A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 5:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for September 14, 2006 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Outside, the 8:38 PM downtown bus from Brick pulls away, leaving ah,clem coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
||||||||| 8:39 PM -- ah,clem left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| ah,clem enters at 8:41 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and dashes off to the Chapeau Manger.
||||||||| ah,clem is forcibly ejected just as the clock strikes 8:46 PM.
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, September 14, 2006 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!" -- then he looks around at the empty room, looks at his watch, and mumbles "...am I early?"
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and H. Stones plummets to the lawn at 9:02 PM.
H. Stones: Greetings
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:02 PM and late as usual, it's Merlyn, just back from Minneapolis."
H. Stones: Hi Merlyn
Merlyn: hey stones, you just got a unique entrance message - I just changed it so it doesn't repeat 'lawn'
Merlyn: from now on you'll plummet into the garden as one of the choices
H. Stones: its the Plummeting part that i worry about most
Merlyn: maybe you should study sheep who don't plummet
||||||||| Catherwood leads ah,clem in through the front door at 9:05 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
H. Stones: Good Evening Clem
Merlyn: hallo
||||||||| "9:06 PM? I'm late!" exclaims ah,clem, who then scurries out through the french doors and down through the garden.
H. Stones: Merlyn, if you like English comedy and satire you might enjoy this 1966.ZIP
H. Stones: https://www3.sendthisfile.com/d.jsp?t=DvvIqh0wNje79kjiQbv1XFZS
Merlyn: ok, I'll check it out
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: 'How Time Flys'
H. Stones: its under 12 meg
Merlyn: Meg is under 12? THought she was older
H. Stones: careful you will get the room closed down
Merlyn: I meant 12 in dog years
Merlyn: 84
H. Stones: you will definately get the room closed down now
H. Stones: i was stomping around your patch on KFAI again yesterday morning
H. Stones: Echo chamber - Archives, most recent show
Merlyn: ok, good to know
Merlyn: For people reading this later, the KFAI archive is at http://www.kfai.org/kfai2/audarch.htm and the shows are Echo Chamber and Shockwave
H. Stones: you got it
H. Stones: sister show in the UK is ... On the Wire, BBC Radio Lancashire ..
H. Stones: http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/local_radio/
||||||||| "9:16 PM? 9:16 PM!!" says Catherwood, "wyddllan should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as wyddllan enters and sits in the comfy chair.
wyddllan: happy thursday. how's things?
H. Stones: Hi llan
Merlyn: fine
wyddllan: stones did you try to send me a private message just as I was shutting down my msntv a few days ago?
wyddllan: I lost the message. sorry
H. Stones: a few days ago is a long time in politics llan so i can only say, probably
wyddllan: since I happen to have how time flys, I think I'll put it on and listen with everybody else
H. Stones: i am trying to send you audio now llan
H. Stones: in messenger, click accept and see what happens
wyddllan: LOL I was looking all over for it and it was actually in the tape deck
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "9:22 PM and late as usual, it's Dexter Frong, just back from Funfun Town."
H. Stones: has something gone frong Dexter ?
Dexter Frong: How Time Flys...why it seems like only last week I was here chatting
Merlyn: Frongalicious
||||||||| llanwydd steps in at 9:24 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
llanwydd: can't get any sound
Dexter Frong: llanllan wydd wydd is back back
llanwydd: fortunately I have it on tape and I'm listening to it now
Merlyn: should I kill off wyddllan?
Dexter Frong: Kill him! Kill him!]
Dexter Frong: He turned me into Newt Gigrich
llanwydd: no it ain't workin
llanwydd: yeah feel free to kill the bastard
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off wyddllan at 9:26 PM
Dexter Frong: Aha! We
llanwydd: what part of the album is on so I can cue it up?
Dexter Frong: vew found out who the Reaper really is!
||||||||| "9:26 PM? 9:26 PM!!" says Catherwood, "stephenfosterkane should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as stephenfosterkane enters and sits at the bar.
Dexter Frong: Mark's gone to Panorama land 2000
Dexter Frong: Hi Klok
llanwydd: hey steve
llanwydd: so it's far into side 2
stephenfosterkane: hello everyone (SFK == Klok, FYI)
H. Stones: Hi Klok
llanwydd: thanks for trying, stones
stephenfosterkane: ah, one of my fave FST ablums
Dexter Frong: llan: It seems like it, musta started before 9:00 PM
H. Stones: not sure why it wont reach you llan, i think you need to have a mike at your side in the circuit to complet it
Dexter Frong: Pres Gazachorn is on now
llanwydd: Gezanthorn is on side 1 isn't he?
Dexter Frong: llan: Dunno...I listen on CD
llanwydd: lucky dog. you got the album art
Dexter Frong: Yeah, llan, I think you're right...side one
llanwydd: I have it on cassette
Dexter Frong: I used to have it on Mama Cassette
llanwydd: but panoramaland is on side 2 isn't it?
Dexter Frong: What a Ham Sandwich
Dexter Frong: llan: Mayber this is Clem's remix
llanwydd: she was in the french version of the mamas and the papas
llanwydd: remix? aha
Dexter Frong: llan: They French called her the Big Sparrow
stephenfosterkane: return of Pegasus Alpha in Predawn hours -- abduction
stephenfosterkane: fyi llan
Dexter Frong: and mine to KLK
llanwydd: panoramaland is on side one as well
Dexter Frong: llan: That's because it's a Panorama...it wraps around
stephenfosterkane: Magnaphone ad
Dexter Frong: like a french kiss at the end of a wet blankette
llanwydd: panoramaland reminds me of las vegas
Dexter Frong: Hot huh?
llanwydd: not that I've ever been to either place
Dexter Frong: I love Vegas
stephenfosterkane: i think that was deliberate, llan
stephenfosterkane: it sounds horribly expensive to visit
H. Stones: i thought the Raparounds were all wiped out Dex
llanwydd: I'd never set foot in a casino
Dexter Frong: It's like heaven without the religious crap
stephenfosterkane: well, cheaper than London or Paris
||||||||| Catherwood leads principalpoop into the room, accepts a jar of pennies as a gratuity, grumbles something about 9:34 PM, then departs.
Dexter Frong: klk: and *they're* both there
stephenfosterkane: CNI station ID
H. Stones: Hi PP
Dexter Frong: Triple P
principalpoop: I bet I will never bet again
principalpoop: ahh, clem
stephenfosterkane: in Panaoramaland, not enough in LV for my tastes
Dexter Frong: You're not chatting clem
llanwydd: howdy princep
principalpoop: why is this program called a few minutes with fireside cinema?
stephenfosterkane: the one week Cat's not here yet, he gets a big plug
principalpoop: hi hey
stephenfosterkane: Cat named the show
stephenfosterkane: Playing back holo-logs of trip in Zepp
Dexter Frong: The big plug...where Cat goes in and doesn't have to come out
principalpoop: ahhh
principalpoop: the old in and out
stephenfosterkane: ooooh
Dexter Frong: plug=gulp
stephenfosterkane: wasn't Robert Mitchum in that movie?
llanwydd: Revolt on Garbage Island gives me interesting mental images
stephenfosterkane: "...and it isn't one of ours"
Dexter Frong: klk: Mitch was in many movies
principalpoop: great galaxies
stephenfosterkane: maybe it's a woman from outer space
llanwydd: I keep getting redirected to a page on firesigntheatre.com that doesn't want to let me backspace out of it
stephenfosterkane: (putting out markers for llan who is listening along on his cassette copy of HTF)
principalpoop: trapped like a rat llan hahahahaha cough cough
llanwydd: yeah what was that man from outer space?
Dexter Frong: hey! llan, man....give him the passowrd
Dexter Frong: or word
stephenfosterkane: Merlyn? Can you rescue llan?
llanwydd: swordfish
stephenfosterkane: undulating gauzebush
Dexter Frong: Merlyn: Throw him a line
stephenfosterkane: the writers are on strike, Dex
stephenfosterkane: so are the prompters
Merlyn: what page?
Dexter Frong: Klok: Those prompters are right on time
principalpoop: hey llan, my girlfriend is so ugly
llanwydd: HOW UGLY IS SHE
stephenfosterkane: llan -- what page are you getting stuck at?
Dexter Frong: How ugly is she?
Dexter Frong: Caps implied
principalpoop: when she sat around the house, she sat a r o u n d the house
H. Stones
stephenfosterkane: all news all the time
llanwydd: it says AMRAD at the top
principalpoop: oops fat, not ugly lol
stephenfosterkane: there is an AMRAD page at FST?
stephenfosterkane: hmm
stephenfosterkane wanders off to look
Merlyn: that's the missing page page
Dexter Frong: I give that joke a 5 for content and 1 for delivery..but I *can* dance to it
principalpoop: the amrad page? give u the url
Merlyn: it means your URL isn't to a page that exists - it's wrong
Merlyn: it redirects you because there's no page there
Dexter Frong: AMRAD=DARMA
llanwydd: just happened again
Dexter Frong: llan: Hang on..I'll page that page
principalpoop: DARMA has KARMA
Merlyn: but your browser is supposed to wait 30 seconds before redirecting you. The page is http://www.firesigntheatre.com/missing.html
llanwydd: I use the backspace and it's still there. I keep hitting the back space rapidly and I get back here
principalpoop: oops, I got the same page
Dexter Frong sings "Karma Karma karma karma karma come on
principalpoop: I cannot go backwards or forwards there
Dexter Frong: Sideways?
principalpoop: karma on over to my house my house, my house is a very fine house
Dexter Frong: YOu got two cats in the yard?
principalpoop: I closed it, I will not tolerate insolence
Merlyn: you're trying to go to a bad URL
principalpoop: just one, I said I was sorry already
Dexter Frong: Bad Url, bad, bad
principalpoop: spank it, spank it good
llanwydd: I'm not trying to go anywhere
Dexter Frong: Yo! I'm just chillin' here
stephenfosterkane: there's a link on the AMRAD page to get out, isn't there?
principalpoop: ahh, you are in nirvana already llan
Dexter Frong: do it twice
principalpoop: that sounds just like him
stephenfosterkane: the question is, llan, how did you arrive at the AMRAD page?
stephenfosterkane: originall
Merlyn: yes sfk
Dexter Frong: klok: He stepped on the yellow rubber line
llanwydd: wasn't my idea steve
Dexter Frong: I warned him
principalpoop: he can't remember and he cannot get back
stephenfosterkane: caught in the AMRAD look is weirdly appropriate for the FST album being played at the moment ;-)
H. Stones: arrivals are no big deal the fun is in the journey
Dexter Frong: poop: If he can't remember, it's like the first time all over again...Ground Hog Day, anyone?
llanwydd: AMRAD is not sure he understands me fully so he keeps pulling me out of here
stephenfosterkane: you must have clicked on something originally, llan?
Dexter Frong: H. Stones arrives
stephenfosterkane: Ground Hog day, he could remember; he just couldn't get out
principalpoop: didn't you ask me that before fong?
Dexter Frong: A big deal in my travel journa;
stephenfosterkane: end of HTF coming
principalpoop: happy landing
stephenfosterkane: end/beginning of album
llanwydd: happy landings...MARK
Dexter Frong: ....MArk
principalpoop: he's a rock star
stephenfosterkane: (CNI is playing an ID
stephenfosterkane: )
Dexter Frong: Is that Bambi doing the break
Dexter Frong: You're not, Clem
llanwydd: I'm getting to dislike mr. AMRAD
principalpoop: not unless she has a frog in her throat
Dexter Frong: What chat is Clem on...???
principalpoop: what chat is he in?
Dexter Frong: Is this a rerun?
stephenfosterkane: sputter, gasp, this is a recording!
principalpoop: Was I hear?
H. Stones: he is in last weeks chat room Dexter
stephenfosterkane: clem/bambi not in chat
stephenfosterkane: they are AWOL
Dexter Frong: But...but...this is this week....
H. Stones: or maybe we are in next weeks chat
stephenfosterkane: I want my money back!
principalpoop: that is what I thought fong
stephenfosterkane: nah, they are busy working on the equipment or else partying
Dexter Frong: You'll have to see Mr. Amrad
principalpoop: this is like Wood Chuck day all over again
llanwydd: I'll be seeing him before long
H. Stones: does it mean there will be a hard winter ?
Dexter Frong: poop's Hogging the ground
principalpoop: I think so
stephenfosterkane: ah, I see from log that Jim came in at 8:30 and started the tape or whatever
Dexter Frong: Stones: A hard winter, followed by a soft spring, and overstuffed summer, and fallen arches
stephenfosterkane: they must be partying like mad up there in MI
stephenfosterkane: likely last hi-bandwidth week they have
stephenfosterkane: then back to dialup
stephenfosterkane: afk; must go turn slab of dead cow
principalpoop: Michigan? I hope they are careful on that bridge the terrorists were scouting
H. Stones: is that Dialup Indiana or New Mexico ?
principalpoop: ok chef SFK
principalpoop: old indinio and mexcana
Dexter Frong: afk for ******
llanwydd: It's a little late to be eating dead cow
stephenfosterkane: gee, thought that thing would've gotten a bit lighter after broiling awhile
principalpoop: should have marinated it
stephenfosterkane: that's Gallup New Mexico, Stones
stephenfosterkane: it's self-marianating
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Bambi inside, makes a note of the time (9:58 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Bambi: hello
||||||||| Catherwood enters with FrankenTween close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:59 PM tree-stunting plans, and rushes off to the anteroom.
llanwydd: hi bambi
principalpoop: ahh bambi :D
stephenfosterkane: aha, one of the conspirators finally quits partying and joins us
FrankenTween: Hi everyone...
llanwydd: hey tween
principalpoop: your ears must have been burning
Bambi: how's it going?
stephenfosterkane: aha, Tweeny was partying with them! the thick plottens
H. Stones: ah ! ty, klok, its the last time i go to the Honest Injun Map Shop, i am totally lost
principalpoop: hi tween, what were you and bambi doing? hehe hehe
stephenfosterkane: ITS A RECORDING, that's how it's going!
stephenfosterkane: I want my money back, Bambi
Bambi: LOL Klok!
H. Stones: Hi Bambi
llanwydd: I better not find out where amrad lives or I'll go to his house and shoot him
Dexter Frong: Hi Bambi
principalpoop: no klok here, it is timeless
Bambi: Sorry, JL didn't have time to get a studio put together for tonight
FrankenTween: I'm a member of the Surrealist party, always...
Bambi: good to see you all
stephenfosterkane: How can you see me?
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
principalpoop: good to see you hehe
FrankenTween: Back in Dendron?
Bambi: ah, that was actually 'see' you ;-)
Bambi: not yet Tween
Dexter Frong: CU?
stephenfosterkane: who turned on the video chat? how do I get pictures???
principalpoop: me?
Dexter Frong: Get those cameras off me!!!
principalpoop: are you winking at me?
principalpoop blushes
Bambi: shouldn't be more than a week from takeoff though
Dexter Frong: no I've got a moat in my eye
stephenfosterkane: gad, now it's winky-dink night...
Dexter Frong: klok: you ownin' up?
principalpoop: I call and raise 2 cheese logs
Bambi: likely less than a week
Dexter Frong: I raised to cheese logs from a small culture and they never call me
principalpoop: was the trip ok Bambi?
llanwydd: what's playing on cni at the moment?
principalpoop: ahh, the limburger of it all
Dexter Frong: Give me immortqality
principalpoop: he has 2 stomachs left
stephenfosterkane: The show was wildly successful due to this pioneering interactive marketing scheme, and Winky Dink was one of television's most popular characters during the 1950s. The show was revived again in syndication for 65 episodes beginng in 1969 and ending in 1973. However, the show's production was halted despite its modest popularity due to concerns about radiation in television sets affecting children.
Bambi: First week of June 2006 FST
stephenfosterkane: llan -- GMIGMD, Goddess Airlines
Bambi: the trip up to MI was good, still have the return trip to do though...
stephenfosterkane: NP, Bambi, it's all downhill from there
Bambi: lol
llanwydd: I remember winkydink. didn't get to draw on the tv screen though
Dexter Frong: skf: But wink-dink was resurrected on PBS as a member of the Teletubbies. The series was halted because he was just too gay
FrankenTween: Thinking about a running some cable along the way I'll bet so you can keep the broadband ;-)
principalpoop: did you leave bread crumbs? ahh just follow root, cats know ...
FrankenTween: lol Dex
stephenfosterkane: I did every show in the TV repair shop of the Sears annex building in Raleigh
Bambi: lol, yeah, root might know the way
Dexter Frong: Root Hog or Die
stephenfosterkane: wasn't there a Saturday Night Live skit about a crazy cat driving a car (badly)
principalpoop: that is a bicycle
FrankenTween: Yep Klok
Dexter Frong: klok: yes... it was (shit) twinkles or some suc
stephenfosterkane: according to The Register, British police pulled some blind Iraqi guy for driving erratically. He was driving 'cause the passenger was too drunk.
Bambi: Tween, did you get a chance to see my blog entry for today at http://www.bambismusings.com ?
FrankenTween: Somehow that isn't hard to believe.
Dexter Frong: klok: backwards reels the mind
FrankenTween: Not yet...
llanwydd: that seems unlikely, steve
Bambi: Tween: thought you would get a kick out of it due to the email you sent.
Dexter Frong: Dave: Why you call my man klok, steve?
Bambi: everyone else is welcome to view it as well
principalpoop: your site confuses me Bambi, from a little dear but it has blue and yellow fish on top
Bambi: yes, well eventually I will get a 'meadow' on the picture lol
principalpoop: the girl from sopranos? cool
llanwydd: dave? klok? they aren't here as far as I can tell
Dexter Frong: The bird: Meadow Lark
FrankenTween: The the fallout from 911 has gone way beyond the actual events Bambi, to be sure. I have a feeling if the whole truth were known it would bering down the administration.
Dexter Frong: llan: but we're listening to a rerun
principalpoop: he was a lemon
stephenfosterkane: Blind man was 'dangerous driver' -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/5313370.stm?ls
llanwydd: sopranos has only one girl on the show? I wouldn't know. I've never seen it
Bambi: I am sure I can come up with a picture of a meadow from somewhere along our travels ;-)
Dexter Frong: llan: We ain't telling you everything
FrankenTween: Klok is stephen foster, LL
Dexter Frong: Tween: He knows...he's just being a wise-ass
llanwydd: aha
FrankenTween: The blind leading the blind
llanwydd: seriously, dex. I didn't know
stephenfosterkane: note for latecomers: SFK == Klok. I'm trying to rejuv. my SFK franchise
FrankenTween: or the blind drunk, in this case
principalpoop: I will still be confused, I will wonder where the deer is.. did somebody shoot it? is it lost? cry...
FrankenTween: You sell fried chicken with that?
Bambi: Even the things in that video don't show all the pieces but if you watch all that's available and read all that's available ... you still won't have a true picture unfortunately ... too many gaps in the knowledge and they (whoever they are) would like to keep it that way it seems....sigh...
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Elayne plummets into the garden at 10:13 PM.
Dexter Frong: SFK and Klok are both copyrighted Nicks and unauthorized usage will be compiled
principalpoop: Hi E
Elayne: Evenin' all!
FrankenTween: Hey E...
stephenfosterkane: The Register's comment: The BBC can award itself a "department of the bleedin' obvious"
llanwydd: hi Elayne
Bambi: Hi E!
stephenfosterkane: hi E
Dexter Frong: Bon Nuit, Elayne....come in, it's only a man's chat
Elayne starts backing away slowly...
Bambi: JL tried to log into chat, but couldn't talk for some reason the ipaq didn't like the java chat :-(
Elayne: Uhh... a man's chat?...
llanwydd: the story about the blind guy reminded me of Scent of a Woman
stephenfosterkane: Radio Now -- if it's not happening now, it's in your dreams (marker for llan)
FrankenTween: Klok's going to get compiled? Will he runn corectly then?
Elayne: Hey Unca Dex, I emailed you twice about having lunch with you today, did I get the wrong e-address or something?
principalpoop: I don't eat quiche, so there girlie girl
llanwydd: very improbable situation. dumbest part of the movie in my opinion
stephenfosterkane: i sure hope so, Tween
Dexter Frong: Elayne: We're talkin' Football, beer, and shooting things
Elayne: I'd like to shoot footballs at some deer.
Dexter Frong: E; Hang while I check
llanwydd: I AM asleep
stephenfosterkane: When Dave was here one time, he reported that he'd been driving that weekend
Bambi: hopefully not this deer Elayne LOL
H. Stones: lock and load Dex
stephenfosterkane: There is apparently a program to let blind kids drive cars (under careful supervision)
Elayne: Oh dear me, no, Bambi!
llanwydd: not like in the movie I'm sure klok
FrankenTween: yeah, that was funny, Klok. Probably just checking to see if people would catch it.
Bambi smiles and says whew! thanks :-)
llanwydd: probably in a huge parking lot with a responsible passenger
stephenfosterkane: tweeny -- no, i think it was real
FrankenTween: I've heard of Ray Charles driving on the Salt Flats, but that's a somewhat different matter.
Dexter Frong: Elayne: I got one email from you sent yesterday some time....I didn't check Email last night so.......
stephenfosterkane: there's a lot of work going on to bring electronic eyes to the blind; I doubt it'll be more than 50 years
principalpoop: they could grow up to be the president or vice-president, both of them are blind too
Elayne: Ah okay, so I have the correct e-addresses. Alas, I should have written you earlier in the week, mayhap?
||||||||| Catherwood ushers doctec inside, makes a note of the time (10:17 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
H. Stones: i missed that Ray Charles album, was it any good ?
principalpoop: hi doc
Elayne: Hey Tom!
FrankenTween: Lo dere Doc...
Bambi: it's cool when sight impaired people can get to an open area and just have at it in a car with no worries about anything ... I've heard of folks doing that in the desert.
llanwydd: I heard the Ray Charles story as well
Dexter Frong: E; Yes...or called =
Bambi: hey doc
doctec: hi there
llanwydd: Hey Doc!
Dexter Frong: Hi Doc
FrankenTween: That one about him driving in Utah?
Elayne: Phones? We don' need no stinkin' phones... :)
stephenfosterkane: afk to flip slab of dead cow again
doctec: we just got back from illinois last night, lili and i have been unpacking & cleaning up all day
H. Stones: In London even the sighted drive like they are blind
Merlyn: hey doc
Bambi: don't let that dead cow get away from ya Klok!
Dexter Frong: E: I'm sorry this call is being monitored for quality assurance
Elayne: How's Illinois then, Tom?
FrankenTween: lol Stones
Elayne: Oh Unca Dex, I can assure you there's very little quality here.
doctec: the surprise 80th birthday party for my dad was great - he was blown away, a fine time was had by all
Elayne: Wow, neat!
principalpoop: did you visit abraham lincoln's house?
Dexter Frong: My Monitor Lizard is assured
llanwydd: someday in the far future major roads will have a lane with a rail that cars can drive on so the infirm, the elderly, even the blind can drive their own cars
Bambi: that's great doc!
FrankenTween: Flipping cows? I thought they only did that in the countryside...
llanwydd: son't laugh. I believe it will happen
FrankenTween: Cool Doc.
principalpoop: no no no, a big pin down a groove in the road like the toys
Dexter Frong: llan: And Zip Liners will zizz happy smiling people to PTA meetings
doctec: the party was saturday, there was a catered linner (dunch?) saturday afternoon, and sunday i played sys admin for my dad's pc
Bambi: that would actually be a great thing llanwydd
FrankenTween: They've already got some test roads where the car does the driving.
Bambi: there will be a time when we don't really drive cars anyway ... they will do the driving ... we were supposed to be there already
Dexter Frong: The Big Pin Down starring Hulk "Hollywood" Hogan
llanwydd: I call it the Autorail. It's my own invention
doctec: got him set up with acronis true image, his system drive is now mirrored to an external usb drive so he can boot from the backup if something happens to his main drive
Bambi: but then they came up with Windows and it threw everything back a hundred years lol
Elayne: Tom, do you ever visit anywhere where you DON'T wind up playing sysadmin? :)
principalpoop: electric fence things, like for dogs and robot vacuum cleaners?
FrankenTween: Where are the flying cars they promised? No flying cars!!
H. Stones: yes Bambi, i think they call it post peak oil dont they ?
Elayne is still grumbling and muttering and waiting for her personal jetpack.
doctec: wait, i have those dates wrong: saturday was the surprise party, sunday was the bruncheon and monday was sys admin day
||||||||| Honey Sanchez enters at 10:22 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and scurries off to the Chapeau Manger.
principalpoop: the rich have helicopters
Honey Sanchez )
H. Stones: Hi Honey
principalpoop: hola honey
Bambi: probably so Stones ...
doctec: lili and i started the drive back on tuesday and got back to milford wednesday evening
llanwydd: hello ms s
Dexter Frong: Bambi: So you're in favor of "them" driving "you're" car...How do you know they'll take you where you wanna be, or they *won't* take you where you *don't * wanna be
Bambi: Hi Honey!
Elayne: Hola Sanchez!
FrankenTween: Good idea Doc. They're incorporating that into OS X Leopard's Time Machine concept. With Time Machine though, you can pick and choose anything from any past date. Even restore the entire system from a selected date.
Honey Sanchez: hi ppp
FrankenTween: Msss Sanchez...
Honey Sanchez: hello bambi =)
Dexter Frong: Boners Noches Honey
Bambi: if they can use an OS that can't be hijacked, I would have no problem with it LOL
principalpoop: damn, I will have to rewrite my report to the NSA doc, please be more careful...
Honey Sanchez: tweenster hola
doctec: franken: sounds like was norton goback is supposed to do - except norton goback is a total piece of s**t!
Honey Sanchez: herro senor frong
FrankenTween: Hola NM...
doctec: it munges the boot record and (in the case of my dad's pc late last year) totally rendered his system unbootable
principalpoop: norton used to be super
FrankenTween: Yeah, the better OS X gets, the more people seem to like to look for security flaws.
doctec thinks norton goback should be eradicated from the face of the planet
FrankenTween: No fun at all, Doc.
Bambi: goback stinks! so does system restore ... people really don't get system restore at all.
H. Stones: i tried Norton Go F*ck Yourself and had to buy a new PC
Dexter Frong: Norton was a great friend of Kramden's
Elayne: My parents are having trouble with their Norton stuff as well.
FrankenTween: lol Dex
doctec: yes bambi - that's why i went with acronis true image for my dad's backup needs - it's great, mirrors the disk down to the byte.
principalpoop: ralph
Dexter Frong: rough
Honey Sanchez: ya norton worked in the sewers if i remember correctly
Dexter Frong: roof
Bambi: seems many have problems with Norton stuff ... major bloatware ... turns a P4 into a 486 computer for you lol
FrankenTween: Exactly, Honey ;-)
principalpoop: what was nortons first name, or last
FrankenTween: What a deal!
Honey Sanchez: =)
Bambi: sing the song of the sewer....
Bambi: Ed
Dexter Frong: Ed Norton
principalpoop: nooo
principalpoop: really?
H. Stones: i dont need that Bambi i have AOL
llanwydd: anybody remember norton nork? you might if you live in NY
Dexter Frong: Yep
llanwydd: NYC
FrankenTween: John Ashcroft's "Let The Eagle Flt"?
Honey Sanchez: i remember david peel from the lower east side.....
Bambi: *groan* Stones lol
FrankenTween: Fly
H. Stones: i have the fasted 386 on the block
principalpoop: norton nork, no, but peter york was with the monkees
Bambi: brb ... need something to drink
llanwydd: thought you might, dex
doctec: lland: i do - sandy becker rocked my world bak then
Dexter Frong: llan: Huh?
llanwydd: me too
principalpoop: you drove Bambi to drink stones, she will be grateful
FrankenTween: And I need to turn on the A/C. getting mighty humid...
H. Stones: lol PP
principalpoop: ahh highway to hell with blind drivers
llanwydd: and what ever became of timothy moriarty? I haven't seen him since the late 60s
doctec: the only norton stuff i run these days is antivirus and personal firewall - the rest is substandard, even the vaunted norton utilities package is but a mere shadow of its former self
Dexter Frong: llan: S. Stones killed him at Reichenbach Falls
principalpoop: was he on survivor? or lost? celebrities lose weight?
doctec: for defrag i find raxco's perfect disk program to be the best by far
H. Stones: he had it coming Dex
llanwydd: so is doc the only one who remembers sandy becker?
Dexter Frong: Doc: Have you tried Ronco's?
Dexter Frong: llan: I kinda do
doctec: apparently so, lland
principalpoop: nothing could finer than to be in riechenback falls in the morning
Dexter Frong: It looses a little in translation
principalpoop: becker or beeker?
Elayne: Apparently Ronco's defrag is rotisserie-based.
llanwydd: norton nork was one of becker's characters
Dexter Frong: The original ain't so good wither
stephenfosterkane: now a mess of onions doing fellow traveler duty with dead cow slab
FrankenTween: lol E
principalpoop: ronco makes the vego-matic also right?
doctec: oh, and if you have to recover a corrupted ntfs partition, the "stellar phoenix fat & ntfs recovery" program is amazing - at only $130, it's a lifesaver
Honey Sanchez: yup pp
Dexter Frong: klok: You using "red" onions
Elayne: And no Llan, I remember Sandy Becker too. Had quite the crush on him when I was a wee tot.
H. Stones: AOL has a nice Chop and Blend facility !
principalpoop: lots of onions please kane
Elayne: Oh, I finally learnt how to chop onions, after all these years!
doctec: http://www.stellarinfo.com/disk-recovery.htm (an unsolicited testimonial)
FrankenTween: For your data, Stones?
Elayne: No more need for those silly onion choppers. I'm so inordinately proud of myself that I'm no longer a total moron.
principalpoop: yes, a knive makes it much easier E
Dexter Frong: E; Like don't hold them in your hand while you do it?
Elayne: Well, there's that too, PrinPoop!
Honey Sanchez: i did too elayne i finally broke down and got " the Chopper"
FrankenTween: An unsolicited testimonial, dear friends...
H. Stones: yes Tween, turns your HD into a smoothing in no time
FrankenTween: LOL Dex
llanwydd: elayne do you remember timothy moriarty from that show and have you seen him since?
Elayne: Nope, no chopper-gizmos for me. Just my regular ol' chef's knife and finally reading up on what I'd been doing wrong.
Honey Sanchez: lol stones
stephenfosterkane: vidalia clones, Dex
Elayne: No Llan, I don't remember a Timothy Moriarty at all. I was, after all, just a wee tot.
principalpoop: freeze the onion first, right?
llanwydd: well so was I
Elayne: No, PrinPoop. For me, what I'd been doing wrong was cutting it in half cross-wise instead of length-wise.
FrankenTween: So now you're using the sharp side, E?
Honey Sanchez: freeze n blend works for me
Dexter Frong: Vidalia Clones...The Great Interstellar Onion War
llanwydd: in the 60s
llanwydd: I don't mean in MY 60s
Honey Sanchez: lol llan
H. Stones: Reichanbach Falls didnt he go into making guitars ?
Elayne: Once I halved it length-wise I could suddenly make all the little slices down and across (and the root held it together) so that I could chop it into LEETLE TINEE PEECES!!
principalpoop: huh? it is a circle, does not matter, right?
doctec: and then there was chuck mccann's "let's have fun" show - chuck pops up in the recent "the aristocrats" documentary (which is hilarious and highly recommended)
Bambi: ah, water is a great thing
stephenfosterkane: you mean from top to bottom, E?
Elayne: SFK, first from top to bottom, then from the non-root side across, then shift it around and cut from top to bottom the other way and voila!
principalpoop: I don't remember how I do it lol
Dexter Frong: Stones: He settled in the little Italian town of Dobro and became an Hawiian Steel Magnate
llanwydd: yes I remember when holmes fell from rickenbacker falls
FrankenTween: The trick is to cut it from the inside out.
H. Stones: yes thats him i heard he was on the slide
stephenfosterkane: with vidalias, you don't have to wet them; they don't give off much eye-annoying vapor
principalpoop: they are too small to get in tween
Elayne: No Tween, if you cut from the inside out it's not on a sturdy surface, it has to be outside in because the inner part will be resting flat on the surface whilstg you cut.
FrankenTween: Vadalias are tasty.
doctec: ok, sfk and bambi: which linux should lili install on her spare pc? suse, ubuntu, fedora core, or ... ?
stephenfosterkane: and cheap
Bambi: vidalias are the best onion out there, IMHO
Honey Sanchez nods
FrankenTween: And now, it's the Firesign Gourmet...
doctec: the black vidalias?
stephenfosterkane: doctec -- you have broadband, download & burn to CD and try all you can; it's kinda individual
principalpoop: vadalias are expensive, I can get a 5 pound bag of yellows for the cost of a few vadilias
llanwydd: firesign gourmet! LOL
llanwydd: tonight we make groat clusters
stephenfosterkane: Ubuntu is the clear favorite 'cause Shuttleworth has $10M behind them, they are using the Debian Unstable repository, and everyone is concentrating on it
Dexter Frong: Poop: The thing is Vidalia's are a sweet onion...serve fifferent purpose then yellow onions
stephenfosterkane: I have two others that I like, Simply Mepis and PC Linux OS
FrankenTween: And Proctor's recipe for monitor lizard strw.
Bambi: how fast is the PC doc? I like Fedora Core 5 personally, but you have to know what you are doing with it. PCLos is suposed to be a great one that includes most things and easy on new users
doctec: lili is inclined to go with fedora core since (a) a lot of sysadmin jobs are looking for experience with red hat, and (b) she got a copy with a book on red hat she bought - mark sobell's book
stephenfosterkane: all three have "run from CD" capability, so you don't have to install to get a sense of what they're like
stephenfosterkane: I'll email you separately and cc lili
principalpoop: you people take me seriously, Bambi about the fish, fong about the onions, I am afraid to tease
doctec: lili's spare pc is a 1 ghz p4, it's like 4 years old now
Bambi: there ya go ... Klok will set you up :-)
doctec: thanx sfk
Dexter Frong: Poop: Seriously, tease me
stephenfosterkane: DT -- Fedora Core is not red hat; it's a separate product, although a good intro to The Red Hat Way
Bambi: that computer would run any of the ones that Klok and I mentioned
principalpoop: too late, I will pout
Elayne: Oh, heard from Proctor, he put me back on the Planet e-list. :)
doctec: no usb 2, so we may look into upgrading her mobo/processor/memory - it has a 40gb hard drive tho
stephenfosterkane: Red Hat Entrerprise Linux is what she wants, and she's also going to want FIVE bills to pay for it and the upkeep
Bambi: she really needs to see which one works best for her ... so Klok is right, the LiveCDs will really help with that decision.
FrankenTween: P goes to the corner and sulks...
llanwydd: us folks all ought to get together someday and have a firesign party. we'll have groat clusters and cherrystone pie and tubs of slaw and things that taste like pork
Honey Sanchez: oooooooooooooooh
doctec: sfk: she does not have five bills to pay for it (neither do i) :-/
stephenfosterkane: So what Lili might investigate is CentOS. Red Hat has to make its sources public, and CentOS is RHEL compiled from source, without all the proprietary stuff
stephenfosterkane: Red Hat endorses it, figuring that True Believers will drift into their commercial orbit
Dexter Frong: afk *****
doctec: CentOS? send her (and me) the link for more info & downloads
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "10:41 PM and late as usual, it's cease, just back from Billville."
stephenfosterkane: Also, see Wikipedia for CentOS and Tuttle, OK for a ROFL story!
Elayne: Maybe we can do a Firesign party for my 49th birthday? Hang on, let me see what day of the week that is.
doctec: hey cat
principalpoop: hardest thing about ubuntu was making the cd
llanwydd: hi cat
Bambi: why would she need RHEL Klok .. sure it's great but ...
FrankenTween: That would be a strange meal...
Honey Sanchez: hi cat
H. Stones: Hey Honey, do FT chat patrons get any discount in your emporium ?
principalpoop: ahhh cat arrived
FrankenTween: Catman...
stephenfosterkane: I think the Wiki Tuttle story has a CentOS link, but will send separately, DT
Elayne: We're in luck, my birthday's on a Saturday this year.
Bambi: hi Cat
cease: hi all
Honey Sanchez: sure do and free incense with every purchase
Elayne: Hey Cat!
cease: i hope
stephenfosterkane: Bambi -- Lili wants a JOB using Linux, not to play with it
doctec: i was just telling the gang how well the illinois trip went - surprise party was great, we had a nice sunday bruncheon with the family and i played sys admin for my dad on monday
cease: back from your dads' bday party, doc?
principalpoop: do you have a store website honey, do not incense me...
cease: hey El
H. Stones: cool, wish i was within easy commuting distance of NM
cease: im just back from a prebirthday party for my father
doctec: we just got back last night, i've been unpacking and cleaning up the house with lili today
FrankenTween: You're on E. I'll warm up the Lear...
cease: a large room full of very old peopole
Honey Sanchez: website not up yet poop but soon
stephenfosterkane: Bambi -- Lili can write shell scripts like water flows from the tap, so she's all set to clean up if there is Linux work
principalpoop: oki
stephenfosterkane: most "Linux" experts these days don't want to touch C, Korn or Bash shells with a 10-foot pole
Bambi: ah, I see Klok ... SuSE linux maybe would be a better choice then, less expensive?
FrankenTween: You have relative company I take it, Cat?
doctec: i'm a fan of bash and z-shell (though i script in perl, not shell)
cease: no, they're at my parents place
cease: i jsut drove back
principalpoop: steve reed?
stephenfosterkane: Bambi -- CentOS is free. It's equivalent to RHEL except for the proprietary bits, which she can pick up on the job
Bambi: yes, that would be a good choice too Klok
FrankenTween: Ah, you're referring to US then lol...
cease: people i havent seen in 20-30-40 years
cease: another day of festivities tomorrow
principalpoop: you left all those kids alone without a chaperon? they will party and tear down the house cat...
cease: my parents are overwhelmed
stephenfosterkane: DT -- I can write a few lines of Perl and a few lines of Bash, but it's not the same as you spewing out huge production Perl on a daily basis for years or Lili ditto with shell scripts
Elayne: Not up to 100%, need to lie down.
||||||||| Elayne leaves at 10:44 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
H. Stones: soon as your site is running send me the link please Honey
stephenfosterkane: nite E
principalpoop: courage E
FrankenTween: Rest well, E...
H. Stones: good night Elayne
Bambi: night E! and rest well :-)
FrankenTween: Yeah, post it in the chat next time Ms. H :-)
cease: by el
Honey Sanchez: i will when its up the address will be www.blueskybazaar.com
principalpoop: what is the name of the guy talking to ralph?
cease: great i was able to make it back to see you
Honey Sanchez: staked out the domain name already
Bambi: Babe?
cease: i guess How Time Flys was the first firesign show tonight?
principalpoop: later he is mister and mrs. John Q. Public lol
doctec: i would have signed on earlier but lili made this fantastic meal, we sat down around 8:30 to eat and watch the "kiss kiss bang bang" dvd (robt downey jr. & val kilmer) - the movie was 66% noir detective, 33% humor. we liked it.
Bambi: Yes, How Time Flys was first ...
H. Stones: good thinking Honey
llanwydd: yeah we all listened to HTF. I have it on cassette and listened as well
cease: you want me to send you the cds now, bambi?
Dexter Frong: Poop: Bambi's right...his name is Babe
cease: i leave next friday and wont be back til oct
cease: i love that album
Dexter Frong: Hey Cat:..missed your entrance
llanwydd: will you get to join us in chat, cat?
Merlyn: How about a double bill of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
principalpoop: first or last name? Ed Babe?
doctec: i can stay on another 10 mins or so, daily show starts at 11pm edt
cease: hey dex. i sent you yours earlier this week, or was it last week, i forget
Bambi: Just Babe lol
Bambi: JL said he didn't know there'd be a quiz at the end LOL
Dexter Frong: Cat: In October at Old Time Radio Convention I'll get a chance to mmet Michael Gwynne
principalpoop: ahh ok, well, I like babe hehe
doctec: dex: hey, that's cool!
Dexter Frong: ANy msges for him?
Bambi: lol
doctec: i always liked michael c. gwynne's work in rmfos and child's garden of grass
Dexter Frong: Doc: Me 2
principalpoop: is fred gwyn still alive?
doctec: ask him if god is on vacation
stephenfosterkane: think so
doctec: still
cease: indeed
stephenfosterkane: hi cat, leaving for Japan soon?
principalpoop: I used to have that book, childs...
cease: other direction klok
Dexter Frong: Apparently MG is also a drummer...(musical) not (saleman)
llanwydd: if you mean herman munster, no he died
cease: toronto, ottawa and montreal
FrankenTween: He must be quite old by now. Remember him in the Twilight Zone series around 60.
stephenfosterkane: ah, into the foreign part of Canada ;-)
principalpoop: ahhh herman :(
Dexter Frong: klok: YOu gotta get Innuit
cease: hope i dont get shot
principalpoop: and thanks llan
principalpoop: your thinking about america cat
llanwydd: if you want to know who's alive or dead up to the minute, wikipedia is pretty good
FrankenTween: Taking your long black overcoat & marching boots to Montreal? Hard to believe that could happen in Canada.
Dexter Frong: Jeeze: I just got Boney Boy reference lol
cease: on cbc this morn, a commentator said quebec is the most american part of canada
doctec: fred gwynne (not equal to) michael c. gwynne
principalpoop: gwynne give me a hard time doc?
Dexter Frong: Cat: Sure! That's why they all speak French
doctec: is generalissimo francisco franco still dead?
FrankenTween: Sure, look at all the French signs around here lol
Dexter Frong: Doc: Bahamian Authorities said they will hold an inquest next year some time
principalpoop: I'm saved, I'm going in...
doctec: ...and his pauly shore's carrer still dead too? we sure hope so!
FrankenTween: That's a surprise, Cat. I would have thought Toronto would be more "american".
stephenfosterkane: cat -- wear an American flag pin in your lapel, that's what I was told to do in Quebec, but to get rid of it in the Maritimes
principalpoop: I liked his mom Dinah
Dexter Frong: Klok: And wear kilts in Nova Scotia
cease: i jsut hope they like having their pictures taken
FrankenTween: They're afraid you'll steal their accent, Cat.
Dexter Frong: And his father Prine Michael Roudaboata Shore
principalpoop: hand out croissantes to make friends, but not from macdonalds
Dexter Frong: Prince
stephenfosterkane: Cat -- I think they're afraid you'll steal their ID number if you take their picture
cease: i'll tell you my impressions when i get back, or perhaps from ottawa if i find myself near a computer
doctec: "i won't steal your accent, i just want to borrow it."
doctec: "i'll bring it back next month."
principalpoop: ahh cat is going to do impressions, do john wayne
cease: i remember my saskatchewan relatives used to have a distinct accent but its distinct hno longer
FrankenTween: Going to try it oot, eh?
stephenfosterkane: there was some South Park episode about the kids going acroos canada at xmas; all the cars had square wheels
principalpoop: neighbor of michael rowyourboata shore
cease: i think we have allbeen cbc canadianized, except newfoundland
H. Stones: well folks i have an early start tomorrow so i best go get some shuteye whilst its still dark
cease: south park is to canada what gw bush is to what a good american president would be
doctec: before it was distinct, now it's extinct
stephenfosterkane: I thought the Maritimes were a bit provincial, but not as dang outright unfriendly as Maine
principalpoop: cheerio old chap
Dexter Frong: Arch Duke Michael Rowyourboata Shore, deceased
FrankenTween: Later, Stones...
Bambi: great to see you Stones ... hope to see you Saturday evening
H. Stones: thanks for the company once again, have a great week and stay safe one and all
doctec: nite hemster
cease: well their ukranian accents ahve worn off
stephenfosterkane: nite Stones
Dexter Frong: Night Hemlock
FrankenTween: Maine is unfriendly, or just Kennabunkport?
principalpoop: send me the 10 dollars to be friendly with you stones
H. Stones: good night all
Bambi: you too Hemlock :-)
cease: every relative around large table had story of going to disneyland
stephenfosterkane: ah, it's just re-branded Russian ;-)
principalpoop: I will be abusive next time if not paid
Honey Sanchez: nite hemmy
cease: stones
llanwydd: AMRAD is really giving me hell tonight. just because he does not understand me fully. I thught we were living in more enlightened timesm
doctec: ok, daily show about to start - lili is paging me - see y'all here next week!
doctec: ttfn ttyl l8r etc
||||||||| H. Stones leaves at 10:58 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
stephenfosterkane: nite DT
cease: nite doc
FrankenTween: What do you mean _will be_ ;-)
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:58 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs doctec by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
cease: hope ytou had great trip
Dexter Frong: Night Doc
principalpoop: night doc, thanks for your advice
FrankenTween: Bye Doc... best to Lili
Bambi: best to you and Lili, doc ... see ya next time...
Honey Sanchez: i need to slip out the back door here myself ya'all
principalpoop: ok ok, I've got your number tween, it is 49 btw
principalpoop: ahh the bus
FrankenTween: Bye Honey. Will check out your site.
Dexter Frong: Night Honey..use the SIDE Door next time
stephenfosterkane: sounds like he's a bad lot, eh, Poop
FrankenTween: Hike!
stephenfosterkane: nite Honey
cease: honey
principalpoop: yes and crying
stephenfosterkane: definitely
Bambi: night Honey...have a great night
llanwydd: me too. I got things to eat. see you folks all next toisdy
Honey Sanchez: nite everyone =)
stephenfosterkane: Tween -- since you're in Austin, you can't be working at YoYoDyne
Bambi: night llanwydd ... have a great night
FrankenTween: Bye LL...
cease: llan
Dexter Frong: Night llan; Will get thing in watchamacallit tommorow
stephenfosterkane: nite Llan
principalpoop: I will toodle too, everybody have a super week :D
FrankenTween: Don't know from YoYoDyne
||||||||| "11:01 PM? 11:01 PM!!" says Catherwood, "H. Stones should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as H. Stones enters and sits on the couch.
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| At 11:01 PM, principalpoop scurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
Bambi: night PrinceP ... great to see you too
Dexter Frong: Night Poop
FrankenTween: Oh resevoir, P...
Bambi: there he goes ... off after that ice-cream truck again lol
stephenfosterkane: Tweeny -- Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai...
Bambi: wb Stones
FrankenTween: Does he chase cars too?
Dexter Frong: Bambi: That's his Dad driving that truck
stephenfosterkane: nite poop
cease: one of my favret books
cease: poop
Bambi: lol dex
stephenfosterkane: so I have gathered
Dexter Frong: favorite poops?
FrankenTween: Ah, I see Klok. trying to get a copy of Buckaroo Banzai through interlibrary loan. Haven't seen it in a while.
FrankenTween: What's it about, Cat?
Dexter Frong: What's it *all* about Cat
stephenfosterkane: it's certainly more approachable than all the other 800-page Pynchon stuff
cease: 49? about a parallel universe a woman finds herself in
FrankenTween: BTW, the InterLibrary Loan service is great. Been getting lots of movies for free through them.
cease: its also infintely better
FrankenTween: Good sci-fi, eh?
cease: ive read all of pyncheon except mason dixon
Dexter Frong: An infinitely better woman or universe?
Bambi: that's cool Tween.
cease: it isnt sf, that's it.
cease: its more twilight zone
cease: very much firesign
Dexter Frong: theater
Bambi: I saved that link when you posted it ... it works through your local library right?
stephenfosterkane: I've also read maybe 2 chapters of Vineland. How much it "gripped" me
Dexter Frong: Clinging Vines those
FrankenTween: Does you local library in Dendron have a web site? You might be able to access it from there.
cease: i liked vineland. one of the charactersf from 49 is recylceld in that
Bambi: yes, we have access online
Dexter Frong: Does the Dendron Libray have a vermin problem?
FrankenTween: Yes, Bam. I can literally search all participating libraries in the World, and they'll deliver it to the local library for free.
Bambi: but not sure about the library link you mentioned
FrankenTween: lol Dex
Bambi: I have reserved books before
cease: dendron sounds like a firesign word
Dexter Frong: bEFORE WHAT?
stephenfosterkane: before they were readable online...
Dexter Frong: The Gentile Penninsula of Dendron
Bambi: Philadendron without the Phila lol
FrankenTween: Might want to see if they have a link. Here's the WorldCat search engine site: http://www.worldcat.org/
stephenfosterkane: listening to the BBC "In Our Time" episode on Greek Comedy tonight. All the "experts" kept throwing out "500" and "480" for dates
Dexter Frong: I reserved a suite once, they left a chocolate candy on my pillow
stephenfosterkane: and the host kept rushing to say, "BC, right?"
FrankenTween: It does sound sort of made-up Cat...
Bambi: hope it was still wrapped up dex
stephenfosterkane: a timber harvesting town long after the timber went away, a shadow of its former self
Dexter Frong: Bambi: No, it was soft and melty like I like it ;=)
stephenfosterkane: history of the US is basically the migration of tree-cutting across the continent
Bambi: lol
stephenfosterkane: afk to tend to dead cow + onions
cease: bet cow wont like that one bit
Dexter Frong: Mr> KLOK: You still haven't answered the question...Was it or was it not a RED ONION
||||||||| It's 11:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| H. Stones - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Honey Sanchez - dead from The Plague
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Merlyn - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
FrankenTween: From Cuba?
Dexter Frong: A Reap Grande!!
FrankenTween: Quite a swath...
Dexter Frong: And all dead of the plague...who'd a thunk?
Bambi: wow! the Plague ... finally the Plague
FrankenTween: It was the Salmon mouse...
Dexter Frong: Plaque? Methough ye spoke of The Plaque!!
Bambi: get tired of all those other boring diseases lol
Dexter Frong: Mistress FLOSS
cease: hello back, bambi
Bambi -)
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Boney inside, makes a note of the time (11:12 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
FrankenTween: Good. You didn't see misspell mousse
FrankenTween: Hey Bone...
Dexter Frong: We can say Hi Bambi and she'll hear it this week and some number of weeks ago at the same time
Dexter Frong: Hi Boney
cease: then she can be in 2 places at twice
Bambi: He walks again by night....
Boney: Frank, Dex, Bamb
Bambi: love those time travel shows lol
Bambi: hey Boney
Dexter Frong: Bambi: Step into this grandfather clock and let me hit you over the head with this bottle of cheap champagne
Bambi: lol
Boney: ease, enfosterkane
Dexter Frong: Boney: SFK is afk for feeding, and Cat may have left
Dexter Frong: No relation between the two
Boney: ank ou exter
cease: no, im just enjoying the pickle
Dexter Frong: Cat: It's got those little bumps on it, and the batteries are included
FrankenTween: The ectrician seem to have hold of Boney's modem.
Boney: ank u?
FrankenTween: Watch where you point that pickle!
Dexter Frong: o ank ou!
FrankenTween: lol Dex
Boney: I was in the bathroom. What a mess.
cease: its picklicious
Dexter Frong: Well ...time to park the car....see y'all next week and mention Michael Gwynne again
cease: good luck, dex
FrankenTween: Nite Dex...
Boney: Michael Gwynne threatened to punch me in the mouth once. On the air.
Boney: Michael Cee Gwynne
FrankenTween: You were having a bit of a heated discussion?
Boney: No, I said something stupid.
cease: it wouldnt hurt if it were on air
FrankenTween: See Mike Win...
Boney: I wasn't supposed to say anything, I was supposed to be quiet because the were ON THE AIR
cease: san fernandino valley
cease: always enjoyed that
FrankenTween: You though Reagan was our greatest President?
Boney: they were ON THE AIR
cease: id rather be in on air than on flesh
cease: id rather have a brew than a haha
FrankenTween: No cannibalism for Cat.
Boney: Does satellite radio worry you?
cease: hit on air
FrankenTween: Always have my tin-foil hat on so they can't get to me.
cease: my first radio was in the shape of sputnik
Boney: Just refuse to pay and they won't get to you.
FrankenTween: commie
cease: you would tune it by pulling the antennae
FrankenTween: lol
cease: suposed to motivate us kids to beat those ruskies at science
cease: this was in van nuys in 58 or so
FrankenTween: And so began your tenure at Morse Science High.
cease: i wnet ot montclair high, the worst high school in the known universe
Boney: What if debt collectors got to directly access your brain?
cease: formely a motel, and downgraded
FrankenTween: And hold your thoughts hostage?
FrankenTween: lol Cat. Sounds like a fine education...
FrankenTween: This was in L.A. Cat?
||||||||| porgie sashays in at 11:23 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Boney: Would they have to promise not to harass you over delinquent alimony payments after midnight?
FrankenTween: Porge...
Bambi: hi porgie
porgie: evening
FrankenTween: You heard us talking about Morse Science High?
cease: porge
cease: yes, on sepulveda
cease: a street from nick danger and my ghigh school
porgie: isn't thqt on the other side?
stephenfosterkane: whew, still a crowd
stephenfosterkane: dex gone parking?
cease: must feed dog
FrankenTween: Yep
stephenfosterkane: hi -> icy
||||||||| Catherwood leads Merlyn inside, makes a note of the time (11:25 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Boney: Bright and early at 7:30 in the morning... "WHERE'S LAST MONTH'S CHILD SUPPORT, DEADBEAT?"
FrankenTween: wb Merlyn
stephenfosterkane: wb Merlyn
Merlyn: my modem cut out
FrankenTween: Yikes, Bone...
porgie: what no pickle?
Boney: Frankentween, they'd be broadcasting that directly into your brain
cease: merl
FrankenTween: Just got a notice of a new Firefox update. Back in a bit...
Bambi: ok
Boney: we're speechles
Boney: speechless
cease: is that speckled or speachless?
Boney: erlyn e're eechless
Bambi: just got a notice of a new Firefox update too...
Bambi: bbiab
||||||||| Bambi leaves at 11:30 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Boney: speech speaking English language
Boney: Bambi is a Firefox
cease: id rather be speechless than peachless
stephenfosterkane: Firevox is what all us "in" folks use instead of horrid IE
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Bambi inside, makes a note of the time (11:33 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
stephenfosterkane: I didn't get any notice, and I won't rush off and do it immediately.
stephenfosterkane: Like some hacker is out there behind a bush, waiting to ambush me before I install it...
Bambi: already updated ... nice incremental update ... over quickly lol
Boney: While you were gone I called you a Firefox. Hope you don't mind.
stephenfosterkane doesn't believe her; she's just saying that 'cause she's afraid to anger the incrementals
Bambi: why thank you Boney. ... that was a nice thing to say :-)
Bambi: lol
Boney: What kind of mental is an incremental?
Bambi: incre-dible?
Boney: Did you mean inca?
FrankenTween: No that's Fox News Bambi
Boney: like a Peruvian flake?
Bambi: Fox News Bambi LOL ... that's too funny
porgie: .
stephenfosterkane: all the mental stuff was really Mayan
Bambi: I don't buy into any news stations so that is really funny to me
cease: i mayan is a terrible thing to waste
Boney: the aztecs invented the vacation, and the barbeque
FrankenTween: except NPR
Bambi: yeah, but didn't they put people on the barbeque lol
stephenfosterkane: well, they killed them first
Bambi: thank God for small miracles lol
stephenfosterkane: during the Inquisition, they barbequed people alive -- now, who was more civilized?
Boney: you could have caught Hurricane Johnny if you done Cabo San Lucas on the Baja penninsula instead of cowering in your office waiting for something to happen
Bambi: very true Klok, very true ... but I would have to say neither one was truly civilized.
Dexter Frong: Clem! Stop living in the past!!
FrankenTween: Not like us modern folks who use phosphorous and cluster bombs on civilian populations.
stephenfosterkane: nor are we still
Bambi: lol
Dexter Frong: I've already parked but thanks for the chorus
stephenfosterkane: the US is more advanced than that, Tweeny. We sell the bombs to other countries like Israel and Pakistan to use for us
stephenfosterkane: wb dex
Boney: if you had done Cabo San Lucas... And you missed the Bermuda hurricane, too. All in the name of being productive, whatever that means
stephenfosterkane: at this point I definitely must exit this FST coil
Bambi: I don't think humans are all that civilized nor will they be for a long time to come unfortunately.
stephenfosterkane: good-night everyone!
Dexter Frong: The fifth hope? Bob V?
FrankenTween: The amount we as taxpayers spend to subsidize arms sales is appalling.
Bambi: yes, Tween ... sad
Dexter Frong: Bon Nuit MSR. Timepice
FrankenTween: Me too folks. Been lots of fun. See some of you Saturday. Have a great week all...
stephenfosterkane: it's worse than that, all the extra money we pay for gas mostly goes to support fundamentalism, if not terrorism
stephenfosterkane: nite all
||||||||| 11:45 PM -- stephenfosterkane left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Dexter Frong: pica? no Peace? no Piece, Oui!
FrankenTween: True Klok. Nite all...
||||||||| FrankenTween rushes off, saying "11:45 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Bambi: The Fifth HOPE is a 2600.com conference (HOPE = Hackers On Planet Earth)
Boney: our tax dollars support homegrown fundamentalism
cease: klok
cease: ddex?
Bambi: night Klok
Bambi: night Tween
Dexter Frong: Do you know about Homies..Hackers on Mars & Earth?
Boney: nite
Dexter Frong: KKCat?
Bambi: great to see everyone ... hope to see you all if you can join us on Saturday for the Saturday line up on http://www.cniradio.com
Boney: they'll have to pry the poor little embryo from my cold, dead fingers
Dexter Frong: Did I mention Miachael Gwynne? yet
cease: kkkill anybody
Bambi: have a great night!
Boney: where is he to punch me in the mouth when we need him?
cease: who is he, dex?
Dexter Frong: Good Night poor little embryago, where ever you are
||||||||| Bambi leaves at 11:47 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Dexter Frong: Cat: He was one of the actors on Roller Maidens and a friend of TFS
cease: bam
cease: oh
cease: oh yes that name sounds famililar
Dexter Frong: Cat: He will be at the next Old Time Radio Convention I will Attend
cease: is he that old?
Dexter Frong: Cat: Apparently
Dexter Frong: However, "Old" in thers of "Old Time Radio is relative
Dexter Frong: terms
cease: old time radio ended when, 40s?
Dexter Frong: Cat: Mid fifties
||||||||| It's 11:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| porgie - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: i listenednto radio all day every day as my parents endlessly dorve around the statges in the ealry 50s
Dexter Frong: porgie's dead before I said hello, kinda like Anna Nichole's son
cease: yeah i heard a lot of stuff but it wasnt the golden age. thats benny and burns and allen and stuff
cease: i heard x minius one when it was first on , 56 i think. had great influence on me
cease: s you can tell
cease: nick danger is an ode to that, or an odium
Dexter Frong: Cat: Golden age generally considered mid thirties to late fourties but network radio and comedy and drama shows continued into the mid fifties
cease: yes how long was benny on radio. sometime in the 50s
Dexter Frong: nad then came Rock and Roll
Boney: I'm working on Rosie O'Donnel's apology to ABC. "If you're Christian and don't think that homosexuality is immoral, I wasn't referring to you when I said that Christian fundamentalists are dangerous. If you thought I was referring to you, I'm sorry."
Boney: How's that?
Dexter Frong: Cat: Benny was on radio for prolly 20 years and then went to TV
cease: i think i saw him on tv when we first got a tv, end of that year
Dexter Frong: Boney: My Friend, as Jesus would have done, you've turned another page, showed your cheeks, and s9ickened the poor...God Bless you
cease: showing my ancient relartives these films my dad shot in early 50s what strieks me most in the curtains
Boney: osie O'Don ll
cease: and the benny show had those curtians
cease: those heavy, oddly patterend curtains
Boney: Dexter, my motto is "Hot Puns, Open for Business"
Dexter Frong: Cat: Maybe you're aging relatives were extras on the Benny Show
Dexter Frong: Boney: Extra butter please
Boney: yak butter?
cease: maybe they saw bob hope and the rest of them
cease: theyre old enough to remember vaudville
Dexter Frong: If they were overseas, they prolly saw Bob Hope
cease: the town dasnce or high school concert was the height of rural culture
Dexter Frong: Yakety Butter, don't Talk Oleoginously
Boney: Ro nnell
cease: fasxcinating tales of my great gradnparetns pioneering days
Dexter Frong: Ro Nette?
cease: lving in holes in the ground, caves, etc
Boney: O ell
Dexter Frong: 'o 'ell?
Boney: O'Don
Dexter Frong: o'Hue
Dexter Frong: O'tinge
Boney: O Phil
Dexter Frong: O'monica
Boney: O'Lewinsky
Dexter Frong: Oh?
Dexter Frong: Lewinskey! Sure
Boney: Bill Clinton was responsible for Hurricane Katrina. Not just the FEMA debacle, but the hurricane itself.
Dexter Frong: Was there any doubt?
Boney: And now Rosie O'Donnell is complaining about it. It was God's will.
Dexter Frong: Rosie is complaining about the FEMALE debacle?
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Boney: The big guy doesn't like jazz music and rich seafood.
Dexter Frong: Catherwood, give your pajamas to cease
||||||||| Catherwood gets your pajamas to cease.
Dexter Frong: Wow? Fats Domino hates jass and Jambalaya
Boney: catherwood get a life
||||||||| Catherwood hands a life.
Dexter Frong: Catherwood, throw me a line
||||||||| Catherwood throws Dexter Frong a line.
Boney: I'm sorry, this ride is closed
Dexter Frong: That's no Lady, that's my Supervisor
Dexter Frong: Yeah...My ticket is about to perspire too
Dexter Frong: SEE YOU ALL in Happy Chat real soon
Boney: The big guy is bigger than Fats.
cease: ok see you next week folks
Boney: catherwood get repaired
||||||||| Catherwood hands repaired.
||||||||| Around 12:04 AM, cease walks off into the sunset...
Boney: catherwood get a palm job
||||||||| Catherwood gives a palm job.
Boney: I said GET a palm job
Boney: adios, Dexter
Boney: I'm getting off
Boney: this ride
Boney: now
||||||||| At 12:07 AM, Boney scurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
Merlyn: oops, g'nite folks, and "goodbye kids"
||||||||| 12:08 AM -- Merlyn left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Frong - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 5:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Dexter Frong
H. Stones
Honey Sanchez
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