Eat Or Be Eaten Eat Or Be Eaten

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(From Although the liner notes credit "The Firesign Theatre", this album does not feature founding member David Ossman. The track listing on the back of the CD lists all the individual tracks. However, the inner booklet lists only two tracks: "Getting In" (16:00) and "Getting Out" (16:00), which probably corresponds to the original vinyl pressing. This disc is a CD+G disc containing subcode graphics, and will display them on appropriate hardware such as karaoke disc players and CDTV players.

EAT OR BE EATEN Written an performed by Firesign Theatre: Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin · Produced by Firesign Theatre and Fred Jones · With Laura Quinn as Hawkmoth . Also starring: Diane Davisson, Rodger Bumpass, Jerry Houser, Christie Houser, Susan Tanner · Keyboards: Richard Parker, Brian Banks, Victor Bisio, Glen Banks, Fred Jones · Engineered by Fred Jones on the Sony PCM-3324 Digital Multitrack Recorder and PCM-1630 · Recorded, mixed, and mastered digitally at Fred Jones Recording Services in Hollywood and EFX Systems in Burbank · Illustration: Bruce Litz. Design: Bruce Litz, Robin Hutchings. Photograph: Henry Ditz, courtesy of HBO/Cinemax · Subcode Graphics designed and executed by Bruce Litz and Larry Israel under the direction of Al McPherson of The Record Group · Digital Audio Consultant: Curtis Chan · Thanks to: Stan Cornyn, Oona Austin, Carol Schultz, Gaynor Lunt, George Johnson, Audio Affects and the Sony Professional Audio Division: George Currie, Phil DeSantis, Robert LaViolett, George Yeh, Marcia Spoolstra · All written material © 1985, Firesign Theatre Productions, 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91510

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