Originally broadcast on KPFK-FM, Los Angeles CA, 2pm-3pm
Engineer: Live Earl Jive
Total run time: 54:54

  1. Ecolition
  2. The south end of the patch, Regnen
  3. "The Judgement of the Birds"
  4. The L.A. Man, Coke with mousy parts, Al's Soul Delicatessen
  5. Galaxies Betty and Veronica, Freedom from laundry, Reverend Schickelgruber, 580-pound woman
  6. Al's Acid Lounge
  7. Fans of the second world war, Frog wars
  8. Letter follows, Dr. Lurch, Plastic surgeon's diet, Sauna spaghetti
  9. Involved with drugs, Ricky Ricardo Chevrolet, Golfers find suitcases full of narcotics
  10. Old Postman, Swiss picnic, Yakutsk, High-paced jock
  11. Zachariah segue, Japanese scarecrow fashions, O Fraternal Elk song
  12. Special weeks and celebrations, How firm is the Pope, Hi-Phi Beta Kappa, Who's got the chicken
  13. The Manson trial, Mickey Sodium Glutamate, Kids don't organize
  14. Calling the police on the babysitter, Ethical drugs, Moscovi ducks
  15. Bob Dog Dog & Dog Hot Dog Son & Foot Tires
  16. Russian movies on TV, Superman
  17. Mummified stillbirth, Tune the car, Humours, Famous Speakers School
  18. Natural Disaster Telethon, Eisenhower's speech, Pledges and contributions

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