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My Annual Summer R&R Content List

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More Pizza, Less Anchovies

There's also a surprising amount of new and re-issue action on the Firesign Theatre front. (See the Firezine fan site for more info.)

  • Bride of Firesign, a new CD, on Rhino (
  • Radio Fighting Clowns, on WhirlWind Media
  • "Anythynge You Want To" — a CD reissue of a 1975 cassette tape and two CDs from Firesign: "Questions & Answers" (Firesign Live from 5/9/75 and "The Big Broadcast OF 1976" w/Austin and Ossman).

There's also new CDs out from Maria Muldaur and from Dan Hicks; both are on my get-them list.

These may not be the movies, TV shows, books, comics, or CDs you want to relax with, but hopefully you'll find the time to consume some super content while there's still some summer left.

Daniel Dern,
Executive Editor

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