Lawyer's Hospital Lawyer's Hospital

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An early '80s collection of Firesign live performances, augmented by radio segments recorded for NPR and additional material from various sources. This is a hard-to-find title, eBay is the most likely source for finding used copies.

Lawyer's Hospital (1982)

Review from Yahoo group 'bobsbrazerkolounge'

From: llanwydd_61
Date: Mon May 1, 2000 2:02 pm
Subject: Lawyer's Hospital

Well, this puts us back on the subject of the 1981 tour so I'd like to describe a sketch they did at Town Hall which I don't think ever made it onto an album, involving Joey Demographico. Joey (Peter Bergman is out on stage by himself with a catcher's mitt fantasizing that he is a big league pitcher and that all the fans in the stadium are yelling "Joe-ey! Joe-ey! Joe-ey". Joey winds up for a pitch as David Ossman walks slowly onto the stage with a walking stick like an elderly man. Joey doesn't seem to notice the old man. He then throws an overhand pitch, whereupon Ossman spins around violently as if struck by the ball. As his back is turned he very deftly pops a baseball into his mouth which the audience cannot see until he turns around to face downstage. He totters over to Joey, still holding onto the walking stick and points to the ball in his mouth while trying to speak. Joey comments, "Gee, Gramps, all that dog food you've been eating sure has made you a good retriever". Gramps keeps pointing to the ball until Joey gets the hint and takes it out of his mouth. Gramps is furious and wants to know what on earth Joey thinks he is doing. "I'm pitching to the batters, Gramps", Joey replies, "so they can bat the balls". "I'll bat YOUR balls right OFF if you don't stop this nonsense", Gramps tells him.

Another sketch involved a butcher named Mr. Liverface (Bergman again). A woman played by Phil Proctor asks Mr. Liverface, "What should I feed my Woof-Woof"? "Feed him cat", answers Mr. Liverface. She then asks, "Well, what do I feed my cat?" "Feed him dog", he answers. "Not Woof-Woof!", she says and bats Mr. Liverface with her purse. "No, not Woof-Woof", Mr. Liverface answers.

The Lawyer's Hospital sketch was also performed at Town Hall (I'm not mean to Bambi). I'll write more about it later if I can remember any more. -Llanwydd

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