A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for April 26, 2007 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood walks up and intones "Presenting 'Firebroiled', just granted probation at 8:32 AM", then leaves hurriedly.
Firebroiled: Hello Globetrotters! While we’re still on the ground, let’s look around and see where we are . . .

In the windows to your left, it’s five thousand feet to the bottom of the Grand Canyo-ooo-ooo-on . . .

Yet now, as inevitable as dawn, the Sun, arching on its axis, rises to meet the East --chariot-racing across the high noon desert sky, only to plummit, like bald Icarus, into the sensual, fermenting seas of the South Pacific. And even now, yet, as scary night decends upon us, we could appreciate the Wonders of Nature as stimulating as Man’s Own Triumphs! Let us pause . . .
Firebroiled: Long enough......... Let's Eat!!
||||||||| Firebroiled is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 8:33 AM.
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and announces "Announcing 'ah,clem', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:18 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the Aviary...
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: 'no "few minutes" tonight, resting, see you all next week'
||||||||| At 8:20 PM, ah,clem dashes out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, April 26, 2007 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!" -- then he looks around at the empty room, looks at his watch, and mumbles "...am I early?"
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and announces "Announcing 'Tweeny Too Long', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:04 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the anteroom...
Tweeny Too Long: Rest up Clem... hope you feel better...
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Merlyn close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 9:08 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the vestibule.
Merlyn: hey tween
Tweeny Too Long: Hi Merlyn. Guess JL's 'a feelin' poorly...
Merlyn: seems so
Tweeny Too Long: So, how's tricks in the land of 1000 lakes?
||||||||| Warp waltzes in at 9:11 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cease close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 9:11 PM tree-stunting plans, and dashes off to the sitting room.
Merlyn: might be quiet tonight, the autopost for the chat went through but I still don't see them on my news machine...
Merlyn: eh, warming up a bit
cease: ah clem unwell?
Warp: say it isn't so!
cease: you shouljd bring them all into one big lake. call it veronica
Tweeny Too Long: Hey Cat - don't know specifically, just said he was tired
Tweeny Too Long: Lo dere Warp
cease: hope bambi is tired for the same reason
Warp: hi tweeney
cease: wow. weightless hawkings
Tweeny Too Long: Yeah, how cool is that? If any deserves that ride...
Tweeny Too Long: anyone
cease: timewarp 2oooooo
Warp: Not been in a while . wanted to send best regards
cease: same to you, warp. or praw
Warp: yeah!
Warp: prawn
Merlyn: NBC messed up their report about that new planet, they said the speed of light was 186,000 miles per hour
Merlyn: off by a factor of 3600
Warp: rotfl
Warp: 3.6 revs
Tweeny Too Long: Astronomers finally found the source of Fox News?
Warp: they expressed in miles not light years!
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and pipes up "Presenting 'DJ Fong', just granted probation at 9:18 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
cease: its own asshole?
Warp: I don't konw the math, do you?
Tweeny Too Long: lol Cat
Tweeny Too Long: Hare Fong!
Merlyn: they got the distance right, about 20 light years, but said you'd get there in 20 years if you travelled at the speed of light, 186,000 MPH
DJ Fong: Yo Yo Yo Y'all
cease: dont know much about, old songs, eh warp
DJ Fong: Yo Yo Yo Y'all
Tweeny Too Long: Gently down the stream...
cease: hare krishna? hare fong? yeah
Warp: yes the 251st extrasolar planet can support life...
||||||||| Outside, the 9:19 PM uptown bus from Mt Laurel pulls away, leaving Principalpoop coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
Tweeny Too Long: That's pretty close as far as space travel goes
DJ Fong: Small group tonight and no FST?
Tweeny Too Long: Evenin' Mr. P
cease: who let the poop out?
Principalpoop: harry krishner
Merlyn: clem is feelin' poorly
cease: sounds like an ossman lyric
Principalpoop: some sphincter, sphinxer?
cease: harry shearer
DJ Fong sends virtual chicken soup clem's way
Principalpoop: not good, feel better ah, clem
Principalpoop: do I know warp?
Principalpoop: i am warpped
DJ Fong: Do you know weft?
DJ Fong: Go weft young man
Principalpoop: I have not weft, yet
Warp: be well old man
DJ Fong: You ain't got no friends on your weft
Principalpoop: you aint got no brains on the weft
cease: jerry weft? sure scored alotta hoops
Principalpoop: hey old man take a look at my ass, its a lot like yours
DJ Fong: Adam weft
Warp: fred weft?
Principalpoop: oh you sillies
cease: wascally wabbit
Warp: free bird seed
Principalpoop: bird seed is an enemy combatent?
DJ Fong: Sweet home Hartz mountain
Merlyn: bird seed is where birds come from
DJ Fong: Don't egg him on
Warp: the hawks are mating
Principalpoop: the early bird seed the early worm
cease: why doth the porridge bird layeth his egg in the eyer?
Principalpoop: ida seed it too, if I was there
cease: i'll king your hawk, and raise your wheelchair
cease: eddie was a mountain
DJ Fong: I'm all in
Warp: I fold my wings and take your prawn
Principalpoop: e'll hawk the queen and raise yar taxes
||||||||| Bubba's Brain enters at 9:26 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and rushes off to the Haberdashery Barn.
Bubba's Brain: Ho ho ho....
DJ Fong: Hello Bubba
cease: had some great malaysian take out. there may have been a prawn in there somewhere
cease: hi bub
Tweeny Too Long: And a bottle of rum?
Principalpoop: caw caw bubba is yaw
cease: going out of business sale going well?
Merlyn: I trust you've all been to www.mchawking.com?
Tweeny Too Long: from Thai Food Mary's?
Bubba's Brain: long time ago...
Warp: i'v got Syd Barrett on.... wait a minute
cease: ever heard of a fish called a pomfret? first time for me
cease: dinner guest thought it tasted like basa, in the catfish family
Bubba's Brain: Cat -- yep. More and more out of stock.
Tweeny Too Long: Looks pretty funny, Merlyn
||||||||| 9:28 PM: gyggywyddytt jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
Warp: That last tab.....
gyggywyddytt: happy 4/26
Tweeny Too Long: Pomfret, no... Wanda, yes
Tweeny Too Long: Hey LL
cease: never seen that b4, merl
Tweeny Too Long: lol Warp
cease: like high, alphabet person
DJ Fong: llan: Would you care to buy a vowel,,or even several of them?
Principalpoop: easy for you to say gyggywyddytt
gyggywyddytt: the first g is soft
cease: a 4 20 event, after spliffing it with the sound effecfs woman
Principalpoop: buy a clue alors
DJ Fong: I didn't know Gidget was Welsh
Merlyn: hey BB, I'll float the earlier idea of going through cafepress.com for a new T-shirt source
gyggywyddytt: LOL Cat
Principalpoop: yes, soft and warm and ewww sticky
Bubba's Brain: Cat -- I've managed to sell off all of Neal Amid -- still have the others.
Warp: warped belshes now and again
Merlyn: past FT I mean
cease: what do you want to do with them? sell them on ebay?
cease: i doubt they'd get their price in postage
DJ Fong: Sell them door to door?
Warp: snipe them on ebay! ugh
gyggywyddytt: briefly, what is the plot of the next Seem Real production. I remember you had some plans.
Principalpoop: donate them to kids baseball teams for the tax write off
cease: speaking of neal, the surealist, great sant cruz npr station tues midnight firesign plus show, played a rap by a merry prankster, forget his name, including long bits by neal cassady
cease: from the bus trip
Bubba's Brain: Merl -- I've been looking at print-on-demand options for various things, to keep some presence. But nothing determined yet.
DJ Fong: O N D E M A N D
Warp: how about music on demand
cease: i never thought of my plays as products to sell. i'm just glad they made bubba a few pennies
Merlyn: ok BB, keep me posted. The biggest concern from cafepress is that shirts are sent out with varying quality control.
Warp: podcasts pay royalties?
gyggywyddytt: I meant to direct that question to cat. what are you doing for your next audio production?
Principalpoop: don't sell yourself short, dwarf
cease: i was working on a sript about the 1906 frisco earthquake. somehow it just never gelled
cease: went to frisco and did some research. it'll resurface at some point, i hope
gyggywyddytt: that's cool, cat
Principalpoop: you missed the anniversary, when was olearys cow chicago action?
DJ Fong: A chicago action cow...dah bulls
gyggywyddytt: I wish there was someone living who remembered the quake
cease: the idea comes from an interview by ralph j gleason with vince guarldi about how he came to write his hit, cast your fate to the wind
Principalpoop: dah bears...
DJ Fong: dah Cubs
cease: vincve said it was like builidnig a rocket in your basement, launching it and then having your tie get caught in it
cease: so in play, this actually happens
Principalpoop: dah ohara
cease: vince is taken back intime to 1906 frisco
DJ Fong: dah loop
cease: where he meets a 16 year old groucho marx
gyggywyddytt: cool
Principalpoop: dah dah dah is like a dream
gyggywyddytt: you know he could also meet Caruso who was there at the time
cease: and they both perform on a tilting vaudeville stage in newly rebuilt sf after the quake
cease: stage built my by uncles, actually.
gyggywyddytt: love it
Principalpoop: did they have crisco in 1906 frisco?
cease: yes hes in the play too
cease: he was really pissed off, wanted to get outt town, stay alive
cease: in "real life" two of my uncles deserted from the russian navy, jumped ship in frisco right after the quake
Principalpoop: will he be played by john revolta in the movie version? staying alive, staying alive
DJ Fong: Dey vas looking for rubbles
cease: they had been carpenters in st. petersburg before they were drafted and upon looking upon the ruined city, said, wow. this is the ;place for us.
gyggywyddytt: Revolta! LOLOLOLOL
cease: the play evolves from there
Tweeny Too Long: Must be some amazing stories there, Cat
cease: lol fong
Principalpoop: any aliens or lesbian action?
cease: the play will happen tween.
Tweeny Too Long: No doubt - _these_ people need carpenters lol
DJ Fong: alien lesbbians from another space
cease: i'll make some up, poop. easy to do lesbian scenes on the radio
cease: even men can do them
Bubba's Brain: Carpenter Aunts?
Tweeny Too Long: Amazon Women From The Moon!
Principalpoop: radio? a radio play? oops, nevermind
Warp: mmmmmm
Bubba's Brain: Amazon Women from Google?
Tweeny Too Long: Proctor is amazing at female voices
gyggywyddytt: LOL
cease: i dont plan to ask any firesigners to be in this.
gyggywyddytt: male lesbians. what will they think of next
Principalpoop: i am a male lesbian
Tweeny Too Long: Funny movie, if you haven't seen it. Proctor has a bit part in a faux commercial
DJ Fong: ..trapped in a fembot body
cease: roller lesbians from el outer space
Warp: no "next" needed
Tweeny Too Long: mesbians
gyggywyddytt: lol cat
Principalpoop: i agree warp, and that scares me
Warp: mesbians on a loconotion
DJ Fong: Now Juicy, you know we don't want any girl on girl action in my nightclub
gyggywyddytt: yeah but it's not just de club
Tweeny Too Long: But Regular said it was OK, Ricky
Warp: not a mocolotion
Principalpoop: i know what is going, these girl girls things, it is ok, as long as it does not happen on the field
DJ Fong: Regular got stones on the boys Jamaican grass they thought they had hidden
Principalpoop: oops going on and on and on
Tweeny Too Long: Don't know, P. Might make a great 1/2 time show at the superbowl ;-)
gyggywyddytt: which reminds me what is on cni tonight, Roller Maidens?
DJ Fong: Wardrobe malfunction of the Stars
Principalpoop: i did not turn it on, clem is under the weather :(
DJ Fong: no few minutes is on CNI llan
cease: keeping roling stones. you're just a roach away
Tweeny Too Long: JL's not up to it. No Firesign tonight LL
Warp: Malfunctions from the limo!
Principalpoop: don't snuff that roach, hand me the forceps nurse
gyggywyddytt: well, whatever the case I'm going to listen to "Roller Maidens" tonight
cease: yu think austin will show up?
cease: yes we should all put it on, as it were
Warp: Sandstone buildings!.....
gyggywyddytt: Hey , I just got a tip that stones is going to show up soon
DJ Fong: The tip of the stone
cease: not rocks, anne?
Tweeny Too Long: Is that like putting up the "Bat Sign" in the sky, LL?
DJ Fong: Put up the aluminum bat sign
gyggywyddytt: no, actually I have him on my IM and I have a message that says "New contacts online" which I get every time he logs onto his computer
||||||||| H Stones steps in at 9:46 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
cease: dont have a cow, morn
||||||||| H Stones leaves at 9:46 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Principalpoop: in and out, mmmmm
gyggywyddytt: just talking about you stones
DJ Fong: Ah Stones, we were expecting you
Merlyn: this is no burger joint
DJ Fong: but not expecting you to leave so soon
cease: keep rolfing, stones
Tweeny Too Long: Hey Hemlock
Principalpoop: I am the greasy spoon
Tweeny Too Long: He's no fun, he fell right over...
cease: you could put a joint in a burger, but what would be the point?
DJ Fong: I am the action cow that jumped over the moonie
gyggywyddytt: that
gyggywyddytt: pardon me
Warp: the first bite
Merlyn: out of lettuce?
gyggywyddytt: that's a point I have been pondering, cat
Principalpoop: more special sauce mister cheech?
Bubba's Brain: Lettuce entertain you...
gyggywyddytt: some people eat that stuff, but is it thrifty?
Tweeny Too Long: The Maidens are rolling here...
Merlyn: heh pp
cease: no maidens here. just middens
Principalpoop: brownies are dandy but hookahs are quicker
gyggywyddytt: you playing roller maidens, tween. Let's simulcast!
Warp: no more kittens
cease: and volcanos are more volcanic
gyggywyddytt: lol princ
||||||||| Catherwood escorts H Stones in through the front door at 9:50 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Principalpoop: finally stones
DJ Fong: Welcome back Holmes
gyggywyddytt: wb stones
H Stones: ty mes amis
Principalpoop: you are late, stick out your hand and prepare to be tweaked
H Stones: slight technical problems with the tube of doom
DJ Fong: The time's amiss?
cease: out of lubricant?
Principalpoop: tube of doom? I call mine Mister Johnson...
gyggywyddytt: I've started making my homemade wine again and I am trying my first reserve
DJ Fong: I call mine Olsen and Johnson
cease: did you kick all the indians off first?
Principalpoop: elderberry or raz?
Warp: or comaraz?
Principalpoop: Jimmy Olsen? I know that name
DJ Fong: or Logan's runberry
Merlyn: I call mine Arte and Johnson
gyggywyddytt: concord. aged three weeks.
Bubba's Brain: You doesn't have to call it Johnson....
H Stones: was just reading about actor Hugh Grant and his latest escapade
Warp: that explains your speeling
gyggywyddytt: pass the indian please
Principalpoop: ahh, I love people from my age group lol
DJ Fong: He bought another cadillac?
cease: what's an actor without an escapade?
Warp: giant indian BAKED beens
H Stones: no, he got tired of snappers wating outside his home
Merlyn: any relation to Hugh Jass?
Tweeny Too Long: As Robin Williams says, "Ripple - but it's a good week, though..."
Warp: beens
Principalpoop: what did he do stones?
H Stones: now its Beanz Meanz Finez
gyggywyddytt: havent heard the news. what about hugh, stones?
Principalpoop: beans, the last of them
Warp: I need a beeeeeer
Bubba's Brain: We will sell no wine before its time...... ITS TIME!!!!
DJ Fong: Hogh Stomes?
DJ Fong: Hugh
H Stones: he attacked a snapper, kicked him and hit him with container full of beans
Warp: no the ter is beens
Warp: has beens
Principalpoop: a publicity stunt, who walks outside naked to attack a snapper with only a can of beans?
Tweeny Too Long: That faux commercial from Keller-Geister was halarious, Bubba
cease: grub grub
Warp: damn big thunderstorm here
Warp: brb
Bubba's Brain: Not original, I'm afraid.
Principalpoop: good lu zzzzzzzzzzzzzzt
Merlyn: is that what "full of beans" means?
gyggywyddytt: must make supper. be back in 5 or 10
Principalpoop: that is the wine talking llan
cease: of you go
H Stones: usually means full of gas too i think
Warp: nukem gyg!
Warp: oh gosh more Syd barrett now
Tweeny Too Long: Love Austin's country tunes on Roller Maidens. Very well done, and yet thoroughly camp
DJ Fong: Tween: I appreciate the way they advance the plot
cease: he said he'd be here tonight, tween. you can tell him that
Bubba's Brain: Camper Van Rollermaiden
Warp: http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/Conus/centgrtlakes_loop.php
cease: i think i'll put on r. maidens on the old hi fi
Principalpoop: he had underlined every single, I love you...
Warp: great lakes animated weather
gyggywyddytt: it's awfully considerate of you to think of me here
gyggywyddytt: and I'm most obliged to you for making it clear that I'm not here
Principalpoop: did you see me waving my hand?
DJ Fong: Llan: I was thinking of you over there
H Stones: is there anywhere else you would like us to think you llan
H Stones: after your Fong
Principalpoop: are you here or not?
H Stones: is it Clems night off Poop
DJ Fong: Clem feelin' poorly
Principalpoop: yes, he does not feel good :(
H Stones: i wish Clem a speedy recovery in that case
gyggywyddytt: I'm quoting old Syd
DJ Fong: STONES: He's not in that case he's over there with llan
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
DJ Fong: llan: Sir SYDNEY FUDD?
H Stones: you ll not catch me with your sticky semantics Fong
gyggywyddytt: no somebody mentioned
Principalpoop: copyright copyright violation, nobody move, until we get your statements and dna sample
DJ Fong: stones: How about a prickly barb
gyggywyddytt: syd barrett and it brought back memories
Principalpoop: like the windmills of my mind
Principalpoop: treadmills
H Stones: i riase you ten points of badinage Fong
Warp )
DJ Fong: ...and the kitties are asleep in the alley
gyggywyddytt: anybody want to do a bowl?
Principalpoop: hailey mills hehe
gyggywyddytt: I've got some Cheerios
Merlyn: "you got splinters in the windmills of yer mind"
DJ Fong: I'd like a frame or two
cease: good idea, gyg
Warp: a bowl of sugar magnolias
DJ Fong: Marlyn Likes Carol Burnett
Principalpoop: i might smoke some turkey later, keep it up llan
DJ Fong: Merlyn
gyggywyddytt: lol warp
DJ Fong: too
gyggywyddytt: blossoms bloomin
Merlyn: Marlyn likes her too
Principalpoop: pulls ear lobe
H Stones: ooh such pretty flowers
Warp: where is my Benedril
DJ Fong: Marlyn Brandeis
gyggywyddytt: well, I've put a pizza in the oven since they won't come up to sector R
DJ Fong: Warp: It's over there with llan
Principalpoop: oh where oh where has my benny drill gone
Warp: I"m at port 8080 now
Warp: I should get going
Principalpoop: any port in a thunderstorm warp
cease: mr benny, mr. benny
gyggywyddytt: benny drill was not related to benny hill
cease: oh, syracuse
DJ Fong: I;m 6 league out of Port Morseby under a fresening wind and clear skies
H Stones: luckily for him
Warp: I will be up until may 15
Bubba's Brain: Any port in a storm.
gyggywyddytt: jacusse
DJ Fong: When yah comin' down Warp
Principalpoop: edmund fitzgerald vacation cruise lines
cease: in the rain, another hippy
gyggywyddytt: may 15? what do you mean, warp?
cease: didja all see summer of love on pbs this week?
cease: a flash back in to firesign first albumland
gyggywyddytt: edmund fitzgerald. lol
DJ Fong: Capn F.Scott Fitzgerald report for shipwreck sir
Principalpoop: i saw moyers, no summer of love
Warp: the royalty thing...
gyggywyddytt: I missed it cat. any good?
cease: grodn lightfoot , keep crooning. the americans love you still
cease: yes it was gyg.
gyggywyddytt: I'd like to see it. I think they'll show it again.
cease: moyers good too but how couldnt it be?
DJ Fong: Charles Grodn Lightfoot
gyggywyddytt: I know the gordon lightfoot song. I used to be a DJ
cease: this could have been much more paternalistic but turned out to be quite positive
Principalpoop: DJ or BJ, I get those confused, they loved me at the station
cease: ended the the speculation that the sumemr of love values have become so entrenched in the mainstream now
Warp: the day yhe music dies
DJ Fong: Llan: In that case put in in front of your name like I did
cease: i know thats what the fireesign were tryhing to do then. i wonder if they think they succeeded?
gyggywyddytt: interesting, dex. were you ever a dj?
DJ Fong: Yeh Llan
Principalpoop: near as I can tell, they did have fun, and so yes, they succeeded
gyggywyddytt: cool!
DJ Fong: I was a TJ too, but idon wanna talk about it vato
Tweeny Too Long: There's a really good Frontline video archive of one of their shows "How The Music Died"
gyggywyddytt: in NYC, that is impressive
DJ Fong: llan: Not so, nothing impresses New Yorkers
gyggywyddytt: my stations: WIPS, WWSC and WYLR
Principalpoop: i saw that tween, business before pleasure
DJ Fong: except rOSIE leaving the view
gyggywyddytt: in northern NY
Warp: no royalties for on-demand
Tweeny Too Long: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/music/
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Honey Honey in through the front door at 10:10 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Tweeny Too Long: I love on-demand
Principalpoop: will she make a rosie's apprentices reality show?
Tweeny Too Long: Msssssss Sanchez.......
gyggywyddytt: evening honey! how are you?
Principalpoop: mmm hola hola honey
cease: hi honey. how bee it?
Merlyn: cya people, I might be back later tonight (missed Phil Austin last time...)
Honey Honey: hola hola
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:10 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Merlyn by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
H Stones: Hi Honey
DJ Fong: Honey Honey Honey makes the words go 'round
Principalpoop: ok M
Tweeny Too Long: later Merl
Honey Honey: it bee jus fine, cat
cease: duirng the show, they played thatr if you're going to san fran song.
DJ Fong: Come back when you can Merlyn
Honey Honey: hi dj fong
cease: i hadnt noticed it before but it says "love in" the term bergman coined
DJ Fong: we'll keep the volcano on
cease: by merl
Principalpoop: be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, too late for me, no more hair
gyggywyddytt: volcano. I get it
Honey Honey snuggles up to stones, hey there
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Elayne close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 10:12 PM tree-stunting plans, and runs off to the vestibule.
Warp: good 1 poop
Principalpoop climbs in the backseat and pouts
Elayne: Evenin' all!
cease: hi el
DJ Fong: Hey Elanyne
Principalpoop: hi E :)
Warp: hi Elayne
Honey Honey: hello el
cease: look at all those norwegian tits
Tweeny Too Long: How's life treatin' ya, Elayne?
gyggywyddytt: Hi Elayne! How are you?
DJ Fong: I vant to dance
Elayne: It gets easier, Tween.
Principalpoop: they give me fine norwegian wood that is sure
Warp: nice birds
Elayne: Mom's all settled into the NJ house now, I think she'll be ok.
Tweeny Too Long: LOL P
DJ Fong: I got hit over the head with some danish modern teak
Tweeny Too Long: Good to hear, E :-)
Elayne: I have lots of "your father wanted you to have this" heirlooms, which is kind of weird.
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "10:13 PM and late as usual, it's llanwydd, just back from Hellmouth."
Warp: ok folks... I'm out... great to visit with you warped people
Elayne: His parents' wedding rings, for instance. She said something about melting them down if I wanted to...
Honey Honey: bye warp
cease: by warp
Elayne: Bye Warp!
Principalpoop: night warp
DJ Fong: Hi Gidget
Honey Honey: hello llan
Elayne: Uh-oh, BRB. Nature calling inconveniently.
llanwydd: where in jersey, e?
cease: are there things you can have any use for, el?
Tweeny Too Long: Pulling lots of emotional strings, I'm sure...
cease: going thru my parents effects was/is a staggering task
Principalpoop: that is tough E, be strong, get drunk perhaps
cease: like counting references in firesign theatre
llanwydd: your parents' effects, cat?
DJ Fong: but not so many laughs? Cat
||||||||| 10:14 PM: boney jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
Principalpoop: ahh boney
DJ Fong: Jump Boney
llanwydd: boney
Principalpoop: have a nice P E, ok?
Honey Honey: heya boney
Tweeny Too Long: Ah, my Boney boy...
cease: last january i had to move them from their house to a nursing home in la. brought them here in april. the trajectory is not upward
cease: hi bone. say hello to muscle
Principalpoop: I never tried to count them all, it was hard enough to try and catch them all
DJ Fong observes the tendon moment
Tweeny Too Long: Golden years my ass, eh Cat?
cease: they can barely remember their brass years
llanwydd: do they prefer to live in the U.S.?
Principalpoop: here, sign this ligament
cease: although ":memory" and "my parents" are not words that work in the same sentecne
cease: they have thought vancouver is just down the road from van nuys. they want to move closer. tis not possible.
llanwydd: let me check on my pizza
Principalpoop: save a lot of money on video rentals that way hehe
boney counts the house
Tweeny Too Long: Sad, Cat....
cease: on good days its amusing.
Tweeny Too Long: Just down the street by Lear jet lol
Principalpoop: no anchovies please llan
DJ Fong: Pizza w/ pomfrets
DJ Fong: served by girls with pom-poms
Principalpoop: van nuys, vancouver, van heflin, it is all the same
cease: if you live in a van
boney: catherwood give poop a pizza to go
||||||||| Catherwood brings poop a pizza to go.
DJ Fong: Van Ish
llanwydd: how old are your parents, cat?
Principalpoop: ahh that religious moron van something
Principalpoop: Imp and his wife, OMG
cease: fatrher born in 1917, mother in 1919
Honey Honey: van cleef
Principalpoop: i like van cleef
||||||||| It's 10:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| gyggywyddytt - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Warp - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Principalpoop: damn, dengue fever is brutal
llanwydd: my father is 76 and my mother is 69. your parents are much older than mine
DJ Fong: Aha tow cases of dengue fever....that's well out of the ordinary...must be terrorists
cease: all along the lee can cleef shore
llanwydd: how did I die so quick?
Tweeny Too Long: Wow Cat... exactly the opposite with my folks ('19 & '17). Dad died in '73, but Mom just turned 90.
Principalpoop: i could almost be your father llan, sit up straight, and don't mumble
Honey Honey: gratefully i think, llan
Elayne: Back - sorry about that. Delicate tummy this evening, I fear.
cease: they have moved permanently to fantasyland. to the extant they acknowledge land at all
Tweeny Too Long: Not '73 - '93
DJ Fong: llan: You're one of the luckky ones, lad
llanwydd: lol, dad
Honey Honey: are they at least together, cease??
Tweeny Too Long: Chin up, Elayne...
Principalpoop: poor E, feel better, it might be pscho so matic
Tweeny Too Long: (or down, depending ;-)
Elayne: Yeah, the psycho for whom I work...
cease: it fan be raiining heavily outside and their suite is all windows so you can't not know that. so its sunny on some programme on tv
Principalpoop: ahh, then it is automatic
llanwydd: well, my pizza is just a little overdone but I like it that way
Elayne: If I'd taken a bathroom break during the workday, I might not have been having my current problems.
cease: my father will say, oh, it's sunny? oblvious to his senses, rain pouding on window next to him
Tweeny Too Long: Welcome to the Bates chat room. Your shower is this way...
Tweeny Too Long: Yikes Cat
cease: how is work dealing with you, el?
Principalpoop: will you be staying long? or just for eternity?
boney: George McGovern is 85. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-mcgovern24apr24,1,1800867.story No relation. Unfortunately for me.
Honey Honey: well it's sunny somewhere in the world at any given moment
DJ Fong: maternity?
llanwydd: it reminds me of when I live in Rhode Island. I was in two businesses at once. Fishing and food service. I was also a restaurant manager.
cease: mcgovern was smarter than my parents when he was a fetus.
Tweeny Too Long: Is he running for President?
cease: he'll never decline to their level
Elayne: Very bad, Cat. It was especially horrid today.
Tweeny Too Long: LOL cease
boney: draft McGovern
cease: fish em, fry em and sell em?
Principalpoop: i saw that boney, he rips cheney a new one
cease: a gangster, eh?
cease: yu armenian devil
llanwydd: havent heard much about george lately
boney: Dick been served
cease: i wish you notihing but good days, el
cease: not that tthat does any good
Principalpoop: be strong E
llanwydd: nite Elayne!
boney: Cheney probably will draft McGovern. And everybody else
Principalpoop: i don't think she is going
cease: keep on elling
Principalpoop: unless her stomach is calling again
DJ Fong: She just went i believe
Principalpoop: oops, fast E, fast chat
Tweeny Too Long: You haven't signed up for Cheney's "Oil Defense Program" yet, Boney?
Elayne: Hang on, am I leaving?
boney: Making the world safe for SUVs
Tweeny Too Long: Really rough, losing a parent so suddenly.
DJ Fong: If You're Using Bio-Diesel, the Terrorists have won
Tweeny Too Long: Exactly Boney. mooooooore Hummmmmers!!
Elayne: I'm so confused! I thought I was staying, but if y'all want me to go...
llanwydd: anybody listening to anything cool right now?
cease: the concept of wining an dlosing is irrelant in terrorism
Tweeny Too Long: God no Elayne LOL
cease: no el, sstay. we need your guidance
Principalpoop: the fan on my pc is cooling but not cool
Elayne: I'm listening to my husband play Desktop Tower Defense. I'm a Desktop TD widow...
DJ Fong: Stay thyself fair Elayne
cease: everything is sad. you arent
boney: Pimp my governor. Two of Arnold's Hummers now run on biodiesel
Tweeny Too Long: Roller Maidens - last few cuts
Principalpoop: stay E, these guys confused me
Principalpoop: you need some silliness, where is stones anyway?
Tweeny Too Long: Biodiesel is getting more available around the country. I could drive to Indiana and find stations all along the way
llanwydd: in fact...everything ok
Honey Honey: he said he is recording some firesign theatre podcasts, poop
Elayne: BRB...
Principalpoop: i bet it is cybersex with bubba again
cease: evrything you know is, ok
Tweeny Too Long: Anyone want to pitch in to get E a new stomach?
Principalpoop: get a laptop E, and never be away from chat, like me
cease: i'm sure bubba prefers the fleshy variety
llanwydd: here's the boss!
boney: Then Arnold said he'd to sue the EPA if they didn't chill on clean air standards. "I'll be back"
Tweeny Too Long: Arrrnold is a real character
||||||||| Outside, the 10:30 PM uptown bus from Hellmouth pulls away, leaving doctec coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
DJ Fong: Hey Doc
llanwydd: Hey Doc!
boney: wuzzup Doc
Principalpoop: stones gave me milton berle roasting arnold, or somebody did, it is super
cease: i nver thought i'd say this, but arnie may be the right person to get that kinda shit happening in bushland
cease: hi doc
doctec: good evening all
llanwydd: Hey man, want some pizza, some home made wine and some beasters?
boney: Arnold threatened to sue the EPA
Principalpoop: a stupid step, the bio-diesel hummers, but it is a step in the right direction
Principalpoop: hi doc
Tweeny Too Long: Hey Mr. Technical...
Principalpoop: beasters???
doctec: sorry for my tardiness - was about to get on chat at 10pm when i got a return call from my uncle
H Stones: bio deisel made from corn is a stupid idea i think
Principalpoop: llya or napoleon solo?
doctec: he used to work for nasdaq in trumbull ct, i am going there tomorrow on a job interview
cease: y uthink phil will show up again, as he predicted?
Tweeny Too Long: I had heard that actually California was going against the EPA's _lax_ standards
Principalpoop: you are right stones
Principalpoop: we need that for food, the morons
doctec: i wanted to pick his brains re the company
llanwydd: short for British columbian, princ
cease: tardines? they make bad sandwiches worse
boney: the Daily Show took Pimp My Ride to task
H Stones: once again Chavez is on message like it or not
Principalpoop: ahh those beasties
Principalpoop: afk
cease: stweartt did a number on mccain the other night. a fine sight
Elayne: Sorry about that. Back.
Tweeny Too Long: Poop, if you have time to read a book that's probably at your local library, try "The Long Emergency". It gets pretty seriously into the whole depleting oil business. The future ain't to sweet
Tweeny Too Long: Really sorry about your stomach problems, E
Elayne: So, last Friday was 4/20, and I wrote something silly about mary-hu-wanna, and some pothead actually thought I was doing an anti-drug rant on my blog!
llanwydd: well, in vermont that
DJ Fong: Hokay kidz, time to park the car..later and all that
llanwydd: what they call british columbian
Elayne: I felt like saying, "Look kid, I've probably seen more roaches in my life than a NYC apartment," but I decided it wasn't worth it.
cease: really, el?
cease: bummer
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in at 10:34 PM, dragging Bob D. Caterino by one leg and asks "Can anyone vouch for this Firehead?"
H Stones: Hi Bob
Elayne: Yeah, I'd done some kind of throwaway line about how pot tends to make one, shall we say, mellow and not terribly prone to activism...
cease: sqaures at the square dance
Elayne: And this guy took me waaaay too seriously, so I think I responded by calling him paranoid. :)
Elayne: Hi Bob D!
Honey Honey: hello, bobd
Bob D. Caterino: Hey Stones, Hows Parlament?
llanwydd: good evening bob. how's things?
Tweeny Too Long: Lo dere Bob
doctec: parliament is funkadelic!
H Stones: its a thing of the past i think Bob
Bob D. Caterino: Pot as I remember it was um......a....I cant remember
cease: shelled again? oh, yeltsin is dead now
H Stones: all decisions are now taken by Blair and his cabinet behind closed doors and then rubber stamped by a dumb parliament
H Stones: i think its an imported american system
cease: you thikn libs will lose next election, stones?
Bob D. Caterino: Yeltsin I remember red yeltsin
boney: Yes, you're right, California wants a more aggressive clean air standard than the EPA will allow. My bad. Sorry!
cease: no one thought conservatives would win here but they did and we're all screwed because the left wing fucked up
llanwydd: I was so bowled over when yeltsin died. I kind of liked that guy
H Stones: its hard to say who the Libs are now, the leader of the Right is now furrther left than the leader of the left
cease: bowled over for columbine?
boney: My hand is cold. It's also plastic and inflatable
Elayne: I still can't believe how good Yeltsin looked compared with how Putin's running the country. But I must admit I'm a Gorbachev kinda gal all the way.
Bob D. Caterino: Boney fingers?
cease: kalashnikaf's for kirkuk
Tweeny Too Long: The right is now führer left, Stones?
Elayne: Mr. Gorbachev, tear down Ronnie's hairpiece!
cease: as if that something we could have any power over, el
doctec: gorby rulez
llanwydd: E, no question gorby was a hero
Bob D. Caterino: Gorby was good at hoodwinking the public or for the lack of a better term, Like ronnie was.
cease: my father's father left st petersburg before the czar could draft his sons into the war with japan
cease: gives me a good reason to be an ishikawa
doctec: e: lol!
cease: lol el
Bob D. Caterino: Pen elayne darling how are ya
H Stones: maybe so Tween, the Lib dems are now talking about teaming up with the New Labour because they still think its a party of the left
Bubba's Brain: hey -- back now -- wife needed the computer.
doctec: hey bb
Elayne: I've been better, Bob. Still can't believe my Dad's been killed, still can't believe I don't have a better job, still can't believe my tummy's rumbly... I guess I'm just an unbeliever.
Bob D. Caterino: Is she really Bubba's brain or is it all you Bubba
Tweeny Too Long: So Stones, they are wanting a smaller chip implant?
Tweeny Too Long: wb Bubba
Bubba's Brain: Hey doc.
Elayne: Anyone catch the Dem debate/snoozefest this evening?
Elayne: I couldn't get past the Giant Head of Brian Williams.
Bubba's Brain: All me, Bob?
doctec: e: i have a hard time dealing with not having a job...
Bob D. Caterino: Elayne? Dad?
Tweeny Too Long: Nope E
Elayne: The guy from Alaska was interesting.
Bubba's Brain: Oh... is she my brain? Sometimes i think so.
Bob D. Caterino: i knew it was all you Bubba
doctec: interview with nasdaq tomorrow ... haven't heard from acn yet ... more news as it breaks down (along with my sanity)
Elayne: Uh yeah, Bob, that's why I haven't been around much. Dad died as a result of injuries sustained when an idiot ran a red light and plowed into his car. A little over a month ago.
H Stones: its hard to say what they want next, they dont seem to know, all eyes are turned on what happens in a couple of months when Blair is gone
Honey Honey: good luck, doc!
Bob D. Caterino: Jeeze Elayne, I am so damn sorry
Tweeny Too Long: Best of luck, Doc
doctec: let's put it this way: if no owrk soon, don't know how i'
Bob D. Caterino: Doc doesn't need luck, its in the bag
boney: I'm wallowing in ambiguity
Elayne: Thanks Bob.
doctec: li'll be able to cover mounting bills & (lili's) upcoming mortgage payment
Bubba's Brain: I'm sorry, E. I hadn't heard.
boney: I'm wallowing in ambiguity
H Stones: really Boney, i though you were in Idaho
Bob D. Caterino: I hope the guy is in jail or something
Tweeny Too Long: May fate smile upon you, Doc
boney: and redundancy
Elayne: Thanks Bubba.
Elayne: Not yet, Bob, they're still doing the legal crap...
Bob D. Caterino: Boney, three cent words please.... My brain is no longer the boss
Principalpoop: back, java is king
doctec: thx tween
Bob D. Caterino: Huggs Elayne
llanwydd: whoa, huge thunderbolt just struck
doctec: applet?
boney: Idaho-- you can't say that on talk radio
Elayne: Tx Bob.
Bob D. Caterino: Nappy Idaho?
H Stones: sorry Boney, we have different rules here
boney: happy
Bob D. Caterino: Elaybne anytime.
Tweeny Too Long: lol bone
Bob D. Caterino: Elayne, you too even
llanwydd: nappy?
doctec: i came up with new t-shirt msg: "
Bob D. Caterino: I have been in Ownaho Nebraska but not Nappy Idaho
llanwydd: oh, nappy headed! I remember that quote.
doctec: (front) i tried to be a nappy headed ho ...
boney: champs
doctec: (back) but i couldn't pull off the look
Principalpoop: nipple
Bubba's Brain: Happy Dreaded No.
Elayne: Well, I think I've lost my battle against Mother Nature. I'm going to lie down and hope this queasy tum goes away.
Elayne: Next week, all.
Bob D. Caterino: lol Llan, now Who is Omus??? he just went away.
cease: but yu kept taking a nap?
doctec: nite e
doctec: take care
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:46 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Elayne by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
boney: FST defines a champ as...
Principalpoop: good luck E ciaooo bebe
llanwydd: I have eaten and drunk too fuquin much tonight
cease: by el
Honey Honey: nite el be well n feel better elayne
Bob D. Caterino: Elayne, feel better will ya.
H Stones: good night Elayne
doctec: omus onus oous opus
Principalpoop: sated llan?
cease: too much? interesting concept
Bob D. Caterino: Oh my twice as much Honey tonight.
llanwydd: lol cat
Bob D. Caterino: Pompus, Pampers
Honey Honey follows el cya
||||||||| Honey Honey says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Honey Honey exits at 10:47 PM.
cease: honey?
Principalpoop: pull the curtain fred
llanwydd: honey is a cab, god bless her
Principalpoop: night honey
cease: its the bees and the spiders again
Bob D. Caterino: Hey, what exit?
Bob D. Caterino: She doesn't smell like a cab.
cease: antelope freeway, 1'32nd mile
Principalpoop: stomach I guess, as my papa said, son, its in the water
H Stones: thats why its yellow
boney: no bitchen
doctec: antelope freeway 1/3.14159 mile
Principalpoop: you got it satchel
Bob D. Caterino: Too everyone, I hope I am not offending Honey when I say crap like that
cease: bitchen. i remember being punished at school for saying that in maybe 62, 63. was considered swear word
Principalpoop: she would stay and abuse you bob, it was not your fault
boney: You've done a fine job of offending everyone for decades
cease: mr. mobius, i presume
boney: just about everyone... don't know if you have offended yourself
llanwydd: I've got to order ETYKIW from laugh.com. that's the next thing I'm buying
Bob D. Caterino: Boney, thats only because I am offensive
Principalpoop: a twist of fate
Bob D. Caterino: Mobious Dick
boney: an offensive lineman
boney: one-liners, mostly
Bubba's Brain: Mobius Fidelity?
cease: you harpoon em, we lampoon em
Bob D. Caterino: I cant be offended, ofended? now the damn word sounds made up
boney crashes a symbol
Tweeny Too Long: Take my ball... please...
Bob D. Caterino: Lucy Ball?
boney: Pi, I think it was
doctec: my beta copy of 'case of the missing yolk' got trashed in the flood - i'm guessing it will be available at some point in the anticipated danger box release
Bob D. Caterino: Loosey Balls
Principalpoop: don't be hypothenetical
doctec: i'd rather have it on dvd anyway, tapes are too fragile
Bob D. Caterino: Jeeze Doc, I just saw half of it and thought it was wonderful
Bubba's Brain: Beta... like version .92?
doctec: is being an agnostic pantheist an oxymoron?
Principalpoop: close to the edge just by the river, not far away, not far away
Bob D. Caterino: Thats how Desi says it. Loosy Balls
cease: not necessarily, doc
Bob D. Caterino: I yi yi
doctec: bb: lol - hey i'm a luddite, i still have a functioning sony beta hi-fi deck and a library of rapidly aging tapes
boney: watching the agnostic pantheists run... That's a lyric from Aqualung, isn't it?
Tweeny Too Long: Kewl Poop :-) a YES fan?
boney: hey Aqua Teen
Bob D. Caterino: Who?
Principalpoop: not a fan per se, and yet, i do enjoy that neck of the woods
doctec: brb
Bubba's Brain mines some luddite ore, and smelts it.
Principalpoop: a luddite?
Tweeny Too Long: Close To The Edge live with Wakeman on Yesssongs is great, esp considering it's 1973
Bob D. Caterino: Yes, before them it was ELP then before them it was King Crimson wasnt it?
boney: the story of two homeless animators who were persecuted by a paranoid police state
Principalpoop: and fragile, that is what provoked me
Tweeny Too Long: Really good live recording for its time
Bob D. Caterino: HELP ITS THE POLICE!!!
Tweeny Too Long: ELP another favorite. Also liked Crimson w/Lake
Principalpoop: said the straight man, to the late man, where have you been?
cease: deputy dan will knock you down when you get injured
Bob D. Caterino: They could have knocked on the door, they didnt have to turn on the red light
Tweeny Too Long: It's the _police state_ that's paranoid LOL
cease: rocks, ann?
Bob D. Caterino: I talk to the wind
boney: catherwood throw a few more acetate animation cells into the fire
||||||||| Catherwood rushes over to boney and queries "Did you want something?"
Principalpoop: paranoid, by grand funk railroad
Principalpoop: does the wind hear you bob? all my words are carried away..
Tweeny Too Long: Deputy Dan will help small Chinese children across the street. Run like hell when you see Deputy Dan lol
Tweeny Too Long: White Sabbath?
Bob D. Caterino: I saw Crimson with Bruford drumming
Principalpoop: cool
Bob D. Caterino: Only is a tree falls in the woods, James woods lol
Tweeny Too Long: Wow, Bob :-)
Principalpoop: i would have to check my ticket stubs, I have no actual memories of what concerts I attended
Bob D. Caterino: Fripp played with freaking gloves on
boney: they used to be on the Cartoon Channel, now they're under the overpass with the molesters... trying to stay warm
Bob D. Caterino: white gloves
cease: much better than playing with straight gloves
doctec: back
Principalpoop: wb luddite
Tweeny Too Long: Gloves on both hands?
cease: front. side.
Principalpoop: join the 22 ooops 21 century caveman
Tweeny Too Long: hike!
boney: frankly, they're probably just what the registered sex offenders deserve... and they thought they were gonna have a hot date with Miss America
Bob D. Caterino: yeah and I dont know how that worked.
Bubba's Brain: 21 century and 31 flavors
||||||||| It's 11:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from Globner's disease
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Principalpoop: maybe like tangerine dream, it was all pre-recorded
Bob D. Caterino: Speaking of caveman, I am getting cable next month
boney: they'll have to get it on with Master Shake instead
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and announces "Presenting 'Merlyn', just granted probation at 11:00 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Bob D. Caterino: rabbit ears and get about eleven channels
Principalpoop: wb M
Principalpoop: ice cream sounds good, I have not had ice cream in months
Merlyn: finally outta the can
Tweeny Too Long: Tangerine Dream used pre-recorded material? Millie Vandreamie?
Bob D. Caterino: Merlyn how are you
cease: have movies plugged into your eyes? cut out the middleman
Tweeny Too Long: wb Merl
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
boney: still rustling leaves, Catherwood?
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to boney and queries "Would you like something?"
doctec: poop: re tangerine dream: saw them at avery fisher hall in 1977, they were not pre-recorded.
Bubba's Brain: can can?
cease: create your own revolution and cut out the middleman
Principalpoop: they were not fooling anybody tween, the amount of work to create the music was the show...
cease: the revolution is just a t=shirt away
Bob D. Caterino: Thats one on me, Tangerine dream?
Tweeny Too Long: Catherwood, please give everyone a Tangerine Dream
||||||||| Catherwood hands everyone a tangerine dream.
doctec: it wasn't until the '80s that they started using pre-programmed sequencers extensively, playing live over the sequences.
cease: those 2 lyrics are from what song?
Principalpoop: not all the time, but they have done it
Bubba's Brain: the revolution will not be televised.... it will be blogged.
Principalpoop: hey, whats the word, in duckland burg?
Tweeny Too Long: Playing over sequences is different. That's still live. Emerson used his sequencer on occasion
doctec: (mr. luddite was also a rabid tangerine drteam fan for a long long time - they don't float my boat now like they did then tho)
Bob D. Caterino: blog the revolution NOW
Tweeny Too Long: Probably Bubba LOL
cease: no one knows that tune?
boney: thanks to the cell microprocessor in Playstation 3, bees now live in my head
Bob D. Caterino: what do you get when you put ducks in a box? a box of quackers
Tweeny Too Long: Not with a copy of Reason on your laptop, Doc lol
Principalpoop: jean luc ponti used a recorder on stage, recorded, played and recorded again while playing, he did it several times, he is genius, like alice cooper
cease: like alices restaurant and some funny dylan tunes, it shares with the firesigh theatre a revolution as play sensibility and anthem
doctec: tween: with reason i can run rings around that old analog-sequencer stuff
Tweeny Too Long: A fan of Tonto's Expanding Head Band as well back then I assume, Doc?
cease: ponty is good.
cease: sur lu pont, avignon
Principalpoop: which tune? give me the first 3 notes again
Tweeny Too Long: Sound-on-sound
Bob D. Caterino: I am lost I thought I knew them all
doctec: speaking of dylan ... did anyone here get to hear the "dylan hears a who" stuff?
Tweeny Too Long: Indeed, really like Ponty's albums
Principalpoop: i read that, what nonsense
Bubba's Brain: hears the WHO?
boney: Playstation 3. That's where all the bees went. And I have honey to put in my tea between games
Principalpoop: ponty can fly oh my my
Tweeny Too Long: ARP 2500 sequencer
Bob D. Caterino: The Bees went with the Gees
doctec: tween: yep - my tehb album got hit by the flood, but thankfully i snagged a download of the re-mastered material off the web last summer
H Stones: i heard they went with the cellphones
cease: no, whats that doc?
Bubba's Brain: .... but he's like a ROLLING STONE.
Tweeny Too Long: Baba O Riley: http://www.synthmuseum.com/arp/arp250001.html
boney: telephony baloney
Principalpoop: the microwaves of the cell phones are killing the bees? wow, we will have to decide which we want...
cease: best hadphone testing song i know
doctec: some guy did a dead-on take of what the 60's dylan would have sounded like had he done songs based on dr. seuss books
Bob D. Caterino: Theybsay we will stave in three months if the bees go away. I only eat junk anyway
Tweeny Too Long: That would have bee rofl, Doc
doctec: e didn't take kindly to what they saw as an infringement of copyright and the creator had to pull the site offline
boney: the bees are dying, they're hiding in the cellphones
Principalpoop: the dr seuss bastards shut him down
H Stones: apparently we only get four years if the bees go
Bubba's Brain: on youtube theres a`vid of blueman group doing baba o'reilly.... amazinf
Tweeny Too Long: Honey dripping out of our cellphones?
doctec: with a little digging, however, i found a site with a zip archive of all the dylan hears a who mp3s
Principalpoop: parody motherfuckers, eat my shorts
Bob D. Caterino: tell that to the one that stung me last week. He is dead of course
cease: its the bees and the spiders again.
Tweeny Too Long: SWAT!
boney: I hope the microwaves keep the ants away
Bob D. Caterino: son of a Bee
Principalpoop: not good stones, but I am hoping to get a job as a pollenater
Tweeny Too Long: Don't go in there! You'll get your eye poked out!
Principalpoop: if the girls let me
Bob D. Caterino: Theres bees and spiders
doctec: i can make the dylan hears a who material available to anyone here that wants it - just contact me directly or through my email form (via http://doctechnical.com)
Tweeny Too Long: I can see the movie now.... "American Pollenator"
Bob D. Caterino: wait until your father gets homeeeee
boney: so the bees go from the cellphone directly into my ear
H Stones: i bet fongs already got all the rights
Bubba's Brain: signing off now....getting late
Merlyn: see ya BB
doctec: nite bb
Bubba's Brain: ttfn, etc
Principalpoop: night bubba
H Stones: gnite BB
boney: I'm getting old
DJ Fong: Back
Tweeny Too Long: Along with the voices telling you to buy Enron stock, boney?
||||||||| Bubba's Brain leaves at 11:09 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Tweeny Too Long: Bye Bubba...
Bob D. Caterino: They, whoever they are, are always wrong. You just cant kill off something that has been around for billions of years. What about the bee's knees?
Principalpoop: not old, just a little boring boney, work on it
cease: getting old and being old are different things
DJ Fong: Night Bubba
cease: bub
DJ Fong: Hi BobD
Bob D. Caterino: How old boney if I may ask?
Principalpoop: get the vibrating control pad hehe
boney: bee girls don't make bad investments
Principalpoop: i won't get the job as pollenator?
DJ Fong: I'll take two
Bob D. Caterino: DJ, dude, whats up
H Stones: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/04/16/nbees16.xml
DJ Fong: Dow Jones
doctec: cellphones blamed for bee die-off - http://news.independent.co.uk/environment/wildlife/article2449968.ece
boney: Ben Bland, poop
Principalpoop: sorry only 1 per customer
H Stones: lol
Bob D. Caterino: They are dropping like flies
doctec: lol (bzzzzzzzzz..........)
H Stones: i hear a buzzing noise
boney: the microwaves don't kill flies? Ron Popeil will be so disappointed
H Stones: are these guys friends of yours PP ?
DJ Fong: We mist outfit the bees with little sound blockers
Tweeny Too Long: It's your phone being tapped, Stones
Principalpoop: which guys? huh?
Bob D. Caterino: Mine is
doctec: stones: not for much longer if cell[phone xmission frequencies continue to screw with bees' sense of direction
DJ Fong: He's got a bee line?
Bob D. Caterino: Tommy Tune is taping the line
cease: just put on guaraldi's xmas album
Tweeny Too Long: To 10 Downing Street
Tweeny Too Long: lol Bob
cease: no bees= no humans in 4 years
Bob D. Caterino: Two bees or not two bees,
cease: quoth einstein
||||||||| 11:13 PM -- boney left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
doctec: #10 upping street (big audio dynamite - yeah!)
Principalpoop: i think the microwaves are cooking the bees, the microwaves cook things in my oven
Tweeny Too Long: The Mayor of NYC, Cat? Didn't know he made one...
cease: lucy and linus sure is a good tune
H Stones: no humans in 10 Downing street for the last ten years
Tweeny Too Long: LOL
doctec: can a bee be said to be or not to be an entire bee - when half the bee is not a bee due to some ancient injurry?
cease: remastered et al, maybe not the best of ideas
Bob D. Caterino: ha ha ha he he he its
Principalpoop: i don't have a cell phone, don't blame me
Tweeny Too Long: The Bionic Prime Minister
H Stones: the problem is with navigation, they leave the hives and then cannot find their way back, reminds me of Iraq for some reason
cease: im so used to the 65 version, this one seems discordant
Tweeny Too Long: They've cloned Maggie Thatcher as well, I assume...
cease: lol stones
doctec: stones: lol!
Principalpoop: ahh, that is more flower child global warming nonsense, we control the earth and everything on it hahahah cough cough
H Stones: i think they welded Thatcher Tween
Bob D. Caterino: Nick Danger wroite "So, if Bees make Honey then maybe Sanchez is staying away because of all the cell phones.? and... how do I make my nose do this?"
Tweeny Too Long: Liked how you guys pulled troops out of Iraq. Then sent them to Afghanistan...
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 11:16 PM and llanwydd sashays out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
llanwydd: was I gone?
Principalpoop: wb llan, nice grape
doctec: they come - they go
Tweeny Too Long: wb LL
Principalpoop: way gone man, far out
Bob D. Caterino: Yeah Ll, look you haare holding a grape
DJ Fong: like ginchy
Bob D. Caterino: wow, here come the typo's
doctec: well i've got an important interview coming up tomorrow, i think i'm gonna call it a night
llanwydd: ever taste these thousand year old grapes?
Principalpoop: we have come from the 11th hundredth, 12th hundred quadrant, of what you call, The Sky
H Stones: not heard the Typos play in ages
DJ Fong: Good luck tomorrow Doc
DJ Fong: and best to Lili
Principalpoop: yes good luck doc
Bob D. Caterino: Doc, dont sweat it you got it in the bag dude
H Stones: dont look at me, i never called it the sky
doctec: if you all have any good vibes to spare, please send them in the direction of trumbull ct tomorrow at 12:30pm edt - thanks in advance!
llanwydd: nite doc
DJ Fong: Are those your *bags* Sir??
doctec: catch y'all on the flip side
Principalpoop: sir, is it?
Bob D. Caterino: Doc, you want it I should threaten them? huh?
Tweeny Too Long: Will be wearing my magnifying tinfoil hat, Doc
H Stones: ok take care Doc
doctec: ttfn ttyl etc ... & nytol (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
||||||||| "Hey doctec!" ... doctec turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:18 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Principalpoop: give me their email address, I will straighten those guys out
Bob D. Caterino: Poop and I will pay them a little visit
Bob D. Caterino: via the web
Principalpoop: just a word to the wise? kapish?
llanwydd: well, it's getting late and I'm passing out. I will check in again in about 150 hours.
DJ Fong: Make them an offer they'll have a hard time resisting
cease: by doc
Bob D. Caterino: Webby Dick the straight shooter
cease: ok llan
Bob D. Caterino: I kapish
DJ Fong: Night llan
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Merlyn - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Principalpoop: sleep well in your wine and pizza bliss
Principalpoop: M going too
||||||||| Catherwood leads Merlyn into the room, accepts an I.O.U. as a gratuity, mumbles something about 11:20 PM, then departs.
DJ Fong: night poop
Merlyn: I didn't know I was dead
DJ Fong: Merlyn makes a quick recovery
H Stones: good night Poop
Principalpoop: the bus going? night fong
Bob D. Caterino: do, doc, doctor I can remember, remember thats it, Dr Memory
Merlyn: for tax reasons I think
cease: what a perfect combination
Principalpoop: i am not going
Principalpoop: you can't make me hahahaha
H Stones: wb poop
Principalpoop: who's got my back?
DJ Fong: poop: Thought you were leaving
Tweeny Too Long: Hello, I must be going....
Principalpoop: no no no
Merlyn: I can't make you "hahaha" because comedy is hard
DJ Fong: G'bye and open de door richard
Bob D. Caterino: Abbott: Those people at the IRS are taxing my nerves.
Tweeny Too Long: No, he was _leafing_... it's springtime
Bob D. Caterino: Costello: Can they do that Abbott?
cease: so thats why women like it, merl
Principalpoop: you make me laugh often M, like jack benny just say "well"
DJ Fong: Sing Dennis
Bob D. Caterino: Oh Poop, How much does Napoleon want for Louisanna?
Merlyn: "well"
Principalpoop: LOOOL
DJ Fong: Oh DOnn
Bob D. Caterino: Well,
Principalpoop: after katrina we can get it on sale
Merlyn: does joesphine know about louise & anna?
cease: oh rochester. where's my roach
Merlyn: I smoked it, boss
Bob D. Caterino: Remember when you ran away?
DJ Fong: I used it to start the Maxwell Mistuh Benny
Bob D. Caterino: Yesssssss Boisssss, right away Mr Benny
Principalpoop: turned around and I was standing next to you
cease: listeining to guaraldi tune Christmas is Coming
cease: That's about as good as music is gonna get
Bob D. Caterino: You guys are asswipes, now I am reading with all the voices in my head. jeeze better then radio thanks guys
Principalpoop: i am an infidel, I thought guarldi was a chocolate
DJ Fong: No he's a Mexican
cease: a long dead piano player. maybe he's been reborn as a chocolate now
Bob D. Caterino: You all remember there comming to take me away
Merlyn: mexican hot chocolate
Principalpoop: they drink the water, and ahh nevermind
Bob D. Caterino: ha ha
DJ Fong: Bob: It's in my PDA
Principalpoop: ho ho ha ha he he
Bob D. Caterino: downloaded something by the guy called My split level head
DJ Fong: 11:45 Bob D is taken away
Tweeny Too Long: THose nice young men in their clean white suits....
Principalpoop: that was about the time as the car crash song, that was horrible
Merlyn: I've heard split level head
Bob D. Caterino: So, why did the frenchman throw a handgernade in his kitchen?
Bob D. Caterino: He wanted to see lanolium blown apart
DJ Fong: The fish was bad
cease: what was that flick about the man in the hwite suit, alec guiness?
cease: that was impervious to dirt
cease: spider robinson called it the only true science fiction flick
Principalpoop: guiness is a beer, silly
Merlyn: yes, that was it
Tweeny Too Long: Which car crash song? There were several
Bob D. Caterino: Joe Dirt?
Merlyn: couldn't dye it either, that's why it was white
Bob D. Caterino: He wasnt stout though
Principalpoop: with the sirens, i think she was trapped in the car, I don't recall
Merlyn: he was dry though
Tweeny Too Long: Alec Guiness is quite a stout fellow
cease: i saw it so long ago i barely remember it
Principalpoop: i am not thinking of the carroll county incident
Bob D. Caterino: Ale Guiness
cease: but it was good
Bob D. Caterino: c
Tweeny Too Long: Oh where, oh where, can my baby be? That's "Last Date"
cease: youre a white man, youve got to help us
Principalpoop: that sounds dreadful, that is probably it
Tweeny Too Long: LOL
||||||||| It's 11:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
DJ Fong: Got any oil?
Tweeny Too Long: Certified Cawcajun
Bob D. Caterino: Ll is yellow
cease: still got some corn
Bob D. Caterino: now we can make tortillas
DJ Fong: Now we can make Bio-Diesel
Bob D. Caterino: whiskey,
Bob D. Caterino: maybe even corn
Principalpoop: lets invite in a lot of foreigners and make cars
DJ Fong: and invite over a bunch of europeans who'l make cars
Principalpoop: i love it haha
Principalpoop: afk
Tweeny Too Long: It'll be Chinese in a couple of years
DJ Fong: Synergy = The great Spirit
Bob D. Caterino: Poop, I am working at BMW now, that is so fu^%&ng true
Tweeny Too Long: Synergy = great Larry Fast recording
DJ Fong: Fast recording = 78?
Bob D. Caterino: Why dont you go find Penn and tell her
Merlyn: I have an astronomical proof that my radio show Shockwave has been on at least 248 years
DJ Fong: Gregorian, Julian?
Tweeny Too Long: Friend of Wakeman, Dex. Made Wakeman a custome mixer so Wakeman helped with the album
Merlyn: the year it started in 1979, Pluto came inside Neptune's orbit, so Neptune was the outermost planet for the next 20 years
cease: the car company?
Tweeny Too Long: Serious Moog & Mellotron multitracked
Bob D. Caterino: What about Goophey?
cease: spirit, great ol la band.
Merlyn: The next time Neptune would be the outermost planet would be one orbit from 1979 - which is 248 years
Merlyn: But ask any astronomer NOW which planet is outermost, and it's Neptune!
Tweeny Too Long: Really, Merly? Hadn't heard that...
Tweeny Too Long: Indeed, cease
Bob D. Caterino: I had The beatlkes done in all moog
Merlyn: So we've been on at least 248 years
cease: 248, 6, what can we afford to fix?
DJ Fong: Woo: That
DJ Fong: longer than anyone's been on beofre
Bob D. Caterino: Then we better not shoot for the moon anymore
Merlyn: (one orbit of Pluto, that is)
Tweeny Too Long: The Beatles used the MiniMoog quite effectively on Abbey Road
Merlyn: we predate Marconi!
DJ Fong: Older than pasta
Tweeny Too Long: You had a sister back then?
H Stones: ;
DJ Fong: More al dente than a petrified cheeselog
cease: the beatles used a lot of things effectivley
Bob D. Caterino: I knew Al Dente and trust me Marconi you are no Al dente
DJ Fong: and yoko used them...Kharma friends
Tweeny Too Long: Geroge Martin was (is) a freakin' genius in the recording studio
Bob D. Caterino: The key is was
Tweeny Too Long: Al Bradshaw, maybe...
cease: has everyone here seen Sullivan's travels? if not, please rent
DJ Fong: He makes good guitars too
DJ Fong: I like the one in the key of D
Bob D. Caterino: Yeah I used to have a George Guitar
cease: not for nothing does austin proclaim sturges his fave director, and ossman name his son after him
DJ Fong: Was it real Goerge
Tweeny Too Long: Whaaaa?
Merlyn: rent my garment? "oooh, I haven't seen Sullivan's Travels!" rriiiiiip
Tweeny Too Long: I've made a note, Cat
Bob D. Caterino: Yeah everytime I played I got an ovation
cease: it was the only sturges i'd seen before, but that was in 72. it was made in 42 i think?
cease: that weird forties music, too heavy on the violins
cease: but aside from that, great dialogue, photography, veronica lake etc
Bob D. Caterino: yeah that 40's stuff always fighting
cease: yet naother firesign ref
cease: from Giant Rat
Bob D. Caterino: Veronica Lackshore? og yeah, only had half a face
DJ Fong: I saw Betty and Veronica down at johnny Fresno's Pink Motel Nightclub
DJ Fong: Knocking around some pinko ladies
Bob D. Caterino: lakeshore jeeze loosing battle with my mind
Bob D. Caterino: I heard that burnt down
DJ Fong: She shore lacked somethin'
Principalpoop: ,,,
cease: a sublime flick
Bob D. Caterino: in obvious pun I have to =place my bid in
Bob D. Caterino: I bid, you all a fond ado
cease: for all its datedness, it transcends its era. like casablanca, citizen kain, others of that era
DJ Fong: Sold to Bob D Caterino
cease: by bob
Merlyn: I bid too bob
Merlyn: or maybe it's two bob
Principalpoop: night bob, sorry, I cannot mutlitask
Bob D. Caterino: do I hear three?
DJ Fong: Bob's me uncle, you can't bid him
cease: bobing and weaving?
DJ Fong: Bob my hare
Bob D. Caterino: I am living in the freaking south now so it is Uncca Bob
DJ Fong: Don't throw yourself in the briar patch Bob
Bob D. Caterino: fighting off all the bad people here but always in their church on sunday which as you all know whipes off the dirt from the week.
cease: and no unkcak pharoah to anyboyd
Tweeny Too Long: South NYC? The Bronx?
Bob D. Caterino: Greenville South Carolina
DJ Fong: Tweeny: "The Bronx is up and the Batteries down
cease: occasaionaly i'm driving around somewhere on sunday morningf
Tweeny Too Long: Man, does Nino have you wrong
cease: and i see all thjese peopoe coming out of buildings
cease: which i then observe as churches
Tweeny Too Long: Whatever DJ lol
cease: its like watching ufos land
Bob D. Caterino: home of Bob Jones Univercity, still cant understand these slow silly dumb asses
cease: new yorkk its a wondrfvul town
DJ Fong: Well Dear Firends, see you all next week
Tweeny Too Long: Do you get out to the barrier islands, Bob? I hear they're gorgeous
H Stones: OK Fong take care and have a good week
Bob D. Caterino: I used to be where he said. Nino is just remembering me from before
Tweeny Too Long: I feel for ya, Bob lol
DJ Fong: Tweeny you cant get there 'cause of the barriers
Tweeny Too Long: Good Bye Dexter
Merlyn: wow, past future predictions
cease: keep on fonging
||||||||| DJ Fong rushes off, saying "11:46 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Tweeny Too Long: Yeah, but they've dressed them up real nice and Christian and all...
Merlyn: I'm cutting out (again) too
H Stones: i must be going too now folks, have a good week all, am on Skype if anyone cares to drop by
Bob D. Caterino: This bible belt needs more holes in the belt
Tweeny Too Long: Sounds like the train's leaving. Happy and healthy to everybody... Until last time, again...
Merlyn: toot toot
Tweeny Too Long: lol Bob
Bob D. Caterino: Did you hear about the gathering? decon E L mouse is in the house
||||||||| Tweeny Too Long departs at 11:47 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
cease: off we fly
Merlyn shuffles off to buffle-O
||||||||| Around 11:47 PM, Merlyn walks off into the sunset...
Bob D. Caterino: I got the shuffles there once too
||||||||| "11:48 PM? I'm late!" exclaims cease, who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the garden.
||||||||| "11:50 PM? I'm late!" exclaims H Stones, who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the bushes.
Bob D. Caterino: So Poopster, where are all the gurls at
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and snorts derisively "Presenting 'lust', just granted probation at 11:56 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Principalpoop: back
Principalpoop: ahh lust and bob
Principalpoop: just back to say good night, have a super week
Principalpoop: ciaooo
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:58 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Principalpoop by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| lust - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Bob D. Caterino - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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Bob D. Caterino
Bubba's Brain
DJ Fong
H Stones
Honey Honey
Tweeny Too Long
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