A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 5:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for August 17, 2006 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in at 7:39 AM, dragging fun by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this bozo?"
||||||||| fun sneaks away to The Kennels...
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Firebroiled disembarks at 8:32 AM.
Firebroiled: Gentlemen, gentlemen! I won’t take any more credit for this Victory than is necessary. Lord Kitchener did not -- nay, will not -- die in vain, Grid Willing. [Over applause] Gentlemen, gentlemen! I as Leader will use Power like a drum and Leadership like a violin. Pick out any Idea. Compare Ideas. With the One Idea left you have no Doubt, and without a Doubt we have Enthusiasm!
||||||||| Firebroiled leaves to catch the 8:33 AM train to Funfun Town.
||||||||| Tweeny enters at 7:35 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and dashes off to the Hat Pack Annex.
Tweeny: Who's movie _is_ this, anyway?
||||||||| At 7:35 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Tweeny!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and announces "Announcing 'Mudhead', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:48 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the Aviary...
Mudhead: Noone is chatting?
||||||||| Mudhead leaves at 8:50 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:50 PM tree-stunting plans, and scurries off to the vestibule.
||||||||| At 8:50 PM, Mudhead hurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
||||||||| Mudhead sneaks in around 8:51 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last month's "unpleasant incident."
Mudhead: holy Fudd!
Mudhead: It goes in, it must come out!
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Hemlock Stones', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:53 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the anteroom...
Mudhead: Hiya Stones
Hemlock Stones: Hi Mud
Hemlock Stones: bit early yet i suppose
Mudhead: Welcome from this side of the pond
Hemlock Stones: trying to get You Tube to work but without success
Hemlock Stones: (goes to make cheese sandwich)
Mudhead (
Hemlock Stones: brb
Mudhead: that always helps
Mudhead: while yur away, I'll git Your Tube, no, its IS tube
Hemlock Stones: back
Hemlock Stones: its no ones tube if it wont work
Hemlock Stones: says my java settings are immobilised or havent got flash player but thats completely wrong
Mudhead: perhaps a hit from the holy grid
Hemlock Stones: i guess i will just have to sit here and wait for the RIAA to shut it down completely
Mudhead: *sigh*
Mudhead: I see Pirate bay has changed theier url to The.MPAA.and.the ABA.can.kiss.my.shiny.rear.end.Pirate.Bay.org
Hemlock Stones: lol
Hemlock Stones: seems they are cruising for a bruising
Mudhead: OK< its 9:00PM EST
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, August 17, 2006 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Mudhead: Cqatherwood, whats the time?
Hemlock Stones: ah good the bar is open
Hemlock Stones: fetch me a a large mineral water Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood gives Hemlock Stones a a large mineral water.
Mudhead: Just get a jereabom for us all there Stones
Mudhead: How closde are you to cambridge Stones?
Hemlock Stones: rather a long way Mud
Mudhead: ahh, ive made an irc friend there
Hemlock Stones: 200 miles maybe
||||||||| 9:03 PM: Merlyn jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Hemlock Stones: Cambridge is the flatlands, i live up in the hills
Hemlock Stones: shh Mud stop talking about Merlyn
Hemlock Stones: Hi Merl
Merlyn: hello
Mudhead: ya cant get delivery inna hills
Merlyn: I know everything
||||||||| 9:04 PM: ah,clem jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
Mudhead: Weight of an English Sparrow in flight
Hemlock Stones: its true they wont come up into the hills, and thats why i moved here
Merlyn: hey clem
Hemlock Stones: greetings ah clem
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" , Nick'
Mudhead: Yipee
||||||||| Outside, the 9:05 PM downtown bus from Vancouver pulls away, leaving cease coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Hemlock Stones: hi Cease
cease: sour disel
Merlyn: right now it's some kinda guitar music
cease: stones
||||||||| "9:07 PM? 9:07 PM!!" says Catherwood, "llanwydd should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as llanwydd enters and sits on the couch.
llanwydd: don't talk to me. I'm in a bad mood.
llanwydd: just kidding
Hemlock Stones: high llan
Merlyn says nothing to llanwydd
ah,clem: hi all
llanwydd: how's everybody?
Merlyn: all 6 billion of them?
Hemlock Stones: will take a while to ask them Merlyn, you start at that end and i will start here
Mudhead: well, toms good, tom1 is good, tom2 is ok,...
llanwydd: well, for a start...
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in at 9:09 PM, dragging klokwkdog by one leg and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
Hemlock Stones: hi klok
llanwydd: missed my chance to go swimming today. hope the weather's good again tomorrow
llanwydd: hey klok
klokwkdog: hey, 'lan, stones
klokwkdog: clem -- sounds just a little fried
klokwkdog: somewhat de-storted
Hemlock Stones: too much gain maybe
klokwkdog: hello Mr. Ishikawa
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and announces "Presenting 'Bambi', just granted probation at 9:12 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Hemlock Stones: Hi Bambi
llanwydd: hi bambi!
klokwkdog: ...or maybe the op tippled a little too much grain, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift
Mudhead: i'll be back in a few, im attempting to reload winamp
||||||||| Mudhead scurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Mudhead?! It's 9:12 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
klokwkdog: hey, Fran
klokwkdog hopes Mudhead puts the safety on
Bambi: howdy :-)
Bambi: was just getting the stream up and running here on my puter so I could hear the show
cease: hi bamb, whats on cni?
Bambi: how are you all doing tonight?
||||||||| 9:14 PM: Dexter Fong jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
klokwkdog: Nic Danger nite, Cat
cease: doing what?
Bambi: it's feeling like a Nick Danger night LOL
Dexter Fong: and I loved every minute of it
llanwydd: hey dex!
Hemlock Stones: sounds a bit distorted tonight unless its my link
klokwkdog: whatever you're doing
Hemlock Stones: Hi Dex
Dexter Fong: and I loved every minute of it
klokwkdog: WB Dex
cease: just got off phone
Dexter Fong: klok: I got disturtion on my end too
cease: cant get my mac to play sound
klokwkdog: good evening, Mr. Ishikawa, then
Dexter Fong: and distortion too
Hemlock Stones: hope you didnt break it, cease
cease: had to repartition the hd and lost my media player and real player
cease: hi klok
klokwkdog: That's strange, Dex, I'm only experiencing it from the speakers
klokwkdog: the seemReal player?
Dexter Fong: Hi Bambi, Cat,Stones, klok, llan, and the gray bros
klokwkdog: You can't be a player without one
Hemlock Stones: distortion on winamp too
cease: no i needed to free up space. final cut hd is an immense programme
cease: 9g of music loops and other stuff i probably dont need
Dexter Fong: Klok: Does the distortion make my ass look bigger?
Hemlock Stones: now you come to mention it Dex yes it does
cease: gray borthers?
Bambi: hi back at 'cha Cat, Dex, Stones, Klok, llanwydd Merlyn and of course Clem
klokwkdog: Don't know, Dex. I didn't know your building allowed keeping animals
Dexter Fong: Oh! I knew that saleswoman was lying!!
klokwkdog: Are they on the roof, or can you bring them inside. Is yours electric or real?
Dexter Fong: Cat: Gray Borders?
Hemlock Stones: avoid turning sideways on if you can Dex, that might help
cease: saw a great show of vanvcouver architect saw great show of arthru ericoson, at van art museum today
Dexter Fong: Stones: It's full frontal for me
cease: he said we vancouveriteis should have buildings that embrace the rain, cuz we choose to live in a rainy place
Hemlock Stones: now your talking
cease: must be why my house is gray
klokwkdog: put baggy pants on it and maybe the super will think it's just another wierdo on the 3rd floor
Hemlock Stones: goes to get camera
Bambi: Stones did you get YouTube working?
Hemlock Stones: no, not a thing
Bambi: Only need Flash really to make it work from what I've seen
klokwkdog: cat -- the environment does that, Vancouver, Seattle, Anchorage should better look like Reykjavik with bright-colored houses and lots of man-made iconoclasm
Dexter Fong: The famous 'our Tube?
Hemlock Stones: tried all the normal fixes and updates but not a flicker
llanwydd: did anyone see the documentary on Nova about string theory a couple of weeks ago?
llanwydd: thought it was pretty interesting
Bambi: what browser are you using?
klokwkdog: I don't think Flickr uses flash atoll
Bambi: you may be right klok lol
Hemlock Stones: have downloaded flashplayers till i am blue in the face and ensured my Java is enable but not a sausage or even a video
Dexter Fong: llan: Don't let that string theory rope you in
Hemlock Stones: using IE
Hemlock Stones: it used to work and does on the other computer but not this one
klokwkdog: llan -- I read the book. It's better. Teach Yourself String Theory in 21 Days
llanwydd: if some people think there are strings I wonder why they don't say what the strings are made of
klokwkdog: although I seem to have forgotten a couple of the key m-brane tensors
Bambi: hint: works great in Firefox with the flash plugin and Sun Java on the system
Hemlock Stones: i couldnt figure out the knots
llanwydd: you're funnin me klok
llanwydd: LOL stones
Dexter Fong: Sstones: Know any good gags?
Bambi: heck it works great in Linux in Firefox with just Flash
Hemlock Stones: ok yes
klokwkdog: actually, it was Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe and there aren't any tensors to worrry about. grab from your library; it's great
Hemlock Stones: Whats the definition of and English Gentlemen ?
llanwydd: thanks klok, I'll check it out
Merlyn: I gotta count the planets again
Dexter Fong: What is the definition of and English Gentileman
cease: that was a great show, klok
Bambi: 12 if you don't count the Moon ;-)
cease: speaking of pbs goodies, y'all seen how art made the world? bbc thing
llanwydd: I actually taped the program. It was a little easier to comprehend than Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell"
klokwkdog: book is better; Greene's too much the ham
Hemlock Stones: a man who can play the Scottish Bagpipes but doesnt play them
cease: just ended. got the dvd
cease: ham goes well with cosmology
Merlyn: Holst better start writing again!
cease: also pineapple
Dexter Fong: Oh! I say, spot on Hemlock
cease: lol merl
klokwkdog: cat -- our PBS station is too poor to afford it yet; we have to wait. The HDTV receiver can get WGBH, but I've never watched while they were showing it.
Hemlock Stones: one ham on rye with cosmo please, cease
cease: would you like some carl sagan's ashes with that?
cease: its the new pepper
klokwkdog: The Guardian is blowing a cork about science education in Britain and making lots of noise about art majors controlling the media
Hemlock Stones: they have a point klok, TV particularly has dumbed down a lot in the last ten years, it now takes Panorama an hour to tell a story which used to take ten minutes
klokwkdog: I think the real problem is like here: you kill yourself to be engineer, scientist, doctor and some room temp. IQ types in law, politcs and "business" are the ones pulling down the big $$
Merlyn: cosmo kramer?
cease: was on a nice cork floor recently
Merlyn: in Ireland, cat?
klokwkdog: NYT just had a graphic of how many in each country believe in evolution. US is tied at the bottom with...Turkey
Hemlock Stones: science programs here now are all clever graphics and few facts
cease: not ired at all. rather mild mannered
Merlyn: well, we DID give them their name with our bird
Merlyn: we gave em the bird
klokwkdog: they can't stand up to traffic, Cat. It's the same thing as they encountered with using concrete tyres and rubber roads
Hemlock Stones: is that a Dodo Merlyn ?
klokwkdog: Hemlock -- I think Dodo Merlyn is in an institution; Merlyn doesn't like to talk about him much
Merlyn: it's a vodeododo
Hemlock Stones: passes Merlyn phone number of good libel lawyer to deal with Klok
Merlyn: gas prices are high, and there's bombing in Tyre
cease: thats not a number, that's a free man
klokwkdog: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/15/science/sciencespecial2/15evo.html
Hemlock Stones: Tyre has been deflated i hear
llanwydd: not intyrely
Merlyn: whip inflation now
Dexter Fong: whip it good
klokwkdog: it's always about whips, isn't it Merlyn?
cease: molina just hit homer, jays overtake tampa bay
Hemlock Stones: whips are still cheap over here, want me to send you some whilst stocks last Merlyn ?
Merlyn: cool whips
klokwkdog: Are we all Devo, are are we all running Winamp
||||||||| Catherwood walks up and announces "Presenting 'Bunnyboy', just granted probation at 9:32 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
llanwydd: I wish TCM would show a FST movie one of these days
Bunnyboy: lo dere
llanwydd: ever see FST on tv?
klokwkdog: please, no Illama jokes
Merlyn: I had a whip once, but it was buggy
Bunnyboy: Baby Fishmouth! Baby Fishmouth!
Bunnyboy: RIP Bruno Kirby
Hemlock Stones: hi Bunny
Bambi: hi Bunny
cease: hi bunny
Dexter Fong: Hiya BBoy
klokwkdog: my grandfather made leather goods for buggies
llanwydd: el llama esta quadrupedo!
klokwkdog: 'lo Bun
cease: unfortunatley, yes,
Dexter Fong: Cuidado!! LLamas!!
cease: tv is not their medium
Bambi: you have 4 llamas?
klokwkdog wants to know where to get a cheap 1-hr windup timer; forget the whips
Hemlock Stones: incidentally, would any of you folks happen to know where upwards of twenty thousand lost pieces of hand luggage might be located
Bambi: or you have a llama with four feet?
cease: no only two llamas, but a lot of drugs
klokwkdog: I thought it was only 5,000 actually missing, Stones
Merlyn: have you looked in your other hand?
Dexter Fong: Hemlock: Aisle Seven
Hemlock Stones: no they "found" that more had gone astray
Bambi: in a Lorry?
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and snorts derisively "Announcing 'Mudhead', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:34 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the Aviary...
Dexter Fong: In a Peter?
||||||||| principalpoop enters at 9:34 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and dashes off to the Chapeau Manger.
klokwkdog: no, I think it was Curly
llanwydd: hey muddy!
Dexter Fong: Mudhead and poop
Hemlock Stones: usually they turn up months or years later in an old railway siding near Crewe
Bambi: hi Mudhead and PrinceP
llanwydd: peter bilt
principalpoop: hello, oh lydia
klokwkdog: baggage handling has never been one of Heathrow's strengths
Hemlock Stones: Hi PP
llanwydd: hey princep
cease: the tatooed lady?
cease: poop
llanwydd: you can learn a lot from her
principalpoop: that is her
klokwkdog: Krishna Consciousness Center got blown up today
Hemlock Stones: latest klok is that the airlines are banding together to take the government to court
principalpoop: how are all you macacas?
Bunnyboy: There's a lovely new inexpensive pageant of a DVD out now: APOCALYPSE NOW: THE COMPLETE DOSSIER.
cease: no it's Macaca consciousness
Mudhead: Hello dear friends
llanwydd: no no mr swineherd, krishn konsciousness
principalpoop: yucatan blue
Bambi waves
Hemlock Stones: and did you hear that our Deputy Prime Minister has described Blairs friend W as "Crap"
principalpoop waves back
klokwkdog: The Hindu Forum of Britain has strongly condemned the bomb attack on the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in Imphal which killed at least five and injured several others during the festival of Janmastami to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.
Mudhead: Catherwood toast an almond for Bambi
||||||||| Catherwood walks right past Mudhead
principalpoop: i saw that
Bunnyboy: 2 discs, the 1979 and 2001 cuts, Coppola commentary, and great selection of background materials. It list at $19.99, but I've seen it listed as cheap as $12.99. Excellent transfer as well, BTW.
klokwkdog: not a smart thing for an immigrant to say
principalpoop: ahh, clem
cease: thanks bun
Mudhead: it is sounding fine here in Connecticut
llanwydd: I hadn't heard about the bombing. I'm shocked
klokwkdog: Stones -- yep. But it was Prescott. Isn't he kind of aphasic these days?
Dexter Fong: Yes, distortion has gone away
Bambi: Did you hear that a Judge in Detroit said no more illegal NSA searches ... it's up on my blog ... upholding the Constitution should be first order of business :-)
cease: you are in conn, mud?
principalpoop: sounds super hear
Mudhead: sounds rteal good
klokwkdog: Bambi -- "no hereditary monarchs"! ;-)
llanwydd: I was glad to hear about that, bambi
Bambi: http://www.bambismusings.com
llanwydd: I'll bet we all were
Mudhead: but I like the butterflys
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and GateKeeperTweeny disembarks at 9:39 PM.
principalpoop: I saw that bambi, something about the 4th amendment and warrants, she must be a traitor lol
klokwkdog: cat -- I think he's in Groton
Hemlock Stones: actually its the first thing that Prescott has said that anyone agreed with, but Tony will be well pissed when he gets back from his hols.
GateKeeperTweeny: Hey all...
Bunnyboy: Now, if they'd just get off the dime on bring HEARTS OF DARKNESS, Eleanor Coppola's doc on the legendary and horrendous film shoot, back on video...
llanwydd: hey tween!
principalpoop: hi tween
Mudhead: Im in New London cat
cease: tween
klokwkdog: 'lo Tween. just in time for gNick Dan-ger
Dexter Fong: Hey Tweeny
Bambi: hey Tweeny
GateKeeperTweeny: Sorry, been watching Sandra Bullock's "The Net"
klokwkdog: same difference, just a bridge
principalpoop: oh my nose
Mudhead: im on this side
klokwkdog: 2nd prize is watching "The Net" twice...
Bambi: did you see today's entry on my blog Tween?
Bunnyboy: did I say "bring"? I meant "bringing".
llanwydd: which danger are they playing? I'll go put mine on and we'll have a simulcast of a sort
GateKeeperTweeny: He nose best who nose last...
Bunnyboy: There's a bringing in my head. Damnable SFX!
cease: is it a good net?
klokwkdog: Mudhead -- we know which side you are on. And so does the NSA.
Mudhead: if 3 of us do that do we get 3D?
principalpoop: cut them off at the past
klokwkdog: so you better straighten up and fly right
GateKeeperTweeny: Gurgle... what have you caught?
Mudhead: y...left!
klokwkdog: Bunny -- if you had the right gear, it would be THX and you'd be OK
GateKeeperTweeny: All we need to be successful is eqpt like Dreamworks...
Bunnyboy: There's also an authorized documentary of Burning Man, BURNINING MAN - BEYOND BLACK ROCK.
Bunnyboy: www.burningmanmovie.com
cease: white rock?
principalpoop: SFX is san francisco internation and LAX is la international, where is THX?
Bunnyboy: Burnininnng? Ouch, my fingers!
Dexter Fong: John Tesch - Beyond Red Rock
GateKeeperTweeny: Chris Rock? How not to get your A$$ kicked by the poolice?
klokwkdog: everyone has blogs; I just can't keep up
GateKeeperTweeny: Excellent video.
cease: i saw his flick about bdcoming president. amazingly bad
Mudhead: just hold your thumb under your lines like I do
Bambi: on the lead in on many movies?
GateKeeperTweeny: BD? The Donnesbury character?
klokwkdog: EU regulations now require getting the lead out of old movies
principalpoop: BVDs
Bunnyboy: Yoiks! I've heard Nick Danger hundreds of times, and I just identified the organ song during the Dwarf Maples scene.
llanwydd: I'd estimate I've heard 2 Places over a hundred times
GateKeeperTweeny: Oh, kissing on the wrong page. See ya in court, Jim...
Mudhead: the lead?
Bunnyboy: (sings) Give me a kiss to build a dream on, and my imagination...
GateKeeperTweeny: Get out the Lead Zepplin
Mudhead: theres lead in old films?
Bunnyboy: Oh, did the boys get clearance for the musical quote?
Mudhead: I've been smokin those for years
principalpoop: ahh yoiks, I knew him well
llanwydd: there are albums I've heard more often than that, including "The Yes Album"
cease: the companh did
cease: it was part of the contract
cease: they mention it in liner notes
Bunnyboy: Ah
klokwkdog: all those old movies have a lead in them. Oftentimes, he's really not that handsome
principalpoop: sort of like a signing statement?
principalpoop: and the chromium in kodachrome is illegal now
klokwkdog: never sign a statement you haven't read
GateKeeperTweeny: There's a series called Marx Brotrhers Classics - The Cocanuts, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horse Fetahers, Duck Soup and extras. Got it from an inter-library loan.
llanwydd: absolutely true, klok
klokwkdog: poop -- no, you can still get it if you know who to ask
principalpoop: I will sign anything, do bother bringing in the board and cellophane
Mudhead: Oh I'm giddy as a schoolgirl, Stargate 200th episode is on tommorow night and we finally meet the Furlings.
principalpoop: don't
llanwydd: I have all those on VHS except Animal Crackers
llanwydd: taped them off TCM
GateKeeperTweeny: Hail Freedonia!
principalpoop: those are classics
klokwkdog vaguely wonders how Stargate can still be running
Bunnyboy: Tween: Silver box?
GateKeeperTweeny: This is a DVD collection I got for loan. I use WordCat to search. Amazing what you can find.
llanwydd: I think the Cocoanuts is a very underrated film
Mudhead: 10 years, two series, and a new one planned
llanwydd: it was very groundbreaking for it's time
klokwkdog: Bunny -- no, you have to put them in a DVD player
GateKeeperTweeny: Just a plain white boxed set of DVDs.
Bunnyboy: (sings) Land of the Free and the Brave!
principalpoop: the furlings, the landlord on 3s company?
GateKeeperTweeny: Lot's of free stuf on Inter-library loan.
klokwkdog: are they related to the fortnights?
Bunnyboy: "When I was your age, I didn't have a nickel in my pocket. Now I've got a nickel in my pocket!
llanwydd: no that was mr. roper
principalpoop: fife and drum corps
GateKeeperTweeny: I shall night thee fort, sir...
principalpoop: before roper, or after
llanwydd: I remember that quote, bunny
Merlyn: this country needs a seven-cent nickel
GateKeeperTweeny: Can someone give him a quarter?
Bunnyboy: We give no quarter!
cease: a quarter of what?
Bambi: well, might as well since they may be doing away with the Penny here ...
principalpoop: don't you remember? what was 5 is 3
Mudhead: a quarter, I only bought an eighth
Bunnyboy: Merl: It still won't be enough.
Dexter Fong: ;
llanwydd: and now we'll have a little entertainment. very little
Bambi: doing away with the penny seems more like a marketing move than a need...
Bunnyboy: It figures that the Pennypinchers would wanna pinch the pennies.
klokwkdog: all these fractional people. everyone is being marginalized
GateKeeperTweeny: WorldCat is just that. A search engine that searches world libraries. Amazing...
principalpoop: they want room in the drawer for those silly dollar coins lol
klokwkdog: which worlds have you searched, Tweeny?
GateKeeperTweeny: I'll pinch a farthing if it get's the rent...
GateKeeperTweeny: brb
cease: there go the chinese!
Dexter Fong: afk for refill
principalpoop: it's ok, their speaking chinese
klokwkdog: I never thought about using that to get a chance to listen to a copy of Gas Music from Jupiter
klokwkdog: they are very hard to get, I hear
llanwydd: what do you mean, cat? did the world turn over?
cease: arnet y oistrening to cni?
cease: i jsut turned it on
||||||||| Catherwood sneaks into the room, and intones "Announcing 'doctec', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:53 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the Aviary...
principalpoop: no, only have a key
klokwkdog: the Chinese sure went this morning on Newshour. Gave it to the US with both barrels
Bambi: hey doc
cease: hey its the doc
doctec: am i here yet?
klokwkdog: half
cease: now we can get sick!
llanwydd: hey doc!
principalpoop: hi nancy, or bettyjo
klokwkdog: just barely, DT
Bunnyboy: lo dere, doc
Hemlock Stones: hi there doc
doctec: finally got the doing agatha soundtrack work done
cease: fantastic
Merlyn: sounds good, doc
klokwkdog: isn't that soundtrack done yet?
Bunnyboy: doc: Heads up. Review the log for my blather about new APOCALYPSE NOW and BURNING MAN discs.
principalpoop: that sleazy weasle
klokwkdog: final gandy-dancing, eh?
Dexter Fong: Hey Doc
doctec: the filmmakers are putting the finishing touches on the flick, to get it entered into the connecticut film festival (deadline for entry is aug 31)
principalpoop: wb fong
llanwydd: pyramid patchouli
cease: thats soon
doctec: re reviews: will do bb
cease: thats not a pyramid. that's my wife
GateKeeperTweeny: So, who's up for a game of Hide The Housekeeper?
GateKeeperTweeny: Whattta you do whatt?
Dexter Fong: Who's up for a game of spin the Au Pair?
doctec: also i got work that pump audio got my cd and will et me know in the next week or so which of my tunes will be added to their catalog
principalpoop: with glycerin fibrafoam
GateKeeperTweeny: Quite, Fong.
GateKeeperTweeny: A Nice Pair, indeed :-)
doctec: that's WORD not work ... i wish!
Bunnyboy: doc: work=word? Freudian typo?
Bunnyboy: Congrats, doc!
Mudhead: Couple of new Darwin Award Nominees today folks
GateKeeperTweeny: Hello, I'm Syd Barrett for Ralph Spolisport Motors...
Bambi: cotton candy! Just had some yesterday from the annual Fair
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and announces "Presenting 'Elayne', just granted probation at 9:58 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
llanwydd: are you guys listening to the further adventures of nick danger on cni
Elayne: Evenin' all!
Mudhead: A 30-year-old man was killed Tuesday afternoon when he was sucked into a wood chipper while trying to dislodge a piece of wood that had jammed it.
principalpoop: hey you, out of the gene pool
GateKeeperTweeny: Hey E...
Dexter Fong: llan: Yes
principalpoop: HI E
Bambi: hi Elayne!
Dexter Fong: Elayne: Hi
Bunnyboy: They're coming outta the wordwork.
cease: im back.
llanwydd: I don't get cni but I thought you were listening to it so I put on my cassette copy of it
cease: hey el
cease: how's it elling?
Mudhead: The man was using his foot to clear debris that had jammed the wood chipper around 5:20 p.m. when his foot became entangled in the machine, witnesses told police.
Bunnyboy: Opposite of wordplay.
doctec: finally, i don't know if i mentioned this: i had my first physical in 9 years, doc reviewed the blood work and gave me a clean bill of health
llanwydd: hi elayne
Bunnyboy: lo El!
Elayne: Oh dear, I had to enter when someone was having a woody...
GateKeeperTweeny: Watch out for those Ents...
Mudhead: His co-workers tried to rescue him from the intake, but he was pulled into and through the wood chipper.
principalpoop: ouch
Elayne: Congrats, Tom!
Mudhead: aye
doctec: thanks e
llanwydd: stop trackin mud across my nice clean kitchen floor!!!
GateKeeperTweeny: Ter be not a clair o net left of him.
Bunnyboy: Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha!
Mudhead: Thinnin of the herd, clear out the dead wood
Dexter Fong: Mud: He probably was a member of some splinter group
principalpoop: I saw him on letterman, but he came through ok that time
Elayne: Tom, I'm sorry your gift was stolen (don't know if you saw my blog)...
GateKeeperTweeny: A clean windshield and a full tank!
Mudhead: Next Darwin Award Nominee
Mudhead: Man Straps Fireworks to Head as Party Stunt, Detonates
GateKeeperTweeny: Congrats Doc.
Mudhead: In a moment of mental lapse, Kaleb Spangler, of Bloomington Il. decided to really razzle dazzle the crowd at a local party. He strapped an old football helmet to his head and lit the fuse of a fireworks show mortar shell taped to it.
GateKeeperTweeny: LOL Mud
doctec: e: no, didn't see your blog. is it something i can replace for you?
GateKeeperTweeny: Hope Jobs didn't have anything to do with it ;-)
Mudhead: The spectacular blast dazzled the crowd alright and nearly blew Mr. Spangler’s head off. The helmet was destroyed by the explosion and Mr. Spangler was taken to a local hospital with severe burns, lacerations and a concussion.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Fong: Mud: ...and his last words were, :Hey, guys, watch this!!:
Bambi: That's always great news Doc! Doc gives Doc a clean bill of health :-)
||||||||| Dr. Headphones enters at 10:01 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and scurries off to the Hat Pack Annex.
klokwkdog: congrats, DT. I think the operative word in the process was clean bill ;-)
Dr. Headphones: good evening, dear friends
Mudhead: Those are todays nominees
klokwkdog: YO! Ken!
GateKeeperTweeny: Mr. Kite performed on trampoline?
Bunnyboy: lo kend!
llanwydd: hey kend!
GateKeeperTweeny: Mothertrucker...
Elayne: Hi Kend!Q
Dr. Headphones: can't stay long, gotta go to bed real quick
Bambi: hey Ken!
Dexter Fong: Hey Kend^
principalpoop: I like the guy working on his roof, he used a rope going over the top and attached to the bumper of his car. he forgot to tell his wife
Elayne: It's already being replaced, Tom. It's the Ralph Spoilsport license plate frame you got me.
GateKeeperTweeny: How's the asphalt treatin' ya?
principalpoop: ok ken :D
klokwkdog: I thought you were going to Detroit these days, Ken
doctec: e: i have a spare somewhere...
Bunnyboy saws logs furtively
cease: intersetng image, el
cease: i rmeember it fondly
Dr. Headphones: klok: i went yesterday and today and hated every second.
Elayne: My local Hyundai dealer decided they didn't like a fake ad and they threw it away and put on their own.
cease: hey kend
cease: i miseed your appearance
cease: hows it truckin
Dr. Headphones: tomorrow i get to go to lafayette, in
Elayne: And now they're denying they ever did it, when their logo and phone number are right there on the frames!
doctec: e: sheesh! what a**holes!
GateKeeperTweeny: Johnny Appleseed?
Elayne: Lodestone is sending me two, gratis. And putting my story on their blog. :)
GateKeeperTweeny: Grid bless, ya Ken.
Dr. Headphones: tween: read "the botany of desire" by michael pollan for the lowdown on j. appleseed
principalpoop: indiana is a big terrorist target, take care there
doctec: e: ok, good to know john is taking care of you.
Bunnyboy: (sings) When the blue of the night meets the gold of the day...
Elayne: Yeah, they're swellerific.
Dr. Headphones: poop: all the latest rock throwing/shooting is up around gary
Merlyn: I still have to put my plate frame on
principalpoop: gary puckett is having troubles?
Elayne: I actually paid for two new ones, and John "null and void"ed my order. :)
GateKeeperTweeny: Merl's been framed!
Bambi: that's closer to you isn't it Ken (Gary)?
Dr. Headphones: i just finished my plate. pork loin, garlic bread, peas/carrots, french fries. er, make that FREEDOM FRIES!
Mudhead: knivings down?
Elayne: Brian, might I suggest using super-glue?
Elayne: Sounds tasty, Dr. H!
Dr. Headphones: bambi: gary is a suburb of chicago. a truly miserable place to be
GateKeeperTweeny: Which way's Goshen?
Bambi: ah, ok
GateKeeperTweeny: It's been 2 hours since we crossed the Ohio River...
Dr. Headphones: goshen is about 25 miles from here. been there many times
Elayne: Freedom's always tasty.
llanwydd: what part of nick danger is on now?
klokwkdog: Ken -- how you holding up against those terrorists throwing exploding Trac phones
Elayne: Very often I've discussed freedom and have been told "Eat it!"
Bunnyboy: No more fois gras in Chicago.
klokwkdog: I hear they blew up the Mackinac bridge last week using 1000 of them
principalpoop: FDR is surrendering llan
doctec: you can call 'em french fries now - the white house cafeteria re-named them french fries once gov. mey (sp?) bowed out
Dexter Fong: The President's Pearl harbor announcemnt
GateKeeperTweeny: Proc's hometown, or so the Germans would have you believe...
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Boney into the room, accepts a $3 bill as a gratuity, grumbles something about 10:06 PM, then departs.
Dr. Headphones: lol, lkok! apparently they were really buying them to resell, macinac bridge not in danger
Bambi: yes, and reason to revel in it today ... thanks to today's events
Elayne: Hi Boney!
Bambi: hi Boney
Dexter Fong: Hi Boney
GateKeeperTweeny: Klok, it's not a bone...
Boney: I can't get over it. Catherwood is telling the correct time.
||||||||| Catherwood brings over it is telling the correct time.
Dr. Headphones: did we already discuss the ACLU suit and the slap in dubya's face today?
cease: bone
llanwydd: what part of nick danger is on now?
klokwkdog: Ken - the Michigan authorities insist they were gonna blow up every inch of all 5 mi. of it using Trac phones from Wal-Mart
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, you're a buffoon
||||||||| Catherwood ignores Dexter Fong
Dr. Headphones: hey boney
Bambi: Catherwood please pour me a toasted almond
||||||||| Catherwood hands Bambi a toasted almond.
klokwkdog: somewhat, Ken
principalpoop: how would doris go play canasta with with her sister if the macinac bridge was destroyed? dastardly terrorists
GateKeeperTweeny: The Andriod Corporate Linguistics Union?
klokwkdog: end of the original, llan
Merlyn: Catherwood, slap George Bush
||||||||| Catherwood walks right past Merlyn
doctec: exploding phones - what will they think of next?
Bambi: thank you Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood answers "You're welcome."
Boney: Slap in the Dubster's face? Do tell.
Dr. Headphones: klok: those michigan authorities are in caro and sanilac county. that's the portion of the state not many claim
Mudhead: Exploding laptops
llanwydd: I hope 3 Faces will be on tonight. I have that one too
klokwkdog: DT -- exploding Dell laptops?
principalpoop: wots up catherwood?
||||||||| Catherwood wotss up.
doctec: catherwood, go toast me an almond
||||||||| Catherwood toasts doctec an almond.
GateKeeperTweeny: Leave the dastardly dees for Boris Badanoff..
klokwkdog: llan -- Clem just came on, Nick Danger original ended
Dr. Headphones: boney: the ACLU suit about warrantless wiretapping, unconstitutional and illegal, cease and desist
doctec: do the dells explode or just melt in your hands?
GateKeeperTweeny: Oh, my Grid. 1 million laptops. Dell be eatin' crow for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Bunnyboy: Meh heh heh!
llanwydd: thanks klok. I'm still listening to it
klokwkdog: DT -- both
Boney: The Dubster heard the sound of one hand clapping? A metaphorical or literal slap?
principalpoop: get a real connection llan, use wmp and a listen please program patch
Mudhead: nah, thats tootsie pops
llanwydd: this really sucks that I can't get cni
Dr. Headphones: doc: i'm wondering if mine (HP) has one of those sony batteries. it gets hot and shuts itself off all the time
klokwkdog: I thought you couldn't listen to CNI, llan
doctec: sony''s gonna pony up some scratch for the dell battery fiasco - as well they should
GateKeeperTweeny: You're just going to have to petition Mr. Gates, LL. I'm sure he'll listen...
klokwkdog: Ken -- good analysis of the Li-Ion batts in NYT this week
Boney: el Presidente been served. He's the ACLU's bitch
Dr. Headphones: i guess i could just open the back and look, huh?
llanwydd: that's an idea, tween. think I have a chance?
doctec: ken: my hp battery has been fine, it was the integrated video hardware that was causing all the problems i had with it this year
Dr. Headphones: but would it say "sony" on it?
Boney: punk ass bitchslap
Bunnyboy: I'm not usually a "collectible vinyl figure" kinda guy, but I couldn't resist this one:
GateKeeperTweeny: When pigs fly, LL lol
klokwkdog: Sony left metal particles inside that short out some plates which heat up the cobalt oxide that puts out oxygen and then that allows the carbon plate to burn and that liberates more oxygen and....
Bunnyboy: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=13-892
Dr. Headphones: i guess this weekend i'll do surgery on it, check the HP website, whatever
Dexter Fong sings "Blow upon my lap Sony Boy..."
llanwydd: what's clem going to play next?
Bunnyboy: It's sitting on top of my rig, as we speak.
GateKeeperTweeny: Sounds distorted here, JL...
klokwkdog: A Fedex jet burned, just barely got onto the runway, most likely due to Li-Ion batts burning
principalpoop: the case of the missing shoe
Bambi: talked about that on my blog today Boney ... course it wasn't just the ACLU ...there were other advocacy groups involved as well.
GateKeeperTweeny: Original CNI feed...
Dr. Headphones: hey dex, did you get in touch with dave? i got your "sorry i was out of town" note
Boney: Next year the Dubster will be served a subpeona
llanwydd: I used to have missing shoe
principalpoop: founds sine here
Elayne is multitasking...be right back...
llanwydd: "your local Chevrolet bottler!"
Dr. Headphones: llan: if you had it, then it wasn't missing
doctec: after sending to them for the third time in six months, and waiting for close to a month for them to fix it the third time, they basically said "we can wait another month to get a replacement motherboard with your same video hardware..."
Bunnyboy: (sings) The Prince George Hotel is a happy hotel, you should stay there when you are in town...
GateKeeperTweeny: what URL P?
Dexter Fong: Kend^ Tried but failed
GateKeeperTweeny: Bottles is here?
klokwkdog: Great picture of guy in TX whose laptop on floor caught fire and that caused the ammunition (of course) in the glove compartment to go off and so on until the truck was completely gutted
Boney: subpoena
ah,clem: monitoring a backfeed here Tweeney, don't hear it
GateKeeperTweeny: Must be me...
Merlyn: ammunition is flammable?
doctec: "or we can fix it now with integrated video hardware that's a step down from what you bought. we'll throw in some tchotchkies to make it worth your while...\
Bunnyboy: "Baby shoes?!? That does it! I'll kill him! Wake the bum up!"
Dr. Headphones: merlyn, ammo is class 1 hazmat, not allowed in tunnels or inner cities, etc.
Boney: Next year the neocons will be slap happy
doctec: i went for the tchotchkies and the slightly slower video hardware. to be honest i haven't noticed a performance difference and the thing runs a hell of a lot cooler now
Bunnyboy: "When Polly's in trouble, I am not slow, it's hip-hip-hip and awaaaaaaay I go!"
GateKeeperTweeny: Same deal P.
Merlyn: I always go into tunnels with ammo
Bunnyboy: Underdog is one of the "chemically altered" superheroes, as is Super Chicken, Roger Ramjet, Hourman, etc.
principalpoop: clear as a bell
klokwkdog: "fast" video hardware is usually for gamers. and there's no way to get good gaming perf. on laptops -- an oxymoron anyway. good pick, DT
doctec: it was great having both my desktop and laptop systems running in tandem while working on the movie score, i was able to get a lot done very quickly
cease: good to hear, doc
Dr. Headphones: well, ladies and gentlemen (and i use that term loosely), it's time for me to turn into a pumpkin so i can get up at 5am and go to work at 630. g'nite, all
GateKeeperTweeny: Must be iTunes...
Merlyn: nite phones
Mudhead: nite doc
principalpoop: bypass gary
Dr. Headphones: later, all
Merlyn: captain equinox only has to wait 6 months
GateKeeperTweeny: Me too. early morning...
Dexter Fong: Night Kend^, safe driving
||||||||| GateKeeperTweeny leaves at 10:15 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
doctec: ttfn tty ken
klokwkdog: ken -- read this: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/16/technology/16battery.html
cease: kend
||||||||| Dr. Headphones is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 10:15 PM.
klokwkdog: nite Ken, Tween
doctec: ... & keep those emails comin'!
Bunnyboy: nite kend!
principalpoop: oops night tween
cease: tween
klokwkdog: I can't bear that!
Dexter Fong: Look before you leap Clem
klokwkdog: I can't hang on much longer
principalpoop: one man, one channel
klokwkdog: that was 5 sec.
Bunnyboy: Aw, ain't it cute. ah clem's wanderin'.
Mudhead: here, take my hand
klokwkdog: I'm a stranger in Paradise
Dexter Fong: I'm a stranger with a pari of dice
Mudhead: lucky 7
Dexter Fong: Much cleaner Clem
principalpoop: don't trust my ears, it sounded perfect before
klokwkdog: I just docked the Tiki at the pier down the street...
doctec: two surgeons: a pair o' docks
Merlyn: Here's my favorite answer to flaming laptop batteries: http://www.laptop.org/OLPC_files/laptop-crank.jpg
klokwkdog: plimsoles
llanwydd: I'm going gray
Dexter Fong: sand dabs
klokwkdog: Merlyn -- I personally prefer the foot pedal model
Elayne: Oops, back now. Sorry for the fading.
Bunnyboy: (sings) I am slowly growing older, silver threads amongst the gold.
klokwkdog: you have to buy a fader if you intend to do that professionally, E
Boney: Look out for that "best of my ability" loophole in the Presidential Oath of Office.
doctec: cat, are you gonna send me more travelling ishikawa stuff to put up on your site?
klokwkdog: If Bun keeps it up, we're going to be in big trouble with the RIAA
doctec: i'm ready if you are...
Dexter Fong: Bunnyboy will be right back with more of those old time favorites, each and everyone a rarely heard hit
Mudhead: I use Viagra for that
Bunnyboy: Fair use! Fair use!
Bunnyboy growls
doctec: a fair use for all and no fair to anybody
llanwydd: ghjkl
Dexter Fong: tyuio
Bunnyboy: (sings) By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...
Dexter Fong: 56789
principalpoop: stop that, that is my joke
principalpoop: plagarists
Boney: brb
doctec: i recently took delivery of fred's firesign book and i have to say, he did a fantastic job. i'm still taking it in, i'll be adding a review on amazon soon
doctec: who else here has read it?
Mudhead: ahh, Ma Raineys
Dexter Fong: Doc: working my way thru it
principalpoop: whole moleskin cookies ewwwwwwww
llanwydd: I just got a pop-up and deleted it. It was a knee-jerk reaction. If one of you guys sent it to me would you send it again?
Dexter Fong: llan: I just got a pop tart, looks just like mariah carey
principalpoop: blueberry or brown sugar cinnamon popup?
Bunnyboy: You're turning violet, Violet!
cease: ihndeed, doc
cease: fred's book is a fine addition to fireisigniyness
Dexter Fong: Cat: Just finished reading American Gods,,,a really interesting read
cease: thats not violet, that's patty
cease: yers i read it when it came out, dex
Dexter Fong: YOu're turning patty, violet
cease: im a big fan of gainana's graphic novels and the script he did for babylon 5
cease: but i odn think hes that intrersting in print
Dexter Fong: I got Neverwhere? I'll see
Bunnyboy: "BABY SHOES?!?"
Dexter Fong: Well done Bunny =))
llanwydd: a principal popup
principalpoop: it was a frame, I am innocent, well naive
Dexter Fong: poop: All natives are innocent
cease: naiveal gazin again/
Bunnyboy: Bunnette's en route, I'm gonna go catch her. Nitey, folks.
Dexter Fong: It's a naiveal engagement
Mudhead: Dick Nanger?
doctec: guy jin?
principalpoop: hip hop bunny
cease: nite bun
Dexter Fong: Night Bunny
klokwkdog: nite Bun
Dexter Fong: Jin and tonic?
principalpoop: where are you taking me, waffle eyes?
cease: ishikawa, gaijin desu
||||||||| At 10:28 PM, Bunnyboy dashes out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
Dexter Fong: I'm taking you to IHOP
klokwkdog just tried something so dumb that he hopes the person who knows won't ever tell ;-)) (actually, having broadband makes one dumb...)
llanwydd: oh how waffle
cease: the kangaroo?
doctec: yeah, i gotta take off too. lili's whomping up some grub, i gotta help. cat, get me the travelling ishikawas stuff you want added to your site.
klokwkdog: nite DT, hi Lili
doctec: ttfn ttyl l8r et al... whoever al is ... :-)
cease: i'll email yuou about that, doc
Dexter Fong: I didn't know Ishikawa was a Willbury
Mudhead: nite neighbors
llanwydd: I've been getting horrible acid reflux the last few days. anybody know a natural cure?
Dexter Fong: Night Doc, hi to Lili
doctec: ok thanx all - see yaz all again soon
||||||||| At 10:30 PM, doctec vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
klokwkdog: nothing that you'd want to try, llan
llanwydd: nite doc
Mudhead: if its bacterial infection, doctor treatment, you may wanna get some acvtiva yogurt
Elayne: Damn, I missed him.
Elayne: I'd better go too, I'm not multitasking that well tonight.
Elayne: Next week, all.
||||||||| At 10:30 PM, Elayne vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
principalpoop: stop eating kebobs and pizza and what was other thing you ate...
klokwkdog: Castro has this "typhoon" cure that was in a NYT article. Involves oatmeal and stuff
Dexter Fong: Elayne: We *all* miss him
klokwkdog: nite E
llanwydd: activa. interesting. I've had that before
Dexter Fong: and you too
principalpoop: night E
Mudhead: Acidephillius
principalpoop: very modernistic with all the commercials
Dexter Fong: Three Faces of Al?
Mudhead: whats the name of this ah,clem ?
klokwkdog: thought this was missing shoe
Dexter Fong: Klok: Shoe ended
llanwydd: If he's playing 3 Faces I have that one on cassette. I can go put it on
klokwkdog: oh
Dexter Fong: Think this is # Faces of Al
Dexter Fong: 3
klokwkdog: must be 3 faces then
principalpoop: nancy on the phone, page 3
cease: not good enough production quaility, dex
Dexter Fong: Cat: Eh?
klokwkdog: they repossed the squeak
llanwydd: In the heart of a city that has no heart...
cease: ths coulndt be the released version of that
cease: just enjoyin g rich steves wandering aorund lisbon
Mudhead: shark skin suit....lol
cease: euro cities have great hearts
principalpoop: those flat things with eyes
cease: spleens,
cease: far flung isles of langrhands
Dexter Fong: Cat: I could be wrong but think it *is* the released version, not some of the other versions such as "Frame Me Pretty" etc
klokwkdog: llan -- "Wino Brothers" ad
cease: ok now it sounbds like produciton values
cease: maybe my speakers arent set right
principalpoop: it is the 3 faces of al
cease: sounds really shitty
klokwkdog: Ok, 20 seconds after Windo Brothers ad, llan
llanwydd: you live here, sweetheart, or do you just work in the driveway?
klokwkdog: Blutwurst
klokwkdog: (I'm providing cues for llan to sync with)
Dexter Fong: Cat: There is a certain amount of gritiness and distortion present
llanwydd: add water, it's wet
klokwkdog: Nick kicks Blutwurst out of the car
cease: like an old cassette?
cease: i have the album
llanwydd: over and out
Dexter Fong: Nick approaches van Pederasty mansion
cease: listeneed to it very rarely
principalpoop: i am glad I have bad ears, this sounds clear
Dexter Fong: Nick shoots siren with shotgun
klokwkdog: I guess that's what the shotgun is for
klokwkdog: I hate crickets
Dexter Fong: whoo
llanwydd: I hate crickets
principalpoop: a dame
klokwkdog: you're in sync!
Dexter Fong: Broom salesman
cease: i don tcare for english sports
llanwydd: I guess we're in synch now
klokwkdog: cut so low, elbows poor man brooms
Dexter Fong: Cat: Nudge nudge wink wink?
cease: this is funny
principalpoop: her brushoff made me bristle
llanwydd: how many hounds had to die for that suit?
klokwkdog: Cat -- Hemlock has been very proper and accomodating; what's the problem?
klokwkdog: they chased the sharks
klokwkdog: roaring fire
Dexter Fong: snakes
principalpoop: fire pit
llanwydd: you know what I like about this album. It takes the original Danger concept further. reality is upstaged by theatre
principalpoop: no script
cease: good point, llan
klokwkdog: yeah, they break down the 5th wall
Mudhead: comin back from the fiddlers, its bout beddy bye time for me
klokwkdog: sleep well, Mud!
principalpoop: murder one omg
cease: mud
llanwydd: nite mudhead!
Mudhead: adieu mon dios
Dexter Fong: May the fiddler play you into good health Mud
principalpoop: night night mud
Mudhead: nite all
||||||||| Mudhead leaves at 10:44 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
cease: keep on muding
klokwkdog: the concert's sold out!
Merlyn: nite mud
llanwydd: you're singing to the swells tonight
principalpoop: break a wing angel
klokwkdog: netted the anchovy market
Dexter Fong: Nick in Jail
Merlyn: well, I didn't know that the blind news boy in "Bride of Firesign" was in "3 Faces of Al"
klokwkdog: Merlyn -- they used a different newsboy
Dexter Fong: Merl: He had a continuing part contract
klokwkdog: sha-zam! didn't you know that?? ;-)
llanwydd: he's only blind for tax purposes
Merlyn: I was blindsided
Dexter Fong: Billy Batson was *not* blind..he was a gimp
||||||||| At 10:48 PM, Boney vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Dexter Fong: afk for refill
||||||||| Hemlock Stones leaves at 10:48 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
llanwydd: don't forget de fries bro
klokwkdog: police acting school
llanwydd: I picked a zucchini today. but it's not any ordinary zucchini. it's the first zucchini I ever grew
llanwydd: I'm rather happy about it
klokwkdog: congrats, llan!
cease: thats not acting, thats the police
cease: good for you llan
cease: im sure it'll be delicious
llanwydd: LOL
llanwydd: I'm getting a lot of cherry tomatoes as well
klokwkdog only bought 2 zucchinis at the store tonight. Not much of an accomplishment
klokwkdog: they can't make up their mind?
principalpoop cannot even spell zookini
klokwkdog: o'blutwurst...?
Dexter Fong: Blutwurst's son
llanwydd: O Blutwurst is on Giant Rat. the character on 3 Faces is just Blutwurst
klokwkdog: son is blutwurstsen
llanwydd: yeah he's my father. he used to call me Little Blutwurst
principalpoop: anchovy opium gum
klokwkdog: enough is never enough
Dexter Fong: Continuety? We got it right here
llanwydd: we're glad that you picked it and now you're addicted!
klokwkdog: Fo Young to die
Dexter Fong: I thought it said and now "you're a dick hed"
llanwydd: Roccoco Bubble-O Opium Gum!
llanwydd: LOL Dex!
Dexter Fong: A truly great scene coming up
klokwkdog: hindu nightmare
klokwkdog: think of the residuals!
llanwydd: yeah I wonder what a hindu nightmare is
principalpoop: bradshaw, nancy and pederasty??
Dexter Fong: "he shot herself" great!!!
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
llanwydd: yeah those are the three faces, princep
principalpoop: ahh, it all comes clear like the something at the end of a hot fist
Dexter Fong: llan: Hindu nightmare = Think Vishnu and Kali..multiple arms legs heads sexual organs weapons
llanwydd: that IS a nightmare
Dexter Fong: No, that's reality
klokwkdog: ...or at least very hard to stage...
principalpoop: vanpederasty and the sponge
llanwydd: OK I'll take your word that vishnu and kali are real. they certainly are in a sense
klokwkdog: in a 6th sense
llanwydd: wonder how you steer one of these junks
Dexter Fong: Llan: Sure! Never heard anyone ask you ""Vishnu with you'?
principalpoop: that was cool, super cool :D
klokwkdog: they have rudders, you know
principalpoop: he had to get up early
Dexter Fong: Thanks Clem, you had this audience by the ears =))
principalpoop: tween did
cease: of coufd, ah clem
klokwkdog: my ears still hertz
principalpoop: yes, entranced
llanwydd: a friend of mine named gorgonzollathecheesemonster made this tape for me
Dexter Fong: Klok: I read you 20 to 20
Dexter Fong: Flat!!
llanwydd: after 3 Faces he put some Pat Metheny on it
klokwkdog: you don't say, llan
principalpoop: fiat
klokwkdog: Pat Metheny is never out of place
klokwkdog: Clem is now playing side 2 of the Dear Friends LP
cease: i loved metheny
llanwydd: I used to have DF
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 11:07 PM and knod waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Dexter Fong: llan: There is an old FST FAN AND FRIEND OF THEM< PARTICULARLY Phil (sorry) Proctor who is known by that name...Paul Gorman
klokwkdog: Host: Michael Archangel
llanwydd: since I don't have DF I'll listen to Metheny
principalpoop nods at knod
klokwkdog: sounds like a plan, llan
Merlyn: hey knod
klokwkdog: I'm going to make a sandwich, but will return
llanwydd: It's not the same guy dex. this one is from bobsbrazerkolounge on Yahoo
knod: hey PP
Dexter Fong: Llan: Prolly so..he lives up in Vermont or NH or saomewhere they have a really strong mud season
llanwydd: I barely noticed knod come in. welcome, k
Dexter Fong: Donk Donk-a Donk, knod
knod: i always thought dear friends was an album to make the record company happy
knod: Donk Knod , whatever
Dexter Fong: Contractual Obligation?
cease: i think they wante as much exposure as the could get
llanwydd: I loved DF. I don't have it anymore. I'd like to get it on vinyl if I can ever find it
cease: it was perfect for ariplay of the stations of the day
knod: yes
knod: i've got it on vinyl, but never thought it was that good, it has a few good moments, but definately not their best
llanwydd: interesting how their radio style was in a sense the polar opposite of their studio style. One was rigidly planned and the other was pure glibness
Dexter Fong: knod: It's excerpts from the radio station as you probably know, hence not like the albums
principalpoop: just finished the 3 faces of al, my first time, I am still quivering
knod: yes
cease: frist time? wow
Dexter Fong: llan: There was a bit more to the radio shows than that, especially DF and Let's Eat
llanwydd: If you think it's that great, knod, think about selling me your copy
llanwydd: I meant NOT that great
knod: nope :)
Dexter Fong: Welcome to Firesign Bay, a fare for everyone, and no fair for anyone
Merlyn: http://www.mutationchinchillas.com
llanwydd: I've never heard Let's Eat
cease: i remember thier 67 show. it was the best radio show i've ever heard
Dexter Fong: Few of us have, llan; They took the original hour broadcasts and edited them down to thirty minutes
knod: first time i heard them was in 68 probably
cease: or the sdlaves quarters
cease: long bfore i smoked, dex
Dexter Fong: knad: So you've been here from before the beginning
llanwydd: I was introduced to FST by a high school English teacher of mine
Dexter Fong: llan: Where'd you find out about zucchinis
llanwydd: on the last day of school there was nothing to do so he played Nick Danger
cease: they remain inflamable
knod: at the website? no way but i've been a fan of FST since the late 60's
cease: good for you, llan
Dexter Fong: knod: What I meant, years, not chat =)
llanwydd: interesting question, dex. I remember I first heard about zucchini on an episode of Sanford and Son
Dexter Fong: Okay =))
llanwydd: fred said, "All we got is these two cans. Pork n beans and zucchini
Dexter Fong: Was his son named O'Sanford?
principalpoop: we had zucchini with dinner, squash with style
llanwydd: I think not
Dexter Fong: His daddy called him little Sandford
cease: that was quite brilliant
principalpoop: lamont, like the senator
Dexter Fong: The senator has the power learned in the orient to cloud mens minds
principalpoop: with an amulet?
knod: i used to listen to fst on wybc, the Yale Broadcasting Channel, they did some live shows their,
llanwydd: the shadow knows
Dexter Fong: poop: with a gold watch
Dexter Fong: knod: Very cool
Dexter Fong: Proc's alma mater
klokwkdog: bak
Dexter Fong: Bregman's too
llanwydd: that reminds me of a joke on Laugh In
principalpoop: the lock company had a radio station?
cease: oxygen of sorts
Dexter Fong: About the Sanfords?
cease: thats firesign at its best
llanwydd: Orson Welles was on it. he was dressed like The Shadow. He said. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men" and a black guy looked around from behind him and said "De shadow do!"
Dexter Fong: poop: In those days it was known as the Lock and Load (nudge) Broadcastin Co.]
principalpoop: the only cure for which is death
Dexter Fong: That was Fred Sanford
principalpoop: thanks so much ahh, clem
llanwydd: LOL
cease: indeed, clem
knod: thanks ah clem
Dexter Fong: Muchas Gracias Clemito
klokwkdog: knod -- that really was before the beginning ;-)
principalpoop: toaaad away
klokwkdog: knod -- you are listening, too?
knod: lol Klok, yeah i am that old
Dexter Fong: Well Dear Friends, that *could* be me so I'm out,,,Piece
klokwkdog: good shew, Clem
knod: yes
klokwkdog: nite, Dex
||||||||| Outside, the 11:26 PM crosstown bus from Austin pulls away, leaving RufusTFiretween coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
llanwydd: good night, dex
cease: dex
RufusTFiretween: Couldn't sleep...
principalpoop: not old, say fossilized lol
llanwydd: hello again tween
klokwkdog: did you hear the Chinchillas, Tweeny?
principalpoop: wb tween, you missed it
Dexter Fong: Nite Klok, Cat, llan, poop, merlyn, Bambi and Clem, and welcome Knod
klokwkdog: Clem played it 4 you
RufusTFiretween: Hey LL
cease: tween again
llanwydd: too bad there aint more of a reception
RufusTFiretween: I haven't missed IT that much...
principalpoop: I will toodle too, so toodleloo
klokwkdog: we didn't want to bring you down (from Cloud 9)
cease: not enough receptors
Merlyn: nite dex
||||||||| At 11:27 PM, principalpoop vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
ah,clem: good night everyone, need to go out for some air now, have a great night :)
cease: poop
cease: good work, clem
llanwydd: nite clem
RufusTFiretween: Hey dog, quit sprayin' my cloud...
klokwkdog: wonderful show, take a break Clem
knod: nite ah clem
ah,clem: thanks
||||||||| ah,clem hurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's ah,clem?! It's 11:28 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
klokwkdog: See you Saturday for FST then, right?
klokwkdog: oh, too late
RufusTFiretween: J&B do a yeomans job. For nuthin' :=)
klokwkdog: they play real good for free
knod: well B does, not so sure about B
cease: unlike joni mitchell
llanwydd: TCM is showing Bela Lugosi films all day tomorrow
RufusTFiretween: Why Joni (Grid bless her)?
llanwydd: everything but Dracula
klokwkdog: but there are sub-tile messages on their site that direct interested viewers to their trades, so it's not completely altruistic ;-)
klokwkdog: none of us are anymore :-(
RufusTFiretween: Hey, in France they kiss on mainstreet...
knod: cool, they did a whole day of Marx borthers last week, i TiVo'd 4 of them
klokwkdog: her concerts cost money, Tween
klokwkdog: a day at the Marxes?
RufusTFiretween: Nobody bothers Marx!!
llanwydd: I taped three or four of those marx films as well
knod: lol
cease: A Iss on Main Street sounds like a flick from a distant era
RufusTFiretween: Yeah, like Yes & CSNY. Got a couple of hundred extra dollars, and that without dinner lol
cease: Kiss
llanwydd: got my work cut out for me tomorrow. they're showing White Zombie and Island of Lost Souls
cease: maybe from the flapper era
RufusTFiretween: Joni's done some really good stuff. And she really matured over the years. From pop folk to serious (almost) jazz.
cease: youre busy with zombies?
llanwydd: what about Yes, tween?
cease: you need to bone up on your Exorcism in Daily Life
RufusTFiretween: You're wearing makeup?
cease: very true tween, always liked her music
RufusTFiretween: They've played in Austin. Serious ticket prices.
RufusTFiretween: Did manage to catch CSN back in the mid- 90's here.
llanwydd: I'll bet
RufusTFiretween: Capillary action in the morning hours, Cat?
llanwydd: most I've ever paid to see Yes was $22. But I saw them in the front row at Madison Square Garden!
llanwydd: 1979
RufusTFiretween: More like $80-$100, but we're talking about a 1500 seat beer garden.
cease: ah the innocent days of cheap prices
RufusTFiretween: Saw Relayer three times w/Moraz in coliseum venues.
RufusTFiretween: Maybe they'll play Wal-Mart ;-)
llanwydd: yeah they needed stadiums in the Moraz days
RufusTFiretween: Moraz has re-released newly mastered copied of his solo albums.
llanwydd: very interesting you say that, tween. I once dreamed I saw Yes play in a supermarket very much like a Wal=Mart
llanwydd: might have been wal-mart
llanwydd: great show too!
RufusTFiretween: Owner of a new appliance...
llanwydd: LOL
Merlyn: Mall Wart
klokwkdog: did they autograph the appliances?
RufusTFiretween: Wall Wort, your energy store...
cease: close the door and the light stays on
klokwkdog missed when Yes played on his campus in early 70s. $6 :-(
RufusTFiretween: THat's before the dictograph, Klok...
llanwydd: got mail. brb
klokwkdog: it was before I knew who they were
klokwkdog: maybe before they knew who they were
RufusTFiretween: Relayer at RFK D.C., a baseball field in Phoenix (BTW it was 105 here today), and at Landover, MD.
klokwkdog: well, it's summer and you're in friggin' Austin, what do you expect???? ;-)
RufusTFiretween: We have met the anemone, and they is jellyfish.
klokwkdog: snow?
RufusTFiretween: Thrank Grid for A/C.
RufusTFiretween: Yeah, but you can run around in shorts most of the winter.
klokwkdog: my parents were in San Antonio during one part of the War
cease: ac green, fine laker
klokwkdog: no A/C except in movie theaters
RufusTFiretween: the War?
klokwkdog: WWII
cease: davey crocket?
RufusTFiretween: Austin is far north of Houston, thankfully.
RufusTFiretween: We only get 90% humidity for part of the day.
klokwkdog: I couldn't get far enough North of Houston!
llanwydd: b
klokwkdog: wb
RufusTFiretween: LOL Cat. Just watched The Alamo. Not bad.
cease: santana's coming and all i have to defend myself is my supreme powers of bullshit and another guy who's good with a knife
klokwkdog is waiting for a Mexican director to make a version...
RufusTFiretween: Jim Bowie had hisself one heckuva knife.
RufusTFiretween: To put it mildly, Santa Anna is made to look like a buffoon.
klokwkdog: yeah, it was actually kind of practical. designed for parrying a musket with bayonet
RufusTFiretween: Did check out Kill Bill (vol2). We'll see what Mr. Tarentino has to offer.
cease: i feel an inner mounting flame coming on
klokwkdog: more dyspepsia. first llan now you
klokwkdog: is it in the air?
RufusTFiretween: Ah, grasshopper... do you not see the guitar player at your feet?
klokwkdog has resisted the Bill movies
llanwydd: I saw The Alamo on a big screen
llanwydd: I saw the real Alamo as well
klokwkdog: Tweeny can go see the Alamo in person...
RufusTFiretween: lol Klok - I told the librarian that I'd doubt I'd like it, but people were saying it was so good...
RufusTFiretween: Not yet, although I've been to San Antonio (briefly)
llanwydd: I could forget it
klokwkdog: it's a library! you know what kind of people go in there!
RufusTFiretween: Spent the weekend at Corpus Christi. Our version of a beach.
llanwydd: It's the furthest west I've ever been
RufusTFiretween: I washed my hands and wore white gloves.
klokwkdog: I'd watch for Thurman and Hannah, that's about all
llanwydd: well it's gettin late and I'm ex freakin zausted
klokwkdog: body of christ that's a poor excuse for "beech"
llanwydd: see you next thoisdy
klokwkdog: nite llan.
cease: lan
klokwkdog: definitely
RufusTFiretween: Wat to make it down to South Padre Island. There's a nature preserve there (well, until Haliburton gets a hold of it )
klokwkdog: sleep well
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "11:52 PM and late as usual, it's TOR , just back from AOL."
RufusTFiretween: No joke, Klok. Oil refineries everywhere. Rather ironic name for the city ;-)
TOR : Howdy do, All
RufusTFiretween: Tor..
klokwkdog: right. people crowding into a nature preserve. what a grand idea
klokwkdog: 'lo TOR
cease: its tor
TOR : Wanna go see a phunny, phunny parody moi did? If'in yes.....http://www.amiright.com/photoshops/v/variousartistsalbum_1155349472.shtml
RufusTFiretween: They're fighting off condos, from what I hear.
cease: all is an exageration
cease: im sure you are, tor
TOR : I beat-off a condor once
klokwkdog: someday those condos will be historic founding buildings of the 21st century, like ancient castles in Ireland
RufusTFiretween: You wouldn't be a fan of Krassner, wouldja?
Dexter Fong: Wow, ba k before being repead
TOR : or did moi beet-off a beet?
cease: not a pleaent image, tor
TOR : The beet goes on
RufusTFiretween: He's been reaped!
Dexter Fong: I beat of two small goony birds once
klokwkdog: not toad, not reaped
cease: keep it sweet, beet head
RufusTFiretween: Howdy friends, I'm artichoke, and I'm just a joke...
klokwkdog: wb Dex.
TOR : Krassner, ain't got no idér who dat iz
Dexter Fong: It was my tern
TOR : Google is your friend
klokwkdog: infortunately, the tern is mine, and I must pumpkin shortly myself
klokwkdog: so, good-night alles
RufusTFiretween: www.paulkrassner.com - check out the Disney pic
cease: deputy google has no friends
Dexter Fong: Guten Nacht mein schickelgruber
cease: klok
||||||||| Catherwood enters with TOR signed moi's self out close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 11:55 PM tree-stunting plans, and hurries off to the anteroom.
klokwkdog: ja vowel
RufusTFiretween: O resevoir, dogman...
TOR signed moi's self out: Paul Krassner published Mad artist Wally Wood’s parody
RufusTFiretween: yep
klokwkdog: into the blue screen go i...
||||||||| klokwkdog rushes out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's klokwkdog?! It's 11:56 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
TOR signed moi's self out: It looks amusing, Ruf
RufusTFiretween: His "Irony Lives" CD is a hoot.
Dexter Fong: Oh disconsonant Klok, ea o
TOR signed moi's self out: I'll check it out, Ruf
TOR signed moi's self out: Irony Lives and Rusty never sleeps
Dexter Fong: As the last of the easteners I'm outta here too
RufusTFiretween: Spreaking of...
Dexter Fong: Night DFs
TOR signed moi's self out: Nite
cease: ok off we fly
||||||||| cease rushes off, saying "11:57 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
TOR signed moi's self out: Actually (Praise Miss Lou Ann Poovey) moi 'tis eastern, too.l
RufusTFiretween: The eyelids are beconing as well. Until last time, again...
||||||||| "Hey RufusTFiretween!" ... RufusTFiretween turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:58 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
TOR signed moi's self out: Okay, moi'll go. Stay on Groovin' Safari, TOR Hershman
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Merlyn: whoa, lots of action
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bambi - dead from Globner's disease
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from The Plague
||||||||| knod - dead from The Plague
||||||||| TOR - dead from The Plague
||||||||| TOR signed moi's self out - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Merlyn: Time to turn out the lights...
||||||||| At 12:10 AM, Merlyn vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 5:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Dr. Headphones
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TOR signed moi's self out
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