Nick Danger: The Case of the Missing Shoe Nick Danger: The Case of the Missing Shoe

Available through Shout Factory

(Out of Print; available as part of Box of Danger.)

Recurring Characters:
Nick Danger, Rocky Rococo, Lt. Bradshaw, Nancy

Category: Audio
Nick Danger, "America's Only Detective," investigates a phone company plot to turn all the left shoes into phones. This 1980 Nick Danger story is told in discrete 5-minute segments, formatted for broadcast radio. Includes a number of hilarious "golden age" radio commercial parodies. Although out of print, the story in its entirety is available as part of the Box of Danger multi-disc set.

The Case of the Missing Shoe (1979)

Review from Benway's House of Firesign

From Skink, Wisconsin...

"Shoe", seems to be the end result of a thought, "What if there was a plot by the phone company to turn all the left shoes into phones?" I'm reminded of the old 'Get Smart' series where Max had a shoe phone. The 5 Act's are made for short radio broadcasts, and they don't get very deep because of that. There's not the same energy of, say, Three Faces of Al, but it's a good addition to the Nick Danger series. This could be a case of Danger for Hire, where the FST were asked to do several Nick Danger radio spots, and not necessarily created out of the brain storming fervor of their usual marathon writing sessions.

We follow along as Nick Danger is framed for having a stash of baby shoes, his brushes with Bradshaw and the two-timing Nancy, to the end scene with the culprit, Mr. Acme and his lacky, Rococo. Not deep, but then these were short radio bits.

There's also several good commercial spots, I.E. 'Ma Ranie's Mole Skin Cookies', "We use the Whole Mole", "Eat 'em, wipe 'em off, eat 'em again", is a classic!

"Shoe" is a light deversion, one that should have been a B side to, say, 'A Firesign Chat', but still 'well worth a dollar'!

cristofer morley

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