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Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger

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The complete set of segments Firesign Theatre created for NPR, broadcast on All Things Considered from July 4th to New Years' Eve 2002. Familiar Firesign characters are augmented by a number of new creations in this cornucopia of trademark Firesign wordplay, insight, outlook and razor-sharp social satire. Get 'em while they're hot!

Beginning on the 4th of July and running until New year's Eve 2002, The Firesign Theatre returned to their natural home, radio. Commenting, in its uniquely surreal audio comedy style, on property, propriety, curety, security and the state of the States for National Public Radio's flagship news program "All Things Considered," The Firesign Theatre reminded old fans 9and taught new listeners) of the dynamic power of audio to entertain, inspire, and intrigue the soul. And, they made us laugh. Here are all 28 of their high-timely, peotically provocative pieces (including the Thanksgiving Pageant that radio listeners never got to hear), gathered on one CD and guaranteed to produce repeated guffaws. From the Drums of War to New Year's Cheers, it's Firesign...All Firesign...Like you've known them, and like you've never known them. This is not nostalgia. This is Now, baby! This is ALL THINGS FIRESIGN.
Produced by The Firesign Theatre and Warren Dewey
at Warren Dewey Sound Design, Santa Monica, California.
Executive Producer, John Rice
"All Things Considered" Editor, Art Silverman.
Original music by Ken Stange, Taylor Jessen, Anthony Harris, McCrea Adams and David Casper.
Package Design, Andrew Thomas.
Thank you to John Rabe.

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