Back From The Shadows Back From The Shadows

(Out of Print)

Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Ralph Spoilsport, George Tirebiter, Rocky Rococo, Lt. Bradshaw

Category: Audio+Video
As an audiovisual chronicle of the Firesign Theater's 25th anniversary reunion tour in 1993, this DVD is a guaranteed treat for Firesign fans, although it's really the out-of-print reunion CD on DVD, with an hour of visuals devoted to "Who Am Us, Anyway," a delightful documentary in which the Firesign founders (Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin, David Ossman) reminisce about their formative years, the group's rise to fame as a countercultural force to be reckoned with in the early 1970s, and the "quiet years" prior to their successful '93 reunion tour.

Back From The Shadows (1994)

Review from damnaliens DVD review

What kind of fool do I take you for? First Class. Firesign Theater, Back From The Shadows. I will not even attempt to try to describe this. Those of you who know will know. Those of you who don't, Rocky Rococco and the guy in the blue tights, will just have to figure it out. In the end, just remember, the sun's not going down, the horizon's moving up.

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