A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for October 17, 2002 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood enters with john imaloo close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:18 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
john imaloo: Am I too early
john imaloo: ?
||||||||| It's 8:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| john imaloo - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood announces "It's 8:52 PM; let's see who falls in through our celebrity trap door!" -- he pulls a lever, and Merlyn LeRoy plummets onto the oriental shag rug.
Merlyn LeRoy: Ouch!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "8:53 PM and late as usual, it's john imaloo, just back from Billville."
Merlyn LeRoy: You don't seem late...
john imaloo: i am late
john imaloo: dengue fever i am afraid
Merlyn LeRoy: Like the late Dent Arthur Dent
john imaloo: arthur dent is dead?
john imaloo: he taught me to fly
Merlyn LeRoy: just that threat from slartibartfast
john imaloo: simply hurl yourself at the ground and miss
john imaloo: i cannot keep up the witty banter long
john imaloo: i am short of ammo
Merlyn LeRoy: Catherwood should announce the official chat start in about a minute
john imaloo: who is this catherwood fellow?
john imaloo: i once told my grandfather i thought myself witty
john imaloo: he said i was only half right
Merlyn LeRoy: he runs the room; he's the butler in "How Can You Be..."
Merlyn LeRoy: I thought my knowledge was vast, turned out to be half-vast.
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, October 17, 2002 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
john imaloo: avast ye landlubbers
Merlyn LeRoy: and they're off...
john imaloo: do i lose points for chatting early
Merlyn LeRoy: nah, phil austin was here early once
john imaloo: he's the funny one right
john imaloo: just kidding
Merlyn LeRoy: no, he's the one who owns a bunch of dogs
john imaloo: he's not the one that enjoys nascar is he
||||||||| Catherwood leads YoyoDyne inside, makes a note of the time (9:03 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
YoyoDyne: hello everyone
Merlyn LeRoy: hello
john imaloo: hello
john imaloo: what does a yoyo dyne on
YoyoDyne: i'm having some screen problems so i'll need a moment here
YoyoDyne: there, that's better
Merlyn LeRoy: too many mosquitos getting in?
YoyoDyne: LOL. i keep screen calls too but they still get through
YoyoDyne: screen = screening
||||||||| Catherwood announces "It's 9:07 PM; let's see who falls in through our celebrity trap door!" -- he pulls a lever, and Ken plummets onto the oriental shag rug.
Ken: oh wow, i *plummetted* in tonight!
Ken: good evening, friends
Merlyn LeRoy: maybe you're a sheep that's trying to fly
YoyoDyne: good eve sire
YoyoDyne: did everyone hear the new NPR clips ?
Merlyn LeRoy: I heared 'em
john imaloo: your lucky i am tempted to leave just to see how i return
john imaloo: or what i return as
john imaloo: probably a grub worm
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:10 PM, dragging Uncle Ernie by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Ken: reincarnation? you could come back as a tricerotops
john imaloo: or the porrirdge bird
Uncle Ernie: G'Day Y'All!!!
Ken: hi ernie
YoyoDyne: Hi Unck
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:10 PM, dragging Not Ed by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Uncle Ernie: And Lo! There came unto them Phillip called Punter, and he was Lillian Roth in his extremity.
YoyoDyne: Verily Verily
Ken: hi, "not ed". if you aren't ed, can you narrow down just a little bit who you might be?
Uncle Ernie: Merrily, merrily," he says unto them, saying, "Merrily, merrily, for I am cum."
Uncle Ernie: And he came. And he came unto the house of his Mother's Brother's servant, saying, "Where am I?"
Not Ed: Mr & Mrs John Q Smith
YoyoDyne: From Anytown USA?!!
Ken: ah, from anytown, usa, i suppose :)
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:12 PM, dragging doctec by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Uncle Ernie: I couldn't get you to believe I was Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Smith from any town USA?
doctec: woo-hoo!
doctec: hi gang
Ken: hey tom
Not Ed: In Deed
YoyoDyne: yo
Uncle Ernie: Hay Doc hows Trix?
doctec: yo, yo
doctec: Trix are for kids!
Not Ed: yo yo ma?
Merlyn LeRoy: hey doc
Uncle Ernie: Or Kicks are for Treds?
YoyoDyne: life has its ups and downs
doctec has to go and get his reading glasses from the waiting room ... or is it his waiting glasses from the reading room? anyway brb
||||||||| Catherwood announces "It's 9:14 PM; let's see who falls in through our celebrity trap door!" -- he pulls a lever, and klokwkdog plummets onto the oriental shag rug.
Ken: like an elevator or a roller coaster
Uncle Ernie: If you're lucky Yoyo!
Ken: mine doesn't go all the way to the top floor though
Uncle Ernie: Hey Clock!
Ken: hey klok
Uncle Ernie: Bummer Ken!
klokwkdog: tick; tock everyone
Ken: ernie: it took some getting used to. now i have to walk up the stairs for the last floor :)
Uncle Ernie: There's this kittle doggie door under his tail here ...
klokwkdog: wow, can it get better than this? a chance for (snap snap) two, that's two wars in one!!
YoyoDyne: have you got the parcel?!
Uncle Ernie: Good for the heart Ken!
Uncle Ernie: Klock did you read the 1st chapter yet?
klokwkdog: yes I did, much of it, very impressive work
klokwkdog: a real horror shewwww
Uncle Ernie: Klock is it close to being acurate?
Ken: ernie: i downloaded it, the promptly forgot about it. i just wrote myself a note to read it tomorrow.
Not Ed: Personally, I'm looking for some inspiration. Do you still sell coke in bottles?
Ken: not ed: all the coke i ever saw came in little plastic packets
Uncle Ernie: Not I have this tine of Uncle Sigmund Peruvian Coco powder ...
YoyoDyne: Careful Not Ed, that drink may be doped
Not Ed: Yoyo: I hope
Uncle Ernie: Yes it is how refreshing!
klokwkdog: i have some quibbles with the language, but you have to decide whether it's going to be intelligible or accurate...as for the history, sounds OK (I am not a native, and the natives don't like to talk about the unpleasnt way in which they came by this land)
Uncle Ernie: I understand it comes in bottles in this country?
klokwkdog: yep, diet karma
Merlyn LeRoy: ella fitzgerald comes in quartz, I think
YoyoDyne: Stones you old snowball!
Ken: "it comes in bottles" sounds like a perverted porn film
klokwkdog: more than enough for everyone to have a little
Not Ed: How incisive
doctec: back
klokwkdog: that's right! if they don't chew, their teeth grow through their brains...
Uncle Ernie: I have several tribes in the area as well as some Chips helping me and making sure I'm not trampling on any sacred ground as it were.
Not Ed: Is doctor the El ec tion?
Merlyn LeRoy: doc, I'm putting together a webring to replace the old one: http://www.firesigntheatre.com/webring.php
Merlyn LeRoy: You can't add or edit entries yet, but that'll be done soon...
doctec: that's great news!
Merlyn LeRoy: and, of course, it needs to be jazzed up a bit
klokwkdog: ah, every 2-bit patch of ground is someone's ancient sacred mystical holy squat place (note to Cat: pee in Vatican square)
Uncle Ernie: Merlyn I'll join and link it to my homepage later tonight. If you'll have the likes of me!
Not Ed: what doesn't need jazzed up anymore?
Merlyn LeRoy: who made the "FST Webring" 3D logo? It's ok, but kind of messy at the edges.
doctec: benway probably
Merlyn LeRoy: can't yet uncle ernie, over the weekend
klokwkdog: everyone here written their senators and reps that we need to bomb Korea back to stone age?
Uncle Ernie: Oh Duh Merlyn its the effects of the Road Apple Red!
doctec: stoned age?
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, we need to bomb Chic Korea!
Ken: whoa! north korea IS in the stone age--they are eating tree bark and grass there now
Not Ed: Or bomb them with 1000 copies of a naked lunch
Uncle Ernie: Klock thats good American business cents er sense!
Not Ed: Do the bomb bay door thing
klokwkdog: right, we'll show 'em what for, attacking us on 9/11
Uncle Ernie: NBOt Ed that was based on Dick Armey life I understand?
Ken: send slim pickens with "fat man"
YoyoDyne: The literature is in a tight pattern.....
Not Ed: who am us anyway?
Uncle Ernie: Were one of you I think?
doctec: Enola McLuhan...
doctec: The Medium Is The Bomber
Not Ed: U-Ed, I'm not sure. I don't even know who Dick Armey is :-(
klokwkdog: that's OK, neither does he, most of the time
Ken: dick armey is the hero of the far right. rep from texas
Not Ed: Yes SIR!
YoyoDyne: another Armey brat huh
Uncle Ernie: The Nazi Con-gress man from Texas who during Viet Nam didn't go in because all the blacks got there before him. He was a bug killer for years and eating the poison made him a politician!
Ken: with jerry falwell starring as "the beave"
Not Ed: Jerry's the bitch, you say?
Ken: ernie: tom delay is the former exterminator. let's not get our republicans mixed up now. that's a common mistake among liberals :)
YoyoDyne: everyone read about Fallwell's little "oopsy" on terrorism
Uncle Ernie: Sorry Ken it's that Road Apple Red? Armeys the Senator!
Ken: yeah, jerry's one strange dude, for sure. i think the voices in his head are getting out of control now
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Dave close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:27 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Not Ed: Yoyo : Nope
Uncle Ernie: Which one Yo yo
Ken: hey dave
doctec: hi dave
Merlyn LeRoy: hey dave, you made it.
Uncle Ernie: Dave not here Dave!
Ken: armey is a representative. phil gramm is the senator, now retiring
YoyoDyne: which one : ha! ... this was the one where he called Muhummad a terrorist
klokwkdog: let me get this right, Rushdie writes The Satanic Verses and gets lifteime fatwaeh on his ass for blasphemeing Islam, but Falwell calls Mohammed a terrorist and gets to waltz around like he's got a Teflon choir robe?
Dave: welcome to the present, si, hola, que tal?
Not Ed: Don't answer the phone
YoyoDyne: caused a full scale riot in the middle east & people died
doctec: which phone
Uncle Ernie: It must be the Tylonel threes from todays dental surgery!~
Merlyn LeRoy: "I can't understand your crazy moon language!"
Ken: falwell, robertson, and graham: the holy trinity of the moral majority. they can do NO wrong
Dave: this is gonna be interesting, I'll try to keep up, sorry if I lose yall, it's not my falt, well... kok, it is
klokwkdog: sheesh, where is Jim Bakker when we need him?
Uncle Ernie: When then Dave let me scare you with a little story ...
Ken: dave: place your finger next to this line in the script and follow along....
Ken: is bakker still in prison?
YoyoDyne: Heh heh, and that Tammy Faye, what a babe!
Dave: any of the FST comin'? or did I miss already
klokwkdog: or just inhale gently...
Uncle Ernie: Klock Jims back on TV preaching again !
Not Ed: The phone comment was to the "Dave not here" comment. Reminded me of the Cheech Chong skit
Merlyn LeRoy: no sign of firesign yet
||||||||| It's 9:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| john imaloo - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
klokwkdog: a rare treat, Dave, vy infrequent
doctec: no sign of fire
Merlyn LeRoy: and there's a treatment for that now...
klokwkdog: the gathering of revolutionary forces...
Merlyn LeRoy: actually KWD, Austin is batting .500
Merlyn LeRoy: (as of the web-chats)
YoyoDyne: he may be hitting better on the field is what yr saying
Ken: it's best treated with this revolutionary herbal treatment that's *guaranteed* to work in 3 weeks or money back. call 1-800-chumpchange now
Uncle Ernie: BUt where did all the other kids go?
doctec: To the other side
klokwkdog: it might be better Merlyn if you added a Product Placement mechanism
Uncle Ernie: There in Korea!
YoyoDyne: On which side?
Merlyn LeRoy: dave, did you mean to send that pickle question just to me?
||||||||| Bunnyboy enters at 9:32 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Ken: hi bun
Bunnyboy: Where's Not Joe?
Merlyn LeRoy: as freud would say, sometimes a pickle is only a pickle
klokwkdog: welcome, left coast!
Uncle Ernie: Dust Bunny!!!!!!!!!
Bunnyboy: And Sal Sah?
klokwkdog: is it the monsoon there yet?
YoyoDyne: Hi BB
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'No Ed', just granted probation at 9:32 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
klokwkdog: or just time for Salal Pie?
Dave: anyone been on Phil Procter's site and read his joke about the bacon tree? utterly comico, verdad?
Bunnyboy: Dave: Is true!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:33 PM and late as usual, it's Elayne, just back from Billville."
doctec: yes
Elayne: Evenin' all!
doctec: hey e!
Ken: hello, elayne
YoyoDyne: evening
Bunnyboy: lo Layne
Dave: as apposed to false BB?
klokwkdog: evenin', E
Elayne: Hey Tom, is there any way to do a private chat thingie on this?
Uncle Ernie: Hi Elayne?
doctec: dave, is that anything like false drugs?
Dave: yes, but I'm not high on them... yet
Ken: i bought some false drugs once. pissed me off to no end
doctec: e: yes, change the "send to all" drop down next to the text input field
klokwkdog: what this country needs is good 5 multi-level logic instead of this binary yes-know crap
Uncle Ernie: I'm high on the real thing!
YoyoDyne: sounds fuzzy Klok
Merlyn LeRoy: elayne, either change 'send to all' to one person, or go into another room (kennels is best)
Ken: klok: i think we should change from binary to canary
YoyoDyne: powerful gasoline!
doctec: klok: i hear those multi-level logic deals are really pyramid scams
Merlyn LeRoy: I worked in a canary once
klokwkdog: well fuzzy is out, dice and logic
Dave: "eat me!"
Uncle Ernie: A clean windshield!
Elayne: Did it work, Tom?
Uncle Ernie: Eat Me Raw!
klokwkdog: pyramid petuli?
Merlyn LeRoy: it was on canary row
Ken: ooh, carlos santana will be on letterman tonight!
YoyoDyne: eat it raw!
Dave: "smoke me!" my favorite
doctec: e: yes, and i responded
YoyoDyne: you guys are a pack of cards!
klokwkdog: ...and you probably don't even know where you are (not sure Carlos still does...)
Merlyn LeRoy: "drink me" with thine eyes
Bunnyboy: I always loved the police beat item from years ago, where some schlub bought a shrinkwrapped camcorder box for $100, from some "Hey, buddy" sorta fella, and went back to his car and unwrapped his shiny, new...brick.
Ken: i WILL be up late for this one
||||||||| At 9:36 PM, Uncle Ernie vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
klokwkdog: hey, who took our sound effects?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:36 PM, dragging Not Uncle Ernie by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Ken: bun: i worked in an auto parts store once, we took back used brake shoes for rebuilding and got rocks once.
doctec: Hey, it's "NOT" Uncle Ernie! wink wink
klokwkdog: no bozos on this bus! move to the rear
Bunnyboy: What is, but what is not?
YoyoDyne: Hey, he's not Uncle Ernie < confused expression >
Not Uncle Ernie: Thanks Catherwood just roll a couple bombers and leave them on the side table!
doctec: klok: no sound effects on non-irc chat thingie
Merlyn LeRoy: a "no ed" and a "not ed"?
Bunnyboy: Y'all hear about the new PAPOON FOR PRESIDENT CD release?
Ken: i'm waiting for "no ah"
Dave: I'm afraid I won't be on long, many a-hair must be withdrawn from my facial account before morrow doth strikith it's cold gong
YoyoDyne: and no sign of a real Ed in sight
Not Uncle Ernie: No do Tell Bunny!
klokwkdog: i can't hear what you're saying, DT
doctec: dave, you're so .. shakespearean!
doctec: shake this spear, have at you!
Merlyn LeRoy: Papoon album is at http://www.firesigntheatre.com/albums/index3.html
YoyoDyne: forsooth Dave!
Bunnyboy: Papoon details at www.laugh.com, and Amazon.
Elayne: Is this the old Firesign Chat with Papoon interview w/ P&B?
Dave: I know, thanks to the comodie, my lang is kinda weird, bear with me, grasies, uno momento por favor
doctec: The laugh.com page does not say much about what's on the Papoon album though - would like to know!
Not Uncle Ernie: Thax for the linx Y'all.
Merlyn LeRoy: I think so, elayne; both pre- and post- election
Bunnyboy: doc: Just says "collection of political parodies", yah.
Bunnyboy: And Amazon give 10-22 release date.
Elayne: Yep, that's how the record is. Pre-election on Side 1, post on Side 2
Elayne: Gosh, I haven't listened to that LP in ages...
Ken: too bad it wasn't 10-4
doctec: Problem with that bunny: when I say that I realize I'm describing the current administration
klokwkdog: remember to get out and vote everyone; the election (and the war) has already started in some places. this is YOUR chance to send a message to those filty Commie bastards in North Korea
doctec: It is truly a collection of political parodies
Bunnyboy: No, that's Baboon for Resident.
Elayne: I'm waiting until both sides of the big ditch can press that button simultaneously, sending us all to hell.
Ken: i will vote, even though in this heavily republican area, my vote is for naught
Not Uncle Ernie: Mrs Shirley Yamamoto from Camp 13 ...
doctec: You may not have a long wait, Elayne.
Elayne: I'd like to vote for Mister Naught as well!
klokwkdog: no, vote against the Koreans, Ken!
Dave: I'm too young to vote but, damn those negative adds on me TV, they drive me up a pannel
YoyoDyne: are the Koreans running?
doctec: Don't make a Korea out of it
Bunnyboy: Sid Meier's Civilization 3 has certainly brought out the Napoleon in me.
klokwkdog: they think they're so smart, that they can do no wong
Dave: running away they art
Bunnyboy: Hey, whattya know! A po-em.
YoyoDyne: is that the east koreans or the west?
Dave: southeast
doctec: running like cockroaches after the kitchen light has been turned on
Not Uncle Ernie: All the kids are in Korea? On which side?
klokwkdog: Pres. Bush is gonna show those filthy treaty-violators what for!
doctec: Don't you mean in who's movie?
Dave: well, slightly to the west, we'll kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
klokwkdog: and kick Saddam's butt at the same time
Not Uncle Ernie: President who?
Ken: and what about all the treaties we've violated or abrogated?
Bunnyboy: Hey, here's a swell link:
doctec: what are we gonna do lieutenant?
YoyoDyne: this is no movie, this is REAL!
Bunnyboy: homepage.mac.com/leperous
klokwkdog: all those Indians are dead now, Ken: they can't complain
Dave: which real?
doctec: anyone here check out jesus.com?
Dave: see, I'm getting the hang of it
Elayne: "It's abrogation, I know..."
klokwkdog: any treaty we supposedly violated was for good and just cause
Elayne: "It's the reason they all think he's slow..."
Dave: jesus.com, que es esto doc
doctec: dave, you're doing great - soon you'll be ready for symptom six!!!!
Ken: dave: just remember when you hang, put the rope on the side, not the back of the head
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:44 PM, dragging Brain de la Bubba by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Ken: hi bub
Elayne: Hey, if anyone's going to be well hung, I'd like to watch!
doctec: hey bubba (ooh la laaa!)
YoyoDyne: Howdy
klokwkdog: we have right, God, Wall Street and every oil company on our side, and that's power you can't argue with or defy for long
Brain de la Bubba: Yo, Yo, Yo, you Yo Yo's
Bunnyboy: And the Robert Anton Wilson mainpage at www.rawilson.com has a lovely little puzzle.
doctec: I thought he said well wrung!
Not Uncle Ernie: I herebye dedicate the "Stinkin' Desert Nastiopn Indian Monument & Cobalt Testing Range!
Merlyn LeRoy: hey dave, do the 6 vertical bars mess up your reader?
YoyoDyne: that's the spirit
doctec: kabooommmmmmmmmmmmmm
Dave: god this is great! I say random shit to my friends and they just don't get it, yall have my weird sense of humorous humor, it's great, I'm glad I'm here to hear
Brain de la Bubba likes RAH better.
klokwkdog: what rank is that, Merlyn?
Bunnyboy: Head, (K)Not Head.
Dave: what bars Brian?
klokwkdog: how come he gets all the privileges
Dave: obviously not
doctec: My shit's not random - it's very orderly (in a stochastic kind of way)
Elayne: Dave's not here, man... wait a second, they said that on the other record...
Merlyn LeRoy: when someone enters or exits, there are 6 vertical bars by Catherwood's sentence.
YoyoDyne: as long as it keeps flowing i don't care random/nonrandom
Bunnyboy: Hineyline?
Elayne: I could do with a vertical bar, I need to get horizontal!
klokwkdog: : needs to try this chat in Lynx
doctec: y'know, if I make it to six bars I'm usually vertical
Brain de la Bubba: The one and only
YoyoDyne: LOL
Bunnyboy: I grok dat
klokwkdog: well, that's not how it's done...
Ken: klok: didn't mercury stop making them several years ago?
doctec: Would this chat page bring the lynx browser to its knees?
Dave: oh those bars, they just read as blank spaces, I've gotta arrow down six times but, it's all good, the flowers blossomed deadily in the corkscrew time, now, warp that one up for me
Brain de la Bubba: Didn't hit me til tonite that they are both Robert Anton....
klokwkdog: I never could figure out the DAT block format myself
Bunnyboy: Did any of ya follow that link to The Ministry of Homeland Security?
Dave: I find that funny, my humor is very strange, sorry
YoyoDyne: corkscrew time? i'm still working on the white russians
Ken: dave: strange humor is our stock in trade here :)
doctec: strange humors?
klokwkdog: I have a DAT changer, but it does not do audio format, would have to be programmed
Bunnyboy: Except we ain't got no stock.
Bunnyboy: And we don't trade.
Dave: ken, that's the beauty of yall, IT'S GREAT!
Not Uncle Ernie: I caught the shuffles once in Buffalo!
Ken: barter, that's the ticket
Bunnyboy: Just call me Mister Delister.
doctec: i once bought an ice cream float in a klein bottle from the strange humor man... paid square root of minus one dollar for it
Ken: speaking of tickets, i *might* go see "yes" on sunday, with rick wakeman back on the piano stool
Dave: "everything is spinning!"
YoyoDyne: i once bought some soapcleaner but wasn't sure what to do with it
doctec: I had the sense I had already consumed it before i started consuming it though
klokwkdog: what? you're out of stock again? those *^$# longshoremen really screwed up my Christmas!
Not Uncle Ernie: I got a Mars fly caught in my Klein Bottle!
Bunnyboy: Schroedinger's Buck
Brain de la Bubba: Oops Anson, not Anton.
Bunnyboy: Here. Not Here.
Not Uncle Ernie: Where's the dead Cat?
Elayne: Oh, speaking of tickets, Robin and I are going to see Dance of the Vampires on our anniversary.
Bunnyboy: Anson Williams' Potsi Postulation.
Elayne: That's our last major purchase until he gets another job.
klokwkdog: yeah, shout from the back, "Play Tales From A Topographic Ocean!!!"
YoyoDyne: something that has always puzzled me: who of the 4 or 5 have been (are) married? i know Phil Austin, but what about t'others?
doctec: cat is in italy - he is not having a good time, hates it there
doctec: they are all married, no?
Elayne: YoYoDyne, which marriage? :)
Elayne: All of them have been married, some more than once.
Not Uncle Ernie: Klock The Revealing Science of God?
Ken: cat doesn't like italia?
Elayne: All of them are currently married.
klokwkdog: about 8 or 9 times...
YoyoDyne: oh okay
Elayne: I think Peter's the only one on marriage #1.
YoyoDyne: just curious ya know
doctec: ken: quote from a recent email of his (lemme dig it out of my email reader)
klokwkdog: i only care if the spouses can do backing vocals...
Merlyn LeRoy: bergman isn't married, he's seeing maryedith burrel from Fridays
Dave: yoink
doctec: cat says: "If this is the best art in the world, i must be on the wrong planet."
Elayne: What? The Scout's no more??
Ken: tom: WE and those damned brits took all the good art and put in in OUR museums
klokwkdog: there's nothing wrong with Italy...except that it's full of Italians...
Dave: art hath art with art
Ken: does he at least like the food, tom?
klokwkdog: what, not Melanie Chartoff?
Bunnyboy: Who...arted?
doctec: cat says: "Tell elayne Ive never had more respect for comics. At least they dont pretend to be art and all arent about jesus, like all this interminible italian shit."
klokwkdog: lol
YoyoDyne: Ha
Dave: me gusta la comida italiana
Ken: funny
Elayne: LOL, Tom! Tell him Robin also laughed out loud at that one. :)
klokwkdog: DT: tell him Umberto Eco's latest novel just came out in English translation
YoyoDyne: at least he can get fresh mozarella
Elayne: "Don't knock the Christ pictures," he says. "They pay well!"
doctec: re food, Cat says: klok has no reason to be zealous of our travels. as i told ossman in an
klokwkdog: that'lll give him art in the gut!
Bunnyboy: cat's just crabby 'cause la italians surround clams with tomatoes.
Ken: although not of the christian persuasion, some of the "jesus pics" are good art. but what do i know?
YoyoDyne: of course, they always paint christ as a non-black man
Ken: dave: don't forget those who cut the cheese ;)
klokwkdog: Fine. fresh cheese. yeah, I hate that in Naples: catcalls from every cheese shop
Bunnyboy: And the closest thing to cidre is red or green sody pop.
Dave: oops, sorry... riiiiiiiiip
Elayne: Hey, squeeze him right there, maybe he'll pass another!
doctec: i cant get cat's email in this text box dang it
doctec: hang on
klokwkdog: next, he'll tell us the Souvlaki in Athens is being replaced by hamburgers
Dave: yall know the cheese shop skit of the Pythons I take it, "I don't care how fucking runny it is hand it over with all speed"
doctec: cat says: "klok has no reason to be zealous of our travels. as i told ossman in an email, no mattter what's happening with him in whidby, he's having a better time than us. actulaly things have picked up a bit in florence. the owners of our pensione are amazingly nice and helpful, first time ever in italy anyone has been. sent us to their favourite local restuarant last night for a fine meal, first time F got what she wanted to eat (spaghetti, the edible kind amazingly hard to find here)thre dont appear to be any 24 hour internet "points" in florence so i cant join in irc but maybe i can just write something to the firesign chat site on some other day, in response to whatever anyone wishes to say to me. i'll put together a website"
Ken: hang on sloopy
doctec: "(F is insistant on this, wants to tell the world how fucked up italy and italians are) about our trip when we return. i would never have guessed italy would make saskatchewan look good!"
Elayne: Hang on, what's going on in Whidbey?
Ken: doc: hard to believe, but why would they lie to us.....
Ken: at least the damned trains run on time!
Not Uncle Ernie: I liked Italt, maybe it was the LSD yeah it probably was ...
klokwkdog: gad, you see? This is why The Ugly American was written. Boorish American tourists who don't appreciate art or the foundations of Christianity stumbling around with cameras and annoying the locals.
Dave: I think that all wrong thinking people are right
Ken: is "the ugly american" the biography of liza minelli?
klokwkdog: They all want to Los Angelesize the world.
doctec: If I were Hitler, I'd set fire to Lord Snowden
klokwkdog: no Ken, famous 1960s expose of US arrogance, worth reading
Ken: if i were hindenberg, i'd fire hitler
YoyoDyne: yeah but you have to read it, and we're americans, so....
Bunnyboy: klok: But the Canadians wanna Saskatchewanize Europe. And pour milk in their seafood!
Ken: klok: it was a rhetorical question--i'm familiar with the novel
klokwkdog: you can rent the movie, yoyo
YoyoDyne: < irony >
klokwkdog: as long as they don't put it in my tea, that's OK
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
klokwkdog: no one in Europe appreciates what America did for them
YoyoDyne: saskatchewanize? does this mean they'll have city names like Moose Jaw?
Dave: but what... of... that...
Ken: and regina
klokwkdog: get ready for this, yoyo: they have one place called "Saskatoon"
YoyoDyne: lol
doctec: with lots of animated characters running around?
YoyoDyne: i wasn't ready for that
klokwkdog: ...and some of the finest Uranium yellowcake this side of Gabon
Ken: saskatoon is best served over ice with a twist of lime
doctec: lol ken
klokwkdog: you can just about mix up your own nuke, right there on the side of Great Slave
klokwkdog: (FYA, see APOD today)
Dave: it's good shit
doctec: Shop here and slave big!
klokwkdog: that's the spirit
Elayne: Well, I'm off. A 10-hour work day today following an 11-hour day yesterday...I'm beat...
Elayne: See y'all next week!
Not Uncle Ernie: Hosers eh?
Merlyn LeRoy: nite elayne
klokwkdog: making the world glow since 1913...
YoyoDyne: bye Elayne
Ken: nite, e
klokwkdog: no rest for the weary
Not Uncle Ernie: Ta Ta E!
klokwkdog: nite E
Dave: "we give you money which you can in turn for good slavings here at the market of markets where we market anything we can sell"
Dave: I don't know why that's in quotes but what the hell
YoyoDyne: "return unused portion for a full refund"
klokwkdog: well, you could, but it's kinda hard to get there, except by float plane...
Brain de la Bubba: I'm back... my cat was demanding to be played with.
Ken: "do not operate heavy machinery or drive while slaving"
Bunnyboy: nite E
YoyoDyne: we see who's master Brain ;)
Dave: ah, but thou must proport the proportion for profit, hey, I'm gonna write a radio play, anyone wanna hear the first naritive line?
YoyoDyne: "Mr. Trebek's suits by Armani, Inc."
Brain de la Bubba: Yep, i know who owns who in this household.
klokwkdog: BubB - a direct sign your cat also needs an aluminum foil deflector beanie (they're not just for people!)
Bunnyboy: I'm off to burl the soup. May bbl. Nite, yez.
Not Uncle Ernie: Later BB
klokwkdog: aliens are trying to control it. I had this problem with a squirrel recently.
YoyoDyne: see ya BB
klokwkdog: nite BB
Ken: nite, bun
doctec: nite bb
Dave: later BB, adios
Ken: klok: did a squirrel steal your nuts?
Bunnyboy: And remember what the Statue of Liberty sez: "YOU! NO MORE QUESTIONS!"
doctec: and right below that: NO LOITERING
klokwkdog: no, one was threatening me. kept coming up behind me...it was really kind of scary
Brain de la Bubba: Loiterbug.
YoyoDyne: when squirrels go bad
Dave: here's the first line of the play, "Lord Brew Ha Ha was sitting in his loud study smoking his brandy and drinking his cigarettes..." I've got a few more ideas but I'll listen to the FST and get some more
klokwkdog: i mean, it would traverse across trees and sneak up on me
Bunnyboy: klok: You made eye contact. Confess!
doctec: when the sqirrels get brazen, you just know the flying eggs are on the way
Ken: dave: the surreal touch is there :)
doctec: drinking his cigarrettes loudly?
||||||||| Bunnyboy departs at 10:08 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
YoyoDyne: someone on the supreme court's a woman and it's NOT THE ONE YOU'RE THINKING OF!
klokwkdog: you betcha I made eye contact! I went into panic! I kept a shovel between me an it. Really - it kept coming towards me and making low growling noises.
YoyoDyne: mild rabies
doctec: Shades of Eugene Ionesco
Ken: mutant squirrel attacks r.i. resident. film at 11
Brain de la Bubba: Not "on" the supreme court.... ON the supreme court.
Not Uncle Ernie: Hmmm it says here that the law of the Phobia demands tarring and beheading if you exhibit fear of the unknown.
||||||||| It's 10:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Elayne - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
YoyoDyne: nice to horn in with the Ionesco ref doc
Brain de la Bubba: ya know what I mean, huh?
Dave: so, yall like it, my family's gonna declair me legally insane after that birthday card I wrote, it didn't make any sense but it was fun to write
klokwkdog: for all the rest of you who didn't get an aluminum foil beanie link from me: http://www.zapatopi.net/afdb.html
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'WCGuy', just granted probation at 10:11 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
doctec: heck, i've been legally insane for some time now!
Not Uncle Ernie: Death and taxes for lap tap dancing.
klokwkdog: takes some time to load
Ken: hi john
Merlyn LeRoy: bubba, when congress sat around the house, they sat AROUND the House!
YoyoDyne: hello
doctec: i just exhibit the symptoms in a benign, non-threatening way
doctec: works like a charm
Not Uncle Ernie: And eternity as a fly for insufficient pubic hair!
Ken: i'm insane also, but i keep myself quarantined most of the time
WCGuy: Evening all.
Merlyn LeRoy: 'ello
Not Uncle Ernie: Hi Guy?
doctec: hey there w.c.
doctec: or should I say, "Mr. Guy"
klokwkdog: I just said "no" to drugs. I'm as normal as any of you. I don't need any drugs. I hardly ever hear the voices anymore...
YoyoDyne: i'm sane, it's everyone else who's crazy
WCGuy: How bout "Sir Guy"?
Dave: yes, I'm apparently insane but, I've never taken druggs and I'm hooked on the FST, not that that's a bad thing of course
Not Uncle Ernie: This reminds me very little of a time in the Estonian mountains ...
doctec: I said no to drugs and they said "who are you talking to?"
Brain de la Bubba: Oops, my owner is demanding to be fed.......
klokwkdog: no, that's Mister Guy to you, DT
YoyoDyne: lol doc
Ken: is "guy" pronounced in the french way, hard "g" followed by "ee"?
Not Uncle Ernie: Deys good drugs and ders bad drugs ...
doctec: Guy a lie
doctec: what a great game
YoyoDyne: you can't judge a drug by its cover
doctec: our fronton closed down in milford not long ago
WCGuy: Take your pick...pronunciations are hard enough on-line.
klokwkdog: can't compete with the casino!
Not Uncle Ernie: And ders time for using them and refusing them!
Ken: jai alai fronton, tom? that's one of my favorite past times
klokwkdog: i remember that place fondly
doctec: it's a cool game for sure
klokwkdog: all the good old time shore places are falling one by one
Dave: yes, pronunciations are especially hard when you're not the one pronuncing them
Ken: after the first few times i learned to take minimum money with me, i always went home broke
Not Uncle Ernie: Deys bad drugs like her o in and Ma ma ma ma ma mascaline amd Harvey's Bristol Creme
klokwkdog: is the Milford Pub and Cinema still going?
doctec: klok: closed long ago
WCGuy: just passing thru to see what is new. No news from this end, I am afraid.
Ken: "no gnus is good gnus"
doctec: there's a hooter's in the area now
doctec: argh
klokwkdog: Los Angeles...HO!
doctec: yep
WCGuy: There are HO's in LA?! Whoda thunk it?
Dave: ah, yes, hooters, there's a place where us blind folks miss out, no touching
Merlyn LeRoy: you heard about the Papoon release, WCGuy?
doctec: dave - that's a pity
WCGuy: Yep, and all the news (I am on the list, Bri!)
klokwkdog: coming soon, a mushroom bar as New England cuisine is displaced by Californian
Merlyn LeRoy: oh yeah
doctec: taco hell
Dave: ah yes DC, tis quite a pity, good thing there is seduction
WCGuy: Time to sail, kids. Be good -- and tune in on Oct. 31.
Ken: later, john
Not Uncle Ernie: Tata guy
Dave: can't gonna be in Europe, but I'll listen later on the archives
doctec: bye johnny
doctec: i
doctec: l take seduction over sedition any day
WCGuy: S'long -- and thanks for all the fish.
Not Uncle Ernie: Yes it's about that time, Mr. Birdseed go to press!
Ken: archives related to burlives or to currierandives?
klokwkdog: niet wcg
Not Uncle Ernie: G'nite Y'all! http://issuesandalibis.org
klokwkdog: gee, I pushed the wrong button on Netscape 7 and all my work was lost...I need to get a Mac!
doctec: nite
Not Uncle Ernie: Macs good Klock! I got 3.
doctec: i pushed the wrong button at SAC and blew up my home town ...
Ken: nonsense, klok, microsoft assures us there are people actually dumping macs and getting winxp!
doctec: I need to take a break!
Dave: bueno, tengo que irme, estoy lo ciento, adios, for those of you who didn't get that, I have to go, I am sorry, goodbye, thanks, had a great time, I won't be on next thursday as I'll be on a plain plane and simply, I'll pop on at various times, give a shout if ya want
YoyoDyne: and microsoft is always right and they never lie
doctec: kewel, later dave - have a safe flight
YoyoDyne: bye Dave
Ken: nite, dave, have fun
YoyoDyne: i have to see a man about a dog
Merlyn LeRoy: ok dave
Dave: bye, and remember, "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG"
doctec: i knew that
klokwkdog: and The Register assures us that those stories are contrived by MS's ad agency, Ken
doctec: or do i?
||||||||| At 10:23 PM, Dave vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
YoyoDyne: how do you ever really know?
doctec: they didn't ask questions like that in 1996
klokwkdog: there are many depths to knowledge, yoyo, as your guru will eventually reveal to you...
doctec: they were too busy starting dot coms like "suckerborneveryminute.com" ..
doctec: "nobusinessplan.com"
Ken: the pope sold an infallibility franchise to bill gates
YoyoDyne: ach, they kept asking me to eat grubs.... grumble grumble
doctec: "shitforbrains.com"
klokwkdog: hell, DT, they didn't ask questions like that in Congress -- they just signed on the dotted line and we got ourselves a gen-u-ine war. Wheeee!
doctec: how about 12 billion down and a 36-century contract?
klokwkdog: put your Social Security money into the stock market and the money will be too cheap to meter!
doctec: "sohipithurts.com"
YoyoDyne: that's how i feel about Naomi Watts, i'm too cheap to meet her
doctec: "coolerthanyouwilleverbe.com"
Ken: lol, klok! i remember that promise from the 50's re: atomic piles (fission hemorrhoids)
YoyoDyne: "wedont'reallysellanything.com"
doctec: "vaporware-r-us.com"
Brain de la Bubba: Back from feeding the cat.
doctec: to the lions?
YoyoDyne: i've often thought of starting a videogame-playing and websurfing service
Ken: bubba: did you feed my kitties also?
Brain de la Bubba: I just realised........ I'm pussy whipped!
YoyoDyne: "we'll come in and surf and play games... after all that's what your employees are doing anyway... we're just better at it"
doctec: pussy whip - the dessert topping for cats
Ken: take the whips away from the cat and back out of the room slowly
klokwkdog: i was reading about the former Nazi SS-founded German corporation who was helping Saddam get nuke centrifuge parts (the US originally hooked them up with Iraq when we hated Iran real bad) - turns out they were also helping Brazil make nuclear subs!
YoyoDyne: is that Siemens? Hoecht?
klokwkdog: talk about the Boys from Brazil...
Ken: why does brazil need subs? for their naval war with paraguay?
YoyoDyne: IG Farben?
klokwkdog: nope, yoyo
klokwkdog: Brazil is a major cut-rate arms supplier, Ken - they make real weapons for the third world at prices they can afford
Ken: telefunken? (no, i'm aware they aren't into armaments, i just like the "funk" part of their name)
||||||||| It's 10:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| WCGuy - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Not Uncle Ernie - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
YoyoDyne: weren't they a funk band back in the 70s? yeah, it think bootsy was w/them
doctec: parliament telefunken
YoyoDyne: funkengruven
Ken: watch your mouth, yoyo, this is a family channel (rated y-7)
Brain de la Bubba: Won't you take me to funkytown?
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy aka 'The Reaper' has killed off No Ed at 10:31 PM
YoyoDyne: i'm out of my depth!
doctec: our telefunkentown
Merlyn LeRoy: I'm out of stamps
doctec: james brown as the stage manager
Ken: i feel GOOD
YoyoDyne: "fellas, let me take 'em to the third act... let me take 'em to the third act.."
doctec: where's that confounded bridge?
Ken: it's over the troubled waters, doc
YoyoDyne: have to say those most recent XMradio clips were the best i've heard
doctec: ah, simson and garfinkel
Brain de la Bubba: garfunkadelic
YoyoDyne: i think Philbert upgraded his sound effects box
Ken: after using half the key
YoyoDyne: free your mind, and your a$$ will follow....
doctec: expen$ive a$$
YoyoDyne: i have to retreat to lurk mode, my roommate is cooking something noxious and i have to air out the pad
YoyoDyne: smells like wildebeast
doctec: okee doke
klokwkdog: go for the O2, yoyo
Ken: for those with an interest, catch the repeat of "frontline" on pbs about legal insanity
doctec: cream of wildebeast soup
doctec: mmm, that's great wildebeast!
Ken: yo: write a culinary review for us :)
klokwkdog: there are no third acts in American Life
doctec: there is, however, the third axe
klokwkdog: but in 1-hour sitcoms, there are four...
Ken: suffused with 22 minutes of commercials/hour
Brain de la Bubba: Doc, Brian, I'm thinking of re-writing the LodesTone code..(mostly for the exercise) Any features you'd like to see added? (Connectivity from the Firesign site... web services...???)
Ken: bubba: atm so i don't have to drive to the bank when i want money
Merlyn LeRoy: hmm, nothing off the top of my head, though a FT link would be nice
doctec: automatic funds transfers into my account
doctec: seriously, can't think of anything really
Brain de la Bubba: You want the cash to come out the floppy drive.
Ken: i'd rather have it as a downloadable file so i can print it over and over
doctec: ken: lol - i like the way you think!
doctec: it's like minting money!
Ken: or like saving thyme?
doctec: rose merry
Brain de la Bubba: We do link from the links page.... I'm thinking more about the cgi code... but I will add another link from the main firesign page.
Ken: remember: a webpage is only as strong as its weakest link (and only YOU can prevent forest fires)
Brain de la Bubba: Like right now, you can link to specific product order pages from outside.... anything else you'd like to bea ble to do from outside....
Brain de la Bubba: be able
Merlyn LeRoy: just stay backward compatible with old links so I don't have to CHANGE them all
Brain de la Bubba: I already plan on it.
Merlyn LeRoy: good
Merlyn LeRoy: not quite related, but see if you can get lodestone to carry Mark Time T-shirts
Merlyn LeRoy: I think Ossman is your weakest link there
Brain de la Bubba: Who's making them? Or is anyone?
Merlyn LeRoy: I think you have to contact Ossman
Merlyn LeRoy: It's the same artist as the Nick Danger shirts (wm. stout)
doctec: guyz i'm nodding out here, can't keep my eyes open - too many late nights this week
Brain de la Bubba: I think anythings out for the time being that involves investing in new manufacturing.
Merlyn LeRoy: my wife just blanked out on a name - she couldn't think of "Mel Blanc"!
doctec: if any of the firesign guys show up, say hi to em for me
doctec: thanks
Ken: go to bed, tom. and hurry back when you can't stay as long
Merlyn LeRoy: ok doc
doctec: lol k
Brain de la Bubba: nite, tom.
klokwkdog: nite DT
doctec: y'all have a nice evenin' ya hear
Merlyn LeRoy: lodestone might be able to just order them thru ossman, I dunno where he gets 'em
doctec: nytol............ (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
||||||||| doctec rushes off, saying "10:47 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
klokwkdog: and save your late nights next week for...US!
Brain de la Bubba: I'll pass on the request.
Brain de la Bubba: I gotta head out too.
Ken: take care, bubba
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, looks like things are breaking up; I have a headache and I think I'll lie down
||||||||| Brain de la Bubba rushes off, saying "10:48 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy departs at 10:49 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Ken: are we fading away into the sunset?
klokwkdog: nite Bub
klokwkdog: I'm not long for it
klokwkdog: where's Dex F?
Ken: this is a rarity, to finish so quickly. i'll probably leave mine connected to see if anyone else shows up, but will be watching tv
Ken: don't know about dex, he usually sends an email when he can't make it
klokwkdog: OK; I'm outta here in 10 min. or so anyhoo
klokwkdog: unless I get engaged in some long-term exchange at the last minit
Ken: i'm yawning, but will not miss santana on letterman, so i will force myself to stay awake
klokwkdog: Ok, I'll stay with you until 11
Ken: a book you might want to check out: daniel ellsberg wrote one about his release of the pentagon papers. i heard him interviewed on npr
Ken: don't remember the name of it, but should be relatively easy to discover
Ken: he said his newest hero is scott ritter
klokwkdog: well, ritter is sure making a fuss, but the N. Korean thing gonna have Bush's ass in a sling from here out, I think
klokwkdog: that 12-day coverup is gonna hurt, hurt, hurt
Ken: the inscrutable oriental mind is something i can't figure out.
Ken: he wants to jump on them for violating an agreement, but he's trashed a lot more than they have
klokwkdog: yeah, but the thing is that N. Korea is 5000% more credible as an immediate threat to US soil, bar none. With nukes, no less!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "11:00 PM and late as usual, it's Hal, just back from Billville."
klokwkdog: estimates are thay they have two bombs ready to go and can hit Tokyo
Ken: and they have missiles too. not sure if they can reach us
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Ken: hi hal
Hal: Hey Ken et all
klokwkdog: allegedly, only Hawaii and Alaska, but who knows?
klokwkdog: how come Catherwood's clock is 5 minutes fast?
Ken: they've got to have a merchant ship or two that could be rigged up to fire one from sea off our coast
Ken: catherwood's clock is fast. it was right a couple of weeks ago, but has been gaining since then
Hal: The Korean issue, how many places does our gov't think we need to be in at once?
Ken: hal: the world is ours! bush said so
Hal: So did Scareface!
Ken: the arrogance and ignorance of that man amazes me to no end
Ken: the sad part is that he's surrounded by intelligent people who feed him his lines
Ken: intelligent, but sadly misguided
klokwkdog: yeah, but the big problem is that he is making all this noise about Iraq, and Korea kicks him in the face with a real violation, not an alleged one...and he says we'll deal with them later?
Ken: saddam and iraq are more photogenic than korea and kim
klokwkdog: so N. Korea represents every single talking point he's used, verified and confirmed 10 times over, yet he is still screaming that Saddam is the bigger threat
Ken: at least they almost look like "us", not with those strange eyes that make them "different"
Ken: my tongue is firmly in my cheek, of course. bush is an ass, he's just demonstrating it publicly now
klokwkdog: some poor devil spokesman was trying to explain the continuing focus on Iraq, and I just shouted at the radio after every excuse: "OIL!"..."OIL!"... ;-)
Ken: yes. you and i get it, but most don't
Ken: n.korea doesn't need halliburton
klokwkdog: yeah, true, but the media is finally doing a good job of making them squirm about Korea
Ken: i missed the pbs newshour tonight, i bet it was a bush-roast
Ken: and our local news here leads with a story about a local business closing up. that's the most important thing in the world to them, i guess
Ken: oh yeah, weatherman says "sleet". oh joy
Hal: Great to be a Michiganian isn't it KEn
Ken: why am i here? everyone i care about lives in florida, for chrissakes!
Hal: I have no excuse, I grew up here.
Ken: i'll wake up and come to my senses sometime. until then, i'll suffer through it
klokwkdog: wgbh is so powerful (financially) here (well, in MA) that it has 2 separate channels and News Hour re-runs at 11PM...oops! itme to go!
Hal: At least you live on the good side of the state.
Ken: later, klok
klokwkdog: i just want to get out!
klokwkdog: (and back to NC)
klokwkdog: OK, nite; News Hour here I come... ;-)
Ken: hal: i'm just far enough from lake michigan that i don't get much of the dreaded "lake effect" snow
Hal: NC was nice. Visted there last summer.
klokwkdog: it was nicer when all these Yankees hadn't come down...I got kicked out as counter-balance
Ken: part of nc are nice. parts are not. but almost everywhere in the world fits that description too
Hal: Boy the javascript that makes this chat work sure keeps the HDD activity on the busy side.
klokwkdog: not much to write home about. coast used to be nice before it was developed; mountains are still nice, but far from significant urbanity to be of any use ;-) rest is pine trees and sand or red clay
klokwkdog: it re-paints the *&^%$ browser window constantly
Ken: you can set the time in "redraw". it's a tradeoff between prompt and busy, or late and idle
klokwkdog: but makes chat available to all vs IRC
Hal: I've been idle most my life :-)
klokwkdog: nite everybody; say hi for me to those who may follow!
Hal: Nite
Ken: wil do, brian. later
Ken: hal: did your daughter ever have the baby?
Hal: You bet.
Hal: She was born at Three Rivers
Ken: so you're a grampa now :)
Hal: Yep, and I got the gray hair to prove it.
Ken: a coincidence, i'm sure
Hal: Somehow it doesn't seem right to be a grandpa at 44 years aged.
Ken: most of my gray is in the sideburn area. if i want to remove it, i have to shave up past where my glasses are, and that looks just TOO dorky
Ken: my dad was a grampa at 39. but then my sister "had" to get married at 16
Hal: My wife can't wait till I'm grayer. So she can quit coloring her hair
Ken: i don't understand the american obsession with youth. in most of the world, age is venerated. i guess it's all marketing demographics--the young have money and want to spend it.
Ken: the old have it, but don't want to spend it. except for early bird specials at denny's
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Not Ed - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Hal: That's what happened to me, I was young and spent all of my money! Damn
Hal: Poor Ed
Ken: you're lucky. i hardly ever had any. but then, i've never wanted a lot. i want to be warm when it's cold out, and dry when it's wet out, and eat every day. i'm happy if those wishes are granted :)
Hal: Amen to that!
Ken: i live mostly in my brain anyway. to quote the moody blues, "thinking is the best way to travel".
Hal: And its free
Ken: well, you've got to prime the pump every once in a while with a new book, but although not free, it's cheap
Hal: Except for those darn books I've been buying for the college classes I enroll in.
Hal: Dry reading too
Ken: textbooks are a real scam. congress should investigate that. one thin book, $75. i remember it well from a few years ago.
Ken: they've got you by the short hairs. you MUST have them
Hal: It's just outragous. If the company I work for wasn't picking up the tuition I couldn't afford to keep my daughter and myself in college at the same time.
Ken: well, i think i'm going to pull the plug here. feed the kitties, then retire to the couch to watch carlos santana on dave letterman.
Hal: Good Nite, I'm out of here too
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dexter Fong inside, makes a note of the time (11:26 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Ken: yell at me next time you're over this way if you want to share dinner or a beer. one day's notice is usually sufficient
||||||||| Hal runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Hal?! It's 11:26 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
Dexter Fong: Hello and Goodbye lokks like
Ken: ash, my friend, we were wondering about you earlier!
Dexter Fong: Hey Ken..mentioned last week that would be at least late if not absent
Ken: parking practice must have started early and run late tonight
Ken: i must have forgotten that tidbit of information. as did everyone else :(
Dexter Fong: No..company from outta town
Dexter Fong: Klok lurking?
Ken: hope you enjoyed the evening. so sorry i can't stay but the kitties are usually crying for food at this hour, and i need to attend to them.
Dexter Fong: NP See yah next time
Ken: klok is watching pbs newshour repeat, probably on couch or chair away from computer
Dexter Fong: Guess ill git along too
Ken: g'nite. see you next week if the creek don't rise
Dexter Fong: Night Ken
||||||||| Ken rushes off, saying "11:29 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| It's 11:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| klokwkdog - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| YoyoDyne - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please log off for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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