A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for July 08, 2004 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Bambi', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 7:24 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Bambi: Hi to those who will be here :-)
Bambi: will be back later but wanted to let you all know that Clem will be doing a live show tonight on Skybird Radio after all!
||||||||| Bambi runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Bambi?! It's 7:26 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Clueless_Monkey close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:28 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Clueless_Monkey: ook ook ook
Clueless_Monkey: Leen sent me 30,000 pounds a nanners! Already at half. OOK monkey not get out of cage, fill whole cage with monkey
Clueless_Monkey: So what do I eat tonight?
Clueless_Monkey: perfect take bam!
||||||||| Catherwood escorts ah,clem in through the front door at 8:47 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Weather Or Knots close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:50 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Weather Or Knots: I dined upon paste, sauce, salad, homemade oatmeal-chco chip cookies, tea, yum!
Weather Or Knots: a little tooooooooo quiet
Weather Or Knots: YIKES!!!!!!!!!
Weather Or Knots: PASTE!
Weather Or Knots: Pasta
Weather Or Knots: Paste - past a tense of pastë
Weather Or Knots: Chico Marx would be smiling
Weather Or Knots: When you're Chico, when you're Chico, the hole world smiles with you.
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Bambi close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:56 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Weather Or Knots: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TORearthweather/     Everyone is invited to my cool, like ice, Yahoo Group. 'Tis is the relem of Weather.   With the WEATHER AND UNIVERSAL GARDEN JUKEBOX, in the Files.
Weather Or Knots: t t f n
Bambi: howdy
ah,clem: Hi Bambi :)
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Dexter Fong close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:57 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Weather Or Knots (also) close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:57 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Bambi: hi Dex
Weather Or Knots (also): How do sign outta this Bozo outfit?
Dexter Fong: Hi Bambi, CM, WoK
Bambi: back in a bit
||||||||| 8:58 PM: Merlyn jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dexter Fong: ..
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Weather Or Knots   Ohhh how can you be two Weather Or Knots when.... you know close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:59 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dexter Fong: Hi Merlyn
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off Weather Or Knots at 8:59 PM
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off Weather Or Knots (also) at 9:00 PM
Merlyn: press the exit button
Weather Or Knots   Ohhh how can you be two Weather Or Knots when.... you know: This board MAY say I'm here three, count 'em 3, time but I'ze a goin'. Bye
Weather Or Knots   Ohhh how can you be two Weather Or Knots when.... you know: Thank you, Reaper.
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off Weather Or Knots   Ohhh how can you be two Weather Or Knots when.... you know at 9:00 PM
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, July 08, 2004 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Merlyn: Hey, the clock is right, at least
Dexter Fong: Yeah Just noticed =))
Merlyn: I'll put a limit on name length...
Dexter Fong: Good Idea....10 letters plus a space is more than enough
Merlyn: Hmm, somehow I got removed from the email notification of chat logins...
Merlyn: I wonder if clueless_monkey agrees
||||||||| "9:03 PM? 9:03 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Bubba's Brain should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Bubba's Brain enters and sits on the couch.
Dexter Fong: Hi Bubba
Bubba's Brain: Greetings!
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Don close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:04 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dexter Fong: Don
Don: hey Dexter and all
||||||||| Outside, the 9:05 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Dr.Headphones coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dr.Headphones: good evening, dear friends
Dexter Fong: Hiya Kend^
Don: have you played any 'don't touch that dwarf lately?
Bubba's Brain: Sure.
Dexter Fong: I haven't touched a dwarf in years
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cease close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:06 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dexter Fong: Hey Cat
cease: hi folks
Dr.Headphones: hey cat
Clueless_Monkey: kkk
||||||||| Bubba's Brain rushes off, saying "9:07 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Clueless_Monkey: oro
||||||||| Bubba's Bounced Brain sneaks in around 9:07 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dr.Headphones: dex: i've never touched a dwarf. if we talk about dreams though.... :)
cease: i never could download ah clem's programme from your site, kend
Bubba's Bounced Brain: IT sent me off to never never land.....
Don: thought you were gonna get some sleep , clueless
||||||||| Catherwood enters with markTweeny! close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:07 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
cease: has everyone seen farenheit 911 yet?
Dr.Headphones: nobody's trying now, cat, lights aren't blinking
markTweeny!: Cruising down the river, on a Sunday afternoon... Ther years in your ears.
Dexter Fong: m. Tweeny
Dr.Headphones: hey tweeny
markTweeny!: Evenin' all.
cease: i'm listening to the majority report
Don: no i hear F 911 is really good though
cease: also watching lots of newses
markTweeny!: Or The Morning Sedition
Dr.Headphones: speaking of majority report, i watched the extra part of j-men dvd, was surprised to hear commando cody say he was in minority report
cease: i celelbrated bush's birthday by going to the theatre yesterday. a great flick
markTweeny!: airamerica.communistas
Dr.Headphones: bush's birthday?
cease: inspite of all the ugliness, a beautiful movie. i saw that as apprentice cinematographer
ah,clem: hi all
Don: i saw bocling for columbine a couple weeks ago
Dr.Headphones: how old is he now? 13?
Don: bowling
Dexter Fong: Hi JL
markTweeny!: That burns, July 4th...
ah,clem: what shall we play?
Dr.Headphones: hey clam
cease: i think it's in negative numbers, kend
Dr.Headphones: er, clem, sorry to call you a mollusk there
Bubba's Bounced Brain: News from the front -- I have from David a small consignment of Mark Time shirts -- proceed benefit the Mark Time Awards.
ah,clem: np
markTweeny!: Would you like to play a game of sputnik?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Large -- http://lodestonecatalog.com/cgi-bin/ltmcat.cgi?sku=MTIM012
Bubba's Bounced Brain: XL -- http://lodestonecatalog.com/cgi-bin/ltmcat.cgi?sku=MTIM013
Dexter Fong: Let's play "Touch the Dwarf"
Bubba's Bounced Brain: proceeds
Dexter Fong: You're it!
ah,clem: whole Dwarf?
Dexter Fong: No touch backs
markTweeny!: Hand me the pliers...
Dr.Headphones: i've never been "it". i've always been "out of it"
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Don't do that. Hand me the pliers.
ah,clem: or this side or the other side?
markTweeny!: Can't get there from hear...
cease: ken lay off to jail. how much good news can we absorb at once? even my team is winning, back from 4 run deficit
Dexter Fong: Get a grip with this vice
Dr.Headphones: are you on the vice squad?
Dexter Fong: No..I'm under cover
markTweeny!: Finally. Kenny Boy hisself.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: No, just a Craftsman.
Don: it' ok they're speaking chinees on the 'other side"
Dr.Headphones: yeah, i watched the perp walk on news tonight. too bad there isn't a death penalty for arrogance.........
markTweeny!: I'm under covet a new G5 Mac.
cease: i thought my wife was under the covers
Don: only took two years to arrest him
Dexter Fong: But she wasn't?
markTweeny!: Anybody got any string? (just a theory)
cease: did you read today's salon about that? he could really reveal some amazing anti-bush stuff if so disposed
Dexter Fong: Deposed
Dr.Headphones: don: poor guy, worth $100M at one time, reduced to penury of only $20M now
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Anyone got any lynch?
Merlyn: almost ready to send out the Mark Time announcement
Don: i will read it
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: no string, but i have a recording of the rubber band
Dexter Fong: Don't pin that lynch on me
markTweeny!: Shop at Homes Deposed, where everything is cheap.
cease: anybody got any string?
cease: private lynch?
Don: i got no strings, there are no strings on me
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: did you read onion article about homeless depot? funny as hell if it wasn't true
cease: just a theory, don?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with klokwkdoggerel close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:14 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
markTweeny!: Tomorrow Never Knows, at the homes depot
Dexter Fong: KLokster
Dr.Headphones: howdy, klok
klokwkdoggerel: 'lo all
cease: hi klok
Dr.Headphones: i used to wear a flimsy burnoose. lucky the branch broke
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hey klok.
markTweeny!: Any Orangemen here tonight?
cease: i have an orange shirt
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Only Oompaloompas
klokwkdoggerel: kwd walked into grocery store they stopped carrying pizza strips!
markTweeny!: Ah, another parrothead...
Dr.Headphones: orangemen? i grew up in florida, does that count? (i know, only to ten)
Dexter Fong: Kend^: I preferred you in the saucy Bernaise
klokwkdoggerel: stumbling along on Subway
Dr.Headphones: dex: somehow i think i'd be better with a piccata sauce
Clueless_Monkey: oook
markTweeny!: I defer to Radio Margaritaville. A fave...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Oompa Loompa Doodle Dee Doo.....
markTweeny!: Skybird ain't half bad either.
Dr.Headphones: bubba: are you blue?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Oh... you were expecting another riddle for you?
cease: pizza strips? they're about to stop making okanagan crisp apple cidre. that's a crime against humanity
Bubba's Bounced Brain: No, DrH, Orange.
markTweeny!: Now, fraulein, what shall we talk about? Snakes, or snails?
Dr.Headphones: look at that escargot!
klokwkdoggerel: is it made in US or Canada? the former specializes in crime this year...
markTweeny!: Hey Dr. H.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!"
markTweeny!: Pontiac STE made in Toronto. El Camino made in Mexico. Both good autobots.
ah,clem: ...
Merlyn: If you want a Mark Time T-shirt, order now, because I'm about to send email to 900 Firesign fans for 9 shirts...
Dr.Headphones: why can't i find a woman like that? "she's no fun, she fell right over."
Merlyn: Order at http://lodestonecatalog.com/cgi-bin/ltmcat.cgi?sku=MTIM012
Merlyn: or http://lodestonecatalog.com/cgi-bin/ltmcat.cgi?sku=MTIM013
cease: just got new car. not as nice as elayne's but it runs
klokwkdoggerel: the CD version of this must be puzzling to newbies -- "the other side of the record" ?
Dr.Headphones: sorry, i'm not a t-shirter myself
Dexter Fong: Burkha?
Merlyn: I'll wait a couple of minutes and then send the email
Dr.Headphones: yeah, klok, and the expression "broken record" to them refers only to olympic contests with fast times
Merlyn: Firesign burnooses
Don: hmmm how about the 8 track version, it had 4 sides
markTweeny!: Saw a really funny bumper sticker today. "no more BU SH" (sic)
cease: hi merl
Dr.Headphones: don: in reality only one side, but analogous to 4-sided mobius strip
klokwkdoggerel: Don - my 8-track changed sides automatically..
Merlyn: hi cat
markTweeny!: The Birotron. Like the Mellotron but w/8-tracks. Wakeman's. Try Turn of the Century.
Dr.Headphones: i just ate two giant hamburgers for dinner, but alas, no pickles
Dexter Fong: Saw a dancer attempt a 4-sided mobius strip....dislocated both arms and a leg
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Evileen close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:21 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
||||||||| Elayne sneaks in around 9:21 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Merlyn: an 8-track mobius strip?
Dr.Headphones: hi evil, el
cease: hi el
Elayne: Evenin' alL!
Dexter Fong: E!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
markTweeny!: Evil Elayne's twin?
Merlyn: Plays music from the inside out
klokwkdoggerel: must have passed the 'E' entry
Elayne: Dear me, BBB, did that hurt? :)
Don: great X-MInus 1 episode about a mobius strip
klokwkdoggerel: Evileen -- hi!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Just tickled a little.
cease: for some reason, i don't konw that one, don
cease: i thought i heard them all
Dr.Headphones: hold it right where you are!
Evileen: OHH i see a monkey..... gotta throw him a naner
Evileen: HI ALL
klokwkdoggerel: Skybird chat and FST chat beginning to sport duplicate people!
markTweeny!: Put your finger on the page...
Dexter Fong: Hi Evileen
Bambi: back again ... Hi Bubba, cat, Don, Ken, Elayne, Evileen, Klok, MarkTweeny, Merlin ... think that 's everyone who came in while I was gone :-)
cease: el, did i tell you we got a new car? not as nice as yours of course but weird to not be in the volvo anymore
Dr.Headphones: clones aren't legal in sector "r"
markTweeny!: No, not Congress
Dr.Headphones: hey bambi, you're not parenthetical any more ;)
Don: the mobius strip episode is all about a super bright little girl who is able to travel through time and space by concentrating on a mobius strip
klokwkdoggerel: hi bambi
Don: and it has tweens!
ah,clem: ...
cease: oh yes, i do remember that one, don. great one
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Oh, by the way, all -- Doc Tec says he'll be in late, if he makes it at all. He is playing Sensei to a studend of the Billiard Arts.
Bambi smiles
markTweeny!: Volvo rocks. Sure like to have a Viggen.
Elayne: Congrats, Cat!
cease: it was called Star Bright as i recall. i have it on tape somewhere
Bubba's Bounced Brain: student
markTweeny!: The car, not the F16's brother.
Bambi: good to see you all!
klokwkdoggerel: Skybird Radio went to 48 khz stereo last night; i gave up late, but Evileen was still hanging in there
Dexter Fong: Viggan..The all vegetable car
cease: now we have a subaru. the volvo basically died
Dr.Headphones: bbb: was wondering about that stud's end ;)
cease: hi bambi
Bubba's Bounced Brain: The stud ends rigth here.....
markTweeny!: What happened to Bambi's Mom, Daddy?
Don: we have a saaburu
markTweeny!: Debbie's harry armpits.
Don: the new saab 9-2 made by suburu
Dr.Headphones: a swedish-japanese hybrid that burns more oil than gasoline?
Bambi: Daddy ... he has a brain tumor ... they are going to remove it in about 10 days
Bubba's Bounced Brain: What, Don, you weld a Saab front to a Subary back?
Don: made by suburu in japan i think , but its emblemed Saab
Dr.Headphones: bambi: sorry to hear that, hope the prognosis is good though
Bubba's Bounced Brain reminds himself to learn to type.
cease: i really wanted one of those new toyota hybrids but they wont be made until next year and we needed new car now
Dr.Headphones: wa da doo dah!
Don: made by GM of course
Bambi: they say it is still small and in an operable place
markTweeny!: ah, life on the Mississippi. Where's Jim?
klokwkdoggerel has Porche emblem on his Chevvy
Don: GM owns 20 percent of suburu and 100 per cent of Saab
Elayne: Oh, all the hybrids are selling out really quickly, the companies just aren't manufacturing them fast enough to meet the demand.
Bambi: it is causing all kinds of problems ... the surgery is required (liee or death situation)
Bambi: liee=life
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Now that's a real saab story....
markTweeny!: I have a Ford emblem on my Volkswagen.
cease: and ford owns volvo now, or so the salesman told me. said the company has gone to hell since ford bought it
Bambi: JL=ah,clem
Don: i had a rolls roysce emblem on my vw
markTweeny!: Nice news circa 1939, Henry.
Dr.Headphones: klok: when i was kid, local redneck put bulldog hood ornament from mack truck on his chevy. got ticket, cop asked him what he was driving, he pointed to bulldog, said "mack" so that's what he wrote. went to court, judge threw it out when he protested that mack didn't make a station wagon
Bambi: or was that Jim from Tom Sawyer lol
Bubba's Bounced Brain: The circa is coming! The circa is coming. Can we go, daddy?
markTweeny!: Funkadelics. It takes two people talking to each other to write a new SF book.
cease: the cicada?
Dexter Fong: Will the cicada be unbroken
markTweeny!: My other car is a Red Barchetta.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: They're all dead now.
Don: i can hear the circadas now
Dr.Headphones: new russian emblem: hammer and cicada
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Gotta wait 17 years.
Don: bye and bye
Don: no i have the every day annoying cicadas here
markTweeny!: May they rest in cannes o' peas.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Gotta love that cicadian rhythm
Bambi: yes, depending on the type of cicada ...
markTweeny!: Grid, almight. Did you see Sarapov hand Serine her head?
Bambi: they are quite noisy down south aren't they Don?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Where you live, Don? Our's died out several weeks ago in Indiana.
Don: very noisey
Dr.Headphones: bub: never saw any here in sw michigan
markTweeny!: We call the Delta water Michigan polar pro.
Don: just outside metro atlanta , for the moment
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Ah... must be adifferent brood.
Bambi: yes, not for long though, right Don? ;-)
markTweeny!: The purest mercury and effluence for our Norther neighbors.
Don: yeah these are not the 17 year guys, they are already gone
Dr.Headphones: rendezvouz with destiny for cicadas
Don: about 8 more weeks , bambi
markTweeny!: And now, my wife and I would like to get back to the trial of Billy Ken.
Bambi: hard to believe it's coming up so soon already
Bubba's Bounced Brain: DrH -- I'll ship all the dead branches with the eggs in em up to you. Spread em around as compost. In 17 years you;ll have a nice infestation.
Don: so is it sarent bradshaww or lietenant, i was never sure
Bambi: http://www.2600.com
Don: sargent
Dr.Headphones: bub: i doubt seriously that i'll be living here in 17 years. hell, i might not even be living anywhere!
cease: leftenant behind
cease: i just got that joke
Dr.Headphones: leftenant
cease: and its 37 years old
Don: 2021 hard to think that far ahead
markTweeny!: Only the finest champaign with blue spring water from Northern Indiana.
Bambi: yes, it sure is hard to think that far out
Don: every time you listen you will hear a new joke
Dr.Headphones: the spring water is blue because all those tidy-bowl tablets dissolved into recycled sewage
cease: i'll be 70. or i won't.
markTweeny!: Are you confused? Can't figure it out? Try Starman. "I Can't Get No..."
Bambi: sheesh, that would put me at 66??? almost 67! ... definitely don't want to think that far out!
Don: what is a 2600?
Bambi: nice color change there Merlyn
markTweeny!: The AARP just sent me a letter of resignation. Not Yet!
cease: a kind of car, i think, don
klokwkdoggerel: dang, they letting the little kids in chat again, Cat
Clueless_Monkey: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
markTweeny!: What Home By The Sea?
Clueless_Monkey: 2600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: i get them all the time from AARP. they go to landfill without opening
Clueless_Monkey: hertz me eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
cease: babies just awoke. here they come
Merlyn: bambi, I'm trying to find a good size & color so it doesn't look like the chat text so much
klokwkdoggerel: 2600 is the frequency early phone hackers used to get control of long distance circus
cease: they sure have grown recently
markTweeny!: Yeah, but you get your grandkids in for 1/4 price...
Bambi: also refers to the atari 2600 that was cracked if I remember correctly
Don: this isn't really the radio
Bubba's Bounced Brain: same frequency as a whistle given away in Capn' Crunch cereal once upon a time.
klokwkdoggerel: even if they are 27 years old now, they gotta go 2 bed...
markTweeny!: Also Tony Bank's machine. 2602.
Dr.Headphones: my atari 2600 was quacked, but i put some duck tape on it
Don: well it is on my fm transmitter, but i've got it turned down low
cease: have you seen farenheit 911 yet, el?
klokwkdoggerel: who is he talking to?
klokwkdoggerel: Don - do you trim the wick on that transmitter every night?
markTweeny!: Joe Zawinful reverses the keyboard voltage. He has to play backwards. Birdland (Heavy Weather).
Elayne: No Cat, I'm not a big moviegoer.
cease: just saw it. as i was telling my station manager (at work over the weekend for pot tv covering their festivities) f911 is the reason one has a camera
Don: just outside metro atlanta , for the moment
Dr.Headphones: ah, jimmy, i LOVE this. brings tears to my eyes every year when i listen to it
Elayne: I know most of the stuff in the movie, I think it's targeted more at people who don't know as many facts...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: One phamous phone hacker got the nickname Cap'n Crunch from dicovering and publicizing the connection.
markTweeny!: More Moore. Haven't seen the movie. But that's how it should be done.
cease: worth seeing, el, but hard for me as my kittens are wandering in front of the screen
klokwkdoggerel: with Isham's "On the Threshold of Liberty" as a background??
Elayne: I'll probably get the DVD when it comes out though.
Elayne: Kittens will do that, Cat.
Dr.Headphones: klok: depends on your point of view and perspective
Elayne: I think we might finally go see the Harry Potter movie this weekend.
klokwkdoggerel: cat - f/911 is a bit stopped down unless you're shooting the sun...
markTweeny!: Mark Isham. Ignorance no good.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Get a Cat-a-pult.
Bambi: speaking of baby animals ... our Paddy is roosting on 3 cockatiel eggs as we speak
Dexter Fong: ..
cease: sounds like a line from Tile it Like it Is
Dr.Headphones: bambi: what's the due date?
markTweeny!: Skybird radio today: "Cat In The Kettle". Who the F is that?
cease: lots of cats jokes in that. do you have that, ah?
Don: what's the incubation time , bambi
cease: oh, is he gone?
Bambi: in about a week or so for the first one
klokwkdoggerel: BTW, NYT editorial on July 3, "What day would George celebrate?" is worth reading
markTweeny!: Circle the paddy wagons. This here's Goshen.
Bambi: she had them a couple days apart
Bambi: 2-3 days apart
Dr.Headphones: red barber
klokwkdoggerel: the end of the Declaration is a laundry list of specific grievances that don't make much sense today
Dexter Fong: Circle the Paddy wagons...this here is Belfast
klokwkdoggerel: unless one knows about the 7 years' war, which the editorial goes into
Bambi: Paddy is short for Padawan (as in Star Wars Prequel)
cease: good one, dex
Dr.Headphones: ah, my lovely cat just farted. i will be back when the air clears......
Clueless_Monkey: MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bird
cease: i thought it was short for st. patrick
Dexter Fong: Paddy is also derogatory term for Irisher
markTweeny!: Ah, the Severn ears war. English river.
Elayne: Dear me, Dr. H!
cease: better than when my dog the size of a fridge farts.
markTweeny!: Not very fast, Belfast.
cease: yes, as a result of st. patrick, i would assume, dex. dont know
Dexter Fong: Ken: If you squeeze it maybe it'l pass another
Don: i had dinner tonite in an irish pub called paddy's
Bambi: good thing cockatiels are australian ground birds then lol
Clueless_Monkey: mmmmmmmmmmmmm BIRD BURGERS
cease: what does the land lady say in giant rat? i'm from belfast and as good at dodging bullets as you are at dodging billets
Dexter Fong: Then the cockatiels can't lay it's egg in the air
cease: only ken can
Dr.Headphones: that's better. somewhat cleared. her name is "beaner" just for that reason
Don: only porridge birds
Bambi: lol Dex
markTweeny!: We art thee lectical collage...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Nope
klokwkdoggerel: Here it is -- only good tonight & tomorrow; read fast else it becomes $: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/03/opinion/03ANDE.html
Dexter Fong quick away for refill
markTweeny!: No opie
Elayne: Klok, you need to be registered to read it. What's the title of the article?
Dr.Headphones: no gomer either
klokwkdoggerel: What Would George Celebrate?
markTweeny!: Shezzzzam seargeant!
Bambi: once you register (free registration) the above links goes right to the article
Don: got it , thanks klok
klokwkdoggerel: I just saved the page; I'll send it to anyone who isn't registered (it's free, but I understand)
cease: good article, klok
markTweeny!: Is yu a 3rd level?
Don: registration free, just takes a second
Bambi: What Would George Celebrate?
klokwkdoggerel: Elayne, I'll email it to you
Elayne: Thanks. Here you go, all, registration free:
Elayne: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/03/opinion/03ANDE.html?ex=1089432000&en=df4f2097a226c3ef&ei=5062&partner=GOOGLE
Elayne: No need, Klok, I have it now.
Elayne: I do this NY Times bypass thing all the time. :)
klokwkdoggerel: too late, E
klokwkdoggerel: July 3 was 250th anniversary of a significant defeat of George W. in the French and Indian Wars
Don: i've subscribe to the nyt since around 1976 well worth it
markTweeny!: P.S. "Cancer Alley" Louisiana. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
klokwkdoggerel: is that Andy Devine?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Merlyn's reaper bait close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:49 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dr.Headphones: elayne: http://webpages.charter.net/kendeb52/op-ed-2004-07-03.html
Don: plunk your magic twanger froggy
Dr.Headphones: ah, while i did that, you found it!
Merlyn's reaper bait: I only come here to die... by the way, the name limit is now 25 characters instead of 80
markTweeny!: I once wen to the Andys. Mucho Pinchyu.
klokwkdoggerel: I can't be 80 characters?
Elayne: Already read the article, Dr. H. :)
Merlyn's reaper bait looks at his watch: 9:50 PM
Dr.Headphones: andes candies
klokwkdoggerel: is this a show or the FBI?
Elayne: I can't even be one character!
markTweeny!: that's went, george
Merlyn's reaper bait: Ten minutes to live...
klokwkdoggerel: (she reads fast, eh?)
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hey, bait, you come here often.... say, how old are you...
klokwkdoggerel: I should have the RIGHT to be as long a character as I want...
Merlyn's reaper bait: There will be no performances of "Around the World in 80 Days", either
markTweeny!: The Federal Bureau of Insanity?
Dexter Fong: 80 characters in search of an eponym
klokwkdoggerel: Mike Todd says thanks, Merlyn
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cea close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:51 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Merlyn's reaper bait puts on a blindfold
klokwkdoggerel: LOL, Dex
cea: damn, i lost a couple of letters.
Merlyn's reaper bait smokes a cigarette
cea: maybe they were purloined?
ah,clem: ...
markTweeny!: Comeon' join with us in singin' the Eagle song w/Mr. Ashcroft. (Not seals & croft, mind you)
Dexter Fong: Hope they wern't scarlet
klokwkdoggerel: Robert Scott God is My Co-Pilot - book about his WWII service in AVG
Elayne: Is one of them scarlet, Cat?
Merlyn: hey cat, "cease" will be a real-life test
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: sorry, that song makes my physically ill
klokwkdoggerel: LOL cat
cea: scariest thing in f911, tweeny
markTweeny!: Fresh Begonias... Fresh Begonias...
klokwkdoggerel: does he get annointed with oil on-screen?
Dexter Fong: Be gone ya fresh Paddy
Dr.Headphones: i did see seals and crofts live in concert once, they evangelized for the bahai faith at the end, invited everyone to stay for chat about salvation
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hmmm.. Eagle's song for the Bush administration ---
markTweeny!: One of my favorite GD tunes.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: "Take it to the Limit"
markTweeny!: Lady w/a Fan.
klokwkdoggerel rather likes "Love Minus Zero (No Limit)" better...
Bambi: excellent article Klok .. and one a more recent George should read very closely I thinks....
markTweeny!: Dan Seals. Worked stage monitors for him when he went country.
markTweeny!: LNO (little nashville opry)
klokwkdoggerel: we had a Bahai restaurant in Raleigh for awhile. I liked the food, but they were always closed on for religious holidays at the darndest times
klokwkdoggerel: amen, Bam
markTweeny!: So, let's talk about Nelson, Jennings and Mellencamp.
klokwkdoggerel: of course, now the Iranians have killed most of the Bahis there...
Dr.Headphones: roto has bahai friends, regales me with stories of their pot-luck dinners, says persian food is delicious
markTweeny!: Rain on the scarecrow...
Dexter Fong: Lord Nelson, Peter Jennings, and the Cougar
Bambi: enjoy their music Tweeny :-)
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Okay... what about Nelson, Jennings and Mellencamp?
klokwkdoggerel: it is, Ken
Elayne: Whoa, I just read something that made my mouth drop open.
Dr.Headphones: i used nelson, jennings, and mellencamp in a legal problem once. damned good attorneys
Elayne: http://media.guardian.co.uk/site/story/0,14173,1256588,00.html
klokwkdoggerel: never got into Jennings
markTweeny!: Family farmers you don't need.
cea: ozzie nelson?
markTweeny!: General megafarm will do nicely.
Merlyn: "Keeping mouth closed linked to cancer"
cea: better than kiwi nelson?
markTweeny!: Ozzie normal.
Dr.Headphones: el: tell the rest of the world to go to hell, we can handle ourselves here in the good ol' u s of a!
Don: well john carey says he hasn't seen f° 911 eitihr
Don: he's on larry king now
Bambi: or was that Ricky Nelson or Willie Nelson? ... in conjunction with Jennings and Mellencamp .. I would have thought Willie
cea: kerry?
markTweeny!: You see this stalk of wheat? It's yours. It's Monsanto.
Elayne: Dr. H, I think the plan is to shut out the foreign media as completely as they can, because the fix is in.
Elayne: American media are all going to fall in line, they've been holding their strings for four years now.
cea: i'm listening to the high times dude on air america. very good
Don: i haven't been in mystic in a few years , pretty town, even with the hamburger on the streets
klokwkdoggerel: Each time he has been sworn in to political office, he is anointed with cooking oil (in the manner of King David
Bambi: I have no love for either candidate ...
Dr.Headphones: don: i haven't seen a mystic for years. had my palm read once
Dexter Fong: It should be well heated though Klok
klokwkdoggerel: http://www.guardian.co.uk/bush/story/0,7369,661458,00.html
Bambi: imho ... we have no candidates
cea: janeane has good points too
klokwkdoggerel: yeah, Dex, boiling
Dr.Headphones: klok: "heavy on the 30 weight!"
Don: sunburn?
markTweeny!: The captain said, get me another cup of Rye. Good seeds....
Merlyn: Just a few seconds to reaping...
Dexter Fong: 'ergot good Rye
klokwkdoggerel: there was an interview with Mellencamp in Salon some time back, changed my mind quite a bit about him
Don: marble rye?
markTweeny!: I like 20-50 in an RX-2. Talk about not staying with the subject.
cea: i didnt read it
Dr.Headphones: granite rye
||||||||| It's 10:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Merlyn's reaper bait - dead from measles
||||||||| cease - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Ding dong the bait is dead....
markTweeny!: Mount Vesuvius melts granite.
Don: never take rye for granite
klokwkdoggerel: good comments about "pay for play" and his views on Bush, et. al.
Merlyn: good, they deserved to die
Dr.Headphones: i did make some sourdough in the bread machine last night. cut it while warm, covered with real butter. mmmmmmm
||||||||| At 10:00 PM, Evileen runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
cea: who was that masked person?
markTweeny!: Dibs on the corps....
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| 10:01 PM: Evileen jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: rx-2 is early ahura-mazda model?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Mister Tamborine Maaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!
Don: real butter, are you crazy, you'll clog your arteries!
klokwkdoggerel: Evileen can't upmake mindher
Dr.Headphones: don: i am going to enjoy life, even if shortened :)
klokwkdoggerel: for some people, it cleans them out, Don
markTweeny!: Yeah. One of the first rotarys. Ran very nice. In a straight line. Terribly engineered.
Dexter Fong: Ken: Don't listen to those cholesterol scare tactics
klokwkdoggerel: that's shortening, Ken...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Wow, she really is evil.
Bambi: real butter is better than that partially hydrogenated colored grey stuff Don LOL
Evileen: feel so stoooooooooopid first I close wrng web page then hit wrong Button
Dexter Fong: There's plenty of drugs to lower it
Dr.Headphones: lube liberally with crisco, reapply when needed
klokwkdoggerel: we do that a lot, Evileen
cea: are you a firesign fan, evileen?
klokwkdoggerel: but what we do is disconnect all the buttons and remove all the other pages
ah,clem: ...
Evileen: i need a dunce hat and a tall stool I'll go sit in the corner!!!!
Dr.Headphones: or, in memory of marlon brando and "last tango in paris", substitute with solidified cream ;)
Don: just drink a glass or 2 or red wine with breakfast and you can eat all the butter you want :)
markTweeny!: I put perellis (sp?) on it. Much better but still fish-tailed alot. Did bury the 125mph speedomoter once on a stretch between Md & PA.
Bambi: there ya go Don ;-)
klokwkdoggerel: yeah, the diet soda cancels out the candy bar...
Dr.Headphones: i have wine in refrigerator which is almost old enough to vote. i rarely drink
Evileen: i just started listening to it recently cea
cea: bill lee used to put cannabis on his corn flakes
Dr.Headphones: you fuel, there's NOTHING between md and pa except a border!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: cut your fingernails first.
cea: what have you heard, evileen?
markTweeny!: RX-8 is considered better that the 350 Nissan.
klokwkdoggerel: Evileen is from the Skybird side, Cat
klokwkdoggerel: Tweeny - only if you know what they are :-(
markTweeny!: Come to the Skybird side, Luke...
markTweeny!: I am your father, Edmund...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Skybiiiiirrrrd!!! Skybiiiiiirrrrd!!!!
Dexter Fong: No, I am your son?
klokwkdoggerel: there's a parallel chat over there, Tweeny, just like the movie in this record, Parallel Hell
markTweeny!: Neh, I am your father!
Dr.Headphones: hell is parallel? i thought it was concentric rings
klokwkdoggerel: it's used to annoy Gary while he's broadcasting
Dexter Fong: Then I am Paddywacked?
Elayne: Dang, this set-up is killing my other prorgrams tonight. Gotta quit. Next week, all!
||||||||| At 10:05 PM, Elayne runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
markTweeny!: I can only feed one chat. He's a persian.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Except all the people have goatees...... wait a minute, WE'RE the evil chat!
Dr.Headphones: abd nick-nacked by nick danger
klokwkdoggerel: nite E
Dexter Fong: Bye Elayne
cea: el
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Nite E!
Bambi: night Elayne
Dr.Headphones: i didn't know you masturbated
Clueless_Monkey: 65
cea: only bait the servants
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Give a dog a bone...
klokwkdoggerel: ready on the bleeper, Clem!
klokwkdoggerel: oops, he's 2 minutes ahead...
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Piano Du Jean close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:07 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dexter Fong: Ken: Wanna look at my stamp collection...I've got pre-cancels and unperforated inverted triangles
Piano Du Jean : Bonjour monsters!
Bambi: hi PDJ
Dr.Headphones: howdy, pdj bach
cea: at his piano again
markTweeny!: Ristori?
Dexter Fong: Johnny Piano?
markTweeny!: Bonjour, mademoiselle.
cea: ah, canadian
Piano Du Jean : My Bach is worse than my bite
Dr.Headphones: hey, i just realized he has a french name! do we allow that in here??????
Dexter Fong: Take awff, eh?
Piano Du Jean : Hey, who ya callin' mademoiselle?
cea: we give him a freedom name
Dexter Fong: Rufus Washington?
Piano Du Jean : What's my freedom name?
Dexter Fong: Rufus Washington
markTweeny!: Je suis parisenne!
klokwkdoggerel: Piano: "Eddie"
cea: johnny fresno
Piano Du Jean : I heard a "F-CC" on Skybird...
cea: my favourite city
Piano Du Jean : OK, back in a second...
Bambi: my name means free ... my given name that is ... of course Bambi is a baby lol
||||||||| Piano Du Jean rushes off, saying "10:10 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
klokwkdoggerel: stop coughing bambi!
Don: hey it's independence day week, and the french did help us back then, that was the last time of course
||||||||| 10:10 PM: Rufus Washington jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
markTweeny!: Who you worrin' about?
Bambi: hi Rufus W
Rufus Washington: I's back, and I's bootiful!
markTweeny!: Vive Lafayette!
cea: we are looking for roofers as i type
Dr.Headphones: hey, rufus, you and de udder darkies wanna slip out back and smoke a roofer?
Dexter Fong: Welcome back, boy
klokwkdoggerel: uh-oh, the WAVs are breaking on the studio!
Don )
Rufus Washington: My piano is damn tired...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hey Roofie.... you just missed some sissy french dude....
klokwkdoggerel: global warning is true!
cea: i think i'll get myself one of those
Rufus Washington: Naw, how 'bout a ringer?
Dexter Fong: Quasimodo?
markTweeny!: Roofing is a hot job. Ruufus, well, I don't know. But I sure got a nice funeral.
cea: a reefer?
Dr.Headphones: ringer? when did we start playing horseshoes for the dead?
Evileen: i hope no on said anything to me or asked anything my son came in bugging me to some in his room because there is a tornado warning or something in texas right now... not that it matters here we are in Pennsylvania!!!!
cea: a great barrier?
Rufus Washington: Ever since I gave up my shoes
Dr.Headphones: tornadoes in tx don't generally affect pa
cea: not usually, no
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Nothing important, Evileen.
markTweeny!: Tasmanian Reefer Band.
Dexter Fong: Billville Pa.
cea: but a butterfly in brazil....
Rufus Washington: Had to play Organ Leroy yesterday for a funeral...
klokwkdoggerel: might be one of those new fast-track tornadoes the Pentagon is working on
markTweeny!: Ooooo. LF/Texas Twister.
Evileen: i know ...kids!!!
klokwkdoggerel: bambi - post the phone # on the subject line!
cea: one of those X tornados?
Rufus Washington: The Congeroo?
cea: leroy is dead?
Dexter Fong: Stealth Tornados
Evileen: hmmm a dirty Tornado
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Dave close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:13 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Don: wow i just asked if you had played the dwarf lp in a while, didn't expect you to play the whole thing, thanks!
cea: hi dave
Dr.Headphones: shhh, dave's here
Dexter Fong: Hi Dave
markTweeny!: Love my neighbor. $50.99 at Wal-Mart.
Rufus Washington: Nah, but someone likely close to Leroy....
Bambi: Hi Dave
klokwkdoggerel: delcome, wav
cea: yeah, skybird does it's job
Dave: hello dear friends, won't stay long, I'm at a friend's house using his screen reader, but thought I'd make an appearance
Merlyn: hey dave
Rufus Washington: Dave? Dave's not here...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Didn't know Wal-Mart sold those.
cea: is that a stepford neighbour, marktweeny?
Don: daves not here, oh never mind that was cheech and chong, that's another chat room
Bambi: glad you made it even if it's for a little while
Evileen: hi Dave
Rufus Washington: Chat? What am dat?
cea: i hear chong's out of jail. moving to my neighborhood
cea: or close by
Dave: Blank
Dexter Fong: Good news Cat
Dr.Headphones: yep, cat, i heard that too. he's going to be on some talk show later this week, but can't remember which one
klokwkdoggerel: we can see you loud and clear, Dave
markTweeny!: Kurzweil voice typewriter. Ray Kurzweil. Little Stevie Wonder.
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Johnny Piano', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 10:15 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
cea: indeed. maybe i can work on his next flick
Bambi: hi JP
Merlyn: Think Ken Lay will do as much prison time as a celebrity bongseller?
Don: i didn't know he was in jail
Johnny Piano: Hey, who's this Rufus guy?
cea: i was filming folk who know him this weekend.
Dexter Fong: Bon Soir Jean
Dave: oops, hey Bambi is Clem doin' the show?
klokwkdoggerel: we're getting too much piano tonight and not enough fortissimo
Dr.Headphones: oh hell, i lost the picture
Rufus Washington: Uh-oh, the jig is up!
||||||||| At 10:16 PM, Rufus Washington vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Bambi: yes, he is Dave
Bubba's Bounced Brain: He sell junk-bongs?
cea: i've actually met him 32 years ago.
markTweeny!: "What is a ghetto blaster, Mr. Hancock?" (aus syn)
Bambi smiles
Johnny Piano: Hey, I play a Kurzweil...
Don: ken lay will do no time or at least less time then martha stewart, master criminal
markTweeny!: Bein Soiree, monsewer
Dexter Fong: Johnny: Nicely orchestrated exit =))
Dave: well I'm sorry I can't tune in,
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Remember when a ghetto blaster was a cop's shotgun?
klokwkdoggerel: I tried that, Johnny, but I could not make predictions the same way the real one does
Dr.Headphones: jp: ray is also quite the futurist. read some of his stuff sometimes if you never have
Dexter Fong: Brain: +00
Johnny Piano: I assume Ray has little to do with the instruments bearing his name these days
Dexter Fong: and =))
Johnny Piano: What exit?
klokwkdoggerel: I was going to play Bill Joy once, but he started spouting about "gray goo" and there went my ability to suspend disbelief there, too
cea: the one to fresno
Dexter Fong: Rufus? T'was you wasn't it?
Johnny Piano: Sartre Street?
cea: the one magic mushroom play i don't have, alas
klokwkdoggerel: Johnny - you live in NJ?
cea: one 64th mile
Johnny Piano: Naw, I be in Illinois - land of political scandal
klokwkdoggerel: cat, it looks like 2/128ths to me...
ah,clem: what shall we play after this? anyone?
Merlyn: no plays with over 25 characters
Dr.Headphones: jp: i read about your senate candidate and the swinging clubs :)
klokwkdoggerel can't even play with a full deck, then
Johnny Piano: I feel sorry for anyone that couldn't hold onto something like Jeri Ryan...
Dr.Headphones: how about a poop deck? i have one in the bathroom.....
Dexter Fong: JP: And to think it was 7 of 9....She wouldn't comply
klokwkdoggerel: something wrong if that wife ditched that guy...
Bambi: a deck of 51
Dr.Headphones: i'd hold on to at least parts of her had i the chance ;)
Johnny Piano: Resistance apparently wasn't futile
Don: for sure, johnny p
Evileen: lol
markTweeny!: I've got 54. Wanna see 'em?
Merlyn: He lost the very large trekkie vote
Dexter Fong: MT: I'm goin' all in
klokwkdoggerel: Tweeny, I could never get past the bouncers
Don: i didn't know she was in star trek, but , she is very hot in boston common
klokwkdoggerel: LOL, Merlyn
Johnny Piano: I had no idea there were so many Republican trekkies
markTweeny!: My life seems to be a verb.
Merlyn: well, not anymore!
cea: do you have pink hotels burns down, ah clem?
Dr.Headphones: ha! the republican trekkies think it's just a sci-fi story
Dexter Fong: Don: She was something else in Star Treck series.......really
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: transitive or intransitive? regular or irregular?
klokwkdoggerel: Yeah, they used to work for Saddam, out of a job recently and not happy about it
Bubba's Bounced Brain: She was the only borg to ever make a man WANT to be assimilated.
markTweeny!: Arcosanti '74 workshop.
cea: 7 of 9 crazy girls
Johnny Piano: Ah....spandex Borg - and I don't mean Borg-9
ah,clem: if you do not know what I should play, I will sign off early and annoy Bambi....
klokwkdoggerel: she has a good story about that cat suit, on the web if you can find it
Dexter Fong: I wanted to become a Borgameister
markTweeny!: Rapid Transit. Superbird.
Dr.Headphones: i never watched any of the trek things after original
Johnny Piano: By The Light Of The Silvery, please ah-Clem!
cea: i suggest the eat or be eaten precurson on pink hotel,
Don: me neither
Bubba's Bounced Brain: What do you call a Borg that plays piano and makes jokes?
cea: wow. delgado hits homer, jays win. amazing sweep of seattle
Don: i watched voyager a couple times , that's it
Merlyn: heh-heh; look at http://www.borg.org/
markTweeny!: The kudzu vines are everywhere!
Dexter Fong: Clem: YOu are the host...we sit enwraptured waiting for you bestow upon us, *your* choice of material
Clueless_Monkey: CALLER?
Johnny Piano: I'm waiting....
cea: have you played just folks recently?
Clueless_Monkey: k
markTweeny!: Warner Borg? They're making replacement organs?
Evileen: Hi Mr Monkey
Clueless_Monkey: I knew the guy in mpls that did just folks
Clueless_Monkey: NPR
Johnny Piano: Good call, Merl - that
Bubba's Bounced Brain: ... answer: Victor Borg-a (Sorry for that one, folks.)
klokwkdoggerel: and you thought they just made transmissions...
Clueless_Monkey: I was an NPR PBS refuge!
cea: got any pot?
klokwkdoggerel: welcome back, Gary
Clueless_Monkey: Steel orluminum
markTweeny!: NPR. What a sweet dream. I can diss the presidency with public funds...
Johnny Piano: OK, Bubba - now do the punctuation schtick!
Dr.Headphones: no pot here unless you count the ones in garage that used to hold flowers
Clueless_Monkey: Playing a localgame
markTweeny!: Not even one to piss in.
klokwkdoggerel: Gary, we're all in recovery from NPR in some way or another. Hi. I'm Brian, and I used to listen to NPR all day long...
markTweeny!: Abbie?
Clueless_Monkey: Tirebyte
Clueless_Monkey: MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm RUBBER!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hi Brian!
Clueless_Monkey: I WORKED THERE!!
Johnny Piano: Rieffenbissen!
Clueless_Monkey: tera byter
Don: i still like npr, listen to morning edition, fre
klokwkdoggerel: shades of Alan Hovaness in that piano, methinks
Don: fresh air, and atc
Clueless_Monkey: way to popular
Dave: well guys, I'm gonna go for now, might log in later and see if anyone's on, if not, I will see you all next week
||||||||| At 10:26 PM, Dave runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
cea: i was just at a competition for the best pot in the world
Clueless_Monkey: no private life
Don: not to mention click and clack :)
Dr.Headphones: i still listen to npr all day. diane rehm, day to day, totn, atc, morning edition, bbc overnight, etc. damn, i almost named the entire daily schedule there!
Dexter Fong: Alan Hovaness always wore shades
Bubba's Bounced Brain: What did you do for them?
klokwkdoggerel: Gary, you gotta write USGS, have 'em bring that plane back LOWER this time!
Dr.Headphones: ok, dave, come back when you can't stay so long ;)
Dexter Fong: Night Dave
Johnny Piano: See ya dave - Rufus says "Yo bro"
Clueless_Monkey: Spots, voices for national + DJ on local
Clueless_Monkey: Insane radio show
cea: dave
Clueless_Monkey: Like SKYBIRD LIVE shows
markTweeny!: Wolfman Jack here on Radio Now.
cea: he dead now
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Ah... anything I would have heard?
klokwkdoggerel: then it's not Radio Now...he's dead
Dr.Headphones: i heard it on "the X"
Clueless_Monkey: One Hour TV show that ran on PBSD
Dexter Fong: Wolfman Jack does noon to 3 show as Larry Talbot
Johnny Piano: Radio Then?
Clueless_Monkey: PBS has about 15 services.
Clueless_Monkey: Radio and TV
markTweeny!: Reston is peas, Wolfman...
cea: ah, clem. do you have tales of the old detective?
Clueless_Monkey: Automated public TV staion with bandaids and duck tape
cea: it isnt radio theatre but some of the tales are wondrous
klokwkdoggerel got rid of his duck tape when it began to smell
cea: yesterday's news is particularly moving, and just as surreal as any firesign stuff
klokwkdoggerel: still have some pate paste in the fridge, though
Bambi: nasa and dvds are about all I watch these days
markTweeny!: Wonderous Stories of Marco Polo?
Dr.Headphones: klok: did you salvage the feathers first?
Johnny Piano: Why doesn't duck tape have web feet or feathers?
cea: he said the magic word and we hung him
klokwkdoggerel: savage feathers? isn't that a french movie?
Dexter Fong: Yeah it's on the bill
Johnny Piano: William Hung?
markTweeny!: People who should live forever: Marx Bros, WC Fields... Yours?
klokwkdoggerel stared at a DVD for 2 hours straight once, never saw a damn thing
Dexter Fong: Wellington Hung
markTweeny!: Why a duck?
klokwkdoggerel: i guess it's the drugs, right Bambi?
Dexter Fong: MT: Me!!
Dr.Headphones: gag him!
Bambi: and a couple on fta (free to air) satellite receiver
Johnny Piano: Give me immortality or give me death!
Dexter Fong: Stick your finger down his throat
klokwkdoggerel: that's a Chicago 7 joke, Dave
Bambi: klok lol
klokwkdoggerel: oops, he's not in this scene....
Clueless_Monkey: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmTHROAT
markTweeny!: It's not fun being an illegal alien (genesis - have you heard about the concept of original sin?)
Dr.Headphones: put your thumb on the script, klok!
Johnny Piano: Phil Collins destroyed a once proud band
markTweeny!: Ah, L.A. musicians who call their band names different cities...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: What an idea --- Pate in long thin strips, rolled up like that brand of chewing gum. After that caviar tape... Brie Tape....the new high-end food trends.
klokwkdoggerel: so that's why this old script has fingerprints all over it
markTweeny!: I'm going to call my band Bronx.
Johnny Piano: Camembert tape
Dr.Headphones: how about caviar and brie flavored jerky?
klokwkdoggerel: which reel?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: oooh yum
Dexter Fong: Bubba: Make sure they use .999999% oxygen free copper
cea: i'm going to call my bronchitis
Johnny Piano: We'll be cheering for you Tweeny!
klokwkdoggerel: LOL, Ken
markTweeny!: Because there are no Chicagoans here whatsoever.
Dexter Fong: ON a visit to Oregon was struck by the concept of Salmon Jerky
Dr.Headphones: hit this jew over the head!
klokwkdoggerel: they all went into the hole to the center of the Earth, Tweeny?
Johnny Piano: Sadly there are a lot of Chicagoans here, and I'm not even in Chicago!
markTweeny!: Cheer, up. Only 3 months 'till November :)
Merlyn: Chicogwheels
Bambi: IceChat just crashed
klokwkdoggerel: Dex -- I tried that at Ivar's, but the bones kept sticking in my throat
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Sadly, I think those products actually would take off.
Johnny Piano: Must have been the iceberg, Bambi
markTweeny!: Chi' town. City of the big shoulders.
Dexter Fong: Lots of parking off road
Bambi: could be JP
Johnny Piano: And the stinky armpits, Tweeny
Dr.Headphones: park it and lock it
Don: i'm hungry
klokwkdoggerel: railroad hell, if you're trying to get thru on a fast train
Johnny Piano: Not responsible
cea: i havent heard 3 faces of Al in a long, long time
markTweeny!: And meat packers, speaking of stink.
Dexter Fong: Cat: Which version?
markTweeny!: Railroad's comin' through...
klokwkdoggerel: never seen such a screwed-up infrastructure. The Blues Brothers doesn't even begin to explain it
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Right now
Johnny Piano: Yeah, but they do have Carson's Ribs...
cea: is ther more than one?
markTweeny!: That's our sacred temple.
Dr.Headphones: adam's rib is better
markTweeny!: Robin...
cea: i love this ending
Dexter Fong: That's my forhead
Bubba's Bounced Brain: it's a Butte.
Johnny Piano: Built in on top of their well...
Merlyn: lemmie put this antenna on it
Don: thanks jimmy , never tire(biter) of it
klokwkdoggerel: same ice cream truck sound that opens the next album, Bozos
markTweeny!: Can you move it?
Bambi: lol
Don: funny jimmy
Johnny Piano: Haven't had the pleasure of Adam's, Doc
markTweeny!: The Barnhouse Effect.
klokwkdoggerel: bambi, post the phone nummer
ah,clem: ...
Dr.Headphones: adam's rib became eve, the proto-female
markTweeny!: 991-9999999999991
klokwkdoggerel: it's Player Piano time!
Bambi: 989-345-0735
Johnny Piano: Currently without that pleasure too, Doc
klokwkdoggerel: the only number you have to know
klokwkdoggerel: they've got the guns, but we've got the numbers
Evileen: hey i'm fading fast
Johnny Piano: Close your mouth, Bambi!
markTweeny!: How'd you like to buy a new or used car from Jack Poet Motors?
klokwkdoggerel: at the top, Bambi, over the top
cea: johnny, you've called ah clem's show several times now, right?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: I can see through you.
Dr.Headphones: yeah, jp, me too. no female companionship except of the platonic non-touching variety
klokwkdoggerel: stay with us, Evileen!
Johnny Piano: Thanks for the track, ah-Clem! That's my namesake!
Bambi smiles
Johnny Piano: Yeah, I've done the phone deed...
cea: call the show. talk to us
markTweeny!: I's like to be that close to water.
Evileen: I'm just running everywhere
klokwkdoggerel: don't gray out on us or Merlyn's auto-reaper will drag you off into the Shadows
Dr.Headphones: volume down a lot on this one?
Johnny Piano: Since my second divorce...you'd think playing rock'n'roll would make it easier...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: She's almost invisible now....
cea: like stephen's leacock's horse, who rode off in every direction at once
markTweeny!: Everywhere - Christine McVie. Yum, yum.
markTweeny!: The Dance.
Evileen: I was lokig at JL and Bambi's pages following links etc etc etc
Dr.Headphones: johnny: stick to minor key ballads and you will be ok
Bambi )
Johnny Piano: Christine McVie supposed to releasing a solo album in the near future
Bambi :)
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Glady you're back with us, Evil.
Dexter Fong: Evil: All the links are posted for reading in a more relaxed fashion
Evileen: JL looks nothing like his voices :)
Johnny Piano: That must be my mistake, Doc - too much clever music...
Bambi: http://www.jim-fran.com -- our homepages, DendronVA.org and the FCS Newsletter links are all there
markTweeny!: Strong Enough to Bend - T (if you like country)
klokwkdoggerel: that's nothing, his voice looks nothing like he does!
cea: i havent heard eobe oftren enough.
klokwkdoggerel: he sounds like Jack Ryan...
Evileen: duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
markTweeny!: You have a voice-over?
Bambi: lol good one klok :-)
Dr.Headphones: i count myself very lucky that i found EOBE in the cutout bin for $2 years ago
Evileen: nice voice tho
Don: jack ryan?
markTweeny!: We all live...
Johnny Piano: On CD, Doc?
cea: this is very funny
Dr.Headphones: yep, johnny
Clueless_Monkey: mmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm TASTYWEBSITE
Dexter Fong: Which Jack Ryan..
Johnny Piano: Jack Ryan at the sex club?
Johnny Piano: You are lucky, Ken
Bubba's Bounced Brain: That was my first Firesign, too, DrH
klokwkdoggerel: I didn't see that
Dr.Headphones: beat me over the head with a sex club, please!
Dexter Fong: Jack Ryan of Espionage books/movies
markTweeny!: Jackie De Shannon
klokwkdoggerel: I heard it was on the Internet somewhere, Johnny
Dr.Headphones: my first one was HCYB on 12" black vinyl
Evileen: ahhhh the big turd race begins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don: ok , there have been 3 different jack ryans
klokwkdoggerel: book characters don't have fixed voices
Johnny Piano: Oh, I have a digital version of EOBE...not worry
klokwkdoggerel: just whomever Clancy wants to play them next
markTweeny!: Brand new me. Yeah, right...
Evileen: did i say that? not me. I'm Innocent!!
Don: great books, ok movies
Dr.Headphones: evileen: not innocent, and not insane!
klokwkdoggerel: Rick, you've got to help me!
Dr.Headphones: don: yes, clancy is one of my fav authors even if i don't agree with his politics
markTweeny!: Clancy has veeeeerrrry good friends in Hollywood. October will last.
Evileen: oh!!!! HA HA
Johnny Piano: No thinking allowed, Clem
cea: innonickel, innodime
Dexter Fong drifts off for a refill
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Bunnyboy close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:45 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Dr.Headphones: dobie gray drifted away.....
klokwkdoggerel: clancy's first novel caused the project I was working on to be cancelled
Johnny Piano: Bunny!
Dr.Headphones: ja, bunnyboy!
Don: the sum of all fears, in the book it was muslim terrorists, in the movie it was changed, it would be politcally incorrect to suggest that many terrorists might be muslim
Bambi: hi Bunnyboy
Johnny Piano: Gimme the beat boys!
cea: bunny!
Dr.Headphones: klok: you were on red october?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: The Picture of Dobie Grey....
markTweeny!: Let alone fun with Bill Syzmczyk, for goodness sakes.
Johnny Piano: I prefer the Nylons' version of Drift Away
cea: just read review of new sf museum in seattle, bunny.
cea: making my visit to your city even more enjoyable
klokwkdoggerel: the loves of dobie gillis?
markTweeny!: I was purple in Augustus.
Dr.Headphones: jp: cotton breathes better than nylon
Don: islam is a great religion,but these days most terrortist to this country are muslim, it's the truth it's not politicaly incorrect
cea: the dobie brothers?
Dr.Headphones: praise allah!
Evileen: I like the remake of "Drift Away" with Dobie Grey and Uncle Kracker
Johnny Piano: I don't cotton to that remark, Doc
markTweeny!: Yes, we have no nylons....
Bambi: can't seem to get back into skybird chat ... Don could also let Carmine and everyone else know I will have to try later
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Doobie doobie doo.....
Johnny Piano: Too bad Uncle Kracker's voice is all pitch-corrected...can't sing
markTweeny!: We are the center of the Universe! ooops...
klokwkdoggerel: chocolate-covered Egyptian cotton?
Don: ok
Dr.Headphones: it's the great catch-22, klok
Johnny Piano: Cecil?
Bunnyboy: 100 Dollar Shine? Wow!
Dr.Headphones: milo minderbinder is now v-p of halliburton, you know
cea: dex, what other version of 3 faces of al do you refer to? i only know the album, i think
Johnny Piano: Oxblood!
markTweeny!: The Nile is just a psychiatrist.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: oh, is that where cotton mout comes from, Klok?
Bunnyboy: Long time since I hoid dat!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: mouth
Bambi: Beanie and Cecil?
Dexter Fong: Hey Bunny
markTweeny!: isn't wasn'
markTweeny!: Goot ratungs, though.
Bunnyboy: Actually a live Proctor and Bergman skit, for them's what don't already know.
klokwkdoggerel: Bubba - it comes from being nervous about going on the radio: when are you gonna CALL??
Johnny Piano: Nyeah-ah-ah - I'm Dishonest John!
Dexter Fong: Bun: Really enjoying the SCTV dvds
markTweeny!: Let me hold your hand!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: De Nile is a Ribah in Egypt.
Dr.Headphones: speaking of P&B, i just watched j-men the other night, loved it!
Don: sctv was a hoot
Bambi: Dishonest John from Firestarter?
cea: i saw them do this on their pbs special
Johnny Piano: Nah, Bambi - the villain from Beany & Cecil
markTweeny!: Cho - when you hear this...
Bambi: (also known as Orderly John)
Bambi: ah, ok
Dexter Fong: Cat: THis is kinda a sight gag sketch
markTweeny!: Who says that was the 2nd city?
Bunnyboy: "Forget it, Johnny. It's PolyNEEsianTown!
Dr.Headphones: dex: use your imagineeringation for it
Dexter Fong: But where's the irony..I don't get it
markTweeny!: When Johnny stikes up the band...
Johnny Piano: I don't recall this on PBS - I remember the Soundstage episode that was essentially Give Us A Break
Dr.Headphones: i didn't know the band was on strike. i won't cross those picket lines
cea: they used to spend a lot of time on the road, in those days
markTweeny!: Gather 'round my little friends... (Heart Like a Wheel)
klokwkdoggerel: yeah, why don't we get anyone in FST chat from the Islands? Gotta be some poly Firesigners...
cea: this was 77 or 78. i think 78
Bambi: good idea Ken ... could get dangerous to do so
Johnny Piano: Yeah, we wield mic stands when we're on strike
Dr.Headphones: i had someone downloading from me the other night from NEW CALEDONIA!
cea: maybe it was on soundstage but i saw it on pbs seattle
Dexter Fong: Cat: They certainly did..used to play the Bottom Line in NYC at least once and often twice a year
markTweeny!: Got to get some Parrot Heads here...
Bunnyboy: I remember P & B doing some ANYTHINGE YOU WANT TO bits on their PBS special.
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: bambi has some cockatiel heads (still attached to the rest of the bird, though)
klokwkdoggerel: Parrot Head here
Bunnyboy: "There's nothing left...to say,"
cea: your talking about the same one, bun?
Johnny Piano: Then it was Soundstage - and they also did a version of "Anythynge You Want To"
markTweeny!: I remember me name. Not sure about arms for hostages. Nobody deserves Alzheimers.
Don: they played in new haven a couple times in the early 70's never went :(
Dr.Headphones: i loved buffet before he was a hit. "come monday" was first air release, IIRC
Bambi: very true Ken ... but we won't count those chickens till they hatch lol
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Was wearing my "Give Me Immortatlity Or Give Me Death" shirt this weekend at a Sci-Fi con.. A vampire walked up to me and asked "Why not both?"
Bunnyboy: *And no one's left to write an ending to this WRETCHED (nee 'dumbass') play!"
Bambi: or at least those chicks
markTweeny!: Then make me a margraita. Salt on the lip.
Dr.Headphones: "god's own drunk" still one of my favorite "songs" if you can call it that
Johnny Piano: LOL, Bubba
Dexter Fong: Bubba: LOL
Bambi: bubba lol
Bubba's Bounced Brain: true story.
Bunnyboy: Anybody remember seeing FST on Live at the Improv?
Johnny Piano: I think Keith Richards needs a Give Me shirt
Bunnyboy: Nick Danger, with the "ripped-up script / improv" gag.
Johnny Piano: Yeah, the three man FST?
Dexter Fong: Bun: No never heard about that
cea: really, bun? ive never heard of that one
markTweeny!: Austin, Atlanta. We're going to have some fun. Drive Route 10.
Don: i've seen them a couple times on tv, but don't remember what show
klokwkdoggerel: Tweeny - http://www.cool102.com/photo2.asp?c=2002%20Buffett%20Party%20at%20Trader%20Eds
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Actually, I was kind of afraid one of the Klingons walking around at the con would come up to me and say, "Okay, Death!"
ah,clem: ...
markTweeny!: I'd rather be in a Porche on RT 1, of course...
Johnny Piano: Then, no, not the one I saw...
Clueless_Monkey: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm death
Johnny Piano: Ah, The TB Guide
Dr.Headphones: i get my kicks on route 66
markTweeny!: ELP - Black Moon - Changing States
Bunnyboy: Actually, the Improv appearance was sorta a stopgap between MISSING SHOE and 3 FACES OF AL. Ossman was present (in tails!), but served exclusively as the announcer.
Johnny Piano: I have videotape of a TV appearance post EOBE - the 3-man FST
cea: bubba, sounds like doc and i walking around seattle calling out "Tiny" in our search for tiny dr. tim at the firesign show in seattle in 99
markTweeny!: Me like steel guitar. Me like country. Me like steel guitar from Nashville with MIDI pickups playing piano parts.
Bunnyboy: Or maybe a Catherwood bit as well, I dunno. I just remember Proctor ripping up Austin's script, and Ossman doing a Gary Owens opening.
Dexter Fong: Ah a traditionalist
markTweeny!: Ah, open wide...
klokwkdoggerel like steal guitar
Bubba's Bounced Brain: It was a fun time, Cat.
Clueless_Monkey: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm I will wait til it comes around on the git tar
Johnny Piano: Don't come around here - we have too many guitars available for stealing
markTweeny!: I'll take the family (virginia). $500.
Clueless_Monkey: I love thisBIT ->,
klokwkdoggerel: cotton again
Johnny Piano: You'll have to take that up with my roommate/guitarist
markTweeny!: Ya, I am Sveedish...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Old man cotton.....
Clueless_Monkey: But 1011 is way nicer
Bambi: Trading Places ... great flick
Johnny Piano: They did show parts of that, Bun - but it was something hosted by Bill Boggs
Clueless_Monkey: L0LL
Bambi: or was that the other one?
klokwkdoggerel: not my favorite toon, Gary
Clueless_Monkey: 7734
markTweeny!: I thought they shoved up our pipeline across Afghanistan...
Clueless_Monkey: Turn it upside dow, it is a smiley
klokwkdoggerel: no l88t-speak heer!
Dr.Headphones: 10112 = 11 10
cea: merl, austin said they wanted to do this sort of thing in their new shows. how was it in la?
Johnny Piano: Don't whiz on the electric fence!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: There are 10 kinds of people in the world....
cea: oh, he's not here
markTweeny!: Unocal, the working man's friend.
Clueless_Monkey: Ah cigareete, CHOICE HOLD IT UPSID DOWN IN A MIRRO
Bunnyboy: Bambi: Yes, TRADING PLACES. If you go to the movies, it'll break your heart to see the trailer of the cookie-cutter Tim Allen / Jamie Lee Curtis holiday offering for 2004. Dan Ackroyd co-stars, and it looks dreadful.
cea: burma's buddy
Clueless_Monkey: Hidden pyramids on tobaco
Dr.Headphones: bubba: those who know binary and those who don't?
Clueless_Monkey: Pleas give MORE taxes.
klokwkdoggerel: there's only 2000 real people in the world; all the rest are just bad special effects
Bubba's Bounced Brain: exactly, DrH.
Bambi: yeah ... those Nielson ratings really stink ... they never asked me lol
markTweeny!: That's important. He's going to be 4541232773.
Clueless_Monkey: Monkey have 2 many nanners
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Johnny Piano: I am CGI
Clueless_Monkey: Caallerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Clueless_Monkey: ?
||||||||| 11:01 PM: Bob Hind jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
markTweeny!: Back in the saddle again...
Dr.Headphones: well, bubba, i have accounting degree, always tell people there are three types of people in the world: those who can count and those who can't
klokwkdoggerel: Bun - they are doing a SQL or a re-make of TP?
Don: monkey needs the potassiaum
Johnny Piano: Gollum, gollum
Bob Hind: Greets, all.
Bunnyboy: Carumba!
markTweeny!: Gollum like master.
Don: hey bob
Dexter Fong: Hi Bob..how was the overnight spped-tour
Johnny Piano: All is golden, Bob's here
Dr.Headphones: hi, bob!
markTweeny!: Hey, how it hangin'. (the string theory broke)
Bunnyboy: Speaking of Gollum, guess who the IMDB sez is playing Kong in Peter Jackson's KING KONG?
Don: 1968 or 69 for me
Bubba's Bounced Brain: DrH: If you have an accounting degree, you understand that everything sums to zero in the end. It all ammounts to nothing.
Dr.Headphones: hey, clem, i'm listening and have been since 1970 during my first LSD experience :) wow, was THAT a trip--ralph spoilsport while on acid is something else
klokwkdoggerel: rome wasn't built in a day -- it was a gov't job...and they're hard to get
Johnny Piano: Andy Serkis
Dr.Headphones: yep, all debits and credits are the same, one is positive and one is negative
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Who, Bunny?
Bunnyboy: klok: Neither. It's a film about a family who decides to skip Christmas, much to their community's dismay.
Bob Hind: Hope y'all had a good 4th, or 5th, for that matter.
klokwkdoggerel: Bubba - WPKN has a radio show that's not about that called Radio Nothing
Johnny Piano: See the light, Ah-Clem!
Bunnyboy: Johnny is correct. Andy "Gollum" Serkis. Interesting!
Dr.Headphones: bob: wonderful here, smoked a turkey AND a ham, plus some brats
markTweeny!: Ever heard of General Systems? Just take a pebble....
Bob Hind: Yum. Beans, burgs & dogs, here.
Johnny Piano: And KK will also have the ultra-hammy Jack Black in the cast...
klokwkdoggerel: Bun - well that's not going to play in this Christian-run bourne-again country! it'll get BASHED
Bunnyboy: Speaking of Nick and Noir, Warner Bros. and Universal both released a small ton of classic noir DVDs this week.
Dr.Headphones: bash? what's wrong with a born-again shell?
Bambi: I like the born again shell (bash)
Dr.Headphones: you must be a christian to use BASH though ;)
Johnny Piano: Dropping born again shells again
klokwkdoggerel: Tweeny - are they part of YoYoDyne Aerodynamics, Inc.?
Dr.Headphones: for moi? :)
Johnny Piano: Department of Redundancy Department
Bambi: bashing is not restricted to christians ... it seems to be more of a human failing lol
Don: i never liked nick and noir, but loved asta
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Klok -- when the Bloomington community radio station was getting going about 12 years ago, we were going over a list of call letters -- I wanted WNOT. "This is NOT Radio....."
cea: have you been to the sf museum, bun?
klokwkdoggerel uses korn sh just to annoy people
Bunnyboy: Warners released 5 titles, individually and as a box set: OUT OF THE PAST, ASPHALT JUNGLE, THE SET-UP, GUN CRAZY and MURDER, MY SWEET.
klokwkdoggerel: what is the thread on those 5, Bun?
Johnny Piano: Asphalt Jungle got major nice writeup on DVD Journal.com
Bunnyboy: Universal released about a half-dozen noir titles, including CRISS-CROSS, and one of my favorites, THE BIG CLOCK.
klokwkdoggerel: wasn't "Saunders" in Asphalt J?
Bunnyboy: cea: Not yet. Haven't even been to the EMP yet, and it's been open a couple of years.
markTweeny!: Bloomberg runs NYC. I guess that's what the dutch colony is all about...
Dr.Headphones: good article about EMP in scientific american a couple months ago
Dr.Headphones: but that's not the same EMP you're talking about
klokwkdoggerel: it was a shocking story, as I remember
Don: Asphalt Jungle (1950)The Asphalt Jungle, John Huston, Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, James Whitmore, Sam Jaffe, John McIntire, Marc Lawrence, Barry Kelley, Anthony ...
markTweeny!: Me, I've got some solid space (traded it for coffee).
Bob Hind: The SF museum in Seattle is fair to good. Some cool things. Lotsa ray guns.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hey all -- I just realized that while I was gone last week, it did not get announced that the new Firesign slogan shirts are in. To take a look, check out http://lodestonecatalog.com/cgi-bin/ltmcat.cgi?keyword=shirt
Johnny Piano: Solid coffee? You're grounded now!
Bunnyboy: George Saunders? No. There might be a character named Saunders, I dunno.
Dr.Headphones: ray gun just died last month. satan rest his soul........
markTweeny!: Moraz, Wakeman, Vangelis - solid space
klokwkdoggerel: well, there's lots of future to cover, so the guns evolved a lot...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: That's grounds for divorce....
markTweeny!: Beautiful song.
Johnny Piano: Did see the shirts, Bubba - when do we hear about the special "just-for-us" one?
Dr.Headphones: well, clem, i *almost* remember it from the first time
Bambi: hi Cat :)
Bubba's Bounced Brain: just for us one?
klokwkdoggerel: no, I was thinking VIc Morrow from Combat! - something else I guess
Bob Hind: Possibility space...
markTweeny!: D-I-V-O-R-C-E Have a ham with those grits, Mr.
Johnny Piano: Something that was mentioned via the Firesign mailing list...
Bunnyboy: For you Jay Ward fans, 8/31 is a special date. Season 2 of ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE, and (from a different video producer) the COMPLETE SERIES of FRACTURED FLICKERS.
Dr.Headphones: do any of the t-shirts have pockets? i don't wear them unless they do
klokwkdoggerel: Bun - just a little off: Blackbord Jungle
Bubba's Bounced Brain: No Pockets.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: JP: didnt' see the announcement. Merlyn sent it out. What did it say?
Dexter Fong: Ken: JUst roll up your sleeves
Bob Hind: Edward Everett Horton... Fractured Fairy Tales...
Johnny Piano: I'll check my mail, Bub
Dr.Headphones: dex: next think you'll tell me to bend over and spread 'em. NO SIR, I WON'T DO IT!
Merlyn: He's what I sent out on the Mark Time shirts: http://firesigntheater.com/updates/00147.html
Bunnyboy: hey, cat's on Skybird!
Dexter Fong: Ken: Oh! yuo've experienced this before
Clueless_Monkey: WOW I here him
Merlyn: General shirt announcement out soon
Clueless_Monkey: so kewl
klokwkdoggerel: pets before customers!
Bambi: yep :)
markTweeny!: Nick Koumoutseas (Hendrix's last soundman) allowed me to string cables for him at No Evil D.C. I can string cables for you... Warner/Columbus. LNO, Nashville, IN. Take a moment to fill out this form (requires cookies).
Don: edward everette horton was the best part of f troop too
Dexter Fong: Clem: Scramble too with pig sides
Dr.Headphones: funny if somewhat off color story. before last time my prostate was checked, i told doctor i didn't like it. he said to me: "it isn't going to be the high point of my day either."
Johnny Piano: Merl beat me to it, but I sent it to you Bub
Bob Hind: Did he play Larry Storch?
Bunnyboy: Bob Hind: No, no, FRACTURED FLICKERS is different. Hosted by Hans Conreid, with yards and yards of slapstick stock footage.
Bob Hind: ; )
markTweeny!: Just another Gov't Tweeny.
Johnny Piano: Or maybe a PART of it...
Bob Hind: Ohhhh, ty Bun.
markTweeny!: The play is the thing! Edmund?
Don: uncle Tonoos?
markTweeny!: Uncle John's Band. Yeah!
Johnny Piano: Tonoose LaTrecque?
Bob Hind: "The play is the thang." -Thangor the Barbarian
Johnny Piano: I ain't yer uncle, Tweeny
markTweeny!: Oh, we're so sorry. You didn't beat the reaper (god help the Japs).
markTweeny!: I am your brother, Nimzrod.
Johnny Piano: Cat is DE PART
Don: may we see your papers
markTweeny!: Cat calls all around. Been nice.
Bob Hind: How many are we?
Johnny Piano: No, but I will challenge you to a DIET COLA
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cease close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 11:18 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Bambi: good call Cat :-)
klokwkdoggerel: it's as easy as a bridge, Clem
markTweeny!: E Pluribus Enron
Bambi: glad you were able to call in
cease: i was just babbling on the radio
Johnny Piano: Confidence In The System!
Johnny Piano: Babble on in Babylon
Dr.Headphones: cat: good choices on requests!
Bunnyboy: Play Canadian Sunset!
markTweeny!: May I see a major credit card? (Arquette - Amazon Women)
Dexter Fong: Bun: =))
Johnny Piano: Just heard a version of Canadian Sunset by The Nylons today...
cease: last thursday i was returning from party seriously altered at sunset on ferry. it was profoundly beautiful
klokwkdoggerel: we had edgelit cloudscape at sunset tonight, Cat
Bob Hind: Play Anybody's Whiskers by The Anchovies
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cea - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dr.Headphones: smack it, jimmy, it will either come into line or go out totally
Dexter Fong: Time to park the car. Hope to see many if not all of you later
klokwkdoggerel: happy park, Dex
Dr.Headphones: or, play anybody's anchovies by "the whiskers"
Bunnyboy: I can't believe it took me over 30 years to hear the punchline to "Sing Melancoly Baby!"
Bob Hind: Bye dex.
markTweeny!: You guys really should put together a comedy channel like Smoothjazz. Give people some exposure and make a few dineros in the pocess.
Dr.Headphones: later, dex
cease: have fun, dex
markTweeny!: It's the process, sun.
Bunnyboy: nite dex
Bubba's Bounced Brain: I'm no fun, I fell right over.
Johnny Piano: Yo Dex!
klokwkdoggerel: money poisons things
cease: if you were fun, you have fallen left over
Johnny Piano: Rolo-Dex!
markTweeny!: So when are the guys going to release a new album?
Dr.Headphones: underground parking screw. i've done that ;)
cease: maybe never, mark
Bob Hind: Say it ain't so!
markTweeny!: Aw, shucks. Just 'cause I'm keepin' to my wine cellar...
klokwkdoggerel: bigger sense of humor than...
Johnny Piano: Bummer - that hurts to hear....
Bunnyboy: I was reading the liner notes of a Red Ingle import CD (not obscure, no, no) when I read the legend behind "Sing Melancholy Baby!"
Dr.Headphones: jp: you were listening while ... oh, nevermind
Bubba's Bounced Brain: underground parking screw -- is that the mile-under club?
cease: i'm not saying anything definite. it just seems harder and harder for them to attract recording contracts, and the money needed to produce an album
Bob Hind: Maybe we can goad them into doing one.
klokwkdoggerel: LOL
Evileen: my 7 year old sent me e-mail lol
Dr.Headphones: goad clusters might help
markTweeny!: Sorry, Mao, that's incorrect.
klokwkdoggerel: Cat -- that's true of everyone
cease: merl and others know this situation far better and i hope i'm utterfly wrong
Evileen: Dear Mom,
Johnny Piano: That hears to hurt!
markTweeny!: Now, for the lounge suite...
klokwkdoggerel: some power band from days past in England put out a demo claiming to be a bunch of 17-year-olds
Bob Hind: I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a good goading.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: mao mao mao, mao mao mao mao... bird bird bird, bird is the word....
klokwkdoggerel: six record companies lined up to throw money at them
Bunnyboy: The story goes that some high-class, operatic soprano was performing a recital, when some drunken bastard loudly shouted "Sing Melancholy Baby! Sing Melancholy Baby"
Bob Hind: Maybe we could groat them into doing one.
Johnny Piano: Other than being paid by a label, I don't see why the guys don't consider going indie
klokwkdoggerel: three were ones who'd dropped them for being unprofitable
cease: i know austin was talking to doc tech, wherever he is, about mixing their voices by computer mail instead of being in the studio, as he did with my cds. would save lots of money but they'd have to be motivated to do it
klokwkdoggerel: nite E
markTweeny!: Name the people who won WWII.
cease: by evileen
Bunnyboy: The singer frostily responded that she did not know "Melancholy Baby"...
Johnny Piano: The Japanese!
markTweeny!: For the lounge suite...
cease: only happy babies?
Bunnyboy: To which the drunk replied: "Okay! Then show us your tits!"
Bob Hind: Bye E.
Dr.Headphones: religious fervor. the best type of fervor
klokwkdoggerel: Cat - with broadband, they ought to be able to work together in real time, if they will just stay in the same TZ=PST8PDT
Dr.Headphones: lol, bun!
markTweeny!: Ich bein ein Berliner!
Bambi: night E
Dr.Headphones: bye, evileen
cease: indeed, klok
Bunnyboy: SOOOOOOOOO...if you ever read a classic issue of Mad Magazine, and you read the line "Play Melancholy Baby!"...then you know.
Dr.Headphones: bambi: TFN ('til further notice)
Bob Hind: Happy babies are so cute.
klokwkdoggerel: I never heard what Larry Flint said to the Supreme Court -- it was in Salon today and was ROFL
Bunnyboy doffs his mortarboard, bows
Johnny Piano: I didn't think she was leaving, I thought her kid was going to bed...maybe that's just ME
cease: ossman can stay in washington, austin can roam around, and proc/berg can stay in la and earn money
Bunnyboy: Thank you. You're too kind.
markTweeny!: You ain't got no friends on the left... You ain't got no friends on the right...
Bambi: thanks Ken
Evileen: ohhhh i'm not going to bed that was an e-mail my son sent me
klokwkdoggerel: Bun - that on the next page, some lady takes off her shirt?
cease: proc more than once told me they couldnt afford to work together. they needed their real jobs
markTweeny!: Ah the rhubarb state. Maine.
Bob Hind: Easy for you to say, E.
Bob Hind tries to wink.
Dr.Headphones: i used to have some rhubarb in my back yard, but it accidentally got "runned over" by the lawn mower
Evileen: i'm just listening here and having lots to do
Johnny Piano: The guys should know better than anyone how technology has made it easier to do this stuff at home
Bob Hind: It worked.
cease: yeah, i know about that, kend
markTweeny!: Hey, I know what I like...
klokwkdoggerel: Ken - usually if you trim it just a bit longer, it grows better than if you do that
Bambi: rhubard .... the Joker had a saying in Batman about rhubard
markTweeny!: You can always hear them talk...
Evileen: i have two shipments of show guppies coming in tommorow i am getting their aquariums ready among other things
klokwkdoggerel: i'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
Johnny Piano: Never rub another man's rhubarb!
Bob Hind: Fishworld...
Dr.Headphones: i'm not a real fan of that vegetable, but ex-wife loved it. btw, it and asparagus are the only two veggies which come back every year without replanting
Bambi: rhubarb even
Bunnyboy: "Good lord, a stiff idiot is the worst kind!"
Evileen: gets hard to mess with the keyboard with wet cold hands
markTweeny!: Xel Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Bambi :)
Dr.Headphones: show guppies? esplain, loocie
Don: bebob a bob ruhbarb pie
Bunnyboy: I think Proctor should attend sermons regularly.
markTweeny!: Bebob Delux - the new Chrysler
Bubba's Bounced Brain: During the cicada invasion, they gave a recipe for rhubarb and cicada pie on the local radio station.
Evileen: show guppies: they are registered guppies
Dr.Headphones: don: i think it's "be bop a re-bop" don't forget the "re"
Don: cicadas add texture
Johnny Piano: Ooh, there's another band I like - Jellyfish
klokwkdoggerel: (real news item): The New England Seaquarium today announced it had made an agreement with a number of local seafood restaurants...
markTweeny!: Your child innoculated? It's like flouride. Don't do it.
Dr.Headphones: how do you register a guppie. don't they all look alike?
Johnny Piano: Donna passed
Evileen: nope
klokwkdoggerel got stung trying to buy their CD in Wal-Mart
markTweeny!: That's a yoke, son...
Bob Hind: Ate jellyfish once. I don't think I'll ever do that again.
Evileen: like dogs they get bred to become freaks
Dr.Headphones: never ate jellyfish. squid and octopus is good, though
Johnny Piano: Squid's better, Bob
Bubba's Bounced Brain: everyone gets stung buying CDs at walmart
cease: you mean she really does sell seashells down by the sea shore?
markTweeny!: Man O War - I assure you, you don't like jellyfish (Florida/Gulf)
klokwkdoggerel: Bob - when swimming in the ocean, do not swim with mouth open
Bunnyboy: "And I looked over, and they had hacked off each innoculated arm. And I wept, I wanted to rip my teeth out..."
Don: shrimp fishermaen here in georgia , send all the jellyfish they catch to asia
Johnny Piano: The sanitized WalMart CD department
Bob Hind likes most tentacular foods.
markTweeny!: Like bitten by a snake
Dr.Headphones: bob: how about testicular food?
Johnny Piano: With wasabi, right?
klokwkdoggerel: Don - that does not excuse all the Asian shrimp coming here!
Bob Hind: I think I'll pass.
Don: wonder what eminem cd sounds like if bought in walmart
klokwkdoggerel: prarie oysters
markTweeny!: Out of Africa "Pay No Attention", they're massai
Bob Hind: Not that I'm not tempted, mind you.
Dr.Headphones: jp: i tried wasabi coated peanut about a month ago. my lips were numb for over an hour
cease: as opposed to, failure?
klokwkdoggerel: hey, where's DocTech tonite?
Bunnyboy: Pizza en route, on King! On, you huskies!
Johnny Piano: Yummy, Doc
cease: i didnt know it was an option
Don: asian shrimp are welcome here, but not dumped here
Bunnyboy: Hey, didja all hear about the hat trick casting for SPAMALOT?
klokwkdoggerel: Bush says not so, Don
markTweeny!: As opposed to who has the grains of rice
Dr.Headphones: if they do dump them here, i want a few pounds
Don: people would be amazed if they knew how low the wholesale price of shrimp is
Johnny Piano: Hyde-Pierce, Curry & who-was-it-again!
Bob Hind chuckles from within.
Dr.Headphones: hat trick casting means what?
klokwkdoggerel: call them prawns, maybe the shrimp inspectors won't notice
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Doc is teaching a co-worker to play pool. Will be in late.
Johnny Piano: Oh yeah, Hank Azaria
Merlyn: Would people buy a cafepress beer stein with a "Bear Whiz Beer" logo on it?
Bunnyboy: SPAMALOT, a new musical version of MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, opening on Broadway early 2005.
Dr.Headphones: call them pawns and tell everyone you're importing chess sets
klokwkdoggerel: tnx, Bubba
Don: you still pay 19 or 12 bucks for shrimp coctail, even though the whole sale price is at a multi year low, thanks to asian dumping
markTweeny!: Hyde yerself. We race stock cars down here.
Evileen: tommorow i have red delta fancy guppies coming in and moscow blue snowflake guppies next week probably i have Japanese Blue Glass guppies
klokwkdoggerel: what is "cafepress"?
Johnny Piano: Definitely a shirt, Merl, dunno about a stein
Don: hank azaria show is always worth listening to
Bunnyboy: Tim Curry as Arthur, Hank Azaria as Lancelot and David Hyde-Pierce as Sir Robin. Directed by Mike Nichols.
Bob Hind stands says "Ni." to several of you.
markTweeny!: Nihon. The Sun rises over us.
cease: loaded on jimmy reefer
Don: not always great, but , at least he tries
klokwkdoggerel: Evileen - remember: do NOT dump the carp in the river!!
Merlyn: see www.cafepress.com
cease: do the japanese fish have slanted eyes?
markTweeny!: Did someone just say bleuher?
cease: a fondness for bowing?
Evileen: nope and don't fish with little orange carp
Bunnyboy: There aren't enough ticks on the stopwatch dial to measure all that timing.
Bob Hind returns to his sanitary pedestal.
Johnny Piano: David Hyde-Pierce, Tim Curry and Hank Azaria, directed by Mike Nichols!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Cafe Press is a web site that will let you buy one at a time and manufacture one at a time T-shirts, Mugs, etc.
cease: did you blow her up, mark?
markTweeny!: Abbie Rhodes?
Dr.Headphones: bob: remember, it's only sanitary until you use it once
Johnny Piano: I didn't intend that to post...OOPS!!!
klokwkdoggerel: hey Cat, did you watch that commercial from The Register?
Evileen: guppies are actually a breed of pike
markTweeny!: Came true, to day.
Don: ah clem should play some nichols and may, to let the younigin's know how funny mike nichols is
cease: dont think so, klok
Johnny Piano: Bob, ya done gone and infected yerself!
Bob Hind: That's a good point.
Merlyn: we're thinking of seeing how coffee mugs & steins sell as cafepress items
klokwkdoggerel: clem, that's a good pint!
Bob Hind: Oh look, it's dirty.
Bunnyboy: (as zombie) Eaaaat. EEEEEAAAAAAAAAATTT!
Bunnyboy: Nite, y'all.
markTweeny!: Mean Mr. Mustard :(
Dr.Headphones: later, bunny
cease: by bun
Evileen: nite bunnyboyt
klokwkdoggerel: nite Bun!
Bambi: Night of the Living Dead?
Bob Hind: Adios Bun.
Johnny Piano: 3 disc Romero coming soon - Dawn Of The Dead
Bambi: night Bunnyboy
Johnny Piano: Down the rabbit hole, Bun
Bunnyboy: Mike Nichols is at the right hand of Comedic God.
Merlyn: well, the artwork on the bear whiz stein would probably be mine
Bob Hind: Night of the Living Bun.
markTweeny!: Night of the Living Disco, starring Village of the Damned People
Clueless_Monkey: bonk
klokwkdoggerel: Cat - this is ROFL commercial: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/07/06/sourcenext_horse/
Johnny Piano: Maybe that should be Don Of The Dead
Bambi: Cool Merlyn
Don: you are so right bunny boy
Bob Hind: Damn those people...
Bunnyboy: Johnny: Yes, the ULTIMATE edition. The Collector's edition has been out for about 7 or 8 months.
Johnny Piano: Dropping whistles again!
markTweeny!: There are pyramids in Egypt and South America. Why?
Johnny Piano: Read the book!
klokwkdoggerel: there used to be a really good Bear Whiz logo somewhere, Merlyn
||||||||| Bunnyboy rushes off, saying "11:41 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: don't ask. the illuminati will home in on you for questions like that
Don: hey,what do you mean , don of the dead?
markTweeny!: Because they were there, by crumb.
Bob Hind: Duck it's a whistle.
Johnny Piano: I did one years ago that looked like an Olympia label
Merlyn: A stein-style logo, kwd?
Bob Hind: Whistle it's a duck.
Don: r crumb?
markTweeny!: Hope it has a cow-catcher.
klokwkdoggerel: that may have been it, Johnnny
Johnny Piano: Jest jestin', Don
klokwkdoggerel: it really sounds like Ranier Beer advert.
markTweeny!: Rrrrrrr, matey. See that barrel?
Johnny Piano: I remember the old Bear Whiz design the Bill Stout did - on a yellow t-shirt
Merlyn: is it online, piano?
klokwkdoggerel: Yeah, Merlyn, a diamond-shaped one in B&W
Don: jestin in the fst room, who would have thunk ?
Johnny Piano: Not that I'm aware of, Merl
cease: rent a soft, klok? just read the article
Clueless_Monkey: j
klokwkdoggerel: yeah, Cat, watch the commercial via the link
markTweeny!: So, when are the guys coming out with a sequel to Indy, er, the bride of Firesign?
Merlyn: is it the same one kwd described as a diamond shape?
Dr.Headphones: a diamond is just a rhombus on its side
klokwkdoggerel: kwd has the image somewhere, merlyn
Johnny Piano: I'd be surprised if Ossman didn't have something graphics-wise in his archive, Merl
Clueless_Monkey: hh
Bambi: Clueless_Monkey is Gary Bourgois, president of Skybird Radio and host of FNL on Friday nights ... http://www.skybirdradio.org
Clueless_Monkey: ....
Dr.Headphones: hi, bambi!
Don: clue less monkey still awake
cease: 2 door 4 door Mordor
markTweeny!: Diamonds on the soles of her shoes... Great song
Clueless_Monkey: eek
cease: i just caught that
klokwkdoggerel: hell, ken, a diamond is a rhombus that got RELIGION
Don: hey BAmbi!
klokwkdoggerel: hi bambi!
cease: wow
Bambi: Don is owner of http://www.maskmusic.com for folks who love vinyl as much as we do
Bob Hind: I've never heard Just Folks. It's killin' me.
Bambi: thanks Klok :)
Johnny Piano: They sold Bear Whiz, Nick, and Mark Time shirts via Young Tom Edison Club back in the '70s
Merlyn: Hey clem, you can click on the log and scroll back anytime
Bambi: JL/Clem jim@jim-fran.com
Dr.Headphones: bambi, clem, you hear that? bob wants "just folks"
Evileen: i'm going to IRC .....niters all
markTweeny!: You wanna see bambi. Try Sharapov vs Willims. Jeeeeeze.
Don: thanks ahClem and Bambi
klokwkdoggerel: who you callin' a dummy?
Dr.Headphones: bye, ev
Bambi: dummy@jim-fran.com ??? what ??? all those unnamed emails come to my box! lol
Merlyn: there might be rights problems with the Stout artwork
cease: by evileen
markTweeny!: Can we talk?
Johnny Piano: They've been playin' Just Folks...
Bambi: night Evileen
Dr.Headphones: beaner farted again. i will return shortly
klokwkdoggerel: Sorry, Merlyn - it's rectangular and has !Go Blue Mice, Go! on the bottom
Bob Hind: When did they make it?
Johnny Piano: See ya Evil-Een!
klokwkdoggerel: i found it'
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Back from the shadows.....
Dr.Headphones: i have scan of just folks, i think, will go look, see if i can spy date on it
cease: no, ah clem, kend doesnt go back to before the begining. that would be elayne.
Don: if you go to my site check out http://www.maskmusic.com/other_music.html for lots of mp3 airchecks
Johnny Piano: I can dig the licensing thing, Merl - it would be worth looking into, though, as the design was perfect!
cease: it was her idea. i showed up the first thursday, i think it was 95, forget. been here ever since
Bob Hind: A Columbia release?
ah,clem: ok
markTweeny!: There's Fire on the Mountain - well, not if you work for people building a pipeline across afghanistan. There were "the bad guys" in Houston. Sounds a bit like DEC6. Me no like.
ah,clem: I sit corrected
Bambi: alot of great airchecks too Don ... and all free too
cease: as opposed to collected
Johnny Piano: No, Bob - an indie - Butterfly records
markTweeny!: Merriweather Post? Nice place. Manassas x2
Don: lots more to come, when i get some time :)
Bob Hind: Okay, cool. Listening... It's good.
Johnny Piano: Clem, doesn't that require a SPECIAL chair?
markTweeny!: Fire on the Mountain
Bambi smiles
Dr.Headphones: sorry, bob, can't read the fine print on the jpg
Johnny Piano: I know why she's smiling....
klokwkdoggerel: 1979 or 1980, I think, Ken
Bob Hind: Ty anyways good Dr.
klokwkdoggerel: I have the vinyl downstairs
ah,clem: I have a vrey special chair..... this is why we sign off at midnight.
Bambi: lol
ah,clem: (my but hurts)
Johnny Piano: Now I know why your butt hurts!
cease: confidence in the system. how relavent is that?
markTweeny!: That's a butte.
klokwkdoggerel: Merlyn - in flight, if you're still @visi
Johnny Piano: You're not mean to Bambi - it's the other way around!
Merlyn: Thanks, I just got it
markTweeny!: Well then, show her up...
Merlyn: Not sure if it would work as a stein logo, though, that's usually more like a coat-of-arms
Bob Hind: brb
klokwkdoggerel: uh, anyone else get bit by sweat bees? i mean as in drawing blood?
markTweeny!: Try Black Moon - ELP
Johnny Piano: I'm trying to picture a coat of legs
markTweeny!: What I'm listening to.
cease: bees bite?
klokwkdoggerel: yeah, Merlyn, I thought it was too busy and not appropriate. I remembered it poorly
Johnny Piano: Prefer vintage ELP - gimme Karn Evil
markTweeny!: Bees Arthur
Bambi: have you guys found VistaPrint for free business cards? I've been getting mine for shipping cost only for a few years now .... they have some great specials (free if you don't mind their webpage listed on the back of the card ... I sure don't mind)
markTweeny!: Yessssss
klokwkdoggerel: Pitchers at the Exhibitioner
Johnny Piano: Hey, Tweeny - you like Kevin Gilbert?
markTweeny!: Gollum like cold, misty mornings.
cease: port arthur
Merlyn: piano, you still have your bear whiz logo?
klokwkdoggerel: Try Black Moon Rising -- as done by Battlefield Band
cease: port salute
cease: king canute
Dr.Headphones: klok: i have the vinyl too, but it's inaccessible at the moment
Dr.Headphones: in other words, it's under a pile of junk :)
Johnny Piano: I dunno, Merl - I will have to dig thru my old Firesign stuff and see.
Merlyn: I was thinking of having one side English, the other side German; "Bär Zischt Bier"
markTweeny!: Never heard of Mr. Sullivan. Does it involve a musical play?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: ...
klokwkdoggerel: it's accessible but downstairs, here Ken
klokwkdoggerel: LOL, Merlyn
Merlyn: "Es ist im Wasser"
klokwkdoggerel: LOL
markTweeny!: Jesus, show yourself...
Bob Hind: Must away ere break of day...
Johnny Piano: I have my doubts, Merl - it has been MANY YEARS AGO, and I was a teenage at the time.
Bob Hind: Good to see you all.
klokwkdoggerel: nite Bob
Dr.Headphones: jesus doesn't expose himself. he lets the priests do that in his name
Bob Hind waves
klokwkdoggerel: not in Oregon anymore
Johnny Piano: The Golden Hind shows his best side - good night, Bob
Dr.Headphones: bob: did you get my private message?
Merlyn: and a latin saying "VRSA VRINA CEREVISIAM"
cease: bob
Don: ouch
Merlyn: ok piano
markTweeny!: EDS OPS Gulf War - probably a bad career choice. Macintosh system group. Never got there.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: At the SF con this weekend, I decided they needed an ad for Targ-Whiz Beer. "its in the water, that's why its green"
Johnny Piano: However, I will look for you - if I find it, I will scan and send.
markTweeny!: This is holy temple. This is an F18. Shoot at Americans. Very bad idea Iraq.
klokwkdoggerel: was EDS ever a good choice after the big P left?
Dr.Headphones: ross "charts and graphs" perot was the heart and soul of EDS
markTweeny!: Read "On The Wings Of Eagles".
Don: i thought EDS was big ears company
cease: edsel? it dead now
markTweeny!: in Valley Forge, Kurt
klokwkdoggerel: actually, if you read 1st chapter of All the Kings Men, it's really scary if you think about Perot
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: i read it. i think i bought it for $1 at close-out publishers outlet mall
Don: i read wings of eagles, that's the only reason i don't think ross is a big joke
klokwkdoggerel: so you are at the end of the Main Line, eh Tweeny?
cease: i read it long ago. should re-read
Don: he' s a flake but ross is a hero
Johnny Piano: Smells like 1953
Dr.Headphones: don: no one is totally good or totally evil. we're all made of varying combinations
markTweeny!: You like Communist Russia? Me not. I like keyboard players for Yes. Tennis players.
cease: i'm reading jim hightower these days. anyone else read him?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Bightrethighrehighre close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 11:59 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
cease: doesnt know his firesign from a hole in the ground, but he knows much else
Don: very true headphones md
markTweeny!: Jim! Molly!
Dr.Headphones: cat: hightower is great. if you like him, make sure you read molly ivins too
klokwkdoggerel is glad to be away from PA and weird beer-buying rules, funny car registration
Bightrethighrehighre: oops....late agin, kidz....
klokwkdoggerel: not me Cat
Johnny Piano: Yo Biggie!
Dr.Headphones: hey, biggie
cease: i've read many of her columns and heard her on radio, tv. she is wondrous. i will indeed read her books
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Evileen - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Don: WOR is channel 9 WPIX channel 11
Bightrethighrehighre: yo, Johnny, k-pasa....?
Johnny Piano: I don't know how K is, but JP is OK-Dokey
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
markTweeny!: You can't get our people out of Iran? Zzzzat right? (no casualties)
Johnny Piano: Too late to get out minus casualties
klokwkdoggerel: YA COULDA SENT AN EMAIL TO GARY, CLEM! :-(
Bightrethighrehighre: I taped the "happy hour" news and found some substance worth rewinding
cease: substances?
Bightrethighrehighre: vile, foamy liquids as Sherwood would say....
Bambi: could have sent an email to Gary about what Klok?
Johnny Piano: Legal or otherwise, biggie
Johnny Piano: Actually, wasn't that Don Preston?
klokwkdoggerel: what was going on
Dr.Headphones: i have no illegal substances. if i did, i would attempt to destroy them with fire immediately
markTweeny!: Don de dong dong.
Bightrethighrehighre: It ain't Illegal if you don't get caught, JP, myah fren....
Clueless_Monkey: this munkee is a male
Johnny Piano: Making book on the burnings!
cease: good plan, kend
markTweeny!: You're all Catholics now.
Johnny Piano: Mon frere!
Bightrethighrehighre: yeah dammit, Don Preston....!!
Clueless_Monkey: Domino domino penochle banda
Dr.Headphones: assiduously avoiding the fumes, of course ;)
markTweeny!: Alexandria, Citza Niza
Johnny Piano: No worries - Preston, former Mothers keyboardist
Bightrethighrehighre: need any help w/ destruction....??
markTweeny!: Burn them!
Don: Hymie the Robot (Dick Gautier
Johnny Piano: Dick Gautier played Hymie!
Merlyn: Dick Gautier
Bightrethighrehighre: domino, domino, domino....
Bambi: Alexandreta
klokwkdoggerel: Gary - I didn't log last night
markTweeny!: Not your average multi-monkey.
Dr.Headphones: dick hyman played gautier
Bubba's Bounced Brain: ...
Johnny Piano: Dominus foam biscuit
cease: that has to be the funniest name possible
Don: thought he played the piano
Johnny Piano: Yeah, I dug that Hyman synthesizer album...
markTweeny!: Hi, men, we've got a job for you...
klokwkdoggerel: n.b. everyone: yesterday, Skybird tested 48K streaming, 22K in stereo. Sounded great.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: A hyman playing guitar... that I've gotta see.
markTweeny!: It'll cost you a couple of weekends a month.
Dr.Headphones: klok: did you pee in the stream?
Johnny Piano: Still a virgin, that Hyman
Don: sammy davis sang the theme to barretta
klokwkdoggerel: nope, just listened
Don: lol johnny
Clueless_Monkey: mon famille viens au quebec entre les etates unis por cherchez du travilles y l'american dollor! Quelles dommage!
Bambi: I always enjoyed Baretta
markTweeny!: Eclectic, that's Japan...
Dr.Headphones: you say cockatoo, i say cockatiel, you say tomato, i say tomahto.....
markTweeny!: Still a virgin?
Johnny Piano: Reminds me of a bad joke about Liberace...cockatoo...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: And now, the Hyman Orchestra....
klokwkdoggerel: actually, eclectic in Japan is annoying. they can't get it up
Bubba's Bounced Brain: oops, just broke a string....
markTweeny!: Tonto piss, monsieur...
cease: no, japan aint so eclectic. better than it was when i lived there though
klokwkdoggerel: they got the frequency right, but the voltage ain't there
cease: you can get good euro food there now. used to be more difficult
Don: that would be politically incorrect JP
klokwkdoggerel: causes no end of trouble designing international power supplies
Bightrethighrehighre: make that....GEEE-SEVEN....
Johnny Piano: Hyman, and of course, Beaver & Krause
markTweeny!: 80,000 people dead. the rest running screaming w/no hospitals. not my idea of christian mercy.
Johnny Piano: Bingo!
klokwkdoggerel: yep, and South Is. NZ actually has some reasonable pizza. it's scary
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: most christians don't know mercy from merced, california
markTweeny!: and just because we are'nt sure it will work in a velley near a seaport...
klokwkdoggerel loves the Joplin opening of "All Good Men", Johnny
Don: i think it's called millenium
markTweeny!: Got my hair and my mercedes. Hey, I'm CA. Sure. Right.
Bambi: has some christian driven you nuts recently Ken?
Clueless_Monkey: ey mo famee movay au loosiann on me maizoo parsekuh manjay lay pepprez calliente!
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bob Hind - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dr.Headphones: bambi: no, but switch that question around and the answer is yes :)
Johnny Piano: Don't all Christians drive you nuts?
Johnny Piano: Meaning the ones that have to tell you just HOW Christian they are...
Clueless_Monkey: Church going christans are already pagan!
klokwkdoggerel: Gad, this is sounding like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Index test
Bubba's Bounced Brain: No, but some nuts drove me Christian, once.
markTweeny!: What did he say? He said nuts. Well, that's a man that needs savin'.
Bightrethighrehighre: Q- how did jesus cross the road....?
Johnny Piano: Someone annoy Clem, please!
cease: painfully
Dr.Headphones: big: on the cross?
Clueless_Monkey: by air
markTweeny!: See you at Arizona Bay (sorry lou)
Johnny Piano: Stapled to a chicken
Clueless_Monkey: ah
Dr.Headphones: lol, johnny!
Clueless_Monkey: banna stapler tossed to leen
Bightrethighrehighre: A-someone nailed him to a CHICKEN....!!
Dr.Headphones: devilmaster, where are you when we need you?
Johnny Piano: I thought that was the logical answer...
Clueless_Monkey: ah the 3 hour chicken set
cease: who is this?
Bightrethighrehighre: bada-boom-PISHHHHHHHH
Bambi: http://www.pop4.net provides the bandwidth for Skybird Radio's audio feed
klokwkdoggerel had to deal with contractor in Belgrade. Their ISP gave them "56K" dial-up. But all of Belgrade had only two 64K lines coming in...for everyone.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they chew.
Bambi: they are a great ISP .. they are our dialup ISP
Johnny Piano: Dunno, cat
Johnny Piano: Just don't choke, Bubba
Bightrethighrehighre: from the good *buhhhhhhhhhkk*....
Dr.Headphones: klok: sounds like i had the other night. my speed is better now though
cease: do their teeth grow thru their brians?
Johnny Piano: Incisive, cat
klokwkdoggerel: your speed looked awesome there for awhile, Ken ;-)
markTweeny!: Don't know much abouut reservations. But I've driven through Hopi & Navaho playing Orchestral Yes.
Bambi: rats ... only if they don't chew
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cooler close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 12:13 AM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Dr.Headphones: hey, cooler
Johnny Piano: Waiting for Acoustic Yes later this year
Bambi: hi cooler
cease: cool
cooler: howdy folks
||||||||| Catherwood enters with llanwydd close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 12:14 AM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the Aviary.
Johnny Piano: What's in da Cooler?
cease: llan
Dr.Headphones: jp: yes 3 cd set has one disc of acoustic stuff. great sounding
Dr.Headphones: hi llan
llanwydd: I'm surprised there's anyone here this late
markTweeny!: This is massenburg. No, it won't make you fresh.
Bambi: hi llanwydd
Johnny Piano: Howdy Llan
klokwkdoggerel: evening Ilan
cease: i trust doctech has the cd of your creation by now. havnet heard from him
Bambi: JL bought me my first computer (CoCo II)
klokwkdoggerel: another live night on Skybird, Ilan!
markTweeny!: Not massenburg. Although you can hear it on Waiting For Columbus.
Clueless_Monkey: flash said he would call in
Johnny Piano: I'm speaking of Acoustic Yes DVD
cooler: not much Johnny... waiting for dinner yet
Don: it's only late someplacces it' s very early others
Johnny Piano: Somebody fill up the Cooler!
llanwydd: I'd love to get a copy of that CD, Cat
Dr.Headphones: ah, dvd! i have several of those, mostly real old stuff. some in black and white from german tv in early 70s
klokwkdoggerel -( only had 8 colors...
markTweeny!: Sorry, wrong crowd. Too much NBOX.
klokwkdoggerel: you take enough acid, they look like as many as you want...
Clueless_Monkey: time? I think Mark called last month
markTweeny!: Jackie Martlin
cease: that you will, llan. any other of my works you dont have.
Johnny Piano: Reportedly a DVD reissue of Yes 9021Live is coming soon
markTweeny!: You take enough acid, there's a blue sun?
llanwydd: I've been looking at Seem Real on the web. Pretty cool!
Clueless_Monkey: I have trancoded NDR german TV from the 70's of a great show called MUSICLADEN
cease: no, but a multicoloured daughter
Dr.Headphones: mark: you take enough acid and look at the sun, you will be blind forever ;)
Clueless_Monkey: and much more german stuff
cooler: you take enough acid & you don't care f there IS a sun or not
markTweeny!: Live is better. I hear they make their logo twirl in the air with lasers.
Johnny Piano: Yeah, Musikladen - I have a Utopia show from '77 from that.
Dr.Headphones: first time i watched sunrise on acid, beatles "here comes the sun" played on stereo in background
Clueless_Monkey: Last night on the marathon my freind from hamburg happened to be listening to the show, and called in on the marython
cease: i gotta put up the review of our eurotrip. it was a trip, and lots of beauty
klokwkdoggerel: chuck peddle!
cease: will have our first well not really commercial but commisioned work on tv right soon.
Clueless_Monkey: I am sure nobody taped it, it was 30 hours
Bubba's Bounced Brain: .
Bubba's Bounced Brain: .....
klokwkdoggerel: c-64, A/800 used 6502
Johnny Piano: Bubba, spit it out!
llanwydd: Much Ado About Nothing opens tomorrow night. I play the governor of Messina
Clueless_Monkey: But it was all callers, conference calls and JLs magic robot that pulled up songs based on the topic of the caller
Johnny Piano: And who plays the governor of Loggins?
Clueless_Monkey: And what songs I did not have, were sent to me based on the topics
Don: i listened to more than 20 hours of it , gary , but did not manage to record it
cease: good for you, llan
Clueless_Monkey: motorola
llanwydd: LOL johnny
Clueless_Monkey: hahahah
Dr.Headphones: heh heh, johnny :)
Clueless_Monkey: 20 hours you must be insane
Johnny Piano: Had to do it...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Hock...... chew!
cease: indeed, johnny
cease: i really liked them too, but didnt notice that
markTweeny!: They didn't hit NYC. They hit the US. TX, Cal. How should we be peaceful when NYC is attacked. The age old question. Is it The Art of War, or The Art of Peace?
Clueless_Monkey: hawk shoe
Johnny Piano: Oh, no - Bubba has choked on the chicken...
klokwkdoggerel: more FST, clem!
Dr.Headphones: rubber chicken will do that every time
Don: i listened till 1 am last nite, then woke up at 5 am and heard another hour, then woke up again at 7 and heard most of the rest
cooler: Hawk Shoe... private detective?
Clueless_Monkey: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rugger
Bubba's Bounced Brain: How did you know I was choking my..... er, never mind.
Johnny Piano: I certainly hope Heimlich has been applied, Bubba
markTweeny!: Just askin'
Clueless_Monkey: mogie
Don: it was amazing radio, gary
Clueless_Monkey: yeah
Clueless_Monkey: that was REAL radio
Clueless_Monkey: This is what we will do on the sat
Dr.Headphones: heimlich applied but someone else got the job
Bubba's Bounced Brain: No, just Heineken.
Johnny Piano: I prefer SURREAL radio
Clueless_Monkey: It was that also
Johnny Piano: Heineken is okay too.
Clueless_Monkey: It was nick danger, and stuff nobody has ever heard.
Clueless_Monkey: MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Johnny Piano: In fact, anything in a green bottle...
Johnny Piano: Say it ain't so, Clem!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: What about a Surreal Serial.
Clueless_Monkey: Burp ohhhhhhhhhhhhh burp BEERRRRRRRRRRRRR
klokwkdoggerel: tidewater people
markTweeny!: Any canooks out there?
Johnny Piano: I like Body Chex
cooler: cereal with a side of ethereal
Clueless_Monkey: me
Bambi: yeah and in Williamsburg VA .. they have cable, dsl and in some areas wireless
Clueless_Monkey: 500 miles nw of sarnia ont
Don: we don't have any traffic lites in this town either
Dr.Headphones: i use ethereal all the time, cooler, love it
cease: surreal is good. that's why we're on a firesign chat
Clueless_Monkey: CTV CTV funny show CORNER GASS!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: "Tune in next week, when frank says..."Orange."
cooler: ix-nay on the anadian-cay
markTweeny!: London, Ontario - a combination of Ueshiba's art & Tae Kwon Do
llanwydd: A surreal serial would be something like Salvador Dali in General Hospital
klokwkdoggerel: sounds like a market, bambi...
Johnny Piano: I likes the Dali Llama...
Bambi: but not across the river in our area ... downtown Surry has one cable company and Wakefield has another cable company but NOBODY will come just a few miles more to give us broadband :-(
Clueless_Monkey: dendrite axon
Clueless_Monkey: is there wireless yet?
cooler: Ethereal is fine as long as you can keep it separate from the sidereal... they don't go well together
cease: you should hear Red Shift, johnny
markTweeny!: We'll march down those Catholic streets...
Clueless_Monkey: Can't pop 4 put up a wireless (stupid monkey)
klokwkdoggerel: you got the antennas, you understand the tech; can Jim-Fran cable co. be far behind?
Johnny Piano: Yeah, I should - you guys have spoken much of it!
Dr.Headphones: and then there's http://www.seemreal.com
Bambi: Cox cable is 3 miles away in Surry at the HS and Charter cable is 6 miles away in Wakefield.
Dexter Fong: Wow! Everybody's up late
cease: ive been to williamsburg in 64
Clueless_Monkey: oh and that silly http://skybirdradio.org
Dr.Headphones: dex: everybody who's anybody
Johnny Piano: Who am us anyway?
llanwydd: yeah dex. I got here after midnight and the place was hoppin
klokwkdoggerel: build the market and they will FIGHT to buy you out!
Dexter Fong: Only digital audio is perfect forever
markTweeny!: Dennis Miller w/Norm Macdonald - Smoking Cocks
Bambi: too expensive Gary ... the return would not be enough to warrant the cost of the tower, etc. ... same reasons the other company's haven't come into our little depressed 303 souls town lol
Clueless_Monkey: And the coolness of http://jim-fran.com/fcsnl/
markTweeny!: Funny, clap, clap
Johnny Piano: Cat, Lodestone carries Red Shift, don't they?
Clueless_Monkey: 303 people.
cease: i think so, johnny
klokwkdoggerel: that's $6000/mo if they all sign up!
Clueless_Monkey: OK then they need to pay $1000 a month, is there a governemt grant available for this?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Lodestone carries red shift.... as soon as Cat and Doc get me copies.
cease: they carried my other plays.
Clueless_Monkey: per sub
cease: red shift has the most firesign contribution
klokwkdoggerel: there is all that "wire the schools" money -- wired schools need broadband!
Clueless_Monkey: other communities have gotten wideband free
Johnny Piano: Then I shall acquire it "properly" so you see some renumeration
Bambi: most of the folks in our town are using free ad ridden Juno YUK!
||||||||| "12:28 AM? 12:28 AM!!" says Catherwood, "The Late Mr Yamamoto should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as The Late Mr Yamamoto enters and sits on the couch.
Dr.Headphones: forward into the past!
Dr.Headphones: hey, yam
llanwydd: howdy yam
Bambi: hi Yammy
Clueless_Monkey: WE PAY TO WORK HERE!
Dexter Fong: OI Lately
The Late Mr Yamamoto: oi
markTweeny!: So, when are you guys going to link an internet radio staion w/Laugh.com?
Johnny Piano: Yammy!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: You're late!
Clueless_Monkey: we could do that
Clueless_Monkey: if it is within our format
Johnny Piano: Now, there's a thought - Laugh.com...hmmmm
llanwydd: Cat, I'd love to help out on future Seem Real productions. Just ask
cease: it was up on the seemreal.com website but i took it off. i want to help bubba's brain's new enterprise
The Late Mr Yamamoto: had a long lie down
cease: hi yammy
cooler: Cat? as in Cat Simril Ishikawa?
Johnny Piano: The same
cease: hey llan, i was very impressed with your voice. that's me, coooer
markTweeny!: 9 Billion Monkeys (scratching my armpits)
Clueless_Monkey: nobody ever tapes the amazing radio shows. Too unpredictable.
cease: cooler
Clueless_Monkey: I hope kok is logging this show
||||||||| It's 12:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bightrethighrehighre - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: 9 billion names of god. sounds low, eh?
cooler: cool... it's been about 10 years since we talked
klokwkdoggerel: this show or "tech talk"?
cease: kok is. cunt isnt
Johnny Piano: Biggie died...again - was it a drive-by?
Clueless_Monkey: - 1 monkey cant get out of cage ate 15,000 pounds of nanners
Dr.Headphones: jimmy: pringles can :)
markTweeny!: Is that the new Microsoft language? C++unt code?
klokwkdoggerel: somebody needs a HiFi VCR to log outgoing, Gary. 4 tapes a day. three if you use the skinny ones
Clueless_Monkey: bimin fringles spam
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "12:31 AM and late as usual, it's doctec, just back from Billville."
Clueless_Monkey: I can play that ccccc code on cigar, me papy tot me.
markTweeny!: They're saying tha Linux is going to bury Windows. I doubt it.
Dexter Fong: Hi doc
Dr.Headphones: hi, doctor technical
doctec: hey, i didn't miss all the exposition!
cease: and speaking of the angel....
Bambi: if you enjoy old things like old trains, old defunct lumber towns, check out: http://www.dendronva.org or the link on our page http://www.jim-fran.com
Clueless_Monkey: hey catherwood got a reset!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Ah, the Billiard Sensei!
The Late Mr Yamamoto: We WILL BURY YOU
klokwkdoggerel: WOW, DocTec AND Catherwood FINALLY gets the time right!
Merlyn: hey doc
Johnny Piano: DocTec, cool!
doctec: how 'bout that
cease: hey doc. if you dont get here soon, the cats willl be bigger than you.
cease: the dog is now, but that's true of most dogs
klokwkdoggerel: 6 miles of FO cable at $165/mi...
markTweeny!: The Chinese have ICBMs. I wouldn't go there if I were you.
Bambi: it has a very interesting history ... Surry Lumber Company
Bubba's Bounced Brain: How bout that.... you got caught with a flat... Now babies, don't you panic.
markTweeny!: The Black Forrest?
klokwkdoggerel: company town
Johnny Piano: Caught naked in a detective's flat...
klokwkdoggerel: tears running down my cheeks for half hour
markTweeny!: Burned it for Jews.
Dr.Headphones: black forrest gump stars isaac hayes
llanwydd: but i'm not flat
cease: gump o vision
Clueless_Monkey: eek a fat da teeek tiff
Bambi: Black Water River and Cypress Swamp on either side of the town
Johnny Piano: Hello, chef!
klokwkdoggerel: not good for the blind drunks on Sat. nite, eh?
markTweeny!: Lookkeey here, I'm Klueless...
doctec: did lili make an appearance earlier?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: No Lili.
Johnny Piano: Negatory, dt
klokwkdoggerel: not noticed, DT
Dr.Headphones: no lili, doc
doctec: (she is in 'frisco, her brother turned 50 yesterday)
doctec: ok thx
Dr.Headphones: bye, carmine
doctec: just wondering
Johnny Piano: blah blah blah
markTweeny!: Ah, 50. Aldrin.
Bambi: hi doc
doctec: probably means she & brother & others went out for the evening - they were gonna try & catch 'fahrenheit 9/11'
Johnny Piano: "...You know I'd go from Rags To Riches..."
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I have a cat loving up on me
doctec: i'm not mean to bambi - she likes it that way
markTweeny!: Great misstep for mankind. America owns african slaves.
cease: oh. a young guy
Dr.Headphones: yam: be careful, mine has gas tonight, ran out out of room twice already
klokwkdoggerel: might be a long wait, dt; there are big lines except in the Red states
cease: hi yammiy
markTweeny!: No true Mississippi cowhard...
Bambi smiles
Bubba's Bounced Brain: It was rainin hard in Frisco. I needed one last fare to make my night....
cooler: hasty banana folks... unexpected reality intrusion
Johnny Piano: Keep it cool, cooler
Merlyn: Bambi, remind Clem that the "log" link let's you scroll back in the chat
llanwydd: "I'm and old cowhard..."
Dr.Headphones: bye, cool
markTweeny!: Motorola, IBM, Apple. "The Consortuim" Austin. There would be no RISC. I like the music :)
Bambi: I reminded him earlier Merlyn :-)
Johnny Piano: "...from the Rio Guard."
markTweeny!: Abrahams tanks on the Rio? Never. Just ask Quentin.
klokwkdoggerel: CISC rools
Bambi: http://www.2600.com
klokwkdoggerel: 6502 NOT Motorola
markTweeny!: Apple G5 Dual. Nuf said.
doctec: emmanual goldstein roolz
Johnny Piano: Wish I had one of them, Tweeny - still on a G4
Bambi: yes, yes he does
llanwydd: Quentin? Guess I don't know him
cease: i just got a g4. kicks posteriors of large planets
markTweeny!: 6100/G3. Thank grid for Sonnet.
klokwkdoggerel: just hack an M-113 and put band tracks on it. good as new
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I can't afford Apple
Dexter Fong: ..
cease: the 17 laptop. what could be better that you could actually carry?
Johnny Piano: Agreed, Cat. We have two - one is the recording studio
markTweeny!: I can't afford Newton.
cease: yeah, money is involved
Johnny Piano: Whattaya gonna do, Lieutenant?
The Late Mr Yamamoto: Fig?
Dr.Headphones: monkey is one-trick pony? hmmm, chimera in action
markTweeny!: So where's Mr. Job's "home appliance"?
Johnny Piano: One monkey can't stop no show
cease: wouldnt it be nice if everything were free?
klokwkdoggerel: Cat - there is a VERY good interview with James Gosling on ZDnet. Boring to you except the final quarter somewhere -- he talks about why he WONT use a PC; still uses Apple
klokwkdoggerel: http://zdnet.com.com/1606-2-5253818.html
markTweeny!: Probably eMac. Answered my own question.
Bubba's Bounced Brain hums "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl..."
cease: one thing i dont like about the laptop, dont know if its only the mac, but the keyboard is far from comfortablle for my fingers
Dr.Headphones: bubba: was that osmonds or jacksons?
Bambi: bet he uses an Apple for the same reasons many of us use Linux ... the difference? Apple is a bit more polished lol
klokwkdoggerel: with him, it's a question of style. unfortunately, tho' I agree, I can't afford Apple
Johnny Piano: Osmonds
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Jacksons
cease: kend, the firesigns had a great joke about that.
Johnny Piano: Trust me, it's too white for the Jacksons
Bambi: other than Apple OSX being abit more polished .. .the price is right for Linux
Dr.Headphones: cat: i don't recall that, but i'd love to be enlightened
klokwkdoggerel: it's about quality, and you get it with Apple. not cheap.
Bambi: both are UNIX like systems and not affected by the M$ worm rot
The Late Mr Yamamoto: You get what ya pay for, really
Johnny Piano: Agree with you, klok - I love my Mac
klokwkdoggerel: cat - dunno about keyboards. I HATE laptops. Work of devil. All have lousy keyboards and silly pointing devices.
doctec: i'm getting an hp pavillion in a week or two - customized for audio & electronic music production - it's gonna rawwk!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: You're right... .somehow I guess I thought at the time (when I was 7) that it was Jacksons.
klokwkdoggerel: when I use laptops, I always fight to hook up external keyboard and mouse
klokwkdoggerel: then, they're rather nice
markTweeny!: What we want is everybody to have broadband like S Korea. Nokias are linked to your laptop. You can take pictures with your cellphone of anyone you deem suspicious.
Johnny Piano: What are you running on the Pavillion, DT
Bambi: Linux is more for tinkerers ... they can get at least as much out of Linux as Apple users get from Macs ... but they work for it a bit more lol
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: i have never even seen one of those cell phones excetp on tv
markTweeny!: Nick Danger runs into a great sandstorm building.
llanwydd: seems just a little paranoid mark
klokwkdoggerel: Lots of cities in Europe are going to Linux for production stuff; not just for hackers
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I have a picture takin Cellphone
cease: tdog requirng my attention
Dr.Headphones: bambi/clem/doctec: i finally figured out the httpd.conf file and banned that UK guy who was downloading everything i had, 24 hours a day
markTweeny!: I have nothing against S Korea. They just have better broadband.
cease: did we have the dog when you were here last, doc? i forget
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I'm pretty much Linux now, except for Illustrator and Mapping programs
klokwkdoggerel: we thought it would be Big Brother watching us; instead, it's every low life and pervert taking pictures of everybody 24/7
Bambi: awesome Ken!
doctec: ableton live, reason, arturia mmv, native instruments komplete 2 bundle (reaktor, absynth, pro-53, fm7 etc), adobe audition (formerly cool edit pro)
markTweeny!: Oh, my nose...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Speaking of taking pictures http://www.brownequalsterrorist.com/artiststatement/
Dexter Fong: Must say g'night..Nex week dear friends
cease: amazing 4 day party i was part of during last chat,
Dr.Headphones: later, dex
doctec: cat: no, have not met your current pets
The Late Mr Yamamoto: nite
The Late Mr Yamamoto: and OI
doctec: nite dex
||||||||| 12:47 AM -- Dexter Fong left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Johnny Piano: Cool - have you tried the arturia cs80?
cease: i think some of the video i shot there will be on online soon
Johnny Piano: Dight, Nex
Bambi: night Dex
Merlyn: I'm going to be going soon too...
klokwkdoggerel: nite Dex
llanwydd: next week dex!
klokwkdoggerel: have good eve. Merlyn
cease: dex
doctec: johnny: not yet - a friend has it, he's on mac osx and he says it's buggy as all getout - maybe pc version is better, dunno
doctec: nite merlyn
Johnny Piano: Good night, Merl - I promise to look for my old BWB graphic
Bambi: night Merlyn
markTweeny!: Skybird played a song called Cat in the Kettle today. Does anyone know who did that song?
cease: merl
Clueless_Monkey: yup
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: i think it's weird al, but won't swear to it
Bambi: the last of the firesign theatre will be happening right away :)
klokwkdoggerel: well, cat, I stuck up our flag on Sunday. glad that all the North American nationalistic holidays are finally past...
Johnny Piano: DT: I'd like to hear the arturia as I used to own a CS80
Merlyn: Ok piano
llanwydd: night merl
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Oh the cats in the kettle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon... When you comin home dad, I don't know when...."
The Late Mr Yamamoto: noite
Bubba's Bounced Brain: oh... kettle....
klokwkdoggerel: i was looking for the mayor, but...
The Late Mr Yamamoto: Harry Chapin
cease: i hate him
doctec: johnny: well, if it's anywhere near as authentic as the mmv, you'll probably be blown away by it. you can download the semo from their site you know
Bambi: what? No pregame show!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: The late, the great....
klokwkdoggerel: no need; he's dead
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I don't think it's kettle
Dr.Headphones: yam: that's the original. the take-off is about chinese food, "cat's in the kettle", not "cradle"
cease: seen 911, doc?
klokwkdoggerel: unlucky choice at a train crossing
markTweeny!: Thanks, I can believe Weird Al. The music was just too good. Best to the Theatre of the Absurd, Kurt
||||||||| It's 12:50 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cooler - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Johnny Piano: Yeah, and the demo sounds pretty damn good, but I need to route it to a real audio system.
llanwydd: In my (red)neck of the woods a lot of flags are still flying at half staff after 6 weeks or so
doctec: speaking for myself, it's a gas having a great-sounding, modulation routings up the wazoo emulation of a $10,000 modular moog running on my pc
llanwydd: a nation of perpetual mourning
Dr.Headphones: tweeny: i have it somewhere, will look tomorrow and email you with download link
Dr.Headphones: if i forget, remind me
klokwkdoggerel: yeah, I forgot about telling that. I got the flag up at 7AM Sunday and neighbor rushed out screaming "down, down"
Bubba's Bounced Brain: It's mourning in America.....
Johnny Piano: I can dig - I never had the pleasure of owning a Moog...did the ARP thing back in the day,
Bubba's Bounced Brain: They got those damn flags back up yet?
klokwkdoggerel: i finally figured out what he was turning purple about and pulled the sucker down a foot. no way was i gonna pull it down halfway.
||||||||| 12:51 AM -- Merlyn left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: too much so, bub. by the way, johnny piano said he wanted to order a copy of red shift from lodestone. did i send you copies?
Dr.Headphones: jp: a friend of mine owned "r.l.moog", original mini-moog, serial #2xx, used it for many years
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I saw somebody flying a flag up-side down in Rockland County
doctec: johnny: never had a chance to play with an arp 2600, owned an odyssey though - learned analog sysnthesis on that thing, got a lot of mileage out of it
cease: not suere i have any and i am doing some alteration
Dr.Headphones: yam: blind or big balls, not sure which one
klokwkdoggerel: sad to say, it's often not a political statement in RI...
The Late Mr Yamamoto does not fly a flag
Johnny Piano: Very cool, DocH. Same here, DT (Odyssey)
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Nope, don' have copies yet.
klokwkdoggerel: OK everybody, let's see how long we can keep clem by calling in...
cease: doc, et al, you missed a great party. hopefully you can enjoy it vicariously through my vide of it
doctec: at some point, may pony up the cash to buy the 'oddity' (osyssey vsti emulation)
Johnny Piano: I used to have access to one of the original RL Moog theremins...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: space oddity?
doctec: thanks cat, will look fwd to checking it out. oh btw, cat - your cd was in today's mail
klokwkdoggerel: or the earlier, somewhat difficult-to-use model, the "space oddity"
cease: ah clem. i have been on radio longer than i've been alive.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: MMMMMMmmm... theremin.
doctec: ...you needed an entire ground control just to get one oscillator going
Clueless_Monkey: back where it all began
klokwkdoggerel: Forbidden Planet soundtrack
Johnny Piano: Haven't gotten into virtual synths yet - still stuck in hardware mode, but that's because I play live/realtime
Clueless_Monkey: ready when you are gridley
Clueless_Monkey: plately
Clueless_Monkey: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm triodes
llanwydd: "Forbidden Planet" is a great flick
Clueless_Monkey: keep watching the skis!
klokwkdoggerel: DT - what you do is mod it so you don't need a choir boy running the crank on the pump. You get an electric motor and you're all set.
cease: my cousin started a station in my small town in 1950. he interviiwed by parents and put a microphone to my mother's womb on a new year's show, in 1951. i was born in april.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: MMmmmmmm.... Lothar and the Hand People....
Clueless_Monkey: ort versus the flewing sockers
doctec: actually, forbidden planet soundtrack was not theremin - lots of early electronic music hardware went into the making of that soundtrack tho - theremin was featured in 'the lost weekend' (ray milland as an alcoholic)
doctec: klok: lol
Bambi: Forbidden Planet is one of my all time favorite scifi movies, along with The Day the Earth Stood Still
klokwkdoggerel: that explains it, Cat
cease: i didnt know lothar masturbated
Johnny Piano: I'm watching the skis, but all I've seen is a dead Jean Claude Killy
Clueless_Monkey: Mmmmmmmmmm therimin, made one
Johnny Piano: In a white wine sauce, Monkey?
cease: the poet i was following around sounded a lot like this
llanwydd: klaatu barada nikto
cease: he actually knew firesign
doctec: bambi: i hear you there - forbidden planet was brilliant, walter pidgeon was sooooo damn good in that one
klokwkdoggerel: wrong movie
doctec: and who could forget robby the robot?
cease: my weekend stoner gig
Clueless_Monkey: mom took away my soldering iron, so I learned: air wiring twist components on duck tape
Johnny Piano: Robby the freakin' Robot
markTweeny!: You can never leave the chat room. These are Ben Franklin's glasses. Is that a lot?
Bambi: doc, you are so right ... great fun that movie
Clueless_Monkey: experimental circuts when working, put them aside and made more, stirr continuesly, add tapiocca
Bubba's Bounced Brain: LatHP was the first (and hopefully only) theremin-based rock group. I have the album somewhere.
klokwkdoggerel thought Leslie Nielson stole the show...'cept for the lovely Anne...
Dr.Headphones: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=%22cats+in+the+kettle%22&btnG=Google+Search gives 1250 hits, tweeny
Clueless_Monkey: The robots are all freaks
markTweeny!: Samurai Swordmen. Mmmmmmmmmmm
Johnny Piano: I prefer Crow and Servo to Robby
Clueless_Monkey: Toopid bots don't have ASIMOV rules in them
Clueless_Monkey: chips making chips.
klokwkdoggerel: dead air!
markTweeny!: Neil Sedaca? Wasn't he at the doo-dah room?
Johnny Piano: Robot's Rules of Order
Clueless_Monkey: hope some are fried, MMMM pringle surface mounts
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Monsters from the Id........
Clueless_Monkey: should not be
Dr.Headphones: some of the hits are flash animations of it
doctec: hey didja catch the blurb on slashdot about lucas' 'enhanced dvd' release of thx1138? he went back & added modern day CGI to some scenes
The Late Mr Yamamoto: damn shockwave
Clueless_Monkey: flash does not animate
Johnny Piano: ,,down doobie do down down,,
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Neil Cicada.... he has one song and it goes on and on.
markTweeny!: Never hurt a proton. Or with negligence, allow a proton to be hurt.
The Late Mr Yamamoto: how do I make it work under liniux?
Clueless_Monkey: shockware, don't bother, don't do much webby
klokwkdoggerel: nice to have the bux, eh DT? he can't un-finish BART, though...
Johnny Piano: ",," = comma comma
doctec: some people seem to be up in arms about it but having seen some of the stills comparing original release with enhanced scenes, it really looks like the CGI additions are an improvement
llanwydd: neil must be very old by now
Dr.Headphones: i don't think i ever tried a flash movie on linux before, not sure if there is plugin or not
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Well. Yam, start by writing about 10000 lines of C++
markTweeny!: Down By The River.....
The Late Mr Yamamoto: Bwhahahahaha
Johnny Piano: Geez, it's been eons since I've seen THX
Clueless_Monkey: THX the unknown
The Late Mr Yamamoto: I could run Mozilla/Shockwave under X-office
Clueless_Monkey: Cola secret ingredient 11X is STILL COCAIN!
markTweeny!: I was a member of CSN. You remember the member, don't you?
doctec: thx1138 has made the rounds on cable sporadically - i think i taped it off of cinemax 2 yrs ago
klokwkdoggerel: I saw the reworked Star Wars. Didn't realize how truly BAD the acting was. Even Alec Guiness! Added stuff didn't help that.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
markTweeny!: It was about this long. And about this high.
Dr.Headphones: catherwood IS close to being correct now, only seconds fast
llanwydd: I saw it too. I think they should have left it alone
Dr.Headphones: i'm not high :(
cease: did you shoot your baby?
doctec: trent reznor copped a bit of thx1138 audio (the scene where thx is watching the cops beat up on someone holographically) and used it at the start of the first cut on 'the downward spiral'
Johnny Piano: I don't subscribe to any premium channels, guess I'll wait for the DVD....although I do remember Queen doing an homage to THX in a video
markTweeny!: I gave her a cinnamon milk bottle.
llanwydd: But apparently George Lucas was obsessed with some things he had never liked about the original
markTweeny!: Lucas, Speilberg, Mmmmmmmmmm
Johnny Piano: Lucas is obsessed with everything he's ever done on film...
Dr.Headphones: thank you, clem, take it easy (or don't take it at all!)
markTweeny!: Jewels Verne....
Johnny Piano: Good night, Clem and Bambi!
The Late Mr Yamamoto: gnite all
Dr.Headphones: germane jackson
Bambi: night ... been great to see you all tonigh!
cease: al the best to you
doctec: nite clem/bambi
||||||||| 1:03 AM -- The Late Mr Yamamoto left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Bambi: tonight even :-)
markTweeny!: This is a chat room. Bow to master.
doctec bows
llanwydd: nite
Johnny Piano: Yam left - and without the rest of the pie
cease: master chatter? mad as a hatter?
Dr.Headphones: i'm heading off to the sanitary pedestal and then to bed myself. altavista, y'all
llanwydd: chat is french for cat
cease: that is something i would know
Johnny Piano: See ya, Doc H
doctec: nite dr h
cease: by kend
Bubba's Bounced Brain: nite DrH
llanwydd: nite doc
Johnny Piano: I don't know if I'd want to join a cat...
Bambi: have a great week ... Clem will have a show on Saturday evening one way or another during the Old Time Radio Weekend Marathon after FNL
doctec: ...and i expect a cat would not want to join anyone (they're so independent-minded)
llanwydd: nite bambi
Johnny Piano: Touche' DT
cease: good to hear, bambi
doctec: thx bambi - will try and tune in
Bambi smiles
Johnny Piano: We luv ya, miss B
Bambi: great see ya all then :)
||||||||| 1:06 AM -- Bambi left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: bambi and ah clem have taken this chat to a new level of late
doctec: boy that's fer sher cat
cease: i hate being the only phoner, but phil a showed up on his show. that is really something
llanwydd: "a new level of late" indeed
llanwydd: past 1 AM
Johnny Piano: Well, for lunatics like myself (musician), late ain't late 'til the horizon stars to drop
doctec: now that the radio show runs in parallel to the chat, the chatters stay on a lot longer!
cease: if phils gonna show, it would usually be later than most folks start here
cease: you're right, doc.
Johnny Piano: bodes well for both, don't it
doctec: problem for me is, by this point in the week i am already sleep deprived
cease: i hope thieir new tour schedule atrracrts enough fans to make them some money andinterest future tour sponsors
doctec: ...makes it harder to make it through friday when chat runs this late
cease: indeed, doc
Johnny Piano: sleep? what the hell is that?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: hmmmm. sleeep.
cease: it is 1 in your morning. i've been up less than 12 hours
||||||||| It's 1:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| markTweeny! - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Dr.Headphones - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
doctec: i've been up since 7am - 18 hrs for me
doctec: and counting
Bubba's Bounced Brain: they're dlopping like fries.
Johnny Piano: I am the Dyslexic Insomniac Agnostic! I spend my nights trying to decide if I believe in Dog.
cease: dont stay awake on our account, doc. i dont thing i heard any new firesign news from merl.
Johnny Piano: All quiet on the Firesign front...
llanwydd: rike mals fries in a krein bottre
doctec: johnny, what's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
cease: my dog is almost as big as my new car. how can i refuse belief?
cease: a whole lotta letters, doc
Johnny Piano: I don't care.
Bubba's Bounced Brain: I don't know and i don't care
doctec: answer: i don't know and i don't care
doctec: johnny, what did the necrophiliac say to the narcoleptic?
Johnny Piano: Clever!
Johnny Piano: I'm waiting...
cease: why do i have a sudden craving for lobster?
doctec: "i'm sorry, i thought you were dead."
Johnny Piano: LOL
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Talk about being dead tired....
Johnny Piano: DT, not to run you off, but I'm gonna split...if you need sleep, perhaps you should do the same.
doctec: guy walks into a bar where they've installed a robot bartender. robot asks "what's your IQ?" guy says 150. robot converses with the guy about theoretical physics, nanotechnology, atomic chemistry...
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Speaking of being dead tired..... I'm gonna start my midnight ride....
doctec: ...guy is impressed, so he decides to test the robot. he pays for his drink, steps out for a smoke, comes back in...
Johnny Piano: As usual, it's been fun - see ya next week!
Johnny Piano: Sounds like a Mensa meeting...
cease: by jp
doctec: ...robot asks "what's your IQ?" guy says 100. robot converses with guy about baseball, football etc...
doctec: ...guy steps out for a smoke, comes back in...
Johnny Piano: I'm waiting for the punchline...
doctec: ...robot asks "what's your IQ?" guy says 50. robot asks "so, you gonna vote for buhs again?"
Bubba's Bounced Brain: me too
doctec: bush
doctec: sorry was typing too fast
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Ba dum bum.
cease: good one, doc
llanwydd: LOL
Johnny Piano: Another dyslexic!
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Goodnight and Dog bless....
doctec: and on that note (make it a c note), i'm gonna fold my tent and silently steal away
Johnny Piano: Actually, it's not you - it's the keyboard!
doctec folds tent, silently steals away
Johnny Piano: Good night, gang
||||||||| Johnny Piano says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Johnny Piano exits at 1:17 AM.
||||||||| 1:17 AM -- Bubba's Bounced Brain left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
doctec: nytol (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz SKNXX zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....)
llanwydd: I got to go too. C yall next week
||||||||| 1:17 AM -- doctec left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: by jp
cease: off we trot
||||||||| It's 1:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cease - dead from The Plague
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 2 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| It's 2:20 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 3 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 4 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
klokwkdoggerel: and...goodnight!
||||||||| 4:29 AM -- klokwkdoggerel left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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