A Firesign Chat


Special appearance by
Phil Austin as 'austin'

||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log of September 19, 2002 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy has logged in at 7:49
Merlyn LeRoy hums a rather tuneless tune
Merlyn LeRoy: It was a dark and stormy night;
||||||||| kend^ has logged in at 8:23
kend^: yes indeed, it is dark here, and we had a storm pass through recently. i got wet when i went out for dinner
Merlyn LeRoy: hey kend
kend^: i'm on both places, will try to alternate.
kend^: the private message worked
Merlyn LeRoy: OK
kend^: still testing, huh? did you use someone else's chat as a base or do it all yourself?
kend^: ok, that is fairly simple to figure out.
Merlyn LeRoy: Kind of both; two different programs
Merlyn LeRoy: You mean the configure?
kend^: the only suggestion i can see that might help people reading the log later is periodically time/date stamp it somehow. i know the log times show, but tomorrow no one will know if it was thursday or monday's time, or am/pm
kend^: no, the private message thing. just use the drop-down box to the right
kend^: i didn't do anything to the configure, just put in my name and hit "enter"
Merlyn LeRoy: I thought about that; it isn't hard at all to have a cron job have random firesign characters announce the time, etc
Merlyn LeRoy: But I'm adding private chat rooms and they probably wouldn't have it
Merlyn LeRoy: well, maybe; not hard, really.
kend^: that would be an improvement, i think. i'm sure there are many things that *could* be done that will be mentioned later
kend^: a private chat, by definition, is interesting only to the people involved, and only then. if they wanted to save it, i'm sure it could be cut and pasted to a text editor easily
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, I though about adding an email notification, if you get here an nobody's here, send me email if someone comes in the next 20 minutes, etc
kend^: maybe a tone alert when someone logs in? if you have it minimized, it would still warn you
Merlyn LeRoy: it actually came up, I bumped into austin last night and he had some things he didn't want in the public log
Merlyn LeRoy: I can't seem to find a way to get a web page to do an audible alert
kend^: control-g is the standard ascii "bell" symbol, but i am not html person at all
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, that didn't work
Merlyn LeRoy: does this setup work ok, or does it flicker too much?
kend^: many web pages automatically start playing a tune, can't be hard to do, except that the person opening it needs to have a plug-in to make it work
Merlyn LeRoy: it seems that IE flickers less than NN
kend^: i've seen no flicker at all. i'm on mozilla
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, I can do the MIDI thing
Merlyn LeRoy: what's a good firesign tune?
kend^: should i reconfigure to make more lines visible? i have maybe 1/3 of screen empty
kend^: my private window just blinked off for a few seconds, then blinked back on with the same old message
Merlyn LeRoy: if you like; pull down 'configure' in the menu
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, that's refresh. Sometimes there's a big pause before it reloads.
kend^: i've got lots of fst wavs, but i think most of them are just voice clips
kend^: i don't have a configure menu
Merlyn LeRoy: even better; what's a good 'arrival' message?
Merlyn LeRoy: pull down "send to all"
kend^: only the main mozilla menu at the top.
Merlyn LeRoy: right next to your typing box
kend^: ok, that replaced the private message and i reset to 20 lines of text
kend^: i think random fst quotes would be nice for arrival, similar to what nino used to have in firelogger
Merlyn LeRoy: that'd be easy, too
Merlyn LeRoy: all kinds of junk can be added
Merlyn LeRoy: is the old firelogger script source around?
kend^: last i heard, it was on an nt box and he never got it back up and running.
kend^: i haven't seen or heard from him in months, maybe a year or longer?
Merlyn LeRoy: you're logged into IRC? What server?
kend^: i just put this page address up as the topic on the irc program
kend^: elysium.ga.us.dal.net
kend^: i do like the fact that ctrl-v pastes copied material :) saved me typing all that
Merlyn LeRoy: hey, just type URLs and they are links: e.g. my domain is www.westley.org
kend^: at my screen resolution and font size, i can have 25 lines
Merlyn LeRoy: can't get on elysium.ga.us.dal.net...
Merlyn LeRoy: hmm, the text size changed..
kend^: try the random one, that's what i did and it just assigned me to that server
kend^: mine didn't change at all, i left the font at 3, and have no idea what the redraw, bar, or send is for
kend^: irc.dal.net
Merlyn LeRoy: I know what happened, my bug to fix
kend^: i think that's what you want, at least that's the first address mine tried to connect to
kend^: ok, i do have a scroll bar, and with 25 lines, i lost the list of chatters at the top
Merlyn LeRoy: can't connect thru the rnd server, either
Merlyn LeRoy: if you send yourself a message of a blank, it blanks the private msgs like at the start
kend^: if you can't get on, then maybe everyone will have problems. i hope they read the ng to get this address
Merlyn LeRoy: many have...
kend^: 23 seems to be optimum to avoid scroll bar. if i wanted to refer to something you said 20 minutes ago, can i change text to 250 or something like that and scroll back to see it?
Merlyn LeRoy: scroll is bad for this setup; click the "read log" link instead
Merlyn LeRoy: also, the text won't be moving so you can cut & paste easier
kend^: ok. not that i need to right now. usually when i see a link or something like that, i do it immediately
Merlyn LeRoy: 'read log' opens a new window, so it won't affect your live screen at all
kend^: i'm thinking if this becomes the "norm" we won't need to post log on ng, since anyone with access to that can come to this page and click "read log" just as easily
Merlyn LeRoy: it can be archived automatically
kend^: and if it is in same format at it appears now, there would be no real need for an e-z read page either
kend^: only work involved might be putting some sort of marker to indicate where a particular night's chat began
Merlyn LeRoy: probably not
Merlyn LeRoy: it would probably be split up each night, really
Merlyn LeRoy: thursday could just be all day thursday, with automated time stamps with firesign characters
Merlyn LeRoy: cut here:

kend^: i just wonder how many people come to the chat either regular or irregular basis who don't read the ng and will never find this one?
kend^: ok, did you just put in that line?
Merlyn LeRoy: I dunno, we could double team for a while until IRC dries up...
Merlyn LeRoy: yep
kend^: regnad is on cable modem, i think he has that channel open almost all the time. this address could become the permanent topic and everyone signing in would see it
Merlyn LeRoy: oh, for the IRC topic?
kend^: yes. i jsut set it a few minutes ago to: *** kend^ changes topic to 'Test new chat on http://www.firesigntheatre.com/chat/'
Merlyn LeRoy: ok, thanks, testing font fix soon
kend^: ok, i think i just saw a "flicker". entire screen blanked then was redrawn
Merlyn LeRoy: yep, I don't think I can eliminate that unless I write a java app to update the screen
kend^: been here half hour, first time i saw that i think. you've done a good job from what i see so far
kend^: doesn't have all the bells and whistles of irc, but then, we don't really need most of them either
Merlyn LeRoy: it's mostly a factor of your browser & connection speed
Merlyn LeRoy: what bells & whistles do we need? we can add anything
Merlyn LeRoy waves at Kend^
kend^: i've been real satisfied with using mozilla. i detest ie
kend^: only thing i think of that i use occasionally is the dcc for a file transfer. but email works just as well
Merlyn LeRoy: I can have email addresses turn into clickable links, too
Merlyn LeRoy: I don't yet
kend^: from the little i know about programming, that would not be real easy. hardly worth the effort
kend^: that might be nice, but not something that would be used all the time
Merlyn LeRoy: it's a well-known pattern, hardly any work at all
kend^: no, i mean the file transfer thing. you'd have to open a browse window to select a file, a place to send to, and it would probably need the ip address and port of persons on both ends, etc. jsut thinking out loud here, not sure if i'm right or not
Merlyn LeRoy: oh, file transfer, no. You got a browser
kend^: irc might be working against us, no one else has shown up. even though early, usually someone else there by now
Merlyn LeRoy: hmm; anyone on IRC?
kend^: just me and regnad, and he's not really there, i don't think.
Merlyn LeRoy: yep
kend^: how difficult would it be to anchor the "chatting" list so it doesn't scroll? any time there is a wrap on a line it only counts as one line even though it takes up two
Merlyn LeRoy: pretty much impossible, the way it does it
Merlyn LeRoy: it doesn't know how wide your screen is or anything
kend^: then not worth worrying about. i moved back down to 20 lines of text to avoid that
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah
Merlyn LeRoy: "more margin"
kend^: it also depends on individual screen resolutions, browser settings, etc. you can't make it so one size fits all
Merlyn LeRoy: yep, unless I turn it into a java app
kend^: my opinion would be that our chatters are smart enough to massage their own settings so that it works for them. you don't have to babysit everyone
Merlyn LeRoy: I might do a java app to get rid of the flickering
kend^: i think one advantage of having the chat here would be that interested newcomers are more likely to find it here than just scanning a channel list on irc and happening on it
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah
kend^: i didn't even think to look at the main fst page, is there a link for this chat and a time schedule there?
||||||||| Dexter Fong has logged in at 9:13
kend^: hey ash
Dexter Fong: That's wierd, it's only 9 pm here
kend^: did you just come here first, or couldn't get on irc?
kend^: yeah, the clock isn't quite right
Dexter Fong: Ken hi, just got home and came here first
Merlyn LeRoy: Indiana is nuts. That's the time on the firesign machine
kend^: or, maybe we're caught in a time warp/black hole discontinuity
Dexter Fong: And Hi Brian =)
kend^: indiana is crazy on time. the eastern zone part of the state doesn't change to daylight time, but the central part does. half the year the entire state is same time, other half, 1 hr diff.
Dexter Fong: Ken, you logging IRC just in case?
kend^: yes, ash, but only me and regnad there, and no one saying anything
Dexter Fong: Don't speak unless you're spoken to
kend^: i set the topic to refer people to here anyway, so if they do get in, they can see that they should be here
Dexter Fong: No one saying much here either
Dexter Fong: /me tries the old third person active trick
kend^: i am multi-tasking. big brother on cbs. i know, it's crazy, but i like that show
Dexter Fong: It's the big brother you never had perhpas?
Merlyn LeRoy: HEY! Did you know Proctor does the voice on big brother 3?
kend^: i have only two sisters, and they are both younger and smaller than i
Merlyn LeRoy: the director tells him "sound more judgemental"
Dexter Fong: The voice of whom?
kend^: which voice? is he the announcer?
Merlyn LeRoy: the narrator
kend^: i never paid any attention to it. i will listen more closely now
Dexter Fong: A gig's a gig =))
kend^: easy script also
Dexter Fong: Phone it in
Merlyn LeRoy: he sent me a postcard promoting himself on it; BTW would either of you be interested in getting one? He's got about 500 left and was thinking about $2 for an autographed postcard mailed to you
kend^: hey, sounds good to me :)
Dexter Fong: That include postage and handling?
kend^: even though i'm unemployed, $2 isn't much at all
kend^: still no one new on irc
Merlyn LeRoy: I suppose
Merlyn LeRoy: I'll put the pictures up...
Dexter Fong: I'm still trying to get one of those Swiss Army Survival Yo-Yos
kend^: make sure the blades are retracted when you spin it or it will cut its own string
Dexter Fong: Gives new life to the old "Walking the Dog " trick
Merlyn LeRoy: here http://www.firesigntheatre.com/img/bb1.jpg and here http://www.firesigntheatre.com/img/bb2.jpg
Merlyn LeRoy: And I think I fixed the bad text problem, if people don't try to break it
kend^: shameless self-promotion :) i like it!
kend^: bad text? just take a fly-swatter to it. works wonders on my bad kitties
Merlyn LeRoy: "with the rolled-up newspaper of justice!"
Dexter Fong: Brian..does that mean no more GIANT WORDS?
Merlyn LeRoy: you can have big words, it's just a little better about making sure they're off for the next person
Merlyn LeRoy: it's still possible to screw up, but harder
Dexter Fong: I was afraid of that =))
kend^: ok, that looks like an html trick. i'm not really interested in that.
Merlyn LeRoy: afraid of big words, eh? Don't move, I have a dictionary in my pocket
kend^: they discombobulate me
Dexter Fong: I'm stationary
Merlyn LeRoy: and I am glad to see you
kend^: i think i have a pickle in my pocket. hmmm, dill, with a hint of lint
Merlyn LeRoy: it's easier to do bold or italic or red letters
Dexter Fong: glad=elated=happy=ecstatic=overjoyed
Merlyn LeRoy: I forgot underline
kend^: you will have to teach that one to klok--he loves that stuff
kend^: just make sure all the words of jesus are in red
Dexter Fong: lol..I was just gonna say "Wait till Klok gets ahold of this stuff
Merlyn LeRoy: klok work orange
kend^: he also likes the reversed (white on black) text
||||||||| doctec has logged in at 9:29
kend^: hey tom
Merlyn LeRoy: hey doc
doctec: hey gang
doctec: trying to get on irc right now, not having much luck...
kend^: the gang of four, starring mao tse-tung
Dexter Fong: Hey Doc....what's a good looking techie like you doing in a place like this?
Merlyn LeRoy: me too
kend^: doc, no one there except me and regnad, and he's not really there
doctec: i'm at lili's and now her firewall is giving me grief
kend^: sledge hammer + firewall = lots of nice little stones
Merlyn LeRoy: this IGNORES firewalls
Merlyn LeRoy: bwa-ha-ha
doctec: yes, because it's all port 80
doctec: which is always open for business on the web
kend^: word
kend^: well, the old word trick doesn't work. that's about all the html i know
doctec: ok, i'm on both IRC and this chat
Dexter Fong: Word? Bro!!!!
Merlyn LeRoy: doc, do you have the script that nino used to have to make things happen on IRC? I can do that here, have catherwood announce the half-hours, etc
Merlyn LeRoy: even though Indiana is a nutty time zone
kend^: stuff in angle brackets dosn't show up here, i see
doctec: Bri: no, I never got that from him
Merlyn LeRoy: It's straight HTML here, be careful with pointy angle brackets
Dexter Fong: Catherwood: The time is now 9:33
Merlyn LeRoy: use < instead
doctec: so is this an official effort to move the Thursday chat from DALnet to the web?
Merlyn LeRoy: if you type < time > (without the spaces) it puts in the time
Merlyn LeRoy: the time is 9:33
doctec: 9:33 9:33 9:33 see what's become of me
kend^: < red
Merlyn LeRoy: I guess
Dexter Fong: kend^: < red < this is red?
Dexter Fong: A whiff
Merlyn LeRoy: kend, colored text is <red>color<>
doctec: i'm red hot
Merlyn LeRoy: a shortcut
kend^: i don't need it anyway. sour grapes
Merlyn LeRoy: sour grapes?
Dexter Fong: I'm Red Greenback
Merlyn LeRoy: whoa!
kend^: aesop's fables
doctec: the danube is green ...
kend^: i'm gringo wetback
Merlyn LeRoy: grapes
doctec: and i'm in cognito...
Dexter Fong: Get back, wetback
Dexter Fong: ergo sum?
kend^: ergo multiplicand
Merlyn LeRoy: for reasons I can't go into (but you can read the log), we should try to go for another hour and a half
Dexter Fong: Multiplehands
doctec: Red Greenback and the Blueboys...
kend^: i'm good for a while, slept in late
doctec: (they're all white too...
Dexter Fong: Thanks Doc =))
kend^: boys with blueballs?
Merlyn LeRoy: yeeha
Merlyn LeRoy: this isn't a pure white BG
Merlyn LeRoy: gray
kend^: some colors are easier to read than others
Dexter Fong: True, it's kind of Sahara Bone Off-Egg shell
Merlyn LeRoy: light gray and gray and dark gray ..?
kend^: with a little bit of ecru
doctec: wow, you can really make your eyes hurt here...
Merlyn LeRoy: "ltgray" is blue and "dkgray" is magenta?
Dexter Fong: All right children...put your crayons away
Merlyn LeRoy: doc, you're fading out
kend^: throw some water on him and wake him up!
doctec: HAAAAALP!!!!
Dexter Fong: Well I can see we're going to have no more mindless inane conversations
kend^: brian, the line where i enter text seems to jump up and down. sometimes right under the configure line, other times on top of the bottom of the browser border. nothing important, but it catches my attention
doctec: Dex: Oh, yeah, right, like that's reeeeeeeeealy gonna happen...
kend^: "not inane" is sequel to "not insane"?
Dexter Fong: Doc; it's all gonna be html showcase
||||||||| klokwkdog has logged in at 9:40
doctec: kend^: give the monitor a good whack, usually clears it up
kend^: hi klok
Dexter Fong: Hi Klok....and don't start
Merlyn LeRoy: kend, what browser & OS you using?
kend^: win98, mozilla 1.?
klokwkdog: where am I? who am I? What am I doing here?
doctec: Dex: I think it's a foregone conclusion klok is gonna get all colorful on us here
Dexter Fong: You're Steven Foster Kane and you're alone in a white house in the middle of a field
klokwkdog: /me is unable to figure out how to do colours in this venue
kend^: your eyes are getting very heavy.......
doctec: you know what I mean?
Merlyn LeRoy: hmm, if you make your "send" line about 25 pixels with 'configure' it shouldn't have much room to wiggle
doctec: You are in a twisty maze of passages, all different
Dexter Fong: Hooray
klokwkdog: that's metaphysically absurd
klokwkdog: how can I know what you mean
klokwkdog: ?
Merlyn LeRoy: klok, read the front page again
Merlyn LeRoy: do <red>red text<> for color
Dexter Fong: Klok: Now turn to the sports section
doctec: < red > try this, without the spaces < >
kend^: red text
doctec: HAH caught you klok - we didn't say Simon Says
kend^: HOORAY!
Dexter Fong: Das Kapital
klokwkdog: what?
Merlyn LeRoy: whatever you do, Don't Panic
klokwkdog: what?
kend^: yes, brian, the "send=25" works.
klokwkdog: ?
Dexter Fong:
kend^: now, if i can just get the "bar" to send me a bourbon and coke.....
Dexter Fong: Das Kapital
klokwkdog: You know, every time I send a line, I get a dialog that tells me that the information I am sending is about to be sent over an unencrypted connection. I want this dialog, but not now...
Dexter Fong: Well...prolly a good think I can't do the color thing
kend^: that's ok, we all have our decoder rings on
Dexter Fong: Klok...you can click it away
Dexter Fong: Klok: Permanently
klokwkdog: then it won't come back
Merlyn LeRoy: hey, I could encrypt everything: wiur diusi ewoiuwu cxkx
klokwkdog: it keeps me from participating in 419 scams
Dexter Fong: Having a really "Big Meal" send "Watermelon"
klokwkdog: I got ripped off by the Nigerian 419 scam, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
kend^: i get several 419's a week, i put the secret service address in my address book so i can forward them all
Dexter Fong: Oh man! I only got an oven mitt
klokwkdog: I liked Proctor's suggestion to use the "this is a federally regulated telephone" routine on cold callers
kend^: one idiot has sent me one three separate times, even after i reported him to usss, his isp, etc.
Dexter Fong: Still checking IRC Ken?
Merlyn LeRoy: bergman's you mean
klokwkdog: yes, I guess I do
kend^: doc, me, klok, regnad
klokwkdog: kwd needs opping
doctec: Getting some dinner (egg drop / wonton mixed) ... brb
Dexter Fong: This weeks Firelog is blank
Merlyn LeRoy: there's nothing to op
klokwkdog: why is it are we doing this browser-based chatte?
kend^: ooh, wontons floating in an egg broth. sounds good to me. the best of both worlds
Dexter Fong: Op Op and Away!!
klokwkdog: many thanx
Dexter Fong: Klok: Because we can?
kend^: how many is "many"?
klokwkdog: why aren't my own words in green??
Dexter Fong: More than a handfull
kend^: dex: that's a waste. or is that "a mouthful"?
Dexter Fong: Won't Cat be surprised when he returns to an empty chat room
Dexter Fong: BTW Ken: Did my response to your Nando thingie make any sense?
kend^: is he already gone to europe?
Dexter Fong: No Ken, some Canadian village
Merlyn LeRoy: my words are in green
kend^: yes, dex. i will wait until the "shakeout" before i change anything. with about 500 cd's here, i have a vested interest in that format for right now
Dexter Fong: Yes they are...very nice too
Dexter Fong: Ken: Makes sense to me
doctec: back... yeah k^ i'm with you - i have over 500 aluminum discs, plus another 300 or so CD/R discs
kend^: when/if it changes, i will wait a year or so, then buy a recorder and dub those i want to keep
kend^: hell, i still have a 5 1/4" drive i could install in this if i really needed to.
Dexter Fong: I'm converting all my Edison rolls to data cubes
kend^: holographic?
Dexter Fong: But of course
kend^: i'm starting with half-ographic myself
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm converting my cave paintings to photoshop
Dexter Fong: See me smile?
Merlyn LeRoy: hey :)
Dexter Fong: lol Brian
kend^: amy got evicted. she is cute, nice t*ts too
Merlyn LeRoy: hey, the later logins missed Proctor's BB pix; here they are again:
Merlyn LeRoy: here http://www.firesigntheatre.com/img/bb1.jpg and here http://www.firesigntheatre.com/img/bb2.jpg
Merlyn LeRoy: all links automagically open in a new window, too
doctec: will wonders never cease...
Dexter Fong: Unfortunately....no
Merlyn LeRoy: I wonder where cease is
Merlyn LeRoy and how do I make my text do that?
Dexter Fong: Cat is in a small Canadian town....maybe with Neil Young
kend^: until the calendar runs out dec.21,2012 (mayan calendar, that is) they will just keep happening. THEN the world will end :)
doctec: he'll be visiting the ceastine chapel soon
Dexter Fong: It's moments like this that I wish I could change text color
kend^: i thought it was the cyst-ene chapel. for those with skin problems
klokwkdog: do all the Mayans have to upgrade their computers then?
doctec: time isn't holding us, time isn't after us
kend^: no, we will all either transfer to the 4th dimension or just go *poof* and disappear
Dexter Fong: Time is just marking
doctec: k^: maybe both
Dexter Fong: to Pretoria I think
doctec: and speaking of Ossman: he finally blogged
kend^: my money is not betting on either one right now
klokwkdog: the day is fair and my friends are there...
doctec: he emailed to ask me if he can upload files other than images, so i guess i'll be working on that feature this weekend
Merlyn LeRoy: hey, good doc
klokwkdog: but it is to relieve the siege of Ladysmith we go...
doctec: currently you can only upload images to the blog
kend^: where is Lord Smythe?
Dexter Fong: Ladysmith Mombassa?
doctec: k^: out with Lord & Taylor i imagine...
klokwkdog: yes, they are from there, but much later, I think, long after the War
Merlyn LeRoy: doc, do you think the new! should stay up longer than a day and a half?
doctec: ..the famous vaudeville merchants...
Dexter Fong: They're entered in a Saks race
klokwkdog: of which Natalie is best known...
kend^: http://www.geocities.com/utherworld/timeshredder1.html
Merlyn LeRoy: OOooh, David kind of let a cat out of a bag, sort of...
kend^: that's a timeline for comic/occult/sci-fi fans. lots of funny stuff in there
Dexter Fong: Ken: Are you working blue?
doctec: Bri: sure, inasmuch as not everyone visits the web site every freakin' day like some of us... :)
kend^: no, i have never worked blue
doctec: well, then i guess he'll have to let him back in tomorrow morning
klokwkdog: that's good, since if it was left in there, the animal rights people would do to him what they did to poor Dr. Schrodinger
Dexter Fong: Mr/ Schro Dinger?
klokwkdog: most of those animal rights groups are now infiltrated with badly-trained FBI bomb-makers, anyway
doctec: Schroedinger: The Musical
kend^: i think animals to have rights. cows have the right to be "usda choice" but most don't exercise that right
Dexter Fong: Starring Schroeder
doctec: Featuring that all-time crowd pleaser: The Cat's Out Of The Bag (and into a box)
klokwkdog: coming soon! Teller: The Ultimate Musical
kend^: my 3 kitties have a paper bag they like to play in, but no box
||||||||| 2 has logged in at 10:05
kend^: hi 2, one isn't here yet
Dexter Fong: Hi Brian
klokwkdog: well, somebody done put bad grammar into this chat thingie
Merlyn LeRoy: oops
kend^: ain't it a shame
Dexter Fong: I spy =)
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy has logged off 2 at 10:06
klokwkdog: it should be "2 HAVE logged in at 10:05"
klokwkdog: and the number is worng: now we are 5
Dexter Fong: Klok: The time is wrong to
Dexter Fong: worng?
kend^: other than that, how did you like the play, mrs. lincoln?
Dexter Fong: Blew me away
Merlyn LeRoy: no, it's indiana time
doctec: that's a cheap shot
klokwkdog: maybe we should put on out Peace Corps hats and talk about what's RIGHT...
klokwkdog: you know, like Fox Network
kend^: i want a piece of that!
Dexter Fong: Indiana Jones?
Dexter Fong: Barkeep gimme another cheap shot
kend^: and the knights templar of doom
doctec: I remember that Billy Paul song ... "Me And Indiana Jones"
kend^: 1972. i used to play that when i was a dj
Dexter Fong: Brije Mrs. Paul's heart like a frozen fish stick slammed on the kitchen counter
klokwkdog: I was the lead actor in the movie and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
Dexter Fong: Broke
kend^: and i was diddling a friend's wife. "me and mrs. jones" was somehow apropos
doctec: A love song about a black man and his favorite white bitch
kend^: even though her name wasn't jones, it was close enough
klokwkdog: but the producer got my leading lady and all I got was this lousy T-shirt and a 50˘ residual check
doctec: lucky that's all the residue you got - could have been worse
kend^: klok: i got a 59cent class action settlement check the other day
Dexter Fong: Klok: Did you make a deposit?
Dexter Fong: Tai Chi=Class action
doctec: Dex: good one!
Dexter Fong: red blush
kend^: fallon gong seems to fit into this conversation somewhere, not sure where though
klokwkdog: but the studio got all the action figure, videotape and TV rights, the producer got my leading lady and all I got was this lousy Nigerian T-shirt and a 50˘ residual check and it's me that has to make endless appearances on The Actors Studio to talk about my "craft"
Dexter Fong: You gotta boat Klok?
kend^: will my personalized settings be saved here if i bookmark this page?
doctec: kend^: right there is fine
Dexter Fong: Speaking of "Crafts" whatever happened to Chris Craft?
klokwkdog: kwd was party to a class-action settlement on GM W-body cars' brake problems; submitted $1200 worth of bills, got $90 check
doctec: re personalized settings: yes, they're right there in the URL
klokwkdog: the NASA spokesman or the boat company
kend^: the nasa guy was "kraft" i think
klokwkdog: ?
Dexter Fong: Klok: No, the 2-hit wonder singer?
kend^: he's now a master cheese maker
klokwkdog: kwd is a spoken word person, not a letters guy
doctec: Dex: I think that was Christopher Cross
klokwkdog: Chris Craft was bought by a subsidiary of BCCI, I think
Dexter Fong: lol...Shit, you right Doc
doctec: I'm a letters guy too, just have a tough time arranging them into words
kend^: "sailing" and "think of laura". god, he was almost as bad as kenny g. my ex loved him
Dexter Fong: Close enough for chat I guess
doctec: k^: And don't forget the theme to Arthur ... on second thought, go ahead and forget it
Dexter Fong: Whoa Ken: Right on
kend^: don't forget that other craft, half of "seals and crafts"
klokwkdog: bell, book and candle wax?
Dexter Fong: Thought it was Seals and Crabs, sea food vendors
klokwkdog: Crown, Cork and Seal?
kend^: hey, my text enter line just dropped out of sight! still working?
kend^: now it's back to normal
Dexter Fong: Yea
klokwkdog: it comes, it goes...
klokwkdog: you must have put it into Cheshire Cat mode...
Dexter Fong: I gotta say that all in all, this is a lot better than trying to get on IRC and dealing with terminal lag
kend^: yeah, since we're always all on the same server here
klokwkdog: I got onto DALnet just fine tonight
doctec: Dex: U Got That Rite
Dexter Fong: l33t d3wd
doctec: klok: not always the case tho
Dexter Fong: Fer sureeeee
klokwkdog: yes, bad recently, but tonight not
Merlyn LeRoy: but I've made a demo mark time/nick danger DVD that they like, that might be commercial
||||||||| doctec has logged off at 10:19
||||||||| doctec has logged in at 10:19
Dexter Fong: Brian: that last comment seemed to be part of a conversation that wasn't showing up here
Merlyn LeRoy: and austin wants FT.com to be the seller, not laugh.com (but I dunno about advertising & distribution)...
kend^: i thought maybe the soup battle was on
Merlyn LeRoy: plus, once I things settle down here, I'm still willing to back a new album
Dexter Fong: Tonight on ESPN: Broth Wars
Merlyn LeRoy: and, of course, NPR is helping
kend^: when is next npr gig?
Merlyn LeRoy: oops
doctec: re adv/dist: not to mention online order form...
klokwkdog: DT: http://www.clickandbuild.com/cnb/shop/cashncarrion?listPos=&op=catalogue-products-null&prodCategoryID=14
Merlyn LeRoy: yes, the send button resets to all
Merlyn LeRoy: next NPR should be around the end of Sept I think
klokwkdog: it sends resets to all??! horrors!
doctec: Bri: and that would be... right about NOW then...
doctec: (isn't this considered the end of Sept? ... post-9/19)
Merlyn LeRoy: 19 is not the end
||||||||| doctec has logged off at 10:22
Dexter Fong: Ken: Anybody new on IRC?
||||||||| doctec has logged in at 10:22
klokwkdog: no
kend^: nope, kwd was last newbie
Dexter Fong: He comes and goes like anything
Merlyn LeRoy: sept, oct, and nov should be two each month
Merlyn LeRoy: on NPR
kend^: and every time he comes or goes he gets disgusting liquids all over everything
doctec: I hope they go ahead with plan to put out all the NRP bits on CD
Dexter Fong: That's why you need a firewall
doctec: er, NPR
Dexter Fong: National Republican Party?
Merlyn LeRoy: They own the material after NPR airs it, so they can, no problems
klokwkdog: where is the scroll bar?
klokwkdog: where are the snows of yesteryear?
Dexter Fong: In the scroll box
doctec: No Reaper Present
kend^: i'd make the sign of the cross or the sign of the donkey if i knew how after that comment
Dexter Fong: Whos comment?
kend^: national republican (ugh) party
klokwkdog: don't say it so loud, they can hear you anywahere
Dexter Fong: Any wahine
kend^: a very slow night on irc, or it's hopping so much no one can get on
doctec: klok: no scroll bar like with IRC, but if you click "Read Log" link you'll get the entire session in a read-only browser window
Dexter Fong: Dexter wonders if this will be posted to the NG?
Merlyn LeRoy: and soon you'll be able to create separate chat rooms, public or private
Merlyn LeRoy: and, lots of firesign characters introducing people, etc
kend^: dex: i think just this link with instructions on how to read the log will be sufficient
Dexter Fong: Oooohhh splinter movements
doctec: Brian: I assume the chat session log is available
kend^: won't even need e-z-read since this is easy to read already
doctec: My browser is acting squirrely, brb
||||||||| doctec has logged off at 10:28
kend^: damned rocky the flying squirrel gets his rodent paws into everything
||||||||| doctec has logged in at 10:29
doctec: switched from Netscape 6.2 to Opera
doctec: much better
kend^: rigoletto?
Merlyn LeRoy: yes, chat is logged, will be automatic soon
doctec: basso profundo
kend^: anyone here have pro/con comments on mozilla v. netscape 7?
Merlyn LeRoy: what was the problem with NN6.2? is this doing something that irritates it?
doctec: Mojira
doctec: Bri: it was acting very laggy - lots of time between character stroked, windiw resizing
doctec: didn't start out that way but after a little while it got bad
klokwkdog: Netscape 6.2.2 is working fine; I'll switch to Nutscape 7 and try; I need to boot the WinXP box anyway
doctec: i think all the refreshing might have been causing memory cache problems
Merlyn LeRoy: hmm, that's odd
doctec: that would be my guess anyway
kend^: 6.2 is even, not odd
Merlyn LeRoy: IE seems better than NN for this funny updating method
doctec: 6.1 is odd, even
klokwkdog: only for small values of "even", Ken
||||||||| klokwkdog has logged off at 10:32
Merlyn LeRoy: I might try to write a java app to transfer text, but would that wreck HTML?
doctec: Opera working OK, except bottom status bar only displays when something is going on, partially obscures the text entry line
doctec: when it flashes
kend^: HTML wreck: phlegm at 11
doctec: Bri: just point me to where the log resides, I'll take care of it
doctec: (I guess all the time I put into automating the DALnet chat log HTMLizing was for naught)
doctec (
doctec: ... :(
kend^: for naught or for nil? is nothing sacred?
||||||||| klokwkdog has logged in at 10:34
Merlyn LeRoy: doc, I'm not sure what the problem is
doctec: nada
Merlyn LeRoy: anyway, just click the "read log" link by the exit button
klokwkdog what is emote?
Merlyn LeRoy: it's just http://www.firesigntheatre.com/chat/public/index.html
kend^: ah, dex made it to irc :)
Merlyn LeRoy waves at kwd
klokwkdog "test"
doctec: the thing that surrounds the ecastle
||||||||| Dexter_Fong has logged in at 10:35
Merlyn LeRoy: doc, do you need to make the bottom frame areas bigger? You can.
doctec: how?
Merlyn LeRoy: two Fongs don't make a fight
kend^: why are there 2 dexter fongs?
klokwkdog test
doctec: but two fangs make a hell of a puncture
Dexter_Fong: Brian: Everything just froze up..had to do a cntrl/alt/del
Merlyn LeRoy: select 'Configure' from the "send to all" pulldown, and change the SEND and BAR values
doctec: fangs are generally punctural
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy has logged off Dexter Fong at 10:36
klokwkdog: FYI, it works with Netscape 7
Merlyn LeRoy: OK; it's actually not doing much that's fancy
doctec: ahh, and here i thought "configure" was another user logged in...
doctec: ok, tired of Oprah - er, Opera - switching to Exploder
doctec: brb
||||||||| doctec has logged off at 10:38
kend^: try dr. phil next
Merlyn LeRoy: can you make a solid line in a < select > menu?
Dexter_Fong: Brian: Don't know if that "configure" advice was meant for me but if so, what do I do, and if not, how do I get it off my screen
||||||||| doctec has logged in at 10:39
doctec: well, at least logging out and back in is quick
Merlyn LeRoy: just write a blank message to yourself (at least one blank)
||||||||| kend^ has logged off at 10:39
Merlyn LeRoy: you can change your params, like # lines of text, etc
||||||||| Ken has logged in at 10:39
Merlyn LeRoy: logging in & out hardly does anything.
||||||||| stephnfosterkane has logged in at 10:40
Ken: oops, bad click there
doctec: am i still here?
Merlyn LeRoy: yep
doctec: (i just manually tweaked the arms in the URL
Merlyn LeRoy: that works too
doctec: (set lines to 35 there)
Dexter_Fong: Doc: still here yes
doctec: yes, IE seems to be the best in terms of performance and presentation
doctec: for the chat
||||||||| elanor tirebiter has logged in at 10:41
Ken: even if worst in terms of security
Ken: hi el
||||||||| elanor tirebiter has logged off at 10:41
doctec: k^: U Got That Write
||||||||| elanore tirebiter has logged in at 10:41
doctec: 10/4
Ken: entire world is one big trade-off
doctec: Hello ET - phone home?
Ken: quoth the raven, "elanore"
||||||||| Roy Chapman Andrews has logged in at 10:42
doctec: royboy
Ken: hi roy, i'll have 2 eggs over easy
doctec: new character enter,...
doctec: they're in everyone's eggs
Roy Chapman Andrews: gosh, you know, Netscape 7 has these tab thingies like Mozilla (since it IS a lagged Mozilla) and you can make lots, each with a new chat login!
Merlyn LeRoy: hello
doctec: so what happens now?
Ken: on irc you can do "whois" and find out who these characters are. here, you're in the dark
Roy Chapman Andrews: everyone in the US is in the dark these days...
Dexter_Fong: ...in a white house in the middle of a field
doctec: i've been in the dark for some time anyway... ain't no thang
||||||||| Roy Chapman Andrews has logged off at 10:44
doctec: they come, they go...
elanore tirebiter: wheeeee
||||||||| elanore tirebiter has logged off at 10:44
Dexter_Fong: Roy Chapman Andrews=RCA?
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm not even me
doctec: yes, we're riding the rollercoaster of the internet
Ken: r.c.a. was gobi explorer in '20s, found fossilized dinosaur eggs
doctec: I thought you were Hugh.
Dexter_Fong: It's Sarnoff come to steal all our ideas
stephnfosterkane: yes, as in AMNH's "This fossil has been RCA'ed"
doctec: Dex - yeah, and he's sooooo good at that too
Ken: i'm full of useless trivia.....
||||||||| stephnfosterkane has logged off at 10:45
Dexter_Fong: Uhhh...you know guys...this may be too easy
klokwkdog: kwd just read "Dragon Hunter": Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asian Expeditions
Ken: why so? should it be hard?
doctec: easy for you to say
Dexter_Fong: Ken: I've found it works better when it's hard
klokwkdog: Lucas/Speilburg have protested so many times that I. Jones is NOT RCA that it must be true...
Ken: i have yet to find a suitable receptacle for my plug though
doctec: Schwing
Ken: i had a schwing bike once
Dexter_Fong: Dexter sings "Or would you rather Sching a star..let"
klokwkdog: they were schwell
Dexter_Fong: Schwing
Merlyn LeRoy: I could put up people's IP addresses
doctec: I used to ride a Schwing to School
Dexter_Fong: Uphill both ways, Doc?
klokwkdog: Jack Northrup tried to build a flying schwing
doctec: Clothespins and Playing Cards
Ken: bare numbers don't tell much
klokwkdog: these are a few of my favorite things...
Ken: not worth it to go to that trouble
doctec: is that because they're not wearing any clothes?
Dexter_Fong: Well..whether here or in IRC, it's refill time..brb
klokwkdog: why put up IP addresses?
klokwkdog: most of them are dynamic these days?
doctec: IP for ID?
Dexter_Fong: Klok: I actually saw the Flying Wing fly
klokwkdog: ah, it's just like all the other computer stuff. pretty soon it comes down to license plate numbers
klokwkdog: the old one or the expensive one?
Dexter_Fong: I want a vanity IP
doctec: 63.214.35.ooh-la-lah!
klokwkdog: DF: try for -- it's very "in"
Dexter_Fong: Klok: The one they developed near the end of WW2
klokwkdog: you were in San Diego?
doctec: klok: lol
Ken: satan's ip =
klokwkdog: sorry, Ken, that's reserved
doctec: you'll connect to a lot of unconfigured home firewalls...
Dexter_Fong: Dexter doesn't understand IP number reference
Merlyn LeRoy: IP address to see who's really who
doctec: pr0n star:
klokwkdog: (all 192.168 class addresses are local and have no meaning on the Net)
Ken: prawn star?
Dexter_Fong: Klok: No..in Niagara Falls, there was a great deal of aircraft construction, testing etc going on there during the war
doctec: ah, so you can't even get to all those personal firewalls - dang!
klokwkdog: Bull, it was in Buffalo at Curtis and Bell. My mom worked at the Curtis plant
doctec: this is nice - i got font up to 5 - chat for the hard of hearing
Ken: isn't niagara falls real close to buffalo?
Dexter_Fong: Klok: NF is only 26 miles from buffalo
klokwkdog: On Dec. 8, 1941, she said there was a soldier with a machine gun out in front of the plant when they came to work
klokwkdog: It depends on what size bomb they are using, Ken
Ken: the neutron will leave the natural beauty of the falls intact :)
Dexter_Fong: Prolly...they had Lockheed, Bell, Sikorsky and other aircraft manufacturers all over the place
klokwkdog: Bell developed the P-39, which was destroyed by internal feuding in AAF; Curtis made the famous P-40 used by the AVG in China
doctec: takes the "falls" out of "fallout"
Dexter_Fong: ...plus lots of POWs just over the border in Canada
klokwkdog: Bell also made the Flying Belt in the '50s. Sometimes you could see them testing it from the Skyway.
Dexter_Fong: Flying Belt? not familiar
doctec: Pulaski?
klokwkdog: They moved testing elsewhere due to all the accidents it was causing
Ken: better to crash and burn in the desert
klokwkdog: It was a personal flying backpack using steam rockets
Dexter_Fong: Lockheed tried a Flying Butress but never got it off the ground
klokwkdog: No, the Skyway was 100 ft. in the air, and people were watching the action at Bell and running off the road
Ken: yeah, i want to strap on a bunch of high pressure boiling water on MY back
Dexter_Fong: Poached
klokwkdog: It's worse than that, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide. Forced thru a silver screen, the H2O2 turns into steam and lots of pressure
Dexter_Fong: Silver Screen....that's why movies were rationed huh?
Ken: force a werewolf through a silver screen, does it kill it?
klokwkdog: A guy in Oregon is building a personal rocket ship powered this way. No messy LOX or turbopumps required.
Dexter_Fong: Ken: It does put a strain on it
doctec: No, it just pick up residuals
klokwkdog: DF: no, they needed the bullets to kill Nazis. Garlic did not keep well
Ken: all the garlic was in sicily
Dexter_Fong: Klok: If you peel the garlic and put it in olive oil it'll keep for months
Ken: slow roasted by mt. aetna
||||||||| Bunnyboy has logged in at 11:02
Bunnyboy: lo dere
klokwkdog: kwd uses granulated freeze-dried garlic: keeps forever
Dexter_Fong: Hey Bun
Ken: hi bun
Dexter_Fong: Dexter ops Bunnyboy
Bunnyboy: We almost have a quorum!
klokwkdog: welcome to Side Six
Merlyn LeRoy: hey bb
klokwkdog: spreak Engrish!
Bunnyboy: Dex: Ha ha ha!
doctec: Hello, and welcome to Mondo Quorun
doctec: er, Quorum
klokwkdog: At least long enough to book your flight to Bangkok's wonderful Bumrungrad hospital
Bunnyboy: The only thing we have to fear...is me.
Dexter_Fong: Dex mutters "showoff" =)
Ken: brian: what's the blue/red/blue stripe thingie when someone signs in?
doctec: what about the job displacement market program?
Dexter_Fong: Patriotic gesture
klokwkdog: Only $650 round trip from Newark. Where a complete medical check-up is only $273 (once you change it into bhat)
Ken: almost looks like the ribbon i was allowed to wear on my shirt in the service
doctec: Login Flag
Merlyn LeRoy: I've been updating the software as we speak
Merlyn LeRoy: or type
Ken: i want a red flag with 5 stars on it
doctec: ...or type...
doctec: dang
Merlyn LeRoy: now it does brian@westley.org email links, and the little menu doesn't default back to "send to all"
Ken: i'm type O+
Merlyn LeRoy: and there's a blank menu selection to offset Configure, and if you select it, your private msg area is blanked
Bunnyboy: Boy, dalNet's frownin' tonite.
doctec: give that kid an ice cream cone
doctec: well, it was getting crufty
Merlyn LeRoy: you have nothing to lose but your chains (and links)
Merlyn LeRoy: and I'll install lots of nutty firesign text instead of dull logins
Merlyn LeRoy: and time announcements, using goofy Indiana time
klokwkdog: take these ip chains from my neck and sets me free!!
doctec: i love it when you say nutty...
klokwkdog: Ken: http://www.bumrungrad.com/english/packages/Health_Screening_program.htm
Ken: sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and links excite me :)
Merlyn LeRoy: nutty nutter butter peanut butter sammich cookie
Ken: damn, klok, i can't get a mammogram there!
Bunnyboy: That's GI (Goofy Indiana, Goofy Indiana...)
Merlyn LeRoy: and mickey mouse is getting a divorce because minnie is insane
doctec: we;ll be on our best bahaviour
Merlyn LeRoy: (actually, he said "fucking goofy")
doctec: minnie the moocher he calls her
Ken: what's the baht/$ rate now?
klokwkdog: the big PITA is that the Cathay Pacific flight is 24 hours and only has one stop, in Taipei. Rooms at Majestic Suites in downtown Bangkok are $28 a night. I think Bumrungrad will switch arms for you for $40; it's pretty cheap. The going bhat exchange rate is about 42 to the USD.
Merlyn LeRoy: the autobaht?
doctec: i love it when you say baht/$ rate...
klokwkdog: no, but there is a fairly major highway right into town from the airport
Merlyn LeRoy: the big pita
Ken: switch arms? i like the ones i have
doctec: "fairly major" ... is that anything like "kind of insane"?
klokwkdog: don't hide arms, get SIDE arms
klokwkdog: Bangkok traffic is legendary
Bunnyboy: bri: Dinnah say de "eff" word. Next thing you know, an acre of dick jokes! ; )
Ken: i wanted to be a sexretary, but i can't take dicktation
Merlyn LeRoy: well, if you're going to tell dick jokes, I'm going to act like Tom Green and take my ball and go home
doctec: now now, what would dick say?
Dexter_Fong: lol Brian
Ken: the one still attached or the one in the bottle?
klokwkdog: her hands went to her bosom, a hush fell on the room: an acre of Brenda lay exposed to view
Bunnyboy: Sluggin back a lovely and rare Belgian-Style ale, called Hennepins.
Ken: there used to be a dog food called "henny penny"
Bunnyboy: Back in the area, after a long absence.
doctec: we really are all just a pack of cards
klokwkdog: but can't play sounds no more, no more, no more
Ken: i wanna be the 8 of clubs! please, may i?
Bunnyboy: It's made in Cooperstown, and is literally one of the only Belgian-STYLE ales worth a damn.
doctec: no mo' no MO'...
doctec: ribbah ... RIBBAH
klokwkdog: the only one missing was the Jack of Hearts
Dexter_Fong: Bb: Cooperstown NY state?
Ken: ain't gonna study war no more.....
klokwkdog: I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more
Bunnyboy: Ken: No, yah gotta be the 3 of clubs. Then Penn and Teller will play with you.
Bunnyboy: "Is THIS your card?!?"
Ken: i don't want penn OR teller playing with me!
klokwkdog: I'll play with myself, thank you
klokwkdog: What do YOU think?
Ken: i believe in safe sex, i wear rubber gloves to masturbate
Bunnyboy: Dex: NY is true. Long Ball land.
klokwkdog: Is that the line you took?
doctec: go ahead penn ... tell her
Bunnyboy: Just stumbled across a lovely collection called LEGAL ACTION COMICS.
klokwkdog: bad news name
Bunnyboy: Lemme find the link to explain the comics thang. BRB
Ken: bb: i posted this earlier, but you might like it. timeline of comic book characters/occult/sci-fi people. http://www.geocities.com/utherworld/timeshredder1.html
klokwkdog: sounds like the CD-ROM drive I had that lasted a year. Made by "US Drives"; had flags all over the box
Ken: with tiny little lettering that said "imported from indonesia"
klokwkdog: no, all the CD-ROM stuff comes from China now
Merlyn LeRoy: have you seen "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law"?
Ken: no, i handled my own divorce and no one is suing me
Bunnyboy: here it is
Bunnyboy: http://www.dannyhellman.com/pages/legalactioncomics.html
klokwkdog: you have no one to sue except yourself
Ken: hell, i'd lose, klok
Ken: how would i even know if i was perjuring myself when i was cross-dressing, er, cross-examining myself?
klokwkdog: Jarndyce vs Jarndyce revisited
klokwkdog: Brideshead revisited
Dexter_Fong: Jaundice revisited
klokwkdog: Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited (if you get that one, 10 points ;-)
doctec: Visitation revisited
Bunnyboy: Ken: Wow! That's a great ramble.
Bunnyboy: Great media release day on Tuesday.
klokwkdog: amidst 110 dB: "Hey, there's a bloke here looking for the band!"
doctec: wow, looks like a throwback to "underground comix" days, updated & with better production values
Dexter_Fong: Klok: Cherry Blossom Clinic = another one of those cheapass Asian medical centers you seem to be touting tonight?
Ken: sorry klok, i don't get that one
Bunnyboy: New special edition DVDs of AMADEUS, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, UNFORGIVEN and a 50th anniversary restoration of SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.
Ken: i lost my text line again
klokwkdog: Leonard Slatkin at Royal Albert Hall last Saturday (amidst 1000 dB of stamping and cheering during a frenetic Hornpipe rendition): "I can still hear the orchestra!"
Bunnyboy: And Peter Gabriel's first official solo album in 10 years, UP, is also escaping.
Ken: now it's back. that's the worst thing that's happened to me on this chat tonight
klokwkdog: DF: A little-known song on one of the few albums by The Move in the 1970s (some of whom went on to become ELO)
Ken: klok: how many holes DOES it take to fill the albert hall?
Dexter_Fong: Thanks Klok =))
Bunnyboy: Ken: Only "they" know.
Dexter_Fong: Klok: BTW..ELO played BB King's club here in NYC not long ago
klokwkdog: there were 6000 people there Saturday, plus about another 5000 in Hyde Park, 3000 at Gateshead and another 2500 in Belfast; quite a noise when they all got going
Ken: they could hear it from belfast?
klokwkdog: with some satellite delay, yes
doctec: i hate satellite delay
klokwkdog: I was watching BBC TV 1 and when they switched to Belfast, there was a noticable delay before the presenter there got the clue
Ken: damned satellites. why, i remember back when we didn't HAVE them and we did ok then
Dexter_Fong: Doc: I think we all do, but we try to get past that
doctec has to work out his attachments...
klokwkdog: well, the worst of it was the sync error between the video and audio when there was a close-up of anyone singing or speaking. RealAudio ain't there yet...
Dexter_Fong: Ken: Yeah.. lets go back to tape delay
Ken: i have friend in amsterdam i have called a few times, never noticed any delay in that. must use the fiber optic overcapacity
klokwkdog: most calls use FO undersea cables, of which yes, there are too many
doctec: ...ape delay
Dexter_Fong: old that himp
klokwkdog: good article in NYT Tech today about stringing a FO cable to the South Pole, since the satellites they use are all 20 years old and decrepit
Bunnyboy: Say, I lined into a big "duh" today.
klokwkdog: icrophone orking?
doctec: Bb: do telll
Bunnyboy: I'll explain in a minute. BRB. Bunnette detail.
Dexter_Fong: 9thump)
klokwkdog: When the war starts, we'll see lots of delay to the correspondents using 4-wire satellite tellys to send live action of the bombs falling on Baghdad
Ken: dex: much better than 8thump!
doctec: don't trip over that cable clem...
Dexter_Fong: 1-hump
doctec: one hump or two?
Dexter_Fong: was that cable here before?
Ken: one hump, with cream, please
klokwkdog: there is a big hump, the South Polar plateau
Dexter_Fong: We used to fly over that during ww2, thought it was burma...never shaved though
klokwkdog: the cable needs repeaters and that makes it heavy and someone has to haul those big reels up that cliff. So they are not sure they can use the undersea technology
Ken: is there a pool as to when the war will start? before or after erection, err, election?
klokwkdog: the war has already started; they just aren't calling it that
Dexter_Fong: Inspections not elections
klokwkdog: I'm trying to figure out Scott Ritter. Is he a stalking horse for the military that does not want to go?
Ken: i think saddam should share that roasted gazelle and that hot concubine he has
Ken: scott is definitely not on dubya's side here
klokwkdog: Suddenly, he is all over the TV sets when before he could not get a word in edgewise
Dexter_Fong: Gazelle McKenzie
doctec: In lieu of military action: let's just have our inspectors play rock/paper/scissors with their inspectors!
klokwkdog: I figure some big "names" in the background are getting him talking head time as part of an internal feud between Bush and DOD.
Dexter_Fong: Okay Doc, but don't use your left hand
Ken: i wonder if they leave a nice little scrap of paper that says "inspected by no. 4"?
klokwkdog: What I want to know: why aren't we invading North Korea?
klokwkdog: Ken: ROFL
Dexter_Fong: Waiting for Japanese to do it
doctec: k^: yeah, with some lucky lottery numbers..
Ken: klok, give it time, they just started building the roads across the dmz
Ken: invasion of the hyundais
klokwkdog: Yes, but they are killing their own citizens and have a rocket that can hit **USA***
Ken: they know better than to do that, though. at least i HOPE so
Dexter_Fong: Klok: they also have better armed forces
Ken: saddam doesn't have the sense god gave a metamorphic rock
klokwkdog: We have the finest Army money can buy. Our Air Force will pulverize all those little men before we even get there
klokwkdog: Ken - Saddam is still there. Bush Sr. is not. Clinton is not...
Dexter_Fong: Klok: Sometimes I'm not real sure which side you're on=)
klokwkdog: Side Two
doctec: this is no side - this is reel
Dexter_Fong: My CDs only have one side
Ken: klok is our resident devil's advocate
klokwkdog: I can't be responsible for your taste in CDs
||||||||| Bubba's Brain has logged in at 11:40
doctec: howdy bub
Bubba's Brain: Wow, cool
Dexter_Fong: Hey Bub
Ken: my cd's taste quite nice when sauteéd with butter and garlic
klokwkdog: that's right, the keeper of the Satanic Gases, Ken
doctec: yeah, no zizzing and dripping like with the tropical fishes
Ken: polycarbonate sauce
doctec: (or was that overheating)
Dexter_Fong: ..and no nasty smell like with the sea monkeys
Ken: just don't do it in copper pans, pesky electrolysis action
Merlyn LeRoy: hey, da brain
Dexter_Fong: ...removes unwanted hair
doctec: dice onions without tears!
Dexter_Fong: ...also removes wanted hair
doctec: never needs ironing
Bubba's Brain: So, doc, where'd the chat code come from????
Dexter_Fong: chop celery in a trice
doctec: ask Bri, he set it up
Bubba's Brain: never needs irony....
Ken: i want two trices
doctec: ...and is probably tweaking it as I type
Bubba's Brain: I will....
klokwkdog: Cherry Blossom (revisited): http://www.thelogbook.com/disc/i-n/moveshaz.html
Dexter_Fong: Ken: Coming right up
Bubba's Brain: tweaking???? ouch!!!!
Merlyn LeRoy: it's mostly php codenow written by me, with ideas from a couple of places
doctec: coming motherrrrr....
doctec: bri: it's the sea's knees
Dexter_Fong: Peorgies worshiping the Porcelain God again, Adolf
Bubba's Brain: no more long pings.... no more net splits....!
Ken: klok, can't say i remember that one
doctec: tres cool
Bubba's Brain: tres chic
Bubba's Brain: tres tray
Ken: brian: when/what is the surprise you told us about if we stayed long enough?
klokwkdog: what is this three fixation?
Bubba's Brain: Its Tres Chic: The Tray Superstore!
Dexter_Fong: Welp...this may be a new chat setup but I still gotta move my car so I'll say gnight to youze all
doctec: well, for the next few weeks one of us probably ought to keep an IRC window up to direct signons over to the web chat
klokwkdog: DF: regarding my side: http://www.salon.com/comics/knig/2002/09/18/knig/index.html
Ken: later, dex
Merlyn LeRoy: austin might show up
doctec: Dex: some things never change :(
Dexter_Fong: Ture Doc, True
klokwkdog: but all things must pass
Dexter_Fong: ..on the right please, Klok
doctec: pull my finger...
klokwkdog: I will use this oppor to vanish as well. G'bye
doctec: ok klok
doctec: c ya
Dexter_Fong: Night Klokster
Ken: tres (or cuatro) surprise!
doctec: dex: you will be back?
Ken: g'nite, klok
Dexter_Fong: ...yeah, I think so =)..can't stay away =)
klokwkdog: nite everyone (I was up late slaving over hot XP box: got XP to triple-boot with DOS/Linux at 4AM, 'tho)
Bunnyboy: nite klok
Dexter_Fong: But, by for now
||||||||| klokwkdog has logged off at 11:47
Bunnyboy: back
Merlyn LeRoy: nite KWD
doctec: pour cuatro?
Bubba's Brain: I'm gonna slip out, too. Just wanted to say hi
Bunnyboy: And now, the big duh:
Bubba's Brain: bye all
doctec: bubba: bookmark that url
Ken: okey dokey, bub
doctec: nice seein' ya (albeit briefly)
Bunnyboy: Procter and Gamble has (deservedly) taken a lotta heat for animal testing.
Ken: i want to know how they train those animals to fill in those little circles with a #2 pencil
doctec: ...and get 'em to sit in one place for so long
doctec: with a ticking clock audible at the front of the hall
Bunnyboy: Well, get this: Their intial business (way back in 1830) was manufacturing soap and candles...made from animal byproducts!
Bunnyboy: initial
doctec: Bb: hmmm, not surprising
Merlyn LeRoy: when did nino have the fire-bot going? 2000?
Ken: yep, all that tallow, add some lye, you've got soap!
doctec: that sound about right bri - 1999 to 2000 or thereabouts
Ken: brian: i think it was well into 2001 also
Bunnyboy: And in the dark days before Crisco, they manufactured Refined Family Lard.
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm trying to find past IRCs with the bot, anyone remember any key phrases?
Merlyn LeRoy: so I can add them to this
Ken: just search for "firelogger"
Bunnyboy: I was turned on to a lovely book called THE GALLERY OF REGRETTABLE FOOD, by James Lileks.
doctec: "Firebroiled"
Bunnyboy: www.lileks.com
Ken: bb: you shared that url a couple weeks ago, i loved it
Ken: i liked the wisconsin motel there also
doctec: Bb: sounds - u - appetizing...
doctec: uh
Merlyn LeRoy: ah, that did it
Bunnyboy: There's a featured section in the book on Aunt Jenny, the Betty Crocker of her day, and Lever Bros. pitchperson for Spry (Crisco's competitor).
Bunnyboy: Lemme find a good Aunt Jenny link. BRB.
Ken: tom: the best one there showed a jello mold captioned: "klingon brain" or something like that. hilarious
Merlyn LeRoy: I can even have it say something if people say "firelogger"
doctec: egads
Bunnyboy: Ok, here's the Pennywise Steak at http://www.dreamwater.com/sancho/spry.html
Bunnyboy: firelogger, pogue mahone
Merlyn LeRoy: maybe 'firesign'
doctec: i always liked the pogues
Merlyn LeRoy: BRB
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy has logged off at 11:55
Bunnyboy: firesign, mogue pahone
|||||||||Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing Merlyn LeRoy", also known as "Nancy" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
doctec: that's scary.
doctec: firesign.
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm Back
Bunnyboy: doc: I loved Dennis Miller's take when the Pogues were on SNL.
Bunnyboy: The original lead singer was there, plotzed and teeth nearly dropping outta his head.
doctec: Bb: yeah - he had (has) really bad teeth
Bunnyboy: Dennis Miller said: "I love the Pogues, but then, I've always been a sucker for lyrics".
Ken: brian, only thing missing is time stamp (if anyone thinks it's needed)
doctec laughs
Bunnyboy: Anybody catch the Afrika Baambata/John Lydon track on THE SOPRANOS last week?
Merlyn LeRoy: I'll have the time announced periodically
Ken: sidereal time like firelogger? that made it "special"
doctec: Bb: I surely did
doctec: was playing in my head this morning while getting ready for work
Bunnyboy: And the human race is STILL becoming a disgrace, 20 years later.
doctec: That and a bunch of tunes of the era was on a mix tape I wore out in the '80s
Merlyn LeRoy: Indiana goofy time
Merlyn LeRoy: Mark Time
doctec: At the mark, the time will be: infinity o'clock EZZ
Ken: someone at that server should get something to synchronize clock. it's not expensive, i got one for free that i use here
Bunnyboy: doc, and any other Yeast Coasters: Didja hear about the new John Adams composition premiering this weekend in NY, commemorating the WTC disaster?
Ken: bun: i heard about it on radio, but not close enough to go see it
doctec: Bb: I heard the NPR bit while on the way to work
Bunnyboy: doc: I don't know about you, but I have plenty of tapes that are "worn out" that I'm still considering digitally archiving.
doctec: gotta figure it will be out on CD soon
Bunnyboy: "Wow! It sounds as crappy as it ever did!"
Bunnyboy: Yeast Coasters
Bunnyboy: OK, so the cut and paste works.
Ken: yeast coasters absorb a LOT a water
doctec: Bb: well in the case of some of those mix tapes, I made them on reel to reel and dubbed cassettes from them...
Ken: if you put a little sugar on it, can generate CO2 and alcohol also :)
doctec: in late '80s, i archived the reels to beta hi-fi - my sony still works
Bunnyboy: Y'know who's missing? cat! Where's dat Canadian weasel?
doctec: that should digitize nicely
Ken: he went to winnipeg or some out of the way place
Merlyn LeRoy: It'll get fancier, of course, but for now...
|||||||||Catherwood grabs Merlyn LeRoy by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
|||||||||Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing Merlyn LeRoy", also known as "Nancy" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
|||||||||"Hey Merlyn LeRoy" ... Merlyn LeRoy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs...
|||||||||HiyaFriends,RalphSpoilsportRalphSpoilsportMotorsHereWithMyNewBestCustomerMerlyn LeRoy
Merlyn LeRoy: hoo ha
doctec: of the many cassettes of albums i still have though: many i've upgraded to cd already, others i listened to incessantly, to the point where if i hear it just one more time in this lifetime i'll be happy
Ken: you're getting there :)
Bunnyboy: doc: Well, with those reel to reels, if you run them slowly (half speed or less), and digitally record them, then resample...you might still have a mess.
Merlyn LeRoy: and if you really need the timestamp, it's in a comment
doctec: or hear the devil saying: "wear skinny ties ... wear skinnt ties..."
doctec: skinny
Bunnyboy: Skinny ties...skinny guys...
doctec: brb
|||||||||Catherwood grabs doctec by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Bunnyboy: Hey! Who's dat fat guy in the mirror?
Ken: depends on whether it's a one-way or a two-way mirror
Bunnyboy: I think I'll be disposed to play the lead in KRAPP'S LAST TAPE sometime before I take the dirt nap.
Ken: btw, bun, i hadn't seen the chuck jones thing first time around, i watched and liked it
Merlyn LeRoy: missed doc's exit
Bunnyboy: Ken: Is that fun! I miss the Chuckster.
doctec: i'm back
Ken: he's back
doctec: i'm front too
Merlyn LeRoy: hey doc
Bunnyboy: But then, I miss Tex Avery, and he died over 20 years ago, at least 5 years before I was even aware of his work.
Ken: i've looked at doc from both sides now......
doctec: Bb: Ah, Beckett...
Ken: tex avery invented some FINE labels
doctec: k^: frightening, isn't it?
Bunnyboy: Ah, Beckett, indeed. That particular piece has some fun stories.
Ken: someone mentioned penn & teller earlier, they are on leno tonight
Bunnyboy: There was a version broadcast on PBS several years back, that starred a gentleman who was a lead member of some West Coast Beckett appreciation society.
Ken: goldie hawn on now, she STILL looks great
Bunnyboy: The group started when said gentleman was an inmate in Alcatraz.
doctec: k^: yeah, exceptionally well preserved
Ken: must be all those bisulfites and polysorbate-80
doctec: Buy Sulfites Today!
Bunnyboy: Hume Cronyn starred in an early 60's stage rendition. Caught Sammy's ire when he cussed. The stage direction said "Krapp curses", and Hume followed suit with some gawdamns and such.
doctec: So says Polly Sorbate (she's 80 but still kickin'!)
Bunnyboy: And there's a recent indy film version, with John Hurt. Really wanna see that one.
Ken: doc, that's only 11 in dog years
doctec: Polly ain't no dog, believe you me
Merlyn LeRoy: you really wanna see john hurt?
Bunnyboy: Well, I gotta pitch and smile at that wife o' mine. This has been just wonderful.
Bunnyboy: Nite!
Merlyn LeRoy: you sadist
Ken: i was thinking of sweet polly purebred, i guess
doctec: ok nite bb
Ken: later, bun
doctec: yeah, just like the real thing but better
Ken: dex must be driving around the block many times
Bunnyboy: "When Polly's in trouble, I am not slow, it's Hip Hip Hip, and Away I Go!"
Merlyn LeRoy: nite bb
doctec: Bb: lol
Bunnyboy: (Sings) The Prince George Hotel is a happy hotel, you should stay there when you are in town..."
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm gonna try a cut & paste experiment...
doctec: (Types) lol
Merlyn LeRoy: September 2002
Merlyn LeRoy: blah, can't paste multiple lines at once
doctec: you need any of that digital rubber see-ment?
Merlyn LeRoy: let me test the red name stuff
|||||||||Catherwood grabs Merlyn LeRoy by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Bunnyboy: Bunnyboy: (Sings) The Prince George Hotel is a happy hotel, you should stay there when you are in town..."
|||||||||HiyaFriends,RalphSpoilsportRalphSpoilsportMotorsHereWithMyNewBestCustomerMerlyn LeRoy
Merlyn LeRoy: hello
Bunnyboy: bri: Yer rite. I tried, too.
doctec: nice
Ken: (how does he make his name do that?)
doctec: hello?
|||||||||"Hey Bunnyboy" ... Bunnyboy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs...
Merlyn LeRoy: oops
Merlyn LeRoy: yes, I have to remember to switch the send back now
doctec: that little chromium switch...
Merlyn LeRoy: someone send me a private msg, please...
Merlyn LeRoy: just for testing
doctec: switched back to "Send to all"
Merlyn LeRoy: hey kend
Ken: mine did too
Ken: is that the plan?
doctec: switched back to "Send to all" after i sent pvt msg
doctec: by itself
Ken: it's smarter than i am
Merlyn LeRoy: That might be a browser diff, not all respect the 'SELECTED' tag
Merlyn LeRoy: ZZZzzzzzz...
|||||||||"Hey Merlyn LeRoy" ... Merlyn LeRoy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs...
|||||||||Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing Merlyn LeRoy", also known as "Nancy" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Ken: i'm struggling to stay awake for the special guest to arrive. my internal clock is ready to go off though
Merlyn LeRoy: "talk amongst yourselfs", are you?
Merlyn LeRoy: doesn't look like he'll show, he said he wasn't sure if he'd be back in time
Ken: plus i've been watching goldie hawn on tv
doctec: awaiting next test request
Merlyn LeRoy: but it sounds like he'll be around in later chats
doctec: that would be interesting to see...
Ken: good deal. i think i'll call it quits. doc: no log from me for e-z-read, and no post to ng. i'm guessing you will take care of posting the link to here, brian or doc?
Merlyn LeRoy: but it's only 9:20 on the west coast
doctec: well i can hang on for a bit
Merlyn LeRoy: we can also cut & paste the page as text to the newsgroup
doctec: i'm reasonably awake - not as hard a work week this week as they've been lately, also getting more sleep with lili out of town
Ken: should i worry about that or will it be taken care of from your end?
Merlyn LeRoy: it will all be automated in the future
Merlyn LeRoy: I can do it all
Merlyn LeRoy: PHIL!
doctec: Ken: Bri and I will figure something out I'm sure
austin: ahh someone here
Ken: spreak of the debbil!
doctec: speak of the devil master
Merlyn LeRoy: we were just thinking you weren't going to make it
austin: I didn't read past the end of the log when I saw I was expected
Ken: mr. p.a., as i live and breathe
doctec: Our buddy Ken was just about to pack it in for the evening
doctec: we told him "wait, hang on, might be worth it"
austin: yikes. Who is here?
Ken: yep, but i will not go right now. i've got a new spurt of energy
Merlyn LeRoy: we can keep these things forever, no problem
Ken: forever is a LONG time
Merlyn LeRoy: there should be a list up at the top of the screen of the chatters
Merlyn LeRoy: I see your name isn't red up there, though. Also in the "send" list
austin: Oh, I see. Idiot looks at top of screen, sees participants,
Ken: i'm ken in michigan, a fan since that first acid trip in 1970 when i heard "how can you be..."
doctec: It's OK - I understand -
austin: nice to meet you
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm really Brian, st. paul webmaster
austin: you seem like a real nice guy
doctec: This is actually the first Thursday that the session took place on something other than DALnet.
Ken: and i must say it made as much sense then as it does now :) but of course, that's a huge compliment
austin: Merlin the king
doctec: and of course, the nickname doctec must be familiar
austin: Hi, Sharky
Ken: dex is driving around the block in nyc looking for a parking place
Merlyn LeRoy: "Merlyn LeRoy" is a pun name from Rocky & Bullwinkle, on a 1930's director named Mervyn LeRoy
Ken: and bubba's brain seems to have gotten a lobotomy
austin: I knew the director. I assume Merlyn must have to do with some magic game
Merlyn LeRoy: these are all IRC regulars, when this is announced on the website we should get new people
doctec: bubba actually took off for the night - I think he just killed his browser instead of clicking the "exit" button at bottom of window
Ken: ah, here but NOT here. how zen
Merlyn LeRoy: R&B used the name a couple of times for wizards; I liked that they used such an obscure pun for a kid's show
austin: Hmmmm.... this will eventually have a different character than the dalnet
doctec: bubba is nickname for John Weber (affiliated with LodesTone and the Apotheosis Saga crew)
austin: push, nevada which is on abc right now is actually sort of interesting.
austin: not twin peaks, and I guess there's some audience participation gag
doctec: This is much better than IRC - more stable, quicker to get in/out of
austin: well, hello to John in absentia
Merlyn LeRoy: Hmm, I tried to kill BB's login...
doctec: In many ways IRC is by now antiquated chat technology - has its place but as web chat platform matures it will go the way of Wordstar
doctec: (and just where the hell is Absentia anyway?)
Merlyn LeRoy: maybe I broke it..
austin: I know, it's like wormwood or something
Ken: absentia is next to moravia
doctec: Brian: I thought I heard a crunching noise
doctec: Moravia, Lessavia
Merlyn LeRoy: I bet it's the apostrophe in his name
Merlyn LeRoy: I don't know if private messages get sent to him
doctec: OK, back to participants: Dexter Fong is a relative newcomer to the group, met him in person in NYC when he joined another guy who was on earlier and me at Elayne's last winter for the WNET "Weirdly Cool" premiere
Merlyn LeRoy: (yeah, that's it)
austin: apostrophe's as the entry to another world
doctec: Dex has unearthed a good-sounding reel-to-reel he had in his collection of a classic Firesign show
austin: This is odd, the way you have to read back up to understand where
Ken: earlier tonight when i was kend^ my ^ didn't do anything special for me
doctec: something from public radio (guys help me out here, which show was that?)
austin: you are in the conversation
Ken: the history of radio? he sent me a cd dub of it
doctec: yes, thanks Ken
Ken: it was a wnyc pledge drive show
doctec: That's it
doctec: Gave me my copy the night we hooked up
austin: from what year is it?
Dexter_Fong: Comedy is easy...parking is a bitch
Merlyn LeRoy: kend, single and double quotes are harder to work around
doctec: I had never heard it, what a delight
Ken: my favorite bit on that was the hindenberg. i kept waiting for "oh the humanity" and the damned thing just landed
doctec: the recording is in remarkable shape too
doctec: Hey Dex - just getting back from moving your car across the street?
Ken: dex, we were just talking about you
Dexter_Fong: I wish Doc...Now it's up in the morning and off to the car again
doctec: Phil: re year: Dex, was it like 1981? 82?
doctec: 79?
doctec: (we're talking about the Firesign show you dubbed on CD for Ken & me)
Dexter_Fong: Summer is over and the parking is hard
Dexter_Fong: c: The Airlee recording?
Ken: penn and teller on leno now, if you're up to multi-tasking
Merlyn LeRoy: make his chin disappear
Dexter_Fong: That show originally aired in April (I tink) of 1979
doctec: argh - brain exploding -
doctec: can't multitask chat & tv
doctec: i have a hard enough time walking and chewing gum
Dexter_Fong: Hello Mr. Austin =))
Ken: i farted and sneezed at the same time once and turned inside out
austin: Hello, Dexter Fong
Dexter_Fong: Brian...this is toooooooooooo cool =))
doctec: Phil, you can think of us as that pack of cards that gave P a hard time in "How Can You Be..." - smartalecky but basically good natured
Ken: almost weirdly cool, huh, dex?
Dexter_Fong: and well shuffled
Ken: i'm a pacifist if that matters....but i'm sure in the wrong country now
doctec: Is Oona there with you Phil?
Dexter_Fong: Ken: What's wierd is I can't find a parking space
austin: You're a pack of cards. The bombshell is watching push, nevada
Ken: dex: do they mark your tires with chalk? just rub it off
Dexter_Fong: Yeah!!
doctec: oh i forgot that was on 2nite - is it any good?
austin: and I'm sort of following . I thought it was going to be bad but it sort of isn't
Dexter_Fong: Ken: No, they come by at 9:01 am and give you a ticket
doctec: lynch lite?
Dexter_Fong: Doc: Lynch like anyway
Dexter_Fong: But better -so far- than most tv
Merlyn LeRoy: my wife's blood sugar was low this morning, and she was talking about trying to set her alarm to play a thread from alt.fan.conan-obrien
Ken: i had a friend in texas tell me she saw a bad accident the other day. man left parking meter in front of bar with 4 minutes left, 6 pickup trucks collided trying to park there to have 2 beers before it ran out
doctec: here i'm thinking to myself dang i should turn on the tv to catch push - then remember i'm THREE TIME ZONES LATER!
austin: Not lynch, for sure. More overt comedy. But I think because they're laying
doctec: oops
Dexter_Fong: laying?
doctec: the groundwork
austin: down clues for the audience participation it has a weird style all its own
doctec: ?
doctec: o that's right - the contest
Dexter_Fong: Ah, yes...there is that aspect
Ken: i would have missed amy getting evicted from big brother if i had watched that one. it iwll be over in a few weeks and i can switch loyalties
doctec: the extra little gimmick this show has going for it
austin: lying? lain? layed?
Dexter_Fong: Anyone is good for me
Ken: i wish.....
doctec: Too bad Lili Lamont isn't here Phil, she'd tellya which usage is correct (pedant that she is)
Dexter_Fong: well not anyone
austin: The voice proco does on big brother is one of the most insane I've ever heard from him
Ken: i didn't even know it was him until brian told me tonight
Dexter_Fong: That covers a lot of ground...must listen
austin: please say hi to darling lil. Where are the Ishiikawas tonight?
doctec: It's always good to stretch yourself creatively
Ken: saskatoon, i think?
doctec: Cat and Fumiyo are visitng someone north of North Van (I forget where) -
Merlyn LeRoy: Proc mentioned at XM that the director gives him instructions like "be more judgemental"
doctec: Thx Ken - yes, Saskatoon
austin: proco is not the main voice of the show, he's an interior, specialized voice
Ken: then europe for 2 months after that.
doctec: Cat would certainly be here otherwise
Merlyn LeRoy: he's probably not far from a web browser, that's all you need for this.
austin: this trip will do them a world of good
doctec: I couldn't agree more - good to get away to an area not filled with memories
Merlyn LeRoy: Fixed the "chatting" line
doctec: ah, so it won't be disappearing on Ken?
Dexter_Fong: I really admire Cat for creating "Box of Time"
doctec: his best work to date - and he did all the production himself
Ken: mr. austin: if i might be so bold, who was your all-time favorite character on the albums/cd's?
austin: character of mine own creation?
Ken: any one that you played
doctec: Both your own and others' creation
Ken: and you will probably inspire me to go to radio shack for audio cables so i can hook up the turntable :)
doctec: I mean give us two fave characters - (1) your own and (2) other's creation
austin: That's the same thing. Uh ..... Barney Bozo might be the favorite, oddly enough, I can't remember anyone ever asking me that before.
Dexter_Fong: And your favorite color =))
Ken: how far to push this line of questioning? your favorite traffic sign?
Merlyn LeRoy: a second person is finally getting close to figuring out the Nick Danger game - one nickel away
Dexter_Fong: Stop
doctec: oh my oh my oh my
austin: favorite insect?
Ken: joke i heard on tv: cop stopped drunk, excuse was that the stop sign turned red so quickly he couldn't stop in time for it
Dexter_Fong: and insectavore
doctec: See, here's the thing: we spend a few years talking about how cool it would be if a Firesign member actually showed up and when he does, the best we can muster is "uh, so - howz tricks?"
doctec: It's sad really
austin: pathetic
doctec: -- :)
Ken: this is better than the time i talked to donny osmond on the phone
doctec: sorry to be such a disappointment
Ken: of course, doesn't hold a candle to shaking hands with jimmy carter ;)
Dexter_Fong: I shared a cigar with Bill Clinton
austin: really? why did you talk to donny osmond?
doctec: well, despite our apparent lack of anything meaningful to ask, it's quite a thrill having you here nonetheless.
Ken: not sure where to put alex trebek in this listing....he DID give me money and phil hasn't
austin: I'll ask the questions here. Siddown.
Ken: i was in a recording session once and he called to talk to the engineer (ed greene) and i answered the phone
doctec: I'll take Comedy Legends for $600...
Dexter_Fong: I am sitting
austin: I once had Milton Berle ask me if I was a fag
doctec: (Phil: Ken is alluding to the fact that he was a winning Jeopardy contentant not many years back)
Ken: lol! was he in drag when he asked?
Dexter_Fong: I was hoping PA's favorite character was Dexter Fong
austin: did donny have anything interesting or Mormon to say?
doctec: You made quite a chunk of change too as I recall Ken...
Ken: and tom, not one damned question about fst either
doctec: contestant (not contentant... though I suppose that has its own connotation)
Ken: donny wanted to ask about some model airplane. nothing mormon
doctec: Tiger Beat want to know --- what does Firesign talk about at its slumber parties?
Ken: milton friedman won me $17,800, and helen hayes cost me $15k and some change
austin: multiple model airplanes were outlawed by the Church of Moron
Merlyn LeRoy: ooh, that bitch
Dexter_Fong: Well I have a meanful question -at least to me- PA: was wondering if FT had any familiarity with Colnel Stupenagel and Bud?
austin: Stoopnagle not really known to me except by name
Dexter_Fong: Thanks PA
austin: were they radio?
Dexter_Fong: Yes..late 30's early 40's...sustaining -no sponser-
austin: I've got big gaps in my education on that period
doctec: There's just so much culture one can cram into memory cells
doctec: I know I'm starting to feel a little maxed out
Dexter_Fong: I think they were not real popular =)) although the one show I've heard is really great...took the entire show to set up one *great* punchline
austin: wait, let's go back to ken and the money. What? Friedman, helen hayes?
Ken: http://www.xanga.com/home.asp?user=Ken_DeBusk
Ken: that's my story should you care to read it sometime
doctec: Phil, that's a link to a page about Ken's Jepoardy experience
Dexter_Fong: Ken: Streaming video of your appearance?
Ken: milton friedman was the final jeopardy the first day and hayes the second
austin: got it. jeapordy. I'll look at this link later, but you're a damned handsome devil, ken
Ken: dex, i have one poor quality video of it. the good one moved away with a friend and never returned
Dexter_Fong: PA: Ash to see his shoe collection =))
Ken: not sure how to take that "handsome" remark ;)
austin: all spellings of jeoeopaerdy welcome
Dexter_Fong: Ask
Dexter_Fong: Gracefully Ken
Ken: i only have shoes for industry
doctec: jalopardy - jellopady - jelatinouspardy
Dexter_Fong: Cobbled that remark together pretty fast Ken
doctec: is that like only having eyes for you?
Ken: i'm no fun, i fell right over
doctec: ouch
Ken: i used to have a picture of my check on that page, but it was linked from tdt's page, and it's kaput now. (RIP, lew)
austin: Have any of you heard from
doctec: czech or cash?
austin: connie?
doctec: ...Connie?
doctec: Not in a while.
austin: Wasn't Lews babe named connie?
doctec: Ken maybe more recently.
Ken: not lately. i have thought about writing her, but never have
doctec: Yes Connie.
Ken: i have her address if anyone needs it
Merlyn LeRoy: No; I'm planning on sending her a copy of the mark time/nick danger DVD, because of lew's eulogy on it. Did you ever get yours to play, phil?
Dexter_Fong: Didn't Yamster hear from her
austin: yeah, I know. I've felt she probably wants to be left alone.
Merlyn LeRoy: ken, shoot it to me, please: westley@visi.com
Ken: he got email from lew's brother, i think
Dexter_Fong: I remeber somebody talked to her...Cat maybe
austin: Still haven't got to it, Bri. And we're traveling on saturday, sunday and monday to Fox Island, Island of No Foxes
doctec: Anyway as far as we know, she's as OK as can be expected under the circumstances
Merlyn LeRoy: ah well. I'l have to buy some even-better quality DVD blanks
austin: Does Larry Yeager make it to the thursdays?
Ken: did you get that, brian?
Merlyn LeRoy: thx, ken, do you have her snailmail address?
doctec: He hasn't made an appearance in quite a long while.
Ken: no, just the email, sorry
doctec: I wonder if he would show up if he knew about this web chat thing.
austin: he seems to check in to the ng often
Merlyn LeRoy: ok ken; doc, I should kick him about the web based chat
doctec: The newsgroup certainly played a role in getting Firesign fans hooked up early on
Ken: promote the hell out of this one on the ng, we should get a good turnout
doctec: Phil, Is the next Firesign NPR segment done or are you all working on it at present?
Ken: when did the ng start?
Dexter_Fong: Well, I gotta get up in morning and move the car so I gotta get outta here.
Merlyn LeRoy: by dex
Ken: later, dex. sleep tight
Dexter_Fong: Brian...think you have a winner here
austin: next three npr shows are done
Dexter_Fong: and PA: An honor and pleasure to share this electronic space with you
doctec: excellent - I eagerly await their broadcast
Merlyn LeRoy: tx dex
Dexter_Fong: and all the rest of youze guys too =))
Ken: i have written to thank npr for them, maybe you guys will become regular contributors.
austin: It's ten here and the bombshell and I have to get up at six. good night all
Merlyn LeRoy: any dates on them yet, phil?
Merlyn LeRoy: ok, g'nite
Ken: nice meeting you, mr. a
doctec: nite dex
austin: no dates. we don't know until the week they decide
doctec: nite phil
Dexter_Fong: Night Doc and Ken and Brian
doctec: as the metchbook says, "Thank You ... Come Again"
austin: good nite all and THANKS BRI FOR THIS WONDERFUL FEATURE>
doctec: matchbook (sigh)
doctec: Yes kudos Bri
Merlyn LeRoy: sure ting phil
doctec: safe trip north
Ken: after 1am here, think i'll pull the plug here also. next week, dear friends
doctec: say hi to oona et al
Merlyn LeRoy: ken, may of 1993
Merlyn LeRoy: was when alt.fan.firesgn-thtre was created
Ken: tnx, bri. g'nite all
doctec: i'm packin' it in too - nytol
doctec: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........
|||||||||Catherwood grabs Ken by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
|||||||||"Hey doctec" ... doctec turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs...
|||||||||"Hey Merlyn LeRoy" ... Merlyn LeRoy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs...
|||||||||HiyaFriends,RalphSpoilsportRalphSpoilsportMotorsHereWithMyNewBestCustomerThe Reaper
||||||||| The Reaper has logged off Dexter_Fong at 1:24
||||||||| The Reaper has logged off austin at 1:24
The Reaper: "NOBODY beats the reaper!"
|||||||||Catherwood grabs The Reaper by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
|||||||||Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing Ken", also known as "Nancy" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
|||||||||Catherwood grabs Ken by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
|||||||||HiyaFriends,RalphSpoilsportRalphSpoilsportMotorsHereWithMyNewBestCustomerMerlyn LeRoy
Merlyn LeRoy: The time is now 12:21 PM
|||||||||"Hey Merlyn LeRoy!" ... Merlyn LeRoy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs...
|||||||||Catherwood grabs Merlyn by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
|||||||||Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "Time to change the log file; please log off for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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