Town Crier
Funfun Journal
Braille final -- Feel all about it
Town Crier
Pork spill
There was pork all over the parkway in Wizard Wells, Texas
clown shoe
Clown shoe prices increase

Inflation blamed
Analysis p2
college of Origami
College of Origami folds

"They cut too many corners" says critic --
Academy only exists 'on paper'
Full story p5

Dr. Griffin Dr. Griffin Sues --

Claims auto- flush urinals don't work!
Fails to appear in court
Scarecrow killed in freakish Guy Fawkes Day accident
Photos p7

People Magazine
"People" magazine made from recycled Soylent Green
Exclusive! p9
Trees cut down
Lumberjacks stumped

skyrocket stocks plummet
brokers confused

Engines silenced
mufflers baffled
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head's sad history --
ancestors died in great potato famine, one way or the other
Story p11