A Firesign Chat


Special appearance by
Phil Austin

||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for May 06, 2004 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, May 06, 2004 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!" -- then he looks around at the empty room, looks at his watch, and mumbles "...am I early?"
||||||||| Outside, the 9:02 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Woody One coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
||||||||| Outside, the 9:02 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Merlyn coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Merlyn: We're early, but not as early as Cath
||||||||| Catherwood escorts llanwydd in through the front door at 9:04 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
llanwydd: As long as Catherwood says it'
llanwydd: past nine, I might as well
llanwydd: come on in
Woody One: I walk in alone. Only because I'm going to sit through the torturous 1 hour of Friends finally. It's something that you love to hate. Something that you'd gladly wait 'til tuesday to pay for. A momentous nothing, but there I'll be. Be back at 9. Hey ll & Merl.
Merlyn: hey wood-o
Woody One: Finale'
Woody One: Hi there.
llanwydd: I think I lost interest in prime time after Bonanza went off the air
Woody One: Heh heh.
llanwydd: after that it was Monty Python and reruns of Star Trek
Merlyn: bonanza was cancelled!?
Woody One: Right after The Big Valley.
Merlyn: what happened to Medium Sized Valley?
llanwydd: well, not cancelled but they didn't make any more
Merlyn: It was on after Gully
Woody One: I remember showing up at the local pizza joint to watch Python & drink as many beers as we could.
llanwydd: I can remember when Star Trek went off the air
Woody One: Remember when The Goodies followed Python?
||||||||| Outside, the 9:09 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Bubba's Brain coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
llanwydd: howdy bub
Bubba's Brain: Welcome, all
Merlyn: The Goodies followed Python all over
Merlyn: hey BB
llanwydd: Yeah I remember the Goodies. They were great!
Bubba's Brain: I saw a gully recently....
Woody One: Splendidly cheap. Great.
Woody One: Well gotta go see Friends. Ross marries Joey, and Phoebe gets damn jealous. Of who I don't know. That's the secret.
llanwydd: What were we talking about? Friends. I've never watched it, believe it or else
Woody One: I've seen a few. See ya in an hour.
||||||||| Outside, the 9:13 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving ah.clem coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
||||||||| Woody One leaves at 9:13 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Bubba's Brain: Friends... that's nice... its nice to go see your friends.
Merlyn: bye wood
llanwydd: hey clem
Merlyn: what's on tonight, clem?
ah.clem: hi LL
Merlyn: there it is
ah.clem: bozos nd fighting clowns
||||||||| Outside, the 9:15 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Dr Headphones coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dr Headphones: good evening, dear friends
Bubba's Brain: Finally on a broadband connection... can listen to skybird.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:16 PM and late as usual, it's stephnfosterkane, just back from Billville."
ah.clem: all clown show
llanwydd: hey doc
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dexter Fong inside, makes a note of the time (9:16 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Bubba's Brain: test
Dexter Fong: Hello Dear Friends
Dr Headphones: hello, fong, klok
ah.clem: skybird should work on dialup, Bam & I do it, and chat too.
Bubba's Brain: test
Dexter Fong: Hello klok, phones
llanwydd: Dare I say it, I think Fighting Clowns is the weakest of all FST albums
stephnfosterkane: I see Catherwood is punctually off by some insane delta, as usual. Maybe we spring and get him one of those atomic kloks?
stephnfosterkane: howdy alles
Bubba's Brain: I'm not going through
llanwydd: but I like parts of it
Bubba's Brain: I'm not going through
Dexter Fong: Hey SFK
Bubba's Brain: Ah, here I am.
Dr Headphones: bub: you ARE going through, just forward into the past
Bubba's Brain: I stopped refressing for some reason.
Dexter Fong: Bubba you are there
||||||||| Catherwood leads Elayne inside, makes a note of the time (9:17 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Elayne: Greetings from Bronkers!
llanwydd: hi Elayne
Dr Headphones: X you are here
stephnfosterkane: 'lo 'laine!
Dexter Fong: E! YOu're on
Dr Headphones: hi, e
Bubba's Brain: Just like coke -- a pause of refreshes
llanwydd: hi StFKane
Bubba's Brain: Hi, E.
llanwydd: d
Elayne: Yes, we got our DSL yesterday. Might get a bit screwed up over the weekend but Verizon is assuring us it won't...
Merlyn: hello*8 or so
llanwydd: Did I say hi to Dex
Dexter Fong: E: So you getting settled in?
Dexter Fong: HI Ilan
stephnfosterkane: (otherwise Iam known as klokwkdog but need the change of Pace's picante sauce)
llanwydd: Everbody's coming in at once
Elayne: Oh, hardly, Dex. We have boxes all over the place. It may be weeks before I unpack the kitchen. :)
Dr Headphones: what's the occupancy limit for this room?
Dexter Fong: ILan: Festival seating
Bubba's Brain: I got DSL in my new office last week. Couldnt upload or send mail. Turned out to be a setting on my hub. My packet was too large (and I ain't braggin).
stephnfosterkane: ah yes, Verizon's so believeable
Elayne: But you have no idea how much you helped! Thanks again for coming to the throwing-away party!
Dr Headphones: lol, bub ;)
||||||||| Outside, the 9:20 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving cease coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Elayne: Hey Cat!
Bubba's Brain: Hey, cat!
cease: how the fuck are y'all?
Dr Headphones: hi cat. meow
Dexter Fong: E: GLad to be of help =)
Bubba's Brain: We are, the fuck, fine.
Dexter Fong: Hey Cat
cease: hows the new digs, el?
Elayne: Did everyone see Cat's new kittens yet?
stephnfosterkane: good ebbinin Cat
cease: i love them dearly
cease: they are an extention of myself
Bubba's Brain lets out an "awwwwwww".
Dexter Fong: Cat: How's the big WHite fell about 'em?
Elayne: They're adorable, Cat! I'll be putting their picture on my blog tomorrow, it's Friday Cat Blogging.
stephnfosterkane: cute
cease: just like my vast dog, who unfortunately wants to eat them
Dr Headphones: the new kittens here: http://webpages.charter.net/kendeb52/misc3/kittens.html
stephnfosterkane: if they were bigger, they'd kill and eat us...
llanwydd: Quote of the Day (regarding the abuse of prisoners in Iraq): "If this is what it takes to beat these people, then by God that's what it takes!" - Rush Limbaugh
Dr Headphones: llan: this is a "no rush" zone
Dexter Fong wonders : If cats were the size of an English Schoolboy..........
llanwydd: I kid you not
cease: thye've grown from 6 inches to a foot in 2 weeks
cease: ikmagine if they never stopped
ah.clem: ...
stephnfosterkane: anyone looking for a job should check this new overseas opportunity immediately: http://cacirecruiting.caci.com/jobpostings.nsf/949b67190f4be56a85256ccc005ce91c/d51364bfbe6f633185256e5f0074bbb3?OpenDocument&Highlight=2,interrogator
Elayne: Thanks Ken, I'll link to that too!
cease: kend, you still unemployed? you can kill paul bremer for a buncha osama's gold
cease: just like bilbo
Elayne: Creepy, SFK!
cease: i shouldnt watch news whille i chat, but fuck the what, eh?
Dr Headphones: e: feel free. i don't remember, is that the page where i put the pic of that night's dinner also? i guess i could go look
stephnfosterkane: must provide own light sticks and broom handle...
Bubba's Brain: Damn, just lost my clearance last week. It went on sale.
Dr Headphones: i'm watching (and recording) a local debate on immigration
cease: oh sodomy is painless, you feel it in your anus, but i can take or leave it if it try
llanwydd: That pig Limbaugh sai
stephnfosterkane: didn't Tip O'Neil say "All immigration is local"?
llanwydd: said we were attacked by the Iraqis
Dr Headphones: cat, i've never tried it, but from what i've heard, it is NOT painless
llanwydd: that's from his website
Bubba's Brain: "Imigrate locally, Emigrate globally"
cease: just a mash riff, listenign to the riff on canadians on majority report. sounds like sodomy to me
cease: never experienced it either, how lucky can i be
Dr Headphones: cat, the entire country here is taking it up the arse
Dexter Fong: U ARSE A
cease: we have the queen on our money
cease: is anyone else listening to air amercia? if not, why not?
stephnfosterkane: what was it with WMD, "We know things we can't tell you"?
cease: poutine? fuck
Merlyn: I wouldn't want a queen on my money, she might ask for it back
Elayne: I can't listen to Air America and be in this chatroom, Cat. It crashes my brower. :)
cease: like
stephnfosterkane: and now, with torture, they say "We didn't know so we didn't tell you"??
cease: they tend to do that
Dexter Fong: "Don't Know...don't tell"
stephnfosterkane: at least you have quarters, Cat
cease: hey el, i'm gettin gnew computer next week. powerbook. you have one ?
llanwydd: Vladimir Putine?
cease: cortz? no, he's dead now
cease: where is merl when you need him
stephnfosterkane: i went looking for 2-up game played on Anzac Day and found out those evil australians don't have quarters (and now, don't have pennies)
Dr Headphones: cat: is the apple better for video?
Bubba's Brain: Putine on the ritz......
cease: the people in the biz tell me it is
Merlyn: what?
cease: final cut pro is the video editing software i covet and it only runs on macs
stephnfosterkane: there there is Merlyn!
cease: i forget my questtion, but i'll have more
ah.clem: ...
cease: thanks for info, klok
Merlyn: I'll erase my answer, then
stephnfosterkane is forgetting too many questions and even more answers these days
Dr Headphones: i actually did video editing last week. downloaded a tv show off the web that had commercials in it, loaded into "windows movie maker" and took them all out. wasn't very difficult, but i'm sure there are severe limitations to it
cease: hi ah, what are you playing tonight?
Bubba's Brain: Putine on the ritz......
stephnfosterkane provided precious little information to Cat, but lots of encouragement!
Bubba's Brain: weird... ther's an echo in here.
ah.clem: i think we are all bozos now
Dexter Fong: ....with a dab of Creme Fresh and a dollop of caviar
Dr Headphones: echo...echo...echo
cease: yeah, llan you wanna be in my poutine routine?
ah.clem: later fighting clowns
llanwydd: sure
cease: you know ah, that is my fave firesign album
stephnfosterkane: big hassle for camcorder editing is that the video is compressed to have any hope of taking up reasonable space in multiple gigabytes
cease: now, that is my least
Dr Headphones: dex: you don't actually EAT caviar, do you? tried it once, almost made me gag
cease: yes, fish eggs best left t o other fish
stephnfosterkane: so unlike film, there aren't frames; some frames are just the difference bits from the last frame, not a full image
Dexter Fong: Ken: I do indeed...it's wonderful stuff...especially the good Russian kind
ah.clem: well he have to please and offend, makes a good show.
Dr Headphones: now some nice roe sacs from a freshwater bass, rolled in cornmeal and deepfried, that's good eatin'
Merlyn: some people eat caviar omelettes, eggs within eggs
Dr Headphones: of course, everything is good when deepfried :)
Dexter Fong: I love a good roll in the sac
cease: ok, bozos is mine. i will tell you the strange tale of how i first heard it but first iwould like to hear Yours
stephnfosterkane: now we can watch Ilanwydd and Cat have it out over Fightin' Clowns...
llanwydd: Cat, you're kidding! It's my least favorite FST album
Elayne: Oh, I love me some cavier. Wasabi tobiko, that's the ticket...
cease: sacre bleu
llanwydd: We certainly have different taste
Dr Headphones: who said you could talk about ...cheese?
cease: bozos is the best, if only cuz it is a conclusion to a quartet
Elayne: Did I mention there's an AYCE sushi place within about a 15-minute walk of our new place?
Dexter Fong: I have to talk about cheese..going to Paris end of the month
cease: no, fighiting clowns is tedious shit
Dr Headphones: e: good quality?
cease: eh?
Dr Headphones: you fromage eater......
llanwydd: The only thing I liked about Fighting Clowns was that I saw them on that tour
cease: and it;'s not really good shit, ms pressed key
Elayne: Absotively, Dr. H - we've eaten there a number of times already (during our apartment search).
Dr Headphones: hey dex, when are you taking delivery on that painting you bought last night?
Elayne: It's the place we order from now.
stephnfosterkane: merlyn: like matryoshkas, eh? Ezekiel dolls...
cease: good for you, llan
ah.clem: I do not remember when I first heard Bozos, but thought it a great peice of work, and...
llanwydd: It was actually a great show! But the album wasnt'
Dexter Fong: Cat: I would disagree about Clowns...granted it's very different from their usual stuff..so much music...but it too has its charm and logic
Elayne: I love matryoshkas. I collect them.
cease: how is robin's work coming, el?
cease: so does cancer, dex
ah.clem: considering my mental state at the time, that was a feat in itself
Elayne: Cat, he's set up the studio in the alcove opposite the kitchen (which might have held a dinette), so he's all set.
cease: great
Elayne: He talked with his editor (Ivan) today. Ivan has just been through a move so he completely understood.
Dexter Fong: Cat: You're comparison is rather mordant =)
llanwydd: Lawyer's Hospital was from the same tour but the album was much better
Elayne: He's on vacation next week so Robin has until the 17th to finish up his current issue.
stephnfosterkane craves a samovar; keeps running into matryoshkas all the time when looking
cease: no llan, i could not disagtree more. but so what?
Dexter Fong: Klok: Skip the samovar..get a Samuyed to keep the Akita company
llanwydd: disagree about what, L's H?
cease: i remember endless rifffs with dearly departed Tiny Dr. Tim about the mean to bambi line
Merlyn: what's a samovar? The groucho character in the faux Marx Bros. play "a day in hollywood, a night in the ukraine" is named samovar the lawyer
Dr Headphones: samovar is large tea urn
llanwydd: I meant L's H was better than FC
cease: why dont i know that, merl?
cease: no, they both suck
stephnfosterkane: complex tea-making apparatus. all mechs, no ceremony -- kind of the polar opposite of Japan
Dexter Fong: Gosh...No stars?
cease: but even the worst firesing is better than almost anything you can see on tv,. ever
Dexter Fong: I remeber sing about the fire with Arthur Brown
cease: am i wrong here?
Merlyn: oh yeah, what about 'friends', the bestshowevermade, mrfancypants?
Dr Headphones: i am probably the only person in the US not watching "friends" tonight. i have never watched it
cease: as opposed to, over there
Merlyn: I'm not watching them either
cease: ok merl, i'll tell you a tale of friends
llanwydd: I still remember the show vividly. I remember a lot of the stuff that wasn't on either album
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu might just be wrong in transition
Merlyn: was "friends" on nixon's enemies list?
ah.clem: never seen it ether Ken
Dr Headphones: merl: i wasn't, but if the fbi is reading email, i'm on dubya's for sure
llanwydd: I've never watched it either doc
cease: i heard it was so popular so i treid to watch an eposide
Dr Headphones: we are NOT a microcosm of america then!
stephnfosterkane: Merlyn - definitive information: http://www.fazekas.hu/~nagydani/rth/Russian-tea-HOWTO-v2.html
cease: the plot was about one of the female friends fuckin the old friend of her parentw
Dexter Fong strikes out for a refill
cease: i was so appalled by the idea, i turned if off and never retturned
Elayne: I think I'll be retiring early, folks. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks.
Merlyn: hey, nothing about groucho
stephnfosterkane: You can see one in operation, briefly, in the movie Children of Heaven, Iranian flick
cease: good for you , el
Dr Headphones: cat: i've never done that myself
Elayne: Look for Cat's and Ken's kittens on my blog tomorrow...
stephnfosterkane: take care, Elayne!
Elayne: Night all!
cease: keep well
Dr Headphones: e: happy 401K
||||||||| "9:41 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Elayne, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
Merlyn: a list of movies with samovar in them
cease: by el
cease: sell
Bubba's Brain: There she goes again.
Dr Headphones: ah, clem: just saw comment, thanks. i don't normally look down there
stephnfosterkane: just the whole bit of firing up pine cones in the middle of the thing is fascinating
llanwydd: that's a velvet underground song
ah.clem )
cease: isnt everything, llan?
stephnfosterkane: BTW, memory prices are finally coming down again ;-)
Bubba's Brain sings "I'm sticking with you.... cause I'm made out of glue...."
||||||||| Outside, the 9:43 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Dave coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Merlyn: a list of movies with samovar in them
Dave: hey all
llanwydd: hi dave
Dr Headphones: hi dave
Dexter Fong: Hi Dave
Bubba's Brain: Hi, dave
Merlyn: that was odd, I got a repeat of my previous line of type
Dave: hey Ken, could ya take down the ever-present away message please?
cease: hey dave, i have a questino for you
stephnfosterkane: pictures of samovars (too expensive for sfk...;-( ): http://www.russianlegacy.com/en/go_to/shopping/img/samovars_01.htm
llanwydd: my grandparents had a samovar and they weren't Russian
cease: you said you went to fiddle camp?
Bubba's Brain: present away?
Dexter Fong: A questino.....Spanish for little quest
stephnfosterkane believes Ken is always out of it, AIMwise ;-)
cease: sam over here, sam over there
cease: uncle sam over everywhere
stephnfosterkane: oh, they're widespread in E. Europe and Middle East, Ilan.
llanwydd: My grandmother made coffee in it. Your spoon would stand up in the cup it was so strong
cease: the riight wing friend of al franken runs a fiddle camp in denver
Dexter Fong: The Ditto head
stephnfosterkane: yeah, but the whole trick is that the main kettle has nothing but hot water and the super-concentrated tea infusion sits above it on a platform above the chimney
cease: yeah, you listening, dex?fuck the comericials though
Dave: yes I went to fiddle camp Cat
cease: dave?
Dexter Fong: Cat" Commercials are the price of admission
Merlyn: Dave, are you getting some message up all the time? If it's your private messages, you can erase it by selecting the blank entry in the 'send to all' pulldown menu
llanwydd: speaking of which, I have recently been upset by Scumbaugh defending the abuse of the Iraqi prisoners
cease: dex, what is his name. the fidlle camp guy
cease: so is death, dex
ah.clem: ...
Merlyn: yeah llan, it's just like frat hazing
cease: only you, llnan?
Dexter Fong: Cat: LUke? something...don't really know..he's an asshole and since I didn't grow up with him, I don't have to pay attention to him
llanwydd: What the hell is a fiddle camp?!
ah.clem: frakenfriend
Dexter Fong: ILan: Camp where you get the Fiddlers
cease: yeah i used tp havw a friend named luke when i was at school in ottawa, long ago
Dr Headphones: klok: i put it up and forget to take it down. plus, pizza guy just came
Merlyn: I left after heydiddlediddle camp
cease: how biblican can you get?
Dave: but...where do I come in to this, I confused
cease: imagine a gay bar in Hamilton Ontario named Hamilton Camp. i'm sure it exists
Dexter Fong: Dave: Act 2, Scene 3
cease: lili will know, her daughter lives there
Dexter Fong: Cat: =)))
ah.clem: pick up your cues
Dave: er...
Dexter Fong: Pick up your cues and run the table
cease: well ex Cues me
Dr Headphones: stuffed crust cheese lover's pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms :)
llanwydd: I don't think I've been west of Niagara Falls in Canada
ah.clem: take 2
Merlyn: come dry your McLucks by the cellphane
cease: i'm west of everything
llanwydd: Thousand Islands are east aren't they?
Dexter Fong: Cellphone?
Dexter Fong: ILan: Some of them, yes
Bubba's Brain: They're still getting dressed.
cease: you like thatr, kend? it sounds good on paper, but it tastes like parper too
Merlyn: buy&sellphone
Dexter Fong: Howdy little parper
Merlyn: cellophane tastes like shiny paper, but you can talk to it
Dexter Fong: Wrap it around a comb and give it a hummer
cease: sel O' Fane, but O'Gain
cease: ursula k
Dexter Fong: BTW, I really *am* going to Paris end of the month
llanwydd: Selfone sounds italian
stephnfosterkane: lequinn?
ah.clem: also makes a nice fake fire, if you hace a few red & yellow twinkle bulbs
stephnfosterkane: the last time i saw paris...
Dexter Fong: The Mighty LeGuinn
Merlyn: texas?
Dexter Fong: France, Merl
cease: tech's ass?
Dave: ah see I love you guys, you love wordplay just like I do, yay!
ah.clem: amd melts cornstarch.
llanwydd: Selfoni sono buoni
Dexter Fong: Don't play with your words son, eat your thesaurus
stephnfosterkane: LOL, Dex
Merlyn: texas is in france now? What Would Jesse Do?
stephnfosterkane always likes Chinese fireworks
Dexter Fong: Better question, What would Willie do?
cease: thnis is my favourfite scene in all of the firesign works
Bubba's Brain: I ate a thesaurus once... I was shitting synonyms for a week.
Dexter Fong: Lukenback, France
cease: dave, that is why we are fireign fans
llanwydd: What scene iis it
Dr Headphones: shitting: crapping, evacuating, etc.
stephnfosterkane: end of Bozos
Dexter Fong: Foreign?
stephnfosterkane: the last scene of this vintage motion picture...
cease: i see you are a sailor
Dexter Fong: Wanta go out?
llanwydd: I see you are a sailor
ah.clem: SKYBIRD next, Fighting Clowns
cease: reminds me of baudelaires line, " sailors and many others:
llanwydd: there's an echo in here
cease: as a reference to infinity, at our doorstep
Dexter Fong: Good Choice, Clem..know it's not the most popular but I've come to appreciate it
cease: our last day in venice, they had a flood
cease: they put tables all over the city to wak throgh
Bubba's Brain: 8's no fun, it fell right over.
Dexter Fong: Cat: They have a flood in Venice every day
stephnfosterkane: only news would be a drought
Bubba's Brain: How's that for a reference to infinity?
cease: it hapens so often, it is routine, to venicains
llanwydd: By the way is there really a Pam Jurgenson?
Dexter Fong: Bub: That's not an *, it's infinity
cease: not every dasy dex, but often
ah.clem: yes, is an aquired taste, but fit the format
cease: spam who?
stephnfosterkane: oops! what is this theme music? what's the name of the tune?
Dexter Fong: Ilan: There is and I have her towel
Bubba's Brain: I 8 the sandbox....
Dexter Fong: Bub: lol
Dave: hehe, if anyone cares, I've got the great Otis Redding blaring out of the speakers, I love this stuff
Dexter Fong: me 2
llanwydd: Do tell us about the mysterious Pam, Dex
cease: i have some video of my daughter playing in a sandbox near our house on line, if doc has it set up right
Dexter Fong: Dave: Me 2
cease: dave? docked of them batys?
cease: bay7s
Dexter Fong: Ilan: Well, she prefers Martex bath sheets...maroon or Navy Blue
Dexter Fong: She doesn't use a fabric softener when she washes them so they're very absorbent
stephnfosterkane: BTW, there is some new remix playing on KCRW that sure sounds like the opening of "Gravedigger" by NY R&R Ensemble (they did music & a scene in Zacharaiah)
cease: i'll see a change in dalmatiia, a change in Gall
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: whose' to know if i dont' change it all?
cease: this bus sucks
Bubba's Brain: If you've seen one, you've seen a Gall.....
stephnfosterkane: you going to go see them finish building the Bridge, Cat? or the beginning of the railroad?
Bubba's Brain: 101 dalmatiia?
cease: that was a line from an old firesign play, Tile it Like it Is
Dexter Fong: Gosh, what is all this Latinesque typing, anyway?
cease: fuck the what,lklkw?
llanwydd: at least we're all Bozos on it
stephnfosterkane: they're building a bridge to Sicily and a railroad over the alps
||||||||| Outside, the 10:03 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving 1-Yamamoto-57 coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
cease: i may be in la when the firesigns are doing their next show, but will be there to take care of my parents. firesign a non priorty
stephnfosterkane: and the Europeans call us crazy
Dexter Fong: Klok: is there really a bridge planned to span from italy to Sicily?
cease: hi yammy
1-Yamamoto-57: oi
Dexter Fong: OI
cease: oi oi oi
Bubba's Brain: Yammy, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Yammy.....
llanwydd: Should'nt they build a railroad THROUGH the Alps?
llanwydd: evenin Yam
stephnfosterkane: italy->sicily, train from Spain to Italy or France to Italy announced today search Google News for de tails
1-Yamamoto-57: yes
||||||||| "10:04 PM? 10:04 PM!!" says Catherwood, "doctec should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as doctec enters and sits on the couch.
doctec: i made it
stephnfosterkane: Ride the Hannibal Line!
Bubba's Brain: Hi doc.
Merlyn: completed in 2015 or so
Dr Headphones: hi yam, sorry for the welcoming delay (you too, doc), but pizza was priority there
Dexter Fong: Klok: SAaw the tunnel through the Alps notice...had not heard about the bridge
stephnfosterkane: oh, don't be a wet blanket, Merlyn...
1-Yamamoto-57: I'm nopt getting in a railway car with an elephant
Dexter Fong: Hey Doc
doctec: lili will be joining us soon - i'm on the phone with her now
llanwydd: hey doc!
Merlyn: Here's a story on the bridge: http://www.guardian.co.uk/italy/story/0,12576,1201515,00.html
stephnfosterkane: Yam - if you don't pay, you don't ride
doctec: another openwave gig may be on the horizon
1-Yamamoto-57: You can't control them, they Whiz wherever they want
Dexter Fong: PBS last night had 2 programs about bridge building..mentioned that *someday* maybe a bridge to Sicily....
Bubba's Brain: openwave?
cease: the docmeister
Dexter Fong: Merl thanks
cease: work for liili?hooray!
Dr Headphones: dex: latest discover magazine has section on bridges, including one planned for gibaltar
llanwydd: got mail. brb
stephnfosterkane: the Russians are working on ones that they can run from that frozen stuff they dig up. And the US? The US is working on frigging reptiles! Dinosaus with pea brains. Darn military industrial complex, never gets it right...
doctec: openwave is her previous employer
Bubba's Brain: aha
cease: they must miss her
doctec: a consulting opportunity may come about
doctec: it's not definite yet though
stephnfosterkane runs to fire up pizza & grabba beer
cease: we all wish her most billable hours, doc
cease: eh
Dexter Fong: Wow! an open wave..that's surfing heaven dude
doctec: ok, off the phone
cease: but on the foam
doctec: klok: better that than grabbing the pizza and firing up the beer
Dr Headphones: am i here? t'storm here, net flickered, router lights went out
llanwydd: hope steve doesn't have asbestos in his beer
doctec: dr. hp: as far as you kow, you're here
Dexter Fong: Ken You are ---->Here<___
||||||||| It's 10:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dave - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: ok doc, i drove around today shitty light but still took 15 min of awesome vid
1-Yamamoto-57: cooling down here
cease: is there someway i can uplink highliohgts of daiioly or weekly shoots on seemreasl.com?
llanwydd: cool, cat. Wish I had a vidcam
Dexter Fong: Vowels gone mad
||||||||| Outside, the 10:11 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving PKC coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dexter Fong: PKC? Hi
1-Yamamoto-57: http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/Midwest/05/04/monkey.waste.accident.ap/
Merlyn: 'allo
llanwydd: Hey PKC
ah.clem: ...
cease: llan, i have several, but one of them is an xlis. it makes you a better person, just by touching it
cease: ah? you still there?
Dr Headphones: cat: sounds like old radio shows where the minister would say "put your HAND on the RADIO!"
cease: i can never forgive you for playing clowns, but so fucking what
Dexter Fong: "And your other hand on the radiator> Can you feel the power, Dear Friends?"
Dr Headphones: hi pkc. what's that stand for--parboiled kentucky chicken?
cease: kend, i spent the early 50s listening to that shit
ah.clem: like I said, it fit the format
cease: i was in a car
cease: we cruised the continuent, in escape of cold for 6 monthes a year
llanwydd: I can imagine, cat
cease: so does cancer, ah
Dexter Fong: "PUt your other hand on the steering wheel. Can you feel the transmission?
Merlyn: I drive a Ford Preacher
Dr Headphones: guys, thunderstorm here rather intense, will sign off. later, dear friends
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu never turned on the heater?
cease: fongie, you[re much older than me, so you rember the 50s? it seesm so pk diciian to me now
Merlyn: bye phones, don't forget to bury your car keys
cease: on and off, dex
||||||||| Around 10:15 PM, Dr Headphones walks off into the sunset...
ah.clem: at least I played one you liked. Not bad for one night.
llanwydd: cya doc
ah.clem: bye Ken, see ya
cease: ah, the number of firesing albums i dont like is extremely small
Dexter Fong: Clem: Just follow your format...and time frame...
llanwydd: I can think of only one. FC
cease: have any of you folks got ideas for spots for air america/
llanwydd: It's not bad. Just disappointing
llanwydd: Does everything on AA have to be politically oriented?
cease: hey i only listen to your radio, i dont live ther, but iare the pix from te prisomn havng an effect politically in the us?
cease: yeah llan, it does
cease: but that's like asking if a haiiku has to hafve onoly 13 sylablbles
cease: we learn to think in certain forms just by learning to think, eh?
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Bambi', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 10:20 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Dexter Fong: Hi Nancy er, uh Bambi
llanwydd: well, I have no opportunity to listen to AA
Bambi: howdy all!
llanwydd: hi Bambi
Merlyn: hey bam
ah.clem: Hi Bambi
Dexter Fong: Ilan: They're broadcasting on a Vermont or New Hampshire station
Bambi: Hi!
Merlyn: stream it, llan
Dexter Fong: Then you can pee in it
Bambi: how's everyone doing tonight?
llanwydd: I can't stream anything on webtv. Wish I could
1-Yamamoto-57: AA? Alkyholics unAnimous?
cease: bam? be
1-Yamamoto-57: We have to get you a real 'puter....
cease: i am intoxicated by your presence, bambi
cease: or, some other reason
Dexter Fong: AA = American Asshole = GWB
Merlyn: air 'murica
Bambi: yes, I be lol
llanwydd: I'm Al Franken and I'm an alcoholic. hi Al
cease: hey bambi and ah clem, why dont you submit something to air america, eh?
cease: they are all far to anti drug for my taste, but we do what we can, eh/
ah.clem: like what?
cease: like, uh, listen to thier riffs and trhen submit one of your own,, only funny
Dexter Fong: Cat: Krassner was in town this week for book signings
1-Yamamoto-57: btw: have a laugh, I hired GWB to mangle my Motto: http://mryamamoto.50megs.com/
Bambi: hey got a new site up and running now ... will have the first newsletter for it this year since we moved to a site with more webspace.
ah.clem: well, we are funny, sometimes.
cease: hey, i'm doingi.it. so is westly and others of us, eh? maybe firesgin but i thihnk they want cash up front
1-Yamamoto-57: Anti Droog, aren't they all Hippies?
cease: dex,did yu meet hm?
llanwydd: your Yama motto?
Bambi: there's a Firesign Theatre article up there from last June's newsletter
1-Yamamoto-57: Indeed
cease: paul and his wife are folks i treasure
Bambi: (before I ran out of room on our old site)
Dexter Fong: Cat: No, didn't know till after
Bambi: the site is: http://www.jim-fran.com/fcsnl/
cease: babmbi, all y"all , you know, we can make a difference, eh?
cease: ii mean, really, eh?
cease: fuck
Dexter Fong: Well said Cat =))
Bambi: I even have a link to your nealamid on the page too Cat
cease: to the small extent that i can write and record spots, any humour i s aneeded break hre, eh?
cease: thanks, bambi
Dexter Fong: -->here<--
cease: but i ben listinet to air america fro way too long
cease: i like this show
cease: but paul should be on it
Dexter Fong: Cat: Throw away that Dvorak keyboard and return to standard qwerty
Bambi: here's the article: Firesign Theatre - Back from the Shadows Again: http://jim-fran.com/fcsnl/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=59
1-Yamamoto-57: I haven't heard it yet
Merlyn: but air america is having more shakeups: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-040506airamerica,1,3338899.story?coll=chi-business-hed
cease: fuck
cease: good idea, dex
cease: kfuck
stephnfosterkane: registration required, Merlyn
cease: dont hsave to bpart of the geneva conventoni]
cease: this is a new world
cease: irs 1984 all over again
1-Yamamoto-57: Which twin has the conventoni?
Merlyn: don't you mean FCUK?
1-Yamamoto-57: 1984 stopped?
Bambi: free registration though ;)
Dexter Fong: Toni is in a convent
llanwydd: 84 wasn't as bad a year as was predicted
Dexter Fong: And no fair for anyone
stephnfosterkane: Merlyn: http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/entertainment/8575430.htm?1c
1-Yamamoto-57: ¡UUK
stephnfosterkane: FSCK?
1-Yamamoto-57: oh, bah
1-Yamamoto-57: or....
stephnfosterkane needs to get larger cutting tool to open this disk drive... ;-)
Dexter Fong: Yam: Didn't know you were into Voodoo
Bambi: working on a hard drive in linux now klok? (fsck)
llanwydd: I'm into voodon't
Dexter Fong: Klok: YOu're still away on the board
1-Yamamoto-57: Sure you know the Voodoo i doo, and I clean up cat doodoo, too
cease: is ashcroft on my ass?
Merlyn: that was earlier, this recent story are two other execs leaving. Not a good sign.
Dexter Fong: Cat: No, it's only a birthmark
cease: i praise allah every day i dont live among ya
1-Yamamoto-57: I should hope not
Merlyn: I paraphrase allah
1-Yamamoto-57: New Tattoo?
cease: the sodomy chapter of the chat is now closed
Merlyn: "seek knowledge, be it in Chinatown"
1-Yamamoto-57: Gomorrah chapter, next
cease: prey? s? all? ah?!
Dexter Fong: Cat: You wouldn't say that if Ken were here
cease: is ken sodomizing his kittens again?
1-Yamamoto-57: I had gommorah once, had to get a shot
ah.clem: ...
cease: those viet vets are good at that, eh?
1-Yamamoto-57: I learnt it in the Navy
cease: you're shrinking, ah
cease: or maybe that's intentional
stephnfosterkane: no more FST on Skybird?
cease: like gulliver in lillipalooza land
Merlyn: guess not
Dexter Fong: Cat: ah's not shrinking...you're getting bigger
1-Yamamoto-57: No, the Horizon's moving up, cat
Bambi: you learnt it the hard way lol ... that's one of those things best learned second hand ;)
ah.clem: no, that's it for this week.
cease: alice?
Dexter Fong: Bambi: All hands in the barrel
stephnfosterkane: yeah, go ask her in a town like her
Merlyn: use your horizontal hold
Merlyn: your TV doesn't need it anymore
Bambi: double feature all done now .... Saturday, Sunday and next Thursday will be a different double feature that ah,clem will hand pick.
Dexter Fong: "I'm second mate"
ah.clem: new show on Saturday, shortly after 9 pm eastern.
cease: doomed mate?
ah.clem: what do we want to hear next?
cease: pick those hands
Merlyn: science fiction double feature?
stephnfosterkane: pick it by hand...and it will never heal (Townes Van Zandt, "Heartworn Highway")
Merlyn: mark time + EYKIW
llanwydd: what would be the ultimate scifi double feature?
stephnfosterkane: Random Koolzip and the Locusts threaten to score late in the game!
ah.clem: ok Merl, anyone else?
||||||||| It's 10:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| PKC - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
llanwydd: War of the Worlds and 2001
stephnfosterkane: Forbidden Planet & Alien
1-Yamamoto-57: Hey cat: Here's a story you'll like
Dexter Fong: Porky's One and Two
Bambi: Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still
ah.clem: no, for the firesign show....
Merlyn: one million years BC and five million years to earth
1-Yamamoto-57: I was paying for a soda, and somehow had a british 5p coin in my pocket
llanwydd: good pick bambi
Dexter Fong: The Day the Forbidden Planet Stood still and Les Vampyres
stephnfosterkane: Battle Beyond the Stars and Seven Samurai ;-))
ah.clem: far too silly, guess Merlin wins.
Bambi: thanks llanwydd ... The Day the Earth Stood Still is one of my all time favorites.
1-Yamamoto-57: the clerk thought it was canadian. I said no, that's british. The ckerk thinks for a minute: "Oh, British Columbia"
Dexter Fong: A Day in the Life of Brian
Merlyn: Battle of the Network Stars and Network and The Net
1-Yamamoto-57: or not
Bambi: The Net .. great flick with Sandra Bullock
Merlyn: that's a net gain
stephnfosterkane looked up telus.net out of curiosity (fyi Cat) and discovered The Internet Traffic Report
llanwydd: War of the Super-Size Value Meal and Night of the Living Deadheads
Bambi: unfortunately getting much more possible all the time ... makes it a bit scarier ..
Dexter Fong: Klok: How long is the wait at the Lincoln Tunnel?
1-Yamamoto-57 shoves food in his face and cats
Merlyn: where's the internet traffic report, sfk?
Dexter Fong: Yam: Force feeding you're cats?
Dexter Fong: your
1-Yamamoto-57: Dex, no force neccesary
stephnfosterkane: is Bob Metcafe in The Battle of the Network Stars??
cease: hey
Dexter Fong: Yeah?
stephnfosterkane: link on telus.net page, Merlyn. hold
Dexter Fong: Now hold it over there
cease: i', om telus
1-Yamamoto-57: tell us
llanwydd: Every time I've been though the Lincoln Tunnel there was nobody waiting in it
Dexter Fong: Oh many Padres Whah?
cease: tell a vison
Dexter Fong: Tell a bison
stephnfosterkane: http://www.internettrafficreport.com/main.htm
Bambi: no Lincoln Tunnel! That would mean going to New York ... no cities if at all possible.
1-Yamamoto-57: it's just this little chromium switch here....
Merlyn: tx, sfk. No antarctica?
cease: lincolsn didntg die in vein
stephnfosterkane: who's buried in the Lincoln Tunnel? What color is the White House?
cease: he ided in washington dc
stephnfosterkane: no Africa, either, Merlyn: not enough routers reporting there
Merlyn: the lincoln tunnel was dug to sneak lincoln out of washington DC in case the south won
stephnfosterkane: after all these years, the discrimination continues
stephnfosterkane: he actually had a Star Wars moment when Jubal Early was close
llanwydd: I thought it was named after George Lincoln Rockwell
Dexter Fong: Merl: Is that why they had a Booth set up?
stephnfosterkane: his personal escape vessel was made ready
Merlyn: yeah, he took tickets
Bambi: oooo, the Tardis ... Dr. Who :)
Dexter Fong: Jubal Early? No I like it at night
llanwydd: Jubal the Hutt?
Merlyn: is the lincoln tunnel a toll tunnel? They could have a John Wilkes booth
1-Yamamoto-57: well, i'm out-later all
Bambi: lol
||||||||| At 10:49 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, 1-Yamamoto-57!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
stephnfosterkane: I rode the Jubal Early ferry across the Potomic a few times when I lived in Germantown; it was quite a trip. I have a video I made with my kundskopf microphone, Fritzina
Dexter Fong: I never touched her..him.. it
Bambi: night Yammy
Dexter Fong: IO yam
stephnfosterkane: Jubal Early burned Frederick MD after it didn't pay a ransom. Bad dude Confederate general
Merlyn: Robert E Lee's brother, Jubal Lee
stephnfosterkane: nite Yam
Dexter Fong: Merl =))
llanwydd: that's the sound of late-breaking news
Dexter Fong: Every 7 years Jubal Lee comes back and forgives all debts
Dexter Fong: Forget debt
llanwydd: About the 5 bucks I loaned you...
Merlyn: he just forgets to pay his debts every 7 years
stephnfosterkane: Isn't that when everyone whose life crystal has turned red goes for renewal, Dex?
Dexter Fong: Forget that
Bambi: the Israelites forgive debts every 7 years ... it's required by the old testament law ... a good law ;)
Dexter Fong: Regrooving Klok
llanwydd: The credit agencies still do it don't they?
stephnfosterkane isn't impressed by many "laws" in the Old Testament, esp. the ways the three Abrahamic religions have used them to great evil
Bambi: not if they can help it lol
Merlyn: I guess 10-year leases aren't too popular
stephnfosterkane: nah, everyone wants accelerated deprication these days ;-)
stephnfosterkane: most of my code is heavily depricated...
stephnfosterkane: isn't there some better way of fastening disk drives than 6-32 screws?
Dexter Fong: Duct Tpae"
Dexter Fong: or Tape
ah.clem: ...
stephnfosterkane: they ought to have adhesive pads or something, like those thermal pads on Athlon CPU kits...just pull the paper off and stick the suckers somewhere...
Dexter Fong: How refreshing
||||||||| Outside, the 10:56 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Dave coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dexter Fong: I stick em on the refrigamerator
Dave: I'm out, sorry as usual for not talking
stephnfosterkane: it looks like one of our Thermal Pads, but it's a very bad design
Dave: later all until next week
Dexter Fong: Dave: YOu are no in
||||||||| Dave departs at 10:56 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Dexter Fong: or out
stephnfosterkane: does everyone realize that refrigeratior magnets have now affected the Earth's magnetic field vector?
Merlyn: zoooom went dave
ah.clem: later Dave
llanwydd: nite dave
stephnfosterkane: that the motion of the South Magnetic Pole is correlated to...Los Angeles rush hour traffic?
Dexter Fong: Klok: That's interesting..tell us more
llanwydd: never did need the field vector anyway
stephnfosterkane: it's the magnetz in the disk drive; the Giant Magnetic effect is taking over my thoughts
Dexter Fong: Beware of the Greator Magnetic Cloud
ah.clem: getting tired here, see you all next time.
Dexter Fong: Night clem
stephnfosterkane had to drive all the way in town and exchange his new futzed disk drive for a replacement, is very annoyed by burning up 40 min and $$ gasoline (these things always happen to me when we're at war with someone who has oil)
llanwydd: nite clem
stephnfosterkane: nit eclem
Merlyn: bye clem
llanwydd: Whatever happened to PKC? Did he get evicted?
ah.clem: bye all, sleep well,
||||||||| "Hey ah.clem!" ... ah.clem turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:00 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Dexter Fong: Ilan: Yes...and he never said a word
stephnfosterkane realizes the beer cannot fight the jalapeno pizza he just ate; must get reinforced with ice tea
stephnfosterkane: maybe he got initialized
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Fong: Not at first
Dexter Fong: Doc and Bubba are certainly haning in there
Dexter Fong: hanging
cease: ok i',bacl
Bubba's Brain: Somebody say hang?
Merlyn: I'm haggling in there
Dexter Fong: Hi Bub
Bubba's Brain: Hey
Merlyn: $8
llanwydd: I'm rarely in the mood for pizza. I'm just having a chicken sandwich right now
Bubba's Brain: Was on the phone with Doc... that's why we went grey.
Bambi: hi Bubba
Dexter Fong: No No $22
stephnfosterkane: yow! Ken is sure getting pasted tonight! See NEXRAD: http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLocalWide.asp?loc=kirs&seg=LocalWeather&prodgrp=NEXRADimagery&product=BaseReflectivity&prodnav=none
Bubba's Brain: Hi, Bam.
Merlyn: look at the lousy workmanship... $11
doctec: i'm still here (was on the phone for a while)
doctec: am now on the phone with cat
Bubba's Brain: Yikes... glad its passing to the north of me.
Dexter Fong: Is the sork of my daughter...$18 for both
stephnfosterkane: Egad, >50 knots doppler v.! http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLocalWide.asp?loc=kirs&seg=LocalWeather&prodgrp=NEXRADimagery&product=RadialVelocity&prodnav=none
doctec: told him i'd do a little work on the bitsite tonight
Dexter Fong: work
Merlyn: $15, and throw in a free gourd
Bambi: Poor Ken!
Dexter Fong: I'll gourd my own swing $17
Dexter Fong: or swine
Merlyn: do you accept shekels?
stephnfosterkane: I mean, when it's black, it's pinned the meter!
Dexter Fong: Iraqui Express only
Bubba's Brain: How bout 20 drachmas a week.
cease: pr frpmt. ordracgt
cease: ma
Bubba's Brain: (Uh, what's a Grecian earn, Alex?)
Merlyn: I have my Iran Express with the "N" crossed off and a "Q" written in
Dexter Fong Sings "On the seventh day of drachmas, my daughter gave to me..."
cease: hthatas why hes so mean
Dexter Fong: Cat: Still using th Dvorak eh?
stephnfosterkane: "maximum 86 knots" !!
Merlyn: you could have 43 Boy Sprouts make 2 knots each
||||||||| Outside, the 11:09 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Bunnyboy coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Merlyn: hey bb
Bambi: hi bunny
Dexter Fong: Hi Bunny
llanwydd: hey bb
Bunnyboy: Anybody else avoiding FRIENDS?
Dexter Fong: Not the Dear Friends
Merlyn: in "Go West" Buster Keaton's character was named "friendless"
llanwydd: I've never watched it
Bubba's Brain: Why avoid friends? Did they do somthing to offend you?
Bunnyboy: Merl: Is that the Marx Bros. GO WEST? Or a Keaton film?
Merlyn: both marx & keaton made a "go west" from the alger quote
Dexter Fong: Buster Keaton was a Marx Brother?
Dexter Fong: Funny, he doesn't look Marxian
Merlyn: three marx films share titles with other films: go west, duck soup (laurel & hardy 2 reeler), and monkey business (cary grant movie)
Bunnyboy: Bub: Nah. I've just never gotten around to watching a whole episode. Figured I'd keep my streak intact.
Dexter Fong: or Marxist
||||||||| C. Simril enters at 11:12 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Dexter Fong: WB Cat
C. Simril: hi bunny
Bambi: wb cat
Bunnyboy: BTW, I just picked up the new MARX BROTHERS COLLECTION DVD box, not to be confused with the earlier "odds and sods" release.
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off cease at 11:13 PM
Bambi: did cease cease to function Cat?
Merlyn: ah, all the MGM stuff
C. Simril: no i'm stll ceassed
Bunnyboy: This is 7 of the 8 post-Paramount Marx Bros. films, with the exception being LOVE HAPPY.
Dexter Fong: You de cease
Bambi: lol
Bunnyboy: lo cat
Bunnyboy: Merl: Actually, ROOM SERVICE was an RKO title. And A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA was an indie.
Dexter Fong: Play it again Zeppo
Bunnyboy: But everything else in the set is MGM, yes.
Bambi: gotta love all the Marx Bros films regardless of who released 'em ... timeless humour.
Merlyn: yeah, night in casablanca started product placement. They needed it to finish the film, so that's why harpo runs all over billboards of real products
Merlyn: D'oh, I meant Love Happy
Merlyn: Is Love Happy in the collection? I don't think that was MGM either
Bunnyboy: Now we just gotta wait for Universal to get off the dime, and re-release the Paramount-era gems (DUCK SOUP, ANIMAL CRACKERS, et. al. )
Merlyn: yep, it's not like they aren't popular or anything.
Merlyn: W.C. Fields needs to be rereleased, he used to be on TV all the time, but not the last 15 - 20 years
Bambi: well, off to the races ... see you all next time :)
stephnfosterkane: yeah, the second Attack of the Killer Tomatoes film really sent up the product placement stuff
Dexter Fong: Night Bambi
Bunnyboy: Merl: Nope, LOVE HAPPY was left out. I remember Harpo riding the Mobil Pegasus sign in that one. Groucho is a featured presence there, as well.
Bambi: have fun :)
Bubba's Brain: Nite, Bam.
Bambi: you too Dex
Bambi: Nytol!
||||||||| Bambi leaves at 11:19 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
C. Simril: bam
Merlyn: nite bam
Bunnyboy: And if ever a revival of DUCK SOUP was overdue...
Dexter Fong: It's car movement time so I'll makr myself as away till I return
Bunnyboy: (sings) To WAR! To WAR! To WAR we're gonna GO!
||||||||| LiliLamont waltzes in at 11:19 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Dexter Fong: Hi and bye lili
Bubba's Brain: Hey, Lili!
LiliLamont: Hi, guys. Is doc still on? He's grayed out.
C. Simril: hi lili
LiliLamont: Dex! Sorry I missed you.
Bubba's Brain: He's talking to cat --- just got through talkin to me.
Dexter Fong: Lili: You would know better than us about the graying out
Bunnyboy: lo Lili!
doctec: hi there
doctec: how was the ensalata caprece
Bubba's Brain: I'm greying a little up front.... you know like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap.
LiliLamont: Hi, Cat. Oh, joy. Doc must have just been busy elsewhere. Hi, BB.
stephnfosterkane: hi Lili!
doctec: yes i'm still on the phone w/cat
llanwydd: I seem to have faded
LiliLamont: Hello, SFK. Love your work.
doctec: we just got one of his old web pages that's been MIA re-established on the bit site
Bubba's Brain: How can you be two places at.... oh never mind.
Bunnyboy: Ah! Lion's Gate / Fox is releasing LOVE HAPPY on June 15th.
LiliLamont: It was yummy. And then, I decided to broil some salmon, and that was yummy.
stephnfosterkane: so, they are going to fire Rummy?
llanwydd: My favorite MB is "The Coconuts" for some reason
LiliLamont: And then I got a call from New Zealand, which I declined to answer. Does anyone know how to fly round trip to Aukland for $3000 or less from the East coast? These bastards are beyond cheap.
C. Simril: rum rum
LiliLamont: SFK: They should.
LiliLamont: And with any luck, he'll drag down shrub with him.
Merlyn: Love Happy, starring Raymond Burr
Bunnyboy: And the art on the front is a big 2-shot of Marilyn Monroe, with her hand on Groucho's shoulder, and bookend insets of Harpo and Chico.
stephnfosterkane: ANZ is about the best bet, but they want tourists. It's all set up for tourist visits.
LiliLamont: Now that just sounds weird. Raymond Burr?
Bunnyboy: If I remember correctly, Marilyn's in that film for about 45 seconds or so.
llanwydd: "Love Happy" was really a Harpo movie
Merlyn: Right BB. Raymond Burr is one of the thugs that makes Harpo smoke rope
LiliLamont: How can they tell if you're a tourist or not, when you're not carrying paperwork at all?
Bunnyboy: Sorta like the APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX ads, with Harrison Ford listed as a principal player.
Bubba's Brain: I'm fadin fast, and have yet to drive home. I'll see you all next week.
LiliLamont: Another weird casting.
stephnfosterkane: no, you have to get a package and be there 14 days, etc.
Merlyn: It was originally supposed to be a Harpo solo movie, but chico needed money (as usual), and convincing Groucho to appear for a bit made it more commercial as a "marx bros" movie
llanwydd: nite bub
LiliLamont: Hell, they want me there for 6 weeks.
stephnfosterkane: besides, they want to take away your lifes' breath: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/05/05/outsource_newzealand/
LiliLamont: Good night, Bubba.
Bubba's Brain: Nytol
Bunnyboy: nite Bub
||||||||| Bubba's Brain leaves at 11:26 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Merlyn: bye bb
stephnfosterkane: and WETA has all those CPUs idle after The Return of the King DVD finished up and won't really have in-house stuff for them until King Kong is in post-production, so...
Bunnyboy: I've said it before, I'll say it again: HARPO SPEAKS is a lovely book.
Merlyn: religion is being outsourced now: http://inhome.rediff.com/money/2004/apr/28bpo6.htm
LiliLamont: I meant what I said, and I said what I meant, a Kiwi is faithful 100 percent.
llanwydd: I've read "Harpo Speaks". It's great
LiliLamont: I outsourced my religion years ago.
stephnfosterkane: yeah, well, they structure packages. some of 'em, you go to Singapore, then Oz, then NZ; it's like a National Lampoon movie. Paul Hogan probably shows up somewhere.
LiliLamont: With an alligator? Or just 'gator bites in flight?
llanwydd: I read HS when I was in 6th grade and an avid "Marx"ist
Bunnyboy: New Zealand? I just read a news blip about a lady who was flying to New Zealand, on a commercial airline...and found a small frog in her salad.
stephnfosterkane: oh yes, nothing like a nation whose national symbol is a flightless bird going extinct from all the stoats, cats and rats they somehow allowed to get loose there
LiliLamont: I read that, too. Why the hell didn't they sautee it in butter, shallots, and white wine?
stephnfosterkane: what's really fun is when you land in Auckland and they come on the plane and fog you silly with insecticide
LiliLamont: Airline food just ain't what it used to be.
Bunnyboy: Peasant culture?
LiliLamont: SFK: Are you fucking serious?
stephnfosterkane: sheesh, it's worse than quail. they eat worms all night
LiliLamont: Kiwis eat worms? The human ones, I mean.
stephnfosterkane: they are very vigilant about insects getting in. the odd terrorist, fine, but bugs? never!
Merlyn: yeah, and why is fish supposed to be good for losing weight? Have you seen walruses?
llanwydd: human worms?
stephnfosterkane: no, the birds, Lili
stephnfosterkane: yeah, the sharks come out of the water and walk right into your house with their big white teeth...
LiliLamont: Sounds like England and their quarantine on pets.
Merlyn: he came in with bobby darin
llanwydd: well, walruses probably eat a McDonalds
LiliLamont: Sounds like an SNL skit: "Land shark!" "Oh, Walter."
Merlyn: then ernie kovaks started doing skits
stephnfosterkane: Laurie Anderson song. long ago
LiliLamont: That explains why walruses are in such poor shape. I'm waiting to see the film "Supersize Me".
stephnfosterkane: on Mister Heartbreak album, I think
llanwydd: goo goo goo joob
Merlyn: Walruses have Chester Conklin mustaches
LiliLamont: Ah. I've got that. I haven't listen for a while, plus I've had a lot on my mind. Surprising, huh?
stephnfosterkane: killer place to visit, Lili, once your work is done. esp. the South Island. I wish I could get paid to go there!
Bunnyboy: SFK: "And I said 'hey...pal! What's going on here anyway?'"
llanwydd: This is disturbing. How DO walruses get fat?
LiliLamont: I'd like to go, but they are trying to bring the rate down in exchange for a 24 hour business class trip. Plus, they want me there on Monday. I don't think that will happen.
llanwydd: What are they putting on the fish they eat?
Bunnyboy: "OOO la...OOOOOOOOO laaa...
LiliLamont: Japanese mayonnaise, no doubt.
Merlyn: waaaay below the ocean, they sit on couches and watch TV all day. Or maybe they sit on conches
llanwydd: I'll bet they only eat the breaded fish
doctec: japanese mayonnaise? egads
LiliLamont: That'll do it. They've got to cut the carbs out.
Bunnyboy: I'm waiting for the bidding war for the rights to distribute FARENHEIT 9/11
Merlyn: will ray bradbury sue?
doctec: bb: yeah that ought to be interesting
LiliLamont: Yeah, you know, the shit they occasionally put in some of the rolls we've had. It's creamy and spicy and tastes a bit oily.
stephnfosterkane: Lili - lyrics: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~felluga/laurie.html
Merlyn: I'm waiting for the metric version, Celcius 4/88
llanwydd: bradbury won't know jack
Bunnyboy: (as Disney exec) If we release it, we're screwed, If we DON'T...we're screwed!!!
Merlyn: oops, celsius
doctec: apparently moore knew disney did not want to distribute fahrenheit 911 a year ago, so it kinda looks a little like a publicity stunt that he should come out with the news now, as if it's a surprise
stephnfosterkane doesn't know Jack and never did...
LiliLamont: Thanks, SFK. Michael Moore was interviewed yesterday on NPR (or maybe it was mMarketplace) and he said he would get it distributed if he had to drive around in a van, like he did with Roger and Me.
Bunnyboy: It WILL be released, and it WILL make money, and I will LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH...
doctec: on the other hand, maybe it was a case of them indicating but not deciding for sure that they didn't want to distribute it a year ago, and made the final decision just recently
stephnfosterkane: he'll get Mel Gibson to release it...
doctec: bb: nice rfo ref there
LiliLamont: Only if Moore adds a lot of bloodshed.
doctec: good to see someone still remembers that stuff
stephnfosterkane: at least Gibson finally made a film that didn't blame the Brits for everything
Bunnyboy: doc: Oz? Where? What? Who?
LiliLamont: Speaking for myself, I'll be setting up a lawn chair with snacky cakes and humming the theme to the Tonight Show.
doctec: cat went to answer the front door and hasn't come back...
stephnfosterkane: part of most ANZ tour packages, Bun
doctec: i'm listening to dead air as i speak
stephnfosterkane: land shark!
Merlyn: I'm going to go shoot up things, bye all
LiliLamont: SFK: You mean I'd have to spend time in prison to get a cheap flight?
stephnfosterkane: nite Meryln
Bunnyboy: Merl: Drop the needle!
llanwydd: night mrl
LiliLamont: Bon nuit, Merlyn.
Bunnyboy: or is that UNREAL TOURNAMENT?
doctec: bb: "...and i will laugh and laugh and laugh" ... isn't that a ref from one of the bits on bergman's radio free oz site? the one where edie mclurg plays this ancient actress reminiscing about the old days
doctec: ?
doctec: bye merl
doctec: kill bill while you're at it
stephnfosterkane: Ah! There you go! You could float in on a raft. If you miss and hit Oz, you'll end up in a "resettlement camp" in Palu, but if your aim is true, the Kiwis will welcome you and give you house, car and spending money (probably a bit of a problem regarding a work visa though)
Merlyn: jax and daxter, or whatever.
LiliLamont: Kill W while you're at it.
||||||||| Merlyn leaves at 11:43 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Bunnyboy: doc: Huh! Could be, could be...but the ref wasn't intentional. BTW, spotted Edie MacClurg, Gary Goodrow and Richard Paul in EATING RAOUL.
LiliLamont: Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
Bunnyboy: Oh, and John Paragon.
llanwydd: Richard Paul was a FST associate wasn't he/
Bunnyboy: llanwydd: The late, great Mr. Paul was on Phil Austin and David Ossman's Columbia solo albums, ROLLER MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE and HOW TIME FLYS, respectively.
Bunnyboy: And he played the Wrong Reverend Falwell in THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT.
llanwydd: I have Ossman's on cassette. I've never heard Phil's
Bunnyboy: Is there any justice that Richard Paul is dead, and Jerry Falwell lives?
Bunnyboy: Both titles are available at laugh.com
llanwydd: If you call that living
Bunnyboy: Quite rite.
stephnfosterkane: ly
Bunnyboy: Aw, I'm busheled and beatled. Nite, campers!
stephnfosterkane: nite Bun!
LiliLamont: Good night, Bun.
llanwydd: night bunnyboy
Dexter Fong: Im back but I'm goin'
stephnfosterkane: I've lost the HDTV machine until the HDD is up again, so I should wander off and watch Nightline on a real TV soon if it's any gud
Dexter Fong: Night y'all
||||||||| Bunnyboy leaves at 11:50 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
llanwydd: night dex
LiliLamont: I know that doc is doing 3 things at once, and I might be getting another call from NZ, although I really hope not. So I think I'll crash, too. Too much shit to think about.
llanwydd: I might as well be going too. See you all next week
LiliLamont: Bon nuit, guys.
||||||||| Around 11:51 PM, LiliLamont walks off into the sunset...
stephnfosterkane: I think I'll bug out too. Ken is getting really pasted from the look of it and won't be on for awhile: http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLocalWide.asp?loc=kirs&seg=LocalWeather&prodgrp=NEXRADimagery&product=RadialVelocity&prodnav=none
||||||||| Outside, the 11:52 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Dr Headphones coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
stephnfosterkane: top winds now measuring almost 90 knots
Dr Headphones: aha! i walk back in just as you're talking about me!
stephnfosterkane: hey, Ken, is it windy there or what?
Dr Headphones: the storm has moved past, but it was a heavy one for a while
Dr Headphones: were you watching the radar?
stephnfosterkane: very scary-looking Doppler out your way
stephnfosterkane: yeah, I was. old habit (Get thee to a nunnery...)
Dr Headphones: yes, some areas had hail but i didn't hear any here. lots of wind and heavy rain with mucho lightning
Dr Headphones: nightline looks like it might be good
stephnfosterkane: but I'm about to go off and watch Nightline, 'cuz I don't have any TV in this room at the moment
stephnfosterkane: OK, thanks, I'll go then, Nite everyone!
Dr Headphones: some retired general saying it's unwinnable
Dr Headphones: later, klok
stephnfosterkane: ah, wheel chair generals!
||||||||| stephnfosterkane leaves at 11:57 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Dr Headphones: anyone else still here? dex? llan? tom? cat?
C. Simril: hey
Dr Headphones: i returned after the storm passed
Dr Headphones: if you're busy doing something else, go for it. i'm about ready for bed myself, thought i'd just check back in, see if anything exciting happening.
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from jaundice
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
doctec: trying to help cat out
Dr Headphones: deadly jaundice. cat, you have ncie evening, doc, you too. i'm outta here, dear friends
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
||||||||| Dr Headphones leaves at 12:01 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
C. Simril: hey squaed
||||||||| Phil Austin strides in at 12:04 AM with Danny Vanilla badgering him for an interview; since he has no badgers, Catherwood forcibly escorts Danny Vanilla out the door.
Phil Austin: Hey, Tom are you still around?
||||||||| Outside, the 12:05 AM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving LiliLamont coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Phil Austin: Too bad, I see you're gone. I was going to answer an email from you way back in April. Just got home and catching up. I'll just go to email. Hi, Cat.
doctec: hey phil
LiliLamont: Hi, Phil. Actually, he is around. He's on a call.
Phil Austin: Cat: I see theres an email from you too, I'll get back to you. Sorry to be so addled. Forgot about tonight as chat nite and I could have checked in, but forgot.
LiliLamont: He got on faster than I could type.
Phil Austin: Hi, Lil
doctec: just got off the phone with cat - was making tweaks to his monique ishikawa site
Phil Austin: Hey, Doc
LiliLamont: Hi, Phil. Long time.
LiliLamont: I'll let you converse with the good doctor.
Phil Austin: Just wanted to tell you that I talked to Jack Globenfelt thru email and all is well
doctec: and i let john weber know i am willing to help him out with getting the lodestone catalog & order form thing updated & working again
Phil Austin: Hi, Lil. Oooooona sends her best to you guys adnd the immortal Ishakawas as well
||||||||| Outside, the 12:07 AM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving rbfrys coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
doctec: oh great - i'm glad i was able to hook the two of you up! that's great to hear
||||||||| c ease sneaks in around 12:07 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
c ease: hey phil
Phil Austin: Jackie Globenfelt, I couldn't believe it!
Phil Austin: Hey, Catski
c ease: i'll be in your neighbourhood shortly
c ease: as if were a portly
Phil Austin: I haventl really read the new cat email yuet. We've been in the desert camping for four weeks
doctec: yeah, jackie's an interesting guy
doctec: it was so funny that he emailed the firesign site out of the blue
c ease: all fumiyo, icy, jazz, blues and my love to y'all
Phil Austin: I get the impression he wants to be called Jack
c ease: doc has photos of jazz and blues
Phil Austin: Jack G. is someone I havent seen since maybe the seventh grade
doctec: yes you're right i should refer to him as jack
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| C. Simril - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
c ease: icy is bigger than my desk
Phil Austin: Cat: Oooonaski and I are heading north almost immediately. Hope Mulholland drive is good to you.
c ease: ig desk
c ease: me too, but parents are in fading mode
Phil Austin: My oldest dog, Waddel the dog, is now sixteen and really addled. But alive. And as gorgwous as ever.
c ease: will do all i can to make the transition painless
Phil Austin: Sorry about parents. My mom's in an altzheimer's ward and dosn't even have altzheimers.
c ease: i really hope Icy the frridge size dog doesnt devour my little kittens while i['m in la
doctec: anyway yeah i've been very busy too lately - lots of shooting pool, also lots of music projects. glad to hear waddel is hanging in there - i've seen the picture of him on your weblog, truly a beautiful creature.
Phil Austin: She does have a pump implanted in her that feeds morphine into her spine. How bad can life be! She's remarkably happy. I wonder why
doctec: i haven't been to the blog of the unknown in a while, i ought to pop in and add an entry or two
doctec: sorry for being so scarce
Phil Austin: Waddel, Doc, is taking something called Remadil - prescribed by our vet - and it seems to work. He's writin a column for the Washington Post and playing a little golf. Amazing at his age.
c ease: The Mullhulands are 86 (ma) 87(pa) so by that time, you would have to expect the body to begin to give way, eh?
doctec: puttin' on the dog, eh?
Phil Austin: doc/lil Would be great if you blogged a little. It's such a nice group of people, I feel guilty that I don't contribute more
doctec: (sorry, couldn't resist)
c ease: b??
Phil Austin: cat: Yeah, my mom's 91
c ease: c/
c ease: good for her, phil
doctec: wow, 91 - quite an achievement
rbfrys: Phil, a half-asleep idea I had last night: George Papoon's idiot son, George W. Papoon, has been president for over three years. But nobody realizes it. Go from there.
c ease: 2 of my dad's bro's llived into their 90s. his sister in northridge is 90 now
doctec: lili's b'day is saturday a week from now
c ease: any ideas for air america, phil?
doctec: or more to the point, any indication that any firesign guys will make an appearance on AA?
Phil Austin: Lil, happy birthday too early.
c ease: bergboy for sure, eh?
c ease: he's so political
Phil Austin: Cat: what's the general opinion among the concerned, intelligent left about air america. I've been gone for a month and know nothing
c ease: seems to have a good audience
Phil Austin: bergboy has tried repeatedly to get on and so far, as far as I know, has been rejected
c ease: 2 million or so on line
c ease: that's fucked, phil
c ease: cuz janeane has quoted firesing
Phil Austin: Peter isn't well thought of in that world
doctec: re air america: the take is that the ride is bumpy and the personalities are a little green, but it does fill a niche that up to now has been absent from the media
LiliLamont: Thank you, Phil. At least I'm still older than Doc.
c ease: department of redunacy, so she knows who you are
Phil Austin: doc: I've got to listen
rbfrys: I am a regular listener. Love many parts. Many ideas for improvement.
c ease: hey lili. all my love to you
c ease: yeah phil, i've never not listened
Phil Austin: Lil: what's the news? Kid? Job?
doctec: i think the best show (in that it's the most consistently engaging and there are fewer technical gaffes) is randi rhodes' afternoon show
LiliLamont: Thanks, Cat. Just think, my daughter will be 34 this year.
doctec: she's a good talker
LiliLamont: Phil: I'm thinking about changing careers very seriously.
Phil Austin: who's rbfrys?
c ease: problem is, it makes me so angry at bush, its like wattching bit blown up all day every day
doctec: i'm surprised they have that attitude for bergman, i'd think his style of delivery and the topics he'd cover would be right up air america's alley - and they need more people who actually know how to deal with a live radio situation
c ease: fuick
LiliLamont: I had a call about a gig for my former company in New Zealand, but the rate could be better and for a 24 hour flight one way, they are being remarkably stingy on business class. They really have no room to negotiate.
c ease: i agree doc
doctec: the 'celebrities' they've got headlining some of the shows are clearly new to the medium and a little thrown by things as a result
c ease: he's a natrural
rbfrys: Randi is VERY passionate, very to the point. Also a bit of an ego problem
rbfrys: Moi
Phil Austin: lil: Would you have to relocate?
c ease: lili, i wish the kiwis could realize how much they would benefite from your appearance
LiliLamont: To NZ? No. It's a short term project. However, doc has a couple of friends in NYC who spoke to me about getting into wine distribution, because I actually know a fair amount about it, just by stint of age and paying attention for years. Most people are really clueless in that regard.
Phil Austin: Is Franken being funny?
c ease: my dog is bigger than my desk
doctec: she'd be relocating to a hotel for the duration of the assignment
c ease: and its a big desk
c ease: not so much funny, phil, as... to the point
Phil Austin: Maybe she could live inside Icy. He's reputed big enough
LiliLamont: Cat, I know they would. But Openwave has been so poorly managed, that their mantra is cut costs at all cost.
doctec: franken's ok and has had some good moments, problem is it's just moments - he's not comfortable with the technical aspects of the medium which is why he has a co-host there to help him out
rbfrys: FST could add more than just entertainment value to the shows. A lot of great humor but they haven't found their "satire voice" just yet.
doctec: rbfrys: yes, that's a good way of putting it
Phil Austin: Well, goodnight all. I'm heading for Oooooonaville. She's in the hottub and that's where I'm going. We have to get up at five thirty in the morning. I'll be answering emails as soon as we get through this job. Nite
c ease: ok, the best thing about franken is his guests. same with janeane. problem with randi is it's just her
LiliLamont: Icy? Okay, I missed that part of the conversation. I was trying to let you guys have your privacy while I tended to other things.
c ease: by phil. best to oona
doctec: they're throwing fastballs but not hitting the strike zone all that often
||||||||| Phil Austin leaves at 12:24 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
c ease: icy is my fridge size dog
LiliLamont: Rats, I was going to ask him a question. Oh, well.
doctec: a question about rats?
LiliLamont: No, about other work options. I've spoken to you about it before.
doctec: i know
doctec )
doctec: ... :-)
rbfrys: One of the best things - ALL they hosts are very intelligent, well-read, mostly well-prepared. Only a few, like Randi, know what it is to be in a studio for 3-4 hours. Some are still just getting their radio-legs.
doctec: well you could email him about it
LiliLamont: You, of course, understand what I've been interested in.
LiliLamont: Send me his address and I will.
doctec: so, rb - this your first time on this here chat thing?
LiliLamont: Doc: Is this your Jeb Clampett mode?
LiliLamont: Hey, guys. I think I'm signing off for real, this time. Talk to you next week, I hope.
rbfrys: Actually, there's a link to this chat posted on the Majority Report blog. Just checkin' it out.
||||||||| LiliLamont leaves at 12:30 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
doctec: glad you could drop by
doctec: unfortunately, it's very late where i am and i have to call it a night
rbfrys: I gotta go too. I'm glad I made it. I'll come back a lot earlier next week.
c ease: babies are having cardboard fall on them as i type
doctec: most people show up here between 9 and 10pm eastern time
||||||||| rbfrys leaves at 12:32 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
c ease: amazing to see phil here
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "12:32 AM and late as usual, it's rbfrys, just back from Billville."
doctec: they stay through to somewhere between 11pm and 1am - depending on what the topic of conversation is and who shows up when
doctec: oops he's gone
doctec: yes cat - true - glad i was on IM with lili - that's why i knew he had shown up and got back on chat after i left the first time
c ease: doc , lili
c ease: i love you both
doctec: hey btw did you know the cephalopod guys have put the entire apotheosis saga up on their site as downloadable mp3 files?
c ease: tis a wondrous thing the firesign have done, bringing us all together
doctec: i just snagged them all the other day - will convert them to WAVs and make CDs
doctec: http://www.cephalopod.com
c ease: you mean i paid al that money for noting?
doctec: well, it's like the music tech biz - a synth manufacturer comes out with a new gee-whiz keyboard that sells for huge sums - after two years, the price drops as they make back their r&d and make some profit on the synth - then the product reaches the end of its life cycle and they sell the remaining units for a song
c ease: and the chicks for free
doctec: right
c ease: shes got a balcony i can do shakes perr at
doctec: i think the 'pod guys realized they had made all the money they were going to make on the series, jason cole has left the group to go off and do other things, and so kevin swan just decided what the hell - put 'em up on the site for whoever wants 'em
doctec: he's still trying to get episodes 9 and 10 done
doctec: he's been working on it in tiny increments for over two years - not sure he's ever going to finish it
c ease: tiny where is he when we need him
doctec: yeah, was thinking the same thing the other day
doctec: looking thru old email archives & stumbling on some msgs from him
||||||||| It's 12:40 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| rbfrys - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
doctec: he is sorely missed
c ease: ok i have to go offl line now, thanks for all doc
c ease: i am never not fucked up by tiny's absence, among others, eh?
doctec: yes, i need to get some sleep
doctec: tomorrow promises to be another long day
doctec: have a good one - let me know when you are able to get me a fresh copy of the justice denied song, and see if you can dig up a copy of the justicedenied.html file from your old pc
doctec: thanks - nytol (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................
||||||||| doctec leaves at 12:42 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
||||||||| It's 12:50 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| c ease - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

The Evening's Participants:
Phil Austin
Bubba's Brain
c ease
C. Simril
Dexter Fong
Dr Headphones
Woody One
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PP and Cat(cease)

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kend^/Dr. Headphones

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Merlyn LeRoy

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LeatherG & SO

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Compañero Señor Yämamoto

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Dexter Fong

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"The Home Team"

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Peggy Blisswhips

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Audrey Farber

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Tiny Dr. Tim
Rest In Peace,
Dear Friend