A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for March 24, 2005 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Firebroiled sneaks in around 8:15 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Firebroiled: Can I hide an Easter egg here...?
||||||||| Firebroiled is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 8:15 AM.
||||||||| Dexter Lifesupport Fong sneaks in around 8:54 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Uh...Danny, sorry about last weeks "unpleasant incident".
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, March 24, 2005 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| Merlyn sneaks in around 9:01 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hi Merlyn
Merlyn: I have to milk the elk
Merlyn: or go out and buy some. I'll be back in about 20 minutes...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: While your at it wlk the wapiti
Merlyn: people really DO live in tubes. Or hooked up to them.
||||||||| Charles Throat sneaks in around 9:03 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: But do pigs really live in trees
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hey CT
Charles Throat: Hi yez
Merlyn: Like I said, back in 20 minutes (20 minutes into the future, like max headroom)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Looks like Catherwood had issues with everyone last week
||||||||| Merlyn is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 9:04 PM.
Charles Throat: So I'm left wondering which takes 20 minutes?
||||||||| Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain sneaks in around 9:04 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merlyn's gone for milk...or so he claims
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Hey all.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bu Bu Bubba!
Charles Throat: Well, he said either that or milk the yak - let's not make assumptions
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Hey Dex.
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Snew?
Charles Throat: Hi Bubba
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: CT.
Charles Throat: So I'm wondering ehich one takes 20 minutes yuk yuk yuk
||||||||| "9:06 PM? 9:06 PM!!" says Catherwood, "klokwkLivingWillpower should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as klokwkLivingWillpower enters and sits on the couch.
klokwkLivingWillpower: groan
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Pull that mans plug
klokwkLivingWillpower: hello folks
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: He's in pain
Charles Throat: it's a fuse, a blown fuse!
klokwkLivingWillpower pulls out his own plug, bites a chaw, puts back in pocket, spits on sidewalk
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hey! Redman!
klokwkLivingWillpower: unfortunately, my presence will be brief (call me tubeless)
klokwkLivingWillpower: but I shall return
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Sup, Klok?
klokwkLivingWillpower: in an hour so or
Charles Throat: I remember seeing an extremely detailed chronology of FST's activities, including references to the radio shows, anyone know where that is?
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Don't kill me yet, my brain just seems dead...
klokwkLivingWillpower: gotta walk; just put din-din in the freezer (and rin-tin-tin was fit to be tied; now they gotta share)
klokwkLivingWillpower: I think Richard Nixon had one done up by Hoover, Chuck
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: Merlyn could probably give you direct directions, but I think you can find it on the FST website
Charles Throat: We used to call him The Chronologist
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Firesign Chronology
Charles Throat: I googled today, couldn't find it
Charles Throat: not one detailed enough
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: Check the FST website
Charles Throat: OK
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: IIRC there's an extremely detailed one put together by Freditor...Nino used to host it
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:11 PM and ah,clem steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: hi Clem
Charles Throat: The radio show I was asking about before is 2-21-72 - and is also side 2 of Dear Firends #12
Charles Throat: Austin isn't on it, though they act as though he is, and Annalee is there
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with Firesign Theatre, Dear Friends"'
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: What do you mean by side 2?
ah,clem: hi all
Charles Throat: Just wanted to see if I could Solve The Mystery
ah,clem: ot home late, and tired, so tonight is a replay
Charles Throat: Side 2 as in side 2 of the LP #12 of the Dear Friends set
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Clem: You deserve a break today
ah,clem: tks
Charles Throat: aw, clem
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT" Dear Friends shows were 1 hour so don't quite understand what you mean by side 2
ah,clem: at least this way I can chat for a bit
Charles Throat: Dexter they were distributed on LP's
Charles Throat: there were only 100 sets made
Dexter Lifesupport Fong CT: Yes so that side two would be the second half hour of one show
Charles Throat: You oughtta know tat ;)
Charles Throat: Yes
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Lemme go find my copy of the chronology
klokwkLivingWillpower: hi clem, bubba
klokwkLivingWillpower: i'm off hoofing for a while
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: hoof away... hoof away....
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: What was that date again?
Charles Throat: In my Big Book of Plays it only says for February 1971 "Dear Friends took a vacation"
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain spits out his Boobie Chew. "This isn't Wrigley's" he screams, looking at his chest.
Charles Throat: 2-21-71nor 2-17-71, there's some confusion
||||||||| Catherwood leads llanwydd inside, makes a note of the time (9:19 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
llanwydd: great to be back at the Firesign Chateaux
ah,clem: did you get that gum at Rat in a Box, Bubba?
Charles Throat: Annalee is there, or it's Tiny pretending to be her
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Hey, Il...
Charles Throat: hi ll
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: They don't have franchises in Indiana....
ah,clem: you poor kid
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Its Possum Hut in this part of the country....
Charles Throat: He's not poor any more
ah,clem: LOl
llanwydd: I don't know Indiana very well
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: You dont miss much.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: The chronology says " Dear friends #21 "Is This the machine That Registers" without Austin (2/17/71)
llanwydd: I see that most of the regulars are not here
ah,clem: is early, and well, there is a full moon...
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: I'm regular. Had my fiber this morning...
Charles Throat: Yeah that's the show - it's funny trhat they refer to him as if he's there several times, and as I said Annalee is there
Charles Throat: Phil "gives" him a toy robot - wondere why they were pretending
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: As I said last week, Austin may have been there but was engineering...maybe Earl wasn't there to do it
Charles Throat: Ahh yes I remember you saying that - but think of all the times Earl managed to talk
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: True....
||||||||| Merlyn sneaks in around 9:26 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Merlyn: ello
llanwydd: hi merl
Charles Throat: huzzah
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Hey
ah,clem: hello Mr Wizzard
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: WB Merlyn, hope the Elk are calm
||||||||| Catherwood leads cease inside, makes a note of the time (9:27 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Cat!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hi Cat....how you holding up?
llanwydd: hi cat
ah,clem: hi Cat
cease: hello from your godforsaken country again
Merlyn: hey cat
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Just read your emails a few minutes ago
cease: my father wants to come home from the hospital already. he can barely stand up
cease: iè, somewhat better
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Whats he in for?
cease: he has to be able to walk 50 feet for them to let him go
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: He's in for the ride of his life, Larry
Merlyn: I thought you could only have barley stand up on the equinox
cease: had a stroke on sunday
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merl: And easter eggs
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Oh man....
ah,clem: sorry to hear that, cat
Charles Throat: sorry to hear that cease
Merlyn: or maybe it's in everybody's eggs
cease: i got the labels for box of time yesterday bub, and my wife will getg them in the mail to you soon as she can
cease: whats oln cni tonight
Merlyn: sounds like it wasn't too bad though, if he can already stand
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: A Dear Friends show
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Hey, take care of your Father and Yourself first... commerce can wait.
ah,clem: a rerun of my first show on CNI
cease: hes healtheir than i was leed to beelieve
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: afk for refill while Mark time runs
ah,clem: got home late, and exausted
cease: i need to build a ramp for the one step in his house. the rest is all flat
cease: have fun in whidbey, merl. where are you staying
Charles Throat: My son is in New York having stem cells harvested
cease: elayne wanted me to buy some whidbey island liquer but obviously i cant and youèrenot on your way to nyc anytime soon i gather, merl
Merlyn: I forget, lemme check
Charles Throat: but he's enjoying being there
Merlyn: towards where the ossman's live
llanwydd: Is your son ill, Charles?
ah,clem: hi LL
Charles Throat: yes but he'll get better
llanwydd: that's good
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: I say we get a bunch of Mexicans, tell 'em it's harvest time, and grab their stem cells
llanwydd: hi clem
Charles Throat: I'm on my laptop and can't turn cni up loud enough
Merlyn: not really planning to go to NYC anytime soon, cat
cease: hey is this hour hour
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: ... and I'm down to seed cells and stem cells again... too.....
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Dear Friends
Merlyn: cat, I'll be at the harbour inn
cease: its been 41 years for me, merl
ah,clem: will boost level a tad,
llanwydd: hourhour?
cease: ayear
llanwydd: our hour
cease: sounds scenic
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: llan: A FST radio show that predated Dear Friends
llanwydd: or our our of ours
Charles Throat: Thanks Clem
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Arghhh Arghhhh
cease: merl just posted some clips from my 6 28 70 hour hour show. my fave
ah,clem: give it 2 minutes
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Ow! My ears
cease: is this a dear friend
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: Yes
cease: i guess so
Charles Throat: So many sound effects in the hour hours - makes them kind of hard to listen to
llanwydd: was hour hour on kpfk?
cease: sometimes yes, sometimes no, chuck
cease: on kppc in 69-70
cease: was lucky enough to tape the last 6 off the air
llanwydd: I see
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: but cat hears
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:38 PM, dragging Elayne by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Elayne
Elayne: Evenin' all!
cease: hi el
llanwydd: hi Elayne
Elayne: Cat, how's your dad?
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Eeee!
cease: sorry i wont be able to bring you any whidbey liquer. im in la again, instead of whidbey
Elayne: Don't worry, Cat, I'm not much of a drinker anyway. :)
||||||||| Catherwood leads Bambi inside, makes a note of the time (9:40 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
cease: he really wants to come home, el. but he can only walk a couple of feet and he has to walk 50 before the let him go
Merlyn: hey E
llanwydd: hi Bambi
cease: hi bambi
Bambi: Howdy Dear Friends :-)
Elayne: Dang, sorry Cat...
Elayne: Hi Fran!
Charles Throat: hi bambi
Bambi: Hi llanwydd, Cat
Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain: Bam
Merlyn: they put him that far from the door?
cease: he normally has a very good memroy for dates and such. but when i asked him how old his car was, he said he bougth it 58. actually it was 87
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hi Bambi
Bambi: hey E!, Bubba, Dex, Klok, Charles, Dex ... great to see ya all
Bambi: and of course ... Clem :-)
cease: but aside from that, which is probably more alzheimers than stroke, he seems surprisingly chipper
Elayne: That's a mercy, anyhow.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi: You greeted me twice (nudge, nudge....wink, wink)
Bambi: I got a personal email today about my blog ... very interesting email too
Bambi: Dex, Dex ... really, really :-)
Merlyn: Hey the saturday night show of electrician/dwarf at WICA is sold out
Charles Throat: Sack 'a duck, sack 'a duck
Elayne: Cool, Bambi! I'm exhausted doing my blog, I've been celebrating Women's History Month all month by talking about female bloggers...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: This DF show is chock a block with bits they ended up in the "DF" double album
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merl: That's great
Bambi: A Mac user emailed to tell me I should get my facts straight and my opinion just showed how little I understood the Mac community.
llanwydd: what is this WICA show? Is it FST?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Clem...I love this show...it's much better than the Apprentice
Elayne: Ohhh dear...
cease: i hear em dex
Charles Throat: I grew up with "Dear Friends" the album - it was great to finally hear the context
cease: so rarely its always new to me
ah,clem: thanks, Dex
cease: good news, merl
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi: I'm a member of the *Big Mac* community
Elayne: Fran, most of what you post is a little over my head, I must admit...
Bambi: Seems they didn't like the fact that I said that Jobs sued their own mac fans, so what luck would DVD John have against Jobs
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Charles: Couldn't agree more
llanwydd: I haven't heard "Dear Friends" in twenty years or more but I still remember most of it
Bambi: So, I edited the posting on DVD John to include the ZDNet article that calls them mac enthusiasts (that got sued) ... last I heard enthusiast and fan were pretty close...not identical but pretty darn close.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Man I would *love* to get the complete Dear Friends and Let's Eat (the full hours)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hell, while you're at it,, throw in all the Hour Hours, and Son of Firesign
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: and if you got any home movies of the 4 or 5, I'll take those too
Bambi: Can we run the Hour Hour recordings on CNI?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: and I'll take this Phil Proctor Flip Book too
Charles Throat: I have what I call The Truss CD's, I assume most of you have all that stuff
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: Actually I don't although Earl was flogging them off and on for quite a while
Charles Throat: They are quite splendiforous
Merlyn: Hmm, yahoo maps doesn't know about ferries - it wants me to drive around to the north end of whidbey island to get to the south end
Bambi: don't have The Truss CDs ... what are they?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merl: Serpentine
cease: youd have to ask the guys,bambi
Charles Throat: Earl collected all the mp3s of old shows circulating in the newsgroups - nearly all the old radio shows
cease: i only know of them, dont have them but i know they include my 6 hour hours
Bambi: Phil and Dave said we could run their stuff because we were non-profit ... was just wondering if Hour, Hour were FST?
cease: are you driving up from seattle, merl
Charles Throat: yes
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi: They are FST
Bambi: Awesome Charles
cease: chuck, excpet maybe ossman
Bambi: cool!
Bambi: thanks Dex
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: you're welcome you're welcome
cease: i would love to hear those 67 shows. thats where i come from
Bambi: I even copied the cheese log from when they gave their permssion :-)
Bambi: thanks, thanks, Dex, Dex ;-)
ah,clem: an echo in here
Charles Throat: I just had two horrible thoughts
Bambi: yep, yep...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Yah know guys...recently relistened (for maybe the 35th time) Everything you Know and heard a gag i'd missed for all those years =))
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: not a reference, a gag!
Merlyn: there's a seeker bored every minute
Charles Throat: Which one, Dex
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merl: That's a beautiful travel Queen yah got there
Merlyn: I don't recall that line
Charles Throat: I do
||||||||| "Hey Elayne!" ... Elayne turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 9:56 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Charles Throat: I heard "Look at this grape!" many years before hearing the following "...oh... it's" which makes the joke complete
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: Holeflafer is spying on the Crumbhungers and transmitting to Happy Harry...he's discovered and says "I'm just checking this gas connectyion...It's making funny music
Bambi: gotta love Nick Danger :-)
llanwydd: I will fade from above if I don't...
cease: did elayne leave
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: Gas music from Jupiter reference
Merlyn: well, dragged away
Bambi: wow...E!'s gone .... drat
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: actually it *is* a reference not just a gag
llanwydd: yeah, she walked out
cease: that was fascinating having austin talk about nick danger
Bambi: sure was Cat!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Man they really mined this show for the album
llanwydd: brb
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ok
Bambi: k
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: =) =)
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Thank you danny
ah,clem: mole preening, mole women, and mole skin cookies
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: all covered with mole sauce
cease: i want them to do the same from the hour hour shows. i dont think it will happen though
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: excerpt them?
cease: this is from an era when they were at their commerrcial peek
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: rather have the whole thing
Charles Throat: One thing I've never heard - The Chinchilla Show "in context" - it must be from very early
cease: exactly dex
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Charles don't think I have either
Charles Throat: I heard "A Life in The Day" which was very very interesting
cease: i had an uncle in lodi california who raised chinchillas
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Raced chinchilla's?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: They're quick but they can't go the distance
cease: that was from 67 era, chuck. MY era
Charles Throat: I hear this discussion in Proctor's hispanic accent
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: *This era copyright by Cat Simril
ah,clem: sure, dex, try to catch one when it gets out of the cage....
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: All decades protected
Charles Throat: Red leanings!
ah,clem: they can run, and they can hide
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Clem: You hire a chinchilla wrangler
cease: fuck, i wish all of you were around listening to firesign then, when they were first happening
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: me too =\)))
cease: sgt pepper, the first doors album and the first firesign plays. what more could a year want
ah,clem: was with it by the time albums were released
Bambi: good one Cat
ah,clem: ich of the live radio stuff
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ich?
ah,clem: mised much of
Charles Throat: Didn't the Mothers appear that year too?
ah,clem: was truncated
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Clem: Yeah..if you weren't on the left coast hard to hear it
cease: no, before then
Charles Throat: Ossman once mentions knowing Zappa in the old days in one of the XM shows but doesn't elaborate
ah,clem: yup, was on east coast
Charles Throat: I mean bergman
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bergman's Mother?
cease: it would have been hard for them to not know or know of each other in those daays
Charles Throat: Yeah I guess so
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Sure...world was smaller then...fewer people
||||||||| It's 10:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: i have a radio show zappa was on in i think 68
Charles Throat: so it's bigger now, more people?
ah,clem: another mole reference
cease: into that do=wop
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: Yep...especially Chines
cease: he couldnt makee it as a 50s band
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: e
Charles Throat: That's good, there's room for them then
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: They live 20 or 30 to a room
Charles Throat: I love this little essay
cease: i know from experience, there was A LOT of interesting stuff happening in la in those days
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: They all own bicycles
cease: maybe there still is, i just havent lived here since then
Charles Throat: I lived there in 83-84
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: This is a really g
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: *good* FST show
Charles Throat: There's Proctor's fanfare he looked so hard for
Bambi smiles
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: I know that reference but son't think I've heard most of this befroe
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: spelling spelling
Charles Throat: Heard the earlier recording of the "And lo, there came unto them Philip..." bit?
Charles Throat: bad recording, I'm glad they did it over
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT"
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: information overload...plus empty glass
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: afk
Charles Throat: Dex you need these cd's
Bambi: LOL...looks like you will have to do something about that empty glass Dex, Dex ...
Charles Throat: I have an able helpmeet passing them to me
Bambi: Double Vision
Bambi: helpmeet ... always nice to have one of those
ah,clem: thanks all,
ah,clem: been shooting reds and yellows all day... "boy am I sleepy"
ah,clem: good night everyone
cease: did they shoot back
Charles Throat: I was driving in LA one day and finally understood Pico and Alvarado
Charles Throat: night clem
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Night Clem, and thanks...really liked this program
ah,clem: my pleasure
cease: by clem
||||||||| "10:21 PM? I'm late!" exclaims ah,clem, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
Bambi: night Clem ... see ya soon :-)
Bambi: Clem has had a long few days ... working on old Bessie and helping with wireless networking ... Bessie is his old Chevy van
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: CT: I have a bunch of cds, maybe 35 or so....my son who traded concerts got em for me
cease: and big sepulVEEDa
cease: sepulveda, as was my high school
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Could well be the oft rumored Truss collection
Merlyn: another online charity: http://www.savetoby.com
Charles Throat: Gonna fade as well, folks, take it easy
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Started cateloging...very time consuming...at least the way I do it....also CD burner not functioning , thus....\
||||||||| Charles Throat is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 10:23 PM.
Bambi: you too Charles
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Careful of that fenestate
Bambi: yeah, that'll get ya good ... fenastate
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bubba's been faded long than anyone before, cept Merlyn
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi: Are you mocking me? =)
Bambi: no way Dex, Dex ;-)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Ha Ha
Bambi: laughing with you maybe, but mocking...never ;-)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: =)
Bambi: we were working on the strangest wireless problem we have ever encountered today
||||||||| Bunnyboy sneaks in around 10:27 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merlyn: Re: Toby; makes but this magazine or I'll kill this dog look like Jr. Crime League
Bunnyboy: hey, where's dat CNi stream?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hey Bunny
Bambi: I really hate Windows XP Media Edition ... it is more haunted than WinME.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: but this mag
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Gone Bunny
Bambi: ah, you want to listen to CNI?
Bambi: copy and paste to player
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi whips out the URL and hits the table with it
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: The table folds, just like in no-limit Texas Hold'em
Bunnyboy: Looks like the "URL" of Clubs. Hee!
Bunnyboy: Hello, player. Lemme paste ya!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Personally, I prefer the Oil of Chubbs
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: I tlingers
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: lingers
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: sheesh
Bunnyboy: I picked up a new DVD set of Laurel and Hardy classics, featuring WAY OUT WEST, which, in turn, features my favorite Laurel and Hardy sequence.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ...and that is?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Another fine chat drought you've gotten us int
Bunnyboy: Their dance number, in front of the big rear screen "western town".
Bambi: or clickable:
cease: hi bunny
cease: im in la instead of whidbey
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi: You got a ZIP code out there in Donkey Doo?
Bunnyboy: Hiya, cat. Regret to say, I shan't be at Whidbey on Saturday.
Bunnyboy: Oh, you neither?
cease: that makes 2 of us
Bambi: Laurel and Hardy are a lot of fun :-)
cease: dad had stroke. im back in la
Bunnyboy: How did that happen?
Bambi: 23839 might work out here in Donkey Doo .. .Dex, Dex ;-)
Bunnyboy: I'm so sorry, cat.
cease: how did he have a stroke
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bambi: Thought it might be Rural Free Delivery
cease: answer that id get a nobel prize
cease: other doc we know of
Bunnyboy: cat: No, I'm sorry. I typed the "happen" line before your "stroke" line.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Don't worry Cat, one of our psychic senators will tell you everythihng
cease: he seems chipper today, wantss to go home but they wont let him go until he can walk 50 feet. now hhe can only do thaat in dreams
Bambi: close ... but we actually had to rent a box to get mail here LOL
Bunnyboy: I was wondering why no Whidbey, then it came clear.
cease: i have real trouble typing on this keyboard, even without the no question mark or apostrophhe problems
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: '?(/)
Bambi smiles
Bunnyboy: Merlyn, be sure to send best regards to David and Judith from Bunnyboy.
cease: 6 grand for a fucking computer and i cant ask a quesion. serious bummer
Bunnyboy: Merlyn, I assume you're still going?
cease: that sounds like a firesign joke
Bunnyboy: How query...
Bunnyboy: State short question...
cease: i think merl would attend a firesign show if it were on mars
Bunnyboy: 6 grand for a computer? I hope it makes your meals, too!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ...in the form of a gerund
cease: 5700 plus 4 something for final cut lite. and i just discovered it doeesnt have i-dvd
Bunnyboy: MARS OR BUST, or "After you!"
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bunny: No question about that
cease: bummers never cease. just me
Bambi: and the coffee or tea, and mix drinks and roll over and play dead, etc.
Bunnyboy: Or, if you recall TOTAL RECALL...
Bunnyboy: MARS *AND* BUST
Bambi: All I can say is it must be a Mac ... great computers, but very expensive
cease: mars has titsÉ
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Houston we have severe de-compression
Bunnyboy: (sings) Commence to dancin', commence to prancin'...
Bambi: ah, yes, must be ...i-DVD ... dead giveaway
cease: see when i try and type a question mark, i get an é
cease: same with apostropheès
Bambi: yeah, that's odd Cat
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: Is anybody in your famile Spanish or French?
Bambi: did you get a foreign language keyboard or OS?
cease: i shuld return it for regrooving
Bunnyboy: New edition of APOLLO 13 out next Tuesday, including an IMAX edition of the film.
cease: nope
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: OS=Over Seas
Bambi: great minds think alike Dex ;-)
cease: i love french cidre though. spanish not so much, but with sangria, whos to complain
Bunnyboy: cat: Hold your finger-----------> there.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Think alike twice, Bambi ;*0
Bambi: actually in this case OS OS Over Seas Operating System lol
Bambi: LOL Dex, Dex
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: back at yah sister =) =)
Bunnyboy: Echo....echo...
cease: éééyou mean the end keyé
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Over the End,,, the story of Peggy and an ignorant IT department
Bunnyboy: ...and face the fact....that life....must go on....even....Over the Net.
Bunnyboy: Bb not Mac compliant, at present.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ...and off the backboard...he gets his own re-bound and slams it!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Yes! and it's good
Bunnyboy: Huskies outta the basketball pool. Boo fawkin' hoo! ; )
Bambi: Yes, Dear Friends, in the PowerPC House....
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Power Pcs are *everybodies
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: * business
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: co-ordi
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: nation folks
Bunnyboy: I will actually sit through the American OFFICE pilot tonight. Good cast, but...why?
Bambi: only two, only two
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bunny: Because they make you?
Bunnyboy: Yes! Corporate television interests monopolize my time!
Bambi: M I C K E Y ... M O U S E
Bunnyboy: American Idol is as fake as Championship Wrestling.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Mnopolize...a single vision of the future....one company, one future
Bambi: Max Headroom?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bunny: But not as well acted
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Min Bandwidth
Merlyn: hey, the second max headroom reference in this chat
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hmmm Klok went for an hour walk almost 2 hours ago
Bambi: well, hate to do it...but gotta get some sleep tonight ... been missing too much of that lately.
cease: i would suggest alzhiemers but hes too young
Bambi: so, see ya next time ... Dear Friends :-)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Night Night, Bam Bam =)
cease: sleep well bambi
Bambi: Night, Night ... Dex, Dex :-)
Bunnyboy: Hey! There's an idea. When one of the contestants of AMERICAN IDOL starts singing, they get about 3 lines into their song, and WHAM!!!!! One of their opponents smacks 'em with a folding chair!
Bambi: Thanks! I will :-)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: But he's alway been precoscious
Bambi: great to see you all
Bunnyboy: Nite Bambi.
||||||||| Bambi is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 10:53 PM.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: She was warned about that fenestate
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bun: I love the way your'e thinking....get all the finalists into an indian death-match interview
Bunnyboy: Merlyn: Here's a 3rd Headroom thang, sorta. Matt Frewer was in that credible DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, and gave a quite poignant performance.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ...then they all break into song "I'm in a lumberjack match...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ...followed by last contestant over the tope rope at the China Club
Bunnyboy: "And...they're trying to get Mario to SIGN THAT CONTRACT! But wait! He's thrown in the towel! IT'S OVER!!!
Bunnyboy: Bah.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: They threw a towel over him?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: No wonder he went down
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: they tried to get him up
Bunnyboy: And Xs over the eyes.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: ...and Bobby Vialis is the last unconscious world champeen!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: I used to stay up for hours watching him
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Monoigizing
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Monologizing
Bunnyboy: Bobby Vialis....was he a contemporary of Dory Funk, Jr?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Bun: No....but he knew him
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: wen't to his wrestling school in Austin Texas
Bunnyboy: Yeah, I knew old Dory still taught.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: then he changed his name to the Sheepherders and went on the road as a double
klokwkLivingWillpower: back
Bunnyboy: lo klok
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Refs wouldn't let him tag himself...lost a lotta matches before he found a new partner
klokwkLivingWillpower: hey, bun
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: WB Klok...long walk
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: afk for refreshment
klokwkLivingWillpower: shortie; 5+ mi.
Bunnyboy: I must away, for a late snack. Catch y'all next week. Merlyn, be sure to take notes at Whidbey. ; )
klokwkLivingWillpower: nite BB
||||||||| Bunnyboy is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 11:05 PM.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Night Bunny
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Klok: Did you get more snow in yesterday's storm?
klokwkLivingWillpower: yeah, pasted again
klokwkLivingWillpower: the road was pretty much melted and dry by this evening, so I moved my walk. sorry
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Hey, good for you...=)
klokwkLivingWillpower: good, yes. fun, no
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: No pain...no gain
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: If you're sending packages overseas to our boys, ship early
klokwkLivingWillpower: not that painful lately, but absolutely bor-ing
||||||||| It's 11:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bu..bu..bu...Bubba's Brain - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: No audio accompinement?
klokwkLivingWillpower: the PBS AM station I listen to has to reduce power to vanishing point at night
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Ha! There's a rfemnant of the past
klokwkLivingWillpower: the local Univ station plays jazz-classical in the AM; the students take over in the afternoon and at night=all heavy metal
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Sounds like tape or cd time to me. Dog
klokwkLivingWillpower: i need to get one of those MP3 players I can load from podcasts
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: That'd be good
klokwkLivingWillpower: tapes eat AA batteries and no sales on rechargeables lately (were 89¢ last fall, but I didn't bite, 24-pack NiMH for $20)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: tap into streetlight with looong extension cod
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: or scrod
klokwkLivingWillpower: oh, I have 2nd set for the camera, could use those, but don't want to mess them up
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Klok: Did you introduce "marmoset" into the mix last week?
klokwkLivingWillpower: i don't walk at night much; it's dangerous
klokwkLivingWillpower: yeah, that was me
klokwkLivingWillpower: why?
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Thought of great usage way to late..light maybe Saturday...marmoset "Knock you out" heh heh
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: you're disappointed =)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: you're not talking to me
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: you're afk
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: possibly
Merlyn: hey dex
klokwkLivingWillpower: watching Kyrgistan on BBC, sorry
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: s'ok..Ill wait while you catch up...rather embarrassing really
klokwkLivingWillpower: I once visited a lab that was running on Marmot time; they were doing dinural cycle studies
klokwkLivingWillpower: the new digital broadcast of the local PBS station is sooooo nice, even if only 480i
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: I was once rode a urinal cycle...not that enjoyable
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: I was thoroughly flushed by the end
klokwkLivingWillpower: groan
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: The fellow in the stall next to me groaned......I offered him a square......he passed
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Gee Whiz, I thought...what next
klokwkLivingWillpower: ?
klokwkLivingWillpower: I liked the marmoset riffs last week better
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Thanks
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: for the "?"
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Marmoset riffs almost as good as Muckrat Ramble
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Muckraker
klokwkLivingWillpower: ;-)
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: don't encourage me =)
klokwkLivingWillpower: I'm not, I'm not...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Thought the thing you sent me about N Koreans was very interesting
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Wha's China's policy towards them, do you know?
cease: back from dinner
klokwkLivingWillpower: yeah, I thought so. sad, that little girl with cancer, though
cease: hi klok
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Shhhh! Klok: Don't let congress hear you
klokwkLivingWillpower: all i know is what's in the article -- if they are discovered, they can be sent back to the North
cease: im on dialup so will have to leave soon to utilize the phone
klokwkLivingWillpower: hey, cat!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat; nderstood
klokwkLivingWillpower: have good evening then, Cat
cease: may or may not see yall next week, depending on what happens between now and then
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Cat: Again, understood..Hope things work out as well as they can
klokwkLivingWillpower: Dex -- if they can get her out to treatment, I'm all for it; let them supoena her!
cease: i dont know if good is an option but thankfully i know a number of doctors in la
cease: have fun in whidbey, merl
cease: keep em flying, folks
klokwkLivingWillpower: nite Cat; good luck!
||||||||| cease is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 11:28 PM.
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Klok: Supoena her! But first have to supoena 347,000 gov't employees
Merlyn: bye cat
Merlyn: he actually used the exit button
klokwkLivingWillpower: i mean it must be awful to be hiding in an apartment in China, desperate that you'll be discovered and dying of kidney cancer
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Merl: He's on dial=up had to make phone call
Merlyn: ah
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Klok: Yes, and the people of Darfur etc....I'm not synical, just overwhelmed
Merlyn: I have to get ready for my saturday morning flight to seattle
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Happy landings Merl...and good reception too
klokwkLivingWillpower: have a good trip, Merlyn!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: hmmm...thought Merlyn might use the exit button
Merlyn: I haven't quite left yet
||||||||| Merlyn leaves at 11:33 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
klokwkLivingWillpower: he's still partially here
klokwkLivingWillpower: oops, gone now
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: No........He's gone
klokwkLivingWillpower: I think I should gone now, too, Dex
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Folowing the Rhebusites
klokwkLivingWillpower: any news or reports I should know about?
klokwkLivingWillpower: talked to Ken, who was leaving Buffalo in the snow; told him to wave at Anderson's, but he didn't know where he was
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Can't think of anything klok, you're way more plugged into the data stream than me
klokwkLivingWillpower: called me back from Rochester in the snow; said he might be home early April
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Sigh
klokwkLivingWillpower looks around for plug and cord in terror
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Kinda miss that certain brnad of Horniness
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: brand
klokwkLivingWillpower: well, he can indulge it at every truckstop in the country now...
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: plug 'n play in suspense
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Well....
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: slipping away here too, Klok
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Be well, and thanks for the info as always =)
klokwkLivingWillpower: gak, Nightline has been comatose woman, Darfur, raped woman in Pak and now....Tom DeLay. Yech.
klokwkLivingWillpower: I must eat, yes. Nite Dex, let's pull the plug on this one!
Dexter Lifesupport Fong: Sleep weeeeelllll.............
klokwkLivingWillpower: you 2
||||||||| klokwkLivingWillpower is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 11:38 PM.
||||||||| Dexter Lifesupport Fong is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 11:38 PM.
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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