A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for July 06, 2006 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood ushers ah,clem into the room, accepts three dimes as a gratuity, mutters something about 8:52 PM, then departs.
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with Firesign Theatre" at about 9 eastern time'
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "8:58 PM and late as usual, it's Tweeny, just back from Funfun Town."
Tweeny: Hey JL... Having problems with the CNI feed?
ah,clem: give it a minute
Tweeny: I was just able to connect to the standard feed.
Tweeny: Back later...
||||||||| Tweeny departs at 9:00 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
ah,clem: just started the remote
ah,clem: no idea why main feed was down
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, July 06, 2006 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| Dexter Fong sneaks in around 9:04 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Merlyn disembarks at 9:04 PM.
Dexter Fong: Hi Merl and Clem
Dexter Fong: Hi Merl and Clem
Merlyn: Hello, I must be going. I'm doing sound effects for Jerry's bit at Convergence, with Preston & David Ossman, so that'll turn up on Sound Affects soon after, I'm guessing.
||||||||| 9:05 PM: cease jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past five minutes!"
Dexter Fong: Hey Cat
Merlyn: Hello cat. Goodbye cat.
cease: hi to the ossmans
||||||||| At 9:05 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Merlyn!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
Dexter Fong: Break the sound barrier Merlyn
Dexter Fong: Cat: Got my Firezine Book Yesterday
cease: good news, dex
cease: hey, wouldnt it be a trip to have the ossman kids here?
Dexter Fong: Haven't tried the CD yet, have you?
cease: fred asked me to review it for amazon and the firesign newsgroupsd
cease: hwich i will as soon as compare the manuscript with the actual book
Dexter Fong: Cool
cease: yes, its full of useful firesign pix of their numerous albums, tickets to concerts, etc
cease: even has pix of seem real theatre projects
Dexter Fong: Does it have the complete chronology, tours etc?
cease: on the cd? not that i noticed. will have to study it more carefully
cease: i have had a whole lot of ordered books decend on me at once
cease: also got the dvd Left of the Dial which i really enjoyed
Dexter Fong: Daunting eh?
cease: bad news about maron losing his show though
Dexter Fong: Oh yeah? Hadn't heard
cease: he was the only air america person to have a fireisng member on his show
cease: last show wil be next friday
cease: i hope you heard his proc interview. it was repeated on monday or tuesday this week
Dexter Fong: Who's taking his place do you/theuy know
cease: it hasnt been revealed
cease: the flick is about how close to collapse they came at the begining
cease: it doesnt sound like they're that much healthier now
ah,clem: is this thing on?
Dexter Fong: Clem, read you 5 X 5, Big Daddy
||||||||| klokwkdog sneaks in around 9:12 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Fong: Sneaky Klok
ah,clem: tks
cease: maron is by far the funniest person on air america
klokwkdog: CNI is fine, loud and clear
cease: if they let him go, they are, to quote firesign, Fools in Space
Dexter Fong: Cat: I think that "funny" is not their mission statement
||||||||| 9:14 PM: ReplicantTweeny jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
cease: is this the seattle show?
ReplicantTweeny: Help! The Bladerunners are after me!
Dexter Fong: Hey Tweeny
ReplicantTweeny: Evenin' all...
cease: we know that from their snubbing of our boys
Dexter Fong: Cat: Either Seattle or Portland
cease: get an electric sheep, tween
cease: merl was at portland. i'm not sure if ive heard it or not
Dexter Fong: Do electric sheep dream of android sheep herders?
||||||||| Outside, the 9:15 PM bus from Montgomery pulls away, leaving CommieMartyr coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
ReplicantTweeny: Watched the director's cut this week. Pretty good...
CommieMartyr: I'm down safe and sound!
Dexter Fong: Hi CM
ReplicantTweeny: Comrade...
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Mark Time inside, makes a note of the time (9:17 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dexter Fong: Hey MT
Mark Time: hey friends....
ReplicantTweeny: You'll need a crowbar... a crew Mark...
Mark Time: back in the shadows again!
Mark Time: where an Indian'
cease: what would have been wonderful would have been a dvd with pkd's commentary
CommieMartyr: must have arrived via the yellow rubber line
cease: i'm relaly looking forward to scanner, even though i loathed the book
Mark Time: s your friend...
ReplicantTweeny: Where a call center's your friend...
cease: i'll even see scanner in a theatre
cease: i loved waking life and cant wait to see what the director does with pkd
||||||||| Hemlock Stones waltzes in at 9:19 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Dexter Fong: 'allo Stones
ReplicantTweeny: It's Britman!
cease: sounds like the seattle show
cease: hi hem
cease: hows the lock?
CommieMartyr: Did he catch the rat?
Dexter Fong: I picked the lock
Hemlock Stones: Hi Dex, cease, Tween, Mark and a special greeting to all of you who are not here
cease: slim pickins indeed
Mark Time: we all here '
Mark Time: cause we not all there
cease: yes, the beautiful ones are not yet born
ReplicantTweeny: Indeed, Mark :=)
Mark Time: the birth of reason!
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and intones "Presenting 'Dr. Headphones', just granted probation at 9:22 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Hemlock Stones: sorry to hear about the school CM i suppose it was tinder dry this time of year
Dr. Headphones: hello, dear friends
cease: hey kend!
ReplicantTweeny: Dr. H, got anything for this cough?
Hemlock Stones: Hi Dr.
Dr. Headphones: here's a quarter.....
Dexter Fong: Hey Kend^ =))
Mark Time: hey doc...
CommieMartyr: All we could salvage was this athletic supporter
Dr. Headphones: anything new at the old same place?
Hemlock Stones: i got a nickel that Honey gave me
CommieMartyr: and a grape
Dr. Headphones: ah, commie, my old friend, Jock Strap
ReplicantTweeny: I've been watching so much Marx bros I'm startig to walk hunched over...
Dexter Fong: The Athletic Supporter # 51455568/XL worn by Barbara Bobo
CommieMartyr: wanna sniff it?
Dr. Headphones: i can't stay long, but thought i'd pop in for a trice before beddy-bye time
Dr. Headphones: nah, i only sniff my own armpits to see if i needs a shower
ReplicantTweeny: Any sagas of the open road to report?
Hemlock Stones: sorry we are clean out of trices Dr H
cease: lol tween
Dexter Fong: Cat: Interesting Fact from Fred's book, Bergmans Uncle was a writer for the Marx Bros
cease: hows it goin, kend?
Dr. Headphones: i saw a crashed plane today :)
cease: yes i have the ms, dex
cease: he used to sell it
ReplicantTweeny: Cool, Cat. Going to have to pick up the book one of these days.
cease: i wanna compare it with the book
CommieMartyr: I thought we agreed, no more jewish writers
Dexter Fong: Cat: Said mostly for others benefit =))
ah,clem: cool Dex
Dr. Headphones: the news said only one injury, not life-threatening. he ran out of avgas about 2 miles from the airport
ReplicantTweeny: On the freeway?
Hemlock Stones: Hi Clem
ah,clem: hi Ken
Dr. Headphones: on an entrance ramp. lemme see if i can google it. brb
Dexter Fong: CM: No Jewish is now ok, it's no more Islamic Writers
cease: i think its a book any fan would benefit from reading and i'll say so in my review
ReplicantTweeny: Got to have that audio/visual gas to fly properly.
ah,clem: Hi Mr. Stones.
Dr. Headphones: http://www.wilx.com/home/headlines/3289516.html
Dr. Headphones: it says there's a video, but i have j-script turned off
klokwkdog: yep, must be Seattle show
klokwkdog: howdy Ken!
Dr. Headphones: i didn't see it crash, but was soon enough that the state police was still there with lights on blocking traffic on the ramp
CommieMartyr: That's what happens when you take off without a shoe shine
Dexter Fong: The sleeping Klok awakes
Dr. Headphones: watching "great performances" on pbs; july 4th prarie home companion show
CommieMartyr: powder milk biscuits and grote clusters! Yummie!
Dr. Headphones: waylon (wailin'?) jennies singing now. cute gals
Dexter Fong: Ken: Saw that...Merill Streep is quite good
klokwkdog: wow, Great Performances has really gone downhill...
ReplicantTweeny: Sleeping Klok, Napping Fong...
Dr. Headphones: dex: yes indeedy :)
ReplicantTweeny: Waylon Jennings. He's missed in TX. One of my favorite country singers.
Dexter Fong: Comatose Tweeny?
Hemlock Stones: Has anyone here seen the Rob Newman video, History of Oil ?
cease: does totalled cat count?
ReplicantTweeny: I passed comatose years ago, Dex...
Dr. Headphones: tween: this is 3 canucks. good singers, i sit here wondering if they sin as well as they sing ;)
klokwkdog just stumbled home after shopping expedition, so is shuffling things amongst galley and larder
Dexter Fong: Only to ten Cat
CommieMartyr: Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be motor detectives
ReplicantTweeny: Haven't checked it out yet, Stones. Mark Time says it's really good.
cease: here's a joke for you, kend
cease: truckker riff
Dr. Headphones: stones: sounds like a joke to me. take old forests, add millions of years, lots of pressure, voila!
Dexter Fong: Klok has a larder, wow!
cease: this is before bride of firesign
Dr. Headphones: go, cat, go
Hemlock Stones: i think it brilliant Tween, informative and funny, especially with Blair doing Hitler at Nurembourg
ReplicantTweeny: Should be fun...
Hemlock Stones: anyway for anyone who wants to check it out, heres the link
Hemlock Stones: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article13416.htm
CommieMartyr: Blair does Hitler. A book worth burning.
cease: hi ah clem
Dexter Fong: ..and here comes Mr. Blair accompanied by the lovely Crystal Nacht, young Austrian starlet
Mark Time: makes one want to check out of Western Civ...
cease: go roku shichi
ReplicantTweeny: As Krassner says, "Bush senior said, 'read my lips'. Bush Jr. says, "read Mein Kampf".
cease: or fibu, siksu, seben as they say in japanese
Dr. Headphones: mark: eastern ain't much better with the likes of dear leader kim sung blue or whoever he is
||||||||| klokwkdog runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's klokwkdog?! It's 9:33 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
ReplicantTweeny: From the movie Bladerunner, JL.
Mark Time: hey ah clem...
ah,clem :)
Dexter Fong: We know anyway, Clem Nyah Nyah
ah,clem: lol
ReplicantTweeny: Has this show been authorized?
||||||||| aberrant-wkdog steals in around 9:34 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
ReplicantTweeny: Has JL checked with the local Bush political officer?
Dexter Fong: Stealy Dog is back
ReplicantTweeny: A dog by any other name would smell as bad...
Dr. Headphones: aberrant? i got new specs recently. LOTS of chromatic aberration in these lenses
Hemlock Stones: Tween, i dont know but if i had the authorisation paperwork i would be able to tell you
CommieMartyr: Why doesn't this guy leave us alone and let us enjoy the war?
Hemlock Stones: Whose ware is this anyway
ReplicantTweeny: Getting bad in 'jolly old England' is it, Stones?
Dr. Headphones: stones: how many dead brits in iraq now?
cease: this is my 2nd chat with new glasses.
Dr. Headphones: over 2500 here now
aberrant-wkdog: ken -- get the new plastic lenses with negative index of refraction
cease: let's see if my typing improves
aberrant-wkdog: you can see God!
cease: at least i can read quite a bit better
Hemlock Stones: yes, Tween, more repressive by the day, they will be coming for me pretty soon i think
ReplicantTweeny: Cat has second sight.
Dr. Headphones: klok: read article in newest sci-am about that. sounds like sci-fi but it's for real
cease: i would have been typing this without glasses a few days ago
ReplicantTweeny: Friends of the Earth is probably on somebody's list, I suppose.
CommieMartyr: article about seeing god?
cease: now i can read letters this small on the screen
Dexter Fong: Cat: Noticed your spelling greatly improved =)
Hemlock Stones: we were infiltrated long ago tween but we are so boring and predictable that the spooks fell asleep
Dexter Fong: Visulation is the key to good spelling
cease: this is always an area for improvement
ReplicantTweeny: Oh, you meant new glasses for his sangria ;)
Dr. Headphones: commie: LOL! nope, about index of refraction going negative, optics becomes *very* strange
cease: lol tween
CommieMartyr: As an astronomer I can appreciate it either way
cease: no, same old a&w mug
Dexter Fong: I've got new glasses too, stem cell ware for fine dining occasions
Hemlock Stones: I remember reading "Poor spedding as an indepse to metal demangemnet "
ReplicantTweeny: Your wine fizzes?
aberrant-wkdog: hemlock -- I saw a report some Goth getting on a train got detained after he told another passenger the detector was "a piece of s*** that wouldn't stop anyone"
cease: lol dex
cease: a big gulp
Dexter Fong: and a loud gasp
Hemlock Stones: i didnt catch that item klok but it would not surprise me
aberrant-wkdog: £80 fine
Hemlock Stones: its a wonder they didnt shoot the punk to be on the safe side
aberrant-wkdog: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/07/06/accursed_metal_detector/
Dexter Fong: fear genes, covers your insecurities
Dr. Headphones: was he brazillian?
||||||||| llanwydd sneaks in around 9:39 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
Hemlock Stones: now its shoot first and dont ask any questions later
ReplicantTweeny: And he had to wash his mouth out with dead cat soap.
Dr. Headphones: hi, llan
llanwydd: hey kids, get off the computer and go to bed
Dexter Fong: hey llan
aberrant-wkdog: hemlock - that unit had apparently shot its quota for the month
CommieMartyr: I have some old coins from a trip to brit in the 70's. Are they worth anything?
Hemlock Stones: hi llan
ReplicantTweeny: I never thought I'd see the day when London cops were trigger happy. Man, how times change...
Mark Time: hey llan
ReplicantTweeny: Aw, just a few more minutes LL...
Dexter Fong: afk for refill
Hemlock Stones: well tween the good thing is that they have to stick the gun in your head to be sure of hitting it
ReplicantTweeny: LOL Stones
llanwydd: anybody watch fireworks the other night? I missed it this year
ReplicantTweeny: Not exactly sharpshooters, eh?
Hemlock Stones: i think most Brazilians would have left london by now
Dr. Headphones: llan: i saw it all through northern kentucky on I-65
ReplicantTweeny: Naw, just the kids going crazy in the apartment complex.
llanwydd: sounds like a spectacular evening kend
Hemlock Stones: not sharp in any way Tween
cease: i read your blog posts about canada, kend
aberrant-wkdog: llan -- I was waiting for Kim Jong-Il's show, but all his stuff fizzled, apparently
ReplicantTweeny: That was a real sad thing about that Brazilian guy.
cease: i think i left a comment
aberrant-wkdog: but nice of him to try to help out our festivities
Dr. Headphones: yes, llan. left 4pm on 4th, got to stop in s. ky. about midnight, made delivery next a.m.
llanwydd: yeah, funny how kim timed it
ReplicantTweeny: Randi Rhodes nicknamed the NK missles "The Limbaugh", because they only stayed up for 40 seconds.
CommieMartyr: LOL tween
Dr. Headphones: cat: i've been trying to do one per week lately after i regained my password
Hemlock Stones: up to 11 bullets in the head of a guy who is pinned to the floor by five armed cops seems just a bit excessive to me but hey, call me old fashioned
cease: i'm just finishing Pyongyang, a graphic novel by a quebecoise cartoonist
ReplicantTweeny: That's about as dead as it gets...
cease: good for you, kend
llanwydd: how il is kim jong anyway
cease: i should blog about somehting other than food
ReplicantTweeny: Sounds like that guy in NYC who got 40 bullets in him when he was going for his wallet.
cease: im getttin grather bored talking about it
CommieMartyr: I wonder who the koreans hired to light the fuze
Dexter Fong: Cat: Bored talking about food?
cease: i should review books, flicks
Hemlock Stones: its a good job i live in a Liberal Democrasy, (try and spot the two deliberate mistakes)
aberrant-wkdog: hemlock -- not quite up to the standards of NYC: 41 shots, 19 hits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amadou_Diallo
ReplicantTweeny: Yeah, but your food critiques are great. I wouldn't want to see you coming I was a resturant manager...
Dexter Fong: Stones: Live and in?
Dr. Headphones: klok: i added my birthday to wikipedia but they deleted it since i don't have a page
Hemlock Stones: sure, we got a way to go yet Klok but we are getting there
ReplicantTweeny: Tony Blair. The Liberal candidate...
Hemlock Stones: you got it Dex
cease: lol, tween
Hemlock Stones: Blair makes Thatcher look like a socialist
Dexter Fong: ..and he's much prettier
cease: margaret with different plumbing
Hemlock Stones: i think he wears her old knickers
aberrant-wkdog: cat - are you sure?
Dr. Headphones: stones: with prince charlie and tony blair i wonder if large ears are infectious in britain? :)
ReplicantTweeny: Margaret was many things, but she wasn't Reagan's lapdog.
ReplicantTweeny: Good one Stones...
llanwydd: wonder what maggie's doing with her time these days
CommieMartyr: inbreeding certainly is
aberrant-wkdog: getting gonged
Mark Time: is it true their going to hang Blair?....gee.....the UK isn't all bad...
Dexter Fong: But Maggie did give him a lap dance
cease: getting overpaid for babbling, no doubt
Hemlock Stones: she is more ga ga than reagan was, my neighour is Lord Greaves and he tells me she literally doesnt know where she is anymore
||||||||| "9:47 PM? 9:47 PM!!" says Catherwood, "freditor should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as freditor enters and sits in front of the fireplace.
Dr. Headphones: maggie tangoed with the argentinians too
cease: hi fred
ReplicantTweeny: Probably getting together with Cheney, Wolfowitz & Rumsfeld to plot the course of the new Empire.
Dexter Fong: Hey Fred
Dr. Headphones: hi, fred
ReplicantTweeny: Fred...
Hemlock Stones: i hope she doesnt die just yet, i had planned on strangling the old cow
freditor: hiya pals
Hemlock Stones: Hi Fred
Dexter Fong: Fred: Got my copy of the book yesterday, nice job and thanks for the inscription
ReplicantTweeny: Yeah, Ken, but that doesn't hold a candle to our glorius invasion of Greneda...
freditor: yeah, but i need the eggs
ReplicantTweeny: Speaking of people who should have been strangled, RIP Ken Lay.
Dr. Headphones: tween: but we didn't sink a grenadian navy boat, did we?
freditor: dex; you're welcome, thanks
CommieMartyr: the punk got away
Dexter Fong: Tween: Rest in Peace????? Fuck no, rest in hell
Dr. Headphones: yeah, heard about lay, and the fact that he died before appeal means he's now officially innocent
aberrant-wkdog: hemlock -- isn't there a queue?
Hemlock Stones: yes Klok even i have a list
ReplicantTweeny: The Argentines got the Sheffield with a French air-to sea Exocet. Split the sucker in half.
Dexter Fong: Kend: All dead people are innocent because they're starting over
CommieMartyr: So many peoples financial future flushed, they should have strung him up without a trial.
Hemlock Stones: Hell isnt what it used to be if they now allowing resting Dex
ReplicantTweeny: RIH, Ken Lay...
freditor: enron on and on
cease: p[ol pot died of old age. there is no karma
ReplicantTweeny: A Buddhist, Dex?
freditor: there's no rest for the wicca
Dexter Fong: Tween: A Buddist, Bud Powell that is
Dr. Headphones: i believe in justice. this life or the next, one or the other
Dr. Headphones: lol, fred :)
Hemlock Stones: yes they do basket work Fred
ReplicantTweeny: If one wanted to indulge in conspiracies, Dex...
aberrant-wkdog: not one of the Khymer Rouge has been tried for their crimes. Not one US official that helped send _millions_ of our tax dollars to that muderer has been charged
freditor: and furniture
Dexter Fong: I believe in Truth, Justice and the American way...I also belive in little guys with melty hats etc...
cease: i thought it was "metally hats"
ReplicantTweeny: I tried to read "A Problem from Hell" Klok, but it was just too depressing. I'll probably get back to it later. Quite well done.
aberrant-wkdog: Tweeny -- I couldn't finish it either
Dexter Fong: Cat: I'll believe in those too
Dr. Headphones: well, dear friends, i have stayed up too long for my early rising schedule. TTFN to all, see ya next time
ReplicantTweeny: Aluminun foil hats, maybe.
freditor: from hell it came
aberrant-wkdog: nite Ken!
aberrant-wkdog: good trip
ReplicantTweeny: Happy trails, Ken...
||||||||| At 9:53 PM, Dr. Headphones vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Dexter Fong: Ken: Always good to see you here, you're presence is missed
Mark Time: see ya Doc
freditor: unplugged headphones make no sound
llanwydd: nite kend
Hemlock Stones: see you later Dr
aberrant-wkdog: they are properly known as Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies and are required to keep the government from taking over your mind
aberrant-wkdog: your children and pets should likewise be protected as they can control you via them
Dexter Fong: My mind was taken over in a hostile fashion
Hemlock Stones: our government wouldnt recognise a mind if they saw one
CommieMartyr: I read that wearing foil hats would make it easier
aberrant-wkdog: http://zapatopi.net/afdb/
ReplicantTweeny: The Constitution needs to be changed so we can re-elect Bush. The voices in my head tell me that.
Mark Time: how come dog you know sooo much about the government?
freditor: orgone cones
freditor: orson bean beanies
Mark Time: orgasmic cronies?
aberrant-wkdog: Commie -- if you still experience control problems, you may need to build and attach a chain of paper clips that will keep the beanies grounded!
ReplicantTweeny: brb
Dexter Fong: So long, Oolong , how long you gonna be orgone?
aberrant-wkdog: tweeny -- fortunately, the voices I hear are in French, and I don't understand what they're saying
freditor: wee wee voices?
CommieMartyr: It's ok, they're speaking chinese
freditor: oui oiu voices?
Hemlock Stones: all they say is they will win the world cup
llanwydd: so when is the next firesign album coming out?
ReplicantTweeny: Quebecois voices?
Dexter Fong: When will we see the world saucer?
CommieMartyr: When they remember how to be funny
aberrant-wkdog: freditor -- yeah, something like that. they keep calling me Jean and as best I can tell want me to drive a bunch of English people somewhere
CommieMartyr: heresy!
llanwydd: If they don't make another cd soon, maybe we should
llanwydd: we can imitate their voices
Hemlock Stones: try looking under the cup Dex, its the only clue i have
freditor: don't look at me
aberrant-wkdog: I keep asking why they don't hire a car, but voices don't listen, just tell you things
Dexter Fong: Trois Carte Monty?
llanwydd: let's make a FST album and beat them to it
aberrant-wkdog: llan -- Cat's production company is keeper of the sacred discs
Dexter Fong: Sacred dicks?
ReplicantTweeny: Notre voiture ne marche pas?
CommieMartyr: Are you suggesting we do an Enron on them?
aberrant-wkdog: if we make it, it's a "tribute album", not FST
Dexter Fong: Tweeny: I'm not a=marching anymore
ReplicantTweeny: And entire FST album could be made about Enron.
freditor: more like a trilobite album
cease: i think the bride left a few dicks here
llanwydd: I'm being facetious if you haven't guessed
Hemlock Stones: groan, not another tribute band
aberrant-wkdog: holy burgess shales!
Dexter Fong: Ah shucks, llan...who nknew
freditor: she was laid bare
ReplicantTweeny: LL is fastideous about his facetiousness.
CommieMartyr: No way am I impersonating a bald headed jew
aberrant-wkdog: llan -- cat is deadly serious, makes good stuff
Dexter Fong: John Henry could lay bare steel
freditor: my spell check is hurting
llanwydd: I know, klok. I've heard some
ReplicantTweeny: Maybe you can lend one to Rush Limbaugh, Cat.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: ive gotta get one of those
Dexter Fong: Stay in the background Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood stays in the background.
freditor: nine pound hammer
cease: one what?
cease: oh, right
ReplicantTweeny: One of your spare dicks.
cease: aint got no friends on your left
Dexter Fong: Nine pound = $17.86
ReplicantTweeny: Randi Rhodes was having quite a bit of fun with his Viagra debacle.
CommieMartyr: you're right
freditor: pretty cheap lay
cease: i think the bride was leaking dicks
cease: if i read fred's critique
ReplicantTweeny: A good year for Constitutions...
Mark Time: not fade away
ReplicantTweeny: The bride was contagous?
Dexter Fong: Good advice, Mark
freditor: NO MORE DICK JOKES! unless its cheney
llanwydd: I sometimes wonder how limbaugh can hold his head up anymore, much less get on the radio
CommieMartyr: hearts and bones
Dexter Fong: Fred: Cheney is *no* joke, even if he is
freditor: he snorts viagra
ReplicantTweeny: I love it when Franken has his Dittohead friend on and tells him all the lies Rush is spouting.
cease: i hope pk dick's new flick is picked to click
Dexter Fong: Loved the PBS program on Cheney entitled "The Dark Side"
cease: that was good, dex
cease: did you see new pbs series about history of art?
freditor: with diabetes i prick my fingers while you all finger your pricks
Dexter Fong: Tween: Yeah but, it's depressing that the guy never gives in...unless he's shilling
CommieMartyr: Cheny, the only president of the united states who was never president of the united states
ReplicantTweeny: That was a good one indeed. Didn't know he and Rumsfeld got their start with Nixon.
freditor: i am the history of art!
cease: no commie, there were lots of them
Dexter Fong: Oh yeah!
ReplicantTweeny: That's alot of dead beates there, Phred...
aberrant-wkdog: art who?
cease: linkletter, carney...
Dexter Fong: Fred is the history of Art Fermn
CommieMartyr: cease, especially now that the chair is vacant
ReplicantTweeny: Art of the Insane.
freditor: better than art fleming?
cease: thats a big chair
CommieMartyr: art for a hundred art
Dexter Fong: Guy Fawlkes Day = Flamming Art
Dexter Fong: Flaming
llanwydd: I knew a son of art carney. he had a summer place in my hometown
llanwydd: brian carney was his name. I don't know if he still lives here
CommieMartyr: did he look like trixie, or alice?
ReplicantTweeny: There's an Austin band called The Flaming Lips. Great name for a band.
freditor: out of the sewers...
Hemlock Stones: brb
Dexter Fong: I knew a Carny once, he bit the head offa chickens
ReplicantTweeny: and into the fog...
llanwydd: good question CM. I never took any notice
Dexter Fong: Hey Rube was his name
freditor: geek for a week?
cease: end of act?
Dexter Fong: Fred: For life
cease: or end of that?
llanwydd: I worked as a DJ at a local radio station and brian would come in to record PSas sometimes
Dexter Fong: TV or Not TV
ReplicantTweeny: Is it the end, or is it only... no, it's the end...
llanwydd: I mean PSAs
cease: that was a beautifully crafted show, seattle
ReplicantTweeny: Miss Information...
Dexter Fong: PS as the sympton of Addled Sexuality
CommieMartyr: SubDudes
freditor: what show cease?
ReplicantTweeny: Is it available, Cat?
cease: the one we just listend to, fred
||||||||| boney tiptoes in around 10:09 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
ReplicantTweeny: Ah, my boney boy...
cease: its available from YOU
llanwydd: howdy bone
cease: isnt the seattle show on yur catalog?
freditor: i wasn't listening walter
cease: that's my chicken!
cease: cni feed
ReplicantTweeny: OK, that's the one you sent. Will have to talk a closer listen :) Think the audio quality was less than spectactular and I put it aside.
freditor: cease: yes
ReplicantTweeny: Being a multitasker, I talk while I listen.
boney: is it office politics? or is it sociological warfare? no, it's neither. it's Thursday Nite Chat.
freditor: do we list them while we walk?
llanwydd: went swimming in Glens Falls today
llanwydd: not in the actual falls
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 10:12 PM, dragging pp-oop by one leg and asks "Can anyone vouch for this Yahoo ™?"
ReplicantTweeny: I've got Seattle as an .avi file. Will have to remember to revisit it. Thanks, Cat.
boney: I've been researching this cat named R.U. Sirius
Dexter Fong: Did Glen give you permission?
llanwydd: oh this guy
ReplicantTweeny: Hey P...
pp-oop: evening
Dexter Fong: Opp Poop
pp-oop: hola
llanwydd: formerly known as gavrilo princep
pp-oop: not in the actual falls?
cease: poop poor puree
Dexter Fong: alho
boney: any of you ever heard of him? Is he like Wavy Gravy? is he like Lumpy Gravy?
Mark Time: not fade away....love's that's real....not fade away...
ReplicantTweeny: Nope, bone...
llanwydd: he
Dexter Fong: Boney: Speckledy Pan Gravy
llanwydd: that is
pp-oop: not insane and not responsibile
llanwydd: he's like laughing gravy
pp-oop: ble ble ble
Dexter Fong: Mark has found a theme
boney: Turkey Gravy on lumpy spuds
ReplicantTweeny: Laughing and Waving
boney: mashed
ReplicantTweeny: He does that to keep active, that's all...
||||||||| Charles Throat bounds in at 10:14 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
CommieMartyr: Wavy Gravy says one of the beautiful things about the movie of Woodstock is that there is not one corporate logo featured. Strictly speaking, this is not so. Can you remember what the logo is?
Mark Time: hey....it's a looney tune for sure....
ReplicantTweeny: Yo Ct
Dexter Fong: Spuds Lumpy Tukey Gravy, a meal in a pot
Charles Throat: Here, catch!
pp-oop: CT
freditor: spudsy
llanwydd: Portosan
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Bunnyboy into the room, accepts an I.O.U. as a gratuity, mutters something about 10:15 PM, then departs.
pp-oop: winebago?
Dexter Fong clears way for Throat
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Charles Throat: missed it - gotta think faster than that
pp-oop: hip hop bunny
ReplicantTweeny: Hey Bun
boney: Speaking of M*A*S*H... Tim O'Reilly named his blog O'Reilly Radar
CommieMartyr: Port-O-San!
aberrant-wkdog: hey, bunny
cease: bun, meet pun
freditor: hop along casually
Dexter Fong: Punny, get bussy
pp-oop: muhcahey came to fincastle, they gave the key to the city
Bunnyboy: pun, meet hun.
Charles Throat: hop along, causality
Dexter Fong: Heil Pun!
pp-oop: chester
freditor: i was given the key to the city of davenport ia
ReplicantTweeny: Did you offer to give it back?
pp-oop: they make sofas? the foot stools were made someplace else
Charles Throat: waiting for the punchline freditor
Dexter Fong Chester limps into the Long Branch Saloon and asks pp-oop, "Whatcha want Mister?"
freditor: they gave it to billy carter the next week
Bunnyboy: Andre Braugher got another well-deserved Emmy nomination. Huzzah!
pp-oop: ahh those kids, what are they doing?
llanwydd: If they gave me a key to the city of newark, I'd give it back
llanwydd: or scranton
boney gets into an ugly, meaningless fistfight with freditor
pp-oop: looking for matt, pardner
Charles Throat: get off my lawn!
ReplicantTweeny: We bought Billy Beer in the 70's. Used it for slug bait.
CommieMartyr: Ok, that was funny, about the oil and all. Scarey too
freditor: i still have a can
llanwydd: I remember billy beer
Charles Throat: I still have a key
pp-oop: where is the can man?
Dexter Fong: pp-oop: Matt and Angie left for Africa yesterday
Mark Time: I've got two six packs....
llanwydd: didn't billy make deals with the libyans or something?
ReplicantTweeny: Probably worth something on eBay, CT, but I wouldn't drink it.
pp-oop: you are not dickinson with me are you fong?
freditor: for beer
CommieMartyr: Speaking of the can, I need to be excused. Close the curtain, Fred.
ReplicantTweeny: You should sell them on eBay bro, no joke.
boney loses control of his body functions on Charles Throat's front lawn
Charles Throat: wolcott you a fine deal
Dexter Fong: pp-oop: Angie is what we call Angelina
freditor: the beer may be a little flat but the can is rushing
pp-oop: nuthin could be fina
Charles Throat: you can lieberman do the primary, but...
CommieMartyr: See yall later
Charles Throat: to
Bunnyboy: nite Com
pp-oop: you have the urge to visit tarmac after drinking billys beer
cease: lol throat
cease: com
ReplicantTweeny: Hope Hillary gets a clue from the way Leiberman is being treated.
freditor: ta ta
Mark Time: see ya CM
Dexter Fong: Night CM
pp-oop: night CM
ReplicantTweeny: Bye Cm...
||||||||| CommieMartyr departs at 10:21 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Charles Throat: agreed
boney needlessly inflicts severe hearing damage on himself by listening to Bad Religion way too loud on his iPod earbuds
Charles Throat: he does not have a false nose
llanwydd: billy died young didn't he? or he wasn't very old as I remember
freditor: what's the best selling firesign album on amazon? guess
pp-oop: why not cni? a commie love song there
Bunnyboy: Dead
Bunnyboy: Air
Charles Throat: gotta be dwarf
freditor: don't put peanuts up your nose
ReplicantTweeny: Ya hear thet the Frechies are making Apple open their iPod & iTunes store technology to rival players?
pp-oop: 2 places
cease: dwarf?
Charles Throat: Freedom MP3's
Bunnyboy: Oh, sorry. I was expecting clem to chime in.
ReplicantTweeny: Yean BC did die young.
ReplicantTweeny: Good one, CT...
boney: Wasn't Billy Carter caught in a bizarre scandal involving Libya?
pp-oop: imagine a record player that played records at 37 instead of 33.3?
Bunnyboy: Just like the Frogs, to wreck a perfectly good monopoly.
freditor: How Can You Be
llanwydd: my guess is 2 Places
Bunnyboy: Bah!
Charles Throat: yes but i don't remember the details
ReplicantTweeny: Something like that, Bone.
pp-oop: bizarre
pp-oop: bahh, sheeple here too?
cease: this is a very pkdickian album
ReplicantTweeny: He was a bit of an embarrasment to his Presidential brother.
llanwydd: 2 Places is the best one for my money. not that I paid for it
Charles Throat: sssssssssssssssssss
pp-oop: real people
cease: i paid whole dollars for it when it came out.
freditor: and the worst selling ft cd on amazon?
cease: albums were cheap then
llanwydd: actually I've paid for it several times in various forms
cease: i would imagine there are many that have no buyers, thus no ranking
freditor: ceas: did you buy canadian pressings of FT in the old days?
Charles Throat: girls were girls and men were men
boney: you accusing me of being a bozo, pp-oop? a clone? i'll hello your Dolly
pp-oop: and the sheep knew it
Charles Throat: Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again
freditor: and boys were toys
cease: not originally but in the 70s yes
llanwydd: I've only bought Dwarf twice
ReplicantTweeny: When men were men and sheep were sheep.
pp-oop: what what boney, what are you insulating?
freditor: were your FT solo LPs press in Canada?
pp-oop: the gorilla will walk a little like this
llanwydd: the millenial trilogy are the only FST albums I've ever had on CD
boney: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/44/Pan.jpg/250px-Pan.jpg
llanwydd: well, them and All Things Firesign
cease: i think so
cease: i bought this album in toronto in 73
cease: bought several in van
freditor: don't ask me how many copies of Dwarf I bought
pp-oop: jitterbug perfume guy, pan
Charles Throat: I have nearly all the quartet's cd's and many more too
ReplicantTweeny: I recently ogd Roller Maidens and Time Flys on CD. Clean sound, but you really miss the album art.
cease: i long ago lost that album, only have it on tape now
Charles Throat: it was hard keeping the needle on the vinyl in the old days
boney: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Pan.jpg
ReplicantTweeny: I og'd them!
llanwydd: I have HTF on cassette
llanwydd: never heard roller maidens
pp-oop: tape a quarter on top, or 2 lol
cease: i do remember something canadian about the discs
freditor: we had to put a nickle on the tone arm
Dexter Fong: Charles: YOu had a Manual Turntable
cease: yes i have to get the roller cd
Charles Throat: maybe you were bacon when you listened to them
pp-oop: I was rich fred lol
cease: sometihg said made in canada wsomewhere on them
ReplicantTweeny: You sould visit Lodestone, LL. Clem, did you hear that? LL's never heard Roller Maidens.
boney: That's not a sheep. That's a goat
cease: shaked And baked
Charles Throat: we were so high we scratched them even with an automatic
freditor: How Time Flys on pre-recordfed cassette?
pp-oop: shhhh boney, you might have to get a divorce
ah,clem: will have to fix that soon
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and intones "Presenting 'El Diablo Yamamoto', just granted probation at 10:30 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Dexter Fong: llan: YOu may not be ready for Roller maidens
cease: lodestone sells maidens, eh?
Bunnyboy: Just call me ShortStop. I gotta feed my beloveds. Nite, krew!
cease: hi yammy
boney: I'm already divorced. From reality.
llanwydd: no fred, a friend of mine taped it
pp-oop: ahhhh, clem
ReplicantTweeny: It's Yam-man...
cease: i think i have the how time flys cd
Bunnyboy: hiya Yam! Byeee!
Dexter Fong: OI El
Dexter Fong: Night Bunny
pp-oop: I used to have 10 records on the player at the same time
Charles Throat: been many years since I heard Roller Maidens
El Diablo Yamamoto: I say hello...
pp-oop: super for the vinyl lol
Mark Time: hey yama
pp-oop: hip hop boney
ReplicantTweeny: Pink Hotel Burn Down is also recommended.
cease: yes thats very good
boney: goodbye cruel crew
cease: bone
||||||||| Elayne enters at 10:32 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and scurries off to the Haberdashery Barn.
||||||||| Bunnyboy rushes off, saying "10:32 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Elayne: Evenin' all
pp-oop: caw caw caw
ReplicantTweeny: Burns Down - lots of live improv
cease: hi el!
pp-oop: hi E
Charles Throat: Hi there Elayne
Dexter Fong: Hi Elayne
llanwydd: howdy elayne
ReplicantTweeny: Evenin' E...
ReplicantTweeny: Must have been in a revolving door with Bun...
El Diablo Yamamoto: Oi E
Mark Time: hey elayne
boney: Elayne, I'll stay a week or two, I'll stay the summer through, but I am telling you, I must be going
Dexter Fong: afk for infusion
llanwydd: by the way elayne and dex, do they have fireworks displays in NYC on the fourth. I just wondered
Elayne: Yeah, I think he sensed I was about to enter...
Elayne: Oh sure they do, Llan.
freditor: how's my fellow graphic novelist?
pp-oop: sensied
Elayne: http://www.ny.com/holiday/july4/
El Diablo Yamamoto: Maybe E *is* Bunny
Dexter Fong: llan: No, we just replay big screen projections of WTC going down
llanwydd: I missed them in my hometown this year
El Diablo Yamamoto: or verse vicea
Elayne: I'm not a graphic novelist, Freditor, I'm just married to it.
Charles Throat: lol very dark dex
llanwydd: very patriotic, dex
Dexter Fong: CT: Yeah, since they went down
pp-oop: can I get a job throwing bags of dust during the replay fong?
Dexter Fong: Hey CLem: Where's Bambi
Charles Throat: oy
El Diablo Yamamoto: Don't forget the asbestos!
Elayne: Well, that answers that. The statute of limitation for really questionable 9-11 humor stands at right about five years. :)
pp-oop: ahhh, the voice of ahhh, clem
freditor: sorry, i'm paid to look like one
cease: im just finishing Pyongyang, el, and i read La Perdida a couple days ago
cease: great stuff.
cease: glad you turned me on to this medium
ReplicantTweeny: Hi Clem!
boney: if Groucho Marx were still living, he might get the bum's rush from Club Groucho in London
Elayne: I haven't read a graphic novel (or any novel) in ages. It's all I can do to keep up with the "pamphlets.":
cease: reading pyongyang and watching the news
pp-oop: I dated pyongyangs stister poingapoing
boney: for accosting a supermodel
Charles Throat: well later folks, time to shift to meatspace...
ReplicantTweeny: How so, Bone?
cease: and then la perdida during mexican election, anti immigration screeds,
cease: very enlightening
El Diablo Yamamoto: I know her cousin boingboing
freditor: cease: did you get "Edison's Frankenstein: 1910" graphic novel?
Elayne: I have met Jessica Abel, but I've never read any of her work.
ReplicantTweeny: Oh resevoir, CT..
llanwydd: closest thing I came to reading graphic novels was the old DC horror comics
El Diablo Yamamoto: Bouncy in all the right places
freditor: jsut a plug
cease: no. unfamilar with it
llanwydd: tales from the crypt, vault of horror, etc
cease: i loved her mirror window book
boney: Groucho would probably lose to the supermodel in a boxing match. If it were a fair fight
||||||||| "10:36 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Hemlock Stones, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the bushes.
El Diablo Yamamoto: Don't pull that plug, we'll all go down the drain!
aberrant-wkdog: .
cease: she seems very educational, as well as artistic
pp-oop: that is a dash of pepper ahhh, clem
freditor: those are EC comics
llanwydd: the really old ones. I used to love those
llanwydd: oh, yeah. ec
pp-oop: dendron? is that near synapse?
ReplicantTweeny: Sounds great, Clem. Thranks for all your hard work, guy...
||||||||| Hemlock Stones waltzes in at 10:37 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
pp-oop: sounds super, you did a super job
ReplicantTweeny: WB UK
pp-oop: wb stones
aberrant-wkdog: yes vy. nice show tonight, Clem; welcome back from the beach
boney: She might cold cock him with a cellphone... If you'll pardon the expression
Elayne: The thing to remember about comics is that it's just a medium, it's not a genre.
cease: i had just read a couple of the hernandex bro's books, surreal mexico
Elayne: It's like saying "Oh, you're English. Do you know my friend Bert? He's English too."
freditor: what am i not listening to now?
cease: true, el
Elayne: So I read certain genres of comics, but I don't read what most of you probably do.
El Diablo Yamamoto: There is a another Surreal Mexico?
pp-oop: do not use language like cellphone here please boney
ReplicantTweeny: The live from the beach show last Saturday is posted on CNI, in case anybody wants to hear it.
cease: but peanuts books were justr colections of dailys or sundays
boney gets into a surly and embarrassing shouting matching with freditor
cease: you truend me on to the sandman and this is new to me
Dexter Fong: Fred: Tv or Not TV
pp-oop: genres? is that french for sorts
llanwydd: the horror comics were the only ones I ever bought. wasn't into batman and that sort of thing
cease: although i loved individual works like harold hedd and the freak brothers which did have stories
Mark Time: I'm off on to Planet X....see you all next week....thanks ah Clem!
aberrant-wkdog has only read three long comics in the last few years, and only one of them was on paper
aberrant-wkdog: nite Mark
cease: by time
ReplicantTweeny: Could Mexico BE more surreal? Wonder if their pres election is going to have the same questions as ours.
llanwydd: and I went through a Mad phase for a couple of years
freditor: live or studio? TV or No TV
||||||||| At 10:39 PM, Mark Time vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
cease: take space with you
||||||||| At 10:39 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, aberrant-wkdog!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
pp-oop: back to the future mark
freditor: by mark
cease: mad was hilarious
Dexter Fong: Night Mark
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 10:40 PM, dragging klokwkdog by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
pp-oop: what was the other to mad
pp-oop: spoof? spink? splat?
llanwydd: I was into Mad from 1971 to 72
ReplicantTweeny: Mad and Cracked were real favorites when I was a kid.
Elayne: Hey Klok!
cease: this is a dear friend, eh?
pp-oop: wb klok
Dexter Fong: Fred: Studio, Original release
freditor: don't panic
cease: i think the TV Guise issue of mad was the funniest thing i ever read
pp-oop: maybe cracked
llanwydd: part of 73 I guess. I was in about 5th grade when I got tired of it
Dexter Fong: llan: OH yeah? What months
boney: catherwood, get me a princess phone to throw at that supermodel
||||||||| Catherwood gets boney a princess phone to throw at that supermodel.
pp-oop: early national lampoon was fun, the recent are too modern to appreciate, for me
Dexter Fong: Ouchy!! Stay away from my area code
llanwydd: friend of mine used to pass by the store that sold Mad on his way to school so I'd give him my lunch money to buy it every month
freditor: proctor's fisrt job: fingering a princess on TV, phone that is
boney wonders if Frazer Smith is controlling his mind with brain implants
Dexter Fong: The first phone sex
cease: just his fingers?
pp-oop: ahh princess phones, that was a big deal
cease: and oona models food!
El Diablo Yamamoto: Early NL awas absolute genius; today, meh
llanwydd: so he would get to do the fold-in at the back and read the whole thing before he delivered it to me
ReplicantTweeny: Poc's had an interesting career. Really busy with plays from what his site and newsletters say.
pp-oop: I was thinking meh, or even bleh
Dexter Fong: OOna models food onna ohno
El Diablo Yamamoto: Early NL had a bite to it
ReplicantTweeny: Proc
boney: Sweet Jesus! I saw Chevy Chase on a TV commercial for the PTA last night!
cease: ive never met anyone more in love with acting than proc
boney: It's torture!
cease: the pta advertises?
El Diablo Yamamoto: My favorite years were from 70-73
ReplicantTweeny: Lemmings is a really good NL album. Love Deteriorata.
Dexter Fong: Early Nation League (NL) when they played both Offense and Defense
pp-oop: ahh yes, classic
llanwydd: well, I've often called him one of the best actors of all time, cat
boney: http://pta.org/ They want you to know about their website
ReplicantTweeny: How time flys, Bone. Cadillac commercials using Led Zeppelin tunes. Yikes.
freditor: buy this box set or we'll shoot this dog
Dexter Fong: llan: Does he return your calls though
cease: too bad his skills were never well used in flicks
cease: although ive never seen his first one
pp-oop: not my bag, I am neither a parent or teacher...
llanwydd: not lately, dex
Dexter Fong: Fred: I thinks it's now "or we'll bonb this litter"
llanwydd: I saw proctor on all in the family once
boney wonders if Chevy Chase is torturing him about getting a C in Algebra in 1974 with the brain implants
freditor: A safe place
Dexter Fong: Try brain impleys, boney...more fun
Dexter Fong: implets
cease: i have the hour hour shows when proc was maknig that. grat tales
ReplicantTweeny: Proctor was on All in the Family? Really?
freditor: twice on All In
Dexter Fong: Nano Jesters
cease: he siad it ouwld never be relealsed on dvd for legal reasons, as i recall
cease: cant be shown on tv or anything
llanwydd: It's true, tween
Dexter Fong: Micro Stnadups
ReplicantTweeny: Wow. Don't happen to know which episodes do you?
freditor: archie's nephew the insurance salesman
pp-oop: kind of young to play meatheads uncle for the wedding
cease: yeah i have that
ReplicantTweeny: Will have to check that out fred.
freditor: All in on DVD!
llanwydd: he wouldn't sell insurance to archie because he lived in an HRN (high risk neighborhood_
Elayne: Sorry gang, my head's not in the conversation at the moment. Going back to have another lie-down.
Elayne: Next week, all.
freditor: I forget the episode numbers, its on the f files disc, I think
||||||||| Elayne is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 10:48 PM.
boney smiles when he realizes that Hunter Thompson lived nearly three years longer than Ken Lay.
cease: sleep well, el
Dexter Fong: HRN = Hardly Rick Neighborhood
llanwydd: nite elayne
El Diablo Yamamoto: ew
pp-oop: never a problem E, wonderful to see you
Dexter Fong: Rich
El Diablo Yamamoto: Catherwood, Claen that up!
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to El Diablo Yamamoto and inquires "Did you need me?"
klokwkdog: bye E
Dexter Fong: Night Elayne
ReplicantTweeny: E's really having a tough time coming back.
El Diablo Yamamoto: Buy E!
boney: Nite
El Diablo Yamamoto: Ken Lay is dead?
ReplicantTweeny: The E is not for sale...
Dexter Fong: Sell MC )squared)
freditor: was it something i didn't say?
pp-oop: but can be rented for reasonable prices?
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Hemlock Stones - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Charles Throat - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong: Yes Yam, heart attack
llanwydd: was he really archie's nephew? I thought he was edith's cousin
ReplicantTweeny: Yep. Good for his family, as his name will be cleared and there won't be financial consequences.
pp-oop: dropping like flies or yaws and fiddlers
boney: He's either dead or working for British Telecom in Brighton. I'm not sure which is worse.
ReplicantTweeny: He's voting in Chicago.
freditor: LL: you may be right, I haven't seen for years
Dexter Fong: He's sailing the Carribean with Johnny Depp
pp-oop: keith richards will be depps dad in #3
El Diablo Yamamoto: Wasn't in the Beeb Headlines
Dexter Fong: boney: What's the last movie you saw in a theater?
boney: No, that's Keith Richard. I'm not sure if he's braindead
pp-oop: how would you know?
freditor: he drops from a tree
boney: He fell 100 feet. Thank heavens he landed on his feet
boney: head, not feet
boney: never mind
Dexter Fong: Clem: What have you done with Bambi?
klokwkdog: awww
boney: he's a cat, my brain assumed he landed on his feet
boney: my head
klokwkdog: she is probably recouperating
pp-oop: Ahh, clem has the pliers jammed in the board bambi, tell them
llanwydd: yeah, who's been mean to bambi?
ReplicantTweeny: Thrank you, Clem. Say hi to Ms. Bambi...
boney: is probably also dea
boney: dead
klokwkdog: but we know it's late and you guys are tired; much thanks, Clem
El Diablo Yamamoto: Well, damn, he shoulda gone to gaol THEN Hell
boney: Maybe the dea is in my head. Possible
cease: thanks again, clem
pp-oop: dead as in doormail?
El Diablo Yamamoto: Rich Swine alwaysdodge consequences
boney hits his head against the bar really hard, then orders another drink
ReplicantTweeny: That was quite a little adventure last Saturday, putting together all that hardware on Julia's porch by the ocean.
freditor: Charlie Cahn say?
Dexter Fong: Rich Swine, television host of life styles of the wealthy and corrupt
cease: dead as marley?
Dexter Fong: dead as "a" marley
pp-oop: gnarley
El Diablo Yamamoto: Prolly Marley's Roomie
freditor: forging my chains
El Diablo Yamamoto: And I don't mean Bob
llanwydd: bob marley was dead to begin with
boney: doornail
Dexter Fong: Mr. & Mrs> Gnarly and Prolly Marley
ReplicantTweeny: jacob?
El Diablo Yamamoto: That's "Dread" You Olde Frent
freditor: marley was a chain smoker, wrong marley
cease: he was alive when i saw him
boney: a doornail is bar scotch with blue moss
cease: chians of spliffs
ReplicantTweeny: Is that the story you told the police, Cat?
boney: Blue moss, not Kate Moss. Groucho could KO her in one round
Dexter Fong: He was alibe as Missa Joe Hill
llanwydd: what the hell is blue moss
cease: lol
boney: R. Crumb could KO Kate Moss in one round
ReplicantTweeny: From EYKIW, LL.
pp-oop: yassir
Dexter Fong: Moss that feels sad
llanwydd: oh that blue moss
llanwydd: he thinks that we eat moss
ReplicantTweeny: Delta moss guitar
boney: You need a wirey supermodel with big bones
llanwydd: it tastes awful
freditor: crumhunger?
Dexter Fong: I can play the piano!!
boney: sinewy
llanwydd: they all play the piano, just beautifully
pp-oop: lanky
llanwydd: that is an album I have only bought one of
Dexter Fong: Fred: Do you wanna supersize that crumhunger?
freditor: big ol big ol legs
boney: the bar scotch looks so pretty in blue moss
pp-oop: I used to be lank
llanwydd: and now that I think of it, I bought Next World twice and Bozos once
ReplicantTweeny: All must learn to play the piano...
freditor: no thanks i'm hungry enough
cease: you preferred next world?
boney: a lanky supermodel would need a cellphone with sharp edges
Dexter Fong: The Colenels Special Breed, Big ol' Big ol' Chicken Legs
pp-oop: ebony and ivory
freditor: and 4 dwarf CDs
llanwydd: not really, cat but I caught on to Bozos late
Dexter Fong: llan: I think you need to do an inventory and get back to us on that
El Diablo Yamamoto: lil tiny ones
ReplicantTweeny: Don't have Next world. That's the one with Police Street, right?
cease: oh i see
El Diablo Yamamoto: the worstt street in town
llanwydd: and I've had electrician on vinyl and cassette
cease: i got it in the mail on a sunday when i first went to japan.
cease: it was magical.
llanwydd: right, tween
pp-oop: that is shocking llan
freditor: Next World doesn't hold up for me
cease: i never liked it
Dexter Fong: Analogue Rules!!
ReplicantTweeny: Sorta like Fighting Clowns, eh?
cease: it has great bits, but it becomes tedious in places
pp-oop: give me vinyl or give me death
boney: Agent Orange... Love it.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: the guys were not together on that one
freditor: anyone have Electrician on 8-track?
llanwydd: that happens princep. like the fact that I'm a Jethro Tull fan and didn't buy Thick as a Brick unlit the 21st century
Dexter Fong: Omnivore that I am, just gimme all the FST you got
Dexter Fong: Let God sort 'em out
cease: i wish i had or at least heard the quad albums
llanwydd: I meant until
ReplicantTweeny: Indeed it does, Dex. If you're a fan of Jackson Browne, be sure to check out his "Looking East" album. A great sounding recording and all analog.
freditor: thick as a brick was a great live show tour
freditor: the quad Everything is unbelievable
ReplicantTweeny: I like Tull's "A Little Light Music" concert album.
llanwydd: can't get into TAAB for some reason
boney: The worst FST album is a better use of your precious time than 99.999% of what's on the thousand or so cable TV channels
cease: i hope to hear that sometime in my life time
boney: Goes without saying. I said it anyway
cease: bozos was quad too, right?
llanwydd: my favorite has been Living in the Past for many years
ReplicantTweeny: I'll bet it is, Fred. That'd be one complex mix.
Dexter Fong: Fred: What did you listen to the Quad thing on..like surround sound?
pp-oop: yes boney
cease: boney, if we didint know that, we wouldnt be here
ReplicantTweeny: Good point about cable, Bone.
freditor: bozoz quad was a remix of the stereo so not as fun
ReplicantTweeny: 4 speakers around the living room. There were even quad headphones.
cease: just those 2 then?
llanwydd: I even bought Not Insane a second time because I found it in a bargain bin
cease: i wonder if elayne has hear the quads?
pp-oop: I remember the bullet that kills nancy going from one ear to another, in my headphones
boney: CNN... Psychological torture. I like to watch Bloomberg with the sound off. It's like watching electric sheep
freditor: a friend borrowed a quad phon and taped it on his 4 track reel to reel deck. we played it back on 2 stereos
cease: not insane was another witrh good bits, but not a good album
Dexter Fong: Tween: BUt the technology for that is no longer so does surround work for it?
boney: zzzzzz
cease: did you get the whole experience, fred?
ReplicantTweeny: Neat trick, Fred.
freditor: the 8 tracks are also in quad too
klokwkdog: never caught on
llanwydd: know what album a lot of people don't care for but I love is Lawyers Hospital
||||||||| Outside, the 11:05 PM bus from Hellmouth pulls away, leaving Dave coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
ReplicantTweeny: No clue, Dex. Still have a couple of old quad LPs. Wakeman's 6 Wives.
llanwydd: I no longer have that one. I wish it was still in print
Dexter Fong: Hey Dave
boney: Bloomberg the cable channel, not Bloomberg the mayor
ReplicantTweeny: Daveman, welcome!
pp-oop: hello dave!
cease: we cant all love the same albums as much as everyone
cease: hey dave
cease: i wondered where you were
llanwydd: didn't know 6 Wives was quad
Dave: hi everyone, it's my last day in Colorado and when I talk to you next I will have a dog hopefully
freditor: yes it was incredible. voices coming from every direction and some sentances went word by word through the diffeent speakers. most fun i ever had listening to a ft lp
llanwydd: that is an essential classic
pp-oop: I tried to watch the entire evening news half hour the other night, I could not stomach it
cease: youd think with the tech available today, there would be a market for a reissue of that, fred
ReplicantTweeny: Yeah, there was a quad release, LL. King Arthur as well, I believe.
llanwydd: which one was that, fred?
El Diablo Yamamoto: Hell dave
pp-oop: I could not close the commerical popups
freditor: that is
El Diablo Yamamoto: Hell-O Dave
pp-oop: woof woof dave
Dexter Fong: Cat: They might *might* be able to remix a lotta their stuff for surround
cease: Jello Biafra
freditor: Everything
ReplicantTweeny: The Devil says hell, Dave...
boney: day traders were taking their money out of techno masturbation and putting it into cancer in a big way on Wall Street. The Florida Supreme Court came through again
cease: well the lads have always been into pioneering stuff
pp-oop: colorado's loss is our gain
llanwydd: yeah, EYKIW is definitely a headphones album
freditor: they should sync the qud soundtrack to a dvd of the film!
Dexter Fong: I bought one of their Conastoge Wagons
cease: and which one isnt, llan?
llanwydd: so is bozos
boney: if only there were some way to market bird flu
cease: much better than their conastoga wagoffs
freditor: aren't they all?
Dexter Fong: wagon on, wag off...that ahow you wipe-a counter
llanwydd: I suppose the least "headphones essetial" album is Giant Rat
cease: i disagree, llan
freditor: follow that orgone trail again
ReplicantTweeny: Follow that oregano trail...
pp-oop: it had a good beat but it was hard to dance to, I give it an 87
cease: cut em off at the donnor pass
Dexter Fong writes in travel diary, Did meeteth with Orgone Tribe and didst sport greatly
freditor: leads to better pizza
ReplicantTweeny: we just et her... he just passed her...
freditor: you did meth?
llanwydd: now that I think of it the only vinyl release of FST I never bought was the "Forward Into the Past" collection
pp-oop: did the donnor party use knives?
llanwydd: but I borrowed it from a friend
Dexter Fong: I *am* a Methodist
||||||||| doctec enters at 11:11 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Chapeau Manger.
Dave: well folks I need to get up at 3 in the morning to catch a plane for the start of my adventures, but I hope to jump on here in a few weeks, I know that I haven't been around at all but it's been a crazy summer and it's not gonna slow down any time soon, I hope everyone is well and I will be seeing ya in the next few weeks, byebye
klokwkdog: there's a methodist to this madness, then
El Diablo Yamamoto: thus explainning the madness, Dex
||||||||| Dave leaves at 11:11 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Dexter Fong: llan: You should write this down so you'll know next time
cease: these simple little pills called methedrine
llanwydd: hey doc
ReplicantTweeny: Be well, Dave...
Dexter Fong: Hey Doc
klokwkdog: happy crazy summer, Dave
doctec: hi gang
llanwydd: nite dave
freditor: ard has DF cuts in Stereo, Station breaks single in mono
pp-oop: best of luck dave, courage! see you soon
boney grabs a pieces of freditor's pizza rudely without asking
ReplicantTweeny: Hey Doc
cease: keep on crazing, dave
cease: hey doc
Dexter Fong: Bye Dave, good luck
pp-oop: hi doc
klokwkdog: hope Dave passes Guide Dog School...
boney: methedrine? I thought it was anger dream
freditor: hiya doc, what's up?
doctec: lili and i just got back from shooting pool at the house of one of our teammates, who will be moving to another part of CT later this fall
doctec: hi fred
doctec: hi cat
doctec: hi everyone
ReplicantTweeny: I'll bet he has fun with it, Klok.
cease: is your next senator gonna be a republican, or is that redundant, doc?
pp-oop: billiards doc
El Diablo Yamamoto: oi
ReplicantTweeny: Pool sharks are ya?
boney: a pisces pizza? dammit, I said no anchovies
doctec: when i finish moving my doctec site to a new server later this week, there'll actually be updates to my firesign pages - including a blurb for freditor's new book
klokwkdog: didn't realize the tensions on the team were that bad, DT
freditor: shooting ducks in the pool again?
doctec: klok: lol
cease: those arent anchovies. they're shrunken souls
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 11:13 PM and porgie waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
llanwydd: well, folks I'm tired. This may be one of those nights I don't need ambien
pp-oop: hi porgie
Dexter Fong Throws slice onto scale and takes a fin from boney
porgie: Can someone peel this?
doctec: yeah, the damn ducks keep sh****ng on the felt
cease: good for you, llan
ReplicantTweeny: Porgie...
cease: hi porge
ReplicantTweeny: Snooze well, LL...
doctec: sorry i'm so late - night lland, the dat data transfers are just about done
llanwydd: so I will catch you in about 150 hours from now
porgie: evening ALL
cease: hows lili, doc?
El Diablo Yamamoto: I'm away, as well.
pp-oop: llan, fare thee well
porgie: What's on CNI?
boney: fin? Is it the end? Or is it only...?
cease: it be long gone
doctec: i've moved close to 30 gb of data from dat to portable usb drives over the last 2-3 weeks
cease: like a turkey thru the cone
Dexter Fong: Hey Progie
ReplicantTweeny: Take care, Yam.
pp-oop: early not james taylor
Dexter Fong: Night llan
cease: and boy are your drives tired
porgie: that's longer than anyone been gone before
freditor: look, if any of you guys can't afford the book, I'll be glad to send you a pdf copy on disc and the f files disc for $10 ppd
boney: Okay, gang. Name a foreign film that has the word fin at the end of it.
porgie: sorry i got here late
doctec: lili's doing ok for now, cat - she's seriously bummed about OPWV tho, their stock took another big dive today
cease: i reccomend the book.
porgie: the lights went out and I missed everything
cease: someone has to
cease: thats not good
doctec: fred: i may take you up on that inasmuch as cash is xtremely tight these days
pp-oop: to name a foreign film stumps me
porgie: what a mess
Dexter Fong: Boney: Le Dance Fan Fin
doctec: boney: flipper?
boney: No, Gilligan's Fin is not a foreign movie.
ReplicantTweeny: A Fistful of Dollars.
klokwkdog: CNI finished up about 10:30PM, Porg
cease: i fink i faw a poodie tat
ReplicantTweeny: Same here Fred. Thanks.
boney: Gilligan, say fini
pp-oop: dat is my tat, gimme dat
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu *are* a poodie-cat
Dexter Fong: or tat
klokwkdog has a sore brain at this time of night and can't possibly think of names of foreign films
doctec: nights of cabiria?
freditor: Firezine po 585 hagerstown, md 21741-0585
boney: a fin of bar scotch. they're watering down the blue moss
Dexter Fong: Klok: Just try to think about Foreignor
klokwkdog: ...but when you watch the French ones, they all have a big Fin at the end of them, to a first approximation...
ReplicantTweeny: Back later maybe, folks...
pp-oop: ok tween, super week if not
doctec: klok: even 400 blows?
Dexter Fong: Jaws had a big FIn too
Dexter Fong: Night Tween
doctec: i thought that one just ended on a freeze frame of the kid
boney: Truffaut directed Fahrenheit 451. That's how hot it was in London yesterday.
pp-oop: john wayne was a big finn in his first movie
Dexter Fong: Doc: The kid's name was Fin O'Toole
doctec: how much is that in kelvin?
boney: Hm... I might have gotten the conversion from Celsius wrong.
klokwkdog never watched The 400 Blows and watched Jules et Jim 'way too late
pp-oop: ahhh kelfin
freditor: keeping my foot in the door while on phone
doctec: yeah, fin o'toole - the french kid, right
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from the yaws
||||||||| El Diablo Yamamoto - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
doctec: jules & jim is a classic - amazing flick, that one
pp-oop: the plague ewwww
klokwkdog: doc -- I got bored
cease: i referred to it on Red Shift
doctec: alphaville!
klokwkdog: ended up listening to the DVD commentary
boney: The 400 Blowjobs and Jules ate Jinny... I watched those with Clarence Thomas
cease: i loved goddard.
doctec: klok: you have to stay with it until the end
Dexter Fong: Great Movie Eddie Constantine
klokwkdog: so I learned about women's feet and why the double-clutching scene
klokwkdog: doc -- I watched the whole thing. twice. once in french and once with the commentary
pp-oop: wait, is that a public hair in my doornail?
cease: doc, have you seen left of the dial?
Dexter Fong: Double clutch when descending a hill, Anita
cease: i think it was hbo
freditor: clary has quite a collection of films
klokwkdog: it's like Satyricon and La Dolce Vita -- if you saw them at the time, they had more impact
cease: who has a copy of the proc flick, i wonder?
doctec: cat: no, i've never heard of that one - i'll have to IMDB it
pp-oop: I caught part of satyricon the other night, that is a trip
cease: its about air america. i bought it last week. very good
doctec: oh wait - yes, i have heard of it
freditor: what proc flic?
doctec: i think they aired it on hbo last year, i think i caught the last half of it
doctec: so much has changed since that flick was aired
Dexter Fong: afk for confusion
cease: boughtg a bunch of graphic novels and that from amazon instead of driving way over to the only vid rent store in town that owuld have it
boney: Bob Denver lived nearly six years longer than Ken Lay
cease: you remember where we rented Pull My Daisy?
cease: i try and avoid having to drive that far 2 days in a row
doctec: air america certainly didn't have it easy those first few months
klokwkdog: my fave Trauffant is still Day for Night I fell in love with Nathalie Baye
doctec: cat: yeah, that great vid place - they still in bizniz?
pp-oop: no but I still have yank my petunia
cease: truffaut was excellent
cease: yep
cease: but i dont want to drive all the way voer there often
doctec: yeah day for night rocks
klokwkdog: "continuity error, girl!"
cease: another great flick
doctec: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052100/
cease: i gotta join one of those dvd rental by mail services
cease: i thiknk videomatic does that now too
cease: doc have you herd marc maron?
cease: everybody?
cease: the only air america guy to interview a firesign
doctec: i don't really believe ken lay is dead - i think he skipped the country and faked his death so the gov't wouldn't touch his ill-gotten $43 mil they were going after
cease: has a great la comedy show at 10 nightly, but it ends next friday
pp-oop: I know the name
freditor: cease: what proc flic?
cease: thas more than likely, doc
doctec: he certainly had the kind of well-placed friends and deep pockets to pull off yet another scam like that
pp-oop: if the vp can shoot somebody in the face....
cease: he fireidns can buy coroners like we can buy corn
doctec: cat: lol
cease: A Safe Place, fred
doctec: now we can make junk bonds - we've been waiting for this for hundreds of days
cease: e talked of it earlier
freditor: coroner crooners
cease: are those days?
boney: Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32); Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
cease: Ve Vill Make Zem Zeem Like Years
pp-oop: ewww math, or physics or something
freditor: cease: my copy glitches, got the vhs from proc
doctec: lol
klokwkdog: boney -- that's only an approximation
Dexter Fong: Boney: Can you state that as a question?
cease: would lvoe to see it one day, fred
klokwkdog: you really need a black body radiation calculation on the space or object and then convert from Kelvin
boney: So... 32 degrees Celsius does not equal 451 degrees Fahrenheit
cease: itsd hard for me to imagine proc as a serious actor
cease: but i lvoed his hour hour stories of making that flick
doctec: http://www.onlineconversion.com/temperature.htm
pp-oop: adjust for the intrusion of pi-mesons and strange quarks
Dexter Fong: Kelvin's been converted more than a side show Christion
freditor: Cease: those showed some clips on a tcm doc last night
||||||||| It's 11:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| porgie - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
doctec: how cold is that in kelvins?
cease: tcm?
klokwkdog: that's Lord Kelvin to you, Dex
boney mutters "Chevy Chase is gonna be mad at me!"
doctec: turner classic movies
cease: we dont gt that here
doctec wonders if he even remembers...
klokwkdog: inventor of the refrigerator and savior of the transatlantic telegraph cable
doctec: (he = boney)
Dexter Fong: Klok: I bow to NO mathematcian or sdientologist
doctec: (er, chevy)
boney: They'd better not colorize Nick Danger
doctec: sorry, i guess the chopin vodka is really starting to take its toll
pp-oop: take five by dave brubeck
cease: see the usa through your turret bay
Dexter Fong: Ur Chevy, early General Motors Car
||||||||| Around 11:31 PM, ah,clem walks off into the sunset...
doctec: dex: not even to scientologist mathematicians?
cease: the dinosaur chevy show
pp-oop: I thought he was colored, or mulatto...
doctec: chase the usa in your chevy
Dexter Fong: Doc: Try the Bartop er, ah Bartok Vodka
doctec: i've had van gogh - didn't know bartok ever wrote a vodka symphony
boney: the cops could maybe do a Chevy chase, but they prefer Crown Vics
Dexter Fong: You'll feel modernized
pp-oop: wodka makes me womit
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 11:33 PM and barney sashays out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
freditor: blue goose
pp-oop: ahh barney got a grape too
Dexter Fong: Doc: The Fermented Potato, a short sniff of a symphony
boney: Bill Murray's car in Where the Buffalo Roam is an old Chevy. I had to wonder
doctec: pp-oop: you're just not drinking the right vodka - needs to be filtered & distilled multiple times to pull out the impurities.
Dexter Fong: Ooh! It's barney, I wuv Barney, and Barney wuvs me......sorry wrong chat
doctec: new vodka on the shelves here - a french vodka called "Perfect Vodka". hmm, i'll be the judge of that...
pp-oop: filtered? distilled? ahhh I found the problem, thanks
doctec: fred: yeah, i like the blue goose as well. cleanest vodka on the market tho, hands down is "zyr". the stuff is incredibly clean, totally deviod of the kind of crap that causes headaches or stomach problems
Dexter Fong: I suck my vodka through a micronite filter..it's good but can't smoke at the same time
doctec: and it has a price tag to match.
pp-oop: gin gave me headaches too, is there a good gin?
boney: of course, later on he totally destroys a Cadillac convertible
klokwkdog has a simple rule. No French beer or vodka or assault rifles, no Russian wine, chocolate, or romantic movies
doctec: dex: best way to filter out impurities of crap vodka: a brita filter, two or three passes.
freditor: patron!
Dexter Fong: poop:Cotton Gin
klokwkdog: bis!
doctec: http://ohmygoditburns.com/
pp-oop: yassir that be sloegin sir
Dexter Fong: Np more sloe gins, only want mottos
klokwkdog: most of this crew is already mottoing under its breath
doctec: mottling?
doctec: or was that modelling?
Dexter Fong: And no more mulatto writers either
doctec: molting!
cease: i took the new hd cam on the road
cease: i wonder if i can capture stills from it and post them on web?
pp-oop: muuu muuu muuuu geek cows talk
doctec: taking movies of pavement?
cease: i thikn new software is needed
Dexter Fong: Zero to Sixty X Times in 3/5th of a second
doctec: i'm not surprised - you're on the bleeding edge with that hd cam of yours, the software has some catching up to do
cease: flight to terrace
cease: canada day at heritage village type place
Dexter Fong: Doc: The Beautiful Roxanne Pavemente
cease: way up north, by my standards
doctec: terrace stamp?
cease: yes i thikn so, doc
doctec: he was great in uberman
Dexter Fong: Uberman und Unterhund
pp-oop: uberman is the younger brother of superman right?
||||||||| barney leaves at 11:40 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
cease: barney come, barney go
Dexter Fong: A quiet passing
pp-oop: ciao barney
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies barney inside, makes a note of the time (11:40 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
cease: manny siting in the mango tree
klokwkdog: pixel corps has been doing some TWiT episodes with HD cameras
Dexter Fong: Dinner tonight at Barney ciao's
pp-oop: he was offended by the flintstone crack
pp-oop: oops wb barney
doctec: so, i'm updating my music pages - i got some stuff up on the current site, the full updates will be visible when i switch servers - http://www.doctechnical.com/myxprojekt
klokwkdog: they are posting 800 MB DiVX files of hour shows, but they are only 640x480 frame size
freditor: willlllllma
Dexter Fong: Hello again Barney =-))
doctec: stop this crazy thing (uh, wait - wrong cartoon)
klokwkdog: cat -- if you can output your HD stuff as .ts (transport stream), I can watch it via my HD video card
pp-oop: omg, I forget the dinosaurs name, I am officially a fohgie.
Dexter Fong: YOu want a Car Tune....Jonathon Richmond has one for you
doctec: klok: 640 x 480 better than 32 x 32 ... or 1 x 1
doctec: deeno
pp-oop: ahhh yes
pp-oop: not goood, that should be locked in lol
cease: ok i'm gonna upgrade the mac momentasrily, klok
klokwkdog: doc -- the video is stunningly good, and I have the bandwidth to d/l it, so I do.
cease: get tiger or whatevdr its called and the newest hd final cut
doctec: pp-oop: now what i can't remember is the cat's name
cease: i took a course in last years hd final cut but the cams werent on the market then
pp-oop: the cat had a name?
Dexter Fong: HOld that tiger while I tie your Kangaroo down
doctec: final cut double golden slasher
freditor: cease: sorry I screwed up your entry in the book
klokwkdog: It's kinda hard on the Pixel Corps, though; they have to set up, light the set, there has to be a set or something and the commentators all have to do make-up, etc.
cease: yes images ive seen played back on my friends on analogy tv looked great
doctec: pp-oop: i'm pretty sure the cat had a name
cease: no prob, fred. its lodestones' fault. i should have told them to change it long ago
klokwkdog: it's hard enough to get all the commentators in one place
freditor: i used their info
cease: carelssness and laziness are married
klokwkdog: so much easier to do the whole "show" via Skype and have each commentator make a local recording that can be looped later
pp-oop: did the rubbles have a pet?
doctec: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flintstones
Dexter Fong: and their progeny are the Bush's
pp-oop: I am learning that cat, too true
||||||||| "Hey barney!" ... barney turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:45 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
cease: i am efficient when i have to be
Dexter Fong: They killed Barney, the bastards
cease: that is becoming more often with parents, etc
||||||||| barney sneaks in around 11:46 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
pp-oop: that show jumped the shark with gazoo and the adams family neighbors
Dexter Fong: Barney is alive, like Kenny
klokwkdog: I think Lay's funeral will end up being like Harry Cohn's...
cease: you never liked kenny!
doctec: the cat many not have had a name, i thought it did
doctec: they killed kenny boy ...
Dexter Fong: I liked Kenny, hated his outfit
cease: how are the kittens i remember you and liill getting, doc?
cease: true enough, doc
Dexter Fong: All cats have names, they just don't tell us what it is
pp-oop: http://i-flintstones.tripod.com/trivia.htm
pp-oop: 4th from the bottom, baby puss
klokwkdog: TWEENY! wake up! The reaper is coming!
freditor: cough cough
Dexter Fong: Baby Puss, now that's a great name for a cat...just not mine
pp-oop: I had no reason to remember that one, but dino was a star
doctec: cat: the kittens are now adults, we've had them for over a year now. they are a delight to be around and play with, and even though we lost our oldest cat matisse in the early part of this year, they have filled the void admirable. it's also great that they get along with lili's other senior cat kahlo
doctec: we've made sure kahlo knows his pre-eminent position in the hierarchy hasn't been usurped by the young'uns
pp-oop: bend over and cough again fred
Dexter Fong: Admirable Void we sa;lute you
||||||||| boney departs at 11:49 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
cease: indeed, doc
cease: bone
pp-oop: watch out tween
freditor: i'll take ethyl
Dexter Fong: slong boney
pp-oop: do you want regular or premium? roll up your arm...
Dexter Fong: Fred: You take Ethyl and I'll take Unready, togethr we can rulew early England
freditor: premi
ReplicantTweeny: Grats P...
pp-oop: unready is not ready yet?
doctec: kahlo was a little put off by the kittens when we got them, and it took him a while to warm up to them, but now they all hang out together like they were family members (which in a way they are :-) )
Dexter Fong: Premi=Yes it is early but let's do it before we suffer a Circum Caesar
pp-oop: wb tween, almost lost you to who knows what
klokwkdog: among these dark satanic mills
pp-oop: ahhh you are in parthensisissesss, a force field protects you
Dexter Fong: poop: The Grey Side
freditor: or a seizure salad days
doctec: pp-oop: thanks for looking up the cat's name
pp-oop: saranan again?
doctec: i'm having a seizure moment...
ReplicantTweeny: Doing some stuff in the kitchen. Making a salad, in fact lol...
Dexter Fong: Fred: YOu must eat at The Grab A Bite Deli too
pp-oop: not a problem, I was a librarian in a previous life
freditor: only between fits of reality
Dexter Fong: I see you are a Realtor
pp-oop: lettuce not bother you tween
cease: FRed, i want to compare the manuscript with the book before i review it
freditor: want to buy a duck?
cease: i think a few concerned firefans who know the ms would want to know
pp-oop: penisula
Dexter Fong: He wants the sacred scrolls, Pastor
klokwkdog: now, let's keep Marxist rhetoric out of this chat!
doctec: two realtors will be battling it out for $25000 tonight on 'century twenty one'
klokwkdog: lol
Dexter Fong: Oh! Ti's tommorow, today on TIVO
pp-oop: a salad sound dialectict to me
freditor: cease:OK, there are a lot of changes and additions, and a lot of proofreading, attempted at leaset
cease: yes thats what i hope to discover
cease: and speaking of discs,
cease: dex earlier asked if the chronology, concerts etc is on the cd
Dexter Fong: O speak of disc's
cease: i just saw album covers and tickets and posters and stuff
cease: maybe i didnt access the right men
cease: menu
freditor: updating dates and figuring out figs
doctec: womenu
cease: dr menury
Dexter Fong: One from column A and one from column B
pp-oop: yes show me your disc, all of it
doctec: one from gene x and one from gene y
freditor: on cd yes
cease: at your ovaries again
doctec: she could suck the chromosome off a trailer hitch
pp-oop: at your cervix
cease: the chronology from the first radio show in 66 to almost the presetn?
Dexter Fong: ..and give you a DNA breakdown in twenty seconds
freditor: you show me mine and i'll mine the mint
doctec: is that anything like a foggy mountain breakdown?
cease: i will czech that, mate
freditor: no, from births on!
Dexter Fong: Those mints are mine...Return them Sir
doctec: double your pleasure, double your fun
cease: is that mountain dew and absinthe?
Dexter Fong: Absdinthe makes the heart grow weaker
doctec: cat: wowl, what a great idea for a new soft drink!
freditor: wormwood and pecker wood
Dexter Fong: and so does Absinthe
cease: foggy mt breakdown
klokwkdog: lol Dex
klokwkdog: Dex - no car swap expedition?
pp-oop: the final fin
cease: nver had it but hope to
doctec: the kids will love it!
cease: that's a mutt and smutt line
Dexter Fong: I'll have one of those Shark Fin and Absinthe Ticklers I think you call them
freditor: didn't do much for me but it was homemade and tasted terrible
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| barney - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: bouncing barneyhs tonight
Dexter Fong: Klok: All in good time my fine fellow
cease: how carnivalesque
freditor: are they torturing barney or what
pp-oop: rolling rubble, a green beer was never a good idea
Dexter Fong: I saw this Carny bite the head ofen a Barney...it was turrible
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
doctec: it's rapidly approaching midnight, i'm about to turn into a pumpkin (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to type after you've turned into a pumpkin...) so i'm-a-takin' off now
klokwkdog remembers Indonesian Good Time cookies...
doctec: catherwood is early as usual
||||||||| Catherwood ignores doctec
klokwkdog: have a gut evening, Doc! Hi -> Lili
cease: by doc
Dexter Fong: Doc: Don't forget to Jack your Lantern
freditor: by doc by gummit
pp-oop: night doc, I will follow you, leave the lights on and the drapes open please
pp-oop: night all have a super week
freditor: pp-ooped out
doctec: when westley and i get the fst site switched over to the new server, catherwood should to a better job of keeping time
||||||||| Catherwood hands the fst site switched over to the new server should to a better job of keeping time.
Dexter Fong: and leave the doggie dorr open too
doctec: last one to leave, please turn off the lights and close the door
klokwkdog: it will be a great relief to have Catherwood in sync, finally
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to klokwkdog and says "My ears are burning..."
doctec: park and lock it
cease: its lick my fire, by the doggie doors
freditor: doc: what does that mean to firezine, will we go with it
doctec: nitey night all (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............
klokwkdog: yeah, Catherwood, and do something about your hearing problem
||||||||| Catherwood rushes over to klokwkdog and mumbles "My ears are burning..."
doctec: (fred: yes)
freditor: too late
||||||||| Around 12:03 AM, doctec walks off into the sunset...
freditor: is it sunset at midnight?
klokwkdog: somewhere
Dexter Fong: Up here, it doesn't matter Sven
klokwkdog: it's 4PM in Auckland
freditor: where he's walking
Dexter Fong: He walked in an Aukland manner
freditor: nyc land of the midnight sunset
klokwkdog: Jafastan!
Dexter Fong: Fred: Not as long as I pay my utiities
Dexter Fong: utilities
klokwkdog: (Just Another F***ing Aucklander)
freditor: them u tites are succulant
klokwkdog: (as in the same kind of observation about people from NYC)
Dexter Fong: Ahoy, Auklander..where are you going?
Dexter Fong: Awk! Land ho!!
freditor: the auks have it
Dexter Fong: That was the beginning of Birdland
cease: the parrot speaks
Dexter Fong: Long as he doesn't shit on my shoulder
freditor: i was a yard bird for the fbi
cease: the dry rot stays quiet
Dexter Fong: er sit on my soldioer
klokwkdog: Aotearoa, mate
cease: kiwi uber alles
freditor: or fly up your nose as those other birds in paradise do do
Dexter Fong: I Love that Mexican lingo
cease: or under
klokwkdog: having had a parrot on my shoulder (or a Macaw), the worry is that they don't bite off your shoulder or the even more tempting ear lobe...
Dexter Fong: Lord, let that wild duck pass over me!
cease: you see the wild parrots of telegraph hill?
cease: good flick
Dexter Fong: I saw the Parade of the Parrots
freditor: are they sending?
cease: thats not a parrot, that's a birth defect!
klokwkdog: no, but we have a colony of wild parakeets here in RI which is even more amazing
Dexter Fong: But but but it can Fly!!
freditor: well throw a towel over it
Dexter Fong throws towel over his fly
freditor: i thought they bred in the sewers
Dexter Fong: Under the sewers of Pari
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| pp-oop - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong: oop there goes poop
freditor: cho and I licked our way through wild catapillers, with help from models either
Dexter Fong: either rented or borrowed
freditor: groucho that is
freditor: we called him cho for short, which he was
Dexter Fong: Groucho Models, "we're not suffering from scholiocism we just sump
Dexter Fong: or slump
freditor: sub gum bitch
Dexter Fong meeds to borrow Cat's new glasses
freditor: meow too
Dexter Fong: Get a slump pump, stand upright fpr your consumer needs
klokwkdog: ok, I"m fading, so gonna sign off the chat
ReplicantTweeny: Be nice to our insect brothers, dear friends... lick a catapillae...
freditor: come on now, i'm slowing down
klokwkdog: kinda out of it today
cease: they come, they go. like everything
cease: by klok
freditor: a stiff one
klokwkdog: night everyone
||||||||| At 12:13 AM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, klokwkdog!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
Dexter Fong: Tween: I'd rather molest a May Fly...with a towel over it of course
ReplicantTweeny: Bye Dogman...
cease: gonna savour one of the last of the marc maron shows in an hour or so
freditor: by klok wok the dog
Dexter Fong: Owooooo! Klok
ReplicantTweeny: A Spanish May Fly?
freditor: what time is in vancouver?
Dexter Fong: A Spaniard my fly, but never on a wet night
freditor: a july fly
ReplicantTweeny: Time to build a wall between CN and the US to keep Ken Lay out.
Dexter Fong: July! July! July! Fly girl!!!
ReplicantTweeny: The West coast is on Pacific Time. they're soooo laid back...
cease: 9:10
cease: maron comes on 10:05
Dexter Fong: This just in: Sightings of Ken Lay in Thunder Bay, Hey!
ReplicantTweeny: lol Dex
cease: oh no. more thunder
freditor: can i get medical mary juana in canada for high blood pressure?
cease: not a bad little canuck city, thunder bay
cease: used to be two
cease: if your doc thinks it will help, fred
ReplicantTweeny: I need a better doctor (and move to Cal)
Dexter Fong: Thunder Bay and Lightning Hopkins
cease: i know people who've gotten scripts for less
freditor: i'll be right up
ReplicantTweeny: Can't be all bad if they made Paul Shaffer.
Dexter Fong: Rush Limbaugh gets scrip for less
cease: your meidcal improvemtn can be easily assessed
ReplicantTweeny: His Viagra didn't have a prescription. Randi had great fun.
cease: yes i heard her riff on that
cease: shes loves that material
freditor: Lightning Hopkins MN, (bri may find that funny)
ReplicantTweeny: Help me Doc, I've got Globner's!
Dexter Fong: Well folks and Dear Friends, it's time for "Car Re-arrangement" later to all and sooner to some (perhaps)
cease: bri be long gone
freditor: does health insurace cover it cease?
cease: like a turnkey thru the porn
ReplicantTweeny: Drive well, Dex...
cease: perhaps, dex
cease: have parking fun
||||||||| Dexter Fong leaves to catch the 12:19 AM train to Billville.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 12:19 AM and Dexter Fong steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Dexter Fong: ooops
freditor: take dex easily, i mean take it easy dex
ReplicantTweeny: They'd have a flood of American immigrants like the Mexican pouring over our southern borders.
cease: what are all these mexicans doing here?
Dexter Fong: A mexican poured water all over my table the other night...I had him reported
ReplicantTweeny: $6/hr. That what.
ReplicantTweeny: Better than $2/day.
ReplicantTweeny: Mexican water? Hope you got a shot ;)
freditor: how 2 joints a day
ReplicantTweeny: Cancun has it's own water supply and I still got the runs.
ReplicantTweeny: Take 2 a day and call me in the morning.
freditor: Monty's Revenge best served cold
cease: neal cassady got 2 years in jail for 2 joints
ReplicantTweeny: Montezuma must be laughing heartily.
freditor: john sinclair
cease: i got a good sentence for Neal Amid out of it
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Merlyn disembarks at 12:22 AM.
cease: hey, its that back from the dead guy
Merlyn: I just flew in from convergence, and boy are my alms tried
ReplicantTweeny: Yeah, there's a story from the 70's about a guy in TX gettin 10 years for a single joint. Not quite that bad now. 6mos/$200 fine.
cease: alms again, grumble grumble
freditor: you split convergence, that doesn't sound right
ReplicantTweeny: Hey Merl...
cease: how are the ossmen?
Merlyn: I'll be back tomorrow
ReplicantTweeny: $2000 fne actually. Anyhow, pretty neandrathal...
Merlyn: they're fine, larry
Merlyn: larry, fine, fine, larry
Merlyn: $2000, fine, fine, $2000
Merlyn: it's good to be fine
Merlyn: everyone left?
ReplicantTweeny: Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into...
ReplicantTweeny: Right handed, actually...
freditor: i'm not
Merlyn: except dexter, he uses both hans
ReplicantTweeny: brinker?
freditor: spread out
cease: how are the ossmen, merl?
Merlyn: typing left handed compliments, fred?
ReplicantTweeny: on a sheet?
cease: is preston doing a lot of acting these days?
Merlyn: they're fine, cat, cat, fine
freditor: i go with both hands
cease: orson is what, now? 20 or something?
Merlyn: Don't really know, cat, I'll ask
ReplicantTweeny: I left my hands, in San Francisco...
cease: his reaction to hearing himself on Red Shift was wonderment that he'd ever sounded that young
freditor: on palm sunday?
cease: and that was only 8 years ago
cease: to me, a short time
ReplicantTweeny: Time do fly, no doubt...
Merlyn: big fraction to a 20 year old
cease: we saw orson and preston in several things at the whibdy island play house they ahve there
freditor: or crawl on it's belly like a reptile
cease: he had girlfriend when we met them in seattle, was thart last year?
cease: he was quite tall and old lloooking
ReplicantTweeny: Well, I'm going to go finish up in the kitchen. Everybody being cool and collected... Until last time, again...
||||||||| ReplicantTweeny is kicked out just as the clock strikes 12:29 AM.
cease: again indeed, tween
freditor: goodbye to you and your non-copy
cease: its 930 here and stilll havnet earten dinner. must do something about that
Merlyn: we got replicants now?
cease: will have reviews for you soonest, fred
Merlyn: Hey Fred, I got your book, though I've only skimmed parts of it so far. Looks pretty good.
cease: does proc know about contineued rebroadcvast of his interview with maron and maron soon to leave air, i wonder, merl
||||||||| "12:31 AM? 12:31 AM!!" says Catherwood, "Johnny Piano should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Johnny Piano enters and sits at the bar.
freditor: well, it's about time i took some drugs, meds, so long pals
Johnny Piano: Hi guys.
Merlyn: what cat?
cease: some one should tell proc
freditor: merle, great, thanks
cease: keep em flyhing, fred
Johnny Piano: Hey Freditor - I got yer book. Very nice.
Merlyn: pep pills
cease: proc was on marc maron show. it ws rebroadcasdt monday i thbink
cease: t least 3 times ive heard it
cease: yway, maron show is cancelled as of next week
Merlyn: tell proc what, cat, that mark maron is replaying his bit?
freditor: gee, I'm blushing, thanks
cease: serious bummer
Merlyn: his new LA show you mean?
Johnny Piano: My pleasure, squire
cease: yes
cease: very good show
freditor: did you guys send off for the disc?
cease: i only cuaght frgments of morning sedition. this one i listen to whole shows
Johnny Piano: I haven't as of yet, Fred, but I shall.
Merlyn: I haven't yet - you mean from the book?
Merlyn: the disk of the book
cease: tell johnny, fred
freditor: yes, the f files
Johnny Piano: Tell Johnny what?
Merlyn: I'll have to check into that - will the album pictures be in color?
freditor: it's a whole 'nother book
Johnny Piano: I know about the disk - just hate to tear a page out of the book...
Merlyn: a built-in sequel
freditor: yes, all color scans of labels, jackets, programs, etc.
Merlyn: I'll have to get it then
Johnny Piano: Ah - I get it, packed with loads o'info and pics
freditor: send them a xerox
Merlyn: a xerox of a cd
Johnny Piano: Okey doke, boss Fred
freditor: they refused to include copies
freditor: yes merle and I'll xerox the cd and send it back for you too
Johnny Piano: Probably not cost-effective to bind or glue a protective sleeve into the book
freditor: they thought they would break in shipping
Johnny Piano: They're probably right about the breakage.
freditor: i bought stick'em sleeves cheap somewhere
cease: a great addition, fred
Johnny Piano: Then someone there is lazy...
freditor: and incompetent
Johnny Piano: Cool, I'm on the disk thing, Fred.
freditor: you'll love it
Johnny Piano: Anywho, I just stopped by to see who might still be here, and when I noticed Fred listed I figured I'd say "thanks for the book"
Merlyn: fred was just about to take drugs
Johnny Piano: Hope all is good for you two as well, Merl & Cat
freditor: you're welcome
Johnny Piano: I highly recommend drugs, depending on the situation
Merlyn: well enough, though employment would be nice too
freditor: these drugs aren't fun at all, that's why I take them at night to sleep through the bad
Johnny Piano: I hear ya there, merl - music is currently my only employment, and just scrapin' by
Merlyn: but ossman's here, and there may be something interesting coming from FT in the future...
Johnny Piano: Tell David that 88 Fingers from Illinois says hello
freditor: let's hope so. i feel real bad about david hating me
Johnny Piano: Any hints on the something interesting (assuming it's something other than the Danger project)?
Merlyn: I don't think he does, fred, just a bad day I'd say
Merlyn: I said too much, piano, this conversation didn't happen. But stay tuned...
freditor: well good, because i hold no ill wind anymore
Johnny Piano: Mum's the word, Merl.
Dexter Fong: I'm back, and I'm parked Dear Friends, trailing clouds of parking meters
Merlyn: and I wasn't referring to the danger project
Dexter Fong: Hi JP
freditor: it's logged merle
Johnny Piano: Thought I smelled something, Fred
Johnny Piano: Hey Dex, how's tricks?
Merlyn: I can change history, I'm big brother here
Dexter Fong: Tricks are over, JP
Dexter Fong: Plus Honors too
freditor: wow, what power, can you change my oil?
Johnny Piano: Wait 'til October, more tricks afoot.
Dexter Fong: Quick Watson, the tricks afoot, the strumpets astride
freditor: october surprise?
Merlyn: tricks are for Kidd's
Johnny Piano: October Blind
Johnny Piano: Kix are for Trids
Dexter Fong sings< September Morn....You were an October surprise
freditor: she was a qute little trick
freditor: triffids make you blind
Dexter Fong: A set a deuces, pentangles willd
Johnny Piano: Did ya turn her?
Dexter Fong: Fred went all in
freditor: i turned into a bar
Dexter Fong: I called, he wasn't answering his cell
Johnny Piano: Oh, she was a magician
Dexter Fong: I had my finger on the button, Big deal
freditor: ameboid
Dexter Fong: fractoid
Merlyn: like the termit said, is the bartender here?
freditor: and my tongue on the trigger
Dexter Fong: Termit the trog
freditor: stuffed though he may be
Johnny Piano: Hi-ho
Dexter Fong: If love were all
freditor: dex, do you have to wake up in the middle of the night to move the car?
Dexter Fong: Fred: No, it gets done before say 1 pm or in the morning at 9 am
Dexter Fong: 1 am
freditor: yeah, i was 10 mins late and got a $55 ticket
Johnny Piano: Glad I live in Elmertown...
Dexter Fong: Fred: They ain't no kidding around with parking...it costs too much
freditor: where we glue our cars on the spot
Merlyn: which reminds me, time to take out da trash...
Dexter Fong: yakety yak, don' talk back
freditor: you talkin' to me?
Johnny Piano: Gents, good to "see" ya. Perhaps I'll make it early next week...
Dexter Fong: Just tell your hoodlum dear friends, you ain't got time
Johnny Piano: See ya
cease: hi dex
||||||||| 12:53 AM -- Johnny Piano left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Dexter Fong: Keep it piannisamo Johnny
cease: just had the best frozen food of my life
freditor: by by
Dexter Fong: Cat: Polar Bear?
freditor: i had the frozen foot in canada
cease: president's choice Tajine
Dexter Fong: Gee! Whiz!!
cease: best thinig that ever happened to a rutabega and an apricot
freditor: say what?
cease: morrocon chicken dish
cease: ith root vegies and fuirt
cease: amazinginly good
Dexter Fong: What
cease: mohammed would come back from the dead to eat it
cease: peace be upon him
Dexter Fong: Freeze dried fuirt
cease: Tajine
freditor: root vegies will make you fart
Merlyn: this piece of halibut is good enough for jehovah
cease: lots of great stuff is now frozen for our enjoyment these days
Dexter Fong: But farts wont make you fat
cease: when my dog farts i kick him out of the room
freditor: we'll witness to that
Dexter Fong: or frent
cease: how is the halibut cooked, merl?
cease: one of my fishy faves
Dexter Fong: Merlyn sautes it just for the halibut
freditor: with greased over frozen dog farts, an arab's dream
cease: probably wonking for scale
Dexter Fong: ..and you beside me, farting in the e'en
Merlyn: I thought I'd get stoned, or was that fred?
freditor: halibut what?
freditor: you can get fred, or fried when stoned
Dexter Fong: Halibututions
cease: everybody must, merl
Dexter Fong: Every body must get Merled
cease: it interferes with with halibulutions
Dexter Fong: Positively Hubert Humphrey Street
freditor: what does the middle h stand for in hhh?
cease: strom thrumond's frined in 48
Dexter Fong: The chat lines are fewer but they're more pithy
freditor: strom's friend was black
cease: horse's ass
Dexter Fong: Pithy she's a strumpet
freditor: so was his daughter
cease: oh strom, oh my oh my oh my
cease: kkkoming, mother
Dexter Fong: Strom's Strumpets, they're strong
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
freditor: hubert halibut humphrey
freditor: he was good with the servants
Merlyn: getting late folx, I'm taking off
Dexter Fong: Luber layabout Lamphrey
freditor: by merle i follow in your wake, though I'm asleep
Dexter Fong: And a good fobx to you too, Merl
Merlyn: byeeee
Merlyn: I am asleep!
||||||||| At 1:02 AM, Merlyn hurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
Dexter Fong: Nay the folx prtlect youll
freditor: what's fobox
Dexter Fong: I'm outta here too...night Fred, nice too spend time with you and thanks again for the wonderful book
Dexter Fong: And thanks for the glasses Cat
freditor: thanks again, i'm off to see the wizard...
freditor: night cat!
Dexter Fong: We'll use them in gensung teit
freditor: by dex too
cease: off we go
freditor: the last word
||||||||| cease departs at 1:05 AM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| It's 1:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| It's 1:20 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| freditor - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

The Evening's Participants:
Charles Throat
Dexter Fong
Dr. Headphones
El Diablo Yamamoto
Hemlock Stones
Johnny Piano
Mark Time
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Rogue's Gallery:

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PP and Cat(cease)

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kend^/Dr. Headphones

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Merlyn and Tirebiter

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LeatherG & SO

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Ah, Clem and Bambi

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Compañero Señor Yämamoto

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Dexter Fong

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Bubba's Brain

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Peggy Blisswhips

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Audrey Farber

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Tiny Dr. Tim
Rest In Peace, Dear Friend

And, "The Home Team"