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Ralph Spoilsport

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This is the second of Firesign's 21st century CD Trilogy: "We're Doomed."

Boom Dot Bust is the story of Billville, a nondescript middle American town, and its inhabitants - average Joes (er, Bills) leading unremarkable lives. Pull back the facade, however, and a hornet's nest of political and corporate corruption, public dissent, and potential disasters both natural and man-made are revealed. The town is on the brink of Doom Bot Dust, unless Billville's mayor can save it. Place your bets and keep your water wings handy.

Boom Dot Bust (1999)

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Boom Dot Bust is a true return to form for Firesign Theatre, and a second album after finally re-gaining their original fourth member, David Ossman.

If you like classic Firesign albums from the 70's, you'll love Boom Dot Bust. The writing and vocal talent is just as sharp as on their classic older albums. It's truly amazing to listen to these guys and realize that they've been doing this smart, ultra-dense comedy since the late 1960's and haven't lost their edge.

If you *aren't* familiar with Firesign Theatre, this would be fine introduction. It's more accessible than some of their work, but still bears up to repeated listenings. I'd recommend their work to any fan of Dennis Miller--who also comes from a tradition of comedy that uses clever and sometimes obscure cultural references and very rapid fire wordplay.

The only negative aspect of Firesign Theatre is that it tends to require a smarter and more educated listener, and certainly doesn't work as background listening!

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