The Bride Of Firesign The Bride Of Firesign

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Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Peorgie, Mudhead, Ray Hamberger, Harold Hiphugger, Ralph Spoilsport, Bebop Loco, Rocky Rococo, Lt. Bradshaw

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This is the third of Firesign's 21st century CD Trilogy: "We're Doomed."

Of their many albums, this is Firesign's most self-referential work. A introductory rumination about some guy named Dick segues into a labyrinthine plot wherein many characters from past Firesign albums cross and double-cross paths, leading to a climactic encounter with the mysterious Dr. Firesign. At once familar and wholly new, this is vintage Firesign; the guys are firing on all four or five cylinders in this go-round.

The Bride of Firesign (2001)

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I'm going to write a review of this Firesign record based on one listen, which is probably a cardinal sin. Or was that an ordinal sin, because "first" is an ordinal number after all. Who cares? I'm just going to push this little chromium switch and do it.

First thoughts about the first cut, "Pulling It Off Like A Man," an ode to the manly organ. This probably is worth its weight in laughs, and gold too, and keeps my interest, well, up! Somehow I thought this would be a Nick Danger album! But no, it's another puzzle box. Oh wait, here's Nick on cut three, with a seven minute mini-adventure, this is good! Full of fermented Firesign-isms. And full of silly station breaks too! These guys are in fine voice, who did the voice from the minaret there, Phil or Phil maybe? And Nick's still on the case in cut four "The Bride Stripped Bare, maybe this is a Danger-ous mystery after all! Hey where did everybody go? Who are all these Canadians here? At least Nick has Relent the Dog to talk to. What was the name of that restaurant, Thai-Food Mary!? Be-Bop Loco and Chump Threads are back. Well of course, the whole CD is brought to you by US Plus, but how did Porgy and Mudhead get in here? This seems like a bag of pop-corn shaken up with the Firesign's own special seasoning. And what seasoned veterans they are. Ralph Spoilsport pops up again too, selling the Britney 2100. Here's Alvin Bradshaw, being interviewed on Night Whispers, and where would Danger and Bradshaw be without Rocky Rococo? So the dog brought you here? No hard feelings! Omigod, all three are singing! And Mr. Announcer is too! Doctor Firesign is pulling the switch on the Bride and Relent is licking Danger's face, bringing him back to consciousness just in time to see... The corneas for the Bride got delivered but my picture's out. What exactly are those pop-corneas seeing anyway?

Wow, it's over already? I'm confused but happy.

They've pulled it off again, especially the first cut which, um, stands by itself, but moves smoothly into the interior of The Bride Of Firesign. Well, what did you expect from the grand masters of audio humor? Weirdly cool, and riotously funny if you pay attention. It helps if you can speak Firesign, but there's enough up front jokes to keep you going until you learn. Me? I still have this story thread in my hand and I'm still not sure where it leads, so I guess I'll have to hit the play button again.

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