A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for November 02, 2006 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:01 AM and Firebroiled waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Firebroiled: There must be some way out of this. I’ll change the air, that’s what I’ll do. What have I got left on the Climate Control? Dust Storm? Tibetan Wilderness? Land of the Pharaohs? Land of the Bushohs! That sounds great!
Firebroiled: But, then again??
||||||||| At 9:02 AM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Firebroiled!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in at 7:49 PM, dragging Mudhead by one leg and asks "Can anyone vouch for this yahoo?"
Mudhead: They have just annouced that due to problems with availability of voting machines all Democrats should vote on Nov. 7, all Republicans vote on the 8th.
||||||||| Around 7:50 PM, Mudhead walks off into the sunset...
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Mudhead plummets into the garden at 7:50 PM.
Mudhead: Welcome to the FUTURE!
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 8 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| "8:42 PM? 8:42 PM!!" says Catherwood, "ah,clem should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as ah,clem enters and sits at the bar.
ah,clem: hi Mudhead
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre", at about 9 eastern, Nick'
Mudhead: hi Clem
||||||||| Bambi sneaks in around 8:52 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
Bambi: hi Clem and Mudhead
Mudhead: catherwood bring Bambi a toasted Almond
||||||||| Catherwood gives bambi a toasted almond.
Mudhead: hiya Babe
Bambi: how've ya been? putting an iMac back together here
||||||||| Bees'n'Spiders steps in at 8:56 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Bambi: hi Fred
Bees'n'Spiders: Hi, guys! I don't have much time tonight. I just wanted to drop by for a quick "howdy!"
Mudhead: hiya
||||||||| Bees'n'Spiders leaves to catch the 8:58 PM train to Connecticut.
Mudhead: whats playin first tonite ah Clem ?
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "8:58 PM and late as usual, it's What th'..., just back from Guilford."
Bambi: glad you did Fred, even if for only a little bit :-)
What th'...: Hi, this is Fred again. It just booted me out! What's up with that?
ah,clem: it's a Nick Danger night, starting with HCYB
Bambi: don't know ... still here myself
What th'...: Guess I must have clicked that little chromium switch over there...
Bambi: oooo, my fav! thanks Clem!
Mudhead: Careful wif that switch, the encrusting is copming loose
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, November 02, 2006 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Mudhead: OK
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and intones "Presenting 'Merlyn', just granted probation at 9:01 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
||||||||| Outside, the 9:01 PM downtown bus from British Columbia pulls away, leaving cease coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
||||||||| Outside, the 9:01 PM uptown bus from Hellmouth pulls away, leaving cease coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
What th'...: Gotta go hang... um, pictures, that is. She who must be obeyed is paging me... See ya!
||||||||| "9:01 PM? I'm late!" exclaims What th'..., who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the flowerbeds.
Mudhead: In the news today: They have just annouced that due to problems with availability of voting machines all Democrats should vote on Nov. 7, all Republicans vote on the 8th.
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:02 PM, dragging doctec by one leg and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
cease: hey doc
Mudhead: hi cat an doctec n Merlyn
doctec: hi there
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "9:03 PM and late as usual, it's justanothergov'tTweeny, just back from Austin."
Merlyn: Hey, there's some weird name logged in with cease - who did the cat drag in?
Mudhead: ut oh
justanothergov'tTweeny: Good eeevening....
Mudhead: thought that said just another hungover Tween
justanothergov'tTweeny: That could be as well lol...
Mudhead: wassup wif Lili doctec ?
cease: phil austin?
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:05 PM and Hemlock Stones waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
justanothergov'tTweeny: Yeah, how'd Wednesday go?
Hemlock Stones: Greetings
doctec: she's still having lung problems - unknown cause of blockage, she's sucking in oxygen now
justanothergov'tTweeny: Halo UK...
cease: poor lili
justanothergov'tTweeny: Wow. That's very weird.
Mudhead: in with the good air
doctec: more tests coming up next tuesday
ah,clem: hi all
Mudhead: send her my best
doctec: hi J.L.
justanothergov'tTweeny: Hi Clem...
doctec: i got my next segment written today, will try to get recording done and segment in your hands tomorrow.
justanothergov'tTweeny: Sure hope they come up with a good (and uncomplicated) answer, Doc.
doctec: mudhead: lili says thanx
Mudhead )
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy sashays in at 9:07 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
doctec: she looks forward to getting this lung problem behind her and joining in on chat
Merlyn LeRoy: ok, things are really weird on the chat...
doctec: tween: yeah me too
cease: is mark foley here?
justanothergov'tTweeny: Yeah, Lili... be well...
Merlyn LeRoy: LOG OFF
justanothergov'tTweeny: Biting tires again, Merl?
Merlyn LeRoy: oops
doctec: all of us?
Mudhead: no, you logoff
||||||||| Merlyn LeRoy aka 'The Reaper' has killed off Merlyn at 9:08 PM
Merlyn LeRoy: there's a blank name logged in, cat logged in twice
justanothergov'tTweeny: A schitzophrenic can have an argument any time he likes.
doctec: oh
Hemlock Stones: is there a Hacker in the house ?
doctec: i'm not schizophrenic ... and neither am i
cease: shall i leave?
||||||||| "9:09 PM? I'm late!" exclaims cease, who then hurries out through the french doors and down through the flowerbeds.
Merlyn LeRoy: and the chat entrance page says there's a special appearance by public/the_Waiting_room
justanothergov'tTweeny: lol
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cease close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 9:09 PM tree-stunting plans, and scurries off to the sitting room.
||||||||| It's 9:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Merlyn LeRoy: yay, saved by the reaper
justanothergov'tTweeny: The invisible Firehead
||||||||| Hemlock Stones rushes off, saying "9:10 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Merlyn LeRoy: the invisible man died of the plague
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Hemlock Stones into the room, accepts three dimes as a gratuity, grumbles something about 9:10 PM, then departs.
Merlyn LeRoy: everything looks ok now
cease: the 5th crazy guy
justanothergov'tTweeny: These folks don't know if they're coming or going...
Mudhead: If its yellow, your going
Merlyn LeRoy: cat, it may have been a double click on the "go" button on the entrance page or something - did you press the go button to log in?
||||||||| Around 9:11 PM, justanothergov'tTweeny walks off into the sunset...
doctec: mh: lol
||||||||| Catherwood sneaks into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Tweeny'sEvilTwin', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:11 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
cease: i did the 2nd time
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I told him I'd get him sooner or later mwahahahha
cease: the first time i didnt get in
Merlyn LeRoy: is this the standard HCYB? Bergman sounds a bit different.
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: It's in the water, that's why it's yellow...
cease: bergman's in the water?
Merlyn LeRoy: maybe that's what happened, cat. I guess we'll have to live with ghosts on occasion
Mudhead: his eggs are
ah,clem: it is the standard one, but not well sampled
Merlyn LeRoy: thanks clem, I guess it's the compression
doctec: i've been feeling very compressed lately myself
Hemlock Stones: it must be the Great Compression, i read about it
Merlyn LeRoy: I remember the great compression
Hemlock Stones: lol
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: groan
Merlyn LeRoy: everyone was flat broke
cease: ive been reading the final cut hd manual trying to figure out how to convert hd to dv
cease: thre must a final cut forum somewhere that could answer that quick enough
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I'd be of no help whatsoever, Cat...
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: The developer's web site doubtless has a forum.
doctec: cat, check out http://www.apple.com/support/finalcutpro/ for starters
cease: ive been to a final cut forum before. i'm sure i can find my way back there again
cease: yes thats what i was reading, doc
Mudhead: i use VCDGear to convert mine cat onna PC
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Do you havethe whole iLife package on your G4, Cat?
||||||||| 9:19 PM: llanwydd jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
Merlyn LeRoy: Ossman's Tirebiter book "The Ronald Reagan Murder Case" publisher's page is here: http://bearmanormedia.bizland.com/id128.html
llanwydd: is this myspace.com?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Yo LLan
cease: i get the impression that if i export hd to idvd it should convert but i havent tried it yet
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: It's for rent, LL.
cease: oh is the book out?
doctec: cat: also http://www.dmnforums.com/cgi-bin/displaywwugindex.fcgi?forum=apple_final_cut
Merlyn LeRoy: I don't think it's shipping yet cat
Merlyn LeRoy: reminderbinder: David Ossman here as Tirebiter in 2 weeks
doctec: bear manor is fred's publisher as well
||||||||| "Hey Hemlock Stones!" ... Hemlock Stones turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 9:21 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Mudhead: \o/
llanwydd: thanks for the headsupagain, merl
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Really? Kewl :-)
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Hemlock Stones in through the front door at 9:21 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
llanwydd: I don't want to miss it
llanwydd: howdy stones!
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Having connection problems, Stones?
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, fred's the one who tipped me off about it coming out
doctec: hey stoned
Mudhead: I'll make a note of it, make it a C Meryln
doctec: er, ... :-)
Hemlock Stones: hi llan, i seem to have browser problems
cease: thanks doc
cease: exciting news about tirebiter
cease: i'll have to order that book
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:22 PM and boney bounds out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
cease: when you mentionied it last week, i thought it was a new cd
doctec: still biting tires...
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: IE 7?
cease: i have the ronald reagan murder case on cassette somewhere
llanwydd: I'm taping The Seventh Seal on TCM
cease: and speaking of minneapolis, did you know krassner was in town in october, merl?
llanwydd: I've seen it before but it's worth seeing again
boney: John Kerry gave me his joke book!
cease: i entered his name on youtube and found him doing standup at some big antiwar event
doctec: lland: i missed viridiana, didn't i?
Merlyn LeRoy: didn't know that, cat
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Rots of ruck, Boney
doctec: viridiana was (is?) supposed to be on ifc already (or soon)
Mudhead: get any laffs outta dat boney?
cease: that lord buckley thing with groucho was great
cease: you entered phil proctor's name yet?
llanwydd: yeah, doc. that was a couple of months ago
cease: its some how to pick up chicks flick, or tv series or something
llanwydd: I missed it too
cease: but its really proctor, a very young proctor.
Merlyn LeRoy: no, phil in a lot?
cease: if you enter bergman you get that soap dude
doctec: thanks llan (dang, i gotta stay on top of these things)
Hemlock Stones: if anyone wants a live stage version of Peter Cook doing The Judge and Monty Python doing The Four Yorkshiremen, i have left a zip file at this address
cease: yes it appears to be a series, maybe late 70s or ealry 80s
Hemlock Stones: https://www3.sendthisfile.com/d.jsp?t=jJZncrIQwno4m2QFmvuxqiVu
cease: thanks, stones
cease: anyway, check out proctor picking up chicks, while he still can
doctec: o wow stones - thanx!!!!!
Hemlock Stones: my pleasure
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Grats, Stones...
Hemlock Stones: if you actually want to watch the video its at Channel4.com
Mudhead: use your knees & back Proctor
Hemlock Stones: i dont have a video ripper alas
Mudhead: i do
Mudhead: lets talk
cease: yes that would be something to get
Mudhead: the technology has gotten better
Mudhead: less confusing
Hemlock Stones: both sketches are from The Secret Policemans Ball, the Amnesty International Fundraising gigs
||||||||| printspimple poop sashays in at 9:27 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Hemlock Stones: hi PP
||||||||| Bees'n'Spiders enters at 9:27 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and rushes off to the Chapeau Manger.
cease: i think i have that on tape
llanwydd: evenin print
printspimple poop: evening
Mudhead: hiya again
llanwydd: hey bees!
doctec: mh: fwd details to me - http://doctechnical.com/cgi-bin/email_doc.cgi
Bees'n'Spiders: The operation was a success. My pictures are now well hung.
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Hey PrincP, B&S...
doctec: am interested in video ripper details
boney: John Kerry gave me his joke book!
llanwydd: video must be the son of jack
cease: he should have borrowed the firesign's
Mudhead: why sheeeeitt Im gwanna be imotant, Im gonna look impotant
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: And you lived?
doctec: boney: all blank pages?
Hemlock Stones: is Kerry working for the Republicans now ?
printspimple poop: take a swift boat to china boney
doctec: stones: no, i think he's just clumsy
llanwydd: "the book of gaffes"
Bees'n'Spiders: Blank pages? No way. Forty-two footnotes with references in the back.
||||||||| Dexter Fong sashays in at 9:30 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
doctec: ...and the references are blank... ?
doctec: het dex
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Kerry cartoon: http://www.uclick.com/client/nyt/po/
printspimple poop: ahh dexter sashayed in with knocker just like me
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Hi Dex...
Bees'n'Spiders: No, just the eyes looking upon the pages... Oh, that was Foley...
Dexter Fong: Hiya Doc and regalars
llanwydd: howdy dex!
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: also good: http://www.uclick.com/client/nyt/tt/
Hemlock Stones: Hi Dex
printspimple poop: the bee's knees
Mudhead: greetings all
Dexter Fong: Hey Hem
Dexter Fong: Hi llan
printspimple poop: how are you mudhead?
Dexter Fong: Yweeny
Dexter Fong: poop
Dexter Fong: Tweeny
printspimple poop: oh lydia
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: weeny?
Mudhead: still pumpin air pricipalpoop
Bees'n'Spiders: Oh Siris...
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Lydia.. the tattooed lady....
printspimple poop: ok macaca or whatever your name is, Senator Allen must be a firesign fan...
doctec: my cocker (spaniel)
Dexter Fong: The Macaca - The forbidden Campaign term
doctec: yeah, that's what he meant
llanwydd: what's a macaca?
Merlyn LeRoy: hmm, that bizarre chat room bug also removed my email from the notification list...
Mudhead: no email for you
Dexter Fong: The chat has bugs? We must flea
doctec: http://realclearpolitics.com is doing a good job of tracking all the u.s. election races
Mudhead: that might be good
printspimple poop: oops, i thought it said marilyn leroy, it is M
cease: hey dex
Dexter Fong: Hiya Cat
Mudhead: watch out for that building!
doctec: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaque
printspimple poop: pump pumpkins mud, that is what they are for
Mudhead: only the family type pp
llanwydd: macaque of the red death
doctec: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaca_%28slur%29
printspimple poop: extended or nuclear?
Mudhead: we're all nuclear
llanwydd: nookyular
cease: the election tracker looks thorough, doc
Hemlock Stones: lol llan
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Who you callin' a monkey?
doctec: newkewlar
printspimple poop: iit is a slur, if a russian used the N-word, american reporters would not be fooled for 1 second...
doctec: lland beat me to it
||||||||| Catherwood leads oldiesfan in through the front door at 9:36 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
cease: looks like you get lieberman for another 6 years
Merlyn LeRoy: Today on the street I saw a "Republicans for Voldemort" bumper sticker
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Evenin' Oldie
oldiesfan: yo room
printspimple poop: hi oldies fan
llanwydd: evening oldies!
doctec: cat: yeah - sucks. lamont is making a last minute push but prolly not enough
cease: good one, merl
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Yo yo
Mudhead: we've always known to go for the independent
llanwydd: take her away for regrooving
printspimple poop: worthless?? hahaha cough cough
cease: ive been reading all i can on the websites and blogs
cease: did you get my email today about the todd rundgren song?
doctec: independent schmindependent (in this case anyway)
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Quite, P...
oldiesfan: brb
Mudhead: all you can, or all you could
||||||||| "9:38 PM? I'm late!" exclaims oldiesfan, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the bushes.
Merlyn LeRoy: no really: http://www.goats.com/store/stickers.html
cease: this would have been a great election for the firesigns to comment on
||||||||| oldiesfan waltzes in at 9:38 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Mudhead: we'll hold open your eyelids
doctec: lieberman just goes along with the tide imho - does whatever it takes to appease the greatest number of people
cease: too bad no one's paying them to do it
doctec: cat: you got that right
oldiesfan: what's a good refresh rate setting?
printspimple poop: wb of
Mudhead: 1
oldiesfan: ty i just chgd to that as a guess
doctec: political incorrectness is no longer tolerated in u.s. society - we're now the redcoats
Merlyn LeRoy: however often you want to see new text
Mudhead: i hadda sound event clickin like crazy too
Mudhead: nuked it
boney: the paws that refreshes, oldiesfan
oldiesfan: lol
doctec: mh: go into control panel -> sounds and audio devices -> "sounds" tab and set sound scheme to ?no sounds"
printspimple poop: clicking like a crazy monkey
Bees'n'Spiders: Nose resting on the space bar?
doctec: i hate pc sounds - i always shut 'em off after an install
boney: Rate these paws
doctec: an install of xp that is
oldiesfan: is this a pretty regular chat each thursday at 9/8 central time?
Mudhead: oh no, then i cant hear important grunts and squeaks
Dexter Fong: Yes Oldie
Hemlock Stones: me too doc, very annoying
Mudhead: i just disabled the offending event to none
doctec: oldiesfan: extremely regular
llanwydd: this has been regular for many years
Merlyn LeRoy: every thursday oldies
Merlyn LeRoy: and in two weeks, George Tirebiter himself (David Ossman) should be here!
oldiesfan: live even on the left coast...or do they get it 3 hrs later? (i'm jussss keeedinggg!!!)
cease: for over a decade, oldie
doctec: lots of fiber is essential
doctec: left coast 3 hrs earlier
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: somebody was asking me when the chat officially started. What was the year?
printspimple poop: is that thanksgiving M
Mudhead: not much actually
Merlyn LeRoy: live everywhere - back in the IRC days, we had an australian show up ones
oldiesfan: then we'll have to have plenty of groat clusters here in 2 wks
Hemlock Stones: yes tween, was it BC or AD ??
boney: if you're so smart, why don't you pick up your cues faster?
Bambi: howdy everyone! great to see ya all
doctec: chat 9pm est, 6pm pst
oldiesfan: r those my Qs?
doctec: 2am in london
Dexter Fong: Hey Bambi
boney: maybe your refresh rate is too slow
printspimple poop: hi bambi
Mudhead: of tip my Q's will ya
llanwydd: hi bambi!
Hemlock Stones: Hi Bambi
boney: catherwood, refresh oldiesfan
||||||||| Catherwood rushes alongside boney and mumbles "Do you have something for me to do?"
printspimple poop: then stop slapping me
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Evenin' deer person...
Bambi: Tweeny -- I took the iMac apart and there was a piece of the bracket sticking up and preventing the CD from booting
Mudhead: we CAN talk here
boney: catherwood please give oldiesfan something to refresh him
||||||||| Catherwood hands oldiesfan something to refresh him.
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Ah HA!
Merlyn LeRoy: The earliest IRC chat on google groups is 1996, but Elayne refers to the regular IRC chats back then
llanwydd: how did you learn about our chat, oldiesfan?
doctec: those damn brackets
printspimple poop: dam bracket
Dexter Fong: those [damn] brackets
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Could have been worse. Might have been paraentheses...
printspimple poop: those flanges too, got to watch out for them
oldiesfan: for no apparent reason i googled "audrey farber" the other day...and wound up here ;-)
Mudhead: haha
llanwydd: cool
Dexter Fong: Audrey farber??
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: The iMac is booting with the TechTool CD now?
Bees'n'Spiders: Susan Underhill?
Mudhead: Betty Jo Bialoski
doctec: oldiesfan: that's the internets for ya...
printspimple poop: non, you mean nancy
oldiesfan: you may know her as melanie haber
Dexter Fong: Betty Jo Bielofsky?
boney: is googling politically correct?
llanwydd: audrey was a former member of our group
llanwydd: I never knew her
oldiesfan: not even as nancy?
Hemlock Stones: yes Boney , providng you dont follow them home
llanwydd: lol
Bambi: it tried to boot from the CD you sent and it did boot from it and even gave me a mouse cursor for a second and a happy Mac icon ... but then the hard drive started making bad noises ... the kind of noises that a failed hard drive makes unfortunately. So the therapy worked now but the patient died lol
doctec: boney: not for much longer :-/
cease: wasnt audrey tiny's girlfriend?
Bambi: at least that's how it is looking right now
boney: Google a slap in the face
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Shoot. So it was the HD after all. Bad luck...
Bambi: yeah, sure seems so Tween
llanwydd: all I know is that there is a photo of an audrey farber at the bottom of previous chat pages
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Well, the good news is now you have an excuse to get a better drive...
Merlyn LeRoy: IRC chats started March, 1995 by Elayne, tweeny: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre/msg/7a99a31db12e2c05
oldiesfan: ...went into his room, only to find gideon's bible...
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Did TechTool see the hard drive?
doctec: after which he ran into the hall and said: "hey gideon - you left your bible here!"
printspimple poop: oh nich, you're such a tool
Bambi: yeah, that's true Tween ... will have to wait for awhile though
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Thought it might have been around then. The internet finally taking shape about that time.
printspimple poop: nick dammit
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I'll have to thank her when she shows up :-)
Hemlock Stones: what shape is it now Tween ?
printspimple poop: are you listening to cni oldies fan?
Bambi: TechTool seemed to initially see it...I am guessing since it got a happy Mac icon
oldiesfan: no, should i be? ;-)
llanwydd: I've only been here since 2003
boney: unhappy Mac icon
printspimple poop: yes, it is nick danger
oldiesfan: k
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Oblong, Stones lol
llanwydd: I'm quite literate for a three year old
printspimple poop: put down that pickle
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: So you didn't boot into the TechTool program?
doctec: you can't put down ickles anymore, it's politically incorrect
Hemlock Stones: i'm an old square myself Tween so it suits me fine
doctec: pickles
Mudhead: It looked like a clown
printspimple poop: don ickles?
Dexter Fong: ;
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Suit yourself...
Bambi: it didn't go into the CD fully once the hard drive started the death throws
Dexter Fong: ickles the own?
doctec: icrophone isn't orking
llanwydd: you can't even call them pickles anymore. they are "former cucumbers"
Hemlock Stones: those home surgery kits are really useful Tween
Dexter Fong: ap it a ew imes
doctec: i ate hat
cease: better than having sex with hat
Dexter Fong: llan: Chemically altered cucmbers
doctec: i ink the utton is roken
printspimple poop: gherkins are still gherkins
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Bad news, Bambi. Have you tried reconnecting the drive?
oldiesfan: glycerin vibrafoam
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: lol Stones
Mudhead: which album is moleskin cookies on?
printspimple poop: how is your clavical these days?
Merlyn LeRoy: Just Folks I think mud
Bambi: I checked all the cables but may have to take it apart again and check them again
Hemlock Stones: you mean Ma Rainys Whole Mole Cookies Mud ?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: You could of course disconnect the drive and boot the CD just to check out the rest of the hardware (TT has all sorts of tests).
llanwydd: Missing Shoe, Mudhead
printspimple poop: ready for volley ball??
Mudhead: yes Stones
Bambi is not looking forward to that LOL
Hemlock Stones: each cookie contains a whole Mole
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Does JL have a can of contact spray cleaner handy?
Hemlock Stones: was it Dear Friends ?
oldiesfan: was it the tb guide...or the tv glide?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Yeah, the take-apart isn't all that easy is it?
doctec: oldiesfan: both
oldiesfan: 6am--sunrise surprise
doctec: with new ork
oldiesfan: from new ork
Bambi: without the CD in, it does the same thing it did before I tried to run the CD
Bees'n'Spiders: Time to board the Golden Hind...
llanwydd: I first heard the moleskin cookies gag when I saw them live in 81
doctec: bringing up dinner
llanwydd: then I heard it on Case of the Missing Shoe
Bambi: so I am not sure if the CD is still ok
Hemlock Stones: Eat em, wipe em off, eat em again !
printspimple poop: yum
Mudhead: thats the line
oldiesfan: is look out for father with danny nose on?
Bambi: but with the CD in, it starts to load the CD, then the hard drive starts those horrible thrashing noises and it pops the CD out.
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Well, as I said, if you can get TechTool booted, it can check out the integrity of the systems files, disc structure, etc. Hardware tests as well.
cease: did he turn into a great sandstone building again?
Bees'n'Spiders: The CD or the CD drive? What was the bracket in contact with?
oldiesfan: bbl
Merlyn LeRoy: Hey everybody, TinyCWRU is back up!! The Firesign MUSH area is still there! telnet://tinycwru.tinymush.org:4201
||||||||| Around 9:56 PM, oldiesfan walks off into the sunset...
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: You're sure it's the hard drive and not the CD?
Bambi: good deal Tween ... will keep working on it :-)
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: The trashing noise may be the CD drive trying to read the scratched part of the TTP disc.
Bambi: the CD itself Fred
llanwydd: B n S, have you been with us before?
printspimple poop: i have forgotten how to speak morse code M
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: It sees a good system on the CD, but then can't read the rest of the disc (maybe).
Hemlock Stones: you have to be pretty dotty PP
Bambi: it apparently prevented the CD from spinning up because now it spins up and begins to load the CD
Bees'n'Spiders: Ouch! Once the offending bracket was plucked out, have you tried another CD?
doctec: dit dit dit dit dit get a job
printspimple poop: dash it all stones
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: She doesn't have another boot CD.
Bambi: that's a possibility Tween, but it keeps doing the thrashing after the CD pops out
llanwydd: is there still a practical purpose for morse code?
doctec: give that cd the boot
cease: what would morse science high do without it?
Hemlock Stones: yes, its still used as emergency backup
Mudhead: no, its not required for a license anymore
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Hmmm... well, try disconnecting the hard drive and see if it boots.
printspimple poop: merit badges in the boy scouts
llanwydd: I see
Bees'n'Spiders: Sure, Morse code will soon be a new add-on to cell phones.
Mudhead: so I'll be Moresing someone
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Just what we need Bee lol
Bees'n'Spiders: Extra charge, of course..
doctec: morse science
boney: Make sure it's covered by the warranty before booting a Mac mini
Bees'n'Spiders: I get high on Morse science
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: People doing Morese as well as talking while they're driving...
boney: crunch
Bambi: I will take it apart again to disconnect the hard drive as the next step Tween :-)
printspimple poop: outcast woman
Dexter Fong: Tweeny: Morese, the Gangster of Love?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Sounds logical Bambi
boney: squash
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Alanis Morese?
printspimple poop: zuchinni
Bambi: oh, darn scroll rolled off before I could see what Fred had said
llanwydd: what's on cni tonight?
Dexter Fong: Who's Fred?
printspimple poop: FDR is surrendering
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Fong: Just finishing Nick Danger llan
Hemlock Stones: nick danger
doctec: fred's the guy who pulls the curtain
llanwydd: 2Places again?
Bambi: it's a Nick Danger night llanwydd
Bees'n'Spiders: Hey, my shoes have sprung a leak. Gotta go inflate'em again... Bye
printspimple poop: not anyplace at all llan
||||||||| Bees'n'Spiders leaves at 10:01 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
doctec: a.k.a. adolf
llanwydd: I see
Dexter Fong: Night B'nS
||||||||| Catherwood leads oldiesfan into the room, accepts three dimes as a gratuity, mumbles something about 10:01 PM, then departs.
doctec: bye beez
Hemlock Stones: see ya beez
printspimple poop: wb of, are you listening to cni?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Bambi told JL she'd cook him his favorite meal ;-)
Bambi: B'n'S was Fred ... Klok's friend from CT
oldiesfan: i was before i had to go do the washer/dryer move
Mudhead: im in ct
Dexter Fong: Ah, thanks Bambi
cease: really?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Good to know Bambi.
cease: too bad we didnt know
llanwydd: oldiesfan, are you m or f?
printspimple poop: laundry night ahh ok
doctec: ah - thanx bambi
printspimple poop: that is a little personal llan
cease: i hope he comes back
Dexter Fong: A big personal
printspimple poop: let us not be gender cops
doctec: mexican or finnish?
llanwydd: you really think so?
cease: 3 faces of al
oldiesfan: > m
Hemlock Stones: Mohican or Fundamentalist ??
Bambi: he said he could only stay for a little while tonight ... I am sure he will be back
Dexter Fong: Macaca or ferchachte
llanwydd: thought so
doctec: dex: lol
Mudhead: oh Id love to be a Mohegan now
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: lol Dex
printspimple poop: ac dc bc ad ab db?
cease: is that nick danger compendium ever going to come out?
oldiesfan: how did you guesstimate me? ;-)
doctec: mh: i bet you would i bet you would...
llanwydd: perhaps a mohican fundementalist
Hemlock Stones: careful llan they are pretty radical
Mudhead: yeah, but a free radical
doctec: are there any radicals left at all?
printspimple poop: i joined the curleyhicans
doctec: free or otherwise?
cease: jerry? abbie? are they both dead and free?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: A Krassner?
Hemlock Stones: lol PP
printspimple poop: woo woo woo wooooo
cease: did yhou read his huffpo piece about ginzberg the other day?
llanwydd: radicals are the red things in tossed salads, right?
doctec: missed that one cat - will have to check it out
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Missed that one Cat
cease: krassner isnt free. he's Expensive
oldiesfan: arnie ginsberg? on WMEX 1510?
Hemlock Stones: those are free radishes llan
Mudhead: yess llan
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: No doubt ;-)
cease: talks about abbie and jerry and alan at an event, leery there too
doctec: i stayed at the radishon once - nice, ya....
cease: anniversayr of on the road
Hemlock Stones: this reminds me very little of the time i met William Burroughs
cease: this is about anniversary of Howl
Mudhead: Timothy Learys dead?
llanwydd: lol, doc
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: lol Stones
printspimple poop: no, he is outside, looking in
cease: was he amuzing, stones?
llanwydd: no no no no
boney: prince nipple oop
Mudhead: ta dum dum
printspimple poop: when the wind blows the burrough will rock
Hemlock Stones: yes he was but most of the gathering were too stoned to notice him cease
Mudhead: you set em up
cease: a problem with being stoned
printspimple poop: that is a problem?
boney: whoop
oldiesfan: ...you don't understand how radio works...now all i have to do to return us to the present is fade my voice (out like this...and cue the organist!)
Hemlock Stones: picture and inflatable marquee full of inflatable furniture with naked acid stoned hippies cavorting on them
Hemlock Stones: in walks Burroughs with Swedish TV crew
printspimple poop: wrong chat stones hehe
Mudhead: he or she doesnt know we cant hear things in the brackets
llanwydd: think Missing Shoe will appear on cni tonight?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: wow Stones
Hemlock Stones: i was only an observer PP
boney: in the 21st century, naked acid stoned hippies should put their damn clothes on and shut the fuck up
cease: i am curious, mellow
printspimple poop: ahh voyeur, i have some links for you hehe a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: lol Boney
llanwydd: I have acid reflux. does that count?
boney: they're an embarrassment to their grandchildren
oldiesfan: willlllburrrrr!
doctec: i gotta take off - lots to do tomorrow. see you all here next week. (and i'll be on cni saturday as well)
printspimple poop: is this the 21st already?
Hemlock Stones: he walked in right behind me, surveyed the chaos, and turned to the TV crew and said, "I dont think there is anything i can tell these people !"
llanwydd: nite doc!
||||||||| "10:11 PM? I'm late!" exclaims doctec, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the garden.
printspimple poop: good luck doc ciaooo
Mudhead: email me back doctec
cease: hope the next time you appear here, the dems will control the house, at least
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: That's about it these day LL ROFL
Dexter Fong: Night Doc and best wishes to Lili
printspimple poop: of course of course
cease: yes hope she recovers pronto
boney: These days, naked acid stoned hippies belong to AARP and want to vote but always forget
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Nasty business. She really can't get a break ;-(
Bambi: nite doc
Bambi: our best to Lili ... hope she's doing better
printspimple poop: what did bill have to say stones?
boney: why Johnny can't vote... he's stoned, as always
Hemlock Stones: at least they have an excuse Boney
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: They go to concerts and pass the Metamucil..
boney: forgot
Bambi: she can't get a break...I will have to read the cheese log later when I can load it
cease: sounds like the krassner riff, geezer stock
llanwydd: I saw Ingmar Bergman on the dick cavett show tonight
Hemlock Stones: that was all PP, he was to give a lecture and only me and my friend were straight enough to notice him arrive
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Bubba's Brain into the room, accepts a wooden nickel as a gratuity, grumbles something about 10:14 PM, then departs.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 10:14 PM and Charles Throat waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Hey Bubba...
Merlyn LeRoy: hey bb
llanwydd: he has to be the most boring person who has ever been interviewed
oldiesfan: yo bubba
Bambi: hi bubba
printspimple poop: ahh BB and CT
Charles Throat: A free aluminum bat for everyone tonight
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Hey CT
Charles Throat: Hi Bubba and all
Dexter Fong: Did anyone here down load that link from Alt.firsesign the Groucho show with Lord Buckley on it?
Bambi: stones, how's the shoulder recovery going?
Bambi: hi CT
Bubba's Brain: Hey all
Dexter Fong: Hi Bubba
llanwydd: that's not fair, charles
Charles Throat: Got the Cavett with Groucho
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: As long as it flys, CT...
Bubba's Brain: Alluminum bats for Haloween?
Hemlock Stones: slowly but surely thank you Bambi but the meds have caused an allergic reaction in my eyes and i now have a corneal ulcer in right eye
Dexter Fong: Hey Charles, missed your entrance =)
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Yeah, Stones. How's dem bones mending?
printspimple poop: aluminium for stones
Charles Throat: Llanwydd, it's no fair to anybody
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Jeeze, Stones...
Charles Throat: Aluminum FROM stones
llanwydd: I have the cavett/groucho as well
Bambi: hi boney Bubba's Brain cease Charles Throat Dexter Fong Hemlock Stones llanwydd Merlyn LeRoy Mudhead oldiesfan printspimple poop Tweeny'sEvilTwin ah,clem :-) copy and paste, gotta love it :-)
Bubba's Brain: Sounds like alchemy, CT.
Dexter Fong: Don't know if the link is still available but seeing Lord Buckley as a contestant on Groucho's show was just amazing
Charles Throat: I tivo'd it so have the mpeg if anyone really wants it
printspimple poop: you are falling apart stones, pull yourself together mate
Bambi: oh, man ... sorry to hear that Stones
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Got the 10 volume The Prisoner series through an inter-library loan. McGoohan was so good...
Charles Throat: So does intelligent design, Bubba, but it's real as clown's milk
cease: yes that was great. id never seen buckley before
Hemlock Stones: dont talk to me like i am a pair of curtains PP
llanwydd: I'm not at all familiar with lord buckley
cease: hi bubba
cease: did you send that guy his Neal Amid?
Bubba's Brain: hey cat.
Charles Throat: You're so lucky, I think he's coming by later
Dexter Fong: llan: He's worth looking around for
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I'd love to have it CT.
Bambi: yes, loved that show too Tween (The Prisoner) McGoohan was very good
Bubba's Brain: He hasn't put in an order yet. Did I need to contact him?
printspimple poop: i was going to say ok wanker, but that might too hard, if it was, oops
Hemlock Stones: Charles, does the existence of Bush and Blair deny the idea of Intelligent Design
cease: number 6 is coming here?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: What's the file size CT?
Charles Throat: Tweeny - charlesthroat@SBCGLOBAL.NET
boney: It's possible that the youth vote and twentysomethings will FINALLY come through on November 7--Hunter Thompson and Zappa will miss it unless someone raises the devil--Jon Stewart will be there
Hemlock Stones: McGoohan once told me to Fuck Off
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: But he won't give you any information, Cat...
Charles Throat: Oh huge - but I'll send a DVD
Charles Throat: Hemlock, of course not...
cease: you can dine on that for decades, stones
boney: the college crowd may decide this election instead of the senior citizens
printspimple poop: wow stones, i only hear that from ordinary people
cease: i was just viewing some footage i shot in coimbra the other day
Hemlock Stones: yes maybe, he lived near me and i was trespassing in his garden
cease: room number in this historical palace place was #6
cease: maybe both, boney
Charles Throat: ... it's just balance for all us superior people
cease: lol stones
cease: i am not a number, i'm a free footprint
Hemlock Stones: for me, The Prisoner was essential viewing
oldiesfan: before & after--calgon, mcgoohan
Charles Throat: I love the 21st century if ONLY for Tivo
Dexter Fong: Hem: YOu're lucky he didn't sent the big white baloon afteryou
cease: i liked the stuff he did for disney before that too
Bubba's Brain: "I am not a number!" -83736672882
Bambi: me too Stones
Hemlock Stones: yes i wondered about rover
boney: AARP is saying DON'T VOTE so that senior citizens can win again... but Jon Stewart fans may vote because AARP told them not ot
boney: not to
Charles Throat: And I love that I have EVERY Dear Friends show and EVERY Let's Eat on my telephone...
Hemlock Stones: i even had a badge which said Number 6
cease: youre doing a john kerry immitation, boney?
oldiesfan: b&a answer: ancient chinese secret agent man
printspimple poop: i need to get a vcr or dvd player, or is there something new now?
Charles Throat: Bubba, no, that my carbine, issued to me by United States Army
oldiesfan: or...secret asain man, i suppose
boney: it's from his joke book, cease
cease: now you have to turn that phone into a shoe, charles
Mudhead: yes PP get blu-Ray
Bambi: that's great Stones ... Number 6 :-)
Hemlock Stones: yes PP theres a writ from the RIAA
llanwydd: but would you rather hear it on your telephone, ct?
Charles Throat: Oh come on Poop, they're $30 at Walmart
llanwydd: I'd like to get those on CD
boney: http://dontvote.org/
Charles Throat: Lloanwd, email me
printspimple poop: yes, I don't sit on my bottom enough in front of a screen now....
Charles Throat: llanwydd I mean
boney: that was taken out of context
Bambi: better buy one soon princep, soon all hardware will have built in hardware level DRM ... read about Seagate's new drives for cable pvrs and tivos, and hard drive for laptop
printspimple poop: the prisoner wrote a book?
Hemlock Stones: The Prisoner is available on 10 DVDs
Charles Throat: I already voted - man did it ever feel good
Hemlock Stones: http://www.tvdvdplanet.com/movies/action/The_Prisoner.html?gclid=CJCVyZn0qYgCFTZREgodfG_IhQ
printspimple poop: ok ok a dvd reader
Charles Throat: That's one I'd like to have, Hemlock
Bambi: DriveTrust ... might want to read about it starting with http://www.bambismusings.com or just Google for it.
||||||||| Around 10:24 PM, llanwydd walks off into the sunset...
||||||||| Outside, the 10:24 PM bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving llanwydd coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
llanwydd: testing
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: The final episode is positively bizzare.
printspimple poop: if i squeeze you will you pass another llan?
Bubba's Brain: sssssibilence, sssssibilence, one, two, three...
Hemlock Stones: the village they filmed it in is a tourist trap now
printspimple poop: all you need is love tween
boney: mail it in... I'm an absentee in more ways than one
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Yeah, everyone should read Bambi's blog about the DriveTrust business.
oldiesfan: meoowwwwwwww! ... this animal is sick!
Charles Throat: llan, how did you do that? I could have sworn I saw you waving from the bus
Bambi: yes, it was positively bizaar ... who'd a thunk it ... totally unexpected
boney: the case of the absent context
oldiesfan: doctor, give him something for his cough
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Reall, P... very strange
printspimple poop: she is in my favorites list, I have not run my favorites yet this week
llanwydd: I honestly don't know how I did that
Bubba's Brain: not much of a cough.....
oldiesfan: now hold it right there!
Bambi smiles
printspimple poop: ahhh a mystery
Hemlock Stones: theres a new weird series on BBC TV now Bambi
Hemlock Stones: its called Torchwood
Charles Throat: I'm staying drunk until next Tuesday
Dexter Fong: afk for refill
Bambi: gotta love keyboard shortcuts that we haven' t discovered yet ;-)
printspimple poop: ok fong
boney: keep it simple. those soundbytes must be chewable.
Bambi: what's it about Stones?
boney: the soundbytes must be chewable enough that a goat won't choke on 'em
printspimple poop: the guy from fantastic four becomes a pyromaniac?
cease: they went along way with opium jokes
Bubba's Brain: goats'll eat anything..... and little lambs eat ivy.
llanwydd: what good is opium anyway except...
oldiesfan: happy thanks...giving.......from......W......K......R......P
Charles Throat: A goat'll eat a can of opium
printspimple poop: i had a goat, his name was jim
Charles Throat: Did you now
Hemlock Stones: its strange, about a group of special ops that collect alien technology that arrives here through wormholes etc, sort of Doctor Who with shagging in it
Charles Throat: Sounds like a ;limerick
printspimple poop: there once was a girl with angina
llanwydd: a kidd'll eat ivy too
cease: the pet goart must be a really intresting book
Bambi: gotta love the 3 stooges version of that (little lambs eat ivy song)
Charles Throat: I always wanted to have sex with a Dalek
Bubba's Brain: wouldn't you?
oldiesfan: mulva?
Hemlock Stones: http://movies.quicksilverscreen.com/
oldiesfan: oh...delores
printspimple poop: that is her
Merlyn LeRoy: Hey stones, wiki says it's an actual spinoff of Dr. Who
Charles Throat: Get out my tools and go to town
Bambi: sounds like something I would really enjoy
Hemlock Stones: at that addy you can watch the first couple of episodes on line along with ALL the Simpsons, South Park and Futurama, Lost etc, get it before Hollywood does
Merlyn LeRoy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torchwood
Merlyn LeRoy: if it's Dr. Who, hollywood won't touch it
Bambi: then I would definitely enjoy it ... love Dr. Who
boney: When Phil Austin chatted about Adult Swim... that was the most interesting Thursday Nite chat ever... Interesting to me
Charles Throat: If only they hadn't touched HithHiker's Guide
Hemlock Stones: the touch of death Charles i fear
boney: Nick Danger in anime... I never would have thought of that
cease: yes those shows me mentioned arent availble in canada. must be able to find them online though
llanwydd: wonder why I don't remember that chat
Merlyn LeRoy: yeah, magrathea shut down in protest
Bubba's Brain: Sorry to make it so short, but I'm fadin'. Later all.
Charles Throat: Douglas is rolling in his grave
printspimple poop: my feelings are hurt boney sniff sniff
llanwydd: might have been before my time
Hemlock Stones: see you Bubba
Dexter Fong: Night Bubba
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Later, Hoosierman...
printspimple poop: ahhh feel better after that sniff sniff night bb
Mudhead: I gotta go too
Bambi: night Bubba
Bubba's Brain: Nytol.
||||||||| "10:34 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Bubba's Brain, who then hurries out through the french doors and down through the flowerbeds.
Dexter Fong: Night Muddy
Charles Throat: Back in a few, must perform a mystic ritual
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: lol P
Hemlock Stones: ok take care Mud see you soon
oldiesfan: nite here too....10-4 eleanor!
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Bye Mud
||||||||| Around 10:34 PM, oldiesfan walks off into the sunset...
boney: how did I hurt your feelings, prince?
printspimple poop: night mud
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Next time, oldies
||||||||| Mudhead departs at 10:34 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
llanwydd: brb
Dexter Fong: Night Oldie
printspimple poop: oops a bus leaving the station
boney: a prince of a pal
printspimple poop: we are not interesting to you...
Bambi: night Mudhead
boney: No. Phil Austin talking about Adult Swim is MORE interesting.
cease: mud
boney: if that's possible
Bambi: night oldiesfan
cease: oldie
printspimple poop: too late, my morse code feelings have been dashed
printspimple poop: ahhh hello ahhhh, clem
Dexter Fong: Hi Clem
ah,clem :)
cease: hi ah
printspimple poop: i find you folks interesting every week, but yes, that was special fun having him here
Hemlock Stones: Yo Clem
cease: no, our dead friend isnt here
printspimple poop: i do have a pimple, bizarre at my age
boney: Thursday Nite chat is like a masquerade where everyone knows who everyone is... Except you don't know who anyone else is... You're not even sure about yourself
cease: shoe it is
printspimple poop: he might be here in spirit if we call upon him
Hemlock Stones: strangely PP the first couple of times i came to this room my nickname was Frank Acne
Bambi: last week's JimmyLee and Bambi Show is up on http://www.cniradio.com on the replays page, it has doctec's MTBF second audio submision that folk's might enjoy checking out at some point. :-)
printspimple poop: missing shoe is on llan
printspimple poop: lol stones
cease: i was gonna type something, and then i thought nah, only klok would get that
printspimple poop: i like hemlock stones better, thanks lol
llanwydd: cool
boney: I'm not even sure I know who I am
printspimple poop: say it anyway cease, somebody might surprise you
Hemlock Stones: you can email me even now at frankacne@yahoo.co.uk
Bambi: lol cat
cease: forgot whatever it was
printspimple poop: what?
boney: ego mode
cease: but that thought, in itself is a summoning of him
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, bring drinks for absent friends
||||||||| Catherwood brings drinks for absent friends.
printspimple poop: wb fong
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Know what you mean Cat. When going through articles I come across something and say to myself, Klok would have liked this...
cease: i bettter get some more cubes
Hemlock Stones: raises a glass to absent friends
printspimple poop: auld lang cosine
Dexter Fong: Tanks ppp
llanwydd: well, I'll be going a little early tonight. see you folks on the 8th
Dexter Fong: Night llan
Hemlock Stones: ok llan catch you later mon ami
printspimple poop: vote llan, unless you are voting for republicans hehe
Hemlock Stones: have a good week
printspimple poop: have a super week
Bambi: as requested by some of our listeners, we also have a new donation subscription service for CNI Radio that's on the site as well. (Tweeny made me say that LOL)
boney: Maybe we should do it on Tuesday Nite next week
cease: thats an idea, bone
Hemlock Stones: Tweeny, put Bambi down immediatly
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: bye ll...
boney: not a good idea, but an idea
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: lol
cease: llan
Bambi: LOL
Bambi: night llanwydd
Merlyn LeRoy: nite llan
Dexter Fong: Why not have chat both nights?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Yeah, a good excuse for a chat for sure...
Dexter Fong: Tue to look ahead optomistically and Thur to bemoan the fates
boney: I could post an invitation to the newsgroup if you think it's a good idea
cease: splendid
Hemlock Stones: what a cynic you are Dexter lol
cease: at least, dex
cease: ill beleive a democrat house when i see it
Dexter Fong: Hem: It's about time =))
Hemlock Stones: i will turn up on Tuesday
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Let's hope you're wrong, Dex
printspimple poop: if the exit polls do not match the results, i might get disturbed
cease: democracy or tyranny?
Hemlock Stones: i second that Tween
Dexter Fong: Cat: Scientology
boney: what if they had an orgy and no one came?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Quite, cease
Hemlock Stones: lets hope not Dexter
cease: only with nukes
printspimple poop: theocracy, ogliarchy?
Hemlock Stones: unless Tom Cruise is standing
Merlyn LeRoy: we'll all move in with cat in canada
cease: we got the room
Hemlock Stones: i have a spare room i keep for draft dodgers
cease: i think our north will be opening up for people soon
Dexter Fong: Great: I'll bring my Shrubbery collection
Bambi: the problem with exit polls is that most people won't tell the truth about who they vote for. mainly because it's no one's business but the voter ;-)
boney: we'll all be refugees living in cat's house
Hemlock Stones: lol
printspimple poop: yes, before they build a wall on that side too
cease: its a pretty big house
Bambi: a shubbery?
printspimple poop: if they answer, they tell the truth
Bambi: neigh!
Merlyn LeRoy: press the yellow button and vote as much as you can
Dexter Fong: Bambi:No, a "sh'r'ubbery"
printspimple poop: they have been accurate for quite a long time...
boney: I've been a Dodger fan since 1965
Dexter Fong: Poop: Generally, you are correct sir!
boney: I wept when Maury Wills was traded
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I'll give 'em until 2008. Then I'll start learning to end my sentences with, "eh"?
cease: tommy davis uber alles
Hemlock Stones: if Diebold buy out Walmart you will never know what you have bought
Dexter Fong: I wept when mary Wells was dropped from the Supremes
boney: bitter tears--I was nine or ten years old at the time
printspimple poop: i can parlez in frensh too
cease: they won the 59 series, they played it on a little radio in my 3rd grade class
Bambi: I never answer and I get ticked off when they press for it. It's not their business.
cease: lol stones
Bambi: yeah, good one Tween LOL
Dexter Fong: Bambi: Got something to hide, huh?
printspimple poop: nobody ever asked me bambi
boney: willie davis reminds me of jimi hendrix
Dexter Fong: Left handed?
Bambi: no, nothing to hide. Just none of their business.
cease: i can summon jimi's face easier than willie though
Bambi: they get pushy down here in VA ... gets my dander up lol
Dexter Fong: Bambi: Powere is "everybody's" business
cease: i could just lok him up online thou
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Love that incident JL was talking about when he was trying to buy hand-warmer fluid. They kept pressing him for a phone# or zip code or sometyhing.
cease: i was a dodger devotee from when they came to la til about 88
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
boney: a 49 year-old draft dodger... who'd a thunk it?
printspimple poop: they do upset me on the way in, I wonder who has examined the candiates and not made up their minds before they go to vote
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Still doing strip searches when you use the ferry?
Charles Throat: I voted already, no exit poll
boney: or I could be the Willie Davis of the A Team
printspimple poop: dengue fever, poor llan
Bambi: yeah, JL and I have a similar thinking. If we don't volunteer information, they don't have a right to it.
Dexter Fong: Still doing ferry searches when I do the strip
cease: no exit. sounds like bush's iraq policy
Charles Throat: Strip searched by a ferry?
Hemlock Stones: Policy cease, surely some mistake
boney: coach, the purple haze got in my eyes
Bambi: they actually were doing it more than ever Tween :-(
cease: searched bya shoe?
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Jean Satre highway... no exit...
Charles Throat: 1/256 mile
cease: thats from bride,
Charles Throat: 1/512 mile
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Sounds pretty ridiculous, Bambi.
cease: i havent herd that nealry enoygh yet
printspimple poop: tell them you voted for Papoon
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: As if by MAGIC!
Hemlock Stones: as the old saying goes, no matter who you vote for, the Government gets in
cease: as if
Bambi: it is ridiculous Tween. especially since they see many of us every day ... idiots.
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: If it wasn't for how bad the opposition is, I'd be tempted to write him in.
Charles Throat: you made that up Hemlock
printspimple poop: hang out with the yank crowd
Hemlock Stones: i wish i had Charles
boney: I think the age limit for military enlistment is currently 43... although if you've got a special skill they'll take you if you're older
Charles Throat: and you'll go blind
printspimple poop: kinky pointed out on imus they are poly-ticks
Merlyn LeRoy: like rolling your tongue?
Charles Throat: I have a special skill, I could be in the yank crowd
printspimple poop: i can roll my tongue
Dexter Fong: Cat: Be kinda interesting to hear FST do "The Aristocrats"
printspimple poop: see
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Might have to see if they archived Kinky on Imus. That'd be a treat.
Charles Throat: rolling a muggle with your tongue
cease: yu think so, dex?
Bambi: poly=many + ticks=blood suckers
Dexter Fong: Cat: Yeah, I do =)
printspimple poop: that is it hehe
Charles Throat: I fantasised about them doing a political ad, I suppose they're beyond caring about all that
Dexter Fong: CT: It's about money
Charles Throat: suppose so
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: They could a Rococco/Bradshaw debate on the topics of the day.
cease: i was surprised at how little i enjoyed that flick, despite who was in it
cease: youre wrong there, charles
cease: i think bergman has done some work for some la pol
Charles Throat: They are so needed right now, it makes me frustrated
boney: Democrat Charles Rangel favors bringing back the draft. However, I won't let that sad fact stop me from voting the bums out
Charles Throat: really cease
printspimple poop: yes, watching it a 2nd time was quite enough cat
cease: youre right there
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Indeed Ct
Charles Throat: we need our heroes more than ever and they're all gone
printspimple poop: the shock value was gone and there I was
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: We might not have gone to war, less stay there for 4 years if people were being drafted.
Dexter Fong: Jimi, Willie, Red Foxx, Lord Buckley, H. L. Mencken
boney: President Bush talked to Rush Limbaugh on his radio show... Limbaugh is the Bum's Rush
Charles Throat: If I didn't have a 19 yr old I'd agree tweeny
Charles Throat: but he's exempt lol
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: No RFKs on the horizon, are there CT?
Charles Throat: I'm not so sure about that
printspimple poop: some younger folks are going to the streets already
Charles Throat: I'm an optomistic nihilist
cease: yes if the us has the draft, it imperils the children of the powerful. that wont do
Dexter Fong: ppp: In Oaxca?
Charles Throat: If there are many more like my son, surprises are coming
Hemlock Stones: well its 4 AM here now guys and my meds are making me tired so i better call it a day till next time
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Lots going to happen this coming year, I do believe.
printspimple poop: keith on MSNBC is yanking their chain
Charles Throat: Hemlock take care
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Especially if the Dems get control and don't change anything.
Charles Throat: only 9 here in west Texas
printspimple poop: 2 steps forward 1 back fong
Hemlock Stones: will see some of you on Tuesday and some on Thursday
boney: when did MSNBC become a hotbed for radical thought?
cease: sleep well, stones
Dexter Fong: Cat: Studies have shown that the children of privilege *RARELY* get drafted
Charles Throat: Then we hit the streets tweeny
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I love Olbermann. I'd like to shake his parents' hands lol
Hemlock Stones: but all of you take care and have a good week and an excellent election result if thats possible
printspimple poop: he is brutal, you are a liar Mr. President, have you no shame? hehe
boney: hippies in suits
Charles Throat: When Olbermann started skyrocketing their ratings
Dexter Fong: Night Hem
printspimple poop: yeppers
Hemlock Stones: Thanks for the shows again Clem
cease: bush, etc, dex. yes those kind of people dont
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
printspimple poop: ok hem keep healing
Hemlock Stones: good night all
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Bye Stones...
Charles Throat: Olbermann is my hero
Bambi: night Stones
Charles Throat: Him and Colbert of course
||||||||| Around 11:01 PM, Hemlock Stones walks off into the sunset...
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: _somebody_ needs to be saying it, CT
Charles Throat: Bye Stones
cease: never seen his show
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and snorts derisively "Announcing 'Doctor Bob', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 11:01 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the anteroom...
cease: just clips on youtube
printspimple poop: yes, colbert at the dinner was worth his weight in gold
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: Hello Bob...
Charles Throat: Hey MANY of us have gone hoarse saying it LOUDLY but finally some is on the other end of the onnecton
printspimple poop: hi bob
Bambi: hi doctor bob
Charles Throat: Poop wasn't that awesone
Doctor Bob: greetings folks
Dexter Fong: Doctor Bob? I didn't recognize you in that Goat-skin boddy, bag
Charles Throat: Poop they will play that moment in future history classes
Charles Throat: Hi Bob
printspimple poop: yes CT, and he struck a cord, even if the MSM did not hear it
Doctor Bob: greetins from the predident of the United Snakes
Charles Throat: Even conservative love Colbert, they're just scared of him
Doctor Bob: so happy the boys are now in the Library of Congres
Charles Throat: Are you the President or the Resident?
printspimple poop: i loved him asking the congressman to name the 10 commandments OMG hehehe
Charles Throat: Yes ROFL
Charles Throat: Hey things had to swing back
Tweeny'sEvilTwin: I'm starting to get a serious case of the yawns, so I'm off as well. Healthy & happy, everybody, and thranks much to Clem for the tracks...
Doctor Bob: for "Don't Crush That Dwarf..."
Charles Throat: Bye Tweeny
||||||||| At 11:04 PM, Tweeny'sEvilTwin scurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
printspimple poop: sleep well tween and thanks so much oops fast tired
Dexter Fong: Swing back? Where are my Betty Goodman discs
Dexter Fong: Night Tweeny
Bambi: night Tween
cease: tween
printspimple poop: ahhh nice horsey
Charles Throat: So anyone who wants to look up last wek's archive's my kid's CD is out
Charles Throat: and so am I lol - goodnight
cease: good for your kid, charles
Dexter Fong: Night Charles
cease: charles
printspimple poop: those were nice songs, i wanted to hear the rest of some night CT
Dexter Fong: Well, gotta park the car, as usual, later to hangers-on and later still to leavers
Dexter Fong: I'm away
cease: dex
printspimple poop: hail rita dexter
Dexter Fong: Damn it my name is Surely
Dexter Fong: You do that and you stop being away
printspimple poop: you are surly tonight
Bambi: night Dex
boney: nite
Bambi: night CT
printspimple poop: I have never been exit polled bambi, maybe I would not like the bums rush either...
boney: I would never trust any leader who willingly agreed to be a guest on Rush Limbaugh's radio show
Bambi: yeah, it's no fun ... you are allowed to vote in private and then they try to get you to tell them who you voted for. there's something seriously wrong with that.
cease: in canada we get little pencils and paper ballots. no problems
printspimple poop: did rush accuse the kids on jerry lewis's marathon of shaking too much to raise money?
cease: that was a big story in vancouver. he's from here. parents still here
printspimple poop: canada gave us rush? that a reason to invade right there
cease: micahel j fox
boney: Do his parents have a vacant room, cease? How much is the rent?
printspimple poop: oops ok
cease: i assume not, bon
printspimple poop: if dems win in missouri, where he did that commercial, that might give the senate to the dems
cease: whats a job to a dog?
cease: one of their best lines
cease: indeed poop
boney: doggone it, your dog is smarter than you'll ever be
cease: our friends from the dog star
boney: Sirius. Howard Stern, right?
printspimple poop: melanie? she's in the kitchen, cooking up a storm
cease: he is not serious
cease: i'm on the roof with the tombstone blues
boney: no, Siris
cease: oh, cyrus
printspimple poop: a mystic crocodile
boney: Alpha Canis Majoris
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Doctor Bob - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Charles Throat - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
printspimple poop: astronomical
||||||||| boney rushes off, saying "11:20 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Bambi: night boney
printspimple poop: how did you video turn out cat, if I can ask...
printspimple poop: oops night bone
printspimple poop: your
cease: whic one?
printspimple poop: you made for your family
cease: the poet thing is in editing
cease: oh that one. they loved it
printspimple poop: ahhh super, I had bet they would :)
cease: they hadnt seen their father since he died in 55. seeing him on their tv again, when they were young really did them all a lot of good
printspimple poop: i tried to do that with slides back in the 1970s, it was a disaster
cease: i toko a lot of slides. just got new slide scanner must learn to work
cease: i used slides and scanned images of course for the little films i made for them
cease: and will continue to make
printspimple poop: i knew somebody would build a scanner for slides
printspimple poop: i could not find one the last time I looked, early 90s I guess
cease: oh there are lots.
printspimple poop: but I don't trust my editing skills
printspimple poop: too much drugs and alcohol I guess
cease: it is something you have to work at
printspimple poop: it made sense to me hehe
cease: theres no such thing
printspimple poop: hehe
printspimple poop: i have done anything for about 20 years, I did enough that I could coast the rest of the way...
cease: that was a good line
cease: what does "i have done anything" mean?
printspimple poop: oops I have not...
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "11:27 PM and late as usual, it's porgie, just back from Funfun Town."
printspimple poop: no alcohol or drugs, except tobacco and coffee
cease: aha
printspimple poop: hi porgie
porgie: whats on cni?
cease: i knew not of what you spake
printspimple poop: nick danger
cease: end of Bride
printspimple poop: not your fault, i drop words sometimes now, and not the extra words
Dexter Fong: Back
printspimple poop: no, that is too fast fong
printspimple poop: park it again
cease: and still beautiful
Dexter Fong: I know, remarkable huh?
cease: must be the drugs
printspimple poop: rita smiled on you
cease: lovely
Dexter Fong: And Shirley was surly
cease: two sides of the same face?
printspimple poop: is sugar the only word where su has the sh sound? are you sure?
Dexter Fong: In 2 Faces of Al, the line by Danger, "He shot herself" cracks me up still
cease: i just thought it was calculated confusion
Dexter Fong: Climb up on my knee shunny boy
printspimple poop: no thanks congressman foley
Dexter Fong: Bergman's playing three characters at once
cease: oh, how can you be
Dexter Fong: That *is* the qustion
Dexter Fong: Are we akk enwrapt in the radio show?
printspimple poop: i am
Dexter Fong: all
printspimple poop: this is new to me
cease: yeah dex
cease: i havent heard this enough
Bambi: wb Dex
Dexter Fong: Hi Bambi
Bambi: really enjoying 3faces
printspimple poop: graverobbers roadshow is cool
Dexter Fong: Wow, Bambi you really are on dial up, Al ended about an hour ago
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| porgie - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong: Night Porge
printspimple poop: the plague, poor porgie
cease: the late chandler period
Dexter Fong: Wonder where the whole Eyeball hat thing came from
Merlyn LeRoy: I think they came across an actual eyeball hat that preceeded GMIOGMD
cease: sounds more probably than possible merl
Dexter Fong: Merl: Musta been *really* funny
printspimple poop: wow
Merlyn LeRoy: gonna take off soon, people
cease: ok merl
printspimple poop: thanks again M, ooops ahhh, clem too
Dexter Fong: Cleared for take off Major LeRoy
printspimple poop: have a super week root-keepers
printspimple poop: toad awwayyy
Dexter Fong: Bye Bye and thanks Clem
Dexter Fong: Night poop
Merlyn LeRoy revs his injuns
cease: poop
Dexter Fong: and you also Bambi,,btw, who yah gonna vote for? =)
printspimple poop: night fong, night all
||||||||| "Hey Merlyn LeRoy!" ... Merlyn LeRoy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:44 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
printspimple poop: yes, don't forget to vote
cease: i wish i could
ah,clem: good night all
Bambi: night princep
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu voted with your feet
cease: i was also born here
||||||||| ah,clem leaves to catch the 11:44 PM train to Billville.
Dexter Fong: Then you voted twice
cease: good work as always bambi and ah
cease: as it were, dex
Dexter Fong: And I'm voting for bed
cease: tuesday?
Dexter Fong: Night Cat, stay well and thanks Merlyn for the hostiness
Dexter Fong: I'll certainly try Cat
cease: indeed
||||||||| At 11:46 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, cease!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
||||||||| At 11:46 PM, Dexter Fong vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Bambi: if you get a chance, we'd love to see you all in saturday night 7-10PM ET for the JimmyLee and Bambi Show and the rest of the saturday night line up including independent music at 6:30pm and at a few more minutes with Firesign Theatre at 10PM: http://www.cniradio.com
Bambi: night cat and we are watching for the mushroom plays :-)
Bambi: have a great night week everyone!
||||||||| It's 11:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| printspimple poop - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bambi - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Outside, the 2:46 AM bus from Rancho Cucamonga pulls away, leaving TuanDry coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
TuanDry: Firesign® Fanciers’ Fandango (F)
TuanDry: A Proposal.
TuanDry: Premise: To establish Sleeper Sanctuaries of Sanity and Perspective (SPs).
TuanDry: What: Gatherings for listening, discussion, and conversation.
TuanDry: When: Initially, quarterly, with expansion up to monthly, as/if needed.
TuanDry: Where: Private residence dwellings.
TuanDry: Why: See Premise (above).
TuanDry: Who: Firesign® Fanciers
TuanDry: Overall guidelines:
TuanDry: vinyl recordings, whenever possible; no talking during each album side, with around fifteen minutes of discussion/conversation in between; strict observance of each dwelling’s basic rules (must be posted); alcohol limit: one bottle of wine (or alternate alcoholic equivalent) per participant; no soliciting of anything; sharing is beautiful
TuanDry: The First Fandango should be in the Bay Area, and I will gladly host it on the island of Alameda.
TuanDry: Dear Friends, respond to TuanDry@aol.com.
TuanDry: “Gee, Mom! Isn’t that bridge built yet?”
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 3 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
TuanDry: Chat Rheum ? Quel Chat Rheum ?? Doggone Chats bout shed enough fur to knit a damn quilt.
TuanDry: With Catherwood as your butler, who needs a paramour ??
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside TuanDry and queries "Do you have something for me to do?"
TuanDry: Get to fryin, mama, and don't forget to lick the pan.
TuanDry: ...er, the can, Tankerous !
TuanDry: Technical Stimulation, anyone ??
TuanDry: Welcome to Old Hat Theatre, with your hosts, Bent Hare and Dunth Hat.
TuanDry: It appears Bozos have Bombed the Bus. Pardon me, Boy, is that the Billville Station ??
TuanDry: If a Catherwood could gather wood, how much wood would a Catherwood gather ??
||||||||| Catherwood steps over to TuanDry and mumbles "Did you want something?"
TuanDry: TuanDry ste;x back from Catherwood and mumbles almost incoherenely, "God, you're Beautiful -- why did you have to explode ??
||||||||| Catherwood walks alongside TuanDry and queries "Typing my name just to rile me, eh?"
TuanDry: You are walking alongside me -- therefore, we are.
TuanDry: Catherwood for Wood Gatherer/Dog Killer, Section N
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to TuanDry and says "Someone mention my name?"
TuanDry: After all, it is Erection Season.
TuanDry: Headline in the National Mumbler -- Cheney and Bush Altar Boy Sex Fantasies Revealed in Secret Document...
TuanDry: Idea for cool bumper sticker: BUSHIT
TuanDry: Boy, this "chatting" is fun !!
||||||||| TuanDry walks away to The Auditorium.
||||||||| TuanDry walks in and says "It's 3:28 AM, has anybody seen Nancy?"
||||||||| It's 3:40 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| TuanDry - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

The Evening's Participants:
Bubba's Brain
Charles Throat
Dexter Fong
Doctor Bob
Hemlock Stones
Merlyn LeRoy
printspimple poop
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