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HELLO, Funfun Town!
This is Rockefeller Rococo, and I'm running for mayor of my^H^Hyour town. There will be a panacake breakfast on November 4; please bring your own syrup. I have many reasons why I should be mayor; millioins of reasons. I can feel my hand on the pulse of this city's financial district, and I want to be the one to take that pulse. Just think of me as your doctor and "trust me". As for that IRS matter that the tabloids keep bringing up, that is a total misunderstand. Apparantly, some pizza chain with a name similar to mine had gotten into some sort of tax situation - it has nothing to do with me. I don't even like anchovies! I hope that this web page sight will explain myself better on these issues than my many telelvision commercials and newspaper articles. I know that many of you are sitting on my fence, and I think it's time you got OFF the fence and started cutting bait. I'm not baiting you, you understand. It's just when your on the fence, I can't see the nurses' lounge in the hospital accross the street. Not to be torturing me! (no alt tag)   my suppporters

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