A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for February 01, 2007 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Outside, the 8:31 AM crosstown bus from Funfun Town pulls away, leaving Firebroiled coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Firebroiled: The True White Brother is coming home. Remember what the Great Spirit said? If we did what we were supposed to do, and lived according to The Plan, White Brother would finish his work in the East and come back to us.
Firebroiled: The sooner Bush finishes,....
||||||||| Firebroiled rushes off, saying "8:32 AM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 12:07 PM, dragging Dave by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this web surfer?"
Dave : for anyone who reads this, I just thought I would say hello to the group, and that katie the guide dog and I are doing well, I continue to have choir rehearsals on Thursday nights and they get over about 11 ESt. so I assume that the majority have left, just know that I still exist and I hope all are well, you have my email which is the best way to get in touch with me should you choose to do so
Dave : so, just thought I'd say hi, have a good tme all
||||||||| Dave hurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Dave ?! It's 12:10 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Merlyn plummets into the garden at 12:10 PM.
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Bunnyboy gets out at 12:15 PM.
Bunnyboy: hey merl
Bunnyboy: aw, he ran away
Bunnyboy: no, I see him upside
Bunnyboy: Let it be noted, for the record, that I arrived almost 9 hours early for chat.
Bunnyboy: I just happened to look at the chat page, and noticed Merlyn was here.
||||||||| It's 12:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Merlyn - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 12:21 PM, dragging Merlyn by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this idiot?"
Bunnyboy: And now....not.
Bunnyboy: Arl be bock.
||||||||| At 12:21 PM, Bunnyboy vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| It's 12:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Merlyn - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "8:05 PM and late as usual, it's Tweeny, just back from Funfun Town."
Tweeny: Who's movie _is_ this, anyway?
||||||||| Tweeny leaves at 8:05 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 8:43 PM and NeoTween waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
NeoTween: Help, I'm in the Matrix!!
NeoTween: The Oracle told me I'm not The One, I swear...
||||||||| Catherwood enters with ah,clem close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 8:46 PM tree-stunting plans, and scurries off to the anteroom.
NeoTween: Where's the nearest phone booth, clem?
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" at about 9 eastern, dear friends'
ah,clem: on the corner
ah,clem: over there...
NeoTween: right there on the street?
ah,clem: that's the one
ah,clem: dial in
NeoTween: lol
NeoTween: ribbit, ribbit...
ah,clem: operator...
ah,clem: ok, gotcha, hang on...
ah,clem: welcome back to the real world
NeoTween: I'd like to place a collect call to Mr. Disney...
ah,clem: can't do that from here
NeoTween: Klok?
NeoTween: That's the show for tonight...
NeoTween: Ah, you mean the old Same place...
ah,clem: the old same place, exactly
ah,clem: and here we are, at the same old place...
NeoTween: Welcome to Disneyland, Mr. Kruzchev. We call it, the Congress...
NeoTween: lol
ah,clem: happy moon to you too, Tweenster
ah,clem: brb
||||||||| Catherwood says "8:53 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs ah,clem by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
NeoTween: You have a new moon? I only have last year's version :-(
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and ah,clem gets out at 8:53 PM.
ah,clem: had to set redraw rate
NeoTween: Welcome to the Nexus, where everything you know is wrung...
||||||||| Catherwood says "8:55 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs NeoTween by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in at 8:56 PM, dragging NeoTween by the hair and asks "Can anyone vouch for this web surfer?"
NeoTween: Draw, pardner...
ah,clem: am I still here?
NeoTween: Is this the reel world?
||||||||| At 8:57 PM, ah,clem rushes out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and ah,clem gets out at 8:57 PM.
NeoTween: Leo's pretty good. Only sampled CNI a couple of times outside of the FST/CNI chats.
ah,clem: many of they twit shows are very good
NeoTween: They even know a little Mac, now that Mac's gone UNIX.
ah,clem: ok, time for stream gragging, wish me luck
NeoTween: Fingers crossed lol
NeoTween: And now, from dial-up to the world...
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, February 01, 2007 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| NeoTween leaves to catch the 9:03 PM train to Austin.
||||||||| NeoTween enters at 9:03 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and dashes off to the Haberdashery Barn.
NeoTween: I swear, you honor, I didn't have sex with my hat!
NeoTween: It was the men with the eyeball hats...
||||||||| Catherwood leads doctec in through the front door at 9:08 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
NeoTween: I assume that was you lurking at the XM sessions, Doc :=)
doctec: i swear i didn't have sex with my hat - we're just good friends
ah,clem: hey Doc
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and cease gets out at 9:09 PM.
NeoTween: How's Ms. Lamont?
doctec: hi gang
NeoTween: Hey Cat
NeoTween: Four!
cease: hi tween, doc
NeoTween: Sorry about the golf ball...
doctec: ms lamont is indeed breathing well without any supplemental oxygen supplies
NeoTween: Guess you heard about Molly. Damn she put up a fight...
ah,clem: great to hear Doc
NeoTween: Very cool, Doc.
doctec: and we are both a bit schnickered at the moment - i took lili to a new local bistro, we had a phenomenal meal there
cease: terrible news about Ivins
ah,clem: feed sound ok, Tweeney?
cease: good news, doc
cease: i emailed you a few minutes ago, doc. lists of poems on the toronto tapes. did you get that?
NeoTween: She went down staring the SOB in the eye. Nobody's crying about that :-)
doctec: cat: i checked with mark and indeed his daughter has a dv format camcorder with which i will be able to xfer your tapes into a pc
cease: good news there too
NeoTween: I hope Bubba gets hold of some of this stuff, JL.
doctec: i haven't popped my email box in 2 hrs - will do so soon
doctec: i am in front of lili's pc at the moment
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:12 PM and lnwd steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
lnwd: how's everybody?
||||||||| "9:13 PM? 9:13 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Mudhead should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Mudhead enters and sits on the divan.
NeoTween: Hey LL
ah,clem: you are mispelled llan
cease: med, llan
doctec: i am human and i need to be loved - just life everybody else does (with apologies to morrisey)
lnwd: Yes I'm abbreviated this week
doctec: like
NeoTween: lol clem
doctec: i've been abbreviated for the past 2 yrs!!!
ah,clem: short names tonight?
NeoTween: not so much "alternative"
ah,clem: k
cease: mud
doctec: i've been alternated for the past 2 yrs 2
Mudhead: hi all
NeoTween: zeppelin, who
NeoTween: Doc is current
doctec: doc and lili agree : trump vodka rules
lnwd: old bill zeppelin
||||||||| Outside, the 9:15 PM crosstown bus from Billville pulls away, leaving boney coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
lnwd: hey boney!
cease: what is this on cni?
doctec: boney boi!
doctec: howz it hangin'
ah,clem: lol Doc
NeoTween: The new condos, "The Trump Towers on the Volga"?
boney: Phil Austin and I are Space Ghost fans.
NeoTween: Hey Boney
NeoTween: Very old FST
doctec: i am not volga - i am well mannered!
cease: yes austin sounds young here
ah,clem: hopefully live at the Ash Grove
doctec: the space ghost of xmas past
boney: My shapely live-in shrink and Phil Austin's squeeze are Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans.
NeoTween: Mind your P's & Q's, Picard...
lnwd: LOL trump towers in russia!
NeoTween: _that_ can't happen, LL
lnwd: heard of moscow on the hudson. now there's new york on the volga
ah,clem: 1970
NeoTween: Heard of what's happening in Baja MX?
doctec: http://wbztv.com/topstories/local_story_031135507.html
NeoTween: Moscow on the Hudson - excellent :-)
NeoTween: Trunp condos
boney: I think that Meatwad stimulates maternal instinct. Strange but true.
boney: He's a kid who is young enough to play with toys.
doctec: two no trump towers
NeoTween: Don't let your meat loaf...
boney: Anyway, the makers of Aqua Teen Hunger Force have been arrested as terrorists in Massachusetts.
doctec: yours 'til niagra falls
lnwd: I might try to get some swell pizza delivered to sector r tonight
NeoTween: Lots of Gringos in Baja
Mudhead: They blew up the Mooninite toys in Boston today
lnwd: they are so damn expensive these days
doctec: go for it llan!
NeoTween: They won't deliver to sector b ;-(
lnwd: I really don't care what happens to those boston guys
ah,clem: they never come up into the hills
NeoTween: lol
lnwd: they're acting like such idiots and they probably did mean to upset people
NeoTween: Go ahead and meat a friend....
NeoTween: do it in the name of heaven, you'll have cheezelogs in the end...
lnwd: I've seen them on the news and they think it's a big joke
ah,clem: hot dog
boney: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1551347/20070201/index.jhtml
NeoTween: Our laird is a grate hot diggity
lnwd: thanks boney but I've hated mtv since 1979
doctec: well the thing that gets me is that these ATHF promotional electronic gizmos have been seen in other major metro areas now for 2-3 wks, why does boston raise such a stink about them now?
boney: Have we become too paranoid? When weren't we too paranoid? Will we ever stop being too paranoid?
cease: still getting banned in boston?
doctec: all it takes is ramming a couple of planes into the WTC towers to raise the paranoia quotient of the populace a few notches too many
boney: All of you know about the time Jay Ward tried to visit his friend JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis? True story.
cease: this is a very young sounding ossman
NeoTween: Switching to a different browser... Safari will eat anything :-(
||||||||| At 9:24 PM, NeoTween vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
doctec: we finally got a tast of what many middle eastern countries have been experiencing for decades if not longer
boney: Jay Ward drove his van with Rocky & Bullwinkle painted on it right up to the White House gate.
doctec: taste
boney: Unfortunately, the place was locked down at the time. The guard were kind of hypervigilant. Everyone thought it was World War Three
doctec: watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and announces "Presenting 'NeoTween', just granted probation at 9:25 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
boney: Palace guard, I meant to say
doctec: the next world war will be ww3.1415926 etc
Mudhead: do I hear 2 and a half?
doctec: just to be mathematically consistent
boney: The guards were like Bat Guano in Doctor Strangelove
doctec: we'll kill each other - and then have a slice pf pi!
ah,clem: yea, try commuting over the jamestown-scotland ferry every day, they check your vehicle every few days, just stupid, as they can see you are commuters, but they delay ya anyway, and they checked you car yesterday, stupid
boney: The gist is that they nearly shot Jay Ward, thinking him to be some kind of Communist pervert
lnwd: I tink you're stahtin a prevert conspiracy
doctec: that's a good story boney - had not heard that one before
boney: BTW, was Jay Ward a Communist pervert? I'm not sure. Anyway, he was a friend of JFK, so the mess got straightened out eventually
doctec: you'll have to answer to the coca cola company
cease: austin talking about undreground comix again
cease: they talk about the mushroom plays as if they were far in the past
cease: instead of 3 years
boney: if only the makers of Aqua Teen Hunger Force had a friend in the White House today.
doctec: bushco has no friends
doctec: lots of fiends tho
lnwd: I tried to get my car inspected today. '87 Camry. I've only had it a few weeks. the mechanic said it was dangerous to drive and to get my money back
cease: if only that were true, doc
boney: if a Kennedy were President, they'd get sprung
lnwd: he told me not to even drive it out of there and to get a ride home
doctec: they have no friends cat - only fair-weather allies
lnwd: that was not an option but I drove home about 25 MPH
boney: they'd be off the hook
boney: first Tommy Chong, now this
||||||||| Outside, the 9:32 PM uptown bus from Hellmouth pulls away, leaving NewImprovedTweeny coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
boney: The War on Terror grinds on
doctec: slog slog
boney: the tweenster
lnwd: I predict the war on terror will end in '09
NewImprovedTweeny: I Kennedy was President, half of the starlets would be sprung ;-)
doctec: and what of the other half?
boney: would be in a family way
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Merlyn close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:33 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the vestibule.
NewImprovedTweeny: I predict the war on terror will end when Cheney is impeached ;-)
Merlyn: The war on tenors?
doctec: in '09, the war on terror will be supplanted by the war on the war on terror
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey Merl. Are your tired, haggard?
lnwd: Hey Merl
Merlyn: the war on terriers
NewImprovedTweeny: Oh solio mio....
doctec: poor mwel, he works so hard
Merlyn: I'll get sued if I pretend to be haggard
NewImprovedTweeny: A boy named Cash?
doctec: the war on tremors
doctec: california will get a subsidy
NewImprovedTweeny: Nashville was fun :-)
boney: nipping at the heels of the collective conscience... or is that the mass unconscious?
Mudhead: oh frak, i must leave
NewImprovedTweeny: lol Doc - watch out for them giant dune wurms
doctec: the unconscious has a measurable mass?
lnwd: I predict the war on drugs will end in about 10 years
Mudhead: see ya next week guys n gals
doctec: only on sundays
lnwd: see if I'm not right
||||||||| At 9:35 PM, Mudhead vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Merlyn: Air America got bought a few days ago by someone who says it needs to get more people "who know how radio works"
boney: now you're gonna die... Wait. What? I'm under arrest?
doctec: a belated good night, mudhead
boney: No, that's a lyric to a Johnny Cash song
doctec: let's pool out resources and send a chromium switch to the new owners of air america
boney: wait a minute
NewImprovedTweeny: Thrank Grid - bankruptsy doesn't suit those folks.
doctec: that and some 'clue musk' would help them get a friggin' clue
boney: call my lawyer
NewImprovedTweeny: I ken sprell
doctec: call your lawyer what?
boney: I wasn't threatening to kill anybody!
boney: this is all a big misunderstanding
lnwd: I predict air america will never mention the firesign theatre
doctec: this just in: ken lay is still not dead!
boney: Now that Franken's gone, there's every possibility that FST will get a gig at Air America
cease: air america has mentinoed firesign, and maron interviewed proctor
NewImprovedTweeny: On the stage where I used to work - Johhny Cash & the Carter Family. I like LZ. I like Yes. You want me to mix Country? The big names brought their own soundmen.
cease: it should on the firesign site, or at least on maron's site. everything else is
doctec: boney: what makes you think that?
cease: yeah they really need comedy now.
cease: they are idiots to not have employ maron
NewImprovedTweeny: Grid be blessed, Boney. May it be true :=)
boney: they'll only take the job if they're offered money
lnwd: really, cat. that's cool.
Merlyn: when/who mentioned firesign on AA, cat?
NewImprovedTweeny: If anyboy could do a weekly news broadcast...
boney: Franken was paid a cool $2 million? is that true?
doctec: air america is too mired in the wealthy end of liberalism to ally themselves with aging hippies, alas
cease: lots of moneyh, boney and that aint likely to come from air america
NewImprovedTweeny: anybody
cease: franken pretty much built the station, at least in terms of getting listeners
||||||||| It's 9:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| NeoTween - dead from intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
boney: a guy can dream
NewImprovedTweeny: That was the weeks that was... 2007 lol
cease: were you here when austin dropped by for several weeks?
cease: he didnt sound like the firesign would get together, at least not soon, if ever
lnwd: I got a pizza made and delivered by pakistanis yesterday
NewImprovedTweeny: Austin dropped?
boney: I missed his unabashed confession of fandom for Space Ghost
lnwd: they make good curry but they don't know pizza
NewImprovedTweeny: Proctor says it ain't true :-)
Merlyn: that's still a function of whether they can make a living as FT, cat
cease: he was here 3 weeks straight (as it were) and then again
NewImprovedTweeny: "Everything you know is wrong" - PP lol
cease: hi merl. finally got ronald reagan murder. you finished your copy yet?
doctec: all statements are false - including this one
NewImprovedTweeny: Does Worldcat have it yet?
Merlyn: not yet cat, read the first couple of chapters so far
cease: ossman uses that line cleverly in his novel, tween
boney: I don't mean to insult you guys, but the chat transcript is a lot more interesting to read when Austin shows up
NewImprovedTweeny: $100/ticket Firesign? Some people might go for that :-)
cease: an intresting mix of firesign refs, ossman's attempts at writing comedy noir
doctec: what are we, chopped liver?
lnwd: I think "everything you know is wrong" is an oversimplification of a real truth: Everything you know is different than it looks"
NewImprovedTweeny: lol Boney
cease: of course it is, boney
ah,clem: ...
doctec: everything is not as it seems
NewImprovedTweeny: I say to you my fellow Americans, Lawrence is no livermore...
lnwd: I don't remember what I paid to see FST
lnwd: back in 81
boney: Maybe Air America should do Radio Free Oz with a live audience and charge a hundred bux a tic for seating
ah,clem: nothing is as it seams
cease: counting hotel room and transportation to seattle form here, it cost me a lot more than $100 a ticket to see them there
NewImprovedTweeny: Subscription service, Laugh.com... Subscription service, Laugh.com....
boney: that's probably why the seating is free for the Tonight Show
NewImprovedTweeny: lol Cat
boney: Why not fly from Vancouver, cat?
doctec: the laughs are not free!
cease: doc drove me down twice and i took a bus once
boney: Air Canada has got reasonably cheap fares, don't they?
NewImprovedTweeny: Yuk yuck
Merlyn: cheap laughs, though
doctec: you need eighteen forms of identification on top of your up to date passport!
NewImprovedTweeny: Only one?
lnwd: I stopped watching the tonight show after carson left. I don't think leno is very funny
cease: yeah my passport expires soon; must get it renewed
NewImprovedTweeny: And I haven't even update my Cross Collateral!
doctec: leno can't hold a candle to letterman imho
NewImprovedTweeny: brb
boney: The seats for Conan O'Brien are free, too
cease: i saw leno in vancouver. he was amazingly funny
cease: but it doesnt translate to tv
boney: okay, commercial TV sucks. that wasn't my point
cease: letterman used to work with proctor and bergman on a tv show whose name i forget
Merlyn: there's only 8 planets now, that's an old show
ah,clem: both have their strong pints
boney: and Leno was in Americathon
lnwd: in my opinion letterman is an acquired tasted but one that many have acquired over the years
doctec: we used to have another planet but it vanished mysteriously
cease: ah, pbs is doing a tribute to molly ivins now
cease: i thought letterman was hilarious in the old days
ah,clem: we have 10, but one is in debate, lol
cease: of texas" ugly barely covers it" qouth Molly
Merlyn: planet X-ed out
lnwd: I was never familiar with molly ivins
doctec: cat: i agree, letterman now is like a restaurant with a good location
boney: Have you seen the movie American Splendor? brilliant
cease: yes i have boney. better than the comic books and i loved the comic books
NewImprovedTweeny: And well they should... Molly was born in Cal, went to a prestigious college in New England, and became the female Mark Twain of TX.
boney: nerd meets the underground, comix ensue
lnwd: letterman actually seems to have gotten more serious in recent years
cease: this is from 1986. wow
cease: jesus in cowboy boots
doctec: i *own* a ciopy of american splendor - i also have the book reprint of american splendor comix that includes pekar's experiences on letterman's show
NewImprovedTweeny: Who's in it, Bone?
boney: letterman is a father who had bypass surgery
doctec: lnwd: a heart attack will do that to you!
boney: not in that order
NewImprovedTweeny: They only man who could interview Dick Cheney lol
cease: this will probalbvy be up on the pbs.org site
lnwd: I didn't know he had had a heart attack
cease: texas statues
NewImprovedTweeny: That would be Stevie Ray Vaughn, son lol
boney: American Splendor http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0305206/
doctec: lnwd: he had bypass surgery - would not still be doing his show otherwise!
cease: an awesome piece
||||||||| Outside, the 9:53 PM downtown bus from New York pulls away, leaving Dexter Fong coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
NewImprovedTweeny: We also want piece. Of Nigeria...
cease: molly on lehrer just now
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey Dex
lnwd: my father has had that. and an angioplasty. he is in rather good health now
NewImprovedTweeny: Lehrer is also from TX
cease: hi dex
Dexter Fong: Howdy little pardners
lnwd: Hey Dex!
cease: yeah ossman had that a few years ago
doctec: disappearing temporarily - back in a bit
NewImprovedTweeny: Willie & Dan Rather and some folks have started "Marfa Public Radio" in west TX
Dexter Fong: Hey Doc, how is Lili?
NewImprovedTweeny: It's howdy doody time!
boney: Harvey Pekar's jousts with David Letterman are a big part of the movie
cease: what is marfa?
NewImprovedTweeny: A city in west TX - hold on...
lnwd: I think andy kaufman was the highlight of letterman's career
NewImprovedTweeny: Marfa: http://www.marfapublicradio.org/
Dexter Fong: Cat: Did Doc update us on Lili??
boney: I think the steamroller was the high point
cease: yes. they are eating out. sounds like she's doing much better
NewImprovedTweeny: His Might Mouse bit on SNL was great
NewImprovedTweeny: Mighty
Dexter Fong: Great!
lnwd: didn't hear about the steamroller
Dexter Fong: Mighty Great little pardners
NewImprovedTweeny: Near El Paso/Davis Mountains - great TX music
Dexter Fong: lnwd: You more abbreviated than usual
cease: i thought the stuff he did with chris elliot was hiarious
cease: very surreal, for us tv
lnwd: thts rght dx
Dexter Fong: thku
boney: Crushing Things with a Steamroller
NewImprovedTweeny: Ah, when SNL was funny...
Dexter Fong: A Manheim Steamroller?
cease: teh afternoon delight show
NewImprovedTweeny: lol Dex
cease: thwat was the show procberg did with letterman
NewImprovedTweeny: Ooooh, I don't suppose....
NewImprovedTweeny: The weatherman from Indiana sure turned out to be a great late night host.
Dexter Fong: Don't suppose...it puts manerism after supping
doctec: back ... lili is almost completely off of the O2 feed. downside: the prednisone is causing her to get very bloated looing and gives her a continuous bad case of the shakes
NewImprovedTweeny: Mind your manners, Dex...
boney: "STARLAND VOCAL BAND" (SHOW) (TV) - Proctor & Bergman were hired as writers and to appear, along with David Letterman, and were featured on six of the CBS TV summer replacement shows.
doctec: looking
lnwd: madonna was another highlight. she destroyed her image in front of the world and letterman handled it with style
cease: thats it. forgot their name
boney: http://www.firezine.net/faq/fst-zine-faq-4.html
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Elayne into the room, accepts an I.O.U. as a gratuity, grumbles something about 9:59 PM, then departs.
cease: and speaking of fiesign knowledge....
Dexter Fong: Hey E!
lnwd: hi elayne
cease: it was from Elayne that i learned about that show
NewImprovedTweeny: Off the O2 is great. Now all she needs is some good aerobic exercises...
Elayne: Evenin' all! Wow, I didn't know a Firezine site still existed. Grid bless te internets!
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey E
doctec: hey e
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Elayne: What what?? Off the 02? Wow, that's great! Yay Lili!!
cease: are all the falafals on line, el?
Elayne: Ooh, good question, Cat. I wonder if any still are. Hang on, I'll check.
lnwd: I could set my clock by catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood says "It's 10:01 PM, precisely!"
NewImprovedTweeny: Let's eat!
doctec: yes, e, lili seems to need o2 only once in a great while now.
lnwd: and he said the word
Dexter Fong: and the word was falafal
Elayne: Good lord, I think some may be archived on the SubGenius site!
doctec: 4 alarm firesignal!
||||||||| Principalpoop steps in at 10:02 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Elayne: http://www.subgenius.com/new4web/X0002_Firesign_Newsletter.html
Dexter Fong: Nice k-nocker Poop
Principalpoop: oh my knocker
doctec: what would fireheads have done without falafal through all the lean years?
NewImprovedTweeny: That's great, Doc. Kick their malintended butts, Lili!
Merlyn: http://www.subgenius.com/firesignal/firesignal.html
boney: The Jay Ward Cuban Missile Crisis story is at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Ward Listed under the "Publicity Hound" heading. Synchronistic.
lnwd: I was making falafel before most people knew what it was
NewImprovedTweeny: What This Country Needs :-)
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey P
cease: good to see my words in "print" there, el
lnwd: I may have told the story before but I managed an arabic restaurant
doctec: ok, i have to check out for now - cat i'll let you know when & how the dv xfers go
lnwd: the chef and owner was lebanese/american
doctec: for now, i must depart
Dexter Fong: lnwd: That's because you spelled it falaf*E*l not falafal
doctec: will be back next week
ah,clem : Tewney)
Elayne: Doc, the HasNoName page that used to have the FAlaFals is no longer working, you might want to remove that link from your page.
doctec: c y'all l8r
ah,clem: night Doc
cease: good, doc
doctec: ttfn ttly etc
Merlyn: Hey, March 13 is St. Firesign day on the Subgenius calendar: http://subgenius.pbwiki.com/CalendarOfSubGeniusSaints
Principalpoop: ok doc, good luck
Elayne: Oh. Bye Doc!
Dexter Fong: Night doc, and very good news about Lili..thanks
doctec: nytol (zzzzzz.................
lnwd: nite doc! say hi to lil
||||||||| doctec leaves to catch the 10:04 PM train to Funfun Town.
NewImprovedTweeny: Sounds like a Crumar (or a crew Mark)
Dexter Fong: Now we just gotta find out what Kend^ has been up to
Principalpoop: bosco
lnwd: so funfun town is on the amtrak line
boney: doctec... I didn't even have the change to thank him.
NewImprovedTweeny: Amtrad - not understand
boney: the change? chance
Dexter Fong: Who was that masked man
NewImprovedTweeny: brb
lnwd: amistad is not sure I understand you fully
boney: if wanted to be really insulting, I could hand him a tip, I suppose
cease: that was lenny bruce
Dexter Fong: He's no fun fun, he tipped right over
Elayne: I found the April '94 issue here: http://home.earthlink.net/~ritter/firesign/falafal/April94.html
boney: here you are, my good man
Elayne: I probably have them all saved, I guess I should put them up on my page somewhere.
Dexter Fong: Elayne is data mining..how's the canary E?
lnwd: whose was that mask, man?
boney: four whole quarters
Elayne: I'll have to look for them. Remind me when I have some free time. :)
Elayne: Yellow, Dex.
Dexter Fong: Boney: It was Fats Domino
NewImprovedTweeny: Sorry, E, no androids here
boney: that's how much I give to the espresso dude
lnwd: is fats still living?
Principalpoop: 1993? who was president then?
NewImprovedTweeny: Living in New Orleans
boney: whoooooooosh
Dexter Fong: llan: Yes, but not in good health and he lost his home in NOLA
NewImprovedTweeny: Grid help him lol
ah,clem: four quarters? well, very interstering, and well worth a dollar
Elayne: Best bet seems to be the SubGenius page.
lnwd: there have been too many fatses. waller, domino, minnesota
cease: he was feared dead
Elayne: #30: http://www.subgenius.com/firesignal/X0002_firesignal30.html
boney: four or five
lnwd: sad to hear about that dex
Merlyn: we're saturated with Fats
lnwd: oh, yes. I heard something about that ordeal in NOLA
lnwd: now that I remember
cease: did everyone else but me know that molly ivins was so near death of late?
NewImprovedTweeny: New Orleans and west MS will not forget Mr. Bush's response to Katrina
Merlyn: didn't know, cat
lnwd: LOL Merl. good one
Dexter Fong: Cat: Don't think so, unless one were a MI groupie
cease: i had just enjoyed her latest column, and before a new one, suddenly she's dead
NewImprovedTweeny: She was having her 3rd bout with the big C. It wasn't looking good, but everyone was hopeful.
Elayne: I've just written to the subgenius.com webmaster to ask about their FalaFal archives.
Elayne misses Miss Molly as well.
lnwd: I only vaguely knew the name molly ivins before she died. didn't know who she was
cease: is falafal an offshoot of subgenius, el?
Principalpoop: i knew cat, from dailykos, but I was banned from there, and redstate, too progressive for either
boney: Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28, were released on $2,500 cash bond - apparently amused by the situation, even though they face up to five years in prison. http://www.komotv.com/news/national/5517946.html
NewImprovedTweeny: She went around with what Lili would call an Uncle Fester haircut with a smile on her face for a long time.
Merlyn: that's gotta be the DUMBEST "terrorism" charge ever
NewImprovedTweeny: Talk about laughing in the face of death...
Dexter Fong: Dear Friends, in these times of post 9/11 paranoia, you can't be too careful
Principalpoop: the miami group is near the top M, could not figure out how to rob a shoestore to get boots..
boney: the shapely live-in shrink calls... adios
Merlyn: Even if it WAS a legit charge, it would apply to the people who HIRED them - they had no real way to know there would be a problem
Dexter Fong: Boney: How do you fell about that?
Principalpoop: ciao boney
Dexter Fong: feel
NewImprovedTweeny: Best to the shrink Boney lol
Principalpoop: get your fill of felling
boney: five years... what a surprise... five years... stuck in my eyes... five years... my brain hurts a lot... five years... that's all we got
cease: boney
||||||||| Catherwood escorts H. Stones into the room, accepts a jar of pennies as a gratuity, grumbles something about 10:15 PM, then departs.
cease: stones
NewImprovedTweeny: Oh, my ears....
||||||||| At 10:15 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, boney!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
H. Stones: Gratings
Principalpoop: hi stones
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey UK
Dexter Fong: Stones, a jar of pence
ah,clem: good evening, Mr. stones
lnwd: Hey Stones!
NewImprovedTweeny: Things just as crazy across the pond?
H. Stones: Yo Tweenster Dude
Elayne: Hi boney, Stones!
H. Stones: Crazier than ever, the police keep feeling the collar of T Blair
NewImprovedTweeny: Dude Dude Dude... Dude of oil...
||||||||| Bob D Caterino sneaks in around 10:17 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last month's "unpleasant incident."
H. Stones: thanks for the coins Dexter
H. Stones: Hi Bob
cease: bob
Principalpoop: hi bob
Dexter Fong: Welcome Lord Exxon, Dude of Oil and Baron of 4th Quarter earnings
NewImprovedTweeny: National ID cards for schoolchildren? With biometrics? You folks are indeed on the cutting edge.
||||||||| Honey Sanchez steps in at 10:17 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Bob D Caterino: Hey PP and all the rest here on Firesign Island
NewImprovedTweeny: Of what, I'm not sure ;-)
Principalpoop: hola honey
Dexter Fong: Olla 'oney
H. Stones: they are now beginning to open the interrogation centres
NewImprovedTweeny: Ms. Sanchez...
Honey Sanchez: hola, ya'all
H. Stones: hi Honey
Honey Sanchez smiles
ah,clem: hi Bob
Principalpoop: built by halliburton stones?
Bob D Caterino: Wow Tweeny you look new and improved
H. Stones: built to last, but not for long
NewImprovedTweeny: They let you out?
ah,clem: hola Honey
Bob D Caterino: Hey Ah Clem
cease: honey
Bob D Caterino: How U doin, Honey
H. Stones: its amazing what a coat of paint can do
NewImprovedTweeny: With cleansing bleach like action!
Honey Sanchez: hiya ah,clem Bob D Caterino cease Dexter Fong Elayne H. Stones lnwd NewImprovedTweeny Principalpoop Merlyn :)
Elayne: Evenin' Honey!
Principalpoop: i thought he tasted like he had more flabluflavin
Bob D Caterino: i remembered what the dead cat soap was a parody of
Elayne: Sorry, I've been multitasking. Okay, I've been getting rid of spam from my in-box.
Honey Sanchez: I am doin just dandy tonight....it's the full moon I feel like howling!
Bob D Caterino: Hey Elayne
Principalpoop: name dropper honey
Honey Sanchez: lol poop
H. Stones: i think our government is about to be arrested
Honey Sanchez: i love cut n paste ;)
NewImprovedTweeny: Werewolves of London...
Principalpoop: a full moon? howlllll do you know that?
Dexter Fong: Poop: It's in the sky
Merlyn: parody of what, bob?
Bob D Caterino: look, David Letterman told me never to be a name dropper
cease: are they all illegal aliens, stones?
Bob D Caterino: Caress
NewImprovedTweeny: Tweeny starts breaking razors on his face
Principalpoop: Honey Sanchez: i love cut n paste ;) I never do that.
H. Stones: well illegal is a good start
Elayne: Yes Prinpoop, the moon looked lovely earlier tonight...
Bob D Caterino: ah spellin still sux
H. Stones: aliens..... possibly
H. Stones: it would explain a lot
Bob D Caterino: Yes Elayne, I was caught with my pants down
cease: if i cared about spelling, it will never appear here
NewImprovedTweeny: Only if it's Illegal Stills (33 1/3 proof ;-)
Principalpoop: in the sky? what a concept...
Merlyn: aaron?
NewImprovedTweeny: burrrr
Dexter Fong: Heron
Dexter Fong: much to my egret
Principalpoop: aaron your shirt, it is wrinkled
cease: gil scott?
Bob D Caterino: Leesley in the sky with aleins
NewImprovedTweeny: Huer? on?
NewImprovedTweeny: ROFL Cat
Dexter Fong: (Psst) you on
NewImprovedTweeny: Now that's an Airplane :-)
Principalpoop: huey or fig or isaac?the full moon will not be televised
Bob D Caterino: Principal, someone told me that today, that my shirt was wrinkeled and I told them I wasn't wearing any shirt. Dame aging sux
NewImprovedTweeny: Last of the mohawk haircuts...
H. Stones: thats what they want you to think Tween
lnwd: any mail for me while I was gone?
Principalpoop: ahh bob, or yeti, whatever your real name is
NewImprovedTweeny: But, I'm in the Matrix!
Principalpoop: who are you inwd?
Bob D Caterino: what is yeti
cease: only femail, llnd
Elayne: Hey, who let Catarino in again? Geez, doesn't this place have any quality control? (Hi Bob.)
NewImprovedTweeny: We have met the enima, and they is us...
Dexter Fong: poop: inwd is llanwydd
cease: i'm not the only cat in chat? alas
H. Stones: just check the rest of us Elayne and theres your answer
Bob D Caterino: I slipped in past Catherwood and did the limbo
||||||||| Catherwood steps over to Bob D Caterino and inquires "Would you like something?"
Honey Sanchez: do you mean enema or enigma, tweeny???
NewImprovedTweeny: Or so the Germans would have you believe, P....
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Bambi inside, makes a note of the time (10:25 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Elayne: Cat, if you married Bob (which I think you can do in Canada) you'd be Cat Caterino, and that would be Very Wrong.
lnwd: I don't know why the l has to look like an I
H. Stones: ask Poop, Honey, he might know
Dexter Fong: Hi Bambi
Principalpoop: ahhh, he did not buy a vowel this week
Honey Sanchez: hi bambi :)
Elayne: Hey Bambi!
NewImprovedTweeny: Anybody seen the movie "Why We Fight"?
H. Stones: Hi Bambi
NewImprovedTweeny: excellllent
lnwd: Hey Bambi!
Bob D Caterino: Hey Bambi, glad to see ya
cease: bambi
Bambi: howdy!
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey deer person...
Bob D Caterino: Nope Tweeny
Principalpoop: lcn lowest common numereatet
Dexter Fong: Howdy right back atcha little pardner
Elayne: So Bambi, I gather from your blog that you're less than overwhelmed by Vista. :)
Principalpoop: hi bam bee, don't be a bad bee
Bob D Caterino: Link me elayne
H. Stones: Vista.....................dont get me started
NewImprovedTweeny: Starts with Eisenhauer and tries to explain how we got to Iraq.
Bambi: Ken called to say that he is alive and well (despite the deer that totaled his vehicle) ... he asked to pass on that information and to say Hi! to everyone here!
Honey Sanchez: i am totally underwhelmed, myself E
lnwd: don't be a don't bee
H. Stones: did you hear about the voice command exploit in Vista
NewImprovedTweeny: Highly recommended. Winer "Grand Jury Prize" Sundance
Bambi: LOL guess one could say that Elayne ;-)
Principalpoop: glad he is ok, a deer almost hit me the other night
Dexter Fong: Bambi: Thanks for the heads up on Kend^ was wondering about his continued absence
Honey Sanchez: do be a do bee :)
NewImprovedTweeny: and then they serve hot dogs
Bob D Caterino: romper stomper domper do, tell me tell me who are you?
Bambi: totally underwhelmed...yes good way of putting it
||||||||| "Hey Bob D Caterino!" ... Bob D Caterino turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:28 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Principalpoop: ahh another romper room romper
Dexter Fong: I' Sailor Bill and I'm 68 years old
Honey Sanchez: http://zunibluesky.stumbleupon.com/ dat's meeeee
NewImprovedTweeny: No Bob!
Elayne: I have no desire to "upgrade" to Vista, m'self. I'm just learning OS X. :)
Honey Sanchez: i have shamelessly promoted this firesign theatre chat room
lnwd: wow! blast from the distant past
||||||||| Outside, the 10:28 PM downtown bus from New York pulls away, leaving Bob D Katrinilopez coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Principalpoop: i see fong and tween and ahh, clem, pull your pants up lnwd
H. Stones: calling Vista an upgrade is stretching it a bit i think
Bambi: he's been on the road alot and has not had time to rassle with the internet provider ... he is going to contact them again tomorrow and get another vehicle as well
NewImprovedTweeny: Apple rocks - me since 1986
Principalpoop: cough cough hi bob
lnwd: hi bob
Bambi: just a tad Stones ;-)
Honey Sanchez puts on her isreali gas mask and greets the illegal gettin off the bus
H. Stones: truth is Gates is still trying to get Win 95 to work properly
Dexter Fong: Hi Trini,,,where are the two good looking backup singers?
NewImprovedTweeny: I'll leave the tech to the Linux geeks. Apple works. Period.
Principalpoop: who has a tadpole? hehe
Dexter Fong: He said pole..heh heh
Bambi: monopoly pricing too
NewImprovedTweeny: Be neat to be able to rewrite the interface in Mac, though ;-)
H. Stones: Period Tween ? but thats a full stop, can a Mac really be that slow
lnwd: lemon tree very pretty
Bob D Katrinilopez: Honey, which one are you?
Principalpoop: we are building a 9 billion missile defense in poland, in case Iran attacks poland...
Honey Sanchez: if only i could use monopoly money to buy vista sigh
H. Stones: Poland has been invades so often they just leave the door on the latch now
Principalpoop: but the fruit of the poor lemon tree is sour
Bob D Katrinilopez: what the hell is vista,
NewImprovedTweeny: Been watching The Matrix, Stones. Anything's possible.
Honey Sanchez: ummmmmmmmmm i'm this one
Elayne: I can't play Monopoly with Robin. He keeps looking for Mayfair.
ah,clem: and the lemon flower smells sosweey...
Bob D Katrinilopez: on the web site
cease: is there a british monopoly, el?
H. Stones: no one really seems to know Bob
Honey Sanchez: oh i am in the ship
Bob D Katrinilopez: Daygo, he's a daygo
Elayne: Sure is, Cat. Mayfair is their Boardwalk.
Honey Sanchez: its my site
NewImprovedTweeny: Michael Dell just took over Dell Computing again, like Jobs in the mid-90's.
H. Stones: If you had a hammer
Principalpoop: no sugar tonight in my coffee
NewImprovedTweeny: We'll see ;-)
cease: there are a lot of bobs to konw, stones
Bambi: I find anything I wish to do can be done in Win2K, Ubuntu Linux or Mac OS X Tiger .... so I am in absolutely NO rush to get Vista
Bob D Katrinilopez: and what a site it is
Elayne: Isn't there a Canadian Monopoly board, Cat? I'll bet there probably is.
NewImprovedTweeny: If Dell started selling Linux boxes, he could give Cupertino a problem...
lnwd: well if you can't eat de lemon you eat de flower
cease: i gather thats an expensive part of london, if thats not redundant?
||||||||| At 10:33 PM, Bob D Katrinilopez vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Bambi: Under the Boardwalk, Boardwalk!
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Bob D caterino falls out at 10:33 PM.
cease: not that i know of. el. we dont have many streets here that are as iconic
Principalpoop: put the lime in the coconut
Honey Sanchez: wb bob
Dexter Fong: It's little c
Elayne: Ah, there it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Monopoly
Bambi: yes, can't blame Michael Dell for returning to save his baby ... they had all but ruined it for him
NewImprovedTweeny: Monopoly? In Canada? What you think we are, Mormons?
Bob D caterino: I dont watch the WB Honey, oh, oops sorry
lnwd: actually I have friends in kensington, if they are still living. that is the "upscale" district
Bob D caterino: Thanks
ah,clem: drink it all up
H. Stones: full of yuppies now Inwd
cease: wow. thats amazing, el
Elayne: It says, "The 2000 edition brought further changes from the Monopoly standard. Player pieces include Canadian symbols such as a moose, a canoe, a beaver and a hockey player." Heh.
Merlyn: hey, the canadian monopoly prices are the SAME - they should be 15% higher
Honey Sanchez: poooooooh catherwood, please bring me a bottle of expensive french wine
||||||||| Catherwood brings Honey Sanchez a bottle of expensive french wine.
NewImprovedTweeny: Ask me about OS 7.6 on Mac clones. Yikes. Jobs had to stop it. OS 8 brought it all back.
H. Stones: sounds like reflux Tween
NewImprovedTweeny: Drink me, eat me...
lnwd: why was everybody's grandmother a better cook than their mother?
Bob D caterino: How do or did you guys get your pic on this site?
Principalpoop: i saw some foia released papers about north american integration, our military talking to canadians about unification
Dexter Fong: lnwd: entropy
cease: good point, llwd
Honey Sanchez: cos gramma was her mother-in-law hahaha
Bob D caterino: My Grandmother cooked everything and it all tasted like soap
Merlyn: just email a picture to me bob, I'll add it
NewImprovedTweeny: Here is the Steven Jobs cuisenard. Slices dices, answers the phone...
Principalpoop: i had no idea the big boys were working on doing that lol
H. Stones: its good to see someone in the american government has a sense of humour Poop
Bambi: would that be fancy yuppies ... oops, sorry, thought you said guppies
lnwd: LOL bob
Bob D caterino: Merl you are surely magical
cease: my mother couldnt make an edible meal if her life depended on it
cease: her mother coulndt make an unedible meal
Principalpoop: look at the torture pictures again stones, we have having fun there...
Elayne: Hey Cat, she must know my mom (or at least her cooking)... although to be fair my mom makes good matzoh ball soup.
Merlyn: can you edit an edible meal?
Dexter Fong: From scratch?
cease: her cooking days are over
H. Stones: we dont have a torture regime here PP, living here is more than enough
Bambi: but of course, Meryln is the Wizard of Firesign Theatre
Honey Sanchez: i can barely remember oh yeah it was a swansons chicken pot pie my mom made me
NewImprovedTweeny: One of my uncles is apparently in an alzheimers center. Just found out today. No fun for those folks, cease...
lnwd: I assume your grandmother cooked with rosewater, bob. common ingredient in a lot of mediterranean cuisine
Principalpoop: well at least he wont know he has it
NewImprovedTweeny: OS 9/IE 5.1
cease: eating is the one fun thing they do with the others at the centre.
ah,clem: sorry to hear that Tweeny
Bambi: sorry to hear that Tween
NewImprovedTweeny: That I use IE in OS 9?
Bambi: at least he won't know where he is .... when they put in the nursing home
ah,clem: we still got is Bam, lol
ah,clem: it
||||||||| Outside, the 10:39 PM uptown bus from Washington pulls away, leaving Bunnyboy coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Dexter Fong: That and other things ingeneral tween =)
NewImprovedTweeny: Them the breaks... thanks JL & Bam
lnwd: my mom's specialties were roast beef and spaghetti sauce
cease: my parents still think they're in LA
Bunnyboy: Back! Held my breath for 10 hours.
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey Bun
Dexter Fong: Bunny
cease: in hops bunny
lnwd: I guess I'd have to add pork chops and applesauce as well
Principalpoop: i should thank my parents for dropping dead when they hit 64
Bambi smiles
Dexter Fong: Poop: Don't bother they can't hear you
cease: you must have died 10 hours ago then, bun
NewImprovedTweeny: Ah, was that the story I read about his parents "just fell over dead"?
Bunnyboy: The Internet killed my friends.
cease: everything kills something
NewImprovedTweeny: Oooo k P....
lnwd: I worry about death every week
Elayne: Hi Bunny!
Bambi: hey Bunny
H. Stones: I think the Internet had an Alibi Bunny
Dexter Fong: afk
Honey Sanchez: hi bunny
NewImprovedTweeny: Eat or Be Eaten
Bunnyboy: Actually, it just made it possible for me to find out 3 of my past acquaintances had passed on. And I found out about all of them today!
Principalpoop: not my story
lnwd: and this is the day
Merlyn: now hold it over here...
Bunnyboy: I hadn't seen any of them in over a decade, but still...
NewImprovedTweeny: We'll find the people you knew in high school. Guido's location service lol
Bambi: sheesh, see what happens when you go looking for trouble Bunny ?? ;-)
H. Stones: seems they had decade more than you realised
Bunnyboy: All actors, all gone.
Principalpoop: enough of the bad news, alzheimers and death is this a non-reality based community or not?
NewImprovedTweeny: Hey, don't hurt those stem cells... they might be alive...
H. Stones: luxury, we used to call that good news Poop
Bambi says news flash: the sky is green
NewImprovedTweeny: lol Stones
Principalpoop: they cannot be detained and sent to gitmo now
Honey Sanchez: we used to dream of news like that, poop
Bunnyboy: One of my former dear friends was the first guy I ever saw literally belly up to a bar.
H. Stones: and they cannot vote for Bush
Bunnyboy: And he was born with a cigarette in his mouth. Lung cancer. No surprises.
lnwd: what's the big deal about these stem cells? they go from on form of life to another?
Dexter Fong: I'm down to seeds and stem cells
NewImprovedTweeny: Pretty sure they did in Ohio & FL, Honey lol
Honey Sanchez: lol
NewImprovedTweeny: Oh no... Holy Twin Towers...
Bambi: life forms, those precious little life forms ... where are you?
NewImprovedTweeny: LOL Bam
Principalpoop: every sperm is sacred
H. Stones: its my Middle Class Blues, Woke up this morning, found all three cars had gone !
NewImprovedTweeny: I _love_ looking for life forms!
Principalpoop: oops wrong chat
Bambi :-)
NewImprovedTweeny: Quite, P
Honey Sanchez: sacre bleu!!
Dexter Fong: Bambi: Speaking of precious little life forms,,,seems all of mexico is agog over birth of a 14.5 lb baby
Principalpoop: shocking blue kinickers
H. Stones: was it 14.1 on the Richter scale Dexter ?
NewImprovedTweeny: Do I hear a bazooki in the background, Honey?
Principalpoop: poor mom
Honey Sanchez: why yes tweeny
NewImprovedTweeny: In the shape of the virgin mary?
Bambi: wow, I feel for that mother! not only carrying a child that big but birthing the child! She deserves a medal!
NewImprovedTweeny: Sorry, the cat ate it ;-)
Dexter Fong: A bazooki in the shape of the Virgin Mary...It's a miracle
cease: my old virginie womb
NewImprovedTweeny: lol cease
Dexter Fong: Sounds like clem is checking out a little early
NewImprovedTweeny: Thranks clem
Honey Sanchez: she deserves way more than a medal!!!!!!!!
Dexter Fong: Oh goodie, I was wrong
lnwd: I got a couple of phone calls yesterday from someone who identified himself only as my worst nightmare
NewImprovedTweeny: Classic FST? Bring it on....
lnwd: I've been laughing about it all day
cease: i keep waiting to hear down under danger and the procberg stuff i sent ya
Dexter Fong: lnwd: Were you awake at the time
Principalpoop: oops, tell him it was a wrong number llan
Honey Sanchez: ooooooooh yes yes YES!!!!!!
NewImprovedTweeny: We'll laugh those evildoers...
Bambi: LOL Honey ... you could be right!
cease: theres a fair amount of procberg
lnwd: yeah I was awake
Bambi: freddy kruger?
NewImprovedTweeny: Awake of the flood?
cease: i love this
Dexter Fong: Freddy Kruger-Rand
lnwd: I got verizon to trace the calls and I'm going to be having some fun soon
Principalpoop: i thought I was awake once, but then I woke up and found I was asleep dreaming I was awake
NewImprovedTweeny: Now wait Bam, she might be crazy and throwing stones at glass houses...
H. Stones: i dont know what Nino is on tonight ....H. Stones: 10:15 Walkerville, Michigan
cease: you and what butterfly, poop?
Bambi: do you live on elm street llanwydd or dutch elm street?
lnwd: people who live in glass horses shouldn't throw up
Honey Sanchez: stones you get around its that key to the lost room isn't it that
Honey Sanchez: is how you do it, stones
NewImprovedTweeny: You may be right.... I may be crazy... but you elected me President and it's the Iranians I'm looking for...
Principalpoop: it was an imaginary garden with real frogs
cease: dutch reagan got a street named after him, an airport, even a country
H. Stones: but the bad guys know me and they leave me alone
Dexter Fong: Stones: And Clem and Bambi are in California while Elayne is in reston va
NewImprovedTweeny: Dutch Elm street lol
cease: also a confusing part in the ossman novel
Elayne: Wow, didn't realize how late it was. Best go. Next week, all.
Bambi: didn't think you would be making a quick virtual tour of Michigan tonight huh, Stones?
||||||||| Elayne is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 10:52 PM.
NewImprovedTweeny: Bye E
cease: night el
lnwd: LOL bambi! I live on State Rt. 9N
Honey Sanchez: bye E
Principalpoop: ciao bebe E
ah,clem: yea, we get around, lol
H. Stones: well to be honest there was not much to see
Bambi: musical locations! New game ... by Whamo!
NewImprovedTweeny: No flys on E
Dexter Fong: Night Elayne
Bambi: night E! have a good one!
H. Stones: Honey i told you not to give those mushrooms you found in the desert to Nino
lnwd: nite elayne
NewImprovedTweeny: It's just a little shop in Williamsburg.... don't be afraid...
Dexter Fong: OPeration Desert Mushroom
Merlyn: nite E, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54WCeqOfcFY
Honey Sanchez: awwwwwwwwwww but he wanted them
Principalpoop: 9N, i dated a girl on 8O
Honey Sanchez hangs her head
NewImprovedTweeny: What's that plant in the corner, Bambi?
H. Stones: well you know they dont agree with him, hes sent Bambi to Reston
ah,clem: everyone wants a log, Bambi...
Merlyn: Red Dwarf bit, I can't get the song out of me head
lnwd: I read your 80 as BO
Bambi: rt 9N ... sounds like NJ ... Lakewood?
Principalpoop: hang down your head honey dooley
NewImprovedTweeny: Whoa. Unfortunately right, Dex.
Honey Sanchez giggles just so he doesn't send anyone to guantanamo!!!
lnwd: I just took ambien and that affects my reading
Principalpoop: no, thats the railroad, that was her sister
lnwd: no bambi. ticonderoga, NY
H. Stones: Has Guantanamo got a web site ?
Bambi: that plant in the corner? Aloe ... for those times when one gets burnt
NewImprovedTweeny: Only if I can dip it with CHiPs lol
Principalpoop: guacalmole?
Honey Sanchez: better google it
NewImprovedTweeny: feed me...
H. Stones: throws another fish to Tween
Principalpoop: eat me...
Honey Sanchez fears the plant is named Audrey
NewImprovedTweeny: Arf arf
lnwd: guacalcanal
Honey Sanchez: oh no im busted
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, get NewImprovedTweeny an IV drip
||||||||| Catherwood gives newimprovedtweeny an iv drip.
ah,clem: feed me all night long
Bambi: wow, didn't know you could take Rt 8N all the way to upstate ny
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, don't drop the caps
||||||||| Catherwood steps up to Dexter Fong and inquires "Did you want me?"
cease: is it sitll taped to your leg, honey?
Principalpoop: that is a long 8N
NewImprovedTweeny: Why does it have teeth?
Honey Sanchez: shhhhhhhhhhhh
lnwd: 9N
Bambi: Feed me Semour, Feed all night long...
NewImprovedTweeny: Your air is escaping
Principalpoop: no odd numbers go east west
NewImprovedTweeny: You're
Bambi: suddenly Seymour...
Honey Sanchez laughs
lnwd: I have a route 8 about 6 miles south of my but it has no letter
NewImprovedTweeny: See? More?
cease: still deadly?
ah,clem: cute, Bambi
NewImprovedTweeny: Rain on the Scarecrow, Blood on the Plow...
lnwd: I live on 9N
Dexter Fong: A route 8 about 6 miles south of your butt, with no letter Dear Friends
cease: i wonder why femmes are so often fatale in firesign and proc berg plays
lnwd: crash on the levee mama water's gonna overflow
NewImprovedTweeny: brb
ah,clem: (she likes it somepalce that's green)
Principalpoop: get out the way lnwd, a truck is coming
cease: maybe they just read too much raymond chandler
Honey Sanchez: brodrick crawford was a flatfoot
Dexter Fong: Mama's water overflowed with that 14.5 lb kid
H. Stones: is that an Indian tribe Honey ?
Principalpoop: fascism might come to this country??? who'd a thunk it?
Honey Sanchez: yes stones
Bambi: green ... mountain forest with water falls ... ahhhhh, my favorite
lnwd: you can bust these walls you can rock this joint
Honey Sanchez: might come i thought it was already here, poop
cease: sinclair lewis, for one
Bob D caterino: Thanks Merlyn
Bambi: might come to this country? really ... only might?
Principalpoop: what color jumpsuit would you like honey?
Dexter Fong: Kick out the JAMs JAM= Jewish American Mexicans
Honey Sanchez: ummmmmm rainbow brite works for me, poop
cease: thats an Illuminatus Trilogy ref
Bunnyboy: I'm a wandering puka. I think I'll go clear my head for awhile. Best to all!
Bambi: in the jungle, the mighty jungle....
Principalpoop: we have orange, or orange
Dexter Fong: Night Bunny
Dexter Fong: or should I say, Harvey?
cease: you read that, right bun?
Honey Sanchez: night bun
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Bob D caterino: The zions sleep tonight
lnwd: my name is puka. I live on the second floor
Principalpoop: say hi to jimmy stewart for me
||||||||| At 11:01 PM, Bunnyboy runs out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
Honey Sanchez: its the moon
H. Stones: i 'll take the Orange please PP
lnwd: you don't have to talk to me anymore
Honey Sanchez: lol lnwd
Bambi: night Bunny!
Bob D caterino: Is Puka short for Michelle
cease: i'd like an orange, or The Sun
Bob D caterino: Pucka Shell
Principalpoop: wodka used to make me puka and womit
Dexter Fong: I'd like some fried guache
Bambi: yes, the klokwkdog would not have wanted to see that orange....
Honey Sanchez: sunny deeelite for cat
cease: in the afternoon?
Dexter Fong: Monte Carlo!!
cease: with proctor, bergman and letterman
Bob D caterino: Afternoon delite
Principalpoop: hehe afternoon delight hehe
Honey Sanchez: heehee
lnwd: monet carol?
lnwd: I get dyslexic when I'm on ambien
cease: you should be anbilexic
Principalpoop: i dated ambien's sister, how is ambien doing?
Bob D caterino: wow I remember that show, Proctor, Bergman and Sheilds and yarnell as regulars
NewImprovedTweeny: So, what touring car do you like to steal?
lnwd: this is not a drug you can take during the daytime
Bob D caterino: I drink Ambeian
cease: the ambien is connected to the nambien
NewImprovedTweeny: Day or Night - Little Feat :-)
lnwd: I'll bet you drink amphibian
Honey Sanchez: the nambien connected to the flambien
Principalpoop: je suis bien merci
Bob D caterino: Yes friends always remember, never take drugs, you must pay for them first
H. Stones: brb
Dexter Fong: ambien makes me Ambieiniguos
Principalpoop: have a blue moss
Honey Sanchez: kk hb stoney hun
cease: lol bob
lnwd: then you lose motor coordination and then you go to bed
NewImprovedTweeny: Love The One You're Width...
lnwd: but I think I'm good for another half hour
NewImprovedTweeny: lol Bob
Bambi: you drink perfume? there's lots better ways to get alcohol I think ;-)
Principalpoop: candy is dandy
NewImprovedTweeny: Only if it's spilled ;-) (Pam Tillis)
cease: and andy is roony
Bambi: thanks Clem! :-)
Honey Sanchez: poop it sure is dandy mmmmmmmmmmmm
Bambi: glad I made it home to hear part of it
lnwd: roony is loony
Bob D caterino: finishing up on my third book, "Son of Godfaddah" My goal this time is to sell two books
Principalpoop: that's not candy thats oops
NewImprovedTweeny: I use Selsun Blue
NewImprovedTweeny: Ruff, ruff...
Honey Sanchez: wrong room, poop
Bob D caterino: Looney Skip Rooney? geeeeeze
cease: speaking of books, anyone else buy ossman's novel?
lnwd: I want nothing blue in my hair
cease: im sure he'd appreciate the sales
Bob D caterino: um, would rather listen to it
NewImprovedTweeny: Nope, but I sure hope to read it cease
Bambi: in the Godfaddah of eda
lnwd: It would remind me of my aunt flo who's hair went from white to blue
cease: if he does an audio version
Principalpoop: ahh dear friends
cease: please do
Dexter Fong: Bambi: =))
Bob D caterino: At what age do men go from caps to fedora's
cease: sounds like the quebec flag, llan
NewImprovedTweeny: I wish I could do more for the FST. They've made a difference in my life. Just look at these muscles in my head!
Principalpoop: thank you mister ahhh, clem
cease: lol tween
NewImprovedTweeny: Always fun, folks... be well and happy
Dexter Fong: Tween: Looks like a few scallops and brine shrimp in there too
Honey Sanchez shifts on her sanitary pedestal
ah,clem: good night everyone
||||||||| NewImprovedTweeny rushes off, saying "11:08 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Principalpoop: a trick question bob, a fedora is a cat not a cap
Principalpoop: toad away
Bambi: something .... something borrowed, something blue?
lnwd: It does, doesn't it, cat. I don't remember her having a fleur de lis in there though
Dexter Fong: Night Clem and al always..thanks
cease: tween
Principalpoop: have a super week keepers of the root
Bob D caterino: I will pass alond a few free copies to you guys for feedback. Not a hard copy but an e-book
Bambi: as soon as they realize Windows are broken, Bob?
Honey Sanchez: thanks ah clem
Bob D caterino: along even
Merlyn: ok, got it bob, should be tacked on this chat & all later ones
Honey Sanchez: oooooh i wanna read it, bob
Dexter Fong: time for a car parking..back later and I'm awayyyyyyyyyyy......
||||||||| ah,clem rushes off, saying "11:10 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Principalpoop: any pictures bob?
Honey Sanchez: see ya dex
Bob D caterino: lol just photoshopped it, lame but thats me
Principalpoop: hail Rita Fong
Merlyn: it fits in with the other pix
Bambi: Dex is toad away....
Bob D caterino: pics of what? In the book? I might put some in
Bob D caterino: Thanks Merl
Principalpoop: good, I like looking at the pictures hehe
lnwd: lovely rita, meter fong
Bob D caterino: Rita Book
H. Stones
Principalpoop: marga rita
Principalpoop: wb stones
H. Stones: ty PP
Bambi: how are things going across the pond Stones?
H. Stones: not so good to be honest Bambi
Bob D caterino: That woman that wrote the Harry Pothead novel was one lucky phuk
Honey Sanchez skips stones across the pond wheeeeeeeeeee
Principalpoop: there was something in the news I saw about UK, but it slips my mind
H. Stones: government is going through some kind of Watergate
Bob D caterino: Whats wrong Stones
Bob D caterino: Oh I C
Principalpoop: duck stones duck
H. Stones: no thanks PP I am a vegetarian
Bambi: sorry to hear that Stones ... not much better over here if it's any consolation
Bob D caterino: Themesgate
H. Stones: passes duck to Poop
Bob D caterino: Passes Poop to Duck
Principalpoop: you live in veget? is that near Mayfair stones?
Bob D caterino: Duck runs away
H. Stones: Blair has been interviewed by the cops for a second time and so have several of his key staff
lnwd: vegetarian? what are some english vegetarian foods besides cheddar cheese?
Principalpoop: hold that duck, hold that duck
Honey Sanchez: he needs a good slapping, stones
Bambi: hmmm, that's not good Stones
Bob D caterino: The Blair witch hunt
H. Stones: he sure does
H. Stones: and if he comes up north he will get it
cease: i ddint realize the word/duck joke in dwarf was a ref to groucho's show until recently
Honey Sanchez watches the duck go deep into the end zone
Merlyn: BobD, did you want your name to link to an URL?
Principalpoop: why a duck?
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Bubba's Brain into the room, accepts a wooden nickel as a gratuity, grumbles something about 11:15 PM, then departs.
Bob D caterino: geosities.com/goombabobby
Bubba's Brain: Hey all
Honey Sanchez: i should send you a pic too, merlyn
Bambi: hi Bubba
Honey Sanchez: heya bubba
H. Stones: hi Bubba
Principalpoop: hi BB
Bob D caterino: geocities.com/goombabobby
lnwd: Hey Bub!
Principalpoop: are you Hubby Bubba's Brain now?
Bob D caterino: my html is a little out of practice
cease: hey the brain['s here
Principalpoop: you talking to me bob? you talking to me?
Bob D caterino: http://www.geocities.com/goombabobby
Bubba's Brain: We were watching Capote -- checked out the DVD from the library.
Bambi: pinky and the brain, pinky and the brain...
Bob D caterino: Denero was overrated
Merlyn: ok bob
Bob D caterino: What do you mean by that, what do you mean by that, what do you mean by that
Principalpoop: you blank my wife?
cease: is that the new one?
lnwd: well, it's been fun and funny as always. I'll see you all in what will seem like a very short time. good night
Principalpoop: reality in the mind of an idiot huh? you stole my motto
cease: night lwd
Principalpoop: crawl to bed safely ambien boy, have a super week
Bubba's Brain: 2005, I think, cat.
Bob D caterino: I have to go and make my wife a sandwich.
Bob D caterino: I wrote that when I was thirteen and put it on cassette
Principalpoop: call her a taxi
Bubba's Brain: There was another one more recent -- "Notorious", I believe, which focussed more on Harper Lee
Bob D caterino: Wife, you are a sandwich poof
Principalpoop: oh, so it is copyrighted ok ok
Honey Sanchez: ni night llan
Honey Sanchez: take care n have a good week
Bob D caterino: no copywrite, I am but a poor man
cease: the one that got the oscar?
Bambi: night llanwydd
Bubba's Brain: I think so.
Principalpoop: you have a wife, you are not poor
cease: but rich in spirit, bob
Principalpoop: rah rah cat
Bob D caterino: bambi feel great please and all you guys take care until next week. I am going to ask Phil if he would please stop in
Honey Sanchez: brb
cease: ok
Principalpoop: ok honey, hope everything comes out alright
Bambi: write a letter to yourself and enclose a copy of the book, post marked and then don't open it till someone claims they wrote it ... then take it unopened to court to prove your case. ;-)
Principalpoop: hehe
Bob D caterino: Yep I am having a great life again
Honey Sanchez: bye bobd see ya on the flip flop
Bob D caterino: Oh the books are copyrited, yes
Bob D caterino: Oh lordy, what is this flip flop
Bambi: night Bob
Bob D caterino: and my spelink sux
H. Stones: good night Bob
Principalpoop: i lost my flip flops
Bob D caterino: Honey, great site sweety
Honey Sanchez: poop i just had to change the duct tape on my upper thigh
cease: bub, i listened to new mexican overdrive while reading the ronal reagan mystery last night
Honey Sanchez: sheesh
cease: i thought i twould be more confluent.
Bob D caterino: nytal
Principalpoop: too cold for them now anyway
Honey Sanchez: buenos nachos
H. Stones: see ya Bob
cease: but overdrive is a very differnt tirebiter
Principalpoop: ouch honey ouch
Honey Sanchez: thanks bobd have a good week fer sure
Bubba's Brain: Oh, good, you finally got it.
Principalpoop: pull it off fast, or slowwww?
Honey Sanchez: oooooh fast
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "11:24 PM and late as usual, it's Bob D Caterino, just back from New York."
||||||||| Bob D Caterino is thrown out the window just as the clock strikes 11:24 PM.
Principalpoop: ouch ok
Bubba's Brain: I finally sent the catalog, Cat. Let me know when you get it.
cease: wlil do
H. Stones: well follks its late again here so i better call it a day
cease: it's a day
Honey Sanchez: call it a night, stones and it's a deal
H. Stones: thanks for the fun mes amis
Principalpoop: howl stones
H. Stones: aaaaaeeeeeyyyyyyy !!!!!
Principalpoop: keep em flying yowzah
Honey Sanchez: take care stones
Principalpoop: ahh, you are cajun
H. Stones: i will PP you can be sure
Bubba's Brain: Last summer at the National Audio Theatre Festivals I won a Nick Danger Scarf -- someone had donated it because of the name.
H. Stones: have a good week all
cease: or take whatr dont belnog to you
Bambi: got our catalogs for the Cafe ... think some great birthday gifts for grand babies would be nice to send
Principalpoop: pay for your drugs
cease: what did you do to win?
Honey Sanchez: i best go tend my azaleas too you all have a great week
H. Stones: amd special thanks to clem and Bambi
H. Stones: byeeee
Principalpoop: ciao molto bella honey adios
Honey Sanchez: goodnight ciao buonno notte
||||||||| "Hey H. Stones!" ... H. Stones turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:28 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
cease: off we go
Bambi: thanks Stones ... have a great night
||||||||| Honey Sanchez hurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Honey Sanchez?! It's 11:28 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| 11:28 PM -- cease left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
Bambi: falling asleep here ... gonna also say goodnight
Bubba's Brain: Cat, I threw some money into the raffle -- I was really hoping to win the complete Hitchhikers Guide set, since not all of them (the radio dramas, inlcuding the new ones) are available in the US.
Bubba's Brain: Nite, Bam.
Principalpoop: have a super week bambi, sweet deer
Bambi: see you all next time and hope you might make it saturday night http://www.cniradio.com
||||||||| Around 11:29 PM, Bambi walks off into the sunset...
Bubba's Brain: Anyway, I put off doing anything with it, cause of the mis-appropriated brand name.
||||||||| It's 11:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bob D caterino - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| lnwd - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Principalpoop: hold that thought BB, cat fell out
||||||||| Bob D enters at 11:30 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and runs off to the Chapeau Manger.
Bubba's Brain: Wh'happen?
Principalpoop: i was checking for snow, we might get 2 inches tonight
Bob D: Whats the link to the members pics here?
Principalpoop: the bus that took the others, grabbed him too
Principalpoop: I found it once, I don't remember
Bob D: it seems to have mysteriously disapered
||||||||| At 11:32 PM, Bubba's Brain rushes out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
: I think I'm gonna head out too. Sorry for showing up so late.
Principalpoop: this is just like, no, nothing like that at all
Principalpoop: have a super week BB
Principalpoop: like a bad tooth, I will wait to say good night to fong
Merlyn: whoa, he left before he left
Principalpoop: I saw that
Merlyn: I'm back, but I'm gone too
Principalpoop: amazing
Merlyn: c u nxt wk
Principalpoop: he wanted the last word I guess
||||||||| At 11:36 PM, Merlyn vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Principalpoop: thanks again for everything M
Principalpoop: i think I found the link searching old firesign chats, it took awhile
Principalpoop: but faster than waiting til next week to ask somebody
Principalpoop: and then chat makes me forget everything anyway
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bob D - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Principalpoop: poor fong, returns to only find a pile of poop
Principalpoop: i was dumbfounded that american generals and state department folks are having discussions about north america unification
Principalpoop: with canada, are we going to buy it or what?
Principalpoop: I wonder what the quebec folks say about that hehe mais non non non lol
Dexter Fong: Hey Poop'
Principalpoop: we took a canadian and sent him to some country to be tortured, we have become the bad guys where the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Principalpoop: ahhh wb fong
Dexter Fong: YOur entreaties to Rita seem to working real swell
Principalpoop: sorry about the pile of poop lol
Principalpoop: rita likes me, except when she does not
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, pick up poop's poop
||||||||| Catherwood picks up poop's poop.
Dexter Fong: No problemo
Principalpoop: ahh much cleaner, thanks C
Principalpoop: i should buy something firesign
Dexter Fong: Well, guess it's time to get outta here
Principalpoop: something newer, which do you recommend?
Dexter Fong: Buy from Lodestone if you can poop
Principalpoop: oops night night, have a super week :D ciaoooo
Principalpoop: I will
Dexter Fong: still here
Dexter Fong: Buy Give me Immortality or Give me death or Boom Dot Bust or Bride of Firesign
Principalpoop: the things need to be heard several times, so you can get all the levels
Principalpoop: cool, thanks :D
Dexter Fong: Absolutely...sometimes it's yuears later that a reference becomes apparent
Principalpoop: yes :)
Dexter Fong: Okay then Poop, I'm going away
Principalpoop: with my bad ears, I need to be familiar with the words too lol
Dexter Fong: Huh?
Principalpoop: have a super week and thanks fong,
Principalpoop: huh?
Dexter Fong: You Too Principal
Principalpoop: lol
Principalpoop: moron lol
Principalpoop: lol
Principalpoop: huh?
||||||||| Principalpoop departs at 11:53 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:31 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Bob D Caterino
Bob D Katrinilopez
Bob D
Bubba's Brain
Dexter Fong
H. Stones
Honey Sanchez
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