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A compendium of Firesign articles, reviews, interviews, etc. culled from that bottomless archive known as the Internet (a.k.a. the World Wide Web, a.k.a. Killing Time Made Easy).

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Phil Proctor in an audio interview from 1998 at Minicon, a science fiction convention in St Paul/Minneapolis area. He and his wife Melinda Peterson and fellow Firesign member David Ossman also performed at Opening Ceremonies that year.
Cosmik Debris A lengthy wide-ranging in-depth interview of the 4 or 5 conducted a couple of months after the release of Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death by Cosmik Debris
(also see this new review of Bride of Firesign).
The village voice The Village Voice gave Bride of Firesign a good review
Boston Herald Lifestyles The Boston Herald had this article about the wacky site
National Public Radio Peter Bergman remembers the late Spike Milligan in this "All Things Considered" RealAudio clip
(also check out this Firezine article on the Goon Show influence).
USA Today USA Today printed this story about the resurgence of Firesign Theatre
John Simon John Simon, a friend of Firesign, has this 1976 bit with Proctor and Bergman on his web site.
KDHX An October 1994 Realaudio interview from KDHX radio in St. Louis with Phil Austin and Phil Proctor. When The Morning Funnies ended its run in 2002, Chuck Lavazzi closed with an all-Firesign Theatre show.
Disinformation Disinformation printed this detailed article by Fred Wiebel of Firezine
Grammys Grammy Magazine article from October on the Firesign Theatre
Been There, Done That Been There, Done That 05/11/02 radio interview with the Firesign Theatre
SNR Sacramento News & Review story on Firesign Theatre & "Weirdly Cool"
LA Weekly LA Weekly story on Firesign Theatre's 35th anniversary and their new XM Radio show
Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia Inquirer article about the "Weirdly Cool" special
Philadelphia Inquirer An earlier Philadelphia Inquirer article about the "Weirdly Cool" special
Hitch magazine Hitch magazine interviews Firesign Theatre in issue #28
Billboard Billboard mentions "Bride of Firesign" and the "Weirdly Cool" PBS special
Byte This Byte editorial mentions "Bride of Firesign" and Firezine
Good Authority The Triumphant Return of Firesign Theatre, a nice writeup by Darrell Ray Elmore on GoodAuthority
Seattle-PI Seattle Post-Intelligencer had this story on Ossman's "Wizard of Oz" production
Dr. Demento An mpeg wav stream of a Dr. Demento radio interview with the Firesign Theatre (after Ossman had left) from 1986 or so, talking about "Eat or be Eaten"
Part One
Dr. Demento
Part Two
SF Gate A concise overview of The Firesign Theatre: history, new album, live performing and future plans.
Mix Magazine An insider's view of the making of GMIOGMD from Mix Magazine. Primarily concerned with technical aspects of the production and how the guys work together in the studio to achieve their trademark sound.
The Onion's AV Club A nice interview with Bergman and Ossman about GMIOGMD. Top Five's page from 12/17/98, when the "guest moderator" was Phil Proctor.

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