"Danger in the Dark"

Flash game by Brian Westley
From an original idea by David Ossman
Nick Danger theme by Ken Stange

Edward Hopper paintings:
Nighthawks, 1942, The Art Institute of Chicago.
Hotel Lobby, 1943, Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Circle Theatre, 1936, private collection
New York Movie, 1939, The Museum of Modern Art NY
Office At Night, 1940, Walker Art Center MPLS
Automat, 1927, Des Moines Art Center

Sailor & nurse kissing on V-J Day by Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life Magazine

Crack Jack imagery from The Cracker Jack Box

Paramount Theater photo courtesy of Tobin & Parnes,
which restored the original Paramount Theater marquee & arch.

Horn & Hardart Automat information from theautomat.com

Loew's Theater photos from The Library of Congress

Buster Keaton photo from "The Frozen North"

Teller photo from FDIC

Money from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

...and featuring the voices of:
Phil Austin as Nick Danger
Phil Proctor as Rocky Rococo and Ralph Spoilsport
Peter Bergman as Lt. Bradshaw
and David Ossman as Catherwood, Nancy, and hotel clerk