A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for January 27, 2005 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Bubba's Brain into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 4:49 PM, then departs.
Bubba's Brain: "Random Harvest. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy...." Any relation?
||||||||| Bubba's Brain leaves to catch the 4:50 PM train to Hellmouth.
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 6:14 PM, dragging Merlyn LeRoy by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Merlyn LeRoy: "Merlyn LeRoy" is from Rocky & Bullwinkle, and it's a pun on the above director's name.
Merlyn LeRoy: I thought it was funny that a kid's show would use a pun most of its audience couldn't appreciate.
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy leaves to catch the 6:15 PM train to Hellmouth.
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 8:09 PM, dragging Charles Throat by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Charles Throat: Merlyn, what about Boris Badenov? I was 20 or more before I realized it was a pun on Boris Gudenov...
Charles Throat: back later...
||||||||| Charles Throat leaves to catch the 8:10 PM train to Hellmouth.
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Daffy into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 8:11 PM, then departs.
Daffy: Just testing the waters before 6:00. Hello, Charles!
||||||||| Catherwood says "8:13 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Daffy by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
||||||||| Catherwood leads Merlyn inside, makes a note of the time (8:34 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
||||||||| New topic: 'The Big, Big Broadcast of 2005: Radio is a Heartbreak'
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 8:59 PM, dragging Oliver Tweendexter by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Oliver Tweendexter: It's 7:59 Stephen Fuller time in Austin, And all is Orwelll...
Merlyn: hey tween
Oliver Tweendexter: Evenin' Merl...
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:00 PM, dragging Tiresign Fheatre by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Merlyn: Just speeding up my refresh
Tiresign Fheatre : Hi, it's really TOR.
Merlyn: It's the reverend!
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:00 PM, dragging Daffy by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Oliver Tweendexter: Tired of signing?
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, January 27, 2005 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Daffy: First time here!
Oliver Tweendexter: Open for bidness...
Tiresign Fheatre : My first time anywhere, Earth's a trip, ain't it?
Oliver Tweendexter: What brings you to this den of inequity, Daffy?
Daffy: Curious...I LOVE FST (Don't we all). Looking forward to seeing them live on Feb. 5th.
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:02 PM, dragging Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Dear Freinds
Oliver Tweendexter: You lucky stiffs on the left coast.
Tiresign Fheatre : My advice, sir, get de-icer.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Right On! Tween
Daffy: SHould be a blast! Does anyone know if PA is thinking of leaving FST? He seemed to imply that might happen on his blog.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: They never dome down outta those hills, those guys
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: come
Merlyn: whoa! nope!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Daffy: Depends on what you mean by being together =))
Daffy: It was last Sept. Probably just a momentary bad mood?
Tiresign Fheatre : Imply, makes an Imp outta you, and a ly, outta me.
Oliver Tweendexter: Just watching the XM Radio gigs, and wondering if there's any way to get them to do that again...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Assumably
Daffy: Imp jokes dwarf everything else!
Tiresign Fheatre : Bad Mood Ring
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Nobody answer
Merlyn: they would if someone would pay them
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:06 PM, dragging llanwydd by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Tiresign Fheatre : I. M. Ply _ Nick Danger's ex-chort
Oliver Tweendexter: XM & Serius are supposedly talking about a merger.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hey Ilan; how goes the production eetc?
llanwydd: Is this the compulsive gamblers support group?
Oliver Tweendexter: Ah, the price of Whales...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: Like who couldn't see that coming?
Tiresign Fheatre : You can bet on it!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: llan: Dunno , I lost a bet and they made me come here
Tiresign Fheatre : sorry about that
Merlyn: XM and Sirius are owned by competing car companies
Oliver Tweendexter: Maybe more $$ for gigs like FST, who knows?
llanwydd: "Richard" ended it's run Sunday. It went very well
Daffy: Never apologize for puns!
Oliver Tweendexter: Edsel & Kaiser?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Merl: Maybe a demolition derby to decide who rules the sattelite waves
Tiresign Fheatre : sorry for the apology
Daffy: That's better.
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'ah,clem', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:08 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Oliver Tweendexter: Apology regreted.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hey JL
Daffy: It was a sorry apology anyway.
Oliver Tweendexter: Apollo 13, now that's an apology...
Merlyn: Ford=Sirius, GM=XM
Tiresign Fheatre : Sari
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: 'more Dear Friends, dear friends... a few minutes with FireSignTheatre'
Daffy: Lunartic.
Oliver Tweendexter: Kaiser was sold by Sears.
Merlyn: each car maker offers their sat radio service on their cars
Tiresign Fheatre : How Hindon'tly fashionalbe of me
Daffy: Who sold Hitler then?
ah,clem: hi, cannot stay, limited bandwidth
Oliver Tweendexter: Didn't she die in an airplane crash?
Merlyn: bring back the Dumont netword
Merlyn: network
Oliver Tweendexter: Dumont. May she be playing with the bros...
Tiresign Fheatre : It's time once again for .................
ah,clem: will be in cni irc, see ya later
Oliver Tweendexter: Soup, anyone?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Margaret Dumont Broadcasting Company]
Tiresign Fheatre : That'll be souper
||||||||| ah,clem leaves to catch the 9:11 PM train to Hellmouth.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Thanks Clem
Tiresign Fheatre : Ohhhhhh have you seen Groucho? Do he mount Dumont?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: For those here for the first time, if you click on the CNI Radio above, it's broadcasting FST
Tiresign Fheatre : Do tell.
llanwydd: Interesting you mentioned Margaret, Dex. I just watched "Duck Soup" this morning.
Tiresign Fheatre : It told me the format is not supported, what do I need to do?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Your breakfast, llan?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:13 PM, dragging Gabby your sacred cowboy by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Howdy Buckarros!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: TF: dont really know, I use winamp to run it
llanwydd: Yeah, duck soup for breakfast
Oliver Tweendexter: Hays, paisain!
Tiresign Fheatre : What's with Catherwood, repetative, ain't he tonight?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:14 PM, dragging Bubba's Brain by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Howdy Gabby, pull upa cactus and sit on it
Oliver Tweendexter: And Buckarettes, of course.
llanwydd: better than eating horse feathers
Daffy: Uh, oh...phone call. Gotta take this one (my son). Nice meeting y'all! I'll say howdy at the FST show if I get to speak with the 4 or 5. Cheers.
Merlyn: people just ain't vouching people
Merlyn: ok daffy
Bubba's Brain: Hey all.
Oliver Tweendexter: Abby Normal?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Night Daffy
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hi Bubba
Tiresign Fheatre : TOR       gotta go     as always     Phuck Fonics !
||||||||| "9:15 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Daffy, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Why thanx Dex don't mind if I do, let me eat this little bud on top of the cactus first Mmm much better!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Biggie!!
Oliver Tweendexter: I'm hooked on you, Missy...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Gabby: That bud looks light...try this playola
Gabby your sacred cowboy: I'd rather have Payola Dex...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Payota Gabby, Payota
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:16 PM, dragging cease by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
cease: hi all
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hey Cat
Bubba's Brain: Hey cat
llanwydd: hi cat
Gabby your sacred cowboy: That's right Dex the DJ can be bought. It's easyit's fun and it's only slightly illegal and it works every time!
Oliver Tweendexter: Meow...
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Oh bummer Dex...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: What about O H Bummer?
Oliver Tweendexter: The dog is not for sale.
cease: dex, i discovered today that i cant fly into one city (ny) and out another (dc)
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Ah Clems at it again I see!
Bubba's Brain: I'm gonna be at the Portland dates... see y'all at the goodies table.
cease: i guess i'll have to take the bus to and from ny from dc
cease: you gonna be in seattle, bub?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Figures =\ can I be of assistance in any way?
Bubba's Brain: nope.
cease: i think getting to and from airport in dc will be a lot easier than vastly bigger ny
cease: i'll let you know, dex but i am finalizng dates now. it'll be the first week in may
cease: you're flying from indiana to portland and not going to seattle, bub?
Oliver Tweendexter: Anybody think high-speed rail is still a good idea?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Depends on which airport...National very close -too close some say; Dulles is a farther piece
Merlyn: hey BB, I'll be there in Portland. I'll buy a shirt later so I don't cut into your tour stock
Bubba's Brain: I wanted to do the whole tour, but that would have been too expensive.
cease: my friends in dc have car and no job so it should be easy for them to get me, and get rid of me
Merlyn: BB: the T-shirts will tour, though, right?
Bubba's Brain: Cat, its more hotel nights, and car rental, and flying back from a different airport... it adds up.
cease: i can imagine, bub
Oliver Tweendexter: Seasoned tickets to FST concerts? Now you're keepin' a talkin'!
Bubba's Brain: Yes, the shirts and stuff tour, but without me.
Merlyn: shirt off your back
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: I got a pair right next to Bob Baseline
Oliver Tweendexter: A nice pair?
Bubba's Brain: In seattle, the venue handles the selling, and on the rest, Taylor, and whoever he can recruite will man the table.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: Blue seats, need i say more
Merlyn: ok BB, I can help in LA
cease: bub, so taylor wont be in seattle? bummer
Oliver Tweendexter: Sounds like a great tour. Still think they could cut expenses by hooking up with a couple of bands.
Bubba's Brain: He will, but just not handling the sales. The venue requires that it handle the sales.
cease: aha
Oliver Tweendexter: Dex: Say ye all ye want about Ammendment 14.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Ammendment 14...what can I say?
Oliver Tweendexter: They call it due process... and some people are overdue.
Bubba's Brain: Thank, Merl.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Better, perhaps than Ammendment 13....but certainly not in the same class as Ammendment 9
Oliver Tweendexter: Thank UNI...
Oliver Tweendexter: Big nose...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Is it Deputy Dan?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:29 PM, dragging Charles Throat by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: The real Charles Throat
Bubba's Brain: Hey, CT.
cease: he has no friends
||||||||| It's 9:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Tiresign Fheatre - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Oliver Tweendexter: Throttle Up
llanwydd: this isn't fair
Charles Throat: Hi folken
Oliver Tweendexter: A fair for all, and no fair for anybody!
Oliver Tweendexter: Ja, we be folkers here.
cease: anybody know if the shows are sold out in portland?
cease: was it well advertised?
llanwydd: our dead friend, er dear friend
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Ja, meet the Folkers
cease: my la firesign-loving friends never heard of the firesign show there!
Bubba's Brain: Dunno.
Gabby your sacred cowboy: What in the hell is he playing, biots are from Dear Friends but what's the rest?
Charles Throat: Damn, I suppose I'll never see tham
Bubba's Brain: I heard that at about 2 weeks out, Portland was 1/3 sold... don't know about since then.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Gabby: He's playing one of the one-hour Dear Friends radio shows
cease: here's your chance, charles. they're on tour now
Oliver Tweendexter: Anybody beside me using OS X?
Charles Throat: I'm in West Texas, no way I could do it
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Thats what I thought but it's been so long since I heard them...
cease: i have that, oliver but not on this computer
Charles Throat: Welcome my friend Daffy when he gets here, he's going to one of the shows
Gabby your sacred cowboy: I'm using OS 9...
cease: with enough money, anytihing is possible, charles
Oliver Tweendexter: Santa Midland?
Charles Throat: You gonna send me some? ;)
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Just send it to DOA INDUSTRIES, Donkey Dump, Idaho
Oliver Tweendexter: Keep 'em barefoot & pregnant.
cease: you'll have to make your own, charles
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: afk for refill
Charles Throat: The sun never sets when you're wearing a steel hat
Oliver Tweendexter: Lubbock the one you're with.
llanwydd: I remember when I saw FST in '81 there were people all over the place wearing bozo noses before I went into the theatre. Bozos all over the street!
Gabby your sacred cowboy: My mother was a bozoette at school...
Oliver Tweendexter: It's Bruce Li, in the Bozo Connection! He does all his own stumps!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: llan: That's a common occurance in NYC
llanwydd: planet of the bozos
||||||||| Bunnyboy waltzes in at 9:37 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Hey BB..
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hey Bunny
cease: hey bunny. see you really soon
Charles Throat: Hi BB have some alfalfa pellets
Merlyn: hey bb2
llanwydd: hey bunny
Bunnyboy: First leg, FST 2005 mini-tour, starting tomorrow in Portland, OR.
Bubba's Brain: First leg?
Charles Throat: I found a picture of the famous ad for I Was Hitler's Doctor
cease: bunny, i STILL HAVENT HEARD FROM DOC about when him and lili are coming into vancouver and that's the day after tomorrow
llanwydd: which is the first leg, the left?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Bunny: Candide opened 4/29/97 closed 7/27/97 with Jim Dale, Andrea Martin, Mal Z Lawrence, Arte Johnson..et al
Bunnyboy: Second leg is next week, in CA.
Bubba's Brain: ...put one foot in front of the other...
cease: but i have a hotel reservation at the mayflower for sunday and 3 tickets for the firesign show.
cease: the theatre even called me today to remind me of the time change
Oliver Tweendexter: Close to Autodessa?
Charles Throat: check this out: http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/n50000/n50560ac.htm
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Jonathan into the room, accepts a grimy quarter as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:40 PM, then departs.
llanwydd: the voltaire candide?
Jonathan: Hello.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Here's Jonathon
Oliver Tweendexter: Oh, Johhny Boy, the pipes are crawling...
Jonathan: I know the bernstein candide.
Bubba's Brain: Oh.... of course. I figured them all as one leg.... the west one... with no east or middle let....
llanwydd: hey Jon!
Bunnyboy: cat: We shall have to browbeat The Good Doctor.
cease: does a busy whore have a john-a-thon?
Oliver Tweendexter: What you doin' with that harp in your hand?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: llan: Voltaire, Bernstein/Latouche/Sondheim?Wilbur/Wheeler production
llanwydd: hey punk, what ya doin...
llanwydd: thought so dex
Bubba's Brain: She can have a john a thon if she wants, as long as I'm John.
Bunnyboy: Dex: Ya forgot Dorothy Parker!
Oliver Tweendexter: Who you callin' a droid?
cease: i have a firesign loving friend in la named jonathan but he's probably not you
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: I been John a long time...Long John (nudge nudge)
Merlyn: wheeler & wilbur?
Jonathan: I've never even been to la.
Oliver Tweendexter: I parked her on numerologyious occasions.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Bunny: But I remembered Charlie Parker
llanwydd: oh, didn't see those other names at first dex?
Bunnyboy: Dex: And the writer of the original book for the 1950'sish production? Lillian Hellman.
Charles Throat: not responsible!
Oliver Tweendexter: A Whizard, a true star.
cease: you're lucky, jon
cease: i'm from there. but then so is the firesign theatre
Jonathan: Cease: Why?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Merl: Richard Wilbur - Lyrics...Hugh Wheeler - Book
Oliver Tweendexter: Via a duct?
llanwydd: oh yes. Lillian was the mayonaisse heiress
cease: i was there a couple of weeks ago. dreadful place
Bunnyboy: I would wager that "Dot" Parker's main contribution was the lyrical content of the song QUIET. Very much in her cadence.
Oliver Tweendexter: Lillian, the tatuwe lady...
Charles Throat: penny dreadful
llanwydd: try and cross that on a chicken you'll find out why...
cease: merl, you going to the mayflower with proctor?
Oliver Tweendexter: They've crossed a chicken with a tomatoe. Cooks itself over the Firesign.
Charles Throat: the Monty Python of America... oh yikes
Bubba's Brain: Fricka, see?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Bunny: This print out from "ITDb: Show Query doesn't mention D Parker, C Parker, or Lillian Mayonaisse
Oliver Tweendexter: My friend Chicken Frickasee
Merlyn: busy mapping out my portland transportation...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Later emade into a movie "My Friend Fricka"
Bubba's Brain: How you transportin, Bri?
llanwydd: self-roasting chickens would be a novelty indeed. The kind of thing Ed Sullivan would have had on his show.
Bunnyboy: Here's a tip for all you off-site, outta site folks. Members of FST (not sure if it'll be alla dem) will be guests on THE BEAT, a Seattle Public Radio show, Friday @ 2:00 pm Pacific Time. Live stream at www.kuow.org
Oliver Tweendexter: Well, Meryl, ya take a shotgun...
Bubba's Brain: Fricka my Bic.
cease: Theoretically, doc, lili and i will be driving down in time for the show
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Thanks for the heads up Bunny
cease: i hope we're there by then and can listen to it on the car radio, bunny
llanwydd: frickin' chicasee
Oliver Tweendexter: Bic Generator...
Charles Throat: Oh yes
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Oh Bubba, you some atomic escort
Oliver Tweendexter: 4 big macs with more unicorns
Charles Throat: rat in a box for me please
Bubba's Brain: My atomic escort service....
Oliver Tweendexter: With catchup & flies?
Bunnyboy: cat: You're driving down Friday?
Charles Throat: and a cream splunky
llanwydd: did you know a big mac has 600 calories?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Thiws late early 18th century Eunuch Horn was once played by many virgins
llanwydd: approximately as I remember
cease: no, sunday afternoon, bunny
Jonathan: Oliver: and polyunsaturated fat.
cease: is the show on friday? i didnt read your message apparently
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Don't worry about the flies, we won't weigh them!
cease: that's tomorrow
Oliver Tweendexter: And a side of champaign from northern hoosiers.
Charles Throat: beer-battered tick tick tick
cease: kuow tomorrow? what was the time again?
Bunnyboy: cat: Portland shows are on Friday and Saturday. Seattle show on Sunday.
Bubba's Brain: Portland is Friday and Sat. Seattle is Sun.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Those are my blow flies, they smuggle cocaine over the border
cease: no, the kuow interview you just mentioned and i didnt read correctly
Oliver Tweendexter: Got to stop those nasty Canadians.
Bunnyboy: cat: www.kuow.org broadcast @ 2:00 pm Pacific, Friday.
cease: aha
Charles Throat: the Free Colombian Air Force
cease: i can even tape it and play it for doc/lili, Assuming They Get Here
llanwydd: I've never heard a station that started with K. Not live anyway
Oliver Tweendexter: Daddy Reagan had a really nice pyramid. Not today...
Charles Throat: I've never heard anything but
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Pre Colombian Air force = Ride the Condor
cease: arent the all k west of the mississippi?
Bubba's Brain: Real stations have W's...
Charles Throat: yes cease
Charles Throat: Real countries don't though
Oliver Tweendexter: As long as we give them shoes...
Bunnyboy: cat: Did doclili give any indication when they were heading west?
llanwydd: I believe so cat
Bubba's Brain: Yes, Cat, thats right
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: 'cept for KYW Westinghouse in Philadelphia..50K wattzs clear channel
cease: they told me they'd be flying in saturday afternoon but not when and what airline
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Understand KYW may by Sirius and XM
Charles Throat: Verrifast Airlines
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: buy
Oliver Tweendexter: Meet me in Monterey Jazz.
cease: that must be it
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: ...a long time ago
Bunnyboy: cat: Maybe they're taking the Zep.
Charles Throat: Monterey isn't dead, it just smells funny
Oliver Tweendexter: Wierd Al comes up with some good ones. The Saga Continues.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Zep is peZ spelled frontwards
Jonathan: I saw Weird Al live.
Oliver Tweendexter: Something's fishy, hear...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: That's wierd
Charles Throat: I'd like to see him d... err, never mind
Oliver Tweendexter: Pretty good parody of American Pie.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: ...dance?
Charles Throat: how did you guess?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: ...deply?
Oliver Tweendexter: Don't say you love USC.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: deploy?
Charles Throat: disinegrate
Charles Throat: t
Oliver Tweendexter: Don't worry honey, it's a patriot missile.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: All the white folks have to go outside
Jonathan: Charles: What do you have against Weird Al?
Charles Throat: Did you work on Chucko?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Charles: I worked with Chucko..we like a congenial workplace
Charles Throat: Nothing, just kidding... just find him rather juvenile for my taste
Jonathan: No.
Oliver Tweendexter: Bye, bye, Mr. Anikan guy...
llanwydd: I liked "UHF". Did you see that?
Jonathan: I have the special Edition DVD>
Bubba's Brain: Badgers.... we don't need no stinkin' badgers....
Charles Throat: doom pot bust
Oliver Tweendexter: Rough Science, anyone?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: thought it was "pot dust"
Jonathan: Maybe Vader someday later, now he's just a small fry.
Charles Throat: That's better
llanwydd: "Gandhi's Revenge"!
Oliver Tweendexter: They should give it all to Seagrams & Morris. Hello, I'm Bill Hicks for Reynolds gold.
Bubba's Brain: Polyunsaturated Ghi?
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Jonathan: Bubba's Brain: Yeah, that too.
cease: pot dust?
llanwydd: Catherwood ought to hang it up
cease: good idea
Bunnyboy: Dex: Oops! Forgot to tell you. Check out the ibdb - www.ibdb.com. Type CANDIDE in the search box, click the first entry, and choose the premiere 1956 production. All them literary bags will come tumbling out.
Charles Throat: anyone chek out the hitler ad? I think that'
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Thanks Bunny
Charles Throat: oops I think that's the one the guys were riffing on
cease: i love the book, i'm not interested in seeing it translated into other media
Oliver Tweendexter: Be an American. Only cost ya a couple of K$$. Persona Non Grata - Gino Vannelli. MP3 upon request.
Charles Throat: lol
Charles Throat: the picture's great
Jonathan: Everything's planned in the best of all possible worlds. Perfectly planned in the best of all possible worlds.
Oliver Tweendexter: Door rien gray?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Ore rien tal?
Charles Throat: Tish you spoke French
llanwydd: Anyone here do mutual funds? I'm starting to get into it.
cease: the firesign got Cunegonde from Candide
cease: i'm sure he didnt mind
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Llan; you communist!
Oliver Tweendexter: Anybody got a string theory?
Bubba's Brain: Tha Veeling's Mutuul....
Charles Throat: Where did "the Shnifter" come from, anyone know?
llanwydd: Ore rien? No gold?
Oliver Tweendexter: Pride of Cuco before the falls of Niagra.
Oliver Tweendexter: We call it a maze.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: Have you heard that group " The Incredible String Theory Band"?
Charles Throat: mazola corn goodness
Oliver Tweendexter: Sniff, sniff...
cease: sounds like spike jones
Oliver Tweendexter: No, but I've seen GD w/Allmans at RFK 1973.
Merlyn: Yes, it's Friday, I confirmed it with email. 18.5 minutes at 2:07
Gabby your sacred cowboy: I'm fading away...
cease: i'll be listening, merl
Charles Throat: Wow Jesus just spoke!
Jonathan: brb
Merlyn: Ossman and Proctor
||||||||| Jonathan, spotting Bradshaw, runs into The Sitting Room.
cease: on the phone from portland?
llanwydd: bet you've never heard Spike Jones played at a funeral. bet you never will
Oliver Tweendexter: Also worked for EDS/GM during George I's little adventure.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Charles: "Schnifter" arose during the Dear Friends shows )possibly earlier) and became kind of a running gag...meant Hitler...Sometimes FDR....just a general term after a while
Oliver Tweendexter: I'm hoping for George III. Invade Persia.
||||||||| Jonathan has arrived at the appointed hour of 10:07 PM.
Bunnyboy: Speaking of engorgement (as Phil on the CNI feed was), the 2 productions immediately preceding FST's show at the Moore are Puppetry of the Penis, and Rennie Harris' dance troupe's latest show.
Charles Throat: I know that Dexter, I was just wondering where it originated
cease: i just invaded persia. look at this melon!
Bunnyboy: If the Moore smells like a locker room on Sunday, you'll know why.
Charles Throat: lol cease
cease: is tommy chong coming to seatle with the marijuanalogues?
Oliver Tweendexter: Blood on the plow...
||||||||| CatNipping Yamamoto sneaks in around 10:08 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Merlyn: soon to be followed by puppetry of the Iraqi government
Bunnyboy: cat: Lemme see...
cease: yammy
Oliver Tweendexter: Are we going to be taking speedy train?
llanwydd: hi yam
CatNipping Yamamoto: oi
Jonathan: It was smellin like a locker room there's was junk all over the floor. Look out! Another one rides the bus.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: OI Yam
cease: i'm going to the vancouver show on feb 18th
Charles Throat: we take sppedy cruiser boat?
Oliver Tweendexter: What we have done in the middle east since the 50's is not what we are about. Nuf said.
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:09 PM, dragging gorgonzollathecheesemonster by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Charles Throat: Who am us, anyway?
Bubba's Brain: Driving in, or flying?
Oliver Tweendexter: How can you know for sure?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Gorganzola?
Charles Throat: Not to be torturing me!
Gabby your sacred cowboy: You're one of us?
Jonathan: We're one of you and you're one of us i think
Bunnyboy: cat: Just checked Ticketmaster. Chong's playing the Moore the next night, 2-19.
llanwydd: hey GZ! Good to see ya!
cease: things go better with gorcanzola
CatNipping Yamamoto: Prodict of you fendish brain
Charles Throat: Selling bongs after the show no doubt
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: anyone here named llanwydd? he left a consonant over at the lounge.
Oliver Tweendexter: Moore Science
Bunnyboy: lo gorg
cease: probably not, charles. i dont thing he wants to go back to jail
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Oh Yam! YOu some atomic speller
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Morse Science...
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: hey mr llan
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: yo bunny boy
llanwydd: yeah, I'm here as usual
||||||||| klokwkICEBLOK enters at 10:11 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Jonathan: Morescience disappeared and became less science High.
cease: chong will proably still be stoned from his vancouver appearance
llanwydd: hey klok
CatNipping Yamamoto: Speaking of C&C, http://mryamamoto.topcities.com/zappa/wmd-vs-me.html
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hey klok, was wondering
klokwkICEBLOK was undetainably avoided
klokwkICEBLOK: hi all
Gabby your sacred cowboy: I dropped out and went to Contact High instead...
CatNipping Yamamoto: First comic
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Welcome to the Church of the First Comic
llanwydd: GZ, a big topic of conversation tonight is the FST tour in progress, which you and I are very likely to miss.
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: ha! I went to Contact High too! Small world
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Please open your gag books and repeat after me....
Charles Throat: later berserkers, beaners, bozos, and zips
Charles Throat: and boogiues
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Who was that disciple I saw you with last night?
||||||||| Charles Throat rushes off, saying "10:13 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
cease: by chuck
llanwydd: nite, chuck
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: That was no disciple, that was my disciplinarian
Bunnyboy: A passel of apostles.
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: a gaggle of godseekers
CatNipping Yamamoto: Oh lord
Oliver Tweendexter: A passle of diciplinarians. Black oil, TX tea...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: a righteous ramada of reverends
Bubba's Brain: A diorama of disciples....
CatNipping Yamamoto: You know what is good chEEp entertainment?
Oliver Tweendexter: Ah, Rhamadi. I should have known thee better.
CatNipping Yamamoto: Catnip
CatNipping Yamamoto: I blame the CIA
llanwydd: a diaspora of disples
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yam: That shit wouldn't get a fly high
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: a fondle of alterboys
Gabby your sacred cowboy: Got to run keep'em flying! http://www.issuesandalibis.org
CatNipping Yamamoto: It works well on cats
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: and thse fondles come wquiped with a vicar's bare-bum two holer
llanwydd: night gabby
klokwkICEBLOK: bye gabby
cease: catrs dont work
CatNipping Yamamoto: I spent my early evening getting my cats fucked up
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Night Gabby...Happy Trails
Oliver Tweendexter: An Alternet of grills.
CatNipping Yamamoto: nite gabby
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: a pride of priests
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Merlyn: You're on the air
Oliver Tweendexter: Domine, domine, domine, you're all Southern Baptists now.
CatNipping Yamamoto: Philem up
llanwydd: and pride of cucamonga
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yam: You into the kitten business?
CatNipping Yamamoto: I want to be a western baptist
klokwkICEBLOK: they're such tools
Jonathan: I gotta sign off early. I got college classes in the morning.
llanwydd: Oy vey maria
klokwkICEBLOK: nite J
CatNipping Yamamoto: Dex I have many cats
Oliver Tweendexter: Ace. Nobody's mind would have rightly left her.
CatNipping Yamamoto: all fixed
CatNipping Yamamoto: I get em used
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Well sure, Yam you let 'em keep fucking up
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Night Jonathon
llanwydd: nite Jon
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:19 PM, dragging shoes for the dead by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
CatNipping Yamamoto: No, I get them fucked up..... for my devious amusement
Bunnyboy: nite Jon
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Shoes!
Oliver Tweendexter: I'd have to be crazy to say seal.
llanwydd: if it ain't fixed don't break it
CatNipping Yamamoto: note jin
shoes for the dead: probly not
llanwydd: hey shoes
Oliver Tweendexter: Arise!
CatNipping Yamamoto: I'd be crazier to sayy seventh seal
shoes for the dead: Portland!!!
Merlyn: hey, it's me!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Fred!!!
cease: shoes for the boom
Oliver Tweendexter: Don't think Hitler represents Germany, Yam.
llanwydd: tell me grey seal how does it feel to be so wise...
Bunnyboy: lo shoes
shoes for the dead: I'm me too
CatNipping Yamamoto: ?
Oliver Tweendexter: Kinky Dee?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Sow eyes
CatNipping Yamamoto: Tweeny?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: Isn't it Kinky Dee Friedman?
Merlyn: trimet.org has portland public transportation
Oliver Tweendexter: I'm betting on Sow futures.
Bunnyboy: Oliver: Arise? Naw, that's the SubG group...inspired by the FST, BTW. Q.E.D.
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: Do shoes for the dead have souls? I always wondered.
llanwydd: sow eyes! LOL
Oliver Tweendexter: Seeing the Jewish star on a TX flag bumber sticker. LoL.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: llan: thanks..have a pig's nucle sangwich
Oliver Tweendexter: That's Friedman.
Bunnyboy: Well, I'll be a pig nucle's nuclear uncle.
llanwydd: well, I'll be a pig's uncle
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: we's all freedmen know...nobody's gonna has to be a slave no mo'
Oliver Tweendexter: The Duke of Nuke. Wellll, pilgrams of Mecca...
llanwydd: we must have both thought of that at once bunny
Bunnyboy: We gwine take toins...and guess whose toin it is NOW!
Oliver Tweendexter: Ohhh hooo hooo hooo....
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: thought it was... nobody's gotta be a slave all the time no mo'
llanwydd: someone put a mecca in the groung zero
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: afk for refill
Oliver Tweendexter: Eden's Wal-Mart?
llanwydd: I mean groin zero
llanwydd: I mean grounge zebra
cease: this is very interesting about chong
CatNipping Yamamoto: Oh balls
Oliver Tweendexter: Be a grindin' that zero
cease: i was on a plane with them in 72. i asked, jokingly, if they were part of the firesign theatre. "no, man" was their unfunny answer
Bunnyboy: Hey, the local print ad for the FST show advertised "AN EVENGING WITH THE FIRESIGN THEATRE, back on the Road to Rocky Roccoco..."
shoes for the dead: anyways, is the Antelope a better route than the way thru
||||||||| CatNipping Yamamoto leaves to catch the 10:28 PM train to Hellmouth.
Bunnyboy: Which begs the question: What's an Evenging?
shoes for the dead: ville?
Oliver Tweendexter: Well, I don't know. I'll have to ask Nancy. Until last time, again...
cease: better than an odd gong
||||||||| "10:29 PM? I'm late!" exclaims shoes for the dead, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
llanwydd: yam didn't say goodbye. Do you suppose there was "foul play"?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Ghandi
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Avenge
Bunnyboy: The Chicken did it!
||||||||| It's 10:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Jonathan - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Gabby your sacred cowboy - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: yeah those chickesn are so playful, once you straighten them
llanwydd: somebody's killing us off! I'm scared!!!!!!!
Merlyn: it'll be about 50 degrees in Portland for the tour
||||||||| shoes for the dead waltzes in at 10:30 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: speaking of mecca I heard the Kaaba's really a meteorite
klokwkICEBLOK: gain is low
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Kaaba Kaaba Hey
||||||||| shoes for the dead leaves to catch the 10:31 PM train to Hellmouth.
cease: klok
Bunnyboy: Merl: You're catching all 3 shows this weekend?
klokwkICEBLOK: groan
llanwydd: that's funny GZ!
klokwkICEBLOK: 'lo Cat
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: but true!
Bubba's Brain: ...
llanwydd: It's rather geometrically correct for a fallen celestial body
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: a miracle indeed
klokwkICEBLOK: Nino is sealed inside
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: I knew you were gonna say that Klok
klokwkICEBLOK: apparently it hit like a ton of bricks
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: i wish i could be inside, just not right now
Bunnyboy: Ain't seen Nino in a coo....ehrm, squirrel's age!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Nino's in a squirrel cage?
llanwydd: I don't even remember Nino
cease: i think he's one of the Many former chatters
klokwkICEBLOK: yeah, what became of Nino, Has No Name, etc.?
cease: the portrait gallery should be updated
llanwydd: but I've seen his picture
cease: has no name posted something to alt.firesign not long ago
Bunnyboy: Or Some Guy and Leather Girl.
cease: yeah, them too
cease: i've been here since day one and i've seen many come and go
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tell us about it old timer
cease: elayne is the only other original. noot surprising as it was her idea
klokwkICEBLOK: cat's been here since before the beginning...
Merlyn: anyone have pictures to update the gallery?
llanwydd: I don't remember any going
Bunnyboy: And Shermie. And Pig-Pen!
Merlyn: It's just a file that's appended
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Merl: How about an exposition of Pictures by the insane
cease: we need uh clem and bambi. you dont have llan, and lots of other new folk
klokwkICEBLOK resents being made into an appendix
Merlyn: that would be crazy
cease: dave
llanwydd: I'd like to send you mine merl but I can't upload. can I send you one by snail mail?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Klok: Let's just remove that appendix, ok, nurse?
Merlyn: by the way, for the intros to Phil A's "art of the insane" clips on the XM show, I used the web to find actual art by insane people
cease: are you in portland now, merl?
Merlyn: no cat, flying out tomorrow
klokwkICEBLOK: must've been hard to select from so much, Merl
Merlyn: ok llan
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yeah, he's in Portland..he's sleepin' with the crabs now
llanwydd: come on! Insane is relative
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: where I work we use boxes made by the insane. for real.
Merlyn: llan, any pix of you anywhere on the web? I can crop them.
cease: are the guys flying to seatlte or driving up on sunday?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Maude and Claude Crab
llanwydd: there are no insane people unless you accept someone's diagnosis
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: and i do
Bunnyboy: Mike Peters had a fun MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM strip about a month ago.
llanwydd: I'll look, merl but I might have to send it by snail mail
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: it easier that way
klokwkICEBLOK: just levels of compliance with the 1-sigma cohort...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: These people with diag noses are definely insane
Merlyn: ok llan
||||||||| It's 10:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Oliver Tweendexter - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
llanwydd: LOL Dex!!
cease: tween? bub? lots of portraits needed
Bunnyboy: It was a picture of 2 fish, in a bowl, wearing fedoras. They were perched next to a toilet, and told some upper muck, on the phone: "Danny the Fin sleeps with the feces". The Fish Mafia!
klokwkICEBLOK: he'll have everybody's picture!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Send us your picture and we'll incorporate them into this beeeutiful outdoor scene, suitable for hangin
klokwkICEBLOK: You can replace the mayor!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Bunny: Abe Vigoda is in the Mob?
Bunnyboy: Hangin's too good for that duck!
llanwydd: or under your car
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: It's the guillotine for that mal ard
klokwkICEBLOK: Crooked Microsoft worker masterminded $7m racket
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: you never hear bout the ones unsuitable for hanging
Bunnyboy: At work, we were discussing how so many of the actors who played the mob bosses in THE GODFATHER films have passed on...but not Abe Vigoda, bless him!
klokwkICEBLOK: and of course, his name is...Finn Contini. Even in WA it's stereotyped
llanwydd: Are you sure? I thought Abe was dead
Merlyn: he outlived carson
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: Abe was dead when he was alive
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:44 PM, dragging Bightrethighrehighre by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
cease: i liked what leno said about meeting carson
Bunnyboy: Woof, I'm beat. See y'all next week. Cat, Brian, we'll see you on Sunday, and I'll touch base before then.
klokwkICEBLOK: IMDB sez alive
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: This WA production of the Finn Contini's by Broderbund has been brought to you
cease: it was like only knowing lincoln from the $5 bill, and then meeting him in person
klokwkICEBLOK: nite Bunny; enjoy the show!
cease: ok bun
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:44 PM, dragging enter the Tweeny by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
llanwydd: hey big!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Bunny: Sit back and enjoy the shows
Bightrethighrehighre: animals without backbones hid from each other or fell right DOWN!
llanwydd: night bunny
llanwydd: hi tween
klokwkICEBLOK: tweeny - send a picture
enter the Tweeny: Buzz & Bunny crumbhunger
Bightrethighrehighre: Hi LLan and all!!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Big: That was before animals were fun
klokwkICEBLOK: Big - send a picture
gorgonzollathecheesemonster: I gotta go too.. uh,,, to the bathroom, yeah that;s it... the bathroom. later all
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Don't forget your pickle Gorg
cease: i think a lot of pix will be taken at the seattle show
klokwkICEBLOK: nite gcm
cease: gorg
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: You look flushed
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Keep the seat up, Gorg
Bunnyboy: llan: There was a rumor, or perhaps even an actual obit, that declared Abe Vigoda as stale-dated, over 15 years ago. It almost ruined his career, as many people (casting agents are people, aren't they) assumed he was dead.
llanwydd: night GZ
Bightrethighrehighre: Vibe Sorensonlook up Beerasaurus in the dictionary, there I be -ith!!
enter the Tweeny: Flushing now... Tracy Austin.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: ..and never wash your hands after pee-pee
enter the Tweeny: Sans Soucee?
cease: if you're a girl, before
Bightrethighrehighre: yah-sure!!
Bunnyboy: Ok, bye-bye.
Bubba's Brain: ...
enter the Tweeny: Ah, the one before. Meet the roaches...
cease: bbun bun
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Didn't know you were in the original cast of "Bringing the War back Home"
llanwydd: that's interesting bunny. Actually you couldn't tell if he was dead or alive from watching him act.
Bightrethighrehighre: FST @ Cerritos LIVE Feb 5 !! and I'll be there....!!
||||||||| 10:48 PM -- Bunnyboy left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: as opposed to Dead, big?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hopalong Bunny
cease: shoes for industry
klokwkICEBLOK: hey -- there's no picture of Merlyn on the log!
llanwydd: actually I think there is, klok
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: O kinda thought so too but was not ready to say so until I had company
Bightrethighrehighre: Dead? the King is dead? the show's over long live the PEEPS....
llanwydd: doesn't he have glasses and dark hair?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: And a suit of lights?
cease: merl, have you heard The Digital Diner?
llanwydd: Samuel Peeps?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: "And so after a blustery dinner with Maude and Claude did make myself desport and so to bed"
klokwkICEBLOK: oh, you're right, there is a picture of Merlyn
llanwydd: and I did regret me that I did so
enter the Tweeny: Harolde & Maudelen? Tattoos on left forearms?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: "and after many a bilious discharge did get me to an apothecary for soothing ointment"
llanwydd: but were too late to regret such desport
enter the Tweeny: Don's Peels.
klokwkICEBLOK: and all the computers are listening...
klokwkICEBLOK: play Canadian Sunset!
llanwydd: So I doth discharge billiously and so to bed.
Bubba's Brain: I'm gonna get outta here... Got an early flig.ht
llanwydd: play southern comfort!
klokwkICEBLOK: Dex - you below 10ºF yet?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Klok: Dunno but perilously close I fear
llanwydd: nite bub
cease: is kend still snowed in?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Night Bub: Happy travels
enter the Tweeny: diller - we're cruising at an altitude of 50 feet
cease: sell lodes of stuff, bub
klokwkICEBLOK went thru another tank of gas in the snowblower today removing the "dusting" of snow we were 'spozed to get Tue nite...
Bubba's Brain: I'll try... you buy?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: I suspect not but then thay just found a cab driver who'd has a heart attack in his car and had been in ti for 3 days...ploed over
klokwkICEBLOK: and Cape Cod's getting lake effect snow...except the "lake" is the Big Pond...
enter the Tweeny: try a southern sunrise - pretty tasty
||||||||| "Hey Bubba's Brain!" ... Bubba's Brain turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:57 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
llanwydd: 50 feet. Advise to stay away from Boston
enter the Tweeny: How about unicorn hunting in the woods of the cheeriquois?
klokwkICEBLOK: I do Ilan; I do. It's mostly OK if you use public ground transport, though. Peter Pan is good.
klokwkICEBLOK: hey, whatever happened to Forrest Gump's father?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:59 PM, dragging ah,clem by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hi Father Gump....shall we go behind the Confessional again?
enter the Tweeny: If only you guys play these skits during the week...
||||||||| It's 11:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| gorgonzollathecheesemonster - dead from Globner's disease
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hi clem...thanks for the sounds
klokwkICEBLOK: yeah, great show, Jim!
llanwydd: He apparently was as stupid does
Merlyn: hey clem, yes, the friday interview is confirmed for 2:07:30 on The Beat, 18.5 minutes
ah,clem: thanks,all
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Merlyn: I'll be in Portland on a bus then, I think
llanwydd: Forrest's father was Hideo
ah,clem: sorry I cannot stay in web chat,
klokwkICEBLOK: yeah, where do these little bits come from?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Understand clem =)
enter the Tweeny: Apparently NBOX makes a few schillings with advertizers. Spike? Whatever else you like?
ah,clem: takes a fair amount of bandwidth..
ah,clem: but miss you all.
Merlyn: clem, if the bandwidth is too much, you can try a refresh rate of "manual", only updates when you hit return
ah,clem: see ya on the radio
klokwkICEBLOK: any hope of broadband, clem?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Klok: Sounds like a generous section of a radio show...Dear Friends, perhaps?
ah,clem: tks, mr. wizzard
llanwydd: Spike? Milligan, Lee or Jones?
cease: ah clem, send pix of you and bambi for the gallery
enter the Tweeny: Takes a Mac G5 Dual & friends with a broadband ;)
ah,clem: yes, dear, friends
klokwkICEBLOK: no, I was referring to the "ingots" bit the guys were doing, what the source was
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Spike? Golden? Drive it where that cat died
Merlyn: yes, or links to pics of you that I can copy
ah,clem: can send you an email, cat.
cease: i'm still alive, but shroedinger is dead
ah,clem: BBL, bye for now
klokwkICEBLOK: then get out of that box!
Bightrethighrehighre: eys back...and eyes BOOTIFFULL....
enter the Tweeny: Arms aof Danny Gatton..
cease: send to merl
klokwkICEBLOK: nite clem
||||||||| "11:03 PM? I'm late!" exclaims ah,clem, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: He's dead? But who'll play the piano in the Peanuts strip?
llanwydd: get Elton John
Merlyn: einstein val pelt
cease: maybe guaraldi's son plays the piano.
Merlyn: val=van
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: Danny Gatton? Guitar player?
cease: i noticed vince's son is running the guaraldi website
Bightrethighrehighre: Saw "Dixie Dregs" @ Marquee theatre in Tempe Sun night...Steve Morse & Co. r the BEST!!!
enter the Tweeny: Yep. Guitar through Leslie. I mixed at the Childe Harold AC/DC 76/77.
klokwkICEBLOK: a real offbeat player, Dex
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Dregs play Temple...Rabbi quits band
llanwydd: Hello, I must be going. See you all in Feb.
enter the Tweeny: The Drehs are to be honored. Opened for the Starship Merriweather Columbia, MD.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Night Ilan
enter the Tweeny: Not to mention the Dreshers, or the Threshers.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Fran Thresher and the Nannies
enter the Tweeny: I'll nothing of nannie goats being slaughterd!
klokwkICEBLOK: nite Ilan
cease: llan
enter the Tweeny: Lost those angles. Anybody got a square?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: I got a brown shoe here in the balkcony doctor
enter the Tweeny: Fight them chickens!
enter the Tweeny: Santa Kennedy?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yes Virgin, there is a Senator
enter the Tweeny: Hai, domo...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: afk for a refill
cease: dome o, dome p, dome q
klokwkICEBLOK: he'll be right back
enter the Tweeny: The Dutchess of Detroit. P51 Mustard gas.
enter the Tweeny: They're coming back... and they're bountiful!
||||||||| ah,clem enters at 11:13 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Haberdashery Barn.
klokwkICEBLOK: we're all busy listening to what you're playing, clem
cease: i think carson would have influenced firesign in that they were influenced by everything cultural of their era, up to now
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: ...and reading what you're about to be typing
ah,clem: well, enjoy it, as that is why I play it, :)
cease: particfulalry when they were mocking tv in their early albums
enter the Tweeny: re you knitting the names of the peoples'
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: If you remember...they loosely parodied J Carson show several times early on
enter the Tweeny: missing an a
cease: thats what i was referring to, dex
ah,clem: manual reload a big help, but have to keep an eye on the feed, as I may get knocked off...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: then they apparently did =))
enter the Tweeny: An ancient cocroack in a sombrero they knew insatinly to be...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: An ancient coatrack?
cease: carson was at his best when he had funny guests and interesting things developed.
enter the Tweeny: Don Sheets. Yakety Sex.
klokwkICEBLOK: what's all thes bruhaha?
cease: the firesign is always like one of those rare occasions
enter the Tweeny: We all liver in a yellow pancreas...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Rare would describe their east coast appearances
enter the Tweeny: GWU - Not Insane Tour
klokwkICEBLOK: cat - you see the krump piece in salon today?
cease: what was it about, klok? i monitor salon
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
klokwkICEBLOK: indie film about new dance form in South Central
cease: dex, austin doesnt like to go anywhere he cant drive
cease: makes east coast travel problematical
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: I know =((
klokwkICEBLOK: probably a wise policy
klokwkICEBLOK: esp. in Boston...
enter the Tweeny: Oh decee us! Will you fight me in the ring of fire?
cease: no, klok. i avoid any reference to dance
klokwkICEBLOK: it's impossible to drive there
Merlyn: well, I have to get packing, see some of you in seattle
klokwkICEBLOK: me too, but I browsed it and...clicked on the link
enter the Tweeny: Lafayette built those streets of della.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Enjoy the shows Merlyn
Merlyn: looks like it's be around 50 degrees in the daytime in portland & seattle
cease: its really warm in van recently
Merlyn: byeee
||||||||| Merlyn leaves to catch the 11:21 PM train to Hellmouth.
klokwkICEBLOK: went to Devon Aoki page. http://www.devon-aoki.com/
enter the Tweeny: See ya in BC.
cease: see you sunday, merl
klokwkICEBLOK: i want one for christmas
cease: is time going backwards now, tween?
enter the Tweeny: Twin rotors of magicians, Merlyn?
enter the Tweeny: We're Americans. We're better with $50K.
klokwkICEBLOK: clem - bambi is trying out what? missed that ref (is an alternative to xmms?)
enter the Tweeny: And a corn u coppalla.
enter the Tweeny: Always take a taxi in la la land.
enter the Tweeny: Kill bills.
ah,clem: wow, getting late...
enter the Tweeny: Just a touch of grantham.
klokwkICEBLOK: ...but the 500€ note means that that currency will eventually dominate the underground economy
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: How does clem amke his voice/chat do that?
ah,clem: is windows build of x-chat, Klok
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Clem Amke, Norwegian Broadcaster
klokwkICEBLOK: ah, thanks
ah,clem: trialware
enter the Tweeny: No more weigans?
klokwkICEBLOK: i'd check it out, clem, but I don't like courtrooms
cease: Chief Weigans? Your son stole your gun again
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yep Tweeny: Ever since the bayou flooded, no more wee'uns...all the woman went infertile
enter the Tweeny: Indiana Sumner
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: That's Princess Indiana Summer fall Winterspring
enter the Tweeny: eBay U? Floored?
enter the Tweeny: Just a Pinch - Under the Gum
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yes Tween: All the stock type Bond guys are elated at this expansion of Ebay into Public Education
klokwkICEBLOK: headcode?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: No I wwear a hat
enter the Tweeny: Ah, Co me martyr high?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: It's a Miter high too
ah,clem: are levels ok tonight?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Don't let the cross scare you though, it's anly to accessorize
enter the Tweeny: Now, that's a family band.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Clem: Levels are fine
klokwkICEBLOK has minimized the TV and discovered that analog channels' audio, being on different feed, shows up on different slider, so he can control Winamp and TV independently. cewl!
enter the Tweeny: With a fedora and a front kick, it's Nicky.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Try the Dance mix Klok
klokwkICEBLOK: he can't even occult for himself!
ah,clem: tks
enter the Tweeny: Never break the rotunda ride at Ossman's theme park.
klokwkICEBLOK prefers Trail Mix instead
enter the Tweeny: Shirley you jest.
klokwkICEBLOK: is that a pair of women's shoes?
enter the Tweeny: Great blues DC, better in KC.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Have you tried Trial Mix? OJ vs The State vs thiry hooded supspected arabs vs Sacco and Venzetti?
klokwkICEBLOK: cat - she's daughter of owner of Benehanas
cease: benny's? who's got the bennys?
enter the Tweeny: Trail mix dropped from Papoon's airplanes on Russians.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hannah has 'em
klokwkICEBLOK: i've been shooting reds and yellows all evening
enter the Tweeny: Even know?
cease: boy am i sleeepy
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Klok: Those laser pens are really cools aren't they...And cats love 'em too
klokwkICEBLOK: boy am i dopey
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Gesundheit (just in case)
klokwkICEBLOK: oh, they go crazy; sometimes dogs, too
enter the Tweeny: Let's let a Quaker sleep. Heck, he might be Pesident someday.
cease: my kittens are always trying to catch the cursor on the monitor
klokwkICEBLOK: i get 'em for $3.95 at the job lot; almost so cheap it doesn't pay to replace the batteries
enter the Tweeny: The prior Station. NYC.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: If you're listening, Phil is really into his goon show bag here
enter the Tweeny: Lot's of power.
cease: i'm listening
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Thank you Walter...but are you watching?
enter the Tweeny: You can't sell Americans. Well, except for blacks & poor whites & poor chinese, etc...
cease: dime a dozen
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Buddy can you spare medicard "Plan B" type
enter the Tweeny: Corpus Christi has spoken, and broke...
ah,clem: bambi to send snapshot, Cat, film at ... well in email
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: This is Corpus Christi, the voice of Galgotha
cease: to merl, ah. for the gallery of chatters
cease: i guess merl is off to portland
klokwkICEBLOK: but can you pronounce it, Dex?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Clem: So Bambi likes photography eh> (nudge nudge, wink wink)
enter the Tweeny: This is your Padre speaking. It's not safe here....
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Klok: "i" "t" It!!
ah,clem: can you forward, Cat, as I think she sent it already
klokwkICEBLOK: oh yeah, Clem -- since they are recurring characters on the radio now, we'll need pix of the animals, too!
enter the Tweeny: Looks rael to me - Gabriel
cease: yes, ah
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: You better not take pictures of my blow flies, man......
enter the Tweeny: It's the World's Gone Crazy Cotillion - Waylon
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Looks Riel too, me, Bagrael
enter the Tweeny: Ah, the returning of the swallows.
klokwkICEBLOK: what is this, A Tale of Two Cities?
enter the Tweeny: Definitely not...
cease: it was the wurst of time, it was the breast of times
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: The Immolation of Saint Capistrano...Oh! Blinding Light!
enter the Tweeny: A fuel tank of gas
enter the Tweeny: A hot oven
klokwkICEBLOK: and a shoeshine
cease: you fuels!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: And bare bums...er buns
klokwkICEBLOK: can't you see some 1,400 have been killed here?
klokwkICEBLOK: this hasn't happened to us since Vietnam!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: I can't see over the bodies
enter the Tweeny: We're the Army of Washing Tons. Trust me. I'm an instructor.
enter the Tweeny: Xel ha, ha, ha...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Yes, Dear friends, this giant machine will wash tons of your dirty laundry
enter the Tweeny: Which one shall it be?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: It's the All New Fox-a-matic
klokwkICEBLOK: ah, 2 pols, Joe Wilson and Richard Pearle are on Nightline
enter the Tweeny: 1936 Raymond Massive
klokwkICEBLOK: getting grilled by the citizens
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: How come some many Poles...what about the Ukraniums
klokwkICEBLOK: too Orange
enter the Tweeny: U Kranian runner?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Howard Johnson, comeing to a wal-mart near you
klokwkICEBLOK: they don't mix 'cause they don't like each other, so it's one or the udder
enter the Tweeny: It's called a pusher. Beechcraft Starship.
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: This Polish/Ukraniumn Dance mix is going out the all the kids over there in Dioxin Hall
klokwkICEBLOK: yeah, but it's a pain to wind that thing up, Tween
klokwkICEBLOK: the real starship is Caponi A-21J
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Jefferson Starship, brought to you by the pushy folks at Beachcraft Gum
enter the Tweeny: Turbo Prop. 16 Seats. Want me to send a picture?
enter the Tweeny: Wind in the Willows. T
klokwkICEBLOK: yeah, I know, and all those people turning the crank like crazy
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: A flyby will suffice
cease: yes i will, ah.
klokwkICEBLOK: the canard is also a flotation device...
cease: thats a great idea of sending pix of pets
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: This pre-war inflatable duck is Tsunami proof
enter the Tweeny: The piano is a graceful instrument.
klokwkICEBLOK: well, particularly in Jim's case, since we keep getting this nail-biting tale of the cockatoo and now the packrat Bombay cat...
enter the Tweeny: One - Bee Gees
klokwkICEBLOK: where
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Tween: A horizontal Harp dressed in lumber is how P Iano Forte described it
klokwkICEBLOK: Johnny Piano been lately?
cease: havent seen him recently, klok
klokwkICEBLOK: i can hear tapping sounds
klokwkICEBLOK: i see dead people
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: It's Fabian Glover and the Shoe Patrol
klokwkICEBLOK: moynihan floats before me, endorsing the President's privitization of SSecurity
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Und how long haff you had these fears off Irisher, Mr. Klok
enter the Tweeny: later gator
klokwkICEBLOK: yeah, and we get lots of talk about Icy, so may as well get a good shot of him, Cat
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: New mooon, Racoon
cease: thats no surprise, klok. what would be weird is if they saw you
cease: i'm contemplating a firesonian shot of icy and the kittens. maybe icy biting a tire
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Sounds good =))
klokwkICEBLOK: Providence RI reports 7ºF
cease: the cats attacking a bar of soap
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 11:58 PM, dragging Bambi by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
klokwkICEBLOK: LOL Cat
klokwkICEBLOK: welcome B
klokwkICEBLOK: bozoette you blockhead Catherwood
cease: hi bambi. you're in 2 places at once
Bambi: hi everyone! (working on Manual here)
klokwkICEBLOK: isn't that manual finished yet?
cease: think of a bird reference in firesign
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Hey Bambi: Manual is supposed to be cleaning my pool
Bambi: LOL ... yes, bozoette
klokwkICEBLOK: the original finish is peeling off
cease: there are bird sounds, but are there bird refs?
klokwkICEBLOK: but according to Antiques Road Show, you should not restore it
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Refinishing Manual: A mexican Odyssey
klokwkICEBLOK: we've had it for a long time...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Bird refs are in stripes
Bambi: yes, and being two places at once is my favorite Firesign Theatre Album too, Cat!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: klok: How much did you pay for it, and have you had it uppraised?
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
cease: in the next world baseball game
cease: i'm thinking how you could use pix of your birds in some firesign photo-ref
klokwkICEBLOK: bambi - we note that Catherwood hath become very punctual as late. is is you or Merlyn?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Other side of Police Street?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Cat: Eggs in the air?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 12:02 AM, dragging GetontheLift! by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
cease: why does the porridge bird....
klokwkICEBLOK: they're in everybody's eggs
cease: can one of the cockatiels be shown over an airborn egg?
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Lift: Going up, sailor?
Bambi: hey Klok, Merlyn is the Wizard here ;-)
cease: it could be easily photoshopped
klokwkICEBLOK: ah, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
GetontheLift!: They could be giants
klokwkICEBLOK: or GIMPed
GetontheLift!: Gosh darn, keep knitting
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Firends, why have pictures of your ugly family on your corporate desk, go to photo shop for a really good looking selection of made to arder dependents
cease: who was that lift?
Bambi: maybe could Cat ... would have to work on that one ... I am sure we can do some photography magic if necessary
klokwkICEBLOK thinks all photography is majik
cease: bambi, unless you can think of some other firesonian bird ref
GetontheLift!: Signs of life, green...
cease: i suggested my dog biting a tire and my cats attacking a bar of soap
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Klok: Just don't let 'em steal you sole
cease: get on the gantry lift, elmer
GetontheLift!: The new Cordoba, with rich muslim interior...
cease: its all onboard for elmer town below
Bambi: Cat did you get the other email with pic of ah,clem and me yet?
GetontheLift!: I'm tired of biting cats. They ss at me.
cease: not yet, bambi
cease: have you been to cordoba, lift?
GetontheLift!: 360 v-8 american motors
GetontheLift!: mark donahue edition
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: High Lift! Cams
cease: i was there a couple of years ago. interesting place
cease: the mosque would make a great set for a firesign piece
GetontheLift!: Chrysler & Mercedes... Gott in Himmel help us
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: "Waiting for Allah or some one like him"
cease: a wonderful sense of looking at infinity
GetontheLift!: Paradise - Two tickets - $50K a peace
cease: antellope valley, one 36th mosque
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| enter the Tweeny - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Night Tweeny
GetontheLift!: Yoshi, wakaramas?
cease: tween
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Wack-a-Llama! Cuidado Hombres...
klokwkICEBLOK: winamp whips the llama's ass
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Pooh!
Bambi: oh, pooh.....lol
cease: i look forward to seeing the pix, bambi
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: there are 3 verses
cease: and the pix of your birds
klokwkICEBLOK: it's an extended Nightline Town Meeting!
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong: Think it's a good time to move along...until again, dear Fire ends
klokwkICEBLOK: "I've had relatives in every war in this country since King Phillip's War..."
klokwkICEBLOK: nite Dex -- no car move?
cease: i think that's physically impossible, klok
cease: america has invaded more countries than you could possibly have had ancestors
||||||||| It's 12:20 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| GetontheLift! - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: i wonder who that was? he quoted from my fave solo album
klokwkICEBLOK: well, nite then Dex
cease: dex. will have lots of reviews of firetour when we chat again next
klokwkICEBLOK: us on the right coast are counting on you lucky stiffs to char, er, give us a bird's-eye lowdown, whatever that means!!
cease: we'll do our best
klokwkICEBLOK: wow, this guy is really putting it to Koppell and Co.!
klokwkICEBLOK: next question: "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Why does America keep digging?" ROFL
klokwkICEBLOK: noooooooo!
klokwkICEBLOK: more FST!!
cease: i gather you're not listening to pooh, klok
klokwkICEBLOK: listening to the benediction, Cat
klokwkICEBLOK: also Nightline
||||||||| 12:29 AM: Mudhead jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
cease: it goes in and out like anything
klokwkICEBLOK: also the howl of the bitter wind blasting against my poor house
Mudhead: Welcome dear friends
klokwkICEBLOK: hey mudhead
cease: mud
||||||||| It's 12:30 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong - dead from intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Mudhead: by the looks of things I've been stoned and missed it
klokwkICEBLOK: yep, biggest thing since the Eagle landed
Mudhead: I was just a wee lad at the time
Mudhead: no bigger than a grasshoppers knee
klokwkICEBLOK: and all the exposition
klokwkICEBLOK: but you can still buy the DVD and the T-shirt...
klokwkICEBLOK: unfortunately, I'm on a short fuse myself, being minutes from own exit
Mudhead: they're everywhere, we gotta herd of DVD's; we're givin em away
klokwkICEBLOK: OK, well I gotta go now
klokwkICEBLOK: goodnight everyone!
||||||||| 12:38 AM -- klokwkICEBLOK left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Bambi: Cat ... the pics are on the way...hopefully you got them.
Bambi: night Klok and Dex
cease: off we go
||||||||| 12:40 AM -- cease left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| 12:41 AM -- Bambi left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Mudhead: We'red everyone go.... they killed the President...hey Mister..they broke the president
||||||||| 12:42 AM -- Mudhead left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
ah,clem: night all...
||||||||| 12:45 AM -- ah,clem left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| 12:46 AM: ah,clem jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: ' '
||||||||| 12:47 AM -- ah,clem left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| It's 1:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bightrethighrehighre - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Bubba's Brain
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Charles Throat
Dexter ''Winterized'' Fong
enter the Tweeny
Gabby your sacred cowboy
Merlyn LeRoy
Oliver Tweendexter
shoes for the dead
Tiresign Fheatre
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