Go to the Automat

Get change for your dollar by pressing on the change
  window on the left, then pressing on your dollar.
  You will get 19 nickels.

Get your 20th nickel by pressing on the change window again.

Notice that the 5th nickel from the right on the bottom row
  is a Canadian 1945 "Victory" nickel.  Do NOT spend this nickel!

Go up to the Automat and buy the "Firesign"-ish food item
  (always either Clam Cakes or Groat Cakes) for one nickel.

Eat it to find a penny (press on yourself, then the item in your hand).

Buy the Cold Cereal (if you eat it, you find they are corn flakes).

Go outside and go to the Chemical Corn Exchange
  Bank next to the Paranoid Theater.

Exchange the corn (flakes) to get the chemicals (press on
  the teller, then the corn flakes).  Note that you can also
  do this with the corn, but corn costs 5 cents more.  You
  have to discover that the cheaper cereal is also made of corn.

Go into Loew's Theater, go to the lobby (see the young lovers
  make a reservation at the Astor for "Mr. & Mrs. John Smith"
  and that they will be there in an hour).  Pour the chemicals
  on the gumball machine (press on machine, then chemicals) to
  unclog the penny slot.  Get a gumball (press on machine, then
  the penny).  Leave.

Notice that you only have one "hour" of in-game time to use
  the "Mr. & Mrs. John Smith" reservation information.  Time
  only passes when you are in Times Square.  There are two
  public clocks, one on BOZO's clothing store, and one way
  up on the Paranoid Theatre building.

Go into Danceland by the Automat.  Buy one dance ticket (remember
  not to spend your Canadian nickel).  There are always 3 dancers
  wearing the correct-colored dress, and either 2 dancers in the
  opposite color, or one in the opposite color and one in a gray
  dress.  Two of the three dancers wearing the correct color will
  be smoking; the other dancer must either be Nancy or the USO
  dancer (the remaining dancers, according to the blackboard, either
  smoke or are wearing the opposite color dress).  Since the USO
  dancer won't accept your dance ticket, you can safely talk to
  the dancer wearing the correct color who isn't smoking.  If she's
  Nancy, you've found her.  If she's the USO dancer, she will tell
  you the name of one of the other dancers wearing the correct
  color dress, and mention her hair color (the two smoking dancers
  wearing the correct color dress always have opposite hair colors).
  This means Nancy must be the OTHER one - pick the dancer wearing
  the right color dress whose hair color is the opposite of the
  dancer described by the USO dancer.  Note that if one dancer is
  wearing a gray dress, the USO dancer doesn't mention the color
  of the other dancer's dress - you can still figure it out, since
  you know the name of the dancer wearing the opposite color dress.

After you've found Nancy as above, give her the gumball (press on
  Nancy, then the gumball) and she will give you her hair bow, which
  you wear as a tie.  This costs you 25 cents total, as opposed to
  buying the clown tie for 35 cents, or the woman's wig for 40 cents
  (you might figure out that buying the wig is cheaper than buying
  the clown tie and a dance ticket - "women" don't have to buy a dance
  ticket to talk to the dancers, and you can also get into the Paranoid
  Theater without a tie).

Go into the Paranoid Theater.  Buy 6 cigars for 25 cents, buy and
  eat the top & leftmost boxes of cracker-bax to get the whistle
  and compass.  Notice the compass will point to the magnetic
  Canadian nickel (you can temporarily "spend" the Canadian nickel
  by buying more cigars but cancelling before you spend enough).
  The other box has a worthless, two-bit ring.  Don't buy it.

Go outside and into BOZO's.  Buy a clown nose and leave.

Have fun honking your nose and blowing your whistle.

Enter Nighthawks Cafe (under the Ersatz Bros. Coffee sign).
  Buy a Groat Cluster from the vending machine and leave.

Go into the Automat and go to the tables.  Give the woman a
  Groat Cluster to get matches (from "Rococo's Bar").  She
  pays you back the 5 cents you spent on the Groat Cluster, too.

Here's where you get your first Hopper Toad.  Notice that if
  you blow your whistle, you get a returning toad "croak".
  Light a cigar (press on yourself, then a cigar), and BEFORE
  you blow a smoke ring (automatic after a few seconds), press
  your whistle.  The toad will jump through the hoop and you
  have found one toad.  Notice that if you blow your whistle
  again, there is no returning "croak", because the toad is gone.

Repeat for the lobby of the Hotel Astor for toad #2 and back
  at Nighthawks for toad #3.

Both movie theaters (Loew's and the Paranoid) are Hopper paintings,
  but you are only allowed to smoke in the one without air condition-
  ing (which one it is, is random, but that theater will advertise it).
  Buy a ticket for the theater that does NOT have air conditioning
  and get toad #4.

Go outside to the subway entrance at the base of the Times building.
  Honk your nose to get into the garage after 8 PM.  Visit each of
  the 4 offices, using your whistle to find the one with a toad.
  Get toad #5 and leave.

Toad #6 is at the other end of a subway ride, but to save the cost
  of a return fare, you need to do that dead last.  So it's time to
  find Rocky Rococo's alias.

Go to Nighthawk's and buy a Groat Cluster.  If you've been paying
  attention, you only have your Canadian nickel after buying it.

Go to the subway station and into the subway entrance.  Notice that
  Rococo's shadow is vaguely visible on either the left or right
  side.  Go that way so Rococo will steal your Canadian nickel.
  Go back into Times Square.

Notice that the compass now moves to track the stolen nickel...
  It will point you to the Hotel Astor; enter it.

First, find out Rococo's room number by taking the elevator up
  to floor 9 and noting when the compass starts to move.  Go to
  that floor and move along until you find the exact room number
  (the compass will point to the door).  Remember that number and
  return to the lobby.  Go to the hotel clerk and tell him your
  name is "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith".  Find the name listed under
  that room number and remember it.  Go outside.

Go to the Automat and go to the tables.  Give the woman another
  Groat Cluster for another nickel.  Go back to the automat
  machine and press on all four coin return slots - one will
  have a nickel.

Go to Loew's lobby and use the payphone.  Tell Bradshaw the
  name you found in the hotel registry to get credit for finding
  Rococo.  Go back outside.

Go to the subway and to the turnstiles.  The signs have been
  rearranged and altered, but not stolen or replaced, so you
  can assume that two turnstiles lead uptown and one downtown
  (If you've been reading the motogram messages on the Times
  building, you know that a toad has been sighted downtown).
  Notice that the warning sign says some of the signs are now
  true, and some false -- that means that they aren't all true,
  or all false.  There is always only one arrangement that results
  in a mixture of true & false.  The arrows indicate that a sign
  is for the pointed-to turnstile, not the turnstile the sign is over.
  As it turns out, you just have to pick the turnstile that has
  NO sign indicating where it's going.  Get the last toad for a
  perfect score of 666!

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