i need some help How do I get to view the hotel registry? What name do I use?

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>Mr.& Mrs.John Smith 

>>See if you can be a registered guest (or at least pretend to be). Listening
>>to "How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All"
>>might help a bit...

A few people have nearly won, lacking just one nickel for total victory.
Since that last nickel seems to be a sticking point, here's a hint for
that elusive nickel:

One of nick's phrases (which you can discover by doing real detective
work and searching the flash movie for ASCII text, as winner Dan did)
is "There was a nickel in the return slot"
Also, typing "hint" into the keyword search on the Funway page
might help in finding Rococo.

Doing one of the above suggestions gives you these hints:

So, you're having trouble finding that sleazy weasel Rocky Rococo?
Maybe you can trick him into carrying a marker of some sort...
After that, you'll need something to point you in the right direction...

What's the cheapest way to get a tie?

>The cheapest way to get a tie in the Nick Danger game ends up costing
>you 25 cents, which includes some expenses that help you in other ways.
>The two-bit ring isn't really a two-bit ring, it only costs you a nickel!
>It's really SAVING you twenty cents! Other than that, it's worthless.

A nickle short, but Rococo's goose is cooked

I finally uncovered Roccoco's alias and stopped his sinister
plans for world domination, but find myself a nickel short
of a perfect score. 

I'm told there's some loose coinage floating around the vicinity.
Anyone care to loan me a nickel or, at least, a lead to where a
down-on-his-luck detective might stumble on a bit of spare change
to finish things off? 

>Try coin return slots...

How do you find the hopper toads???

>You have to figure out what they respond to...
>If you have a question, press the question, mark.

Other than an easy cakewalk, is there another way to find a penny?

>Only one way to get a penny, but two slightly different ways (one
>cheaper) to get something useful with the penny.

>>How do I know if I'm not already using the cheaper method? I know
>>that the penny will eventually lead to the tie (sounds corny), but
>>have not been able to find any 2nd Avenue.

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