A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for November 30, 2006 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Firebroiled Twice sneaks in around 9:19 AM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Firebroiled Twice: As of an hour ago -- 148. That’s lunar feet. He has a full head of hair, his features are normal in every respect, and pleasing, too, I might add. Our only concern now is with a certian pigmentation-imbalance which has manifested all day.
||||||||| Firebroiled Twice says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Firebroiled Twice exits at 9:19 AM.
||||||||| boltsatrol waltzes in at 10:27 AM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
boltsatrol: Well, I didn't need that.
||||||||| boltsatrol rushes off, saying "10:31 AM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| "8:37 PM? 8:37 PM!!" says Catherwood, "ah,clem should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as ah,clem enters and sits on the divan.
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" at about 9 eastern time'
||||||||| Catherwood leads Bambi in through the front door at 8:58 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Bambi: Hi Clem
ah,clem: well, hello, deer
Bambi smiles
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "9:00 PM and late as usual, it's Hemlock Stones, just back from Audubon."
Bambi: hey Stones :-)
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Hemlock Stones: .......... and greetings to all of you who are not here !
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and snorts derisively "Presenting 'EmperorTweenusII', just granted probation at 9:01 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
EmperorTweenusII: Hey Jim, Bambi...
Hemlock Stones: and Greetings Sir Tweenus
EmperorTweenusII: Hail and well met, Stones...
Bambi: hey Tween :-)
EmperorTweenusII: Going down into the 20's tonight in Austin. Un-freakin' believeable...
Bambi bows to the Emperor Tweenus :-)
Hemlock Stones: luxury !
EmperorTweenusII: I gvuess Global Warming is quite the joke Mr. Bush says it is.
EmperorTweenusII: We _dreamed_ of 20 degress!
EmperorTweenusII: Gotta get that spelling checker checked...
Hemlock Stones: Global Warming does not always mean higher temps but in fact can often result in greater extremes, trust me, I'm and expert
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah, so I've heard. Like Eoru coupld end up being like Siberia.
EmperorTweenusII: Euro
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and snorts derisively "Announcing 'ddywnall', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:04 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the Aviary...
ddywnall: olleh
EmperorTweenusII: Sorry, rented fingers.
EmperorTweenusII: Hey LL...
Hemlock Stones: yes if the flow of cold ice melt from the artic inhibits the Gulf Stream, we are in deep doodoo
Bambi: yes, that's the odd thing about global warming ... it's more about disasterous extremes in the interim
EmperorTweenusII: Supposedly, the Gulf Stream isn't going as far North as it used to.
ddywnall: yeah it's pretty warm today
Hemlock Stones: yes more heat means more energy therefore the oscillations become greater and harder to predict or prepare for
Hemlock Stones: this is what worries the scientists the most
EmperorTweenusII: And yet we went through the entirety of the hurricane season here w/o incident. Go figure.
Hemlock Stones: yes Tween but look at the previous year
EmperorTweenusII: Not in Austin, brother. I've lived here 12 years and we've never had a week like this.
Bambi: hi ddywnall
EmperorTweenusII: On the other hand, we had record-breaking heat last summer.
ddywnall: some day the south pole will be a tourist attraction
Bambi: very true Tween ... but that's that extremes thing again
Hemlock Stones: the ocean around the UK is now 2 degrees centigrade warmer than it was thirty years ago
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah, clem, why do you do this? LOL
EmperorTweenusII: A glutton for punishment, obviously :-)
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cease close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 9:07 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the sitting room.
EmperorTweenusII: Not good, Stones.
Bambi: lol
EmperorTweenusII: Hey catman...
ddywnall: hi cat
Bambi: hi Cat
Hemlock Stones: we havent had heavy snow for 22 years now
||||||||| Dexter Forn tiptoes in around 9:08 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Hemlock Stones: and bear in mind that we are further north than the south of Alaska
Bambi: hi Dex
Hemlock Stones: Hi Dexter
EmperorTweenusII: We don't allow fornography here, Dex.
cease: we're still in the middle of our biggest snow in my years in van
ddywnall: hey dex
EmperorTweenusII: Didn't realize that, Stones.
cease: this on top of bad water for more than 2 weeks
Dexter Forn: Hiyah Friends. Bambi Cat, llan (hah! can't fool me!)Tweeny, Hem, and Ah
EmperorTweenusII: Well, all the ice will melt and we won't have all those penguins to worry about.
Dexter Forn: BIAS
ddywnall: one thing I don't have to worry about is bad water. mine comes out of a spring
EmperorTweenusII: And we'll finally have a Northwest Passage for a shipping lane.
Dexter Forn: Back in a Second
Bambi: but on the other hand, nothing truly conclusive ... there are 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 ... 1000 cycles, etc. as well that have to be taken into consideratinon.
Bambi: ok
Hemlock Stones: i have friends in Minneapolis and i jokingly refer to them as Southerners
EmperorTweenusII: Yikes, Cat. No you have clean water?
EmperorTweenusII: lol Stones
EmperorTweenusII: Do you have clean water?
cease: only for past couple of days
Dexter Forn: Sorry Clem, I hadda do something, could you repeat that?
cease: Fumiyo went out and took water from the headwaters, that was always clean. but now its hard to get to with all the snow and ice
||||||||| Outside, the 9:12 PM crosstown bus from Virginia pulls away, leaving principalpoop coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
EmperorTweenusII: Hey P...
ddywnall: hi princ
principalpoop: cough cough
ah,clem: nice content Tweeny, thanks
Hemlock Stones: most of my colleagues blame carbon emissions for global warming but i differ with them to some extent as i also think that solar variations are also a cause
EmperorTweenusII: Did she bring back some whale blubber as well, Cat?
principalpoop: i am in firefox now, I have to figure out how to plug in to cni again
Dexter Forn: Hiyah Poop
EmperorTweenusII: NP clem...
Hemlock Stones: Hi PP
ah,clem: re- repeat, no it was an adlib, lol
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Honey Sanchez into the room, accepts a wooden nickel as a gratuity, mutters something about 9:13 PM, then departs.
Dexter Forn: !!Eat!!
Bambi: I agree Stones from my reading
Dexter Forn: or be !!Eaten!!
cease: poop, honey
Hemlock Stones: greetings Honey
cease: honey buckets?
Bambi: hi Honey
principalpoop: ahhh that was easy
Dexter Forn: Hoeny Poop
ddywnall: hi HS
EmperorTweenusII: Hey NM... are your getting chilled like we are in Austin?
Honey Sanchez: hello ya'all
Bambi: that was a nice intro Clem ... always nice to hear how folks got started with FST
EmperorTweenusII: Unbelieveably cold weather for us.
ah,clem: hola
ddywnall: is it cold in austin? it's surprisingly warm in ticonderoga
Dexter Forn: Hello Honey Dear, come sit on the veranda
Honey Sanchez: yeah last night down to 17 degrees tonight they say to 11 brrrrrrrr
Hemlock Stones: its actually warm and wet in western europe at the moment with gales
EmperorTweenusII: YIKES!
ddywnall: amazing
Bambi: brrrrr
Dexter Forn: Tweeny, at 7:00 pm the temp was 69 Degrees
Honey Sanchez: nice bit of snow covering the ground this morning
ddywnall: I was in san antonio when it snowed, believe it or not
principalpoop: brb
Hemlock Stones: theres something they call the North Atlantic Oscillation which means that when we have a mild wet winter, the USA has a cold but drier one
EmperorTweenusII: The local cats are kinda looking at me like "what the heck"?
Dexter Forn: Hemlock bedareful of those gails, they often vecome stroms
cease: i havent lived in a farenheit country since 1968
EmperorTweenusII: That doesn't happen often. Maybe out in the Hill Country, LL.
ddywnall: in fact it got much colder than freezing. and minutes later it was warm
Hemlock Stones: its ok Dexter, i speek fluid Galick
ddywnall: this was in december 81
EmperorTweenusII: Do you ski, Cat?
cease: no. im one of the few here who doesnt
Dexter Forn: Cat: Good farfurnugen on that fahrenheit
Bambi: this terrarium we live on is very interesting ... I find it very interesting ...
cease: i figure i'll spend enough time falling down when i get old.
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah, TX weather can be really fickle what with the warm moist air from the Gulf and the cold air from tyhe Plains.
Hemlock Stones: been there, done that Cease
Dexter Forn: Bambi: I like it too, but those snails always crawling around eating the ichen etc....
principalpoop: galick bread is good
EmperorTweenusII: But who's terrarium is it, Bambi?
cease: high was minus 6 the other day. with windchill it's minus 20 and very windy, blowing down trees all over vancouver
Bambi: lol Dex
ah,clem: hope this sounds nearly as nice on the feed as in does in the studio
EmperorTweenusII: lol Cat.
principalpoop: sounds fine
Dexter Forn: Poop: Divide the galick bread into three parts
cease: my father does it all the time now, but he's never far from serious carpet and nearby nurse
EmperorTweenusII: Pretty clear, clem :-)
principalpoop: but I have bad ears
Dexter Forn: Ah: It sounds six by six here
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Merlyn inside, makes a note of the time (9:19 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
ddywnall: I guess global warming hasn't hit the west
EmperorTweenusII: (P has very naughty ears)
Merlyn: halooo
principalpoop: that 40th picture is super
ddywnall: hey merlyn
cease: i think its finally above zero today
Hemlock Stones: (examins PPs ears carefull and pronounces them not good)
EmperorTweenusII: Yo Merl...
cease: it feels like minnesota
Bambi: hi princep
Dexter Forn: Hiyah Merl
principalpoop: huh? what? eh?
principalpoop: Hi M
Bambi: sounds great here Clem lol
Hemlock Stones: i havent fondled Minnesota for quite some time, cease
EmperorTweenusII: So much for the temperate climes of Vancouver, eh?
Honey Sanchez: luxury! cat
EmperorTweenusII: Stones lol
ah,clem: you have a direct feed Bambi, that is cheating, lol
principalpoop: what a sota she has
Dexter Forn: The Aventures of "Luxury Cat"
EmperorTweenusII: Back in a bit...
Bambi: lol
cease: only sammy sosa, stones?
Dexter Forn: TOnights saga, I lost my little pink sock"
Hemlock Stones: (starts stopwatch on Tween)
principalpoop: throw a towel over it
Dexter Forn: Poop: She's on a SOTA turntable...spining at 33 &1/3
cease: kids have been out of school for so long here, they're anxious to get back
cease: i thought that only happened in afghanistan
Hemlock Stones: my turntable is really dirty, 33 and a turd
Bambi: lol Stones
principalpoop: that was back in 78 I think forn
Hemlock Stones: WB Honey
principalpoop: wb honey hola
Bambi: happens everywhere Cat lol
ddywnall: I'm buying a 1989 Camry tomorrow
Bambi: though none of the kids really want to admit it
ddywnall: It's in pretty good shape
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and intones "Presenting 'Tiny Dr.Tim', just granted probation at 9:23 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
principalpoop: ahh tiny dr tim
ddywnall: hello dr
Honey Sanchez: ahhhhhhhh i was gone?? hmmmmmmm
ddywnall: yet another doctor
Hemlock Stones: Hello Dr Tim
ah,clem: hello Dr.
Honey Sanchez: hi dr
||||||||| 9:23 PM -- Tiny Dr.Tim left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
ah,clem: got any sugar cubes?
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Tiny Dr.Tim inside, makes a note of the time (9:23 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dexter Forn: ?huh? TDT////
Bambi: hi TDT
Hemlock Stones: and greetings to new and improved Dr Time mark two
ddywnall: come back dr tim. we wanna talk to ya
Tiny Dr.Tim: I got lost on the way out/in
principalpoop: nice horsie
Hemlock Stones: damn this tippist
cease: the ghost of thanksgiving past?
Merlyn: hey dr tim
Bambi: you'll need a crow bar *smack* a crew Mark...
Dexter Forn: cAT: pOSSIBLY A TURKEY??
Tiny Dr.Tim: enough of this horsing around! the time has come to do something timely
cease: get a trappist. they make good beer
Dexter Forn: sorry
Hemlock Stones: its ok Bambi, i just helped exorcise the Haunted Space Station
Tiny Dr.Tim: I'm not talking turkey, jack.
cease: im watching the poop in istambul
Honey Sanchez: we used to buy crow bars when i was a kid for just a nickle a whole crow in every bar sigh those were the days, bambi
principalpoop: let's be spontaneous, get in line and do it
Tiny Dr.Tim: not constantinople?
cease: id like to see those buildings. hopefully he wont be around
Bambi: lol
Dexter Forn: Hem: Is Willy the P really getting married....to Brittany Spears????
Bambi: brb
cease: blame it on the turks
principalpoop: clock starts on bambi stones
cease: saw great flick about gehry last night. better than his buildings
Dexter Forn: Blame it on the towels
Hemlock Stones: puts on Judges wig and mumbles "What is Britney Spears?"
principalpoop: cypris, cyprus, cypras
cease: bath, border
Dexter Forn: Frank Gehry has ruined my cubicle
Hemlock Stones: and blessings be upon you also PP
Tiny Dr.Tim: dusk at cubist castle?
cease: i didnt know he had so many bldgs in la. must go look the next time im there
principalpoop: no, that is my cuticle
Dexter Forn: Judge, Brittany Spears is the resurrected spirit of Boadacia
Hemlock Stones: come out with your hands up Poop, your cuticle is surrounded
Dexter Forn: Poop: See that coffe cup, it's got my name on it
Tiny Dr.Tim: la la la
Merlyn: hey tiny dr, are you around NY?
principalpoop: my pants will fall down with my hands up
Honey Sanchez shouts out huzzah for boadacia spears!!
Tiny Dr.Tim: I've been around NY.
Hemlock Stones: it depends where they are up PP
Dexter Forn: TDT: Tar Tra Tra
cease: the tiny dr tim original ref was to leary
Merlyn: Nino thinks you're around there
cease: i remember el wanted me to be tiny dr. tim on the mud
Tiny Dr.Tim: I'm a bit leery of that myself. no no no I'm outside, looking in
Dexter Forn: I'm Leary about those references
principalpoop: gee you are you, oh I see you ate one too
||||||||| llanwydd sneaks in around 9:30 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
Honey Sanchez: i havent seen any TDT in years
Honey Sanchez: hi llan
Dexter Forn: TDT: Get your nozo off the glass and come on in
Hemlock Stones: Yo llan
llanwydd: hvign a lttle dfficulty
principalpoop: any OS or PM?
principalpoop: MN?
Dexter Forn: M&N
Hemlock Stones: filthy swine llan, leave that little difficullty alone, cant you see its underage
Honey Sanchez: nm
Honey Sanchez: lol stones
principalpoop: hi llan
Dexter Forn: Nuavo Mexican
Dexter Forn: iH nall
Hemlock Stones: i have relocated to Audubon, Pennsylvania
principalpoop: hvign me instead llan
Hemlock Stones: if only i knew where it was
cease: proctor had funny line with schoolboy about drinking under age
Dexter Forn: Audubon? That's for the birds
cease: in proc's first and perhaps last visit here
Bambi: back
Hemlock Stones: wb
principalpoop: no the audubon is in germany
Honey Sanchez: wb
principalpoop: wb b
Dexter Forn: Turn around Bambi
Bambi: lol
Hemlock Stones: i dont know PP but it may be Pennsylvania Dutch
Honey Sanchez: fawn fawn fawn on the Audubon
EmperorTweenusII: Cat - this sounds like the same lady who was in How Time Flys, am I right?
principalpoop: german hushians, hush
Dexter Forn: Gute Farfurnugen, Hoeny
Hemlock Stones: gives honey a mild warning slap for awful pun
Dexter Forn: Honey
Honey Sanchez: who you callin a hushian?
llanwydd: had trouble because me foot was on the telephone. hard to believe, I know
Honey Sanchez: owtch
llanwydd: but its' true
principalpoop: sounds kinky llan
llanwydd: my
Tiny Dr.Tim: hard to talk when your foot is on the phone
Dexter Forn: Grats Llan, you've finally developed that opposable toe
Hemlock Stones: Audubon, Pennsylvania, yes i remember him, Dexter, played drums with ZZ Top didnt he ?
Tiny Dr.Tim: altho I've contemplated my navel now and then.
Honey Sanchez: lol dex
principalpoop: somebody giving you a ring up hehe
llanwydd: I disconnected my internet without knowing
cease: i only have this album on tape, not album.
Dexter Forn: Hem: Nope, you
Dexter Forn: reyou're thinking of Intercourse, PA
Hemlock Stones: now your really talking Dexter
principalpoop: that was cousteau, florida and he played with frank zappa not zz top
Honey Sanchez: he was in and out of that band, dex
Tiny Dr.Tim: he wasn't talkig before???but i could hear him! ahh! the power of psychic communication...
Hemlock Stones: ah yes, your quite right, PP wore a monacle and underpants on head right ?
principalpoop: that is him, always inside out
Hemlock Stones: yep
Hemlock Stones: apparently he never washed them
principalpoop: the monacle? that is disgusting
Tiny Dr.Tim: never washed ZZ top??
Hemlock Stones: i meant the drums actually but will check the archive pics
principalpoop: cousteau was big in the underwater, next to the underground
||||||||| "9:38 PM? 9:38 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Elayne should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Elayne enters and sits at the bar.
Hemlock Stones: wow, the water must have been warm, its the other way with me
Honey Sanchez: hi elayne
principalpoop: hi e
Elayne: Evenin' all!
llanwydd: cousteau was all wet
Tiny Dr.Tim: whales are big in the underwater, too
Bambi: hi Elayne :-)
Dexter Forn: If you wanna stick it out in the underwater, you've gotta start underage
llanwydd: hi elayne
Hemlock Stones: hi Elayne
principalpoop: how is E this fine evening?
Tiny Dr.Tim: not a good idea to stick it out, lest it get nibbled by fish
Dexter Forn: Hiyah E: Are Happy birthdays in order yet?
Hemlock Stones: wrong chat room again i think Dexter
Elayne: Yes, Unca Dex, it's this coming Saturday.
principalpoop: you tell him stones
llanwydd: ever baked a durian fruit pie?
cease: El!
Elayne: Unfortunately, nobody responded to my party invitation, so I guess we won't be having another one like we did 6 years ago...
llanwydd: stay out of the kitchen
principalpoop: ahh happy B day E
||||||||| It's 9:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ddywnall - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Tiny Dr.Tim: I baked a hair pie once..
cease: too bad, el
principalpoop: she was old enough then
Honey Sanchez smoked baked alaska, once
Merlyn: kudzu pie
Dexter Forn: Wrong chqat, TDT
Bambi Bambi sings ...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Elayne! Happy Birthday to you!
Tiny Dr.Tim: I will not tell you what I have smoked.
Hemlock Stones: wow, Honey, global warming must be even worse than i thought
Dexter Forn had Salmon Jerky once
cease: boston scrod?
Honey Sanchez: fish?? jerky??
llanwydd: salmon jerky must be pretty good
principalpoop: wrong chat
Dexter Forn: Bambi Bambi..a great opening duo
Hemlock Stones: Boston Scrod was a great guitarist wasnt he, Cease ?
principalpoop: am I seeing double?
llanwydd: I had korean fish sausage once
Tiny Dr.Tim: Im seeing double.
llanwydd: tasted like fish
cease: how many times have they brought back fields?
Dexter Forn: Honey: ep..Oregon has tons of it...understandably so
Tiny Dr.Tim: I'm not going to go where that one is taking me.
cease: wc fields forever
Merlyn: Am I seeing double or nothing?
Elayne: Sorry, I was away from keyboard for a few minutes whilst Robin colored my hair.
principalpoop: show me the money
Elayne: Actually he's English, so I guess that would be "coloured."
Tiny Dr.Tim: I'll see you and raise you 42! skidoo!
cease: birthday hair?
Honey Sanchez: lol el
Dexter Forn: E: I thought Robin only pencilled
llanwydd: double I see fields
principalpoop: minority hair is proper now
Tiny Dr.Tim: hair today...
Dexter Forn: E: NP
Elayne: Let me catch up now that my glasses are back on...
EmperorTweenusII: "I'm a perfect idiot"... "Don't say that son, there's nothing in the world that's perfect..."
principalpoop: I used to be modest, now I am perfect...
Tiny Dr.Tim: ..tomorrow the world. tommorow never knows? who knows! what's this about global warming?
Hemlock Stones: i am only a practicing idiot
Elayne: Yes, birthday hair, and thanks for the lovely song, Bambi!
Dexter Forn: Dad?......I'm an IIT.....Idiot in Training
Elayne: Unca Dex, he's a penciller, an inker (for a living) and a colourist! :)
Elayne: Oh, and he letters as well, only not on my hair.
Tiny Dr.Tim: I would like to catch up with Elayne's glasses as well.
Dexter Forn: Clem: And I'm not going to tell you either
Elayne: Anyway, I was really hoping y'all could come to my party on Saturday, but I guess you have other plans.
EmperorTweenusII: Training to be what? Ha, ha... that's a good one...
cease: ver moving post today in your blog about absent friends, el
llanwydd: better in inker than an oinker
cease: if north van were closer, el. i'd be there
EmperorTweenusII: I will be at CNI on Sat, Elayne :-)
Elayne: So I've cancelled the party, and Leah's coming up solo and we'll do something just the 3 of us. Y'all remember Leah, she's the one who fell asleep at the last party. :)
cease: now our airport barely functions
EmperorTweenusII: Squeal!
Merlyn: hey tiny dr. tim, you might not realize that a past (now departed) firehead used that monicker...
Dexter Forn: E: Yeah...got family stuff this weekend
Tiny Dr.Tim: like a pig??
Elayne: Thanks, Cat - it was Brian's death that really gave me the impetus to try to get some of us together again. Sorry it didn't work.
Hemlock Stones: thats nothing Cease, our whole economy barely functions
llanwydd: airport? I saw that movie for the first time just today
principalpoop: titus the pig?
Tiny Dr.Tim: nope, I'm afraid i was unaware.
cease: yes i posted today for the first time since klok's death
Dexter Forn: E: I remember Leah...she didn't even wake up when I ....well....
Bambi: wow, I will be at CNI at saturday too Tween ... what a coincidence lol
Elayne: TDT, your handle has a proud legacy indeed. Lew was much loved.
Tiny Dr.Tim: I will handle it well then.
principalpoop: strange, my name is Lew, stop that
cease: finally figured out how to convert hd footage of bit and dino's dogs into dv so i could sample it for the blog
Elayne: Tween, what time should we do this birthday gathering?
EmperorTweenusII: It's fate, Bambi ;-)
cease: lol dex
EmperorTweenusII: Cool, Cat...
Elayne: Leah will be here for much of the afternoon, and she's not that good with IRC but I'm sure she'll indulge me if we're not oot and aboot.
Tiny Dr.Tim: and Bambi's fate.
Honey Sanchez: in lew of that, i shall call you poop , poop
principalpoop: hello seeker
principalpoop: gracias honey
cease: i want doc to link the two pieces i wrote for tiny linked to the fools in space segment austin wrote for tiny dr. lew
EmperorTweenusII: Actually, if you're even remotely technically incluned, Jim & Bambi have a great chat at 6 EST every Saturday.
cease: are you practiciing for move to canada, el?
principalpoop: ooot and aboot? are you scootish?
Elayne: That might be doable, Tween. Email me a reminder tomorrow.
Elayne: Ayup, Cat. ;)
Tiny Dr.Tim: the very idea of poutine still frightens me...
Dexter Forn: afr
llanwydd: forget it. canada can move to me
Hemlock Stones: technically incluned, is that painful Tween ?
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah E, you do need an IRC client. But not a big deal since the Chatzilla plug-in for Firefox will do nicely :-)
Elayne: Oh, my ex-husband loves his poutine. But of course he's of Canuck ancestry.
cease: i have wonderful memory of seeing this flick first at your place last year, el
llanwydd: vladamir poutine?
EmperorTweenusII: I got incluned last week. Saw a new George Cloony movie.
Bambi: we'd love to have your birthday gathering in the CNI Radio chat on irc.equnet.org in channel #cni
Elayne: Tween, I think my updated mIRC will do me just fine, but please email me the info again as my brain gets more addled the closer my birthday gets...
Tiny Dr.Tim: I have moved thru canada as well.which reminds me, I saw a band called Of Montreal recently. which was odd, as none of them were.
principalpoop: i was thinking poutine poisoning like that russian spy in england
principalpoop: did you do that stones?
EmperorTweenusII: it's on the CNIradio web site, E.
cease: lol poop
Hemlock Stones: i had to PP, he was ex KGB and i had a score to settle
Honey Sanchez: stones stays away from chemicals, poop
Elayne: I know, Tween, but I'll still need a reminder.
Elayne: I don't tend to frequent that site.\
Bambi: http://www.cniradio.com just click on the Chat with us page
principalpoop: Double Oh Stones
EmperorTweenusII: What is little known is that Stones is the _real_ new James Bond. Stones.... James Stones...
Hemlock Stones: licensed to Rock
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 9:52 PM, dragging boney by the hair and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
Elayne: I know, Bambi, but I don't visit that page a lot (too busy with blogs) and I have a lot on my mind at present so am liable to forget.
Tiny Dr.Tim: who drank all of my water??? oh wait a minute...I must have...
Honey Sanchez: hey boney
principalpoop: boney mahroney
llanwydd: hey boney!
Hemlock Stones: hi Boney
Elayne: All I can say is, if nobody emails me a reminder, I shall try my best to remember all of this but no guarantees.
Elayne: Hi boney!
boney: TinyDr.Tim? Time tripping again?
principalpoop: hopheads
Bambi: great ... we'd love to see you there Elayne
Dexter Forn: Hiyah B Boi
ah,clem: bond, James Bond
||||||||| Outside, the 9:53 PM uptown bus from Billville pulls away, leaving doctec coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Tiny Dr.Tim: is it time to trip?
Dexter Forn: Hopheads+Rabbits
Tiny Dr.Tim: I could have sworn I just got up...
boney: how are the cats, Elayne?
doctec: i hate diesel ...
principalpoop: oops, excuse me while I kiss the sky, back
llanwydd: evening doc
doctec: kiss this guy?
Bambi: will try to remember to remind you Elayne ... will have to add it to my calendar to help me remember lol
principalpoop: high doc?
Honey Sanchez: mamma hated diesels, doc
Hemlock Stones: well dont drink it then, doctec
Dexter Forn: Hiyah Doc T
boney: Your handle tripped me up
doctec: not yet :-/
Honey Sanchez: wb poop
ah,clem: kiss this fly?
Honey Sanchez: short trip?
principalpoop: bend over and roll up your arm, do you want regular or premium?
doctec: ultra 94 please
Tiny Dr.Tim: so I'd heard. just so you know, I am not myself, someone else was several lives ago.
Dexter Forn: Diesle
boney: Have you been playing in Catherwood's Time Machine, Tiny Doctor?
||||||||| Catherwood says "It's 9:54 PM"
Bambi: hey Doc
cease: hey doc
principalpoop: there is no pulling the wool over your eyes honey, let me try canvas...
Merlyn: hiya doc
Bambi: hey Boney
Tiny Dr.Tim: no, why, is there room for another zanzithaphonist?
boney: bamb
Dexter Forn: Catherwood, oh? you more accurate than sundial
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside Dexter Forn and says "oh, fuck off Dexter Forn!"
Hemlock Stones: hands poop a roll of hessian
llanwydd: recuse me while I kick thesky
Tiny Dr.Tim: oh!oh! pull the wool over MY eyes, too, I love the scratchiness!
Dexter Forn: Short Fuse? Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood strides over to Dexter Forn and says "My ears are burning..."
EmperorTweenusII: BTW - if any of you haven't seen "weirdly Cool", do check it out. Somehow, I wasn't impressed when I saw a bit of it on PBS, but I just watched the DVD and my mind changed completely. There are also some really good bonus features.
cease: you are constant as a star, i said constantly in darkness?
boney: all of these wagging tails and sniffing noses
principalpoop: run thesky run
Merlyn: and the girl with colitis goes by
cease: if you want me, i'll be in the bar
Hemlock Stones: Tween, when was it that you lost control of your mind ?
Dexter Forn: Lower that bar
principalpoop: wool is warm when wet
Bambi: hey Merlyn
||||||||| ElayneRiggs steals in around 9:57 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last year's "unpleasant incident."
Honey Sanchez: dont wet your wool, poop
ElayneRiggs: Oops, sorry, hit the wrong button. Merlyn, could you please oust my doppelganger?
principalpoop: too late honey hehe
cease: im reading great bio of twain
Bambi: Catherwood, please pour me a toasted almond
||||||||| Catherwood gets Bambi a toasted almond.
ah,clem: depends on the water temperatire, PP
principalpoop: hello E
cease: nd this is especially relavent
EmperorTweenusII: That would be the Mickey Mouse Club back in the 50's, Stones ;-)
Merlyn: hokay
Hemlock Stones: ah, that explains it
||||||||| Merlyn aka 'The Reaper' has killed off Elayne at 9:57 PM
Tiny Dr.Tim: a special elephant?
principalpoop: ahhh, clem getting technical on me, where is my wool manual?
Bambi: thank you Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood answers "You're welcome."
llanwydd: I remember the mickey mouse club. it lasted longer than the 50s
Merlyn: But you can usually just log in with the same name and tell it it's ok to log in over yourself
llanwydd: I was bored in 61
||||||||| ElayneRiggs leaves to catch the 9:58 PM train to Elmertown.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "9:58 PM and late as usual, it's Elayne, just back from New York."
doctec: alas poor elayne, we knew her well
Elayne: Thanks Merlyn!
principalpoop: wb E
doctec: huh?
EmperorTweenusII: Did they find anything, LL?
cease: and speaking of women we know well,
doctec: oh
Bambi: M I C K E Y M O O S E ...
doctec: she has risen!
ah,clem: m i c key, mouse
doctec: farout ...
Tiny Dr.Tim: ..in a Biblical sense?
Elayne: Whoever asked about the cats (Boney?), they're fine as well, thanks.
EmperorTweenusII: LOL Bambi
principalpoop: caw caw
Honey Sanchez: wrong room again dr tiny tim
cease: always good to see them on your blog, el
Elayne: We'lll be entering our big celebratory week on Saturday. First my birthday, then our anniversary on Monday, then Robin's birthday on Wednesday.
Dexter Forn: M I C (I can see you) K E Y (Why/ Because I lot to watch
principalpoop: caw caw
Elayne: So next time you see me it'll all be downhill from there. :)
Dexter Forn: Like
Bambi: Hi Lili!
cease: a holiweek
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and pipes up "Presenting 'Bubba's Brain', just granted probation at 9:59 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
principalpoop: hi lili
Elayne: Hey Bubba!
EmperorTweenusII: lol Dex
Honey Sanchez: hi bubba
Dexter Forn: Thanks Honey"
cease: bub
llanwydd: howdy lil and bub
principalpoop: don Bubba's Brain, follow the snake
Bubba's Brain: Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum.
EmperorTweenusII: Obviously part of the Warrantless Surveillance program, that Mr. Disney.
doctec: lili is not here, she's at the v.a.
llanwydd: atomic bomb?
Dexter Forn: Hiyah B Brain
ah,clem: good evenig, brain
EmperorTweenusII: Hey Bubba...
doctec: she went in monday for another (and more invastive) biopsy
principalpoop: oops, best wishes for her
doctec: invasive i mean
Tiny Dr.Tim: it's high time the love bomb was dropped.
Elayne: Lili's here? Hi Lili, hi lo! How are you??
Bubba's Brain: Just got it up... the tree, that is.
Tiny Dr.Tim: oops, I dropped it.
doctec: no lili is NOT here
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
EmperorTweenusII: Oh joy, Doc ;-)
Bambi: M I C (see you real soon) K E Y (because we love you) .... M O U S E
Dexter Forn: Doc: I'm saddened to hear that...Hugs to you
Bubba's Brain: Hope it goes well, Tom.
principalpoop: courage
boney: Please, I need your opinion. Take a look at this http://www.well.com/user/silly/zaphen.html and then tell me: Yes or no
Tiny Dr.Tim: Gong? I love that band!!!
Elayne: Oh Tom, my heart is so with you guys. Please send her our best again.
cease: in hospital, doc?
EmperorTweenusII: I'll bet this was just the vacation she ordered :-(
llanwydd: the moscowteers
Dexter Forn: TDT: The Love bomb is still on the Love Train
Bambi: was actually hoping Doc would pass it on since he said 'she is up!' ;-)
doctec: thanks - it's been a tough few days
Elayne: It's cute, Boney.
doctec: moscow tears, more likely
EmperorTweenusII: I'll bet, Doc...
principalpoop: ok, I will have flashback nightmares from that site boney
boney: The question is: Should Sasha Baron Cohen be in a movie about Frank Zappa?
Dexter Forn: Boney: Re: URL...sure ...why not...Yes
doctec: i don't know if i'll have another segment ready for the jl&b show this saturday
EmperorTweenusII: C-O-M...
doctec: i've been in fulltime caretaker mode all week
llanwydd: not familiar with sbc
principalpoop: annette was a fun oh chello kind of girl
Dexter Forn: Boney: Does he paly guitar
doctec: cat: yes, the v.a. hospital
Tiny Dr.Tim: I just use a lot of youtubes when i do my show.
doctec: (she qualifies for v.a. healthcare benefits)
Hemlock Stones: we used Caretake Mode, doctec but we could only afford him part time
cease: hope she is getting the best of treatment
Bambi: family first Doc ... we understand, and our best to you both
cease: and what they find out is positive
EmperorTweenusII: Sure hope they find what in the world is wrong, Doc...
Honey Sanchez: jiminy! it's so cold here i can barely type
ah,clem: can run a replay, Doc, if that will help
boney: Borat
ah,clem: and give lili our best
cease: Lili needs a good dose of good news
doctec: we won't know the results of the biopsy until tomorrow at the earliest
principalpoop: Bear whiz beer
principalpoop: best of luck doc
EmperorTweenusII: You're getting Panhandle temps there, Honey.
doctec: not necessary to rerun an earlier segment
doctec: if i get something together in time, it'll be short
Honey Sanchez: and thats not all!!!
boney: Top lefthand side is Borat, top middle is Zappa, top righthand side is Borat, bottom lefthand side is Borat, bottom righthand side is Zappa
principalpoop: put on your woolen nightie honey
doctec: short and frivolous (as opposed to fast and bulbous)
Hemlock Stones: Panhandle Temps, not seen him in years, does he still do gigs Tween
Dexter Forn: Boney: Yes =)) The long hair kinda gives it away
boney: The pictures without a goatee are all Borat
Elayne: Boney, I think you should do a "Borat or Zappa?" site and just show portions of the face in each square, then have the viewer guess and go to another page which reveals all.
Tiny Dr.Tim: eek.
llanwydd: boring old borat
principalpoop: eek?
doctec: lili and i saw the borat flick over the thanksgiving holiday - we loved it
Honey Sanchez: great idea E
Bubba's Brain: Kinda Like the Ann Coulter or Hitler quiz, E....
Bambi: no worries Doc ... don't feel any pressure from us ... if you can, fine if not, we'll understand and look forward to the next one :-)
boney: isn't borat a card game that they play at Casino Royale?
cease: the giant borat of sinatra?
principalpoop: he was in the paper here when he 'inerrupted' a show over in salem
Elayne: Did anyone see the YouTube video of Zappa when he was really, really young (sans 'stache, sans long hair) on the Steve Allen show, playing the bicycle? (Yes, playing a bicycle.)
Elayne: Yes Bubba, just so.
principalpoop: lol E
Tiny Dr.Tim: yes
Bubba's Brain: That's Burt Bacharach, boney.
Hemlock Stones: yes Elayne, i saw that
Elayne: Serious, Prinpoop. It's quite surreal.
Honey Sanchez: yes i saw that clip E it was funny
Dexter Forn: Boney: Big Casino Royale is what they play in Borat
cease: no but i saw some really boring political interview with zappa on youtube
EmperorTweenusII: Will have to check that out, E...
Elayne: Thanks Hemlock, now Prinpoop knows I'm not making it up. :)
doctec: e: yeah, i checked out the allen/zappa vid this past summer - most excellent
principalpoop: it made me guffaw, and I did not even see it
Elayne: My favorite Zappa moment was in the Monkees' movie Head.
cease: enjoyed seeing lord buckley on groucho there recently
boney: Peter Sellers is my favorite James Bond
llanwydd: is that when steve allen hosted the tonight show?
cease: thru firesign list
Elayne: "The youth of America are counting on you to show them the way!"
cease: i have to get a copy of that el
Elayne: Yes llan.
Hemlock Stones: it would be very difficult to make up Frank Zappa, Elayne
EmperorTweenusII: No doubt, Bone lol
Tiny Dr.Tim: whihc episode of the monkees was zappa at the end of? it wasn't 'mijacogeo'...
boney: Orson Welles was the bad guy in the original Casino Royale
Elayne: Do a search for it on YouTube, Cat. Should be pretty easy to find.
cease: ian fleming is my favourite james bond
principalpoop: me? the youth are in trouble then
cease: head? the whole flick?
Elayne: Prinpoop, that was what Zappa said to Davy Jones right after Davy's big dance number with Toni Basil (dancing to the Harry Nilsson song).
EmperorTweenusII: Wells was great as the narrator of "History of the World" Pt 1
Bubba's Brain: James Bond is my favorite Sean Connery.
doctec: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2006/08/young_zappa_blo.html ... be sure to read the accompanying jerry hopkins recollection too
Elayne: I know way too much about the movie Head. :)
cease: this is only slightly more understanable than the talking tornado on boom dot bust
EmperorTweenusII: lol Bubba
Bambi: yes, mine too cat lol
Hemlock Stones: Ian Fleming had a weird job in world war two Cease, he went round the country pointing all the road signs the wrong way to confuse the Germans if they arrived here
Tiny Dr.Tim: that was toni basil? neat.
boney: Was Noel Coward in the movie when Ian Fleming was 007?
Bambi: (James Bond)
doctec: bb: got your lodestone newsletter today - thanks for the shout-out, much appreciated
principalpoop: ahhh the 60s, or 70s, they get confused
EmperorTweenusII: Quite, Cat
Elayne: TDT, in retrospect it's weird that she didn't dance with Mickey, who is after all so fine.
cease: lol stones
llanwydd: james bond is my favorite president
Tiny Dr.Tim: *L*
cease: i still havent got mine, bub
Bubba's Brain: Glad to spread the love, doc.
Bubba's Brain: The print catalog, cat?
principalpoop: the word of the week is, oops wrong chat
Elayne: Poor Toni Basil, years and years of choreographic experience and that's what she'll be known for, for the rest of her life...
cease: i think jfk took james bond far too seriously
doctec is smiling
cease: yes bub
Bambi: hi Bubba
llanwydd: jimmy carter is my favorite actor
cease: didnt i get one? dont waste postage on me, i can read online
Bambi: how do we get on that list Bubba?
Tiny Dr.Tim: actually, she was in some bad 80s horror film, too.
EmperorTweenusII: I'm voting for the Governor of Billville next time...
llanwydd: jfk is my favorite composer
Elayne notes that she has ten more minutes before she has to shower off the hair goop...
Bubba's Brain: I'll send you one. Internattional addresses weren't eligable for the bulk mailing.
Hemlock Stones: George Bush is my favourite Chimp
Honey Sanchez: richard nixon was my favorite used car salesman
EmperorTweenusII: Actually, Carter's done more good since he left the Presidency.
doctec: e: actually, toni is pretty glad to have had such an impact - i have an old interview with her from an obscure brit "cassette 'zine" called sfx from '81 ...
cease: blood red hair, el?
principalpoop: ronald reagan, arnold terminager, we need a Dem actor politician, does Al Franken count?
EmperorTweenusII: lol Stones. Should we star a zoo? Blair, Bush, et al?
Tiny Dr.Tim: Andrew Jackson is th eonly US president who looks as tho he would do well playing 'Dracula'.
llanwydd: I agree tween but I always liked him
Elayne: Good to know, Tom.
doctec: ... in which she states that she feels very lucky to have had the chance to strut her stuff in front of such a large audience, not many people get that chance
Bambi: thanks Bubba ... it's an actual mailing?
cease: speaking of reagn, i still havnet ordered the tirebiter novel. can i do that thru lodestone or just bear whiz publisihg?
Bubba's Brain: The E-newsletter list is at http://lodestonecatalog.com/news.html
Elayne: No Cat, I leave the red hair to Leah nowadays. Just medium blonde for me. (Carnier Nutrisse #80.)
ah,clem: only to 10, PP
Honey Sanchez: al franken cant count i heard he is dyslexic
EmperorTweenusII: Vot for me, because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn, people like me...
cease: was typing what the firesign were saying, el
Dexter Forn cannot keep up with the scroll
doctec: how is leah anyway?
cease: sometimes that works,
Bubba's Brain: and the print catalog signup is at http://lodestonecatalog.com/printcatalog.html
cease: no, save postage
llanwydd: al franklin?
principalpoop: but serious folks, where is davis? did franken shot him in the face?
Bambi: great .. thanks
Bubba's Brain: ... the latest e-newsletter can be seen at http://lodestonecatalog.com/blog
cease: or potsage, as pyncheon would say
llanwydd: the only president of the united states who...
EmperorTweenusII: lol P
Dexter Forn: let alone the Bristol Stomp
principalpoop: was never the
Bambi: will have to wait till after we're done broadcasting to look but thankfully there is the cheese log :-)
Tiny Dr.Tim: I wear the cheese. it does not wear me.
Bambi: Teresa Bewster
principalpoop: brie brie brie
doctec: tom davis on imdb ... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0205569/
cease: i can dimly remember the travel shows this is based on
llanwydd: end of song
Dexter Forn: Kate Strar
cease: tommy davis, my favourite dodger
Honey Sanchez: sammy davis my favorite jr
llanwydd: II've heard nothing of tom davis lately
principalpoop: no photo, last movie was 2001? i think frankens senate run should help him lol
Tiny Dr.Tim: mints is my favourite junior.
Tiny Dr.Tim: note I said favour. like i was British. or just, you know, somewhat pretentious.
doctec: scroll down, he's done a handful of more recent things
Honey Sanchez: hahaha
principalpoop: steady stones, do not kill him
EmperorTweenusII: Sitting in your chair with a glass eye full of beer... Miss Information...
llanwydd: mudhead is my favorite draft dodger
cease: r tolkein is my favourite jr
Hemlock Stones: its ok Poop, i speak fluent gibberish
Honey Sanchez hands stones the can of smug-buster
doctec: he's popped up on al's air america show infrequently (and sometime without credit)
cease: yes ive heard most of als shows
llanwydd: blue is my favorite drink
cease: hope he sends something in from his uso tour
principalpoop: gibber gibber gronk plebney?
EmperorTweenusII: (cat take a puff from a "Dallas Cigarette")
Elayne: Okay, time to mosey and get my hair back to its unnatural blonde color. Next week, all, when I'll be a year older! (And I'll try to make the CNI chat on the day itself...)
Honey Sanchez: why i nevah!!!poop!
EmperorTweenusII: Be good, E...
Dexter Forn: Elayne: Call me!!!!!!!!!
principalpoop: Me Toking is my favorite pastime
Tiny Dr.Tim: you never poop?
Honey Sanchez: have a good week, E n Happy Birthday :)
Merlyn: byE
principalpoop: Happy B day E
llanwydd: nite elayne!
boney: http://www.communityonline.com/shriners/Mvc-009s.jpg Scottish Rite Mason bozos
Tiny Dr.Tim: O.O!
Elayne: Will do so tomorrow around noonish, Unca Dex!
Bambi: favour/favor, humour/humor ... always have a tough time remembering which is which since I read from so many sources lol ... the shortened version seems wrong to me most of the time
llanwydd: I don't have a token pastime
Bubba's Brain: Nite E
Elayne: Bye!
cease: best, el
llanwydd: can't knock tolkein though
||||||||| At 10:19 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Elayne!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
doctec: nite e
Tiny Dr.Tim: Let's call the whole thing off.
Bambi: have a great one Elayne! Hope to see you Saturday ... Happy Birthday Week!
Hemlock Stones: good night elayne
EmperorTweenusII: He never answers, LL.
llanwydd: LOL tween
boney: Catherwood, give Tiny Dr.Tim a Time Machine
||||||||| Catherwood gets tiny drtim a time machine.
principalpoop: fighting clowns, the republicans are everywhere
EmperorTweenusII: You say tomato, I say tormato...
llanwydd: elayne is my favorite day of the week
Dexter Forn: Catherwood, set the controls for fast
||||||||| Catherwood walks over to Dexter Forn and asks "Did you need me?"
cease: is that a ring in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
Tiny Dr.Tim: why thank you. wait, did I already thank you for this?
Honey Sanchez: mel tormato??
principalpoop: Yes, that was a great album
llanwydd: tormato salad with larks tongues in aspic
EmperorTweenusII: lol Cat
doctec: ring-a-ding-ding
principalpoop: aspic or ajew or anigger or acracker?
Tiny Dr.Tim: such frippery.
Hemlock Stones: to marto, Honey, to marto
Dexter Forn: afkfr
EmperorTweenusII: The new age torch singer?
principalpoop: ok forn
llanwydd: HE SAID THE N WORD!!!!
Bubba's Brain: ajew? Gesundheitt, pp
principalpoop: no you started it
ah,clem: ...
Honey Sanchez: OO
Tiny Dr.Tim: ...nirvana?
EmperorTweenusII: Catherwood, give PP some cheese for his crackers.
||||||||| Catherwood gets pp some cheese for his crackers.
principalpoop: uhoh
doctec: hey cat, npr did a piece on vince guaraldi the other day ... http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6545283
llanwydd: that reminds me of how stupid all the michael richards nonsense is
doctec: it was pretty good
principalpoop: nice OO honey, wow
llanwydd: just let it pass, for pete's sake
Honey Sanchez: thanx poop
Tiny Dr.Tim: passes it to pete*
EmperorTweenusII: Did you see when Mel Gibosn said he "felt for him"?
Bubba's Brain: Wa wa, wa waaaaa wa wa wa, doc.
cease: wow. thanks for info doc. one of my gods
Honey Sanchez: dont bogart, pete pass it!!
doctec: i know :-)
Hemlock Stones: it must have been very dark then Tween
llanwydd: I didn't see that
principalpoop: take a wiff on me
cease: i ordered 3 cds from his sons website. still havent come but robo message from son says "delivered" on monday.
cease: maybe our snow keeps them adrift
Bambi: (( <(+)> | <(+)> ))
llanwydd: the big media hype about gibson and richards is detrimental
principalpoop: i hear and obey mistress bambi
cease: newly remized xmas album. i saw the newly remixed vid of cb's xmas on tues. looked weird
EmperorTweenusII: Taken up calculus, Bambi?
Bambi: lol
Bubba's Brain: That's either a pair of eyes, or a regex, Bam.
cease: really look forward to the charlie brown suite
Hemlock Stones: it doesnt add up Tween
principalpoop: command me my mistress, oops wrong chat
EmperorTweenusII: Regex Kanebis?
llanwydd: run my life, folks. should I make a cup of coffee?
Bambi: was trying for eyes lol
llanwydd: vote on it for me
doctec: we've been lucky out here on the least coast so far - temps have been mild & it got up to the mid 60s (fahrenheit) today - but after friday, projected hi temps drop about 20 degrees
principalpoop: fillbin, like the nut
cease: hope this new flick about him comes about
EmperorTweenusII: The eyes have it...
Bubba's Brain: itll hit us Friday.
llanwydd: yeah philbin's a nut
principalpoop: warm in SW va too
Dexter Forn: Wheh!!
llanwydd: cool
principalpoop: hypnotic eyes, almost like betty davis
Honey Sanchez: or marty feldman
principalpoop: lool
EmperorTweenusII: May you keep your weather. Ours appears to be from Montana for the next few days.
principalpoop: he had one eye like a bad headlight lol
llanwydd: she's got marty feldman eyesssssss
principalpoop: lol
doctec: kim carnes lives on - in smeary looking '80s music videos
EmperorTweenusII: You are getting sleeeeepy....
Bambi: yep, very nice today ... mid 70s and beautiful
Bambi: all down hill from there lol
Honey Sanchez: what hump?
Hemlock Stones: lol Honey
principalpoop: rebus
EmperorTweenusII: (Tweeny sticks out his tongue at VA)
principalpoop: nieghhhhh
doctec: abbie normal
EmperorTweenusII: Wasn't it on the other side?
principalpoop: neighhhh
principalpoop: the horse dammit
doctec: roll - roll - roll in ze hay -
EmperorTweenusII: Neighhh - you are not my son, I am your father!
Dexter Forn: That's my horse, Damnit
doctec: frau BLUCHER!!!
principalpoop: neighhhhhh
Bubba's Brain: put... the candle... back.... (well, I just figured if we were randomly quoting from the movie....)
principalpoop: lol
Honey Sanchez: all this horsin around is makin me giddy
Bambi: lol Tween
EmperorTweenusII: lol Bubba
doctec: and my all time favorite line: "wait - wait - i was gonna make espresso!"
Hemlock Stones: goes to make tea, brb
principalpoop: don't open the door no matter what I say, open the door I was kidding lol
EmperorTweenusII: I'll stand in the door and stop the bookscase lol
EmperorTweenusII: lol P
llanwydd: mel brooks is my favorite politician
principalpoop: one move and the oops, the N gets it lol
EmperorTweenusII: Wouldn't you like to see Franken on the floor of the Senate?
Dexter Forn sings 'xiety!!!
principalpoop: I am non PC tonight lol
doctec: work work work work work work hello girls, i'll be with you later...
Honey Sanchez: i loved him in Our Mel Brooks
Bubba's Brain: Almost gotta wonder after The Producers, if Young Frank is next for Broadway.
llanwydd: I'd like to see him mop the floor with the senate
EmperorTweenusII: Revisited Blazing Saddles recently. Great movie.
doctec: honey: lol
principalpoop: what was the big guys name?
doctec: bb: you may be on to something there!
Dexter Forn: Andre the giant?
Honey Sanchez: pass the beans, tween
llanwydd: can't you see that man is a ni
Bambi: work, work, work ... work, work, work ... we've got to protect our phoney baloney jobs gentlemen!
principalpoop: in blazing saddles
Dexter Forn: Peter .....cannot remember last name
Bubba's Brain: Tom Waits could write the soundtrack, and we could call it Frankenstein's Wild Years...
Hemlock Stones: i am reaching right now clem
Bubba's Brain: Boyle
Honey Sanchez: lol bubba
doctec: pardon me while i whip this out...
llanwydd: tom can wait in the wings
doctec: tom waits was great on the daily show tuesday
principalpoop: nooo, Ringo is straight
cease: waits was great on stewart the other night
Dexter Forn: Hiayh Clem...common....readus
Hemlock Stones: wrong room again doctec
Bubba's Brain: Tom Waits for no man.
boney: the sheriff is nearer
doctec: too bad they had to cut the song short tho
cease: i thoguht you shot the sherrrif
cease: yes doc
cease: very moving song
doctec: ...and then i shot the deputy ...
boney: bless the cheesemakers
principalpoop: no, I shot the deputy
llanwydd: just got an old king crimson album today. anybody ever heard "Lizard"?
cease: did you see the pix stew showed of what happened to waits in the can?
cease: amaizng he survived
Dexter Forn: Hey, I stabbed him first
Bubba's Brain: Bless the Swiss Cheesemakers, for they are holey.
boney: I'm half deaf, I can appreciate
doctec: yes cat - that was hilarious
Honey Sanchez: yeah poop but it got left on the cutting room floor
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah, but it's been a while, LL. Didn't get into them much after Greg Lake.
llanwydd: it's pretty good
principalpoop: that is what my father used to tell me
boney: blessed are... I'm half deaf at the keyboard, too
Hemlock Stones: a friend of mine fell into Greg Lake and nearly drowned
cease: what a perfectly waitsian way to die
doctec: lland: yes - though i think starless and bible black was my favorite of that era
llanwydd: has jon anderson on it, believe it or not
principalpoop: believe it or don't
llanwydd: I like that one too doc
llanwydd: believe it or else
Honey Sanchez: i dont believe it, llan!
Honey Sanchez: else lanchester??
doctec: camel hair, brylcreem, figurenes of the virgin mary ... (ah, brings back memories)
EmperorTweenusII: His solo album is a favorite, Stones. "Nuclear Attack" Apparently found a good friend to play keys other than Emerson.
boney: blessed are the cheesemakers
doctec: i was also a fan of gentle giant's stuff too
boney: the sheriff is nearer
llanwydd: health food faggot,
EmperorTweenusII: The album is self-titles, of course.
cease: if cleese doesnt kill them first
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah, Gentle Giant is really good.
principalpoop: i only heard GG late at night at friends houses under the influence of I forget what
llanwydd: I have one gentle giant album, "The Power and the Glory". I like it
Hemlock Stones: i forgot it too Poop
Honey Sanchez: lol cease i am sure he killed the bazouki player
Hemlock Stones: he did right, Honey
doctec: yes, the power and the glory was a tight, well-put together concept album
cease: hey ah clem, you havnet played down under danger and the proctor and ergman Heat stuff i sent you
llanwydd: shoot the bazouki player
Bambi: Doc did you see my desktop pictures in Ubuntu?
doctec: also free hand, in a glass house, octopus and the earlier stuff
EmperorTweenusII: "Sorry sir, I've been deliberately wasting your time..."
cease: most people here havent heard that
Bubba's Brain: Later all, I'm gonna go crash.
cease: im gettting tired of exorcism
EmperorTweenusII: Did you see Ubuntu on a package tour, Bambi?
doctec: bambi: not yet - it's been a very hectic week for me, this is my first "down time" since sunday night
Bambi: (ni all it's transparent glory lol)
doctec: nite bb
cease: with all that great mushroom stuff still unreleased
Dexter Forn: Inflate your air bags, Bubba
llanwydd: I especially like "Aspirations" on TPatG
cease: hy they picked this i should have asked ossman
EmperorTweenusII: Yeah, Doc. Very nice tunes.
Bambi: night Bubba
principalpoop: thanks and night BB
Honey Sanchez: nite bubba see you next week have a good one till then
Bubba's Brain: nite.
||||||||| 10:37 PM -- Bubba's Brain left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Bob D Caterino close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 10:37 PM tree-stunting plans, and rushes off to the vestibule.
cease: kepp on bubbing
EmperorTweenusII: Oh resevoir, Bubba...
principalpoop: hi bob
Hemlock Stones: hi Bob
doctec: bobby dee...
Honey Sanchez: hello bob
cease: ossman said he did this compilation
Dexter Forn: Hiyah Bob D.
llanwydd: howdy bob
Bob D Caterino: Hey, just in time to say nite lol
cease: its the D cat
boney: bub bob
doctec: hello, i must be going?
cease: getting off at his F stop
principalpoop: who ordered the caterer?
Bob D Caterino: Yep DiCat soap
boney: brb
Bambi: for anyone interested in seeing Root the cat and my Ubuntu desktop: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilbambi01/
principalpoop: ok bone
cease: takin the train, eh?
Bob D Caterino: caterer, catererino lol
llanwydd: it's in the soap dish
cease: caterers, 9
cease: tales...
Bob D Caterino: a whole dead cat in dicat soaps
llanwydd: I happen to remember the commercial that dead cat soap was based on
cease: 8 and a half
llanwydd: a beauty bar called "Caress"
cease: really, llan? tell a memory, tell a memory
doctec: nice pix bambi
Dexter Forn: and throw in a vision too
principalpoop: ahh root, a good looking cat
||||||||| It's 10:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Tiny Dr.Tim - dead from intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bob D Caterino: Honey wheres the soap?
Dexter Forn: Night TDT
Bob D Caterino: Cats and birds huh
principalpoop: not where you think bob, that is a different chat
Honey Sanchez: look under the bar, bob
EmperorTweenusII: Cool pics, Bambi :-)
Dexter Forn: It's in the cat, Bob
Bambi: thanks princep ... he's much bigger now lol
llanwydd: as I remember a woman was in the shower and said something like "where's the skin conditioner" and her husband said "its in the soap dish"
cease: tiny
Bob D Caterino: But theres soap in the soap dish
llanwydd: then she said "but there's soap in the soap dish" and he said, 'that's Caress"
EmperorTweenusII: Fran's Computing Services - Windows exorcised, curses lifted...
cease: oh yes, llan
principalpoop: no more calls please, we have a winner
cease: right. that was famous comercial
cease: often parodied
Bambi: thanks Tween and others that I missed as it scrolled too quick (the bad part of 30 second refresh) ;-)
Bambi: lol Tween
Honey Sanchez: caressing the soap dish is kinky
llanwydd: I never saw "Billy Jack" so I don't know what the dog food was all about
principalpoop: soup dish I think you meant to say
Dexter Forn: Licking the loofah is perverted
Bob D Caterino: Lookin at that very tiny pic on top of the page, va va va voommmm
Honey Sanchez: that too, poop
doctec: there is apparently a youtube group devoted to old soap ads - they don't have the caress ad but there's a bunch of others - http://youtube.com/groups_videos?name=classicfacewashads
EmperorTweenusII: You missed a wonderfully terrible movie, LL...
principalpoop: do you own a tureen honey?
Bambi blushes
Dexter Forn: Edna Va Va Voom...what a tomato
Honey Sanchez: not since the late 60's poop
doctec: billy jack on imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066832/
llanwydd: I wear a tureen, or is that a turban
Hemlock Stones: or the Tureen Shroud Honey ?
doctec: Plot Outline: Ex-Green Beret karate expert saves wild horses from being slaughtered for dog food and helps protect a desert "freedom school" for runaway.
Honey Sanchez: i drove a tureen
Bob D Caterino: I use a turbine
Hemlock Stones: was it a real Tureen or a Sears Tureen Hon
principalpoop: a diesel turban engine tureen
ah,clem: yes, Aunt Bambi, the computer exorcist
Bambi: I have a tureen and it still has a lid too lol
Honey Sanchez: good synopsis, doc
principalpoop: kinky bambi
ah,clem: "this house is clean"
llanwydd: so that's the irony, billy jack eating dog food made from horses
EmperorTweenusII: Just remember, "No minute is entirely free..."
Honey Sanchez: i havent seen a lid since the late 60's either
Bambi: lol
principalpoop: i would buy a lid in a heartbeat
Bob D Caterino: not to forget the BillyJack shoe scrapers
llanwydd: I wear a cap
doctec: the only lids i see these days are on the plastic leftover containers in the fridge
cease: ah clem, you did get down under danger and heat, right?
Hemlock Stones: thats unusual packaging PP
cease: i thought i sent you that with the mushrooms
EmperorTweenusII: Auntie-Virus and her patented "black cat" spyware eradicator...
Honey Sanchez: my brother got one for selling spudnuts, bob
Bob D Caterino: I want to beat the reaper
llanwydd: well if you have tupperware you could have a pot party
cease: spud raliegh, they called him
principalpoop: a nice 4 finger oh zee
cease: so does mrs reaper
||||||||| Bob D Caterino rushes off, saying "10:46 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Honey Sanchez: mrs reaper beats him regularly
Bambi: yes, we just sic our parlor panther on the infested computer lol
doctec: blue osprey cult hit: "don't beat the reaper"
ah,clem: yes, Cat, thanks, but not cued for tonight
EmperorTweenusII: Spud Raliegh and his potato skin coat.
Dexter Forn: Night Bob D.
Bambi: LOL night Bob
cease: im getting tireder than most of pink hotel, clem
llanwydd: he went back there and got his head chopped off
doctec: you got spud raleigh in a can? better bake him at 450 until golden brown!
EmperorTweenusII: Sounds like a great name for a metal band. The Osprey
principalpoop: spudnuts?
Honey Sanchez: lol
cease: all out for spud raliegh. next stop, norfolk
doctec: new bird cleaner product: osprey'n'wash
EmperorTweenusII: This is about my 20th listening, Cat lol. I'm starting to memorize it. And, sorry, but I love this bit :-)
cease: osprey, can you see?
llanwydd: what you listening to tween?
Bambi: and the Spruce Goose would be a great woodwind band name lol
ah,clem: btw, Cat, mp3 prefered to cda, but no worries, I can convert, but saves on cds.. 192 sample rate fine
Honey Sanchez: yes poop my brother sold spudnuts to save up enough money to buy some sea monkeys too
EmperorTweenusII: The question was if it could fly. Aparently not ;-) (they started losing Marines during the tests)
cease: i figurted the highest qulatyi the bertter, clem
cease: you can always convert down
principalpoop: i still have my sea monkeys
EmperorTweenusII: You're looking.... swell...
EmperorTweenusII: http://www.usmc.mil/marinelink/image1.nsf/ae82f18a8e1b160b852568ba007e7e5e/5b58c8589352b00085256fe4006a805a/$FILE/Osprey.JPG
cease: doctec, do you know the mushroom shows you recoreded from my cassetes in 99?
Bambi: yep, very true Cat
llanwydd: qantas before qualtis
ah,clem: np, Cat, and tks again
cease: the guys want em
doctec: cat: haven't been able to locate those dats yet - still looking
doctec: i'm pretty sure i have them
cease: yes doc, you have other priorities
EmperorTweenusII: It's a wonder you kept them, Cat. The FST owes you some sincere grats for that one...
cease: no they dont
EmperorTweenusII: IMHO
principalpoop: gesundheit tween
llanwydd: well i must get to bed so I can get up and buy a used camry tomorrow.
doctec: a shoe?
EmperorTweenusII: As a member of the Doobies once said, "Always roll tape". Glad you did ;-)
cease: i am annoyed that so few of us taped their original shows b ut that anyone did preserves them for current and furture generatikons
llanwydd: I'll let you know how it goes
principalpoop: super about the transportation, tomorrow, you are an american
Dexter Forn: Night llan
EmperorTweenusII: May your choices be good, LL...
Bambi: good luck on camry hunting llanwydd
ah,clem: FST has given us more than we could ever give back, imho
doctec: yeah, i'm starting to fade as well - have a long day ahead tomorrow, esp. if they send lili home as we think they will
Honey Sanchez: glad you found a car to buy llan hope it goes well
principalpoop: i thought he said canary
Bambi: and have a great night
EmperorTweenusII: This be true, clem :-)
cease: yes save your strenght for her, doc
Hemlock Stones: ok llan, TTFN
Bambi: here, here Clem!
principalpoop: courage and best of luck doc
ah,clem: have a great night Doc, see ya soon
doctec: thanks all
Dexter Forn: Night Doc...prayers for LILI
Bambi: night Doc ... our best to you and Lili!
EmperorTweenusII: Best to Lili and you, Doc.
doctec: see you next week
Hemlock Stones: see you next week Doc
||||||||| Around 10:53 PM, doctec walks off into the sunset...
Honey Sanchez waves bye to doc
EmperorTweenusII: But, the earth isn't flat...
principalpoop: no news is good news, if they had found something bad....
principalpoop: i know it is not flat, that is why I lose things often, they roll away
Dexter Forn: Tween: You keeo your flat feet offa this earth
Hemlock Stones: gee, Tween , you've been holding out on me
EmperorTweenusII: In Franklin's tower, they hang a bell...
EmperorTweenusII: Roll away, the dew...
principalpoop: tween waxes philosophic
ah,clem: the world is not flat, more egg shaped actually
EmperorTweenusII: _that's_ why we're all a bit cracked ;-)
Hemlock Stones: How many miles to Babylon ? Tween
cease: Eggs Acklly
principalpoop: i resemble the earth, over heated and bulging around the middle
Bambi: it's that caramel center lol
EmperorTweenusII: Let's just hope it's not Humpty Dumpty...
Dexter Forn: Adam and Eve on a raft...wreck 'em
EmperorTweenusII: lol P
Honey Sanchez: lol
cease: the wreck of the medusa
EmperorTweenusII: And they called it... Babble On 5
principalpoop: I don't know about babylon, but its a long to ah tipper alley
cease: heard depressing aussie radio show about that painting
principalpoop: way
Hemlock Stones: most Aussie radio shows are a little depressing
EmperorTweenusII: Trippor Li?
principalpoop: tripper airy?
EmperorTweenusII: I hear the wind's divine there...
principalpoop: they are upside down, the blood gets in their ears
Hemlock Stones: They call the wind Mariah
EmperorTweenusII: And the crips in their noses.
cease: a shadow moves upon the land is more than a little depressing, as is electrician
principalpoop: hey mariah! ahhh nevermind
||||||||| It's 11:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: depressing can mean the best possible art. but usually not
Dexter Forn: Tween: LOL
EmperorTweenusII: True, Cat. Not funny at all, but a great bit.
ah,clem: "you don't have to be rich to vote, but you do to drive...."
EmperorTweenusII: That's about it, clem lol
cease: if you're rich, other people do it for you, clem
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
principalpoop: ask ralph
EmperorTweenusII: Welcome to Wal-World!
Honey Sanchez: wasn't that a song by prince & the cars....ah, clem?
cease: sam hayakawa, started great, ended poorly
principalpoop: make tween stop, he is scaring me
EmperorTweenusII: lol
Honey Sanchez: something walmart this way comes ooooooooooooooooooooh
principalpoop: eeeek
Hemlock Stones: lol
Bambi: lol
ah,clem: was a ref to the current content on cni, Honey
EmperorTweenusII: Steven King's new novel. He couldn't possibly make this up ;-)
Merlyn: hey, see you next week people
cease: if you still have eyes, merl
EmperorTweenusII: Thranks for your efforts, Merl :-)
principalpoop: night M, get those orcs, thanks again
Hemlock Stones: ok Merlyn, thanks or the magic, see you next week
Bambi: night Merlyn :-)
Merlyn waves
Honey Sanchez: night merlyn:)
||||||||| "11:03 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Merlyn, who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the bushes.
cease: you are hearing this before i am
ah,clem: g/n mr. wizard
principalpoop: merlyn is an ocean, or lava lamp, he can wave
Dexter Forn: Night mERL AND THANK AGAIN
Dexter Forn: nEAt
Dexter Forn: NIftY
Honey Sanchez: boss!
Dexter Forn: REaL gEOrgE
principalpoop: WhaT aRE yoU DOiNG deX?
ah,clem: bosco
cease: yeah this is as relavnet now than then, maybe more
Hemlock Stones: must be oral text
principalpoop: hehe he said oral hehe
EmperorTweenusII: It is, Cat.
Honey Sanchez: mmmmmmmmm bosco
EmperorTweenusII: Way ahead of their time, as always.
Dexter Forn: pOOp: "eAd 'eTWeEn THe liNEs
Hemlock Stones: i told you before, as long as the effect is choral, i dont care if its anal or oral
principalpoop: how should I set my config to read between the lines?
Dexter Forn: Dqanke, Herr Konductor
principalpoop: BBC service and BBC tea service
EmperorTweenusII: Stones is a hermcomodite.
cease: coffee, robert?
EmperorTweenusII: Well first, you open the .bat filr...
principalpoop: gently down the stream, is that the chorus you had in mind?
EmperorTweenusII: file
Honey Sanchez: lol
Hemlock Stones: verilly verilly
principalpoop: a batch file? oh boy oh boy oh boy
Dexter Forn: Corporal! Bring that Bat FLYER BEFORE US
EmperorTweenusII: Life's just a bitstream...
Dexter Forn: And do comdthing about that shift KEY
principalpoop: a batstream
Hemlock Stones: thats the shiftiest key i have seen in some time
Honey Sanchez: i'll byte
cease: thjis cartoon french is hilareious
EmperorTweenusII: Life's just a guano stream...
Dexter Forn thanks Hemlock for his perspective
cease: bit's just a stream
EmperorTweenusII: Seems like that sometimes ;-)
principalpoop: a picturesque
Hemlock Stones: passes Poop another funny cigarette
EmperorTweenusII: Well, I picked up a bunch of Star Trek NG DVDs from the library, so I'mm going to get back to them. Everybody be well and happy, and don't forget the chat at CNI on Saturdays (esp this Sat since it's Elayne's B-day)
principalpoop: groovy
||||||||| "11:11 PM? I'm late!" exclaims EmperorTweenusII, who then hurries out through the french doors and down through the brambles.
Hemlock Stones: ok Tween Make it So
principalpoop: night tween
Dexter Forn: Tween: Live long and PRospeR
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in at 11:11 PM, dragging Dave & Katie by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
Honey Sanchez: k night tweeny resistance is futile
principalpoop: dave and katie
Hemlock Stones: dammit that transporter switch has a hair trigger
Dexter Forn: Hiay Dave Hiyah Kae
Honey Sanchez: hola dave and katie
Dave & Katie: well, all 6 legs are here, I'm on break now and going to California in a week, but I thought I'd pop in and see how everyone was, looks like the regular bunch of x-cons tonight
boney: Katie Couric?
principalpoop: inhales deeply on funny cigarette, mmmmmmmm cough cough cough, if you don't cough, you can't get off
boney: Dave's not here.
Dave & Katie: Katie herself is snoring rather loudly, but she got to play in the snow today, and tomorrow we're going to the mall so that'll be fun, she's a good dog, so smart it's scary sometimes
principalpoop: oh wow man
ah,clem: hi Dave, good to have you with us
cease: hey dave
Hemlock Stones: dont bogart that cigarette Poop is my last one
cease: what are you doing in cal, dave?
Dexter Forn: The last Poop? I don't think so
principalpoop: oops I forgot I still had it hahahahahah, here you go
Honey Sanchez: wow poop is russian!
Hemlock Stones: ty PP
Dave & Katie: someone always has to do that, I wonder if it's possible to search the archives and see how many times that phrase has been spoken when I come in
ah,clem: so glad Katie is doing well too
principalpoop: dave? no dave's not here man...
boney: You named your dog after Katie Couric? James Bond is a good name for a dog.
Hemlock Stones: hes not here either
principalpoop: 6 legs? genetic alteration?
Dave & Katie: Cat I'm visiting a friend in Santa Barbara and then we're gonna go up north to Davis and that area for a few days, I fly out of Sacramento, Katie is coing with of course
Hemlock Stones: (coughs)
cease: icy's not so smart. but has prospered in the snow
Hemlock Stones: passes funny cigarette to Honey
cease: good for you , dave
Dexter Forn: My dog is named Helen Dalmation
Dave & Katie: I didn't name my odg
cease: ossman was in santa barbara for a lnog time
principalpoop: oh, it is Dave, our dave, hi dave
cease: i think of it in his terms
boney: I stole that joke from Katie Couric
Honey Sanchez: thanks, stones
principalpoop: and hi katie, good doggie
cease: austin is from fresno, which is out there in central cal where you'll lbe going
Dave & Katie: I'm having serious typing issues tonight folks, forgive me I don't know why it is, no drugs are in the system either, just clumsy I guess, course I'm lying down that might have something to do with it
Honey Sanchez coughs
principalpoop: use more or less drugs
Hemlock Stones: how can you possibly type without drugs ?
Hemlock Stones: it aint natural
cease: are you dictating, dave?
Dexter Forn pats Honey on the back
Dave & Katie: which Dave did you think it was pp? grin, I always login with this name now that I have my pup with me, she deserves to be represented too
cease: forniculture?
Hemlock Stones: its an interesting representation Dave
Honey Sanchez passses the funny ciggie to dave before she passes out
boney: I know someone who has OCD. She'll go totally bonkers if Peter Bergman doesn't show up for Thursday Nite chat soon
principalpoop: my mind was in a totally different place, i had to reorient
Dave & Katie: no I wish I was dictating, I will get one of those voice recognition softwares some time, just don't feel like sheling out 600 for the thing
Hemlock Stones: sorry that Honey missed you out Dexter
principalpoop: hehehe honey cannot hold her ah huh?
Dave & Katie: Katie just groaned, I think it's the smoke, grin
Dexter Forn: Hem: Missed you out????????
Honey Sanchez: i forgot which way it was going
principalpoop: katie will start talking like lassie or rin tin tin
Hemlock Stones: clockwise in norther hemisphere Honey
Honey Sanchez: do'h
principalpoop: don't norther now stones, you can wester if you want
Hemlock Stones: dont worry, its all that talk of Australia what done it
Honey Sanchez: what katie?? timmie is stuck down the well??? what???
Dave & Katie: yep, smart enough sometimes I almost want her to start speaking to me
cease: i got that tlaking software long ago, dave but talking is painful for me so typing thus far is not
cease: lol honey
principalpoop: who is best baseball player? ruth ruth, what is on top of a house roof roof
Dave & Katie: I still need to send a pic to Brian so he can put it up here
Dexter Forn: Katie: Who's the greatest Homerun Hero? "Ruth!! Ruth!!"
Hemlock Stones: i think Katie is definately trying to tell us something
cease: which brian?
principalpoop: ok forn, you inhaled deeply too
Dave & Katie: lol pp, that was so bad it was funny
Honey Sanchez: katie what is on the outside of a tree??? bartk bark!
Dexter Forn: Poop Scores and it counts
ah,clem: once you know her well enough, Dave, she will not need to speak
Dave & Katie: merlyn
Hemlock Stones: i am beginning to think you are all barking
principalpoop: but honey scores from outside, the score is tied
Dave & Katie: guide dongs rarely bark, think I've heard her bark probably 12 times if that
principalpoop: good dog katie
Hemlock Stones: guide dongs are very rare
Honey Sanchez: indeed they are
cease: i thought billy bragg was barking
boney: You're the Artist Formerly Known As Mr Muckle?
principalpoop: be careful walking around mystic connecticut
principalpoop: there is hamburger all over the highway
Hemlock Stones: The Dong people grow enormous numbers of timber trees which are logged and sent to ...
Dexter Forn: and cheese too
Dexter Forn: He???
principalpoop: of course and cheese too
Dexter Forn: Hem???
cease: i took a picture of the Bong bldg the last time i was in frisco
Hemlock Stones: passes the dong to Dexter
Dexter Forn: Frank Gehrey has ruined my bong
principalpoop: stoner
Hemlock Stones: i think Honey has had enough
Dexter Forn: I had a nuff
Honey Sanchez: oh pshaw
principalpoop: pfffff
cease: dex, have you seen the gehry bldg in nyc?
Dexter Forn: ppsstt!
cease: i wasnt sure it was a real bldg , for diller, or not
cease: i want to see the bilbao
principalpoop: clang clang clang went the trolley in frisco
Dexter Forn: Cat: I've passed it once traveling in the car and said "what the hell is that?"
cease: sunset reflections on river
Dexter Forn: red sails in the sunset
Honey Sanchez: rice a roni the san francisco treat!
cease: i was in bvarcelnoa but didnt see his fish, i dont think
Hemlock Stones: yes Red always sleeps in
Dexter Forn: Honey lolol
principalpoop: said nails to the fishnet
cease: will viist his la bldgs the next time i'm there
principalpoop: the flavor can't be beat
cease: trailing a Red with red hair, eh?
Dexter Forn: Trawling a bed with Red Herring
Hemlock Stones: speaik up please Dex you know i am hard of herring
Honey Sanchez: bed hair with red skelton
cease: red can;t sleep in as a skelton, but he can as a skeleton
Dave & Katie: you guys make me laugh
principalpoop: hard herring and hard cheese, I have the munchies
Hemlock Stones: ok men, laugh at will
cease: red barbour? in the cat bird's seat with other people's ears
Dexter Forn sits and says Rough Rough
boney: Dave, have you ever been here under the moniker Mister Muckle?
principalpoop: i charge for chuckles, guffaws and smirks dave, the rest are free
cease: hard cidre uber alles
Hemlock Stones: can only manage a couple of grins
Dexter Forn: Boney: Dave is not the Mr. Muckle
cease: only half a grin. the afghans have flown off
principalpoop: you could not afford a coffee through the nose joke
boney: If you can listen to voice recognition software as fast as the Dave that I know, we must sound verrry sloooow to you now
Dave & Katie: Dave is the Dave from Colorado, I'm not Bob, he hasn't ben here in years I don't believe
Dexter Forn: How about a Frappachino out the old rear exit, 'eh Gov
cease: and he's not Dave
Dave & Katie: my screen reader is very very fast
principalpoop: Bob is not dave? then who is nancy?
Honey Sanchez: daves not here
cease: audrey
Dexter Forn: and not Katie...but I've played one on off-broadway
principalpoop: how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Hemlock Stones: have not heard of that game before dexter
principalpoop: ahhh farber
boney: A blind guy named Dave visits here occasionally as Mr Muckle. To make matter more confusing, my SO's brother is a visally impaired buy named Dave
Dexter Forn: Hemlock: One word....Brilliant
cease: buy Dave, sell Dove?
boney: Matter is confusing. Matters are confusing.
Dave & Katie: betty joe biolosfsky?
cease: do both with El Duce soap
Hemlock Stones: does it require dice , Dexter
principalpoop: ahhh, that is how you spell that, thanks
cease: no mind? never matter
Dave & Katie: well I'm a blind guy named Dave who visits here as Dave, but now with my guide dog Katie
boney: a visually impaired guy
boney: he's not for sale
principalpoop: i must run, night all, ciaoo
boney: and neither is the dog
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:33 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs principalpoop by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Hemlock Stones: see you next week poop
Hemlock Stones: ake care
Dexter Forn: Night Poop
Dave & Katie: and a ot horbe slnisakeeeeenit s w
cease: katie lives in an olfactory world as rich as our firesign world
Dave & Katie: wo what the fuck did I just write
boney: her preference is buy
Dexter Forn: Well, I gotta wind it up and let it loose to find a parking space,,,night to any and later for all
cease: poop
Honey Sanchez: something about a one horse open sleigh i think, dave
Hemlock Stones: dont worry dave it made more sense than much of what we read here
boney: it's all right, Dave, you're speaking Chinese
Dave & Katie: yes she does, and gets distracted by it when working, grr, but I love her and wouldn't trade her or sell her, she's about 30000 dollars actually
Honey Sanchez: g'nite dex take care
Bambi: hi Dave & Katie ...night princep
Dave & Katie: yes just play it backwards
Dave & Katie: night dex
Bambi: ah, slip hands slightly to the side
Hemlock Stones: well the clock is heading for five AM here now so i better call it quits for another week
Bambi: or up or down
ah,clem: "the dog is NOT for sale"
Bambi: scrolled past me too fast to see clearly
Hemlock Stones: thanks for the fun again, stay safe, stay well
Honey Sanchez: goodnight stones see you on the other side
Hemlock Stones: and special thanks for ah Clem and Bambi for the hard work and fun
Dave & Katie: yes, no one is allowed to sing "how much is that doggy in the window" sorry
ah,clem: g/n Stones, keep the email coming
Honey Sanchez: i should duck out myself goodnight dear friends
Hemlock Stones: sweet dreams all
Hemlock Stones: goodnight
Bambi: night Stones ... sleep well ... what little is left of the night there!
Bambi: thanks Stones :-)
Bambi: night Honey
Hemlock Stones: plenty of night left now due to short daylight hours Bambi
Bambi: LOL oh, yeah ... forgot about that
cease: sleep, stones, sleep
Hemlock Stones: and you too cease, goodnight from rainy england
cease: when my wife was in england, it was only 2 monthes ago but seems like long ago\
Hemlock Stones: pauses to stroke Katie as he leaves the room
boney: Buy sexual? Vegas is the place... Is it the holiday shopping season the reason why I keep repeating that word over and over again?
cease: we prey for rain, to wash away all this snow so we can get our car into the street
||||||||| Hemlock Stones says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Hemlock Stones exits at 11:39 PM.
Dave & Katie: Katie thanks you by wagging her tail
boney: BUY
Dave & Katie: a tale of tails is what I've been living and will keep on living, grin
cease: a dogie back for later
boney: Buy buy everyone!
boney: Buy ah,clem! Buy Bambi! Buy Dave! Buy Honey!
||||||||| boney hurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's boney?! It's 11:42 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
cease: bone bone
Bambi: nytol to boney!
||||||||| Hideo sneaks in around 11:43 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last night's "unpleasant incident."
Bambi: thanks Clem ... great show as always :-)
cease: proc sures loves his musicals
Bambi: hi Hideo
cease: mr gump
Hideo: I just finish making more horrorday hams! Hi all you?
cease: ham it up, hideo
Hideo: yes tank you hi will
cease: im wwest coast, clem
Hideo: high will?
cease: hows it goin, hideo?
Hideo: well I have some trouble to sleep at night
cease: is this klok?
cease: no i gues not
cease: but daytime is ok?
Bambi: hope to see you all on Saturday in the CNI Radio chat ... in special honor of Elayne's Birthday ... all starts at 6:30 PM ET and goes through about 11PM ET including Independent Artist Warm up starting at 6:30 PM ET, JimmyLee and Bambi Show starting at 7PM ET, and a few more minutes with Firesign Theatre starting at 10 PM ET ... hope to see you there!
Hideo: but then I rub my lucky lupak foot and I feel better
Bambi: more information on hwo to chat and listen at: http://www.cniradio.com
Hideo: oh, I always sleep during day, no probrem
cease: will try tro be there, bambi
||||||||| It's 11:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Honey Sanchez - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bambi smiles and says that would be great Cat
Dave & Katie: sighs
Hideo: bambi, I not sure what I looking at. I see 630 & 11's to 7 with 10 pm firesign bambi elay artist warmer chat wit jim Lee?
cease: im gona go watch thank you for smoking. see y'all next week
Bambi: sounds about right Hideo LOL ... http://www.cniradio.com for more info
Dave & Katie: ok cat catcha later
Hideo: ok ceasey, see u on next world!
Bambi: have a great night!
Bambi: great to see you all
Bambi says have a great night Dave and Katie ... great to see you both
Dave & Katie: I'm too depressed to be here anymore, see you all in two weeks, goodbye tech angel
Dave & Katie: love to all
||||||||| Around 11:55 PM, Dave & Katie walks off into the sunset...
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cease - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Hideo: oh I check out site bambi, I still not sure what I know or dont know. but: Satellite Feeds available during the JimmyLee and Bambi Show only AMC 3 (7) DC 2 Audio
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Hideo: High Catherwood, your snoring is so loud?
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside Hideo and queries "Someone mention my name?"
ah,clem: good night all who are left, (or right)
Hideo: I like feeding on satellites with AK-47's. Is that like AMC 3 (7) DC 2's with a cup 'o joe?
||||||||| 12:06 AM -- ah,clem left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Hideo: see you all later, time to make the hams again.
||||||||| Hideo says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Hideo exits at 12:07 AM.
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bambi - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Forn: night all
||||||||| It's 12:50 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Forn - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Bob D Caterino
Bubba's Brain
Dave & Katie
Dexter Forn
Firebroiled Twice
Hemlock Stones
Honey Sanchez
Tiny Dr.Tim
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