A Firesign Chat


||||||||| Catherwood re-enters the Waiting Room and explains "This is the main discussion room which is logged each night."
||||||||| Catherwood announces, "The time is 4:33 AM - I now declare Thursday's chat log for October 18, 2012 officially open!"... and then, he retires back to the vestibule...
||||||||| "8:47 PM? 8:47 PM!!" says Catherwood, "DJTween should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as DJTween enters and sits in the comfy chair.
||||||||| New notice: 'Live streaming of Firesign Theatre starting at 8pm CST at - http://listen.ehhh.us:8000/tweeny.m3u'
||||||||| Catherwood strides in with a trumpet, plays a fanfare, and proclaims "Nine PM on Thursday, October 18, 2012 - I now declare alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre's chat officially open!"
||||||||| "9:00 PM? 9:00 PM!!" says Catherwood, "cs should be here by now...oh, THERE you are!" as cs enters and sits in the comfy chair.
||||||||| 9:01 PM: Dexter Fong jumps out of the hall closet saying "I've been listening to all of you talking about me for the past half hour!"
DJTween: Hey Dex
cs: hi folks
DJTween: Hey cease
Dexter Fong hurries in and sits on the floor right in front of the big Stromberg-Carlson console in order to better hear the big FST broadcast
DJTween )
Dexter Fong: Ahh..Rolly Maidens
Dexter Fong: Ahh Bozos abd Bozoettes
cs: ok why cant i get itthis time?
cs: pr
DJTween: same feed as always, cease
cs: i knmow but cant use docs new player
cs: maybe not in any condition to
DJTween: What happened to the player?
||||||||| Catherwood enters with Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod close behind, mumbles something about disrupting his 9:06 PM tree-stunting plans, and rushes off to the vestibule.
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: Sweeping out the remnants of Steinbrenner's evil empire.
Dexter Fong: Hi Anch
DJTween: Hi Anchovies
DJTween: Sure hope you can get a decent internet connection one of these days so you can listen to the stream
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: what it is, fellow Bozos.
cs: no
DJTween: What it be
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: Go Tigerz!
Dexter Fong: Go cardz
DJTween: Maybe Doc will show up and you can ask him what's going on, cease
cs: something for cats to celebrate
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: so long as we're Sweeping out the remnants of Steinbrenner's evil empire.
cs: got it. oo.bozos
||||||||| Principalpoop sneaks in around 9:10 PM, trying to avoid Catherwood because of last night's "unpleasant incident."
Dexter Fong: Well done Cat
Dexter Fong: Hi poop
Principalpoop: howdy
cs: poop
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: hubba-hubba.
Principalpoop: phone numba phone numba
||||||||| New notice: 'Now Playing - "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus" - listen at - http://listen.ehhh.us:8000/tweeny.m3u'
Dexter Fong: 212 23 Skidoo
DJTween: Hey P
Principalpoop: what is the rod?
Dexter Fong: and the turtle was gone
Dexter Fong: and nows he's back
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: it's the bees 'n' spiders again.
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: obviously Mr. Poop doesn't follow Baseball.
Dexter Fong: Mr. Poop follows no one
Principalpoop: having trouble following the conversation
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: good point.
Dexter Fong: It went thataway ->
DJTween: Sounds is good for everyone who has the stream?
DJTween: *Sound
cs: excellent
Principalpoop: they don't care if I follow baseball or not, minimum salary is 414,000
Dexter Fong: Had a few moments of buffering otherwise, fine
DJTween: Ah, you got it working after all cease
cs: yep
DJTween: Just once, Dex?
Dexter Fong: Yes Tween, just a couple of buffers for less that 30 seconds
DJTween: ok, kewl
DJTween: I've shut down everything but the streamer on the streaming box
Principalpoop: put the balls on the other side
Dexter Fong: If i put the balls on the other side, I can't zip my fly
Principalpoop: straight ahead
Principalpoop: then button your buttons
Dexter Fong: Are you pointing the way, or just glad to see me?
Principalpoop: watt?
Principalpoop: stop doing that tween
Principalpoop: you opened solitaire or something
DJTween: again??
Dexter Fong: Vegetables versus zombies
Principalpoop: just for a second or 3
DJTween: I think I'll try setting up a more powerful box for streaming
Dexter Fong: I noticed nothing, I think that was just the halfway point pause Tween
Principalpoop: i will be quiet, you sportsfans can discuss sports if you desire...
DJTween: Yeah, started side 2
DJTween: iTunes does a fade
DJTween: so no stuttering?
DJTween: Should turn that feature off for the FST stuff
Dexter Fong: th tha that that's right
Principalpoop: i i i i i i don't know
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: mem... mem... mem... memoree...
DJTween: Need to tag the FST stuff as Gapless Playback
Dexter Fong: he's gonna break the president
DJTween: How about some Immortality after this?
DJTween: or does someone have a request?
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: Roller Maidens.
Principalpoop: play that funny one about the thing
cs: any firesign is great
Dexter Fong: yeah the one with those guys in it
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: or: how can you be on two channels at once.
DJTween: You can get the feed, Anchovies?
DJTween: >> Principalpoop: play that funny one about the thing < lol
Dexter Fong: ..Dexter Fong: yeah the one with those guys in it Dexter Fong: lol
Dexter Fong: >
Principalpoop: please report to the hospitality suite fong
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: nah, jus' sayin'... i like "Roller Maidens."
DJTween: Me too :-)
cs: love that 5th guy
Principalpoop: you did not say it as funny as I did
DJTween: Austin can do some great country music parody
Dexter Fong: I'll say
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: no problem Tween, i can recite "Bozos" in me head.
||||||||| A time machine materializes at 9:34 PM and Elayne steps out, carrying a grape from ancient Greece.
Principalpoop: thank yuuuu
Dexter Fong: Hi Elayne
cs: hi el
Elayne: Evenin' all! Multitasking a bit, bear with me
DJTween: I don't doubt it, Anchovies
DJTween: Hey E
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: E.
Principalpoop: all right, everybody take off your....
||||||||| Catherwood ushers Woody 1 in through the front door at 9:36 PM, picks up his cues (only slightly scorched), and heads for the billiard room.
Elayne: Hmph, no DocTech again, I see...
Dexter Fong: Hi Woody
Principalpoop: hey woody 1
DJTween: Hi Woody
Woody 1: Hey, Folks.
Dexter Fong: He's probably busy pocketing his balls at some dow and out dive hall
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: helloe Woodroe.
cs: hey wood
cs: hale bruin
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: hale bop.
Principalpoop: 3 ball off the 12 in the side pocket
Woody 1: Hi, cs. I'm a broken hidden employee in Hitler's bunker. Just a Seinfeld reference.
DJTween: All Hail Be Bop Deluxe!
Dexter Fong: Nice shot
cs: did yhou see hjis web series,
Woody 1: Love em, DJTween.
cs: comediansincarsgettingcoffee?
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod RIP:NY Wankees,
cs: for some reason i can only get it disjointedly, hard to watch
Principalpoop: yes, but I did not leave myself a shot, ahhh, i will try the 12, 3 rails in the corner...
Principalpoop: rats
cs: but i suffered thru it to watch a very moving tale from that kramer guy
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: giant sumatran rats.
Woody 1: "We are like ships in the night." BeBop
cs: lets see if this works for you
cs: www.comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com
Principalpoop: forget the future
cs: no, forget the PROGRAMMED future
Woody 1: "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape>"
cs: no longer in the power of dr. memory's memory
cs: best ending ever
Principalpoop: Here!
DJTween: broadcast stopped
Dexter Fong: Be careful Tweeny
Woody 1: I love Sleep that Burns and so many others by BeBop.
Principalpoop: wait wait, somebody ased for iron something
Principalpoop: asked
DJTween: broadcast restarted
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: oh... an encore presentation for those who missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH3hmoqmRzI
Dexter Fong: iron?
Dexter Fong: is that the one about the funny thing?
Principalpoop: steel?
Principalpoop: no, that is the other one
Dexter Fong: .925 Sterling silver?
DJTween: Sound OK to everyone?
Principalpoop: 1 after 909
Dexter Fong: five by five Capn
Elayne: Not doing the sound at the moment, Tween, but I'll take everyone's word for it.
Principalpoop: do I need to tap again? I have nuttin
cs: got it
Woody 1: "We'll be travelin' on the one after 909."
Dexter Fong: maybe you tapped out?
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: hit that chromium switch.
cs: its like having ah clem back
Principalpoop: i had to hit play again,
Principalpoop: in my face radio
Woody 1: I finally got the lyrics that McCartney screams on "I've got a feeling.."
cs: i had to reload
DJTween: This setting uses a lot less CPU. Should get rid of the hiccups
Dexter Fong: I just sat here and it came on....so I think I win =)
DJTween: Yeah cease, I had to stop and restart the stream to use the new settings
Principalpoop: ok, rub it in fong
cs: y'
Dexter Fong: Where would you like it rubbed
cs: all seen the highschool madness thing?
Dexter Fong: ??
Principalpoop: my temples, i call them meeting houses though
Dexter Fong: you must be a quacker
cs: http://dangerousminds.net/comments/more_sugar_firesign_theatres_high_school_madness_visualized
Principalpoop: menonite your own business
cs: i dont think i'd ever seen a Henry Aldritch movie before.
Woody 1: Funny as hell listening and so good. "All these years I've been wondering around. Wondering how come nobody told me. all that I've been lookin' for was somebody who looked like you."
cs: you can see very strongly the bones of the highschool madness piece
Principalpoop: stones hates paul
Dexter Fong: Ron Paul?
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: i'll check that out later C. ok folks. early nite for me. i'll just dispose of the stench somewheres else.
Woody 1: He has iron lungs.
Dexter Fong: Night Anch
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: cya's next time.
Principalpoop: ciao no anchovies
cs: not true, poop. i just read keith';s autobi and he talked about hanging with paul
Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod: nitey.
cs: by no
||||||||| At 9:53 PM, the lights go out! Rocky Rococo's voice pierces the inky darkness: "I've got you now, Anchovies_Smell_Like_A-Rod!" Shattering glass is heard, and then the lights come back on...
Principalpoop: our stones cat hehe
Dexter Fong: I put my stones on the other side....side B
cs: oh
Dexter Fong: lol
Elayne: Okay, done doing my other stuff. I can stay for awhile but then I need to leave again...
Dexter Fong: How was the ComicCon E?
Woody 1: See ya, Elayne.
cs: did you see the highschool madness vid, el?
Principalpoop: they have keith interviews on youtube, fun to browse through, weird stories
cs: youtube sent me a link to a keith vid thing the other day
cs: have yhou seen kevin pollak's chat show?
Dexter Fong: nope
cs: the tv guide article that turned me onto the new seinfeld thing also mentioned that
cs: watch LONG interview with eddie izzard
DJTween: Izzard is too funny
Principalpoop: tv guide? next you will get clues from reader's digest
Elayne: Comic Con was exhausting, Cat, as always. :)
cs: just type it and watch
Elayne: We almost made back the money we paid for the table, so I guess that was good.
Dexter Fong: I asked the question E
cs: was it productive, el?
Dexter Fong: Pay attention =))
cs: answered before asked
DJTween: He showed up at Monty Python Live In Aspen and sad down with the group and started pretending to be one of them
Elayne: And both Robin and I have direction on where we want to go creatively, so no money but at least there's something.
Principalpoop: ignored again, poor fong
Elayne: Sorry Dex.
Elayne: Too scattered. Must go.
Elayne: Next week maybe I won't be so all over the place. Toodles!
Principalpoop: night E, good luck
||||||||| Elayne departs at 9:58 PM, singing "Toad away, toad away; toad away, toad away! Where do you go when you're toad away?"
cs: good luck el
DJTween: He wanted so badly to replace Graham Chapman, but they (comically) threw him off the stage
Woody 1: Fishy fishy--fishy--ooh!
DJTween: Chapman was something
DJTween: His disc of the MP Personal best series is really good
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 10 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
DJTween: So, is there a preferred store other than the FST site itself to buy FST material?
Principalpoop: yes that fish scene with him is ahh iconic? unforgettable? somewhat disturbing hehe
DJTween: It appears Laugh.com is no more and has been hijacked by someone at Yahoo
Dexter Fong: I'd think that the FST site would guarantee them the most money
DJTween: somewhat disturbing P, yes
Woody 1: Love the whole Python gang, but Paylon was my favorite.
DJTween: I try to go through them first, but some albums aren't available
Principalpoop: it was a team effort, can't pick a favorite
cs: i want to see the bio he was promoting then
DJTween: If you haven't seen Live In Aspen, you must. Much fun
cs: on yhoutube?
Woody 1: True, but I loved his vocal variety. His high talking hilarious pitches.
Principalpoop: good in movies later, and travel, cleese is doing direct tv commercials now :(
cs: voted 3rd funniest man in the uk. i wonder who the #1 and 2 are and if i'd find them funny
cs: cleese always did comercials
DJTween: cs: on yhoutube? Live In Aspen? I doubt it
Woody 1: Knight of nee, Caesar in Life of Brian....
Principalpoop: fish face slapping dance
DJTween: cs: on yhoutube? Live In Aspen? I doubt it < there's a DVD with both Live In Aspen and Live At The Hollywood Bowl
DJTween: Live in Aspen is more like a talk show, hosted by Robert Klein
Principalpoop: i saw it somewhere on the net, maybe pbs
DJTween: With lots of clips thrown in
Woody 1: "No one expects the Spanish inquisition--twice.: Funny.
Woody 1: The cozy pillow torture.
Principalpoop: dog wants out, brb
Dexter Fong: Who let the dogs out?
cs: truth wants out. doesnt always happen
cs: just finishing rachel maddow's book Drift
cs: on the militarization of the us and the demise of its constitution.
Woody 1: "I hate rich people and their stupid problems." --The Three Faces of Al
cs: always true
Woody 1: LOL
Dexter Fong: I hate 'em worse then lepers and I'll shoot 'em in their cars" -- Neil Young
Woody 1: Neil--now you'rer talkin' language.
DJTween: possible stutter coming up
cs: i want to read his new autobi
Dexter Fong: "I hate crickets and owls" --Nick Danger
DJTween: any stuttering?
Dexter Fong: Cat: Read a review of Neils book and it seems as though it's preety bad
Dexter Fong: not here Tween
Principalpoop: back, barely cloudy but lightening here, weird, from coming from future or
DJTween: well, no commentary is good commentary
Principalpoop: highlanders fighting, or I am having a stroke
Dexter Fong: A stroke is good....if it's in the right place
DJTween: The new settings helped then, since I opened Safari and joined the chat during the stream :)
Principalpoop: books, real books or E-things?
Dexter Fong: Poop: ??
Woody 1: Read his first auto but not the new one,
Woody 1: or rather biog.
Principalpoop: talking of rachel meadows, neil young and other books
cs: i have to get an e-reader one of these days
Principalpoop: me too
||||||||| New notice: 'Now Playing - "Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death" - listen at http://listen.ehhh.us:8000/tweeny.m3u'
cs: but i spend a lot of time looking at a screen now.
DJTween: I'll get the hang of this eventually
cs: i find paper easier on my eyes
Woody 1: I've seen Neil 23x in concert--always great.
Dexter Fong: New Notice: 'Now Listening - Give Me Immortality etc
Principalpoop: trial and error makes perfect and a stich in time
cs: i saw him once with csn
cs: n ot that good a show
Woody 1: At his LIFE concert--he was complaining about the sound and referred to the Susan Vega song. He said something like "what's that guy to doing to her up there?"
DJTween: I've seen Stills w/Manassas twice in Maryland, and CSN once here in Austin when I first moved here. Great shows
Principalpoop: i sang along with him and them on So Far for years in my youth, does that count?
Woody 1: He's quite funny.
cs: very fond memory of their music
DJTween: Sure, P. A 'home concert'
Woody 1: Saw him twice with CSN.
Principalpoop: wow
Woody 1: Good shows. Even the Livin' with War tour was great.
cs: did you see that pbs bio of him recently?
cs: american masters
Principalpoop: keith richards said led zeppelin was great, except too much drums...for this taste, and that is true
cs: i agree
Woody 1: The audience was somwhat taken back. Screw that. Get a cultural life.
Principalpoop: led has much more drums influence? participation? action ?than stones...
DJTween: lol - I LOVE John Bonham
Principalpoop: i don't think the drums are wrong, they would be wrong for the stones...
cs: that's one of the best scenes the firesign ever did
DJTween: The Who and Zep wouldn't be the same w/o Moon and Bonham
Principalpoop: yeppers
Woody 1: My favorite Zep song is Achilles Last Stand from Presence..How ronkin' was that? Eat your hearts out Metallica.
DJTween: hehe
Woody 1: Saw John Paul Jones open for King Crimson. A bog surprise and so cool.
Principalpoop: where are my digital bell bottoms?
DJTween: wow :)
Principalpoop: oh my woody
cs: that was exquisite
Woody 1: OK. Starting to not spell correctly.
cs: i like using an ending for a beginning,tween
Woody 1: That time of night. I think the damn insert key is getting in my way.
DJTween: It's an ending, _and_ a beginning!
cs: no, its an ending
Dexter Fong: It's a mobius strip
DJTween: The Infinite Firesign
Principalpoop: this clip is going to be used in some movie sometime and become famous again..
cs: anyhone know where punter comes from?
cs: they did like that last name
Dexter Fong: Give them an eternal flame and they'll follow it forever
Principalpoop: the reversible cups has to do with punting
Woody 1: Just Folks?
cs: i know it's a kind of limey everyman, but does it refer to a particular punter?
Woody 1: The Dolphins player who did everything?
Woody 1: Earl???
Principalpoop: no, that is the old guy with the raiders
Dexter Fong: The Duke of Earl??
Dexter Fong: Or is it the Duke of URL?
Principalpoop: duck, duck of earle
Woody 1: Heh. That's right.
DJTween: Now Playing - "Dear Friends (commercial release)" - listen at http://listen.ehhh.us:8000/tweeny.m3u
Principalpoop: george blanda
cs: the future catches up with firesign puns, dex
Dexter Fong: There are many threads in the fabric of our existance
DJTween: prescient doesn't begin to describe them
Principalpoop: cotton or nylon?
Dexter Fong: Spandex
Woody 1: There you go. I was thinking of Earl Morrel.
Principalpoop: the eel
cs: waiting for the eel, or someone like it
Principalpoop: bock?
DJTween: Elayne is electric?
Woody 1: Gotta go, folks. Night.
DJTween: Is that why her batteries run down so quickly?
Principalpoop: ciao bebe
DJTween: Later Woody
DJTween: Have a good week
cs: by wood
Principalpoop: Go Solar, except at night
Dexter Fong: Night Woody
Woody 1: Bye. Don't forget my book. Places in the Woods.
cs: lol
Woody 1: Futuristic, Crime, Creepy, Drama, Mystery.
Principalpoop: oops, I forgot to ask for the link, please
Woody 1: Wife already kissed me goodnight.
Dexter Fong: The link is missing
Woody 1: May have a minute.
cs: piltdown man
Principalpoop: sausage or chain?
Woody 1: http://www.amazon.com/Places-Woods-Greg-Grotius/dp/1434989267/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1350391297&sr=1-1&keywords=Places+in+the+Woods
Woody 1: http://rosedogbooks-store.stores.yahoo.net/placesinwoods.html
||||||||| Dexter Fong scurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Dexter Fong?! It's 10:48 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
||||||||| With a theatrical clearing of his throat, Catherwood intones: "10:48 PM and late as usual, it's Dexter Fong, just back from New York."
Principalpoop: fong went to buy one
Dexter Fong: Fong inadvertently exited himself
Woody 1: Really?
DJTween: lol
Woody 1: Don't tease me.
Principalpoop: teasing you is our forte
Principalpoop: whatever forte means
DJTween: Now Playing - "Dear Friends (commercial release)" - listen at http://listen.ehhh.us:8000/tweeny.m3u
Dexter Fong: Forte is when life used to beging
cs: strength
Principalpoop: forte fore or fight
Woody 1: Shit. Just fir that-http://rosedogbooks-store.stores.yahoo.net/placesinwoods.html-
||||||||| New notice: 'Now Playing - "Dear Friends (commercial release)" - listen at http://listen.ehhh.us:8000/tweeny.m3u'
DJTween: So much for trying to use the same nick on two computers
||||||||| "10:52 PM? I'm late!" exclaims DJTween, who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the garden.
Woody 1: http://rosedogbooks-store.stores.yahoo.net/placesinwoods.html
||||||||| Catherwood escorts ATweenTooFar inside, makes a note of the time (10:52 PM), then fades off into the distance going on about the waiting room or the sitting room or something.
cs: those were days of old they were days of gold they were days of fore tea nine
: tea time?
||||||||| Catherwood escorts DJTween into the room, accepts three dimes as a gratuity, grumbles something about 10:52 PM, then departs.
DJTween: Sorry folks
Principalpoop: but now they say marie, but it was mary mary long before it became ahh marie
Dexter Fong: Sorry for what?
DJTween: I'll get this thing figured out
Principalpoop: he was in and out and in and out
Dexter Fong: And yet he's no pushover
Woody 1: but that's what he does best.
Principalpoop: hobo lobo
DJTween: Tweeny's Got A Squeeze Box?
Principalpoop: the old in and out, hehe
Dexter Fong: Ever since he put the balls on the other side
Principalpoop: playing with your dingaling there tween?
Dexter Fong: Just like Johnny, be good!
Principalpoop: poor fong, thinking about swinging balls to the other side for weeks now hehe
Dexter Fong: I wonder if that reference to "Aristocrats" is a reference to that joke?
Principalpoop: i miss johnny carson, and bergman
DJTween: "I bought a dog the other day. I named him Stay. It's fun to call him. "Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!" He went insane. Now he just ignores me and keeps typing. He's an East German Shepherd." ~ Steven Wright
Dexter Fong: and Joey Bishop
cs: maybe they were deeply knowleged in theatre history
Principalpoop: why theater is theater but were is not weer?
Dexter Fong: Cat: You've seen/heard "Aristocrats"?
Principalpoop: rats, theatre
Dexter Fong: Yes, rats often lived in or below theatres
cs: of course
Principalpoop: trying to outdo each other for filthyness, oh my good ness
cs: my pal paul krassner was in it
Dexter Fong: Cat: Do you have any idea when and by whom it originated?
||||||||| Catherwood enters the room, strikes a gong, and bellows "THE TIME IN NEW YORK IS 11 O'CLOCK", then silently exits.
cs: vaudeville
Principalpoop: antigone
Woody 1: Me too. I saw an old Carson where Dean Martin was tapping his cigarette ashes in someone's coffee. It could hav ebben George Goebel's?
Principalpoop: yes
Dexter Fong: Vaudeville...It's hard to believe it was performed in vaudeville...V'ville was often kinda smutty but never got just downright filthy
Woody 1: Was it Goebel?
cs: carson put his whole archives online for free. what a great guy
DJTween: WC and Marx both came out of Vaudville, didn't they?
DJTween: Burns & Allen too, maybe?
Dexter Fong: Yes Tween
cs: no not for public, dex. i think for private audiences. dont recall but it is easy enough to find out
Woody 1: Oh, yeah. I could talk Marx all night.
Dexter Fong: How that Cat?
cs: i dont deserve this award, but i have arthritis and i dont deserve that either said jack benny
cs: never a more appropriate benny quote
cs: right leg comes and goes
Woody 1: A Night at the Opera: The scary looking woman on stage, Groucho said "oogie boogie boogie. How'd you like to feel how she looks." LOL
cs: http://www.truthdig.com/arts_culture/item/paul_krassner_the_politics_of_being_a_smartass_20121017/
DJTween: My favorite is A Day At The Races
Woody 1: Bing.
DJTween: Dr. Hackenbush was so much fun
Woody 1: "Don't point that beard at me. It might go off."
cs: fields marxes in particular paved way for firesign sensibiltities
DJTween: lol
DJTween: sure, cease
Woody 1: "Where do you keep your old razor blades?"
cs: bergman's uncle was involved with those marx bros flicks
cs: so a direct connection
DJTween: and Alan Alda used Groucho much in tghe TV version of M.A.S.H.
Woody 1: of course.
cs: very much so, tween
DJTween: Including having someone use a wheel chair as a taxi (Day At The Races)
cs: our kitchen has been overcome by fruit flys recently
cs: makesd me think of groucho's
cs: time flys like an arrow, fruit flys like a banana
DJTween: Can I play a song that isn't FST here?
DJTween: yeah, great quote
cs: i playedthis riff on japanese public radio in 1975
Dexter Fong: Hey Tween, you rule the airwavz
DJTween: Well, I'll do it once and see if anyone complains
cs: i am very proud of that
Woody 1: my favorite Mash: "Adam's Rib's"
DJTween: Poco from the album Legacy
cs: dreams was my fave, wood
Dexter Fong: Always loved poco
cs: first dog was named poco
cs: 1958
DJTween: kewl :)
cs: or 59
Principalpoop: a pico of poco?
Woody 1: "NO cole slaw?"
cs: big dalmation. tore up our tiny backyard so he had to go
cs: thanks tween
Dexter Fong: Did you kill him, CAT?
DJTween: the DJ should not get drunk on duty lol
Principalpoop: well happy be
cs: no he was shippped off to live with folks who had a farm, a space he needed
Dexter Fong: That's what they always tell kids...."He's living on a farm now and so happy"
Principalpoop: pretty poco
DJTween: yeah :)
cs: no we actually went to the farm. he was so happy to get out of the car and run around
Dexter Fong: Shouda strapped him to the rood
Principalpoop: a born free moment, poop cries
Woody 1: The Trapper years were the best. It eventually became the Allan Alda show.
DJTween: Thanks for listening, all :-)
cs: a brown spotted dalmation, highly pedigreed. i think considerable sums were involved
Principalpoop: thank you sir, have a super week
Dexter Fong: Thanks for broadcasting Tween
DJTween: Until last time, again...
||||||||| "11:15 PM? I'm late!" exclaims DJTween, who then dashes out through the french doors and down through the brambles.
cs: youve done a good thing here, tween
||||||||| ATweenTooFar rushes out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's ATweenTooFar?! It's 11:15 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
Woody 1: And then there were four.
Principalpoop: when he lived in the rv next to the hospital?
Principalpoop: the plot thins
Dexter Fong: A space! A space! My kingdom for a parking space!!
Principalpoop: sparking ace man
Woody 1: YES!
cs: i'm the urban space man and i don t exist
Dexter Fong: Good night Dear Friends. See you next week
cs: off we go
Woody 1: Night Dex.
Principalpoop: hail rita
||||||||| Dexter Fong says "Catherwood, call me a cab." After the obvious joke, Dexter Fong exits at 11:18 PM.
Principalpoop: sounds like the bus again, chill bills
||||||||| Principalpoop hurries out the back door as Mayor P'nisnose blasts through the front door holding a shotgun and shouting "Where's Principalpoop?! It's 11:18 PM and my ballot boxes haven't been stuffed yet!"
Woody 1: Do we really have to go?
Woody 1: cs: let's leave with a bang.
Woody 1: "That bake Hiroshima was a Blast."
Woody 1: Night, cs. Have a great week.
Woody 1: Who mmentioned BeBop Deluxe?
||||||||| At 11:26 PM, Woody 1 vanishes mysteriously -- just as Nino the Mind Boggler predicted!
||||||||| It's 11:40 PM, and that means it's time to play BEAT THE REAPER! And here's how our contestants did:
||||||||| cs - dead from pneumonia
||||||||| Better luck next time! And now, back to our chatroom, which is already in progress...
||||||||| Catherwood enters, and announces to all and sundry "It's 4:32 AM, time to change the log file and clean out unused rooms; please exit the chat room for a minute or two. Thank you for your patience."

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