A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for July 21, 2005 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| 8:08 PM: llanwydd jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
llanwydd: At least Catherwood is here to talk to. How are you, Catherwood?
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to llanwydd and asks "Someone mention my name?"
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:10 PM tree-stunting plans, and rushes off to the anteroom.
Mudhead: hiya llan
llanwydd: Yes, it was me, Mr. Catherwood. How've you been?
||||||||| Catherwood wass llanwydd mr how've you been.
Mudhead: the antroom?
llanwydd: Hey, Muddy!
Mudhead: lol
Mudhead: wheres the crowd?
llanwydd: not here yet. But Catherwood's always a barrel of laughs
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to llanwydd and says "Do you have something for me to do?"
Mudhead: im gonna speed up my refresh, the paws that refreshes
||||||||| Mudhead rushes off, saying "8:12 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| Outside, the 8:13 PM crosstown bus from Elmertown pulls away, leaving Mudhead coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
llanwydd: Yes, take my hat and goat, will you?
Mudhead: lets see if this works better
Mudhead: nope
Mudhead: brb
||||||||| Mudhead leaves to catch the 8:13 PM train to Hellmouth.
llanwydd: what's wrong, MH?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:13 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the sitting room.
||||||||| "8:14 PM? 8:14 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Dr. Headphones should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Dr. Headphones enters and sits on the couch.
Mudhead: how bout this, is my merkin showin?
Dr. Headphones: hello, dear friends :)
Mudhead: Hiya Doc
llanwydd: howdy, kend
Mudhead: this is sooooooo slow, im adjusting the little chromium switches
||||||||| Mudhead leaves at 8:15 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Dr. Headphones: just finished a nice meal of cornmeal-breaded tilapia and a baked potato. mmmmm, delicious!
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and pipes up "Presenting 'Mudhead', just granted probation at 8:15 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "8:15 PM and late as usual, it's Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong, just back from Hellmouth."
Dr. Headphones: he comes, he goes........
Mudhead: now
llanwydd: thought I saw Phil Austin in Bolton Landing, NY today. Turned out to be someone like him
Mudhead: finally
Dr. Headphones: howdy, dex
Dr. Headphones: how was the theatre last week?
llanwydd: Hi Dex
Mudhead: the little boxcar of coke goes up
Dr. Headphones: catherwood, may i have a drink, please?
||||||||| Catherwood steps up to Dr. Headphones and queries "Something I can help with?"
Mudhead: You cant handle the truth! err. a drink
llanwydd: Speaking of tilapia, ever have it in stewed tomatoes? I recommend it
Dr. Headphones: "march of the penguins" is this summer's *coolest* movie, according to the promo
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hello Dear Friends..momentarily interrupted by some sort of PC glitch..or feature?
Mudhead: Docs gonna be stewed after that drink
Dr. Headphones: well, i've never been a fan of fish with tomatoes, call me strange if you wish, but i don't mix them ever
llanwydd: funny, dex. Mudhead is having a glitch of his own
Mudhead: a glitter glitch
Dr. Headphones: welcome to glitch night! a surprise in every box, collect the entire set
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Medhead you Claim Jumper. That
Mudhead: hey, mines empty....SUPRISE!
llanwydd: fish cooked in tomatoes is not that great. But after it's cooked you put them on top
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: my glitter glitch
llanwydd: I'm drinking a hot green tea at the moment
Dr. Headphones: i like the cuban dish, trout a la russe, with finely chopped boiled eggs in a dressing on top. almost like tartar sauce but not
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong knows you boys would just love my tomato/tuna surprise
Mudhead: when you get to the end of the alphabet lemme know
Dr. Headphones: i had quick and easy tuna alfredo last night. one of the one package, just add milk, butter and tuna
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ooops sorry did I dozzzzzzzeee off?
Mudhead: hot green U
llanwydd: but tonight. I made beef vindaloo. It's a curry.
Mudhead: hot green V
Dr. Headphones: fish two nights in a row? what was i thinking???????
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: With your gills Kend^
llanwydd: sounds great, kend. Garrison Keilor would call that "hotdish"
Dr. Headphones: at the end is a cold blue Z
Mudhead: its always cold at the end
Dr. Headphones: llan, hotdish usually involves hamburger, i think, but i could be mistaken, not from minniesoda
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: That's right firends, and this Z is new industrial Zironium
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: or Zirconium as you call it
Mudhead: Is that the new unobtanium metal?
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and intones "Presenting 'cease', just granted probation at 8:21 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
llanwydd: I've looked up hotdish on the internet. It can have tuna
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Not if You gotta Credit Cardium
Dr. Headphones: it's valuable if it's cubic. rhomboid ain't worth a crap, though
cease: high all
Mudhead: No, you can have tuna, I'll pass
Dr. Headphones: hi cat, meow and purrrrrr
Mudhead: howdy cat!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hey Cat
llanwydd: my dad could eat tuna for every meal. he can't get enough of it
Mudhead: ouch, passing a tuna
Dr. Headphones: we lost a baby kitty here today. actually, at vet's office, from calici, a virus which i'd never heard of before. in adults, usually fairly harmless
llanwydd: never eats any junk either
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Pass the tuna to the left, Mon
Mudhead: awww sorry to hear it Doc
Dr. Headphones: tuna to the left, salmon to the right, since they are SOOOO conservative
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Sorry to hear that Kend
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and intones "Announcing 'The Island of Dr. Tween', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:23 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Dr. Headphones: he was about 2.5 months old, just the cutest thing and very loving.
The Island of Dr. Tween: I am not an animal!!
llanwydd: ey tween!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: OOOOOOooooh! It scary Dr. Tween
Dr. Headphones: hey tweeny, mein freunde
Mudhead: You know every time you masturbate G'd kills a kitten
The Island of Dr. Tween: Evenin' all...
Dr. Headphones: mud, at my age, most of them are safe ;)
Mudhead: Save the Kittens!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Mud: I got it Masturbate = No Pussy
Dr. Headphones: lol, dex
llanwydd: creepies, Mudhead! Where's your school spirit?
Dr. Headphones: more sugar on my pussy, i like it sweet and creamy
The Island of Dr. Tween: Pussy's the cat's meow.
Mudhead: in my back pocket, wanna snort?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^: I assume you haven't had the opportunity lately to express these kind of feelings?
Dr. Headphones: how about a moment of silence for scotty, who died yesterday
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Scooty is now SUNBEAM
The Island of Dr. Tween: His dilithium crystals are tapped out.
Dr. Headphones: dex, you would either laugh or cry if i told you how long it's been since i've tasted that delicate flavor
Mudhead: Beamed up
llanwydd: I was surprised he was 85.
Dr. Headphones: i'm givin' her all she's got, cap'n
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: It's the Dad-blamed water pump
The Island of Dr. Tween: Going to shoot his ashes into space, from what I hear.
Dr. Headphones: a fitting end
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Just like Hunter Thompson
Dr. Headphones: how old are kirk and spock? got to be in 70s at least
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: 'cept he used a canon
The Island of Dr. Tween: Must have been thinking Hunter had a good idea.
Dr. Headphones: no need for anyone to go googling on that if you don't know
Dr. Headphones: a canon? by pachelbel, perhaps?
llanwydd: A friend of mine met James Doohan years ago and said he actually had a Brooklyn accent
cease: as i was saying
The Island of Dr. Tween: Yep, we're all getting a little older.
cease: but he was from vancouver!
Mudhead: I need some of Hunters ashes
Dr. Headphones: llan: either NPR or PBS last night said he tried 9 ethnic accents before settling on the scots brogue
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Seance Cat
llanwydd: hi cat!
Mudhead: I got a first edition I want him to be part of
The Island of Dr. Tween: He said at the audition for the parts that he tried a number of accents, but that he though an engineer should be Scot.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Don't forget kenny rogers
cease: gotta go with the stereotypes
Dr. Headphones: oh, rubyyyyyyyyy, don't take your love to town
llanwydd: actually I heard the news on NPR as well. I was more than half asleep and that woke me up
Dr. Headphones: monotypes are cheaper and occupy less bandwidth
The Island of Dr. Tween: Groan, Dex....
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: but if you do, leave your red light on
Mudhead: that means stop?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^ Monosylables evev cheaper]
The Island of Dr. Tween: Pull over, it's the Police.
Dr. Headphones: if it's large, red, and octagonal, yes, stop
cease: i thought "arret" meant stop
cease: help it's the police
Dr. Headphones: tween, with every breathe i take, i like that one ;)
cease: the surrelaist played the dear friends episode with that firesign bit in it on tuesday night
Dr. Headphones: breath, sorry, i verbified it with extra "e"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Breathing is good
The Island of Dr. Tween: If it has pentagons, avoid all contact...
Mudhead: chatin bout that, we got radio tonite?
llanwydd: what's with the Fawkes handle, Dex? Committed any terrorist acts lately?
Dr. Headphones: we're all terrorists in our hearts. only jesus can take that away from us.
The Island of Dr. Tween: Walking in your footsteps...
cease: they bombed inlondon
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: llan: Logged on after first London bombin as "Guy Fawkes" klok was somewhat appaled. thought I'd do it again only less so
Dr. Headphones: tony blair is on the hot seat now. if the erection, er, election were tomorrow, he's lose
The Island of Dr. Tween: More to scare this time, or so they say.
cease: did better in new haven
The Island of Dr. Tween: But then, they bomb everywhere they appear ;)
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend: Ask yourself: Who would Jesus blow up?"
cease: to the tories, kend? i dont think so
Dr. Headphones: on a tangential subject, does anyone else think martin short resembles tony blair (or vice versa)?
Mudhead: hey, im near New Haven
llanwydd: I heard there was another bombing in the tube. But no one got hurt fortunately
cease: indeed
Dr. Headphones: dex: saw t-shirt other day: "what would jesus do" on front, on back, "for a klondyke bar?"
The Island of Dr. Tween: In Groton still on the list to axe, Mud?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend: Blair much older...and British accent too
Mudhead: please Doc Tween
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^: lol re: Klondyke
Dr. Headphones: dex: ears and facial structure quite similar in my view. YMMV
cease: blair older than martin short? really?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I would think so
llanwydd: what party is blair? I forget
cease: the ":no fun" party
Dr. Headphones: labour
The Island of Dr. Tween: They're in Labour.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Party of four? Blair! Party of three?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: etc
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 8:36 PM and professorPoop steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
The Island of Dr. Tween: Hey Poop.
professorPoop: mmmmm a grape, howdy
Mudhead: Hiya Teach
Dr. Headphones: hi, poop
llanwydd: funny no one runs on the keg party ticket anymore
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Little "p" Big "P"!
professorPoop: how is everybody?
Dr. Headphones: speaking only for myself, sated
The Island of Dr. Tween: We're with the Blair party. That'll be 5... 10 minutes...
cease: i'm snacking between meals.
professorPoop: what did you sated on?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Well, were hot here on the east coast...wet in southern texas....that's how it look from here, Bob
llanwydd: I feel jelous, I've never had a greek grape
Dr. Headphones: as i recall, his wife is somewhat of a "looker", isn't she?
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 8:38 PM and klokwkmuggy steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
The Island of Dr. Tween: Dr. H, you satist.
professorPoop: not another blair witch hunt I hope
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I had a greek gape once not appreciated
The Island of Dr. Tween: Ruff...
professorPoop: click klok
Dr. Headphones: wet here in michigan too, t=-storms every day this week late afternoon, need to mow lawn
Dr. Headphones: hi klok
klokwkmuggy: do we have CNI radio tonight?
professorPoop: they make super wine llan
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hey klok...gimme a hit on that muggy
Dr. Headphones: tween, did you meen satyrist? :)
cease: klok
professorPoop: down island of dr t down, good dog
klokwkmuggy: i'm in Linux and having probs getting CNI
cease: muggles? have some hairy pot
Dr. Headphones: klok: lather, rinse, repeat
professorPoop: trouble with wmp also, says I don't have the codec
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: CNIT is not on the mastjead..
klokwkmuggy is getting beat up over his nick
Mudhead: make sure you stop after a while
llanwydd: I've got chicken vindaloo marinating in the fridge. Might cook it tonight
The Island of Dr. Tween: A satyrical musing...
klokwkmuggy: yeah, but it usually plays something, Dex, even if not FST. I get no connect atoll
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: Shoulda used a varient of mine....Was popular last time
professorPoop: vindaloooooo vindaloooo whowhowho
Dr. Headphones: mmm, bikini atoll, my favorite
klokwkmuggy was gonna cook an omelet, got uninspired by anything requiring more than 5 min prep/attention
The Island of Dr. Tween: Practicing voodoo again, LL?
llanwydd: I was the first one here tonight except for Catherwood. He's got my hat and goat
||||||||| Catherwood gots llanwydd's hat and goat.
Dr. Headphones: ooh, put in *another* pin, i likes it ;)
professorPoop: cheetos for dinner again klok?
cease: chicken marinaded with sun dried tomtatoes in the oven. F is doing two diffrerent veggie things and I have a vat of fresh tabouleh in the fridge
cease: comapny due soon
The Island of Dr. Tween: Now they requiring tolls for bikinis?
Mudhead: a vat?
Dr. Headphones: hope your evening turns out well, cat, sounds good anyway
professorPoop: mmmm, set another place cat
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: A package of Ramen type noodles and a little onion, bit of chicken or beef...not bad when you're not inspired
cease: does the goat produce cheese, llan?
cease: you can make a greek salad
cease: a large metal bowl then
cease: and speaking of bowls....
Dr. Headphones: isn't feta from sheep?
klokwkmuggy: U2, City of Blinding Lights on Virgin Radio, 1215AM, so the dang player werks anyway
professorPoop: reminds me a henway
Dr. Headphones: i will NOT ask "what's a henway?"
The Island of Dr. Tween: I squezzed it from my own Fata.
Mudhead: ok, i'll do it...whats a henway?
llanwydd: I do tabouli as well. I worked as a manager in an Arabic restaurant years ago. The chef and owner was Lebanese/American
professorPoop: ok ok spoilsport, ralph
cease: goat i think. could be wrong. i have had sheep cheese too, in italy. very good, but not like feta
professorPoop: ahh 2 pounds hehehe
klokwkmuggy: nah, Dex, gonna be a half-cup of rice plus half a bag of Bird's Eye frozen mixed veggies plus weaponized cayenne
llanwydd: yeah, Catherwood's always getting my goat
||||||||| Catherwood gettings llanwydd's goat.
cease: or maybe it was spain?
Dr. Headphones: i've had several different lebanse dishes, all good
Mudhead: weaponized?
professorPoop: is your name legal in scrabble IIan?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Catherwood milk llanwydds' goat
||||||||| Catherwood steps alongside Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong and queries "Did you want me?"
llanwydd: I can make all kinds of Lebanese food
professorPoop: they are included lebanese hash in the recipe
klokwkmuggy: yeah, Mud -- start steaming it, as in with a pot of crayfish and everyone in the joint starts crying
klokwkmuggy: ain't good until every room in the house is weeping! ;-)
Dr. Headphones: klok, you met one lebanese dish i've had, when i drove over to fall river, mass several years ago ;)
cease: i'll have some of that
Mudhead: including the crayfish
cease: i think this stuff is local though
llanwydd: I don't think it is, PP. I made it up. Showcasing the Welsh phonetics to indicate my ethnic background
klokwkmuggy: definitely, Ken
||||||||| Catherwood walks up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'Elayne', just granted probation at 8:45 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Elayne: Evenin' all!
The Island of Dr. Tween: I'm not getting a response form the Listen link on the CNI web site.
Dr. Headphones: hello, ms. el
klokwkmuggy: hi E
llanwydd: lot of lebanese in fall river
The Island of Dr. Tween: 'Lo E...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hiya Elayne
Mudhead: fall river, mass?
professorPoop: hehe he said phonetics hehe
llanwydd: a lot in RI as well. That's where I worked in the Arabic restaurant
Dr. Headphones: hey klok, what did you think about the electronics short story i sent you? :) :)
llanwydd: hi E!
professorPoop: howdy E
klokwkmuggy: yeah, I ditched Virgin for Radio Paradise, nicer
Mudhead: hiya E
cease: electrons are writing their own stories?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: As falls Fall River, so falls Fall Rivers
professorPoop: is that like the hindus in the ganges llan?
cease: hey, it's el!
klokwkmuggy: main minority in RI and up thru Fall River is Portuguese, Azoreans
Elayne: My British friends are not only all okay after the events of this afternoon, they're downright pissed.
Elayne: As in, angry, not drunk. Although I'm sure some are both.
llanwydd: next time you're in fall river, stop into Sam's Bakery, order a spinach pie and a mana'eesh
Dr. Headphones: cat, i'll see if i can find it and give link. hilarious story if you know anything at all about working on ICs and/or circuit boards
The Island of Dr. Tween: By the River Wa De Doo Dah...
klokwkmuggy: they are having Portuguese fest in New Bedford this weekend, I think
llanwydd: yeah, a lot of portugese as well
klokwkmuggy: yeah, I thought it was pretty funny, Ken
cease: ive been listening to a podcast called area 51 this week. any of you know it?
cease: slightly firesonian
Dr. Headphones: http://www.totse.com/en/erotica/erotic_fiction_0_to_9/316rae.html
The Island of Dr. Tween: I wouldn't want to be a member of an ethnic minority living in Britian tonight. Hear there have been some incidents...
cease: i was turned on to it by the chromium switch firesign list
Mudhead: man you guys should come pick me up, lets go party
professorPoop: the indians should have drawn the line before the english
klokwkmuggy thinks Red Ken is outdoing Tony B on post-attack speeches both times. By a country mile.
Dr. Headphones: sikh and ye shall be found
cease: g, u, r, u?
Elayne: I'm rooting for the MTA here in NYC to outlaw all backpacks on public transit. I've hated those things for about ten years now. The people "wearing" them have no sense of other folks' personal space.
klokwkmuggy: Tweeny - yeah, but after 9/11 one of our nut cases killed a Sikh because he wore a turban.
cease: i read today that the new pm of india is the frist non hindu pm
klokwkmuggy: folks in London have more sense or more class
cease: inded, el. i worry for you, dex, others
Dr. Headphones: e: like being pregnant in reverse, but no nerve endings on the "skin" of one of them, so they don't know when they are infringing
cease: we have no classes in our high school
Elayne: Oh, don't worry for me, Cat. I'm not in Manhattan that often now...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Everything is copacetic Cat
Elayne: Exactly so, Ken.
llanwydd: what is he, cat? Buddhist?
cease: sikh. i thought that was kend's ref
The Island of Dr. Tween: I didn't say we were better at race relations. In general, I believe the Brits are more enlightened.
The Island of Dr. Tween: They did however have their share of Nazi sympathizers before WWII.
Dr. Headphones: brits are better at a lot of stuff. dentistry and food ain't on that list though
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Tween: By enlightened, do you mean whiter =)
cease: and to this day, tween. all those skinheads
llanwydd: Sikhs assassinated Indira Gandhi
The Island of Dr. Tween: A white shade of Palin.
cease: there's always a group of serious assholes in every society.
cease: your country is one of the few where they're in charge of the govt
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Michael row the band ashore
professorPoop: whiter shade tween
Dr. Headphones: cat: and they usually have a better religion and aren't afraid to tell you about it
llanwydd: I don't know, kend. I went to a really good dentist when I was in Bristol years ago. Very inexpensive as well
Dr. Headphones: llan: i'm speaking only from stereotypes here since i have no personal knowledge at all
cease: they have dentists in england?
The Island of Dr. Tween: They've got problems with their national health care systems, but at least they have health care available to all...
Elayne: We've hit the trifecta with religious fanatic assholes lately. Fundie Christian idiots in this country, fundie Islamic idiots in Britain, and fundie Jewish idiots in Israel.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dennis! Sir Dennis of England
llanwydd: the dentists are subsidized by the British government, by the way
klokwkmuggy: Ilan -- yeah, 'cause nobody goes to the dentist there!
Elayne: Who's the biggest idiot in which country? All of them!
The Island of Dr. Tween: Ad a few nukes, and we've got a really nice recipe for WWIII, E...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Elayne: YOu come over to my country, then I wont's be the biggest idiot
cease: dont forget the hindu crazies in india. most murderous
Dr. Headphones: e: it's a close contest at times, but i think bush leads by a skosh
llanwydd: I lost a filling in a Sugar Daddy. They have them in the UK. And I had to have it replaced
Elayne: Say, do any of you know about a Firesign podcast available on iTunes? My husband just found one whilst browsing...
professorPoop: those canadians, too quiet, keep an eye on them, hell, just invade
klokwkmuggy: Yeah, cat, but the hindu crazies in India don't go into Pakistan and blow things up...
Dr. Headphones: llan: scotland is the birthplace of the breaded deep-fried mars bar also
llanwydd: yeah the hindus and muslims don't seem to get along
cease: no, they duke it out in kashmir
Elayne: Is that Jim's CNI thing?
The Island of Dr. Tween: Yeah, the Hindu/Muslim thing in India looks almost as bad a sJerusalem sometimes with both religions find the same sites sacred.
cease: on the other hand, they Do come to canada. you may remember the airline they blew up?
klokwkmuggy: Ken, and the Marianne Faithful special edition Mars bar...
professorPoop: wire was invented by two scots fighting over a penny
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: THought they wore Spandex?
llanwydd: yeah, kend. What they call a mars bar is like what we know as a Milky Way
The Island of Dr. Tween: Canada. The threat next door...
cease: good one, poop
Dr. Headphones: you mean without almonds? HERESY!
klokwkmuggy: LOL, Poop
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: lol Poop
professorPoop: too bad they are not all peaceful christians, oops forget ireland
klokwkmuggy: Ken - no, without almonds is Hershey ;-)
professorPoop: that is old, you did not know that one?
The Island of Dr. Tween: Did you know they invented the wire recorder?
llanwydd: I grew up in the town where the original Mars bars are made. Hackettstown, NJ
klokwkmuggy: no, that was a Danish guy, Tween
cease: the indians?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: fighting over a nickle?
klokwkmuggy: 1909
cease: must have been a buffalo nickel
professorPoop: I forget what is in a mars bar
Mudhead: was a good year
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: It was Chief Webcor who invented the wire recorder
Mudhead: I remember 09
Dr. Headphones: why a buffalo nickel? why not harrisburg nickel?
Elayne: Ah, apparently it's Merlyn and DO doing some July 4 thing. Only 50 seconds. Badly varying volume.
llanwydd: look at the back of a mars bar or three musketeers or M and Ms. Hackettstown
professorPoop: buddy?
llanwydd: I used to hang out at the candy factory when I was a kid. I had a friend who lived across the street from it
Dr. Headphones: i toured the hershey factory when a child, very impressive. i hear they don't do that any more. 'tis a pity
cease: is cni on now?
Elayne: Ah, it's apparently coming from this site: www.firesigntheatre.com/podcasting
Elayne: Who knew?
Elayne: I never go beyond /chat. ;)
klokwkmuggy: TWIT this week was funny. Bill Gates getting blue-screened on stage. Twice. By...an X-Box!
The Island of Dr. Tween: Read a Mars bar backwards and it says the devil wants you to eat me.
llanwydd: years later I drove a limousine for the candy executives. They were sweet people
cease: i'll bet
Elayne: Cat, if Jim and Fran aren't here, CNI isn't going to be.
Dr. Headphones: i used to love mars bars until i discovered the joys of reese's peanut butter cups
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: Bet some were kinday nutty
klokwkmuggy: something like that on the Marianne Faithful edition, too, Tweeny ;-))
cease: those were the last candys i ate, kend. loved that peanut butter
professorPoop: I refuse to see the new wonka movie, the first was not good enough?
llanwydd: yes indeed dex
The Island of Dr. Tween: Last time I had corressspondence, they said they were moving farther north.
klokwkmuggy: Poop -- not appropos to this generation of kids
Dr. Headphones: poop: what i've heard about it isn't good. reviews generally all say "dark" and not as in dark chocolate
llanwydd: I used to drive the candy people to Newark Airport
Elayne: The Burton/Depp version is supposed to be a lot closer to the Dahl original. Which makes sense, Dahl's books were all pretty creepy.
Elayne: I imprinted on a Dahl short story when I was a kid. It probably explains a lot.
klokwkmuggy: just like the Psychedelic WW wasn't exactly Dahl's book
professorPoop: ahh ok, a new generation gap
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: afk for refill
professorPoop: I read the book also
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, July 21, 2005 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
The Island of Dr. Tween: Generation Y2K?
Dr. Headphones: saw the movie with gene wilder, never read the book
llanwydd: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was one of the first books I ever read.
klokwkmuggy: me too Ken
professorPoop: let the chat begin
llanwydd: One of the first long books anyway
Mudhead: uh Catherwood your an hour or so off
||||||||| Catherwood rushes alongside Mudhead and mumbles "Did you want me?"
professorPoop: I love gene wilder though
klokwkmuggy: still, I think movie's more on the order of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band visits Willie Wonka..."
Mudhead: yes, fiux your clock you putz
Dr. Headphones: what the heck have we been doing thusfar, whistlng dixie?
llanwydd: What they should have done was make a movie about Charlie Bucket after he was grown up and running the factory
Dr. Headphones: "oh i wish i was in the land of cotton......."
professorPoop: it was an early 1970s movie, no doubt
Elayne: Every time they say "Charlie Bucket" I want to go into Britcom mode and say, "That's BOUQUET...."
klokwkmuggy: Yeah, Ilan, and fighting the venture capitalists, which wants to take it public
cease: i hear the new one is very psychedelic
professorPoop: don't blame me, it was catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood blames professorPoop it was.
professorPoop: lool
The Island of Dr. Tween: Some pretty wild movies made in the early 70's. MASH, Brewster McCloud, Vanishing Point...
professorPoop: no, it was you, not me
klokwkmuggy: catherwood is the root of all evil (and the /bin, too)
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside klokwkmuggy and mumbles "Do you have something for me to do?"
cease: mash was the only great flick i can think of that turned into an even greater tv show
professorPoop: andromedada strain, ewwww
klokwkmuggy: catherwood stop tracking mudhead across my nice, clean floor
||||||||| Catherwood acrosss klokwkmuggy's nice clean floor.
Dr. Headphones: catherwood needs to go back to english class, about 6th grade or so
||||||||| Catherwood rushes over to Dr. Headphones and mumbles "Would you like something?"
klokwkmuggy: catherwood, you're not authorized to add an extra 's'
||||||||| Catherwood steps up to klokwkmuggy and asks "Someone mention my name?"
professorPoop: i think you are right cat, I am searching my mind
Dr. Headphones: catherwood is a hare-brained idiot
||||||||| Catherwood rushes alongside Dr. Headphones and says "Did you need me?"
llanwydd: I usually dip into my homemade wines on thursday nights. I don't drink much otherwise. I'll tell you in a moment how the new batch is.
The Island of Dr. Tween: Do you have GoogleBrain installed yet, P?
professorPoop: guava tonight?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Over here Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood walks alongside Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong and mumbles "Did you need me?"
Dr. Headphones: over there, catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood walks alongside Dr. Headphones and asks "Would you like something?"
The Island of Dr. Tween: Jose Guava?
professorPoop: they tried, they could not find any unaltered neurons in my brain to attach it
klokwkmuggy: catherwood rotate on your z-axis
||||||||| Catherwood rotates on your z-axis.
The Island of Dr. Tween: LoL, P...
Dr. Headphones: watched show on food network about durian (sp?) from thailand. supposed to smell terrible, taste great
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hah! He got you Klok
cease: borneo. the orangutans' favourite fruit
professorPoop: good one catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood strides over to professorPoop and mumbles "Did you want me?"
klokwkmuggy: dang Eliza algorithm...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^: Something else you haven't had lately?
Dr. Headphones: "the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain", catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood steps over to Dr. Headphones and says "Would you like something?"
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:07 PM and Dave steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Dr. Headphones: dex: never had it, never even heard of it before
Dr. Headphones: hey dave
Dave: hello blokes
llanwydd: actually, I'm sticking with grape wines for now. But I just squeezed a lime into it to make it sangria. That's all you need to do really. Although an orange is probably better
klokwkmuggy: catherwood sing like Eliza Dolittle
||||||||| Catherwood walks over to klokwkmuggy and says "Do you have something for me to do?"
professorPoop: there is a new eliza, I forget the name, it took me 10 sentences to trip it
The Island of Dr. Tween: Evenin' Dave...
cease: beautiful women too.
Dr. Headphones: robert bloke, free at last
professorPoop: hi dave
Dave: ken, wherefore art thou not on AIM?
cease: greetings from the president of the united states, dave
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^ Was thinking about an earlier reference to something that can smell terible but taste great
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hi Dave
Elayne: Hi Dave!
The Island of Dr. Tween: Eh wot, guv?
Dr. Headphones: ah, dex, i've never met one that smelled terrible. i likes 'em clean
cease: ted alvy sent me review of neal cassady's letters that i wanted to forward to you. very insightful
llanwydd: good evening dave!
Dr. Headphones: although the smell and taste does vary according to the phases of the moon, so to speak
klokwkmuggy: hi dave
professorPoop: from the partridge family?
klokwkmuggy: one of the last things to go before death, Ken
Dr. Headphones: cat: got email about ted alvy's editing of merle haggard's "okie from muscogee". quite amusing
Dave: forward it to me please too cat
The Island of Dr. Tween: Dr. H, a conisseur of the tuna taco.
Dave: brb
cease: yes its about his influence on kerouac and ginzberg. told me stuf i dint know and i know that scene quite well, wrote a play about it
professorPoop: ok dave
The Island of Dr. Tween: Colin Young's Hippy from Olima's pretty good also.
Dr. Headphones: tween: i think the "tuna" smell is a myth according to my experiences in that area of the anatomy
cease: am reading ginzberg letters with his dad at present.
cease: imagine having a dad that literate!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: He spoke Yiddish too
cease: tuna taco? i would never have imagined
Dr. Headphones: http://www.pieman.org/mp3/smokiefromuskogee.mp3
cease: however, tiz a fusion world
The Island of Dr. Tween: It all tastes like like chicken to me.
professorPoop: not a myth dr h, I found that once or twice,, i left without further inspection
llanwydd: I thought Ginsburg was pretentious.
Dr. Headphones: i guess i'se been a lucky dude then
cease: louis ginzberg? i doubt it
llanwydd: Bob Dylan liked him though
The Island of Dr. Tween: Bob Dylan at the Met.
cease: well, the music box playing got really tedious real quick, but he provided a spirit to his age
Dr. Headphones: i thought bob dylan was a yankee?
professorPoop: I walked into a woody allen chatroom, spinoza, no dylan, ginsburg, rheinquist
cease: sinigng oprah?
cease: gimme an O
cease: take a Pee
professorPoop: prah
Dr. Headphones: cat, i'm not giving you an "O" since i'm not that type of guy......
cease: rah raw raw that's the spirits we have at Morsce Science HIgh
professorPoop: he would give you one back
cease: opium gum anyone?
Mudhead: Spirits, I'll take a snort
The Island of Dr. Tween: Now that's well edited, although Mr. Haggard would spit tobacco juice ;)
Dr. Headphones: tween: i have personal friend who is cousin of merle, she says he's from the "black sheep" part of the family
The Island of Dr. Tween: Worked with his band once back in the 80's. Actually not a bad bunch of guys.
professorPoop: I bet he's got a vietnam flag tacked up in his garage
Dr. Headphones: i bet at least some of them DID smoke the wacky tabacky
The Island of Dr. Tween: Next to his medicinal plants under the grow lamps;)
llanwydd: anybody have a good used car they want to sell in the $500 range. I'll drive up to 300 miles to buy it. I've been told my car will never pass another inspection and I'll need something to drive by Sep 1st
Dr. Headphones: llan, wish i could help you. i have only one and can't get rid of it
klokwkmuggy: sucks, Ilan; good luck
professorPoop: my 95 escort only has 56,000 miles, I am keeping it
The Island of Dr. Tween: I've got a 1990 Maxda 626, but you'll have to come to TX to get it.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Tween: Maxda? Was that when Mazda and Toyota meged briefly
Dr. Headphones: 626 is nice model, quite luxurious for the size
professorPoop: what won't pass inspection for 500 beans? pollution?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I've got a 666, it's hot
The Island of Dr. Tween: Ya, zat vas the Maxda merger...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: You must be Max Merger then
Dr. Headphones: max headroom in the 626
llanwydd: I've got a '91 Nissan Sentra. Drove it over a lot of salt last winter. Rotted away. Not bad for a '91 though
professorPoop: is it rotary?
cease: max morgan, crime cabby
Elayne: I have my first annual inspection coming up next month. I can't believe it's been a year already!
Dr. Headphones: not rotary, but kiwanis
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Most drivers of that model *are* Rotarians
The Island of Dr. Tween: Abzolutely, ve've maxxed out our deals especially for you dis holiday seazon.
cease: a disholiday? is that like anti-christmas?
The Island of Dr. Tween: Had a RX-2 rotary. Lots of fun.
professorPoop: kiwians? from the isle of kiw?
cease: santa comes down yuour chimney and steals everything in your house
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Jah, Max..Dats right..Our Anschluss advantage goes to you this buying season
professorPoop: time goes faster and faster E
llanwydd: If I live only 5 miles away in Vermont, I wouldn't have had to drive it over so much salt. But they salt the roads heavily on the NY side
The Island of Dr. Tween: Love to have one of the new RX-8s. The 626 came w/ 4 or 6 cyls.
Dave: I'm back
Dr. Headphones: hi, dave's back
professorPoop: wb dave, have you got a car for llan?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: Watcha driving these days?
cease: better than being Bach. hes dead
The Island of Dr. Tween: And he bootiful. Nobody gwan habda be a slave all de time no more...
klokwkmuggy: no, from aotearoa
professorPoop: sebastian or sondra?
Dr. Headphones: catherine bach
cease: Bachs of Time. it's dead too.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Neither, Bach Beer
professorPoop: gwine, screech english troop!
cease: just heard from one of the actresses in that yesterday. hadnt heard from her in years
The Island of Dr. Tween: Shine Bock is recommended.
llanwydd: Monkey on My Bach
Dr. Headphones: shiner bock is good stuff, had several when in texas
cease: i had that in dallas, i think
cease: the locals reccomended it
Dave: I found my copy of box of time, and...now I don't remember where it is
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Shine Bock, Shine Bock for Jesus
The Island of Dr. Tween: That's Shiner Bock. Shine is a song. BTW, Dave, howdya like it?
klokwkmuggy: bullsheeters
professorPoop: what is the monkey doing? hehe
The Island of Dr. Tween: It's just a Box of Rain.
Dr. Headphones: purple rain, by the artist formerly known as prince
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Bull Sheeters and Cow Pleasers, we've got em all down here at the New Corral Church
cease: box of rain- dead-neal cassady-neal amid-box of time
llanwydd: that's a pun, pp. Ever heard of collection CDs like "Addicted to Bach", "Hooked on Bach"
professorPoop: if I could save time in a box, oops bottle
cease: switched on? or baited
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Main Framin' on Bach?
llanwydd: those titles were ripoffs of "Switched on Bach" by Walter Carlos
professorPoop: only switched on, that is way back there
Dr. Headphones: i have "what if mozart had written 'have yourself a merry little christmas'"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: That's *Wendy* Carlos
The Island of Dr. Tween: "We can go forward to the future, or past to the back." - Dan Quayle
klokwkmuggy: that was 30 years ago; do you think Bach's been switched off yet?
professorPoop: santana has brothers and sister musicians?
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies boney in through the front door at 9:27 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
cease: the back pastt's here
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: Only Scotty knows
llanwydd: I like some Mozart. Sibelius is my favorite composer though
cease: aha, the erect detective
The Island of Dr. Tween: Switched On Bach 2000 is a nice reworking he/she did.
Dr. Headphones: hey boney, glad you're bach
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hi Boney
Elayne: Hello boney!
The Island of Dr. Tween: Yo bone...
boney: p.d.q. ?
llanwydd: that's just a personal preference. I have to admit Beethoven is better
professorPoop: ahh scotty, several of the headlines in google news said he had beamed up
klokwkmuggy: you're not supposed to say "switched on", it's "switch on". And the proper and popular form is "contact!"
Elayne: Which ones didn't, PrinPoop? I'd like to thank them.
professorPoop: hey boney maroney
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: Wasn't Sibelius Scottich..his great -great grand father was kidnapped by viikings
llanwydd: PDQ Bach is hilarious
professorPoop: I agree E, ouch
cease: is robin looking more actrively for work, el?
cease: sounded like good news about his web thing
Elayne: Robin's never stopped looking, Cat. Wish the work were there.
boney: http://www.schickele.com/
klokwkmuggy: yes, Ilan. Preachers of Crimetheus
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: YOu went to Switch On High, man?
cease: but the president of the united staes Is name shicklele.clm
professorPoop: persistence is the mother of oops somebody
llanwydd: No Sibelius was Finnish before he started
cease: alas, el.
Dr. Headphones: i heard pdq's parody of copeland's "lincoln" about bach once, it was funny as hell
Mudhead: sorry, got busy
llanwydd: Fanfare for the Common Cold. Iphigenia in Brooklyn
cease: sounds like yesterday's zippy, llan
Mudhead: been neglecting you
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: But when he ended he was international
Elayne: Going to watch the baseball game now. Next week, all!
||||||||| 9:30 PM -- Elayne left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Dr. Headphones: later, el
klokwkmuggy: CU, E
cease: by el
professorPoop: stay afterclass mudhead
cease: keep em frying
professorPoop: fast E
llanwydd: good point dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Night Elayne
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: wonders what game?...[rolly Yankees
professorPoop: they found a new bachteria in antartica
klokwkmuggy: 5 min to go here
Dr. Headphones: the all new and improved steroid yankees!
cease: the jays swept seattle. austin must be annoyed.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Stay away! Stay away!!
cease: ichirio may be the best hitter since ted williams, who was before my time
The Island of Dr. Tween: And the prices and selection were quite reasonable.
Dave: I've given up on our baseball team, because I would love to beat the shit out of our managers, I could manage a team better than these idiots
llanwydd: isn't that the rear entrance to the cafeteria? What's it doing at the south pole
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: Seattle pretty much sucks doesn't it?
professorPoop: but seattle is cleaner now
Dr. Headphones: esthetics over performance. gotcha......
professorPoop: hehe he said south pole hehe
cease: i thoguht lasorda managed the dodgers into a loss of the only world series game i ever attended.
The Island of Dr. Tween: How close is Seattle to Redmond?
cease: those managers can really fuck up
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: Rockies are doomed forever 'cause altitude mean everyone hits
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: homers
boney: edmond redmond
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hell is being sentenced to pitch in colorado
cease: they had that vancouver lad, great hitter
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: for the home team
The Island of Dr. Tween: Righteous Redmond...
Dave: does anyone know of a fast way to rip CDs as one single file? I'm using goldwav and it's taking like 5 minutes per disc which is longer than I'd wanted,
professorPoop: root root root
cease: lary walker?
klokwkmuggy: nope, not me, Dave
Dr. Headphones: dave, try a regular burning program at about 24-32X
llanwydd: never done that stuff dave. I'd like to though
Dr. Headphones: goldwave is good editor, but probably not great burner. use the right tool for the job
cease: i read in salon i think that he came out against the iraq war. brave thing for a baseball player to do
cease: thankfully he retains his canuck citizenship
Mudhead: Dave Ive stuck with Nero, but you may wanna try alcohol120
The Island of Dr. Tween: The Canooks are getting pretty progressive these days, what with the gay marriage thing and all.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: There are 2 basi way to rip, copy to hard drive and copy direstto burner...second one much faster
professorPoop: oops I saw canuck and read cossack
Dr. Headphones: i don't even remember what burning program came on this laptop. i've only used it to burn .iso linux distros, never music or "normal" data
llanwydd: Canada reminds me of Vermont
cease: there are parts of canada that would not, llan
Mudhead: except we cant invade Vermont
llanwydd: I'm sure, Cat. Montreal for one
cease: vancouver, the wholewest
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Mud: Thhat's a defeatest attitude
The Island of Dr. Tween: Speaking of Progressive. Some nice representatives from Vermont.
professorPoop: ver-mont a french state
Dr. Headphones: misread your request, dave, sorry
Dr. Headphones: bernie sanders, i-vt
llanwydd: but I meant politically
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: afk for another refill
cease: my own private vermont, no not enough sylalabes
professorPoop: move to vermouth
The Island of Dr. Tween: Mais oui, Montreal... tres belle...
Mudhead: lil vodka in that state please
Dr. Headphones: state that vodka in the form of a question, please
professorPoop: ahhh lil the belle of the ball, cheese ball
Mudhead: vodka in what state?
llanwydd: It means Green Mountain
Dave: vodka, eww
Mudhead: frozen /i hope
professorPoop: no more calls, we have a whiner
Mudhead: I want that weiner onna bun
cease: if you[re gonna drink drink something that tastes good
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: Thanks, I am
professorPoop: with mustard you commie you?
llanwydd: I often drive through a town in VT called Vergennes. It seems it would be translated as "green people"
cease: i know doc and lili love thier vodka and i'm sure my russian ancestors swam in it, but its tasteless to me
llanwydd: but it probably means "people of the green place"
Dr. Headphones: klok: without running DHCP server, can i assign permanent IP addresses to machines here?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: Green Peace Peoples
Dave: irish people llan?
Mudhead: yes
klokwkmuggy: sure, ken
professorPoop: instead of green thumbs, good gardiners in france and denmark have green tingers
klokwkmuggy: dhcp avoids you having to
The Island of Dr. Tween: There it is! Proof and everything! The little green people have landed among us!
professorPoop: fingers even
Mudhead: there really grey
cease: dex. you're the one person here who's been drinking longer, if not more than i. when dave said "ew" to vodka, i was reacint to that
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: Yes! Wee little green people...hoading their gold
Dr. Headphones: every time power flickers here (t-storms every day this week so far) they all get reassigned new numbers
professorPoop: I am not hotdogging yah
klokwkmuggy: of course, you ought to turn the dhcp in your router off, then
cease: its hard to find the right sparkling lemonade to blend in with the fuited wine to make sangria.
cease: the lemonades i like keep disspapearing
Mudhead: just put a ups on yur router
Dr. Headphones: but if i turn if off, how will they know what they are? stupid question perhaps, but i really don't know
klokwkmuggy: ken - I have a Netgear router that lets me associate a computer's MAC address with a fixed IP
Mudhead: you assign them an ip
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: I'm not here to judge, just to try to make a funny comment =))
llanwydd: pardon me while I prepare my chicken vindaloo. I'll be 5 minutes at most
klokwkmuggy: so when it's reset or machine loses it, dhcp will assign it the exact same IP every time.
cease: arent we all?
professorPoop: fong passed one.
Dr. Headphones: klok: will check my instruction manual, perhaps i just glided past that when i installed it
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: We'd like some more papdum
Dr. Headphones: tnx, now back to our normally scheduled chat :)
professorPoop: ok, bon ap mon ami
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: papadumb?
cease: you're serving us some food, poop?
klokwkmuggy: that's the good news. the bad news is that when my modem gets a new IP address, the Netgear won't update and the connection drops. Well, I only paid $10 for it...
professorPoop: pablum
cease: this is a bag of shit!
professorPoop: me cook? ha
Dr. Headphones: i think mine are both linksys
The Island of Dr. Tween: That a real pablum ya got there, son...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ah Mein Herren Professor Poop, Dis ist ein vacation..Lossen up mey firend
klokwkmuggy: I don't recommend Netgear stuff as a result of this experience, but the feature is nice and worth looking for in some other mfr's model
Dr. Headphones: poop: you mean pabulum with 2 u's?
professorPoop: dennys, my treat, I will wait in the car
klokwkmuggy: is a bag of shit related to a box of rain in any way?
klokwkmuggy: Ken - two 'u's is for ossifers
Mudhead: ewww Prof, Im in!
professorPoop: I don't know what I meant, is that a pabbluum?
The Island of Dr. Tween: And I'll never have that recipe again...
Dr. Headphones: no denny's for me, i prefer IHOP
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: ADD Problems?
Dr. Headphones: klok not only has add problems, he can't subtract either ;)
klokwkmuggy: maybe, Dex, or else DROP problems...
boney: David Ossifers?
professorPoop: No ihop near me, we can eat at wal-marts, I will wait in the next state
Mudhead: now I need waffles, see what you've done?
Dr. Headphones: well, ossify my bones, boney!
The Island of Dr. Tween: Dave & Nellie Housifier?
professorPoop: waffle waffle waffe
boney: David Ossifiers
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: Simple: Want your clothes to smell raindrop fresh, or bag 'o shit fresh?
Dr. Headphones: eat at walmart? i'm sure that's as good as shopping for hardware at wendy's
klokwkmuggy: after I read that PKD novel, i couldn't get that word out of my head; was in the '70s and was terrified the police would stop me and I'd use it by mistake
professorPoop: or extra fingers
The Island of Dr. Tween: Good one, H...
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^ I got a nice shelf extender at Wendy's
cease: which one, klok?
The Island of Dr. Tween: How many people are in this elevator with you?
Mudhead: they use that extender in the burgers
klokwkmuggy: Dex - during WWII, the OSS actually gave out little bags of shit for Filipinos to put in Japanese laundry
The Island of Dr. Tween: How many people are in this elevator with you?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Tween: Are you counting the repairman?
professorPoop: but it was really good shit
cease: but its really great shit, mrs manilla envelope
The Island of Dr. Tween: There's an echo in here. Just hit manual refresh.
klokwkmuggy: forget, Cat; it was one of the later ones with really trippy ROFL conversations. sort of furry freak doper talk
Mudhead: Is this elevator being repaired?
The Island of Dr. Tween: So, he is in your family...
Dr. Headphones: how can it be repaired if it wasn't paired in the first place?
cease: that could be one of many, klok
professorPoop: hehe he said manual refresh hehe
The Island of Dr. Tween: How can you have two pairs at once?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Klok: I know, are contributed to the war effort..bought liberty stamps, had a victory gardeb, gathered kapok for lifew preservers, and shit in the little bags
llanwydd: well the vindaloo is great. but it could have had more chili pepper
The Island of Dr. Tween: I take it you're a fan of Richard Jeni, P?
professorPoop: give me a pair of pants, no just one please
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: The shitting was the most fun
Dr. Headphones: ouple months ago, discover magazine had cover story with title: if an electron can be in two places at once, why can't we?
Dr. Headphones: couple, missing "c" there
Dave: I love manual refresh, makes things new when I want them to be, so they could stay old forever
klokwkmuggy: we are, ken, just statistically here
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^" Did you reaf it?
The Island of Dr. Tween: If electrons fly over the rainbow, why can't we?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: read
professorPoop: the vindaloo's were in some novel about a guy who never died and got involved with perfume in seattle and paris and new orleans
Dr. Headphones: dex: yes, i read it. i read that and scientific american cover to cover each and every month
The Island of Dr. Tween: Reader Madness!
Mudhead: new orleans needs perfume
klokwkmuggy: flash memory works by quantum tunneling and to increase the radius that electrons can inhabit takes lots of enerby
klokwkmuggy: NYT had good science article this week on why sky is blue
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Kend^ Did the article really reflect anything the FST said
Mudhead: if it was red we'd be scared?
llanwydd: vindaloo actually means "vinegar and potatoes" but you don't have to use potatoes
professorPoop: it is not blue, it is black
The Island of Dr. Tween: New Orleans in extremely lucky. They get something like Emily head-on and it's hello Cousteau.
klokwkmuggy: says O2 atoms scatter short wavelength light, but we can't see violet very well, so it looks blue
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: I like Piss & Vinegar
Dr. Headphones: dex: sorry, don't recall even one ref to them. mostly quantum mechanics
klokwkmuggy: then, they had a picture. taken by a camera, not an eye. sky is blue... ;-)
professorPoop: same guy that wrote another roadside attraction, my last brain cell is struggling
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: ..and so are you....wish i could be next to you
klokwkmuggy: Tom Robbins
professorPoop: would that be vinda without a loo? poor vinda
klokwkmuggy: still life with ivory-billed woodpecker
professorPoop: yes
Mudhead: vinda will soon be poo
llanwydd: just bit into a piece of ginger root by mistake. thought it was chicken
professorPoop: now I can google, thanks
Dr. Headphones: saw lots of pileated w'peckers as child in florida
The Island of Dr. Tween: According to Fleetwood Mac, The Sky's The Limit.
Mudhead: traumatized ya?
professorPoop: jitterbug perfume, fun book
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Yes Bob. there's still life in that Ivory Billed pecker...but the weasel seems to wining this contest
professorPoop: pileated, what kind of pie?
The Island of Dr. Tween: Weasel out of this one...
Dr. Headphones: 3.1415928........
llanwydd: I thought Fleetwood Mac was a used car salesman
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: pP: Meet me under the Pileation
Dr. Headphones: speaking of which, i got book recently about phi, the "golden ratio". it's next on my to do list after this month's discover is devoured
professorPoop: hehe christine mcvie hehe
boney: The G5 PowerMac reminds me of a Cadillac SUV
The Island of Dr. Tween: Ah, the endless pie... Right here at Dr. Albert's soda bar.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: No, he was a Macaroni and Cheese slaesman
professorPoop: the spreading pileation or the other one?
klokwkmuggy: 3.14159265
professorPoop: the golden ratio is mean
The Island of Dr. Tween: It'll be interesting to see what they make with Intel inside, Boney.
klokwkmuggy: bad golden ratio!
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: the means to an end
cease: it's Fun with Math time on the old cfiresign chat show
llanwydd: no klok that's pie
Dr. Headphones: ah, klok, i guess i misremembered that digit. of course, with only 6 digits, you can compute the circumference of the univers to within a couple parsecs
boney: the golden ratio is Bush's tax scheme
professorPoop: who's end? look out!
Dave: I do not like math, will take the least amount of math classes I can
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Introducing the nickle-clad, copper center mean ratio
llanwydd: you know, five out of four people can't do ratios
professorPoop: scheme is too nice a word, try screwing over
cease: its good for your brain, dave.
cease: but there are more fun things to do with your brain
Dr. Headphones: and llan, did you know there are three types of people in the world? those who can count and those who can't
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ilan: I'll give you 6 to 5 they cant
boney: Apple is already making excuses about the MacIntel's slow clockspeed
klokwkmuggy: I like to think of Van Cullen
klokwkmuggy: the methodical Dutch mathematician
klokwkmuggy: who ordered carved on his tomb in Leyden
klokwkmuggy: the value of pi
klokwkmuggy: to 37 places of decimals
klokwkmuggy: which was as far as he had reckoned it
klokwkmuggy: implying, apparently, the endless incommeasurables
klokwkmuggy: life and death
klokwkmuggy: -- Christopher Morley
The Island of Dr. Tween: I'm not a doctor, but I look like one. Do you have problems with horatios?
cease: Kant?
cease: Ickle for Lebowitz?
professorPoop: I had many years of math, calculus, trig, transforms, matrices, I use it, wll I never use any of that stuff, ever
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: What a spac hog is Klok
klokwkmuggy: a canticle for Lebowitz
boney: Christopher Morley is the guy who really penned Shakespeare's plays?
professorPoop: I saw moriarty, call sherlok, oops morley
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: Bowling for the Big Lebowitzky?
klokwkmuggy: no, that's Guy Fawkes, boney
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: A Caddilac for prometheus
klokwkmuggy: (actually, it's Marley)
professorPoop: hehe he said fawkes hehe
Dr. Headphones: canticle is good book, read that in high school, actually earlier in life's journey than i should have
boney: morley moriarity?
Mudhead: I want a Prometheus, or a Daeduelus
cease: bob marley was dead. dead as a roach
llanwydd: you can definitely tell the difference between Morley and Shakespeare
klokwkmuggy: (who later died and then did a bit part in a Dickens novel later on)
boney: morrie morley
Dr. Headphones: this just in: francisco franco is still dead
professorPoop: he was on the dick van dyke show
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: This soil is marly and well ripe for planting grapes
cease: thats why i alluded to it kend. you are all assumed to be literate.
klokwkmuggy: Morley was very 1930s. Kitty Foyle, etc.
cease: or what are yo doing in a firesign chat?
llanwydd: Morley was the guy on Sixty Minutes
The Island of Dr. Tween: Dead'll be us, allright.
professorPoop: I can liter with the best of them cat
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Let's rappel down this cliffside and check thde drainage
Dr. Headphones: is morley safer? safer than *what*?
cease: safer by the dozen
boney: Safer than you, Dr.Headphones
klokwkmuggy: safer by the denizen
klokwkmuggy: safer than the dneiper
professorPoop: savory
Dr. Headphones: i'm very safe, had vasectomy AND been celibate for waaaaay too long
cease: shadow valley condoms
klokwkmuggy: i don't use 'em
cease: no truck stop tricks, kend?
llanwydd: I'm getting hooked on vindaloo.
boney: vouch safer
professorPoop: what are you celibating for so long doc?
klokwkmuggy: ok folx outta here oily. goodnight everyone!
cease: i'll drink any old vin.
professorPoop: a vindaloo monkey on his back, get some cold turkey llan
klokwkmuggy: cu next week and all dat
cease: no youngens need apply
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Night Klok: Care package on the way
cease: by klok
professorPoop: have a super week klok, click
Dr. Headphones: cat: no sir, i would not f**k what i saw in truck stops with your wurlitzer
llanwydd: nite klok
The Island of Dr. Tween: Bye klok...
klokwkmuggy: wheeeeeeeeeeee
Dr. Headphones: later, klok
boney: pouch walter loo
||||||||| Around 10:05 PM, klokwkmuggy walks off into the sunset...
boney: nite
professorPoop: napolean boneyapart
Mudhead: im gonna call it a nite also
boney: boney part?
Mudhead: ITS A NIGHT!!!!
Dr. Headphones: TTFN, muddy
llanwydd: nite muddy
boney: what part is that? do I beam people up?
professorPoop: good guess mudhead, the medications are working
cease: mud on
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Mud: Good Call , Sir and dead tight
Dr. Headphones: damn, it is nearing 11 in the eastern zone
boney: am I the voice of Big Brother?
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:06 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Mudhead by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
professorPoop: no, that was shatner
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Mud's a bumm
The Island of Dr. Tween: Mickey's hands are both pointing to the sky, so I'm off as well. So long, until last time, again...
cease: zone them easterns
professorPoop: I have had many rushes, very few bum's rushes
boney: they're dropping like flies
cease: off you tween
Dr. Headphones: put away that DDT then!
Dr. Headphones: later, tween
cease: and flyihng like drops
llanwydd: the sound of shatnerring glass
professorPoop: the bus arrived? all the bozo's leap
Dr. Headphones: just like lemmings
boney: wanna hear me rap?
llanwydd: I wonder if the bozo's bus was inspired by the merry pranksters
professorPoop: we need some lemmingaide
cease: i saw the best hinds of my generation
Dave: I'm usually one of the last ones because I'm mst
cease: i had neer thought of that, good insitht llan
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Welcome to Bozo'sLeap where the Lemmings are Grade "A"
Dave: naked, starving ... ah AG praises go to thee
llanwydd: the merry pranksters included the grateful dead, didn't it?
boney: the best blinds... the best ffarts
cease: just saw harelson on the bus, go further, which included clips of neal at the wheel
boney: saw the best blinds... I didn't realize how bad that one was
cease: kind of a pointless, tedious flick by someone who should no better, with a firesign connection no less
Dr. Headphones: speaking of farts, what do you get when you eat onions with beans? (drum roll, please....) tear gas (now a rimshot!)
professorPoop: mst? do not use drugs dave
||||||||| "Hey Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong!" ... Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:10 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
||||||||| Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong steps in at 10:10 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
||||||||| Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong departs at 10:10 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 10:11 PM and Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong sashays out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I come I go
boney: I ffarted on the bus to ffolkestone
professorPoop: fong ahhh
Dr. Headphones: is he here or there? only your hare dresser knows for sure
llanwydd: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by conservatism
professorPoop: out to get a grape
cease: tis better to use drugs than to be used by drugs
boney: i'll raise your fong and see you loo
boney: your loo
boney: or see you loo... whichever
cease: we goota go
professorPoop: my loo, what about vanda's loo?
Dr. Headphones: see you in the loo?
cease: loo ee, loo ee
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Loo Loo? Is that you?
professorPoop: that song was banned
cease: you're freezing your john now?
cease: elayne comic group, friends of lulu. i attended their event when in nyc
llanwydd: where was Merlyn tonight?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: No only my pissoir
boney: for every vinda there is a loo
professorPoop: my guess is warcraft
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: and for every empty glass there is a refill
cease: Queen for Bidet
professorPoop: that was a super show, we need that again, women spilling their guts with horrible sad stores to win a new refrigerator
cease: Come on down for a bargain you can piss on at Uranus Urinals
Dr. Headphones: well, ladies and germs, i think i will also mosey off into the sunset. happy trails to you all
||||||||| 10:15 PM: Jonathan Livingston Piano jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
cease: by kend
boney: not necessarily Uranus
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Whaz real?
cease: keep on untrucking
professorPoop: good luck doc :)
professorPoop: hello piano
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Damn it, I missed Ken!
cease: hey, it's the piano bird
llanwydd: nite to you too kend
llanwydd: hey Jon!
Jonathan Livingston Piano: What up, llan?
Dr. Headphones: hi jp, see you in the funny papers!
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Which page, Ken?
||||||||| Dr. Headphones departs at 10:16 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
llanwydd: nothing really up
boney: Shakespeare's ghostwriter Christopher Morley was a no-show
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Better work on that
cease: its all downhill from here
professorPoop: the slippery slope, wheeeee
cease: chris morley never comes to chat. he works atr this hour, i believe
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Snob
Dave sings
llanwydd: I don't believe that rumour about Morley writing Shakespeare
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Whatcha singin' Dave?
professorPoop: what are you singing dave?
boney: but that would give him a rare opportunity to goof off at work
cease: what are his names, i forget
Dave: Elliott Smith songs
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Oy! Depressing
cease: maybe he thiniks he spends too much of his tile already on firesign projects
boney: I think this chat should be rescheduled in the afternoon so that the rest of us can goof off at work
cease: ramblin jack elliot, an ol fave
cease: oona elliot, austin's fave
llanwydd: never heard of elliot smith but it sounds like a jazz name
Dave: not depressing, beautiful, RIP
cease: elliot ness, capone's least fave
Jonathan Livingston Piano: If you dig it, it's cool, Dave
Dave: he and Nick saved my life, sorry guys not doin' so hot tonight, wish I could say it was different
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: brack
professorPoop: mitch miller is your man dave
boney: did you see the documentary about ramblin jack that his daughter made?
cease: whats the matter, dave?
professorPoop: brackish fong
cease: no id dint but id love to, bone
Jonathan Livingston Piano: I thought that was Brak, Dex
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hey JP, snuck in while I was in the black room
Jonathan Livingston Piano: The Brack room?
||||||||| It's 10:21 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| The Island of Dr. Tween - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
professorPoop: Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: The Island of Dr. Tween is no more
llanwydd: this is a dangerous place. Everybody dies from some horrible disease in this chat room
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Poop: I've heard a kid'll eat ivy too, how about you
professorPoop: few and far be tween
boney: http://www.ramblinjack.com/sk_082000.html
professorPoop: she is hot, but smelled like tuna when I got my turn
boney: The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack is excellent
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: ;is ramblin!!
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Sorry, had to answer the door...sort of
boney: There's even a Ramblin' Jack chat room. Want the URL?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I once had French doors,couldn't understand a word they siad
Dave walks away
professorPoop: how did the firesign theatre not get mentioned as part of the satanic conspiracy?
boney: I can't imagine that he's online often, if ever
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: And those Dutch doors, half the time I didn't know what they were speaking
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Watch out for that P.J. Proby wine display, Dave
professorPoop: http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/satanic_roots.htm
boney: philosophy is greek to me
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: Come back to your true calling
professorPoop: Modern electronic-rock music, inaugurated in the early 1960s, is, and always has been, a joint enterprise of British military intelligence and Satanic cults.
Dave: who was/is PJ proby? Van mentions him in a song
Jonathan Livingston Piano: How Germane of you, boney
cease: a singer from an earlier, less tuneful era
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Hence ELP's version of Jerusalem?
llanwydd: I think I'll have to be going too. My consciousness is becoming feeble. I might die of sleep soon. It's a pleasant death. I'll be born again too soon. Good night everyone. As Ringo said, "Dream sweet dreams for you. Dream sweet dreams for me". Sorry, can't keep me bloody eyes open anymore. Goodnight, Vienna! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Cat: Russ Columbo?
boney: the utter gall
professorPoop: of course, it all becomes clear
cease: just heard Lucky Man in a drugstore today
cease: great synthesizer ending
professorPoop: good luck llan, glad the vandaloo was vantastic
boney: merdre
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Vie Gehts Ilan, und happy lendtings
Jonathan Livingston Piano: The modular Moog raises it's behemoth head
cease: by llan
boney: waterloo
Dave sings "I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow"
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: sunset
professorPoop: you will find a car :D
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Vandaloo?! Damn, llan - send some here!
cease: waterloo sunset. great tune
professorPoop blushes at dave
boney: vanna loo
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Kinks, baby!
Dave: ah look I've got admirers
boney: panda poop
Dave: people left early, I missed the rush I guess
cease: just dont get mired in ads
cease: whoever you call, make sure it's not Adbusters
professorPoop: pandering? not I
Jonathan Livingston Piano: How about Bust Adders?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Buster Adler
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: great trombone harmojica virtuoso
cease: Buster Brown shoes, don't make it
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: And speller exemplary
professorPoop: go ahead and buster adler, she deserves it
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Trombone and harmonica?
boney: Aaron X. Speller
Jonathan Livingston Piano: TV dinner by the pool...
Dave: I went to the Ben Harper show the other night and got to see Charlie Musclewhite as well, fucking amazing show, if he's near you see him even if you've never heard the music
professorPoop: the panda has a burr
cease: arent you glad you finished helsinki
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Buster Hymen
cease: i remember him from the 60s, dave
boney: Ben Harper's dad was Dean of Student Activities at my old ale mater Pitzer College in Claremont, California
cease: i dj i loved used to play a lot of charlie musslewhite
Jonathan Livingston Piano: A scottish Panda?
professorPoop: skittish
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Yes, got a burr in his furr
Dave: that's funny jp, his basist's daughter is a good friend of mine,
boney: His mom's family sells hard-to-find musical instruments downtown
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Aye, pass the bamboo
boney: Such as the town of Claremont is
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: "Oh Wee timoorous Panda
Dave: yes they do, Ben learned string instrument construction inside and out
boney: you can go down or up in any direction
boney: and I'll see you soon in the Claremont village
professorPoop: aaron, iron that burr
Dave: sorry JP thought you'd said that, not boney
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Boney, you truly spaced
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Catherwood, please bring me a glass of Glenfiddich
||||||||| Catherwood gets Jonathan Livingston Piano a glass of glenfiddich.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Catherwood, get me a glenn of Glassfiddich
||||||||| Catherwood gets Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong a glenn of glassfiddich.
boney: I was spaced before Ben Harper was born!
professorPoop: ohhh, hell, bring the bottle catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood strides over to professorPoop and mumbles "Do you have something for me to do?"
cease: how old is ben harper?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I remember Harper's Ferry
boney: before he was born in the showbiz sense of the word, anyway
professorPoop: glenfiddich is 12 as I remember
cease: a friend played me some ben harper recently but it kinda went in one ear and out the other
Jonathan Livingston Piano: And 12 is old enough...
Dave: ben was born in...69 I believe
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: So Ben Harper is about 2 and 1/2 Glennfiddishes old?
boney: was Harper's Ferry greek?
Dave: listen again Cat...he helped me out a lot too but..everyone has their opinions
cease: i was playing the blues on the radio in ottawa in 69
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Boney: Not greek, creel
cease: saw a great firesign show with taj mahal, who was much better
boney: they must own that greek place
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: or creek
Dave: just switched his music on and will be belting it out now
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Geek dancing...
cease: my ability to enjoy music has atrophied mightily
professorPoop: creak, is that the door?
cease: on the other hand, i enjoy food far more than before, which is mostly what my blog is about, alnog with flowers, a new passion
Jonathan Livingston Piano: I guess I'd better answer it...
professorPoop: with my bad ears, I stick to songs I know well
Dave: pity Cat, Mahal is indeed good though, but...oh well
cease: so loisng one source of enjoyment is not a cessation of enjoyemnt, just an alteration
boney: could I have the URL of your blog again, cease? I lost it
boney: I'm sorry I lost it
professorPoop: I have to be literate and alterate also? I need to study
cease: taj did one of my fave tunes, "aint gwine whistle dixie no mo"
Jonathan Livingston Piano shouts at the door
cease: his guitar player, jesse ed davis, had hair longer than i thought possible
cease: it must have been hard for him to walk, but he sure could play the guitar
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: I have to move my car, night to those who depart, hello to those who join, I will return to those he reamin steadfast
professorPoop: it they have warrant, I guess they're gonna come in
||||||||| It's 10:41 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: www.seemrealland.blogspot.com
cease: park on, dex
Dave: I'm just not sure where to start with a person like Mahal though, you know? such a vast array of musical styles
professorPoop: good luck fong
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Jesse Ed was native American...
cease: i really just like that one tune, dave. although "built for comfort, not for speed" is iconic
cease: hopefulyy still is, jon
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Is he still with us, Cat?
cease: it wasnt so much his hair, it llooked like he was carrying a curtain on his head
cease: and i had long hair myself at the time
cease: one could google his name and find out easily enough
professorPoop: I am starting to use google to remember things like I used a calculator for calculations
boney: Eddie Albert and James Doohan were both WWII war heroes... Doohan was Canadian, born in Vancouver... or on Vancouver Island
boney: William Shatner is Canadian but not a war hero
professorPoop: I saw that about doohan, and his middle finger? like the thumb of radar, I never noticed
cease: its constantly in the vancouver media
boney: Doohan was an officer and landed on D-Day
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Jesse Ed dead since '88
cease: we choose not to acknowledge shatner as "one of us"
professorPoop: amazing world
Dave: ah if only the family wasn't home, I would have just let loose on this tune, but alas I have to be quiet
cease: yeah, that's why i'm adverse to such searches, johnny
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Shat happened
boney: why not? have the seen the TV in which he tries on women's shoes?
boney: sorry, have thee seen
cease: shaq's still happening, much to kobe's chagrin
boney: hast thou
Dave: that's disturbing image there
professorPoop: are they for sale on ebay afterwards do you know?
boney: probably not a good idea to go hiking in high heels
cease: up up and away
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Shaq's a cop in the off-season
boney: Eddie Albert was not Canadian
cease: will he cop a plea?
professorPoop: shoes for industry comrade
boney: nor was he Canadien
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Good thing, imagine Eddie singing "White Acres"
cease: yeah shaq goes undercover. sounds like his next disney flick
cease: i'm dreaming of a white eddy
professorPoop: shaq is canadian?
boney: mounty hall
cease: he has a condo here but that's just cuz there's a doc here who treatrs him
cease: take off
boney: just like my old papa
Jonathan Livingston Piano: Well, crap - I'm getting too distracted here...must be the heat index...triple-digits
professorPoop: I want to find jitterbug perfume and read it again
Jonathan Livingston Piano: I'm gonna try and beat the heat. See y'all later.
||||||||| 10:53 PM -- Jonathan Livingston Piano left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: by lohhny
boney: nite
professorPoop: is there a song doctor roberts?
cease: robins? yeah i've never read a book by him i disliked
professorPoop: horrible to google that
cease: sounds very familiar
professorPoop: I started with another roadside attraction ,that blew my mind
boney: Currently, the temperature at Metropolitan Riverside Area 1 is 91 degrees , wind is out of North at 4 MPH. Thus far, today's low was 74 degrees and the high was 103 degrees.
cease: sounds like the la i know and loathe
professorPoop: the end, with the guy and the corpse of jesus and a monkey I guess in a hot air balloon
boney: Someone should inform the Air Quality Management District that their clock is 12 minutes fast
professorPoop: you need the santa ana to make it fun
cease: another roadside attractoin
Dave: it was 100 in CO today, not sure what it is now
professorPoop: only 93 here, balmy
cease: heat was a better radio show than a reality
boney: http://ozone.aqmd.gov/smog/area231.shtml
cease: proctor and bergman used to be on it
boney: catherwood, fix the damn clock
||||||||| Catherwood says "Nonsense! My watch has never failed me! It's 10:56 PM"
cease: fetes dont fail me now
boney: he's only 8 minutes fast
boney: doesn't anybody know the time of day around here?
cease: ask chicago
boney: please, check the zone
professorPoop: I have no watch, I cannot tell off hand
boney: can you tell off foot?
cease: is this the czech zone? i thought i was in slovakia by now
cease: on a slow boat to bratislava
boney: no bum czechs
professorPoop: I keep on my toes, and the balls of my feet, ouch
cease: oh getting brat, getting brat, getting brat to where you once belonged
boney: Not long ago I met a dharma bum czech
professorPoop: kraftwurk not clockwork
professorPoop: trans europe express
cease: could he howl in his language?
boney: we shared dinner. needless to say, he didn't offer to pick up the tab
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: along came gary snyder who sat down beside her and seduced her troubles away
professorPoop: mister howell? damn millionaire pig
boney: there isn't a tab he wouldn't drop
professorPoop: bell and howl, palov
boney: merdre for brains
cease: ka, ka, coming, neal
professorPoop: I could have the bunker finished by election day
cease: archie! archie tirebiter
boney: those were the good old days of indolent amphetamine addicts
professorPoop: no fooling you cat
Dave yawns
professorPoop: coming mother
professorPoop: what dave? did you say something?
boney: before poetry was supplanted by baseball
cease: either the sun is going down or the horizon is moving up.
boney: you never see a poet on steroids
Dave: ah poetry, I love it
cease: either way, i have to go water the garden while i can still see it
cease: see y'all next week
professorPoop: night cat
boney: peeing in the petunias, cease?
||||||||| At 11:07 PM, cease vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:07 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
professorPoop: have a good week, when is the harvest? hehe
||||||||| 11:07 PM: Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past half hour!"
professorPoop: there is fong
boney: nite
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Sheesh! Blew my entrance agian
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Night Boney
professorPoop: we had become dangling chads
boney: monica blew your entrance again?
professorPoop: I was waiting to say night
boney: she can kiss my exit
professorPoop: and toodles, I will go toodle
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: and unhinged Jerremy's
||||||||| professorPoop says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, professorPoop exits at 11:09 PM.
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Night to all who remain in lurker mode
Dave: hey dex again
boney: nite
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Hey Dave...leaving Dave
||||||||| At 11:10 PM, boney scurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: YOu 'llget an email before I send the Coltrane stuuf your way
Dave: can you rephrase that please?
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: Before I sent the Coltrane CDs your way, I'll email youas to what I'm sending an as to what I plan to do so that you can distinguish one CD from another
Dave: ok, well I can just slap some braille lables on them, no biggy
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Dave: Yes you can if you know what arder the CDs are in to begin with (Smile)
Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong: Ok Dave: I'm outta here..talk to you soon
||||||||| "Hey Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong!" ... Dexter-Guy Fawkes Jr.- Fong turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:15 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Dave: k later all, I guess I'll leave then
Dave: "it wouldn't have worked out anyway, so now it's just another lonely day"
||||||||| At 11:17 PM, Dave vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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