Danger in the Dark
Featuring the voices of the Firesign Theatre

Play the Nick Danger flash4 game online here
(warning, it's 2.4 meg)

Version 1.13

If you need the flash plugin, get it from Macromedia

You can download it to save it on your own computer by clicking here and saving the link as "flash movie" or "source".

If you need the browser plugin or the standalone flash player, you can get it from Macromedia.com
(Don't use a Quicktime Player, it can't do it right)

Original general game hints

The rest of these hint pages have the answers printed in the same color
as the background. Select or highlight the "blank" areas to see the answers.

More specific hints from the Mindless Fellowship Pavilion
Hints on finding Nancy
Hints on finding the six hopper Toads
Hints on finding Rocky Rococo

(blatant spoilers!)

Top Scores