A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for March 03, 2011 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| Catherwood ushers ah,clem in through the front door at 8:56 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
||||||||| New CNI streaming notice: '"a few minutes with FireSign Theatre" at about 9 eastern, Dear Friends'
||||||||| "Hey ah,clem!" ... ah,clem turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 8:57 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
||||||||| Merlyn tiptoes in around 8:57 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last week's "unpleasant incident."
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:00 PM and Hemlock Scones bounds out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Merlyn looks around
Hemlock Scones: Hi Merlyn
Merlyn: Hey Scones
Merlyn: Still in old jolly England?
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, March 03, 2011 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
Hemlock Scones: have been struggling with MSN messenger which i have now uninstalled
Merlyn: I hear it works better that way
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood announces: "9:02 PM and late as usual, it's Bambi, just back from Billville."
||||||||| cease bounds in at 9:02 PM carrying an obsidian door knocker.
Bambi: hello Dear Friends :-)
Hemlock Scones: there is not much jolliment over here mon ami, the cuts are beginning to bite and prices rise all the time, probably nothing compared with what is to come but still not a cheering state of affairs or indeed cheering affairs of state
Hemlock Scones: Greetings one an all
Bambi: groan...Windows Live Messenger ...
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Dexter Fong in through the front door at 9:03 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
cease: ah, cni is back
Bambi: sounds like here Scones ... what is to come is what is really scary
Hemlock Scones: Yes Merlyn, have used MSN messer for years but its getting more nd more bloated by the day and as for windows live essentials, dont get me started
Bambi: yep
Dexter Fong: Hi Bambi, Cat, HS and Merlyn
Bambi: hey Cat, Dex, Scones, Merlyn
Hemlock Scones: good to see a meeting of the usual suspects
Bambi :-) yep
Hemlock Scones: i trust you are all as well as can be expected in a world run apparently by the clinical insane and a bunch of lizards in human suits. (i must cut down on Alex Jones)
||||||||| RalphTweensport enters at 9:05 PM as Catherwood takes their hat and goat and scurries off to the Hat Pack Annex.
RalphTweensport: lol Stones
Dexter Fong: Hey Tweeny
Bambi: lol definitely ... watch movies instead
RalphTweensport: Hello Dear Friends
cease: hi all
Bambi: hey Tweeny
Dexter Fong: Hey Cat
Hemlock Scones: I have been cheering myself up by saying libelous but none the less true things about Rupert Murdoch aka the Dirty Digger
||||||||| Catherwood stomps in at 9:06 PM, dragging llanwydd by the hair and asks "Can anyone vouch for this yo-yo?"
llanwydd: whaz real?
Bambi: hey llan
Dexter Fong: You bet
Merlyn: I have a yoyo voucher
Hemlock Scones: sadly we dont do real over here llan, this is England
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood announces: "9:07 PM and late as usual, it's ah,clem, just back from Billville."
Dexter Fong: Hi clem
Hemlock Scones: Yo Clem
ah,clem: hi all
llanwydd: Hey Clem
cease: this is dear friends?
Bambi: hey Clem
RalphTweensport: Hello clem
cease: ive only listened to about half the dfs on duke of madness
ah,clem: yes
cease: this i havent heard yet
Hemlock Scones: Honey Sanchez sends regrets but is suffering an all day migraine. i told her to try eating something fresh as this an help, and if she improves she will maybe come to join us
ah,clem: this is from the original recording, not DMM
Bambi: nice :-)
cease: wow
llanwydd: I had migraines when I was a teenager. I used to take Wigraine. it worked but I don't know if they make it anymore
Dexter Fong: Stones: Don't worry, it will be night soon where Honey is and that all day migraine should clear right up
Bambi: our best to Honey, so sorry to hear about the migraine
Bambi: those are so hard to deal with ... or more to the point, live through
Hemlock Scones: i advised her to try cutting down on the USA, this seems to help me lessen my headaches
cease: works for me too, stones
RalphTweensport: lol
llanwydd: well, I'm only about 300 miles from Cuba
llanwydd: I don't know if that cures migraines but I haven't had any in many years
Bambi: lol
Hemlock Scones: how does that compare with 24 hours from Tulsa ?
cease: you're in florida now, llan
Hemlock Scones: only untill Miami CSI find out, cease
Bambi: you are in miami csi llan?
Hemlock Scones: i used to find that i had more headaches when i used to smoke, but as my fave song has it, "Now that I've found Jesus, I dont smoke dope no more" i dont smoke it no less neither
Dexter Fong: Are you being type cast as an Hispanic gangbanger again, lln?
llanwydd: nino has me in sebring for some reason. I don't even remember where that is
RalphTweensport: hehe
llanwydd: sheshe
cease: now this is starting to sound familiar
Bambi: well, it's either in FL or Chrysler
cease: didnt she used to be a model?
Dexter Fong: She was a Sebring model
cease: jean sebring?
cease: sounds vaguely familiar
Dexter Fong: Dual overhead gams
cease: has anyone here been a juror?
Hemlock Scones: yes fong, a balcony you could do Shakespear from
Dexter Fong: A balcony you can see the Finish line from
Merlyn: I have been, cat
Hemlock Scones: i was elected Jury Foreman, cease
Bambi: I was called, and was willing to serve, but the case was dismissed, and wasn't called again
cease: i went to jury selection today but they picked others
Hemlock Scones: lucky you cease, its very boring in general
Bambi: so you are still on the hook as backup for the duration like I was?
cease: the accused was a woman who killed two people by dangerous driving, speeding through an intersection. she's also a cop
Bambi: or for other cases as they might come up
Hemlock Scones: i was called twice once for criminal court and once for a mysterious death
cease: that's the same crime Bit's killer was aquitted of 13 years ago
Bambi: ouch...should be glad you weren't selected ... too close to home I would think
cease: i dont know if i could be objective in such a case
Bambi: yeah
llanwydd: that may be why they didn't pick you, cease
cease: if they asked me, i'd have to tell them i probably wouldnt not be able to be objective
Hemlock Scones: i got off by claiming insanity
cease: they didn't know, llan
llanwydd: I was rejected for jury duty once but I never understood why
Dexter Fong: That hispanic gang banger thing maybe?
cease: the sherriff told us not to feel bad if we're rejected.
Bambi: yeah, they should have to tell you why you were rejected
Bambi: that's true ... it's very subjective
cease: bergman'
cease: bergman
cease: bergman's smoking egyptian hash. how fitting
Dexter Fong: So the judge tells me after being rejected "I'm just not that into you"
llanwydd: george carlin once told about how to get out of jury duty. you tell the judge "Good thing you picked me cause I can tell a guilty guy like that!" (snaps fingers)
Dexter Fong: So I unfriended him
Hemlock Scones: told you not to use Facebook Fong
Bambi: lol Dex
Dexter Fong: I don't...this was personal
Dexter Fong: I sent him a telegram
Bambi: a we are no longer friend's ecard might have been cheaper ;-)
Dexter Fong: It was the uniform I liked
Dexter Fong: Little short guy in a uniform
Bambi: into gowns?
Bambi: judge = gown
Dexter Fong: Nah not realy
Hemlock Scones: i bought a little black number only last week Bambi
Bambi: lol
Dexter Fong: Did you smoke it right away Stones
cease: speaking of dope, anyone see the tourbadors on pbs last night?
cease: far too much about carole king, but some of the other stuff was interesting
Dexter Fong: Nope
cease: troubadors
llanwydd: no, cat. are they a bunch of dopes?
Merlyn: hey live earl jive
cease: i was surprised that cheech and chong were in it.
Dexter Fong: True Bad oars
cease: the tourbadour is a club in west hollywood. i was there once in 1971. saw cannonball adderly, with cheech and chong
Hemlock Scones: i used to play Space In Bade Oars
cease: cannonball was WAY better.
cease: a number of singer songwriters got their start in la there.
Dexter Fong: Yes a *very* famous club
cease: the program was amazingly dope friendly. it was almost like listening to a firesign show, only without the humour
llanwydd: I have a chance to see Yes for the first time in 31 years in a few days
RalphTweensport: I'll bet it was fun, cease
Dexter Fong: lol
llanwydd: in fact a very good chance
cease: steve martin had a big part and he would have been doing gigs with the firesign about the same time
llanwydd: and as far as I know it is the only free concert they have ever done
RalphTweensport: Very cool, LL
cease: you can watch it on your computers i'm sure. it's pbs, the american masters series
Dexter Fong: llan: Where are they playing?
RalphTweensport: The line-up is different now, isn't it?
RalphTweensport: Rick Wakeman's son on keys?
llanwydd: in front of City Hall in Orlando
llanwydd: saturday the 12th
llanwydd: it will be the 2nd time I've seen them without anderson
Hemlock Scones: Rick Wakeman is doing comedy these days on TV he appears on a program called Grumpy Old Men
Dexter Fong: Anderson Cooper was in Yes?
llanwydd: lol
RalphTweensport: lol Stones
llanwydd: I've heard about grumpy old men, scones
Dexter Fong: He's Al Cooper's son
cease: Ian Anderson Cooper 360, jethro tull keeps turning round and round
Dexter Fong: ..his flute glistening hypnotically in the flashing strobe lights
Hemlock Scones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieQCGT_YHAE
cease: can he play barrelhouse piano like cooper did on Highway 61?
Hemlock Scones: there he is on GOM
llanwydd: I've seen jethro tull a couple of times on tv. I'd rather listen to ian anderson than watch him
Dexter Fong: Hah! In subtle pun lie significant clue!!
Dexter Fong: A barrel house -where they make barrels - is also called a Cooperage
||||||||| Catherwood accompanies Elayne inside, makes a note of the time (9:38 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
Dexter Fong: Hi elayne
Elayne: Evenin' all!
llanwydd: Hi Elayne
cease: hi el
Elayne: Dex! What happened to the concert?
cease: good one, dex
Bambi: hey E!
Merlyn: hey E
Dexter Fong: E: Had the date wrong, it's next week
Elayne: Ah, well that's good, it should be warmer next week. :)
cease: did you know that dates were small green fruit?
Dexter Fong: Hope so
Elayne apologizes for continuing her and Dex's phone conversation on chat. :)
cease: i always thought they were black wrinkled things
llanwydd: I thought dates were light brown
cease: yeah some other colour than green
Hemlock Scones: depends how old they are and whether you seperate the roaches
Dexter Fong: I dated a hispanic gang banger girl onst
llanwydd: you get dates from the calendar tree
Dexter Fong: Or just reacj down...grab your uh phone and call LavaLite
Hemlock Scones: yes, llan, we had a small filofax plantation
Dexter Fong: afkfr
cease: one of the restaurants i went to in vegas, a spanish tapas place, had dates wrapped in bacon on the menu
cease: the chef said you wouldnt be able to eat just one. one was more than enough for me
llanwydd: catherwood, get dex a refill so he doesn't have to be afkfr
||||||||| Catherwood gets dex a refill so he doesn't have to be afkfr.
cease: very dissappointed as i had great tapas from the guy in washington dc in 05
cease: but anyone who
cease: anyone who's visited my blog at www.seemrealland.blogspot.com knows that
Elayne: Do bacon and fruit go together?
llanwydd: I've never had tapas. got to try it sometime
cease: when i was dining at le b with dex, i had bacon ice cream with figs. it was delicious
cease: there are an infinite number of tapas, llan. any small plate actrually
cease: so i thought bacon and dates would work. i was wrong.
Elayne: Do bacon and ICE CREAM go together, and in whose world? Besides Boloud.
Dexter Fong: Yes elayne
cease: though i saw the same item on the menu of an italian place in caesar's palace
Dexter Fong: The ice cream was excellent
cease: yes it sounded odd to me and dex looked askance at my ordering it, but it worked remarkably well
Bambi: bacon and dried fruit go really well on a salad
Bambi: and nuts and seeds too
cease: true, bambi
llanwydd: I saw jeff smith make a tapas dinner on tv once
Dexter Fong: C'mon people...let's just say it and get it over with
Dexter Fong: Bacon goes with anything
Hemlock Scones: you have to introduce them properly of course
Elayne: Look, I like bacon as much as the next Jewish girl (whose name is probably Selma), but I have to draw the line somewhere!
cease: i like mixing fruit and any protein substance
Dexter Fong: Especcialy more baco
Dexter Fong: n
llanwydd: he said they give you a glass of wine with a piece of toast over the brim in a tapas bar
Dexter Fong: Elayne: They make you draw a line?
cease: that's the origin of tapas, yes
Elayne: Dex, thank goodness not a straight line. (Which leaves you with the punch line.)
Dexter Fong: llan: The toast acts as a kind of filter in case the wines a bit off
cease: i think it was to keep the flys out of the wine
Dexter Fong: Oh they won't weight 'em
Dexter Fong: they'd sink right away if they did
Dexter Fong: Teeny little concrete shoes
cease: lol dex
cease: hilarous image
Dexter Fong: Thirty five of 'em tied to the anchor
cease: keep them out of the anchor steam beer
Elayne: I don't thnk they still wear shoes, they gave them up.
Dexter Fong: Cat: That's what the steam is for...to keep em off
Elayne: They realized the pressure they were under when people kept intoning, "Shoe, fly..."
cease: http://wtfpod.libsyn.com/
cease: good interview with paul krassner by marc maron. good to see krassner out promoting his book
cease: i dont have short hair. at least not in march
Elayne: I was about halfway through it when I last did my ironing, Cat. I'll be getting back to it this weekend.
||||||||| Catherwood strides up and announces "Presenting 'Principalpoop', just granted probation at 9:55 PM", then leaves hurriedly.
Elayne: I have a lot of WTF podcasts to get through.
RalphTweensport: Hey P
Elayne: Hey PrinPoop!
||||||||| 9:56 PM: Bunnyboy jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past five minutes!"
Bunnyboy: lo dere
Bunnyboy: wutz on CNI?
Bambi: hey princep
Elayne: Evenin' Bunnyboy!
Dexter Fong: Hi Poop
Bambi: hey Bunny
Dexter Fong: and Hi BBoy
cease: just before i started the newly revised krassner book, i finished a book i bought in vegas airport called Running Scared about steve wynn
Principalpoop: singing fee figh fiddle I oh
cease: turns out that book was originaly published by krassner's first employer, lyle stuart
Bunnyboy: I'm listening to the last half hour of Ep 13 of Hour Hour, right now.
Dexter Fong: We're listening to something else
cease: youre not listening to cni, bun? i didnt see you come in
Principalpoop: chat not refreshing, don't yell, cannot hear you
cease: one of the dear friends
Principalpoop: brb
ah,clem: dear friends 12-09-70
Bunnyboy: Cool, clem!
cease: so this is a new one, clem? different from the previous episode?
Bunnyboy: I'm working the Duke material in chrono order.
ah,clem: last was live at the airlee
ah,clem: this just started
Bunnyboy: For a guy with divergent and eclectic tastes, I still gravitate towards the linear.
cease: i have a couple of airlee shows but quite diff from this. they were about the history of radio
cease: havent listened to all the dfs yet
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cease: if i had them on some sort of mobile device, i would have enjoyed having all that firesign sound in vegas. would have worked well together
Bunnyboy: cat: That's the main way I'm working through the Hour Hours. On my iPhone.
cease: you heard bergman talking about vegas pimps on the latest rfo?
cease: far too relavent. pimps are to vegas what smog is to la and tokyo
Elayne: Think I'll mosey for the evening, ladies and gents. Next week, all!
Dexter Fong: No...
cease: but at least he had a funny retort to the pimp
||||||||| Elayne leaves to catch the 10:03 PM train to Billville.
Bunnyboy: Taylor mentioned it, in his essay, and it bears repeating: These shows are remarkably fresh.
cease: by el
Dexter Fong: We'll talk Elayne
Dexter Fong: or not
cease: indeed, bun. did you see the interview with taylor on dangerous minds last week?
cease: nice to see him sharing some spotlight with the guys
Bambi: have a great week Elayne!
Bunnyboy: Even when they refer to then-contemporary figures (for instance, Agnew), it doesn't date the material.
Bunnyboy: nite El!
Merlyn: I wouldn't date Agnew, that's for sure
Hemlock Scones: sweet dreams Elayne
Bunnyboy: Dead chowderheads don't keep.
Dexter Fong: I'd like for them to carbon date agnew
cease: even if he were wrapped in bacon, merl?
Bunnyboy: Nattering nabobs of necrophilia.
Dexter Fong: lol Bun
cease: for those who dont remember that era, i highly reccommend a recent book called Nixonland.
Dexter Fong: I've got that game on my play station
Dexter Fong: I've killed Agnew 23 times
Dexter Fong: Followed Nixon all the way to china and back
cease: you said 23 and he skidooed?
Principalpoop: back try again
Dexter Fong: Well once it was with dynomight
Bunnyboy: I remember the old Mad Magazine WH parody, done with Gilbert and Sullivan tunes.
Dexter Fong: Missles strikes account for another 4 death
cease: speaking of the hoove, anyone remember ossman's story about his uncle being harrassed by the hoove?
Bunnyboy: (sung to the tune of Titwillow) Dump Spiro, Dump Spiro, Dump Spiro!
Principalpoop: i remember that one
llanwydd: never heard that one, cat
cease: hi poop
cease: it was on the steve allen interview
Bunnyboy: (spoke-sung) But a Lou Harris poll is an order from God! Dump Spiro, Dump Spiro, Dump Spiro!
cease: i'm sure ah clem has played that on cni
Principalpoop: ops, I remember that mad magazine, not the hoove
cease: i dont recall it exactly but i think steve asked if they had any particular reason to go after j edgar and ossman explained his family history
Bunnyboy: And now DiCaprio is playing the Hoove.
Principalpoop: in drag also?
Bunnyboy: No, that would be Willem Dafoe.
RalphTweensport: Really (DiCaprio)?
cease: i dont even know what she looks like, but i suspect lady gaga would be a better hoove
Principalpoop: you have jogged my memory cat
RalphTweensport: lol cease
cease: no jogging for me.
cease: tween did you hear krassner interview on the maron podcast a couple days ago?
llanwydd: what about leonardo di crapio playing the hoove
llanwydd: what's the name of the movie
Bunnyboy: I was picking up mail from a will-call station yesterday. The carrier said: "I have some more items for you. Don't run away!"
Bunnyboy: To which I replyed: "With THESE legs?"
Bunnyboy: llan: Lemme see...
Principalpoop: Mel Brooks would be a good hoove, Harvey Korman, Gene Hackman
Dexter Fong: Ernest Borgnine
Principalpoop: ahh yes
Bunnyboy: J. EDGAR
Bunnyboy: DIrected by Clint Eastwood.
llanwydd: int cleastwood again
Principalpoop: now that is something
Dexter Fong: BE INTERESTING TO SEE WHAT TAKE clint has on Jay
Bunnyboy: Leo's also slated to play the title role in THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY.
Dexter Fong: The Devil?
Principalpoop: i remember Johnson was quoted as saying it was better having Edgar pissing out the tent, than pissing in
cease: i read that before i went to chicago
Bunnyboy: Great book. Creepy guy.
Bunnyboy: H.H. Holmes. Serial killer, during the Chicago Exposition.
Dexter Fong: Holmes???!!!! What's on with this??
Hemlock Scones: do they torture the serials before they kill em ?
Principalpoop: a salt filled pancake
Bunnyboy: "It puts the lotion in the basket..."
Dexter Fong: Stones: They torture the audience...shifting run times and run days etc
cease: lbj was fond of pissing metaphors
Bunnyboy: Because he was a pisser.
Hemlock Scones: thats a pity Dex, especially as the ad breaks are getting longer
Principalpoop: yes, a potty mouth, the blankity blanket double fudge so and so
Dexter Fong: He could piss metaphors like a Spanish fountain in a French town
cease: sounds like new orleans during katrina
Hemlock Scones: best not to mix your metaphors too much, you get headaches
Dexter Fong: and they call em megraines
Principalpoop: run that up the flagpole and see who dances the jig
Bunnyboy: Why phor?
Hemlock Scones: saluting is enough
Dexter Fong: Know jig danging in the white man's bar
Dexter Fong: close enough
Bunnyboy: What ever happened to Der Schnifter?
Principalpoop: shickengroobers buddy?
Dexter Fong: The israeli's got him
Bunnyboy: I saw a picture today, of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull. Brilliant!
Dexter Fong: and his moll Eva Prawn
Principalpoop: I am reading eudora welty again, why?
Dexter Fong: Because they make you?
cease: i know why i'm re-reading krassner's autobi. its a great book
llanwydd: well, I need to be leaving. I'll see you again next week
Hemlock Scones: it could be OCD
cease: off you go, llan
Principalpoop: break a leg llan
Bambi: have a great week llan
Dexter Fong: Good luck with the Yes thing llan
Principalpoop: what yes thing?
Hemlock Scones: see you lan, be good and if you cannot be good, dont get caught
Bunnyboy: nite llan!
Principalpoop: nevermind, I will check the cheeselog
Dexter Fong: Poop: Yes are playing a free concert in Orlando on the 12th
Bunnyboy: What Yes thing?
cease: better than a no thing
Principalpoop: wow, cool
Bunnyboy: With Jon Anderson?
Dexter Fong: Anderson Cooper will be playing the part of Ric Wakeman's son
Bunnyboy: They've been touring without him. 'tain't right.
Principalpoop: not a big crowd in that part of florida, they will be at the george jones revival
Dexter Fong: They're reviving George again?
Dexter Fong: I thought he had that Do Not Revive tag
Principalpoop: he stopped loving her today
cease: is he still curious?
Dexter Fong: "There stands the Glass my ashes are in
Principalpoop: good one fong, about cooper, a little slow tonight
Dexter Fong: Thank you
Principalpoop: whitaker chambers, have not heard that name in a while
Dexter Fong: wow
Principalpoop: delcrapio should play him
cease: if whitaker chambers had pot, would it be really good shit?
Dexter Fong: Roy Cohn would have stole it
Dexter Fong: Given it to McCarthy
cease: for some reason, roy cohn was in that book about steve wynn
||||||||| It's 10:30 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| llanwydd - dead from measles
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
Dexter Fong: He used to get so loaded he was psychotic
Principalpoop: was marilyn his daughter?
Dexter Fong: Marilyn McCarthy?
Principalpoop: chambers
cease: Earl Monroe?
Dexter Fong: You're thinking of Charlie McCarthy
Dexter Fong: Dick Baarnett
Principalpoop: Jan Murray
Hemlock Scones: ok folks i better go check on Honey so its sayanora for now. have a good week all and stay well
Dexter Fong: Murray Povich
cease: you too, stones
Dexter Fong: Good to see you again old chap
Principalpoop: give her our love, thanks for the kings story
Hemlock Scones: will do, take care mes amis
Dexter Fong: ye ye ye y y Okay
Principalpoop: i have not seen it yet fong, no spoilers
cease: how do they say sayonara in japan?
Dexter Fong: su sush su shu okay
Hemlock Scones: probably not but they do on TV sometimes so it must be true
Dexter Fong: Cat: Ciao
Hemlock Scones: also available on Skype
cease: no cat chow for me
Hemlock Scones: TTFN
Principalpoop: they talk vertically the same way they write, no way to understand them
||||||||| "Hey Hemlock Scones!" ... Hemlock Scones turns, and sees Bradshaw approching with the handcuffs, and is dragged away, screaming "it's only 10:36 PM, I don't have to go yet!"...
Bunnyboy: nite Hemmie!
Dexter Fong: It's got a whole pound of ground hound in it Cat
Principalpoop: are japanese chats sideways?
Bunnyboy: I better go feed Bunnette, before the Idol abomination...
Dexter Fong: oh dear
Principalpoop: hip hop bunnyboy
Dexter Fong: Happy media Bunny
cease: by bun all the best to bunette
Merlyn: bye bb
Bunnyboy: (sings) ...and I hang 'em on the grocery wall. AH-ha-ha-HAAAAA!
||||||||| At 10:37 PM, Bunnyboy vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
Principalpoop: give him a quarter for that cough
Dexter Fong: I'll give him a fin for his liver
Principalpoop: got a hobby yet old retired man?
RalphTweensport: I'll trade you a swede
Dexter Fong: No Poop, I just kind of stagger from one day to another
Dexter Fong: Well guys, gotta move my car
Principalpoop: swagger?
Dexter Fong: Will be late next week
Principalpoop: good luck hail rita
Principalpoop: omg the late dexter fong, how sad
Dexter Fong: Night Poop and Cat and whomever
cease: stagger on, dex
Merlyn: I'm going to go now too, see you next week
Principalpoop: night jimmy
cease: by merl
||||||||| Merlyn is defenestrated just as the clock strikes 10:42 PM.
Principalpoop: the plot thins
cease: he should never have gone to prague
Principalpoop: there must be some reason for all of this
cease: this?
Principalpoop: especially this
Principalpoop: who bumped the chat?
ah,clem: nytol, have a great week!
Principalpoop: thanks so much ahh, clem, I have my headphones on again
cease: you too clem
||||||||| ah,clem leaves to catch the 10:47 PM train to Hellmouth.
Principalpoop: i get lost in the words
Principalpoop: now the voice of ahh, clem
Principalpoop: toad away
Bambi: thanks Clem :-)
Principalpoop: hi bye Deer Bambi
Bambi: have a great week Cat, Dex, Princep, Tweeny and all the ships at sea...
cease: you too bambi
||||||||| It's 10:50 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Dexter Fong - dead from The Plague
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
cease: off we flee
||||||||| cease departs at 10:50 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
Principalpoop: night tween, hold that bus
||||||||| Principalpoop says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Principalpoop exits at 10:50 PM.
RalphTweensport: nytol
||||||||| 10:51 PM -- RalphTweensport left for parts unknown.   (Entry from Nick Danger's "Idiots I Have Been Paid To Follow").
||||||||| It's 11:00 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| Bambi - dead from the fiddlers
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

The Evening's Participants:
Dexter Fong
Hemlock Scones
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PP and Cat(cease)

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Audrey Farber

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Tiny Dr. Tim
Rest In Peace, Dear Friend

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404 - Not Found, Not Forgotten

And, "The Home Team"