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In addition to the much-lauded 'Duke Of Madness Motors' DVD audio & book collection, we're now carrying titles on Firesign's own FIRESIGN RECODS label! Get your Firesign fix direct from the source!

Firesign Audio

DukeOfMadnessMotors   Firesign Theatre
Duke Of Madness Motors:
The Complete "Dear Friends" Radio Era 1970-1972
Paperback Book + DVD-ROM Disc

NEW! It's been such a long exposition, you know. Countless hours spent poring through the personal archives of Firesign group members and devoted fans alike. Fragile, aging reel-to-reel tapes handled with great care and transferred to digital media for restoration. Information and images gathered, processed and refined. Interviews conducted, transcribed and edited. The whole enchilada cubed, reheated, inspected, injected, detected, filtered, digitized, edited and assembled to perfection.

Yes, thanks to the tireless efforts of official Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen, we are proud to present, for the first time anywhere, the complete, mammoth, authoritatively definitive and totally awesome Duke of Madness Motors: The Complete "Dear Friends" Radio Era 1970-1972 book and DVD-ROM combo pack.

The DVD-ROM disc contains high-resolution MP3 audio files of every Firesign radio broadcast from their three series of the early 1970's:
  • The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour (24 episodes)
  • Dear Friends (21 episodes) and
  • Let's Eat (12 episodes)
...ending with their big final blockbuster, Martian Space Party. A total of 58 shows in all, 80 hours of audio, on a single DVD-ROM disc. Each broadcast is completely restored and remastered for your protection. There's also the syndicated versions of the Dear Friends and Let's Eat episodes, and a handful of additional goodies and surprises from the vaults.

The full color 108-page 7"x10" book contains:
  • Complete rundowns of every broadcast
  • A lengthy and thorough historical/hysterical essay on the troupe
  • New intereviews with each Firesign group member
  • Interviews with long-time Firesign associates, producer Bill McIntyre and engineer The Live Earl Jive
  • Collages by Phil Proctor
  • Vintage found objects, original scripts and more
This is indeed the cultural landslide of a lifetime, more pure unadulterated Firesign than has ever been available in a single package. You'll revel in the lightning-fast word play, bon mots, sparkling repartee, inside jokes, jokey insights, non-sequitors, surreal flights of fancy, bizarre sound effects, social studies, poetic justice, and downright jaw dropping serendipitous synchronicity that this landmark institution of comedy managed to pull off from out of left field in a mere two-year period. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to own and experience this cornucopia of creamy Firesign goodness.

$45.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $50 for International orders.)

FightingClowns   Firesign Theatre:
Fighting Clowns

Wow, fer sher, totally, whatever! It's the start of the Reagan era Contra-temps, and the 101st Fighting Clown battalion brigade wants you! This album combines Firesign's full-frontal live "Eight Shoes" vaudeville-style song & revue show with additional studio segments, captured just as the Sappy Seventies gave way to the belligerent and self-satisfied Empty Eighties. War is the answer, but what was the question? Just stare at the incredible Phil Hartman (yes, that Phil Hartman) cover art and maybe you, too, will remember. Includes the songs "Oh, Afghanistan" and "This Bus Won't Go to War".

$10.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $15 for International orders.)

AnythyngeYouWantTo   Firesign Theatre:
Anythynge You Want To

The casual Firehead may not know that today's fab Firesign is merely the latest incarnation of a writing/acting troupe that's been bringing avant-garde laffs to the swells since 1600! From the nethermost regions of their traveling trunk, the Fyre Sygne Theatre unearthed this, the oldest script in their repertoire, to record for NPR in 1980. Knock your lobes to the Bard-basting play that had Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Coffeebean audiences alyke in stitches. This CD features the full NPR Earplay version of Anythynge, complete with wraparounds. (Also of note: the companion Anythynge You Want To book, available here in the Firesale store!)

$10.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $15 for International orders.)

RadioNowLIVE   Firesign Theatre:
RadioNow Live! (2-CD Set)

Recorded in 1999, this two-disc collection captures Firesign just after the release of "Boom Dot Bust" performing live at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland. As the world awaits the premillennial punchline, the RadioNow crew of Bebop, Dwayne, Hal and Ray mix it up with Joe Camel, Princess Goddess and Dr. Winkiedinque, plus we visit the Wall of Science, buy a new car with Babe, melt some dry ice with Nick Danger, and please the groundlings with a full staging of "Anythynge You Want To".

$15.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $20 for International orders.)

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