A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for December 02, 2010 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood ushers ah,clem inside, makes a note of the time (8:29 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" at about 9 eastern'
||||||||| Around 8:30 PM, ah,clem walks off into the sunset...
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 8:59 PM, dragging cease by the hair and asks "Can anyone vouch for this Firehead?"
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, December 02, 2010 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| Catherwood leads Elayne into the room, accepts a jar of pennies as a gratuity, mutters something about 9:01 PM, then departs.
Elayne: Evenin' Cat!
cease: happy birthday, el
Elayne: Thankee kindly! I think I'm still among the younger members of this chat, even at 53. :)
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Bambi in through the front door at 9:02 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Elayne: Evenin' Fran!
Bambi: hello dear friends
cease: hi deer
Bambi: Happy Birrhday Elayne!!
Bambi: Birthday even LOL
cease: thats younger than i was when i visited you in nyc in 05
Elayne: Thanks, Fran! Can Jimmy Lee play Dwarf tonight?
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:04 PM and ah,clem bounds out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Elayne: Evenni' Jimmy!
ah,clem: Happy Birthday E!
Bambi: Did you get my blog comments Elayne?
Elayne: Thanks!
||||||||| llanwydd sashays in at 9:05 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
ah,clem: dwarf, yes, after the first DD
llanwydd: TGIT
ah,clem: as the first one running
Bambi: Hey llan
Elayne: Just approved all comments, Fran, haven't read 'em yet.
Elayne: enin' Llan!
Elayne: Thanks Jimmy!
cease: is that like myrrh day?
ah,clem: ok all cued, E!
Elayne: LOL, Fran - just read your comment!
ah,clem: had you told ne earlier, it would have been first up
Bambi smiles
ah,clem: love dwarf
llanwydd: you people are so superstitious
Elayne: Me too, Jimmy, it's my favorite. One of the high points of my life was listening to it with Dave O.
llanwydd: its my second favorite after 2 Places
Elayne: And since Dave's birthday is Monday (so's my husband's) I thought it would be a good idea.
Elayne: Ah, my birthday sushi is here! Second sushi meal of the day.
cease: a wonderful thing to have in your life, el
Elayne: I've put on my best birthday suit and am typing this in the bedroom, as Robin's hooked up the computer to our TV. Yes, I'm seeing you all on the TeeVee!
Bambi: Yep, Happy Birthday Dave!!
llanwydd: you wouldn't actually put candles in raw fish, would you? the wax would drip on it
cease: i have found knowing them to be among the best things that's ever happened to me
Bambi: Happy Birthday Robin!!!
cease: happy birthday all
Bambi: Happy Anniversary to you both too Elayne!!!!
Elayne: Tx Fran!
llanwydd: and from me too, E!
Elayne: BRB, organizing sushi...
llanwydd: that's a good name for a one-act play. Organizing Sushi
Bambi: Here a little sushi, there a little sushi LOL
cease: i would avoid that play
llanwydd: I was eating sushi for years before I found out what the pickled ginger was for
llanwydd: call me stupid
ah,clem: if you knew sushi like I know sushi, oh, oh ohh
Elayne: Ah, wireless keyboard on my lap, cat prowling the bed trolling for fish... what could be better?
llanwydd: LOL
cease: all the best to your cats. i didnt get to spend enough time with them
Elayne: When was this DD recorded, Jimmy?
ah,clem: cat knows
Elayne: I think they miss you, Cat, but I'm not certain. They're cats, after all.
cease: i got this from packer
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:18 PM and Dexter Fong (Ret) sashays out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
llanwydd: Hi Dex
Dexter Fong (Ret): Evening Dear Friends
Elayne: Evenin' Dex!
cease: congrats on your long service to relaity, dex
ah,clem: if you already retired, why are you here?
Bambi: Hey Dex!
Dexter Fong (Ret): Hi C&B, Cat, Elayne, Llan
Elayne: Happy retirement, Dex!
llanwydd: he means retrogressive
ah,clem: go back to sleep, you are having a terrible nightmare
cease: yes, the democrats still have the senate
llanwydd: would you rather have a terrible daymare?
Dexter Fong (Ret): Shake Me, Wake Me, ....etc etc
ah,clem: ;:)
Elayne: So Dex, I guess I should be coming down to my old East Village haunts to see you from now on..
||||||||| Honeynut Groats sneaks in around 9:22 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last month's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Fong (Ret): Not necessarily Elayne
ah,clem: hola
Bambi: Happy Retirement Dex!!
llanwydd: hello Groats
Elayne: But-- but I want to!
Honeynut Groats: uh oh hey hi heheheee ahhhhhh Hello Ya'll
cease: greetings, groats
Elayne: Evenin' Honey!
Dexter Fong (Ret): Hi Honey
Honeynut Groats: hmmm the screen is not scrolling
Honeynut Groats: ah brb i guess
||||||||| Around 9:23 PM, Honeynut Groats walks off into the sunset...
Bambi: Hey Honey!!
Dexter Fong (Ret): What is playing on CNI tonight?
llanwydd: Dwarf
Dexter Fong (Ret): Not on my PC
cease: the more you listen to dwarf, the larger your brain gets
llanwydd: well, that's what I heard anyway
Dexter Fong (Ret): You're brain's not getting bigger, your head is shrinking
Dexter Fong (Ret): Cat: What's playing on CNI
Dexter Fong (Ret): Or clem
Dexter Fong (Ret): or Bambi
cease: the digital diner, bergmans project. 2 episodes only
Dexter Fong (Ret): or Elayne
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and intones "Presenting 'HomeOhhmOnTheTween', just granted probation at 9:26 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Dexter Fong (Ret): thnks Cat
cease: in he nineties, as i recall
Dexter Fong (Ret): Hi Tweeny
Elayne: Evenin' Tween!
cease: hi tween
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Hey folks
Bambi: Hey Honey!!!
llanwydd: evening Tween
Dexter Fong (Ret): Honey left, Bambi
Bambi: Hey Tween!!
Bambi: OK
Dexter Fong (Ret): Elayne: Will you be needing more Harry Dresden books?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: mmmm Paul Krassner
cease: yes i had interesting news from him
HomeOhhmOnTheTween high;y recommends his CD "Irony Lives"
cease: im sure i mentioned that b4
llanwydd: not familiar with dresden
Elayne: Hang on, still on the phone...
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: "In The Guise Of Security" is a great track
Dexter Fong (Ret): llan: A series of novels about a white wizard/Private Detective...very entertaining...written by Jim Butcher
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: The giy who does the voice for Homer Simpson opens the live show
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: FOX wouldn't let them use it on the CD, but you can pick it up up on his web site
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Homer confuses Paul Kanter and Paul Krassner
Elayne: Sorry, relatives calling me. I keep saying, just write on my Facebook wall like my cousins do, but they insist.
Elayne: Actually, that was my sister-in-law, and she called AND wrote on my Facebook.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: "Let's hope he opens with 'Crown Of Creation'..."
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: very fun
Elayne: Dex, I haven't cracked open the covers on those Dresden books yet. Desperately trying to catch up on comics.
Elayne: Hang on, one more relative to call...
cease: keep on callin, el
llanwydd: I wasn't big on comic books when I was a kid except for horror comics. I loved those
llanwydd: and I guess if you call Mad magazine a comic book
ah,clem: dwarf in 10 E, stay tuned
llanwydd: rjtnghufdyio
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: If you call Sunfighter a picture of a baby
cease: krasner lost his virginity in the office of mad magazine
cease: funny scene in his autobi
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: and then became a hustler
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood snorts derisively: "9:42 PM and late as usual, it's Woody 1, just back from Hellmouth."
Dexter Fong (Ret): Paul Krasner *is* Larry Flint
llanwydd: Hi Woody
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Hey Woody
Dexter Fong (Ret): Hey Woody
Woody 1: Hell. It's hot in here.
cease: woody
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: I knew they looked similar
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Much like Kurt Vonnegut, Jr in 'Breakfast Of Champions'
Woody 1: Hey, folks. What's cookin' on the spit.
cease: i wonder what dylan thougnt of that parody of him
Dexter Fong (Ret): Who's spittin' on the cook?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: All had 'wide-ipen beavers'
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: building a damn
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: *open
Dexter Fong (Ret): ipen...the next big thing
Woody 1: I'd like to spit on many cooks.
Woody 1: especially fast food
Dexter Fong (Ret): Just like a great big fat organic free range Greek Wedding
Dexter Fong (Ret): Chef! Make it faster (spit) (spit)
Woody 1: Just realized it's Thursday again.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Eye ate you!!
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: You have to use newspreak
Dexter Fong (Ret): Eye won the sanbox
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: mmmm arubiab dessert
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: *arubian
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: That's where I keep my monet
Dexter Fong (Ret): *arubian; alt vers of *arabian
Bambi: howdy
Bambi: back again
Dexter Fong (Ret): Howdy right back lil lady
Woody 1: hi bam.
Bambi: hey Woody
cease: i hope y'all are well
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Happy Birthday, E
cease: i'm delighted that el had anotrher bitthday
Dexter Fong (Ret): I already have, Clem
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: and thanks for starting the chat way back when
cease: lil dwarf indeed
Bambi: Clem is fading...
Bambi: Elayne is fading too
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Mudhead in through the front door at 9:51 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Dexter Fong (Ret): She's missing her dedicated FS
Woody 1: All who have seen Case of the Missing Yolk, who knows the answer to Woody 1's joke to the hot co-anchor with him? "What do you get when you cross a rooster with with a phone pole? It's dirty."
Dexter Fong (Ret): Hi Muddy
llanwydd: has dwarf started yet?
Bambi: hey Mudhead!
llanwydd: Hey Muddy
cease: hii mud
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Well, turning 30 is a big deal, Bambi
Mudhead: Howdy hi all, happy bday E
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: WE can't trust her any more
Woody 1: ah. 30.
Bambi: 30? I thought E was 29 and holding like me? ;-)
Dexter Fong (Ret): WOODY: A rufe awakining?
Bambi: I have been circling 29 for some time now lol
Elayne: Okay, I'm back, and just in time!
Elayne: What did I miss?
Dexter Fong (Ret): rude
Dexter Fong (Ret): Clems dedication to you
Woody 1: Happy birthday, B.
cease: you are always missed, el
ah,clem: just my birthday dedication
llanwydd: I saw an Ed Wynn movie this morning. it was hilarious. I had only seen him on tv a couple of times. I didn't know he was so funny
Bambi: fun stuff E! And Mudhead just got here too
Elayne: Thanks Woody!
Mudhead: Sorry, didnt realize it was Thursday
cease: but my eyesigyt is dissapesing
Elayne: AFK while I finish the last of my sushi... still listening to Dwarf...
llanwydd: yeah, muddy. we only have chat on thursday
ah,clem: o'tay
Woody 1: great one
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: You can't live in 69 forever
Woody 1: dwarf
Bambi: ah, so she might not have missed the birthday eulogy Clem did after all LOL
Woody 1: Anyone know the answer?
ah,clem: eulogy? not yet, lol
Dexter Fong (Ret): Not me, woody
Bambi: right Clem lol
Bambi: was just kidding of course
Bambi: answer to what? 42?
cease: trying to reset screen
Woody 1: COTMYolk quote by Woody 1
llanwydd: 42!!!! LOL!
llanwydd: pardon me. it reminded me of an old joke
Dexter Fong (Ret): afkfr
Bambi: lol llan
cease: tell us b4 we get older
Woody 1: Shall I quote it again?
Bambi: so you had a broken yolk Woody?
Elayne: Okay, dear friends, I'm back, I'm down and I'm hungry!
Elayne: No wait, I'm not hungry, I've just eaten.
Bambi: well, likely wouldn't know it but give it a whirl Woody
HomeOhhmOnTheTween gives Elayne a taco
llanwydd: sushi makes you hungry
cease: enjoy eating , el
Bambi: ate all that sushi and still hungry eh, E?
Bambi: how about some mongolian beef?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: with jalape–os (no anchovies)
Woody 1: OK. In Case of the missing yolk film, Woody 1 tells his co-anchor a joke...
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: out est le beouf??
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: *ou est
Woody 1: "What do you get get when you cross a rooster with a phone pole?"
Dexter Fong (Ret): A rude awakening?
llanwydd: war ist die fleische
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: a chicken that poles the road?
llanwydd: donde esta la carne
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: lol LL
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Elayne: El pollo es la carne?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Nuevo Loredo
Woody 1: Chicken?
Dexter Fong (Ret): Esse la carne bubala
cease: lol dex
Bambi: but who wants to sleep with worms?
Elayne: Chicken? I never touched him.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: People using RPGs just across the TX border :/
Dexter Fong (Ret): I just winged him
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Mmmm Wurm, played by the band Yes
Bambi: hold the anchovies?
Woody 1: It's like all flags flying over my head in here. LOL
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: The slither too much, Bambi
Dexter Fong (Ret): So Woody? What's the punchl line
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: You can't hold them
Bambi: hey only Duke Nukem can run around with RPGs
llanwydd: wurm is one of the first things I learned to play on guitar. very simplistic
Woody 1: I don't know. That's what I'm trying to find out.
llanwydd: three chords
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Yeah get me started about people driving remote drones
Dexter Fong (Ret): Nice......get us all hetted up for nothing
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: That shoot missiles
cease: my vision isnt good here
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Let's hope President Paul ends all that ;)
Bambi: Hello, I want to order some anchovies to go, and hold the pizza.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Where would you like me to hold it
Elayne: Tween, would that be Ron or Rand?
llanwydd: well, if any party replaces the gop it will be the libertarians
Dexter Fong (Ret): or Les
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: I can't hold it, the pepperonies are too hot
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Yes, Les Paul would be better :)
Mudhead: Im fadin
Dexter Fong (Ret): Blow on it tweeny, like you always do
Bambi: actually I am not much on anchovies
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Sorry E, I shouldn't have gotten political
ah,clem: neither was George
Bambi: those pepperonies remind me of the scorched cues...
cease: im doing what i can here
Elayne: I don't mind, Tween.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: We can talk about the foundation of the country another time
Woody 1: I'm an anchovie freak and my wife is disgusted.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: This ain't USSR, yet
Elayne: Poor Woody. I like the chovies too.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: We can still do this
Bambi: love fish, but it can't taste fishy LOL
Elayne: Little, tiny, TASTY chovies...
cease: which country, tween?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Mmmm sounds fishy to me
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Best to Yorkers
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: another conversation, cease :-)
Bambi: give it a minute...
Woody 1: MMM. Salty little fish on pizza. Once my brother in law and I went to another town to get them.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Anchovys: Sometimes try the imported salted whole anchovys, soak a few minutes in warm water, filet them...totally different taste and feel from the usual tinned in olive oil ilk
Elayne: Woody, did you tgo of your own accord, or were you ordered to leave town?
||||||||| Catherwood trudges in at 10:09 PM, dragging Bunnyboy by one foot and asks "Can anyone vouch for this Firehead?"
Woody 1: the former
Bambi: all I have to say is that some of the worst evils and stripping of constitutional rights have been done with the best of intentions ....
Bunnyboy: DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS!!! Bring it!
Dexter Fong (Ret): Hey Bunny
Bambi: hey Bunny
Elayne: Evenin', Bunnyboy!
Bunnyboy casts off his possession.
cease: hey bun
Bunnyboy: Whu...whut? Oh, hi.
Bambi: I think we all can vouch for Bunny lol
Mudhead: nn all
||||||||| Around 10:10 PM, Mudhead walks off into the sunset...
Woody 1: Hey, Bunnyboy
Bambi: nn Mudhead ... rest well
Dexter Fong (Ret): BB Muddy
Bunnyboy: "My blue blankie! Give me my blue blankie!!!"
HomeOhhmOnTheTween me hands Bunny a voucher
Bambi: mine!
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: and hopes he uses it wisely
Dexter Fong (Ret): Catherwood, please throw a blue blankie over Bunnyboy
||||||||| Catherwood pretends not to hear Dexter Fong (Ret)
llanwydd: Catherwood, get Bunnyboy a blue blankie
||||||||| Catherwood gets bunnyboy a blue blankie.
Bunnyboy: Touch me once, shame on you. Touch me twice...SHAME ON YOU!
cease: ok maybe i can see the screen
llanwydd: you beat me to it, dex
Dexter Fong (Ret): Touch me three times...Yes! Yes! right there11
Bunnyboy: You're under arrest!
Dexter Fong (Ret): Thank you officer
llanwydd: but for some reason he only takes orders from me
Bambi: guess you'll have to fly to get your groping...
Bambi: Catherwood please pour everyone their favorite birthday drink
||||||||| Catherwood hands everyone their favorite birthday drink.
Bunnyboy: I guess that guy who got arrested for...the natural end result of package provacation...was over the 3 oz. limit.
Bambi: yep, you're right llan ;-)
llanwydd: lol
cease: a continued toast to elayne
Bunnyboy: Give me a patdown, Catherwood.
||||||||| Catherwood gives Bunnyboy a patdown.
Bunnyboy: Ahhhh yessssss....
Woody 1: I was on tv last night. Interviewed about selling alcohol on Sundays. They aired 3 seconds of my 2 minute dialogue.
Bunnyboy quickly crosses his legs.
Bambi: Catherwood give Bunnyboy an enhanced pat down
||||||||| Catherwood gives bunnyboy an enhanced pat down.
Bunnyboy: Now, give me a putdown, Catherwood.
||||||||| Catherwood gives Bunnyboy a putdown.
cease: i hope they were good seconds
Dexter Fong (Ret): Catherwood, give Bubbyboy an enhanced cod piese
||||||||| Catherwood gets bubbyboy an enhanced cod piese.
Bunnyboy: Now, give me a piltdown, Catherwood.
||||||||| Catherwood gives Bunnyboy a piltdown.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Don't take off your shoes! Jobs is on the way!!
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: lol
Dexter Fong (Ret): lol Tween
Bunnyboy: It's real! It's real!
Bunnyboy: Happy ending, Catherwood!
||||||||| Catherwood walks right past Bunnyboy
Elayne: Yeah, I said that line aloud as well, Twen.
Dexter Fong (Ret): ",,,and panic ensued at airports all over the world today as flier refused to de-shoe
Bunnyboy: Red rocket, Catherwood!
||||||||| Catherwood strides up to Bunnyboy and asks "Did you need me?"
Bunnyboy: Need is...such a strong word.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Catherwood, please give everybody some Sherwppd Forest
||||||||| Catherwood hands everybody some sherwppd forest.
Bambi: follow the yellow line to your glass enclosure time out at the airport (think they must think that they have to give them a timeout like they are in kindergarten or something)
Bambi: for asking them to follow their own directives too
Bunnyboy: WIth a twist.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Catherwood, please give everybody some surewould forrest
||||||||| Catherwood gives everybody some surewould forrest.
Dexter Fong (Ret): I follow the prime directive...Must Kill
Woody 1: I'm invisible
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: not chaken
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: lol
Bunnyboy: Not if I'm an executive of OCP.
cease: chakran
Dexter Fong (Ret): But are you an exec of OCP?
Bunnyboy: OCP controls the cops! I'm working for Dick Jones! DICK JONES!!!
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Catherwood, please give everyone some Mexican Chicken Pizza
||||||||| Catherwood brings everyone some mexican chicken pizza.
Bambi: Sounds like Dex has been watching some Dr. Who?
llanwydd: let me try something. Catherwood, please get...a....
||||||||| Catherwood lets llanwydd try something geta.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: sorry, Chitzen Itza
llanwydd: LOL
Bunnyboy: Tween: Gesundheit.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Bambi: No...I've seen a few eps but never got into it
cease: i treid to watch that few times. alas
ah,clem: goat cheese?
Bambi: MCP (Master Control Program) from the movie Tron (original movie from the 70s)
llanwydd: Catherwood, fhbvjhxklhcgvfbdjthyguif
||||||||| Catherwood steps up to llanwydd and mumbles "Stop typing gibberish, llanwydd!"
cease: i used to read a lot of sf and some of my plays are def sf
Dexter Fong (Ret): OCP = Original Control PROGRAM?
Bambi: lots of double speak
Bambi: lol
Dexter Fong (Ret): Catherwood, gibberish I say Sir, gibberish
||||||||| Catherwood steps up to Dexter Fong (Ret) and says "Typing my name just to rile me, eh?"
Woody 1: Still invisible. Better join my 3rd shift working wife in bed on her day off.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Catherwood Catherwood Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood walks over to Dexter Fong (Ret) and says "YESSSSSS?"
Dexter Fong (Ret): How sybilant you are tonight Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood steps over to Dexter Fong (Ret) and yells "My ears are burning..."
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: In the words of Neffertiti, 'not tonight, it's my pyramid'
cease: snails, snd adventure
cease: both realms
Dexter Fong (Ret): In the wordd of Cleopatra, would you like to kiss my asp?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: (martin)
Woody 1: Sorry I couldn'r follow the conversation, guys.
Woody 1: The golden hind.
Dexter Fong (Ret): There's always next week, woody
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: sorry, Williams
Bambi: Ra, Ra, Ra...that's the spirits we have around here!
Bunnyboy: Remember: It ain't over 'til it's Verhoeven.
ah,clem: the courtroom scene
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: The Sun Grid
Woody 1: Aw, Hell. I have a drink to finish. Another one of them 3rd red eyes bar keep.
Bambi: / for vendetta?
llanwydd: take 1
Elayne: Sorry, fading again, not meaning to. Just listening to the CNI...
Dexter Fong (Ret): Take 2, they're small
cease: V sif for Vermeer
Bambi: ... / for vendetta? sheesh ... doesn't like the first at the beginning lol
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Woddy needs to eat th scorpion at the bottom of the bottle
Bambi: glad you are enjoying it E!
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: bottles
cease: off to change bevs
Bambi: must be a security thing with the chat not to like the backslash
Dexter Fong (Ret): You mean her tatoo Tween?
Dexter Fong (Ret):
Dexter Fong (Ret): **
Dexter Fong (Ret): ''
Bambi: ~~~~~~~~
Woody 1: Am I drunk or are you guys not making sense? Either way, that's cool.
Bambi: lol
Dexter Fong (Ret): Back schlashun ist verboten
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: the plain boss, the plain!
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood pipes up: "10:27 PM and late as usual, it's llanwydd2, just back from Kentucky."
ah,clem: yes, Woody
llanwydd2: this seems to happen every week
Bambi: !@#$%^&*()_~
ah,clem: what?
Dexter Fong (Ret): Such language bambi
Bambi: de plane, de plane!
Dexter Fong (Ret): And from a fine virginia lady folk
Bambi: lol Clem
ah,clem: (she may have a fever)
Bambi: lol
Dexter Fong (Ret): (hopes not)
Woody 1: The Scarecrow in THE WIZARD OF OZ was bi-sexual. He said "Of course people do go both ways."
Bambi: just testing other characters
ah,clem: lol Woody, not sure that is what he meant
HomeOhhmOnTheTween stands next to the door of the Enola McLuhan with his parachute pack
Bambi: `¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠«‘“æ÷≥≤µ∫√ç≈Ωåß∂πø¨¥®´∑œ
Dexter Fong (Ret): Catherwood, please spin Woody's prop
||||||||| Catherwood snubs Dexter Fong (Ret)
Woody 1: Heh?
llanwydd2: well, I'm checking out. see you all next week.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Okay Bambi..let's see a "back slash"
Woody 1: Bambi: You're freakin' me out.
Bunnyboy: nite llan-squared!
Bambi: see ya next time llan...have a great week
Bambi: "back slash"
Dexter Fong (Ret): Night llan
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Be well and happy, LL
Dexter Fong (Ret): Well done Bambi
Woody 1: Night.
Bambi: back slash
Dexter Fong (Ret): Now, let's see your da da "back splash"
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Not neccessarily in that order
Bambi: [color=red]back slash[/color]
Woody 1: If you tell me what languages you're all speaking, I may be able to accomodate.
Bambi: back slash
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: We spreak engrish
Dexter Fong (Ret): Sprechen sie uber speak?
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Well, maybe 50%
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Ja
Bambi: |red|back slash|/red|
Bambi: where's FOH when you need him lol
Woody 1: I saw some Germanic or French stuff a while back.
Dexter Fong (Ret): That was ze menu
cease: my ability to see remains a problem
cease: i wish klok were here
Bambi: {red}back slash{/red}
Elayne: Sounds like we're almost at the end of Dwarf...
Dexter Fong (Ret): You're killing me here Bambi...please, dear, stop before someone's feelings get hurt
Bambi: LOL
Dexter Fong (Ret): If only Merlyn were here to explain The Case of the Inacessable (back slash)
Woody 1: Roger Waters Pros & Cons of Hitch Hiking has a cool-funny linein German.
Bambi: thanks Clem! Always fun! Happy Birthday again Elayne, Dave, Robin! Happy Anniversary again to Elayne and Robin!
Elayne: Thanks so much, Jimmy!
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Thanks for the ice cream, Clem
Elayne: Thanks Jimmy!
cease: if only my daughter were here to listen to this again. her favourite firesign album
ah,clem: my pleasure
Dexter Fong (Ret): Night Clem...and I'm only running cause I didn't get my change
Woody 1: Gutend Abend Elayne. Happy Birthday. A pleasure.
Bambi: LOL
Bambi: good one Dex!
||||||||| "Hey ah,clem!" ... ah,clem turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:38 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Sad about your daughter, cease
cease: we are indebted to you, clem and bambi
Bambi: see you all next time!
Bunnyboy: Thank, ahJim!
Woody 1: Bye Bam.
Bunnyboy: nite Bambi!
Dexter Fong (Ret): Night Bambi, hope that fever goes down
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Maybe sometime you like to talk about that. You have my email addy
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: *you'd
Elayne: Feel better, Bambi!
Elayne: Off to celebrate the rest of my birthday with my husband. Night all! Thanks again!
Dexter Fong (Ret): Night E, talk to you and Happy Birthday
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Be well and happy folks
cease: all the best, bambi
Woody 1: How long has it been since anyone has seen one of the Firesign members here?
||||||||| It's 10:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd2 - dead from the yaws
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from intense demonic possession
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong (Ret): Night Tween
||||||||| Elayne is kicked out just as the clock strikes 10:40 PM.
HomeOhhmOnTheTween: Until last time, again...
cease: thanks for this forum, el
||||||||| HomeOhhmOnTheTween says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, HomeOhhmOnTheTween exits at 10:40 PM.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Woody, it's been a looong time, 6 8 months maybe more
Woody 1: Who was here?
Dexter Fong (Ret): Cat: You remember which FS lad was last here
cease: i think when i was absent
Dexter Fong (Ret): Woody: Austin was most frequent by far...Bergman maybe once but I missed it.....ossman I think only once
Bunnyboy: Woody 1: Well, if you go with the prime concept, we're ALL The Firesign Theatre.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Proctor tried but couldn't figure out how to chat
Bunnyboy: And we were home, all along.
Dexter Fong (Ret): and it was Xmas
Woody 1: When I spoke to Austin, I was estatic.
cease: proc dropped by only in search of ossman
Dexter Fong (Ret): Still on dial up?
Bunnyboy: You mean...these are the malaise days?
Bunnyboy chews straw.
cease: yes woody 1, it is that thrill
Dexter Fong (Ret): No Bunny: These are the mayonaisse days
Bunnyboy: Well, I'm holding on to them. That's right: I'm holding the mayo.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Would you like to take a leek with that mayo?
Bunnyboy: Chicken? FIsh? Ah, yes. I had the lasagna/
Woody 1: I did mention fuzzy coat ahnger from JUST FOLKS and he acted astranged from the comment, nut I didn't care..
Bunnyboy: SLASH!
Bunnyboy: .
Bunnyboy: Period!
Woody 1: hanger
Dexter Fong (Ret): Woody, you might be surprised to learn that most of us know their collected works far better than they do
Bunnyboy: Woody 1: Did you know that several sections of JUST FOLKS were culled from the 1970-1972 FST Radio Shows?
Bunnyboy: I was floored when I heard the original "St. Heckler's Church" source material.
Dexter Fong (Ret): My nick is taken from a character that Austin did on several occaisions and he had no idea who it was
Bunnyboy: brb. Wifey.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Okay Hubby
Woody 1: Dear Folks was. Do you mean that Just Folks was also?
Dexter Fong (Ret): Woody, yes
cease: i cant imagine not doing something for my wife
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bambi - dead from the common cold
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong (Ret): Catherwood, please do something for cease's wife
||||||||| Catherwood walks alongside Dexter Fong (Ret) and mumbles "oh, fuck off Dexter Fong (Ret)!"
Woody 1: Dear Friends, I mean.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Yes woody
Dexter Fong (Ret): both
Dexter Fong (Ret): They also mined Dear Friends, Let's Eat
Woody 1: Just Folks was masterpiece.
cease: hows it goin in seattle, bun?
cease: woody, st some level, they all are
Woody 1: Brother turned me on to Bozos when I was 13 & I was hooked. You're right.
Dexter Fong (Ret): Brother? YOu were in a monastery?
Woody 1: funny
Dexter Fong (Ret): Become a Bozo, and join a funny monastery
Dexter Fong (Ret): Noearly morning laush session
Dexter Fong (Ret): laugh
Dexter Fong (Ret): I pray every day to ST. Bruce, the Lenny
Woody 1: Join a monastery and become a Bozo.
Dexter Fong (Ret): And to quote his last wrods, I'll be here next week, veal good, and don't forget to tip Catherwood
||||||||| Catherwood walks over to Dexter Fong (Ret) and says "Stop typing gibberish, Dexter Fong (Ret)!"
Dexter Fong (Ret): Night Dear FRIENDS
cease: by all
||||||||| cease departs at 11:00 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
Woody 1: When Barney? went through the future and broke the president I was really hooked. Night, Dex.
Woody 1: "Is this the end or...just the beginning. No. It's the end." Goodnight, Fireheads..
||||||||| Catherwood says "11:08 PM, time for SOMEONE to leave!", grabs Woody 1 by the collar and gives 'em the old bum's rush out the door
||||||||| It's 11:10 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong (Ret) - dead from Globner's disease
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Bunnyboy: Okay, I'm...aw, nuts!
Bunnyboy waves a white-glove hand.
||||||||| "Hey Bunnyboy!" ... Bunnyboy turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 11:19 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
||||||||| Catherwood escorts Caterino into the room, accepts a $3 bill as a gratuity, mumbles something about 11:49 PM, then departs.
||||||||| At 11:50 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Caterino!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
||||||||| Gusts of wind blow in from outside and the thumpa-thumpa-thumpa of helicopter blades is heard as Happy Panditt's chopper lands on the lawn and Caterino gets out at 11:50 PM.
Caterino: Elayne, I missed the cake, I missed the blowing of the candels, and most of all I missed your birthday. Just call me Missy
||||||||| It's 12:00 AM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Caterino - dead from jaundice
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood stumbles in and announces "Presenting 'Passed-Indian', just granted probation at 3:41 AM", then leaves hurriedly.

The True White Brother is coming home.
Remember what the Great Spirit said?
If we did what we were supposed to do,
and lived according to The Plan,
White Brother would finish his work in the East
and come back to us.

The True White Brother is coming home.
Remember what the Great Spirit said?

If we did what we were supposed to do,
and lived according to The Plan,
White Brother would finish his work in the East
and come back to us.

It’ll be nice to have the family together again.


My fellow settlers!

We stand here on the Edge O’ Civilization
on the banks of the Mississippi River,
lookin’ West, at our Destiny!

You can say that again!

. . . is, in reality, a Golden Opportunity for humble,
God-fearin’ people
like ourselves,
an’ our families,
an’ our children,
an’ the generations a-comin’,
to carve a new life

-- outta the American Indian!

Welcome, White Brother!


My fellow Redskins!
Speaking for the Great White Father in Washington
and all the American People,
let me say we respect you savages
for your Native Ability to instantly Adapt
and Survive
in whatever Godforsaken wilderness
we move you to.

Out there. . . . .

Sign here!

||||||||| "3:42 AM? I'm late!" exclaims Passed-Indian, who then rushes out through the french doors and down through the brambles.
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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