A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for July 07, 2005 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood leads Firebroiled into the room, accepts a jar of pennies as a gratuity, mumbles something about 7:39 AM, then departs.
Firebroiled: Here's a BIG Howdy to Dr. Headphones!
||||||||| At 7:39 AM, Firebroiled vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "7:58 PM and late as usual, it's Mazjha, just back from Elmertown."
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 8 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and intones "Presenting 'Mudhead', just granted probation at 8:01 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
||||||||| Catherwood says "8:01 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Mudhead by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
||||||||| Mudhead enters at 8:02 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Chapeau Manger.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 8:02 PM and klokwk-limey sashays out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Mudhead: Hello Dear Friends
klokwk-limey: well, like minds think alike. howdy mud
Mudhead: sup Klok
Mudhead: i brb, i gotta speed up my update, im realllly lagged
klokwk-limey: not much
klokwk-limey: see ya
||||||||| Catherwood says "8:04 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Mudhead by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
klokwk-limey: good luck
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 8:05 PM tree-stunting plans, and hurries off to the sitting room.
Mudhead: lets see if this helped
||||||||| "8:06 PM? 8:06 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Planole' Tweeny should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Planole' Tweeny enters and sits on the couch.
Mudhead: nope, i type, hit enter, then it sits there for 3-5 secs
klokwk-limey: I have to start some din prep for awhile -- if you're around then, clue them in that I'm in this chat but not currently of it. I shall retoin
||||||||| "8:06 PM? 8:06 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Merlyn should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Merlyn enters and sits on the divan.
klokwk-limey: did you change the update rate?
Planole' Tweeny: Look at this here chart here... Ya see, ya gotta get the chickens in the barn before the milk cows can the horses...
Mudhead: aight
klokwk-limey: forget it, let Merlyn diagnose all
klokwk-limey: he's the wizard
klokwk-limey: Hey, Merlyn
Merlyn: Mudhead, the default refresh is 10 seconds
Mudhead: yes, i went up to 20 but no help
Planole' Tweeny: Where's Morris Science?
klokwk-limey: BTW, you got an hour in-depth discussion today on Radio 4, Merlyn
Merlyn: then what do you mean by "speed up your update"?
||||||||| Mudhead runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Mudhead?! It's 8:07 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
klokwk-limey: hey, welcome, Plano
||||||||| Mudhead steals in around 8:07 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
||||||||| Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong sashays in at 8:07 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Merlyn: Firesign on BBC, kwd?
klokwk-limey: hey Dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Lookout!!!!!!
Mudhead: i set it to 4 this time Merlyn
Planole' Tweeny: Bad days for England.
klokwk-limey: No Merlyn on BBC Radio 4 today -- "In Our Time"
Merlyn: oh, da magician?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Howdy Klok, Merlyn, Mud, Mazjka, and Tweeny -You from Plano?
klokwk-limey: you can d/l it for a week as MP3. carry around and listen to them pontificate on your origins and meanings. "The Original Welsh Wizard"
Planole' Tweeny: Rain in Austin after a month of drought. Thank grid...
Mudhead: klok sez to ya he's fixin his dinnah
klokwk-limey: Ash, that's sick. (and I considered klokwk-BOOM; sheesh)
Planole' Tweeny: Welvome to the dinna shore shoe.
klokwk-limey: yeah, i will in a sec
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Klok: No straw man arguments please
klokwk-limey: Ken is showing up tonight (at least that's what he and Daisy claim)
Merlyn: I heard it was raining on Austin's desktop
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Soundedlike a stampede in Montana
Planole' Tweeny: You noah canna top dis deska...
klokwk-limey: OK, I'm off to beat on the veggies for awhile. CU in about ˝hr + some delta
Merlyn: that's a masturbation euphemism if I ever heard one
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Did clem and Bambi finally get their tour on the road..I ask 'cause there's no radio program running
Planole' Tweeny: So, are the guys going to release the tour on DVD?
Mudhead: Jeez Klok, I didnt know you masterbaited
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong wonders if Tweeny is really from Plano rather than Austin
Merlyn: I don't know, haven't heard anything. I don't know if they have good video of performances, but I know they have good audio of it.
||||||||| Catherwood sneaks into the room, and intones "Announcing 'cease', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:13 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Planole' Tweeny: Vader's helmut kohl?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Audio is good enough for me..although DVD would be special
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Cat
cease: hi all. is cni on tonight?
Mudhead: Hiya Cat
Planole' Tweeny: Worked for Plano during the Gulf War. Please don't hold it against me.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Not yet..was wondering if Bambi and clem were on the road
cease: would you fall right over if we did?
Mudhead: I'll hold it above you, like this....
Planole' Tweeny: These guys (The Bush League) are bozos.
cease: oh maybe that's it. i just put Janeane on the powerbook so i could listen to cni on this dell
Mudhead: Leauge of Hate?...er Eight?
Planole' Tweeny: Hold it over here...
cease: let's eat
Mudhead: in true stereophonic sound
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: The League of Extraordinary Conservatives
cease: the us govt?
Planole' Tweeny: Read Dr. Memory.
Mudhead: If we can forgive the debt in Africa, can I get my student loans forgiven?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Improve your Vocabulary
Planole' Tweeny: Better yet, Reed Dr. Memory.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Mud: You have to wait for Jubilee
Planole' Tweeny: They're loaning students!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Or is it the Rising?
Mudhead: Is that before mardi Gras?
cease: is that when girls lose their cherrys?
Planole' Tweeny: Not a good night to be British. You want Tony Blair angry?
||||||||| 8:17 PM: principalPoop jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past half hour!"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: How Flambe of you
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey pP!
Planole' Tweeny: That'll do it.
principalPoop: I was listening 2
Mudhead: oh drat, im in the princip[als office again
principalPoop: fi hong
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hai Phong?
principalPoop: fork prong
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: or is it Hai-hypen-Phong?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: hyphen
cease: do i get spring rolls with that?
Planole' Tweeny: Is mine!
Mudhead: not hai enuff, pass me that dwarf
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: That's not a dwarf, that's a Blunt
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: To be terse about it
Mudhead: puff puff pass
cease: have some munchkin grass. it makes the world look a lot bigger
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Puff Puff Pass! Lance Armstrong wins again
Planole' Tweeny: Better uses for C-130s ;
principalPoop: roll me a bomber catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood rolls principalPoop a bomber.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Roll me a drunk Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood rolls Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong a drunk.
principalPoop: fawke you
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hi Guy
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Come here often?
Planole' Tweeny: Cal is a ticket. Texas is 6 months in prison. Somewhat different.
Mudhead: Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Let's see now:
principalPoop: new in town? giggle giggle
Mudhead: No Jesus. No Wal-Mart.No television. No cheerleaders. No baseball. No football. No basketball. No hockey. No golf. No tailgate parties. No Home Depot. No pork BBQ. No hot dogs. No burgers. No lobster. No shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks. No gumbo. No jambalaya.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Nude in town...no, only at the ranch
Planole' Tweeny: Show yerself...
Mudhead: No Christmas. You can't shave. Your wives can't shave.
principalPoop: they have sand
Mudhead: You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung. The women have to wear baggy dresses and veils at all times.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Sand in their craw
Mudhead: Your bride is picked by someone else. She smells just like your donkey, but your donkey has a better disposition.
Mudhead: Then they tell you that when you die it all gets better!
principalPoop: there ought to be craws
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Mud: Looks like you'
Mudhead: I mean, really. IS THERE ANY MYSTERY HERE?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Mud: Looks like you been giving this some thought =))
principalPoop: send in the craws
Mudhead: reprinted without permission...sue me
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Send in the craws said the Chinese Lawyer
principalPoop: nail him to the craws
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dr. Headphones in through the front door at 8:24 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Dr. Headphones: hello, dear friends
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Kend^ =)) Good to see you
cease: hey. it's kend. the millenium must be at hand
principalPoop: dr dr, you are wanted in surgery
Mudhead: turn Mecca into a self-lighting glass paved parking lot, we can drill for oiul thru glass cant we?
Dr. Headphones: cat, you're 5 years late :)
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Mud: The glass is at least half full
Dr. Headphones: "doctor, doctor, give me the news, i've got a bad case of lovin' you." now, who sang that one?
Mudhead: ahh, optimist we are?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: I'm half full of grass said the Chinese Lawyer
Mudhead: i need some new grasses
cease: not that millienium, kend
cease: how's truckin?
cease: i see you got a wifi place tonight
principalPoop: santa craws and the M! Gees
Dr. Headphones: truckin' is temporarily on the back burner. i'm at home
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ How's the case of White Line Fever?
Dr. Headphones: yep, i'm on wifi at home, bought WAP yesterday
cease: i could drink a case of white line fever
Planole' Tweeny: You still need a Cummins engine. Columbus, IN.
cease: you're back home?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: WAP = White Arayan Party?
Planole' Tweeny: Whoopi?
Dr. Headphones: wireless access point. a router with antenna on it
Mudhead: White bread, mayo and bologna sandwiches for the white Arayan party
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Don't point the access at me Daddio, I cut it off
principalPoop: connie lingus?
||||||||| Catherwood leads Elayne in through the front door at 8:28 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Elayne: Evenin' all.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hi Elayne
principalPoop: hello E
Mudhead: hi Elayne
cease: hi el
Dr. Headphones: mudhead: i saw guy in truckstop couple weeks ago ask for mayo and two slices of white bread. he then pulled a can of potted meat out of his pocket and made his own sandwich. looked pretty gross to me, but then i like to *know* what type of meat i'm eating
Planole' Tweeny: That's the least of your problems, you stupid f&*&
Dr. Headphones: hey e
Planole' Tweeny: Hey E...
Elayne: Haven't yet heard from my friend Regina, but near as I can tell all friends and relatives in the UK are OK...
Mudhead: lol
Dr. Headphones: good to hear, e
Merlyn: hi E
Mudhead: thank Dog
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Ruff
cease: good news, el
Elayne: Yes, it's been rough.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Roof!
||||||||| Outside, the 8:30 PM downtown bus from Plano pulls away, leaving doctecazoid coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dr. Headphones: dex: is this guy fawkes day? i know next week will be bastille day
Elayne: Robin woke with a start around 4 AM, he must have sensed something was happening.
Planole' Tweeny: It's here under the doggy door...
Elayne: Hi Tom! How's Lili doing?
principalPoop: babe ruff
||||||||| Catherwood sneaks into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Bubba's Brain', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:30 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Dr. Headphones: hi doc and presumably lili
Elayne: Dr. H, Guy Fawkes Day is November 5.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Doc..how you doing?
Mudhead: my IRC pals from London all checked in, theyre all ok
Dr. Headphones: howdy bubba
Bubba's Brain: Greetings, all!
Elayne: "Remember, remember, the fifth of November..."
cease: hi bub. doc with you?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Bubba
Mudhead: hi Bubba
Planole' Tweeny: Were all British tonight.
principalPoop: hi doc bubba
cease: oh of course, there he is
Elayne: I don't have to be, I'm married to one...
principalPoop: and if you remember, then follow, follow
doctecazoid: I am chatting this evening from beautiful downtown Bloomington, home of LodesTone Catalog
Dr. Headphones: i say, old chap
Bubba's Brain: Its the Doc and Bubba show!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Elayne: You married to a doctor?
Merlyn: hi BB
Elayne: Um, not quite, PrinP. :)
cease: and scene of recent flick Kinsey
Planole' Tweeny: The werewolves of London... Ah ooooooooo
Elayne: Only a Dr. Who fan, Unca Dex...
Dr. Headphones: "and his hair was PERFECT!"
cease: how's the beef chow mein?
principalPoop: turn down the volume, quiet then
Mudhead: get those teeth out of here!
Planole' Tweeny: Still want that t-shirt, Bubba.
Bubba's Brain: Hey Merl, pP, Mud, Dex, Cat, etc...
Bubba's Brain: Tee Tween? Remind me.
Planole' Tweeny: Kinsey this...
principalPoop: where is ahh clem?
doctecazoid: ...helping out Bubba with shopping cart stuff
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong thinks he and bambi might be on tour
principalPoop: the revolution will not be televised
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: ...but it will be pod-cast
Dr. Headphones: pP: i still need to buy that CD
principalPoop: the jimmy-lee world tour, a mighty important affair
Planole' Tweeny: The revolutions will not be televised.
cease: but gil scott herin will be
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: An affair to Remember
Planole' Tweeny: I've got a great SNL skit with Bush & GWB hunting, if you've got broadband.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: Do you remember )I think) the Conception Corporations bit "The Last Poets"?
principalPoop: hey, wots the word, in johannes bach burg
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Johannes Duck Burg?
doctecazoid: dex: that's from the conceptionland album
Dr. Headphones: is it today that's 250th birthday of amadeus?
cease: i have their albums, dex. i could look it up
cease: i do remember the last poets though.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Thnks Doc..knew someone would recall it
Bubba's Brain: The evolution will not be televised.
cease: we have a summer house guest. i would ask her to go online and say hello but she's a dog
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: The evolution will not be tolerated
doctecazoid: i'm on the phone w/lili at the moment
Dr. Headphones: bub: channel 85, darwin tv
cease: smaller than my cats. a microdog
principalPoop: amadeus, uradeus, hesadeus too
Elayne: Heh, microdog. They're tasty in microwave ovens, I hear.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Doc: Give her my best wishes
cease: i must post a pic of her on my blog now that i have a digital camera. do you have one, kend?
Mudhead: I dont know where Amadeus is, but he prolly dont smell too good
Dr. Headphones: e: on a bun with brown mustard....yummy!
Elayne: Give her a big virtual hug for me, Doc!
Dr. Headphones: yes, cat, more than one
principalPoop: no decomposing jokes please
Elayne: Dr. H, a mighty hot dog is our lord!!
principalPoop: dog and cat hehe
Dr. Headphones: yes, decomposing jokes stink to high heaven
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Oh Lord...we give franks for what you have given us
Mudhead: sorry, i gotta go to Gitmo, my powers of concentratin need work
cease: i just got one recently. a pic i took of some friends at the cannabis day/canada day rally is on my blog now
Dr. Headphones: franks for the memories
cease: what is your blog url, kend?
cease: i have to get links to yours and bambi's and el's blog on my blog page
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Franks for everything ad don't knock the wurst
Dr. Headphones: hmmm, cat, will find, report back in a few. don't know by memory
Planole' Tweeny: Let's Eat!
principalPoop: close the curtain fred
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Let's to the nuts and ale
Dr. Headphones: http://truckersjournal.blogspot.com/ but somewhat anachronistic now that i'm retarded, er, retired, until i find another job
Mudhead: that mans nuts...grab em!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Huh? Kend^ You're off roading now?
Planole' Tweeny: SNL Jeopardy. Exxxxcellent...
cease: you've stopped trucking? what the fuck?
Elayne: Hang on - retired???
principalPoop: ahhh, that is the guy and truck that cut me of on I-81, I need a shyster lawyer...
Dr. Headphones: well, my story is that i quit, theirs is that i was fired. last friday the fecal matter hit the air circulator
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ Tell us, please
Planole' Tweeny: You can always join a Motor City band...
Bubba's Brain: On the road again... sounds like you can wait to get on the road again...
Elayne: Dang, Ken, sorry. :(
Mudhead: anyone of em are shysters, take yur pick...and drive it thru their heart
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Mud: =))
Dr. Headphones: i did the right thing by telling the truth, would still be employed if i had lied.
||||||||| "Hey Elayne!" ... Elayne turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 8:42 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 8:42 PM, dragging Dame Riggs by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ Did they make you pee in a hole?
principalPoop: use a steak, t-bone or rib eye, extra rare
Dr. Headphones: maybe if i was a republican lying would have been easy to do?
cease: sounds like the bush administration, kend
Planole' Tweeny: Mr. President, where can I find a job?? The Walmart unemployment program will make it possible that we never have to answer questions like that, again.
Dr. Headphones: dex: nothing like that, although i was pissed
Dame Riggs: I think you did the right thing as well, Ken. Lies only beget trouble.
Dr. Headphones: i'm clean in that regard, and have been for long time.
principalPoop: it is only a lie if it is not the truth
Planole' Tweeny: Dame the torpedoes, I'll have some cold duck!
cease: my fat feline Blues is afraid of the microdog. makes no sense. he could have him for dinner
Dr. Headphones: prinPoop: where are you from?
Dame Riggs: Cat, Jazz is okay with microdog then?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: KEND^ CHECK nino
principalPoop: me? talking to me? hem haw haha, what?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: nino
Dr. Headphones: oh no, i've set him up for a line: "nairobi, ma'am, isn't everybody?"
Dame Riggs: And Jazz is thinner than Blues? I thought they were twins...
Dr. Headphones: dex: did already, i'm not in portland, oregon, alas, but in sturgis, michigan
Dame Riggs: Doc, how are your twins? Did you see I put pictures of them on my blog last week?
principalPoop: ahh doc, I dropped the ball
cease: they are brothers, i dont know if twins is the word. yes, Jazz is thinner, sleaker, silkier. Blues donest do enough running around. maybe the microdog will chase him into thinness
Dr. Headphones: prinP: if it hasn't been on the ground more than 5 seconds, you can pick it up and eat it
Dame Riggs: Litter-mates, then...
Planole' Tweeny: Meow...
principalPoop: no no, I dropped the ball, I only had one testicle before...
cease: jazz isn't afraid of Icy, the car-size dog. he'll hardly mind a tiny other dog
doctecazoid: sorry, still on the phone with lili
Dame Riggs: You'd think the cats would be chasing each other...
Dame Riggs: ICY? Heh.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ You back at the ol' same URL?
Dr. Headphones: doc: tell her i said hello and virtual hug from me
cease: oh, they do a lot of that
Dame Riggs: Doc, ask her how Cocteau and Seurat are (from me)...
cease: its nice we have a house with lots of stairs. good exercise, at least for the non-humans
Dr. Headphones: dex: yep, the old same place. or was it the same old place????
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Dame: They're both expired
cease: oh is lili on the phone?
Dame Riggs: In a year we need to check on Cocteau and Seurat to see which one's gotten fat. :)
Dame Riggs: What? Expired?
Dame Riggs: What happened???
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Dame: Yep...my email to them bounced
Planole' Tweeny: Hello, I am Jaque Cocteau. In today's adventure I will send my son to give an enema to the great sperm whale.
Dame Riggs: Oh, I thought you were actually talking about the cats, Unca Dex. Don't scare me like that!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Elayne: Seriously..yes, they both died some time ago...where you been?
cease: lol tween
Dame Riggs: I tend to have a strong reaction to expired kitties... :(
cease: indeed
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: E: Sorry, thought you were talking about the humans
Dr. Headphones: tweeny: wasn't cocteau friend of sartre? "no exit" comes to mine after that comment
principalPoop: stay away from chinese restaurants
Dame Riggs: 'S okay, Unca Dex, I just have to take some deep breaths now and calm myself down...
Mudhead: stop :(
Bubba's Brain: Scanning... back now.
Planole' Tweeny: Kill a President. Please...
Dame Riggs: Rob's been scanning for days, Bubba.
Bubba's Brain: (no, I didn't cause anyone's head to explode)
doctecazoid: ok, off the phone now. lili's is doing ok for someone who started chemotherapy a week ago... overall she's not bad but she has her good days & bad days...
||||||||| It's 8:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Mazjha - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
principalPoop: scanners, super movie, should have won an oscar, several oscars
cease: of course, doc
Dr. Headphones: poop: i'm guessing that was in your fortune cookie?
Dame Riggs: He's got all his art pages scanned, finally - at least a thousand of them - in preparation for putting them online to sell.
Planole' Tweeny: I like Chinese... I like Chinese... Wa I chumba rum... Wa I chumba rum..
Dame Riggs: Relieved to hear it, Doc. And the kitties?
principalPoop: no, mine said help!, i am a prisoner in a cookie factory
Dame Riggs: I would imagine they're very therapeutic during her recovery.
doctecazoid: e: the kitties are doing well, i have more pix - i will try and get them to you (when i can get to a starbucks here, for some reason i can't send email via my optonline smtp server from the lodestone office)
doctecazoid: and yes, lili is enjoying having them around
Dame Riggs: It's okay Doc, if you can't send them by tomorrow I can do a Friday Cat Blogging with them next week.
Planole' Tweeny: Sure wish BF Skinner hadn't left us. I'd give her a right from Debbie. (just kidding)
Dame Riggs: As Cat has discovered, Blogger now has image hosting capacity...
principalPoop: cat blogging is illegal, horrible horrible practice
Dr. Headphones: BF has left the building?
Mudhead: please send me the url for the Cat Blog
Dame Riggs: Wish I could find a place with mp3 hosting capacity for podcasting...
doctecazoid: she can't wait for me to return tho - i sent her a 'care package' this week, some cool books i found at an amazing book store in the german village section of columbus ohio (30 minutes from where i was staying with my brother & family) and she really appreciated that
Planole' Tweeny: Anybody got a decent podcast program for OS 9?
cease: i'll post a pic of chanelle the guest dog tomorrow then
Dame Riggs: Doc, did you drive out there?
principalPoop: my kampf and stuff like that?
Bubba's Brain: To B-mod or not to B-mod.... that is the question.
doctecazoid: dr. h: sorry to hear of your employment woes, i am gonna have to scare up some work myself in about a month or so
Dr. Headphones: i've heard so much about podcasting, but have never sampled it.
Dame Riggs: Tweeny, does decent ANYthing still exist for OS 9?
doctecazoid: e: yes, have car will travel
Planole' Tweeny: The Friar's Roasts, nice touch P.
Dame Riggs: Dang, sounds like the downstairs neighbor's boys are running around a bit downstairs... a bit past their bedtime I think...
Dame Riggs: I think their room is right under our computer room...
doctecazoid: e: that
principalPoop: touch the fox there again, maybe he will pass another
doctecazoid: that's what happens when kids are allowed to have sugar after 8pm
Dr. Headphones: doc: i'm better off now, will find a nice local job if there's one out here. saw ad for welding gas truck driver, home every night, will call them tomorrow
Planole' Tweeny: Well, it's stable and it runs Digital Performer.
Dame Riggs: Heh, Doc, I don't doubt it! They got in a bit late as well, so I guess they're still wound up.
Dr. Headphones: poop: get in trouble touching foxes, especially if they have jock boyfriends on football team
Mudhead: good luck doc
doctecazoid: thamx mh
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Refresh
Planole' Tweeny: Luk Doc Soup. The Mars Brothers comedy for Taeipai.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: afk for refill
Dr. Headphones: the paws that refreshes
doctecazoid: dr. h: my brother does delivery gigs for a living - medical supplies and such
principalPoop: no no red foxxes, commie red foxes, fred sanford foxes
Dr. Headphones: there's always the garbage company. no problem with a job there since there will always be trash
doctecazoid: he only drives within about a 100 mile radius, seems to like the work
Planole' Tweeny: I knew a little e-jipt-shine boy once.
doctecazoid: they keep him busy that's for sure
Mudhead: i knew a shoe shine boy
principalPoop: you got water and troops coming out of them, we really are using our helicopters
Dame Riggs: I'm gonna have to leave the room till the boys downstairs calm down. Later all.
||||||||| Dame Riggs says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Dame Riggs exits at 8:57 PM.
Dr. Headphones: anything within 150 "airline" miles you don't have to keep a log
Planole' Tweeny: Buzy bees make good housewipes.
doctecazoid: oh, btw cat: i am making more neal amid cds for lodestone while i'm here (actually just the packaging - john burned the cds today)
principalPoop: ok DR
doctecazoid: i brought my little hp printer and some labels with me, along with my laptop
Planole' Tweeny: Dame Judy.
cease: oh good, doc.
principalPoop: I like logs
doctecazoid: it's nice having a portable media production system these days
doctecazoid: ...and i updated the address info on the neal amid packaging while i'm at it
cease: you had one here
Dr. Headphones: just think, doc, 20 years ago it would have been the size of a small office building
doctecazoid: (my graphics master files still showed your address from two residences ago)
Planole' Tweeny: A MotU Traveller, Doc?
Bubba's Brain: Oh... good news. My distriubutor for Lodestone had been telling me IMMORTALITY was out of print.... They finally said they were wrong, and we now have it in stock. http://lodestonecatalog.com/cgi-bin/ltmcat.cgi?sku=MSUG007
Merlyn: I'm away most of the time, so I'm not deliberately ignoring someone, if someone is being ignored
doctecazoid: tweeny: actually m-audio firewire 1814, and an oxygen8 controller - on top of the printer and a 250gig usb hard drive
Dr. Headphones: merlyn: i'd rather be deliberately ignored than by accident ;)
Merlyn: hey BB, is Anythynge and Fighting Clowns both OOP?
Planole' Tweeny: Nicccee...
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, July 07, 2005 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Bubba's Brain: for now.... Merl, for now....
doctecazoid: yeah, i'm lucky i was able to acquire this stuff before i lost my day job
Bubba's Brain: Catherwood is on Indiana time!
||||||||| Catherwood says "It's 9:01 PM"
Merlyn: That's where the physical machine is, in Billville
Dr. Headphones: indiana for the indians!
Planole' Tweeny: Bubba visits the belmont.
Bubba's Brain: or the indonesians!
principalPoop: how I love yah how I love yah, my dear indiana
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Indiana for the Independents
Planole' Tweeny: Ah, invertebrates day...
Dr. Headphones: i laughed when i heard the name of new indonesian president. has "bang bang" or "bam bam" in it
principalPoop: show some backbone there
Merlyn: Prince Charles used to be inDiana
klokwk-limey: hey, ken, cat, doc, bubba
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Merlyn: How dare you defile the Virgin Princess
principalPoop: ouch merlyn ouch, is there a doctor in the house?
doctecazoid: gimme a minute, i took some pix of john and the lodestone facility, lemme get them down to a reasonable size and upload them for y'all
cease: all the time dreaming of being a tampon in someone else
Planole' Tweeny: Shine - Jon Anderson/Mike Oldfield
cease: klok
Dr. Headphones: hey klok
principalPoop: click klok
klokwk-limey: didn't realize you were home other than for the usual brief visit, Ken
Planole' Tweeny: I'm dreaming of a kotex kristalms
klokwk-limey: hey, poop
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: wb Klok...You Juiced?
Dr. Headphones: klok: cat5 wiring problem between front of house and rear, when i track that down, will make progress on SSH request
klokwk-limey: no, in between fixing stages
Merlyn: I'm trying to get a new flash game up on the website - "Don't Torch That Flag, Hand Me The Lighter"
klokwk-limey: no hurry ken
Bubba's Brain: Virgin Princess? Sounds like Branson got into the cruise business.
cease: i like the title
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Bubba: You got it
Dr. Headphones: branson and tom cruise? you startin' rumours here?
klokwk-limey: for podcasts, try LUG radio, TWIT, and the Linux Link Tech Show. Latest TWIT you'll laugh your keister off. "fempire"
Bubba's Brain: They're gettin married.
klokwk-limey: (that was 2 kend)
Planole' Tweeny: We take speedy Austin Duck to Town Lake?
klokwk-limey: cruise is going for #3 and #4 at once?
Dr. Headphones: so, podcasts are just uploaded mp3 files? somehow i thought it was more like newscasts
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Glad to see that Fantastic Four movie got absolutely panned by the Daily News
cease: funny cartoon in salon about cruise today
Planole' Tweeny: Don't worry, it's not a pod... stayin' alive stayin' alive...
klokwk-limey: yeah, ken, when I looked at your house with google maps' satellite view, I noticed the taillights didn't come on when you stepped on the brake; definitely a wiring problem
klokwk-limey: kend -- you can RSS them and have auto-management for your player, etc.
Bubba's Brain: Anyone tried out Google Earth yet?
principalPoop: are there plans to hit cruise with a device the size of a washing machine and look at the crater?
klokwk-limey: so yes, it's more complex than that, but in the end, that's all they are with their clothes off
Dr. Headphones: klok: i have old aerial pic (satellite? not sure) which shows house in all its glory, about 3 pixels wide
Planole' Tweeny: Google this...
Merlyn: newscasts are just people reading pieces of paper, Headphones
klokwk-limey: would be a waste of a good washing machine, poop. suggest bowling ball instead. used, dented one
Planole' Tweeny: Try the Library of Congress. It's got some really great Little Feat recordings.
Dr. Headphones: everyone read about the russian astrologer suing NASA for that? "upset the balance of the universe" and all that hogwash
Planole' Tweeny: Suit yerself...
Bubba's Brain: "...we own the idea of space..."
klokwk-limey: the russians always claim they did things first...
Dr. Headphones: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/8474735/
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ YOu talking about Nostrovich, the great Seer?
principalPoop: I am clear about that klok
klokwk-limey: NASA should sue the astrologer for not warning them that they'd miss a good look at the crater
Bubba's Brain: First to blow up an astronaut....
cease: astrology is a positive hog laundry
Merlyn: hey Phones, I had just emailed that story to proctor & bergman
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: Needs explanation
klokwk-limey: yeah, I'm glad you finally got clear, poop
Dr. Headphones: but cat, it gave us such great music about the moon being in the seventh house etc.
klokwk-limey: ah the night of Leonard Cohen lyrics...
Planole' Tweeny: Laundry was a great coachman.
Merlyn: they should've used some comet cleanser
Dr. Headphones: merlyn: yep, i heard them chuckling in the background while i read it!
klokwk-limey: groan
cease: and the firesign theatre too. yeah and xtianity produced tons of good art, like other religions.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Coach Laundry to you Texas man
Planole' Tweeny: I read it in the toilet!
klokwk-limey: not as good as the Kama Sutra, Cat
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Extra credit
principalPoop: john revolta is a scientoliologist too
Bubba's Brain: Personally, I think that comet thing on the 4th was a coverup for re-directing a comet which was going to hit the earth....
Dr. Headphones: i just finished the feb '50 national geographic on my last visit to "the toilet"
Mudhead: see ya all again next week
cease: he's vice president in the salon cartoon
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: But he has enough sense to keep quiet about it
cease: mud
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night Mud
principalPoop: night mudhead
Bubba's Brain: nite mud.
||||||||| Mudhead runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Mudhead?! It's 9:13 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
Dr. Headphones: bub: you sure they aren't redirecting it so it WILL hit earth? that way, bush can divert our attention from iraq
klokwk-limey: BTW, apologies for not wishing you a happy Canada Day last week. I didn't know. Typical American...so self-centered. But I'm working on self-alignment...
cease: not really. he made a flick out of one of hubbard's books
klokwk-limey: nite mudhead
Dr. Headphones: ah, feb '05, not '50
Bubba's Brain: even better, H
cease: we did have a happy cannabis day.
Planole' Tweeny: Welcome to Jim Belushi's samurai tofu bar.
principalPoop: I thought he was, where is the list?
Bubba's Brain: could hardly be a sad cannabis day...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: I'll have a Buck Henry Roll
cease: i took lots of pix with new camera
Planole' Tweeny: Can you take the bus to day, bozo?
Dr. Headphones: ah, buck henry. i've been searching locally for "catch 22" on dvd, but no such luck. will have to order it, i suppose
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ I'd suspect so
klokwk-limey: join Netflix, Ken
Planole' Tweeny: Buck Henry should be wearing antlers in TX. The "Motor City Madman" has moved just outside of Crawford. Serious bow-hunter.
klokwk-limey: didn't impress me as a movie I'd want to keep forever, Ken. But it's good
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Plano: YOu talking about Ted (Eat it Raw) Nugent?
klokwk-limey: Ken - good Altman film with Buck Henry in the opening: The Player
Planole' Tweeny: Ted 140,000 watts per side Nugent.
Dr. Headphones: klok: it was one of the first movies i ever saw drunk/stoned, stuck with me
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Ted (Red-White and Blue) Nugent
cease: yes that ws good. the graduate 2, wasnt it?
klokwk-limey: yeah, Cat
Bubba's Brain: they actually went and made graduate 2, afterward.
cease: oh no
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Klok: The Player is IMHO a great movie
klokwk-limey: I had no idea Altman was spoofing Welles until I saw the interview at the end. Shows how much I notice technique
Planole' Tweeny: I am number 6. Who is number 1?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Klok: Not supposed to motice technique unless you look for it
Merlyn: Buck Henry said he improvised that pitch about the Graduate 2
Dr. Headphones: san antonio?
cease: i started reading a book called planet simpson.
klokwk-limey: Dear Leader, when his remote control box is functioning properly
principalPoop: insert here
cease: unfortunately so far its only been synopsis and filmic referecnes deciphered. it's like reading a dvd
klokwk-limey: I think everyone in that movie improvised a lot
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Depart there
Dr. Headphones: klok: i keep forgetting, is it father or son in DPRK who is "dear leader"?
cease: tehres only so much you want to know about a flick or episode
Merlyn: unlike these chats, which are carefully scripted
klokwk-limey: Ken -- yes
cease: unlike firesign where you can keep on finding stuff out forever, to your benefit
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong carefully keeps thumb on palce
cease: with the visual arts, it quickly becomes tedious to know about that
klokwk-limey: Kim == Dear Leader
Dr. Headphones: thumb on pulse? i'm alive, are you?
klokwk-limey: ...and continuing the B5 riffs, "We are all Kim..."
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong holds mirror up to self...sees reality...screams
cease: think of vermeer, dex
klokwk-limey: Dex - be sure to check that mirror for fog... ;-)
principalPoop: existentialism exists
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Ain't no frogs on my mirror
Dr. Headphones: there's a frog in my mirror; am i in paris?
klokwk-limey: Cat -- isn't that what IMDB is for??
Planole' Tweeny: To the guys, Live Long and Prosper. Oobie duwe, oobie duwe...
Bubba's Brain: The Dalai Lama Turns Seventy Today
principalPoop: give me a doobie
klokwk-limey: (sings) Oh there ain't no more frogs on this Brazos no more...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Look to your left
Dr. Headphones: HHDL 70? say it ain't so!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: It ain't so
klokwk-limey: I thought he was only 65, Bubba. Or was that Ringo?
principalPoop: ringo is the dalai lama
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Ringo is the High Lama
Bubba's Brain: Just read it in a friend's blog... won't vouch for accuracy.
Dr. Headphones: llama are naturally high
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: He's been Laminated
principalPoop: who is push me-pull you?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cuidado, High LLamas
klokwk-limey: also, if I recall the MBE segment, Yardbirds 2->Led Zeppelin formed this day in '69 and disbanded same day in '79 or '80
cease: giraffes are higher
klokwk-limey: holy cuzco!
Bubba's Brain: Thats the Dalai LLama.
klokwk-limey: Didn't he write Winamp?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: LLAN is the LLAMA
cease: hello dalai. it's nasa to have you back
Merlyn: anyone remember that all-girl group banannallama?
klokwk-limey: Mick Jagger IS Ned Kelly
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Merlyn: Yes
Dr. Headphones: venus was their one big hit, right?
principalPoop: bananananarama?
klokwk-limey: sure, Merlyn
Dr. Headphones: but who is john galt?
principalPoop: do not confuse them with heart or the group who did walk like an egyptian
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Bananarama Republicnas
Bubba's Brain: Confimation with Google News.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: The Bangles
principalPoop: ann randy hehe
klokwk-limey: The Go-Gos
Bubba's Brain: I am most definitely not your Venus, not your fire or your desire!
principalPoop: are you from uranus?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: A negative definition is not a definition
Dr. Headphones: hey, boys and girls, just got confirmation by email that i have a date tomorrow night! internet friend, about 100 mi from here, never met in person before
Merlyn: I thought they were singing "I'm your penis"
klokwk-limey: in Venice
principalPoop: nice knowing you doc, can I have your PC?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: And Kend^ Widens his net
Bubba's Brain: Yes, Merl, that would definitely get on the radio.
cease: good for you, kend
Merlyn: I never met a man I didn't like on the internet
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Oh you poor person
klokwk-limey: y'all going to a virtual cybercafe for lattes?
Dr. Headphones: poop: LOL! she seems nice enough, hates republicans with a passion, can't be *that* bad, can she?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with J. Sebastian Piano close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 9:29 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the vestibule.
klokwk-limey: ken -- depends on whether she thinks you are a Republican or not
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ She could be so far to the right that she hates Reps
principalPoop: hello piano
Dr. Headphones: klok: actually she prefers the AYCE fish at the american legion on friday nights
J. Sebastian Piano: Hulloo, hullo - what haps about?
Dr. Headphones: hey JP
||||||||| It's 9:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Planole' Tweeny - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
klokwk-limey: 'lo Johnny. long time no ocean
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Olla JP
J. Sebastian Piano: Malmborg in Planole Tweeny is dead!
principalPoop: it is really pat nixon in disguise, she will suck all your blood
cease: the piano man
Dr. Headphones: pat nixon is zombie. phlegm at 11
principalPoop: I thought pat nixon was deep throat
Dr. Headphones: anyone here see the latest "dead" movie yet? heard review that it was very campy
J. Sebastian Piano: Whas real?
Merlyn: pat nixon was drinking zombies before you were out of diapers, young man!
principalPoop: get back in your diapers
Merlyn: which reminds me, am I out of diapers?
J. Sebastian Piano: Pooper, that was probably one of Dickie's greatest wishes.
Dr. Headphones: jp: reality is an illusion. ask schroedinger or einstein
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Pat was drinking zombies out of *my* diapers
J. Sebastian Piano: Nah, the only cat I'm curious about right now is here with us.
Merlyn: gaaak
cease: so that was his excuse to mrs schroedinger?
principalPoop: what is real? communicating....
Bubba's Brain: Fresh out of diapers? or fresh out of diapers?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ Schroedinger...is that the charachter in Peanuts who plays the piona
J. Sebastian Piano: BTW, the Asia show was a blast.
cease: you were playing with asia?
Merlyn: schroedinger was swinging a dead cat
J. Sebastian Piano: Opened for them, Cat
cease: i'm not dead. it's just Really Great Shit
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong sings "It don't mean a thing if it ain't a dead cat"
Dr. Headphones: teacher: "write a term paper on euthanasia." student: "narrow it down, you mean japan or india? and how young?"
klokwk-limey: soap that man's mouth out
Bubba's Brain: "I am now seventy years old," said the Dalai Lama. "During this lifetime, since I was fifteen or sixteen years old, I have taken on the responsibility of Tibet's temporal and spiritual affairs. It was a responsibility that was too difficult to shoulder, but because of my karmic relations with Tibet, I took the responsibility and have served the country to the best of my ability."
principalPoop: cat stevens bewitched
J. Sebastian Piano: (rimshot) that's for you, Ken
klokwk-limey: bubba -- is he going to ascend or something?
doctecazoid: sorry for delay ... see http://www.doctechnical.com/cgi-bin/pix.cgi?20050706_wjw
Dr. Headphones: jp: been a long time since i've gotten a rimjob, er, rimshot ;)
Bubba's Brain: Dick Seargent, Dick York..... the only show I know of to feature a Dick replacement.
J. Sebastian Piano: Sergeant York?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: eight
principalPoop: my hair is shorter than usual there, and less gray
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Doc: You've put on a lotta weight
Dr. Headphones: is that the illustrious bubba? HEIL, BUB!
J. Sebastian Piano: Dr. Rimmer? Calling Dr. Rimmer
cease: its like being there with you, doc
principalPoop: ask your internet friend for one
klokwk-limey: JP -- wasn't the Sgt. York system cancelled?
J. Sebastian Piano: Replaced by Sgt. Rock
Dr. Headphones: poop: methinks first date would be slightly presumptious
doctecazoid: john has been keeping me well fed while i'm here
Bubba's Brain: Yep, I'm the fat one.
doctecazoid: a most gracious host
principalPoop: ahh yorkus, I knew him well
klokwk-limey: bad idea to starve the person who has you by the website...
Bubba's Brain: Reminds me, I need to get some pics of Doc before he leaves.
cease: what happenmed to fish? has he moved on to other things?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Bubba: Get pics of Doc before he leaves
J. Sebastian Piano: I knew it - now he wants to see yours, Doc
Dr. Headphones: hey bubba, we need some pics of doctech!
Merlyn: "OK boys, let's get some pictures"
doctecazoid: he's gonna take one now
klokwk-limey: the kind we can blackmail him with, Bubba ;-)
Dr. Headphones: take two, they're free
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Flash!!
doctecazoid: with any luck i'll be able to add it to the batch i just posted
J. Sebastian Piano: snap, snap, grin, grin, wink, wink, nudge, nudge - say no more!
klokwk-limey: use the magnesium flare flashgun, Bubba
principalPoop: ahh photographs wink wink
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP likes sports I see
Bubba's Brain: Fish is doing a part--time office job, plus voiceover and other stuff.
J. Sebastian Piano: Indoor sports
Merlyn: (that line is from Airplane!, after which the reporters grab pictures off the walls)
Dr. Headphones: camera captures your soul, you know. that's why amish don't like to be flashed
Merlyn: that's why Dracula and Jeannie can't be photographed
doctecazoid: yeah, fish came over for a visit yesterday just after i arrived and was getting set up here
cease: if you're photographed a million times, does that mean you have a millliion souls?
J. Sebastian Piano: Then how do you explain Bush's photograph?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ You can flash tnem when they're 19 or is it 20..before they committ
klokwk-limey: no, camera captures a cheap Chinese copy of your soul -- not worth as much as a professional job
Dr. Headphones: jp: bush has no soul. ask james brown ;)
J. Sebastian Piano: Say it loud!
Merlyn: you'll notice Madame Tussaud's always puts up figures of Republican presidents AFTER they leave office...
||||||||| ChemoLili enters at 9:41 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Chapeau Manger.
Dr. Headphones: dex: some of those young amish around here don't look bad if you can get past the 6 toes and crossed eyes
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Bush said today "Pappas got a brnad new bag"
Dr. Headphones: hey, chemolili! kiss kiss
principalPoop: fong should replace o'conner
klokwk-limey: JP -- that's just CGI on the news. If you're watching him in person, it's just like in Doonesbury
Merlyn: any relation to Chemical Ali?
ChemoLili: He's dumping Laura?
J. Sebastian Piano: Merlyn, that's just wack...er, wax!
ChemoLili: Merlyn: No way, Jose. But it's accurate.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Lili, so glad to see you back with us again =))
principalPoop: chemical dumping? noooo
klokwk-limey: poop -- we'd probably be better off than what'll happen if Junior Samples replaces O'Connor
Merlyn: that's not wax, that's a thin, thin, thin, 16mm shell
Dr. Headphones: of all the presidential wives in my lifetime (or potentials) i think tipper gore was the cutest
J. Sebastian Piano: No, dumping chemicals!
J. Sebastian Piano: Why do I expect that the inside ain't all that delicious?
principalPoop: laura is hot mmmmmm
klokwk-limey: wb, Lili!
ChemoLili: Yep, it's been a while. I just had some fish and a tasty alcoholic beverage. Gave me enough energy to join in. My energy is in a state of flux these days.
Merlyn: A man who has never seen Mrs. Millard Fillmore
Dr. Headphones: poop: she's a librarian, probably reads in bed rather than, well, you know.....
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Anyone see the article about Bush hiring Fred Thompson (former Senator, actor, and Law 'n Order star) to help with his Supreme Court nominations
J. Sebastian Piano: Hi, Lili, Hi, Lili, Hi-Lo
Bubba's Brain: Hey, Lili.
cease: hey liil
Dr. Headphones: dex: heard it on radio. i remember him best from "red october"
principalPoop: not a problem dr. headphones, I won't rattle her newspaper
klokwk-limey: Dex -- I try to read as little about that as possible, but when I do, it's just Talking Points Memo
ChemoLili: I heard about it on NPR, and saw an article in the Times. What I'm looking forward to is Karl Rove getting screwed.
principalPoop: I saw that fong, super, he will be a super president
Dr. Headphones: poop: as long as she doesn't read instructions. "deeper, deeper. wait while i turn the page, what's next?"
cease: i hope you have access to chemotherapy antidote
J. Sebastian Piano: Film at eleven
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ He *is* a real reactionary Republican..and I hate him worse than lepers and I hope someone shoots him in his car
ChemoLili: Hi, Cat, Bubba, J. S.
Bubba's Brain: It'll be known as Roving a Reporter.....
Merlyn: not even Mrs. Rove looks forward to that, cat
ChemoLili: Fortunately, Cat, I do. And it's been offered as I need it.
klokwk-limey: Dex - get him a DC Subway pass
Dr. Headphones: well, we've had actors in public office before, and look how they turned out. ronnie ahnahld, etc.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Bubba: =))
cease: you hate lepers? what have they done to you?
principalPoop: he is funny, I love fred thompson
J. Sebastian Piano: There's a difference between acting and pretending, Ken
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: Well first, they glad handed me
Merlyn: leperchauns took his dead skin and hid it with their pot o' gold
Bubba's Brain: Or was what we had recently, reporting a Rove?
cease: here's a red hand
Dr. Headphones: slip karl some x and headline reads: "rove raves"
J. Sebastian Piano: The roving reporter
Bubba's Brain: A Rove-ing reporter?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Turns out Rove outted Valerie Plame
Bubba's Brain: Rove, Rove, Rove your boat.
J. Sebastian Piano: Take him to the Potomac after slipping him X - Rove River Rave
Dr. Headphones: val is lesbian, i knew she would be outted
Bubba's Brain: The Night They Rove Ol' Dixie Down.....
principalPoop: so rover bent her over and gave her a bone of his own
Merlyn: Rove RoveRoveroverover over Over. Out.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: Re; Lepers; quote from great Neil Young Line from Vampire Blues
Bubba's Brain: Riven Rove.
cease: rove inc thinks it can get away with anything. literally. will he be proved wrong?
Dr. Headphones: we have trouble right here in rover city
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Red Rover cross over
J. Sebastian Piano: With a capital T that stands for Tattletale
Dr. Headphones: i'm sure looking forward to a christian fascist government. can hardly wait.
Bubba's Brain: Rove-by shooting?
doctecazoid: john just took 3 pix, i added them to the gallery
doctecazoid: http://www.doctechnical.com/cgi-bin/pix.cgi?20050706_wjw
J. Sebastian Piano: "Fascist Christ...gimme dat ol time religion"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: A shooting gallery
Dr. Headphones: anyone have thoughts on AG the AG becoming justice of SCOTUS?
principalPoop: ahhh another name I must give to the homeland defense department
cease: looks like you doing what you love best, doc
Bubba's Brain: Old Time Religion... Give me Zeus and Athene, give me Venus and Apollo....
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend: Re: AG the AG..thinks it's rather ironic Extreme Right Wing doesn't want him cause of his biews on abortion
Dr. Headphones: doc: you look so impish in that last one. what have you been smoking out there in the heartland? :)
klokwk-limey: cool, DT, Bubba
J. Sebastian Piano: AG?
Merlyn: "torture for everybody! It's constitutional[TM]"
J. Sebastian Piano: Ooh, sign me up for THAT
Dr. Headphones: alberto gonzalez/attorney general
klokwk-limey: Ken - word I heard is that the bible-thumpers don't think he's reactionary enuff, so it won't happen
doctecazoid: dr. h: note the blue "monster energy drink" can in the pic before the impish one... should explain it
J. Sebastian Piano: Thank you, Ken
principalPoop: ok, those photos will be sent to all airports, bus stations, and wal-marts
Bubba's Brain: I haven't caught him at it... yet, Ken.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: afk for refill
J. Sebastian Piano: Highlight the one with the third eye
Dr. Headphones: with "wanted: dead or alive" caption, poop?
klokwk-limey: what is that place, DT, an old church?
Merlyn: It looks like Rehnquist is also going to announce retirement, so there will be 2 vacancies.
principalPoop: skip the alive part pinko atheist commie
J. Sebastian Piano: Ouch, say it ain't so, Merl
Dr. Headphones: renny is in bad shape, can't even eat, breathes through tube, etc.
cease: that was on maj report tonight
doctecazoid: Our Lady of the V.U. Meter...
principalPoop: pat buchanan would be approved by the senate
Merlyn: it would be hard to find someone worse than Rehnquist, though I'm sure Bush will try
J. Sebastian Piano: Could you put a little more compression on that and raise it a couple dB?
klokwk-limey: Billy Jack for the Supreme Court!
klokwk-limey: BATF has outlawed compressors
doctecazoid: "Billy Jack: Justice Will Never Be The Same..."
J. Sebastian Piano: Billy Jack dog food for the poor!
principalPoop: who is that skinny guy from the moral majority, he fits the bill
klokwk-limey: Reed?
||||||||| Outside, the 9:55 PM downtown bus from Washington pulls away, leaving Bunnyboy coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dr. Headphones: ralph reed?
Bunnyboy: lo dere
doctecazoid: ...mental minority....
Dr. Headphones: hi bunnyboy
klokwk-limey: hey Bun
J. Sebastian Piano: Yo, BB
doctecazoid: 'lo dere!
cease: hi bun
principalPoop: ahh yes ralph, sure, choose him
Bubba's Brain: Bb!
Bunnyboy: Ya stepped in my bowl, Billy!
doctecazoid: ;-)
principalPoop: hi bunny
Dr. Headphones: scuttlebutt is that reed will run for senate next time
J. Sebastian Piano: ...as opposed to the other BB who's already been here...
Merlyn: reed can't even win local elections for dogkiller
J. Sebastian Piano: But he's a natural, Merl
Dr. Headphones: jp: difference between Bb and BB
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Bunny
Bunnyboy: Ralph reads? Whoda thunk it?
J. Sebastian Piano: B flat?
doctecazoid: bunny, i'm in bloomington with bubba, helping out with lodestone ecommerce (and making more copies of neal amid as well) ... pix at http://www.doctechnical.com/cgi-bin/pix.cgi?20050706_wjw
principalPoop: neither could the bush kids, go straight to the top, let the media handle image
Bunnyboy: Yuh, Bb is me.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP" B's flat, I'm sharp
cease: i thought he was popular in georgia, even with all the scandals swirling around him
Dr. Headphones: remember, Bb is same as A#
J. Sebastian Piano: "bunny, i'm in bloomington with bubba" - I love that, alliteration!
cease: almost a song
J. Sebastian Piano: Get yer ukulele!
Bunnyboy: doc: Yeah, I snuck a peek at the log before I jumped in. Wish I was there....with a Hefty bag and a Beagle Boy mask! ; )
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: A large group of people throwing trash on the ground = A Literation
principalPoop: no music theory here please, keep it real
doctecazoid: j.s.p.: yeah, there's a song lyric in there somewhere for sure....
klokwk-limey: those are angels, Cat. Angels swirling around him
Dr. Headphones: remember, music theory hasn't been proven yet, just like evolution
cease: the indians he ripped off are angels?
J. Sebastian Piano: cherubim and seraphim
Bunnyboy: Dr. H: Why, yes, that is correct! A+ in Music Theory!
principalPoop: the terminator cannot be president, put him on the court...
cease: i thought the angels were in anaheim
doctecazoid: dr. h: lol
doctecazoid: ...that's why it's just a theory, i guess...
cease: actually my freind used to be an angel.
klokwk-limey: cat -- maybe it's like in Raiders of the Lost Ark...
J. Sebastian Piano: A# is a bitch to write out on the staff...for a key sig, that is
cease: didnt see it
klokwk-limey: ...the kind of angels you really don't want to know
Dr. Headphones: i love flats a lot more than sharps. shows that i'm keyboard-centric rather than fretting
Bunnyboy: And why a script isn't a play...it's a play book.
J. Sebastian Piano: Don't fret, Doc
principalPoop: chemolili is fading out there, fill that bong
doctecazoid: i'm capoble...
Dr. Headphones: bing bong, avon calling
J. Sebastian Piano: It's the damn chemo
cease: i hope today is a good day for you, lilii
doctecazoid: hopefully she'll come back
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
principalPoop: or good bong water
J. Sebastian Piano: Irving Berlin had a transposing piano
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Is that cool or what?
Dr. Headphones: jp: i think in C. is that common among musicians?
ChemoLili: I'm still here; my sister just called me on the phone. I'm going to try to cut it short.
Dr. Headphones: lili: talk to sis, forget about us
J. Sebastian Piano: C is extremely common - kinda like vanilla
klokwk-limey: that onion i violated earlier is starting to stink up the house, so I must go dump it on a chunk of dead cow...once I get that up to fricasse temp. bak shortli
principalPoop: oki doki, do not let us interrupt, sorry
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ Try thinking in C++
J. Sebastian Piano: Do the fam' thing, Lili
Dr. Headphones: dex: well, tried that once, always reverted back to basic and assembly language for apple
J. Sebastian Piano: Irving Berlin couldn't play in any key but C, so he had a transposing piano built
doctecazoid: say HI to karen for me
Dr. Headphones: god bless ameriKa
principalPoop: music is like well ah music
Bubba's Brain: With the world's biggest capo?
Bunnyboy: Oh, hiya Lili! Chemo cuddles, from one who has faced the toxic drip his own bad self.
Merlyn: couldn't he just move the piano bench a little?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: Yes, really cool..could play like anything
doctecazoid: (i understand what lili means when she says she'll try to cut it short, conversations with her sister can get very long winded)
principalPoop: I saw lenny bruce was arrested for saying the word cocksucker in a nightclub, that was the charge, saying an obscene word in a public place
J. Sebastian Piano: Don't quite understand it myself, Merl - but then I can play in most keys comfortably
doctecazoid: (but i'm glad she called lili - they have been keeping more in touch lately which is a good thing imho)
Dr. Headphones: doc: my sister talks about 2 min 30 seconds every time i call her. "yes, everything's ok here, see ya later."
Merlyn: the florida keys?
principalPoop: one word, and ken wrote a book about it later
Dr. Headphones: key largo, to use another musical term
doctecazoid: dr. h: a land speed record
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: Ah, but you're a schooled musicain, IB wasn't
J. Sebastian Piano: Actually, I've done that too, Merl
Bunnyboy: DEADWOOD woulda generated consecutive life sentences, within the first 10 minutes of any ep.
cease: you heard his routine on the album about that? hilarious
Bubba's Brain: Florida Keys.... transposing those would reqiure a REALLY big capo.
J. Sebastian Piano: I played in Islamorada for a week back in the 80s
principalPoop: that is almost a marathon piano
Dr. Headphones: anyone here see the blues thing on pbs a few years ago?
Bunnyboy: ' It's illegal to say it, or to do it...' 'Well, I didn't DO it, man!'
Merlyn: you played with a weak back? sounds painful
doctecazoid: ...and your arms are really tired?
cease: some of it, kend
doctecazoid: (back in a minuet)
J. Sebastian Piano: No, but I did play while passing a kidney stone last August...
principalPoop: who sang that?
Dr. Headphones: some british musician did backup for muddy waters on tour, muddy says, "let's play it in F#". the piano player winced, but struggled through it. years later, they met again, the player mentioned it, muddy says to him: "why didn't you say something, i'da moved the f**kin' capo!"
Bunnyboy: "Your Honor, he said BLAHBLAHBLAH!"
J. Sebastian Piano: I did - actually I kinda screamed it
Bunnyboy: "The Judge: 'He said BLAHBLAHBLAH?!?' "
J. Sebastian Piano: BLAH 3x
principalPoop: cindy barely touched us today
Bubba's Brain: An F**king Capo? I don't use a capo when I f**k.
principalPoop: danny is headed for the keys
J. Sebastian Piano: Interesting form of birth control
Bubba's Brain: it'd be painful.
cease: that's the one, bunny. hilarious
Dr. Headphones: i wish cindy would touch me. there, below the belt, just a little bit lower, that's it, oh baby, keep it up!
Merlyn: sex with my cap-o
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: In order of appearance: Kend^; Doc: Lili; it's so godd to have you back where you belong..the rest of yez, hope you're all here when I return from the car parking exercise I do weekly
J. Sebastian Piano: Keep it under yer hat
Dr. Headphones: damn, merlyn, i didn't think of that!
Bunnyboy: And BLAHBLAHBLAH can be metered out in duple meter, triple meter, or compound meter. Q.E.D.
cease: have fun parking, dex
Bubba's Brain: O! Nan.....
doctecazoid: didn't dustin hoffman do that lenny bruce bit in the 'lenny' biopic?
principalPoop: I love the andy cap cartoon, applies to iraq, he is telling a bobby, I thought he was going to hit me and so I hit him back first
Dr. Headphones: Bb: but is it in the O.E.D.?
doctecazoid: k dex - thanx
J. Sebastian Piano: If you have one of dem eye-bola hats, it's voyeurism
principalPoop: the root of yadda yadda
cease: good one, pooop
Bunnyboy: doc: Hoffman did most of the "signature" Bruce bits in the movie. The "To Come" bit was only on reel-to-reel, in a courtroom scene, though.
principalPoop: I did not see that film, guess I should
cease: i dont rmember doc but he should have
cease: on his show, franken mentions playing lenny in a theatrical version of that
Bunnyboy: Dr. H: I'll bet BLAH is.
cease: i havent seen the hoffman flick in awhile.
J. Sebastian Piano: Bubba, have you considered selling eyeball hats at Lodestone?
Dr. Headphones: abbie hoffman made movies?
cease: talk about versatile actors
Merlyn: OK, will Bush use the London attack as an excuse to invade Iran?
cease: where's dave tongiht? he was just getting into bruce last week
J. Sebastian Piano: They cut Abbie out of "Woodstock."
doctecazoid: it shows up on cable from time to time - i've caught it once a year for the last 2 or 3 years
cease: no homosexuality implied
Dr. Headphones: i saw abbie live once, same stage as wm. kuntsler, during anti-war demonstration
Bubba's Brain: Considered it... yes. Doing it, no.
doctecazoid: ("lenny" shows up, that is)
principalPoop: I was hoping for syria or lebanon
J. Sebastian Piano: LOL, cat
J. Sebastian Piano: I read ya, Bubba
Dr. Headphones: iran? i vote for morocco with general rocky roccoco
cease: its an obvious riff on lenny's defence of saying "cocksucker" from his bit
Bunnyboy: And the late Cliff Gorman played Lenny in the New York stage production of LENNY. He also played the actor who plays "the comic" in ALL THAT JAZZ, a character based on Dustin Hoffman's turn as Lenny.
J. Sebastian Piano: Fosse Fosse Fosse
principalPoop: yes morocco, the 51st state
doctecazoid: yes, i remember that gorman made a name for himself in that show, doing lenny. also, eddie izzard played lenny in a brit revival of the play a few years back
J. Sebastian Piano: I can see it now - bombing Rick's Place
cease: izzard was already famous
cease: hey what was that flick where izzard plays chpalin?
Bunnyboy: JSP: From what I understand, there is no existing video footage of Abbie Hoffman's "appearance" at Woodstock. Only audio (included in a Who box set), and the legendary story of Mr. Hoffman being smacked off the stage by Pete Townshend.
principalPoop: I have only seen izzard on HNO, hilarious
doctecazoid: eddie got good reviews for that as i recall - and i think this was a couple of years before his hbo special appeared (though he has a number of pre-hbo vids available, pal/secam only)
J. Sebastian Piano: You're right, Bb - just wanted to see if anyone "caught" my remark
Dr. Headphones: bun: your job, should you choose to accept it, is to fabricate that video and "release" it to the world as original.
doctecazoid: izzard played chaplin in "the cat's meow" (bogdonovich directed)
Bunnyboy: JSP: Well, gimme the catcher's mitt.
cease: the chaplin thing was a flick about wm randolph hearst
J. Sebastian Piano: And, Bb, your prize, should you choose to accept it is a warm bottle of Warsteiner dark
doctecazoid: right
cease: bogdonovitch i think
Dr. Headphones: isn't bogdonovich an ex-pat now due to child molesting?
doctecazoid: edward herrmann played hearst, kirsten dunst played marion davies i think
principalPoop: don't get bogged down in vitch it
Bunnyboy: Yum! Waitaminnit...it's WARM...and DARK...
cease: id like to see it. i dont know if eddie can act. many comics cant
Bunnyboy: Oooh! You deaded me!
principalPoop: no, that was the director with the house manson visited
J. Sebastian Piano: Oh, boy, it's nice out.
cease: i dont thiknb so , kend
doctecazoid: eddie did a good job in the bogdonovitch flick, he didn't ham it up too much and he learned some of chaplin's mime moves for the part
cease: polanski
Dr. Headphones: ah, roman polanski. i knew it was one of those slavic people
cease: ok, so what is name of flick, doc. i will rent dvd tomorrow
principalPoop: italian and polish?
doctecazoid: "the cat's meow"
principalPoop: sausages
cease: stupid title, if i do say so myself
cease: no wonder i didnt rmeember it
doctecazoid: very '30s
J. Sebastian Piano: And you did
Dr. Headphones: poop: lasagna with kielbasa, yummy?
principalPoop: yes yummy
principalPoop: give me seconds, if not only one per customer
J. Sebastian Piano: Damn, that sounds GOOD...pass the Lasagna
Bunnyboy: Sandy Baron played Lenny in the West Coast stage show. He also played Jack Klompus, Morty Seinfeld's Florida pal/nemesis on SEINFELD.
Dr. Headphones: a tub o' slaw comes with that
J. Sebastian Piano: Catherwood, bring me some of Poop's lasagna
||||||||| Catherwood brings J. Sebastian Piano some of poop's lasagna.
doctecazoid: john took me to a local bbq place - amazingly delicious pulled pork. tonight we went to the encore cafe, nifty little bistro with very good, fresh healthy food - great atmosphere too
Bunnyboy: And he's taking a dirt nap, too.
principalPoop: what country is slaw from? albania?
Dr. Headphones: best BBQ i've had in years was at TA truckstop on I-35 in kansas
cease: good to hear you're eating well, doc. that's about all i talk about on my blog
J. Sebastian Piano: Fudd slaw?
Dr. Headphones: cole porter slaw
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Charles Throat close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 10:22 PM tree-stunting plans, and hurries off to the anteroom.
cease: i had some amazing slaw from a quebec sandwich shop yesterday.
doctecazoid: what was the name of the sandy baron album from the late 60s or early 70s? ... "i never let high school interfere with my education" ... ?
principalPoop: I saw something nasty in the wood shed
cease: best take out tortiere i've ever had in vancouver.
Dr. Headphones: hey charles, is it a "deep" throat? :)
Charles Throat: bop bop a do wop
J. Sebastian Piano: Canadian slaw? What do they put in it?
principalPoop: hello chuck throat
cease: oregano, very dry
J. Sebastian Piano: Smoke it
Charles Throat: fuck you
Bunnyboy: The Seattle Symphony is doing the BUGS BUNNY ON BROADWAY show this weekend. I'm taking a pass, but I'm sure it'll be fun.
doctecazoid: cat: quizno's are finally showing up in ct ... pretty impressive, considering that the subway chain was started (and is currently headquartered) there
Bunnyboy: lo CT.
principalPoop: yes please, thank you sir, may I have another?
Charles Throat: hi bb
Dr. Headphones: quiznos is head and shoulders above subway
doctecazoid: ...and i noticed that tim horton's has gained a foothold in ohio of all places
cease: not very deep of you, charles
J. Sebastian Piano: Bb, I remember the Cd of the Bugs Bunny show as being quite listenable
cease: ive never eaten at tims. guess i'm not canuck enough
Dr. Headphones: ok, charles, i'll start over. howdy, mr. ct
Charles Throat: I can't talk here
principalPoop: kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, great wagner
Dr. Headphones: i can't talk here either, just type
J. Sebastian Piano: Better head for the portrait gallery, CT
cease: take the cotton out of your mouth
Charles Throat: great wanger?
Bunnyboy: JSP: I went to a semi-pro theatre production of LEND ME A TENOR, and they used that CD for the pre-show music.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "10:25 PM and late as usual, it's Frankacne, just back from Hellmouth."
cease: debra?
Dr. Headphones: debra winger
principalPoop: here, put on this burnoose
J. Sebastian Piano: Do I sense a thread here?
Charles Throat: It's a fuse! How'd that get there
Bubba's Brain: Wagner power painter?
Bunnyboy: lo Mr ELectrician
Dr. Headphones: hi frank
J. Sebastian Piano: Bb: very cool!
cease: hey, it's a pimply robot
principalPoop: frankacne junior
Frankacne: Hi Doc
J. Sebastian Piano: Push the button, Frank
Frankacne: sorry to be so late
cease: that's not a button, that'
cease: that's my.....
doctecazoid: not to worry frank
Dr. Headphones: better late than never, to overuse a cliche
Frankacne: i needed new batteries for the Tube of Doom
Charles Throat: Piano keep circulating the tapes
principalPoop: not on the button that
doctecazoid: it's never too late to chat! ©
J. Sebastian Piano: All rights removed
cease: you'll get rich trademarking that, doc
Dr. Headphones: all lefts augmented
doctecazoid: patent protected
Charles Throat: All wrongs reversed
J. Sebastian Piano: Hey, I wondered why my left hand was improved
doctecazoid: copyleft
J. Sebastian Piano: Walt'sdeadnow Enterprises
Charles Throat: Boy that guy can play can't he?
principalPoop: may cause uncontrollable well nevermind that
Charles Throat: I love this bar
J. Sebastian Piano: Oh, WOW!
Dr. Headphones: if any election lasts more than four hours, contact your supreme court immediately
cease: welcome to barbaria
J. Sebastian Piano: (ring, ring) Hello, Sandra...I have this 4-hour election...
principalPoop: set'em joe, I've got a little story to tell
Charles Throat: (film noir music)\
J. Sebastian Piano: Come on, Sam - you played it for her
cease: do some pushovers, johnny. it'll go away
Charles Throat: Youcatan play it for me
principalPoop: I want a more conservative supreme court, so people get off their asses and vote for liberal politicians
Charles Throat: that means what
J. Sebastian Piano: Hey, Nancy!
Charles Throat: I want one to hasten doomsday
doctecazoid: bloomsday
Dr. Headphones: doomsday is coming, the xtian right calls it the rapture
principalPoop: that too, revelations 69:04 hike
J. Sebastian Piano: Nah, I'd rather watch movies about Armageddon, not participate
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: It can only be the alignment of Kend^, Doc, and Lili that accounts for my incredible luck in parking tonight
Dr. Headphones: gog and magog
doctecazoid: ...and the scientologists call it "ka-CHINGGGG"
Charles Throat: I'll me in my depleted-uranium Winnebago, thanks very much
principalPoop: phil armageddon? he was in a lot of richard benjamin films
Dr. Headphones: dex: i'm way out of line most of the time, so i'm not to blame
J. Sebastian Piano: Atlantis Carpet Reclaimers!
Bubba's Brain: Oh Look at Me, I'm Sandra Day // Too Anxious To Go Away // Now Georgie will choose/ and you all will lose // Goodbye, I'm Sandra Day.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ You've got a swell line
doctecazoid: i really believe the phrase "there's a seeker born every minute" fits the scientologists to a tee
Charles Throat: My brother God was right
cease: yes, that's it. dex
J. Sebastian Piano: Tom "seeker" Cruise Missile
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey Charles
Bunnyboy: Ooh, I missed Bloomsday this year. Ah, well. It was probably a day like any other day...
cease: doc + lili + anyone else is always wonderful
Charles Throat: Piano you a MST nut?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: And a fading frank acne
principalPoop: I am not hotdogging yah
Charles Throat: Hi Dexter
J. Sebastian Piano: Why yes, CT, I do appreciate the 'bots
Charles Throat: One of my best friends is the "kissing guy" from Manos
cease: read joynce, read joyce, we have no choice, but to carry on
J. Sebastian Piano: Oh, the guy that was in the Entertainment Weekly story?
klokwk-limey: ribbick
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Manitos de Smooch
Bubba's Brain: Not.. Manos, Hands of Fate????
principalPoop: not that there's anything wrong with that
klokwk-limey: (puts me black into the back)
doctecazoid: chemolili and here sister must be talking up a storm
Charles Throat: Man a tos two were drunk
J. Sebastian Piano: The one and only
Charles Throat: Yes Bubba - I've seen where it was shot
klokwk-limey: braking out the blue drinks, eh?
J. Sebastian Piano: Hang on a sec...be right back
cease: the man don't nos, but the little girl understand
Bubba's Brain: Oh god... what the hell were they thinking?????
doctecazoid: navigate the river liffey using your joyce stick
cease: hopefully a good storm, doc
principalPoop: opening that door again?
Bunnyboy: What do you call a Chronic Public Indigent Bigfoot?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Here comes Every Boat
doctecazoid: cat: i'm sure they are
J. Sebastian Piano: http://www.elpasotimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050627/NEWS/506270336/1001
J. Sebastian Piano: Your pal is Bernie, CT?
Charles Throat: Yep! That's Bernie
Bunnyboy: Saasssquash, thass what!
Charles Throat: He's a hoot
J. Sebastian Piano: That link is to an article on Manos - there's a pic of Bernie.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: Couldn't connect to you URL
Charles Throat: Yes, I saw it, that's him
Bunnyboy: Man, I'm beat. A goodly evening to y'all.
principalPoop: link worked fine for me, IE hehe I am an idiot
J. Sebastian Piano: Dunno why, Fong - works here
principalPoop: sleep the sleep of the honest bunnyboy
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night Bunny..don't miss Fantastic Four if you can
Dr. Headphones: worked for me also
J. Sebastian Piano: Bb, have a good one
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:37 PM, dragging llanwydd by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
llanwydd: howdy
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Hey llan
Charles Throat: I just turned him on to Firesign - loaned him my tape of Martian Space Party
Bunnyboy: lo llan. I'm out the door.
principalPoop: I vouch for him, I hold his IOU
Dr. Headphones: bono notches, llan
doctecazoid: hi lland
J. Sebastian Piano: llan!
J. Sebastian Piano: Way to go, CT
principalPoop: is it fig wine yet?
||||||||| Bunnyboy leaves at 10:38 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
llanwydd: we had our final "Tempest" rehearsal tonight. It opens tomorrow
Dr. Headphones: hmmm, fig wine. never thought of that. probably would be good
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: pP: First the Figgy Pudding, then the fig wine
J. Sebastian Piano: ...then the figgy whining
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Try some first date wine
principalPoop: opens and closes the same day, saves time and effort
Charles Throat: later folks
llanwydd: since you reminded me, I'm going to sample the fig wine right now
Dr. Headphones: i've had wine on a date before
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night CT
||||||||| Around 10:39 PM, Charles Throat walks off into the sunset...
principalPoop: night ct
J. Sebastian Piano: CT, acting like Gary Cooper
principalPoop: sour grapes
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: afk for refill
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong keeps saying that
Bubba's Brain: Your date whined?
J. Sebastian Piano: prune wine
Dr. Headphones: i just did a refill on my coffee cup, damned screensaver kicked in while i was gone
cease: by charles
principalPoop: she whinnied, neighhhh
Dr. Headphones: jp: i drank a quart of prune juice on a bet once. i will advise you NEVER to try that. trust me.
Merlyn: Here's a joke maybe only doctec will get - when my son and I parted in the online game World of Warcraft, I said I'd watch him walk off into the clipping pyramid
cease: date wine? wasnt llan making that last week?
J. Sebastian Piano: (stunned silence)
llanwydd: It's a little weak. Maybe I should have added more sugar
doctecazoid: digital clipping?
Bubba's Brain: chirp.... chirp...
principalPoop: the clipping pyramid, sounds dangerous, you might poke your eye out, spiders
J. Sebastian Piano: Maybe some Spanish fly?>
cease: are you still experimenting with it, llan?
llanwydd: actually I put dates in the mead that I made a few weeks ago
J. Sebastian Piano: Oh, sorry - wrong date
doctecazoid is not sure he gets it, but he'll pretend that he did ;-)
principalPoop: did you kill your director yet?
doctecazoid: merlyn: LOL
J. Sebastian Piano: You know, the one with the ever-widening hole
Merlyn: 3d graphics usually uses a clipping pyramid to decide what to draw, with your eye at the apex and anything farther away than the base of the pyramid isn't drawn as too far away
llanwydd: still experimenting, cat
llanwydd: different levels of sugar, yeast, etc
doctecazoid: that joke is a little to graphic even for this chat group
J. Sebastian Piano: More sugar!
llanwydd: Actually, PP, the director is very respectable
Merlyn: that's why you get pop-up, as things enter the pyramid, and why on systems that don't use a spherical base, you can see things farther away off to the sides
cease: i agree with johnny
principalPoop: yes more sugar, should have known ll
llanwydd: you might remember the music director was another matter
principalPoop: she ruined that cd, she must pay
principalPoop: ahhh the music director, the plot thins
Merlyn: maybe I should have told that joke in C++
llanwydd: I don't mind being worked to death as long as I am treated with respect
J. Sebastian Piano: ...down to the minimal accompaniment of Philip Glass
principalPoop: no no a left
Merlyn: while (distance < pyramid.len) walk++;
Dr. Headphones: tell the next joke in machine language. 01001100001011011001. HA HA HA!
J. Sebastian Piano: (racous laughter)
principalPoop: binary is obscene, ugh
J. Sebastian Piano: OOPS - raucous.
llanwydd: The director of this play is a martial arts master. Can you imagine his methods?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Raucus numbers
cease: this reminds me of chat a decade or so ago, when it often erupted into long periods of tech talk
J. Sebastian Piano: So, who saw the Floyd reunion for Live 8?
llanwydd: stern disciplinarian but he treats everyone with respect
principalPoop: emote!, whack whack
cease: does he break bricks over you, llan?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Not me JP, you?
cease: you can join the brick breakers strike
Dr. Headphones: didn't see it either.
doctecazoid: i missed it - was it any good? i'd imagine they were rusty and probably a little curmudgeony toward each other
J. Sebastian Piano: I got a download of it, Dex
J. Sebastian Piano: They were actually very good, other than the chick vocalist who sang backup on "Comfortably Numb"
Dr. Headphones: slap his wrist, illegal
principalPoop: break a leg llan
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong sings "THe Curmudgeon is in the Hall"
llanwydd: no, he just makes us repeat everything till we get it right. Fine with me.
doctecazoid: jsp: i'm glad to "hear" that ... one wonders if syd was aware of it and/or even cared?
principalPoop: and the director can
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong Gethump..Gethump"
llanwydd: Thanks PP. I will
J. Sebastian Piano: From all accounts, it'd probably be better if Syd didn't know
doctecazoid: jsp: right...
J. Sebastian Piano: Crouching tiger, hidden actor
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: lol
J. Sebastian Piano: E-ecky-thump!
doctecazoid: crouching kitty, hidden catnip mouse
llanwydd: in some places I've worked in Vermont, an actor is a whore and a director is a pimp.
principalPoop: careful with that fig wine, bad night to discover you are allergic
Dr. Headphones: marlon brando accused of being sex addict to date of death? just heard that on tv. not sure what channel is on
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: LLan: Be sure to practice safe acting then
J. Sebastian Piano: Fermented newtons
cease: everyone see live 8?
doctecazoid: careful with that fig wine, eugene
cease: it was like pink floyd just got off the stage the day before
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: doc: lol
doctecazoid: no, i didn't - would appreciate a link to a download link other than p2p
J. Sebastian Piano: Can't say anyone saw Live 8 if watching on U.S. on MTV or VH1
cease: the only people who arent sex adicts are the dead
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Frankacne - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong sings "Welcome to the Dojo"
J. Sebastian Piano: Pneumonia brought on by excess acne
principalPoop: better than oldmonia, she was mean
Dr. Headphones: jp: i suppose it's possible. i knew girl once with abcessed tooth, didn't treat it, got brain infection and died
Bubba's Brain: Death is the withdrawl symtpom, Cat.
doctecazoid: i avoid p2p networks like the plague - you don't know where those zeros and ones have been, easy to catch a virus or something
llanwydd: I wonder if Frankacne was anybody I know
cease: good one, bub
J. Sebastian Piano: Hi guy... "Monia...?!
Dr. Headphones: monia lisa smiles
J. Sebastian Piano: Lemme check where I got my Floyd file from...
cease: speaking of that, did you read da vinci code, kend?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: ooh alliteration
Dr. Headphones: tom: might try usenet, one of the alt.binaries.sounds.mp3. groups
Dr. Headphones: cat: yes, i did, and several other books of the same type
doctecazoid: thanx dr. h
cease: i rarely enjoy music, but i did enjoy the live 8 shit. neal young really rocked at the end of the canuck part of the show
principalPoop: next up, onaemotopia, bang, clash clang clank riiing
cease: i would imagine so, kend, but not sure.
llanwydd: I haven't read the da vinci code. The most modern author I read is Stephen King
ChemoLili: I read the Da Vinci Code. Mixed feelings about it.
cease: it would not be something i would read if Dino hadnt given it to me and a cousin suggest i read.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Coming up in the next hour...dipthongs
J. Sebastian Piano: Oh, I like that Rundgren song - "Onomatopoeia"
cease: hen i read thrillers, briefly in japan,, they were pretty much all the same. this was one of those
doctecazoid: pp: is that a kraftwerk tune? like "boing boon tschak"
principalPoop: hehe he said dipthongs hehe
ChemoLili: Yes, I'm back. Another marathon call with my sister.
doctecazoid: how is karen?
cease: i liked the louvre shit cuz i love the louvre and paris in general
J. Sebastian Piano: Sorry, can't remember where that damn Floyd file came from...I think I got it by surfing the Floyd fan chats
llanwydd: never read Grisham, Koontz, any of those new guys
principalPoop: she lives in marathon florida?
Dr. Headphones: lili, cat: interesting concept, could have been fictionalized better. try reading "holy blood holy grail" or a book of that type sometimes for better treatment in a non-fiction (?) mode
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Lili: Your sister is still in the running?
cease: lilil8. welcome
cease: that ws the mode i was in when i reasd this one, kend
Dr. Headphones: grisham book "bleacher" is not a legal potboiler, more a character study, one of his best
principalPoop: no no not kraftwerk, kraft makes cheese
ChemoLili: She is wondering about my health. You need to take a picture of my left breast so that she can see what a breast designed by Dr. Frankenstein would look like.
cease: i never read it but heard author on cbc, so i figured i knew all i needed to know of it
llanwydd: I had a Kraftwerk album long ago: "The Man Machine"
J. Sebastian Piano: Ouch, Lili
cease: never read any lawyer thrillers.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Lili: Oi
llanwydd: I wasn't impressed. I used to listen to it to make fun of it
Dr. Headphones: i have kraftwerk "autobahn" which i digitalized several months ago
doctecazoid: chemolili: it's really not as bad as you make it out to be - it's quite amazing work (especially when you consider the alternative)
ChemoLili: Hey, it's reconstruction at its finest. Not the real thing, but an incredible simulation.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ Isn't that coals to Newcastle
llanwydd: Years later I heard the original German language version and it was better
Dr. Headphones: lol, dex :)
doctecazoid: mah-dren tech-naah-lagy ...
ChemoLili: Now I have to call my brother Gary. Today is his birthday.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kraft = Work..Work = Craft
principalPoop: not much of a tit man myself, I am easy to stimulate with simulations
Dr. Headphones: ooh, jp! sounds wunnerful, wunnerful
principalPoop: cheese autobahn
Dr. Headphones: oops, should have been private
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: pP: thanks for sharing =00
doctecazoid: oh btw lili i put a few pix up of john & me here at lodestone in bloomington - http://www.doctechnical.com/cgi-bin/pix.cgi?20050706_wjw
llanwydd: There is a genre of "prog" called "krautrock"
J. Sebastian Piano: It's cool, Ken
ChemoLili: Well, principalP., I used to have a really great pair! Just ask Doc.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: llan: there's another cersion where they play outta tune called sour kraut
Dr. Headphones: well, a really great one is still better than none :)
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: version
doctecazoid: hey - tell gary i said hi, and i will be back in ct soon, and about the care package i sent you :)
Merlyn: I'm gonna take off, bye all
doctecazoid: nite merl
klokwk-limey: nite merlyn
||||||||| "Hey Merlyn!" ... Merlyn turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:58 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
J. Sebastian Piano: Good night, Merlyn
principalPoop: night M, happy warrioring
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night Merlyn: thanks as always for sharing
llanwydd: good one dex!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: What time is it Catherwood you moro
||||||||| Catherwood says "It's 10:58 PM, exactly!"
principalPoop: a tit in time saves thine
ChemoLili: I'll tell him, Doc. I told Karen and she thought it all sounded very cool.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: n
doctecazoid: merl, without whom all this would be much more annoying (remember irc, nelly?)
doctecazoid: lili: thanks
J. Sebastian Piano: Mmmm-mmmmm
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Heh Heh, Doc..who doesn't remember IRC
Dr. Headphones: got it loaded, jp, will read later
klokwk-limey: what a PITA, dalnet
klokwk-limey: net of the Daleks, IMO
J. Sebastian Piano: Cool beans, Ken
cease: oph, the bad old days.
principalPoop: practice some lines for us llan
doctecazoid: lili: i hope you didn't mind that i didn't send you much in the way of fiction (unless you count the mcsweeney's humor collection to be fiction - short fiction anyway)
cease: when i met richard arnold in dc, we talked of thse days
llanwydd: I was wrong about this fig wine being weak. It's starting to hit me kind of hard. Hard to taste the alcohol for some reason
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: ..trying over and over to get access to firechat
cease: he remembers it more painfully than i, being aware of its tech limitations then
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
J. Sebastian Piano: llan, are you going to go all Foster Brooks on us?
cease: that's usually a goo d thihg, llan
doctecazoid: lland: have some more, the taste will kick in ... eventually ...
principalPoop: llan, loaded for opening night
llanwydd: didn't understand what you said, PP. Practice what?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: llan: Figure it out
J. Sebastian Piano: "If you put a lit wick in his mouth, he'd burn for days...
doctecazoid: irc is like "compact cassettes" ... better than nothing bu still pretty damned annoying to use
doctecazoid: but
principalPoop: lines, the words you speak in the play llan
J. Sebastian Piano: no buts about it, doc
llanwydd: I recognize that as a Groucho joke, Sebastian
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Llan: Speak the speech as your Dojo SAN PRONOUNCED IT TO YOU
J. Sebastian Piano: Correct - from Go West
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: oops stickey caps key
principalPoop: that capo again
J. Sebastian Piano: spilled some fig wine, didja?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Duh, Capo?
cease: sounds like a Band lyric
J. Sebastian Piano: Il Capo
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Spill that Fig wine, kiss that date
principalPoop: dojo capo, was in a lot of richard benjamin films
J. Sebastian Piano: LOL, Dex
Dr. Headphones: spill the wine, good song from "war" in the late 60s/early 70s
J. Sebastian Piano: Along with Phil McCracken
J. Sebastian Piano: with Eric Burdon on lead vocal
cease: "me and my mate got drunk as a skunk on llan's figgy wine"
ChemoLili: Back again, bro not available. So I left a singing message.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Phil McCracken = Dr. Phil?
cease: why can't we be friends?
J. Sebastian Piano: No, I don't think that's his last name...Dr. Phil, that is
principalPoop: wb lili, what tune?
J. Sebastian Piano: Cisco Kid was a friend of mine
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: The Cisco Kid is a Friend of Mine
J. Sebastian Piano: Great minds, Dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: You beat me JP but only cause my cap key stuck again =))
ChemoLili: "Happy Birthday", but without my famous Marilyn Monroe interpretation.
principalPoop: cisco or crisco?
cease: he drank whizzed key, pancho drank the sangria
doctecazoid: bubba and i are thinking of packing it in now - it's getting late and we have a 45 min drive ahead of us
J. Sebastian Piano: The world is a ghetto
Dr. Headphones: dr. phil winfrey?
cease: drive well, doc
llanwydd: Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves and ye that on the sands with printless foot do chase the ebbing Neptune and do fly him when he comes back, Ye demi-puppets that by moonshine do the green sour ringlets make, whereon the ewe not bites, and you whose pastime is to make midnight mushrooms that rejoice to hear the solemn curfew, by whose aid, weak masters though ye be, I have bedimmed the noontide sun, called forth the mutinous winds and twixt the green sea and the azured vault set roaring war
doctecazoid: lili: i can imagine you were channelling marilyn with that msg for your bro
principalPoop: I hope it is his birthday
Dr. Headphones: WTF, llan?
ChemoLili: Egad, Doc, are you at a Starfucks?
doctecazoid: wati ,you DIDN'T channel marilyn?
J. Sebastian Piano: Ye Gods! That stinks!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Drive safe Doc and Bubba
Dr. Headphones: jp: how did you know i just farted?
doctecazoid: lili: no, we're here at the lodestone world headquarters
ChemoLili: No, not this time, Doc.
doctecazoid: (bubba has dsl)
principalPoop: I am impressed
J. Sebastian Piano: I consulted Nino, Ken
llanwydd: To the dread, rattling thunder have I given FIRE!a and rifted Jove's stout oak with his own bolt!
klokwk-limey: yes, take care. night then, DT, Bubba
principalPoop: you are the man llan
Bubba's Brain: Don't worry, we'll only sleep half the way home.
J. Sebastian Piano: that...and my spoon bent
doctecazoid: i'm so surprised, channeling marilyn is such a trademark of yours
J. Sebastian Piano: Godnight, and good speed to Bub & Doc
doctecazoid: you're so good at it!
ChemoLili: I know, but I had to let him know about the call to Karen, and I didn't want to have the message truncated.
doctecazoid: well i hope he gets your msg anyway
llanwydd: Graves at my command have waked their sleepers, oped and let 'em forth by my so potent art!
klokwk-limey: in User Friendly cartoon today, one of the techs is channeling Al Gore...
doctecazoid: and maybe you can channel marilyn when he calls back
ChemoLili: I love channeling Marilyn....
principalPoop: steady llan steady, no more fig wine, ok?
J. Sebastian Piano: Lili, she probably likes it too
Dr. Headphones: i like chunneling marilyn, but it might go bankrupt
doctecazoid: ok, i think bubba and i are gonna wrap things up here - fortunately he has a big roll of bubble wrap on the wall
cease: have a good talk with your sister, lilil?
llanwydd: you wanted lines from the play, didn't you?
Dr. Headphones: rap it up, docT
Bubba's Brain: I love chunneling M.... oh, never mind.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: llan: Then let the zoms be not at rest but walk this sleeless might, 'ere Romero's flick shineth upon us
cease: off you drive, bub and doc
J. Sebastian Piano: Doc, are you sure that's not Bubba-wrap?
doctecazoid: get a good night's rest sweetie, and i'll make sure i remember to log on to AIM tomorrow (bubba will help me remember :) )
principalPoop: thanks for the photos, the feds will make lots of copies
doctecazoid: jsp: lol
ChemoLili: Yes, Cat. I promised her a picture of my newly constructed breast, so that she would be secure in my weirdness.
klokwk-limey: yep, I'm over my quota, too. Sorry I was away so much, but I'm trying anew meal all by myself and it complicated itself beyond my estimates
principalPoop: I love shakespere ohhh
Bubba's Brain: The hard part is finding the tunnel under the English channel....
doctecazoid: i will take that picture for you when i get back to ct, lili
J. Sebastian Piano: Turn left at Albuquerque, Bubba
klokwk-limey: so I'm going to toddle on as well...
Bubba's Brain: Way far down from the Islet of Langerhans....
principalPoop: I must toodle, toodles, and best of luck to all
Dr. Headphones: i was king (theseus?) in "midsummer's night dream" in high school
llanwydd: interesting you should mention that, dex. Part of the play is kind of like "Night of the Living Dead"
cease: by poop
||||||||| principalPoop leaves at 11:11 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Chunnel not good Bubba lest ye find a way to tthe center of yon Gaul
Bubba's Brain: Nite all.
klokwk-limey: Bubba -- just look for the parade of small, rabid animals emerging at the UK end or entering at the French end, whichever you are closest to...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: night pP
ChemoLili: I think it's time for me to toddle on, too. I've got two kittens off to bed, and two cats that just came in for the night.
J. Sebastian Piano: Which part? - the one where they munch on intestines?
cease: are you going to look for another trucking job, kend?
doctecazoid: see y'all on the funway - already in progress
||||||||| At 11:11 PM, Bubba's Brain runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
klokwk-limey: good-night everyone!
cease: we know, we know
Dr. Headphones: cat: probably, but will most likely be local if i can
||||||||| klokwk-limey rushes off, saying "11:12 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Lili: Night and be well
cease: et tu, klokus?
doctecazoid: hopefully i'll catch y'all next thurs, back in ct with the chemomeister
J. Sebastian Piano: Bog blast us, everyone!
llanwydd: not exactly, seb.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night limey
doctecazoid: the zeitgeistbabe herself
ChemoLili: That's chemomistress to you, hot shot.
Dr. Headphones: we're dropping like flies
doctecazoid: nytol (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................
||||||||| doctecazoid rushes off, saying "11:12 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
ChemoLili: Always the zeitgeistbabe.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: and yoo
llanwydd: I'm not dropping
J. Sebastian Piano: Nah, that's whistles
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: and yon fielders catcheth not
cease: being in the same room, or better yet, the same bar as doc and lili is like having members of the firesign theatre hanging out with you
ChemoLili: OK, guys, sorry I was AWOL for much of this, but I must crash out now.
cease: sleep well, lilil
J. Sebastian Piano: Understandable, Lili - rest well
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: ..but do err the smited balls as do istanbuls harem masters
llanwydd: nite lil
ChemoLili: Bon soir!
Dr. Headphones: later, miss lili, happy dreams
ChemoLili: Thank you and good night. Parting is such sweet....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
||||||||| At 11:15 PM, ChemoLili runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
J. Sebastian Piano: Sweet ZZZZZZZZ?
Dr. Headphones: i will bid a fond adieu until next time also. it's after midnight and i've already turned into a pumpkin. besides, i have to preserve my precious bodily fluids for the date tomorrow night :)
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Kend^ Does that mean you can't whiz?
J. Sebastian Piano: Ken, bodily fluids...date...? Wha? Never mind - see you soon!
llanwydd: I bid a fondue to you too
J. Sebastian Piano: Fondieu?
Dr. Headphones: just channeling george c. scott from "strangelove" there
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cheeze whiz?
cease: good luck, kend
J. Sebastian Piano: Only during lunch, Dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Ementhaler emmision
llanwydd: wasn't it Sterling Hayden, kend?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: llan: No, George C as General Buck )whatever)
llanwydd: It might be unpopular to say this, but I always thought Kubrick was pretentious
J. Sebastian Piano: Turgidson
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Turgidson
J. Sebastian Piano: Damn, I did it again!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: heh JP =)
llanwydd: Although 2001 is one of my very favorite films
cease: if youre not pretentious, why would you make flicks?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: It's good but we talking about Dr. Strangelove
J. Sebastian Piano: Then I can dig it
J. Sebastian Piano: (cue the Isaac Hayes music)
llanwydd: If 2001 was the only film he made that you couldn't understand the ending of, it would be all right because that one provokes the mind
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: Just to update you on my recent listening experiences...heard Sonny Rollins 'bout a month ago and Jarrett's Standards trio couple 3 weeks ago
J. Sebastian Piano: Supposed to be another remastering of 2001 in near future
cease: how was jarrett?
J. Sebastian Piano: Very cool, Dex.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: We cool...we cool =))
J. Sebastian Piano: My roomie woould have a cow knowing you saw Rollins
cease: i remember when he was a rival to coltrane
J. Sebastian Piano: At least I got to hang out with Geoff Downes last weekend.
llanwydd: I think the black monolith is the final stage of evolution, in which a being has and is all that it needs
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP" As old as he is, he can still play like a monster...however, he tends to kinda cruise mosta the time..but his drummer Al Foster was very good
J. Sebastian Piano: Deep, llan
cease: good to hear, dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: I thought Biggie Smalls was the Black Monolith
J. Sebastian Piano: How old is Rollins now? (Laughing at the Biggie joke)
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Jeeze JP: He's gotta be in his 80's
llanwydd: Biggie Smalls? Not familiar
J. Sebastian Piano: The Notorious B.I.G. - dead rapper
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Killed by couple of LA policeman at the behest of LA rap studio
llanwydd: never followed rap. Always hated it. Still do
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: llan: understood
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: But I like to keep current...when I can't keep figgie
J. Sebastian Piano: I'm with you, llan - rap disgusts me
llanwydd: The worst thing about rap is you hear it at two hundred decibels coming out of 1981 Thunderbirds
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP" There ain't no music there
J. Sebastian Piano: Chris Slade (ex-Manfred Mann & The Firm) plays drums for Asia now, he's 59 - plays like a guy half that age
J. Sebastian Piano: Dex, you are SO right
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: 29 and 1/2?
J. Sebastian Piano: Rap be rhythm and rhyme...and NOTHING ELSE
llanwydd: I have a place in my heart for Asia. But only with Wetton and Howe
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Speaking of rhythm..so a Flamenco group last night..the real deal..not some Spanish cultural outfit...man, then dudes can clap out a rhythn
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: saw
J. Sebastian Piano: I was surprised by the current incarnation of Asia, llan - they were really good live, and the new stuff is good
J. Sebastian Piano: Their current guitarist Guthrie Govan is frighteningly good
cease: we saw one in sevilla, dex. fumiyo loved it
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Asia..then Kansas..then Toto?
llanwydd: With Geoff Downs it can't be bad
cease: i was more into the tapas and sangria
||||||||| It's 11:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dr. Headphones - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
J. Sebastian Piano: Downes was great, and a nice guy - we chatted about gear
J. Sebastian Piano: Ken's dead!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: the "clapistas" are just extraordinary aren't they?
llanwydd: I've got to try a tapas sometime. There's one in Vermont
llanwydd: since when does anyone die of jaundice?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: In Vermount, they tapas maple trees
cease: a real rythymfest
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and pipes up "Announcing 'boney', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 11:31 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
llanwydd: LOL Dex!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Boney...Boy?
J. Sebastian Piano: Are these rhythm-fests in strictly standard feel, or do they get "outside" and do irregular
llanwydd: hey boney!
boney: boa
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP; They do counter rhytms
J. Sebastian Piano: Hello Bone
cease: not a boney girl i hope
J. Sebastian Piano: Boney Bonnie?
boney: boa with or without feathers?
cease: i woulndt know, piano man. it seemed just what flamenco'ers do when i saw the show
J. Sebastian Piano: Depends on what you feed it
llanwydd: I can play a little flamenco on guitar
J. Sebastian Piano: Flamingo?
boney: William Bonney and Clyde?
llanwydd: a tune called "Malagueña"
J. Sebastian Piano: I suppose if you fed a boa a flamingo, then yes, with feathers
boney: William "Billy the Kid" Bonney
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: THe one i saw had usually 3 but sometimes four "clapistas" and they would start a rhythm in time with the dancers and then one or 2 would start counter rhythms
J. Sebastian Piano: Malaguena Salerosa!
boney: ah, the antipsychotic medication is kicking in
llanwydd: got mail. brb
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: The night of the Mal Iguana
boney: and just in time, too
J. Sebastian Piano: Probably still in 4/4 or 3/4 time - I was hoping for something eccentric like 7/8...hee hee
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: JP: Hoping do not do, do do
boney: badges
llanwydd: b
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Badgers?
cease: great clapton tune
llanwydd: nothing but spam as usual
J. Sebastian Piano: Wishing won't make it so, hoping won't do it, praying won't do it...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: We don' need no stinking Badgers
J. Sebastian Piano: Bloody vikings
cease: thinkin bout the time you drove in my car
J. Sebastian Piano: http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com
boney: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/badgers.php
boney: mirror
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong wonders if Boney is the Boney Boy of Yesteryear?
J. Sebastian Piano: cool, boney
llanwydd: eggs, bacon, spam and sausage
cease: where are the neiges of yesteryear?
boney: yes, I'm abbreviated
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Que pasa to "Boy" Boney
J. Sebastian Piano: or lobster thermadore aux crevettes...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: pasada
llanwydd: there's one guy in the cast of "The Tempest" who does nothing but quote Monty Python all night
cease: sounds like the scene in kinsey where the doc is trying to determine the size of kinsey's erection with the chart
J. Sebastian Piano: I suppose he thinks he's in Spamalot
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: "Out! Out! Damn Spam!
boney: I'm condensed and abridged
llanwydd: he's like I was before I replaced my Python obsession with Firesign back in '76 or '77
cease: do you think idle wrote spamalot to take advantage of how that word has evolved since grail?
J. Sebastian Piano: My MP & FST obsessions were parallel
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: I replaced my Python with a Barracuda, then with a Mustang
cease: they're both worthy, llan
cease: only animals for you, dex?
J. Sebastian Piano: Nah, I think Idle wrote Spamalot to take advantage of aging MP fans
cease: i'm driivng a subaru forester now. oh....i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok
cease: and we actually live in the forests of british columbia
llanwydd: Python might be funnier but definitely not better than FST
boney: has Eric Idle evolved since he was Noel Coward?
cease: or both, pianoman
J. Sebastian Piano: I'm only half-joking - fortunately Spamalot is apparently funny...unlike his recent Rutles redux
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Cat: Couldn't think of a quick reply =))
boney: 1/2 a b
cease: there are no noel coward tunes in my head, boney. there never have been. there are many idle ditties
cease: oh, always look on the bright side of life
llanwydd: Idle is the most consistently funny and Pythonic of the lot
llanwydd: Cleese is the best actor
J. Sebastian Piano: Have been enjoying Palin's Himalayas program, when I get to see it
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Well y'all, it's been a great night with Kend^, Doc and Lili back in the old same place...see youse guys next time
llanwydd: nite Dex
J. Sebastian Piano: Nite, Dex
cease: by dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night llan, break a tibula or something like that
cease: pythonic?
J. Sebastian Piano: I saw that Terry Jones has a book out about politics...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong: Night JP, Cat, and truncated Boney
llanwydd: thanks dex
J. Sebastian Piano: Pythonic sounds like something from one of those ol' medicine shows
boney: http://www.geocities.com/fang_club/penis_song.html
cease: yes it was excerpted on the web
cease: ive read some of his comentaries and i guess the book is the collection of them
J. Sebastian Piano: Was it? (Assuming you mean Jones' book)
llanwydd: I knew Jones wrote a commentary on Chaucer back in the 80s
cease: a true rennaisance man
J. Sebastian Piano: Commentary? More like a tome!
J. Sebastian Piano: Also brews beer - ever had Monty Python's Holy Ale?
cease: yes i have
cease: we have it here in north van
J. Sebastian Piano: Not bad at all
cease: i didnt know it was really them
J. Sebastian Piano: Jones is a part owner in that brewery
cease: yes, excellent and i rarely drink beer
cease: aha
llanwydd: that's one thing I wouldn't bother with. Picking hops. Even growing them
boney: edited for television, Dexter Fong.
J. Sebastian Piano: What about hopping picks?
cease: extry extry read all about it. mary pickford a secret hophead
J. Sebastian Piano: What about pointed sticks?
boney: the censors couldn't figure out what it meant, but they suspected that it could be dirty
cease: those arnt sticks, those are ku klux klan members, resting
llanwydd: Pointed sticks?! Raspberries not good enough for ye
boney: boney[bleep]
J. Sebastian Piano: Well, I'm kickin' back with (here's one for ya, cat) a bottle of Molson Brador.
||||||||| It's 11:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong - dead from intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
boney: maybe I should just call myself [bleep] from now on
cease: wow. i havent had one of those in years. they dont sell them in vancouver
J. Sebastian Piano: My bass player makes an occasional foray into Canada and gets Brador
cease: since maybe late 70s. long time. i recall it was superb
boney: Remember when you could say [bleep] in the Firesign chat room?
J. Sebastian Piano: Usually a couple cases of it, and then passes out some to his friends
cease: does he live that close to the canadian border?
J. Sebastian Piano: Catherwood, say [bleep
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside J. Sebastian Piano and asks "Something I can help with?"
boney: O Canada, I stand on [bleep] for thee
J. Sebastian Piano: No, he's down here in central Illinois with me. It's a vacation thing, goes to Michigan...
cease: aha
llanwydd: I'm becoming unconscious. That's not bad to do this late, I suppose
J. Sebastian Piano: Catherwood, say BLEEP to boney
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside J. Sebastian Piano and queries "Did you need me?"
boney: I stand on my python for thee?
J. Sebastian Piano: Catherwood, bring boney a BLEEP
||||||||| Catherwood rushes up to J. Sebastian Piano and queries "Did you want something?"
llanwydd: nood gight for now. Cee ewe nest woche
cease: dont crush that snake, hand me the democracy
J. Sebastian Piano: Obviously Catherwood is going deaf
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside J. Sebastian Piano and mumbles "Did you want me?"
boney: catherwood give cease a [bleep]
||||||||| Catherwood walks over to boney and mumbles "Would you like something?"
J. Sebastian Piano: Yeah, I'd better toddle off too. Good yakking with you tonight
cease: ok, i theoretically must eat today. will go and do so now
||||||||| cease leaves to catch the 11:53 PM train to Billville.
boney: catherwood hand cease a [bleep]
||||||||| Catherwood steps over to boney and says "Do you have something for me to do?"
||||||||| J. Sebastian Piano says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, J. Sebastian Piano exits at 11:53 PM.
boney: catherwood call me a [bleep]
||||||||| Catherwood calls boney a [bleep].
||||||||| J. Sebastian Piano sneaks in around 11:54 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last night's "unpleasant incident."
J. Sebastian Piano: Bite me, Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood bites J. Sebastian Piano.
||||||||| J. Sebastian Piano departs at 11:54 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
boney: [bleep] me, catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood rushes over to boney and mumbles "Something I can help with?"
||||||||| boney departs at 11:55 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Outside, the 2:34 AM crosstown bus from Port Huron pulls away, leaving Son of Firesign coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Son of Firesign:

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Son of Firesign:
Son of Firesign:
||||||||| Son of Firesign leaves to catch the 2:35 AM train to Billville.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 3:20 AM and General WhY2keys waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
General WhY2keys : And a picture from right now, you yuppyites, Feast your eye on the whether in Cuebber:
General WhY2keys : action=http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT4+shtml/080552.shtml>

General WhY2keys :
||||||||| General WhY2keys is kicked out just as the clock strikes 3:22 AM.
||||||||| Interprettier Sarge Larger tiptoes in around 3:25 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
Interprettier Sarge Larger:
Interprettier Sarge Larger: action=http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT4+shtml/080552.shtml>

Interprettier Sarge Larger:
||||||||| Interprettier Sarge Larger says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Interprettier Sarge Larger exits at 3:26 AM.
||||||||| Hal Hexplanetalien sashays in at 3:43 AM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Hal Hexplanetalien:

||||||||| Hal Hexplanetalien is kicked out just as the clock strikes 3:43 AM.
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

The Evening's Participants:
Bubba's Brain
Charles Throat
Dame Riggs
Dexter-Guy Fawkes- Fong
Dr. Headphones
General WhY2keys
Hal Hexplanetalien
Interprettier Sarge Larger
J. Sebastian Piano
Planole' Tweeny
Son of Firesign
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