Where do I find the six missing toads?

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>Look at the Times building and read the motogram (the news messages
>spelled out with lights).  As the game goes on, it will remind you
>of what toads you've found and what toads you still need to get.
>All the hopper toads are in Edward Hopper paintings.

How do I catch a toad?

>If you press the '?' in the flash game, you'll see a poster advertising
>the hopper toads.  They are trained to jump through hoops when signalled
>by a whistle.

How do I get those things?

>You can't get an actual hoop, but pay attention and you will
>occasionally see something hoop-shaped, albeit short-lived...
>A whistle sounds like some kind of cheap giveaway trinket; the
>only worthless trinket is a two-bit ring from you-know-where.

Which theater has the toad?  There are two, and sometimes I'm
not allowed to make a "hoop" in one of the theaters.

>Keep in mind that movie theaters didn't prohibit smoking to
>protect people's health, but to protect expensive new-fangled
>equipment that is damaged by smoke.

How do I find "Office At Night"?

>You need to honk to get in.

How do I get downtown?

>The signs have been rearranged and altered, but not stolen or
>replaced, so you can assume that two turnstiles lead uptown and
>one downtown.  Notice that the warning sign says some of the signs
>are now true, and some false -- that means that they aren't all
>true, or all false.  There is always only one arrangement that
>results in a mixture of true & false.  The arrows indicate that
>a sign is for the pointed-to turnstile, not the turnstile the
>sign is over.

How do I avoid getting robbed by Rococo?

>There are two stairways down to the subway.
>Look carefully and avoid Rococo.

It looks like I can save money buying from the indian,
but I can't find any matches.

>If this game teaches you anything, it teaches you that women will
>give you something you want if you give them something they want.
>This is a very Zen-like game in that respect.

Can I save more money?

>One-way is always cheaper than round-trip.

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