A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for August 19, 2004 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| 7:48 PM: pinky jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
pinky: hello
||||||||| pinky sneaks away to The Aviary...
||||||||| 8:21 PM: AgentOrange jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, August 19, 2004 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| 9:08 PM: Merlyn jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Merlyn: hello AO, you still there?
Merlyn: hmm, kinda slow tonight
||||||||| 9:13 PM: llanwydd jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Merlyn: Hey llan
llanwydd: howdy
llanwydd: there's at least two of us that I haven't seen here before
Merlyn: But they aren't responsive; I think AO has shown up at times before
Merlyn: I'm going back & forth too...
llanwydd: very surprising to see no other regulars here at quarter after nine
llanwydd: I wonder if they got locked out
Merlyn: yeah, dunno where everyone is
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dexter Fong inside, makes a note of the time (9:21 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Merlyn: how do you get locked out of this? It's just a web page, and the server isn't down
llanwydd: just joking
llanwydd: hey dex
Dexter Fong: Hi Guys
||||||||| 9:22 PM: Dr Headphones jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dexter Fong: Probably
Dr Headphones: hello, dear fiends, er, friends
Dexter Fong: Hiya Kend^
llanwydd: hey ken
Dr Headphones: howz everyone?
Dexter Fong: I'm purt5y good..don't know about everyone
Dr Headphones: i've seen your pic, you are NOT purty. good--maybe, we will have a debate later....
llanwydd: there' a guy called Agent Orange with us and there was someone called pinky a little while ago
||||||||| 9:24 PM: Orange Agent Number Nine jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
llanwydd: strangers to me
Dr Headphones: number nine, number nine......
Orange Agent Number Nine: I'm the Strangest
Dexter Fong: A new security alert apparently
Orange Agent Number Nine: I was Gonna be Alf Landon
Merlyn: did you get cut off, AO?
Dr Headphones: you might have competition, orange ;)
||||||||| Outside, the 9:25 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Scuba Do coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Merlyn: or should I say agent
Orange Agent Number Nine: But he's dead, I think
llanwydd: but I'm the strangest guy in my country
Dexter Fong: I'm gonna be Raplh Kramden
Dr Headphones: hey, it's lloyd bridges!
Dexter Fong: Ralph
Orange Agent Number Nine: I'm stranger than you
Merlyn: I'll let the reaper get him
Dr Headphones: hi scoobie
Dexter Fong: Pass Scuba Do on the left, mon
Orange Agent Number Nine: I liked Raplh
Scuba Do: Hello strangers
Orange Agent Number Nine: You Can be Raplh Vaughn Williams
Dexter Fong: A free Raphl for everyone
Dr Headphones: that's rafe to you
Dexter Fong: or a pre-Rapheliate for me
Dexter Fong: cannot freaking spell
llanwydd: funny the way the English people mispronounce "Ralph"
Scuba Do: I had to Ralph once
Dr Headphones: raphael was the one with the buxom beaties, wasn't he?
Orange Agent Number Nine: It was Rafe to Him, too
AgentOrange: Scoobie Snacks?
Dr Headphones: beauties, didn't mean to slur ned beatty there
AgentOrange: Snausages?
Dexter Fong: Ken: One of many (nudge-nudge)
llanwydd: buxom Beatles?
Orange Agent Number Nine: SCUBA DO: Jock Cousteaus dog
Orange Agent Number Nine: Or an underwater crap
Dr Headphones: the dogs here just got the smuggled food from the buffet. no snausages, but some nice steak fat, cheese, couple of rolls, etc.
Scuba Do: I like that
AgentOrange: Dog jock?
Dr Headphones: no, dogs wear boxers (he he, that's a joke, son)
AgentOrange: Cat cup?
Orange Agent Number Nine: Was WMD in the Olympics?
Scuba Do: A male dog obviously
Orange Agent Number Nine: Ked^ a BAD joke
Dexter Fong: Not so obvious, he been fixed...or broken
llanwydd: it's got to be someplace
||||||||| 9:29 PM: cease jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dexter Fong: Hey Cat
Dr Headphones: yep, the part boxer is male, full lab is female. she's religious, a methodist, call her meth lab for short
Dr Headphones: hey cat
Orange Agent Number Nine: Dogs and Cats
Dexter Fong: Cats and Dogs
llanwydd: hi cat
AgentOrange: Your athletic protector has arrived.
cease: dogs?
cease: is that a janease garafolo flick?
Dr Headphones: jock strap, at your cervix
Dexter Fong: A cross protector
cease: oh no, i missed the sayles interview while i was having dinner
Dr Headphones: say les, say more
Scuba Do: How about a jocularity strap for those really funny moments?
AgentOrange: A French frogman who plays with dolphins.
Dexter Fong: Lash 'em till the giggle
AgentOrange: Underwater, no less.
Dexter Fong: they
Dr Headphones: masturbating cetaceans? ewww, not for me
llanwydd: they interviewed soupy sayles?
cease: the guy who made brother from another planet, one of my fave flicks
Dexter Fong: Ken: If you don't they'll hump you so might as well
AgentOrange: Aw, come on. We could yank a few Mannatees.
Dr Headphones: dex: as long as it's mutual, then, OK
||||||||| Catherwood leads Mr. Motion inside, makes a note of the time (9:33 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dr Headphones: manatee: the original mermaid
Dexter Fong: Wank a Whale today
cease: we could take on a few toasters
Dr Headphones: oh yeah, it ain't the meat, it's the motion!
Dexter Fong: Hiy MM
llanwydd: hy mr m
Mr. Motion: Braaaaaa Motion is here, people have no fear!
cease: i orange, you new? or just un-knew
Dr Headphones: no fear here anyway, i'm too dumb to be afraid
AgentOrange: You have the morals of a bottom feeder. Get your mind out of the muck.
Mr. Motion: Thats the spirt we have here Dr, H!
Dexter Fong: I'd rather have the morals of a bottom feeler
Merlyn: I'd like to make a motion
Dr Headphones: a motion to adjourn is always in order
Dexter Fong undulates
llanwydd: all morrels are in the muck
Dr Headphones ululates
Mr. Motion: Oh Merlyn I didn't know you cared!
AgentOrange: Moral eels? You're insane!
Merlyn: I think it was michael motion
Dexter Fong: Waiting for the Moral eel, or the electric
Mr. Motion: Call for Phillip Morayssssss.
Dr Headphones: does it get any better than this? chat with friends whilst listening to maria muldaur sing the blues :)
Merlyn: or michael moschen
Dexter Fong: Yes: Chatting with Maria Muldaur and singing the blues with friends
cease: more ass?
AgentOrange: Mo ray
llanwydd: was she the one who sang Midnight at the Oasis
Dr Headphones: if i was with maria, i wouldn't spend a lot of time chatting, if you get my meaning......
cease: if you're chatting with maria, you can't sing the blues
llanwydd: send yo camel to bed...
AgentOrange: No mo Ray. Passed away.
Dr Headphones: mo' sugar!
Dexter Fong: But Bob's still alive
Dr Headphones: dave? dave's not here
Mr. Motion: Yep that was Maria..
cease: but chong is
Dr Headphones: speaking of alive, is tom lehrer still alive or is he gone?
Dexter Fong: Dave could be here in disguise
Mr. Motion: Tom still with us!
Dr Headphones: just listened to a bunch of his stuff last night. very entertaining
Dr Headphones: well, i wish he'd put out a few songs right about now
Mr. Motion: I sucled on Lehrer, Bruce & Eddie Greensleves!
llanwydd: now THAT's alternative music
Mr. Motion: oops suckled I just got his Greatest Hits very tastey
Dexter Fong: Who's Eddie Greensleeves
cease: i quoted him in red shift, sort of
cease: my von braun character says, "that's not my department"
Dr Headphones: i listened to lobachevsky for the first time, quite entertaining if you know anything about the guy
Mr. Motion: He was a hip comedy Folksinger in the early 60's went good with Bruce and Tom
cease: the nest line he says is "where's my paper clip?" y'all know what that refers to?
cease: proctor and bergman do
llanwydd: never heard of lobsterchevy
Dexter Fong: Hmmm...never heard of him and my frame of reference is fairly borad
Dexter Fong: broad
Dr Headphones: i hadn't heard him in a long time, put on several last night. mark russell reminds me of him, although a pale imitation
Scuba Do: is that like 'the pliers'?
||||||||| 9:41 PM: Elayne jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dexter Fong: Hey E!
Dr Headphones: lobachevsky: russian mathematician
Dr Headphones: hey, e
Elayne: Evenin' all! Have I been disqualified yet by Olympic officials?
Mr. Motion: Bummer Dex he said Playgerize? Remember why the good lord made your eyes so don't shade your but playgerize playgerize but always remember to call it reasearch!
cease: operation paper clip was the us importation of nazi scientists. proc/berg refer to it in "hubble trouble," one of their radio skits
Dr Headphones: lehrer had degree in math before he started doing his schtick
cease: hi el
Dr Headphones: e: did you pee in the cup?
Mr. Motion: Hey E
llanwydd: hi elayne
Elayne: Never on Thursdays, Dr. H.
cease: didnt he go back to teaching?
Elayne: I'm expecting a newbie tonight, but I don't know what her handle will be.
Dr Headphones: cat: never made that reference before, but it makes sense now
Mr. Motion: He taught Poli-Sci inthe mathmatics department for years love his New Math.
Scuba Do: Ok, then what was "Operation Staples"?
Elayne: She revealed herself as a Firesign fan in the comments section of my blog, and said she'd try to show this evening.
Dr Headphones: i hope her handle is big enough for my hand ;)
cease: dex, i'm really surprised you don't know tom lerhrer's work. he was really famous, albeit 40 years ago
Dr Headphones: scuba: the original stomach surgery?
Scuba Do: or were thry used to close the operation?
cease: getting gospel singers to shut up, scuba
Dexter Fong: Cat: Know Tom Lehrer well, it's Eddie Greensleeves I don't know
cease: aha
Dr Headphones: eddie "what child is this" greensleeves?
Mr. Motion: Just when he risen to cult status he quit and went back to teaching
Dexter Fong: 'less Lehrer's Greensleeves then I do know him
cease: mr. green jean's homosexual lover?
Elayne: Her weblog is http://tildblog.blogspot.com/
llanwydd: I posted an invite at bobsbrazerkolounge at Yahoo
cease: probably gave the governor a sleeve job
Dr Headphones: no, that was mr. moose
Dr Headphones: llan: are you "the flounder"?
Dexter Fong: Bull
Merlyn: I gave him a sponge bob
Mr. Motion: Nope beatnic from NY Dex circa 1963 one Cameo albumbut it rocked!
llanwydd: the "flounder" recently gave me the Lounge
Dexter Fong: Bull Moose
||||||||| Catherwood leads prozac inside, makes a note of the time (9:45 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
cease: any of you read gunter grass novel The Flounder?
llanwydd: now I am the owner. Yall stop by sometime
Mr. Motion: Hi Pro?
Dr Headphones: i joined there when it was a club, not a group
Dr Headphones: hey, prozac
cease: ah teddy roosevelt. back from the veldt?
Elayne: Is everyone getting ready to wear their Peaceful Protestor buttons?
Dexter Fong: Thanks MM, it's still doesn't ring a bell and I was living in NYC then..still do
Merlyn: hey zac, when did you turn pro? You can't get in the olympics now
Dr Headphones: never read any grass. smoked a lot ;)
Elayne: http://www.nycvisit.com/content/index.cfm?pagePkey=1270
Mr. Motion: I'm still wearing my plague ribbon ,,,
Dr Headphones: gotta go check the coffee, brb
Elayne: Cool, you've got... the Plague!
cease: the eye bolas have it
llanwydd: Plague ribbon? Sounds interesting
Mr. Motion: Yes I have this lovely bowl of Road Apple Red let me light it up and pass it around ...
cease: bola sete, you can sit down now
Merlyn: princess goddess plague ribbons
Mr. Motion: Yes E and aren't I a good sport?
Dexter Fong: YOu may not know what you died of, but you'll never remember the experience
Merlyn: both agents orange are turning grey
prozac: we're all bozos on this bus
llanwydd: you'll never forget how you got there
Merlyn: or gray, depending on whether you are in the northern or southern hemostat
Dexter Fong: Lowered security alert
Orange Agent Number Nine: That's because I'm old
Scuba Do: "In addition to the visitor program for political activists, there are many great deals in the city this summer, including tax-free shopping. "
cease: spaulding gray? he's not here
Mr. Motion: My mother was a bozoette at school...
Dexter Fong sings "Nobody knows you when your old and gray
llanwydd: my mother never talked to me
cease: i was referred to as the "gray haired guy" in a chat by another guy not much younger than me.
Mr. Motion: Poor kid...
cease: actually it's more white. goes well with my skin
Merlyn: i thought you had red hair, cat
cease: only the car, llan?
Merlyn: eat more carrots
Dr Headphones: i just wish i had hair......
cease: it's multihued
Scuba Do: a read haired cat?
llanwydd: my skin is electric blue
cease: my kittens are red/gold/orange or whatever that colour is
Dexter Fong: Tortoise?
Merlyn: wasn't the today show multihughed? Downs, and someone else?
cease: i love what carlin said about that, he only tans to cancel the blue. works for me too
Orange Agent Number Nine: Cat had kittens?
Mr. Motion: I dispize electric pink..
Dr Headphones: "it's turtles all the way down."
cease: still have em
llanwydd: I have yet to see blue kittens. That's the only color they dont' have
Dr Headphones: there is a breed called blue, but it's really gray
Mr. Motion: How about that special Agent Orange sauce?
cease: great semi-canadian "indian" writer had a series of lectures on the radio last year, each of the 5 an extended riff on that line, kend
Dexter Fong: Russian Blue is a recognized breed, Ilan
Merlyn: or blue roses?
cease: the firesigns would have loved them, when they were in their indian days
Dr Headphones: dex: russians are red. even mccarthy knew that!
Merlyn: or that whiskey, Blue Noses
cease: actually he's from fresno, austin's old stamping and seizing ground
Dexter Fong: Ken: Quit living in the past
Dr Headphones: head 'em off at the past
llanwydd: russian blue cats? Cool!
Dr Headphones: oh, btw, dex, i did get some keith jarrett. most pretty much to my liking
Dexter Fong: Ilan: As Cat said, they're really a shade of Gray
llanwydd: there are exactly 57 card-carrying communists in the senate
cease: he was my fave musician at one time
Dexter Fong: Ken: What album(s)?
Merlyn: Russian Blues are pretty blue: http://www.petnet.com.au/cat/C115.jpg
cease: his version of My Back Pages is better than anything dylan ever did, or imagined doing
Dr Headphones: dex: i admit, i don't know. i downloaded it. yeah, riaa on my ass, but i just got 'em and listened.
Mr. Motion: I invested a bundle of money in Mutant Blue chinchillas ...
llanwydd: some day they'll have cats as blue as the sky
Merlyn: but that's because the sky will darken up
Mr. Motion: What about Simese Blue points or Lilac points?
Dr Headphones:
cease: i used to have blue point siamese. not blue at all
Dr Headphones: i *think* that's the correct URL
cease: quite happy, actually
Merlyn: you typed the URL off the top of your head?
Dr Headphones: yep, i'm a numbers guy, remember
Dr Headphones: just checked, that's it
llanwydd: prozac is gray already
Mr. Motion: Dude I'm impressed!
Dr Headphones: i thought prozac was a nice blue color
cease: where's your country?
Dexter Fong: Ken: Of that list, I'd recommend Standards First, then move on to others stuff...most of that is kinda "Outside" if you get my drift
AgentOrange: Art Therapy for the Insane. http://www.sito.org/cgi-bin/gridcosm/gridcosm?level=1884
Mr. Motion: No thats cobalt Doc!
||||||||| 9:56 PM: Agent Orange Number Ten jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dr Headphones: will put on standards when maria quits crooning to me then
Merlyn: Time for some assassinations...
Dr Headphones: cobalt 60? gimme two!
Dexter Fong: They're breeding...Somebody forgot the Nair Guard
cease: there's a line in dear friends, skyblue sky..forget which piece it;s from
Agent Orange Number Ten: Darn Croonage
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off AgentOrange at 9:57 PM
Mr. Motion: I'm getting cofused now there's three of um!
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off Orange Agent Number Nine at 9:57 PM
llanwydd: I always wondered what Art Therapy could do for surrealists
Mr. Motion: Nope only two...
Elayne: Oh dear, I'm fading. That'll teach me to multitask...
cease: ok, firefans, i'm collecting firesign dope humour for a local web tv station. what comes to mind for you?
Agent Orange Number Ten: I miss irc
Merlyn: you've heard of the danger of agent orange
Agent Orange Number Ten: I could listen to that
llanwydd: there's two of everybody except me
Elayne: Dope humor? How about "I'm the biggest idiot in my country!"?
cease: dope humour of the 70s, our forefathers took drugs, the mexican free airforce and the pills brothers come to mind immediately for me
Mr. Motion: Art Therapy I went to high school with his sister sextus...
Dr Headphones: cat: there's the very early bootleg piece about tripping in the middle of the radio game show
Dexter Fong: AO#10: Did you used to Firechat on IRC?
Agent Orange Number Ten: Dope humor=A bush Speech
cease: we take drugs seriously at our house, isnt that pills bros?
Elayne: Actually, if it's drugs you want, the old Doctor can help... stick out your tongue and bend over!
Agent Orange Number Ten is a Yamamoto Experience
llanwydd: dope humour? Mudhead?
Dr Headphones: i'm red and he's blue, we're the pills brothers
Dr Headphones: ah, so, mr. yam
Agent Orange Number Ten: You need white
llanwydd: got mail. brb
cease: yes, that's Freak For a Week. i'm using that on the next cd i'm making for them. also the segment of MY hour hour show that doc has up on his site, where tonto and the lone ranger get stoned
Elayne: And then of course there's Tiny Dr. Tim (RIP)...
: art therapy for surrealists would be like giving LSD to schizophrenics.
Mr. Motion: The police forced me to come up here and say that theres good drugs and BAD Drugs good drugs like ...
Agent Orange Number Ten: For proper patriotisim
Merlyn: One I like is from an XM show, Ossman wrote it I think: http://firesigntheater.com/xmradio/show1/etherexperiment.mp3
Dexter Fong: Sheesh should known from proliferating identities...OI Yam
cease: have a tablet
||||||||| 9:59 PM: Bone-E-Boi jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dr Headphones: hey, bone
cease: i'll check it out, merl
Elayne: Hey Bone-E!
Dexter Fong: Bone EEEeee
Mr. Motion: I once dropped acid with tiny doctor Tim what a rush.
Merlyn: That's from "Dr. Firesign's Sci-Fi Chiller Theatre"
||||||||| It's 10:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| prozac - dead from Intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dr Headphones: i actually prefer chloroform to ether
cease: hey thanks for turning me on to jessen. he was the guy i was trying to think of his name last week. even el forgot it
Dr Headphones: oh my god, demons were here!
Elayne: Jessen? Taylor Jessen? I remember his name, I just don't remember the context...
Bone-E-Boi: Shrinks did give LSD to patients before it was banned in 1966.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dr Headphones: i was in the band in 1966 :) trombone
cease: there are a lot of short refs, for example, i had to split it with the sound effects man, great black dope from Coal, i'm sure we can all think of many more
Merlyn: And you can hear Bergman trying not to laugh during his line
Agent Orange Number Ten: I was six in sixty six
cease: was common treatment in saskatchwan,
Bone-E-Boi: Dr. Hilarious in The Crying of Lot 49. . . .
Elayne: Short refs are the best ones. Otherwise one gets into C&C territory and it becomes one-joke humor.
Merlyn: taylor jessen is the FT archivist; he has pretty much everything FT has recorded
Mr. Motion: I was 18
cease: some jamaican the boys thought they had hidden from roller maidens
Elayne: Ah, he's the one who took over from the likes of Alan Gross and Michael Packer, then.
cease: no he doesn't merl, though he's amused you think so
||||||||| 10:02 PM: Dextre Fong jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Elayne: Michael used to have most of the audio, Alan most of the video.
Mr. Motion: The was the year the kids disappeared their High School good weed!
Dextre Fong: Merl..that link sent me browser all schizoid
cease: i thought micahel sold his archives
Agent Orange Number Ten: Dex is having difficulty?
Dr Headphones: the frenchy fong is here. "dextRE"
Merlyn: now he's ambigousdextrous
Bone-E-Boi: Heroin was available by prescription for addicts in England until the U.S. pressured the Brits to terminate the program... In 1966. Dr. Robert!
Merlyn: sorry, it's just a link to an MP3 file...
llanwydd: b. It were me mather.
cease: just do grass until your muscles come back; i wish i had some company and some really good dope from ossman's solo album
Dr Headphones: cotton mather
Dextre Fong: Just FYI Merl, no problem
Mr. Motion: But otherwise I'm OK!
llanwydd: my parents live in Florida but they are up in my area now and they will be coming over saturday
cease: there must be more refs on dear friends and let's eat
Bone-E-Boi: In June of 1966 Harry Claude Cat was born.
cease: coming over shortly, because i am a portly?
llanwydd: I can't think of anything about dope in FST
Dextre Fong hies away for a tankard
cease: this cat was in high school, and NOT a fan of bergman's radio show, though he was forced to listten to it by his friends.
cease: too much astrology for me
Elayne leaves for a moment to retrieve some dope humor...
Elayne: No, I lied, not humor at all...
llanwydd: so did you live in the LA area cat?
Bone-E-Boi: Fast forward to 2004... Has anyone tried playing FST CDs as a form of therapy for schizophrenics in the loonie bin?
cease: in the last of those shows, bergman had an extended rif about the benefits of marijuana, but it wasnt firesign or funny, just bergman rapping, as usual on that show
Dr Headphones sings: "when the mooooon, is in the seventh house....."
Mr. Motion: In June 1966 I graduation from Contact High!
cease: from 1/56 to 1/69, yes
Dr Headphones: bone: play them backwards, messages from god on there
Elayne: I think that's an interesting idea, Bone-E.
Bone-E-Boi: loonie loony looney
Merlyn: I used to be co-president of the schizophrenics society
Bone-E-Boi: looni
llanwydd: so you were in CA when it was the capital of the world
Mr. Motion: What about Luney?
llanwydd: I think FST could confuse schizophrenics
Bone-E-Boi: I was the entire membership of the schizophrenics society.
Dr Headphones: llan: but like a double negative, cancels out
Scuba Do: Luny is out of toon
Dr Headphones: dex: in "i wish i knew" he's in fine vocal form ;)
Bone-E-Boi: I think schizophrenics would understand FST perfectly. It could bring them hope.
Mr. Motion: It's pretty cofusing so far Ilbeanoconfuso?
Dr Headphones: to quote john kerry: "HOPE IS ON THE WAY!"
cease: i was in la when the firesign were forming, anyway.
Bone-E-Boi: jobs is on the way
Agent Orange Number Ten: Is Jobs on the way?
Agent Orange Number Ten: nuts
Mr. Motion: None of the boys were members of Skull & Bones were they?
cease: and studying radio production at the time
Agent Orange Number Ten: goddam multitasking
Dextre Fong: Ken: It comes with the turf as i 'xplained in email =)
llanwydd: all kidding aside I had a friend years ago who suffered from schizophrenia. I tried to get him to listen to FST once and he said, "This is a bunch of bullshit, isn't it?"
cease: i cant imagine proc or bergman joining it
llanwydd: I haven't seen him in many years
Bone-E-Boi: cojones
Dr Headphones: yeah, dex, i have almost gotten used to it after a couple tunes
cease: maybe you have, he's just someone else now
||||||||| It's 10:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bone-E-Boi: Maybe Bergman, Mr. Motion. He attended Yale.
Merlyn: retiring surfing exec quotes Firesign: http://surfingthemag.com/pulse/08_20_04_chris_evans
Agent Orange Number Ten: uh oh
Dr Headphones: bone: i think they only pick blue bloods for that "honor"
llanwydd: LOL cat!
Bone-E-Boi: Proctor attended Yale?
cease: along with proc. that's where they met. bergboy wrote plays and proc starred in them
Dextre Fong: Arghh I'm dead! This hasn't happened to me since the WIld Bunch
Merlyn: Here's what he said:
Merlyn: Anything else you'd like to say?
Merlyn: Well, let's see. You've got to start young if you're going to stick it out -- the Firesign Theatre said that, I believe-- and don't take the brown acid.
cease: hey el, are you still on vacation?
Mr. Motion: BoneI thought they were all from Yale
cease: brown shoes dont make it
Elayne: No Cat, that was almost a month ago.
Bone-E-Boi: Easterners. Cannot be trusted. Give me Fresno and Claremont anyday.
Merlyn: I'm going to work on some flash stuff ... be back...
cease: ossman went to columbia and some la school, austin i'm not sure where
Bone-E-Boi: Claremont McKenna College, cease.
llanwydd: later moyl
cease: keep em frying, merl
Bone-E-Boi: Austin was a psyop for the Army.
cease: yes he talks about that on Hour Hour
Bone-E-Boi: That's why schizophrenics understand FST perfectly. They're already crazy.
Dr Headphones: i must admit that's the first article about surfing i have ever read
llanwydd: I knew a retired Columbia professor when I lived in NJ
Mr. Motion: I was a cock teaser at Rooster Rama!
llanwydd: psyop. Is that anything like a cyclops?
Dr Headphones: i've been a cock teasee before
Dr Headphones: llan: let me put on my glass so i can see ;)
Bone-E-Boi: I'm just kidding about Austin. Although he was in Psychological Warfare while in the Army. But he wasn't a psyop.
Bone-E-Boi: I think he was a private.
cease: he played country music on the army radio station. they loved it
cease: isnt that on the hour hour piece merl has up on the firesite?
Mr. Motion: I worked with naked teenage girls who gave me money and drugs for about 15 years talk about being teased!
llanwydd: Psycological warfare? Well at least they don't use bombs
Bone-E-Boi: Country music. Play it through loudspeakers and I will surrender.
cease: you were a pimp?
Dr Headphones: MM: where can i apply for that job? :)
||||||||| Catherwood leads klokwkdog inside, makes a note of the time (10:16 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Mr. Motion: The Nudie Bar de jour!
Dextre Fong: Hey Klok:
cease: sounds like tom waits in Down By Law
Mr. Motion: Hey Klock.
cease: klok
Dr Headphones: hi, klok
Dextre Fong: MM: The Nudie Bar? Is that where you buy those fantastic, exotic C&W outfits?
klokwkdog: howdy, all
llanwydd: I finally figured out what your name means, klok. The hideous klokwork dog, Toto
Dr Headphones: captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy
Dextre Fong: Ken: Will do
Mr. Motion: http://go-go.uncle-ernie.com
llanwydd: took me a while
Dextre Fong: BING!!Well done Ilan =))
klokwkdog: so, how goes the war? did we defeat those nasty terrorists yet?
cease: there are those coke jokoes in Giant Rat but i'm looking more for pot refs
klokwkdog: amen, Ilan
Dr Headphones: klok: no scheduled VT parade yet, alas
Dextre Fong: November Klok
Mr. Motion: Which ones Klock, the ones in Washington DC?
cease: no, that's richard arnold
klokwkdog: i thought there were a couple of weed jokes in Rat, Cat. However, the premise for the story is all from Conan Doyle, who was not too big on weed, apparently
llanwydd: Speaking of VT, I might get to see Yes at the Champlain Valley Exposition
klokwkdog: MM -- the elements of the Imperial Iraqi Army and Our Forces?
Dr Headphones: damn, llan, wish i could go too. enjoy it if you go
cease: yeah the coke jokes are a natural there. any dope humour in Lawyer's hospital or In the Next World? i never listen to them
Dextre Fong: Klok: AC was into Opium and Speed Balls, a mixure of cheese and port, IIRC
Dextre Fong: Cat: Don't believe there are
cease: Sesame Mucho is an extended dope joke, but too obscure
llanwydd: any port in the storm
klokwkdog: it was only recently that I discovered that Conan Doyle had actually mentioned an untold Holmes tale about the Giant Rat of Sumatra (so you won't feel alone, Ilan)
cease: i'll take some speed, and beat the queen to Perth
Dr Headphones: sesame mucho is a takeoff from the old song, "besame mucho"?
cease: one of the mushroom plays, kend
Mr. Motion: Yes I think we've finally managed to piss of the rest of Islam lets rocket Alis grave good move!
Dr Headphones: btw, the latest polls show 3% of american muslims support bush in election
cease: not to mention The Sword and the Stoned
llanwydd: I actually knew about the Giant Rat. I have read all of Sherlock Holmes
Dextre Fong: Klok: YOu simply must get the Bering-Gold volume..all the stories plus interspersed biograph...of both AC and Homes whom may believe may still be alive rasing bees in South Devon
klokwkdog: it was by chance that I saw the movie, The Seven Percent Solution which was helpful as I'd missed that in Sherlock Holmes (or my grade school maintained expurgated copies...)
Mr. Motion: Dr. are those the 3% under arrest?
cease: i thikn so many inthe audience were stoned for those plays, they naturally played dope humour to make them laugh
Dextre Fong: MM: lol
Dr Headphones: MM: you mean the 3% who are NOT under arrest? :)
llanwydd: GR was described as a story "for which the world is not yet prepared"
cease: bush's 3% solution= ralph nader
Mr. Motion: Ooops my mistake!
klokwkdog: It shows that 3% are really crazy
Dextre Fong: Ken: Don't forget about the undecideds beeing held secretely
klokwkdog: I wonder where Black Muslims come down on this stuff...
cease: he could give bush the election Again. see polls in minnesota, missouri, maine, nevada....
Dr Headphones: i have internet friend who runs talk radio show in south dakota of all places, asked me to research anti-patriot act web pages. i sent him list of google searches that added together were well over 100,000 hits
Mr. Motion: Cease if it wasn't for the rethuglicans Nader wouldn't have made the ballot in Michigan they went out and got the signatures...
llanwydd: It was in "His Last Bow" that he turned out to be a beekeeper
cease: some really great black dope
klokwkdog: Dexter -- Sounds good, like an Interpreter's Bible. But I still don't have my Annotated Alice yet...
Bone-E-Boi: I saw a 1967 movie about youth on pot called Mary Jane starring Fabian. It was so bad it was funny.
Dextre Fong: Ilan: There are a fairly large number of cases mentioned in the stories that were never written up by AC..other's though, have
cease: i wanna get Skidoo, i just found the dvd for sale thru google.
Bone-E-Boi: An American International release.
Bone-E-Boi: American International made the worst monster movies.
Mr. Motion: I have an original White Company somewhere in the tombs
Dr Headphones: klok: black muslims do what farrakhan says. they will all probably write in anwar sadat
cease: jackie gleason turns his prison on to acid. god played by groucho marx, who did said acid with paul krassner
Dextre Fong: Me too MM =)
cease: when i get it, i'll put it up on Pot TV
cease: leary saw it and said premininger (who made the flilck) was hipper than tiny dr. tim hisself
Dextre Fong: Cat: I did not know JG was a Prison Warden
Mr. Motion: You mentioned the&5 solution I got that one and the West end Horror too.
cease: in the flick, dex
Dr Headphones: i still want to get the restored version of "reefer madness" on DVD
klokwkdog: Otto Preminger, Cat?? Sheesh
cease: yes
Bone-E-Boi: Mel Brooks was hipper than Timothy Leary and Mel never took LSD. However, he did name a character LSD in The Producers.
Dextre Fong: MM: I've been collecting the pastiches for a long time..hell, I got 3 different versions of Giant Rat
cease: read krassner's autobi
klokwkdog: i'm looking at the IMDB; whatta cast for a dud
llanwydd: what's your favorite SH story. Mine's "The Greek Interpreter"
cease: how do you know, bone? did he tell you?
Bone-E-Boi: Oh shit, I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to mention Mel Brooks because he stole a Grammy from the boys.
cease: it's all greek to me
Dr Headphones: bone: doesn't offend me at all. too many to pick one winner, it's somewhat arbitrary, i think
Dr Headphones: llan: i last read SH in jr high school, don't remember a lot of them
Bone-E-Boi: It's intuitively obvious, cease.
Dextre Fong: Ilan: I've been reading nothing but the recreations etc for a number of yours, can't recall
Mr. Motion: Wow I just have a copy of them as they appeared in the Strand and a couple of books from the teens that have about a dozen stories in them.
klokwkdog: Carol Channing doing a strip tease???
cease: i used to teach league of red headed men
||||||||| It's 10:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Agent Orange Number Ten - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Elayne - dead from Intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bone-E-Boi: I wonder about Buck Henry, though.
Dr Headphones: damn, the demons got elayne too
Mr. Motion: We all wonder about Buck Henry!
Dr Headphones: i loved him in catch 22. perfect for that role
Bone-E-Boi: And Orson Welles. He was a bigger and better director than Otto Preminger.
llanwydd: Elayne just died! How can you guys make jokes?
klokwkdog: he did OK in The Player
Mr. Motion: Dr H theres a movie I need to get on DVD!
Dr Headphones: llan: e would have wanted it that way
klokwkdog: certainly bigger, BEB
Dextre Fong: MM: Finding the re=creations (pastiches) is what's hard....if they're filed alphabetically, you don't know unless youve already read a book by that author
Bone-E-Boi: At a time like this? Tell me it's no true about Elayne.
Dr Headphones: MM: i tossed a coin last time i bought DVDs, got "apocalypse now redux" instead of "22"
klokwkdog just got his first DVD movies ever
cease: redux is better. catch 22 should have remained a book
llanwydd: yes she died of the same thing she died of last week
Dextre Fong: KLok: I'm sure there's a story behind your first acquisition =))
Dr Headphones: cat: book much better, yes, but movie was good in its own quaint way
klokwkdog: ken - I haven't see all of AN, but I'd get it before Catch-22. If you've read the book, it's OK, but the book much much better
Mr. Motion: Dr. As a foremer Youth-in-Asia been there and done that although Brando has a certain Je ne sais quoi I must admit!
Bone-E-Boi: tiny death or in the theatrical sense?
klokwkdog: yes there is, Dexter
cease: arkin was good as yossarian, true, but it had none of the brilliance of the book
Dr Headphones: brando was one crazy mo-fo in that movie, for sure
cease: at least LOR had 300$ mill worth of special effects
llanwydd: I dont know either
Bone-E-Boi: Could be both. She flopped and had an orgasm.
Dr Headphones: orgasm is sometimes called "the little death"
Mr. Motion: I never go to movies if I've read the book. For example Lord of the Rings really pissed me off.
llanwydd: I was never impressed with the method actors
Dextre Fong: "Le petit morte"
llanwydd: I never liked Brando's voice either
cease: yes, i was anoyed at the liberties they took with the books, but it was very visualy entertaining
klokwkdog: oh, it was OK, MM -- I liked that better than Catch-22 movie, 4 sure
Bone-E-Boi: If you've read Slaughterhouse-Five, see the movie.
klokwkdog: righto- there they match, BEB
Dextre Fong: I don't read *or* go to the movies..I have one of my assistants tell me what's important
Dr Headphones: bone: never done either one. it's been on my "to do" list for years, never got a copy though
cease: i agree bone. one case where a flick is a good as the book and its a great book
klokwkdog: Catch-22 should've been done as a 26-episode TV series, at least
klokwkdog: Same with Posession
Mr. Motion: I liked the movie and although the book was mucch better I don't hate the movie as I do Hanibal, Jurassic Park or LofR.
Dr Headphones: klok: or 10 years like M*A*S*H?
klokwkdog: LOL, Dex
cease: yes the flick was much better than the book and the tv series even better
Bone-E-Boi: All of this has become so... obscure.
Dextre Fong: MM: Did you *read* Hanibal?
llanwydd: I go by the same rule MM. But the movie of "Lost Horizon" was as good as the book
cease: i'm glad the firesign never got into making flicks
llanwydd: the original I mean
Dr Headphones: i watched hannibal while eating. what a mistake......
klokwkdog: well, MASH 'way overstayed its creative juices IMO. It ended up like ER or something with this rotating cast and soap opera characters
cease: i know the tried, but the stars were aligned against them, or some such
Mr. Motion: Yes my favorite book of the 3 Dex although Red Dragon was great as well.
cease: i disagree klok. i thought it got much better as it went along
klokwkdog: Cat - I could never figure out how they'd make a good movie of any of the records
Bone-E-Boi: I'll just fade away.
klokwkdog: They'd have to start with fresh material
Dr Headphones: cat: 7 years would have been enough, i think
Bone-E-Boi: Nite.
cease: they tried with eyk which i havent seen, or only small parts of
Mr. Motion: Ta ta bone
Dr Headphones: bone: don't go away mad...just go away ;)
Dextre Fong: MM: well, can't say the same...Loved both RD and SIlence and really hated Hanibal, thought the author fell in love with his chacter
cease: by bone
llanwydd: I'll never read an Ian Fleming novel because I've seen all the movie versions
||||||||| At 10:38 PM, Bone-E-Boi runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
klokwkdog: I think, though, that the major FST albums really deserve to be made into animations
cease: books are actualy better
Dextre Fong: Nib\ght BonEEee
klokwkdog: in the case of James Bond, the movies are much, much better, but that's not saying much
Dr Headphones: and niblets to you, dex
Dextre Fong: Nib\ight
cease: i disagree, klok. i think if the lads are ever to do cinema, it should be new project, not addiing visuals to their records
Mr. Motion: Hanibal explained Hanibal well at least it did in the book i.e. the most import bit of the trilogy they left out not to mention that awful ending. Hanibal was a love story!
Dr Headphones: first james bond i saw, double feature at drive in, was tripping on acid, didn't know when one ended and other began
cease: they've tried numerous times. just never really succeeded.
Dextre Fong: Ken: Were you in the trunk?
llanwydd: interesting idea about animated firesign
Dr Headphones: dex: back seat, just smiling and groovin' to the music
klokwkdog: no cat, apples and oranges. anything movie they do ought to be new, but I'd really like to see a well-done animation of the albums
cease: i dont think so, llan
llanwydd: should probably "leave it to the japs"
Dr Headphones: anime firesign? hmmmm.........
cease: let the albums live in our heads, where they belong
Dextre Fong: "Everything you-a know, Joe, is Anime
cease: i dont know why all the fuss about anime. it's NOT THAT GOOD
Dextre Fong: We all-a got-a big Roundeyes
cease: disney was doing better 50 years ago
klokwkdog: cat - but much of this material was originally staged, with minimal sets and costumes
llanwydd: I agree cat. But something original, maybe
cease: firesing albums? no, it was composed for the albums originally, then staged
Mr. Motion: I'd like to put all the albums on stage. Get a theatre that seats4000 says in some hip metro area and put on 3 or 4 plays a year.
klokwkdog: Cat - I'm sure Walt thinks so...he's dead now (or frozen or whatever)
cease: its been done, motion
Dr Headphones: disneysicle
cease: or at least some of them have been performed in la, if not elsewhere
Dextre Fong: I have a sneaking suspicion that like mime on radio, Firsign technique won't truly translate to another medium very easily, if at all
cease: we rented Sprited Away and though i got off on all the japanese refs, i kept thinking this is just disney, really bad disney
cease: exactly, dex
Mr. Motion: I was thinking more along the lines of NYC or Chicago I would imagine it was done SF too was it not?
klokwkdog: Dex - Stan Freberg had acrobats on radio -- the Zazalov Family
Dr Headphones: i've done mime on radio. it's called "dead air"
Dextre Fong: Cat: Never saw the fab 4 or Proctor and Bergman when there wasn't a little staging, costume, SFX and Lighting
llanwydd: that's even better! the 2nd through 4th FST albums in one long stage play
Dextre Fong: Klok: I heard 'em or heard of 'em
Dextre Fong: Yeah Ken: But you're a natural
klokwkdog: Yeah, Dex, but it's darned hard to have a Zeppelin there; quite easy in animation
Dr Headphones: dex: it happens when you put on 4 min song and have 5 min shit break
Mr. Motion: Zepplin do you think this is a Zepplin Many play Planet X!
Dr Headphones: i learned then that i would use either "layla" at 7min11sec or "macarthur park" at 8min something
cease: iv'e seen them live maybe half a dozen times. they're ok
cease: but spaulding gray was infinitely better, and he just sat there and talked
klokwkdog: There is something sickening that's opening on Broadway now or soon, some pop culture thing made into a musical. I forget what it is, but my jaw dropped at how they're barrel-bottom scraping
Dr Headphones sings: "someone left the cake out in the raaaaaaaain"
llanwydd: oh no!
Mr. Motion: I always used Free Bird or Alices Resturant if I wanted a break.
Dr Headphones: MM: our station didn't get quite that radical
klokwkdog: the canonical one is Arlo Guthrie, Ken
cease: i have a version of alice's restaurant i'
cease: i'm gonna play on pot tv, called Alice's multi-coloured rainbow roach
Dr Headphones: i did segue from sinatra to jethro tull once, stn mgr called me up on phone, said "no, no"
Mr. Motion: Bummer dude I was always AOR when I was in de air!
llanwydd: hey, blast from the past! I was a DJ too
||||||||| 10:47 PM: Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
cease: many of us were, are, or wil be, llan
klokwkdog: he's conjugating himself
Mr. Motion: Well then we could all form a liberal radio network we could call it fair America or sumethin'?
llanwydd: It was a very good year...but it's an old day now
cease: no, i have a wife to do that, klok
klokwkdog: yeah, Cat, it's like stages in the life cycle of coat hangers
cease: i forgot all about air america for the past hour or more
Mr. Motion: Could you conjugate the verb "ber" for us Klock?
klokwkdog: one day, you just have to be a DJ; it's part of growing up
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Today Holding up a coat...tomorrow, Serving the pro-choice movement
Mr. Motion: oops be
Dr Headphones: steve earle is getting a show in AA. 10pm weeknights, i think, starting next week or week after
cease: i'm gonna go feed my cats. be back in a minute. they're small cats
Mr. Motion: Who was it said we'll all be DJ's for 15 minutes?
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Cats and Dogs
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Dogs and Cats
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: They run right thru my Yard
klokwkdog: MM - ber, el ber, al beruit, ne ber, um ber, ka ber... Do you speak Assyrian, too, MM?
Mr. Motion: I thought that was Catsand Goat?
Dr Headphones: dex: you have a strad or guarneri?
klokwkdog: wow, Steve Earle? Sheesh
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: I whack 'em with a stick, and hang 'em on the Grocery Wall
llanwydd: I've had my 15 minutes. They don't pay enough these days
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Ken: National Steel
Mr. Motion: No I barely speaks. Anglander
klokwkdog: if Cat's not back in a minute, we can assume that the cats have become perhaps somewhat larger?
Dr Headphones: never saw steel fiddle before, bet it sounds, er, interesting
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Duarable too
Mr. Motion: I saw a fiddler crab steal once
Dr Headphones: klok: coroner's reports indicate that dogs wait a week to eat their master, cats start in 3-4 days
klokwkdog: steal first, MM?
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Got a great big horn type thing like a Victrola on it
llanwydd: goin to get a cough of cuppee. brb
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Can hear it over a full brass section
Mr. Motion: I didn't steal it I stole it
klokwkdog: ...and bears start immediately (when there's no more Rainier Beer) (it's in the water)
Mr. Motion: A Horny Pipe?
Dr Headphones: klok: funny story about the bear you sent me!
Mr. Motion: Thats why it's yellow!
Dr Headphones: never had ranier beer before, but i will drink busch
klokwkdog: yeah, I thought it was hilarious, having almost been eaten by a bear once
klokwkdog: Ken - didja read that story in the NYT about cooking in Alaska? ROFL!
klokwkdog: "don't sleep near where your meat is"
Dr Headphones: don't think i did. some days i spend a lot of time there, other times i forget it for a week or more
klokwkdog: oh, let me find that one. You saw it, Dex?
Mr. Motion: I got advertising to put up so keep'em flying! Oh Mr. Muckle has a cartoon in the magazine this week ... http://www.issuesandalibis.org ... Peace Y'all!
Dr Headphones: i do get their daily headline email, but if i let one slide, i just delete it
Dr Headphones: later, ernie :)
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: KLok: No
||||||||| At 10:56 PM, Mr. Motion runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
cease: by ern
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Night UE, MM
cease: keep em yearning
klokwkdog: Mozen took 12 salmon from its waters on his last trip. "I could have taken more, but smoking them is a lot of work," he said, as he looked at the smoker, big enough to hold two men and thickly covered with fish grease and ecstatic wasps.
klokwkdog: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/18/dining/18ALAS.html?pagewanted=all&position=
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: till the yanks come home again, all over the world
Dr Headphones: ok, got it loaded, will read when done chatting
Dextre Fong: Hey, it's me
klokwkdog: it's awful quiet all of a sudden...
klokwkdog: too quiet
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: I've got tabs
cease: sounds like police street
Dr Headphones: two of dex here now? how can we tell which one's real?
Dr Headphones: gimme a 4-way tab, please
cease: only seem real
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: That's easy, I'll ask us a question
klokwkdog: he and the doppelganger have been eher awhile, Ken
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: ?Are you he of whom you speak?
Dr Headphones: i never look at the cast of characters
||||||||| Catherwood leads Bubba's Brain inside, makes a note of the time (11:00 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Bubba's Brain: Hey, all.
klokwkdog: welcome Bubb
Dr Headphones: hey, it's da brain!
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Hio Bubba
Bubba's Brain: A 4-way tab? What a beautiful drink.
Bubba's Brain: For beautiful people....
Dextre Fong: Hi Bubba
Dr Headphones: well, i was thinking of the tabs you put under your tongue and let dissolve. and i don't mean nitro either
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: But out, "Dextre"
Bubba's Brain: Well, that can be "beautiful" too.
Dextre Fong: There not enough romm in this chat for both of us
cease: david romm?
Dr Headphones: erwin rommel
cease: it's bububububba!
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Romm? YOu fool, it's a server
Bubba's Brain: Hey, cat!
Bubba's Brain: "What this country needs" is now out -- will have it in the catalog early next week.
Dextre Fong: "What this country needs is a new President
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Right on! Dextre
klokwkdog: Dexter - it needs a new Congress, too
Bubba's Brain: You ever get the feeling you're talking to yourself?
Dr Headphones: go for the gold, clean the supremes too
Dextre Fong: Who? Us?
klokwkdog: all 2 often, Bubba
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: Nah
klokwkdog: Everybody see Alan Kay roast Rice?
Bubba's Brain: Yes, the Dextrose.
cease: i'm involved with my dog and cats
llanwydd: never heard of roasted rice
klokwkdog: the Republicans are having trouble keeping the magic show going...
cease: o Wonders>
Bubba's Brain: Involved --- sounds, uh , well..... Involved in what way?
Dextre Fong: Trying to make Dittens or cuppys
klokwkdog: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/19/politics/19panel.html
Bubba's Brain: Size DD cuppys?
Bubba's Brain: RIP film composer Elmer Bernstein.
cease: keeping them civil. they're getting on better and better
cease: off to elmertown now
klokwkdog: bing! timer! bak shortli
Dextre Fong: Klok: Trying to get me to subscribe?
Dr Headphones: elmer died? he was good
cease: i much prefer thre magnificent 7 to 7 samurai, not the least for his song
Bubba's Brain: Yup.
Dextre Fong: Yes he was..The Wild Ones...The Man w/ he Golden Arm
Bubba's Brain: He started out in Radio Drama -- that's how long he had been at it.
Bubba's Brain: Magnificent Seven.
Dextre Fong: brb
Bubba's Brain: Anyone here heard of "The Wozard of Iz" -- Fish introduced me to it yesterday.
cease: nope
klokwkdog: Dex - I can cc you on "email this article" if you prefer -- I have to do it for several people. Apparently it's chic to deliberately NOT read NYT
klokwkdog: nope, Bubba
Dr Headphones: starring diana ross?
cease: if stefve wozniak married eddie izzard?
Dr Headphones: klok: you not only split an infinitive there, you put in TWO words!
Dextre Fong: Klok: Living in NY, I get the Hard and Inky Copy =)
Bubba's Brain: Its a 1968 psychadelic take on the Wizard of Oz -- nice piece of radio theater, and some amazing, synthesizer work for 1968.
Dr Headphones: synths then were all hardwired with patch cords, as i recall from the walter carlos album cover
Bubba's Brain: yup
Dr Headphones: btw, if anyone is keeping score, in the 4th grade, i was "the wizard" in "the wizard of oz" for our school play :)
Bubba's Brain: It sounded kinda like Tom Lopez (ZBS) meets Firesign on acid.
Dextre Fong: "Open the cutains, Fred"
Dr Headphones: ZBS is "4th tower" people?
Bubba's Brain: But nobody paid attention -- you were the man behind the curtain.
cease: i'd like to here it. will you be selling it?
Bubba's Brain: yes, 4th tower, and Ruby the galactic gumshoe.
llanwydd: who's tom lopez? I'd rather hear Trini Lopez on acid
cease: i have some ruby
llanwydd: I mean him on acid not me
Dextre Fong: ILan: LOL
Bubba's Brain: I'd like to be able to figure out how to get the rights (to Wozard)
Dr Headphones sings: "if i had a hammer....."
cease: the piano's been drinking, not me
Dextre Fong: Owzard. no problem...Wizard, problem
Bubba's Brain sings "Lemon tree very pretty, but its melting on my face...."
klokwkdog: just making sure, Dex - once it's in the birdcage, it's hard to revisit...
Dextre Fong: heh
llanwydd: LOL bub
Dr Headphones: i'd probably climb the lemon tree if i were on acid :)
||||||||| 11:18 PM: formallity jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dr Headphones: hey, formal
Dextre Fong: Porcelain sings, "If I had a Hamper, I wash in the morning...
cease: i want an orange. or The Sun
formallity: booyashaka!
llanwydd: I haven't done acid in 11 or 12 years
Dr Headphones: you're so good with the maid, dex
Dextre Fong: Well said, Form
Bubba's Brain: Wozard was originally released on A&M, so rights may be problem -- and if I can get them, would probably have to do enought numbers to justify.
Dr Headphones: llan: longer than that for me. MUCH longer
llanwydd: doesn't interest me anymore
Bubba's Brain: Hey, Formality.
llanwydd: never did it much anyway
formallity: me to, I was eleven or twelve at the timw
Dr Headphones: i would have to be really f**ked up before taking it now at my age and "normal" state of mind
formallity: I spelled me name wrong, did I?
llanwydd: well, i'm younger than most of you guys
Bubba's Brain: Never done it.
Dr Headphones: form: don't worry 'bout it
Dextre Fong: Hell, when I was young..we used to eat the whole damn cactus
formallity: not me
formallity: I
Dr Headphones: it's function not form that we worry about here
formallity: I never used needles
formallity: get it?
cease: it is the destination, not the fuel
Bubba's Brain: I just have a naturally psycadelic mind....
llanwydd: I was born during the Kennedy administration
Dr Headphones: hmmm, speaking of spelling, i see my "Dr" doesn't have a period. I'M PREGNANT!
klokwkdog: ken, that's 'way too complicated this time of night ;-)
Merlyn: This just in: Chevy Chase is 60
Dextre Fong: Then we'd use the thorns for phonograph needles and play 78s
klokwkdog: groan
cease: we all almost died under the kennedy adminstration, llan
Dr Headphones: this just in: franco is still dead
formallity: I was born in the Reagan admistration
Merlyn: how's the franc?
llanwydd: I don't believe it!
Dextre Fong: John France..the Immaculate Receiver?
Dr Headphones: form: i have underwear older than you are ;)
formallity: part 1
Dextre Fong: Franco
llanwydd: Chevy Chase is 60 and you're not!
Dextre Fong: ..and it's on Kens website
formallity: young people can appreciate long form surrealist comedy albums
Dr Headphones: no, dex, not the public part. you have to pay to see that ;)
llanwydd: seriously form? You don't even remember the 70s?
Dextre Fong: Don't care about your parts or the Publicans you came in with
Dr Headphones: i do have a nude pic of me i was thinking of putting on there. i'm about 18 months and lying on a rug in all my splendor
||||||||| 11:23 PM: Bunnyboy jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Dextre Fong: Hiyah Bunny
Dr Headphones: hop hop, bun
cease: and spekaing of jumping...
Bubba's Brain: Hey, Bun.
llanwydd: hey bun
cease: bun, thanks for coming by. actualy a farewell party
formallity: before my time, I hear there was something back then calle loods?
Bunnyboy: Be a Peaceful Republican Convention Protestor, and receive a vintage commemorative WIN WIN WIN button!
Dextre Fong: Form: Just remember, you gotta stick it out if you wanna start young
Dr Headphones: ludes a/k/a 714s. good stuff if you just wanted to sit around with your eyes half closed and feel like doing nothing
formallity: that's very logicall
Bubba's Brain: Luden's -- don't let anyone fool you, they were cough drops.
llanwydd: I graduated high school in 79
Dr Headphones: if you took half a 714, it was a 357 (do the math)
Dextre Fong: I hear they busted the Smith Borthers
llanwydd: I sure loved the 70s. You really missed something, formality
cease: i think the convention is gonna send bush's poll up anyway, and if any weirdness happens outsid the convetoion, it'll be a gift to bush
Bubba's Brain: And here I thought 714 was an op-amp....
Dr Headphones: hell, i missed most of the 70s being stoned
formallity: i would have been in a funk band
Dextre Fong: Yeah, enough wierdness inside
Bunnyboy: Aw! RIP Elmer Bernstein.
Dextre Fong: Bubba: It is and a parrticularly noisy one too
llanwydd: I was in a couple of bands. Guitar.
Dr Headphones: but cheap and easy to interface
llanwydd: First one was The Shabby Acres Band
formallity: I like how everyone is already talking about the riots at the convention and it's impact
cease: rip, my last bottle of Okanagan Crisp Apple cidre. i saved it to drink with y'all
Bubba's Brain: Yes -- but almost all there was circa 1980.
Dextre Fong: Yep, just not an optimal choice for high=end audio or video equip
llanwydd: that will give you an idea of how it sounded
Dextre Fong: Cheers, Cat
Dr Headphones: i was never *in* a rock band, but i owned a cargo van and was official roadie for one for many months
llanwydd: I missed the riots. what happened
cease: yes, many cheers have been had with this wondrous cidre, with elayne and doc and lili and tiny dr. tim, among others.
Dr Headphones: llan: best ones were chicago, '68
Dextre Fong: TV sets, man..the woman would carry 6 or 7 TVs on their heads
cease: but they changed the recipe. the new one's undrinkable.
formallity: I mean the riots that probably will happen
cease: i live in van. does that count?
llanwydd: about a million guitarists kept joining the Shabby Acres Band so I left
Dextre Fong: Only to 10 Jugcat
Dr Headphones: heads will be beaten, rubber bullets (maybe even some real ones) fired, lots of wire-tie/handcuffs used
cease: lol
llanwydd: then they asked me to come back as the singer and things really took off
formallity: reminds me of chicago in march of 2002
cease: i remember chicago vividly. i fear repeat
Dr Headphones: i have never been asked to sing in a band. good thing, too
formallity: good times
cease: if they have to provoke it themselves. hey, what an original idea!
Dr Headphones: "the revolution WILL be televised"
cease: but gil scott heron won't
||||||||| 11:31 PM: Bubba's Bounced Brain jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dextre Fong: Embedded rteporters
formallity: I WILL be able to stay home, young brother
Bunnyboy: Say, one of the truly great dark comedies is back on video. AFTER HOURS.
cease: like the ever mutlplying orange agent of earlier
Dr Headphones: ah, out of the smog and into the fog with paul desmond and the MJQ :)
Dextre Fong: WHo and what's that Bun
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Damned dialup.
klokwkdog: bubba - I thought that was the 741, not 714, and it wasn't that noisy
Dr Headphones: bub: a media mogul such as yourself should have high-speed connection
Dr Headphones: klok: i think you're right about the number of the beast, er, op-amp there
llanwydd: may I ask a political question of possibly monumental import?
Bubba's Bounced Brain: actually, you're right. just my dyslexia
Bunnyboy: Dex: It's a Martin Scorsese film from 1985. It'll make you wanna think twice about partying in the Big City.
Dr Headphones: certainly, llan
Dextre Fong: If it's one of my talking points, Ilan
Dr Headphones: just remember imports have to balance exports
klokwkdog: wasn't really until the Signetics 5558 that things got relatively quiet. Now, they're ungodly so, but the packaging is the size of dust
Dextre Fong: Thanks Bunny, I *am* in the Big City but I dont=a party no more
Bubba's Bounced Brain: Fond of 5532's myself.
klokwkdog: by all means, Ilan
formallity: is it multiple choice?
klokwkdog: yeah, them's good, 2
Dr Headphones: lol, form: answer "c", it's always "c"
Dextre Fong: See?
llanwydd: The conservatives tell me they dislike change, they liberals tell me they favor progress. What do you call someone who favors changing what needs to be changed and leaving everything else as it is. I've always wanted to know.
cease: yes, i would like to see your city again, dex
formallity: that's how I got in to open admissions college
Dr Headphones: a realist?
cease: just saw the vermeer flick and heard interview with new yorker writer of vermeer in bosnia
Bubba's Bounced Brain: I wrote that before I saw yours -- same amp, different number per chip....
Dextre Fong: A Mug-Wump?
cease: i hear there are som evermeers in museums in ny.
klokwkdog: who gets to decide what "needs to be changed", Ilan?
Bunnyboy: AFTER HOURS is one of the best comedies of the 1980's.
||||||||| 11:35 PM: Bubba's Bounced2 Brain jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
formallity: underwear, lightbulbs, and land reform where by the peasants will have cheap land and low taxes
llanwydd: when I asked that of a conservative he was too stunned to answer
Dextre Fong: Cat: Yes, and in Boston too, though not as many as they once had =\
Dr Headphones: a plethora of bubbas
Bunnyboy: "Any eggs for Fats?"
cease: llan, why do we need such categories?
formallity: just kidding
Bunnyboy: Sorry. Mugwump got me.
cease: oh really?
llanwydd: well I hope we all get to decide
Dr Headphones: only if by "we" you mean the people with money/power
Dextre Fong: Mug-Wump gets everybody Bun
llanwydd: well, I dont observe the categories but so many of us are either liberal or conservative
Dextre Fong: I'm a Lbrium
Dr Headphones: http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html
Bunnyboy: Any cure for these prehensile piles?
Dr Headphones: i'm a gemini
Bunnyboy: They just grab, and won't let go!
||||||||| 11:37 PM: Bubba's Bounced3 Brain jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Dextre Fong: Hey anyone: What can you tell me briefly aout a site called Factcheck?
Bunnyboy: Head: That makes 2 of us! ; )
Dr Headphones: dex: non-partisan, roasts dems as well as repubs. good place
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: Bubba, bubba, whose got the bubba.
Dextre Fong: Thanks Ken
llanwydd: It still confuses me to see Limbaugh's and Frankens who think they are completely right
Dr Headphones: i get their newsletter, will forward next one to you if you desire
Dextre Fong: Ilan: It's not that Franken is completely right, it's that Limbaugh is completely wrong and doesn't even believe what he says
llanwydd: Do you think maybe I have missed the concept of left and right?
Dr Headphones: i hadn't deleted today's yet, just sent to you
Bunnyboy: Mr. OCD (that's me...sorta...no, DEFINITELY!) picked up LATELINE : THE COMPLETE SERIES, Al Franken's failed sitcom from the late 90's.
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bubba's Bounced Brain - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Bubba's Brain - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dr Headphones: llan: do the quiz i posted above. adds another dimension to politics
Dextre Fong: I shall now place "Dextre" in the I'm away category whilest I park a car
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: Two of my down, two to go.
llanwydd: I agree limbaugh will say what his constituents want to hear
formallity: Getting back to the seventies, I hear there was an unpopular war which most pollitions realized was an irriverisble mistake but they still plugged through
Dr Headphones: pahk the cahr in hahvahd yahd
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: me
klokwkdog: happy parking, Dex
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: not my
Dr Headphones: form: that's an understatement! damned near ripped the country apart
Bunnyboy: I always look back fondly on the "Late Buddy Hackett" episode, where the newsroom gets the tip that Hackett is dead, and go scrambling for tribute footage...only to find out Buddy's still alive!
llanwydd: well, kend, I'll do the quiz later when I can see the whole log.
formallity: what was that like?
llanwydd: thanks for pointing it out
formallity: I can't imagine
Bunnyboy: Miguel Ferrer, shouting from the control room:
cease: sounds like bob hope's last years
cease: the rumours of my death have been vastly exaggerated
Dr Headphones: it's put out by the libertarians, tears asunder the entire "left-right" continuum
cease: anyone read the new yorker article on that?
Bunnyboy: "Get me Sha-POO-PIE!!!"
Dr Headphones: form: the war was what actually brought down nixon. PRAISE THE LORD!
cease: you think so, kend?
formallity: It was'nt Debbie Does Dallas or whatever the persons name was?
klokwkdog: nixon brought down nixon
Dr Headphones: yeah, cat. plumbers formed for ellsburg, who leaked the pentagon papers
Bunnyboy: Ah, I'm beat. Nighty!
Dr Headphones: nixon then used them on dems
cease: oh, right
formallity: night
Dr Headphones: g'nite, bun
klokwkdog: nite Bun
cease: but that's rather tangential
cease: it wasnt peoples disgust with nixon's war that got him out
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: nite Bun.
Bunnyboy: So, what's the point?
cease: more so lbj
cease: bun
llanwydd: where did formality's post go
Dr Headphones: mcgovern was the peace candidate, they HAD to beat him by hook or by "i am not a" crook
||||||||| Bunnyboy departs at 11:44 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
cease: eggs ackley
cease: the war was popular, even in 72
Dr Headphones: hmmm, don't remember much about debbie does dallas after the first few minutes. it somehow led to other things besides watching the movie screen ;)
cease: much antipathy toward the anti-war hippiues, counter culture druggies, et al.
cease: i was the target of it often enough
klokwkdog: nixon's "secret plan to end the war" got him in office; then he slaughtered thousands of American boys and Vietnamese 'cause he lied
formallity: What brought down nixon was proof that he authorized hush payments to convicted criminals
Dr Headphones: cat: afraid i have to disagree there. highly unpopular except with the ruling class/military-industrial complex. by that time, 50K dead and no win in sight
cease: hey, where have i heard that recfently?
formallity: I read that in a book or something
llanwydd: well , form, about the war. I remember it from the 10 o'clock news on channel 5. They had "The Honor Roll". It was a list of the soldiers who had been killed within the last 24 hours and the names would pass by so fast you could hardly read them and it seemed like they were never going to end
Dr Headphones: well, form, that's the legal reason, but the war was the center of it all. just my opinion, but shared by millions
cease: ok, you were there, i was in japan listening to fen, the army's proganda and the japanese papes which relflected japan's geting rich selling sonys to the army.
cease: but for whatever reason, nixon creamed mcgovern.
Dr Headphones: mcgovern was a nice guy and nixon was a bastard. that's just one of the reasons
formallity: the war was popular in 72? That's right he gave a rally the troops speach or something
cease: too dovish, as goldwater was too hawkish against the more peaceful lbj in 64
klokwkdog: true enough, formal, but the truth is, the man himself was flawed -- he brought it all on himself. Sometimes he was a captain Queeg character being manipulated by Fred McMurray, but mostly, his flaws conspired to destroy him, whatever the actual, er, formal reason
Dr Headphones: the worst poster boy for the quakers you could ever find
llanwydd: Walter Cronkeit was often over there reporting and I'd see prisoners of war and grass hut. I didn't understand all the implications of it until it was almost over
formallity: My 3 sons fred mcmurray
formallity: ?
cease: you're right, klok. i agree with tolstoy, what happens is not the result of history or one person. they intertwine
klokwkdog: same guy -- watch The Caine Mutiny, great movie
Dr Headphones: when walter eventually turned against the war, nixon told someone "we've lost it now"
cease: earlier talk about books flicks. that one was both as good
Dr Headphones: better yet, read the book! so much better than movie
llanwydd: It was lost before it started
formallity: Bush won't be able to "rally the troops" with a speech like nixon did
cease: if the tin drum had been a 2-parter, it would have been the best translation of book to screen i'd ever see. unfortunately, it was not to be
Dr Headphones mutters, "who ate my strawberries?"
||||||||| It's 11:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bubba's Bounced2 Brain - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
formallity: It would be funny if he did though
Dr Headphones: bush can't speak 5% as well as nixon did
cease: not to mention reagan, who was mesmerizing, to those who wanted to be mesmerized
llanwydd: kerry's a better speaker than bush but bush has a better voice
formallity: that's true, the checkers speech was the first pure bullshit moment in television
formallity: a watershed for pollitics
Dr Headphones: well, one of the first. i think FDR was on experimental TV during the 30s ;)
llanwydd: but I think kerry will slaughter bush in the debates
cease: i think in some abstract way, bush, or the bush product, is more likable than kerry, who seems to be trying too hard to be your friiend
Dr Headphones: cat: yes, that's true, i think.
formallity: that's what we thought about gore
Dr Headphones: many of the "little people" think he's one of them.
cease: form, there is no first moment.
Dr Headphones: kevin philips on NOW with bill moyers tomorrow night on PBS, i'd highly recommend it. he's a great author and pretty good interview subject also
formallity: i guess your right, I don't know much about shit like that but it seemed like the brown standard
cease: time, like light, is both particle and wave.
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: Am I still here?
klokwkdog: nominally, Bubba
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: Wow!
Dr Headphones: form: you're old enough to vote, and you're registered and going to do it, i hope?
cease: now is the only reason to own a tv
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain: "The government came in like they were raiding Afghanistan, helicopters and the whole nine yards," says a Terlingua guitar picker and singer who says his name is "Uh, Clem." (He named himself after a character on Firesign Theater, a counterculture radio program that was popular in the 1970s. The locals address him as just "Clem.")
klokwkdog: time isn't real; it's a derived quantity
formallity: its same day registration right?
cease: yes, i read that
Dr Headphones: cat: i love that show, never miss it unless it's pledge week. i know, friday night is not when you're supposed to watch tv, but i don't have much of a life either
llanwydd: I don't think that tells the whole story cat. Waves can be made of particles
klokwkdog: don't wait to find out, form
Dr Headphones: form: some states, yes, but check at least 30 days ahead of time in your state
cease: there are things called vcrs, kend
cease: at least 20 years now
cease: maybe 30
Dr Headphones: alas, mine doesn't record. it plays
klokwkdog: Ilan - I just don't like the ones with jellyfish...
formallity: wait I missed that what was that ahclem thing from
klokwkdog: Bozos
klokwkdog: they think he is Chinese
formallity: i mean i know its from bozos but the quote
klokwkdog: yet, he outranks them...
Dr Headphones: bubba: whence comest that quotation?
cease: oh,i wish i could tape my participation in next week's chat, i'll be off next week, may be home earlier enough if anyone is still here but we'll see
llanwydd: got to stay away from those waves. They have dangerous particles
Dr Headphones: cat: we will send you a handsome simulfax copy
||||||||| 11:57 PM: Basic Bubba jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
cease: in the folloiwing e-day, i'm sure
formallity: I voted for gore so I'm dissillusioned
Dr Headphones: basic bubba? i thought you were cobol now....
formallity: but it can't happen again right? (gut laughs)
Dr Headphones: never regret a vote. only regret if you don't.
Basic Bubba: KC Star.
llanwydd: basic bubba? Without your brain?
formallity: cool
Basic Bubba: Actually, Perl now...
Dr Headphones: thomas jefferson (i think) said: "the majority may not always be right, but they are always the majority." little did he realize that he was talking about the supremes
cease: better than being cynical, form
Basic Bubba: http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&edition=us&ie=ascii&q=firesign -- found links to the KC article, and other interesting stuff.
Dr Headphones: my first vote was for mcgovern in 72, absentee ballot because that bastard nixon drafted my ass and i was in basic training. i don't hate anyone, but he was the nearest to it i ever got, i think
formallity: anyone heard of greg pallast?
cease: we don't need tom paine to tell us it is better to fight and lose than lose without fighting, though his voice is sorely needed now
cease: indeed, form.
Dr Headphones: oh yeah, palast is good stuff. u.s. media won't have him, so went to bbc
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
cease: often on the radio
formallity: sorry to bring up 'nam
Dr Headphones: catherwood: set your damned clock!
Dr Headphones: 'nam is still a hot subject among us olde pharts
klokwkdog: definitely, form, listen to him a lot
formallity: yeah so thats why I'm cynical, I reat that book
llanwydd: got to go to bed. Tell Phil I said hi
klokwkdog: Ken - NYC has different time...
Dr Headphones: later, llan
llanwydd: nytoll
Dr Headphones: yeah, klok, i'm in the "8 minutes behind NYC" time zone here :)
klokwkdog: fewer jellyfish in the waves, I guess. nite Ilan
formallity: c ya
Basic Bubba: Nite Il..... or should we say Kim Jung...
Dr Headphones: bubba: that's two ells, not eye ell. he's welsh but we already forgave him for that
formallity: he's the cuddliest dictator
Dr Headphones: our beloved leader!
klokwkdog: no, Ken, NYC is 8 minutes ahead of us -- that's why it always looks fuzzy
Dr Headphones: with his elevator shoes and pompadour hairdo
formallity: Papa comes in second
cease: i thought that was the doppler effect
klokwkdog: too short, form; he can't get no respect
formallity: you just know kim does a mean elvis
Dr Headphones: lol, "ruv me tendah"
klokwkdog: Ken - are you going to rip off the whole Dylan song?
Dr Headphones: dylan song?
Dr Headphones: 'fraid i'm lost there
klokwkdog: I gotta find the lyrics, then
Dr Headphones: i'm not a huge dylan fan. good poetry, sorry singer
cease: there's only one, klok?
cease: i used to sing his songs to myself waiting for rides hitching accross endless canada long ago
klokwkdog: maybe more, but I was thinking of "Just like a woman"
cease: long songs. funny songs. shortened the long waits
Dr Headphones: i honestly don't think i own any dylan except covers by other artists
cease: tom waits for no one, but his songs are too short and not funny enough
formallity: the jellyfish woman all sneeze saying please I can't find my knees
Basic Bubba: Aint it just like the night to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet?
klokwkdog: wake up, Cat - they installed ends on Canada years back. I think the autobahns still lack speed limits, but Canada got ends
formallity: that's from the same song
Dr Headphones: speaking of musical artists of the 60s (for $200, alex), i listened to some john pizzarelli doing beatles songs. good covers
cease: when you're waiting a day for a ride in the middle of a forest that's a thousand miles long, or a praite that's longer, no, there are no ends, klok. not to your immediate experience
Basic Bubba: same as what --- I missed some of the conversation.
Dr Headphones: cat: i've never hitched more than 100 miles at a time, but i bet that's almost scary at times
klokwkdog: like hitching across the Nullarbor, eh?
formallity: blond on blonde
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bubba's Bounced3 Brain - dead from the common cold
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from Globner's disease
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
formallity: I like how some of his lyrics make sense and some are goofy
Dr Headphones: the common cold, bubba
Basic Bubba: Oh... I missed it... you quoted d just before I quoted D. Visions of Johanna from Blood on the Tracks.
cease: well, if my flick is successful, you'll find out 1-how scary it can be 2-why do it at all
Dr Headphones: i think the only lyrics of his that i read recently was a song about war profiteering but dont' remember title
Basic Bubba: Or the common code.
formallity: Visions is from blond on blond
cease: yet in a mythic humourous way. well, we'll see.
Basic Bubba: Masters of War?
formallity: let's fight about this
Basic Bubba: You're right.
cease: i used to know lots of songs from that, form. just havent needed them in a long time, thank grid
Dr Headphones: yes, bub, that's it
formallity: i know what you mean, you made a flicker
formallity: ?
Dr Headphones: sci-fi channel has "in search of" now, subjects tonight are hell and nikola tesla
formallity: he invented the death ray
Basic Bubba: The old ones-- narrated by Nimoy?
Dr Headphones: this one isn't nimoy
formallity: forget i said that
Dr Headphones: ah, they have interview with near death experience guy who died, went to hell, and returned to talk about it :)
Dr Headphones: tesla did a lot that could be used for evil, some say that it's being done now.
Dr Headphones: he also beat edison in a fair fight but g. westinghouse ripped him off
formallity: Something about how half a giant Telsa coil could kill anyone in the world
klokwkdog: well, certainly electric motors are evil...
formallity: or something
cease: tes la cola tesla cola teslacola
klokwkdog: nothing magic about a Tesla coil, and yep, it can kill
formallity: Tesla the band is evil
cease: a machine's version of cocaine
Dr Headphones: well, actually half a giant fly swatter could kill anyone in the world, too :)
klokwkdog: ...but an axe might be cheaper and more effective
Basic Bubba: I'd pay to see that.
Dr Headphones: ask leon trotsky about axes
cease: how much do i hear?
formallity: Goodnight
klokwkdog: he had all kinds of ideas like a bladeless turbine and sending power through the ground, but they didn't work out very well
cease: i like hess'es discription of an intellectual: someone with no ax to grind
Dr Headphones: later, form, come back again, interesting conversation tonight!
klokwkdog: nite form
cease: good one, form
formallity: sorry to bring up nam but Ive seen too many news stories about how there definitely not going to bring back the draft
Dr Headphones: dont' believe the government
cease: almost drafted me.
formallity: so I've been obsessing about it
klokwkdog: probably not unless there's another terrorist attack
cease: they'll draft your ass, if you let them
Dr Headphones: cat lives in canada, maybe a decision some will have to make
cease: klok, you mean "when"
klokwkdog: ..they still have the boy scouts and the campfire girls after all the reserves are engaged...
Dr Headphones: at times i almost wish i had done that
cease: the door is open, kend. for now, anyway
cease: i hear the new draft wil demand canada give back its draft dodgers and our govt ok'd
Dr Headphones: they won't take me again. i WILL test nutzo on any test they care to give me!
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: So are we
Dextre Fong: We're back
klokwkdog: yellow
cease: if bush wins, i see the downward trajectory of your country as the expansion of a black hole, that will take everything down
Dr Headphones: a giant sucking sound
cease: hey, backboys
Dextre Fong: Im gonna re-up and frag the Governement
klokwkdog: Cat - if the republicans maintain control of Congress, I see them winning no matter who's president
Basic Bubba: That giant sucking sound is Dubya's Brain.
Dr Headphones: i awoke from sleep the other night with a novel idea the other night. well, idea for novel. might try my hand at some writing here in the next few months. political/secret rulers of the world/assassinations, etc.
Basic Bubba: Its a black hole from which no thought escapes.
cease: i see your point, klok, as they control the court and the media, who are owned by the same people
klokwkdog: but some of the Supreme Court are close to becoming wraiths, so they need to be able to resign under a rational leader who'll appoint real experts, not agendas
cease: but clinton was at least able to forestall doom, to some extant. bush brings it on
Dr Headphones: kerry told him to "bring it on" today :)
Dextre Fong: Vote Mug-Wump
klokwkdog: oh, we have a number of dooms possible. civil war in china worries me
cease: good for him. a week too late, but good
Dr Headphones: cat: did you get the thing i sent about leguin?
cease: where is carville when they need him?
cease: exquistie, kend.
cease: one of my heroes
Dextre Fong: Behind the curtain Cat
klokwkdog: i regret he used Bush's phrase - he should've coined his own
Dr Headphones: yep, knew you'd like that one :)
Dr Headphones: imitation is not always flattery
Basic Bubba: Carville, and chewy nougat center....
cease: nah, dex. the clinton war room would have jumped on that swift boat shit. this took 2 fucking weeks? lots of lost votes there
Dextre Fong: Kerry shoulda said; "I'll hit you so hard muthafucker, Laura will die"
Dr Headphones: he's one ugly SOB but i like listening to him talk
klokwkdog: agreed, Ken, but he should've done Bush one better
cease: good point, klok
cease: he's ugly only if you wanna fuck him
Dextre Fong: Hopefully it's all rope-adope
Dr Headphones: i was sorry to see laura stooping to campaigning. you'd think a former librarian would be smarter than marrying him
Dextre Fong: She wants silence in the whole country Ken
cease: shtooping> aint that her job? like shopping> shlepping?
klokwkdog: I've been reading TPM and this discrepancy bit (like on the Iran nukes quote) is soooo flagrant and the news media is just too lazy or too bought off to care. They ought to put some peoples' pants on fire!
Dextre Fong: She schtoops, George Schlepps, Karl Rove schtups
Dr Headphones: klok: i've been reading that pretty regularly since you turned me on to it
klokwkdog: i think it's like waking up one day and realizing you've married a bank robber, ken
cease: kend, she was smart. she married into the saudi embassy's main family. her great grand daughters will own banks in switzerland. how can she lose?
Basic Bubba: The News... in Yiddish.
Dextre Fong: Oi!
Dr Headphones: oy vey!
Dextre Fong: "Don't ask"
klokwkdog got a spam from one Mohammed Berman today...
Dr Headphones: lol, klok
cease: is ray gun, is ronald ray gun, is rael
Dextre Fong: Mohanned came to the Dog
Dr Headphones: gotta go do something, will return in a few
klokwkdog: sure
cease: sorry, New Seoul closed for the night. bark back tomorrow
Dextre Fong: Wonder why he didn't tell it what he was gonna do?
cease: steveie wonder what all the fuss about colour
cease: why should my skin be of more importance the the colour of these riased keys?
cease: and i'm not talking about alan
||||||||| It's 12:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| formallity - dead from Intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dextre Fong: Night Form
klokwkdog: ...and why do all the chicks who fall for me end up being tone deaf???
Dextre Fong: What??????
Basic Bubba: I'd better do it too... fading fast.
Dextre Fong: hmm hmm de hermmm
||||||||| Around 12:31 AM, Basic Bubba walks off into the sunset...
klokwkdog: Cat: next news -- Illinois Republicans beg Jack Ryan to re-enter the race...
Dextre Fong: Bye Basic
klokwkdog: Dex - in terms of Stevie Wonder musing on life, the universe, etc.
Dextre Fong: Resistance is Fultile, Ryan
cease: good one, klok
Dextre Fong: Klok: Was going for the (tone)deaf chick schtick
klokwkdog: Cat, I can see it, "Jack - come back. We don't care if you fornicate with puppies or little children or donkeys or whatever, but pleeeeze!"
cease: and the jack came back, we thought he was a gonner but
klokwkdog: yeah, I think it's in the "compared to what?" category, Cat
Dextre Fong: ConsideringnJeri Ryan, I'd wanna make sure I was really finished before I let others have her
klokwkdog: they just pick one winner after another ;-)
cease: win beer stein's money
klokwkdog: Dex -- you know, there's the visual person and then there's the person themselves and sometimes...
Dr Headphones: my kitties were out of food and water, reading me the riot act
Dextre Fong: ..yes?...
cease: yes, we must protect our kittens
klokwkdog: Dex - BTW, I have the W Magazine special on Kate Moss...
Dextre Fong: Klok: Are you telling me Jeri Ryan is tonedeaf?
klokwkdog: yeah, something like that, Dex ;-)
Dextre Fong: Well I'd still like a hum job from her =))
Dr Headphones: who cares if she can't carry a tune, huh?
Dextre Fong: "Assimilate me! Assimilate me!"
klokwkdog: She got so sick of that suit...
Dextre Fong: "Take it off! Take it off!"
klokwkdog: she had to, sometimes
Dextre Fong: A Simul ate me =\
cease: how could she expect to be anything but a sexual fantasy to every male therefter?
Dextre Fong: and there's something wrong with tha
Dextre Fong: t
Dextre Fong: ?
klokwkdog: well, it helps to get other acting jobs; she's done well at that
Dextre Fong: Anyone seen Alien vs Predator?
Dr Headphones: nope, it's not on my short list, dex
Dextre Fong: Just wondering who won
klokwkdog: I thought that was on Nov. 2...
klokwkdog: probably somewher ein the lyrics to "Wooden Ships"?
Dextre Fong: Cheny vs Rumsveldt
cease: i havent seen her in anything but trek
Dr Headphones: wire cage death match
cease: wooden ships. great song.
||||||||| Bightrethighrehighre waltzes in at 12:41 AM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Dextre Fong: She was in Boston Publid..a teacher.looked rather differnt without the suit
Dr Headphones: hey, can i have some of your purple berries?
klokwkdog: there's that boston school drama that was on for awhile, Cat
Dextre Fong: Public
Dr Headphones: hi biggie
cease: sounds like something a surviving korean might sing if both norhth and south nuked each other.
Bightrethighrehighre: wasuhp FST, compaddreeeeessss?
klokwkdog: sounds like the north has already self-nuked, Cat, for all practical purposes
Dr Headphones: you mean comrades? da, tovarisch!
cease: could happen. pak and india too. never underestimate the stupidity of our species
Dr Headphones: merry minuet from late 50s.
klokwkdog: who was it, Holbrooke? who said, "How can you intimidate a country that's starving its own population?"
Bightrethighrehighre: I regret notdumpin' back a moss anf hangin w/ yuz last week...
Dextre Fong: Maybe we can find another stupid species and join em, won't have to be the stupidest anymore
cease: so dewar leader wants to take everyone with him when he goes, or whatr, allows himself to be pushed out by chinses/american/south korean interests?
klokwkdog: they just found coral in Bahamas with two symbiotic parasites, Dex. It glows.
Dr Headphones: big: deep political discussions. you missed vietnam earlier, but join us in a chorus of "korea, my former homeland" now if you please
cease: good pointk klok. much of my play red shiftr is about exacltly that.
Dextre Fong: Klok: 'cept for the male coral, it sweats
cease: the girl selling carrot stones, for example
Dr Headphones: never had a carrot stone, my exwife had kidney stone once
klokwkdog: cat - that country is so screwed up, it frightens South Korea even if they agreed to give up the commie thing and merge. they look at what happened with E. Germany and go, "Oh my gawd...let's just leave it like it is for another 20 years..."
Dextre Fong: I been stoned but never on carrotts man
cease: lots of tv shows about north korea, all of a sudden
klokwkdog: yeah, yeah, Dex
cease: who will play Hawkeye?
Dr Headphones: karl rove!
Dr Headphones: tom delay as trapper john
Dextre Fong: Paris Hilton *is* Hawkeye
klokwkdog: where do they get the footage, Cat?
Dextre Fong: Klok: TIVO
klokwkdog: about the only ones we're in good with that're in good with them are what, the Australians?
cease: no, she does hawkeye. every week in a different position
Dr Headphones: klok: just saw one few weeks ago, bbc team allowed fairly free access to two families
||||||||| Bightrethighrehighre says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Bightrethighrehighre exits at 12:46 AM.
Dextre Fong: Bight bye
||||||||| Bightrthighrehighre waltzes in at 12:46 AM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Dr Headphones: hmmm, was it something we said or something we didn't say?
Dextre Fong: Hi Thigh
Dr Headphones: he's back! thought maybe we made you mad, biggie
cease: hi thigh miss american pie
klokwkdog: we ain't much good at not saying anything, that's 4 sure
Dextre Fong: My lips are sealed, baby
klokwkdog is getting woozy; it might've been that beer, but more likely the turkey sub...
Bightrthighrehighre: havinnggggbbbbbb teknekkkallbbbbbbb difficultibbbbieeeeesssss......
Dr Headphones: kittens going wild here, climing my big pioneer speakers. grill cloth only, not the actual speakers.
Dextre Fong: Klok: Take some salt, quickly
klokwkdog: you say what, Big? ;-)
Bightrthighrehighre: the rubber room fell right over....
Dr Headphones: tryptophan strikes again. film at 11
klokwkdog: nope, too much today -- 2 grams in the sub, plus some chips, plus some raw
klokwkdog: yeah, ken, the film over the eyes started about then
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: I'M back, Dextre locked me in the trunk
Bightrthighrehighre: maybe it's my web red eeee yooo I'm tryint to work on 56k while chatting....
Dr Headphones: 2 grams in one sub? that's more salt than anyone ever ate before!
klokwkdog: but did 7 mi. in 101 min., drenched
klokwkdog: what's in a footlong subway, ken
cease: have you turned into an elephant or are we just glad to see you?
klokwkdog: they make it darned hard to find, too. they love to talk about calories, but sodium? Well...
Dr Headphones: 56k should be against the law. i pity you, biggie
Bightrthighrehighre: if any a yew cats like web radio jazz, try www.jazztrax.com....AWESOME....elevatro jazz....
cease: down to my last glass
klokwkdog: i worry that Jared might be heading for a stroke...
Dr Headphones: commercials, biggie?
Dextre Fong: Of Cidre Cat?
klokwkdog: last tonight, or last of that variety?
Bightrthighrehighre: no commercials!!!!
cease: thanks, y'all for sharing this particular taste, this special lubrication, with my days for alll these years. to y'all. from what's left
Dextre Fong: No commercial interuptions
klokwkdog remembers smuggling 6-packs of Squirt to NC and facing that one remaining bottle in the refrigerator a couple months later...
Dr Headphones: hmmm, "connection timed out" when i tried it. will try again later
cease: this is the last glass of this perfect elixer that exists
Dextre Fong: Pour a little for the boys upriver Cat
cease: and i'm not sipping it
Bightrthighrehighre: who could imagine...vile foamy liquids....
klokwkdog: have you sent a written protest to the mfr., Cat?
Dr Headphones: cat: i felt much the same way with my last can of billy beer in the late 70s. well, no i didn't. that was not fit for hog slop
Dextre Fong: Slam it!
cease: what are all thes mexicans doing here?
Dextre Fong: Ken: lol
klokwkdog: the foxtrot
Dr Headphones: dex: i really did drink *one* of them. never wanted another
Bightrthighrehighre: el foxo-trotto...squeeze him right there, ese....
Dextre Fong: well folks, it's time for us to move on out
klokwkdog still has some bottles of Orbit in the fridge
klokwkdog: nite Dex!
cease: i talked to them on phone and many have complained to their local stores, but the company sees more profits in sweet drinks, so us dry cidre fans are without. sounds like py6thon, but in a few mintues, i will have had my last sip of my favourite beverage in the whole fucking world
Dextre Fong: Cyah all next week
Dr Headphones: later, dex
||||||||| Around 12:54 AM, Dextre Fong walks off into the sunset...
klokwkdog sheds tear with Cat...
cease: dex
Merlyn: getting late for me too
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong: And good night too us too
||||||||| Around 12:55 AM, Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong walks off into the sunset...
Merlyn: though I haven't been doing much on the chat tonight
Dr Headphones: yeah, almost 1am here too.
Merlyn: bye
||||||||| Merlyn says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Merlyn exits at 12:55 AM.
cease: but what i've learned from new kittens and dog almost as big as new car, new stuff happens
Dr Headphones: biggie: come earlier next time, you missed the exposition
klokwkdog can see the structural integrity of this chat collapsing...
Dr Headphones: later, dear friends. i'm off to see the wizard
cease: just finishing the last drop of cidre,
||||||||| Around 12:56 AM, Dr Headphones walks off into the sunset...
klokwkdog: night ken
klokwkdog: cat, my condolences, and here's hoping you discover an even better replacement very soon!
Bightrthighrehighre: I know...us "zonies" are on our own Marked Time....ya buncha poopers....
cease: kend
cease: rhymes with end
klokwkdog: but I am now outta here, too -- night everyone!
cease: off you go
||||||||| Around 12:57 AM, klokwkdog walks off into the sunset...
Bightrthighrehighre: I'm stuck here with a buncha warm blue moss....I drink alone....
cease: good bye, years of thirst quenching wonder.
Bightrthighrehighre: Cease... No...NO.....!!!!
cease: this is the last glass, biiggie
cease: it no longer exists
Bightrthighrehighre: Quaffffff the thought let us *CLINK* toast....
cease: unlike wine, cidre does not keep. you make it, drink it, or it turns to apple flavoured water
cease: coronel klink? you see nothing?
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Bightrthighrehighre: Isn't self medication waaaaanderfil....????
cease: depends
Bightrthighrehighre: yeah....I get to the edge...sometimes I fall right over it....
Bightrthighrehighre: Where is yer 10-20, good buddy CEASE?
Bightrthighrehighre: I make my own beer....good stuff....thanks to Jimmy Carter the , only Libertarian president of the United States, who was never a Libertarian....
cease: where are you, big?
cease: i'm in vancouver, canada
Bightrthighrehighre: Tempe, Arizzzzzzonaaaaaaaaaa....
cease: hopi country
cease: zuni?
Bightrthighrehighre: ....smack dab in th' middle of the Stinkin' Desert....
cease: fort stinking desert? that's 12,000 miles from here
Bightrthighrehighre: Hopi, Najajo, Pima, Apache....great folks....
Bightrthighrehighre: You can get there from here....
cease: my daughter visited there. had a good time
Bightrthighrehighre: I've been to Alberta and B Columbia BEEEEEE U TIFFF FULLLL!!!!!!
cease: i'd like to think of her as i drink this last sip of okanagan crisp apple cidre
Bightrthighrehighre: Arizona is great.... I'm lucky to call it my native home....
Bightrthighrehighre: the Cidre sounds tasty!!!!
cease: life is not infinite, but the pleasure we get in each moment transcends our concsiousness of time. echoes go where we cannot know. and on and on.
Bightrthighrehighre: what time is it there, right now....?
cease: yeah, big, there is beauty everwhere
cease: 10:02
Bightrthighrehighre: Yeah....great thoughts!!! avoid negativity! bear whiz and Cidre is where it's at!!!
Bightrthighrehighre: You're the same time as me....!!
cease: in the next few minuts, the lasrt mouthfull of my favourite beverage will have be consumed
cease: but there was another world whjere something else wasa my fave, bfofe that, and there msut be again
Bightrthighrehighre: Yeah.... you wanna hang in the rubber room, or is it time to bail....?
cease: off we bail, eh?
cease: good talkkng to you, big
Bightrthighrehighre: back at ya Cease!!
cease: i think i'll go look at pictures of my daughter.
cease: bye
Bightrthighrehighre: Keep the Chromium side up, and the Rubber Shoes down....good buddy!!!
||||||||| Around 1:26 AM, Bightrthighrehighre walks off into the sunset...
||||||||| It's 1:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cease - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 2 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 3 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 4 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Agent Orange Number Ten
Basic Bubba
Bubba's Bounced Brain
Bubba's Bounced3 Brain
Bubba's Brain
Dexter ''Fiddler'' Fong
Dexter Fong
Dextre Fong
Dr Headphones
Mr. Motion
Orange Agent Number Nine
Scuba Do
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