A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for November 29, 2007 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:04 AM and Firebroiled bounds out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Firebroiled: “It comes in, it must go out.”
Teslacle’s Deviant to Fudd’s Law.

So, with the invention of the Motor Operated Pushover,
Man and Science gave birth to life here,
today, in the future!

Man, woman, child!
All is up against the Wall of Science!

||||||||| At 9:04 AM, Firebroiled hurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 6:46 PM, dragging ah,clem by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this Firehead?"
||||||||| It's 7:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Outside, the 7:06 PM bus from Billville pulls away, leaving ah,clem coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
||||||||| It's 7:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 7:56 PM, dragging ah,clem by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this web surfer?"
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 8 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| It's 8:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| 8:15 PM: ah,clem jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past half hour!"
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Mudhead', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 8:24 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Mudhead: anything
||||||||| It's 8:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| 8:36 PM: ah,clem jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past half hour!"
Mudhead: Velcomin
Mudhead: How abouy now?
||||||||| "8:48 PM? 8:48 PM!!" says Catherwood, "WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny? should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny? enters and sits at the bar.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: I'm tiiired...
Mudhead: and you can still do a show?
Mudhead: on dialup?
||||||||| It's 8:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: lol
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Tor Hershman close behind, mutters something about disrupting his 8:52 PM tree-stunting plans, and hurries off to the sitting room.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Hey Tor
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Mud & Would
Tor Hershman: Hey! Where's the show link?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Christ, Marx, Wood and Wei brought us to this perfect day...
Mudhead: our esteemed colleauge ah,clem
Mudhead: is having unfortunate technological difficultys
Tor Hershman: Crap!
Mudhead: here?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: What, the string between the can broke? lol
Mudhead: please let the folks know I will be doing a show (hopefully) but cannot set the announcement, as my browser beeing a pain, and no time to fix
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Amazing what he does with dial-up.
Tor Hershman: BTW: I should point-out that moi's conversion to being a Lactarian was brought about by the wisest organ in my body, my liver.
Tor Hershman: Thnks, Mud
Tor Hershman: thanks
Mudhead: if Merlyn visits perhaps he can fix the link
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Don't thank me, thank UNI
Tor Hershman: Thanks UNI
Mudhead: is the link to the show
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: You know Ira Levin, Tor?
Tor Hershman: No, Would
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny? has a bit of an attitude this evening ;-)
Tor Hershman: Iz you levin?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: www.kurtericson.com
Tor Hershman: Speakin' of attitudes, howz 'bout some Vampira till the show gos?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Rosemary's Baby, This Perfect Day - Ira Levin
Tor Hershman: CRAP, wrond URL duhhhhhhhhh
Mudhead: http://www.switched.com/2007/11/29/exploding-cell-phone-battery-causes-another-death/?ncid=NWS00010000000001
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Supposedly influenced ELP's KarnEvil 9
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, November 29, 2007 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Mudhead: exploding cell phone
Tor Hershman: http://www.vampirasattic.com/ There, Vampira
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Yeah, heard about that
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Not what you want in a cell phone
||||||||| Merlyn sneaks in around 9:02 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last night's "unpleasant incident."
Mudhead: Hi Merlyn
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Merl
Mudhead: ah,clem is havin probs talkin tonight
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Have graphics turned off, sorry.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Hey Merl
Tor Hershman: Mud told us
||||||||| Catherwood enters with cease close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 9:03 PM tree-stunting plans, and hurries off to the vestibule.
Merlyn: hey tor tween
Merlyn: mud cat
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Cease
cease: hi gang
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Evenin' Canook person :-)
Mudhead: hi cat
cease: no nukes here
Mudhead: nikes?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: I will lay you odds that's a Crumar
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Boney in through the front door at 9:05 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
cease: my old mag is now in the shoe biz. black spot sneakers
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Boney
Mudhead CNI: "a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" at about 9 eastern, Dear Friends,
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Hey Cal
Boney: cease, Merlyn, Mudhead, Tor, Tween
cease: thats better than 9 pacific
Boney: specific
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Ah, the see of piece
cease: did you see krasner's piece about striking hufpo, tween?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: URL?
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and intones "Presenting 'Elayne', just granted probation at 9:07 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Merlyn: oh sure
cease: he's been sending me stuff the last couple of days. i dont know if its to everybody or what
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Hey E
Boney: Elayne
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Elayne
||||||||| 9:08 PM: principalpoop jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: 'A few minutes with Firesign Theatre'
cease: it was email, tween. i thought it would be on huffpo but didnt see it there
Elayne: Evenin' all! Well, this Sunday marks seven years since many of us last got together to watch Firesign, and 50 years since, erm, since I was born.
cease: hey el
cease: how's job search going?
Boney: principal
principalpoop: hi hi hi
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Everybody stop throwing spitballs...
Merlyn: I've been 50 a few months now
Elayne: Very well, Cat, except my old job keeps pulling me back. Three more days of severance-agreement-mandated work there.
cease: happy bday el
||||||||| Catherwood enters with professorllanwyddriefenwisen close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 9:08 PM tree-stunting plans, and scurries off to the vestibule.
cease: 7 years since what?
Elayne: And here's an interesting wrinkle -- my successor was just fired.
Tor Hershman: Shows on
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : TGIT
Boney: professor
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Evenin' Welsh person
principalpoop: llan is elongated tonight
Mudhead: hi Boney, Elayne, llan, and pp
Tor Hershman: @ least
Elayne: Cat, 7 years since Weirdly Cool was shown on PBS and lots of folks gathered at my place to watch it.
Merlyn: so that means I precede the space age, and you postdate it
Tor Hershman: Oh
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Quite, prof :-)
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : dedicated surrealist here
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Prof.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: I didn't like Werdly Cool at first. Grows on you
Mudhead: Happy Bday Elayne
cease: like gangrene, tween?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: lol
Tor Hershman: I t'were greatly impressed with Weirdly Cool
principalpoop: sir real, wasn't he engaged to lady fantasy?
Elayne: Kurt, I think you and others were more amused at times by my friend Leah (may she rest in peace) falling asleep from the funny cigarrettes. :)
Elayne: Thanks Mudhead!
principalpoop: another year, ahh like fine vine...
principalpoop: wine, from the vine
cease: sounds like procberg
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Prin
Elayne: The woman who interviewed me today for a cool job at www.tanenbaum.org agreed with me that 50 is the new 30 (she's around 60).
principalpoop: ciao tor
principalpoop: no, i am 50 and I almost remember 30 hehe
cease: if thats true, dex is still older than me, el
Elayne: It was a very, very long interview, around 2 hours in total, so I have high hopes for this one.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Did they come with fighting clowns, Elayne?
cease: best of luck, el
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : tanenbaum? you sell christmas trees?
principalpoop: nice
principalpoop: i thought they had a hotel...
Elayne: Llan, click on the link, you'll see what they're all about. Very neat non-profit place.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Click click player...
Elayne: Cat, Dex is older than us all. :) :)
Tor Hershman: Moi 'tis 55
principalpoop: Fong is older than dirt
cease: older than the firesigns. and that's saying something
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Welcome to the Firesign/AARP fan club lol
principalpoop: i didn't know that
cease: but he seems much younger
Elayne: They're a "non-sectarian not-for-profit working in religiously diverse workplaces, schools and areas of armed conflict."
principalpoop: SPEAK UP, whippersnappers
Elayne: Hey you! Get off my lawn! (Oh wait, I don't have a lawn...)
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I'm probably the youngest of the regulars here except for dave and katie
cease: my experience working for non-profits was not, shall we say, lucrative
Elayne: You're definitely one of the young'uns, Llan.
Elayne: Cat, if they meet my salary requirement that's all I care about.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Well, you can put a lawn jockey anywhere, E ;-)
cease: i hope you get a job you enjoy and enough salary to enjoy it properly
Elayne: They're in midtown Manhattan right across the street from Penn Station, I'd say they probably have enough money to pay me what I'm worth.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: But what about the carrots and onions?
Elayne: Me too, Cat. It would be nice to WANT to come to work every day again, I vaguely remember what that's like.
Boney: A lawn jockey is a deejay on grass?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Haven't been in NYC since he mid-70s
cease: i always enjoyed teaching. i just didn't enjoy getting up
Elayne: I haven't worked in NYC since '04.
principalpoop: That W word again, shivers
Elayne: Oh, if I take public transit in I can sleep on the bus or subway. :)
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Wolfman? On the front lawn?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Holding a ring?
cease: hey el, do you still listen to air america? does anybody?
Elayne: Not me, Cat.
Elayne: They were playing musical radio stations here in NYC for awhile and I just lost track of where they were.
cease: thats what i was afraid of
principalpoop: i tried to listen to something on it, I got the commercials half hour
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: I hate the fact that they need a custom player
Tor Hershman: I oft time play at the Randi Rhodes arcade but I don't listen
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Stupid
Elayne: Besides, for me the bloom was off the rose when they fired Marc Maron from doing the morning show.
Boney: When you turn into a wolfman, you ruin it for the rest of us, Cheney
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Randi's one of the only reasons I'd listen
cease: i never heard that but i listened to religiously to his evening show
Merlyn: I listen to bill press on the way to work sometimes
principalpoop: lon lon lon
cease: nd was rewarded by hearing proctor on it
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Bubba's Brain close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 9:18 PM tree-stunting plans, and scurries off to the sitting room.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Hey Bubba
Bubba's Brain: hey all
Boney: Bubba
cease: anyway, i'm going on their cruise to mexico next feb
principalpoop: hi BB
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Who you callin' a chain-knee?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : hey bub!
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Bub
cease: i hope to have many a drink with randi, and my fave, rachel maddow
principalpoop: any relation to jane meadows?
cease: maybe paul krugman can give me some good economic advice
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Double date, Cat?
Elayne: Hey Bubba!
cease: hi bub
Tor Hershman: I like to know why her arcades Mini Pool game's #1 score is higher than can be gotten.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Oops, ix-nay on the ate day....
Tor Hershman: arcade's
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Iefwe
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : what's playing on cni tonight?
Tor Hershman: Higher without a cyber glich
Tor Hershman: Oh, it must be a glich
cease: arcade fire. montreal band. i here they're popular in nyc
principalpoop: live, it's alive
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: What This Country Needs
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: or thereabouts ;-)
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I have that one. I'll go put it on
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: I hear Van is the most expensive place to live in CN, like Marin County Cal
principalpoop: putting on the dog eh?
cease: yes, a very poor city to be poor in
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: roof!
Tor Hershman: Oh, allow moi to restate that moi's conversion into a Lactarian 'twas brought about by my body's wisest organ, my liver.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Mister Liverface, you're a butcher...
Tor Hershman: Moi's brain still wouldn't mind *chuckle* a hamburger.
cease: i'm not dead yet, so i guess my liver still lives
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Where's the cat, dear?
Tor Hershman: Mine is MOST happy with the MUCH less fat intake, MUCHLY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: You can't fit if you're fat, and that's all...
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : tween I remember that "you're a butcher" line from when I saw FST live but I have never heard it on any recording
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : what recording was released which has mr. liverface on it?
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Live in London
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : or did you see the show too?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : Live in London! that's one I missed!
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Oh, yea
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Stones bought me a ticket
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : it's amazing how much of that show I can remember and it was in 1981
principalpoop: 1981? when was that?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : ...They're hangin' on hooks from the grocery wall!
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: My Dad gave me a ronny ray-gun wrist watch for Cristmas!
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : and mrs presky hit mr. liverface with her purse
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: lol prof
cease: ah clem not chatting tonight?
Tor Hershman: The Strategically Dead Icon - SDI RayGoon
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I wrote a mini-review of that show at bobsbrazerkolounge at Yahoo and somehow it ended up in the album reviews at firesigntheatre.com
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Tec nal prob ems
principalpoop: he got cni up, ah clem is the man
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : ...nical difficu....
Merlyn: Hey llan, I put together all the reviews on the albums page
Merlyn: I took some from odd locations
Merlyn: I still like the "Dear Friends" review
principalpoop: yesmyspacebarbreakssometimestoo
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : you put that there, Merl? that's cool.
cease: merl, do you know if there has been any more discussion with anyone about firesign on air america?
Elayne: Sorry, fading again (in more ways than one)...
principalpoop: my pillow is become shrill also
Bubba's Brain: Still here.... was on side conversation.
Merlyn: haven't heard anything, cat
principalpoop: becoming, extentesially
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Well, take it out of your pants, Poop
principalpoop: give me some of your fries BB
cease: proc mentioned his fondness for thom hartmann's show in one of the planets and hartmann does refer to them a lot
principalpoop: being and becoming, i read that somewhere, sometime
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: So how's Hoosierland, Buba?
cease: i'll bring it up when i meet the air americans next feb
Bubba's Brain: Sorry, no side of fries. Chips.
principalpoop: what kind of chips?
Bubba's Brain: Cold, Tween.
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : chocolate
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Air Am? Cool Cat :-)
Bubba's Brain: Buffalo, pp.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Yeah, heard that. Good place for a wood stove.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Used to live on Salt Creek Road in Nashville
principalpoop: i am not hungry, I have not eaten for days, i will munch on a buffalo chip
Bubba's Brain: I was over in Nashville the other day, Tween.
cease: mayb e you're dead, poop
principalpoop: roanoke was formerly known as Salt Lick
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Won't you have to take your teeth from the glass by the bedside, Poop?
principalpoop: ahh, that explains the smell, thanks
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Not Salt Lick
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Near RT46
principalpoop: no more teeth, I gnaw with my gums
principalpoop: they changed all the route numbers, not a clue
Bubba's Brain: Not quite sure where Salt Creek Rd is, Tween.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny? will not make a bad sexist joke
||||||||| Catherwood leads Dexter Fong into the room, accepts a wooden nickel as a gratuity, grumbles something about 9:36 PM, then departs.
Tor Hershman: Prin, you should listen to moi's "All I Want For Xmas Is My Two Front Teeth."
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : hey dex!
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: On the way to Columbus, just outside Nashville
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Dex, from moi.
WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny?: Dexter
Dexter Fong: Hi Folks
Elayne: Heya Unca Dex@!
cease: hey dex
principalpoop: i used to sing that song, and i was missing my 2 front teeth
Dexter Fong: Unca Dex@??
||||||||| 9:37 PM -- WouldYouLikeToPlayATweeny? left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| 9:37 PM: InflatableTweeny jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past hour!"
principalpoop: uh-oh cheese it, the fong
Tor Hershman: TTFN, Would
Elayne: Dex, I was around your area today, maybe a dozen blocks south, but I had a very long interview and was too wiped from it to give you a call.
Dexter Fong: Unca Dex@??
Elayne: Yeah, sue me, I hit the @ key. :)
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Inflat
principalpoop: huh tor
Tor Hershman: What, Prin?
InflatableTweeny: I sold my house for thisss???? LOL
principalpoop: let me contact my lawyer, art holeflaper junior...
Elayne: Maybe we can lunch next week. I owe Midtown Comics a visit, and I want to be in the area for the grand birthday/anniversary celebration (postponed until after Robin's deadline on Wednesday).
cease: dex@drine?
principalpoop: i asked first, don't play smart with me wise guy
Dexter Fong: First the greetings: Hi Bubba, Cat, Elayne, Tween, poop, llan, TOR and Moi, Merlyn boney and Mudhead
InflatableTweeny: Good trade (see Dances with Wolves)
Bubba's Brain: Near Gnaw Bone, Tween?
Merlyn: hi dex
||||||||| Catherwood says "9:39 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Dexter Fong by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 9:39 PM, dragging Dexter Fong by one leg and asks "Can anyone vouch for this yo-yo?"
principalpoop: Left Gnaw Bone, or Right?
Dexter Fong: Duh
Bubba's Brain: Dey, Hex, er um, Hey Dex.
Dexter Fong: What a smooth move
InflatableTweeny: Not near Fruit, Dale
principalpoop: don't play with the door master fong
Bubba's Brain: in the out door?
principalpoop: hi teach
principalpoop: hi pupi
InflatableTweeny: New Sate of Mud?
principalpoop: knew state of mine
InflatableTweeny is a real fan of Zeppelin
InflatableTweeny: They asked me to mix country. Grid knows why. Met some good people.
Dexter Fong: Back after adjusting settings
||||||||| Around 9:42 PM, Dexter Fong walks off into the sunset...
principalpoop: there was a book, in the out door, a modern teacher with modern students in a modern high school circa 1970s
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and announces "Presenting 'Dexter Fong', just granted probation at 9:42 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Dexter Fong: All settings set
principalpoop: wb fong
principalpoop: when the levee breaks is inda sorta country
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : fghjkl;
cease: i'm watching the 3rd disc of that, poop
InflatableTweeny: John Bonham :-)
cease: beautiful photography but really depressing
InflatableTweeny: Hydraulic heads on my '66 Ludwig Jazz kit
InflatableTweeny: brb
Elayne: I'm wiped (no surprise considering what's been going on with my old job jerking me around), I'm headed out for the day.
Tor Hershman: Yummy peas
principalpoop: i need to watch news somewhere, i am out of it, i hate google news since they associated with fasicst fox
Elayne: Better news next week, I'm sure, when I'm in the clear and I've cleared 50 years old.
cease: ok el, keep em flying
principalpoop: best of luck
Elayne: Only three days till the half-century mark - yipes! Bye all!
Tor Hershman: TTFN, El
||||||||| "9:45 PM? I'm late!" exclaims Elayne, who then runs out through the french doors and down through the brambles.
principalpoop: i will crash too, ciaoo
||||||||| At 9:46 PM, principalpoop vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Tor Hershman: TTFN, Prin
cease: off you poop
Dexter Fong: They're dropping like foul balls
InflatableTweeny: Clem!!
Dexter Fong: Where??
cease: or else fading away
cease: the clem voice
Dexter Fong: Clem!!!
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I've been a little too engrossed in "What This Country Needs" to keep up with the chat
Tor Hershman: Clem rules
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : maybe I should be listening to music
Dexter Fong: Clem, it's censorshop
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : but then again
InflatableTweeny: Caution: Do Not Do This At Home
Tor Hershman: Hi, Clem
||||||||| It's 9:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Mudhead - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| 9:50 PM: Honey jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past five minutes!"
Tor Hershman: TTFN, Mud
Honey : Hola!
Dexter Fong: Honey!!! How sweet!!
cease: hi hon
Tor Hershman: Gad, moi 'tis feeling MUCH less horrible
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Hon
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood announces: "9:50 PM and late as usual, it's H. Stones, just back from Elmertown."
||||||||| Catherwood escorts ah,clem into the room, accepts a wooden nickel as a gratuity, mutters something about 9:51 PM, then departs.
Merlyn: hey honey, clem
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, H.
Dexter Fong: Hi "aitch"
cease: keep on rolling, stones
H. Stones: Greetings
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : Hey Stones and ah
cease: this is one of my fave firesign bits
Dexter Fong: Hi Clem
InflatableTweeny: Hey NM, UK :-)
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Merl
H. Stones: i see you are going for the longest name in Welsh, llan
Dexter Fong: Stones: He's an imposter...way too many vowels
cease: a kinda mini version of A Shadow Falls Upon the Land
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : do you recognize the name, stones?
Merlyn: Longest Welsh was that bandleader
Honey : sorry we are unforgivably late....stones was escorting me on a lovely tour of Manchester city center and we forgot the time
InflatableTweeny: Pink Hotel, Stones
Dexter Fong: Lawrence Welsh?
cease: youre in the uk, honey?
H. Stones: thought it was Dear Friends, Tweenster
Dexter Fong: Virtually, Cat
Honey : virtually, yes I was
Dexter Fong: Globner's
Dexter Fong: Glauber's
cease: my father wil see it raining on tv, and think its raining, though he's in a large room full of windows through which the sun is shining brightly
InflatableTweeny: I always thought 'the man in black' was Johnny Cash ;-)
Dexter Fong: Tween: He was "a" man in black not "the" man in black
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I can't think of any other man in black
Dexter Fong: llan: What about all those catholic Priests
cease: martin luther?
H. Stones: Lex luther
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : maybe the black prince but he is ancient history
cease: blackadder?
Honey : i think the original man in black was merle haggard
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : don't know why that slipped my memory, dex
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I actually saw one tonight
cease: i thought it was Zinjanthropus
H. Stones: you would look haggard if you had been sining as long as he has
Honey : catherwood bring me a black russian
||||||||| Catherwood gets Honey a black russian.
Dexter Fong: I believe the original man in black was Torquamada
Tor Hershman: Now don't get more started in with Tomas
InflatableTweeny: no....
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : hi honey!
Tor Hershman: got moi
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : oh, you're already here
Bubba's Brain: Black russian where angels fear to tread.
Honey : hello professor!
Dexter Fong: Tor: YOu always have moi, indebtured servant I think
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : this proctor and bergman is distracting me from chatting
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : that's alright. it will be over soon
InflatableTweeny: lol
cease: this isnt even procberg
H. Stones: thats what i told myself when Bush was elected llan
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : yes it is
Dexter Fong: This is Dear Friends double album
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : did you think I was listening to cni?
||||||||| "9:59 PM? 9:59 PM!!" says Catherwood, "Dave & Katie should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Dave & Katie enters and sits in front of the fireplace.
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I can't get cni
H. Stones: Hi Dave and woof woof Katie
Dexter Fong: How about a big howdy and woof for D&K
||||||||| It's 10:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| ah,clem - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : hi dave and katie
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, D & K
Honey : hello dave
Honey pets katie
Merlyn: hey D+K
H. Stones: strokes Katie and gives dave a dog biscuit
Dave & Katie: hi folks, I'm here! eating chinese take out at the moment so will be delayed, spicey stuff! katie and I are doing well, I'm trying the chat in firefox and we'll see how it works with the reader, hope everyone is well
InflatableTweeny: Ruff!
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I used to have Dear Friends. I'll order it from laugh.com one of these days
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : or ebay or something
InflatableTweeny: It's on the roof!
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Honey : i spent last thursday with a turkey but i am fine now, dave ;)
H. Stones: gives Dave another dog biscuit
Dave & Katie: hahahaha, spits the biscuit out and goes back to his chinese food
Dexter Fong: stones: Place it on his nose, he'll snap it right up
InflatableTweeny: lol
H. Stones: but hes got really big teeth Dexter
Dexter Fong: The better to chew his Chinese takeout
cease: hey boy and dog
Dave & Katie: oh and is it a little twisted that I'm listening to Phil Ochs while eating chinese? hmmmmm, sorry Phil
Dexter Fong: It's Monte Carlo Dog
InflatableTweeny: Chew? That's the chinese connection!
Dexter Fong: Yu Wanna Chu
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : most chinese food is really only chinese-style invented in san francisco
Dave & Katie: hi old man ca, grin, god that's like those painting, "woman with bread basket," who the fuck buys those? our world is fucked t
Honey : foo man, choo
Dave & Katie: *cat, sorry
Bubba's Brain: food man, chew!
cease: physically old, dave. very old indeed
InflatableTweeny: Nipping at the rat cheese, Dave?
cease: sore back since this morning. always something sore
Dexter Fong: Cat is older than me
Honey : catherwood please make cat a geriatric cocktail
||||||||| Catherwood gets cat a geriatric cocktail.
InflatableTweeny sees Katie lapping up a bowl of Jack Daniels lol
cease: in terms of deterioration, i'm sure that's true, dex
Bubba's Brain: Gerry and the Atrics.
H. Stones: are you from the Pun dysentary Bubba ?
cease: i have two japanese friends in their 70s who look younger than me. that's scary
InflatableTweeny: Take care of the soft machine, Dave ;-)
Bubba's Brain: I'm a pun dit.
Dexter Fong: afk for rerfill
Honey : 50 is the new 30
cease: on the other hand my father looks every day of his 90 years and is barely alive
Bubba's Brain: Gotta go. Nite all.
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I'm a happy pandit
||||||||| Around 10:06 PM, Bubba's Brain walks off into the sunset...
Dave & Katie: katie don't touch the jack, but I do, that sounds pretty good right now, and I'm 21! to think I joined this chat when I was 16, remember guys? ah those were the daze
InflatableTweeny: LOL cease
cease: honey, elayne's hopefully new boss said that to her today
Honey : it's the classic american diet, cease
Merlyn: I can't even remember when *I* was 16
Honey : ooooooh i will hope she gets the gig!
cease: i'm no american, honey, but i may be classic, as in old
Merlyn: well, I'm 16 in base 44
InflatableTweeny: Ah, let us regail you with our experiences - why you shouldn't dog and drive lol
Boney: Dave, Katie, Dexter, Stones
cease: i got into firesign when i was 16. a very good year indeed
Boney: Anyone here allergic to Armorall?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I'm allergic to nothing
cease: im allergic to america. is that the same thing?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : and there's a lot of nothing all around me so I'm in bad shape
Boney: Is being allergic to leather dressing the same thing, cease?
cease: of course, the firesign got into firesign at the same time. very convenient
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : leather dressing must go great on a tossed salad
Honey : it keeps the lettuce from getting road rash, prof
InflatableTweeny: You like prison? er, communist credit?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : lol
Tor Hershman: I just mixed a spoonful of Ovaltine with a vanilla Instant Breakfast with HOT skim milk. MAN I'M FLYIN'!!!!!!!!
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I've been eating a lot of tossed salad lately
cease: i used to drink ovaltine when i was a kid. thats all i remember about it
Honey loves ovaltine
InflatableTweeny: Ranch Dressing?
cease: you know those firesign instant breakfast ads? hilarious
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I've tried ovaltine. I prefer bosco
H. Stones: which tosser brought the salad llan ?
Boney: Go tell your mama what the big boys eat
cease: are yo in jail, llan?
Tor Hershman: Crap, I got the chocolate instead of the malt flavor.
InflatableTweeny: OK
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I haven't had bosco since I was a kid but I remember vividly
Tor Hershman: But, it's cool
cease: i used to like the chocolate mint instant brek
Honey : bosco is on the extinct list
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : jail, cat?
Boney: Ceasar made the salad
InflatableTweeny thinks cease study English with inspector cluseau
cease: a chirs rock joke, llan
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : no wonder they stabbed him
H. Stones: i bet the lettuce is not so good in that case Boney
Tor Hershman: Huuuummmmbeeergeré
InflatableTweeny: meunkey?
cease: and i used to teach englihs for a living.
cease: poor students
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I'm not too familiar with chris rock
Tor Hershman: Gad, Martin trying to do Sellers, that took guts. Well, a check, anywho.
Honey : i liked him in dogma
cease: funny standup, not so funny flicks and tv shows
InflatableTweeny: LOL cease
InflatableTweeny: Arigato
Tor Hershman: Peter Sellers, Male Hookers
cease: "urinating" kept the firesign off commercial radio for along time
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : speaking of a peter sellers impersonation, I thought I heard one on Pink Hotel
cease: as i recall
Dexter Fong: Hire Hookers with Mail
Tor Hershman: Mail Hookers now so they'll get there before the hollowdays
Boney: Tunnel Vision http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075357/
cease: i don think they could play this on CBC
cease: hookers in mail? they must be really hard to fuck
InflatableTweeny: Peter Sellers (RIP) can sleep with anyone he wants to, as long as he makes fun of 'The Green Hornet'
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : seriously, listen in your mind's ear to "but is himself a bunny rabbit"
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : it sounds like dr. strangelove
Dexter Fong: llan: Pink Hotel especially "By the light of the silvery....." was greatly under the influence of the Goon show guys of which one was peter sellers
cease: indeed, llan
Tor Hershman: Dang, THEY took-off The Green Hornet BUT left The Time Tunnel on!
InflatableTweeny: I liked the cigarette lighter pistol
cease: some of thier magic mushroom plays were indeed very goony
cease: i think cuz they had to write a lot of plays quickly, they "borrowed" from a lot of their fave sources
Dexter Fong: Cat: I think you are correct
cease: they even talked about it on the radio free oz show, as i recall
Dexter Fong: Borrowed the style though, not so much the actual contents
cease: yes
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : another very interesting thing on "...Silvery" is that quote from "I Am the Walrus"
cease: a lot of odpe jokes
cease: i thought it was a song, llan
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : I checked wikipedia and "I Am the Walrus" was released AFTER that show at the magic mushroom
H. Stones: Diving for dopers
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : so where did they hear it?
InflatableTweeny: don't doubt it
Dexter Fong: llan: Now there's another interesting connection...George Martin who produced the Beetles also produced some of the Goon Show Songs priorly
InflatableTweeny: I've decided to buy one product a month until I have everything they're selling
cease: i even remember than, fong.
InflatableTweeny: Latest was Papoon from Laugh.com
cease: i think martin talked about it on the beatles tv show
cease: the beastles reminding him of the goons
InflatableTweeny humbly bows to George Martin
cease: they'll appreciatre that, tween
Tor Hershman: I still recall going out in back (interesting phrase) of the local doppers bar, buying two nice ounces, tuckin' them into my 'belly pouch' on my Mexican shirt, having the dealers say, "Hey, that might not be the best place to carry that." I responed "Why?" He retorted, "The cops could see that there's something in there." To which I said "Oh man, are you kidding.....they're right-up the road filming this whole scene." Then I held-up the two baggies, shock them, pointed at them while laughing.
InflatableTweeny: Well, if we _all_ did that... they'd have a Starbuck's cappucino lol
Merlyn: that was you, tor? saw that on candid camera
Honey : lol
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and intones "Announcing 'Bunnyboy', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 10:22 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the vestibule...
Tor Hershman: When the state cop pulled-out from around the hedge and drove down the street and look RIGHT AT ME, with a most dissaproviing expression, I done DID freeze AND got my lets ready for a dash throught the place to the front door
Bunnyboy: Hey, Whazzreal?
cease: in ops bunny
InflatableTweeny: wb Bunny
InflatableTweeny: oops
InflatableTweeny: lol
Honey : hey bunny
cease: hops
Tor Hershman: Howdy, Bun
Tor Hershman: got my legs
Bunnyboy: While we're bowing, bow to Geoff Emerick, the Beatle's engineer from REVOLVER to ABBEY ROAD.
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : ghjkl
Tor Hershman: dash through
Dexter Fong: An evening with the Frents
Dave & Katie: hoppity hoppity
InflatableTweeny: Catherwood, please give cease a malt soda
||||||||| Catherwood hands cease a malt soda.
Tor Hershman: Damn good LPs
Tor Hershman: Catterwood got the malt, ehh?
Dave & Katie: that was one of the first albums I got on vinyl, abby road, still have a few copies on vinyl, 2 or 3 on c and one on tape, just need a reel to reel or 8 track
||||||||| 10:24 PM: doctec jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past year and a half!"
Bunnyboy: I got to see him speak at the Producers and Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy event, last spring in Seattle.
H. Stones: hi Doctec
Tor Hershman: Howdy do, Doc
InflatableTweeny: Hey Doc
Bunnyboy: lo doc!
Merlyn: hey doc
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, please give me a Malted Catterwood
||||||||| Catherwood gives Dexter Fong a malted catterwood.
cease: hey doc!
Dexter Fong: Hiyah Doc
doctec: good evenin' all - can't really stay very long, i didn't get much sleep last night & i'm burnt
Bunnyboy: Merlyn: The CafePress site looks byootiful.
Dexter Fong: Doc: Put butter on it
cease: hard work, doc?
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : Welcome, Doc
doctec: just wanted to pop in and let y'all know i'm still around
Merlyn: a toast to the burnt
Merlyn: tx bboy
Bunnyboy: cat: Haven't seen PAPRIKA yet, but it's on top of one of my DVD players.
Dexter Fong Raises his glass of Rye
Tor Hershman: http://www.cafepress.com/Karen_Hershman Moi made this site for WifeyWu
cease: one of the best things i've ever seen, bun
Boney: Bunny
Boney: Doctec
doctec: my job involves providing support for software our staff in india uses - they had problems last night, i had to burn some midnight oil
Dexter Fong: Boey,,Bunnt,,,Bunny,,,Boney,,,Uma...Oprah
Tor Hershman: Well, perhaps http://www.cafepress.com/KarenHershman
cease: i saw it in the theatre. then rented dvds of Tokyo Godfathers and Millenium Actress
Merlyn: bad link tor
Bunnyboy: Tor: Is there an underscore character in that address? Got SERVICE UNAVAILABLE.
Bunnyboy: Oh, there it is. Thanks.
cease: tis a dif time zone, doc
doctec: (india is 10.5 hours ahead of us - i know, i know, what's the deal with the point five - don't ask, i have no idea)
cease: we have that in newfoundland too, doc
Tor Hershman: Hey, moi just makes 'em, I don't remember them, well.
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu're a Newffie?
InflatableTweeny: Hello, my name is Cwisty
Tor Hershman: Bambi and you should check-out the Kroger's sale this week
doctec: lili goes into the hospital dec. 11 for the last round of her reconstruction surgery - she is psyched
Dexter Fong: Night Clem and thanks
H. Stones: thanks again Clem
Tor Hershman: Bye
cease: No, but newfoundland in 4.5 hours ahead of us here in pacific time
InflatableTweeny: I don't disparage people needing jobs
cease: good for her, doc
Tor Hershman: http://www.cafepress.com/KarenHershman yep this is it
Dexter Fong: Doc: it's probably the drugs
doctec: downside: she recently popped a hernia, she' ll have to go in for more surgery in another month or two
cease: bummer, doc
cease: all the best to clem and bambi
Tor Hershman: Tow away a toad
doctec: she tried to get the docs to roll the hernia surgery in with the reconstruction work but there's not enough time for the hospital to prep for it
Dexter Fong: Doc: You gotta stop her doing the heavby lifting
InflatableTweeny: Best to the 2 and 4-legged creatures of Virgina :-)
doctec: apparently, emergencies excluded, surgeries at the v.a. have to be scheduled in advance
Bunnyboy: I'm about halfway through the new Criterion set of Fassbinder's BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ. Absolutely incredible.
H. Stones: passes dave a new choc flavoured dog biscuit
Dexter Fong: Ole Virginny...the best dam 2 legged hound i ever had
cease: i have that on order, bun
doctec: bun: that must be amazing!
Bunnyboy: cat: Have you seen it?
cease: heard a good radio programme about the author of that, bun
cease: no its on my ziplist. when its availble, it will be in my mailbox
Tor Hershman: May random chance seem to favor all of you fine folk.....Night and stay on groovin' safari,
Bunnyboy: doc: It is indeed. Quite immersive, and gripping.
Honey : g'nite tor
cease: yu too, tor
doctec: nothing like being immersed and gripped
Dexter Fong: Cowabunga Tor Dude and hang out Moi
doctec: quite the sensation!
cease: in chairs, yes
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : bye tor
professorllanwyddriefenwisen : say hi to the snow dog
Dexter Fong: Doc: It's a combination of waterboarding and testicle clamps
Bunnyboy: nite Tor!
H. Stones: Luxury Dex
Dexter Fong: Stones: It's a Holiday M,I,5 presentation
doctec: aw man - my eyes are burning, i can't keep 'em open - i really need to get some sleep, i have another long grueling day of work ahead of me. saturday lili and i take our two youngest kitties to the vet for a way overdue routing checkup, sunday more leaf raking (19 bags last weekend, will probably fill another 7 or 8 this weekend :-(
H. Stones: lol
Dexter Fong: We light the tree with you in it
doctec: routinE, not routinG
||||||||| Catherwood escorts llanwydd in through the front door at 10:35 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
cease: the kittens i saw when you got them, doc?
llanwydd: chat room kicked me out!
doctec: cat: yep
cease: your name was too long, llan
Merlyn: get some sleep then doc
llanwydd: I'm not happy about that
Bunnyboy: I remember ALEXANDERPLATZ being shown in Seattle, at the Egyptian, in the 80's. It came in 2 flavors: 2 seven-hour-plus screenings, over a 2 day period, or a week's worth of 2 parts per evening, for a total of 13 parts and an epilogue. 15+ hours, in any event.
Dexter Fong: Llan: Probably something you said
cease: that was 2 years ago. they must be cats by now
Bunnyboy: And I do mean EVENT.
doctec: yeah sorry gang - would like to hang out longer but as they say: the little red needle is pointing to "e" ... and while that's always stood for excruciating in my book , i guess it means i am out of gassssssssssssssssssssssss.....................................
Bunnyboy: This is my first trip through the piece. It won't be my last.
llanwydd: there I go running my mouth again
llanwydd: a very local figure of speech
cease: sleep well, doc
cease: all the best to lili
Bunnyboy: nite doc!
Honey : goodnight doc all my best to lili
H. Stones: see ya Doc
Bunnyboy: waves to Lili!
llanwydd: nite doc
doctec: thanks cat & everyone - i'll try to hang a little longer next weekend
Dexter Fong: Night doc, best to Lili
Dave & Katie: running your mouth? I've heard that one before llan, and hi and bye doc
doctec: nytol (zzzzzzzzzzzz and i really mean zzzzzzzzzzzzz..........)
||||||||| doctec leaves at 10:38 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
llanwydd: got mail. brb
Dexter Fong: LLan's got mail, he must be a hooker
Merlyn: I'm gonna take off too, see you next week. Mail me any cafepress suggestions
||||||||| Merlyn is thrown out the window just as the clock strikes 10:38 PM.
Bunnyboy: nite Merlyn!
Dave & Katie: hey anyone here good with usb audio issues? I have a bose system and can't seem to get line in sources to record via my sb live oundcard, thought I'd ask the crowd since there are a few techs here,
llanwydd: borderline spam
Dexter Fong: Look out below Merlyn
cease: by merl
Dexter Fong: USB? You mean sub audio
||||||||| At 10:39 PM, Boney vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
llanwydd: why, what's below merlyn?
||||||||| It's 10:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| InflatableTweeny - dead from measles
||||||||| Tor Hershman - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bunnyboy: Dave: Certified Audio Producer On Board. What seems to be the problem?
Dexter Fong: They're dropping like spotted flies
Dave & Katie: oh and anyone wanna help me look for a poster online? sighted assistance is always welcome for that
llanwydd: in a klein bottle
Dexter Fong: Llan: right, they're dropping upward
Dave & Katie: dropping upward, wow that'd be fun to watch, like when you rewind a video and watch people eat? grin
Dexter Fong: People eating grin? that's insane
cease: did tween leave?
H. Stones: yes i think so
Dexter Fong: Cat: Measles....He was spotted and the meales got hin
Bunnyboy: cat: Looks like he fell off the welcome wagon.
cease: lol
Dave & Katie: ticket home, I want a ticket home
Dexter Fong: .and got tramples by 20 Borax mules
Dave & Katie: thems a lot of mules
Dexter Fong: Mister wagon master...tear down that covered wagon
Dave & Katie: buuuuuuuuuuuuuunnyboy I sent you a pm, please respond! I'm going out of skin! ah!
Dexter Fong: pm? Post maturity?
||||||||| At 10:45 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Honey !" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
Dexter Fong: stones: I think Honey has run afoul of Inky Darkness
cease: rocky absconded with honey? thats monstrous
Dexter Fong: Cat: YOu're right..she's so much taller than him
H. Stones: i know Inky Darkness Fong, hes not so bad
cease: they used to call him the inkster
Dexter Fong: Stones: Inky is okay, it's his brothers Hinky and Dinky who've led him astray
Dexter Fong: Those Parleyvou's were always a bad lot
llanwydd: rtyuio
Dexter Fong: Well said LLan
llanwydd: rightyouare
Dexter Fong: if you think you are
Dexter Fong: Shakespeare's lost play
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| professorllanwyddriefenwisen - dead from dengue fever
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong: or is it last play
H. Stones: Ok guys its late and my eyes are full of sand so its time for me to hit the hay.
cease: Rocky Honey, from Starbucks.
H. Stones: have a great week all
cease: it's got honey. and crack
Dexter Fong: Hit that hay stones, and drink that Rye
cease: you too stones
llanwydd: well don't get hay in your eyes and hit the sand
Dexter Fong: WHy not, the sand's nice and warm
llanwydd: take care, hemlock
H. Stones: stay safe and have a good week
Dexter Fong: Take Hemlock, Carrie
cease: isaac hayze meets the sandman
H. Stones: good morning and good night
cease: neil gaiman collects royalties
Bunnyboy: Nite Hemmie!
||||||||| "10:52 PM? I'm late!" exclaims H. Stones, who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the brambles.
Dexter Fong: He kidnapped a princess bride?
Dexter Fong: quick afk
Bunnyboy: To remind anyone who hasn't done so: Read THE PRINCESS BRIDE. The movie's fine, but....read the book. It rocks.
cease: is it fairy taleish, bun?
llanwydd: I'm busy with james michener at the moment
llanwydd: every autumn I read a james michener novel
llanwydd: its a tradition
Bunnyboy: And your computer speakers are actually attached to your computer by a USB cable?
cease: i read Space when I was in Japan over the summer. really enjoyed it
llanwydd: I've read that one
cease: he wrote a lot
llanwydd: I'm about 100 pages into "The Covenant" right now
cease: dont know it
llanwydd: it's about the history of south africa
Dave & Katie: I just re-read crime and punishment, but have some history books downloaded from bookshare and a ton of hemmingway novels
Bunnyboy: Much easier, since you're using the SB Live, or Audigy, or whatever: Use the standard RCA (Red/White) jacks to port in your audio input. It ain't a digital transfer, but it'll get the job done.
llanwydd: the only hemmingway I've read is "The Old Man and the Sea"
cease: i read a lot of russians in university. its a good age for that kind of thing
Dexter Fong: I just fineshed "The really old man and Golden Pond"
Dave & Katie: yes but bun it won't come through the usb speakers
llanwydd: I like the russian writers as well. in fact my very favorite novel is War and Peace
cease: best tihng by hemmingway i ever read was his sherwood anderson (?) parody, forget name. funny book
cease: one of your younger bros, dex?
cease: when i entered their room, my father addressed me as "brother" yesterday
Dexter Fong: What's that oldtimer...speak up!
llanwydd: I couldn't get through twenty pages of Brothers Karamazov. bored me to death
cease: the day before he wondered if my wife was my daughter? no. sister? no. do you have kids? now , no.
Dexter Fong: Llan: You outta try the minutes from the last politboro meeting...
cease: he knows that i'm some sort of relative or something, but no longer what
llanwydd: sorry dex. can't read russian
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Dexter Fong: Catherwood, please show me a good time
||||||||| Catherwood says "It's 11:01 PM"
llanwydd: I did get half-way through Trotsky's history of the russian revolution
cease: ive read tons of great russians. i reccomend anything by abram tertz
Dexter Fong: Thanks Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood answers "You're very welcome!"
cease: the makepeace experiment, etc. got him sent to siberia for a long time
cease: nd he wrote wondrously about that
llanwydd: the translation was grammatically hopeless
cease: i can only read english. its all translation for me
Dexter Fong: Cat: I saw this summer a trilogy by Tom Stoppard =The Coast of Utopia= about Russia prior to the revolution
llanwydd: I sometimes try to read in german and french. simple words are not a problem for me
Dexter Fong: Quite Fascintaing and Hertz was a major character in all three plays
llanwydd: but when abstract concepts and philosophy come into it, it's hard reading
cease: on broadway, dex?
Dexter Fong: Lincoln Ceter
cease: i'd love to see it when they make it into a dvd
Dexter Fong: Centrer
Dexter Fong: Cat: Three plays, each about 2 1/2 hours each
Dexter Fong: eeeeech!!
cease: seeing that when i was in nyc reminded me of the seattle scinece centre, remnant of its 62 worlds fair
cease: also the la art plaza thingie. there was a lot of that going around in the early 60s
llanwydd: two and a half hours is about average for any stage production
Dexter Fong: Did you see the wall of Science
cease: thatrs why i await the dvd, dex
llanwydd: 3 hours for shakespeare
Dexter Fong: 6 hours for Eugene O'neal
llanwydd: Long Play's Journey Into Night...etc
Dexter Fong: The Milkman Cometh ...etc
cease: the longest fireplay is what, bozos?
cease: but it zips along
llanwydd: LOL dex
Dexter Fong: Evening, night, morning becomes Electric
cease: the length of a play is relative to how quickly it seems to pass when watching/listening
llanwydd: as I remember "Dwarf" was longer than Bozos
Dexter Fong: Cat: I think the longest is the full version of Anythinge You wante
cease: really?
Dexter Fong: Yeh
cease: thwt was orignlayl done for npr or something. an hour show
cease: i have always found it tedious, since i first heard it in maybe, 67?
Dexter Fong: Cat: It *was* done for some sort of non-profit deal......much additional dialog and behind the scenes schtick
llanwydd: I like it. but of course I'm a shakespeare afficianado or however you spell it
cease: i think sherlock holms brings out the brilliance in them, shakespeare seems to sink them into quicksands of language
cease: i used to be, but havnet seen a play on stage in more than 20 years
Dexter Fong: Cat: Yeh kinda agree...a number of truncated versions move fairly quickly...but I do like the long version simply because it's so...deatailed
cease: the merchant of venice, by london shakes company, came to the u i was teaching at in tokyo
cease: it was magnificent
llanwydd: interesting cat. I recently memorized all of shylock's lines in preparation for an upcoming audition
Dexter Fong: The quality of mercy is not strained...it's simply lacking
cease: you are an actor, llan
Dexter Fong: Say something in a sonorous voice
cease: i have seen firesign perfomr shakespeare many times now, and never pleasureably
cease: they have some funny lines, but somehow it just doesnt work for me, compared to their more original work
Dexter Fong: Sounds like a groundling to me :;an
Dexter Fong: Llan
llanwydd: I love firesign shakespeare. I think its hilarious
cease: sometimes it is, llan
Dexter Fong: Now you stop that Hilario
Bunnyboy: Now, c'mon, cat, Bergman was HOT as "Marie", in 1999 tour.
Dexter Fong: Bunny: Cuz Marie? She's hot
llanwydd: Hilario Clinton?
cease: oh ok, bun. i generalize
cease: i enjoy seeing them have fun
cease: and thats most of the time
Dexter Fong: Llan: Close...Hilario Gomez...associate of Harvey Wallbanger and Clay Drywall
Dexter Fong: Not related
Bunnyboy: I would have to agree that the Shakespeare material never flows as quickly in their live shows, as it does on record.
Bunnyboy: Austin's "Mole" was also hysterical.
Dexter Fong: Bunny: No fair palying them at 78 rpss
cease: lol
llanwydd: bunny I think the reason for that is that they like to improvise from the script
Bunnyboy: "I am stopping....I will be stopping....I have stopped."
Dexter Fong: playing rpms
llanwydd: I think they are very very clever live
cease: i'm not saying sahkespeare stuff= not funny.
Dexter Fong: But dead.they suck
cease: its part of thier reperorie, like nick danger
Bunnyboy: In 1994, they presented the Shakespeare stuff as a "working rehearsal"...a lovely conceit that allowed them to carry script.
llanwydd: interesting that they have (or had) 3 media. radio, stage and vinyl
Dexter Fong: What are *you* saying about sahkspeare
cease: llan, like you , they arfe actors. they enjoy it
llanwydd: each medium is approached in a completely different way
Dave & Katie: that actaully was one of the first things I ever saw when I began my firesign explorations was the anythynge play, I was reading mcbeth at the time and thought it was going to be great, I still have yet to listen to the entire play actually,
Dexter Fong: Rarely
Bunnyboy: And I know it ended with Proctor cracking wise (go figure!), and the other chaps convulsing with laughter.
cease: they have to crack each other up. we're just the beneficiaries
Bunnyboy: llan: And video! Not their forte, but still, there it is.
cease: well saidk, bun
Dexter Fong: In the same vein..when Ossman begins to deconstruct Nick Danger (i.e. I have another just like him) wonderful moment in the Seattle? show
||||||||| mrmuckle bounds in at 11:24 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Bunnyboy: hiya muck!
Dexter Fong: Mr Muckle...have a display of P J Porby wine
llanwydd: watch out for the pj probe wine display
mrmuckle: UGH! These obsidian doorknockers are heavy...
Dexter Fong: Proby
cease: muck muck muck
cease: i dont remember that, dex
Dexter Fong: They're not heavy..they're my kkknocers
mrmuckle: I jus had to innersperse...Don'
cease: i dont listen to their stage stuff, basicallly, even if i recorded it
llanwydd: did you know that pj probe is a real person? a musician, I believe
cease: seeing them on stage is such a trip in itself
llanwydd: yes, now that I think of it he played with Focus
cease: yes llan
mrmuckle: I had to innersperse...don't forget to add Advertizing!
cease: he can be googled
cease: i remember some tune by him
Bunnyboy: I was heartened to see a product called MUSIC OF THE MIND, or some such. It's an audio CD product designed to help teach 3 year olds to LISTEN and IMAGINE.
cease: subtracting advertisnig would be a better idea, mr m
mrmuckle: Hi, y'all....Dear Friends...
cease: hi muck
llanwydd: there is an album called Focus Con Probe with pj probe on it
Dexter Fong: Cat: Ossman in Danger responds to the line "We have another just like him, vaninshed mysteriously" he first says why doed this get a laugh..ten realizes that "door knocker" is a servant type person
mrmuckle: the FT boys DID advertizing...VW's
llanwydd: I got that the first time I heard it Dex
mrmuckle: i was reminded of what PA said once, that "it's joke around or throw punches..."""
Dexter Fong: Llan: Well, you get to clean the blackboard then
Dexter Fong: I once punched a guy who threw punch on me
llanwydd: and what if he had thrown a hershey's kiss at you, dex?
Bunnyboy: PJ Proby played The Rocker in the Who's mid-90's QUADROPHENIA concert video.
Dexter Fong: Easy on the ice I said...he showed me a pinky ring with a piece of ice in it big enough to sink the titanic
mrmuckle: I once made them all laugh, when I referred to Peter as "the grumpy one".
Dexter Fong: Llan: Homie don't drive that highway
mrmuckle: They all laughed, but Peter was a bit slow out of the gate
Dexter Fong: MM: How to win frineds a make some of them laugh?
Dexter Fong: Peter is one for distance...at least a mile and a half
mrmuckle: Ja. I was worried a bit at first
cease: where was this, muck?
Dexter Fong: Carries a lotta weight
Dexter Fong jockeys for position
Dexter Fong looks for handicapped parking
mrmuckle: In the glass booth at K(iforgettherest) EM, in Pasadena
mrmuckle: NO! "FM"
Dexter Fong: pasedena..I loved that parade
cease: the rose parade?
Bunnyboy: There's a album art production photo of the guys from the BOOM DOT BUST shoot, with Phil Austin as Dr. Infermo. He looks INCREDIBLY pissed, with his mouth about puckered about as far as it can be. I have to assume, from the expressions of the others, that he was reacting to something Bergman said, or did, right before the shot.
cease: or was this a radio show they had?
mrmuckle: Sorry I take so long to type. My hands don't work as well as they usta was...
Dexter Fong: And they all threw roses...and I said well...it might as well be then or Southern California with the points
cease: you can get new ones, muck
mrmuckle: Hand me that hand!
Dexter Fong: Yeh MM, get a handout
Dexter Fong puts the finger on MM
cease: dont crush that munchkin, hand him a star on hollywood blvd
Dexter Fong: Was it thumbing I said??
mrmuckle: Jackie Cooper was a munchkin
mrmuckle: Still IS
llanwydd: if he was he's not anymore
Dexter Fong: How about Mel torme
Bunnyboy: Actually, maybe it was just a character choice. Here's a version of the photo. Town Fathers.
Bunnyboy: http://www.firesigntheatre.com/bvhtml/billville2.html
mrmuckle: AH! The Velvet Frog!
Bunnyboy: But I could have sworn there was another take of this shot, where PA really didn't look pleased.
Bunnyboy: Maybe time...maybe....perspective.
Bunnyboy: Aw, I gotta go eat some pizza. No anchovies!
Bunnyboy: REGNAD
Bunnyboy: nite folks!
cease: nite bun
mrmuckle: gunnite
llanwydd: nite bunnyb!
Dexter Fong: Night Bunny
||||||||| Bunnyboy rushes off, saying "11:41 PM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
Dexter Fong: Doctor Time. what's a radio?
Dexter Fong: and do I have one on my I-Phone?
llanwydd: your you phone?
Dexter Fong: It's notta you phone..itsa my phone
Dexter Fong: I've been studying phonetics
llanwydd: telephonetics
llanwydd: learn to read on the telephone!
cease: it sounded like phoencian
Dexter Fong signals the thumb up, pinky down gesture which means call me
Dave & Katie: hahaha dex, that was funny
Dexter Fong: BTW third use of "*PINKY*" usage tonight...continuity award???Hmmm?
Dave & Katie: yes I'm here, just sort of floating along with the conversation
cease: we're multihandicap theatre here tonight
mrmuckle: well. i gots to run, but i can hardly walk. Just stopped by to wish EVERYONE "Happy Holidays"! I'll be black.
Dexter Fong: Drifting along with the tumbleweed are you Dave?
cease: sounds like cyberspace, katie
Dave & Katie: the pinky, it's just sort of there, but without it, where would we be?
llanwydd: there was a movie called Pinky wasn't there
cease: good for you, mr muck
Dexter Fong: MM: Nice to see you again..come more often...
llanwydd: night mrmuckle. careful of the pj probe wine display
Dave & Katie: sings to the sons of the pioneer, I'd forgotten about that songs
||||||||| 11:47 PM -- mrmuckle left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
llanwydd: have to get the mayor to clean that up later
Dexter Fong: (CRASH!SMASH!!!!!!!TINKLE!!!!!!Oh Dear! Mr. Muckle Honey's done it again
cease: i wonder what the connectoin of pj proby was to firesign, other than the funny name
cease: thats a wc fields ref
cease: maybe they opened for pj proby
llanwydd: typical firesign in-joke
cease: they used to be on the bills with various musicians
Dexter Fong: Cat: aFter Ossman was bustedm he was ib oribatuin,,,hence the Proby
cease: i saw theym with taj mahal, lightnign hopkins, others
Dexter Fong: What wonderful spelling
cease: nah
Dexter Fong: Cat: PJ Proby?
llanwydd: ossman was busted? never knew that
Dexter Fong: I uh,,,,well....I just made that up for artistic purposes
cease: were ossman's pj's probed? i dont think so
Dexter Fong: I guess you're all shocked
llanwydd: more like anarchistic purposes, you mean
cease: well they were all "busted" in the sense of being kicked off various radio stations
cease: if you cant make it up here, what is "here" for?
Dexter Fong: You Bet!
llanwydd: no radio show lasts forever
Dexter Fong is off the hook for spreading scurrilous gossip
Dave & Katie: lightnin' was a good blues guy, and I have a lot of Taj's stuff as well
cease: proctor getting knocked down by police during sunset strip police riot led to the forming of the firesign theatre
cease: no i dont bet, dex.
Dexter Fong: Dave: You *do* know that Taj is not really Indianm , that is subcontinent inhabitant
Dexter Fong: And he's also notyan architct
cease: taj's tune, aint gwine sing dixie no mo is one of my faves
llanwydd: what was proctor doing at a police riot?
cease: he was covering it for the Village Voice
Dexter Fong: He was drafted llan
cease: but he was in la acting ina play, from nyc
cease: he saw bergman's face under his ass when cop knocked him on his ass.
llanwydd: didn't know the village voice was that old
cease: it was an add for bermgans radio show.
cease: dex would know. early 60s at least
Dexter Fong: Llan: Voice has been around since at least late 1950's
cease: proc knew berg from yale so went down to his radio station, and we are all chatting here 41 years later about the outcome of that meeting
Dexter Fong: Well I didnt' get the memo
Dave & Katie: well, time for us to leave, night all, so glad I could be here this week and I wished I could have been for thanksgiving,
||||||||| 11:57 PM -- Dave & Katie left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: will email you later dave
Dexter Fong: My Secretary,,,Elaine....she keeps all my records....my Taj Mahal...my Thelonius Monk....she had no record of a memo
cease: i guess we are all gone
cease: i must eat eventually
llanwydd: nite dave and katie. see you next week
cease: bye
||||||||| cease departs at 11:58 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Dexter Fong: Wook dave.Woof Woof,,rrrrrRuff,,,,*wag wag) Katie
llanwydd: so must we all. we eat or we die
llanwydd: or we be eaten
Dexter Fong: Night Cat and llan'
llanwydd: so it's just us
llanwydd: liberty and just us for all
llanwydd: well I have to get up tomorrow
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
llanwydd: see you next week
||||||||| It's 12:10 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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