A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for July 03, 2003 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Merlyn sneaks in around 7:42 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Merlyn: Just coming in early to say I might be pretty late tonight, if I come in at all.
Merlyn: I'll be seeing what's going on at Convergence in a little while, and I don't know when I'll return.
||||||||| Merlyn runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Merlyn?! It's 7:43 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Bambi disembarks at 8:58 PM.
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'MoonGoon', just granted probation at 8:59 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Bambi: hi MoonGoon
MoonGoon: "In the attics... of my life... "
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, July 03, 2003 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Bambi: ah, yes ...
MoonGoon: Allo Bambi... my birthday was last week (46) and I prevailed upon my dear wife to get me the big Boxed set of Warner dead releases...
Bambi: Happy Birthday!
Bambi: celebrated my 48th this year (feb)
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Mudhead disembarks at 9:02 PM.
MoonGoon: I probably have every one on vinyl up in the attic, but never play them (too much shucking & jiving with cords and such)...
Bambi: hi mudhead
Mudhead: and turned on this caps lock key..
Bambi: that's cool moongoon
||||||||| Catherwood ushers cease into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:04 PM, then departs.
MoonGoon: So now I am rediscovering my college days in Buffalo... what a rush of great memories... God I love those merry pranksters.
Bambi: better than the bugs in teeth
cease: hello bambi, moon, mud
Bambi: hi cat
Mudhead: that was amicrophone Bambi, not a bug
cease: i'll be revisiting my alma mater this summer, first time in more than 30 years
Mudhead: oh stop it cease
MoonGoon: Ahoy Mudhead... cease... how's the weather up there?
Bambi: oh, sorry ... ah,clem had a motorcycle so that was my first thought LOL
cease: i suppose it's still there. saskatoon doens't really have anything else going for it
cease: not bad today
Mudhead: get up kneel
cease: i gather doc, bf westly hanging out with ossman today at that convention
MoonGoon: I spent ten years working with a brill illustrator who hailed from Sask.; saw him just the other day as a matter of fact. (he's living in Roch. these days)
cease: somewhere in heartland-ville
cease: yes, we're all From saskachewan. no one in their right mind would live there in the winter
||||||||| Catherwood escorts EricTheFish in through the front door at 9:08 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
MoonGoon: I think he emigrated to Toronto for the winter festival
EricTheFish: (otherwise known as EricTravis from Austin)
cease: billville, billville, you move to billville because it's your fate
Bambi: hi eric
cease: hi eric
EricTheFish: What's all this bruhaha about FST not getting to air on the 4th on NPR?
MoonGoon: Somewhere deep in the heartburn of Armenia...
cease: yeah what's with that?
cease: only nobody here is likely to know the answer
EricTheFish: Deep in the hearrrt of Taxes...
Bambi: yeah, got email on that too ... is it up on the site yet? was gonna look again today
MoonGoon: I jumped the gun and sent my nasty e-mail to atc@npr.org... blew my cover as a "real person"...
cease: merlyn is off conventioneering now
cease: how is austin, eric. i've always heard good things about it
cease: any city named after a firesign member couldn't be all bad
MoonGoon: My folks spend their winters in San Marcos (Maxwell, to be precise) and come north for the summer sun of NY. My parents -- the nomads.
EricTheFish: Pretty happenin' own. Hotter than a heater in Hellmouth now tho.
cease: i would imagine so
EricTheFish: Town, that is...
MoonGoon: They need to make sure one of the neighbors waters their slab... or it will crack in the hotness of August.
cease: is ah clem joining us tonight, bambi?
Bambi: yes, he should be joining us soon
Bambi: he was outside for a bit
cease: i'll have that interview with ossman in mail to you 2 tomorrow, along with some seem real theatre products
Bambi: great...thanks!
Bambi: I am combining my june and july newsletters and it should be up within the week
Bambi: will let you know when it's up too
MoonGoon: This annoying habit that NPR seems to have developed... of pulling out the Nasi Goring impersonation... is getting pretty old.
EricTheFish: No sign of the 4th episode on the web site yet.
MoonGoon: makes me wonder how long the guys will be able to hang in there...
Bambi: I have an article about FST and some links including the Mark Time award which of course meant I could add a link to your Neal Amid
cease: 2 in a row now
cease: this sint good
EricTheFish: What could they possibly have said? Thought Thanksgiving was pretty good and not particularly offensive.
cease: thanks, bambi
cease: now you'll actually have to hear it
Bambi: happy to help both FST and your Seem Real Theatre too :)
MoonGoon: DO hinted that the Mayor's speech was a bit "provocative"... can't wait to hear what the fuss was about.
cease: yeah, it was basically just their old indian piece.
cease: hardly a surprise
cease: hardly a surprise
EricTheFish: Eating an Indian's heart is not something Christ would have done.
Bambi: also was able to get a link to the new How Time Flys release in it
cease: nor drive an suv
MoonGoon: Yum!
MoonGoon: VROOM!
cease: i hope dave is selling lots of copies at that convention
EricTheFish: HTF is really good. Hardly seem at all dated after all these years.
Bambi: yep :)
cease: its pure SF
MoonGoon: There's a song in there somewhere....
cease: i've always been surprised that the sf community never seemed to embrace the firesign theatre
Bambi: a close friend from ah,clem's teen years gifted HTF's in pristine condition on vinyl
cease: wow
Bambi: yeah, he had a terrible time finding it
Bambi: won the bid on ebay LOL
EricTheFish: I've got the wire recording.
cease: you can hear j edgar's heavy breathing on it
Bambi: LOL
EricTheFish: It beHooves us all to watch what we say.
MoonGoon: Probably trying to wedge into that waspie corset
cease: ossman has a particular hatred of that man, from something that happened to his family
Mudhead: new definition of wired
MoonGoon: Hoov the Poov made many enemies... he had to make a list to keep them all straight.
EricTheFish: Wonder if Poindexter & Ashcroft are monitoring the logs...
cease: i think it was an uncle of his that was blacklisted, harrassed by fbi, forget exactly who
MoonGoon: the guminnit sees all.
cease: he mentions that in some interview somewhere. there are so many of them
EricTheFish: Democracy Now (WebActive) had an entire hour recently (June 25th) comparing Orwell and the current Residents.
EricTheFish: Really since commentary.
MoonGoon: Snakefinger a raging repubican?!?!? NEVER!
cease: isnt the fbi headquartered in virginia?
||||||||| "9:25 PM? 9:25 PM!!" says Catherwood, "ah,clem should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as ah,clem enters and sits on the couch.
ah,clem: hi
cease: ah matsushima, ah matsushima, ah, ah?
EricTheFish: Evenin' clem...
MoonGoon: Although... the eyeball outfits were a prophetic touch.
Bambi: hi ah,clem
cease: that's a basho poem, that apparently translates into english as "a world of dew is but a world of dew, and yet...."
ah,clem: bug light clogged and wet....
Bambi: glad you made it ... how is the mosquito situation outside after all the rain?
EricTheFish: Yet, if you drink enough you'll go into sugar shock.
ah,clem: too much rain
Bambi: LOL
cease: much better than Heavy bugs though
MoonGoon: Those old bugs were made of only the finest steel...
Bambi: I would imagine so :)
EricTheFish: Flying robots the size of matchboxes. What this country needs.
Mudhead: those arent bugs there microphones
ah,clem: bugs are heavy too, you should weigh some of these mosquitoes.
MoonGoon: Pre or post-suck?
ah,clem: post
EricTheFish: Don't worry about the mosquitoes, we won't weigh 'em.
ah,clem: all got some of me...
cease: i worry about going to saskatchewan during mosquito season. may not survive
MoonGoon: unless they're fronting West Nile...
ah,clem: is bad here in the swamp with no bug light,
cease: maybe i can soak myself in deet
Mudhead: i drink that
MoonGoon: I've heard DEET won't really grow that third arm we've all been dreamin' of...
ah,clem: I just went out for a few minutes....and they ran me in.
EricTheFish: A testimonial, dear friends...
Mudhead: it and a couple of ice cubes is called a Bouncin Betty
Bambi doesn't like the mosquitoes ... but they like her way too much!
MoonGoon: Has the yummy fragrance of morning refinery...
Mudhead: almost like NJ
EricTheFish: Distilled in Northern Ontario...
cease: what you got on tap for next firesign show, ah?
Bambi: almost ... just smaller mosquitoes ...
Bambi: just as many though
cease: as i told bambi earlier, i'll have that ossman interview in mail to you tomorrow
Mudhead: shuffled off to Buffalo
MoonGoon: NJ being the chemical capital of the northeast corridor, I'm shocked if DEET don't come from there...
Bambi: and the Seem Real Theatre too :)
MoonGoon: DEETs don't fail me now...
ah,clem: great, Cat.
Bambi: good one mg :)
cease: excellent, mg
EricTheFish: I take the critters are so big up there that the air traffic controllers have to monitor them?
ah,clem: btw, Cat, you are the winner of the name the show contest. (no prize, but we use the name you submitted.)
Bambi: well, let's put it this way...
MoonGoon: Of course I can hardly talk when Eastman Kodak is pumping out the methylene chloride on a daily basis... Now THAT's a smell.
||||||||| Born on the 38th of Cunegonde waltzes in at 9:37 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
||||||||| Dr. Headphones waltzes in at 9:37 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Dr. Headphones: hell, dear friends
ah,clem: hi Ken
cease: ken?
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: oi
ah,clem: hi 38th
Dr. Headphones: er, i meant "hello"
EricTheFish: 'lo headphones....
Bambi: the municipal building has a 12 ft moquito in their foyer ... with the title Ocean Counties Air Force LOL
cease: it's always nice to win, ah
Bambi: hi ken
MoonGoon: Hell no I won't grow!
cease: born?
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: Yes?
cease: do you shrink?
Bambi: hi bot38oc
Dr. Headphones: yeah, cat, this is my new nom de guerre
ah,clem: just when Mr. Antrobis invented the wheel.....
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: No, I grow
cease: you know the origin of that character, ah?
Dr. Headphones: how's everyone? warm here, even with the a/c on
cease: grow some for me, born
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: Not to be getting my clever joke in connexion w/the upcoming patriotic orgy?
ah,clem: nice here, we had a stor.
Bambi: aftermath of "Bill" ... many mosquitoes
EricTheFish: I can't sweat!
ah,clem: m
MoonGoon: Steamy... but enjoyable when contrasted with the entire "spring" season.
cease: actually a little cooler here in Vancouver today
ah,clem: and just in time too.
ah,clem: would be cooler if Bambi would turn on the attic fan.
Dr. Headphones: born: i must have missed that joke. but i know there will be plenty to laugh about. many people too dumb to let them go after they light them, etc. some idiot smoking while unloading that truck in florida, 5 dead. same old story every year
ah,clem: :)
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: "born on the 4th of July"
Bambi: what ... and let them know we were here! No way. LOL (turning on the fan)
Dr. Headphones: ah, yes, that makes you "super 'merikan" doesn't it?
EricTheFish: Ah, the Born Identity. Ludlum...
ah,clem: the 38th was the day George Antrobis invented the wheel.
cease: thanks for the canada day post, ken
cease: and vancouver celebrated by getting the olympics for some distant year
Dr. Headphones: cat: the retort from dex was even better. i literally laughed until i cried at that one
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: Cunegone was a starter log for a burninhg of the faithful IIRC
Bambi: That's right ... Happy Canada Day!
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: oi
cease: the old firesign FAQ, which may still exist on line, reference that to a thornton wilder play
Born on the 38th of Cunegonde: Could never find that
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Dexter Fong into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:42 PM, then departs.
cease: i would cross reference that to a spike milligan book, later film.
||||||||| Born on the 38th of Cunegonde departs at 9:42 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
MoonGoon: Speak of the devil...
Dexter Fong: Dear Friends
cease: hi dex
Dr. Headphones: spreak of the debbil.....
EricTheFish: Hi Dexter...
Bambi: with our Independence Day ... I forgot Canada has Canada Day on the first.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:43 PM and Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
ah,clem: h Dex
Dr. Headphones: take off, you hoser!
EricTheFish: Spreak Engrish, troop!
Bambi: hi yammy
Dexter Fong: oi]
cease: yeah, we're all on first. damned crowded
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: So here I am in remotely recognizable form
Bambi: hi dex
cease: take off, for the great white north
MoonGoon: A good hosing down would do me a whirled of good.
cease: yammi
ah,clem: you don't understood 'eh?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: as opsed to "born etc."
Dr. Headphones: i forgot it until the 2nd, didn't even have the guts to admit i was wrong. if i had been called on it, probably would have blamed it on a slow email server
Bambi: yammy isn't right? it's yammi?
MoonGoon: Who wears a took in heat like this?
ah,clem: oi
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Just feed me
Dr. Headphones: moon over my yammi
Dexter Fong: Cat: Grats on the Winter Olympic thingie
MoonGoon: Now don't start THAT again...
cease: Tuque off, for the great white north
Dexter Fong: Enjoy the over crowded traffic etc
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Got my Kitchen Sink page done BTW
cease: yeah, my friend is a hocky coach and it will do him a lot of good
Dr. Headphones: yam: really liked the republican trading cards ;)
EricTheFish: Canadian Winter Olympics, hmmm. Speed skating while throwing darts?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Dunno ifd anyone noticed my post on the NG
cease: also finally get a train line built out to the airport, save having to drive. i cant wait
Dr. Headphones: powered by labatt's blue
ah,clem: yha!
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Eric: Lawn Darts
MoonGoon: Curling... Carling... curling... Carling...
Dexter Fong: Drinking beer while frying back bacon
Dexter Fong: OI: I noticed
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Fying bears while drinking back bacon
ah,clem: dring beer back while frying bacon.
cease: vancouver is a ridiculously beautiful city, with or without sports
EricTheFish: It's in the water...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: That it is
cease: i think a lot of people will come for the games and then wonder why they have to go back to anywhere else.
Dexter Fong rasherly throws back some bacon
MoonGoon: Van. is on the Canadian Pacific line, is it not?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: to both of the above
EricTheFish: I hear B.C. in general is very pretty.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: pretty much
Dexter Fong: Moon: Van is also on the Pacific Fault line
cease: most of it is mountains though
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: all green and stuff
Dr. Headphones: it's not MY fault!
MoonGoon: AwkAwkAwk,,,
ah,clem: i(n the summer maybe) (VC)
EricTheFish: Of course, that was in the pre-columbian period.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Panama red then?
cease: yeah lotsa greenery. hint hint
MoonGoon: Before VD was invented by native sheepherders
EricTheFish: Yukon Bleu.
cease: what we used to call The Colombo Plan
Mudhead: I've got some good Vt green
Dr. Headphones: cat: i've read that there is more pot grown in van than in some central american countries
MoonGoon: Yee-hah! let's have a resolution!
EricTheFish: Speaking of VT, do you think Dean likes Firesign?
Dexter Fong: Head: There's more of mostly everything in Van then in most SA countries
ah,clem: let me thing about that... ssshhh,, ah yes it was green...(cough)
cease: surrey, which is only one suburb of van (we live in north van, far from surrey) is supposed to have 4000 grow ups, according to police/news types
Dr. Headphones: don't know, but he has to have more of a sense of humor than some of the other dems
Dexter Fong: Hard to have a sense of humor when you're being slowly smothered by tons of Republican shit
Dr. Headphones: of course, willie nelson endorsed kucinich, so he MUST be in favor of legalization!
EricTheFish: You know God has a sense of humor... just look around ya...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Nobody has a sense of humor these days
Dexter Fong: lol
MoonGoon: Kerrey had a sense of humor, but applied a salve to get rid of it.
cease: good point, eric
Dexter Fong: I did
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I do but it's all juted
ah,clem: re -Republican shit,,, but there it is....
EricTheFish: Kerry does ssem pretty deadpan.
Bambi: how true eric, how true
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Elephant dung
Dexter Fong: Eric: YOu mean Kerry already flashed?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Popular artiste medium
Dr. Headphones: oh, for the days of hubert humphrey again.....
ah,clem: that too...
MoonGoon: One must affect an aroma of seriousness, lest one be taken for a Papoon balloon.
EricTheFish: Long way to November 2004. loooong way...
Bambi: papoon for pres
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Absolutely
Dr. Headphones: eric: it's going to be way TOO long for me
EricTheFish: The guaranteed annual year!
ah,clem: I would say " far too silly",, but this it the wrong chat for that.
Mudhead: he's not insane
MoonGoon: Will the light People's party PUT him on again?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Not terrribly relevant to me.
Dexter Fong: All the Light people are in prism
Dr. Headphones: i just heard the news today on npr (that snakepit of liberalism) that more american teenagers can name the 3 stooges than can name the 3 branches of our government. that's really sad. and they are tomorrow's voters
MoonGoon: oooh... ahhhh... (just practicing for tomorrow)..
Mudhead: not since the peoples party release of 1992
cease: but it was always like that, ken
ah,clem: I am a political agnostic. (I broke the President.) :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: # Stooges=#branches of gvt
Dexter Fong: Head: Those *are* the three branches of government
EricTheFish: Grew up near D.C. Loved seeing the Papoon bumper stickers back in the 70's.
cease: i went to school in la in 50s-60s and it was no different
Dr. Headphones: "vote for curly in '04"
MoonGoon: That's a re-release i'd like to see.
cease: there's a 3 stooges joke in Red Shift, but i'll spare you
Bambi: LOL ... good one ah,clem :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Cat: that's what's depressing. We're only poorer w/no industry now
ah,clem No Party is in Control, so why loose sleep over it?
Dr. Headphones: where's merlyn? i was going to compliment him on the animated front page
cease: he';s partying with doc and ossman, among others
ah,clem: he is busy
MoonGoon: He say he no come in until late.
ah,clem: right, like that
cease: oh, he'll be here?
Dr. Headphones: well, he can read it in the toilet, er, the log
ah,clem: maybe later
MoonGoon: All kids love LOG!
ah,clem: he did not promise
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Nov 2k4?
EricTheFish: If we get the choices we got the last time. I might just have to make up my own bumper sticker.
ah,clem: everyyone wants a LOG
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: What choices?
Dr. Headphones: i've got a ferret biting my toes. any suggestions short of killing the little bastard?
ah,clem: BLAMMO
cease: analogue?
MoonGoon: It's better than bad, it's GOOD
EricTheFish: Good point, Yam...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Put on shoes, ken
Dexter Fong: Head;Feed it to a snake
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Send it to me I want one anyway
ah,clem: don't kill him, train him to get beer.
MoonGoon: Toe fungus will give the little bastards a pause on yer paws...
Dr. Headphones: yeah, yam, i could to that. i'll jsut run him back into the other room and shut the door, i think. he's not mine, so i dare not harm him
EricTheFish: Snakes alive. Which way to Goshen?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Exit 124 of NY 17
ah,clem: (or kill snakes at least)
Dr. Headphones: goshen is ssw of here about 30 miles :)
Bambi: if it's a real ferret and you don't want it ... and not just a kitten in disguise ... we'll take 'em off your toes LOL
Dexter Fong: Gosh Goshen is everywhere
Dr. Headphones: (the REAL goshen, in indiana)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Pretty much
MoonGoon: Ahh, the SoTier Xway...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Quickway in our Neck o the woods
EricTheFish: Reel life drama.
ah,clem: back when I was a sprout in Indiana...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: "Future IGH 86"
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: IH
Dexter Fong: OI
EricTheFish: Ah, Hoosier father?
Dexter Fong: Bobby Knight
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Father Corona
MoonGoon: Yow... hide the folding chairs
EricTheFish: Put down the chair, Bobby. This is Texas now...
Dexter Fong: ...and fold the hding chairs
ah,clem: anyone want to gess the feature film for saturday night on skybird? Or did Bambi give that away already?
Bambi: I like kittens but I am wanting a ferret LOL :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Magic Cristian?
Dexter Fong: Bobby Knight ejected from game for dragging official behind a pickup
EricTheFish: Can't we get a candidate from New Hampster?
MoonGoon: I'm back in a bit... I must make sure the tape machine engages properly.... brb
Bambi: didn't tell ... my lips were sealed
ah,clem: she wants a ferret, because we have snakes.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I want a ferrett, but don't want to pony the $$$ to get a proper cage
Dr. Headphones: bambi: they have a considerable odor about them even if de-scented. you have to bathe them very regularly
Bambi: was waiting for you
ah,clem: big ones too.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Cute, but Stinky
Dr. Headphones: this one was free--owner got fed up with the smell
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dr. Headphones: hey catherwood, where's my bomber?
Dexter Fong: Ken: Just strap 'em to the hood of your car and go thru the car wash
ah,clem: just trying to bait them. I am very good at that.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: At the Big Boom Boom AFB, Ken
EricTheFish: It's there, Dr. H. You just can't see it...
Dr. Headphones: yeah, dex! you every tried holding one of them? they squirm more than an unpaid whore
ah,clem: LOL Ken
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Named after Boom Boom Bagdad, no longer w/us
Bambi: yes, swamp equals mosquitoes, snakes, frogs, newts ... I don't mind the frogs and newts ... but the moquitoes and the snakes ... a girl's gotta draw a line somewhere LOL
Dexter Fong: K: I guess you'd know more about that than me, being unemployed and all
cease: an interesting turn of phrase, ken
EricTheFish: There's a little doogie door dispensing bombers...
Dexter Fong: Howser doogie door pal
EricTheFish: MD, the state which will fix you.
Dr. Headphones: i love similes
Dexter Fong: =)))))))))))))))))))))))
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: What's the Diagnosis?
Dr. Headphones: or was that a metaphor?
EricTheFish: And metastophilies...
cease: we should be having people wander around our apt, admiring its vistas and making us offers
Dr. Headphones: what's the frequency, kenneth?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: The Devil you say
MoonGoon: VCR happy... back in the FM again
cease: instead, just you folks
EricTheFish: A metafive, I believe...
Dexter Fong: FM = Free Masonery?
cease: is that the line that got dan rather beat up,, ken?
Dr. Headphones: cat: wait until 2010 and make a fortune off it
MoonGoon: Firesign Mosh
EricTheFish: They's not free. They's expensive!
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Jackie Masonry?
Dexter Fong: OI!
Dr. Headphones: buddy hackett dead, can't be him
cease: yeah, but we take possession of new house on sept. 30th so this one cant wait
MoonGoon: I got a second hand apron, but I use it to cook with,
cease: is buddy hacket dead?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Yes, sqadly
EricTheFish: Noone habta be a slave all the time no more...
Dexter Fong: Yes Cat and so is Herbie Mann
MoonGoon: Expired a couple days ago...
Dr. Headphones: ah, i see. you probably could have rented it for a month and made a year's worth of payments from that if you had it during the boom time
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: And Fransisco Franco
Dr. Headphones: yeah, cat, couple days ago
EricTheFish: Dot Bust
cease: true, ken, but not worth the bother
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Just a bummer a minute
cease: the flautist?
Dexter Fong: Yes Cat
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: The same
MoonGoon: I'd love one... are they over on the side table?
EricTheFish: Need a skelton of an office building smack dab in downtown Austin? Intel Inside.
cease: franco's been dead for decades. you can tell as soon as you get there
Dr. Headphones: yeah, i heard about herbie today. 78 or so, quite the olde phart
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: On the Sideboard w/the Calret
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Claret
MoonGoon: thought perhaps it was the next burple pill
EricTheFish: I wouldn't be flauting that sort of stuff here...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: What the hell IS the "purple pill" anyway?
Dexter Fong: Barneyall
Dr. Headphones: nexium. for esophageal reflux disease
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: aha
MoonGoon: PRILOSEC... the acid reflux refexor
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Shagging pills for all yr ills
Dexter Fong: Ken: Is it a disease or a syndrome?
Dr. Headphones: they don't cure the disease, only mask the symptoms.
EricTheFish: You can buy them in Canada for 1/2 the price.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: It's all made up to make the drugs companies $$$$
Dr. Headphones: dex: i'm still looking for the sindrome--i want to try out my new wheels
||||||||| It's 10:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from the common cold
||||||||| (Mudhead) - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Bambi - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
MoonGoon: Good question... the docs don't care as long as the pharma reps keep paying the sugar bill
Dexter Fong: Whatta reap
EricTheFish: They blinded me with SCIENCE!
MoonGoon: I guess they didn't pay their bills
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: What ye sow, so shall ye reap
Dexter Fong: They deafened me with Sociology
cease: what happened?
Dr. Headphones: clem and bambi have been having a lot of dial-up problems
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 10:11 PM and ah,clem steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: what?
MoonGoon: and Scientology
Dr. Headphones: sociology is NOT a real science
Dexter Fong: wb clem
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
ah,clem: yes we have, ISP got us again
cease: is science real?
Dexter Fong: wb oi
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: There is no REAL science
EricTheFish: Only if you have two of them. Then it works.
ah,clem: only real science
MoonGoon: ...is magic
ah,clem: Bambi will BRB
cease: morse science high
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: It's all made up in smoky backrooms
MoonGoon: Oh you mean politics~!
ah,clem: those highs
Dr. Headphones: if it's high school, it's "smoky" bathrooms
Dexter Fong: by ex-nazi rocket jockeys
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Robot's rulkes of order don't apply
EricTheFish: Ray Wiley Hubbard's church of the glowing steel guitar.
Dr. Headphones: operation paperclip
cease: are you guys holding?
ah,clem: face ti, we all went to high school.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Arent we out of ex-nazi rocket jockeys YET?
MoonGoon: "VEE aims for de moon... und HITZ London
Dexter Fong: cat: Why do you want to know
cease: you know about that, ken? there's a joke about that on red shift
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 10:13 PM and Bambi steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
cease: also in a proctor/bergman piece they did for Heat
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
Dr. Headphones: no, cat, haven't heard it yet
Dexter Fong: wb Bambi
EricTheFish: Saw London with the Everly's. Serious drummer.
Bambi: ah, those grapes are good ... albeit not as fresh as I like LOL
Dr. Headphones: i'm into conspiracy theories on the side, that's a big one
Bambi: thanks dex
MoonGoon: hammering out the hitz
ah,clem: I might be able to air a down samplesd version on sat & sun, at 9
EricTheFish: There's an even bigger conspiracy...
Dr. Headphones: bambi's out of the woods
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: ow
Bambi: darn ... I missed a good conspiracy theory ... drat
ah,clem: as a second feature...
EricTheFish: And onto the hood of my car. Mmmmm venison...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Everything is a conspracy
Dr. Headphones: double header! yeah!
Dexter Fong leaves for a sec for refill
Bambi: did we redial ah,clem?
ah,clem: only 2, Dex is a lightweight.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: JUst wait Bambi, here comes another one, just like the other one!
ah,clem: yes, Bam
MoonGoon: A two-headed aminal... on my dashboard...
cease: but they're all like the other one
ah,clem: socket was dead
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Next to yr plastic Jesus?
EricTheFish: It would sound better with a full orchestra...
Dr. Headphones: put your hand on the radio and BE HEALED!
cease: i thought that was jesus, moon
Bambi: oh, ok
MoonGoon: must have been sniffing the methylene chloride
EricTheFish: And my masonite gun rack...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: With the look of imitation wood
cease: jackie mason has a rack?
Dr. Headphones: ersatz walnuts in my underwear....
EricTheFish: Brought us to this perfect day.
cease: better than iraq, no doubt
MoonGoon: naugahyde can be most excruciating in weather like this...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Cat, yes, but you DON'T want to see it
EricTheFish: By Chinese.
Dr. Headphones: the rt. rev. sport trenderberg (sp?)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: You may go blind and mad
cease: the friesigns did a jack poet ad riffing on naugahyde
Dr. Headphones: not much better than a blind madman
cease: the shaw of armenia tries to buy a vw
EricTheFish: The Mexicans are losing jobs to the Chinese, who are losing jobs to the Vietnamese, etc, etc.
MoonGoon: you can tell the real nauga by the peeling sound it makes
Dr. Headphones: and we're losing troops to the iraqis :(
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: What happens when we run out of 3rd world ppl to exploit?
cease: peeing?
ah,clem: Cat, your thoughts on a double feature?
cease: get another world, yam
EricTheFish: I trapped a Nauga the other day. Had to let him go, though. He was over the limit.
Dexter Fong: Ken: Trndleberg
Dexter Fong: Trendleberg
MoonGoon: Wouldn't hurt that finish one little bit... go ahead and let fly.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Trendelenburg?
cease: a double feature, ah?
Dr. Headphones: ok, dex, tnx. i was close (but that doesn't count, now, does it? only to 10)
cease: you mean playing 2 firesign albums?
ah,clem: is only at 22.5 so no one can get a "working copy"
Dexter Fong: Ken: Horseshoes and handgrenades
ah,clem: no fire and shift
EricTheFish: The Founding Fathers. Patriots or Hopheads?
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Mudhead in through the front door at 10:20 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Better than coke addicts
ah,clem: wb Mud
Dr. Headphones: muddy's back :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
Dexter Fong: io
Mudhead: and he's beeyutifull!
MoonGoon: Wishin' he had a drink-a
Dr. Headphones: i'm drinking folgers (black and hot, just like my women!)
Mudhead: Doc sez im gonna be impotent
ah,clem: cheers Moon... (just taunting you)
MoonGoon: Where's that butleer, Rotonoto?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Maxwell Haus here
Mudhead: might as well look impotent he he
Dr. Headphones: moonie: he's in maryland
Dexter Fong: Im drinking vodka and water...cool and clear...just like *my* women
EricTheFish: You can pee right in to the stream... And that's important.
ah,clem: invisibale?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto has no women
Dr. Headphones: everybody sing along: "BACK TO THE SHADOWS, AGAIN......"
Dexter Fong: Not to me Clem (leers)
EricTheFish: I'll take two bales. I have a big horse.
Mudhead: save the bales
EricTheFish: Save the skeets!
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Can you say "Indian" re american aboriginals anymore?
MoonGoon: Not on N PR
Dr. Headphones: you can lead a horse to water, and a horticulture.....
||||||||| Catherwood escorts llanwydd in through the front door at 10:24 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
EricTheFish: I love my people. Pulll!
llanwydd: evenin
Dr. Headphones: hey, llan
Bambi: hi llanwydd
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
EricTheFish: Howdy
Dexter Fong: Hiya Il
ah,clem: hi LI
Mudhead: hi
llanwydd: what's the topic tonight?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I thin "Kung Fu Fighting(the song)" is PIC now too
MoonGoon: Foing! (there goes a new pair of shoes...)
EricTheFish: L, are you Welsh by any chance?
Dr. Headphones: moebius strip: which side are YOU on?
Dexter Fong: No he's Welsh on purpose
llanwydd: I'm of Welsh extraction
EricTheFish: Yessss, Dr. H!
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Turned ito a Scotsman
MoonGoon: loust welscher
EricTheFish: More frugal that way.
Bambi: just a little Mutt here ... Heinz 57
ah,clem: topic is fuss at ah,clem until he plays something good on saturday night.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: mach Wesh!
llanwydd: A Welsh extraction is when you get your tooth pulled in Cardiff
ah,clem: or a rabbit
MoonGoon: lost squelch...
Dexter Fong: or a Gerbil
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: That's a rare bit
Dexter Fong: and a bit of the old "all right"
EricTheFish: Crumbhunger's my name. Frugal's the game here in Edinborough.
Bambi: it's all good ... FST :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Hubba Hubba
Dr. Headphones: man in restaurant asks blonde waitress: "is the beef rare?" she replies, "like no, we have it every day."
EricTheFish: Shades of Oprah suing Texas beef moguls.
llanwydd: I understand Ossman showed up just after I left last week
ah,clem: yup.
Dr. Headphones: yeah, llan, i heard the same thing after i left.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Long after I split
MoonGoon: straight from the shadows...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: natch
Bambi: yeah ... nice visit too
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: They hate me, I think
llanwydd: I wish I had stuck around
Dr. Headphones: was he red?
Bambi: yes, he was red
ah,clem: just missed him, and he was right into the conversation,
MoonGoon: he became reddened...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I am, but don't tell anybody
ah,clem: had a good time.
Dr. Headphones: commie martyr
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: well
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: quasi
ah,clem: high school
MoonGoon: ripened on the vine of knowledge
llanwydd: It was really funny when that guy imerpesonated Austin a few weeks ago
Dr. Headphones: is a quasi-red a green?
MoonGoon: pink...
Dexter Fong: Ken: More like a maroon
EricTheFish: Steven Fuller?
Dr. Headphones: llan: i thikn that was really him, he just wasn't signed in properly
llanwydd: i mean impersonated
EricTheFish: Lots of people impersonating him.
MoonGoon: Impersonalized
ah,clem: Cat, you still with us, you never answered my question yes or no.
Dr. Headphones: merlyn seemed to think it was him, he turned him red as if by magic
Dr. Headphones: cat's probably watching a baseball game
llanwydd: no it wasn't Austin, it was a guy named Justynn
ah,clem: is fading fast....
EricTheFish: Which one's pink?
MoonGoon: Ouch,,, that cat's too close to the bone
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Ya know one day I'm gonna call into one of these AM talk shows and lay some anarcist stuff on them, just to see what happens
Dr. Headphones: you mean merl had the wool pulled over his eyes by (gasp!) an impostor? sounds like a case for ... nick danger!
Dexter Fong: Yam: Betcha you don't get past the screener and certainly not past the 7 sec delay
ah,clem: well, thought it was a well placed question, coming from me, anyway.
Mudhead: i'm fadin
MoonGoon: Ashcraft will have the men in black at your door before you can hang up the laundry
ah,clem: sure he will read log.
EricTheFish: Anarchists give serious demonstrators a bad name.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I have to look legit
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Bah
Dr. Headphones: yam: i'm on an anarchist mailing list :)
Dexter Fong: ah, clem: Please repeat that question as an answer
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Depends on which ones
EricTheFish: Trashing McDs won't solve anything.
||||||||| klokwkdoggerel sneaks in around 10:33 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dr. Headphones: i have very varied tastes
ah,clem: hi klock
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: No, violence is counterproductive
Dr. Headphones: hey klok
Dexter Fong: Ken: Don't feel flattered, they mail it to random addresses
llanwydd: howdy klok
Dexter Fong: Hiya klok
Dr. Headphones: dex: this one is email, double opt-in
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Nonviolence is much more effective as it confuses peoplwe and pisses them off
klokwkdoggerel: hi folx i'm inured and car messup and can't do much other than say how really miserable i am ;->
EricTheFish: Who let the dawg in?
Bambi: hi klok
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Sorry, Klok
Dr. Headphones: uh oh, klok, very sorry to hear that. you survived, how bout the car?
EricTheFish: MLK used non-violence.
Dr. Headphones: and was it insured?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Worked, too
Mudhead: i'm gonna kick back and let the drugs take effect, later all
Dexter Fong: Mary Lou Kenner?
Dr. Headphones: yeah, mlk and gandhi both bought the farm with a bullet
klokwkdoggerel: separate items - car alt and batt died in l. lane of expressway in holiday traffic
Dexter Fong: Night Mud
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: yow
Dr. Headphones: mud: enjoy it :)
MoonGoon: S'long Mud...
klokwkdoggerel: nite M
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: nite mud
Bambi: night mudhead
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Sling it, mud
llanwydd: wanna run lines? <>
ah,clem: btw Dr. H., thanks for the great news bit in email, Bambi may find a way to include in FNL news, as it is just that type of story.
Dr. Headphones: ah, so you weren't injured in a crash or anything. good
||||||||| Mudhead leaves to catch the 10:36 PM train to Hellmouth.
klokwkdoggerel: and prior to that i stepped on glass and got stitches, which i overstressed dealing with waving oncoming traffic off w/flashlight
Bambi: yes, great article
MoonGoon: He was inured to injury
Dr. Headphones: clem: you can thank klok for turning me on to cringely
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: ow
MoonGoon: BRB... must check VCR
Dr. Headphones: klok's a good goy, er, guy :)
ah,clem: ok, Dr. H.
Bambi: thanks klok ... I have read cringely many times ... does he have a mailing list for when his articles come out?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oy the goyim
Dexter Fong: klok: Once had alt and bat die immediately after pulling through toll booth onto NYS freeway
klokwkdoggerel: so pocketbuch and foot really hurting rite now - hope everyone else's having a wonderful holiday (if loyal Americans)
EricTheFish: At least it wasn't the CHIP.
klokwkdoggerel: wow, Dex!
llanwydd: which freeway?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: No, disloyal, here
Dr. Headphones: yeah, i'm on the list. instructions should be on that page somewhere. can try to dredge it out of my trash if you want it again
Dexter Fong: New York state
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Thruway
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I live there
Dr. Headphones: klok: bombs are bursting in air all around me, and the flag still waves
ah,clem: I can tell Bam, np, Dr.
klokwkdoggerel: Merritt pkway at about 8:40PM at nite in heavy traffic (actually better than lite(
llanwydd: NYS 87? 81? 88?
Dexter Fong: heh heh =) right, apparently i'm in an altered state
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Merritt/Jesus
Bambi: proud to be an american ... even with its faults ... it's a great place to live.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Thruway's 87/90
ah,clem: and you should be thankful, Dex
EricTheFish: Alterations are available at your local dry cleaning store.
klokwkdoggerel: it could've been worse - i could have lost it in the West Rock tunnel...
llanwydd: yes it is
Dr. Headphones: yes, bambi. country is still great (even if some of the leadership sucks donkeys)
Dexter Fong: What exit would Jesus take?
Bambi: but I do have concerns that don't go away ... but it is our Independence Day celebration :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: IH 81 and 88 are freeways
llanwydd: 90 goes to Boston
klokwkdoggerel: the last exit to Brooklyn?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: IH 478
Dr. Headphones: i'm waiting for the UFO to show up one of these years....
ah,clem: I have done dry cleaning, and it does wash your brains.
Dexter Fong: Hugh got it klok
EricTheFish: See the PBS/Burns special on the Statue? Pretty good.
Bambi: a little carbona hurts anyone
Bambi: LOL
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Hung out in seagull wind to dry
Dr. Headphones: no, eric, and i meant to watch it too.
ah,clem: perchrolorethelene (sp)
klokwkdoggerel: i'll c u all nxt week, same firetime, same firestation. keep 'em flyin' and don't smoke anything i wouldn't ;-)
Dexter Fong: Bambi: But everyone loves spaghetti carbonara
EricTheFish: Means something. Even if the French gave it to us.
Dr. Headphones: it only damages the brain cells it touches....
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
Bambi: ah, is that what that is LOL
Dr. Headphones: later, klok, and hope you feel better quickly
EricTheFish: By dawg.
Dexter Fong: Night klok, feel better
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: yes
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: tay off the merrit!
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: ha!
Bambi: I make a mean spaghetti :)
Dexter Fong: otay
||||||||| "Hey klokwkdoggerel!" ... klokwkdoggerel turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:41 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Bambi: night klok
EricTheFish: Did you come here for an argument?
llanwydd: I'm wondering if anyone besides me saw FST at Town Hall in New York City in 1981.
EricTheFish: Or would you like a holiday?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: i wish
Dr. Headphones: nope, llan, never been on the ground in nyc
EricTheFish: MPFC
Dexter Fong: Night Klok...it glows in the dark so you never have to feel quite alone
Bambi: my last visit to NYC was in 1973
Dexter Fong: I missed part of that decade Il
Bambi: and that was the second and last visit LOL
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I pop down now and again
EricTheFish: New York, New Orc, ya gotta choose one...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Too young to really enjoy the 70's
Bambi: I'm an army brat that hates the city
Dexter Fong: Hey Bambi: We're part of amaerica too (pouts)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Did get laid a lot just the same
Bambi: LOL ... yeah, I know
EricTheFish: Bambi: Ever been to Arcosanti in AZ?
llanwydd: they did Nick Danger and a lot of Lawyer's Hospital
llanwydd: and ben bland
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Elayne in through the front door at 10:44 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: AZ 69 junction on IH 17-acrosanti
ah,clem: is that Mr. Idol, or just some one who likes his material?
Bambi: but we did get NYC and Philadelphia TV at the Jersey Shore
Dr. Headphones: hello, ms. e!
Dexter Fong: Jeeze Il: I think I did see that show, they did the 8 shoes too?
Bambi: hi elayne
Elayne: Hi Dr H!
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: E
EricTheFish: Exactement, Yam.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
Elayne: Hey Yam!
Dexter Fong: Hey E
ah,clem: hi E
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Yes
ah,clem: or e!
Elayne: Hello Clem, Dex!
ah,clem: or !E
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto is a bit hung up on roads
llanwydd: you live on the shore in NJ, Bambi?
Elayne: Would have been here sooner but I've been sleeping since 7 PM...
Dr. Headphones: clem: is that one of those african languages with the clicks?
cease: cat is in real estate land. hi el
ah,clem: never know on this chat...
Elayne: Real estate land, Cat? What, trying to make a killing before the 2010 Olympics?
Dexter Fong: OBCY must be a Roads Scholar
Bambi: actually lived there
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Clicks? then we must Flee!
Bambi: from about 7 till I was about 30
ah,clem: was bash, a simple englis schoolboy's code.
EricTheFish: No joke. Know the crane operator around '74.
Elayne: I lived in Jersey about the same time period, from 7 through 25.
llanwydd: I grew up in Hackettstown
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Buddy Hackettstown?
Bambi: wow E ... amazing ... what area?
EricTheFish: We're all Buddy's here.
Bambi: ah, ok not too far
Elayne: Roselle. Union County.
Bambi: we were in Toms River
Elayne: My parents live near Toms River now, Bambi.
Dexter Fong: Bambi you mean what exit
Bambi: "Bennies Go Home" LOL
Elayne: They're in Bayville.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: That only applies to NJTP
Bambi: I used to rent a house in Bayville
Bambi: and also in Ocean Gate
Dexter Fong: Garden state too
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: GSP has too many junctios and toll barriers
Elayne: Yeah, Bambi, life is cheap there. Which of course explains why my parents live there.
ah,clem: re - ah, ok not too far... from what... what did I do now?
EricTheFish: These are cottonwoods.
Dexter Fong: Hey man, lay off the junctios
llanwydd: I used to go to Asbury Park and Ocean Grove in the summer
Bambi: cheap by comparison to the city maybe LOL
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I don'
ah,clem: I know what you meant amigo....
Elayne: Well, cheap by comparison to northern Jersey (the vicinity of NYC), yeah.
EricTheFish: I'll take two chords. Make it a C note and I'll take the case!
llanwydd: I've been to Atlantic City before the casinos
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: see how ppl live in the city
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: that's weird
Elayne: Let's put it this way, I could afford to live in a house in Bayville now, but I don't have the money for anything around here.
Bambi: Asbury Park and Ocean Grove ... nice areas
Dr. Headphones: speaking of tolls, i just took a friend to ohare in chicago tuesday night. i hope i never seen another toll plaza
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Dave close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:48 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Elayne: Hope everyone stayed away from the LaGuardia Airport area today...
ah,clem: hi Dave
Elayne: Hi Dave!
Dr. Headphones: hey dave
llanwydd: I like the boardwalk
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Illinois loves those toll plazas
Dexter Fong: Hey Dave
EricTheFish: Evenin' Dave
Dave: hey folks, if you don't have it, get Miles Davis' Bitches Brew and smoke some dope
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: E: I heard
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Dave, oi
Bambi: we used to go to Seaside (off season)
Dr. Headphones: dave: only thing by him i have is "sketches of spain". an excellent jazz/classical fusion
Bambi: those toll plazas are the pits
Elayne: Mind you, it's not unusual for flares to be found in a car around the fourth of July, but an abandoned rental?
EricTheFish: Or try some Gene Krupa for a few years.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Bitches Brew is a must have
Bambi: just about the time you get your speed up another toll LOL
Bambi: we used to go to Island Heights for the fireworks when I was a child
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: NYST is better, plazas at the junctions
Elayne: Bambi, the tolls are the price you pay for NJ being a non-public-transit state.
Dr. Headphones: they are charging $5 for fireworks here tomorrow night. but i'm only 1/2 mile from airport, so i can sit on front porch and watch
Dexter Fong: Hey Man, watch those junctions too
Elayne used to commute by public transit from north Jersey into NYC.
Bambi: well, now we live in Virginia ... where they tax the heck out of ya from all directions
Elayne: Isn't someone here going to Mystic tomorrow? I seem to recall that from a couple weeks ago, someone mentioned it.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Hey you got New Jersy Transit
Elayne: Oh, that's going on pretty much everywhere in GWB's America, Bambi.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I use that odften
Dexter Fong: Im going Mystical for the weekend
Elayne: NJ Transit is like a sort of afterthought, Yam.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Wait, where's my TAX CUT?
Bambi: it was happening well before the current gov't
cease: i like the sound of that, dex
llanwydd: Anybody hear about any Rhino Re-issues or any new FST CDs?
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: E: I find it useful
Elayne: It's great if you live in those little corridors between NYC and Philly.
Elayne: But most people drive to the train stations in the first place. :)
Dexter Fong: Yeah Cat: Going out in the woods with some of them trapper monks and catch ferrets
Bambi: take the train to the plane ...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: True-I have to drive 50 mi to catch NJ transit
Elayne: Llan, I got an e-mail about new releases. I mentioned it on my blog last Sunday.
Dexter Fong: Il: Newest is Ossmans How Time Flys
Elayne: Well, there you are, Yam.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I have friends in trenton
Elayne: Yep, I listened to it on Sunday, Dex, as I mentioned to you on the phone Tuesday.
Elayne: Have we determined who that DJ was?
Dr. Headphones: dex: that's my last lp to digitize. i have two copies and have to lsiten to both to figure out which one sounds the best
EricTheFish: HTF rocks.
Dexter Fong: Yam: Like that's as good as I've got friends in the Barrio
llanwydd: I have HTF on cassette
Elayne has two copies of HTF, one a test pressing. :)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I got friends in the Burrito
EricTheFish: Wellll. Homeboy Dex! What's happenin my man...
llanwydd: I wish I could have seen the cover art
Dexter Fong: Elayane: If it was only a test pressing, was there anything on the record?
Bambi: ah,clem received his as a gift ... a pristine vinyl copy of HTF from a close friend (from his HS days)
Elayne: It's neat, it's by Joe Garnett.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Eric: more like Oye Vendejo!
Dr. Headphones: bambi: with the diorama intact?
Bambi: no!
Dexter Fong: 'Ric my man: Check out my bling bling, got it from lil Kim
Dr. Headphones: one of mine has it, one doesn't
Bambi: darn it was missing
Elayne: I don't remember if I've ever actually played that one, Dex. It's probably the same as the actual release. But the cover's blank (white).
EricTheFish: Ou allez vouz?
Bambi: pristine vinyl and cover though
Elayne: I have no diorama, though. :(
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Allez oup!
Bambi :(
EricTheFish: Doans Pills will take care of that.
Dr. Headphones: e: the test pressing is probably very much better or very much worse than the actual production run
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I have no Diorama, either
Elayne: I think DO might have given me the test pressing because he knew I didn't have a diorama.
Dave: still here but got shit going on, haven't even read anything yet
Bambi: the cover talks about the diorama though ... I checked
Dexter Fong: OBCY: You reeeally gonna get it you keep messing wid me vato
Dr. Headphones: am i the only diorama left east of the missississississippi?
Dave: so why am I here? um...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Not me man
Bambi: could be ken
Elayne: Dr H, I suggest you make copies of that diorama! :)
Dexter Fong: Ken: you got a 50% chance to be right
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Dave, cos you like us
Dr. Headphones: dave: that's a question philosophers have struggled with for millennia
ah,clem: does anyone? I thought that was a refrence to the recording its self.
Dexter Fong: I got the diaorama, lucky I had my immodium wid me
Dr. Headphones: "insert tab 'a' into slot 'b'"
Bambi: no, it was supposed to have a fold out diarama
Dave: yes, you all are great, dig the trumpeter in the sky man
EricTheFish: If you live in Texas you've got to have the fiddlers in the band, er, no wait....
Dr. Headphones: i actually assembled it the other day. wish i had some 3-d glasses with which to view it ;)
ah,clem: ok, I have seen many copies but not that.
Dexter Fong: It did have one but all you cheap bastiges snaked your copies and didn't get one, nyah myah
ah,clem: take some photos and post on web, Ken
cease: dave, do you have How Time Flies?
EricTheFish: Firesign needs online downloads.
Dr. Headphones: clem: i don't have a site to post on, but would forward to someone who does
cease: if so, i'll send you interview with ossman about it
Bambi: can you take a picture of it set up ken and send it to us sometime?
ah,clem: wb cat,
Bambi: wb cat
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: cat\
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi
cease: well, i still have potential customers milling about in the living room
ah,clem: can't you answer my question, yes or no.
EricTheFish: Listen.com or something like that.
MoonGoon: I hate VCRs... got nailed by the difference between SP & SLP. AAAARRRARRRGGGHH
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: yes
Elayne: Go for it, Cat.
Dexter Fong: Cat: No more wine and cheese for 'em
Dr. Headphones: bambi: will do, from different angles, and the unassembled parts too
Dexter Fong: lol Ken
cease: they're japanese. Fumiyo and I can't say bad things about them behind their backs
ah,clem: great DR.
Bambi: hi to everyone in Cat's living room :)
Dr. Headphones: moon: you can't tape a 3 hr show on a 2 hr tape without knowing the difference. i've done that too
Bambi: excellent!
Bambi: thanks ken!
Dexter Fong: Do you speak Bocche
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: oi you lot
ah,clem: houi!
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: my russian speaking realtor is dealing with them. i'm talking to YOU
EricTheFish: Gore. No white person shall be left behind.
Elayne: Dex, it's like a second language to him.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Let them know I'm ripping off their culture
Dexter Fong: Moon: Get the 8 hour tapes, they're little more more money maybe, but way less worries
Dr. Headphones: the russo-japanese war of 1905
EricTheFish: Pretty good SNL.
cease: my fave, ken
Bambi: of course, I speak Bochi, it's like a second language to me...
cease: if it werent for that war, i'd never have been born
Dexter Fong: Whizzer White: No gored person shall be picked up
Dr. Headphones: prelude to "the war to end all wars" in 1914
Dr. Headphones: sakhalin was such a prize.....
Dexter Fong: Then Bambi: YOu must be a 'Bot
EricTheFish: Boomadrol, for Sino Soviet releaf.
Elayne: Bambi, you can't fool me, you have a bad motivator.
ah,clem: se' be oui, Bambi?
MoonGoon: I was trying to get cute by wedging an episode of R&S in between the first week's new episode and the classic stuff whic hwas on later in the tape... at SLP. BUT... I set this week up for SP by mistake... and blew away "space madness".... Now I must wait until the old stuff is out on DVD... woe is me.
cease: Fumiyo's father was captured there, spent next 2 years in the gulag
Bambi: C3P0 at your service LOL
Dr. Headphones: speaking of dvd, i got spam mail today for full set of monty python. 15 disks, $200
Bambi: and this is my counterpart R2D2
ah,clem: BRB
EricTheFish: That's why we need a real internet download service.
Dexter Fong whispers to Luke, "Use your power and get that 'Bot outta here"
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: moon: ack!
ah,clem: back,
EricTheFish: Eat or Beee Eeeaten....
Elayne: I'm sorry, these are not the droids we're looking for.
Bambi: LOL ... get thee behind me ... (just a little argument with my co-pilot)
ah,clem: watching Martin Sgt.
Dexter Fong: R2D2 = Right two, Down too...Ha!
EricTheFish: Grid is my co-pilot.
MoonGoon: Serves me right for not just popping in a fresh tape.. oh well, at least I got to view it once.
Bambi: good one E
cease: how's it going, el?
ah,clem: had a Barney rap, was mildly funny.
Bambi: ah
Dr. Headphones: tapes are cheap, but i try to squeeze as much on one as possible too
EricTheFish: I used to have Barnycles as well. Painful to have them removed.
Elayne: Well, Cat. Rob got some more piecework today. Nothing regular yet but enough to keep paying the bills.
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Where is this R&S biz to be happening?
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Ovid Dossman into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 11:06 PM, then departs.
cease: good to hear, el
cease: ovid?
MoonGoon: On the "new" TNN... a cable offering
EricTheFish: Walter, this is Walter...
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Ha
Dr. Headphones: ovid: ancient roman poet.
Bambi: hi ovid
Elayne: Hey, it's the living diorama himself.
Ovid Dossman: i'm a love god
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Oh
cease: that's metamorphically absurd, man
Dexter Fong: I love your poetry Ms. Dossman
cease: oh, how can you be in 2 places at once, when youre
Dexter Fong: Where's your Valet, Cato the Elder
EricTheFish: Nothing like a ferrari dino to make you understand what color you are.
Ovid Dossman: i pink therfore I am man
EricTheFish: I love the band. Rowing away...
MoonGoon: You not reddened?
Ovid Dossman: hey dino have some vino
Dr. Headphones: pliny the younger and cato the elder eloped together
Dexter Fong: Uh-oh, trouble for the Yamster...There's anly room enough in ths chat room for one pink
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Cato got institutionalized
Dave: oh to think of it all, yes, all of it, every little part of it, no clue what's going on
EricTheFish: Vino, paisain!
ah,clem: slurp...
Bambi: dave is back from the 'dim'
Ovid Dossman: nore floyd if you can barret
Dexter Fong: Ken: Another decemberus-Mayus wedding
Dr. Headphones: dim sung with lobster sauce
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: OIr ferret
EricTheFish: Pass the dim sum...
Ovid Dossman: the mayus calendar ran out of time
Dexter Fong: By God, we've been mooned
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: What is the sum of Din?
EricTheFish: How much is that doggie in the windows?
cease: the mayans got caught in the box of time
MoonGoon: Better than running out of mayo
EricTheFish: Thank Grid...
Bambi: so that's what happened to the Mayans ... hope we don't run out of calendars LOL
Dexter Fong: Maya tooki?
ah,clem: amazing how time flies...
cease: there's actually a funny joke about that in Box of Time.
Ovid Dossman: yes virginia there is a miracle whip
Dr. Headphones: mayan calendar runs out in dec. 2012. the world will end then, be prepared
MoonGoon: I won't touch that Miracle whip
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I had a mayan calendar for my Palm, it keot crashiung
EricTheFish: War is Peace. Ignorance is strength...
Bambi: ham on rye and hold the mayo
||||||||| It's 11:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: ive been reading terrence mckinna. he was far too obsessed with mayan calendars, among other things
Dr. Headphones: and don't let the miracle whip touch you either (unless you're into pain)
Dave: ok ham on five hold the mayow
Dexter Fong: So..Ovid is into S&M....call captain equimox
Bambi: pewmonia got illanwydd ... long live illanwydd
cease: but we're both in paul krassner's new book
Ovid Dossman: reap the beeper, cell the phone
Dr. Headphones: great person, cat, i have that book too. love it
EricTheFish: I had a Mayan once. An Aztec twice, and a Cherokee SUV.
cease: you have krassner's new book? it's only been out a short time
Ovid Dossman: how krass of you
MoonGoon: A merc Montclair!
Bambi: had an Aztec sound card once
cease: paul is peddling it thru his website.
Elayne: Well, he would.
Dr. Headphones: never read anything by krassner
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I had a Trabant
cease: krassner is great
cease: from The Realist to his latest stuff
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: I have a CD of his
Ovid Dossman: he's peddling his bike piddling his book
Elayne: Hey, if you're going to piddle please do it in the bucket.
cease: he did some gig in utah with peter bergman a few weeks ago
cease: still doing standup
cease: still doing standup
Bambi: any of his writings (krassner) available for reading on the web (excerpts)?
Ovid Dossman: sire a realist
Dexter Fong: 'heres an echo in here
ah,clem: Skybird radio's "a few minutes with Firesign Theate" will air at 9 pm on saturday, and again at 9 on sunday, for those who have a life. (www.skybirdradio.org)
Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto: Echo poem
Elayne has about 10 years' worth of The Realist stored away somewhere.
Ovid Dossman: echo from bunny man?
cease: he's a friend of harry shearer and did at least one Le Show
EricTheFish: Pissboy?
Dexter Fong: Ovid: and raise a thnkless child
Bambi: everyone welcome :)
EricTheFish: Like Mel alot...
Elayne: Oh, that was YOU, ah clem? I was trying to figure out who that DJ was last Sunday.
cease: good to hear, ah clem
cease: the more firesign on the radio, or web, or wherever, the better
Bambi: yep ... that was ah,clem AKA JimmyLee
Ovid Dossman: shear his hair
ah,clem: and if Cat ever answers my question, there may be a second feature.
Bambi: LOL
cease: what question?
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:14 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Obscured By Clouds Yamamoto by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Ovid Dossman: or a short subject
EricTheFish: You can't Torquemada nothin'!
Bambi: what was the second for the double feature ... I lost track>?
cease: actually krassner has several albums which would be great on skybird radio
Ovid Dossman: Time Lost
Bambi: sounds like good fun cat
EricTheFish: Isley Brothers
Dexter Fong: is momentum gained
ah,clem: Cat: want Red Shift to be aired in 22.5 as a second feature?
Ovid Dossman: The Lost Whirlwind
Ovid Dossman: i wanna Testify
EricTheFish: of Babylon
MoonGoon: A drink... a drink... octane!
cease: you mean part of it one week, another part the next week?
Dexter Fong: The Little White Cloud That Cryed
cease: that would work. it worked for dickens
Ovid Dossman: let's part another week
ah,clem: if so, please send a set up piece,(short) for me t read. to jim@jim-fran.com
Dexter Fong: Weak part = Combover
EricTheFish: (Kellerman) "You wanna nipponese?"
Bambi: the whole thing in one sitting right ah,clem?
cease: yeah, i have to start making shorter plays
MoonGoon: Isn't that a toidy tissue?
cease: will do, ah
EricTheFish: Oh, Brewster....
Ovid Dossman: play short stop
Bambi: 22.5 is the mp3 type
ah,clem: k, tks, Cat
Dr. Headphones: well, dear friends, after 11 here in the yeastern zone, think i'll call it a night. see ya later :)
Ovid Dossman: 45 caliber with the hole in the middle
Bambi: night ken
Elayne: Night Dr H!
Bambi: great to see you
MoonGoon: S'long Ken,,,
cease: by ken
ah,clem: see ya laterKen
Dexter Fong: Night Ken and Happy listening to the program of (my) chooice
Dr. Headphones: yep, i'm still listening to all of them :)
Bambi: hope to see you friday too :)
Dr. Headphones: g'nite
Bambi: if you have time
||||||||| Dr. Headphones leaves to catch the 11:18 PM train to Hellmouth.
Ovid Dossman: but not charlie Chan, said the sly Fox
EricTheFish: Saturday Night Special - one of the few really good songs Skynard did.
cease: look at the hellmouth on that gift horse
Elayne: ah clem, if you want to see my write-up of last Sunday, it's on my blog (from duh, June 29).
Ovid Dossman: dancing teeth?
MoonGoon: Despite the fans, Chan is still derivative.
Dexter Fong: That horse is from the High Desert
Elayne: I'm trying to get the URL now but my blog isn't loading. :(
cease: the unpaid whore line wins best i've heard tonight, ken
EricTheFish: Gift Horse - Geronimo's Cadillac
Bambi: what's the address for your blog E?
Bambi: would love to see it
Dexter Fong: Ken gone boss
cease: take me back
Ovid Dossman: thy blogg is clogged as a bog
EricTheFish: Sagebrush Symphony - exxcellllent
Elayne: Bambi, the main address is http://elayneriggs.blogspot.com
Dexter Fong: Must be the Wogs
Elayne: I'm trying to get the specific URL for the How Time Flys entry...
Bambi: thanks
Elayne: Ah, there we go.
Elayne: http://elayneriggs.blogspot.com/2003_06_01_elayneriggs_archive.html#105693820754006457
Dave: ok, I can finally read all that is flowing past the screen, same there's only one screen reader to feed me al of this
ah,clem: ok, E, will check log for blog.
ah,clem: hope it was nice.
EricTheFish: sorry dave
Ovid Dossman: only half a bee
Bambi: LOL
Dave: no one's falt 'cept my useless eyes and the little black box on the corner of my desk
Ovid Dossman: check bog for log
Elayne: My pages have been loading super-slow today. Wonder if it's because of that supposed "hacker contest"?
ah,clem: that's the guys acrodd the pond, but still funny....
EricTheFish: Well, at least the girls are golden... in Phoenix
MoonGoon: That's sp'osed to be on Sundae...
cease: do you have How Time Flys, dave?
Elayne: Moon, I think they're practicing. :)
Ovid Dossman: fleece 'em
Dave: golden chicks, hmmm....gotta see this, er...wait
Dexter Fong: if they can't take a flock
MoonGoon: Flock it!
EricTheFish: bhaaaaa rain
Dave: no I don't Cat, though it does fly every second
Ovid Dossman: Jason and Argos done did the dirty deed
MoonGoon: Manor's Space garage... where everything is truly NOT INSANE...
cease: you can now order it. ossman's signing copies at that mark time convention.
Dexter Fong: The bhaaaaa rain, on the terain, falls mainly on the Iran...ians
Bambi: nice writeup E
Bambi: enjoyed it
EricTheFish: or anything you might not want to not
cease: i dont want to send you the interview i'm sending ah,clem by ossman about HTF until you hear it. spoilers, etc
Ovid Dossman: Chasin Robots into the sunset?
Elayne: Thanks Bambi!
EricTheFish: lisner eraly 70's
Dexter Fong: Those Chasin Robots are sandborn
EricTheFish: that's early
Bambi :)
MoonGoon: Chock Ful o' Nuts (and bolts)
ah,clem: is a great piece, and wh I featured it on first show, (HTF)
Elayne: That was your first show, Jim?
Dave: hope that msg to Cat didn't go astray, I know we've had problems like that in the past, if it did, whoever got it, ignore it
Elayne: Not bad for a debut!!
Bambi: (thanks cat :)
Ovid Dossman: later than you think
ah,clem: but now we go bck in time....
Dexter Fong: Im a slow thinker
EricTheFish: The women of the Gentelmanly South!
Elayne: I'll vouch for that!
Dexter Fong: of
Dexter Fong: americans
Dexter Fong: club
EricTheFish: that's gentleman
Bambi was very proud of ah,clem :)
Ovid Dossman: slow talkers of America
ah,clem: yes, mahm,,,
Dexter Fong: member
Dexter Fong: in
Dexter Fong: absentia
cease: how time flys is my fave non-group firesign disc, as i told ossman last week hereabouts
EricTheFish: Yes, Lord Vader.
cease: they're all good, but....
Dexter Fong refills
ah,clem: I featured i because I got to talk to Dave, briefly,
cease: good idea, dex
Bambi: I look forward to hearing some of the other individual productions as well
Ovid Dossman: reefer fill one for me
cease: have you thought about interviewing him for your radio show, ah?
Dave: can someone give me a summary of the HTF CD before I go spending what little money I have on it?
MoonGoon: Absentia... wasn't that one of Caesar's wives?
Ovid Dossman: Tales of the old detective tops 'em all
EricTheFish: Buy American. Buy Firesign.
Bambi: HTF is the only individual production I've heard ... and of course I thought originally it was just another FST ... since they were all in it :)
Bambi: shows how wrong someone can be LOL
Ovid Dossman: Nix on 4th NPR reject
Dexter Fong is fullfilled
Elayne: Dave: Astronaut returns from mission to find no one cares. Or do they?
Bambi: have been reading everything on the web about FST and doing some major catch up
EricTheFish: From the island of Bermuda. We present...
Elayne: Bambi, sounds like me about 15-20 years ago. Played major catch-up.
EricTheFish: To Grid's wrath with NPR.
MoonGoon: So it was the Nix who nixed it... I thought it had the trappings of a plumber's job...
Ovid Dossman: Major Ketchup Col Mustard
ah,clem: I can air las week's special on SkyBird adio, at a late night time of your choice, if you want to record or stay up, Dav, and HTF as the feature piece.
cease: anyone know why npr nixed show?
Bambi: I am so glad we found out they were still creating new material and have never stopped! I feel like I missed out on so much ...
EricTheFish: Buzz Aldrin? Hmmm? The first rasta on the moon? Everything we know...
Elayne: Cat, they probably didn't think it was funny, just like Thanksgiving.
MoonGoon: Apparently Mayor P'nisnose got a little too close to the truth...
Dexter Fong: Dave: HTF is IMO the *most* personal of all the side efforts of the FST...not that that's bad...just rather different than all the other material, again, IMO
Bambi: thankfully there are some great resources on the web to help :)
cease: not for more political reasons, el?
Elayne: NPR is not exactly a liberal bastion any more.
Ovid Dossman: which is incromprehensle , like thumbs down
Dave: I'd gladly take that offer AH but I'm on dialup
cease: compared to what, el?
Ovid Dossman: maybe it wasn't funny? Nawwwww
Elayne: Cat, compared to all those pirate stations the FCC is shutting down. :)
ah,clem: Dave, is a dialup feed. 22.5 mp3, can listen with winanp.
MoonGoon: I get the feeling the snoots in suits don't particularly think ANY of it is funny...
cease: aha
Dave: Cat read your private messages please if you haven't
ah,clem: that is why 22.5 Cat
Dexter Fong: OD: It was funny...wasn't sure if it was misspelling mo intended =))
cease: i didnt receive a private message, dave
Dexter Fong: or
Elayne: Moon, I get the feeling they don't get it. Or they do and it scares them. Don't want to lose their jobs, after all.
Bambi: 22.5/16khz ... we are on dialup and we can listen and chat in the IRC easily
Ovid Dossman: the Zoot suiters got them the job in the 1st place
ah,clem: tks, Bambi.
cease: yes, elayne. it scares them. that's always been the case with firesign radio, in my opinion.
Dexter Fong: E: They are scared shitless of the Whitehouse, the republicans, the right-wing crazoids and everything else...who can blame them
Bambi: and it doesn't keep buffering ... which is one of the worst features of anything higher for us poor dialup folks LOL
Ovid Dossman: could be punishment for not delivering Memorial Day?
cease: good point, ovid
Elayne: Dex, I know I am@
MoonGoon: Too bad someone didn't play "electrician" for them... well, maybe not.
Dexter Fong: You am @?
ah,clem: post link Bam, so dave can test it. tks.
EricTheFish: Jim Dial, the only soap to use with Murphy's Principle.
Elayne: Hey, gimme a break, I'm still half asleep and I pressed @ instead of !.
cease: i'm surprised Now is still on the air.
Dexter Fong: Moon: YOu mean like the "Hot Seat"?
Ovid Dossman: Comin @ ya
Bambi: hmmmm, did you tell what the first feature is for the show for sat and sun?
ah,clem: no
EricTheFish: I Saton it!
MoonGoon: Made of the finest naugahyde
Dexter Fong: !Re@lly{
ah,clem: did some one guess?
Ovid Dossman: it's on the air now?
Elayne: Jim, if this is a regular feature, do me a favor and leave the info in the comments to my blog (from June 29) so folks can tune in!
ah,clem: no, but skybird is, just weird music.
Ovid Dossman: just folks?
Dexter Fong: Gas Muique Form Olde Yupiter
EricTheFish: Like hot seat even if I haven't heard it yet. Or been billed...
cease: unjust forks?
MoonGoon: unkle sporks?
EricTheFish: Just triplanes.
Ovid Dossman: switchblade pitchforks?
ah,clem: I hope it will be regular, E. Has evolved into an obsession, and has only been one weel.
ah,clem: week too
Bambi: and Skybird Radio has OTR (Old Time Radio) shows on the weekend as well
Dexter Fong: Naked in-flight Stewardesses
Dave: whatever it is, I dig the music, it works Bamb/ah
MoonGoon: regularity has its rewards
Ovid Dossman: you need 2 wheels to roll brother
Elayne: Very cool, Bambi.
EricTheFish: You a farm boy? (Williams)
Bambi: we like it too E :)
Bambi: great dave!
ah,clem: bambi will find blog and forward, she likes it that way.
Dexter Fong: That's right Brother, and a third wheel to steer...to steer you to Great Satan's Village
Ovid Dossman: Sue E?
Bambi: LOL
Dave: I'm a folky, what can I say
Elayne: So Bambi, you and Jim are in this together?
EricTheFish: Squeeeeeeel....
EricTheFish: You'll remember this sound...
Dexter Fong: YOu came here for a grease job?
Dexter Fong: I thought you wanted an argument
Ovid Dossman: (LOL) Living on Love?
MoonGoon: Lost on Ludes
ah,clem: we are attached at the hip, but she is upstairs right now.
Dave: wait, we go from a folk tune to a broadway-like song?
Dexter Fong: and back Dave
Ovid Dossman: give me a lude job
Dexter Fong: No tune unstored
EricTheFish: Ludelums
Elayne: Oh, you guys are like TOGETHER together! Cool!
MoonGoon: and no store unturned
Dexter Fong: Bend Over Ovid
ah,clem: yes, that sounds like SkyBird, Dave, is like a box of chocolates.
Ovid Dossman: yes yes
EricTheFish: My comments were misinterpreted...
Bambi: email with link on its way ah,clem
Ovid Dossman: candy ass?
Dave: FAR OUT, I dig radio stations like that
EricTheFish: I have offended some white people. (Gore on SNL)
Dexter Fong: Acid-Chrome
Bambi: yes, ah,clem is my better half :)
Elayne: That's very cool. :)
Bambi :)
Ovid Dossman: who is the worse half?
Elayne: We need to get DocTech and Lili, and Robin and I all on this chat at the same time, and we can do the Firesign Chat version of Couplings. :)
ah,clem: then I have you now... (I wrote this software, and it confuses everybody, including the station owner)
Dexter Fong: Eric: Is it true you called a German official a Nazi Camp Kommandant...and can you comment on that?
Bambi: cool E ... that would be fun
Ovid Dossman: yeah then we can bore the rest of us self lovers
Bambi: LOL
ah,clem: just stay tuned,
Dave: AH, how did you program that station then? did you? or do you just have other people putting in random things, how does it work basically
Elayne: Bambi, I think my head would probably explode.
Dexter Fong: I'm having sex with my hat right now
Ovid Dossman: like a penguin on TV
Bambi: LOL
ah,clem: how long can you listen, Dave?
EricTheFish: What I meant to say was. The Ferrarrii is not to be cosidered a Lamborghini under and circumspections.
Dave: I don't know
Bambi: gonna run HTF ?? if so I want to listen again :)
ah,clem: estimate?
Elayne is trying very hard to make the Bonus Word in Bookworm, as it's "Tokes."
Dave: can I get the link again, for got to put it in to winamps bookmark list
EricTheFish: Indeed, I have all the circumscribed opinions from the best sourses.
ah,clem: I can run HTF with no fluff, but that is less fun...
Bambi: sure
MoonGoon: You'll need a moyel
Ovid Dossman: How to lengthen your penis in 10,000 spams
cease: good one, ovid
ah,clem: use dropdown in winanp
Dexter Fong: Moon =)))
EricTheFish: Indeed, this circumscription is one of our best women, though you can't see her.
Bambi: play location
Bambi: works great doesn't it :)
Ovid Dossman: i'd walk a camel for a moyel
EricTheFish: Hail Grid.
Elayne: Must go catch up on reading. See you next week.
MoonGoon: One hump or two?
||||||||| Elayne rushes off, saying "11:44 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
ah,clem: back with us now, Dave?
cease: by el
Dexter Fong: You might wanna rethink that planned scenario Ovid...no anaesthesia
ah,clem: bye E
Bambi: night E ... have a great night
Dave: OH YEAH, DIG THE PIPES OF THE SCOTISH! this is so cool, it is now bookmarked and I am listening
Ovid Dossman: thank heaven for little girls
Dexter Fong: Night E, I'll call you
Bambi: cool
EricTheFish: Al El, the only airline where you're the Guest. (Kantner/Slick)
ah,clem: ok, will run HTF in about 10 min.
Bambi: great ... is the music server up ??
ah,clem: just for you, the viewer...
EricTheFish: Thank heaven for little menses.
Ovid Dossman: buy it at laugh.com!
Dave: hey! and now we're digin' the Spanish sounds of a mandolin, played in A minor, I love perfect pitch
cease: thank grid for george carlin
Dexter Fong: Good menses make good nayboors
MoonGoon: Thank heaven for laugh.com!
Ovid Dossman: I'm not that smart
Dave: or, wait, it might be G minor
EricTheFish: I have your cookie.
Bambi: yeah, it's great that they are supporting FST like that
Bambi: now all can get more FST :)
EricTheFish: Or strawberry fields...
Dexter Fong: Dave: Maybe C suspended fourth with a sharp 9
Ovid Dossman: it was there to begin with , where were you?
Dexter Fong: Voiced, Dave, of course, on the 7th
MoonGoon: I tihnk Carlin is a fan... he showed up on the Weirdly Cool DVD
Dave: you're just bullshitting that, aren't you Cat?
EricTheFish: Do you want foriegners to make fun of elected officials? Of course not. Buy American. Buy Firesign.
Ovid Dossman: i rested on the 7th
Dave: sorry Dex not Cat
EricTheFish: And on the 1st Day, he was arrested.
Ovid Dossman: iwas arrested on the 5th
Dexter Fong: No Dave, actually I now whereof I speak
cease: i wondered about that
Dexter Fong: know
MoonGoon: OVID... beat me to it.
ah,clem: stay tund dave, tunes is on the way...
EricTheFish: Serious country we've got here folks...
Dave: actually it was in E minor for the most part, then G
cease: are you a musician, dex? i know of your vast vocal talent already
Ovid Dossman: well i depleat the 5th anyway
Dexter Fong: Ovid I wondered how things developed, or perhaps didn't
EricTheFish: Love the one you're with.
Ovid Dossman: the 4th of firth
EricTheFish: Most ignorant lyrics I've ever heard.
Dave: but where the hell did you get this music? like now we're listening to something from the '20's Jellyroll Morton-style jazz
ah,clem: cued HTF with no fluff, a rare treat...
cease: stills? we don't need stills. it's Legal here
Dexter Fong: Well Cat, During the week I'm a shut-in, on weekends I sing lead tenor at ther Met
EricTheFish: Like Stills.
Ovid Dossman: love that jelly roll
ah,clem: is a radio station library, as me no qustions....
Ovid Dossman: give me red hot peppers
ah,clem: but FST on the way.
MoonGoon: "well you got to admit that that sweet sweet jelly's so good"... Dupree's Diamond Blues
Bambi: old stuff mainly ovid
Dave: oh eyah, gotthe complete Victor sides of Jelly-lord, good stuff
Dexter Fong: Must be locked cap key cause Dexter don' type like that...usually
EricTheFish: Willie's hosting a concert tomorrow in Texas that includes The Dead. Y'all come.
Bambi: and very odd music, weird and strange...and never the same twice ... some of the music you won't hear again for months.
ah,clem: (some ome switch my key tops around)
EricTheFish: I won't be there.
Ovid Dossman: don't forget the generals either
Bambi: others you might hear more frequently ... most not for weeks
MoonGoon: But the tapers will be...
EricTheFish: You idiot, those are my shoulder blades.
cease: willy brings people back from the dead? this i gotta see
Dexter Fong: Whatta are we gonna type Lieutenant?
Ovid Dossman: burn the tapers make CDs
Bambi: oh, wow ... table candles LOL
EricTheFish: Sargent Sphincter, of the Rat Patrol.
MoonGoon: Surprising the depth of devotion to the analog
Ovid Dossman: the taipor's in the tar pits
ah,clem: you can run stream at your station, Bam, Music server is still down due to storm,
Bambi: oh, ok ... no worries
Dexter Fong: ...scrathing out doughboys
Ovid Dossman: riders on the storm
ah,clem: dave, let me know whe you hear he "beeps"
cease: morrison, i thought you were dead
Dave: what the hell is going on at this station now
EricTheFish: Which tape would you use if you were going to record analog? Ask Jackson Browne. Nick.
ah,clem: ?
Ovid Dossman: Genette Mortons Tops Too
ah,clem: ampex
MoonGoon: Cassette or open reel?
EricTheFish: Oh, Nicki Nicki Nicki...
ah,clem: still ampex
EricTheFish: 24-tk.
Dexter Fong: Oh, Tesla Tesla Tesla
MoonGoon: @ 7.5 IPS
EricTheFish: Ampex.
Ovid Dossman: coiled again?
Bambi: this is HTF :)
EricTheFish: Love hurting people's ears. I go to Metallica concerts and stand by the speakers.
Dexter Fong: Tape? Hell, Go right to hard drive, 250 Terra bytes, edit from there
EricTheFish: Fuji isn't bad either.
ah,clem: still there Dave, this retro is for U
Ovid Dossman: hard drive hard drive
Dave: this is fucked up as hell Bam
MoonGoon: Yeah, but you can't put your finger on the hard drive motor to get special f/x....
ah,clem: ?
Bambi: and anyone else that would like to listen to HTF :)
Bambi: like me :)
EricTheFish: If it can't vote, it ain't human. (3 dead trolls)
Ovid Dossman: I've already got one
ah,clem: Bambi is getting feed, dave,
MoonGoon: but this is YOURS!
Bambi: there is something not right
Bambi: ??
Dexter Fong: Moon: Read article re: flangin Your Hard Drive
Bambi: sounds like something else playing in the background
Ovid Dossman: U C
||||||||| Outside, the 11:58 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Bunnyboy coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Bunnyboy: lo dere
MoonGoon: I don't do that no 'mo... palms all hairy.
Bunnyboy: late bloomer
Dexter Fong: Lo dere Bun
Ovid Dossman: hop on board
Dexter Fong: Dive in pool
Dave: this is really really weird, this is the FST, or part of them? who's the woman doing part of the naration
Ovid Dossman: surf the net
Bunnyboy: No more deep ends in Philly. Paper said so.
Dexter Fong: Dave: It's Ossmans project and the other have only small parts, also used other cators
Dexter Fong: actors
Ovid Dossman: silly philly this is Mr. Ed
MoonGoon: Wilbur...
Dexter Fong: Ovid: Ever surf the Seine Pipeline?
Bunnyboy: One lovely side effect of Comcast acquiring AT & T Broadband: Personal webpage storage space has been upped from 5 MB to 25 MB.
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Ovid Dossman: no, too busy poon doggling
Bunnyboy: Bunnyboy Productions will have some tunes up, soon.
Bambi: everything is running fine
Dexter Fong: Oh, still a grommet eh?
Bambi: sounded like someone at the station ran something on top of it
EricTheFish: I say, give it all to Rupert and have done with it.
Dexter Fong: Eric: It's a done deal
Ovid Dossman: send murdock to the burdock
Dexter Fong: Eric the half a soul
EricTheFish: Wakamas
MoonGoon: Gesundheit!
Bambi: but it is now playing cleanly
EricTheFish: sorry... Wakaramas
Bambi: dave are you hearing better now?
Bunnyboy: That's the root on the barby, mate.
Dave: wow thanks for doing this guys, I am not recording it as it takes up too much memory but it's cool
Dexter Fong: Bambi: That's what we want, good hard tough, nasty, uncivlzed clean play
Ovid Dossman: those wacky wakaramaians
cease: ok, i have to leave now. see you next week
Bunnyboy: That is, to say, Ken.
cease: have a pleasent 4th of julie
Bambi: great ... LOL
Bunnyboy: Or...Maurice?
Bunnyboy wolf whistles
MoonGoon: Thanx cat... Canada Day back atcha...
Ovid Dossman: don't leave now, we're just getting stranded
EricTheFish: Elephant Malt Liquor American beer is like making love in a canoe
Bunnyboy: nite cat
Bambi: night cat ... great to see you
Dexter Fong: Next Week! "The Wakaramiains go Wonkers over Willy the Wanker"
EricTheFish: Oh resevoir, mate
Bambi: hope you enjoyed your Canada Day
Dexter Fong: Night Cat
ah,clem: well, this is what wou will get when you buy the cd, and in better fidelity,
EricTheFish: Torrie, Torrie, Torrie
ah,clem: night Cat
Bunnyboy: They only allow Willy the Wanker on network TV these days...
Ovid Dossman: isn't that the guy in the chocalate factory tory tory
Dexter Fong: Eric: Is that because you can't drink it standing up?
Dave: the streams doing ok
MoonGoon: They should try the nude TNN... they're doing cartoon lap dances
Bunnyboy: Belgium rules! All other ales are pretenders.
Dexter Fong: Amos Amos Amos....Andy Andy Andy
Bunnyboy: (sings) I've got a Golden Ticket!
Dave: how much is the CD
Bunnyboy: Don't forget Beulah!
EricTheFish: Love thy neighbor like thy cousin
Ovid Dossman: isn't that the guy in the chocalate factory tory tory
EricTheFish: Washington is for the Byrds
Bambi: hi bunnyboy
Bunnyboy: Double faux pas: Beulah was played by a white man on radio.
Dexter Fong: Beulah From Belgium....she brews ale because you like it that way
ah,clem: might have been time bot, he has no respect for my "playnows" but I can only blame myself. (I wrote all the software)
Ovid Dossman: I got glitched
Bunnyboy: (sings) His sisters and his cousins, whom he reckons up by dozens, and his AUNTS!
MoonGoon: "Belgium is ruled by Zombies..." -- Zippy the Pinhead
Bunnyboy: (sings) For he IS and ENGLISHMAN!
Bambi: BB: I hear you enjoy Shep too?
ah,clem: happens Ovid
EricTheFish: Antie Bee?
Dexter Fong: Wid lots 'o Grits in it"
Bunnyboy: Moon: But HAPPY zombies.
Ovid Dossman: love honey
Bunnyboy: lo Bambi
MoonGoon: But of course... eet eeze all zee belgian ale!
Dexter Fong: Bambi: Shep = Jean Shepperd
Bunnyboy: Bambi: Shep? George of the Jungle's dog?
Ovid Dossman: zombies on broadband
Bambi: yep
ah,clem: yup shep
EricTheFish: Here we are, sitting by the Firesign listening to stories of the old days...
Bambi: we love Shep
Dexter Fong: Curly Joe Shep?
ah,clem: we do lots of shep on skybird
Ovid Dossman: i love shemp
Bambi: Jean Shepherd
Bunnyboy: Oh, Jean Shepherd! Yes, quite.
Dexter Fong: Throw another Schremp on Klaus Barbie
MoonGoon: Never thought Shemp came close to Curly...
Ovid Dossman: now he did it in his hat
EricTheFish: Breakfast at Bernado's on the Malibu Shore
Dexter Fong: Moon: I heard he was straight
ah,clem: we do a little curly joe, and shemp too, but only on friday night.
Bunnyboy: In fact, I saw a CD reissue of some Jean Shepherd material the other day. Gotta pick it up, in about a week, when I'm back in the chips.
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cease - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong: Eric: Meet me tonight at Mr. Chows
EricTheFish: Waitress? I'll need a baggie...
MoonGoon: heebeebeebb
Bambi: great storyteller ... Shep
Ovid Dossman: shemp was a better poondoggler
Bunnyboy: Throw another Shemp on the barby, mate.
MoonGoon: greasy hair...
ah,clem: although if there are requests, I think the station manager is asleep.....
EricTheFish: Cown down, dude! It's xtreme!
Bambi: LOL
Dexter Fong: Bambi: Some night when it's really slow, I'll tell you about the first time I heard Jean Shepper, before he came to New York
Ovid Dossman: that's no shrimp that's a shemp you schlep
EricTheFish: Chow.
Bambi: LOL ... yes, while the station manager is away ... LOL
Bunnyboy: Shemp and Peppermint Patty: Separated at birth?
Bambi: cool dex ... would love to hear it
EricTheFish: Love the one you're with.
MoonGoon: Shemp Chow? What will Purina think of next?
EricTheFish: Fishes and scorpions.
Ovid Dossman: shepard knock lenny bruce so, he sucks
Dave: I'm gonna go but will keep listening, bye all, thanks again guys, somehow let me know when it's oever
||||||||| At 12:12 AM, Dave vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
EricTheFish: Isn't about time?
Bunnyboy: That a man with such a 'tude could right such lovely songs.
MoonGoon: It's about space
Dexter Fong: Bunny: An outfit called Collectors Choice Music has 2 Shep albums for sale...they're on the web at WWW.collectorschoicemusic.com
Bunnyboy: nite Dave. How's the MIDI trail going?
ah,clem: is about "how time flies."
Ovid Dossman: it's another place, airplane glue
Bambi: Shempshaw Redemption
EricTheFish: It's about slaves and indentured servants wanting to make a new country.
Dexter Fong: Night Dave
ah,clem: is what I was playing for him...
Bunnyboy: Stephen Stills puts the WHOLE in ASS, from what I've heard.
Ovid Dossman: S&H green shemps
EricTheFish: So, how's your credit card debt?
MoonGoon: Stopped that too; was losihffg cohntrol off myne faculrties
Bambi: I am still listening to HTF on Skybird Radio
Bunnyboy: thanx for the link, Dex.
EricTheFish: Mine camfground. Good Sam.
Bambi: oops, the overblown government agent just got popped LOL
Bunnyboy: Aw, I gotta go play. Nite, yez.
Dexter Fong: Night Bun
ah,clem: he had never heard, and wanted to know if he should buy a cd. I said, here, listen to this, and you will.
ah,clem: by Bun
Ovid Dossman: when the rat's away...
Bambi: <<-- that link for Skybird Radio if you'd like to listen
Bunnyboy: Otto! Don't stand so close to the hedgehog!
Bambi: night BB
Bambi: have a good one
EricTheFish: Birds gotta swim, fish gotta fly.
ah,clem: is a dialup feed, so anyone can listen.
Bambi: does that mean you're leaving eric?
ah,clem )
Bunnyboy: I gotta love one man, but only in B.C. or Texas.
Ovid Dossman: fish gotta fry
Bambi: yep
Bunnyboy: Steers and beers.
EricTheFish: Leave Ericson? Didn't he discover New York?
MoonGoon: It's what's for dinner..
ah,clem: a funny bunny.
Dexter Fong: ...or if you prefer, we can throw them on the Barbie mit Klaus and the schremp
Ovid Dossman: He found ice in vineland
EricTheFish: Mmmmmmmm
Bunnyboy: Discover? Did he have a Visa?
Bunnyboy: All aboard for the American Express.
Bambi: or was that a MC
Dexter Fong: Rather find vice in iceland
Bambi: or a monkey ward card
EricTheFish: Mit, catcher in the Ry
MoonGoon: Wouldn't we all?
Ovid Dossman: he's never been a credit to his race
Bunnyboy: Nothing but a pack of cards.
Dexter Fong: BB plunking for the longest exit by a rabbit since Roger
Bunnyboy: The Mastercard Race. Thanks, Meester Drossman!
Ovid Dossman: but a card to cadrey
Bambi: LOL ... and Roger was great at it too :)
EricTheFish: Mit, Best engineeing school in America.
Bunnyboy: Ya gotta sing:
Bunnyboy: "Shave and..."
EricTheFish: Thank Uni.
Ovid Dossman: this time Mit feeling
Bambi: Two Bits!
Dexter Fong: "...Shit, and shower"
MoonGoon: "a hair shirt..."
ah,clem: >> Bambi, they need to tune in this week... (americaan exess)
EricTheFish: Green eye.
Ovid Dossman: get a hair lift
Bunnyboy: "Two shits!"
Dexter Fong: Red lips
EricTheFish: 4th eye blind.
Bambi: LOL
Dexter Fong: Blonde hair
ah,clem: two bits...
Dexter Fong: Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Ovid Dossman: legs of steel
Bunnyboy: Now I mean it, dadgummit. Bye! *snif*
Ovid Dossman: buns of fun
Bunnyboy: Hate me because I'm FICTIONAL!
MoonGoon: HA-HA! I'll beat the queen to Perth!
EricTheFish: Love the one, you're with it... Are you with us?
Bambi: jacket buttons stuck in the fence! ate too many carrots!
ah,clem: so I am a 'tune, sure you all knew that anyway...
Dexter Fong: Steeler's Wheel
EricTheFish: Don't thank me...
Ovid Dossman: wheel of torture
Dexter Fong: Ah: But are you hum-able
ah,clem: just don't pull my ears.
Ovid Dossman: well you're not welcome
Bunnyboy runs from Mr. MacGregor, that fat Scottish poof
Bambi :)
EricTheFish: ElectronicDSS 4/20/90-4/20/92
Bunnyboy: and...*POOF*!
||||||||| Bunnyboy says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Bunnyboy exits at 12:21 AM.
Dexter Fong: Hi! I'm Bruce McGregor...I'm looking for a fluffy bunny
EricTheFish: Rah, rah... That's the spirit!
Bambi: night again BB :)
MoonGoon: I must off (myself)... the nite is yung and I'm a few seconds older...
Dexter Fong: Har Har..that's the Alice
Bambi: multiple rebendables LOL
MoonGoon: Tar-tar, y'all!
Bambi: night moongoon
EricTheFish: Love (it's a "summer")
Dexter Fong: Moon" The night is yung but don't be Freudened
||||||||| "Hey MoonGoon!" ... MoonGoon turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 12:22 AM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Bambi: glad we got to see ya
EricTheFish: This is a Jensen
Ovid Dossman: that was close
Dexter Fong: A Jensen Interceptor?
EricTheFish: Graceful as it is...
EricTheFish: Nope.
Ovid Dossman: swimsuit
ah,clem: tar -c *.* | gzip > everything.tgz
Dexter Fong: ...it can be yours, firends, for just thousands up/down a week/month
ah,clem: in other words night all...
Ovid Dossman: all night hop
Dexter Fong: Aha! He spoke in code
Bambi: night ah,clem
Bambi: see you shortly
ah,clem: and be well, dear friends.
Dexter Fong: Night Ah
Ovid Dossman: timing like flyes
ah,clem: was a simple head code,
Bambi: any english school boy could catch it :)
Dexter Fong: in ein kleine bottle
Dexter Fong: ...and ah, clem makes the catch on a fielder's cherce
Bambi: or was that any common english school boy
Dexter Fong: Bam: All English schoolboys are common, garden=variety till they're knighterd
Bambi: right
Dexter Fong: or neutered
ah,clem: but those who know unix, know that is not a small tarball. those who do not have no idea what I am babling about, and for that I am thankful.
Dexter Fong: Then they become Russian spys
Bambi: LOL
ah,clem: bink, bong, and "poof"
Ovid Dossman: but they loved me
Bambi :)
EricTheFish: A B is B and a P is a P.
EricTheFish: We don't need no education...
Ovid Dossman: Well, it's time to read more poems, good night sweat princess
Bambi: Panaramaland LOL
EricTheFish: We don't need no though control...
Bambi: night ovid have a great night
EricTheFish: Au revoir
Ovid Dossman: Ovid and out
EricTheFish: Disssapointed! - Kevin Klein
Dexter Fong: Night Divo
Ovid Dossman: get me out of this canon!
Bambi: LOL
||||||||| Catherwood says "12:30 AM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Ovid Dossman by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Dexter Fong: BOOOOOM!
Bambi: hmmmm, what does that little red button on the back of this cannon do?
EricTheFish: Yen
Bambi: oops!
Dexter Fong: "...and there he goes, he sailing out over the stadium, beyond the spot of Barry Bonds last homerun"
Bambi: LOL
EricTheFish: It's a winner...
Dexter Fong: "...and a little old lady in a surf ski has him in her net"!
Bambi: poor Mark ... he never gets out!
EricTheFish: pacbell?
Dexter Fong: "...but two Mexicans in a 40 foot trimaran are on her tail. They've got harppons! Oh the humanity!"
EricTheFish: In the days of my youth...
Dexter Fong: ">>They're pulling the little old lady *and* Divo onto their boat, and there they go, into the big ice chest"
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Dave in through the front door at 12:34 AM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Dexter Fong: Hey Dave, you're back...turn around
Dave: well, sounds like it's over, wow that was cool
EricTheFish: Texas Playboys, Asleep at the Wheel, Broken Spokane
Dexter Fong: Loved Wolfman Jack in that
Dave: vvery trippey
Bambi: yes, he was great
EricTheFish: Whazzz Real?
Dave: now you've just got silence on the stream guys
Bambi: sounds like the station manager paused the stream...I unpaused it
Dexter Fong: Reality Suckzzzzzzzzz
Bambi: the music will start again very shortly
EricTheFish: That'
Dave: all hail the great Bob Wills, sorry heard Texas Playboys, I've got some of his stuff
Dexter Fong: A brief interlude
EricTheFish: That's why Grid gave the Indians mushrooms. Or is it?
Bambi: yep :)
Dave: western swing fiddling is difficult, I'm not a good long-bow fiddler yet
Bambi: LOL
Dexter Fong: Yeah...but he didn't give them truffles, now did he?
Dave: nothing yet Bamby
Bambi: there it is
EricTheFish: Please, Anjin san. Draw your pistols. You will be dead before you pull the trigger.
Bambi: music going again
Dave: we've got, "the dog and the bone"
Bambi: dog and a bone
Bambi: yep
Dexter Fong: I'll draw my pistols if you can draw this matchbook picture
EricTheFish: Enough Shogun.
Dexter Fong: SHogun or Major Cledit cald
Dave: any chance we could skip this one? need something I can sing/dance to, or do you not control things
Dave: oh wait this works, you guys should play some Nick Drake or David Gray, two of my heroes in case you didn't know that already
Dexter Fong: Dave: Ah,clem is in control...he own the idea of streams
Bambi: we insert stuff into the normal automation
EricTheFish: Harrison & Clapton - Let It Rain
Dexter Fong: Bambi: So you guys are into inserts eh?
Bambi: ah,clem build the software that runs the automation and the DJ controls
||||||||| It's 12:40 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dave: this song sounds like Jan August meets smooth jazz mixed with Elton John a bit
EricTheFish: Awaiting on You All
Dexter Fong: "This is noone's here, we're all just machines, everyone's on un-employemnt, Now Radio"
Dexter Fong: Dave: Jan August??????????
EricTheFish: Henry Ford paid his workers twice the going rate. He was smart. He wanted his employees to be able to buy what they were making.
Dave: Bamby doesthis thing run 24/7? it'd give me great listening enjoyment
Bambi: yeah, ah,clem set it and it chooses things we haven't heard for a while
Bambi: that's what it does
Bambi: yes 24/7
Dave: now this song I can play, I improvise stuff like this all the time
Bambi: friday nights more diverse programming and OTR and FST shows on weekend
Dexter Fong: Eric: Then he moved them all into a town where they had to go to church every week, couldn't get a drink or buy a good 5cent cigar
Dave: sounds exactly like my fiddle playing, far out
Bambi: (JimmyLee's - ah,clem - a few minutes with FST show being the newest show)
EricTheFish: People put footprints in the snow with blood from frostbitten feet so we could do this. Have a great 4th. Vote.
Bambi: friday nights 9-12 it's often on c-band satellite too
Dave: jan august, great piano player of the late '40's, oddly enough I've got some stuff he did on Spike Jones' show
Bambi: you too eric
Bambi: there's a WIDE range of music variety and all old
Dave: where the hell do you get this stuff, this is soo cool
Bambi: Gary and some others have been collecting them for years
Bambi: (Gary is Gary Bourgois, the station manager and host of Friday Night Live - FNL - 9-12pm on fridays
Dave: this song's got my foot tapping, I'm telling you that you should play some Nick Drake or how about Coltrane or Miles or Ben Harper, just a few of the people I like
Bambi: he has a ton of 78s
Dave: wow! sounds like my kinda guy
Bambi: let me look for something and add to the playlist ... hold
Dexter Fong: Dave: Yes..I know of him...I don't know that I'd call him a great bandleader though, just my opinion
Dave: who dex
Dexter Fong: Jan August....there were a great many piano players of that ilk (or style) in the 30s and forties
Bambi: how about Straight Street?
Dave: I know but he's the only I've heard of like that, who just plays like that,
Dave: the only one I've got somewhere I can think of, although I forgot about Art Tatom
Dexter Fong: Sweet bands they were called by musicians as opposed to "hot bands" like Goodman and basie and the Dorsey Brothers
Bambi: Sax - Tenor Medley
Bambi: coming up in a song or so
Dexter Fong: The Three saxes...great tenor medly
Dave: allright! bossanova shtuff
Bambi: sonny rollins and john coltrane
Dave: bring out the Spanish dancers, here we go!
Dexter Fong: and Hank Mobley
Bambi: what about Blue Nile?
Dexter Fong: "..wider than a mile"
Dave: wait, the one playing now?
Dexter Fong: "..I'll travel you in style, a while"
Bambi: no, it will play in about 2 minutes after the song ... it is inserted into the mix ... about a 2 min lag
Dexter Fong: "Mybarge siketh, my asp winketh"
Dexter Fong: a"..and Tony that schmuk all he does is just smile"
Dave: music is pretty much my lie really, I've yet to find a copy of Coltrane's Expression album, I get CD's from the library and burn them, yeah it's unethical but it's not illeagle if I don't sell them, just got the complete bitches brew and in a silent way sessions from Mr. Miles Davis
Dave: I'm an unusual teenager, I know
Dave: life, not li or whatever I wrote
Dexter Fong: Not unusually unusal though dave
Dave: is this it?
Dexter Fong sings "Is that all there is, my friends"
Dave: thanks Bamby, this is cool, I can tell this is Coltrane
Dexter Fong: Not many of us left are there?
Bambi: nice sax medley playing :)
Bambi: yes
Dave: early Coltrane too, before he really hit us with his "sheets of sound" stuff in Giant Steps
Bambi: excellent music
Dexter Fong: Bambi: I hope you not hanging in here waiting for my Shepperd story> As befitting JS, it's a long story with lots of scene setting
Dave: I research pretty much everything I buy in music, I know about the albums before I buy them
Bambi: but gonna leave it to surprising us with music now :)
||||||||| Merlyn enters at 12:58 AM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Bambi: LOL
Dave: yeah I have no life, fiddle player, music listener, high school student,
Merlyn: Hey, people are still here
Bambi: hi merlyn
Dexter Fong: Dave: I'm very impressed with you approach to listening to music. Context is, as it is with most thing, very important
Merlyn: hello
Dexter Fong: Hey Merl
Dave: hey there Brian
Bambi: was hoping you'd get back before we had to leave :)
Merlyn: just got back from listening to rehearsals with ossman and preston
Dexter Fong: Yep..well bye-bye =))
Dave: yes it is, but listening and trying to analyse jazz music is utterly impossible, it's so complex
||||||||| It's 1:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| EricTheFish - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bambi: cool
Dexter Fong: eric got the measlies
Bambi: night eric
Dexter Fong: Dave: Its not so complex if you understand the fundamentals
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Merlyn: and michael sheard, who played hitler in indiana jones
Merlyn: and a bunch of dr who episodes
Dave: but I don't understand the fundamentals, I was listening to Bitches Brew and trying to figure out any sort of key signature or relavency thereof and found none
Bambi: sounds like it was interesting :)
Dexter Fong: Dr. World Health Organization, cleaning up after the US Army
Merlyn: nice thing about the chat is, if you know you'll be late or something, you can log in early and just talk to leave a msg
Bambi: yes, it was nice to see your message when I came in
Dave: hey Bambi, can you tell me what album this Coltrane cut comes off of? just wondering so I can find out more about it
Dexter Fong: Dave: You picked a very complex time to drop in on miles. You need to listen to early miles, when he played with Charlie Parker....most Jazz musicians go through develpmental periods..if you don't know where they came from, it's hard to under stand where they're at
Bambi: just said rollins and coltrane I think
Dave: true, I do have the Birth of the Cool CD as well from the library, will that help?
Dave: ok, that'll help Bambi, thanks again for inserting that
Dexter Fong: Bambi: If it's Sonny and Trane together, there's just one cut from one album they ever were recorded on....
Bambi: you are welcome dave
Bambi: yes it was dex
Dexter Fong: A blues from a Rollins album on Prestige
Bambi: do you know the name of the album dex?
Dexter Fong: Tenor Madness is the title IIRC
Bambi: thanks...that'll probably help dave :)
Bambi: Tenor Madness ...yes that was there !
Dave: hmmmm...I could get that from the Complete Prestige Recordings of Sunny, I saw that in the library listings
Bambi: that was the name of the album LOL
Dave: Bambi, this sounds like Fats Domino, am I right? probably not
Bambi: rockin' pretty good right now with some cool old music
Dexter Fong: Dave: Birth of the Cool is a *very* important album but representatvie of Miles only in the sense that it shows just what a restless innovator he was. He formed that group and opened at Birdland about 2 weeks after he quit the Parker band
Bambi: let me check
Dave: yeah I read that somewhere, I'll listen to it, you've obviously got a good sense of music dex, I admire you for that
Dexter Fong blushes
Dave: what do you think of In A Silent Way? the album from '69, I could talk about music for hours
Dexter Fong: Dave: I've been listening to jazz since oh....about 1945
Bambi: Tito Puente
Bambi: or Bennie Smith
Dave: don't know that one, thanks though
Bambi: Tito Puente - Sweet Georgia Brown
Bambi: or Bennie Smith - I'm Tore
Dexter Fong: Dave: Silent Way is also very late period Miles....Obviously there's nothing wrong with listening to it and if you enjoy it, great...But it does make more sense if you followed Miles through the years and watched/understnad his development
Bambi: now we have a little Bach
Bambi: Bennie Smith - I'm Tore Up
Dexter Fong: A little Batch 'ill do yah
Dave: I don't have the money to do that, I had to take what I could get, I do have Kind of Blue and Seven Steps to Heaven and Some Day My Prince Will Come
Bambi: well, gonna have to head on out now ... been great chatting with you dave, dex and merlyn :)
Bambi: see you next time :)
Merlyn: bye bambi
Dave: I've requested the complete recordings (boxedsets) of both the quintettes as well, as well as coltrane's Atlantic works, I have yet to get the Impulse recordings boxed set, I also requested the live in Japan from coltrane
Bambi: night
Dexter Fong: Dave: Good middle period Miles, all of them, though Kinda Blue is one of those albums that Miles made from time to time that really re-defined Jazz...a groundbreaking album that he himself rarely played the music from on live gigis
Dave: later Babmbi, thanks
Dexter Fong: Gnght Bambi; Hey wait a sec
Bambi :) welcome
Bambi: later
Bambi: night dex
Dexter Fong: If I give you my email addy
Bambi: wait?
Dexter Fong: Ill be glad to relate my JS story through that medium
Bambi: sounds good
Dexter Fong: you can reach me at myrnash@erols.com
Dexter Fong: Email me, and ill relate the story..it's not bad if I do say so myself
Bambi: ok, great ... talk at ya later :)
Dave: I could fire a million more jazz questions at you Dex but you probably don't want to hear them, I just get really interested when someone knows there stuff
Bambi: cool !
Dexter Fong: Night =)
||||||||| Bambi leaves to catch the 1:18 AM train to Hellmouth.
Dexter Fong: Dave: I'll stay on for awhile if you'd like
Dave: thanks, I was gonna ask you what you thought of Coltrane's Expression album, his last one, is it worth money? what liettle I get and usually blow on CD's anyway
Dave: I listened to a few samples on amazon and liked what I heard
Dexter Fong: Dave: To tell you the truth, I'm not overly fond of late Coltrane. I believe his intentions were honest. I beleive thath*he* believed in what he was doing. Thing is, I find that almost all of that style of music -changres, no time...no time, but changes...no changes and no time...basically just emotional expression which I've never found to be all that convincing
Dexter Fong: But the only important thing is what you like, what works for you
Dexter Fong: Also, you need to keep in mind that any recording only represents the artists(s) as they were at that moment.
Dexter Fong: Like Miles
Dave: hmmm...but don't you think that it's cool for someone to convey emotional expression through music? granted it's instrumental so words can't express it as well, but...
Dexter Fong: Miles had that great quintet in the middle late fifties.
Dave: true true
Dave: like listening to Van Morrison's stuff, he went through a lot of spiritual stuff too
Dexter Fong: Dave: Yes it's always about emotion, however...the emotion may be palpable in person but often just doesn't come across in person]
Dexter Fong: Sorry: Just doesn't come across on recording
Dexter Fong: Any way: About Miles
Dave: I see what you're saying, maybe I'll listen to some of that stuff and see what I think of it, hey, you only know if you try, but I will keep that in mind as I listen
Dexter Fong: He disbanded for a period of time the 50s quintet, went to france where he recorded a sound trakc for a movie ca;lled "Elevator to the Gallows" and it is *soooo* far removed from the quintet material, very free-jazz style music, then returned and picked up with the quintet again
Dave: I just don't know where to go with Miles next, once I get those quintette sessions, I've also found a vinyl copy of one of the philmore concerts from '70, not sure which one as I can't read the print on the album cover, I think it's the one in April because a saprano sax is on it, the march 7 date I think just had a tennor
Dave: I try and think I know what I'm doing with my facts so I could be wrong
Dexter Fong: Dave: I understand the difficulties....
Dexter Fong: I think that when you listen to the Quintet albums, I assume it's the quintet with Trane from the mid fifties...not Wayne Shorter form the mid sixties
Dexter Fong: That that will shed a lot of light on both Miles playing and Trane's playing
Dave: I don't have it yet but I'm getting a box set of the first quintette, then I'm also getting a box set of the second quintette
Dexter Fong: The first quintet is at least to me relatively easy listening, the second quintet requires a lot more work
Dexter Fong: It's worthwhile work though
Dave: I guess I'm not understanding something because I don't know the context of it all but what makes Kind of Blue so "groundbreaking?" maybe I'll understand it more when I've heard the other recordings done by the first quintette
Dexter Fong: Miles wanted Wayne Shorter in his band probably from about 1961 or 1962 on...but he was in the Jazz Messengers group and had a good gig and didn't want to leave
Dave: yeah so he got...I can't remember the guys name, Hank Molbly, that's who
Dave: not a bad sax player, does well on 7 steps and Some Day
Dexter Fong: Kinda Blue featured songs that were "modal" rather than based on chord changes. While the technique was not unknown, nobody had really featured it before like Miles
Dave: but, ok, this is a stupid question but I'm just getting into jazz, what is the definition of modal?
Dave: I can tell there are chord changes in early jazz
Dexter Fong: Dave: In between Trane and Wayne, he used hank Mobley, Sonny Rollins, Sam Rivers, and really, the primary predeccesor to Wayne was George Coleman.
Dave: yeah Dex you're talking to a serious newby in jazz here, it's like training a really eager puppy
Dexter Fong: Modal can best be defined by using the example of scales
Dexter Fong: The C scale defines the "major" mode. The "C" scale started on an A natural will define the minor mode.
Dexter Fong: With me s far
Dexter Fong: so far
Dexter Fong: question
Dave: that makes sense, I noticed scalular progressions sometimes, if I really paid attention to the musical structure of the piece
Dave: bwait, a natural? I thought a natural was a note that wasn't a sharp or flat
Dexter Fong: Good. Now, if you start the "C" scale on say, "G" or B natural...each of those scales will define a different mode
Dexter Fong: Dave: You begin with a c scale, no flats or sharps and transfer it to another key, you do not sharp or flat anything
Dexter Fong: That's where the defining part comes in...you'll get a different mode as you progress through the white keys
Dave: oh I get it, so if you start on say a G natural, you just play up to the next G natural with out putting in the F sharp as you would in a major scale?
Dexter Fong: Yes you got it
Dave: YAY! I feel happy, but with a trumpet or a sax, how am I supposed to know what key they're playing in, I can't even tell on the piano solos from Kind of Blue
Dexter Fong: So in Kinda Blue, say the song "So What", it's built out of just 2 scales
Dexter Fong: Hey Dave...thought you had perfect pitch (smilie)....seriously...sit down at the piano or your guitar and play along with till you find their key
Dave: good idea, I honestly haven't done that yet
Dave: does that mean that I don't have perfect pitch though if I can't recognize the notes right off?
Dave: I'd hate to be living a lie
Dexter Fong: Well...
Dexter Fong: Perfect pitch usually means that one can hear a note and name it
Dave: but I can recognize a fiddle tune's key signature, so...why can't I recognize this stuff?
Dave: that I can do, if you give me a note on a piano, I can name it
Dexter Fong: hmmm interesting question Dave (another smilie)
Dexter Fong: Im not sure how to answer that question Dave. Certainly you have to be able to ding the tonic to be able to define the key a given somg or perhaps a section of melody is in
Dexter Fong: jeeze: sorry to sing the tonic
Dave: but wait, in all modal music, is it all based around the C principle you explained, I had heard of Coltrane placing the monor chord over the augmented or somethimg like that,
Dave: but that's probably getting in to more "free" jazz I suppose
Dexter Fong: Well not really Dave. Just as playing a c scale but starting it on A gives you the minor mode, the same spacing between notes started on any other key such as F or Dflat will also give you the minor mode
Dave: so you can start a scale on a Dflat and then play the black keys? or do you play the Dflat minor scale, something of which I've never done
Dexter Fong: What I told you about the C scale and starting it on various notes is only an example of what each mode is defined by
Dave: again, I'm ver y very eager to learn
Dave: very
Dexter Fong: Sorry Dave
Dexter Fong: My ISP seems to switch addresses and I got dropped
Dave: wait a minute, Dflat is just a D natural note, I wasn't hiniking of my scales when I wrote that bit about the black keys
Dexter Fong: Okay..lets start over here (smile)
Dexter Fong: Do you know how to build a major scale at the keyboard
Dave: you couldn't just play a C sharp or something though and try and go to the next C sharp though, could you? I don't know how you'd do that
Dexter Fong: Dave: I think you've drifted off course here
Dave: a C major scale, yes, as well as some other ones, I don't remember the whole and half step sequence though
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 2 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dave: or don't remember from my piano days
Dexter Fong: Okay..but that is in fact, how it all works
Dave: I drift off course a lot
Merlyn: time for me to go.... you've got a couple of hours before the log gets closed for cleaning...
Merlyn: bye
Dexter Fong: The sequence is this: Starting on c natural: a whole (d natural), a whole step(e natural) a half step(f natural); a whole step (G natural), a whole step (A natural), a whole step (Bnatural) , a half step (back to C Natural
||||||||| "2:03 AM? I'm late!" exclaims Merlyn, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
Dexter Fong: Night Merly
Dave: ok I'll be going soon, it's late, but I've got one more question quickly
Dave: yes, all the white keys on the keyboard
Dexter Fong: So if you play all the white notes but begin on A natural, you get the minor mode.
Dexter Fong: If you play all the white notes but begin on B natural, you get another mode
Dexter Fong: As long as you use the same spacing as the white note delineate, you can start on any key and get the same mode
Dave: but, say if Bill Evans wanted to play in an A minor mode, would he just start on A and not sharp or flat anything, ok I know that we've gone round in a circle now I guess, I just want to make sure I've got this straight
Dave: I hope I haven't frustrated you with all of my pointlessness
Dexter Fong: Well.......Bill Evans or for that matter any good musician would not neccessarily feel bound by the scale. If he/she heard something in their minds ear that they thought was interesting, sure, they'd depart from the basic framswork
Dexter Fong: framework
Dexter Fong: And its not pointless, Dave... usually we dont have this kinda time and space to talk this deeply about stuff but I'm happy to talk with you
Dave: hmmm...I'll listen and play around, but I really should be going before I get yelled at for being up to late, thanks for all of your help and advice, it was very interesting
Dexter Fong: A pleasure Dave...always nice to talk to you
Dave: I'm a pretty deep person when it comes down to it, do you have Aol Instant messenger, I could give you my screen name
Dexter Fong: No Dave I dont, sorry..I did have ICQ but frankly, I'm not online all that much
Dexter Fong: I game a couple times a week and chat once a week and that's it
Dave: oh, well it's all good, again, thanks a lot, I'll be going now, see you next week, keep 'em flying!
Dexter Fong: Night Dave and keep on listening
Dave: bye, thanks
||||||||| Dave says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Dave exits at 2:11 AM.
||||||||| It's 2:20 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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