A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for September 02, 2004 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "5:03 PM and late as usual, it's Bubba's Brain, just back from Billville."
||||||||| At 5:03 PM, Bubba's Brain vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:00 PM and late as usual, it's Merlyn, just back from Billville."
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, September 02, 2004 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:07 PM and late as usual, it's Bightrethighrehighre, just back from Billville."
Merlyn: hey bth
||||||||| Bubba's Brain sneaks in around 9:09 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Bubba's Brain: Hey all.
Merlyn: hi BB
Bubba's Brain: I got a message from John Rice -- liek you said, he wishes to wait till all is in fullness.
Bightrethighrehighre: Hady ho folks, the -sec I stumble in I get called away....
Bubba's Brain: Sorry to hear that.
Merlyn: just relaying what he said to me, really
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:12 PM and late as usual, it's Dr. Headphones, just back from Billville."
Bubba's Brain: Hey, DrH
Dr. Headphones: good evening, fello republicans and dear friends. i accept your nomination for president of armenia AND indonesia!
Bightrethighrehighre: I'm sweatin for my relatives in Key Largo, Francis is gonna be a real fucker....
Dr. Headphones: hmmm, aparently no armenians or indonesians here, i don't hear the sound of applause....
Bightrethighrehighre: Here's "lookin'" at you kidz....
Dr. Headphones: ah, biggie, my parents and lots of other relatives in florida also, north of tampa on west coast
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:16 PM and late as usual, it's gen. Curtis Tweenheart, just back from Billville."
Bubba's Brain: "[Nixon is] such a good man. So useful. He makes me feel better, just to look at him. For example, the other night I had indigestion and had reached an impasse. Then I tuned in the debate, saw Nixon's face, and threw up. A wonderful relief" -- Norman Corwin, 1960
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Evening, men.
Bightrethighrehighre: Dr. Headphones: ....Duck and cover....!!
Dr. Headphones: howdy, herr general
Bightrethighrehighre: g' Evening Tween....
Bubba's Brain: I cite the above as the reason I'm not tuning into the convention. I don't have indigestion to be relieved.
Dr. Headphones: biggie: i think you have it wrong. cover duck and cook 1 hr at 375
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: They may already be among us. Witness the convention.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:17 PM and cease steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Dr. Headphones: i'm not watching the rethugs and their love-fest pep rally either
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Hey cease.
Dr. Headphones: hey cat
Bubba's Brain: They're in everybody's eggs.
Bightrethighrehighre: Dr. Headphones: ....tastes jes like chukin'....
cease: eggs?
Bightrethighrehighre: Cease! pass the Cidre, please....
cease: cats dont lay eggs
cease: no cidre tonight, a belgian cherry beer
Bubba's Brain: Cat, lets just call them, the phenomenon.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: If there are no eyes, avoid all contact.
Bightrethighrehighre: frankly, sir, I think you have....scrambled eggd and cats....
Dr. Headphones: i have a phenomenon in my lap. spot is a totally black kitten, but when younger, had skin infection of some sort which caused a "spot" on her back, so the name stuck even though she's healed now
cease: i'm trying to listen to janeane, watch 4 local newses about a story i'm interested in, and still tyring to enjoy this beer
Bightrethighrehighre: HOORAY BEER!!
Dr. Headphones: corn! now we can make beer. no, not right, let's try tortillas
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Frankly, I haven't seen this much snake oil since Rebus Kinebus jumped into the hole.
||||||||| dave pryce sneaks in around 9:20 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dr. Headphones: tweeny: did he really jump in or did the corporate media lie to us about it?
Merlyn: Now we can make pipes for Gen. MacArther
dave pryce: hello
Dr. Headphones: hi dp
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Dave...
cease: i just invented a phil collins
Bightrethighrehighre: how bout th seven c-teees of gold....?
Dr. Headphones: the pryce is right!
dave pryce: pipes?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Just like Winchester cathedral.
Dr. Headphones: cat: no you didn't. it's already in the bible, in genesis
Bubba's Brain: What a horrible thing, Cat. I think I'll Sue-Sue-Suedio you.
Bightrethighrehighre: Hi dave....
cease: thankfully all i know about the rep. convention is what i get from air america
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: A double Phil w/side of Jackie for me...
Dr. Headphones: cat: you're getting too much. "any penetration, however slight...."
Bubba's Brain: I've had my phil.
Bightrethighrehighre: dave pryce: Hang tight, Dave, that shipment's comin yer way, another week or so....
Dr. Headphones: hey, ship me a kilo or two also ;)
dave pryce: so you recognized me, big
Bightrethighrehighre: no, no no, not FALSE drugs....!!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: A full tank of gas, a credit card, and constant war!
Bightrethighrehighre: dave pryce: Yeah, got your 10-20....!!
Dr. Headphones: we'se the pills brothers :)
Bightrethighrehighre: Eyes REd....
dave pryce: powerful gasoline, a clean windshield and a shoeshine
cease: we taske drugs seriously at our house
Dr. Headphones: use murine
Merlyn: alias smith & jones
Bightrethighrehighre: Eyes Poiple....
Bightrethighrehighre: send in the Murine....
Dr. Headphones: mine's blue, they came that way at birth
Bubba's Brain: Ah, those Canadian Drugs. I've seen some web sites about that...
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Aw, it's paisley...
dave pryce: I was llanwydd last week but I thought I'd be myself tonight
Bightrethighrehighre: I've been up for a week....
Bubba's Brain: Cialis?
Merlyn: love that viagra
Bightrethighrehighre: 10,000 gm dose of viagra....
||||||||| Catherwood ushers AgentOrange into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:25 PM, then departs.
dave pryce: but he's coming down!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: The sun's not going down, the horizon's coming up...
Merlyn: look out for priapism
Bubba's Brain: "erections lasting more than four hours, though rare, require immediate medical attention"
Bightrethighrehighre: Merlyn: damn....ya beat me to it, Merl....!!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Hidy ho Agent.
AgentOrange: Are you ready for the Zell-a-thon?!
dave pryce: howdy orange
Merlyn: I think a 4-hour erection would get lots of attention in any case
Dr. Headphones: hi=de-ho, orange
Bubba's Brain: I got up and I can't fall!
Dr. Headphones: damn, tweeny, i typed mine before i saw yours, another GMTA
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: But I'm not flat, look. Ah ha ha ha.
AgentOrange: How much do I hear for him?
dave pryce: I find it impossible to believe that an erection is life-threatening
Bubba's Brain: I'm just trying to imagine the poor sap walking into the emergency room.
Dr. Headphones: wear a trench coat ;)
Bubba's Brain: Although I guess if he's going in for that, he aint, at present, a "sap"
Merlyn: throw a towel over it
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Lying there on the floor, spread eagle.
AgentOrange: It could be bad for the heart. Hold on... Tightness in chest. Can't breathe. ARRRGGGHHH
Dr. Headphones: nurses jumping on and off like that mechanical bull
Merlyn: priapism is where your erection won't go away, but the blood can't circulate and get oxygen. That's why it's bad.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Like to see the title of the procedure on the medical bill. 4 nurses @$100.
AgentOrange: "Vigor mortis" - National Lampoon Playdead Magazine issue
Bubba's Brain: "he's flat-lining, doctor"
Dr. Headphones: is natlamp still being published? if so, how's quality?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Gonna need a bigger coffin.
Merlyn: the lid won't shut
||||||||| Outside, the 9:30 PM downtown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving klokwkdog-won't-hunt coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
dave pryce: I'm listening to Sibelius' 7th symphony. Anyone ever heard it?
Dr. Headphones: ya know, we can't get through a week without at least one dick joke.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Hey klok...
dave pryce: exquisite
Bightrethighrehighre: ....Next nurse I get my hands on's gonna light up light a gddam pinball machine....
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: evenin all
cease: i prefer my fins on whales
Dr. Headphones: dp: i've heard of sibelius, but don't recognize that one by name. might if i heard it, hum a few bars
cease: hi klok
Dr. Headphones: hi, klok
AgentOrange: http://www.nationallampoon.com/
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: How many movments in that Sibelius?
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Bearly Yamamoto into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:31 PM, then departs.
dave pryce: hey klok
Dr. Headphones: the magic bowel movement?
Bightrethighrehighre: HI klok
Merlyn: we've had 4 years of a dick joke so far
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Hi Yam...
cease: yammi
Dr. Headphones: yo and oi, yammy
cease: you might get another 4
dave pryce: believe it or not its a one-movement symphony
Bubba's Brain: lick Bush now!
Dr. Headphones: merl: snarl when you say that!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: And a Tom Ridge in a pair tree.
cease: the magic bowel movement?
dave pryce: his briefest
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: 7th? I'm only up thru #2
Bightrethighrehighre: Velkommenn, Bear....
dave pryce: hey yam
Dr. Headphones: i've had some brief movements also, usually when sick
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: One movement, multiple personalities.
AgentOrange: Bush will deliver his speech in the round. Like Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland.
dave pryce: actually I like the 2nd best klok
Bubba's Brain: And just as animated.
Merlyn: maybe Dick will invade Viagra next
AgentOrange: Those eyes... Weird.
Bightrethighrehighre: Johannes Amadeus Medeski....
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Ya beat me to it, Bubba. Anybody at the World's fair back then?
cease: Mud Head skis?
Dr. Headphones sings: "carry me back to old vi------a------gra!
cease: i didn't know he was that coordinated
AgentOrange: In the round. Like a cheese log.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: the prom today was Shostakovich's 9th, a real joke, 27 minutes, but 5 movements; talk about the runs
cease: which one, gen?
dave pryce: mr. president I'd like to introduce you to...(osama)
cease: i've been to 5
Dr. Headphones: i like my cheese logs surrounded by nuts. but then, i digress and repeat myself in relation to the white house
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: NYC 1964.
Bearly Yamamoto breaks oyut the pepto bismalah
cease: the hall of presidents? that was at the ny worlds fair of 64. i saw it there before it moved to disneyland
Bearly Yamamoto: Bearly typing as usual
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Also Montreal '67, but pretty sure Mr. Lincoln was at '64.
dave pryce: only Shostokovich I've heard is the 5th which I kind of like
cease: when i first heard bozos, i thought the cavemen piece was lifted from the cavement at the traveller's insurance pavillion
Dr. Headphones: monte hall of presidents. "would you trade dubya for what's behind door number 3?"
cease: expo 67 was my favourite
Bearly Yamamoto: Net to the Ford Theatre wasn;'t he?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Mozart forever here...
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:35 PM and late as usual, it's Bunnyboy, just back from Billville."
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Bearly Yamamoto: I'd Trade WMDfor some magic beans
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dave inside, makes a note of the time (9:35 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
AgentOrange: Excuse me (osama). It's probably a mistake, nothing to worry about, but you're on the no-fly list. Please wait here for Deputy Dan.
Bubba's Brain: The hall of precidents Bush has set will hurt the country for a long time....
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: I'd trade Dubya for what's behind door 30, aty this point.
cease: hey dave
Bearly Yamamoto: Boy I'm awful 2-nite
cease: bunny
Dave: hey all, I'm gonna try to do some math homework while I'm on so if I don't talk any more than usual, that's why
dave pryce: hey bun
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Hy Bun, hey Dave.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: I heard it this afternoon and have totally forgotten it now
Dr. Headphones: tween: i have a christmas cd called "what if mozart wrote white christmas" or something like that. 15-20 carols, all in his style. quite amusing...once or twice...gets old quickly
Dr. Headphones: hey bun, dave
Bearly Yamamoto: oi all
dave pryce: unpresidented
Bubba's Brain: Hi Bb, Dave.
AgentOrange: Damn, the fly in this room doesn't seem to care about the no-fly list.
Dave: hey Cat, got your email from a few days ago, haven't had time to respond
AgentOrange: That's the third fly today. The scofflaws!
Bearly Yamamoto: Good bear stories in the media this week
Bunnyboy: A short stop. I'm bwana lissen to Da Pooper's...ehrm, DUH-bee-yuh's speechafyin'.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Were they channing carols, Dr. H?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: that's good idea Dave; hard to do math when you're shutdown
Dr. Headphones: flies don't last long in here. cats jumping into the air continuously until the little bugger is eaten by someone
AgentOrange: Yeah, yeah. I know. You won't weigh 'em.
Bearly Yamamoto: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/3612706.stm
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Sure hope Phil A shows up again. Liked his commentary the last time.
AgentOrange: Give 'em Zell, dub.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: bruckner's 7th and les noches tomorrow are the BFDs. i liked the 4th, so i'll try the 7th; les noches, well...
Dr. Headphones: big moth got in other night, lasted about 10 seconds. two chomps, all that was left was the wings
Bubba's Brain: Zell?
cease: yeah, this would be the right time for him. love to hear what he has to say about bush
Bubba's Brain: Is it safe?
Bearly Yamamoto: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3580626.stm
dave pryce: I've only heard Bruckner's 4th
Dr. Headphones: cat: you can imagine already, i'm sure
Bunnyboy: Sorry Doc isn't here. Anybody else from the Least Coast ever hear of The Uncle Floyd Show?
Bubba's Brain: Is it safe?
cease: you kittens ate a moth, kend?
AgentOrange: Tommy Franks don't need no viagra.
Bearly Yamamoto: Zelling Out?
Dr. Headphones: just don't anyone here start shooting spitballs!
dave pryce: It was OK
cease: mine are doing some amazing acrobatics ridding the rooms of flys, etc
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: paint it blue, ken
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:39 PM and late as usual, it's Miss Tilde Beet, just back from Billville."
Bunnyboy: Bub: Ma teef! Ow!
Bearly Yamamoto: Paint it brown
Dr. Headphones: cat: they love moths. big bodies, very tasty, i guess. never tried one myself
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Snake oil salesmen. That's what they are.
AgentOrange: The Best and the Brightest + Tommy Franks = Beans & Franks
Bubba's Brain: TB!
Dr. Headphones: hello, ms. beet
Bunnyboy: Yes, it's DEFINITELY safe.
Miss Tilde Beet: lo all
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Well, evnin' Miss T...
Bearly Yamamoto: oi
dave pryce: Hey Beet!
Bightrethighrehighre: no FALSE prescription drugs, either....
Bunnyboy: lo Beet
cease: it's a miss tree to me
Bightrethighrehighre: Hi MIss....
Bubba's Brain: And no Canadian writers, either!
AgentOrange: Beans & Franks are probably the reason why so many flies are in here.
Bearly Yamamoto: Blame Canada!
Miss Tilde Beet: so, nobody wants to watch the Bunnypants Chimpbot coronation?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: I'm Arty Choke, and we're just a joke.
Bearly Yamamoto: I have no TV
Bubba's Brain: I have no reception.
Bearly Yamamoto: And a good thing too, because I'd be compelled to break it
Bunnyboy: "And the prospect of seniors, cutting their pills into 63 percent pieces, give or take a percent, depending on which day it is..."
cease: wish canada were doing more you could blame us for
||||||||| AgentOrange leaves at 9:41 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Miss Tilde Beet: i have no mouth and i must scream whenever i see dick cheney.
Bubba's Brain: Besides, I have no stomach for watching such things.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Going to read Ivin's & Hightower's columns to se what he _actually_ said.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:41 PM and late as usual, it's Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks, just back from Billville."
dave pryce: I take it you've read Ellison
Dr. Headphones: beet: scream? the norwegians are looking for you.....
Bubba's Brain: It's the Bush diet.
Bunnyboy: I picked up a BEST OF UNCLE FLOYD disc, and it's purty funsy.
Bearly Yamamoto: What they selectaquoting Hightower and Ivins again?
Miss Tilde Beet: oh god have i ever. read ellison that is...
Bightrethighrehighre: Scandinavian viagra....norwegian wood....???
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Gen. Cranks. No Mississippi cowhard should leave his wine cellar undefended in such dangerous times...
Bearly Yamamoto: This IS Ellison
Bearly Yamamoto: Or Burroughs
Dr. Headphones: hell, i haven't even bought bush's beans for several years now. did you see the w ketchup? "made in american by armenians!"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: sure have DP -- anyone working with databases has to keep up with his writing
Bearly Yamamoto: or Nixon
dave pryce: Iliked that one and "Repent, Harlequin"
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Got any over-the-counter cold medicine? In large quantities?
Bunnyboy: Harlan Ellison will write right down yer throat...and that ain't necessarily bad.
Bearly Yamamoto: I hate Catsup
Miss Tilde Beet: jebus H Khrist the baron krauss von espy, are you really ellison?
Bubba's Brain: speaking of bush diets... I'll repeat something I quoted early in the evening, which, to my stomach, applies to Bush: "[Nixon is] such a good man. So useful. He makes me feel better, just to look at him. For example, the other night I had indigestion and had reached an impasse. Then I tuned in the debate, saw Nixon's face, and threw up. A wonderful relief" -- Norman Corwin, 1960
Bightrethighrehighre: Peyote??
Bearly Yamamoto: Ink on yr uvula
Dr. Headphones: better than ink on the vulva?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Burroughs? Not since the B-1700...
Bearly Yamamoto: The Bush Diet-available at a concentration kamp near YOU
Dr. Headphones: kerry voted against the b-1700
Miss Tilde Beet: i thought harlan would be prowling the hallways of worldcon in boston right about now..
Bunnyboy: "He's a father. And he HAS a father. Isn't that what you want in a president?"
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:44 PM and late as usual, it's Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'', just back from Billville."
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Didn't I see him out in the parking lot with a brown paper bag and a stick of model airplane glue?
cease: hi dex
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: There will be lawsuits over the way the protestors have been treated. Oil products on the floor. Asbestos.
Bunnyboy: "Isn't that ALL you want, in a president?"
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hiya Cat
cease: yeah ellison is amazingly social, for a misanthrope
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Yo, dex...
dave pryce: hey dex
Bearly Yamamoto: Real men use REAL Airplane glue
Dr. Headphones: dex, you seen any demonstrators this week?
cease: his wife is nice though
Miss Tilde Beet: lo dex
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hello Gentle folk
Bubba's Brain: Black, white -- aren't those all the shades you want your president to see?
Bearly Yamamoto: I forgot about it
cease: dont crush that glue, hand me the buyers
Dr. Headphones: bub: some lovely grays and pastels might be nice for a while
Miss Tilde Beet: harlan's wife? what # is she, like ....#6, i'm guessing?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': BUb: I want him to see a blinding white light and then fade to black.."finis"
Bunnyboy: I don't care our country's exec slams the door every night, or grins like a chimp. I do think that an intellectual litmus test is in order.
Bearly Yamamoto: Aigh! PAISELY
cease: i dont know how many he's had. several to be sure. he writes nastily about them in his books
Bearly Yamamoto: friign hippies
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: 'lo Ash
dave pryce: chimps don't grin
Bearly Yamamoto: oi
Bunnyboy: Speaking of grumps, Harvey Pekar is appearing at Bumbershoot, this year.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hi El Senor Klokwork Perro
cease: i met him and his then new wife when they came to van in i think 93, forget
Bightrethighrehighre: What have they done for MEEEEEEEE, lately....??
cease: they actually live close to my parents in la
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Wish Reagan would put him to bed. Oops. Too late...
Bubba's Brain: All I want him to see now is a bunch of blue all over the map.
Miss Tilde Beet: yep, i remember a nasty item about one of 'em; it was called "Thanatopsis" or something grim like that.
cease: pekar does festivals?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Guitar Pekar?
Dr. Headphones: i have a pekar. oops, wrong chat
dave pryce: mr and mrs smith go to the people
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Won't happen Bubba. It's gonna be neck & neck.
Bubba's Brain: Is it called Harvey, Dr.H?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': THis little Harvey is for you
Bunnyboy: cease: This one, he is. A couple of small events.
Bearly Yamamoto: REagan was more than enough, now we got Bonzo
Dr. Headphones: no, that's my puka ;)
Miss Tilde Beet: i'v me HE a few times over the years also. I once sent him a clip of an article where the author said HE writes Science Fiction"..
Bunnyboy: Thass PEE-Kar!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Are you one of us? Who is we?
cease: you watching seattle-jays game?
Bubba's Brain: Who am us, anyway?
cease: shows you how bad the mariners have become if the jays can beat them
Bearly Yamamoto: I'm one of me.
||||||||| "9:49 PM? 9:49 PM!!" says Catherwood, "llanwydd should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as llanwydd enters and sits on the couch.
Miss Tilde Beet: i've met HE a few times, i meant to say
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Belated howdys to Miss Beet and Dave Pryce (whose name rings a bell but I'm not sure in what bellfrey)
Bubba's Brain: We are small angry men.....
cease: sounds autoerotic
Dr. Headphones: i'm watching history channel, about maps, spying, and history
||||||||| 9:50 PM: yobingoflamingo jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Bearly Yamamoto: Yanquis lost 22-0
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Back so soon?
Bunnyboy: I'm gonna go get ready for the Dumb-a-drone. Nite, yez.
llanwydd: and you're one of us I think
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: hi Ilan
Bearly Yamamoto: oi
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Night Bun
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hi Ilan
Bearly Yamamoto: nite
Bearly Yamamoto: un-oi
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: nite bun
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': and OI Yam
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Can I put you in my lawn?
Bubba's Brain: Bite Bb.
Miss Tilde Beet: anyway, when HE recd the clip, he phoned me -- musta called directory assist for my #...
llanwydd: I was dave pryce. I just changed my name
||||||||| At 9:51 PM, Bunnyboy vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Isn't that special
cease: that was nice of him
Dr. Headphones: tween: i'm not ready to be besodded. besotted, maybe.....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I changed only part of my name
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: of course you did
Bearly Yamamoto: I'm gonna change my name
Miss Tilde Beet: and said to me"Tell the guy who wrote this piece that when I get to Mpls. next week I'm gonna rip his lungs out"
cease: you gonna open your window and yell, dex?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': You bet Cat
Dr. Headphones: beet: very funny! hope you witnessed it
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Gov. George "Happy" Pataki is speaking.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Awoooooo, werewolves of London...
cease: i'd do it from here but i'm 50 miles from the US border, thank grid
cease: good song, gen
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: i thought they turned them loose out on the moors
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: You think you're safe? heh heh
Miss Tilde Beet: oh. i get the impression HE loves the macho swagger stuff
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: too close, cat
Dr. Headphones: and his hair was *perfect*
llanwydd: I'm only 100 miles from the canadian border
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Good album, Excitable Boy. Lot of good cuts & good company like Ronstadt & Browne.
cease: far from safe, but too far away to yell at
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Fabulous
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: even being 50 miles back; even if all the grow lamps in Van were arrayed against them, they'd keep coming
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I figure we get us one of them 500K watt clear chanel Mex stations and yell over that...You'll hear us alright
Miss Tilde Beet: yep. pretty tough guy, only being 4'5" and all...:)
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "Woldman Jack says 'Fuggedaboudit'
Dr. Headphones: i heard it on the X
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Wolf
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: that's right, Clear Channel is now buying up Mexican radio stations...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': EL Canal Clero
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Thank you from the very bottom of New York, Pataki says.
Dr. Headphones: and some clear channel stations are carrying air america now! repent, the end of the world is nigh!!!!!
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: below the belt, bottom's up
Miss Tilde Beet: when is the big shout -out? is that tonight? how many minutes from now?
cease: they smell money
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Why not, they'll surely have the Iraq concession if W's re-unelected (thanks Diebold).
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: ...I don't know about Chanel -- wouldn't bush want to keep them out of North America, the evil weasels they are?
llanwydd: you serious cranks? did he say that?
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: I can't wait. AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Beetsie: As soon as GWB walks on stage and applause dies but before he speaks
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Should be on around 9 EST. Not that I'm interested.
Dr. Headphones: i will hear enough of w's speech on news tomorrow, refuse to watch/listen tonight
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': NO Gen: Closer to ten oclock
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: if so, we just missed 45 min. of it, Tween
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Newt Gingrich in badly compressed warped Real video. Nooooooo
Miss Tilde Beet: here's something frightening: the hub told me that DIebold kept the 2000 election returns in a: ...(wait for it)
Bearly Yamamoto: Is he still alive?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Bathtub?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: you don't have ABC News Now?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: I'm in CST. Sorry. Wasn't looking at my wall of clocks :)
Dr. Headphones: gingrich alive? was he ever? i thought he was a zombie
Miss Tilde Beet: ...MS Access database. AAAAIEEEE!
cease: is tha like csn?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: oh, you were right, but all, er, most of us on the right coast are on EDT, not EST
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Pataki is doing a pathetic parody of Kerry's "jobs is on the way" acceptance speech.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Night of the living dread. Village of the dammed people.
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Now he's doing that tired flip-flop thing again.
Miss Tilde Beet: hold on, jobs are on the way
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: flip flop springhead
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: lose one with the flipper?
llanwydd: It's better to have Pataki than Cuomo, I can tell you
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: they're getting John Howard into the act?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Would you trust these men to sell you a used Gremiln?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Tweaker: I think you misheard..he said *Job* is on the way meaning were all gonna catch a bunch of shit
Merlyn: I think Pataki should be introduced by Jerry Lewis: "Pa-TAAAAAA-ki!"
Dr. Headphones: beet: yeah, i read about that. i'm no access expert, but from what i read, i could crack that one wide open
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: we're gonna win one for the Gipper, they're gonna lose one for the flipper. I swear to God he just said that.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: does the word "right" wring a bell?
||||||||| It's 10:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| yobingoflamingo - dead from the yaws
||||||||| dave pryce - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Tacky Pataki.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Jobs is on the way with a new G5 iMac. Mmmmmmm.
cease: is the plague going around?
llanwydd: Gremlin! There's a blast from the past
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: g5? fuck, my new g4 is out of date already
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah? what about the USS Stark - when Saddam blew that one up, Reagan darn near went over and shook his hand...
llanwydd: What's the fiddlers?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: They actually put a 5L V8 in one of those. Be fun to have one just to see it spin out of control.
llanwydd: I just died from it
cease: good point, klok
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: The G5 is the first 64 bit on the desktop, or so I've heard.
Miss Tilde Beet: Dr. H, i bleev i could hack an access db to shreds, and i'm a well known incompetent; stuff like this scares the pataki outta me..
Merlyn: ask Firesign, they made "the fiddlers" up for Boom Dot Bust, I think
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah, Russell Brown was crowing about it in Scoop, so I just had to look. don't think I'll read the G5 book...
llanwydd: aha
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: it looks sexy, though
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': You sat on your pipe?
llanwydd: and Russel Crowe was Browning about it
Miss Tilde Beet: sat on your own stool?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: used poison gas on his own people? um, want to put the American companies who sold him the gear to make it with?
Bightrethighrehighre: ....bring out yer dead....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: Grin and Barret it
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Pretty neat idea putting the whole computer into a flat monitor housing.
Bubba's Brain: sat on your pipe? now you got a corn cob up your.... oh never mind.
llanwydd: lol
Miss Tilde Beet: ewww, let me re-phrase that...
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: "Some people have called this an abuse of power. I call it progress."
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Pataki actually said that. You can't make this stuff up.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: i wonder if we'll turn Saddam over to Iran for trial there, considering that he killed 300K of their people. somehow they forget to mention that, just the Kurds...
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Getcher snake oil right cheer...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: no, they put a flat monitor into a flat computer housing... ;-)
llanwydd: some people say Iran gassed the Kurds
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: No no no, it's a cheese slicer in a flat-panel display...
Bightrethighrehighre: ....I just gassed myself....
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: who cut the cheese log?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Only two inches thick. Not bad.
Miss Tilde Beet: praise the lord an gass the ammunition
Bubba's Brain: ... a feta compli.
Dr. Headphones: snake oil is better than peanut oil for frying, i hear
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: The Iranians must be plenty worried about who's next on the agenda.
llanwydd: pig oil is better for beer
Dr. Headphones: sheep milk feta? that's the best
Bightrethighrehighre: seein' Gawd, or someone like hi....uh...her....uhhhhhhhh....it....
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: the US said it was Iran, because we had to veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning Saddam (ouir good buddy at the time who would never commit such a heinous act
Miss Tilde Beet: not in a wok, tho. snakes can't wok.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: I keep waiting for The Bushites to make a link between Iran and the rebels in Iraq so they can start gearing up.
Bubba's Brain hums "Lets drop the big one and see what happens..."
Miss Tilde Beet: ain't got no legs. sgt..Lt. Dan
Dr. Headphones: wok and woll?
Bightrethighrehighre: llanwydd: did your ater ego give ya my message?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Who's big one, har har har har....
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Tween - why do you think they're going full speed ahead on nukes (using gear from our good buddy Pakistan, who just recently AGAIN promised not to sell that stuff to every 2-bit unfriendly nation)
Bightrethighrehighre: uhhhh....ALTER eago, damn I hate typos....
Miss Tilde Beet: wok and woll can never die
llanwydd: no, big. It may be lost
cease: are you all at your windows?
cease: your macs?
Dr. Headphones: puzzle me this: pakistan and saudi arabia do things against our national interest, yet we attack afghanistan and iraq instead?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Hey now buddy, Packistan is our ally. Just because they sell nuke secrets to the highest bidder...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Tween - Iraq = 20 million people, only some of whom are unhappy with us
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: It's only knock and know all, but I like it.
Bubba's Brain: you can tell by the way I use my wok, I;m a chinese cook, no time to talk.....
llanwydd: I
llanwydd: that is...
Bightrethighrehighre: llanwydd: just folks coming soon to a private, convenient medium, near you....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hey Hey Hey Hey frying alive
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Iran = sixty million people, and they have a big baby boom that started just after the Revolution who are just at prime troop age
Dr. Headphones: convenient medium? madame sarah is in the next town, tea leaves and palms read while you wait
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Gokch is best served live.
Miss Tilde Beet: calling dr. memory...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: and in Iraq, we're already down to calling up the Boy Scouts to help out...along with Nepal, Marshall Islands, Surinam and all those front-tier world military powers...
Bightrethighrehighre: is she an excaped dwarf= small medium @ large....
Bubba's Brain: .... and a minute ago, I didint' know how to eat Gokch....
Miss Tilde Beet: gypsy doctor...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt just turned off ABC News Now...visions of Zappa's slime coming out of my TV card...
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: THere are more than a few reservist families who are really quite P'd off at what's happening with this back-door draft deal.
Miss Tilde Beet: Cletus Awreetus-awrightus for Prez
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: The head of a DIzzy Gillespe simulacrum just twisted completely off while performing a trumpet solo in this weird New Orleans jazz rockabilly thing they're doing at the convention
Dr. Headphones: ossifers still support bush for the most part, but he's losing the enlisted vote
Bightrethighrehighre: ....slime ooozinnn out of your t voh set....
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Dizzy would faint.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: we need 300K more troops in Iraq and there's not that many people fighting against us
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: they've transitioned to a sickly sweet feel-good informercial about the Prez
Dr. Headphones: hell, let's just make it 51st state, send all our misfits there like the brits did to australia
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: It was a dumb idea and we're going to be there for years no matter who gets elected. McCain is mistaken in his support.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: invade Iran and we'll have 10 million very pissed-off 20-something young men just looking for a way to get back at us...don't tell me they'll be putting flowers in our lapels...
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: what do a bullhorn and a baseball have in common? what truths do they tell? and how does that help us?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Botany Gulf of Persia?
Miss Tilde Beet: i just went an listened out my door....nuthin yet.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: that's a great idea, Ken. Just smother them in money and treat them well -- it'd puzzle the hell out of them and really mess up the Ayatollahs' message
Bightrethighrehighre: McCain has been mistaken about everything for 20 years....
Miss Tilde Beet: Gah! the hub is home. Be back later maybe. Bye!
Bightrethighrehighre: ....at least....
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Bush got a lot of bullhorn practice at Yale, where he was on the pep squad.
Dr. Headphones: later, beet lady
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Bye Beet.
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Kerry got a lot of bullhorn practice, too, but that's another story.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: nite beet
Bightrethighrehighre: Tilde later...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: that thing in Salon today about Bush's time in Alabama was just sickening.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: McCain has not been wrong about campain finance reform. Sometimes I wish he'd join the Demo party. Not feeling that way recently.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: What did Salon have to say?
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: it seems as if Bush's speech won't begin until after Thursday Nite Chat. Are we slowing down the show?
Bightrethighrehighre: Propaganda super-mall, come n git it....
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: no need to wait until after prime time on our account, Mr. President.
cease: what was it that you hadnt known before,. klok?
cease: the whole "oh good heavens no" attitude of the woman?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: McCain sounds middle-of-the-road on TV, but he's been behind some very unfriendly legislation, IMO. One bill against LPFM stations really bugged me.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: He hasn't had his bananas, and the lip implants still aren't fitting correctly.
Bightrethighrehighre: what to believe? it's all crap!!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Tween - he never seemed to go to any National Guard things the whole time he was there
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Not behind the reform of the Telecommunications Act, I take it.
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: keep pitching. no matter what. you keep pitching
Bightrethighrehighre: except, of course, for ROLLING STONE, then, it's gotta be true....
Dr. Headphones: tween: if that's the case, then chat on!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Cat - she confirmed at a very high level that Bush was not doing any Guard stuff and was seriously useless
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: US Plus US Plus US Plus US Plus
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: he's screwed up everything he's worked on except...oh shoot, the US, too. What a loser.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Four more Beers
||||||||| It's 10:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bearly Yamamoto - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Four more beers
Dr. Headphones: dex: make sure it's american beer made by outsourced company
Merlyn: fuggetaboutit!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: He quit drinking when God told him he should be president. Or present. Or something.
Bightrethighrehighre: Miller beer, now owned by a s afrikan company....
llanwydd: FOUR MORE MONTHS!!!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': This household has just proudly cast it's vote for "Fuggedaboudit"!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt is glad no one can see him guzzling a Coors while he writes leftish commentary...
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: It's in the water, that's why it's yella.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Ash - Diebold cast it for you, months ago. It's just going to be a couple months B4 you find out how you voted...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Always there with a cheery word eh Klok?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Actually, Adolph makes a pretty good beer but I won't buy it because of what he does with the money.
cease: oh no, air am is actually playing the motherfucker?!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: We don't need no stinkin' paper trail...
Dr. Headphones: at one point in my life i thougth coors was the best. now, if i had to choose one to drink the rest of my life, i'd probably make my own
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: well, it was that or the Miller or the Bud. The Miller had some kind of German writing all over it and the guys that haul the Bud seemed to have been involved with setting fire to my local liquor store, so I won't touch Bud stuff
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: You know how, Dr. H?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Live and learn..I once thought Gennessee was pretty good
Dr. Headphones: tween: no, never done it, but can read and follow directions well
Bubba's Brain: Don't have Genessee around here.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt will get out a bottle of the "good" stuff if he lasts that long, Modelo
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Bub: YOu blessed
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: er, modello
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Modelo..Gretchen Buntschen drinks it
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Sure hope the boyz get together again soon. So much good material. Air America cameos wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Dr. Headphones: mexican beer?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yep
Dr. Headphones: cameos are black on white, we need color!
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Corona is very nice also.
llanwydd: all we have to fear is me
Dr. Headphones: only mexican i've had (besides that bastard of a beer, corona) is some local stuff when i was in mexico city. good but VERY strong stuff
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Well then, it's treaty time!
Bubba's Brain: It was my grandfather's favorite beer. When I went to his funeral a few years ago, had some on tap. Maybe it was the company or the food, but it was pretty good. Went for my grandmother's funeral this year, picked up a 12pack for memories. In cans it SUCKS.
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Corona make a light brew that rates and isn't as alcoholic.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: corona, modelo especial, and negra modelo all made by same woman-owned company
cease: dos x is good with lime
Dr. Headphones: i'm not anti-fruit, but any beer that is improved with lime in it can't be very good to start with
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': It's entreaty time, but...you CANNOT! petition the Lord with prayer
cease: wrong, kend
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: nothing will hold us back
llanwydd: why is bush on so late?
Bightrethighrehighre: manifest destiny, hooooooooooooo....
cease: anything can potentilally be improved by the addition of something else
cease: if that were not obvoius, we'd all stilbe drinkning water only
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Cat -- can you make that statement more general, please?
||||||||| It's 10:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Miss Tilde Beet - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dr. Headphones: got to disagree, cat, chocolate pudding isn't enhanced with jalapeños
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Good question llan...
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: this will not happen on my watch... while I'm wearing it
cease: lol klok
klokwkdog-won't-hunt loves Jalapeno chocolate pudding
Bightrethighrehighre: ....like pop rocks and oral sex....
Bubba's Brain: I like a good german Hefe Weizen. I also like a good Hefe with lemon. That doesn't make the original bad.
cease: yes, obviously much doesnt go with much else. that wasnt my point
llanwydd: another thing is drinking water. best additive is nothing
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: a mouthful of hydrogen peroxide and pop rocks
cease: beer is a combination of grains and other ingredients, and often includes fruit these days. i love belgian cherry beer for example
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: the president is rebuffering... please stand by
Dr. Headphones: i guess i'm weird then, i want beer or fruit, just not together
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: When I want to blow a dollar on a bottle of water, I drink Perrier.
cease: read reviewew of a new lemon ginger beer i must try
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: This is Worker....
cease: michigan not full of fruit beers and cidres? i'm surprised.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I like to drink beer while wearing my Fruit of the Looms by Modelo of Acapulco
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: the lighter pilsner-type Modelo stuff like Corona, I agree, lime is useful. For Dos Equis or Negra Modelo, that's kind of weird to me...
llanwydd: state short question
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Perrier, beer, hydrogen peroxide AND poprocks
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Next to an Acapulco Model?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah, Ken, the place for the fruit is in Sangria
Dr. Headphones: might be fruit beers here, but i've never had any. fruit to me is for wine or brandy, not beer
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: fizzies, I forgot to mention fizzies
Dr. Headphones: WHY?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: How tall are you?
llanwydd: I've had cherry flavored wheat beer. not bad
Dr. Headphones: sangria is great stuff, love it. used to make my own when i lived in tampa
Bubba's Brain: A local brewmeister made a granola breakfast beer, brewed with oats, and a taste of raisin and brown sugar -- quite tastety, actaally.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: we're talking a tiny slice of lime, not six pounds of it! the beer is served with it sometimes; like ice tea, doesn't mean you have to use it. Just put salt on it and eat it separately...
llanwydd: I
Bightrethighrehighre: baking soda, poprocks, fizzies and hydrogen peroxide, liquid oxygen, coleman fuel....
cease: i must learn how to make it correctlly. still experimenting, but getting better
llanwydd: onceagain
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: As we bow or heads in a moment of prayer for Tampa & everywhere else in FL tonight.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok: Don't forget about the worm in the bottle
cease: got a proper pitcher for it and trying differnt kinds of apples which seems key to me
klokwkdog-won't-hunt has a bottle of Pennsylvania rice beer that's being saved for visitors who don't like the stock Modelo in the fridge...
Bubba's Brain: when the worm starts talking to you....
llanwydd: I'm 5'10" dex. why do you ask?
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: It bit my tongue last time.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: that's tequila, isn't it Ash?
Dr. Headphones: cat: if you're talking about sangria, one of the secrets is triple sec
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: Fairly short =))
cease: no shit?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok: No, Mescal
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: none, cat -- makes it taste really awful
cease: i may ohave heard or read that on some website, makes sense
llanwydd: think so, dex?
cease: orange is a key flavour
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: Speak UP, I cant read you
cease: key lime would work too
Dr. Headphones: and it really adds a kick since it's stronger than wine in alc. content
llanwydd: you're freaking me out, dex
cease: blood orange
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: His eyes glint like diamonds in black coal
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: well, like chocolate, orange is very powerful, can overcome a variety of shortcomings in whatever it's added to
Dr. Headphones: another is freshly grated cinnamon, just a touch of it
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: I'm the least of your/our worries
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Ah, a Southern Sunrise.
cease: in the glass or in the sangria ?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Around the irm
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': rim
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: a small glitch in the voice synthesizer... I don't think anyone noticed
Dr. Headphones: any where you want it, but it does add to the flavor. not enough that you can really identify it, but just a pinch
Dave: guys I got stuff to do, will see you all next week, layter
llanwydd: would you elaborate, dex? or would I be even more befuddled?
||||||||| At 10:38 PM, Dave vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: well, that's different, you use the cin there, too. frost the glass, take it out and let it start to melt, then dust with cin and re-freeze
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Bye Dave.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Coal Gen Cranks? You said "Coal"?
Dr. Headphones: some people steep a vanilla bean (real one) in the wine the night before, but that's a little overpowering for me. but, it's all personal taste
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: 1, 2, 3 boxcars
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: YOu asked for a short question, I asked how tall are you..ipso reducto ad addendum
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: vanilla extract would add more alcohol...
gen. Curtis Tweenheart: Well, we'll just have to chew the gristle of Bush's remarks next week. So long, until last time, again.
llanwydd: aha. now I get it
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Press on General Tweenheart
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: the high price of health call is all that ambulance chaser John Edwards fault
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: heath care
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' leaves for a refill of just plain Vodka and Britta water
llanwydd: just put some angel hair in a pot to boil. I wonder how many angels had to go bald
Dr. Headphones: heath toffee bars. yummy!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Heath care...Grooming the Moors again Cranks?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' really leaving
klokwkdog-won't-hunt cannot bring himself to look at Bush babbling, will wait for BBC and Nightline analysis
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: the high price of health care is the fault of that ambulance chaser John Edwards.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: i hate cooking angel hair, it's so touchy about the cooked point. but the local Job Lot has it for 69¢, which is about as cheap as pasta gets these days
Bubba's Brain: good one... ha ha... htell me antoher
llanwydd: dex is having the "Jack D. Ripper"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: oh, for the good old days of 6 years ago when Almacs fought Stop and Shop, when pasta was 4 boxes for $1 and limes were 10/$1...
cease: where is stanley kubrick when you need him?
llanwydd: almacs? you must live in new england
cease: where is tery southern?
Dr. Headphones: news flash: stanley kubrick is still dead....
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yep
cease: just saw slim pickens in something from 68
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: I'm having the Jack B Nimble
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: with the angel hair, cat?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: south county, Ilan
cease: skidoo, this flick about jacky gleason taking acid and feuding with god, played by groucho marx
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: zzzzzzz. Huh? snore. zzzzzz Invest your social security in Enron. It's a steal. Less than a dollar a share. That's over a hundred percent less than it used to cost.
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: viva bush viva bush
cease: krassner talks about it in his autobi, tripping with groucho to prepare for the flick'
Dr. Headphones: to the moon, alice!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: everyone see this about UK gov't rooting for Kerry? http://www.guardian.co.uk/uselections2004/story/0,13918,1294572,00.html
Dr. Headphones: yeah, klok, good one. but sadly, not publicized here
cease: may lose kerry votes
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok:I'm rooting for Margaret's son
llanwydd: from the moon, baby!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Dex - to win, place or show?
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: another slight glitch in the speech synthesizer... he's putting the meth addicts to sleep
Dr. Headphones: r. dean taylor's new hit: equatorial guinea wants me, can't go back there.......
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok: TO jump bail
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: Wake up, troops!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: or perhaps the Grand Prize -- immediate extradition to Equatorial Guinea and a 15-minute "trial"...
cease: i think yanks welcome visitors from other countries much more graciiously then some of those countries do to foreigners, yet the average american thinks of the us as the centre of the universe and nothing outside needs much atrtention
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: some of these folks haven't slept for years. they're sleeping now
cease: unless your grandma is from chechnya, what the fuck do you care what happens there?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: Were you saying something..I was paying attention?
Dr. Headphones: yeah, cat, the world revolves around washington, with apologies to dex in nyc
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: No need to apologize...I'm caught up in the suction
cease: if so it'll be on the log somewhere dex. i can barely rememeber where i am now
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Circling the drain as it were
cease: is there a way to make the text appear larger on my screen?
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| gen. Curtis Tweenheart - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bubba's Brain: all text?
Dr. Headphones: cat: try ctrl key at same time with keypad plus sign
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Cat - move your head, move the screen?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: beyond that, depends on your browser and you appear to be using a Mac...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Wow! Nice call
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I divideed and everything became double
cease: veruy funny, klok
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: in Netscape on a PC, it's View->Text Zoom->500%...;-)
Dr. Headphones: or you could just adjust your setting for this page with font size
cease: the control thing didnt work. never does
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: It worked on Windows/Newtscape
Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks: we must make a place for the unborn child
Dr. Headphones: same thing in reverse with minus sign
Bubba's Brain: when you log in, chose a larger fontsize. If you don't want to re-log-in, hack the address bar. Increase the number after fontsize=
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "Move over Mary, and tell Joseph the news
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Cat appears to be using a Mac, which is inside Steve Jobs fabled Reality Distortion Field. Everything is different inside there....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Steve Jobs is on the way
Merlyn: no, BB explained it right, all the params are just in the URL arguments
Dr. Headphones: he's being outsourced to tadjikistan (origin of the apple tree)
Bubba's Brain: Cat... see in the address bar in the long URL where it says .... fontsize=3&refresh=....
llanwydd: anybody listening to bush?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': No arguments here Boss...we nice and calm
Merlyn: or just pull down the "configure" menu under 'send to all'
Bubba's Brain: oooh.... didn't know about that
Bubba's Brain: cool feature, Merl.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Tell him about the decoder ring, Merlyn
Dr. Headphones: llan: sorry, i do one convention quadrennially, my quota was filled earlier this year
cease: no i'm not using the mac yet/ still my 2 year old dell
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Ash - no, he has to buy the boxed virgin to get that
llanwydd: that's reasonable kend
Merlyn: you need the ovaltine labels for the decoder ring
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "D" "R" "I" "N" "K" "O" "V" "A" "L" "T" "I" "N" "E"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt weeps, looking at his 6 year-old frankenstein contraption...
llanwydd: he's still saying nookyuler
Bubba's Brain: D.... O.... N...T...F...O....R...G...E...T...T..0...D..R..I...N..K...Y...O..U..R...
Dr. Headphones: llan: i've wondered if the OED will add that as alternate pronunciation
Bubba's Brain: Ya beat me, Dex.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Merlyn -- I never use labels, just scroll down the page until I find what I'm looking for...
llanwydd: you have to have an IQ below 80 if you say nookyuler
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "$" "!@" "@#" "%" "#"
Dr. Headphones: klok: #do you ;comment your #code?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan said "nookyuler" heh-heh heh-heh
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Ken - //never
Bubba's Brain: Hello, World.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': ...well {|some^×"??
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Earth says, "Hello"
||||||||| It's 11:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Gen. ''Tweaker'' Cranks - dead from Globner's disease
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Universe says: "Shaddup!"
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hello Walls
Dr. Headphones: grep and grok, two for one on thursdays!
Bubba's Brain: Is that you, Starshine? Good morning!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Frink and Frak appearing Firdays
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': sheesh
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: "This is your service: time to wake up."
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: i pine for fir days
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: TECH SUPPORT!!! TECH SUPPORT!!
cease: has there been any calls?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: Quoting Friar Balsam?
cease: yosemite sam once told me a saw
Dr. Headphones: to paraphrase the n'awlins song, "pico, pico"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: either that or Dr. Bonner, Ash...
Bubba's Brain: Have you been twinkling above us again? I've been twinkling below.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Fabulousssss!
cease: and alvarado, reporting for duty, sire
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: an embarassment of twinkies; there must be programmers near...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Pico and Alvarado, Liege-hobres to King Phillip
Dr. Headphones: twinkies? i heard that interstate bakeries was near bankruptcy this week
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Honmbre (sheeeeeesh)
Bubba's Brain: Twinkie, Twinkie, little snack,
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Fins
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: that's Metacomet to you, Dex
Bubba's Brain: Sitting in your plastic pack...
Dr. Headphones: no, metacomment. a comment about a comment
Bubba's Brain: Up above my diet, so far.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Dr. Atkins strikes from the grave, Ken!
Bubba's Brain: How I wonder what you are.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': THink I'll get a candy bar
Bubba's Brain: Are you guar gum, polydextrose?
Bubba's Brain: Or just cream filling up my nose.
Dr. Headphones: or maybe i meant to say metamucil?
cease: i could see the diet building from my school in tokyo
cease: ugly mother
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I'm breathlessly wating for the rhyme, Bubba
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: they never seem to get anything done there, Cat
cease: like bizmark took a shit on tokyo
Bubba's Brain: so am I.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Bub: LOL
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Bub: HOw about; "Adding to my fusel
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': age
llanwydd: were you in tokyo when godzilla attacked it, cat?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: Sink the Bizmart
Merlyn: BRB...
Dr. Headphones: RBR
cease: godzilla is like alqaueda. it's down but never out
llanwydd: I don't remember if godzilla was before or after hiroshima
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: after
cease: off in search of cubes
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'the_unborn_child', just granted probation at 11:07 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: Doesn't matter...they were both mythica events
the_unborn_child: Make a place for me.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hey "stem Cell"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: wasn't Godzilla due to radiation somehow?
Bubba's Brain: Hey, UB. you have a thousand republicans trying to save you.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: or was it just Raymond Burr?
the_unborn_child: No jokes about 2001: a space odyssey, please.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I repeat: Move over Mary, and tell Joseph the news
llanwydd: aha. godzilla had to come AFTER Hiroshima
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok: RB was blue screened in in post production
Dr. Headphones: god bless the child ;)
llanwydd: I should think it would be hard to type before you are born
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah it was - A 400-foot monster reptile with radioactive breath is revived, thanks to nuclear testing. It goes on a mad rampage, destroying Tokyo (-from IMDB)
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Change the "Unborn Child" Hal
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: 1954
Dr. Headphones: klok: got it, will look after chat, open in another tab
the_unborn_child: On a bad night the hecklers shout "abort! abort!"
Merlyn: I'm back, just rebooted
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' sings " WIth a Shine on my shoes...
the_unborn_child: Did Real video completely hose your communications module, Merlyn? That's what happened to me.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Merlyn -- they wear out quick, don't they?
Merlyn: realplayer is flakey, but this time it seemed other web pages just weren't loading
Bubba's Brain: such a heel....
Dr. Headphones: don't reboot, just resole. it's cheaper and most religious insurance policies cover souls
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Lock and load Web Page soldier
the_unborn_child: Bush wants to build a Tomb of the Unborn Child. And put me in it.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Those &th Day Adventists still hounding you?
Bubba's Brain: I wouldn't put it past him.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': 7th
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: famine, pestilence and death -- we're coming up on a regular seal rookery...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: or on Mars, 8th...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': UC: ONly one thing to do, you gotta fight your way "OUT"!
Dr. Headphones: dex: when they visit (or the jehovah's witnesses or mormons) i always tell them to come back saturday night for the orgy, black mass, and ritual goat sacrifice. they leave quickly :)
llanwydd: interesting not to see doctec tonight. Whatever happened to him?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Must be the goats. Ken
the_unborn_child: standalone Real Player totally took out Netscape 7, Merlyn.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: he's in the pool...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: He's under the spell of the Deadly 8-Ball
the_unborn_child: Please don't mention the dead pool
Merlyn: what do you mean, "took out"?
Dr. Headphones: i thought he would be back by now, he came in 65th in the country or something like that
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: he just returned from Rome, Luxor, (and the rest of Monument Valley) and is taking some downtime, I guess
the_unborn_child: Real player wasn't even a plug-in, but it knocked me offline.
Dr. Headphones: watching jon stewart skewer the rethuglicans :)
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: he's got a job and probably catching up wioth lili so we come in a distant 4th or 5th...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': 65th
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Inverse popularity
klokwkdog-won't-hunt installed a just darling Helix Real Player in Linux the other day, and it plays source just fine except there is no sound...
Dr. Headphones: lol, klok! helix is encoder, not decoder
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': What?
cease: unborn?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Oooh! Ken scores
Bubba's Brain: The egg battle is ova!
the_unborn_child: Everything but sound. I heart Linux.
Dr. Headphones: feed it a wav or mp3, out comes ram
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': No goats?
Bubba's Brain: goat battle?
Dr. Headphones: only in a nice curry
cease: i thoughgt you said ghosts
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah, but for Linux, Real sends people to them -- they even detect the OS and reroute now. It's a Real Player clone, not an encoder
Dr. Headphones: god, stewart is playing zell miller clips, giving me headache
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Hi! THis is Butt Heads, here at the annual Goat Battle
cease: goat cheese or chinese
the_unborn_child: I'm thinking sitcom. Make Room For The Unborn Child. How does that sound to you?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: groan -- frigging BBC News Hour is simulcasting Bush...
cease: giles, try the back door
the_unborn_child: he's the fetus that's pleased to meet us
Dr. Headphones: i have never tried realmedia in linux. i have helix for windows and it doesn't play, just encodes.
llanwydd: somehow uncomedic
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: resizing to tiny window so I can watch for Catty Kay to come on and make catty comments later...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': UC: And the theme song could be, to the tune of "Move over Beethoven etc" ""Move over Mary, and give Joseph the news""
Bubba's Brain: Nite all!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah, I looked around Helix; they had some other products, but I only got the player.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: nite Bubba
Dr. Headphones: i watch bbc news at 6pm, but apparently they do it at 11 also? i don't get that here, alas
Dr. Headphones: later, bub
llanwydd: nite bub
||||||||| At 11:20 PM, Bubba's Brain vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
the_unborn_child: Roll over Mary and Joseph! Nothing will stop us!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Bub: Give us that metamucil rhyme next time please. =Z))
cease: bub
Dr. Headphones: lol, dex :) yeah, i await with bated breath also
cease: bear baiting?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "Hey Hey My My"..."The Unborn child has yet to die"
llanwydd: this has been a long speech. anyone still listening
the_unborn_child: eart eal layer
llanwydd: I've got it on NPR
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: Didn't start
llanwydd: I wait with braided beth
Dr. Headphones: who's beth? related to betty jo bialowski?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' just want's to know if GWB is handling snakes yet, ot speaking in toungues...well he kinda does that now
cease: mike malloy is cutting in and out like a crazy monkey
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Ilan -- I've resized the TV window to 720x480 and just glance at it now and then to see if Bush is still jabbering. Sound is muted!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': My sound is "Meta-Muted"
cease: is muted new charcter?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: the PBS station here is still analog, so the whole thing looks like a Seurat painting in a snowstorm...
llanwydd: bush is coming out to play an encore
the_unborn_child: Yeah, I took some screenshots of W. They'll be posted to SITO eventually. http://www.sito.org/cgi-bin/gridcosm/gridcosm?level=top
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah, Cat, I put one of those strumpet things in his mouth...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok: One of the very rare Seurat Winter Landscapes
llanwydd: I think he's gonna do Johnny B Goode
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Dark Star!!
Dr. Headphones: sally strumpet? i liked her on "all in the family"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: she was better in The Getaway...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': or maybe "Terror Pin Station"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: sound still muted...is CNN broadcasting the R guy screaming where the fuck are the balloons again?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' thinks "there's nvere a Dead Head when you need one"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Penn station was attacked? Was Teller hurt?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Roll over Penn Station and teller the news
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: oh, there's usually one, but they're not going to get up for that, Dex
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: very good, Ash, very good
Bightrethighrehighre: ballooonzzzzzzzz for precedent....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Terror Pin Station..one of the great unappreciated plays on wrod(s)
llanwydd: so I hear it was at Madison Square Garbage
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': or word(s)
llanwydd: I've been there plenty of times
Dr. Headphones: terrapin station? "it's all turtles, all the way down."
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: v words
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Roll over Tortoise, and tell the turtle the news....Tortoise? Tortoise!??
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: 11:20 and they're still showing Bush on BBC News Hour...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' thinks, time enough for a quick refill before moving car
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: guess the folks in Darfour getting bushwhacked in one more way tonight...
Bightrethighrehighre: didja hear SUBWAY opened up a new store in india....? yeah- NEW DELI !! BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
the_unborn_child: Zell's defection was nothing compared to a couple of Turtles becoming Mothers.
the_unborn_child: so happy together
llanwydd: I heard a guy on Art Bell's show a couple of years ago who predicted the future. He said Bush will die in his second term from a digestive disorder
Dr. Headphones: groan, biggie, after a chuckle ;)
llanwydd: serious
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: now that's a scary prediction!!
Dr. Headphones: llan: he missed it on two counts. pretzel, first term, didn't die
the_unborn_child: flo, eddie, zappa... whatever happened to all the fun in the world?
Bightrethighrehighre: Dr. Headphones: I love "GROANERS", ya got any....??
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: we get 4 more years of Bush and he gets replaced by Cheney!
Dr. Headphones: biggie: i love them too. used to subscribe to a pun list, got several a day, but they went out of business
Merlyn: I'd prefer Lon Chaney
Dr. Headphones: let's hope cheney goes first and the replacement isn't *too* bad
Bightrethighrehighre: what's the punchline, Dr. H????
llanwydd: Phantom of the White House
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: yeah, much more preferable than Lynne Cheney!
the_unborn_child: the Dick of a Thousand Faces
Dr. Headphones: how about a nice hawaiian punch? sorry, that was it.
cease: lynch, nee?
Bightrethighrehighre: how about new jersey jokes....?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Nik NIk Nik
Bightrethighrehighre: no offense jersey-ites....
the_unborn_child: saw Penis Theater as part of Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation one year.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: which exit?
cease: put a towel over it and it'll go away
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Klok: My line lol
cease: you put on a nose, and it grows, it. glows
the_unborn_child: Spike & Mike's Festival of Sick & Twisted Animation
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: whats your line?
Dr. Headphones: i'm not from that area, only joke i know about new jersey is true. i went there, got in free, had to pay to get out. the punch line when i inquired: "who would pay to get in???"
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Womens Undergarments
llanwydd: anybody worried about Florida? My parents live in Daytona.
Bightrethighrehighre: THANKS, Doc!
the_unborn_child: it wasn't really animation. just penises with faces, dressed up like actors and actresses.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: in NYC, you have to pay to get in and out
llanwydd: They lost a tree in their front yard a couple of weeks ago
Bightrethighrehighre: Doc- what's the state flower of new jersey....?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ilan: My wife's brother and wife live in Lauderdale an her nephew lives in Key west
llanwydd: the next one might hit daytona again
the_unborn_child: have any of you ever seen a penis act?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Biggie: Petroleum
Bightrethighrehighre: DEX: close!! MILDEW!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': UC: As Henry Miller said; "A stiff cock has no conscience"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: back on ABC News Now, digital, watchable except this preacher who looks really mean (why do all Republicans look so darn mean?) jabbering away
the_unborn_child: they weren't stiff, Dex.
the_unborn_child: that would be obscene.
cease: but not herd
Dr. Headphones: llan: my family all about an hour north of tampa
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Act I, Obscene 3
Bightrethighrehighre: Stop torturing me, Petroleum....
Dr. Headphones: state flowers are not my best subject, can we have exports of bolivia for $200, alex?
the_unborn_child: it could result in an unfortunate interruption of the performance.
Bightrethighrehighre: ....er ethyl....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Bauxite
Dr. Headphones: bzzzzt! what is cocaine?
the_unborn_child: if one of the actors got too excited about seeing another.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: gas
Bightrethighrehighre: Doc- I can get you a better deal than that....
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': A long stick made out of coke used for supprot when alking
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': r trypinge
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: oops, i forgot, they hung the mayor from the flagpole. not exporting the gas, going to be piped to the indians directly...
the_unborn_child: deperate improvisation: "That's a terrible headcold you have!"
cease: ah, the old indian gas trick
cease: bhopal in a box
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: exactly
llanwydd: any english schoolboy could catch it
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: LOL
Dr. Headphones: i have gas. made a pot of 15 bean soup last night with some home made cornbread :)
llanwydd: I don't want to know about the indian gas trick
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Why only 15 beans?
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: beano can help
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: he got the same problem i do, Dex
Dr. Headphones: dex: actually more than that, but 15 varieties. lentil, lima, kidney, etc.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Name em all, why dontcha
cease: 99 bottles of beano on the floor, 99 bottles of beano....
Dr. Headphones: sorry, garbage man took the evidence today, can't read the label any more
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Label? I thought this was home-maid stuff
Dr. Headphones: i know there were the three aforementioned plus pinto, great northern, green pea, black, and some others
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Navy? Garbanzo?
Dr. Headphones: beans from a bag, cornbread i mixed and baked myself. i had an old hambone i had frozen and used it to flavor the beans. mmmmm, good stuff!
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: Done the same myself
Dr. Headphones: navy? no, i was in air farce :) i don't remember any garbanzos in there
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Segregated eh?
cease: Bedtime for Greta Garbonzo, starrig JFK
Dr. Headphones: there were white ones and black ones cooking in harmony together. as MLK said, "i have to fart!"
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Chapter 10 of unwriteen History
llanwydd: must be going. "Now the sun turns out his light. Goodnight. Sleep tight. Dream sweet dreams for you..." Wonder how much I'll have to pay in royalties just for typing that.
llanwydd: see yu nest wik
cease: thankfully it wsn't I have to Fast
Dr. Headphones: ah, i just converted frank sinatra! i know, he's dead, but i changed some music from high bit rate to lower to save space on drive
cease: llan
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Sir: YOur bill will be arriving in the mail shortly
Dr. Headphones: later, llan
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Night Ilan
cease: you and sun yung moon, kend?
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' sings; "you and the sun and the young moon....
Dr. Headphones: rev. moon is dangerous. i wouldn't come near him or his "theology"
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "seem to be humming a new tune"
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: nite Ilan
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "Isn't that my old soup spoon"
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': "June?"
cease: yu said you converted frank, reminded me of moon saying he converted stalin and hitler to moonism
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: ooh -- ABC News Now is going to carry the Kerry speech and Nightline is on. Different subchannels. darn...i need two TV cards...
Dr. Headphones: that's almost as good as the morons, er, mormons, baptizing the dead
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Cat: Moon is at least as insane as Zell Miller
Bightrethighrehighre: where's Phil Austin....is he ....avoiding....me....??....Cox....???
cease: he gives megalomania a bad name
Dr. Headphones: the inscrutable mista austin no show yet
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Dame! It's that kid again...Nino, I'm sorry...he kinda worships me
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: he's not here too often, Big
Merlyn: dunno if phil will show up tonight, I reminded him earlier today...
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: and hello, i must be going folks; say hi to him, DT, else who shows
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: and goodnight Roto wherever you are...
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': PA's prolly in some kind of 8-ball tournement
cease: klok
Dr. Headphones: later, klok, a pleasure, as always
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Night Klok
Bightrethighrehighre: how many senior mormon women's relief society member's does it take to screw in a light bulb....??
Dr. Headphones: roto keeps emailing me that he WILL show up. i need to build a fire under him....
Dr. Headphones: ah, the lightbulb joke. i dont know, tell me please
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ken: READ MY STORY! NO NEW TAXIS....er um
cease: turn n taxis?
Dr. Headphones: dex: will go open that email right now, read after chat. thanks for reminding me------again
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Texas
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: oh, wait a minim...still local station weather, 10-15 min. to "Nightline"; I'll defer until Kerry speech starts on other subchannel. Heck, I may run it in the background with the video muted...
cease: the cabbing of lot 49
Bightrethighrehighre: ANSWER: Eight! one to screw int the bulb and seven to bring the refreshments....
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "11:54 PM and late as usual, it's Woody One, just back from Billville."
Merlyn: I'm gonna take off, I might show up later...bye...
cease: 7 comes 11 down in the boy's gym, charlie brown
cease: by merl
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: i'll hang in here another few ticks, then -- bye Merlyn
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': Ok fellow kids..must move the car...will go into (away) mode and see who hang in longest...remember, I'll be grading on the curb
cease: one e. wood
Woody One: The morning's coming early, folkks. Hoi there.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: wonderful -- EEE claims another victim in MA nearby...
||||||||| At 11:55 PM, Merlyn vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Bightrethighrehighre: Nitey nite
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: good luck Dex -- don't get mugged by Rs
Bightrethighrehighre: Nitey nite, Merlyn...
Dr. Headphones: hey, woody
Woody One: Sorry I missed the chat.
Woody One: Hi Doc.
Bightrethighrehighre: Cease: did you ever see "Scent of a Woman" w/ Al Pacino....?
Dr. Headphones: good one, biggie, almost like the baptists who raised me
Woody One: And all.
cease: raing chars and chiens around here
cease: no, that's quebec
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: ah, Edwards is talking, scoring points
cease: chats
cease: on pbs?
Dr. Headphones: saw that movie, if it was the one where he was the blind tango dancer
Bightrethighrehighre: I regret that I don't know any baptist/ light bulb jokes, believe me, they gotta be out there....
Woody One: Just watched Neil Young's Greendale movie. Pretty cool.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: ABC News Now, Cat. On cable, internet subscription or digital TV
Dr. Headphones: i have a few light bulb things archived...somewhere...finding them would be a major job
Dr. Headphones: speaking of neil young, saw commercial tonight with crosby and nash saying they were running for co-president this year :)
Bightrethighrehighre: cease: 'cause th cidre's flowin' like MOLASSES around here....!!
Woody One: Neil is the "Vincent" of music.
Bightrethighrehighre: HOOOOORAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Dr. Headphones: but nash wasn't born a US citizen, so that shoots that in the foot
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Woody One: Love his stuff. Been a fan since the 70s.
Bightrethighrehighre: how many blind tango dancers does it take to screw in a light bulb....??
Dr. Headphones: and crosby has new liver, isn't that in the constitution somewhere?
Dr. Headphones: biggie: probably zero since they don't care if it's dark
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Cat - according to my CSPAN page, the schedule shows the rally live on CSPAN 2
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Bightrethighrehighre: I knew you'd invent a good punchline, Doc!
cease: wed otn get cspn in canada
Dr. Headphones: catherwood is 11 minutes fast. on speed again
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: if you have broadband on, you can also watch via RealVideo on the CSPAN 2 live feed off www.cspan.org (if Vancouver cable TV does not offer CSPAN -- and why should it?)
Dr. Headphones: or the answer is two, if the light bulb is big enough ;)
cease: gee, thats faster than i've ever been gone before, fatson
cease: malloy is playing it now on his show
Woody One: Night, guys & gals. Sorry to come & go. It's that way tonight. Brain is fading fast. Heh heh.
Dr. Headphones: g'nite, woody, come back when you can't stay so long :)
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: cat - on the cspan.org page, near the bottom are several links for each of the 3 CSPAN TV channels and CSPAN radio live feeds in RealVideo or Windows Media formats.
Woody One: Thanks Doc.
cease: wood
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Kerry: "...best iders..." Sheesh, did he catch something from Bush?
Woody One: Okay.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: egad, he caught something from Edwards: "My daddy worked in a mill. My daddy worked in a mill..."
cease: i just added the link to my faves. does that mean i can hear these speaches everyday?
Dr. Headphones: damn, i hope it's not contagious!
Woody One: Who are we voting for? Dumb and dumber?
Woody One: That's all.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Cat - at the top of the page over to the right is a link called "TV Schedules" on the left list of links is one called "Radio Schedule" -- from those you can see what's coming
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: most of the stuff gets archived for 30 days, so you can play it later...
cease: aha
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: Woody -- or Nader...
Woody One: Yeah. Vote for me. I'll give it a shot. What the hell.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: cat - archived stuff is in the center of the page under "recent programs" and "video library" (which is organized by sections)
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: it's a landslide of american politics to fill your broadband connection. tell your friends
Woody One: Night for good tonight. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dr. Headphones: and it's a terrific time waster since you find more to watch/listen than you have time for :)
||||||||| At 12:09 AM, Woody One vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: ...and my favorite, the Science and Technology section w/Mars Rover briefings archived: http://www.cspan.org/VideoArchives.asp?z1=&PopupMenu_Name=Science/Technology&CatCodePairs=Issue,ST;
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: oh heck - "Nightline" just started. Which subchannel to watch? Kerry speech or postmortem on the Rs? Darn!
Dr. Headphones: klok: nightline will probably have it on also
Dr. Headphones: the pumpkin process has started here, after midnight, so i'll say ado and adieu until next week
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: well, Kerry will be archived on CSPAN, but the RealVideo is small and kinda jerky (not that I need to see more than that in a political speech; I know what these suckers look like) Still, 640x480 quality is better than 320x200 or something. And the main network feed is much better-looking than the ABC News Now subchannel for some reason...
||||||||| Dr. Headphones is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 12:14 AM.
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: nite ken
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: OK, well, i'm going to toddle on, finally. night folks and good evening
klokwkdog-won't-hunt: hi to anyone who shows up late (maybe DT is in NYC at the convention...;-)
||||||||| klokwkdog-won't-hunt is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 12:16 AM.
||||||||| Miz Beet sneaks in around 12:18 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Miz Beet: oops; my timing is peccable, as usual
Miz Beet: looks like i missed th boat; too swift for me
Miz Beet: gnight all; vote Kerry -Edwards. Bush sux.
Bightrethighrehighre: still up, kidz....???
cease: peck those bulls
cease: guess not
Bightrethighrehighre: yeah....
Bightrethighrehighre: Bullie....!! Bullie....!!\
Bightrethighrehighre: still there, Cease?
Bightrethighrehighre: my back pages....
Bightrethighrehighre: ....playing....eclectic.....electric....violin....up on....desolation row....
||||||||| It's 12:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Miz Beet - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| cease - dead from Intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| the_unborn_child is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 12:33 AM.
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'': I'm bac k and I'm alone
Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' whispers "Close the Curtain Fred"
||||||||| It's 12:50 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter ''Fuggedaboudit'' - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bightrethighrehighre: Dex?
Bightrethighrehighre: gnite FST land, tyme markyd 9:42 sdt (Stinkin' Desert tyme)....for a lil' midnite, desert, Spanish pause....
||||||||| Bightrethighrehighre leaves at 12:55 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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