offers internet services through BOOM.BUST
Worldwide Syncholistic Systems, headed by Bill Sprawl, is a major employer in the Billville/Elmertown area - making everything from dumbbells to smart houses
Worldwide Syncholistic Systems
The Billville daily newspaper, the BillVillager, is printed every week in the bowling alley (closed Mondays for printing)
Martha Glueit has been 'stuck' on Elmertown for decades with her own craft store (next to the local Rhino Records outlet) and hosting "Glue-It-Yourself" on local television
Charlie Fatt lends his name to Fatt's House of Self-Defense, in the back of the Covered Wagon Hotel.