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Mark Time

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David Ossman's 1973 "hi-fi sci-fi" adventure How Time Flys is set in the world of 1999. Mark Time, interstellar traveler, returns to Earth after a 20-year journey, with some compelling holographic video. Expecting a hero's welcome, he finds he's been all but forgotten and battles to protect his video from sinister forces. Meanwhile, a pesky black hole threatens to mangle time and tide. Among the voice talent featured on this album are fellow Firesign members Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman.

How Time Flys (1973)
LP Columbia KC32411

David Ossman's HOW TIME FLYS
A Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Comedy
The Firesign Theatre

Written by David Ossman
Directed by David Ossman and Steve Gillmor
Produced by Steve Gillmor

-- Starring --
Philip Proctor
Peter Bergman
Phil Austin
Wolfman Jack
Harry Shearer & Penny Nichols
Lew Irwin
Helena Kallianiotes
Jock Livingston
Sheilah Wells
Anna Cheverton-Drury
Richard Paul
Jon Knoll
Steve Gillmor

-- With --
Mike Rozsa
Scott Weintraub
David Ossman as "Mark"

Engineer: Ken Caillat
Remix: Steve Gillmor

Wolfman Jack appears through the courtesy of Wooden Nickel Records, Distrubuted by RCA Records

Art Direction: Ron Coro

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