Ersatz Bros. version
Waiting for Waiting For the Electrician,
Or Someone Like Him
or something like it

the REAL one

The first pressing of the Sony re-release differs from the original version in two important ways; first, it has 4:10 of "bonus" material added to the end of track 4, "Chakras and Mantras". Second, it actually OMITS the first part of track 4, which SHOULD start:

"This is side five. Follow in your book and repeat after me, as we learn three new words in Turkish...'towel'...'bath'...'border'..."

The defective re-release starts at the word 'bath'. The re-release, is identical to the original version (no missing start, but no bonus material, either).

NOTE: Sony will replace defective copies.
Call their Quality Management department to arrange for a replacement.
(800) 255-7514

Here are MP3 and AIFF clips of the start of track 4. Splice this in front of track 4 to recreate the original opening (and yes, the sound is only on the right track):

This is side five (400k MP3 0:16)
This is side five (2.9 meg AIFF 0:16)