A Firesign Chat


Special appearance by
Peter Bergman

||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for June 12, 2003 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, June 12, 2003 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!" -- then he looks around at the empty room, looks at his watch, and mumbles "...am I early?"
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:03 PM and Dexter Fong steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:03 PM and late as usual, it's llanwydd, just back from Billville."
Dexter Fong: Aha! I'm here earlier than I think
llanwydd: evenin dex
Dexter Fong: Hi Ilan
Dexter Fong: How's things where you are?
llanwydd: uneventful
Dexter Fong: Ah...you are truly blessed
llanwydd: except I just bought an 89 Corolla
Dexter Fong: Gawd! Bless this automobile
llanwydd: runs great
Dexter Fong: ...and may it never run out of your petro-carbons
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'Merlyn', just granted probation at 9:06 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Dexter Fong: Snort! Merlyn
llanwydd: petro-carbons?
Dexter Fong: Phillips 66
llanwydd: evenin Merl
Merlyn: You can snort cocaine, but not merlyn
llanwydd: aha!
Dexter Fong: When you snort cocaine, you become Merlyn
Dexter Fong sings "Snorting becomes you....
llanwydd: ever heard of the Firesign Theatre?
Dexter Fong: Yeah...FDR's political speeches?
llanwydd: the subject comes up here sometimes
Merlyn: Didn't they do "The Who's on First"?
Dexter Fong: No man...that was Cheech and Chong, man
||||||||| 9:09 PM: C. Simril jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dexter Fong: ...or Hudson and landry
||||||||| Mudhead enters at 9:10 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Dexter Fong: ...and tom landry passes to Don Hudson
llanwydd: hi C
C. Simril: hey dex. i got the cd today and just stuck it on my computer. i'll start playing it as soon as i get some ice
Dexter Fong: Hey Cat...and Mudhead
Merlyn: I still have to do my landry
Dexter Fong: Cat: Knew the CD was hot, but wow
Mudhead: Hello Dear Friends
llanwydd: howdy mud
Dexter Fong: Cat: I'm having trouble reaching your email, any ideas, or any one else with probs
C. Simril: i remain csimril@shaw.ca
C. Simril: hi mud, ll, merlm me
Mudhead: Bush was in CT today stumping for Bill
Dexter Fong: Cat: Daemon said couldn't reach Shaw maybe your ISP is having down times?
llanwydd: Bill who? Bush who?
Merlyn: maybe the Bush admin. is bycotting canadian email addresses
C. Simril: if that were the case, how could i be here now?
llanwydd: stump who?
C. Simril: i ain't no ram das?
Mudhead: A. Bill?
C. Simril: billville, the town nature forgot to hate
Dexter Fong yells "Passem by" as he walks the Great White North Picket line
Merlyn: It's time to play "stump the lumberjack", with your host, Wink Pinetree
llanwydd: Mr Bill? Oh no!
C. Simril: dex, i know this is from my tape as mine started at exactly the same place, where they're talking to harry about his show
Dexter Fong: Hey Wink, what knotty questions do we have for our contestants tonight
Dexter Fong: Cat: ^ or less degrees of separation =))
Dexter Fong: 6
C. Simril: although it's much cleaner. i think what this is, is when doc was over he made a DAT of my reel hours. then he cleaned it up. so that's why it sounds so good! i'm delighted, as my old reels sound like shit
C. Simril: i'm a lumberjack, and i'm ok
Dexter Fong: Wink: C'mon now, I'm pinin' for an answer
C. Simril: if only someone could clean up ALL my old firesign stuff
C. Simril: well, doc has far more important things to do these days
Mudhead: Cat May I take your coat maam?
Dexter Fong: Cat: Ken says he's getting into that and -unfortunately- he has a lotta free time =\
C. Simril: my goat? goat or ghost or what?
Mudhead: And your dress?
llanwydd: Interesting question: Do FST albums sell in England? Do they know FST over there?
C. Simril: great ceasar's ghost, mr. benny
C. Simril: anybody got bennies?
Mudhead: And your kanickers?
C. Simril: now who among you know what firesign play that's from?
Dexter Fong: Il: As obscure as FS is over here, it's even more so over there
Mudhead: Why without your clothes your naked Cat!
llanwydd: I'm sure
C. Simril: that bit of dialogue led directly to proctor starring as Jack Benny in Neal Amid, for those who care ab out such things
Dexter Fong: Cat: It's not polite to gloat =)
C. Simril: gloat or ghosts or both?
Mudhead: Hey get that goast out of here
Dexter Fong: That ghost is toast
llanwydd: take speed m'lord
C. Simril: austin plays Mr. Ed in Life in the Day and so I wanted him to do the same role in Red Shift. he declined. you see, i don';t win em all, dex
Mudhead: Well done
C. Simril: and beat the queen to perth?
Dexter Fong: Cat: Right...but you're in the game
llanwydd: I got mail. brb
C. Simril: do you have Neal Amid, dex?
Dexter Fong: Yes Cat - you were most generous in giving me everything you've done so far
C. Simril: re in the game. actually it was Melinda, PP's wife, who suggested i start writing radio plays in the first place.
Mudhead: That guy Neal, he'd never stand up straight. I'd always have to sayu "Neal! Stand Up! Neal.. stand up!...
C. Simril: i would never have dreamt of asking them, but they Volunteered!
C. Simril: but he couldnt stop kneeling? was he a moslem?
Merlyn: Grovel! Get up! Grovel! Get up!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:20 PM and late as usual, it's Mr. Motion, just back from Billville."
C. Simril: dex, this is a lot more fun than listening to my original tape
Mr. Motion: Brwaaaa Motion is here people have no fear!
Dexter Fong: MM! Not to be confused with Mr. Muckle, honey
Merlyn: bwa-ha-ha?
Mr. Motion: I'm pretty confused so far.
Mudhead: Muckle honey goes on the well done toast
Merlyn: What's all this Bwa-ha-ha?
Mr. Motion: Brew ha ha?
Mudhead: ha ha?
Mr. Motion: Ha ha ha!
Merlyn: hahahaaaahaaa
Mudhead: thats a fine jam youve gotten us in
Merlyn slams the door
C. Simril: i'm trying to find out score of jays game. when we move, i gotta get a tv in the same room as the computer
Dexter Fong: Hi folks, I'm bwana HaHa, you may remember my cousing Lord HaHa
llanwydd: b
Mr. Motion: But what about little Arnie?
Merlyn: how about your sister, Pru HaHa?
C. Simril: mr. motion, i was planning on appearing tonight as "mr. simril is here, have no fear" but you beat me 2 it
C. Simril: dear prudence, won't you come out to pay
Mr. Motion: CC. You can kiss a ducks tail but you got to be quick!
C. Simril: mia farrow's sister's one claim to fame
Mr. Motion: No wait that's Benny Hill!
Mudhead: Say goodnite Chet...Say gnite David
C. Simril: benny? who's gut, the benny?
Merlyn: dèjá haha
Mr. Motion: I've got a lid out in the car!
C. Simril: king david is dead? all hail solomon
Dexter Fong: All Hail Smith Solomon Barney
Merlyn: Oops, should be dèjá vu-ha-ha
Mudhead: Talkin about toast, I'm gonna roll one and toast it
Mr. Motion: Only the good die young.
C. Simril: solomon gursky is dead, and so is mordecai richler
C. Simril: doc tech may not agree, dex
llanwydd: I remember when Brinkley was young
Dexter Fong: Cat: DT may not agree with what? =)
Mudhead: MM but us bad bastards will survive forever
llanwydd: I don't remember those names, C
C. Simril: i remember watching huntly/brinkly with my uncle in maybe 59 or 60.
Mudhead: Il, sadly so do i
C. Simril: my first peek into news kinda shit
llanwydd: H/B were on the same time as Soupy Sales
Mr. Motion: I remember the 56' election coverage.
Mr. Motion: Soupy now you're talking I was a Bird Bath!
Dexter Fong: ...but most of all, I remember Mama
C. Simril: mordecai richler was a canuck novelist who died last year. solomon gursky one of his characters, based on sam bronfman, who also starred in my play Neal Amid
llanwydd: I wanted to watch Soupy. My dad wanted to watch H/B
Mudhead: who won?
C. Simril: snoopy for sale? for shame
llanwydd: If he didn't come home in time I could watch what I wanted
Dexter Fong: Il: Did you fight it out with your entrenching tools
Merlyn: Few people remember the Huntley/Prickley report, with Chet and Edith
C. Simril: ok, mother
C. Simril: sctv's brinkly was hilarious
Mr. Motion: I remember the regular and Ethel Show!
Dexter Fong: ...and here's Edith with a report from her organ again
Mudhead: Edith could be very heated
Merlyn: especially in the movie Prickley Heat
C. Simril: the firesign record, one of the early ones...quoth proctor. fuck, dwarf was just about to come out and they only had 2 before
C. Simril: "one of the early ones" sounds so prescient
Dexter Fong: Khhhhhan yu dirlect me tu therotel?
llanwydd: ah youreme na doto
Mudhead: Cat you still naked?
Dexter Fong: ;deprts briefly for a refill
Mudhead: Or do you have your muff?
||||||||| doctec sneaks in around 9:33 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
doctec: yo bros
llanwydd: hey doc
C. Simril: The Docman Cometh
Mr. Motion: I thought Drawf was their second album after Electgrician?
C. Simril: only my lunch, mud
doctec: i;m on the phone w/lili
doctec: she's at home tonight
doctec: while i'm at my place
C. Simril: all my best to her, doc
Dexter Fong: Hiyah Doc...and best to Lili
doctec: thx
Mudhead: All I've got on is the radio
llanwydd: then you've missed a great one, Mr M
C. Simril: no, 2 places was 2nd
Mr. Motion: Really and the name?
C. Simril: oh, how can you be, in 2 places at once, when you're not anywhere at Allllll
C. Simril: also known as Marx and Lennon
C. Simril: also known as Marx and Lennon
Dexter Fong: How Can you be in 2 places when you're not aywhere at all
llanwydd: How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All
Dexter Fong: also known as lennon and marx
C. Simril: you have something to look forward to, mr motion
C. Simril: order it from the appropriate source Today
Dexter Fong: www.laugh.com MM
Mr. Motion: No I've had that since before the beginning, what I have to look forward too is Alzhiemers
Dexter Fong: Oh! I love that Klezmer music
doctec: alz and weisenheimer
Mr. Motion: A vun two three vun two three ...
Dexter Fong: ..vat are we vaiting four
C. Simril: doc, i'm listening to a cd from dex of the 6/7 hour show.
doctec: same one he sent me
doctec: is it a show that you have?
C. Simril: it sounds like you, or someone else, ran my reel tape thru cool edit for someone like him, but it's definitely my tape
Mr. Motion: Ya know this reminds me very little of a trime in the Estonian Mountians, I was but a mere prat then!
C. Simril: isnt this From you, rather than To you?
Dexter Fong: MM: Vas dat in de fall?
doctec: meerprat?
C. Simril: mr motion, that's 2 places. i thought you didnt know that one
Dexter Fong: Yah! Zat vas a pratt fall
Mr. Motion: Like I said Alzhiemers I'm remembering it all ...
llanwydd: meerpraat sounds Dutch
Mudhead: Ah those froggy little boys reunning thru the fields with their leather apron on
doctec: i've lost 13 pounds since mid april
Dexter Fong: Tonight! On Wierd Nature....the mysterious Meerpratt
doctec: if anyone finds them, please let me know
llanwydd: or Afrikaans
C. Simril: dutch schultz? i thought you said Bruno schultz. what a bummer
C. Simril: i hope not from ill health, doc
doctec: cat: no, just calorie counting
C. Simril: good to hear
Dexter Fong: Bruno Sammartino vas Dutch?
Mr. Motion: We used to go to sleep leaning up againsy a wind fall, I'll never forget the night a snake slithered into my wife ...
Mudhead: ah wona and a twoa
Dexter Fong: Hi! I'm the Lovely Lemon Sister
doctec: my body did have to go through a period of adjustment, dueing which i picked up another bronchial flu bug mid may (2nd one this season, 1st one came on when i was finishing red shift end of march)
Dexter Fong: Martian Flu?
Dexter Fong: We must blast off
Mr. Motion: Bummer doc
doctec: will probably be at 158 when i go out to bloomington
Mr. Motion: Then we must Flea ...
C. Simril: too much work and not enuf play makes doc an ill boy
Dexter Fong: Doc: That's your fighting weight isn't it?
doctec: dex: well, almost - charts say ideal weight for my height is between 145 & 154
doctec: cat: you got that right!
llanwydd: that equals 299
C. Simril: jays sweep the pirates!
doctec: my goal is to make 150 by the end of the year - i should hit that some time this summer
Dexter Fong: Il: YOu forgot to carry the bum
Mr. Motion: I thought the Tigers slaughtered the Pirates?
doctec: so i'm ahead of schedule
Dexter Fong: MM: No they slaughtered the Christions
llanwydd: bummer
Mudhead: no Tigers eight Christians eaten
Mr. Motion: Well then Kill the Umperor!
Dexter Fong: The Christioans no-hit the Tigers....they Buhdist Christions
Mr. Motion: Te he he Dex ...
C. Simril: good one, mud
Dexter Fong: Wecome to Religious Dichotomies
doctec: tonight we explore the schism between the bhuddists and the mormons
Mr. Motion: Pax Flauchi exume!
C. Simril: we get last year's soprano's as this years in canada, but i heard a joke on last week's episode that reminded me of the sense of humour of my friend joel, from whose house in oakland i was commuing with y'all from 2 weeks ago
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'L'Yamamoto Volant', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:50 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
doctec: oi volant!
Dexter Fong: Doc: Schism begin early...Mormons gun dealers
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Elayne', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:50 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Mr. Motion: Down on your knees do you recognize what I'm holding over youur heads lads ... it's a cross ...
Dexter Fong: OI L'Y V
L'Yamamoto Volant: oi all
C. Simril: this fat guy, whatever his name is, is driving tony into the new jersey forest. he says he used to go hunting there in the past with his dad. one time they were on the way into the woods and a sign said "Bear Left" so they went home
llanwydd: Hi Vol Hi Ela
Mr. Motion: Hey E Yam what up?
C. Simril: he el, yam. i'm just telling soprano's jokes.
Elayne: Hey Llan, Mr. M, all!@
Merlyn: hey yama, elayne
Dexter Fong: Elayne!
Mudhead: Hi E, Vol
Elayne: Ah, thanks Cat, I was wondering.
llanwydd: I cant bear dat
L'Yamamoto Volant: I've never seen the program so it's all nudes to me
doctec: was that the episode where anthony and whatzisname (the one with the grey temple wings) get lost in the woods in the wintertime?
llanwydd: all dese bearing expressions
Dexter Fong: You cannot control a bear
Elayne: Of course, my favorite "Bear Left" joke was from The Muppet Movie, so sue me.
doctec: hi e
Elayne: "Bear left!" "Right frog!"
C. Simril: reminded me of friend joel, the guy in oakland i was visiting last week
Elayne: Hey Tom!
L'Yamamoto Volant: I LIKED the Muppet Movie
Elayne: Hey, L'Yam, calm down, so did I. :)
Dexter Fong: Doc: Paulie "Walnuts"
C. Simril: i think i saw that with bit when she was young enough to enjoy it.
doctec: right - paulie
doctec: (i'm SOOOO bad with names)
C. Simril: is that the one with rainbow connection?
L'Yamamoto Volant: Oh I 'm all mad cos I got stuck in Nebulizer prisim and can't pay my bills
Dexter Fong: night Bacalao
Mr. Motion: Big Pussie's about to get offed ... reminds me of my first wife Bitchzilla ...
C. Simril: is that in iraq, yam?
C. Simril: portugese cod fetish?
L'Yamamoto Volant: No
doctec: whichzilla?
Dexter Fong: MM = Kend^?
doctec: witchzilla...
Elayne: Hey, no talk of exes tonight. It's the anniversary of my first wedding. I said hi to Steve on my blog. :)
L'Yamamoto Volant: I'll bet
doctec: that was nice of you, e
Dexter Fong: I'll cover that bet
C. Simril: offal? that's awful
doctec: is he still as round as ever?
L'Yamamoto Volant: oh bah, All my exes live in Texzas
C. Simril: good for you, el. he's the only one of your hubbies i've met
Mudhead: a hole pile
Dexter Fong: MM?????
L'Yamamoto Volant: Martyr Brand Kidey and Beef offal
Elayne: Hey, he's still a nice guy, he didn't turn into a monster just 'cause we got divorced. We still keep in pretty frequent touch.
Mr. Motion: Yes ???
doctec: cat: you'd like robin, he's quite entertaining - he set me up with dat copies of a some old peter sellers cds
C. Simril: put that in your pie hole and smoke it
Elayne: Way I look at it, we were friends before we were married so I'll be damned if we can't be friends afterwards.
Dexter Fong: E: When did he turn into a monster?=)
doctec: i had never heard the balham bit before that
L'Yamamoto Volant: I turned int a moster, big, green and scaly. I spit fire
C. Simril: i'd love to meet him. i owe him at least a large dinner for his work on red shift
Mudhead: I'm smokin one right now
C. Simril: good for you both, el
Elayne: I think he just turned into a bar.
doctec: ossman says the balham bit was something of an inspiration for the first side of bozos
Dexter Fong: L'Y: I thought I killed you in that last Diablo game
C. Simril: well, i'm behind the bar now
doctec: (i think)
C. Simril: is that a goon thing, doc?
doctec: or was it how can you be...
doctec: i forget
Mr. Motion: Bar ... that would be my third wife Melencholia.
Dexter Fong: Canadian writer Jailed......Canadians murmer loudly
Mudhead: Just open a jeroboam of champagne for everyone Cat
doctec: dex: lol!
L'Yamamoto Volant: No, You can't kill me
doctec: and then they went out for a beer
C. Simril: all i got is cava, does spanish chamnpagne count?
Dexter Fong: Only to ten Cat
Mudhead: not past 21
L'Yamamoto Volant: Only to doce
C. Simril: 10 bubbles?
llanwydd: I fancy an ale, meself
C. Simril: that woman's trying to kill me
Elayne: Oh, good news, everyone, I can actually afford my drugs of choice for awhile! Robin has work at least through the summer.
L'Yamamoto Volant readies the Moist Towelettes
C. Simril: the count of monte cava
doctec: if it ain't from the champagne region of france, it ain't champagne - it's 'sparkling wine'
Dexter Fong: E: Is that a hint?
C. Simril: wondrous news, el
doctec: hey e that's great news
Mudhead: yee haa, you gonna share?
C. Simril: just cava in spain and that;'s good enough for me, doc
Elayne: Nope Dex, I'm still set for awhile, but thanks for asking. :)
Dexter Fong: Share the crop
Elayne: Well, right now he's working for three comic book publishers all at the same time. :)
Mr. Motion: Really E just roll a couple bombers and leave them on the side table!
Mudhead: Save the bales
C. Simril: i would say orange widow is 1.5 times better than my fave cava, but 4 times the price
doctec: wow e, that's great
Elayne: I have enough trouble rolling one. I mean, I need both hands to type, and this computer desk isn't really set up for rolling...
doctec: ristian bales?
doctec: christian bales?
Elayne: I guess I need a rolling desk...
Mr. Motion: C. not if you take a jimmi stick to the honor bar!
C. Simril: how can you be.. in 3 comic book publishers at once... if you are everywhere, et al
Dexter Fong: Pick a little Product and you land's in jail
Elayne: Yeah Tom, it's great and it's exhausting all at once. The next couple of weeks are a real crunch time for him.
doctec: you can make a huge bomber with a rolltop desk...
Mudhead: doc lol
Elayne: LOL, Tom!
doctec: e: so you basically have to just stay out of the way?
Elayne: I seem to be doing pretty well at the moment. Thank goodness for comic book backing boards. They're much better for this sort of thing than The White Album...
Dexter Fong: I made a huge bomber outof Spruce...flew faster than anything...we went 40 or 50 miles an hour
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Elayne: Pretty much, Tom. Got enough to do though...
doctec: e: lol - i remember that from my last visit
C. Simril: the spruce goose? why, mr. hughs, that's Huge!
doctec: who goosed hughes?
Dexter Fong: Elayne: Sharper Image has electronic cleaner...tres cool
Elayne: Not tonight though. Feeling very woozy, probably from the humidity and allergies. Had to leave work early today. Going to roll one, smoke it, then sleep.
Mudhead: Does that duck fly?
Mr. Motion: Bummer dudes got to go publish, keep'em flying!
Dexter Fong: Does a pigeaon shit in the park?
Elayne: Dex, my electronics are pretty clean already.
doctec: dex: no kidding? leave it to talheimer...
Mudhead: Have one for me MM
Dexter Fong: Okay MM, now I know =))
||||||||| "Hey Mr. Motion!" ... Mr. Motion turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:02 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
C. Simril: by mm
Dexter Fong goes afk for another refill
C. Simril: keep em mmming
Elayne finishes rolling.
Elayne: Rolling rolling rolling, keep those bombers rolling, rawHIIIIIIIDE...
||||||||| Bambi waltzes in at 10:05 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Elayne: Hey Bambi!
Bambi: howdy
C. Simril: hey, it's the bambino
Elayne lights one and passes it around (or at least wishes she could)...
Mudhead: Nobody be mean to Bambi
Bambi: yep :)
Dexter Fong: I flew 37 missions in the Oaxhcha Gay
C. Simril: fuck, i shoul have sent you Neal Amid too, bambi
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'orale tay watcho', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 10:06 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Dexter Fong: Hi Bambi
orale tay watcho: you all there
C. Simril: but Red Shit is on the way
orale tay watcho: or merely reflections of yourselves
Bambi: hi cat
Bambi: x
doctec: we're fig newtons of your imagination
Elayne: Hey Cat, that's some really great Red Shit...
C. Simril: doc, is this June 7 not your dat of my reel, cleaned up and posted online?
orale tay watcho: i need a shower
orale tay watcho: ck in fifteen
L'Yamamoto Volant: oi
orale tay watcho: back in fifteen
Dexter Fong: Okay: It's time to return to IRC...this is getting out of hand here, these names
doctec: cat: no, someone else must have sone that one up
C. Simril: but does a shower need you?
Bambi: hi doc, elayne, mudhead, llanwydd, merlin, yammy
Bambi: hi orale tay watcho
C. Simril: but it's definitely my tape. starts exactly the same riff with harry shearer
L'Yamamoto Volant: Well, the republicans have finally come out, they don't want to give no welfare to poor ppl
Bambi: LOL
C. Simril: i have sent out a numberr of copies over the years
Bambi: cat did you get my email?
||||||||| Bubba's Brain waltzes in at 10:08 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
doctec: someone else must have cleaned it up
doctec: hey bubba
C. Simril: came out? they're all gay?
Bambi: hi bubba
Bubba's Brain: Hey, all.
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu may be right, however it *is* possible somebody else taped this show off the air..remember, they repeated these broadcasts
C. Simril: hey brain
||||||||| ah,clem waltzes in at 10:08 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
C. Simril: no, it isn't dex
L'Yamamoto Volant: No, if that were the case, maybe they'd have some compassion
ah,clem: hello ozos
Dexter Fong: Cat: Why is that =))
L'Yamamoto Volant: oi
Bambi: hi ah,clem ;)
C. Simril: cuz if so, it wouldn't start at Exactly the same fragment of conversation with harry shearer. it bends my belief in possibility
Dexter Fong: Hey Bub and Clem
Bubba's Brain: So, whats new in the world of y'all?
Dexter Fong: Cat: Coulda started earlier and been edited to that poin t
C. Simril: witchi tai toe?
C. Simril: nope, dex. don't belive it
Dexter Fong: Witchy tie toe? here, take knife
Bambi: took us a while to get here ... thunderstorms were very bad ... 'puters off for over an hour
C. Simril: why to that exact point?
C. Simril: wish it were true though.
Elayne: Hey Bubba and Clem!
C. Simril: z then i could have the possibility of looking forwar do hearing other hour hours i never heard
Elayne: We have lots of humidity here but no real storms yet.
C. Simril: i doubt the lads will ever release those shows on any sort of accessible medium
Dexter Fong: Cat: Cause that may be the exact moment FST guys startied talkin..anyway, listen thruough to whole thing, then give me your appraisal
Bambi: these were apparently the very bad storms over NC earlier today
C. Simril: will do, dex
Mudhead: It hasnt rained in ten minutes here in the Northeast. I dont know if I can stand it
C. Simril: strom thurmand farting again?
ah,clem: just give it another ten minutes Mudhead,
L'Yamamoto Volant: Isn't he dead YET?
Dexter Fong: ...and a strom thermal is farting its way across the Carolinas
L'Yamamoto Volant: He's sucking up my share of oxygen the old frent
doctec: according to fred's 8 shoes discography, the hour hour shows exist as reel to reel tapes - some in the 'david ossman collection,' some in the 'firesign theatre fan collection'
L'Yamamoto Volant: Any wire recordings?
Dexter Fong: ...the old "frent" puts on his oxygen mask and speaks in a hushed tone.."No I'm not"
C. Simril: am i the only fan? i did get one from packer. but alas only one.
Bambi: LOL
C. Simril: that show was on for 8 monthes!
doctec: also, d.o. has some radio free oz shows on r2r tape as well
C. Simril: i would love to hear them
Dexter Fong: Cat: We must liberate them in order to free them
C. Simril: that stuff was of immense importance to me at the time, and has never ceased to be
Dexter Fong: "ceased"?
C. Simril: joke, dex
Elayne: Well, I'm goodly stretched, so it's time for a lie-down. Next week all!
Dexter Fong: Thanks Cat, glad you recognized it =)
L'Yamamoto Volant: Let's go to his house and smoke all his dope eat all his food and then conk him on the head w/an oxygen tank
||||||||| "10:17 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Elayne, who then runs out through the frence doors and down through the garden.
C. Simril: by el
Dexter Fong: Elayne, I won't get up but bubbye
L'Yamamoto Volant waves
Mudhead: Guys and Gals, I'll be back
Dexter Fong waves
||||||||| "Hey Mudhead!" ... Mudhead turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:17 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
ah,clem: Merlin, you here?
C. Simril: off you trudge, mud
Bambi waves
doctec: merl's a-fadin'
Merlyn: I'm around
Bubba's Brain: They're dwopping like fries!
L'Yamamoto Volant: He's fadin fast DR
Dexter Fong: Cat: Ever since he took over as host of that game show, he been unreachable
Merlyn: doing other things at the same time
L'Yamamoto Volant: as am I- see yo all same time next week
||||||||| Around 10:18 PM, L'Yamamoto Volant walks off into the sunset...
Bambi: merlin brought himself back from the dreaded fade with a little help from clem :)
doctec: unpreachable?
Dexter Fong: OI MY
C. Simril: by yam
Bambi: see ya yammy
C. Simril: did you get my email today, doc?
ah,clem: is the mispelling intended, "out through the frence doors and down" , Merl?
Bubba's Brain: TTFNY
doctec: not one from today - when did you send it?
Bambi: cat did you get my email this week?
||||||||| It's 10:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Merlyn: oops, it used to be "freedom doors" for a bit...I'll fix it
ah,clem: k
Bambi: ah, oh
||||||||| orale tay watcho says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, orale tay watcho exits at 10:20 PM.
||||||||| Catherwood leads doctor dog inside, makes a note of the time (10:20 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dexter Fong: Out with the gray
doctor dog: hello
doctor dog: i am just going out for sushi
Dexter Fong: Um......hello dere
doctor dog: with some peppers from my garden
C. Simril: one dog, one cat, tons o humans
Bambi: hi doctor dog ... or is that ken?
C. Simril: su su sushi
Bubba's Brain: going out with peppers?
doctor dog: gonna say "spicy tuna, and put one of THESE babys in it"
Dexter Fong: ...and we hang 'em on the b
ah,clem: and maybe a clone
Dexter Fong: all
doctor dog: it is me
doctor dog: david perry
doctec: she go mushi
Bambi: hi david
doctor dog: frequently posting as daav0 in the newsgroup
Dexter Fong: Welocme David "perry" Mason
doctec: great tubes tune from '80
Bambi: last week ken came in as dr. somebody LOL
doctor dog: owner of old time firesign rarities
doctec: hi daav0
doctor dog: and fan since radio free oz
doctec: really?
Dexter Fong: Dr. Headphone Bam
Bambi: yes, thanks dex
doctec: cool
doctor dog: i got a NOT INSANE button
doctor dog: worn it since high school
doctor dog: many many years ago
Bambi: cool
doctec: my my
doctor dog: i got an acetate of the papoon residential platform
Dexter Fong: Dog; And how many year did that get you in detention
ah,clem: don't do to the newsgroups, understand they fight in there, and fightin's out of stile....
doctec: the proc/berg interview?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:23 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dexter Fong: Clem; Mostly not a lotta fighting...
doctor dog: naw--i was an A student
C. Simril: ah clem, the fred-merl fight was the first in alt.firesign in many years
doctor dog: like all firesign fans
doctor dog: what got me in trouble
Dexter Fong: Doctor Dog is one of our "prize" students and we're giving him away this week
doctor dog: was writing for the school paper
doctor dog: and beign too funny
C. Simril: are you one of the fightees, dog?
doctor dog: dexter would you like a doctor dog?
doctor dog: got a garage full of them
doctec: arf!
Dexter Fong: DD: Don't want no more dogs...have to walk them and in Manhattan, it's a full time job
C. Simril: raymond burr smoking afghani hashish in godzilla
Dexter Fong: Cat: Yes =)))))))))))
doctor dog: it's a plush toy promo package for antivirus software
C. Simril: elayne wanted me to be tiny dr. tim originally. if the real tiny tim showed up, actually he did on occasion, there could be a surfeit of docs in this conversatrion\
Bambi: would that be panda
Mudhead: Ah , some shish, I havent had some of that in the longest time
Dexter Fong: "Here Fido, sink your teeth into this virus
doctor dog: time to go for sushi
Bambi: enjoy the sushi ... hold the mercury :)
doctor dog: catch you all later on
C. Simril: sue sue
doctec: enjoy dd
Bambi: enjoy doc
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:27 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs doctor dog by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
doctec: thanks for dropping by
C. Simril: and on anon
Bambi: other doc that is ;)
C. Simril: a party of dogs was taking a flight in a ballon....
C. Simril: proc's joke on this tape
Dexter Fong: Mercury is holding in Venus, and your sushi is ascending in Wasabi
doctec: cat: proc's joke was hilarious
C. Simril: vive la France
Bambi: that old bum's rush 'll get 'em every time LOL
C. Simril: indeed, doc
doctec: right
C. Simril: never trued, too
C. Simril: true-er
C. Simril: true-er
Dexter Fong: Robin Trewer...the next white Hendrix
doctec: right - i remember trower
C. Simril: manhattan project, harry?
doctec: his album covers all looked like tangerine dream covers
Dexter Fong: Bridge of Sighs Doc
doctec: td covers of the day
ah,clem: good album
doctec: was much more a td fan than a trower fan at the time
Dexter Fong: Yeah Clem
||||||||| It's 10:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bubba's Brain - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
ah,clem: got it here in vynl someplace...
Dexter Fong: td = Tadd Dameron...Tom Dix...teddy doxevelt?
doctec: tangerine dream
Bambi: pew monia ....
Dexter Fong: Tangello Fugue
doctec: ... and that was the end of my hallucinogenic period ...
ah,clem: bridge of sighs
Dexter Fong: ;watches Dac T have a flash back a laughs
Dexter Fong cant type
ah,clem: doc, you must rember to take your dosage.
doctec: back then i was having flash forwards
C. Simril: such things end?
Dexter Fong: Clem: Doc is *in* his dotage
doctec: oooh, trails...
ah,clem: some people become forgetful, Cat
Dexter Fong: We all here just dote on the Doc
doctec: thanks y'all
doctec: you're so kind
C. Simril: i wish i were, ah
Dexter Fong: Doh!!!
ah,clem: :)
Bambi: LOL
Bambi: shame several folks faded out
Bambi: merlin fading again too
doctec: i'm fading fast myself - fairly well sleep deprived by the week's evening activities
Bambi: heard that doc
Bambi: how's lili doing?
ah,clem: Merlin is playing with his robots.
doctec: looking forward to sleeping in sat & sun
Bambi: ah, that would explain it
C. Simril: sleep on, doc
doctec: it's supposed to rain here in the least coast tomorrow, then sunny weekend - first warm & sunny sat & sun since winter ended
ah,clem: perchance to dream?
Bambi: nice doc
doctec: prior to now, it's either been rainy or chilly at least one if not both weekend days
C. Simril: with alan alda dreaming of limbs floating downstream
Mudhead: doc i hope so, the ark isnt finished but i got the animals lined up
C. Simril: we had a hot week last week, back to our rainy natural now
doctec: mudhead: smart move... :)
Bambi: yeah, we're having a real rainy season this year
Bambi: so far been very good for the plants though ... fruit trees are amazing
C. Simril: animals on coke! the latest horror show from Fox!
Dexter Fong: Mud: We got 'em lined up to...dog upon dog upon dog...
doctec: as opposed to the fake rainy seasons of years past
Bambi: yes, actually doc LOL
Bambi: we have had rainy seasons before but this one takes the proverbial cake
Bambi: or at least should be awarded the cake
C. Simril: when i lived in japan, i could never understand the concept of the rainy season. it rained all the time
Mudhead: cake in the rain?
Merlyn: someone leave the cake out in the rain?
C. Simril: douglas macarthurer, you left your cake in a park in tokyo
Bambi: what part of japan did you live in cat?
C. Simril: it was eaten by a Giant Rat
C. Simril: most of them, bambi
Bambi: ah, ok
doctec: i don't think that i can take it or leave it
C. Simril: mostly around tokyo, but originally slightly south, and then north
C. Simril: if you know your japanese cities, i can go into details, but if not, it's just too many funny sylables
Bambi: LOL ... only the main ones cat
Bambi: have heard others but couldn't name them
Bambi: haven't been out of the US myself unfortunately ... I haven't even been to the Rockies yet in this country
doctec: couldn't even pronounce them
C. Simril: one of the best things i did there was to turn various japanese people in power to play firesign on radio. as if anywone there could understant them.
C. Simril: same is true with canada
Bambi: LOL
C. Simril: i was on the national radio station in 74-75, playing firesign, bootleg dylan, and other faves for whoever could possibly care.
Bambi: cool
C. Simril: in earlier years, i got record executives to have their engineers listen to early firesign and try and duplicate that kind of audio separationseven ear
Mudhead: i'm fadin
Dexter Fong: Mud; I got you covered
Bambi: I was out of high school a year or two before that cat ... just barely :)
C. Simril: even earlier, i heard Bozos in an abandoned baseball stadium/zoo in the fall of 71
Mudhead: thx brb
C. Simril: in a suitabley obscure city called Hamamatsu
Dexter Fong: Cat: Dodgr playing in San Diego?
C. Simril: dodger? i can't stand the site of her.
Bambi: "A city of music"
Dexter Fong: The side of here? YOu should see the front
C. Simril: i understand from somewhere in the internet that there is now a japanese fanship for firesign
Dexter Fong: I love those fanships. roaring around the everglades
C. Simril: i did my best by playing these very hour hour shows, magic mushroom plays, and actual albums for apparently interested japanese in the early 70s
Bambi: that's great. .. and I bet they owe that to you cat :)
C. Simril: all you can do is push it along, eh bambi?
Bambi: yep ... do what 'cha can ... that's all anyone can do :) lead em to water but can't make em drink as they say
Dexter Fong bows in humble adoration of Cat-san...introduce many crazey guys
C. Simril: as someone who taught english for far too many decades, the reason one would want to learn another language would be to experience the greatest possible pleasure you can get from it
Dexter Fong: Oh! This English have little bumps on it...much pleasure
C. Simril: a french letter?
Dexter Fong: American Pickle
Bambi: english definitely has many bumps on it LOL
C. Simril: no, they never do
C. Simril: no, they never do
Bambi: a little this, a little that ...
Dexter Fong: do what
Dexter Fong: what
||||||||| Catherwood leads Bunnyboy inside, makes a note of the time (10:52 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Dexter Fong: Hello dere
Bambi: hi bb
Bunnyboy: You mean...to Bambi?
doctec: hey bb
Dexter Fong: We ain't talking about no fawning around
Bunnyboy: Brief pop-by. Food delivery on the way.
Bunnyboy: Doe'!
Dexter Fong: Pop-eye?
C. Simril: hey bunny
Dexter Fong: Spinach "r" us
Bunnyboy: Dex: Robert Altman's POPEYE is out on DVD in July.
Dexter Fong: Thanks Bun,
Bunnyboy: I Yam What I Yam.
Dexter Fong: A most peculiar movie
Bambi: and that's all that I yam
Bunnyboy: Yes, indeed. Some of Shelley Duvall's best work, though.
Mudhead: I'm Back!
Dexter Fong: Bam: You're one sweet potatoe
Bunnyboy: lo Richard.
C. Simril: were you gone, mud?
Mudhead: and I'm beyutifull
C. Simril: how goes it, bun?
C. Simril: how goes it, bun?
Dexter Fong: Bun: And RW is interesting..couldn't do his usual schtick
doctec: popeye is one wack flick alright
doctec: very surreal
C. Simril: i love you, body and fender
C. Simril: i've put a noose around my neck so sing i love you
Bunnyboy: cat: Is fine. One bit of sadness: we put down our 12 year old doe, Barney, mid-May.
Dexter Fong: Cat: And I love you 4 on the floor
C. Simril: you keep losing bunnies, bunny
C. Simril: woman inspector
doctec: (actually i don' think mudhead is r. arnold - different other character)
Dexter Fong: Doc: Yes..I believe
Bunnyboy: Other fun video titles in the offing: ROCKY & BULLWINKLE: SEASON ONE, CHICAGO, ALL THAT JAZZ, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE, all in August.
Dexter Fong: Last week or week before substantiated
Mudhead: No doc I'm not arnold
C. Simril: my dog wants me to play catch
Dexter Fong: Bun: Is that the issue with the Claire Luce Tooth intervies??
C. Simril: nearly got killed
Bunnyboy: cat: Just lost one this year. Last one lost was in 1998.
C. Simril: a very important concept
C. Simril: a very important concept
Dexter Fong: A concept so important we had to repeat it
C. Simril: i thought one of your bunnies had died recently, bunny
Bambi: will look forward to the meaning of life: spec edition ;)
C. Simril: glad to hear it's not the case]
Merlyn: the special meaning of life
doctec: a concept so important we had to have a deja vu moment
Bunnyboy: I don't think it's "Time" for Clare's commentary yet. Ark!
C. Simril: no, the important concept: nearly got killed
Dexter Fong: Life: It's Spatial Meaning on Nove tonight
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
C. Simril: remember hearing this when it was first broadcast, how profound that was
Bunnyboy: cat: Yes, we decided to put Barney down a few weeks back.
Dexter Fong: ...but he kept getting up
Bunnyboy: Very sad, but it was best for her.
Dexter Fong: Sorry Bun...not intended to be insensitive
Bambi: that's always a very hard thing bunny
Bunnyboy: ANIMAL HOUSE is back on DVD at the end of August. The release title: ANIMAL HOUSE: DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION.
Dexter Fong: sometimes mouth work faster than brain
C. Simril: we lost our long time cat and dog in 01.
Bunnyboy: Dex: No prob.
doctec: will the animal house rerelease contain any of the tv series episodes?
Bunnyboy: Food here. May BBL. Nite!
C. Simril: all who leave us, diminish us
Bambi: night bunny...enjoy
Dexter Fong: Night Bun
Bunnyboy: doc: DELTA HOUSE? God, I hope not.
Mudhead: nite bun
Dexter Fong: Mange Bun
doctec: nite bun
C. Simril: but on the other pay, we were magnified by their inclusion in our lives
doctec: bb: was just kidding about the tv show
Merlyn: bye bb
ah,clem: by BB, and so true,Cat
doctec: t really was bad
C. Simril: paw
doctec: cat: yes, thou speakest the truth!
Dexter Fong: Pa! Is that you?
C. Simril: what, i have a choice?
Bambi :)
Dexter Fong: Yes Cat, a choice between good and commercial
doctec: i either tell the truth - or i lie. heh - just lyin' -
Bunnyboy: doc: Although, it DOES appeal to the completist in me... ;)
||||||||| Bunnyboy runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Bunnyboy?! It's 11:05 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
Dexter Fong: Doc: Then you must be the cannibal with the extra geese
doctec: death or chichi
doctec: cake or death or chichi
Dexter Fong: LOL Bun )in absentia
C. Simril: canada geese?
C. Simril: gee whiz, mr. gizzard
Mudhead: ah, death
doctec: spreece geese?
Dexter Fong: As geese Canada, so goes Canadian Falls
ah,clem: why can't you answer my question, yes or no.
C. Simril: meth, eh, knee?
doctec: mmmmmmmmmaybe
Bambi: yesssssssss, noooooooooooo
Dexter Fong: Dr. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
doctec: dr - uh -
Dexter Fong: uh.......
ah,clem: your on aren't you?
Dexter Fong: I rem...........uh.......
Bambi: he broke the president!
C. Simril: the american flag flies high over all cool negroes tonight
doctec: i'm high alright - but not on false drugs
Mudhead: Would you tell your freind the little sailor to step up
Dexter Fong: Hip HIp Hooray!
C. Simril: gimme some truth
doctec: we take drugs, serially, in our household
Dexter Fong: E+ MC squared
C. Simril: sailor, the best album steve miller ever made. and tharts saying something
ah,clem: a clean windshield and a shoe shine
C. Simril: c? really?
doctec: si
Mudhead: c++
C. Simril: mnm. mmm
C. Simril: sigh
C. Simril: sigh
doctec: mars bard further research
doctec: bars
C. Simril: father keep me all day long from hurtful things and wrong
Mudhead: I gotta take some more drugs
C. Simril: the bard? i''m behind the bard now.
doctec: here - have one of mine
C. Simril: there are never enuf, mud
Bambi: it was the salmon mouse
ah,clem: if the cheif cought me popping these pills, he'd snap my head off.
Bambi: moose, muose, muice, hmmmmm
C. Simril: we have a restaurant near here called the salmon house on the hill. you an see all of van from it, as if you wanted to. good salmon though
Dexter Fong: I think it was the Salmon mousse that attracted the sharks
doctec: van not that bad looking as cities go, cat
ah,clem: and the reaper, Dex
C. Simril: the great thing about living a long time, or a short time if you were born in paris, is that you eventually, if you move around a lot, find a place that is great to live in
Dexter Fong: As citis go, so goes VanC
C. Simril: yeah, but the city and mountains on it are the real eye candy, doc
Bambi: ah, thanks dex ... was having one of those brain farts on the spelling!
Dexter Fong: Clem: Reports of the Reaper are tragically grim
doctec: yes, true cat
C. Simril: no, van infintiely more beautiful than any cities in japan, la, but not frisco
ah,clem: was a grim tail...
ah,clem: or tale,
Dexter Fong: ...with a wicked twoist
C. Simril: most houses in van are ugly without, cool wihthin. opposite of sf
Dexter Fong: twisti
ah,clem: of a giant Rat.
Dexter Fong: twist
Dexter Fong: 3rd times a Charm
C. Simril: taoist? ursula, you forgot your le guin
C. Simril: you think pa will ever reappear here?
C. Simril: here, have one of mine
Bambi: we can only hope ;)
doctec: well not this week, he's with oona on a camping trip
Dexter Fong: Cat: I suspect he might wait till the great "CLose the curtain, Fred" scare goes away
C. Simril: so he told me too, doc
C. Simril: when you get to the umbrella, it;s mine
C. Simril: you're right, dex
Bambi: was that the fight in the newsgroup thing you were talking about earlier?
Dexter Fong: Cat: LOL But don't remember the sour ce =))
Dexter Fong: Yes Bam
C. Simril: fred was pissed off at being fired, merly attempted to explain why. all i can do is read
Merlyn: Ossman said he might show up tonight, but maybe not
C. Simril: the borneo gazzette, dex
Bambi: real shame
doctec: i may show up - or not -
C. Simril: i'll believe it when i believe bit can come back to life and show up on this chat, merl.
C. Simril: not a day before
ah,clem: and all this time, I thought it was a miss quote of "open the curtain, Fred, look at it, look at that steaming heap of hot buttered....
doctec: will the real miss quote please stand down?
C. Simril: miss dudley?
Bambi: LOL
C. Simril: without your closure, you're naked
ah,clem: vd?
Mudhead: I've still got my muff
Dexter Fong: Was away missed a bit
C. Simril: aids? bds? cds?good deeds, eh?
doctec: i think i gotta fold my tent and turn in
Dexter Fong: Cat: The Breast of Firesign is just great, I think
doctec: it's been fun, catch y'all again next week
Merlyn: ok doc
Dexter Fong: Doc: Fold along the sotted lines remember
C. Simril: yeah, kick appropriate organs
ah,clem: night Doc, a pleasure as always.
Mudhead: nite doc
C. Simril: by document
doctec: i have to do a few things on my pc before i crash out, may poke my head in before i head upstairs to see if ossman shows up
doctec: thanks all
Dexter Fong: Night Doc
doctec: checking out...
||||||||| doctec says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, doctec exits at 11:24 PM.
C. Simril: oz? man?
Dexter Fong: Ox Man?
C. Simril: call? away
Bambi: night doc
Dexter Fong: Ploughs large fields at a single stride
ah,clem: and confused everybody.
C. Simril: sounds downright saskachewanian
Mudhead: Bush stumped for Bill today here in CT
Dexter Fong: Got company, gonna be afk for a while, some of you may be here when I return...or maybe not =) anyway see you next time
C. Simril: the town that nauture remembered to hate?
ah,clem: k Dex
Merlyn: see you, dex
Mudhead: nite dex
Bambi: night dex
Mudhead: I'm gonna split too
Bambi: ok, night mudhead
Bambi: dropping like flies around here LOL
ah,clem: I am going to take a bath. (so I will be fading awhile)
C. Simril: by dex. thanks for cd
||||||||| Mudhead departs at 11:29 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Bambi: LOL ... even clem is abandoning us!
C. Simril: flies like droppings
C. Simril: and you're merry, to him
Bambi :)
ah,clem: just a was out
ah,clem: wash
Bambi: yeah, hot and sticky here ... a bath would feel good
C. Simril: what's left of us, imagine, we all go away and ossman shows up.
C. Simril: this has actully happend with austin
C. Simril: of course, i was in you're up at the time
Merlyn: yeah, but that was real late
Merlyn: like 1 AM central time or so
C. Simril: you were logging, but not here, merl
C. Simril: right?
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 11:32 PM and klokwkdoggerlski steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Merlyn: everything gets logged on thursday
Bambi: LOL ... you know that will probaby happen cat
C. Simril: and speaking of ghosts...
Bambi: hi klok
klokwkdoggerlski: can someone help me remove this log?
klokwkdoggerlski: btw, Ken says he's Otherwise Occupied
C. Simril: thanks for all the emails klok.
klokwkdoggerlski: hello all
C. Simril: females too, except i already have one.
C. Simril: females too, except i already have one.
C. Simril: kend?
Bambi: ok, Hi to Ken if you talk to him
C. Simril: female occupation? actual job? hopefully both
Merlyn: I could change it so any "significant" discussions get logged, even if it isn't a Thursday...
klokwkdoggerlski: no problem, Cat, I just click and things fly into other people's mailbox. I'm thinking of going into business selling sexual notions like that.
C. Simril: ive never been on any other day, merl
klokwkdoggerlski: a neighbor of the distaff persuasion, I understand, Cat
C. Simril: lefties? i thought you bushies had them all in jail
klokwkdoggerlski: females are the ones to have if you're having more than one ;-)
klokwkdoggerlski: yeah, it sounds sinister to me, too, Cat
klokwkdoggerlski: watch who you're calling a nazi, too ;-)
klokwkdoggerlski: (although I expect their 2004 platform might have a swastika on it)
Merlyn: The bush admin. is now trying to claim parts of outer space
C. Simril: i just got back from your country last week. boy, am i lucky
klokwkdoggerlski: Merlyn: that's not unusual, considering the head of it is controlled by Space Aliens, by all reports
C. Simril: sinister? leftorama banga ding dong
Merlyn: See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2003/06/08/wspace08.xml&sSheet=/news/2003/06/08/ixnewstop.html
C. Simril: mars rover, come in rover. what? you've turned into the dalai lama?
klokwkdoggerlski: u betcha, Cat - all you weasels are subject to immediate Guantanimo-ization!
C. Simril: fuck the what?
C. Simril: gimme dead challenger astrnonauts over that possibiltiy any day, please
Merlyn: When Herr Goebbels says We own the world and space,
Merlyn: We Heil, Heil, Right in Herr Goebbels' face
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
klokwkdoggerlski: if you're not for us, you're going to be invaded next
C. Simril: dex gone?
||||||||| Catherwood leads Bunnyboy inside, makes a note of the time (11:40 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Bunnyboy: It's just me all over again.
Merlyn: he said he was leaving, guess he didn't exit
C. Simril: i was gonna tell y'all about whatr happend to me since our last chat, but most of you have left
Bunnyboy: Thass rite.
klokwkdoggerlski: being yourself is best when it's all over: those offshore replacement body parts are never as good as the OEM stuff
C. Simril: i guarantee, no matter what happened to you this week, it's better than what happend to me
klokwkdoggerlski: most of me is still here...i think...maybe...perhaps
Bunnyboy: cat: Pray tell
C. Simril: your neighbour, bunny. she drvies down your street, may wel kill YOU
klokwkdoggerlski: so what happened? when my cousin tried to cross the border, the customs nazis took his vehicle and confiscated his companion
C. Simril: you may recall that my daughter, Monique Ishikawa, usually known as Bit, was cremated alive on international TV on May 30, 1998?
Bambi: do tell cat do tell
C. Simril: and her killer was not even prosecuted because she claimed to be crazy, because of the ephedrine she was taking?
klokwkdoggerlski: yea
Bunnyboy: Oh, cat...
C. Simril: that was 5 years ago.
Bambi: no, I didn't know that ... I am so sorry
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and LiliLamont disembarks at 11:44 PM.
klokwkdoggerlski: and she's still on the streets?
Bambi: hi lili
C. Simril: so last week, her lawyer sends me a letter asking me to take my memorial website off line cuz its preventing her from gfetting a job
Bunnyboy: lo Lili. Heavy moment here...
klokwkdoggerlski: shit
C. Simril: no, not on the streets. in a position high above them.
Bambi: whoa!
C. Simril: sued the makers of her ephedrine drug and won tons of money.
C. Simril: nbot only did she get away with doublte murder, she made moneyfrom it
C. Simril: and now her cocksucking lawyer is askng me to stop bithching about that fact
LiliLamont: Hi, guys. I spoke with doc earlier and he decided, for very good reason, to stay home tonight. The weather has been intense. Anyway, I was checking out the conversation and I noted the question put to Cat so I decided to join in.
klokwkdoggerlski: perhaps she could obtain a rewarding position in canada. at that diamond mine. as a counterweight for the equipment there...
C. Simril: cuz he wants to sue other ephedrine victims
C. Simril: now,tell me something worse than that happend to you this week
Bunnyboy: Where there's dirt, there's weasels.
Bunnyboy: I can't top that, cat.
C. Simril: who can, bun? who would want to/
klokwkdoggerlski: is there any legal recourse against this bozo? as in confiscating all he obtains in his suit?
LiliLamont: J. H. C., Cat. There is no way anyone could beat that. I've had some health issures, but I still have my daughter, who is dying to come down to the states and take care of me.
C. Simril: i was in frisco last week on the 5th anniversary of her murder
C. Simril: hi lili, i'
C. Simril: hi lili, i'
Merlyn: cat, it should be easy to get around, at least enough so a lawyer can't touch it. Sell me (or doc, or whoever) the domain name, and it'll be mine, and I'm not in canada, even.
Bunnyboy: Maybe you can help the killer land a spot on Dr. Phil.
C. Simril: i'm deeply into lawyer weridness mode. i trust doc told you about this infinitre evil
Bambi: I can't say that I can top that cat ... that is very sad ... such a bunch of money grubbing idiots
LiliLamont: Hi, Cat. Doc told me that you had been talking about a return trip. I'd love to see you two again.
C. Simril: yeah, the fuckin artilcel they want me to delete are on abc news (disney has better5 laweyers than god) and murdockxhs new york paper
Bunnyboy: Any word on "stateside justice", cat?
C. Simril: as if she/her lawryer from hell could interfere with those webstites
Bambi: yeah, really!
C. Simril: there is no justice, bunny
Bambi: where do they get the gaul to even come after your memorial site anyway?
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and doctec disembarks at 11:50 PM.
doctec: ah, so lili decided to drop by eh?
C. Simril: evil is not finite, bambi
klokwkdoggerlski: gee, something good about Disney and Murdoch!
Bambi: wb doc
Bunnyboy: lo again, doc.
C. Simril: i get to watch my daughter and her frined cremated alive all the fuckin time
LiliLamont: Doc! Yes, I did. I was sorry to see you gone, but Cat was recounting the tragedy about Bit.
C. Simril: whenever there is an ephedrine story on the news, we get to see the footage athe border one again. the killler slamming into bit and kim's car at 100 mph and then claiming she was crazy at the time
klokwkdoggerlski: but more to the point, if this bozo does get money from ephedra suits, it shouldn't go to her (or any to him, either)
C. Simril: hey doc, are we gonna get this bitsite in gear or not?
doctec: ...& i see he told you about the letter he got from a lawyer regarding the web site
C. Simril: fuck, the cunt may drive up from seatlle and slam into fumiyo and me as we drive slowly down our main street tomrrow
LiliLamont: Christ! They keep using that footage? That is uncategorically cruel and inhumane.
doctec: yes, cat, in time - i am still trying to catch up from the rigors of red shift work, two casees of bronchial flu, having to buy a new car, and everything else i put on hold from january to march
C. Simril: you would think, lili. that is, if you had hno experierine of media ever
Merlyn: doc, couldn't you or I take over the domain name, or better yet, host it offshore?
C. Simril: yes, i've seen the nanosecound of my daughter's death maybe 50 times on tv
C. Simril: including the day it occured
LiliLamont: I've been lucky in that regard, Cat.
C. Simril: your daugher still lives, lili. i hope for many, many m,ore years
doctec: merl: the site is on ifip right now - yes, if cat wanted to 'sell' it to us he could
doctec: (more like a lease)
Bambi: good idea merlin
doctec: but i don't think it will come to that
doctec: free speech an' all
klokwkdoggerlski: Cat - you should make clear to them that if they show the footage, they ought to mention how disturbing it is for the survivors and how the instigators and the lawyer stand to profit from your daughter's death
LiliLamont: So do I, Cat. She is the joy of my life. And she's given me a granddaughter, which is a kind of immortality.
C. Simril: i want that site up there as long as that can be done. i doubt any lawyer or court can prevent it, though who knows that gw bush can do . mayber the killer can threaten to run over his daughters if he doesnt yank the site
LiliLamont: I'd be happy if someone ran over W. But that's just me.
C. Simril: their advertrisers make far too mcuh money showng bit endlessly dieing
C. Simril: their advertrisers make far too mcuh money showng bit endlessly dieing
Bunnyboy: Lili: (Makes note in log). ; )
Bunnyboy: "Why, that's a threat, plain and simple!"
C. Simril: your country is owned by the makers of ephedrine, et al. so is mine
Bunnyboy: And the makers of automobiles, for that matter.
doctec: u.s. plus?
doctec: "we own the idea of society"
C. Simril: my father was a ford dealer for many years. i did ads for him, more than 40 years ago
Bunnyboy: "We own the idea...of unaccountability"/
C. Simril: no, that owns itself
Bambi: maybe you should sue them for pain and suffering for showing it on TV?
klokwkdoggerlski: ...and by makers of weapons of mass destruction
LiliLamont: I know, BB. Big Brother is watching. But I doubt Ashcroaft is hip or humorous enough to monitor this. Of course, one never knows. But what the fuck? I hate W. There, I've said it.
Bambi: that would be justice
C. Simril: i am so tired of lawyers, bambi
doctec: sounds incestuous
Bunnyboy: I did a local (Eastern Washington) 409 spot, almost 40 years ago.
doctec: (in re: that owns itself)
C. Simril: henry the 4tth, take 2
Bunnyboy: BTW, R.I.P. David Brinkley and Gregory Peck.
Bambi: who wouldn't be cat under the circumstances ... just that there is no way to get them except in the pocket book .. that's all they feel.
LiliLamont: Thanks, doc. I had to back up on that one.
C. Simril: they were both great
C. Simril: i havce fond memories of watching 2 kill a mockingbirrd with bit
doctec: mark v. and i contributed music bed to local restuarant ad that ran for like three or four years
Bambi: yes they were ... R.I.P for sure
LiliLamont: I was sorry it wasn't Charlton Heston, so they could have pryed his gun from his cold dead hands.
doctec: lili: lol
C. Simril: e had both read the novel, and marvelled at pecks transformatoin of a.fihcn\
doctec: nice image there
LiliLamont: I knew you'd like that.
C. Simril: bambi, there was a civil suit. it was settle last summer
C. Simril: that's why this is so odd
Bunnyboy: Lili: have you seen BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE? The Chuckster looks more than a little frumpy and addled.
LiliLamont: Fucking conservative asshole.
klokwkdoggerlski: i still don't see why you can't co-opt every penny either of them hope to get from this travesty, Cat
C. Simril: loved it, bun
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Bunnyboy: "There is no phone RINGING!"
LiliLamont: No, but Doc and I will have to rent it.
Merlyn: anywho, doc,cat, I figured changing ownership would shut them up quickly; there are even anonymous domain hosting services
Bunnyboy: "Oh, my GOD!"
Bambi: cat, about the viewing on TV?
C. Simril: cuz it would involve me in endless litigation, klok
Bunnyboy: August 19th, for the video
C. Simril: the fuckin civil suit took 5 years already
klokwkdoggerlski: oh
Bambi: I hate lawyers
C. Simril: about the fact that her death is paraded on tv to sell you insurance, what exactfly can i do about that?
LiliLamont: Lawyers are slowly becoming the ruling class. The horror, the horror......
C. Simril: merl, good idea. lets discuss this
Bambi: they can't make you take down your site ... or you can tell'em you'll take down the site when they stop showing that on TV
Bambi: those idiots!
Bunnyboy: It was quite funny: the day after BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE won the Oscar, Amazon listed a ship date as January 2010.
Bunnyboy: I think somebody was having fun.
doctec: yeah, i don't really think it is necessary to take any evasive action re the bit site at this point
Merlyn: http://www.hostinganonymously.com has a way where THEY don't even know who you are.
LiliLamont: 2010?! What the fuck is up with that?! Is this the Bush administration making policy?
klokwkdoggerlski: it might be helpful to have the site hosted in .ca if that means that any litigation would have to occur there then
Bunnyboy: cat: Here's the plan...
doctec: we're in tight with the ifip administrator, if someone were to try and take drastic legal action re the site i'm sure he will help us get it set up somewhere else
Bunnyboy: Sue me? = FUCK *YOU*!!!
LiliLamont: Or, what is .cc? mnftiu is on that.
C. Simril: ok doc, but can we update it, as per my email?
doctec: yes, i just need some time is all cat
C. Simril: yeah, bunnyh. they sue me, they also have to sue disney and murdock. good fucking luck
doctec: my plate is so freakin' full at the moment
doctec: i will do what i can when i can get the time
LiliLamont: Doc's been swamped, as usual.
Bunnyboy: I'm Powdered Toast Man. Catch y'all soon!
LiliLamont: Bon soir, BB.
Bambi: night bunny
Merlyn: nite bb
klokwkdoggerlski: bye BB
C. Simril: as always, docby bun. hope you can avoid being run over my julia campagna
doctec: nite bun
ah,clem: bye BB
Bunnyboy: Lili: Ah, Canadian! You drive me mad!
doctec: (new rwn & stimpy due june 26)
C. Simril: there is no madnes in canada
C. Simril: murder is perfectly legal here.
LiliLamont: BB: I'm not Canadian, but my granddaughter is. But thanks for the compliment.
C. Simril: have any of you read This is Moscow Calling by yuri daniel? got him snet to siberia
LiliLamont: And I refuse to refer to Freedom Toast. What horseshit.
Bunnyboy: doc: Yes, indeed! Check out MAN'S BEST FRIEND, the only original, unaired R & S episode, due on TNN...erhm, Spike TV.
C. Simril: the plot is, murder is declaredlegal for one day
doctec: sent to siberia recently, or back in the bresznev days?
Bunnyboy: Anybody hear about Spike Lee suing Viacom?
C. Simril: 64
doctec: bb: yeah i'm looking fwd to that!
C. Simril: big show trial
LiliLamont: No shit? Over what?
doctec: bb: yeah - more stupid lawsuits
LiliLamont: The things I misss.
C. Simril: my father in law was one of the few who survived siberia in 40s
Bambi: don't feel bad lili ... missed that one too!
klokwkdoggerlski: nice of those weasels to evacuate the Americans in Sierra Leone last weekend, wasn't it...considering we didn't have a prayer of getting there in time ourselves, what with every pissant in uniform that can recite their name already on duty in Iraq and just renewed, Catch-22 style for another tour just now...
C. Simril: so fumiyo and i figure, if he could survive that, we can survive anything. and we owe it to him
doctec: dolby labs took tom dolby to court years ago, tried to say dolby was a copyrighted name & he couldn't use it as his stage name (even though his real full name is thomas morgan dolby robertson) ... dolby labs lost that one
Bunnyboy: TNN is being renamed SPIKE TV...and the Leester thinks his TM-tm name is being affronterated!
LiliLamont: It really is amazing when faced with adversity what you may find yorself capable of.
Bunnyboy: All I gotta say is...talk to one or two cartoon bulldogs, you horse's ass!
C. Simril: i loved his first flick but then he degenerated into an infinite seried of nike ads
Merlyn: will spike lee sue spike jonez?
C. Simril: you should know, lili
doctec: not to mention spike milligan
C. Simril: you're almost as old as me
C. Simril: you're almost as old as me
Merlyn: or spike the dog in the old tom & jerry cartoons? And will the bartenders assoc sue tom & jerry?
LiliLamont: Ooh, so close. I just turned 52. How old are you now, Cat?
Bunnyboy: cat: Do you have Virtual Tourette's?
C. Simril: what would you know of bartenders, merl?
C. Simril: 4/12/51
C. Simril: the name of one of my neal stories
Merlyn: a termite walks into a bar and asks "is the bartender here?"
klokwkdoggerlski: hah, and I got 3 years+ on Lili, too ;-)
LiliLamont: It's only a month's difference, Cat. I'm 5/15/51.
C. Simril: same astrological sign, for the poor demented who believe in such things\and late
C. Simril: and late departed dex isz a decade older than us all\
Bambi: born in Feb. 1955 here
klokwkdoggerlski: gad, they're letting too many kids into this chat...
LiliLamont: Time is running out for us all. Grab life while you can.
C. Simril: we are all old, no matter when we were born
C. Simril: that is in some ways the message of the firesign theatre.
Bunnyboy: cat: No shit! I never would've pegged Dex for a near-retiree. But, what of that...
C. Simril: in that we can age independetly of time
LiliLamont: KWD: Hey, Doc is 9/3/54. I like to get them while they're tender.
klokwkdoggerlski: they don't have Life on the supermarket rack anymore...
ah,clem: .006535948, Cat?
Bunnyboy: I'm the kid in the room. I just turned 42, 2 days ago.
doctec: a preying mantis walks into a bar. bartender says what'll ya have? mantis says "gimme a rum & coke". bartender pours drink, says "that'll be $12". mantis pays. bartender remarks "y'know, we don't see many preying mantises in here very often". mantis says "yeah, and at those prices you won't see many more."
C. Simril: merl is younger yet
LiliLamont: You're just adorable, BB!
klokwkdoggerlski: watch Vertical Ray of the Sun, Lili, and tell him that ;-))
LiliLamont: I will,K.
Bunnyboy: Mantis = Kangaroo = Penguin
doctec: lili: vertical ray of the sun is at hollywood video
LiliLamont: Let's rent it. It's supposed to rain this weekend, right? What a fucking surprise.
Merlyn: no, I'm 46
Bunnyboy: I'se a sleepy one. Nite!
doctec: nite bb
Merlyn: nite bb
C. Simril: by
LiliLamont: Night, BB. Bon soir, bon nuit.
C. Simril: good to see you more than once
Bambi: night bunny
doctec: lili: no, it will be sunny & mild all weekend & into tuesday
doctec: rain & thunderstorms start tonight, will pass by friday night
||||||||| Bunnyboy says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Bunnyboy exits at 12:18 AM.
LiliLamont: Get out of town, Doc! You mean I can mow the lawn? Shit!
C. Simril: off you bun
C. Simril: hey li, we got lawn in new place
Bambi: LOL ... never thought at my age I'd be considered a kid :)
doctec: yes you can mow your lawn (sunday would be better) and no i won't get outta town. sorry.
C. Simril: you and doc gonna come viist?
C. Simril: evertyihg is relative, bamb
LiliLamont: I hope so, Cat. Hey, Bambi, I still get called "miss".
Bambi: yeah ... by the way ... clem is 5/56
doctec: cat: that will depend on (a) if i can save up the money between now and then, and (b) what lili's
LiliLamont: How old are you, Bambi?
doctec: or the lack thereof
C. Simril: we will miss you when you leave us here, lili
C. Simril: i'm elated that you've joinedus
klokwkdoggerlski: it helps not to wear that waitress uniform...
doctec: (b) what lili's work situation is
doctec: (damn chat thing cut me off)
Bambi: 48 I think on last count LOL
Bambi: I don't pay much attention ... I don't feel it unless I am in pain
doctec: i'll be 49 this september
C. Simril: have you notiiced thas tmost ot us firefans are between 40-60?
C. Simril: which is about the time their work first would have hit our minds old enoughto dig it?
Bambi: yeah...heard my first firesign on a progressive station when I was 18
doctec: ye
LiliLamont: I couldn't resist, Cat. I was reading a transcript of Doc's that was recorded by an insurance company about the accident that helped him buy a new car. Of course, I had to contribute to the transcript, much to doc's delight.
doctec: ounds about right
Bambi: but clem was the one who really got me interested in FST
C. Simril: a few youngines like has no name. what ever happend tio thim"?
klokwkdoggerlski: it has much to do with whether they play the stuff when you're susceptible
Bambi: I enjoyed it at 18 very much...but didn't have any albums or know anyone who did until clem
ah,clem: 2/19/55=.001913876 aprox, Bambi
C. Simril: n ot anymore klok
C. Simril: thanks to online stuff
LiliLamont: Hey, Cat, even Eleni has enjoyed FST. And she's 32.
Bambi: there's clem now ... speak of the devil LOL!
C. Simril: dex sent me 6/7/70 firesign show which i originally recorded only much better copy
klokwkdoggerlski: they have to play it on radio stations. all radio stations in US owned by Clear Channel, to a first approx.
Bambi: our kids enjoy FST too ... 28, 26, 24
C. Simril: yes, my young daughter loved perogei tirebiter songf
LiliLamont: God save us from Clear Channel.
klokwkdoggerlski: so no FST outlet, aside PBS. when they feel like running their stuff and there is no war, exploding shuttle, or severe rainshowers in Postum, NM...
doctec: clear channel, like microsoft, scares me big t
C. Simril: just as we felt in mid 60s when fm opend up, with our computers we can replicate that freedom, lili
LiliLamont: Or it's not too controversial, unfortunately.
klokwkdoggerlski: God didn't save Minot, ND. Big ammonia spill, and they called 6 stations. All owned by CC. None responded. Sheriff tried for an hour.
C. Simril: ok, the firsing need to find work as voice actors ala proc or whartever
LiliLamont: I stream constantly, Cat.
C. Simril: mioont? that was the big city people from my home town went to tot shop
C. Simril: i scream 4
Merlyn: that ought to get their FCC licenses pulled, kwd
klokwkdoggerlski: it was just about wiped out by ammonia cloud, but Clear Channel couldn't be bothered
klokwkdoggerlski: yeah, in this Next World, everybody gets Dixie Chick'ed
C. Simril: your country is even more fucked up than even the most perceptive of you know
ah,clem: automated radio stations do not return phone calls...
doctec: oh yeah, cat, we know
C. Simril: i was down there a few days ago. i was scared
doctec: (well some of us anyway, the ones who don't have their heads in the sand)
klokwkdoggerlski: ...but Clear Channel owns the FCC, Merl -- didn't you hear? I suppose you haven't heard about Admiral Bob's Navy, either ;-)
C. Simril: and i'm, FROM there
doctec: we're from the government, we're here to help... NOT
klokwkdoggerlski: Cat - your statement is metaphysically absurd. Or at least meta unprovable by normal human resident of US...
klokwkdoggerlski: ...this former Zinc Bushing company...
||||||||| Peter Bergman sneaks in around 12:29 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
C. Simril: ok, klok. there are many things ot admire in the us. vehicular homicide as a mandatory 10 year sentence in washington state, where the killer committed her crim,e but was tried in canuck courst where murder is utterly legal. that's just one, eh?\
C. Simril: peter?
C. Simril: glad to finally see you here
LiliLamont: I missed something, here. I had to let a wet cat in. There's another wet cat out there.
Merlyn: hey peter!
klokwkdoggerlski has heard of fashionably late, but this are ridililous
Bambi: hi peter
doctec: is this the real peter bergman or one of his min
C. Simril: bush and company
C. Simril: we are always wet, lili.
doctec: minions?
klokwkdoggerlski: according to quantum theory, in a vacuum of cats, it's very likely that two will appear, Lili
LiliLamont: Also known as ShrubCo, by Mark Morford of SFGate.
C. Simril: how was the tour, peter?
C. Simril: come a long way?
klokwkdoggerlski: are those the mini onions i've read about, Doc?
doctec: klok: yes. peter, sorry to hear the tour was a washout. i'm really glad i got to see you & maryedith in nyc.
Peter Bergman: It's a pleasure to join you all in the chat room on the incipience of my offing to Moab Utah the Palm Springs of the central desert. I'm gong to do a little ha ha at the Grass Roots Radio Conferece.
LiliLamont: AKA, shallots.
doctec: cool pete
C. Simril: are you still touring with michelle shocked? is this a new thing?
klokwkdoggerlski: in Moab, there prob'ly ain't many leaves, so all that's left is roots (rock, reggae?)
doctec: so you're going to off Moab?
doctec: sounds like a hoot
LiliLamont: GRRC? Is it something we can stream or otherwise tune into, Peter?
klokwkdoggerlski: you could do Moab-y Dick, Rehearsed
C. Simril: mo' ab, whitey whales
Bambi: be sure to say hi to Ruth and Boaz in Moab LOL
doctec: they stick the microphones in the ground so they can be real close to the grass roots
doctec: or something like that
doctec: then they run the feed through a box and onto the net
Bambi: just a little bible humour there ... very little
Merlyn: I'm going to try and turn peter's name red; this cannot fail, but hold on...
doctec: it's magic!
Peter Bergman: The "Almost Naseous Tour" was my introduction to living on a rock and roll bus. It's amazing how much hunger there is out there for radical humor. Most of the audience was there to see Michelle, who is pretty political, but the response to Maryedith and myself was truly amazing.
Bambi: cool merlin
klokwkdoggerlski: and hello to my friend Aaron and his wives Etta, Martha, Vinda, Wanda, and Lanna...
C. Simril: ken kesey is alive and living within you, eh , pete?
doctec: the pendulum swings, the silent majority are now all democrats
klokwkdoggerlski: ouch! that red is too bright this late at night in this sector!
Bambi: well, we sure love radical humour
Merlyn: (didn't use his password, but I know it's really him because he's posting from adelphia, and he's using NN7.0b1 under mac OSX)
C. Simril: or else why would we be here?
Peter Bergman: Never too late for a little biblical humor here in the last days. I suppose the auctioning off of America by the administration could be seen as a Last Days Sale
C. Simril: we believe you, merl
Bambi: there's the red :)
doctec: that's for damn sure pb
klokwkdoggerlski: i was impressed when Michelle went off to work with Billy Bragg; it's very brave to be political these days
ah,clem: not after curfew in sector R, or N.
LiliLamont: Peteer: That is a real relief, considering the reports on Bush's popularity that NPR has been airing. It's truly frightening. I'm trying to figure out who put crack in the national water supply, but your comment gives me hope.
Bambi: a real fire sale it seems
doctec: it's a fucking tragedy - in five acts, three of them unnatural
Bambi: things have certainly begun to take some real turns lately
klokwkdoggerlski: Lili - someone who wants to own it
C. Simril: but did your involvement with the show end because of lack of ticket sales, pete?
Bambi: some bad turns
Peter Bergman: Okay, I'll show you my password, Doctor. This is Mudhead in the virtual flesh. Paul Krassner will be joining me in Moab. Should be a good couple of days.
klokwkdoggerlski: there are no fifth acts in American life?
C. Simril: you and paul together again.
doctec: that's great - you & krassner should get the faithful riled up real good
LiliLamont: Usually, "This American Life" is only in three acts.
C. Simril: peter paul and harry?
klokwkdoggerlski: on the road to Damascus
doctec: it's time for another social upheaval (civilization, ho!)
klokwkdoggerlski: I think that's a Union restriction, Lili
Bambi: maybe they will see the light on the road to damascus LOL
klokwkdoggerlski: maybe they will see the clock on the Ballast Office and have themselves an epiphany. who knows?
doctec: give them a light, and they will smoke it anywhere
Peter Bergman: We left the show because sales were soft in the South and we yearned for our beds in the West. As to Mr. Bush's popularity. 911 will haunt us for a decade, but if only someone of stature younger than Sen. Byrd would remind us how few clothes the emperor has, we could deal with this bunch of loonies.
C. Simril: much as i'd like your country to dissappear, because of listening to you on radio free oz, and vin scully, i have vast resonances of pleasure ecoing form my earlhy decaddes in la
Merlyn: Whoa, the Moab is tomorrow! I'll get an announcement out
LiliLamont: Seriously, KWD? Seems a little too progressive to kowtow to such restrictions.
klokwkdoggerlski: bunch of loonies? is there more Canadian currency loose again? I thought it was just a dearth of $2 bills, but...
doctec: klok: lol
C. Simril: when you say ":we" in your last sentence, it sounds like you on kpfk in 66. you assume a much larger we than is actually in control of your country. then as now
klokwkdoggerlski: Lili - it's too late and i'm too far into the effects of my (single) Negra Modello to be sirius. vega, maybe
LiliLamont: I'm not surprised that sales were soft in the south, although I have family in Oklahoma that would have embraced it. But they aren't ordinary Okies, thank gid.
Peter Bergman: Yeah, tomorrow evening I'm doing a bit of standup and hosting the talent show on Saturday. I think the core of the resistance will continue to come from community radio, if only they weren't so damned humor challanged
C. Simril: it intrigues and elates me that you are so optimistic
klokwkdoggerlski: ride my pony on the reservation!
doctec: great ozzy osbourne quote i heard recently (i'm paraphrasing here): "some people you meet have a really great vibe, some have kind of a wishy washy vibe and some have a really awful vibe. i met president bush - he has NO vibe!"
doctec: yeah, the whole political correctness thing has the radicals totally muzzled when it comes to humor these days
klokwkdoggerlski: doc - LOL, LOL
Bambi: LOL .. good one Peter ... humour challenged is about right
C. Simril: peter, i have a tape of kpfk oz show being taken over by the "provos"
LiliLamont: Community radio is humor challenged, P? I figured that humor is the only way to survive the Bush years. I find myself talking to myself when I listen to that asshole on NPR. I can't stand to listen to the man. His syntax rankles my inside English teacher.
Peter Bergman: We are experiencing the painful last throwes of the old whits guys world. Ther have a lot of power and there's so many enemies out there to make and keep them busy. I'm optomistic, but know we're in for some trying times.
C. Simril: were you kicked off the station because of that? i've always wondered
doctec: i know i'm trying...
||||||||| Bambi departs at 12:43 AM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| Bambi sneaks in around 12:43 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
ah,clem: we redialed, Bambi
Bambi: This whole country is so engrained in political correctness ... on both sides of the political fence
klokwkdoggerlski: hmm. the white guyz still got all the $$$, though; it's just that most of the other white guyz now seem to be very frightened of us
Bambi: ah, that explains it ... thanks clem
Bambi: I was wondering what happened
Peter Bergman: I was suspended for a week for the Provo incident which I'm mentioning in my material tomorrow as one of the five times I was fired off radio. Actually including the FST firings it's more but I'm keeping it personal.
C. Simril: pete, when i moved ot van the first time in 72, my japanese girl fireidnt atr the time was frightedned awayh by too manh white people. now my wife oof 28 years feels smothered by the ubiquity of other asians here.
klokwkdoggerlski: ...and when that happens, sometimes, history shows, they tend not to be there when you need them...like when it's time to borrow a few bucks ;-)
doctec: "smothered by the ubiquity" - that really sums up my take on society these days cat
Bambi: we downloaded the non-aired PBS piece ... enjoyed it
||||||||| c ease waltzes in at 12:45 AM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
klokwkdoggerlski: yes, but Cat, I think we have a real shot at a new 3-day weekend: Chinese New Year's (or else Cinco De Mayo)
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off C. Simril at 12:46 AM
doctec: yes, thank grid npr.org has the firesign archive available for listening and enjoyment
LiliLamont: I felt like that in Tokyo, obviously. But here, I'm just smothered by WASPS, fortunately not the WWASPS in Utah with their weird child camps.
c ease: my capacity to spell is about as extant as my daughter's breath
doctec: note to self: C. Simril is now "c ease"
||||||||| Peter Bergman runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Peter Bergman?! It's 12:46 AM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 12:47 AM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
doctec: bumme
Bambi: cool...will have to check that out doc ... thanks!
Bambi: bummer
c ease: bergman, he gone now
Bambi: hope he just timed out and will come back
doctec: yeah bambi, just type "firesign theatre" in the search box, the main firesign page should com up near the top of the list
Mudhead: I re-upped to say good-bye until next time
klokwkdoggerlski: everything is archived now, but no one listens except to the Fox
||||||||| Mudhead says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Mudhead exits at 12:48 AM.
c ease: i could not believe that
Bambi: will do that thanks .... are they in mp3 format too?
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'xmas bunny', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 12:48 AM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
c ease: bergamn chatted with us
c ease: merl, is that your doing?
c ease: merl, is that your doing?
xmas bunny: Howdy neighbors
Bambi: I hate realaudio
c ease: fuck th ewhat/
doctec: tell it to the xmas bunny
c ease: real audio, eh?
doctec: yes cat, not the fake kind
c ease: bergman?
ah,clem: xmms has a real audio lib, bam
LiliLamont: Hey, guys, I'm ready to crash. Plus, I have to entice a wet cat inside. This is the monsoon season.
ah,clem: night, Lil
xmas bunny: try catnip
doctec: good luck with that lili
doctec: i know how recalcitrant those cats of yours can be
Bambi: night lili
LiliLamont: First, I have to get him to the door. It's pouring outside.
||||||||| It's 12:50 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Merlyn: maybe he hit the exit button by accident
Bambi: wow.... yaws got clem
: nothing like a good dose of fresh catnip to get their attention
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and xmas bunny disembarks at 12:50 AM.
LiliLamont: Good night, guys. Doc, I'll see you tomorrow.
xmas bunny: what the heck ?
doctec: ensconced in the basement as i am now, i am unaware of the raging deluge above ground
klokwkdoggerlski: good luck, lili!
Bambi: night lili hope you are feeling better
xmas bunny: I just got dumped
: ?
doctec: oh yes - you will!
doctec: thanks sweetheart, sleep well
LiliLamont: Bon nuit, all.
klokwkdoggerlski: i hope that rain goes somewhere else once it leaves CT, not here to RI
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "12:51 AM and late as usual, it's ah,clem, just back from Billville."
doctec: xooxoxxoxoxox
: llili, you deserve the best
Bambi: wb clem
xmas bunny: ah, clem did the system just dump you out to the main page ?a
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and cease disembarks at 12:52 AM.
ah,clem: was it something I said?
ah,clem: yes, bunny
Bambi: hmmmm
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off C. Simril at 12:52 AM
cease: can any of you folks belive what just happened?
xmas bunny: funny the same thing happened to me too
xmas bunny: let me guesss you got dumped to the main page
klokwkdoggerlski: the "system" seems to have dumped all Americans out to hte main page...
cease: i have been trying to talk to peter bergman since 1996
ah,clem: weird
Bambi: it did it to cat again too
cease: it just happend now
klokwkdoggerlski: we're 2 out of 4 now
cease: i mean
cease: i mean
cease: fuck
cease: fuck
Bambi: shhhhhh ... don't tell the system about me LOL!
cease: the rest of the guys are easy to talk to
cease: they all star in my plays,for one
cease: they all star in my plays,for one
klokwkdoggerlski: it's very kind and generous of any of them to visit!
cease: it is amazing, klok
cease: kind beyond buddhism
klokwkdoggerlski: although kwd shouldn't ahve bee so late up
Bambi: it is really great when one of them come by ... appreciated very much!
doctec: yes and neither should i
cease: buit if you had not, you would not have met bergmanb, klok
cease: so manh others before missed that opportujnity
klokwkdoggerlski: kwd caught 2 hours' of Zs earlier, resulting in a late entree, though
klokwkdoggerlski still wants to see all of them live
klokwkdoggerlski: nearby
klokwkdoggerlski: at a happy venue that is not a great stress for them to deal with
ah,clem: well, looks like the fireworks are over, only the smoke remains, See you all next wek, or tomorrow for fnl. (www.skybirdradio.org)
klokwkdoggerlski: ah! the Mystic Seaquarium!
klokwkdoggerlski: nite clem
cease: will ossman show too?
ah,clem: night all, :)
doctec: good question cat
Bambi: yes, and since I am having hard time keeping my eyes open ... will bid everyone a fond farewell ... until we meet again at the appointed time ;)
cease: hey merl.shall i cal oss\?
doctec: nite chem
doctec: or (hands over mouth) "ah, clem"
Merlyn: More info on the grassroots radio conference is at http://www.kzmu.org/Grassroots/GrassrootsKZMU.htm
Merlyn: sure, cat
xmas bunny: wait, a termite walks into a bar and asks what ????
klokwkdoggerlski: goodnite, Bambi
cease: its kinda painful to do with us judsgent of my plays in play
Bambi: hope all works out cat about the memorial site
doctec: xmas bunny: he asks "is there a duck on my head?"
Bambi: klok
klokwkdoggerlski: a firesign theatre performer walks into a bar in Moab and...
Bambi: night klok ...darn refresh got me
xmas bunny: man i have to get a day job on the west coast in order to be here for the real stuff
klokwkdoggerlski: ...oh, that's right, there aren't any bars in Moab...
||||||||| It's 1:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| LiliLamont - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bambi: have a great week
doctec: Peter Krassner says "you and what army?"
cease: doc, that is from my new play as groucho is infectred with frisco ducks
||||||||| Bambi runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Bambi?! It's 1:00 AM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| ah,clem says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, ah,clem exits at 1:00 AM.
klokwkdoggerlski: come to think of it, there isn't any grass, either
cease: by lili
xmas bunny: this getting home at 9pm PST is too late for this crowd
klokwkdoggerlski: what infraction did groucho commit
klokwkdoggerlski: ?
doctec: wasn't that a big dance hit from the '70s, frisco duck?
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
doctec: xmas: yeah, it's 1am here on the least coast and way beyond my bed thyme
klokwkdoggerlski: what i like is the condensed minimalism of it all, how the cover of "Marx and Lennon" says 1200 words with no -30-
xmas bunny: They never come into the hills
klokwkdoggerlski: Mystic is by the sea
klokwkdoggerlski: sometimes like fire...
xmas bunny: I went to mystic seaport
klokwkdoggerlski: very relaxing on the off season, and the Musem has a Naptha Launch -- and they're hard to find
klokwkdoggerlski: plus, there is a good pizza place there
xmas bunny: pepperoni ? I spell my name xmas
doctec: Fels Naptha?
klokwkdoggerlski: not to mention that the Seaquarium has a special arrangement with some of the local seafood restaurants...
klokwkdoggerlski: kinda - it's a petroleum product one step short of ether
doctec: ether or, i always say
klokwkdoggerlski: the story goes that you needed a Licensed Steam Engineer to run a steam launch
klokwkdoggerlski: and neauvo riche types needed power launches to get out to their cheapo yachts
xmas bunny: Or a good steamer to have a hot lunch
klokwkdoggerlski: so someone figured out how to make a "steam engine" that used naptha vapor as the working fluid
cease: doc, are we up too late for your?
doctec: i took a power launch with a nasa engineer once
doctec: we had laser beans
klokwkdoggerlski: not only that, the naptha could run a burner to vaporize itself into "steam"
doctec: no, i'm up too late for myself
xmas bunny: and what beans they were, bucko
doctec: but that's par for the course - especially this week
cease: i thought you wre long gone, liike a turkey thru the bosporus
klokwkdoggerlski: so if you have hot vaporized stuff just short of ether and something nearby that's on fire, well---
doctec: i popped back in 'cause i saw lili had joined in the chat
xmas bunny: Of course my favorite vegetable is Jelly Beans
doctec: and then playing the role of ossman, pb shows up
doctec: i'm glad i came back!
klokwkdoggerlski: there were lots of horrible accidents, and despite a 12 foot stack for the exhaust and copper flashing all around the engine compartments, there aren't many naptha launches left to view
cease: and front too, eh, lil
doctec: i suppose there's still a chance ossman will show, but will i be able to keep my eyes open long enough to chat with him if he does?
xmas bunny: The ossman show ???
klokwkdoggerlski: it's curious that they all appear so late -- it's almost like they live on the west coast or something...
cease: did you expecft bergman, doc
doctec: a dying technological curio, klok?
doctec: cat: no
doctec: merlyn had said earlier that ossman might show
cease: me 3
klokwkdoggerlski: let's just say that many burn with curiosity to see one, DT
doctec: did not know or expect that pb would pop in
doctec: burning with curiosity - is that anything like cooking with gas?
cease: in my life, i thought , never
klokwkdoggerlski: but it technically was not a steam engine, so any (often drunken) bozo could legally run one -- and from the number that survive, many did...
doctec: cat: never discount a possibility, no matter how slim the odds
klokwkdoggerlski: it's kind of like making a steam engine that runs using gasoline instead of water
cease: and in terms of conceptual chronolgy i would say the possibility of bit's rising ffrom the dead is a standard of possibilty
klokwkdoggerlski: well, i feel honored, anyway
xmas bunny: I guess the question is, how many burning Naptha boats does it take to put a yacht on fire
doctec: bit or anyone no longer animate
cease: you do a lot of drugs, xmas?
doctec: is this a riddle xmas?
xmas bunny: whats your definition of a lot
klokwkdoggerlski: they got more docks than yachts, bunny, since there was better wate4ring holes ashore
doctec: about an acre i'd say
cease: enuf to conceptualist another reality
xmas bunny: ah, the fire would start before they got to the yacht
klokwkdoggerlski: is that like Owlsley?
xmas bunny: doc: then the answer would be no, not a lot
doctec: ok - just checking x
xmas bunny: cease: other realities? what a concept
cease: ive always likd owls. was one in halloween in 54 yorkton
klokwkdoggerlski is having trouble dealing with this reality right now, vy late
klokwkdoggerlski: running out of steam, naptha, gas, whatever
xmas bunny: I never did see the end of Merlyn's story about a termite that walks into a bar......oh well
klokwkdoggerlski never saw one (or any Owlsley tabs, either, for that matter) until a migration 10 yrs ago - some poor devil got forced down by weather and holed up in one of my trees
klokwkdoggerlski: the end: the bar becomes sawdust, of course!
doctec: cf milton berle joke library, # 3,704,336-b
cease: never taken an owsley acid or any other psychedlic druig. alas\i have never
cease: i have never taken a hallucinagenics drug.
klokwkdoggerlski: doc - it's 'way late. I really think that was -337-b, wasn't it?
klokwkdoggerlski: me neither, Cat, although it might help with the voices...
doctec: klok: yeah you're right. i think i'm losing it right about now, need to get some shuteye and see if i can find it again tomorrow
doctec: thanks for hanging out y'all
klokwkdoggerlski: ok, well, i'm off. nite everyone
doctec: it's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun
xmas bunny: sawdust? of course I've seen dust, usually put it in the rubbish bin
cease: i suspect they exist, but i wonder what one can take to alter one's perceptions, so tha tone can murder two innocent girls, and then claim momentary madness,?
klokwkdoggerlski: shall we call it a new daye?
xmas bunny: night klok
doctec: now it's time to say good night - good night, sleep tight
Merlyn: hey would someone like to try a quick debugging test?
doctec: catch y'all on the flip side
klokwkdoggerlski: what does the society that allows this call what it did, Cat? permanent madness??
Merlyn: nite doc
klokwkdoggerlski: nite
cease: ok then
xmas bunny: sure i am not going anywhere
||||||||| klokwkdoggerlski leaves to catch the 1:18 AM train to Hellmouth.
doctec: exit, stage left, dragging heels all the way.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
xmas bunny: nite doc
||||||||| At 1:18 AM, doctec vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
cease: that you east coaster stahy awak so long is amazomh
Merlyn: hey bunny, will you go into "I'm Away" mode?
Merlyn: or car
Merlyn: or cat
xmas bunny: Merlyn, how can i help
Merlyn: select I'm away so your name goes into parentheses
Merlyn: asdf
Merlyn: Hmm, OK, thanks
Merlyn: I thought I found a bug, but that worked OK...
Merlyn: all done, bunny
xmas bunny: sure
xmas bunny: any other easy tasks laying around ?
Merlyn: oh, yes, actually
Merlyn: First I'll go into I'm away mode, then you go in & out of it a couple of times
xmas bunny: Fire away
xmas bunny: Roger doger
xmas bunny: back ?
Merlyn: hmm, that worked too
Merlyn: I thought it might not...
Merlyn: Oh, did you get out of it by typing something?
xmas bunny: seems to take awhile to get back in after being away
Merlyn: Try again, this time go in & out by selecting "i'm away" and "i'm back" instead
xmas bunny: Ah didnt know I had to type
xmas bunny: Ok
Merlyn: no, don't type
Merlyn: d'oh! yes, it's just me not understanding my own code from long ago
Merlyn: OK, no bug after all...
xmas bunny: it locks up on me, i cant type
Merlyn: either clicking in the text typing box or refreshing your browser might fix it...
xmas bunny: clicking in the text box wasnt working, couldnt get a cursor
xmas bunny: only thing I could do was to send a private message to you
xmas bunny: strange, refresh is the only way to get the cursor back
Merlyn: what browser are you using (and version)?
xmas bunny: test
Merlyn: I saw that with IE 4 or something
xmas bunny: IE 6.0.2800 or something like that
Merlyn: yes, a manual refresh or selecting something from the pulldown menu redraws the bottom frame and that fixes it, but I don't know why it happens, I think it's a browser bug
||||||||| It's 1:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cease - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
xmas bunny: so when i go through the logs for tonight, pb plays the part of who ?
Merlyn: He's "Peter Bergman", and eventually I got his name to turn red
xmas bunny: hmmmm that was a clever disguise
xmas bunny: no one would have suspected that Peter Bergman was in fact Peter Bergman
xmas bunny: Of course the best place to hide something is in plain sight
Merlyn: well, I'm going to take off, I just added a command to make someone's name red as a standard command
Merlyn: bye
xmas bunny: Nite
||||||||| Merlyn says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Merlyn exits at 1:35 AM.
xmas bunny: So as we bid a fond fairwell to this day, and watch the Log slowly disolve into the fire of eternity, we bid you all adieu
||||||||| xmas bunny rushes off, saying "1:42 AM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:31 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Peter Bergman
Bubba's Brain
c ease
C. Simril
Dexter Fong
doctor dog
L'Yamamoto Volant
Mr. Motion
orale tay watcho
Peter Bergman
xmas bunny
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