A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for November 06, 2008 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and snorts derisively "Presenting 'Firebomabroiled', just granted probation at 8:17 AM", then leaves hurriedly.
Firebomabroiled: Yet now, as inevitable as dawn,
the Sun, arching on its axis,
rises to meet the East -- chariot-racing across the high noon desert sky,
only to plummit, like bald Icarus,
into the sensual, fermenting seas of the South Pacific
And even now,
yet, as scary night decends upon us,
we could appreciate the Wonders of Nature
as stimulating as Man’s Own Triumphs!

Let us pause . . .

Firebomabroiled: or give a BIG hand
||||||||| At 8:18 AM, Firebomabroiled hurries out the door saying "Hey, mister ice-cream man, I've got a nickel, wait for meeeee..."
||||||||| Catherwood enters with ah,clem close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 8:08 PM tree-stunting plans, and scurries off to the vestibule.
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" at about 9 eastern'
||||||||| ah,clem departs at 8:09 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Mudhead close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 8:44 PM tree-stunting plans, and rushes off to the sitting room.
Mudhead: hai
Mudhead: so
Mudhead: im
Mudhead: going
Mudhead: to
Mudhead: to
Mudhead: finih Firebomabroiled by myself
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and announces "Presenting 'Bambi', just granted probation at 8:59 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Bambi: see it works :-) Hey Mud
Bambi: Holy Fud! LOL
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, November 06, 2008 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Mudhead: lol
Mudhead: tada!
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Barock O'Fonga close behind, grumbles something about disrupting his 9:01 PM tree-stunting plans, and hurries off to the vestibule.
Barock O'Fonga: Can we fire chat?
Barock O'Fonga: Yes we can!!!
Bambi: LOL
Bambi: Yes we can
Barock O'Fonga: Muddy, thanks for clearing Firebroiled
Mudhead: uhm, mebbe
Barock O'Fonga: Hi Clem and Bambi
Bambi: Hey Dex
Mudhead: tooth shortner
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and snorts derisively "Presenting 'cease', just granted probation at 9:04 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Barock O'Fonga: I thought it was Bambi who had a neat set
||||||||| Catherwood steals into the room, and snorts derisively "Announcing 'ah,clem', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:04 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the anteroom...
Barock O'Fonga: Hey Cat
ah,clem: hi all
Bambi: hey Cat
Bambi: and Clem
Bambi :-)
cease: hi all
cease: oh this is that bergman album, eh
cease: fong, first time to see you since you got your country back. congrats
Bambi: bozos now :-)
Mudhead: ty
cease: ive never been prouder to be a north american.
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: well, Our country is still in hock so.....
Bambi: Future Fair
Mudhead: The Chinese can legally keep us as pets
Barock O'Fonga: Pests
cease: the chinese need you to keep buying their shit so they'll keep lending you money forever
Bambi: in hock up to our great grand children and likely beyond by the time they get done with it all
Barock O'Fonga: Bar tender, gimme another Melamine Shake
cease: i was expecting ebullience. y'all sound so gloomy
Mudhead: thats it, we sue the Chinese
cease: if this happened in my country, i'd be shrieking with joy
Barock O'Fonga: It's always brightest before sunset
Mudhead: ebullience was yesterday
Mudhead: the situations still sinkin in
Barock O'Fonga: Ebulliance yesterday, ebola today
Bambi: I hope it all works out
cease: our rightwing toad is going to get towed away the next time he goes to the voters, who having seen obama, are not going to settle for our right wing
Bambi: you can read about that on my blog: http://www.bambismusings.com
Barock O'Fonga: Bambi: You sound like a visitor, a brief sojourner in our "Fair Country"
Barock O'Fonga: I'm hearing nothing from cni
cease: i know that's why he called his election a few weeks ago.
Bambi: We're All Bozos On This BUs
cease: yeah nothing on my speakers
cease: i thought it was intro to bozos
Bambi: Bus
Barock O'Fonga: Ah there it is
Mudhead: This sounds like Steely Dan
Barock O'Fonga: now its gone again
ah,clem: lost connection
Bambi: got listeners and server is up
Bambi: ah, ok
Barock O'Fonga: or Iron Maiden
Bambi: that explains why I saw the listeners
Barock O'Fonga: perhaps Aluminium Lad
ah,clem: had to restart encoder
Barock O'Fonga: okay were back
cease: aha
ah,clem: hope that does not continue
Bambi: that'd do it Clem
ah,clem: has happened several times today, flakey connection I guess
Bambi: Dex: We are all sojourners, it's just a matter of how long LOL
Mudhead: mines pretty long
Mudhead: never had any complaints
Barock O'Fonga: Bambi: Only as long as we want to
Barock O'Fonga: So long, OOhlong, how long you gonna be gone
Mudhead: I dunno clem if it might be a lil too much , its garbled
Bambi: forgive me, I am just starting to get over the worst case of bronchitis in literally years
Barock O'Fonga: Bambi: Say 10 hail Obamas, 5 bye=bye Cheneys, and one screw you goerge and you will be forgiven
cease: get well, bambi.
cease: if the us can do it, you can too
Barock O'Fonga: This ritual is referred to as the Stations of the Beltway
Barock O'Fonga: A division of the Rapid Transfiguration Authority
Barock O'Fonga: Next stop, Nirvana....get the fuck out
Barock O'Fonga: boredom???
Barock O'Fonga: ah boredom
Barock O'Fonga: nope blank
Barock O'Fonga: back
cease: yes, i find myself not consulting polls for the first time in memory
Mudhead: uh, album finished?
Barock O'Fonga notices he's been hogging the chat
Barock O'Fonga: gone again clem
Barock O'Fonga: back clem
Barock O'Fonga: If we can only time the intervals, we might be able to locate Commander Time
ah,clem: never lost connection that time
Barock O'Fonga: No bars over here, can't get a decent cocktail
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and wake (the flake) disembarks at 9:20 PM.
Barock O'Fonga: Hi wake
Barock O'Fonga: Bye clem
Bambi: hi wake
Mudhead: hai
Barock O'Fonga: Hi clem
Bambi: LOL
Barock O'Fonga: Muddy: Hou Hai?
Barock O'Fonga: bye clem
Barock O'Fonga: hi clem
Mudhead: He was one of the Chin's from Chinatown
ah,clem: that is your connection Dex
wake (the flake): hello to all in the land of the lame duck
Barock O'Fonga: Clem: Is this some sort of listener quiz...like fill in the missing blanks???
Mudhead: Ay clem! needles at the end!
Barock O'Fonga: gone again clem
Bambi: anyone else having trouble with the audio stream?
Mudhead: me
Barock O'Fonga: back clem
cease: yeah a little here
Mudhead: there
Bambi: that's weird
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: Our duck is not only lame, he's disabled....he's the disabler.....
cease: its back
Barock O'Fonga: it cointingly is
cease: ah wake. another foreigner
wake (the flake): he will be in full pillage mode now... BEWARE!
cease: is obamania overtaking your part of asia, wake?
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: Dude? There aint nothing left
Barock O'Fonga: 'cept to maybe rape the children, and ransom the women
wake (the flake): no doubt he is having a big box of the finest Turkish bed bugs delivered now
wake (the flake): for installation in the Lincoln bedroom
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: Ah...the good stuff now
wake (the flake): I guess you are right BO.
Barock O'Fonga: sure, finest near east bed bugs, free-range and fed on only 100% 5oo thread count, hand-loomd towels
Barock O'Fonga: Natural dyes only
Bambi: stimulus packages ... yeah, it didn't go so well the last time. IRS took the whole thing ... certainly didn't help me any
wake (the flake): Still, he might want that upright piano and the candlabras. You never know.
Barock O'Fonga: Available in Khurdish Red, Serbian Sand, and Greek Green
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: I think you mean Liberace, not Bush
Bambi: they have an upright piano? I thought it was some grand piano? LOL
Barock O'Fonga: audio goes bye-bye
cease: bergman dissappears
Mudhead: Duck Season
Barock O'Fonga: Procman appears as if in a trance, while doctor X moans
wake (the flake): yeah I got a letter saying "stand bye for info on your stimulus package"
Bambi: these pieces of the political comedy are interjected within Bozos
Bambi: nice touch
Barock O'Fonga: I got my stimulus check...$66 dollars, I rented three porn videaos
Bambi: Bozos is much lower in volume
wake (the flake): 10 days later I got a letter saying I wasn't eligible cuz I live overseas...
ah,clem: it was the half way point in bozos
Bambi: ah, ok
Bambi: thought so
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: Come home, it's suppertime son
wake (the flake): 5 day after that ... I got a check for 300 bucks!
ah,clem: not on air Bam, level is corrected by the time it hits the encoder
Barock O'Fonga: (Aside to Clem) What's the code, Kenneth?
Bambi: kewl :-)
Bambi: that compressor is awesome
Barock O'Fonga: It's compressed right out of existence
wake (the flake): no prob I have a sand hamwich here... with pickles
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: Hold that pickle over here
Barock O'Fonga: Catherwood, bring everyone a pickle
||||||||| Catherwood gets everyone a pickle.
wake (the flake): ----------------> proferring pickle
Mudhead: now hold it over there
cease: the doctor is on
wake (the flake): oh boy
Bambi: hey, he took that pickle for himself and didn't give us any lol
Barock O'Fonga: clems back
wake (the flake): w I have two!
Bambi: hehehe
Bambi: thanks Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood answers "It was a pleasure to serve you..."
Barock O'Fonga: Iv'e just found some gherkin on my busty tan jerkin
Barock O'Fonga: Hey guys....*we* broke the president!!!!!
Mudhead: Break it up you
wake (the flake): I just found some dill on my sill.
Bambi: we didn't break anything he was broken when we got here
ah,clem: gonna log off chat to save bandwidth for the show
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: YOu must live in Bill Ville
Barock O'Fonga: Audio's gone again
||||||||| "Hey ah,clem!" ... ah,clem turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 9:37 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
wake (the flake): must be the phantom pickle processor.
Barock O'Fonga: back again
cease: now you can make borscht!
Barock O'Fonga: The Garlic Ghouls
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: Does that recipe have any moose in it?
wake (the flake): I don't know how to make borscht. It beets me.
Mudhead: My buddy got fired from the factory for stickin his penis in the pickle slicer
Barock O'Fonga: Shorthanded now eh, Muddy
Mudhead: She got fired too
Bambi: lol Mud
Barock O'Fonga: Do you have her phone number Muddy?
Barock O'Fonga: afkffr
cease: here's how i make borsht
wake (the flake): -----------> getting paper ready
wake (the flake): -------------------> looking for a pen
cease: i open a can of sliced beats, add a can of water, heat, with a beef boulioin cube, a tablespoon on vinegar and a teaspoon of butter.
cease: i also add corriander seeds, tjhough dont know anyone else who does that.
cease: needs fresh dill to be goood. and also served with fresh sour cream
wake (the flake): sour cream on top?
cease: when served, yes
cease: let it melt into the soup as you eat it
wake (the flake): mmmmmmmmmmm
cease: its very pink and sexy
wake (the flake): can't get beets here though in any condition.
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: Thanks you Mr. President, now is there anything on the goddam TV?
cease: no canned beets in grocery stores?
wake (the flake): I used to make a dish called "Harvard Beets" from fresh ones.
cease: not enough slavs in your population
cease: was it sweet?
Barock O'Fonga: I used tomake Beets Boola Boola! and old Yale Recipe
Bambi: harvard beets are great as are picked beets
wake (the flake): No canned anything really... Thais demand fresh
Barock O'Fonga: audios gone
Bambi: I have changed my refresh to 30 and closed my email and everything but chat and chat
wake (the flake): audios amigo
cease: joe beetick approved
Bambi: only the audio is taking any bandwidth ...
Barock O'Fonga: Heey Cat Man: Has you hoid de rumor dat de reason Obama won is 'cause de bees and de spider voted for him
Mudhead: it sounds overmodulayed from her
Mudhead: here
wake (the flake): great
Barock O'Fonga: Muddy: You say a mod ulated her?
Barock O'Fonga: gone agin
cease: its da bees and da spied-ers again
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: Never has been that requote more applicable
cease: this is funny. i heard it long ago but still funny
Barock O'Fonga: I under stand there have been cheeseball sightings all over Tajunga Canyon
cease: i refcall it was on the bergman website
Barock O'Fonga: losing the audio stream
cease: or an earlier version
Barock O'Fonga: its propogahandi
Barock O'Fonga: Sanitary Pedestals LLC is up 47 points
Barock O'Fonga: Your feets don't hit de ground dat way
wake (the flake): well you guys.......I gotta hang it up..... Now that the election is over, gas will go up to $5 a gallon
Barock O'Fonga: I Protest> How can I fill in the blanks in material I've never heard befroe
Barock O'Fonga: Wake: Welcome to USA
Barock O'Fonga: It's Ben
Barock O'Fonga: Well, or someone like him
wake (the flake): not that that is any sign it's being fu*ked with
cease: ah, the jimmyu carter album
Barock O'Fonga: kimm yu Cah ter
Barock O'Fonga: You like my beer?
Barock O'Fonga: Are you ailing?
cease: you cant afford us?
||||||||| Catherwood leads Bunnyboy into the room, accepts three dimes as a gratuity, mumbles something about 9:56 PM, then departs.
Barock O'Fonga: Hi Bunny
Bunnyboy: The Nightmare Is Almost Over
cease: congrats, bunny
Bambi: Hey Bunny
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: Not if you want cash
Bunnyboy: Yay!
cease: joyhnny's dead now
Barock O'Fonga: spelled backwards is !yaY
Bunnyboy: Popped in for mere moments. I is a Countdown junkie.
Bunnyboy: RIP Jimmy Carl Black
Barock O'Fonga: What number you at now Bunny?
cease: is seattle celebrating obamba, bunny?
Bunnyboy: 555-5555
Barock O'Fonga: I'm all in
Bambi: RIP Michael Crighton too
Mudhead: early nite here, nite all
||||||||| Around 9:58 PM, Mudhead walks off into the sunset...
Bambi: night Mud
Bunnyboy: cat: Oh, yas. Pandemonium.
Barock O'Fonga: Night Mudhead..wonder why no poop or tween
Bunnyboy: nite, Richard~
Bunnyboy: !, that is
cease: byu mud
Bambi: saw Tween earlier today
Barock O'Fonga: Really BAMBI
Bambi: hope he didn't sleep through it
Barock O'Fonga: In person or was it a vision
Bambi: well, saw his 'nick' anyway lol
Barock O'Fonga: I thought I saw Joe Tween last night
Barock O'Fonga: alive as you or me
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "10:00 PM and late as usual, it's Dave & Katie in babylon, just back from Billville."
Bunnyboy: aaaand probably back in a bit. Olbermann is Uberman!
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Barock O'Fonga: Hey D&K
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:01 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Bunnyboy by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Barock O'Fonga: Been awhile, hows things
Barock O'Fonga: SYL Bunny
cease: hey dog boy
Bambi: Hey Dave & Katie!
Barock O'Fonga: That kinda ruff cat
Dave & Katie in babylon: it's a new day in Babylon! half of america, or so, should be proud, the other half just hasn't woken up yet, we should all just go blind so color doesn't matter, hello all, we return from a long absence
Bambi: in babylon?
Barock O'Fonga: How were the camels?
wake (the flake): the time in wake land is 10 o'clock PM
cease: here katie
Barock O'Fonga: audio bye bye
cease: have an e-biscuit
Barock O'Fonga: hey wake
wake (the flake): oops I mean AM
Barock O'Fonga: thought you departed
Dave & Katie in babylon: things are great, I'm now a double major in psych and musicology, almost done with the former and hope to finish the latter in two years or less, things are very very very busy hence why I'm never hear, how are we all doing?
Barock O'Fonga: audio back
Bambi: it's great that that stupid color barrier has been broken. There's no reason it should have taken so long.
cease: i'm in a state of elation at obama's election, but i appear to be the only one here, and i';m in a different here
Barock O'Fonga: Heyyy whats a few hundred years
wake (the flake): I am so glad Hillary didn't get it
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: I can only plead advanced age....
Dave & Katie in babylon: it's sad you have to even call it a barrier, if anyone loves to read abou these things look up my Prof. and angel of a man, Dr. reiland rabaka, a friend and teacher who has changed my life and I can never go back to the way I was, he has opened my eyes, as it were
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and pipes up "Presenting 'Elayne', just granted probation at 10:05 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
cease: others, maybe, but not you dex. when i see you next year i'm sure you'll out eat me, then out walk me as we walk off our meals.
Elayne: Evenin' all!
Barock O'Fonga: K%D: Did it hurt
Barock O'Fonga: Elayne!!
cease: hi el
wake (the flake): hi elayne
cease: congrats
Bambi: Hi E!
Elayne: On what, Cat?
Barock O'Fonga: Catherwood, say hello to Elayne
||||||||| Catherwood says "hello, elayne"
Elayne: Catherwood, pour me a tall one!
||||||||| Catherwood gets Elayne a tall one.
cease: obama
Barock O'Fonga: catherwood, capitolize that letter "e"
||||||||| Catherwood walks alongside Barock O'Fonga and inquires "Typing my name just to rile me, eh?"
Barock O'Fonga: audio gone
cease: i seem to be the only one here whos noticed the election.
cease: and i'm canadain.
Barock O'Fonga: ack
Elayne: I was following it, Cat, I just couldn't figure out why you were congratulating me personally. :)
wake (the flake): what election???
Dave & Katie in babylon: I am proud to say that I had a chance to meet Michello Obama about a month or more ago when she was on our campus doing a voter registration speech, Bambi just mentioned her in a private msg and so I thought I'd say it all to the group, I'm beyond elated, I cried during most of Obama's acceptance speech, still get emotional really, not ashamed to admit it
Barock O'Fonga: The election of the aincient order of the youngsters
cease: just being in what seems to this tourist as a liberated country
Elayne is pleased that our President-elect is related to her friend Laura (the techie person for her blog).
cease: what an experience, dsve
Dave & Katie in babylon: did what hurt? I didn't understand that question to me earlier and I bet it was a joke anyway, and no I haven't noticed any election, the ape still has two months to do damage though
Elayne: I cried too, Dave. I really didn't expect to, but it was just so, so HISTORIC.
cease: you;ll benefit from that as much as clinton benefitted from meeting kenedy
Elayne: I felt like I'd felt when I stayed up late to watch the moon landing in '69.
Dave & Katie in babylon: oh it was an experience, a very nice woman to be sure, beautiful in all wways,
wake (the flake): All I hope is that he can unite the country and stop the WAR MACHINE.
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: YOu mean he'll become a horn dog?
Elayne: Wake, he wants to move the war machine to Afghanistan. Because that worked soooo well for the Soviets, and the British before them, and, and, and...
cease: i was thinking of his ascedency to the us presidency.
cease: he can do with thatr what he wishes
wake (the flake): bye all you nice people.......GOTTA GO!!!!!
cease: night wake
Barock O'Fonga: Night 3ake
Barock O'Fonga: #ake?
||||||||| wake (the flake) leaves at 10:12 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Barock O'Fonga: wake
Dave & Katie in babylon: yes but there is a purpose in affghanistan, as much as I hate and detest war, we need to get in and get out, which is what we should have done before, time for the shit to hit the fan
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 10:13 PM and Nu&ImprovedTweeny bounds out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Fold it and store it in your glove box, just in case
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Hey folks
cease: let the allah of blowback be good to the us this time?
Barock O'Fonga: audio's gone and tweeny's here
Elayne: Unca Dex, we should celebrate - are you interested at all in Drinking Liberally (tomorrow beginning @ 7:30 @ Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th)?
cease: hi tween
Elayne hasn't been to a Drinking Liberally gathering in Manhattan yet.
Elayne: Hey Tween!
Barock O'Fonga: E: Won't know till I find out our schedule for weekend, call me tomorrow
Bambi: Hey Tween
Elayne: Will do, Dex.
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Out of respect for our founding fathers, of course ;)
Barock O'Fonga: D&K: You're right about afghanistan...wonderful movie called ....eh....somebodys "War"
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Catherwood, please give everyone a case of Sam Adams beer
||||||||| Catherwood hands everyone a case of sam adams beer.
Barock O'Fonga: We helped afghanis beat Russians, then walked away and let country fall into covil war
Barock O'Fonga: civil
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: It gets better... We freakin' trained Al-Queda
Barock O'Fonga: Catherwood give Nu&Improvedtweeny a cask of Amontillado
||||||||| Catherwood gives nu&improvedtweeny a cask of amontillado.
Barock O'Fonga: Tween: Yep
Dave & Katie in babylon: wow someone is actually saying that a young lefist is right? what an amazing proclamation! ha pardon to pun there,
Barock O'Fonga: audio's gone
Nu&ImprovedTweeny me only drinks Amontidillio
Barock O'Fonga: back
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: You're right, Dave
Barock O'Fonga: Tween: Aha, you like the Vibrating Sheraz
Barock O'Fonga: audio go bye bye
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Why, yes it has...
Barock O'Fonga: back
Barock O'Fonga: wooody peckers
Dave & Katie in babylon: you ain't got no friends on your left
Barock O'Fonga: All my friends sit front and center
Barock O'Fonga: Don't mind the shackels, they're there for your protaction
Barock O'Fonga: coomunist
Barock O'Fonga: toooo many oooooo's
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Those are Dollars, Barock
Barock O'Fonga: afkfsr
Elayne: Dex, when Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister types out conversations she has with her Scottish husband, she always adds extra o's to simulate his accent.
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Never too many Oohs here, Barock
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Nino's map says we're all in Florida
cease: how much damage do you think bush will do between now and next jan>
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Give him some credit, cease ;)
Dave & Katie in babylon: as much as they can
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: He'll think of something
Bambi: more than any of us want him to Cat unfortunately :-(
Barock O'Fonga: Elayne: I did nooot knoooow that
Dave & Katie in babylon: so we're in the can, part of the american clan, but it's all in god's plan? ha!
cease: i read alrternet, etc. how can i not think like that
cease: air america, huffpo, etc, etc
Dave & Katie in babylon: couldn't resist that one
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: How much damage yah got?
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: You and Katie are on a field trip to the lovely middle east, Dave?
cease: they almost got to the point of asking that on pbs news tonight
Dave & Katie in babylon: Cat is just so damaging for god's sake *sarcsm*
cease: i think they will be in far more scrutiny than they need to be
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: try www.lewrockwell.com, cease
Elayne has just been watching the latest "literalist music video" from DustFilms (www.dustfilms.com).
cease: and powers can be marshalled to work against them under ob
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: You won't agree with everything they say, but it's pretty good Libertarian thought
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: usually
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: some of them are pretty far out there
Elayne: Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge" - http://current.com/items/89469367_under_the_bridge_literal_video_version
Barock O'Fonga Has been keeping an eye on the post modern avaunt garde advanced liberalism
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: literalist music video? is that like stand-up poerty?
Elayne: I'm becoming a really big fan of Dustin McLean. These videos are so clever.
cease: any good, el?
Elayne: Tween, he takes the videos and sings over them, matching the original cadence as closely as possible, pretty much describing what's going on in the video. It works extremely well.
Barock O'Fonga: Dustin McCleam, Don and Hoffmans, duo-bio clone?
Elayne: The first one he did was to A-Ha's "Take On Me." I couldn't stop laughing.
Barock O'Fonga: Ah Ha!!
Barock O'Fonga: lol
Barock O'Fonga: audio go bye
Elayne: Then he did a Tears for Fears one, I think. The one in the library. He takes the piss VERY well.
Barock O'Fonga: back
Barock O'Fonga: prolly uses drugs
Barock O'Fonga: If you piss for more than 4 hours, notify your plumber
Elayne: The thing I like the most about them is that his literalist lyrics also appear in subtitles, so you can sing along (or learn some English!).
Barock O'Fonga: Sing Engrish Troupe
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Won't work with OS 9 version of Flash, E :(
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: lol BO
cease: i taught people english for far too long.
Bambi: Sounds like fun Elayne :-)
Barock O'Fonga: He He, he said OS 9
Nu&ImprovedTweeny thinks Dex is making fun of old Mac systems
Barock O'Fonga: Nein!!?
Barock O'Fonga: Nyet!!!
Barock O'Fonga: NIcht I mean
Barock O'Fonga: ty[ing of II where's LLAN
Elayne: Tween, you can probably find it on YouTube, that's where I grabbed the first two. Go to www.dustfilms.com for all the links.
Barock O'Fonga: all we are is film dust in the wind
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: ok E
cease: wow, i'd forgotten how lame this ending is.
cease: they have so many ersoin of this, this must be the worsts
cease: its lieke they fogot their lines
Barock O'Fonga: The Thanksgiving piece? Cat
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: liked it, actually
cease: yes
Barock O'Fonga: This specific take or just in general
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: (the Thansgiving skit)
Bambi: Dave is fading............
Barock O'Fonga: The whole skit?
cease: i may notr have noticed it before.
cease: just found it annoying tonight
cease: no, just the last few seoconds of it
Dave & Katie in babylon: sorry for being away was making tea, I have so much tea it's scary but I love it, keeps the kidneys functioning well
cease: it turns into mumbles, maybve i spend too much time with alzheimers parents and their peers
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: In the several times they've performed )recorded it) they switch the lines around to different performers
cease: yes tea has been a large part of my life. very good stuff.
cease: one of the very few that's actuallyu good for you
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: "and with the birth of the artist, came the inevitable afterbirth of the critic" ;)
Barock O'Fonga: I sued to be a leaf teaser at Cup-O-Rama
cease: exasctly, fong. i just thought this was particularly stupid, annoying
Nu&ImprovedTweeny watched a bit of History of the World last night
Barock O'Fonga: I used to infuriate the waitresses
cease: i'd have to play rewind and play you the offensive seconds but have not way of doing such
Barock O'Fonga: I'd sit on them until I was arrewted
cease: my memory, like my typing, is occasional
Barock O'Fonga: aidop gpmne
Barock O'Fonga: back
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: What's your favorite type of tea, cease?
Elayne is heading for bedding now. Next week, all! Dex, call you tomorrow!
||||||||| Elayne departs at 10:40 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Bambi: have a great week E!
Barock O'Fonga: North face Killamanjoro Clos
cease: i begin each day with a cold piece of fruit or bowl of some berry or anotherl i chose a tea, if it is that, to go with it
Barock O'Fonga: Big deal, say goodbye, relate a msg and then bust out of hear
Barock O'Fonga: here
cease: this morn i had lemon-lime with a half red grapfruit. good pairing
cease: by el
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: The stream be dropping like flies
||||||||| Catherwood leads Principalpoop inside, makes a note of the time (10:42 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dave & Katie in babylon: lol I can't remember what type of tea this is, good thing I have a nose that works, so does katie but not for tea, grin
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: hear here!
cease: hi poop
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Hey P
Principalpoop: oback bama
Principalpoop: hear hear
Barock O'Fonga: Dave: Start her out on some rare monkey harvest, Borneo green -audio gone-gene
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Why Dave, I didn't know that Mexico made Earl Grey
Barock O'Fonga: audio back
Bambi: hey princep
cease: i love chamomile tea in general. realy helpful and pleasent tea
Principalpoop: i thought Mexico made Acapolka gold
Nu&ImprovedTweeny says ro Verizon wireless, "Can you hear us now?"
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Yeah, chamomile is a good sedative
Barock O'Fonga: And-a one, and-s two...all out for the golden age poka
Principalpoop: hi all
Principalpoop: i like chamois
Barock O'Fonga: Hey Poop, was wondering where you might be on this day two of good election news
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Forget the commercial name, but rose hips tea is very good
cease: sounds Clean
Barock O'Fonga: audio gone
Principalpoop: i took commenative nap
Barock O'Fonga: back
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Have had to reset it several times
cease: yes i love rose hips, other organs
Barock O'Fonga: Common native?
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: JL & Bambi's service isn't what it might be
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: It's a night, clem
Barock O'Fonga: True Tween
cease: all the best, ah clem and bambi
Barock O'Fonga: lol clem
Bambi: rose hips tea, good for ya too
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Thranks so much for what you do :)
Principalpoop: sounds fine to me, but i am deaf in one and cannot hear in the other
Bambi: many good for ya and good tasting teas out there
cease: lolts of flower teas are great.
Barock O'Fonga: Oh Bambi, Queen of teas(e)
Principalpoop: the voice of ahh, clem
Bambi: thanks for being patient on the audio tonight. don't know what was going on. Hope Verizon isn't being a butthead
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: The tea that teases the pallate
Principalpoop: i just got here, but ok, thanks ahh, clem, keepers of the root
Barock O'Fonga: Bambi' we're just glad you guys are here
Principalpoop: toad aweigh
Barock O'Fonga: Toad sway in the dark, faskinated by Amber Glow
Bambi: thanks Dex ... happy to be here too!
Principalpoop: wow hot switchover
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Don't worry about the toads, we won't weigh 'em
Principalpoop: low rider, by war, nice drum start
Bambi: likely not Clem's choice on timing there princep...sorry about that
Barock O'Fonga: Tween: IN that case, gimme the 15 pound mutant blue, with icking diuagram
Principalpoop: if fong is complaining, it must be serious
Bambi: have missed you all for several weeks
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: He said there might be a router problem, actually
Bambi: work's a drag lol
Barock O'Fonga: licking diagram
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: 'Tis the season for lung afflictions
Dave & Katie in babylon: oy vay, so much back pain, blah
Principalpoop: courage, always
||||||||| ah,clem sashays in at 10:51 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: Hewwo, clem
Principalpoop: ahh there is he
Barock O'Fonga: Oy vey? dave?
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: sorry to hear about the tech difficulties
Barock O'Fonga: vat den?
ah,clem: not a local routing problem, but somewhere between here and there, our server is in GB
Principalpoop: i can dig it, hang in there
Barock O'Fonga: Vas machtst du?
ah,clem: hi all, and good night, lol
Principalpoop: thanks again very much, ah, clem
Barock O'Fonga: Night clem, and game try, old fellow
Principalpoop: the old in and out eh? hehe
Barock O'Fonga: He said, he he
||||||||| Catherwood says "10:52 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs ah,clem by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
Principalpoop: hehe in and out hehe
Barock O'Fonga: only faster
Barock O'Fonga: He said a lot of words
Bambi: hey Clem, give back that knocker lol
Principalpoop: i got a name, sang jim croce
cease: thanks agian clem and bambi
Barock O'Fonga: Who's there??
Bambi: we wont' be able to use that door with out it
Barock O'Fonga: I heard a knocker!!
Principalpoop: hehe he has an obsedian knocker hehe
Dave & Katie in babylon: like the pine trees linin' the winding road
Principalpoop: it was not lost mysteriously, ahhh, clem took it
Principalpoop: i'll go there proud
Barock O'Fonga: Obscenian?? Seventeenth century seems like
Bambi smiles
cease: no one's mentioned the firesing news in all of this. the mention of ossman's novel in the sarah palin blog site. no one knowof this/
cease: el is gone and probaly doesnt even monotir this anymore
Principalpoop: tell us cat
Barock O'Fonga: Get out of town!!????
Bambi: boy having trouble with the chat even now ... sheesh ... it's not refreshing right and going white when I try to force it like there's been a break in the continuity of the connection
Bambi: gonna have to call it a night ... great to see you all!
cease: merl will know.
Barock O'Fonga: Sarah's Husband is a FIREHEAD?
Principalpoop: i have had that happen, not tonight
Dave & Katie in babylon: palin can fuck off
Principalpoop: really?
cease: i get an eamil from a google gtoup operated by elayn'es predecessor in firesign zines
Barock O'Fonga: D&K: Sarah can see you from where she is
cease: he dooes ifesing theatre news and rpeorted that last week
Principalpoop: i may have been too rash, a first dude like that could make good changes
cease: no one goets this? why just me?
Nu&ImprovedTweeny: It's a wrap for me folks - and thanks again, clem. on't forget to support CNI Radio, without which, none of this would have been necessary... (http://www.cniradio.com/donations.htm)
cease: lol fong
||||||||| Nu&ImprovedTweeny leaves at 10:57 PM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Principalpoop: oops night tween
cease: night freer tween
Barock O'Fonga: Night Tween
Barock O'Fonga: afkftr
Principalpoop: red rubber ball by that one hit wonder cyrkle
Principalpoop: yah, the worst is over now
Dave & Katie in babylon: you have to see the vids of Lisa Nova immitating palin on youtbue, oh they are great
Principalpoop: you betcha, wink wink
cease: lol
Principalpoop: chicago, a whole new meaning to color my world....
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: while you;'re still here dave, i wanted to tell you from historical perspective, this is the ibest thing that's happened to your country that i've seen since the nixon removal.
cease: tht was before your birth
Principalpoop: i would say our finest moment was when NBC cancelled the my mother the car tv program...
cease: lol poop
cease: the us will go down in hisotyr as the maker of the world;s longest lasting junk
cease: for now.
cease: i hae tht song on tape poop, but sitll dont rmembver it
Barock O'Fonga: back
Principalpoop: styrofoam cups and hamburger boxes has made a comeback
Principalpoop: wb fong
cease: haplky reparked?
Dave & Katie in babylon: thank you for saying that Cat, it means a lot to me, I'm an extreme idealist, I know this much, but i really believe in the man we elected, had I been alive during that time, I would have gone for Kenedy to be sure,
Barock O'Fonga: The best moment for our country was when Aaron Burr invaded mexico
Barock O'Fonga: "We just invented Tex-Mex
Principalpoop: ahhh if you are going back that far...
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: I go back before the beginning
cease: ansd the best time for our country was when we kicked your ass out in 1812
Principalpoop: in the prologue? wow
Principalpoop: 1812 didn't count, we were not ready
cease: but it's always dawn somewhere we all believe as canucks, or we'd all freeze
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: Like we reeeally wanted 40 million square miles of frozen tundra
Principalpoop: oops more chicago already, 25 or 6 to 4
cease: well yuor soldiers did whatever their gneerals told them to do
Barock O'Fonga: Cat: The DeVinci Inquests was dropped by CBS but a week later picked up by ABC, same really late night time slot
Principalpoop: you cheated, your troops started advancing before we counted to 10
Principalpoop: or 25 or 6 to 4
Barock O'Fonga: Dix! you cretin, Dix!
Barock O'Fonga: U deu trois
Principalpoop: fort dix, hehe
Barock O'Fonga: The "n" is loud as in Knewt
||||||||| It's 11:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bambi - dead from the yaws
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Barock O'Fonga: Fort Dix! Fort Dix! This is For soissan-neuf. Come in! Come in!
Principalpoop: no neuf is good neuf
Barock O'Fonga: Said the old Newfoundler
Barock O'Fonga: He's a Nubbie Newfie
Principalpoop: ahh al hirt playing bourbon street
Principalpoop: a real toe tapper
Barock O'Fonga: Who's winning, poop
cease: arent those toes tapped out yet?
Principalpoop: the bourbon, always
Barock O'Fonga: stright Street, here i was agian, lookin' down the curves of Straight Street
Principalpoop: i got him and pete fountain and some others before comcast took my usenet away
Principalpoop: george straight too
Barock O'Fonga: And so is Gracie
Principalpoop: she had an uncle
Barock O'Fonga: Uncle Staraight
Barock O'Fonga: Changed his name, and changed his game
Barock O'Fonga: Backgammon
Principalpoop: not ernie
Barock O'Fonga: with a full beaver
Principalpoop doubles Fong
Barock O'Fonga goes all in
Principalpoop: wait, is that my pip or yours?
Barock O'Fonga: Ow! I sat on my pip
Barock O'Fonga: Homes has been here...I smel his shaggy scent
Principalpoop: i chose Pete Fountain playing Deep Purple, i was robbed, it is not the same Deep Purple that Deep Purple plays
Principalpoop: and the tea stains
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: Welcome to the heartbreak of music
Principalpoop: that is song sung blue by neil diamond
Barock O'Fonga: and three coins in the fountain is not a charicture of Pete, lying belly up and tourists tossing money
Principalpoop: it is not about mardi gras? gosh
Barock O'Fonga: It's a wonderful life-like statue made of weathe resistia t substance
Barock O'Fonga: Do not leave outdoors
Principalpoop: stryofoam?
Barock O'Fonga: Anew space-age substance known as adino astrofoam
Barock O'Fonga: ask your butcher today
Principalpoop: i never talk to the butcher
Principalpoop: except when i want a big standing rib roast for christmas or my birthday
Barock O'Fonga: Ha! So he vas only obeying orders
Principalpoop: i know nothing
Principalpoop: nutting
Barock O'Fonga: Ve haff micro-film of his micro-actity
Principalpoop: dreamboat annie, little ship of dreams
Principalpoop: ahh yavowell
Barock O'Fonga: It vas soo schnall HaHa
Principalpoop: watten vu specking?
Principalpoop: ann PF comfortably numb
Barock O'Fonga: Zis Hot Arayan babd got a tatoo of a conch snal on her thighs
Barock O'Fonga: snail
Principalpoop: what did you do tuesday night fong? or is it classified?
Barock O'Fonga: schnail, i mean
Principalpoop: conch
Principalpoop: don't put the conch on the couch
Barock O'Fonga: she said zu mir, put your kopf between my thighs and your ear to the conch
Barock O'Fonga: and you vill schmell zee sea
Principalpoop: you can smell ze zea?
Principalpoop: ahh hehe i was right hehe
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: Tues night went to friends house for victotry dinner
Principalpoop ) i thought so
Principalpoop: either that or out rolling drunks
Barock O'Fonga: He siad schmell
Barock O'Fonga: heh heh
Principalpoop: max schmell
Principalpoop: hi max
Dave & Katie in babylon: oh god I am so excited, still excited by all of this,
Barock O'Fonga: It's okay Poop, my barrels ae in those folling drunks
Principalpoop: it is a new world
Principalpoop: a new dawn, what have you
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: That's right
Barock O'Fonga: Catherwood, bring everyone a Roller Maiden
||||||||| Catherwood gives everyone a roller maiden.
cease: i feel that
cease: as a canuck, our politificains cans stop praising barack
Principalpoop: my virginia even went for Obama, we had he capital of the confederacy here
cease: and those in power are right wing
Barock O'Fonga: Barawk!
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: Give us some Lee=way
Principalpoop: fox news is picking on palin, reporting she thought africa was a country
cease: robert e? he gone now
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: It is, you can see it from Alaska
Principalpoop: she could not name the 3 countries in NAFTA, north america, who could they be?
Dave & Katie in babylon: palin should just go back to her little town of rapists and money thieves and leave the rest of the country alone, and fox news should be shut down
Principalpoop: yes dave
cease: p[alin dint know signatories to nafta? your couhtry missed large hit from astroid evil
Barock O'Fonga: Uh, Santo Domingo, Tuirk and Cacos, and uh Tierra del Fuego?
Dave & Katie in babylon: it's a good thing these don't really go out to the rest of the world, these cheese logs or I would be killed tomorrow
cease: let us hpoe, dave
Principalpoop: only if McCain had won dave, let it all hang out
Barock O'Fonga: Put down that axe eugene
Dave & Katie in babylon: mccain has one, that's the sad part, lol
cease: it is believeed, by some peopled, that histoyr has cycles. with obama a new cycle will begin, turning left againk just in time to avoid eco-death, or.....
cease: stay tuned
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: But Hitler, he had none at all
Principalpoop: like the herman hermits, we're into something good
Barock O'Fonga: I'm into Henry the 8th
Barock O'Fonga: I am
Principalpoop: enery the 8th I am
cease: oh i see, poop
cease: as it were
Barock O'Fonga: Hey poop, I claimed this title first
Barock O'Fonga: I challenge you, sir
Principalpoop: his chief of staff raul emmanual has written a book, i need to find that
Barock O'Fonga slaps poop in the face with armored gloves forty-seven time
Barock O'Fonga: s
cease: i notied baraxcks first book in the libary. will read
Principalpoop: it is a new age fong, i will be sending anthrax to you
Barock O'Fonga: After three slaps, poop does not respond
cease: his sklil with words is no accident
cease: he firesign dont jsut happen to be funny
Barock O'Fonga: after seven slaps, he moans mysteriously..meanwhile, Dr X also moans
Principalpoop: we need to make sure the new president is familiar with firesign, how do we go about that?
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: Put alians in his eggs
Principalpoop: bribe somebody to include the big firesign joke book in his revew materials
Barock O'Fonga: Or put them in her eggs
Principalpoop: everybodys eggs
Barock O'Fonga: Then when the children are born, they willrespond to us
Barock O'Fonga: They will say "Barawk!!"
Principalpoop: he has smoked reefer, ganga, he can connect
Barock O'Fonga: I can connect the dots and the disses
Principalpoop: the purple micro-dots
Principalpoop: speed skating with wolfs on the glass ceiling
Barock O'Fonga: Attention Attention.... do not take the purple micro-dots]
Barock O'Fonga: Unless accompanied by a bitchin' lead guitar
Principalpoop: speaking of pips, he is going back to georgia on the midnight train
Principalpoop: yah
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: I heards that, through the grape wine
cease: yes, barack will be able to conect in ways far greater than his kinship with other dopers
Principalpoop: how much longer will you be mine fong?
cease: clinton and bush, at least, smoked dope, etc
Principalpoop: yes cat, the big picture
Barock O'Fonga: It was a rainy night in goergia and the pickers wern't a=grinnin'
cease: what insight did it gibe them?
cease: jefferson and wiashingktion, maybe a lot
Dave & Katie in babylon: wow if your'e gone for 10 mins here you miss a comedy sketch that outdoes SNL in cleverness any day
cease: i dislilke coutnry music generically, fong
Principalpoop: something about doors opening and whether you go through them or not
Barock O'Fonga: Washinton & Jefferson March, me and Souso down pebnnsylvania ave
Principalpoop: flattery will get you everywhere dave
Barock O'Fonga: Where to sailor?
Barock O'Fonga: Just put your dog in the trunk
Principalpoop: do the francis scott key polka
Barock O'Fonga: It's only half a key,
cease: i see you are a sailor
Principalpoop: ahhh 12th street rag
Barock O'Fonga: The soundman bought a lot of cabgbage rolls
cease: these keys are gonna be worthless under an obama administration
cease: gt em wnie they're expensive
cease: hurry up and pay me
cease: before it's al legal
Principalpoop: we can only hope
Principalpoop: hope and change
Barock O'Fonga: Well, amigos, democrats and progressive brother and sistahs, gotta relocae my car so they don't trace me
Principalpoop: hail Rita!
Barock O'Fonga: Global positioning puts me in china
Principalpoop: good luck comrade
Principalpoop: watch out for the tea cups and saucers then
Barock O'Fonga: You want'a Rebus kkkkkkkkneebus back, and Pat Hat..you buy poisen milk
Principalpoop: oh good, there on the other side
Principalpoop: did i really download norman greenbaum and spirit in the sky? i think it is a virus attack
Dave & Katie in babylon: hmmm walked away for more tea
Principalpoop: bonne the
Principalpoop: that was french, for good tea
cease: tea has been a big friend of mine
Principalpoop: i have no palate :(
cease: in a cold coutry, a warm beverage is necessary
Dave & Katie in babylon: yep, it's a tea for colds, but it smelled good so I made a cup, I have about 4 travel mugs of tea a day, if I'm home, keeps me in the bathroom a lot, grin
cease: it an be developed, poop
cease: my wife complaonas aoubtg mine developing al the time
Principalpoop: i would have to give up all my cigarettes, cheap coffee and macdonalds, to even have a chance
cease: ok, i'll give you good advice, dave. dont get adicted to tea
cease: i was watching i thinkg dem or repub conventions as my parents were drinvg through middle america in summer 1960 kenndedy nixon and i got in the habit of drinking toea, maybe neede cafein to keep awake during these conventoins
Principalpoop: seems like a harmless vice cat, why not?
cease: we were in motels so tea was natural
cease: yeah good stuff
Principalpoop: gosh led zeppelin - thank you is half way through, iwas engrossed in the chat
Principalpoop: if the sun refused to shine, i would still be loving you
Dave & Katie in babylon: no cat, most isn't cafinated actually
Dave & Katie in babylon: but I am addicted to caffeine as it is
Principalpoop: that is what i thought dave
Principalpoop: i am never without caffeine and so I don't know if I am addicted or not
cease: yes the stuff ive drank for the past few decades hasnt as well but what i was drinking when kenneh was in power was very cafenieated.
Principalpoop: the tea that helped britain take over the world
cease: if not the boston tea party, the revolution? discuss
Principalpoop: it was mostly those taxes that infuriated us
cease: i have nbever been prouder to be at least an observer and former us resident of the us than now. few here into that
Dave & Katie in babylon: fast lane tea from celestial seasonings, which is just down the road from me in boulder CO
cease: celcestial does a lot of good tea
Principalpoop: sweet dave
Dave & Katie in babylon: well the canadians really have it made man I still want to go to VC and check the place out,
Dave & Katie in babylon: looks like just us eh?
Principalpoop: why vietnam?
Principalpoop: hehe
cease: i have lived ina feew places but love it heere best of all
cease: my parents lived in la for 50 years but came to die here
cease: its really nice
Dave & Katie in babylon: do they have accessible streetlights can? are the traffic patterns the same as here in the states? do you have curbs at your corners or belended corners? these are thingsa blind traveler considers, and that's just the beginning
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
Principalpoop: when i was in the navy near seattle, we were encouraged not to leave the country
Principalpoop: busted flat in baton rouge is fun too
Principalpoop: we sang every song that you ever knew
Principalpoop: la la la la
Dave & Katie in babylon: I'm here
Principalpoop: you guys have been quiet for a whole song
Principalpoop: bridge on the river kwai now, can you whistle dave?
Principalpoop: madness, it is all madness hehe
Dave & Katie in babylon: I can whistle, but don't know the tune, sorry, what key is it in?
Dave & Katie in babylon: I love my ear, grin
Principalpoop: i have no clue, it is a classic, you should know it
Principalpoop: whist le, and whistle up the scale LA LA LA whist le, and whistle up the scale LA LA LA
Principalpoop: that is what it sounds like hehe
Principalpoop: a big shift, now kinks, with you really got me
Principalpoop: maybe the cats of cat are fighting again
Principalpoop: he has to leave and make peace often
Principalpoop: it is a bummer, but the excitement and hope you felt for barack, is what many young people had for bobby kennedy, and he was taken down...
Principalpoop: this is so much better to have it come to fruitation
cease: yes
Principalpoop: wb cat
Dave & Katie in babylon: I'm here too pp
Principalpoop: i hope so, i was talking to you
Principalpoop: hehe
Principalpoop: surfer girl, by the beach boys
Principalpoop: that was the simple part of the 1960s
Barock O'Fonga: Wow! som,e still here
Principalpoop: jean luc-ponty
Principalpoop: we waited for you
Barock O'Fonga: Muchas Gracias
Principalpoop: i almost did 9 lines in a row, that was my limit, i go out of control
Barock O'Fonga: Kinda surprosed Homes and his Moll we're here tonight on this auspicious occaission
Principalpoop: dan nada
Principalpoop: i have not seen either online, this evening
Barock O'Fonga: Cat:!! Anyword from Doc and/or Lili?
Barock O'Fonga: and llan?
Barock O'Fonga: The roll call of the absent
Principalpoop: llan was here tuesday, remarkably fast with results
Barock O'Fonga: You think they got him...for remarebly fast result?
Principalpoop: arrested for speeding?
Barock O'Fonga: Speeding state secrets
Principalpoop: spreading the seeneds of change
Barock O'Fonga: and taking underage girls from blue states into red states
Principalpoop: will you love me tomorrow fong?
Barock O'Fonga: or vice versa
Principalpoop: or is this just a moment's pleasure?
Barock O'Fonga: Same as it ever was, poop
Principalpoop: tonight, the light, of love is in your eyes
Principalpoop: so sang that , quick
Principalpoop: who
Barock O'Fonga: Is that you poop, i can't see...the light is in my eyes
Barock O'Fonga: Put down that flashlight, you foool
Principalpoop: can i believe the magic of your sighs? hehe
Principalpoop: stop sighing, it should be fun
Barock O'Fonga: Do you dig my suacy bernaise?
Barock O'Fonga: It disappears under a strobe light
Principalpoop: you fill it out like a LSAT champion fong, all the forms
Barock O'Fonga: nature formed me, life transformed me
Principalpoop: strobe thurman? i thought he was dead
Principalpoop: metaphorphispyhis
Barock O'Fonga: No, poop, but his bulb burned long ago
||||||||| "12:27 AM? 12:27 AM!!" says Catherwood, "Merlyn should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Merlyn enters and sits on the couch.
Barock O'Fonga: Hi Merlyn
Merlyn: Hey, nearly forgot, since I was on tuesday
Principalpoop: give the people a light, and they will follow it anywhere
Principalpoop: HI M
Barock O'Fonga: Back from the celebration?
Principalpoop: sorry about franken :( ugh
Principalpoop: damn close applause
Barock O'Fonga: Poop: Franken demanding recount..only about 500 votes separting them
Merlyn: it will get a recount, it's still unknown
Principalpoop: oops ok, super wow
Principalpoop: sweet
Barock O'Fonga: The adventures of Super Wow, Chinese maintenance technician
Merlyn: there's like 340 votes difference, both have about 1.2 million votes
Principalpoop: i thought she was a korean pron star
Merlyn: Obama might get 1 EV from Nebraska, too
Barock O'Fonga: Prawn star, Prawn star, you little schrimpff
Principalpoop: that is amazing
Barock O'Fonga: Say hello to Scampi, the prawn Star
Principalpoop: hi scampi, came out of your shell all the way huh?
Barock O'Fonga: She is famou
Barock O'Fonga: famous daughter of Eva Prawn, hitler mob girl and suicide
Principalpoop: run little eva run
Principalpoop: here comes simon lagrou
Barock O'Fonga: Original Crustacean vegeterian, and National Socialist
Barock O'Fonga: and all europe tail wagger
Principalpoop: i like the idea of proportional allotment of EVs, but it had to wait until we had better technology...
Barock O'Fonga: EVs? Eva Vaughns?
Principalpoop: elephant vests
Principalpoop: look out kid, they keep it all hid
Barock O'Fonga: They'll go with my Rhino boots
Merlyn: states could pass legislation to make the president elected by popular vote: http://www.nationalpopularvote.com
Principalpoop: and artificial snake skin boots
Merlyn: they have 50 of the 270 needed so far
Barock O'Fonga: Who you calling artificial
Principalpoop: senators used to be appointed instead of elected by the people
Barock O'Fonga: I'm just a faux pas
Principalpoop: we can change things to ensure proper results
Barock O'Fonga: and the kid is not my own
Principalpoop: not yours? that explains the red hair
Barock O'Fonga: Uh..poop? I like the way you think...change things...he he
Principalpoop: did i say that? oops, i am in the hot water now, pass the noodles
Principalpoop: ahh cracklin rose
Barock O'Fonga: TRY SOME OF THIS Ramen poop
Principalpoop: don't need to say please to no man, for a happy tune
Principalpoop: pot noodles? noooooo
Principalpoop: stones warned me
Barock O'Fonga: Don't bogart those noodles my friend
Barock O'Fonga: Pass the pasta to the right
Principalpoop: too much garlic, again
Principalpoop: the chef is afraid of vampires
Barock O'Fonga: Too much garlic ain't enough
Principalpoop: ahhh a garlic freak, why am I not suprised...
Merlyn: I need more cowlic
Barock O'Fonga: Because you schmelt me coming?
Merlyn: or bell
Principalpoop: i just want to celebrate, rare earth
Barock O'Fonga: Here Merlyn, no cowlic, but try this moose
Principalpoop: ahh the live version
Barock O'Fonga: Sarah endorses it
Principalpoop: i sent your spaghetti sauce to be analyzed fong, the report came back that your moose is pregnant
Barock O'Fonga: Alaskan Moose fricassee, shot from helicopters
Barock O'Fonga: That moose will maryy my son
Principalpoop: you have the colic, eat more fibre
Barock O'Fonga: or die trying
Merlyn: the cereal shot from guns
Barock O'Fonga: Is the cereal our moose eat
Principalpoop: wait I know that one
Principalpoop: puffed quaker oats
Barock O'Fonga: It's Bullwinkle
Principalpoop: what do I win?
Barock O'Fonga: A walk-on part
Principalpoop: sweet
Principalpoop: i will get tips from llan first
Barock O'Fonga: remeber to say thee and thou
Principalpoop: not see and saw?
Principalpoop: goth ith
Barock O'Fonga: Dear farrel americans, I must depart
Principalpoop: night fong, and welcome to the new age, again
Barock O'Fonga: remeber , Tiger woods for secretary of state
Principalpoop: it is a little late, i missed the bus
Principalpoop: i will jump ship too
Principalpoop: ciaoo brothers
Barock O'Fonga: Night Merlyn and thanks for the open house
Principalpoop: thanks again all
||||||||| Principalpoop is thrown out the window just as the clock strikes 12:47 AM.
Barock O'Fonga: Night poop
Merlyn: nite barock
Merlyn: and PP, late
Merlyn: seems like we're all done....
||||||||| Merlyn rushes off, saying "12:49 AM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
cease: hi merl.by merl
Dave & Katie in babylon: dave is still here, cat read private msg
||||||||| It's 1:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Barock O'Fonga - dead from The Plague
||||||||| cease - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 1 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
||||||||| It's 1:40 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dave & Katie in babylon - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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