A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:32 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for May 29, 2003 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "8:48 PM and late as usual, it's Rufus Tea Firefly, just back from Billville."
Rufus Tea Firefly: grubbin exnatpo fiznik
||||||||| At 8:49 PM, Rufus Tea Firefly vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, May 29, 2003 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!" -- then he looks around at the empty room, looks at his watch, and mumbles "...am I early?"
||||||||| Ken enters at 9:07 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'llanwydd', just granted probation at 9:07 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Ken: does this work?
Ken: hi llan
llanwydd: i wonder
Ken: i'm in opera 7.0 and didn't know if it would work or not, thus the test
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Mudhead into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:08 PM, then departs.
Ken: hey muddy
Mudhead: hey all
llanwydd: hi ken. anyone else been by yet?
Ken: i see above that rufus tea firefly was here, but i have no idea who that is/was
llanwydd: groucho
Ken: gesundheit
Mudhead: just some flash in the pan i suppose
Ken: this is rather disconcerting with this browser. every time the window refreshes, a bar pops up at the bottom and hides the text entry line
llanwydd: I had a flash in my pan when I tried to make chappati this evening
Ken: i'm going to exit and return in mozilla
||||||||| Catherwood says "9:10 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Ken by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
llanwydd: or is it chapatti
Mudhead: cya
llanwydd: smoked out the house
||||||||| Ken sneaks in around 9:11 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Mudhead: i'm smokin one rite now
Ken: ok, as gen. mcarthur said, i have returned
Ken: what is chapatti?
llanwydd: indian bread
Ken: i'm smokin' two, but they are both imaginary :(
Ken: asian indian or american indian? i know, i ask too many questions....
Mudhead: here take one of mine...
llanwydd: not at all. asian
Ken: mighty nice, muddy :) much appreciated
llanwydd: just wheat flour and water
Ken: i've not tried too much indian (asian or american) food before, but all i have has been too spicy for my tastes. somehow i can't picture bread as being bad though
llanwydd: get a frying pan real hot and burn the hell out of the dough
Ken: ok, similar to pita
llanwydd: but it has not pocket
Ken: i have pants like that too
Mudhead: like those crappy tshirts
llanwydd: where is everybody!
Ken: i hate t-shirts without pockets. too many years as a smoker, i guess
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Dexter Fong close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:16 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Ken: hey, everybody important IS here!
llanwydd: I make curry sauce to go with chapatti
Ken: now that dex arrived ;)
Mudhead: hi dex
Dexter Fong: Wait Catherwood, I've got your fertilizer
Ken: i've had curry that was acceptable to my mild tastes, but i've had some where one bite was too much
llanwydd: hey dex
Dexter Fong: Ken: In Texas it's one bite is never enough
Ken: how's nyc today?
Dexter Fong: Hi Ken; Ilan and Mudhead
Ken: ah, in texas the rules are different for everything
Dexter Fong: K: Sunny and pleasant, first good day since 9/11 =\
Ken: we've had rain in our forecast for almost a week, but still ahven't seen a drop. it always fizzles out over lake michigan and doesn't make it this far east
llanwydd: nothing but rain in the adirondacks for the last 3 days
Dexter Fong: K: Don't worry, we've gotten all your rain plus everybody else's
Dexter Fong: So....what's the "topic" for tonight?
Ken: i'll find one. brb
llanwydd: listening to Pat Metheny. absolutely intense! "Speaking of Now".
Ken: "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." -- Aesop
Dexter Fong: State Motto of Florida
Ken: divide into groups of 5 and discuss among yourselves. come back after the break and we will discuss as a class
Dexter Fong: As a class we shall take action!
Dexter Fong: Suit yourselves!
llanwydd: no classes in OUR society
Ken: actually, state motto of florida is "in god we trust". i grew up there. we had it BEFORE the u.s. appropriated it
Mudhead: we have no class
Ken: amen, brother mud
Dexter Fong: Ken: When US appropriated Fla, we got the rights to everything
llanwydd: my mother lives in FL and she has no use for Jeb
Dexter Fong: K: It was called a "seminole" appropriation
Mudhead: current great papoon robbed the tax break for all the broke parents
Ken: my parents still live there, think the bushes are best thing since sliced bread. you can see why im' the black sheep of the family (baaaa)
Dexter Fong: Mudhead! How dare you sully the name of papoon
Ken: technically, the seminole war is still raging. no truce ever signed
Mudhead: if your a workin slob dont expect to see a dime of the refunds
llanwydd: my parents are conservative but my mother is a retire teacher
Ken: mud: even worse if you're not a workin' slob. no taxes, ergo no refund
llanwydd: that's why she doesn't like Jeb
Dexter Fong: If your a sartorial resplendent working guy, you won't get it either
Ken: my parents started out as smart democrats. got a little money through hard work and dumbed down to republicans
Mudhead: thats were im comin from too
llanwydd: i mean retired
Dexter Fong: K: THe "great Enigma" of our time
Ken: we need to get hemlock stones on that case....
llanwydd: case of the pox?
Dexter Fong: but that's a case of the Pox
Dexter Fong: Vobiscu m
Dexter Fong: What has happened to my "m"?
llanwydd: in England they use "poxy" as an expletive
Mudhead: i use it on my boat
Ken: didn't hendrix sing about that? "poxy lady"
Dexter Fong: Ilan: In Spain they pronounce it "ePoxy" name kinda sticks I think
Mudhead: thats the cyber brand
Dexter Fong: That's right little Beaver, here in virtual space, we cyber brand the livestock
llanwydd: cyber brand! LOL
Ken: i saw a cow that was cyber-branded. had the mark of the ISP on its hip
Dexter Fong: ISP = International Steer Providers
Mudhead: lol
Ken: find a star to steer by
Dexter Fong: And you'll never be land locked
Ken: let's not get too sirius here
Mudhead: not that canuck brand eh?
Dexter Fong: Nor polarized
llanwydd: not really
Ken: llan: the real question--do they like it?
Ken: since last time we spoke, i have addition to family. sat night/sun morning 6 new kitties
Dexter Fong: All there little eyes roll up in the tuber....mmmmmmmm
Mudhead: yahoo
Dexter Fong: Fucking Meoooooowwww
llanwydd: congratulations. you're a father
Ken: yep, dex, and they cry like the devil when mom gets out of the box
Ken: llan: i like pussy, but not THAT type ;)
Dexter Fong: You're a midnight prowler
Ken: besides, she's siamese and i'm pure american
Dexter Fong: Tell the ump to get her back in the box
Dexter Fong: Ken: Nobody is pure
Ken: you're right. i'm impure. i'll say my "hail merries" and "our Fatheads"
Dexter Fong: Dont forget the Staions of the Corss....Las Vegas, El Paso, carson City, galveston........
Dexter Fong: Stations...cross
Dexter Fong: Rio
Dexter Fong: Port Moresby
llanwydd: got any corn
Dexter Fong: Any Place In IIowa
llanwydd: now we can make caviar
Ken: port moresby? isn't that new guinea?
llanwydd: don't mind me
Dexter Fong: 'ey Ken: 'attsa right,
Ken: i didn't mind my parents, why should i mind you?
llanwydd: port moresby sounds like Maine
Ken: except there are no headhunters in maine
Dexter Fong: Ken: As your father has the secret of growing young, you oughtta listen
Ken: last time i talked to my dad, he was spending a lot of time at the doctor's office. i worry about him. 71, and no one in family in several generations has made it past 75.
llanwydd: we had a huge crowd here last week
Ken: llan: it's quality, not quantity we want here
Ken: so, i'm waiting for more to arrive since i'm so impure ;)
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:38 PM and Elayne steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Elayne: Evenin' all!
Ken: speaking of quality, here's elayne!
Mudhead: hi e
llanwydd: hey elayne!
Elayne: I am a broad o' quality, no doubt.
Ken: you're abroad? what country?
Elayne: Hey, is Dex's picture up yet?
Elayne goes to check.
||||||||| "Hey Elayne!" ... Elayne turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 9:39 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Ken: haven't looked.
||||||||| Elayne sneaks in around 9:39 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Elayne: Woo hoo, yes it is!
Ken: she's back......
Dexter Fong: Hi Elayne..I don' need no estinking picture...I've got a mirror
Mudhead: and beutifull
Elayne: Not for long. Gotta do some packing tonight. And boy, am I!
Dexter Fong: E: Going to Philly yes?
Mudhead: Where u off too?
Elayne: Indeedy, Dex. Going to visit the recently widowed Leah.
Elayne: Today was her first day back to work after the bereavement leave. She says it went about as expected.
Dexter Fong: Met Leah at your place, yes?
Elayne: Invited her to the chat but she has a lot of housework to do tonight, so sends her regrets.
Elayne: Yes, Dex, she's the one who fell asleep. :) :) :)
Ken: where's dex? i looked at last week's chat and he's not there
Dexter Fong: I hymotized her
Elayne: But we're planning a lovely weekend of getting goodly stretched and co-blogging.
Elayne: She's thinking about starting a blog about widowhood.
Dexter Fong: Ken: I was there, we spoke...check your baobling-bling supply
Elayne: Ken, he's down at the bottom, his picture's right next to mine.
Ken: i'm learning linux, should i start a blog about windowhood?
Dexter Fong: United in virtual reality
llanwydd: just got knocked offline. anyone else?
Elayne: And a Guinness or two. :)
Dexter Fong: Ilan: what was the error msge if you got one?
Ken: hmmm, we're not looking (or loading) the same page then
Elayne: Well, I gotta go pack. Just stopped in to say hi. Hi! Bye!
Ken: later, e
||||||||| "Hey Elayne!" ... Elayne turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 9:43 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Dexter Fong: Have a Philly Stake on me E
llanwydd: your connection has been interrupted
llanwydd: see ya next week, e
Dexter Fong: Il: Did it say anything about this site not recognizing you in some forn or another
llanwydd: no
Mudhead: where did everyone go? hey the partys wimpin out...
Dexter Fong: Probably related to your ISP only then
Ken: didn't kreskin have ISP?
llanwydd: listening to some fantastic Metheny right now. anyone familiar?
Mudhead: medium rare only
Dexter Fong: K: Also Spooner's syndrome
Ken: llan: i don't own any, but have heard on radio, like it
Ken: i'm a fan of that type of jazz, would probably buy him if i had any money
llanwydd: i recommend Speaking of Now
Ken: i knew a guy with spooner's, couldn't use a fork either
Mudhead: Dex, how was life in the city today?
Dexter Fong: Don't stop thinking about tomorrow though
llanwydd: borrowed it from a guy named gorgonzollathecheesemonster
Dexter Fong: Mud: All that talk about sex and the City....just talk
Ken: "live each day as if it's your last and one day you'll be right"
Dexter Fong: Il: Are you talking about a real person ie gorganzollaetc
Ken: dex: he's probably a fignewton of your imagination, but he does post to the ng
llanwydd: he's real. I invited him to stop by tonight. he might
Ken: mmm, cheese :)
llanwydd: his name will take up some space
||||||||| klokwkdawg enters at 9:49 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Dexter Fong: Ken et al: There was a guy here in NYC on radio station WBAI, long time Yalie friend of Proctor named Paul Gorman aka Gogonzolla the cheese monster
Ken: we've got acres of space available, just $29.95 down and $29.95/wk
klokwkdawg: my aren't we the reduced-size portion this week
Dexter Fong: Hey Klok
Ken: hi brian
llanwydd: I've seen his name at firesgn on usenet. not the same guy
klokwkdawg: 'lo all
llanwydd: howdy klok
Mudhead: hi klok
Dexter Fong syas to score keeper, deduct 5 points from Kend^ for using real name
klokwkdawg: the evil pipe has been removed from the "quick connect" heater inlet fitting! will wonders never cease?
klokwkdawg: speaking of which, where's Cat?
Ken: what name would you suggest i change to?
Dexter Fong: Klok: Cat is in SF this week
Ken: congrats, klok, hope you get the new one on there easily
Dexter Fong: Ken: How about Anton Bruckner?
klokwkdawg: oh, thanks Dex. yeah, I was just wondering about that, but I can't look yet to see what is worng
Mudhead: i've got a smokin evil pipe here
klokwkdawg: have plastic bagel bag stuck in there to prevent anti-f. all over the garage floor
Ken: hmmm, i don't see myself as "anton" at all
Dexter Fong: K: Maybe your like betta, Won Ton?
klokwkdawg: oh, it's hilarious Mud.
llanwydd: I've heard his 4th symphony. pretty cool
Ken: those jews and their bagels--good for something, huh?
klokwkdawg: very simple task: run hot water from engine to heater core on firewall.
Mudhead: here have a toke
||||||||| Catherwood escorts doctec in through the front door at 9:53 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Ken: had some won ton soup at local chinese buffet the other day. loaded with cayenne and almost inedible (to me, anyway)
Ken: hi tom
Dexter Fong: Ken:Klok is lying, Jews are *not* good with mecahnical thigs
klokwkdawg: both at same level. obvious solution: rubber hose and two pipe fittings, secure with screw-drive clamps
Dexter Fong: Hey Doc
llanwydd: won ton soup with cayenne? ecchhh
doctec: evenin' all
klokwkdawg: yeah? um, Dex, don't tangle with one carrying an Uzi...
doctec: quiet 2nite
llanwydd: hey doc
Ken: yeah, llan, threw me for a loop too. i expected chicken broth with filled dumplings
klokwkdawg: hey doc
klokwkdawg: kwd is currently enamored of hot-air popcorn w/no salt, just plenty of Mongolian Fire Oil
Mudhead: hi doc
Ken: tom: thanks for text on that link klok sent, i quit going to salon when they started the commercial thing. maybe i'm why they are dying....
Dexter Fong goes afk for a refill
Ken: bravo to ulan bator!
klokwkdawg: but does GM run a hose? no! special compression fitting for a metal pipe that runs almost to the bottom of the car, rises back up, converts to a rubber hose...
doctec: am i still here?
Ken: klok: seal it off, get a plug-in heater
Ken: no, but you're still *there*
llanwydd: yes but not all there
klokwkdawg: ...then the rubber hose runs a few inches, converts to another metal pipe and then back to rubber hose to heater core. Bizarre
doctec: (i just inadvertently turned off lili's cable modem & firewall, she has them on a power strip under her desk, my foot threw the off switch)
klokwkdawg: well, Ken, I could find a pipe fitting with the same thread, screw it into the block and run a piece of heater hose direct to the heater core and be very happy, I suspect.
doctec: seems to have picked up where i left off
klokwkdawg: are you still in this world, Doc? sometimes the magic works and ...
Dexter Fong returns refilled
llanwydd: my engine overheated the other day and i find this subject depressing
doctec: i find any discussion of car peoblems depressing
Ken: microsoft paying 3/4 billion to aol to settle suit
klokwkdawg: i think we have, um, drained all usefulness from it, Il
llanwydd: there are dishonest auto mechanics in the world
klokwkdawg: isn't that what they get in interest on their accounts receivables for about an hour, Ken?
Dexter Fong: Doc, thought you came up with a great car buy couple weeks ago?
Ken: klok: probably about right. not much of a penalty. but then aol isn't pure as the driven snow either....
doctec: dex: i did, but i was forced to because of car accident - didn't want to have to buy a new car a this particular point in time
Dexter Fong: Doc: I see...residual bitterness, not newly acquired
Ken: oops, doorbell ringing and neighbor here. i should go be sociable for a while. anything important, i will read it in the toilet, er, log. ta ta for now, dear friends
doctec: i am very happy with new vehicle but hate the fact i have to make car payments (my van was paid for 5 yrs ago)
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Fong: Night Kend^
klokwkdawg: WOW, ol' Cath got with the program, eh?
Mudhead: whos got my pipe
||||||||| "Hey Ken!" ... Ken turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:01 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
klokwkdawg: nite ken
llanwydd: Catherwood finally has it right
doctec: klok: so it appears...
Dexter Fong: Catherwood: he's old but he's good
klokwkdawg: or maybe we have drifted in sync with him? ;-)
Dexter Fong: My precess us ib recess
Dexter Fong: is on?
llanwydd: or sunk in
||||||||| Outside, the 10:02 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Freq Man coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dexter Fong: Hey freq
klokwkdawg: how very appropos
Freq Man: But it's bio-diesel...
llanwydd: hey freq
doctec: yo freq
Freq Man: hey hey it's the monkey...
Mudhead: My steaks are on that bus
doctec: http://www.hypercar.com
Freq Man: (that was a big nonsequetor... even for me)
klokwkdawg: the problem i have with bio-diesel is that the people making it look very much like Tim McVeigh whipping up his bomb
||||||||| Catherwood escorts mrmuckle in through the front door at 10:04 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
llanwydd: a drunke French one?
Dexter Fong: Hey MM
mrmuckle: howdy, y'all
doctec: freq: not as much as you might think, we were talking about cars a couple of minutes ago
doctec: hey muckluck
llanwydd: howdy muckle
mrmuckle: hiya, doc, ll, et al
klokwkdawg wants a Mini-Cooper
Freq Man: hmmm... so what's new in the land of hither and yon...
doctec: mini-coopers are indeed cool cars
mrmuckle: yawn
Dexter Fong: Aye Laddie, well the Hither is just blooming over youn
||||||||| mrmuckle rushes off, saying "10:06 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
doctec yawns
||||||||| Catherwood leads mrmuckle inside, makes a note of the time (10:06 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
mrmuckle: oops!
Mudhead: not enough room for engine though
llanwydd: mini choppers are super markets
Dexter Fong shkaes head over typing prowess
doctec: comin' & goin'
llanwydd: this too is a non seq
klokwkdawg: use your fingers, Dex - these head-mounted things are junk
doctec: unless something occurs to radically screw up plans, will be heading into NYC w/lili tomorrow evening to catch bergman/burrell performing w/michelle shocked
doctec: bowery ballroom
Dexter Fong: Klok: But it's got 3 horns and 5 eyeballs on it
klokwkdawg: weird trio - is Bergman on bass?
Dexter Fong: Cool Doc
doctec: uh, not really
llanwydd: not familiar with michelle
Mudhead: enjoy
Dexter Fong: Klok: Bergman's on base but off color
doctec: bergman & his main squeeze (maryedith burrell) are the comic relief i imagine
klokwkdawg: texas campfire tapes
llanwydd: seen bergman in NYC though. with the others
Dexter Fong: "Say jeannie-roseanne, these marchmallow are just yummy
Mudhead: ah, so Bergmans off the "color" but he's basin now eh?
doctec: great internet broadcast of '96?
Dexter Fong: Mud: The great Basin
klokwkdawg: short, sharp, shocked - feed those two into http://www.allmusic.com/ and you will find info (or feed in michelle shocked, too)
Mudhead: that crack will f$%k u up
llanwydd: no. Town Hall 1981
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:10 PM, dragging Freditor by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Dexter Fong: Hiyah Pal =)
klokwkdawg: gracious!
doctec: new character enter ... !
Freditor: nobody vouches for me?
Dexter Fong: Her take this coupon
llanwydd: hi fred
Freditor: I've already got one
Dexter Fong: See I told you so
doctec: gotta think in terms of that patio furniture and toro mower
Mudhead: So Bergman's got my pipe?
llanwydd: you're the guy in hagerstown, right fred?
Freditor: Hiya pals, hey that's my lie, I mean line
klokwkdawg: i've spent more time than i'd like to admit trolling thru AMG reading on past and present artistes (they have FST, for example!)
Freditor: that's me herc
doctec: spelling optional
Dexter Fong: AMG = All My Girls?
doctec: allmusic.com = all music guide
Freditor: Firesign past artists? what are they now?
doctec: mafiamusic.com = all music guido
klokwkdawg: there is no character for "Enter": it generates a carriage return and line feed (in that sequence for arcane reasons having to do with electromechanical theory)
Freditor: or where?
llanwydd: present artists
doctec: major arcana?
klokwkdawg: no artist never gave me no present
Freditor: lo doc
Dexter Fong: General Confusion?
klokwkdawg: wasn't Major Arcana involved in some massacre in Guatemala that the US covered up?
Dexter Fong: ...yet he outranks you
llanwydd: Arcana's a real name?
klokwkdawg despairs that everyone outranks him
klokwkdawg: the only way he can outrank anyone is to not use deodorant for a week or two
Mudhead: I'm not that rank
doctec: fred: quite a surprise to see you here
Dexter Fong: Klok: YOu can volunteer for KP
doctec: finally decided to dip your toe in the chat waters i see
Dexter Fong: KP = Killing Palestinians
Freditor: well we all make mistakes once in a while
klokwkdawg: don't tell him about the sharks yet, DT
Freditor: maco no diff to me
doctec: daaa DA ..... daaa DA ..... dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun ...
klokwkdawg: sorry, Dex, according to the schedule the gov't just sent me, we're supposed to kill Iranians next...
Dexter Fong: Great ! White man!
llanwydd: maco! lol
llanwydd: it's a town in georgia
Dexter Fong: Klok: I'm working on next years budget
Freditor: are the lights out?
klokwkdawg: ...then Syrians and then...well, let's just say that the day is very near that a Christian flag will fly over Jerusalem once more...
Dexter Fong: Oh! HOld me in Suspense
llanwydd: hope you're kidding about iran
Freditor: flag flies in Jeru pal
klokwkdawg: someone hasn't been reading the pre-programmed gov't news bulletins again...
Dexter Fong: Cool: We knock off all Israel's enemies, then when they're relaxed, we bomb them back to the Macabere age
Freditor: or was that time?
llanwydd: a lot a flags fly in jerusalem
klokwkdawg: remember Confidence in the System. Safe, effective, and now available in easy-to-swallow Thought Control form!
Freditor: and drink as much as possible
Dexter Fong: Would you repeat that lease
Dexter Fong: please
Mudhead: look up, say cheese
Freditor: I lost my lease
Dexter Fong: Sometimes...well I hate to say this...but I'm a doubter
klokwkdawg: Dex - you do remember that new weapon we were building called The Crusader, right?
llanwydd: ah yes. a tudor nightmare
Dexter Fong: Klok: I was told that was a new Cuisineart appliance
doctec: found this interesting dubyah tidbit today:
doctec: "The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him!" -- GW Bush, September 13, 2001
Dexter Fong: Doc: Do't bring us down any further
doctec: "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." --GW Bush, March 13, 2002
Freditor: he is asleep
doctec: (sorry dex too late)
Dexter Fong: Well, he's nothing if not flexible
doctec: flexible like silly putty
llanwydd: we will not rest. uhuh
Freditor: the only way down is down
llanwydd: read my lips
Mudhead: note: both on the 13th
klokwkdawg: oh, that's very clear, he's in sw Afganistan or w Pakistan where no one can/wants to get at him
Dexter Fong: Me personally, I'm up all night thinking about Osama and where he might be hiding
llanwydd: what's the priority now?
doctec: supposed quote from bush to blair a while back: "ya know why i don't like the french? they don't have a word for 'entrepreneur'"
klokwkdawg: what cracks me up is that all these bombs go off in Saudi Arabia right after they almost caught 19 Saudis with all kinds of weapons and bomb-making gear...
Dexter Fong: I know he's not under my bed
klokwkdawg: ...and the next day, there's this guy on "Nightline" claiming that it was obviously done by Iran...
llanwydd: doesn't exactly crack me up
Freditor: he's not under my hat
doctec: timing is everything...
Mudhead: dex, he's in ur head
Dexter Fong: and he's not having sex with mine
Dexter Fong: Mud: Oh wow man, you mean GW is really Pink Ffloyd
klokwkdawg: 17 of 19 hijackers who commandeered the jetliners on 9/11 were Saudis, so of course we...must invade Iraq...
Freditor: what can you do in a turban?
Dexter Fong: that you cant do in a fez?
Dexter Fong: The Hully Gully
llanwydd: the foxtrot
Freditor: 17 out of 19 hijackers smoke camels
Mudhead: Dex: More like Paisley Alert
klokwkdawg: the inconsistencies coming out of Central Control are hilarious if the body count wasn't so horrendous
Dexter Fong: and 19 out of 19 eat smoked camel meat
doctec: i once walked a camel for a mile
Dexter Fong: Klok: Those bodies can't count
Freditor: don't you wish everybody dead
Mudhead: I smoked a camel...wheres my pipe?
llanwydd: arabs don't eat much meat beside lamb
Dexter Fong: Mud: Klok has it..he's fixing his car
klokwkdawg: reminds me of the days in the schoolyard in NC, looking up at the Ground Observer Corps platforms, manned 14 hours a day
Freditor: they'll spit in your eye
Dexter Fong: Il: Those Sons of Satan ate my goat
Mudhead: I did'nt know you could neuter a car with a pipe
llanwydd: yes then there is goat curry
Dexter Fong: Klok: That's cause they knew the ground wouldn't move during those 10 hours off
Freditor: did the ground move for you?
doctec: son of satan - in the car - with the pipe.
Dexter Fong: Yes! When they dropped that bunker buster
klokwkdawg: well, think about it, Dex: they are coming from Russia...what is there left to bomb after NC?
Dexter Fong: Doc: lol
Dexter Fong: Klok: West "by God" Virginie?
Freditor: what's satan's son's name?
llanwydd: got to put on Pat Metheny again. brb
Dexter Fong: Junior
doctec: bill
doctec: bill gates of hell
Dexter Fong: George Foreman Satan
klokwkdawg: it was a Victory Garden thing; it was all based on Scott's book about the AVG, God is My Co-Pilot (which FST got some mileage out of)
doctec: ymmv
Dexter Fong: Klok: what's a Victory Garden thing?
klokwkdawg: you know, like recycling bins: to make the population think they are "doing something" for the war effort
doctec: defoliating guaranteed to work up an appetite
Dexter Fong: Ground Observer's waiting for opportune time to plant vegatables?
Dexter Fong: I turned in 3 German POWs, got 2 Jap POWs in return
Dexter Fong: They Better gardeners
klokwkdawg: ah, when Chennault set up Flying Tigers, he only had a few planes, so half of China was out on platforms looking for Japanese; they'd phone in sightings - a kind of human radar
doctec: such a deal ... !
Freditor: where's cat, smokin' legal weed in canada?
Dexter Fong: Fred: He's in SF doing research
klokwkdawg: delivering to SF, I think, Fredr
llanwydd: those damn canabians
Freditor: he'd have to join the club to busted there!
klokwkdawg: LOL
doctec: he took off on a trip somewhere (forget exactly where at the moment), said he'd try to hook up if he can use computer of friends he's staying with and there's no major socializing going on)
doctec: ah, sf (i shoulda looked up before i leapt)
doctec: yes the sf research trip
||||||||| sf cat enters at 10:35 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
doctec: says he's going to record field ambience for next readip play project
klokwkdawg: space aliens!
doctec: and speak of the devilmaster...
Freditor: it's awfully hilly and full of rice a roni
Dexter Fong: Your entrance is perfect, Cat, just perfect
Freditor: this is scary
doctec: hey cat, your ears must've been burning, we were just talking about you (& wondering if you'd be able to check in with us 2nite)
klokwkdawg: almost supernatural
llanwydd: those damn canabians
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Merlyn close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:36 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dexter Fong: John HOlmes + Super natural
doctec: hey merl
Dexter Fong: Hey Merlyn
Mudhead: Callaway Super Natural
klokwkdawg: you should visit often Fredr -- it sometimes gets even more strange
Freditor: the magic man
Merlyn: hello
Mudhead: Hey Merl
doctec: sorry i've been so silent re email exchanges, i've really been swamped at work and have had very little time to myself weekday evenings
llanwydd: something weird is reposting me
Dexter Fong: Mud: Yes a hole in one everytime
klokwkdawg: eve Merlyn
sf cat: does anyone see these messages
doctec: people come out of the rain - when you're strange -
sf cat: aha
doctec: cat: yes
doctec: we see you, can you see us?
Freditor: no but i can read them
sf cat: i wasnt seeing them on the screen
Mudhead: Callaway Super Natural is a car Dex
klokwkdawg: can you hear me now??
Freditor: I thought callaway was a cab?
Dexter Fong: Mud: Ah..was thinking about Calloway Golf clubs
doctec: ... good ...
klokwkdawg: ooooooh
doctec: cab calloway golf clubs
klokwkdawg: did those clubs get loose again?
Mudhead: His son builds the hot rod Corvettes
Dexter Fong: Hi! de Hole!
llanwydd: hear you load and Klar
klokwkdawg: i heard one let a woman play...
Freditor: better hide de ho
doctec: i'd like to join a club and drive you down a fairway
Merlyn: a callaway is enough for me, I don't think I could handle anymore
sf cat: fred great to see you here
klokwkdawg: well, sounds like more fun than Hot Rod Lincolns!
doctec: like hittin' a golf ball with a barn door
Mudhead: whats a callaway?
Freditor: hi cat man
Dexter Fong: Klok: You better stop that drinkin'
Mudhead: about 2100 lbs
Merlyn: about two pounds
sf cat: great i was able to get on line tonight
klokwkdawg: Mud - feed it into allmusic guide... ;-)
sf cat: freds appearance is historyic
doctec: you're gonna drive me ta drinkin' if ya don't stop takin' that inbound lincoln
klokwkdawg: it's being adjusted, Merlyn -- I just saw the headline; they're trying to get a handle on it
llanwydd: callaway is a singer. remember "Hi DE he de hi"
doctec: (a little nyc humor for the least coasters)
Freditor: its more like gigantic
llanwydd: reap dat righteous riff, etc
sf cat: how are things, fred?
Freditor: still weird with a beard
doctec: kill a gram! today!
Freq Man: sorry... afk... had a couple of pressing issues...
klokwkdawg: he didn't use DAT, I don't think; went straight to vinyl masters, Il
doctec: keep him away from the ironing board
Freditor: i was pressing issues but went broke
sf cat: or more than one, doc
Freq Man: tell that to guttenberg
Dexter Fong: Let's call this meeting of the Irony Board to order gentlemen
llanwydd: making albums or something
klokwkdawg: that guttenberg; he's gotten so incommunicado these days: no one can tell him nuttin'!
Mudhead: harumphh
doctec: if we can use the term 'gentlemen' in this context...
Freq Man: hmmm that's ponderous
Freditor: burning records
Dexter Fong: Klok: He was always the movable type
Freq Man: set in his ways
doctec: what impeccable timing!
Mudhead: hey i didnt get a harumph outta that guy
klokwkdawg: yeah, in one of his letters, he mused about arranging his type along the outside of a golf ball and...
sf cat: 500 years after the chinese
klokwkdawg: he was probably hungry before that, though, Cat
doctec: but who's counting ... ?
Freq Man: oh not them again...
Dexter Fong: Yes Glof Fans, the New etaion shrdlu big mama is the club for you
Mudhead: wackin it with his Callaway
Freditor: what block heads they were
sf cat: before take out
llanwydd: oh yes, and he wrote in blood on the moon, right?
Mudhead: 8 cylinder block + heads
doctec: i need a slig
Freq Man: tackle 'em
Dexter Fong: Il: That was Bab Dylan
doctec: er, slug
llanwydd: or was that martin luther
klokwkdawg: only until he realised that it would not make an acceptable carbon, Il
Dexter Fong: Martin the Lutier
Freq Man: And his pocket of worms
sf cat: very moving martin luther king memorial garden in sf
sf cat: yerba buena
Freq Man: martian luther... take me to your leader
doctec: martin luther: pinned a note on the door of the catholic church saying "hang on a minute..."
llanwydd: you mean on the tracks
Dexter Fong: They moved our garden, brother man?
Freditor: jail bait
Freq Man: it's a trap
Freditor: a diet of worms for grub
llanwydd: oh yes the pocket at wittenbug
Dexter Fong: Teen age worms on the loose, driving the hills of Los angeles in their Calloways
llanwydd: the one the cal away
Freq Man: How dare you tie that together... now everything makes sense
klokwkdawg: it was Germany, DT, which is kind of like "It's Chinatown, Jake" of the Middle Ages
Freq Man: relatively speaking...
doctec: klok: lol - thanks for setting me straight on that
Mudhead: Dex, lol
Freditor: 2 jakes?
Dexter Fong: You like a some Sweet Sour Schnitzel, round eye?
Freq Man: Mmmmm... that sounds wunderbar
llanwydd: 2 jakes make a straight phlush
Dexter Fong: Oh yes...and you get Brown Shirt rice with that
klokwkdawg just made it through The High Middle Ages Part II course, which presented a pretty grim picture of the Germanic princes
Freditor: jake jokers
llanwydd: I've got to stop making sense
Dexter Fong: Klok: Everybody and everything was grim in those days
Freq Man: You will be told wear to sit and what to eat...
Freditor: so were the brothers
llanwydd: who wrote HMA dex
Dexter Fong: That's what my daddy said
Mudhead: Make dollars out of those sense dear boy
Dexter Fong: Il: HMA?
klokwkdawg: well, England really had it together and France kind of had it together, but Holy Roman Empire was very sick
doctec: ...und hugh vill LIKE IT!!!!
Dexter Fong: Oh ...Dunno, One of those Yale druggies?
llanwydd: High Middle Ages?
Freq Man: I prefer to make doughnuts...
doctec: i was certainly high in MY middle ages...
Freditor: who's gonna buy a tax free Hummer?
klokwkdawg: HMA = the last part: King Henry, Frederick the Great, etc.
Dexter Fong: But Doc: That's right now??
llanwydd: my misnake
Freq Man: Mr Snake?
Freditor: dollars to doughnuts
doctec: dex: oh yeah - that's right -
doctec: i'm past tense - i'm very relaxed now
llanwydd: somebody is misposting us
Dexter Fong: Doc: You're always right =))
doctec: except when i'm left
Freq Man: Doesn't that mean he's never wrong?
Freditor: or left out
Dexter Fong refills
llanwydd: sounds like an interesting book. Anything like the Anglo Saxon Chronicle?
Mudhead: hey doc dont leave
klokwkdawg: ya had the Pope starting out shouting "jihad" against the Saracens, but by the end, he was putting out contracts on the Holy Roman Emperor and other kings he didn't like...
doctec: ne, i'm never wong - cause i'm a caucasian
klokwkdawg: Il, it's a series of lectures on tape I got from the library
Freq Man: I prefer it when the Pope does street magic...
llanwydd: aha!
Freq Man: Pick a card...
sf cat: ok, st louis
klokwkdawg: Oh, he did that in spades, Freq - when Frederick came after him, he was running on streets all over Italy
doctec: keep it, i've got 51 left
Dexter Fong is refilled refilled
llanwydd: okay. Joker
Freq Man: remember future events such as these will affect us in the future...
llanwydd: hey da futuh's not here yet, man
Freq Man: punish the guilty... reward the innocent!
llanwydd: its electric
Freditor: you remember the future? forget it!
klokwkdawg: Ilanwydd: http://www.teach12.com/ttc/assets/coursedescriptions/869.asp
Freq Man: can't they just leave our dead alone?!
doctec: i have a hard enough time remembering my name
llanwydd: thanks klok
doctec: that i even *have* a name
doctec: how much, 500, 1000?
Freq Man: does your horse have a name?
Dexter Fong: Yes: It's Quasamodo
doctec: no, but it sure fely good to be out of the rain
klokwkdawg: not in the desert
Merlyn: I'd like a real modo for once
llanwydd: do you like horses?
doctec: felt
Freditor: i had a hunch that was it
Freq Man: the raining desert...
Dexter Fong: But there ain't nobody to give you no blame
klokwkdawg: if it's a desert of any size, the horse's name is always going to be "goner"
Freq Man: II... in what way?
doctec: thank grid for that!
Merlyn: you felt up your hat before you had sex with my hat, you cad
doctec: card
Freq Man: but they call the wind Mariah!
llanwydd: that's a firesign quote. Usually hidden
klokwkdawg: was that a cad calloway song?
Dexter Fong: Merl: You should have had your hat blocked
doctec: and they call me late for supper
klokwkdawg: or was it rain, wind and fire?
llanwydd: hidden in 2Places and Next world
doctec: by dan blocker
sf cat: an anchor steam beer to you all
Freq Man: sup for later...
klokwkdawg: (if we keep this up, we'll have to pay royalties...)
Freditor: a hoss with no name?
doctec: earth wind and styrofoam
llanwydd: and in giant rat it's ... or do you like horsemeat, my dear
Freq Man: nah... bullets are useless against zombies...
Dexter Fong: G'night Little Joe
Freditor: give me cider cat
klokwkdawg: that was supposed to be Stonehenge, DT
Dexter Fong: Zee the zeider cat?
Freditor: is it bullets over or zombies on
Freq Man: Should we call for back up...
klokwkdawg: except during the Montreaux concert, some idiot shot a flare into it and the whole theater burned down...
Mudhead: nite cat
Freditor: on broadwayyyyyyyy
Dexter Fong: Klok: I didn't know Great White played Montreaux
Merlyn: fire sign theatre?
llanwydd: goodnight sfc
Freq Man: nite cat?
klokwkdawg: supposedly the origin of "Smoke on the Water"
sf cat: great to visit with ya. see ya from the regular place next week
klokwkdawg: no, it was Great Frank, Dex
Dexter Fong: Night Cat
klokwkdawg: nite cat
sf cat: buy all
Merlyn: by cat
Freq Man: Excuse me... while I kiss the sky...
||||||||| sf cat rushes off, saying "11:00 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
doctec: bye cat - good luck with the rest of your trip
Merlyn: bye cate
Freditor: have some rice-a-roni on me
doctec: dang
klokwkdawg: ...and keep those North Van grow lamps burning, Cat...
Dexter Fong: Klok: Smoke on the water is the only place you can do it in NYC
doctec: fred, that's just ... ewwwwww
Freq Man: mice-a-roni... the only rodent flavored cat food...
klokwkdawg: jesus smokes?
llanwydd: scuse me while I kick this guy
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
doctec: a little too kinky for my tastes
Freq Man: why don't we do it in the camode...
llanwydd: huh?
Mudhead: arrghhh
Dexter Fong: Why don't we pl;ay in the bidet?
doctec: wow, catherwood actually reports the correct time and fred shows up at the chat - what is this world coming to?
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dave inside, makes a note of the time (11:01 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dexter Fong: Hey Dave
doctec: utterly amazing
doctec: hi dave
llanwydd: Dave'
Freq Man: who are you and what have you done with the slaves you captured at Cerebes Five...?
klokwkdawg learned of the Montreaux fire this week and looked it up - Deep Purple was supposed to play the next day and were in a hotel on the other side of the lake or something like that
Mudhead: Daves here!
llanwydd: Dave's not here!
klokwkdawg: evening Dave
doctec: dave's aura is here
Dave: hey guys, I'm not at the station so Dave is the name here, I got my computer working now finally
Dexter Fong: No; Tommy's not here
Freq Man: no he's in court
Freditor: nobody's working
Dexter Fong: Will the real Tommy stand up?
klokwkdawg: tell me about it
Merlyn: your reading software working better now, dave?
doctec: glad to hear it dave
Mudhead: this sux
Dexter Fong watches as Tommy Smothers, Tommy Chong, Tommy the British soldier all stand up
Freq Man: but he sure plays a mean pin ball...
llanwydd: what does, mud
Dave: yeah Brian, better than before, got a new machine with winXP, kicks some serious ass
Mudhead: Anyone familiar with Norton AV 2003?
doctec: that's great news dave
Dexter Fong: butignores the facetious ass
doctec: hope it makes life easier for oyu
Freditor: Noel Redding's no longer reading,
doctec: Norton AD 2003?
klokwkdawg: it raped my brother's XP setup, Mud
doctec: raped and pillaged?
Dexter Fong: You get some DNA samples Klok?
Freditor: witch world
Freq Man: I couldn't give up my Win98 333... so when I got a 2.4g and WinXP... I just got one of those keyboard/mouse/monitor things and so now I can process audio AND play with you guys on the internet...
Mudhead: Dammk thing loads on my notebook but refuses to run
doctec: which is witch?
klokwkdawg: blew an entire NTFS partition beyond repair, and that takes some doing
doctec: 16 bit DNA samples at 44.1 kHz?
klokwkdawg: Dex, yeah, sent 'em to a crime lab in Houston...
Dexter Fong: Doc: We like to upsample them, get right on up to the scrotum
Dexter Fong: THose balls will make my fortune
llanwydd: funny to hear DNA and kHz in the same sentence
Freditor: turn your head and cough
Freq Man: roll up your sleeve.
klokwkdawg: ...a direct quote by the inventor of the Pachinko machine
Dexter Fong: Fred: Not without a signed release
klokwkdawg: i got one from Bob Dylan, Dex: it says, "Any day now..."
Mudhead: I'm lurkin, brb
klokwkdawg: ...but I remember the Army used to give those out in the '60s, too...
Dexter Fong: Klok: I got one too, said "Lay Lady Lay"....think it was mis addressed
Freq Man: A release... signed by someone.
Dexter Fong: Freq: not just "someone" but someone in authority
klokwkdawg: speaking of witch, did you see the old Bob Hope clips on TV, the Miss Address, etc. stuff?
Freditor: signed my nocturnal release
klokwkdawg: ...and that's hard without the new SPACE PEN!
Freq Man: Bob Centurian Hope...
Freditor: you could ski off that nose
klokwkdawg: he should go to Las Vegas!
doctec: bob '150 mil in the bank' hope
Dexter Fong sings "Thanks for the Century...
klokwkdawg: he owns a big chunk of Hollywood
Freq Man: Doc... is that all... he's supposed to be the most honored entertainer in history...
klokwkdawg: well, it's not like he didn't work hard for it all
doctec: freq: that's what they said on marketplace tonight
Dave: I've got a Bob Hope from I think '45 or '46, the Pepsident show
klokwkdawg: as opposed to, say, Bush...
Merlyn: "I'll Take Sweden" brings Hope to the Hopeless
Dexter Fong hears the faint notes of that familiar song "Toad Away" and realizes that a car movement is nessessary
Freq Man: or Bill Gates...
Freditor: that's a big hope chest
klokwkdawg: oh gee, those hurt!
klokwkdawg: i'll be gone when you're back, Dex: nite!
Dexter Fong: See you all mex time, or later as the case may be
Dave: Blank
Merlyn: Bergman's uncle Al Boasberg wrote for bob hope
Freq Man: I'll see your Sweden and raise you a Holland
Freq Man: night fong
doctec: see ya in a bit dex
llanwydd: so long dex
Freditor: boasberg worked for LLoyd, Keaton and the Marx Brothers too
doctec: (dex has to move his car, alternate side of the street parking rules ya know...)
klokwkdawg , exhausted by his struggles with disconnecting the quick connect, will now fade into the noise floor...
llanwydd: Al Boasberg was Pete's uncle?!
Merlyn: and jack benny
Freditor: probably more famous than the Berg
Freq Man: aluminum is God's gift to you... remember you can't spell America without the A in Aluminum...
klokwkdawg: be it pink or white
Merlyn: uncle by marriage or something like that
llanwydd: wondered where the talent came from
Merlyn: though pete was born after boasberg died
Merlyn: peter mentioned he might want to write a one man show on boasberg or something along those lines
klokwkdawg: ...and you can't spell Aluminium in America with the extra 'i'...
llanwydd: or in armenia
klokwkdawg: ok, noise floor here i come....oh, it's...paisley!
Dave: "but I know I'm on a losing streak, as I pass down by Old Street..." Ben Harper
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:16 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs klokwkdawg by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
doctec: aluminium & magnausium, attorneys at law
Freq Man: I want to write a new play about Titanic... but this time... the iceberg sinks...
Freditor: I rapped with Reynolds
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:16 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Dave by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
doctec: freq: lol!
doctec: lili hath returned (she was talking to someone about some consulting work - she's been out of work for over a year now, any gig would be welcome!)
Merlyn: the local movie theater has X-men 2 billed as "X II" - twelve?
Freditor: it gets turned into vodka
Freq Man: aluminum, magnesium, adnausium...
Freq Man: II they were in parkas on the iceberg
Mudhead: nah, thasts Goldberg
doctec: freq: lili LOVES your titanic idea
llanwydd: Iceberg, Goldberg, Steinberg what's the difference!!!
llanwydd: just kidding
Freditor: a jewish wrestler?
Freq Man: I prefer Romane to Iceberg
Mudhead: Callaways are built of unobtainium
Merlyn: the goy white hope
Freditor: 2 jews walked into a berg...
Merlyn: back to bob
Freq Man: doc:... thanks, all the other stories about Titanic are so predictable
Freditor: bobbing for bergs
Merlyn: TITAN 99
Merlyn: akak TITAN IC
llanwydd: there's always got to be a conspiracy
Freq Man: The Titanic's back and it's madder than HELL...
Merlyn: no lifeboat can save you from - son of TITANIC
llanwydd: by the way Castro killed Lincoln
doctec: he shot his car?
Mudhead: coming....slowly...to a theatre near u///
Freq Man: The Titantic goes to College...
Merlyn: the porn version TIT ANTIC
llanwydd: in a mercedes
Merlyn: it goes down in scene 3
Freq Man: Boom chica Boom Boom... (Long ocean liner whistle) Boom Chica
Freditor: meets the Hinden-berg
Freq Man: Raise the Titanic!!!
doctec: i need a fix 'cause i'm gin' down
doctec: goin'
Freditor: daddy dew drop
Merlyn: the biggest one in the world
Merlyn: and it smokes after sex
Freditor: that's cool
Freq Man: or is it...
llanwydd: gettin late. had a bad day. not funny tonight. might check in later.
Freditor: check out now
llanwydd: next week. good night, etc.
Freq Man: hmmm....
Merlyn: nnight llan
Freq Man: good night...
Freditor: so long old paint
Mudhead: nite Il
doctec: nite freq
doctec: see you in bloomington
Mudhead: nite frq
doctec: oh sorry
doctec: was out of the room
doctec: nite ll
Merlyn: convergence?
doctec: yes brian
doctec: will be ordering up the plane tix this weekend
Freditor: IN or MN
doctec: can only stay for friday and the sat morning lunch
Merlyn: both you and freq?
doctec: mn
Freq Man: I'm driving up... for some reason...
Merlyn: MN
doctec: yep
Merlyn: the fourth of julie
Freditor: I'll be in MN 6/13-20
doctec: have to spend remainder of julie fourth weekend with relatives in ohio, so will be taking off from bloomington saturday around noon or so
Freq Man: 16 hour drive...
doctec: ouch!
Freditor: is that like MiniCon
Freq Man: I'll probably stop in DesMoines before I get lost in 100 miles of corn...
doctec: yes, similar in nature
doctec: red shift won an honorable mention so i've been invited to come and pick up award
Merlyn: yes, it's actually more like minicon than minicon is now
doctec: ossman will be there (his and orson's voice are in it)
Merlyn: minicon split into 3 parts and "minicon" is now very small, about 500 people
doctec: and freq's production tied for a golden ogle!
Freq Man: shhhh
doctec: we's all winnahs!
doctec: oops
Freq Man: I'm not saying anything until the award...
Freditor: good ole ogle
doctec: was i not supposed to say anything?
doctec: brian, you may need to edit this bit out
Freq Man: yeah... a silent film star is an audio drama award... leave it to the 4 or 5
doctec: if it's supposed to be a secret
Freditor: yeah, I may have had something to do with it
Freq Man: Well... technically it's not public knowledge... right?
Merlyn: we're talking in code
Freq Man: reminds me of a three stooges episode...
doctec: i have a code id by dose
Freq Man: Curly is listening to the radio receivers dots and dashes... Moe asks him what it said...
Freditor: there were more stooges than firesigns
Freq Man: Were there four or five?
Freq Man: or six?
Freditor: or 6 or 7
doctec: 45 or 6 to 4
Freditor: how many 3 stooges were there?
Freq Man: moe - larry - curely - shemp - joe - curley joe... and nixon
doctec: you forgot dubyah
doctec: in fact i think we'd all like to forget dubyah
Freq Man: too young...
Freditor: sitka almost a stooge
Merlyn: emil was sort of an official stooge very late, but no movie appearances as a stooge
doctec: ok gang, i gotta fold my tent and silently steal away...
doctec: pay no attention to that man behind the tent
doctec: don't do anything i wouldn't do
doctec: don't fidget while i talk
Freditor: i met the stooges once, shook hands with Moe, patted larry on the back, missed Curley Joe
Merlyn: even HE has a web site: http://www.emilsitka.com/
Freq Man: me too... I'm gonna run away - have a beer and go to sleep... not necessarily in that order...
doctec: and stop tracking mud all over my nice clean kitchen floor!!!!!
Freditor: bye doc
doctec: nytol... (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Merlyn: nite
||||||||| Around 11:38 PM, doctec walks off into the sunset...
Freq Man: Night doc...
Freq Man: Good night me...
Mudhead: nite
Freditor: my rocket's gotta travel too
Freq Man: then let's jet.
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Merlyn: byee
||||||||| At 11:41 PM, Freditor vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Merlyn: everyone's clearing out
Mudhead: there droppin like flies
Mudhead: Im behind the bar
Merlyn: hokay, mudhead
Mudhead: one tokay comin up
Merlyn: I think freq is gone...
Mudhead: Dex is still lookin for a parkin space
Merlyn: probably
||||||||| It's 11:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Freq Man - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Merlyn: hmm, mrmuckle didn't say much when he went away
Mudhead: Merl are you on the shaky coast?
Merlyn: no, mpls/st paul
Merlyn: wear R U?
Mudhead: New London CT
Merlyn: almost midnight then
Merlyn: I'm going to take off and do some programming
Merlyn: bye
Mudhead: ciao
||||||||| Merlyn runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Merlyn?! It's 11:54 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| Mudhead says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Mudhead exits at 11:55 PM.
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
||||||||| "Hey mrmuckle!" ... mrmuckle turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 12:03 AM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Dexter Fong: Dex finally found a parking space, but alas, everybodies gone
Dexter Fong: Nytolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "12:08 AM and late as usual, it's llanwydd, just back from Billville."
llanwydd: did GZ ever stop by?
llanwydd: or millie or nurse judy?
llanwydd: looks like we're all out of here.
llanwydd: maybe I should check the log.
||||||||| It's 12:20 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:31 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please log off for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Dexter Fong
Freq Man
Rufus Tea Firefly
sf cat
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