A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for November 27, 2008 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Firebroiled Turkey into the room, accepts a jar of pennies as a gratuity, mutters something about 8:06 AM, then departs.
Firebroiled Turkey: so hop in your wife
and head in any direction on the freeway of your choice,
and we’ll see you in a couple of hours,
here at Ralph Spoilsport Motors,
the World’s Biggest,

here in the City of Fine Music.
Thanks for the insurrection,
and now back to our morning concert of afternoon showtime favorites

-- the Magic Bowl movement from Symphony in C Minus by Dexter Johann Amadeus Matetsky.Fong

Firebroiled Turkey: A little Fong with the cranberry and mash, . . . . the holidays have truly arrived
||||||||| "Hey Firebroiled Turkey!" ... Firebroiled Turkey turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 8:08 AM, I don't have to go yet!"...
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, November 27, 2008 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!" -- then he looks around at the empty room, looks at his watch, and mumbles "...am I early?"
||||||||| RoastedTweeny sashays in at 9:01 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
||||||||| Catherwood tiptoes into the room, and snorts derisively "Announcing 'llanwydd', also known as 'Nancy' -- the time is 9:03 PM" -- then he slowly retires back into the Aviary...
llanwydd: happy thanksglibbing
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and cease disembarks at 9:04 PM.
llanwydd: Mr. Ishikawa
cease: i'll try and be as glib as possible
llanwydd: welcome to the waiting room
cease: i see we're stlll waiting
llanwydd: tween is here
llanwydd: and whoever firebroiled turkey is
cease: i'd rather be waiting here than in a hotel in bombay
llanwydd: that makes sense
cease: no cni tonight?
llanwydd: I've been thinking it is very strange that they keep calling it mumbai when the whole western hemisphere calls it bombay
llanwydd: I wouldn't know, cat
cease: maybe bambi and clem are busy celebrating
llanwydd: maybe if cni doesn't air by the time we are all (or mostly) here, then we can simulcast an album that we all have
llanwydd: or recording
llanwydd: if I remember right, we've had a big crowd here the last couple of thanksgivings
cease: did you see the new planet proctor? phil has a grandchild to celebrate
llanwydd: cool
llanwydd: I don't believe I have looked at planet proctor in years
cease: it comes in my email box
llanwydd: nor any of the individual members' websites
llanwydd: how is it tween can go so long without typing and his name doesn't turn grey?
llanwydd: and if I tried to do that
llanwydd: I remember proctor announced the birth of a child in a Young Tom Edison Club newsletter many years ago
llanwydd: I don't even remember the name of the Young Tom Edison Club newsletter
llanwydd: but I was a subscriber
cease: that must be the daughter who jsut gave birth now
cease: this is the duaghter who was on The Wire
cease: married the son of our premier
cease: i dont think phil has any other kids by his other wives
llanwydd: now that I think of it, he may have said he was expecting a child
llanwydd: do you remember the name of that newsletter, cat?
cease: ossman has two families from 2 of this 3 wives
cease: tom edison? was it chromium switch?
llanwydd: I'm not sure
cease: someone is putting all that stuff online now. are you aware of it?
llanwydd: I remember the chromium switch but I don't know if it was the same newsletter
RoastedTweeny: The 2 Wives of David The 3rd
llanwydd: I didn't know
cease: the chromium switches, elayne's falafals, freditors, etc
llanwydd: welcome, tweeny!
cease: if merl ever gets here, he'll have the url. i get email from them daily
cease: whoever They are. the guy who did the chromium switches i think
llanwydd: are you still having trouble with the cd, tween?
cease: hi tween
RoastedTweeny: Happy Turkey Assassination Day!
cease: tween you know the website with all the firesign newsletters on it?
llanwydd: I'd stay out of that country this time of year
RoastedTweeny: Thanks for mentioning it LL. Will boot the 2nd machine to check
llanwydd: that sucks. I hope it wasn't damaged in transit
llanwydd: I'm still dying to know what an artifact is and where the first one appears
cease: it might be a google group
RoastedTweeny: No, my drive in the G4 is really sensticive
RoastedTweeny: sensitive
llanwydd: G4? I remember a summit by that name
RoastedTweeny: Still haven't a good copy of Bergman's "True Confessions"
llanwydd: otherwise I wouldn't know it from a B-52
RoastedTweeny: Doc doesn't use Mac, of course
RoastedTweeny: not that it should make a difference
llanwydd: anyone hear alice's restaurant on the radio today?
llanwydd: I didn't but I hear it most years
RoastedTweeny: Nope
RoastedTweeny: Good thanksgiving song
RoastedTweeny: "I was going to the draft board..."
RoastedTweeny: "So I made sure I got good and drunk the night before..."
cease: i havent heard that in years. must get a taperecorder someday that'll play my old reels
cease: that line was very relavent to me at one time
RoastedTweeny: Not so funny, since I was actually I-H (that's 1-A 'on hold' in Maryland
RoastedTweeny: Missed Viet Nam by a heartbeat
cease: i was arrested in japan for teaching english without a visa
llanwydd: I thought you were my age, tween. you must be older
cease: when they discovered it wa smy birthdya, they let me go, told me to go get drunk and come back to court the next day
RoastedTweeny: Was silly enough to volunteer to fly helicopters when I was 17. The recuiting station was near MD's WWI "Peace Cross" lol
llanwydd: that's funny, cat
RoastedTweeny: 1954 model here
llanwydd: I'm sure it wasn't funny then
cease: one of japan's many names for itself is Yoppari Tengoku, which means a heaven for drunks
RoastedTweeny: Krassner would have Alice's Restaurant bested by a bit ;)
llanwydd: I'm a '61
cease: yes, i think krassner has more good tales than alce ever had customers
llanwydd: kennedy administration
RoastedTweeny: Paulson & Bernake will be welcomed there, Cat-san
llanwydd: so I don't remember where I was when...
cease: yes, they seem to want america to experience what japan spent the past decade in
RoastedTweeny: We shall get together sometime and tell tales, cease
llanwydd: so what were you guys doing when you heard kennedy was shot?
llanwydd: my parents don't even remember where I was
cease: o was in metal shop class, trying to make an ash tray in the shape of a wishing well
llanwydd: aha
cease: i was very happy to get away from that ashtray, if only for the kennedy news
RoastedTweeny: I was in 3rd grade. We got the day off lol
RoastedTweeny: "The President Has Been Shot"
llanwydd: I see
cease: my best memory of 3rd grade was the dodgers in the world series
RoastedTweeny: came over the loud speaker system in Bowie. MD
cease: we got ot listen to it instead a class
RoastedTweeny: 30 minutes later
RoastedTweeny: "The President is dead"
cease: dodgers beatr white sox
RoastedTweeny: The teachers were 'freaking out'. We had no clue
llanwydd: I started 3rd grade in '69. It is not a happy memory
RoastedTweeny: But then, I noticed my parents were a bit 'on edge' suring the Cuban Missle Crisis. I just didn't know why...
cease: i have vivid memories of that
RoastedTweeny: Gee, they wouldn't target Washington, would they? lol
llanwydd: yes, those were, uh, ungroovy times
RoastedTweeny: Well, we'd all change our childhood if we could
cease: we expected to be atomized in la
RoastedTweeny: He's groovy
cease: drop drill every friday at 10 am
RoastedTweeny: Not from Cuba
RoastedTweeny: But yeah, that was always in the air when we lived in the DC area
cease: i'm thankful that's no longer on the curriculum and i'm not even in your country
RoastedTweeny: Dever did a 'duck & cover'
RoastedTweeny: LOL
RoastedTweeny: Canadian, eh?
cease: our classrooms wewre old wooden structures. i didnt think they'd last very long
RoastedTweeny: Never
llanwydd: do you remember where you were when john lennon was shot?
RoastedTweeny: It would have been good kindling
llanwydd: I remember I was in bed asleep
llanwydd: found out the day after while partying with two friends
cease: i was in japan so it would have been a different day
RoastedTweeny: 'hide under your desk to avoid nuclear attack'
RoastedTweeny: The Day After is a really good movie
cease: i remember it
RoastedTweeny: should be shown to all kids in high school imho
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:41 PM and wake (the flake) waltzes out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
llanwydd: I digress. anybody remember where they were when david ossman left the firesign theate
RoastedTweeny: That's not war
llanwydd: I didn't find out about for years afterward
RoastedTweeny: Hey wake
llanwydd: happy thanksgiving, wake!
cease: hi wake
cease: you mean in 1980, llan?
RoastedTweeny: We're just talking about nuclear annhi-lation
wake (the flake): hi all
wake (the flake): want a grape?
RoastedTweeny: EoBE, right?
llanwydd: I didn't know about it until I bought Eat or Be Eaten
cease: one can imaigne the nuclear war song from fighitng clowsn on cni right now
RoastedTweeny: there we are
wake (the flake): didn't get any turkey this year
wake (the flake): BOO HOO HOO
llanwydd: hope you at least got something, wake
cease: what did you get? armenia?
llanwydd: I know vegetarians who didn't get any turkey this year
llanwydd: LOL, cat
wake (the flake): We made do with duck
RoastedTweeny: Armenia ain't funny
llanwydd: we too want peace of turkey
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:45 PM and H. Stones sashays out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
RoastedTweeny: Es soy turket
cease: attaboy, attaturk
RoastedTweeny: turkey
RoastedTweeny: lol cease
llanwydd: Happy Thanksgiving, Stones!
H. Stones: Has anyone seen my turkey, i chased it in here
RoastedTweeny: Hail and well met, Stones!
cease: hi stones
cease: we let it go, but kept its fez
llanwydd: you actually have turkey in england?
RoastedTweeny: You're wishing Stones a Happy American Emigrant Day, LL?
wake (the flake): B B Q some istanBULL?
llanwydd: we have venezuela in the united states
H. Stones: Turkeys were exported to the USA from England
RoastedTweeny: /me chakes his caracas
RoastedTweeny: You guys _really_ need to visit Texas
llanwydd: is that why I have flocks of the walking across my front lawn?
wake (the flake): or may some medium-rare mosCOW?
H. Stones: although we eat them at christmas
llanwydd: I've got england to thank for that
RoastedTweeny: California and TX are majority hispanic
llanwydd: them
H. Stones: its the least we could do for you llan
RoastedTweeny: LOL Stones!!
H. Stones: now fuck off to the new world and take those turkeys with you, we are tired of the shit and the noise
RoastedTweeny: Get your Puritan arses outta here!
llanwydd: I do get them on my front lawn, really
RoastedTweeny: lol
H. Stones: well siad Tween
RoastedTweeny: nice one
wake (the flake): gobble some gobblers?
H. Stones: humans enjoy gobbling
cease: people are slow to come here tonight, not surprisingly.
llanwydd: the ones that fly are the ones you don't eat
llanwydd: the ones you eat are the ones that can't fly
cease: it looks like no cni though, unless anyone has heard otherwise
H. Stones: they can run fast though
wake (the flake): the wild turkey is actually a fine bird
RoastedTweeny: Well, the dead bird worship happenth but once a year
llanwydd: I wonder if anyone is having trouble getting in
llanwydd: anybody know what I can do about acid reflux?
H. Stones: i found the door open, it was like this when i got here
RoastedTweeny: Sounthern Comfort is recommended, in that genre
wake (the flake): what about the Christmas goose?
H. Stones: anyway this is my first day
wake (the flake): BAH HUMBUG?
RoastedTweeny: and the last of the night
RoastedTweeny: anythynge you want to...
wake (the flake): pass the partridge in a pear tree, please
cease: marley was dead as a doornail
H. Stones: nothynge for me thanks tween
llanwydd: that reminds me of my earliest known mondegreen
llanwydd: "an ostrich in a pear tree"
RoastedTweeny: btw - I have a weekly show where I DJ some of my favorite mucic. You can listen and download at:
RoastedTweeny: http://www.kurtericson.com/txroadkill/roadkillshow/
llanwydd: I was corrected right away
RoastedTweeny: music even
H. Stones: wow, do Ford still make those llan ?
RoastedTweeny: The model L?
llanwydd: does anyone not know what a mondegreen is?
RoastedTweeny: not alue
RoastedTweeny: Is that like a Jack In The Green? ;)
cease: scuze me while i kiss this guy
RoastedTweeny: a clue
llanwydd: it's what tiger woods says on his cell phone
llanwydd: no, seriously, a mondegreen is a song lyric that you hear wrong
cease: i used to forget lyrics to dylans songs, so i'd make them up
RoastedTweeny: ok
llanwydd: cat had it right with that hendrix misquote
cease: instead of "i kiss the sky"
llanwydd: but as I was saying, my first was "an ostrich in a pear tree"
RoastedTweeny: Purple Haze, Mary of Orange, what the difference once you've named an American State?
RoastedTweeny: /me hears Krassner giggling
llanwydd: remember Bennie and the Jets by Elton John?
llanwydd: I used to think he was singing "she's got electric boobs".
llanwydd: it actually goes "electric boots".
RoastedTweeny prefers Led Boots
cease: being misheard is a big theme with the fireguys
llanwydd: I remember singing that and a friend of mine corrected me right away
RoastedTweeny: Hate Benny & Jets. Funeral/Loves Lies
cease: actually benny is the last elton tune i liked. i liked a lot of his early stuff but nothing after that
RoastedTweeny: Love Yellow Brick
cease: electric boobs works well though
llanwydd: cat: for example "you da man"/"do the math"
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
RoastedTweeny: Funeral/Love Lies is Reggie with an ARP 2600
RoastedTweeny: Pretty serious for the time
cease: theh firesign have always done that, since their earliest incarnataions
cease: i htink that is one way of the getting us to pay attention
llanwydd: methought you spoke of goats upon the battlement
RoastedTweeny: nayyyy
llanwydd: I've got horrible acid reflux
llanwydd: this too shall pass
llanwydd: but not for good, I'm afraid
RoastedTweeny: I have a DeLorean....
llanwydd: hmm?
RoastedTweeny: for the Flux Capacitor, silly
llanwydd: shows you how much I know about deloreans
RoastedTweeny: lol
llanwydd: what what I'm going to do is chew on a piece of ginger
llanwydd: it works for nausea
RoastedTweeny: Back To The Future
cease: ginger is good
RoastedTweeny: Ginger works for reflux?
llanwydd: I'll find out in a moment, tween
wake (the flake): next week is Father's Day here. I hope to see you then.
cease: father's day? in what country?
llanwydd: strange they have father's day so close to christmas
wake (the flake): Ummm .... there is no Christmas here
llanwydd: where?
wake (the flake): It's the King's birthday also.,
cease: thailand? i hope you dont need to catch a flight out
wake (the flake): Thailand is a Buddhist country.
RoastedTweeny: Henry VIII?
llanwydd: I didn't know where you were, wake
cease: japan worships itself, but pretends to be buddhist
wake (the flake): Rama IX LONG LIVE THE KING!
RoastedTweeny: What's happening in Thailand & Indian is probably only the start :(
wake (the flake): E BYE
RoastedTweeny: Indiana
RoastedTweeny: India
wake (the flake): -------------------------------> poof
||||||||| "Hey wake (the flake)!" ... wake (the flake) turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:11 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
cease: indiana voted for obama. you could write a song
cease: wake has departed
RoastedTweeny: noo pooftas here, wake...
llanwydd: somehow his farewell salutation went over my head
RoastedTweeny: Been a while since Indiana voted for a Democrat
RoastedTweeny: like since Johnson
RoastedTweeny: Obama has a mandate, but FDR's shoes are going to be hard to fill ;)
RoastedTweeny: Bush has left him with nothing in the way of a Treasury
cease: this isnt the depresison of the 30s. yet
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 10:15 PM and Merlyn steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Merlyn: howdy doo
cease: hy merl
RoastedTweeny: Except the ability to print 'fiat' currency, which only gets us deeper in the hole
H. Stones: Hi Merlyn
RoastedTweeny: Hey Merl
llanwydd: Hey Merl
H. Stones: i think it may be the 30's over here though
cease: you wrenched yourself away from the table, merl?
H. Stones: four big companies have gone bang in two days
RoastedTweeny: England is facing a similar problem, for sure
RoastedTweeny: They've been a bit smarter, but not much
Merlyn: I'm a wretch myself, cat
H. Stones: although the USA has the worlds biggest debt, the UK is next largest and thats bad news for a small country like ours
RoastedTweeny: We're talking about freakin' General Motors going down here...
cease: any words from trhe firelads?
H. Stones: and Ford
cease: i see proc is now a grandpa
Merlyn: Nothing lately, cat
RoastedTweeny: Don't know where the jobs are going to come from, but I'll tell you this...
llanwydd: I hope tesco hasn't gone under like our Grand Union did
llanwydd: Tops moved into a lot of the Grand Union stores
RoastedTweeny: as James McMurtry of Austin says in his song "We Can't Make It Here Anymore", he doesn't blame the people who got our jobs, he blames the men who sent them away
RoastedTweeny: We need new companies :)
cease: doesnt gm make most of iits cars and sell most of them outside the us?
llanwydd: anybody know a home remedy for acid reflux?
H. Stones: llan, i hear that Tesco is now bombing Iran
RoastedTweeny: Let the big companies of the US go into bankruptcy. Maybe we'll get a 'Tucker' out of it ;)
H. Stones: try peppermint llan
llanwydd: I don't know what to call it. maybe it's an acid flashback
RoastedTweeny assumes Stones knows who Preston Tucker was
H. Stones: tween assumes wrongly
RoastedTweeny: That's all we need, a perptual war
llanwydd: thanks stones, I happen to have some of that. I'll try it immediately
RoastedTweeny: a minute, Stones
H. Stones: if that doesnt work, some baking soda in water
cease: i think obma is less in favour of the permanent war economy of his predecessor
H. Stones: but cheer up, anyone remember this which you can download
H. Stones: File 1: Allan Sherman - The Twelve Gifts of Christmas.mp3https://www15.sendthisfile.com/d?t=NkxeZByKS3Wl8svVlk7Ywrvq
RoastedTweeny: Stones - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preston_Tucker - and I highly recommend the George Lucas movie
cease: i thought it was a flick title, tween
H. Stones: i just uploaded it for you to download
H. Stones: will get you in the heart of the christmas spirit
RoastedTweeny: Tucker had seat belts 20 years before Detroit
llanwydd: thank goodness I make arabic food
RoastedTweeny: Padded dashboards and pop-out windshields in 1947
llanwydd: got the peppermint which I use for flavoring fatoush
RoastedTweeny: The Big 3 stomped on him like Godzilla
RoastedTweeny: Howard Hughes even tried to help him
RoastedTweeny: Wasn't enough
RoastedTweeny: It's a great story of an American entrepeneur who dared to make something beter without permission
cease: i may have seen that flick. too depressing to remember
llanwydd: what flick? godzilla?
RoastedTweeny: better
RoastedTweeny: Tucker - made by Lucas
cease: tucker
RoastedTweeny: lol
||||||||| Catherwood leads Principalpoop in through the front door at 10:26 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
RoastedTweeny: Hey P
cease: did paul newman play tucker?
Principalpoop: gobble gobble
cease: hi poop?
llanwydd: Happy Thanksgiving, Princi
RoastedTweeny: No that would be Jeff Vridges
RoastedTweeny: Bridges
Principalpoop: same to you llan and all
H. Stones: Greetings m'Lord Poop
RoastedTweeny: Newman should have any race car he wants, though
cease: happy your country's thanksgiving, poop
Principalpoop: i bow your majesty, ouch my back
RoastedTweeny: And 'his bride at his side'
Principalpoop: you have one too cat
H. Stones: is that Whiplash, Poop ?
Principalpoop: you know snidley?
RoastedTweeny asks P to pass the indian
Principalpoop: have not seen him in a long time
H. Stones: If you knew snidly like i know snidley ......
cease: i was listening to a hisotrian on air america htis morn who said the first us thanksgiving was in ealry oct, just like the canadian one
Principalpoop: sure harvest time
Principalpoop: little late in the season for a feast
RoastedTweeny: When the pilgrims were offered alaskan crab by the inout, of course
cease: lincoln made it today
cease: we sure have good crab here
Principalpoop: make up your mind, inout?
RoastedTweeny waits for the punch line
RoastedTweeny: Don't doubt it, cease
Principalpoop: other than that, how did you like the play mrs. lincoln?
llanwydd: the great inuit swindle
RoastedTweeny: It's 70 degrees here, cease
Principalpoop: wow tween
H. Stones: freezing here
cease: so is la i suspect
RoastedTweeny: average high this next week
Principalpoop: virginia and massachusettes are fighting now over the first thanksgiving
RoastedTweeny: we have a 3rd world country which we cutin 1/2 during the Polk administration
RoastedTweeny: t could be better?
H. Stones: not settled that civil war yet Poop ?
RoastedTweeny: what could be better?
Principalpoop: 43 F
Principalpoop: nope stones
RoastedTweeny: 1/2 of Cal was MX
llanwydd: polk? you don't mean the beer barrel polk, do you?
Principalpoop: we are not even sure about monarchy, democracy and slavery yet...
RoastedTweeny: Hmmmmmmm, maybe that's why it's called Los Angeles!
H. Stones: Edna Parker, died in Indiana, the worlds oldest woman 115
cease: pope Polk, of Pork
RoastedTweeny: Don't polk 'er
cease: lets hope phil proctor, born in indiana, lives that long
RoastedTweeny: she ate yogurt
Principalpoop: what was his first name? piginna?
H. Stones: so do I
llanwydd: I read about that, stones. the article I read didn't say who is in first place now
RoastedTweeny: Which way's Goshen??
H. Stones: i would guess its the worlds second oldest woman, but hey, what do i know ?
RoastedTweeny turns around and heads back to New England'
llanwydd: yeah, she probably had those kellog enemas
Principalpoop: smile when you say that, pilgrim
RoastedTweeny: lol P
H. Stones: we are all tucking into that new breakfast cereal over here, Kellogs, Kredit Krunchies
llanwydd: friendly bacteria where you need it most
Principalpoop: advanced english class, talking about colons
RoastedTweeny: You have heard of the auburn Speedster?
H. Stones: i am so broke i have had to move to a Semi-Colon
Principalpoop: audrey hepburn
cease: powell? have i got some anthax for you
RoastedTweeny: 1936 - had a plaque on the dashboard that was only put threre after a driver had tested it
H. Stones: it slowed me down a bit but i dont think i will have to stop
Principalpoop: full colon : stop period
llanwydd: well, for anyone who doesn't know I was referring to the cereal mogul, kellog who ran a health resort where he gave yogurt enemas
llanwydd: it's a true story
RoastedTweeny: "Guaranteed 100 Miles Per Hour"
RoastedTweeny: Where the F did we go wrong?
Principalpoop: i knew that, there was a movie too
cease: yes i tried to read the novel it was based on and then tried to watfch it when it was on tv, both unsuccessfully
Principalpoop: not of the enemas, though there is a swedish website where, ops
RoastedTweeny: Came in handy when Hitler was incredulous that Alabama negroes could chase Messerschmidt out of the sky with Detroit airplanes ;)
cease: exceletn boondocks episode about that
H. Stones: that taught him to stop calling them names i guess Tween
cease: it must be in your local video rental store
RoastedTweeny: Well, it's like an ELP song. "The Endless Enema"
Principalpoop: i saw a headline that now there was proof hitler only had one testicle
llanwydd: I thought I was the first to make that joke, tween
RoastedTweeny: sorry, Enigma
H. Stones: no, it was General Paton
H. Stones: he said Nuts
RoastedTweeny: War, what a great way to spend your dollars
llanwydd: very strange that anybody could care less about hitler's testicle
RoastedTweeny: Which won?
cease: what is it good for?
RoastedTweeny: one?
cease: only cuz of the spike jones song
Principalpoop: i almost clicked it, did not want to encourage them
Merlyn: Patton didn't say nuts, it was http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_McAuliffe
RoastedTweeny: Merlyn beat me to it
H. Stones: Frankly Merlyn, i dont give a damn
Merlyn: Patton, however, WAS nuts
Principalpoop: that was brett butler
RoastedTweeny: Patton said, "That man's got to be saved..." (surrounded by Nazis and asked to surrender)
H. Stones: Hitler dropped a bollock when he decided to invade russia
RoastedTweeny: Why, Brett, have you seen our butler recently?
RoastedTweeny: Napoleon
llanwydd: and I assume he is known to history as Nuts McAuliffe
Principalpoop: has it been long enough, can we use swastikas again? that is a cool symbol
RoastedTweeny: People don't appreciate that Russia lost 20M people fightlng Hitler, and then Stalin killed 20 more
cease: merl what is the website with all the old fiezines on it?
RoastedTweeny: It's beyond our comprehension
Principalpoop: many cities destroyed, america was untouched
RoastedTweeny: lol cease
H. Stones: if Russia had not fought Hitler we may have lost WW2
Merlyn: I think firezine.net still has em
RoastedTweeny: We?
cease: the chromium switches and everything. i thik a google group?
llanwydd: stalin himself put the figure at 10 million
cease: not its not fred, its that chromium guy
llanwydd: and apparently was not too grieved over it
H. Stones: but stalin wiped out 20 million of his own
RoastedTweeny: Exactly, Stones
cease: good point, stones. never appreciated in america aftrer the mccarthy era
Merlyn: http://www.chromiumswitch.org
Principalpoop: how many indians did we ahh, eradicate?
RoastedTweeny: The Communist political purges
RoastedTweeny: The Gulag Arplagago (sp)
cease: ive heard estiamtes as high as 40 millino killled by japanese armies
RoastedTweeny: In Bombay or Oklahoma?
cease: so there's not a lot of sympathy for hiroshima in asia, i would say
H. Stones: well poop, it turns out that 90% of the Amerindians were wiped out no by Americans but by Brit settlers
Principalpoop: ahh ok, we can blame the brits
Principalpoop: custard and all those guys, tyler too
H. Stones: Yes You Can
cease: what aren't all these mexicans doing here?
Principalpoop: forget about them
Merlyn: but then all the brits turned into americans
H. Stones: they are not living cease
RoastedTweeny: The Imperial Japanese and the Nazis carving up the world.
cease: pop went form 20 mil to 1 mil from 1520-1600
llanwydd: you could just barely fit ten million people into a hundred football stadiums
RoastedTweeny: THat would have been interesting
llanwydd: that is at least as many people as stalin killed
RoastedTweeny: lol Merlyn !!
llanwydd: russians and ukranians, I mean
RoastedTweeny: Zap!
Merlyn: it's pass the indian please season
RoastedTweeny: yikes cease
H. Stones: the only good injun is an injun that keeps well clear of brits
Principalpoop: but our newest enemies are the worst, it will take generations to win the war on terror
Merlyn: or duck or wabbit season
H. Stones: it cannot be won Poop, only forgotten with time
Principalpoop: sign up, re-enlist now
cease: merl, do you know of which i speak? the guy whos in my mail box almost daily
cease: chromium swithc guy, think it s a google group
cease: you must nknow
Principalpoop: zippy is in your mailbox?
cease: el is in it but not here
H. Stones: look whats happening in Mombai right now
cease: emailbox
Merlyn: you mean the guy who does http://www.chromiumswitch.org ?
llanwydd: the peppermint tea is working wonderfully, stones! thanks a million for the tip
RoastedTweeny: Chickens to roost, Britman
cease: yes merl
Principalpoop: incense peppermint, la la la la
cease: ok llan, look there
RoastedTweeny: They've been shoving poor people out of the cities
Merlyn: catherwood, bring me an extra-long peppermint tea, hold the onions
||||||||| Catherwood brings Merlyn an extra-long peppermint tea hold the onions.
H. Stones: my pleasure llan, glad it works, best buy some epsom salts from the pharmacy, always handy to have on the shelf just in case
||||||||| Outside, the 10:50 PM downtown bus from Florida pulls away, leaving maniac right nostril coughing in a cloud of diesel fumes.
cease: good song, for 1967
Principalpoop: ewwww
Principalpoop: an old cocaine freak
RoastedTweeny: Letting agri-bus taking over the countryside
llanwydd: I happen to have epsom salts too. what is that for?
H. Stones: exactly your problem, upset stomachs and reflux
llanwydd: welcome, nostril
RoastedTweeny: That's not good for your nostrils, Mr Danger
Principalpoop: trim that hair bud
H. Stones: neutralises the acid stomach juices
llanwydd: aha
maniac right nostril: i remember these guys from the time furnace..
Principalpoop: don't burn your cues in the furnace
cease: hi nose
cease: if thats not a redundancy
H. Stones: Reflux is made worse by highly seasoned food like curries, and neutralised by bland foods
RoastedTweeny: Some day we shall tell stories lol
Merlyn: ben bland foods [TM]
H. Stones: it also helps if you have smaller meals more often
RoastedTweeny: My first audio gig was at the Childe Harold in DC
RoastedTweeny: Dupont Circle
Principalpoop: ahh fight fire with fire llan, so that esophagis who is the boss
RoastedTweeny: By boss had something called a Pontiac Can-Am
maniac right nostril: there was a lot of lsd or was that dls ,,as an old guy i can't remember any of it..
Principalpoop: ahh, the other side of GW
llanwydd: no, princ. I don't think I'll use fire
RoastedTweeny: My Dad taught at GWU
llanwydd: I think that was lds. they knock on my door all the time
H. Stones: making tea brb
RoastedTweeny: it gets ugly lol
llanwydd: they didn't stop after the 60s
Principalpoop: wait at least 2 hours after eating before you lie down
cease: ground up mormons? i'm sure they taste terrrible
H. Stones: good advice poop
RoastedTweeny drops some peaches in the herbal tea
H. Stones: reflux acid rots teeth too
cease: fruit tea, always a good idea
Principalpoop: wrong chat stones hehe
RoastedTweeny: Donny Osmand was amazingly good in concert, actually
H. Stones: my next door neighbour is a fruit, i will go have tea with him
llanwydd: well, I love curry but I'll lay off it for a few months
RoastedTweeny: A student of Chuck Norris
maniac right nostril: mormons taste nice especially with some scallions and garlic..
llanwydd: I first saw the osmand bros on the jerry lewis show
H. Stones: the answer is in smaller portions llan
Principalpoop: do you use white or red wine with that?
H. Stones: red wine is most healthy
llanwydd: I don't mean the telethon. you might remember lewis had a tv show in the 70s
RoastedTweeny: lol maniac
Principalpoop: no he didn't llan, you hallucinated
RoastedTweeny: What? You're not going to heavan?
Merlyn: Lewis had a few TV shows, while that lagabout Dean Martin only had 1
cease: does all that ignorance make them extra tender?
Principalpoop: i thought he had a couple the variety show and then the roasts
RoastedTweeny: The Osmond Family was on my stage, as well as Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis
RoastedTweeny: go figure lol
cease: i remember that show, merl
cease: he had a restaurant near our house so we had to be aware of it
maniac right nostril: they taste delicioso with a nice Madiera..and a banana glaze
Merlyn: of course, Martin's show lasted longer than all of Lewis' show
RoastedTweeny: do they serve Alaskan crabs?
cease: isnt a glazed mormon redundant?
Principalpoop: skip to my loo my darling madeira
RoastedTweeny: lol
cease: theyll serve any body with a credit card, tween
RoastedTweeny: Tonto's Cowboy Bank and Trust
Principalpoop: hard to believe citibank was not making enough money
Principalpoop: what a scam
cease: good parallel, tween
RoastedTweeny: Japanes execs make round 1/10 of USa's I do believe
H. Stones: i think the directors made more than enough Poop
llanwydd: what do you think obama is going to do for the economy?
RoastedTweeny: USA
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
RoastedTweeny: The money's going somewhere ;)
Principalpoop: he has not announced any commies or marxists for cabinet positions, yet
Merlyn: catherwood, find my money
||||||||| Catherwood finds Merlyn's money.
RoastedTweeny: lol
cease: true, tween
Merlyn: that was easy
llanwydd: good to see catherwood again
||||||||| Catherwood strides alongside llanwydd and mumbles "Did you want me?"
RoastedTweeny: catherwood, find he man who shot the sheriff
||||||||| Catherwood walks alongside RoastedTweeny and mumbles "Did you want me?"
RoastedTweeny: catherwood, find the man who shot the sheriff
||||||||| Catherwood walks over to RoastedTweeny and mumbles "Did you want something?"
Principalpoop: mormons for the entree, can you recommend a dessert group?
llanwydd: catherwood, get me a peppermint tea
||||||||| Catherwood gets llanwydd a peppermint tea.
llanwydd: thank you
H. Stones: Nomads Poop Nomads, they are a desert group
Principalpoop: ahh nomads, and yet they all are
H. Stones: dont confuse them with Gonads though
maniac right nostril: you know that mormons will baptize jews after they are dead and buried ??
Principalpoop: they promised to stop doing that
RoastedTweeny: hallejewya!
RoastedTweeny: We're all so wrong....
llanwydd: how do they manage that, maniac?
H. Stones: i dont think that God gives a fuck to be honest
cease: http://seemrealland.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html
llanwydd: do they sneak into the cemetary and dig them up?
maniac right nostril: which brings up an interesting problem..does that mean the get evicted from the jewish section of heaven..
Principalpoop: if they can
cease: thas in answer to a question about who shot the sherif
RoastedTweeny: I asked him last wekk, he said to sell england by the pound
H. Stones: not if they have jewish lawyers it doesnt
cease: eric clapton, somewhere
RoastedTweeny: week
RoastedTweeny: lol cease
maniac right nostril: thats why an editor is very important
llanwydd: I agree. I don't think the jews would be happy about becoming mormons
RoastedTweeny: no jewish write her's either!
llanwydd: I actually like mormons. I have known a few
cease: i dont know how anybody is happy becoming mormon
H. Stones: Jewish lawyers wrote the clause that says, baptise the jews and we circumcise the mormons, that should fix it
Principalpoop: just have a rabbi wave his hands around and say abra-cadabra, you are all jews again, and everything is as it was...
RoastedTweeny: I've shaken hands with Donny and oggled his MemoryMoog
cease: maybe austin is a closet mormon. i shouldnt be so judgemental
Principalpoop: go ahead, be judgemental, they are mental...
maniac right nostril: so donny uses a memory-moog...makes sense to me..
RoastedTweeny: it wre fun do hear him give justice to George Benson's "Lady Love Me"
RoastedTweeny: Yeah, you've heard how TX likes the LDS, righ cease?
Principalpoop: was marie there too? she was hot,,, hehe
RoastedTweeny: Stormed their compound and took away their children?
RoastedTweeny: Yes, Marie and all the 'bros'
Principalpoop: sweet
llanwydd: ever notice donny and marie never get any older?
RoastedTweeny: Sorry, I like Dan Seals and Marie singing "Meet Me In Montana"
RoastedTweeny: Dick Clark?
llanwydd: they must have ugly portraits hidden away somewhere
H. Stones: they have pictures in the attic which get older for them llan
H. Stones: lol
Principalpoop: how is dorian?
H. Stones: in his Delorian
Principalpoop: how is dorian doing in his delorian?
RoastedTweeny: I love Engrish Prog (my next show at SkyScanner), but I also love American country. Go figure
H. Stones: still playing with himself i guess
cease: meet me in the morning, 56 and wabasha
Principalpoop: Prog? translation for old fart please...
H. Stones: program
RoastedTweeny: a DeLorian will last longer than you lol
llanwydd: must be something on his mind
RoastedTweeny: Aluminum body
RoastedTweeny: DeLorean
Principalpoop: same as a pinto
RoastedTweeny: 1962
H. Stones: now dont get pedantic Tween
RoastedTweeny: lol
RoastedTweeny: uh huh
Principalpoop: i bid, 1963
RoastedTweeny: you don't want to know ;)
llanwydd: dslkhgjhoisdsalkjwe
H. Stones: your welsh is coming on llan
Principalpoop: i saw wasabi in the store,i may try some, i like horseradish, none for you llan
llanwydd: pardon me, I guess I was "acting out"
RoastedTweeny: gåarn harfar®fen
RoastedTweeny: Don't ever do that near the Hoover building
Principalpoop: you will get sucked in?
Principalpoop: hehe
llanwydd: praise the hoove
H. Stones: and worse still, blown out
RoastedTweeny: lol
RoastedTweeny: Save Willie!
llanwydd: save willie, spend frankie
llanwydd: well, you can spend marks or francs
Principalpoop: wee willie winkle something something something
H. Stones: christmas is always expensive llan
llanwydd: that was a shirley temple movie. haven't seen it
cease: not in japan, stones
RoastedTweeny: Japan, China, Korea... all the same just like England, France, Germany...
cease: or thailand, or arabia or lots of uncrhistsian coutntreis
Principalpoop: rhoda synagogue was a good actress too
RoastedTweeny: Shirley Temple Black? US Ambassador?
cease: lol poopo
llanwydd: is christmas illegal in japan?
RoastedTweeny: irregal!
llanwydd: I wouldn't be surprised if it is illegal in some countries
Principalpoop: they are shintus i think, they worships shins
cease: poop, i laugh so much it endangerred my respiratory system
H. Stones: honey says Hola
llanwydd: punishable by fatwa
cease: shintos.
cease: worship both shins and toes
Principalpoop: the hindus worship, oh nevermind
RoastedTweeny: Spirit Worship
cease: hi honey
cease: where is she?
Principalpoop: gika ibet
||||||||| It's 11:20 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| maniac right nostril - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
RoastedTweeny: Probably not far from people like the American Hopi
cease: by nostril
Principalpoop: who moved my keyboard, hola honey
H. Stones: honey says hi to cease, shes hiding in Zero NM
llanwydd: there is a sect of hindus that worship the god bozo
cease: tell her to get a few more degrees
cease: plus or minus, it doesnt matter
cease: zero can get boring quickly
Principalpoop: i like sects
cease: everyone likes sex
H. Stones: when she gets bored she heads for Taos and gets really bored
llanwydd: better than being bored at home
cease: tell her to go someplace not boring
Principalpoop: taos and zero, she needs a town with a longer name
cease: i live in north vancouver. it is about as far from boring as you can get
Principalpoop: see, vancouver is a long name
cease: you odont know every day, will there be snow on the mts, or not
cease: and north makes it longer
llanwydd: and Boring, BC is up near the Yukon border
cease: so we say northvan
llanwydd: so he is as far from...
Principalpoop: sure, try honey to try north zero
cease: boring is everywhere. drilling, all this mining
Principalpoop: what would you do for a klondike bar?
Principalpoop: hehe
llanwydd: yes, I suppose boring isn't feasible in the permafrost
RoastedTweeny: I'd eat shale oil for a klondike!
Principalpoop: they have tundra up there too, good old tundra
cease: you will indeed, tween
RoastedTweeny: Gas was $1.69 today in Austin
H. Stones: is that Permafrost Minnesota, llan ?
llanwydd: tony's tundra take-out
RoastedTweeny: lol cease, yes
cease: charlie tundra, keeps complaining. why not him?
llanwydd: no kidding, tween!
cease: hew's just not Crude enough for the Oil companyu
Principalpoop: it is all a scam, what the blankety-blank is going on?
RoastedTweeny crawls on his lips through broken glass to find oil
RoastedTweeny: (Henley)
Principalpoop: ron henley, paul henley, what I do I know that name?
cease: its down to around 90 cents a litre here, which is twice what you pay but still real cheap for us
Principalpoop: pete henley
llanwydd: well, it's going to keep going down
llanwydd: it's cheaper than it's been in at least four years
RoastedTweeny: Californians from TX:
RoastedTweeny: Don Henley
RoastedTweeny: Stephen Stills
Principalpoop: ahh yes, thanks, who is he?
cease: a depressoin will do that to the price of oil, yes
RoastedTweeny: Drummer for The Eagles
Principalpoop: oops ok
RoastedTweeny: yeah, cease :(
RoastedTweeny: about what it looks like
Principalpoop: de-flation
llanwydd: I hear olive oil is over $100 a barrell
Principalpoop: you will have to bath in something else llan
RoastedTweeny: only at Don Mernoches Bomba Outlet!
llanwydd: I should try that in my crankcase one of these days
RoastedTweeny: I'm going to make my show next week Progerssive Rock. Any suggestions?
RoastedTweeny: Progressive
Principalpoop: just how progressive did you want to be?
llanwydd: yes
RoastedTweeny: Into ELP, YES, Genesis, but open to suggestions
RoastedTweeny: I'm a fan of 70's Prog
cease: how about that jazzy song on the 2nd bufalo springfield album
cease: 66?
cease: 67?
llanwydd: I'm kidding. I've never liked the term "progressive rock"
cease: forget name of tune but it was ver jazzy
llanwydd: much less "prog"
RoastedTweeny: 54 years, maybe some folks don't know about that era
cease: Broken Arrow, maybe
llanwydd: it implies that all the best bands are in one category
cease: they were pre-progrock
RoastedTweeny: You have to have at least one self-induldged keyboard player
llanwydd: they would never have wanted to be compared to each other
Merlyn: hey, see you next week, bye for now
||||||||| Around 11:34 PM, Merlyn walks off into the sunset...
Principalpoop: the start of the long version of pink floyd shine on you crazy diamond is pretty
Principalpoop: night m
cease: by merl
H. Stones: night merlyn
cease: the dead too, were prog rock, wouldnt you say?
cease: alrthough comig form another angle
llanwydd: night merl. happy thanksgiving
RoastedTweeny: we are devo
llanwydd: they would never have said so
cease: would yuou call the long vcersion of Light My Fire progrock?
Principalpoop: totally different angle, anything by jean-luc ponty is progressive
RoastedTweeny: C'mon
RoastedTweeny: Jean-Luc
H. Stones: Me and Honey are saying good night now, stay well and have a good week folks
RoastedTweeny: Jan Hammer
cease: i saw him with some other amazing mjsicians in van in i think 74
cease: you too, honey and stones
Principalpoop: more jazz than rock, when you progress too far
llanwydd: I can deal with the term "artrock" if necessary but I dont like "progrock"
RoastedTweeny: May The Queen Bee Honey
llanwydd: Nite Stones!
Principalpoop: oops love to honey, i bow again your majesty
H. Stones: TTFN
||||||||| 11:37 PM -- H. Stones left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
cease: all the best
llanwydd: my favorite band was Yes since about 1975 and I could never have enjoyed them nearly as much if I had heard of them being lumped into the category of "progressive rock"
llanwydd: I'm sure they hated the term just as much
Principalpoop: ouch
RoastedTweeny: A guy had The Yes Album
RoastedTweeny: Rounder records has a new vinyl release
llanwydd: I have often called that the best album ever made
Principalpoop: http://youmix.co.uk/ can give you some clues about related groups
RoastedTweeny: Who says you can't learn anything at a Quaker high school? Yes & Firesign :)
cease: Around the time Miles starting crossing into rock territory, thre was a lot of talk about fusion music
Principalpoop: warning, it crashed my firefox when i tried to open it now
RoastedTweeny: Don't know about that LL, but it was well-made Brit :-)
Principalpoop: close to the edge there llan or just roundabout?
llanwydd: CttE is the second best
RoastedTweeny: Close To The Edge was a step forward in rock music
cease: i enjoyed yes, but no more than many other groups at that time
cease: there was so much good music happening then
Principalpoop: was ABBA progressive? lol
llanwydd: yeah the early 70s were a good time for music
RoastedTweeny: The rumor was that that Anderson gave prospective keyboard players "Heart Of The Sunrise"
Principalpoop: super trooper do do do do do
RoastedTweeny: Rick smoked it :)
cease: i suspect its always been a good time
cease: if i were young, i'd say now is the best
cease: the young dont care about old stuff, they ahve their own, however derivative
Principalpoop: take five is fascinating
RoastedTweeny: Tony Kay would play synths - oops lol
RoastedTweeny: Yes Union has Tony Kaye and Rick Wakeman
llanwydd: kaye prefered the hammond in those days
RoastedTweeny: Tony wouldn't
RoastedTweeny: oops
llanwydd: got mail. brb
RoastedTweeny: Hammond is a good thing
RoastedTweeny: Moraz - C3
RoastedTweeny: Rick & Keith are B
Principalpoop: they are re-discovering some of it, led zepplin still selling
RoastedTweeny: as far as I know :)
llanwydd: wonder where's mr. fong
RoastedTweeny: Zeppelin has only made a couple of bad albums
Principalpoop: get past stairway to heaven, and they find interesting things
Principalpoop: the fong was doing something, he warned us, he would not be here
llanwydd: you know who else I wonder about? anybody remember a guy by the name of Yamamoto?
Principalpoop: ww2 admiral?
llanwydd: I haven't seen him here in a couple of years and nobody even seemed to notice he was missing
RoastedTweeny: LZ III
Principalpoop: has it been that long? yotono has been here
RoastedTweeny: Presence
llanwydd: he was definitely a regular
cease: i think fong talked about going out tonight
Principalpoop: right
cease: yamamoto? no he hasnt been here for a while
Principalpoop: gentle giant tween
llanwydd: I didn't hear gentle giant until the 21st century
RoastedTweeny: GG & Strawbs at Celeberty Theater in Phonenix :)
Principalpoop: i always heard them late at night while under the influence of things,
cease: things, i remember them
RoastedTweeny: What 'things' were they, dear?
llanwydd: gg and strawbs together? that sounds great
Principalpoop: all kinds of things
RoastedTweeny: Rotating stage '75
RoastedTweeny: GG opened for Strawbs
llanwydd: I saw Yes on a rotating stage 3 times
llanwydd: would be interesting to see them on a regular stage
llanwydd: I never saw anyone open for Yes
llanwydd: they were self-supporting by the time I saw them
cease: that sounds like a magic amulet. see them rotate 3 times and your wish will be granteds
llanwydd: lol
Principalpoop: how many eggs do you put in your amulet?
cease: i was thinking of the fat freddy's cat story
llanwydd: well, I saw them 3 times. 1978, 79 and 80 and all three times they were, as they called it then "in the round"
cease: beter than being IN the Raw
llanwydd: all three times I saw them at madison square garden
RoastedTweeny: LL - RFK Staduim DC
llanwydd: in 79 I was right in the very front row. it was amazing!
RoastedTweeny: Gary Wright, Peter Frampton, Yes :-)
llanwydd: I took pictures which I still have
cease: that many endangered pubic hair you dont wanna see
RoastedTweeny: Stadium
Principalpoop: public hair
RoastedTweeny: Love Is Alive was clean and clear for blocks when we parked off NY Avenue ;)
Principalpoop: yoko and john lennon, now that was a progressive rock album
llanwydd: john and yoko made several albums. which one are you talking about?
Principalpoop: where they were neked on the cover, and talked about peace
Principalpoop: what else would you call it? hehe
llanwydd: I actually haven't heard any of john and yoko's albums except for the last one
cease: i dont think yoko could have walked down the streert without the label of Progressive hovering over her
Principalpoop: you know the songs i bet
Principalpoop: yes cat
cease: the song oh yoko is prbly my fave lennon tune
cease: but everwhint else is shit
RoastedTweeny: Also was at RFK for The Dead & Allmans
llanwydd: I think most people differentiate between progressive and avant garde
Principalpoop: ahh give peace a chance, power to the people, right on!
RoastedTweeny: As they say in Amazon women On The Moon, "Reckless Youth" lol
cease: in yoko,s case, yes
||||||||| "12:00 AM? 12:00 AM!!" says Catherwood, "Woody 1 should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as Woody 1 enters and sits in front of the fireplace.
cease: but thats more because she comes from an era with a different vocabualry
RoastedTweeny: Power to the people! Chinese Work Songs...
||||||||| Catherwood walks in wearing his pyjamas, yawns, and mumbles "It's midnight here in New York city"...then he falls over and starts snoring loudly..
cease: shge wanted to please critics of a long vanshed art aesthitec era
Principalpoop: hi woody
llanwydd: happy thanksgiving woody!
cease: hi wood
RoastedTweeny lights a match
llanwydd: although you came in at the very instant that it ended
Woody 1: Happy Thanksgiving all.
Principalpoop: gobble gobble
cease: yoy too wood, even thouygh i 'n in a dif country
RoastedTweeny: Hey Woody
cease: our thanksgiving was in early oct
Woody 1: No. Wood burns. Like witches.
cease: only dry ones
llanwydd: no witches float.
llanwydd: and they turn you into a newt
Principalpoop: gingrich? ewww how horrible
Woody 1: Wittches are made of wood cause they weigh the same as ducks, that also floats. (Monty Python's Holy Grail)
RoastedTweeny: They dressed me up like this!
llanwydd: she turned me into a gingrich
llanwydd: but I got better
Woody 1: She turned me into a newt.
cease: sounds unpleasent
RoastedTweeny: lol
RoastedTweeny: Good times...
Principalpoop: the adams family movie thanksgiving turkey song, eat me
Woody 1: What else floats? Very small rocks. Ha. Love it.
Principalpoop: slow checks float
cease: lol poop
RoastedTweeny: Hello, my name is Thing.
Woody 1: and that's kind of nice sometimes...
Principalpoop: yes indeedy
RoastedTweeny: I'm here for the John Mellencamp Foundation
RoastedTweeny: There's too many people with emoty hands
llanwydd: weil, I'm going to say gute nacht and abientot.
Woody 1: I'm going to make like a tree and get outta here. What movie?
RoastedTweeny: empty
llanwydd: well
cease: of we split
Principalpoop: ciao llan woody
RoastedTweeny: Amazon Women On The Mon, of course...
cease: all the best to all
llanwydd: night
Woody 1: Guten Abend
Principalpoop: the bus is pulling out
RoastedTweeny: Moon
Principalpoop: thanks, same for all
||||||||| cease leaves at 12:06 AM, singing "Oh, I'm just a little fishy, floating in the sea, and there ain't no hook that's smart enough to catch the likes of me..."
Principalpoop: boggle boggle
Woody 1: Damen Und Herren
RoastedTweeny: well, it's about that time...
Principalpoop: oops gobble gobble
||||||||| Principalpoop rushes off, saying "12:07 AM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| RoastedTweeny leaves to catch the 12:07 AM train to Elmertown.
Woody 1: Danzen Mit Mir mir drinken Bier.
Woody 1: on one mir.
Woody 1: Hoyt abend nache hausen und machen pausen.
||||||||| Ben Bland bounds in at 12:09 AM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Woody 1: Well. It's time for a couple of bongers and bed. Night.
Ben Bland: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sillyblog Look at all that the Deadheads have done in Second Life. But the Firesign Theatre is scarcely represented there.
||||||||| Woody 1 runs out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Woody 1?! It's 12:12 AM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
Ben Bland: The Future Fair. It could be there. In Second Life. All that's required is the heroic struggle of the little people...
Ben Bland: Are you awake, llanwydd?
||||||||| Ben Bland rushes off, saying "12:16 AM? Mark Time is almost on! Where's a radio?"
||||||||| It's 12:20 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

The Evening's Participants:
Ben Bland
Firebroiled Turkey
H. Stones
maniac right nostril
wake (the flake)
Woody 1
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Rest In Peace, Dear Friend

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