Danger in the Dark
Featuring the voices of the Firesign Theatre

Play the Nick Danger flash4 game online here
(warning, it's 2.4 meg)

Version 1.13

If you need the flash plugin, get it from Macromedia

You can download it to save it on your own computer by clicking here and saving the link as "flash movie" or "source".

If you need the browser plugin or the standalone flash player, you can get it from Macromedia.com
(Don't use a Quicktime Player, it can't do it right)

There are 3 mysteries to solve:

Find where Nancy works and talk to her (15 points)

Find the six missing trained hopper toads (25 points each)

Contact Bradshaw and tell him what
alias Rocky Rococo is using (500 points)

A perfect score is 666 (solve ALL the mysteries in one game).

We've had eight prizewinning detectives, each of whom won
an autographed picture of the Firesign Theatre; the high
score list is now retired, but you can still strive to
solve all the mysteries yourself for a perfect score!

You can carry any number of pocket items (money, cigars, etc)
but only one large item (edible items).  If you get an item that
you can wear, you wear it automatically.

To do things, press what you want to interact with,
then the item(s) to use (or press cancel)
   Press "buy cigar", then the dollar to buy a cigar
   Press automat item, then various nickels to buy items for 1,2, or 3 nickels
   Press yourself, then an item in your hand to eat it
   Press yourself, then a cigar to smoke it.

If you press "Quit" under the gun, you should go to the high
score list (if you're connected to the internet)
You can discuss the game in the Mindless Fellowship Pavilion


Hey! Some bozo has created a
Nick Danger "monotonous staccato of rain on my desktop" theme for Windows