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It's a book, but it's a DVD.
It's a DVD, but it's not a movie.
It's MP3s, but it's not music.
Just file under "Madness"...

Duke of Madness Motors is one book and one DVD, which together excavate, explicate, possibly extirpate, and definitely exculpate EVERYTHING the Firesign Theatre did on the radio during their Dear Friends era. Inside you'll find all the source material -- and all the background information -- on every radio broadcast Firesign Theatre did during the years 1970-1972: that's every episode of the radio series The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends, and Let's Eat, plus their one-off special Martian Space Party from March 1972.

The book is 7" wide by 10" high, full color, and contains everything you'd ever want to know about all of these shows, including complete rundowns, an 8000-word historical essay, new interviews with every member of Firesign plus their producer Bill McIntyre and engineer The Live Earl Jive, collages by Phil Proctor, vintage found objects, original scripts, and more.

The DVD-ROM contains, in MP3 format, every original broadcast, completely restored and remastered -- 80 hours in all. That's all 24 broadcasts of Radio Hour Hour, most of them never bootlegged and totally unheard since they originally aired; 21 episodes of Dear Friends, finally cleaned up from the archival master tapes after four decades on the cassette trading trail; the twelve Let's Eat broadcasts from 1971-1972; and Martian Space Party, their 75-minute end-of-series barnburner.

Truly a dream come true for Fireheads, Duke of Madness Motors is a celebration of surrealism, mind jamming, and good conversation from the guys who built the bus you Bozos rode in on.

Yes Mistress! (1/25/1970)
Pants The Bourgeoisie (2/1/1970)
The El Droog Symposium (2/8/1970)
I'm Not Saying They Do It, I'm Just Saying You've Seen It (2/15/1970)
KWKWT-TV (2/22/1970)
Live At The Basilica Of The Blessed Gaffe (3/8/1970)
New New Ork (3/15/1970)
Znachki (3/15/1970)
Everyone In New York Is A Communist (3/22/1970)
Easter Sunday Sunday! (3/29/1970)
Castaneda Your Bread Upon The Waters (4/5/1970)
We'll Be Heironymous Bosch In Jest A Minute, But Faust...(4/12/1970)
Zizzing And Dripping With The RAF (4/19/1970)
One Slave Whip, Leather, 57-½ Inches (4/26/1970)
We're Having Authorized Possessed Molluscs For Dinner (5/3/1970)
I Ain't Got No Body And Nobody Cares For My Grave (5/17/1970)
There's Been A Lot Of Trouble Out Here, You Know (5/24/1970)
Zen Hijinks Marathon (5/31/1970)
The Lone Ranger Vs. Your Developing Breasts (6/7/1970)
My Faith Is My Gas Mask (6/14/1970)
There's A Franciscan Friar Out There Right Now Who's Dyin' (6/21/1970)
The Boss Sound 1010 WINS Munich (6/28/1970)
Only The Blackness Behind Me Is Real (7/5/1970)
This Is One Avant-Garde Script You Won't Get Out Of (7/12/1970)
Don't Open The Door On Reality (9/9/1970)
Big Brother Is Washing (9/16/1970)
Louis P. Illuminato's Church of Everything (9/23/1970)
...I Could Always Shoot Him With The Camera (10/4/1970)
Somebody Put A Mickey In The Ground Zero (10/11/1970)
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Inquisition (10/18/1970)
Power Is Trouble & Trouble's Not Funny (10/25/1970)
Deputy Dan Will Find Us No Matter Where We Go (11/1/1970)
Live At The Ash Grove (11/15/1970)
The Harry Yagoda Show (11/22/1970)
Was There A Cow On The Moon? (11/29/1970)
Happy Harry's Confession Booth (12/6/1970)
All We Have To Fear Is Me (12/13/1970)
Hello Russia? Merry Christmas! (12/20/1970)
Hour Of Ecstasy (12/27/1970)
Dick Nixon Chevrolet (1/3/1971)
Dr. Memory's Laff-A-While News (1/10/1971)
All Nite Images (1/17/1971)
Welcome To Microorganism State Park (1/24/1971)
Natural Disaster Telethon (2/3/1971)
An Inch Closer To San Francisco (2/17/1971)
Hey, Banana Nose! (11/11/1971)
The Whisperin' Squash Show (11/18/1971)
Radio Prison In Peace And War (12/9/1971)
Xmas In Ratland (12/16/1971)
The Filipino Cheeseball War (1/6/1972)
I Hear Noise In Charles Throat (1/13/1972)
The New Archipelago Show (1/20/1972)
Pastor Firesign's Pirate Radio Ministry Of The Air (1/27/1972)
The Harry Cox Show (2/3/1972)
The Underworld Olympics (2/10/1972)
Year Of The Rat (2/17/1972)
The Hilerio Spacepipe Show (2/24/1972)
Martian Space Party (3/30/1972)

DEAR FRIENDS - The Syndicated Programs
LET'S EAT - The Syndicated Programs
Al Atlas Interview (3/12/1970)
Fusion Interview (Sept. 1970)
Pledge Drive Segment (11/1/1970)
Let's Eat Pre-Series Show (10/7/1971)

...and more...

What this thing is, exactlyTake a lookHave a listenUtaThe Natural Disaster Telethon

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